[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Recorded Previously.] [Moonlight illuminates a great oak tree, a spear dug into the base of it. The sound of breathing is heard, rocks being tossed aside, and boots hitting earth. The camera slowly pans to reveal the source, Viktor North. The Viking has journeyed here, the man covered in sweat and grime. He moves to the tree and places his hands around the spear, pulling on it and slowly freeing it from the roots of the tree.]

“The tree has grown around this spear, its handle remains unbroken, its head free of decay.”

[He wrenches on it, the roots slowly giving way.]

“And its power still fully intact.”

[With a mighty heave North pulls the spear from the ground and holds it overhead, his scream of triumph echoing through the air.] [And only a second set of footsteps could make him go silent.] [From the other side of the tree walks Doubt, North dumbfounded as he sees this.]

“You’re predictable, Viktor. I was able to follow you, able to know where you were going. You wanted to kill me, so you followed a rumor. Do you truly think a fairytale can be the key to your victory?”

[Doubt shakes its head, almost as if it pities North. Viktor sees this, and once his shock has faded, he simply chuckles.]

“My beliefs are no fairytale, Demon. I did not follow a rumor, I followed my soul. And what I have in hand now? I have your demise!”

[Doubt instinctively flinches as North thrusts the spear towards him, the tip grazing Doubt’s arm.] [And the Emotion recoiling in pain.] [North tries to stab again but Doubt retreats, the Emotion shocked as North keeps the spear in hand.]

“And your demise is named Gungir.”

[Doubt balls up its fists in shock before retreating, knowing when it has lost, the Emotion disappears into the darkness as North once again raises the weapon overhead.] [The tide has turned.] [And the hunt is on.]


[It is Lester Savage’s first night in the Tap Room. He has to go up against a game and ready Sheriff Law. Will it be a successful night for the newcomer or will it be a savage spoiler from Sheriff Law?] [Lester and Sheriff are fired up and they start the match rapidly punching each other! Lefts and rights everywhere! Kick to the gut by Sheriff Law! He grabs Savage and hits a RELEASE SUPLEX! Law gets on top of Savage and starts raining down elbow strikes! Savage catches the arm and locks in a TRIANGLE CHOKE! Sheriff is looking drained but no, he powers out of it with a FALLING POWERBOMB! Both men are down! 1…2…3…4… Sheriff gets up first barely. Savage is getting up; Sheriff goes for the clothesline…BACK BODY DROP by Savage!] [Sheriff is trying to get up… KNEE DROP to the back of the head! Savage keeps the knee on the sheriff and starts clubbing him with rights! He waits for Sheriff to get up…DROPKICK by Savage! He’s taunting the sheriff now! He goes to lift Law up but when Law gets up, he bats the hands away! STAND OFF by Law! Law goes for the cover, 1…2…No! Savage kicks out! Sheriff climbs to the middle rope, hits the LONG ARM OF THE LAW! He picks Savage up, goes for Justice, but Savage trips the legs and starts stomping on Law’s gut.] [Multiple stomps to the stomach by Savage until Law grabs the boot. Law starts standing up with boot in hand. He reels in Savage and drops him hard with a massive CLOTHESLINE! He gets Savage up and locks in TESTIMONY! Savage elbows out of it before Law can drop to the ground! SUPERKICK by Savage! He goes for the pin, 1…2… No! Law kicks out of it! Savage picks Law up, he goes for Savage Life but Sheriff stomps on the foot! Sheriff locks in the double under hook and he hits JUSTICE! Savage down after the piledriver! Law goes for the pin, 1…2…3! It’s over!] [Sheriff law celebrates in the ring, shooting off imaginary guns. He has spoiled the debut of the newcomer]


“Hey man, I didn’t fuckin’ do anything!”

[The sound of arguing echoes through the Tap Room, cameras moving through the halls to find Officer Davis with handcuffs in hand, his nightstick at pointed at AJ Dollar$.]

“People like you always sayin’ that you ‘din du nuffin’. I can smell the crime on you, I ain’t gonna sit back and let you try to sneak whatever drugs you have passed me. Hand them over and maybe I won’t put you in cuffs.”

