[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [On one of those rare occasions, it’s snowing in Las Vegas. There’s a thick layer of white snow on the ground and tiny flakes falling from the skies.] [And naturally, Dean Martin’s wonderful voice singing in the background.]

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful. And since we’ve no place to go. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.”

[The sound of grunting and groaning can be heard faintly in the distance, getting closer as the camera moves down towards the ground. When we arrive at the snow covered concrete, Brent Kersh is crawling through it on his belly, blood dripping from his nose and mouth.]

“Man, it doesn’t show signs of stoppin’, and I brought some corn for poppin’. The lights are turned way down low…”

[He reaches out groggily in front of him, his mouth jittering as he does. He’s desperate. There’s a trail of blood left in his wake and his eyes are starting to roll in the back of his head. He needs help, only standing behind and above him, is The Scarecrow. He reaches down and grabs Brent’s hair, lifting his head backwards.] [Brent’s eyes widen with fear.]

“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.”

[Cut.] [A few hours earlier…]

[After entering the Schoolyard, Marvolo, jr. waits impatiently in the ring. Mötley Crüe plays, and Dr. Spencer Panax emerges, mic in-hand.]

“Tonight is a very important night, and you all will get to share it with us.” [He points to Big Trouble] “You, sir. I’m here to help you.”

[Dr. Panax pauses near the curtain.]

“Ya know, I actually think I misdiagnosed you. Two weeks ago, I said you have delusions of grandeur. For those who don’t know, that’s when the patient suffers from fantastical beliefs that he is famous, wealthy…. or powerful.”

[Dr. Panax paces.]

“I’m sorry, but you’re none of those things. He was; you’re not him.”

[Junior stares a whole through Panax; the doctor steps forward.]

“No, the truth is think you’re less complicated than that. Because when I look at you, I don’t see a man who thinks he’s omnipotent.” [He stops ringside, taking off his sunglasses.] “I see a man whose overcompensating for something.”

[The fans felt that one.] [Dr. Panax climbs through the ropes, coming face-to-chest with his opponent.]

“Simply put, you’re in denial. You really think you’re The Real Number One, don’t ya? I’m sorry sir, but that’s impossible.”

[He leans down.]

“What you’re going through is grief. Denial is its first stage.” [Big Trouble’s hands ball into tight fists.] “Listen to me. I’m doing this for your own good…. You’re not Marvolo. You’re not the The Real Number One………. Simply put, you don’t measure up.”

[He rises as the crowd gasps.]

“Look, I understand what he means to you — more than you know — but pretending to be him, won’t bring him back. It’s time you got past Stage 1, and focused on Stage 2…….”


[Junior suddenly cracks a cagey smirk; the doctor readies himself.] [There’s the bell!]