[AJ glares at Davis, shoving him back in anger.]

“I know you didn’t just say that to me you Goddamn wannabe pig. I’ll tear that patchy ass chin scruff off of your face if you disrespect me like that again you dumbass honky!”

[The two are at complete odds as AJ gets right into Davis’ face. Their fighting is only stopped by the arrival of footsteps, the God Tonatiuh has arrived. The duo look towards him, their bickering momentarily stopped.]

“You spoke of a God, so now I appear. Again speaking of petty squabbles and useless racial differences. I would end both of you now just so that I may silence your uneducated mouths. But I must go, I have a match to attend to and a certain man to crush beneath my feet. Move.”

[The two turn on Tonatiuh, the God ready to brawl. Only the sound of a voice is heard, the three stopping in their tracks.]

“There ain’t no Gods here, boys.”

[A new face arrives on the scene. And it belongs to Lester Savage. The Biker walks forward and shoves Tonatiuh from behind, sending him through the duo ahead. The God turns around, annoyed at the man touching him.]

“I was gonna mind my own business. But with all the ego and bullshit I heard down here, I decided you all needed someone to ground you in reality. There ain’t no Gods, and there ain’t no law here. So unless you wanna get a beat down now, I suggest you can it until you prove you can back it up.”

[The four men eye each other, none of them in the same mindset. The silence is only broken as Tonatiuh’s music hits, the God forced to leave as the other three seethe in silence.]


[Two technical stand-outs compete here tonight as both Cael Gable and Tonatiuh go one on one in singles competition.] [DING! DING! The bell rings as Gable launches at The Master Of The Thirteen with a collar and shoulder tie up! Both men struggling to get the upper hand! Gable goes around to the back of Tonatiuh, renching his arm! No, The Fifth flips him over his shoulder as he reverses and grabs his arm, this time wrenching his! Kip-Flip as the Olympian gets up to his feet and reverses Tonatiuh into a headlock! The Fifth bounces him off of the rope as he swings him forth and then back into a headlock of his own! Gable however slips out and makes a rollup pin! One- Two- Thr- Kickout as Tonatiuh rises to his feet and both men look at each other as though impressed by one another’s technical skills.] [Gable smirks before charging at Tonatiuh, this time however with a clothesline attempt! The Master Of The Thirteen ducks though before hitting Gable with a diving uppercut! The Olympian stumbles off of the ropes! BIG BOOT to Tonatiuh as he hits the mat and Gable hits a couple of knee drops onto him! He wraps his arm around his head, rises him to his feet and gets him into the German Suplex position! 10 KARAT?! One German Suplex! Another! A third! Fourth! Fifth! Sixth! Seventh! Eighth! Ninth! He looks around at the fans before hitting a TENTH and going for a bridge pin attempt! One… Two… Thre-! Tonatiuh kicks out as he reaches for the ropes!] [Gable grabs him from behind again! Not another suplex?! NO! ELBOW! ELBOW! ELBOW! Gable staggers as Tonatiuh smacks him with a hard FLYING FOREARM! He calls for Gable to rise to his knees! TOLLAN CALLS! Massive Knee to the head of The Olympian! Now he calls for the finish of the match! Can he hit it on Gable? He calls for the TALON’S CLAW! Gable stands up! It’s all over!!! NO!!! he reverses it into the PUGHPLEX OUT OF NOWHERE!!! WOAH! WHAT A WAY TO PUT DOWN THE AZTEC! Pinfall attempt here as Gable looks to secure the victory! ONE… TWO… THREE!] [Cael Gable with a strong victory over Tonatiuh here tonight as he rises back to his feet and celebrates!]


[The following is a letter delivered to Old School Wrestling this morning.]

Dear Brent Kersh,

I’m sorry that it has taken me so long to write again. By now you know that the man who wants to end you is Edward Newton. I saw last week when you called him out as a coward. He is not a brave man, but please do not underestimate him. He is cunning and willing to do whatever it takes to reach his goal.