[The match starts with Marvolo, jr. quickly laying into Panax! He hits some Shin Kicks, but get’s countered off the Irish Whip. The doc looks for a Back Body Drop; Junior lands on his feet! Springboard Flying Arm Drag! Panax gets sent through the ropes………] [TOPE SUICID– NO! Panax catches in mid-air, holding him in place before planting him with a Suplex onto the concrete! Big Trouble writhes in pain; Panax gets back to his feet. He chucks his patient back into the ring… He covers! One… Two… NO! Junior get the shoulder up! Dr. Feel Good now grabs an Arm Wrench as both rise. Panax nails a couple kicks– Leaping Enzuigiri! Junior’s rocked to the canvas; Panax pulls him over to the bottom rope…. With Big Trouble’s head prone on the apron, Panax measures him….. BIG Leaping Knee Drop to the skull!] [Marvolo, jr.’s hunting on the mat when Panax steps back into the ring. He hoists him up and down with a Front Suplex! The fans give the good doctor a mixed response; he covers! One… Two… NO! Junior kicks out! Dr. Panax now takes his patient into the corner. He dusts off a few Elbow Strikes before whipping Big Trouble across the hypotenuse of the ring and– NO! Junior springboards back! THE CRASDOW– NO! Panax catches him! He pops him onto his shoulders…. Anesthesia? NO! Junior slings into a Swinging DDT! He rolls him up! One… Two… NO! Panax cradles him!] [One… Two… NO! Junior kicks out– Rolling Wheel Kick! Dr. Panax hooks both legs! One… Two…. NO! The heart of Marvolo, jr.’s just too big! Dr. Feel Good is starting to look frustrated; the fans chant for his patient… Panax now braces Junior against the ropes….. WOOOOO! WHAT A CHOP! He unleashes a few more, BLISTERING Big Trouble’s chest! Marvolo, jr. steps into the corner, only to get choked with Panax’s boot! Panax now steps back, motioning as if he were filling out a prescription…… NO! He went for a Flying Knee; Junior dodges! THE NINTH WONDER? NO!] [Panax tosses his patient off but Junior catches the doc’s knee off Anesthesia! JUNIOR LOCK! Big Trouble works to lock it in… Panax fights to stay vertical; he misses another Enzuigiri! Oklahoma Roll by Junior! One… Two… NO! Panax pops out, right into a La Magistral Cradle! One… Two…. NO! Both men rise with Junior ducking another kick! PALM STRIKE! LEAPING KNEE STRIKE! Panax’s crumbles to a knee…. Junior Face Bumps! The fans are loving this as the doc muscles his patient back up! INVERTED EXPLODER SUPLEX! He covers! One… Two… NO! Junior kicks out! PANAX NOW WITH A GROUNDED KNEES!] [Dr. Feel Good tries to concuss the little Luchador, driving his knees into Junior’s skull at full force! Big Trouble takes a few HARD shots and– Wait! NO! Marvolo, jr.’s going to the Junior Lock again! He’s trying to tie Panax up! Both men fight for control…. HE’S GOT IT! Junior clamps down onto the doctor’s prescription knees as tight as he can! Panax hollers in pain– HE GRABS THE ROPES! The referee’s force to separate them… Junior’s now steps back right into ANESTH— NO! Panax’s knee buckled! THE NINTH WONDER! Marvolo, jr. covers! One… Two…. NO! THE DOC KICKS OUT!] [The Real Number One’s in disbelief! He looks at the referee, shaking his head….. Maybe he is in denial? Dr. Panax works to stand, taking more Shin Kicks before getting Scoop Slam! LUMPING LEG DROP! Junior tries to capitalize! One… Two… NO! Panax will not stay down! The crowds applauds both men as Junior scales to the top….. He waits…………. THE CRASHDOW– NO! Panax dodges; Marvolo, jr. hit canvas hard! The doc braces himself against the corner, motioning to his knee……. EUTHANASIA? NO! Junior tries against for the Junior Lock but Panax breaks free…. ANESTHESIA! HE COVERS! One… Two….. THREE!] [After the match, Dr. Panax is helped back to standing. Junior’s left staring up at the lights; he might be out cold! Rodrigo watches from ringside as the doc quickly jots something down on a piece of paper, tossing the note to his prone patient…

“Now that you’re better, you can start Stage 3…. Bargaining. THAT’S MY BILL!“]

[Previously Recorded] [A fine dining restaurant. You know the type, where one has to book well in advance to even get a seat. The patronage are dressed to the hilt, civilised, cultured. Except for one. Clad only in his usual loincloth and animal pelt, the towering mass of Thunk sits uncomfortably at one of the tables. With him, Chase Hero seems more at home – dressed to fit in and subtly checking his hair out in the reflection of his dinner knife. He lowers the knife and glares at Thunk.]

“Seriously? That is what you wear for a night out?”

[Thunk stares blankly back at Chase, obviously unsure about what the Savior is referring to.]

“You look like Tarzan had sex with the Hulk and you smell like you haven’t washed in months.”

[Thunk smiles, sniffing his armpits with pride.]

“Thunk not washed… Mask scent, make hard for predator track Thunk.”

[Chase scowls a glare at Thunk, leaning forward as if the big man was causing a scene.]

“Don’t go sniffing yourself, you dirty animal. This is exactly what I am talking about. You are incapable of learning any manners. How do you expect to ever fit in over here? You have no idea.”

[Thunk’s face turns into somewhat of a confused and somewhat hurt frown.]

“Maybe Thunk not want fit in. Thunk happy with Thunk. Maybe silly little Hero Man has problem with way Thunk is?”

[Chase stands at this.]

“Of course I have a problem… You are everything that is wrong with wrestling. When the hell did we start scraping the bottom of the barrel so badly to come up with talent like you? It is an insult to everything I am… A true wrestler.” [Chase takes a deep breath, calming his voice down to avoid the eyes around the restaurant from piercing him any further.] “Nevermind… You’re just to stupid to understand.”

[This time it is Thunk’s turn to stand. He does so without noise, but the fork that he is holding in his hand is bent nearly in half as he tenses in a silent rage.]

“Thunk… not… stupid…”

[Chase bickers back for a moment but his sentence is interrupted as Thunk stabs the bent fork into his hand.]

“Thunk… not… stupid…” [He says louder, bellowing now without regard for those around him.] “THUNK… NOT… STUPID!”

[By now, a host of restaurant staff had made their way over to try and calm the big man down. Thunk soon finds a gaggle of four waiting staff hanging from his back. Like swatting flies, he tosses the waiters in all different directions – they crash through four different tables in Thunk’s vicinity. With the restaurant now turned into utter chaos, Thunk’s glare turns back to Chase Hero.]