Newton does not like to be embarrassed, Brent. This ain’t even almost over. Don’t even think that for a second. I saw his expression when he was unmasked; it isn’t pretty. He isn’t going to stop until he gets what he wants.

Kersh, watch your back. I was supposed to be out by now. I’m sorry. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to help, but until then, be vigilante. There are no lengths that he won’t go. I’ve gotta go.

Be careful,




[Tonight it is a tag team match. On one corner, it is the newcomers AJ Dollars and Officer Davis who have already found themselves as enemies versus the united front that is Black Magic] [Out first are AJ Dollar$ and Makena Jakande, Makena runs at AJ and he counters with a hard knee to the stomach! That staggers her and FALCON ARROW by AJ! He gets above her and starts slapping her in the face with his cold hard cash. Makena doesn’t take it lightly and starts punching rapidly at his knee. It buckles Dollar$. He’s down to a knee; she slides out from under him and nails him hard with the DDT! She angrily stomps on him, fire in her eyes over that money slap. She keeps stomping until he finally gets to a rope!] [Makena tags in Voodoo. AJ springs up thinking the onslaught is done only to be met with a CLAYMORE KICK! Voodoo goes for the pin, 1… 2… No! AJ kicks out! Voodoo picks him up and goes for a spinebuster but AJ gets out of it with some hard elbow strikes! AJ runs at Voodoo and takes him down with a hard clothesline! Voodoo gets back up but AJ locks in the MILLION DOLLAR DREAM! Voodoo looks like he is about out but he springs back to life out of nowhere and drops down to a stunner releasing the hold!] [Both men are staggering but AJ snaps out of it first and hits Voodoo hard with a SUPERMAN PUNCH! He waits in the corner to go for a spear but Officer Davis slaps AJ hard on the back to blind tag himself in! He waits for Voodoo to get up and hits the CELL BLOCK! He runs over to Makena and hits her hard with a shoulder block that sends her flying into the barricade! He picks Voodoo up and hits the SECURITY BREACH! He is taunting Voodoo now waiting for him to get up and he hits RIOT CONTROL! Davis goes for the pin! 1…2…3! It’s all over!] [Davis is celebrating in the ring and will not allow AJ to celebrate with him. He yells “you can celebrate when you earn a win boy”]


[We follow Voodoo and Makena Jakande along the Tap Room exit ramp following their challenging contest.] [Our perspective shifts to the subtle spacing between the two members of Black Magic and as the crowd bustles with excitement, we listen in on their conversation.]

“Well that wasn’t easy” [Voodoo admits as he works out some tightness in his shoulder.]

“We’ll get better!” [Jakande says softly, confidence oozing from her stare.]

“That’s right” [Voodoo nods as the two duck through the curtains.] “We just need to keep an eye out for Law and Cable to make sure they don’t cause us any problems getting there!”

[CRACK! SMASH!] [In a heartbeat, Jakande and Voodoo are knocked to the ground with forceful blows from behind.] [It’s Sheriff Law and Cael Gable. It’s SHOOT!] [The two men stand above their fallen rivals with steel chairs in hand before Law drives another blow down across the upper back of a fighting Makena and Gable soon follows suits with Voodoo.]

“Oh you’ve got problems” [The Sheriff scoffs.]

“Remember my medal?” [Cael shouts as he brings another chair shot down across the lifeless body of Voodoo.]

“And your damn cat attacking me!” [Sheriff Law growls as he too slams the flat of the chair into the back of Jakande.]

“But that’s not what this is about anymore!” [The Sheriff declares.]

“That’s right. It’s much bigger than that now!” [Gable rings in.]

“Cael and I just found out that the number one contendership is up for grabs and the two most likely recipients?” [Law spouts the rhetoric.]

“Black Magic and SHOOT!” [Gable says confidently.]

“The battles lines have been drawn and one way or another, Black Magic ain’t gonna cross em!” [The Sheriff says as he drops yet another chair shot on the fallen Jakande.] [The blow prompts Gable to land a final blow of his own before SHOOT drop their weapons on top of their unconscious foes.] [Suddenly, emergency personnel and Tap Room staff clutter the area; shielding themselves from the attackers as SHOOT slowly backs away. Grins covering their faces.]


[The Sharkman crawls into the ring, stalking Bruce. Can Van Chan survive the former Asylum member?] [Sharkman is fast to pounce, crawling towards Van Chan and lunging for his leg! He rises up with Bruce’s heel in hand AND DUCKS AN ENZIGIRI! MULE KICK TO SHARK! Van Chan kicked off and caught Sharkman off guard! The Predator stumbles back and Bruce leaps to his feet, running for a wheel kick THAT SHARK DUCKS! Front Dropkick by Sharkman! Van Chan is forced into the turnbuckle and Shark follows up with a nasty clothesline to BVC! He leaps up and tries for mounted punches but Bruce yanks his leg! Shark lands face first onto the turnbuckle!] [Van Chan shoves Shark into the corner catches him on the rebound with a BACKSLIDE DRIVER! One! Two! Shark rolls through! He forces Bruce to him AND LIFTS HIM INTO A POWERBOMB! Shark shows an impressive feat of strength as he slams Bruce into the mat! Shark pushes him away and rolls onto his back before crawling towards Bruce! He locks in a headlock but Van Chan fights to his feet! He elbows Shark in the gut in an attempt to get him off! Shark refuses to let go! Bruce grabs his waist AND GOES FOR A BACK SUPLEX!] [Both men land unceremoniously onto their backs! Van Chan is first to his feet, using the ropes to lift himself up! Sharkman gets to a knee AND DODGES A SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK! Van Chan hits the mat and Sharkman is up! He catches Bruce with a rising knee to the jaw that sends him reeling! He pulls Bruce to his feet and LOCKS IN A SLEEPER HOLD! Bruce fights against the hole as best he can, refusing to submit! He throws an elbow back to Sharkman’s jaw! And another! Sharkman lets go! GOOD NIGHT BY VAN CHAN! One! Two! Three!] [Van Chan is a survivor here tonight as he gets a win over the former Asylum member!]


[Brent Kersh is taking the threat of Edward Newton very seriously. Unlike last week, Brent is not waiting for Newton to come to him. He marches through the backstage area until he comes to Edward Newton’s locker room. Without slowing, he kicks in the door and enters, ready for a fight.] [But no one is there.] [Instead, there is an old fashioned tube television with a VCR sitting on top. Resting on that, is a VHS tape with the words “PLAY ME” written on it.] [Brent Kersh looks slightly confused, but makes his way forward. He examines the cassette and finally decides to put it in the tape deck.] [Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Then Edward Newton’s face fills the screen.]

“Hello Brent. I have to say, you embarrassed me last week. You caught me off guard, which is a position I don’t normally find myself in. I was caught up by emotion and allowed myself to be made a fool of. I acted out of character. Trust me when I say this: It will not happen again.”

[Newton stares through the screen into our souls.]

“You may wonder why I don’t like you, Brent. It’s simple really. You’re everything that I despise. You don’t quit. You don’t take no for an answer. You’re a man of principle. Some people may see these traits as a virtue, as something to strive for. But not me. No, I see them for what they truly are: foolishness!”

[He laughs.]

“You see, Kersh. I’ve been watching you for a long time now, much longer than my short few months here in OSW. I’ve seen time after time what you’ve gone through for this business, and more importantly, what you’ve gone through for your family. I’ve seen how you reacted when your daughter, Danielle, got mixed up with that harlot called Phoebe Outlaw. You just wanted what was best for your baby girl…”

[He walks nonchalantly through what seems to be an empty warehouse, or maybe a basement.]

“I’ve seen how you battled valiantly to help your wife and unborn child from the curses of Mother. Oh yes. And most of all, I’ve seen you battle with the Scarecrow for too many moons to count. I’ve seen you literally lay your life on the line to save your family from the Hayman… and come up short! Oh, I remember when your little boy Trevor was killed. I remember it well. I remember the look on your face… I know how much you care about your family, Brent. It’s admirable.”

[He smiles once again.]

“But that’s why I never allow anyone close to me, Kersh. You can never hurt me by taking away someone I care about, because there is no one! But, you, Brent… You care very much.”

[He stands still and seems to rests his hands on something just below the frame.]

“So I have another riddle for you, Enforcer. It’s a simple one, but I think you will find it fitting…”

[The camera begins to pan out.]

“Riddle me this, riddle me that…

Do you know where your daughter’s at?”

[The camera has zoomed out enough to see Danielle Kersh tied to a chair. With one swift motion, Newton rips duct tape off of her mouth.]

“Daddy! Help me!”

[Newton laughs and speaks through the giggle.]

“Don’t bother coming for us, Brent. You have no idea where we are, and this is just a recording anyway. We’ve already moved even if somehow you knew where we were. So… for now, goodbye! Oh, and enjoy your match! You’re up next, and you wouldn’t want to miss your chance at the Sweet Dreams match, would you?”

“See you soon.”

[The television changes to static as the recording ends. Brent Kersh, furious, slings the tv across the room and it slams into the far wall. He screams in rage and leaves the room. His match is up next. Will he be able to focus?]


[Which of these men will join Bruce Van Chan and Smiley as the MNS entrants for Sweet Dreams? Well only time will tell as the bell rings!] [Viktor North explodes at Doubt as he charges at him and clotheslines them both out of the ring and over the top rope! Meanwhile Kersh and Bellator go at it in the middle of the ring! North stands back to his feet as he pulls up Doubt and charges him into the steel post face first! NO! Doubt reverses it around as they run and North’s skull crashes against the metal! However back in the ring Bellator takes Kersh out with a Yakuza Kick! He looks over to Doubt on the outside standing tall over the fallen North and bounces off of the ropes… DIVE! SMACK! The Light Warrior dives through the middle rope and collides with Doubt on the outside! Both men fall to the ground, Kersh is left alone in the ring!] [He looks down upon the three men clambering to their feet and decides to try and one up Bellator! He bounces off of the ropes identically to Bellator as he charges at them and dives over the top rope with a CROSS BODY! All men fall to the ground as Kersh stands back up and holds his fists up high for the audience who cheerfully roar in response. Then, he lifts Doubt up and rolls him into the ring. Waiting for him to stand up and join Kersh. As he does so The Enforcer goes for a massive dropkick attempt! DOUBT MOVES! CRASH! Kersh hits hard as Doubt calls for a discus elbow!] [No! From the outside charges in North who explodes at Doubt once more but this time with a Knee Strike! SMACK! It connects as Doubt reels back into the ropes and once more North clotheslines him to the outside! TURN AROUND! North turns around into a belly to belly suplex from the Enforcer who is then out of nowhere picked up from behind and being hit with a RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX BY BELLATOR! Suplex after suplex as Bellator lifts Kersh back to his feet and goes for THE ARM OF GOD! LUX HITS A TILT-A-WHIRL HEADSCISSORS BEFORE TRANSITIONING INTO A SINGLE ARM DDT! SMACK! Lux goes to add the last part! The Fujiwara Armbar when is rolled up by The Skull Splitter! One… Two… THRE- No! Kickout as The Light Warrior rolls back onto his feet and is met by a massive scoop slam!] [North raises his arm high in the air as though imitating Kersh from earlier on! When from behind he is hit with a Double-Axe Handle to the head from Doubt! He flops to the floor face first as Doubt begins to just stomp on the Skull Splitter non-stop. This is when The Enforcer gets to his feet and charges at Doubt with a SPEAR in mind! NO! Doubt moves as Kersh’s shoulder crashes right into the turnbuckles and he falls out of the ring. Doubt turns around! THE LIGHT WARRIOR CHARGES AT HIM! MISSILE DROPKICK! CRASH! Lux calls for Doubt to get back up! DISCIPLE MAKER!!! The Light Warrior crosses Doubt’s arms against his chest as he goes for the cover… ONE… TWO… THREE!!!] [Lux Bellator has now joined BVC and Smiley and is entering Sweet Dreams!]


[Breathing heavily, a predator springs forth off his hind legs to rattle the pillars that hold the ceiling up.] [DRIP.] [The Sharkman, more Shark than man these days, seems to be full of energy and fire as he paces around Lux Bellator’s hidden enclave of God. In the background, the carved altar holding the ancient sealed book looms, but Shark is not concerned with such matters. He only awaits the command of his master. He was bidden to engage in a match earlier, but he has now returned to await his new command.] [DRIP.] [Of course, Lux Bellator has still not returned from the just-concluded match he competed in. So the Shark is left alone, his red teeth gleaming under the dim candlelight.] [DR…] [Silence takes the scene, and a peak predator notices such things.]

“Who’s there?” [Shark calls out into the void.] [For a moment, it seems as if Shark was imagining things. But then the feeling of another presence washes over him.]

“A friend.”

[The voice is soft, yet unremarkable in most facets. The Shark turns towards the new voice with a look of curiosity.”

“Who are you?” [Shark asks. He has not been given command to destroy anyone.] [The shadow of this new entrant falls in the sights of the Shark, yet we cannot see who has arrived.]

“What has he done to you?” [This new voice muses.] “The warrior of light does not know the art of mind control.”

[Shark tilts his head as a hooded figure comes into view. No features of this man can be identified. Shark doesn’t seem to recognize him either, for what its worth.]

“In his excitement to unleash God’s wrath, the warrior has forgotten to forge an unbreakable sword. Yet he also seems to forget that those who live by the sword also die by it.”

[The hooded man seems to chuckle to himself as he reaches out to Shark’s face. The predator sees no threat from the figure and allows him to pluck out a single red tooth from his mask. The hooded figure seems to smell the tooth and the liquid that runs out of the bottom of it.]

“Crude, but it was able to knock you out and render you pliable to his demands.”

[Shark seems confused as the hooded man steps aside to show him the way out.]

“Leave, Sharkman! Leave before he returns!”

[The very confused Shark heads towards the light, leaving the hooded man all alone.] [Who is this man?] [And is he waiting on Lux Bellator to return?]

[Static.] [The old place hasn’t changed much. The walls are still adorned with cobwebs, blood and dirt, having remained as unkempt and horrifying as ever before. The shaky camera footage soon widens to reveal Edward Newton. The Showcase Champion carefully walks through the corridor, checking every sound for Smiley. Suddenly, the Deranged One himself comes running into camera from the right, driving a knee into Newton’s mid-section. He quickly grabs him, running him into the wall with as much power as he can muster. Ed hits the floor and holds his neck in agony, only to be dragged back up and knocked backwards with a right hand.] [He stumbles down the corridor with Smiley in hot pursuit, crashing forearms down across his back and neck as he walks away, beating him as hard as he can with every blow. This maniac just wants to maim someone and Newton is bang in the middle of the crosshairs tonight. Edward stumbles around the corner, falling through two double doors, into what appears to be an old kitchen. He grabs a pot, swinging violently at Smiley who ducks underneath it, laughing as he does. There’s something horrifying about this man who loves the Asylum and feels entirely at home here.] [Edwards tries to escape, hauling ass through the kitchen but not fast enough, being grabbed by Smiley and thrown head first through another door, into a hallway. He falls down backwards, crashing into some garbage before The Lunatic pulls him back to his feet and bounces his head off a windowsill. The Showcase Champion is reeling here and again stumbles away, back down another corridor towards what appears to be a bathroom of some variety. Smiley runs to kick him through it, but Newton sidesteps, grabbing him by the back of the head and tossing him straight through the doors into the room.] [The minute he enters, six thugs in balaclavas attack, beating the holy hell out of Smiley with rights, lefts and big kicks to the head and gut. The maniac doesn’t know what’s hit him as Newton chains the door behind them, chuckling to himself. “You thought you were smarter than me, Smiley?” he says, running with a vicious kick to the head as two thugs hold him back. “I lured you right here to this room, with every kick and punch I received, I brought you closer to your demise!” Holy crap. Edward Newton had this planned from the jump! One of the thugs bounces Smiley’s head off the nearest sink, holding it there as Edward adjusts his tie, steps backs and STOMPS HIS FACE RIGHT INTO IT! Holy fucking shit.] [All of the hired thugs back away, watching as Edward grabs a limp Smiley, positioning him and NEVERMIND! IMPLANT DDT ON THE TILED FLOOR! The impact sends shivers down your spine, it’s that violent. The Showcase Champion covers, One…. Two…. Three! He wins here tonight!]


[With Edward Newton vacating the room, five of the six thugs follow him to the outside.] [But one remains.] [Smiley crawls towards the nearest sink, wanting to use it to pull himself back to his feet. He’s tired, bloody and in a lot of pain as he does. The thug walks over, helping him back to his feet before kneeing him as hard as he can in the mid-section. Smiley doubles over, and is grabbed by the head, spun around and run as FAST AS HE COULD GO, INTO THE AIR AND STRAIGHT INTO THE FUCKING MIRROR!] [The Maniac crashes off the mirror, falls down in the long sink and bounces off onto the floor in one giant heap. The fans can’t believe it, nor can Smiley who winces in dire agony, looking up towards the masked thug.] [Slowly but surely, he pulls off the balaclava.] [It’s Bruce Van Chan!] [The Real Deal stands there with a grimace on his face, looking down at Smiley with rage in his eyes and heart. He doesn’t move, he doesn’t do anything at first, he simply watches as his opponent for Sweet Dreams writhes at his feet in pain.]

“Do you think you’re the only man who should be feared?” [Bruce hisses.] “What about me?” [He offers.] “Shouldn’t I be feared, too? I’m running this race with a lame horse, Smiley. I’m outgunned, outmatched and it takes every ounce of my being to simply stand across from you on any given night.”

[Smiley looks up at him; he’s almost impressed.]

“But I do it. My heart will soon stop beating in this wooden box I call a chest and when it does, everything will be for naught if I don’t capture that World Championship. My time is coming to an end and that makes me a man with nothing to lose. I’ve faced that fear.”

[His eyes become fierce.]

“Have you?”



[The light at the entrance to Lux Bellator’s enclave burns brightly, but it is snuffed out quickly by a figure stepping into space.]

“My sword?” [Lux Bellator calls triumphantly.] “It is time to take peace from this barren earth. War has come to the world, and I am its shepherd!”

[Bellator waits for a response, but turns harshly into the darkness when he receives none. All that awaits him is a dark figure lurking in the corner.]

“Does my great sword not wish to ride out on the red horse as the great warrior slays all who would incur the wrath of the Almighty?”

[The question lingers in the damp air for a moment, and all that can be heard is the rushing of water through the underground caverns Lux has built his altar over.] [Then, a voice.]

“Wars do not make one great.”

[Lux Bellator’s eyes grow large at the sound of someone questioning him and his Lord. He also recognizes that this voice does not belong to Sharkman.]

“Who dares to invade my holy place?” [Lux demands.]

“One who does not wish to see ancient powers wielded by a warrior of light who has been seeped in darkness.”

[The anger from the answering figure is enough to have Lux step forward to the edge of the darkness. His body language shows that Bellator is prepared to destroy this invader. Yet the bold hooded figure continues to speak.]

“You toy with scriptures that your broken mind cannot comprehend.” [The voice continues.] “You bring wrath on those who do not deserve it, and you use crude tricks to bend men to your will. You find them weak, but their strength far outshines yours. A warrior of light would never hide in such a place of darkness.”

[For perhaps the first time in a long time, Lux Bellator is at a loss for words.]

“Who are you?” [Lux spits out.] “How do you presume to speak such falsehoods?”

[The hooded man steps out into the light as the camera pans around to show the reaction of Lux Bellator…] […who looks like his whole world just ended.]..

“No.” [Lux stammers, backing away in shock.]

“It cannot be.”