“Silly man make Thunk mad… THUNK SMASH!” [He flips the table over with ease, tossing food, drinks and assorted other table settings over Case. Then, Thunk stops.] “No… Thunk need calm down. You wait, silly man. Thunk come back for you.”

[Thunk lumbers off, pushing through a group of people and sending them scattering as he heads for the door. Chase picks himself up, his fine suit now ruined. The Savior shakes his head.]

“Uncivilised savage… Needs to be put down like the animal he is.”

[One v one action heading our way. A total contrast in style in that ring but both men will be wanting to come out with the huge W at the end of this one.] [With the bell rung Thunk stomps his way into the centre of the ring. Hero with a look of confidence on his face, doesn’t leave his corner. Beckoning Thunk to meet him where he stands. The Missing Link obliges and starts to walk over to Chase. The Saviour of Wrestling has a reassuring look on his face, but once Thunk is in range Hero drops him with a drop toe hold. Thunks shovel sized face goes crashing into the top turnbuckle. Feeling like the aggressor Hero starts putting the boots to the seemingly downed Thunk.] [The big man begins to attempt to get his feet. All the while Hero is still laying the boots to him. They seem to glide off like water on a duck’s back. THUNK IS BACK TO HIS FEET! The facial expression of Hero speaks volumes. Chase runs the length of the ring, bounces off the ropes and returns with drop kick to the back of the knee. Thunk doesn’t flinch! Hero runs the length again, this time he comes back and The Saviour of Wrestling leaps higher than Michael Jordan ever could. THUNK CATCHES HIM!] [Holding Hero in a bear hug position. Thunk in one smooth, swift motion puts Hero on his shoulders. RUNNING POWERBOMB! The THUD on the mat echoes around the arena. Thunk hooks Hero’s legs over his own shoulders. One…. Tw…. NO! Pulling hero to his feet, he spins him around. Lifting him high into the air, Thunk hooks his arms in. double arm CHICKEN WING SUBMISSION! “Thunk’s chicken, Thunk was sorry.” No matter the motives this is square in the middle of the ring. Hero has nowhere to go!!] [Chase’s arms are being pulled out their sockets. Inch by inch he is scooting his way to the ropes. The sheer power behind Thunk is causing Hero’s face to pull all sorts of different faces, each one of them etched in more pain than the last. Just as Thunk is about to break Hero’s arm, Hero manages one last jaunt forward and gets his left leg up on the ropes. The referee is forced to intervene and make Thunk, who seemingly doesn’t understand, release the hold.Thunk walks over to Hero to continue the punishment.] [SCHOOLBOY ROLL UP FROM NOWHERE. CHASE PINS THUNK AND HE HAS A FIST FULL OF TIGHTS AS WELL!! ONE….TWO….THR.. NO!! Even with a fistfull of tights Thunk powers out with incredible power. The wind in his sails and a disorientated Thunk in front of him, Hero heads up to the top rope. High impact to end this one? Thunk notices him though and begins to stomp his way over to Hero. Hero leaps off for a double axe handle. HIS HANDS JUST BOUNCE OFF’A THUNK! NO IMPACT! SHOCKED AND CONFUSED!! THUNK SMASH!! Hero is out cold. Thunk covers – One…Two…Three.] [An impressive contest which could have went either way. Can anybody in OSW seriously impact Thunk enough to put him away for good?]

[Maaz and The Elder make their entrance to the arena, the crowd is booing them relentlessly but The Elder merely brushes them off as Maaz helps him into the ring. Maaz is carrying a bag with himself which he holds to his side. The Elder produces a microphone before speaking.]

“Today you viewers will be present for the slaughter of an infidel. An execution if you will. However, I will be kind today. If this infidel enters the ring and kneels before me, if he BEGS for my forgiveness. I just might allow him to live. Might.”

[The crowd’s booing slowly drowns out The Elder who sits back smugly. As they die down, the Elder asks once more.]

“So, will you bow?”

“NEVER AGAIN!” [The crowd erupts in cheers as Words of the Youth by Coldrain blares over the speaker system. Kaito stands atop of the stairs, katana in hand as he stares down at The Elder and Maaz. The Elder shakes his head before looking towards Salah, the behemoth reaching into his bag AND BRINGING OUT AN AK-47! HE LEVELS IT TOWARDS KAITO!] [The lights go out.] [Gunfire.] [The crowd is dead silent, the scene seems almost frozen in time, slowly, the lights flicker on.] [Kaito isn’t at the top of the ramp. He’s in the ring, and he’s got his katana to the Elder’s throat.]

“You want me to bow, ne? I will never bow to a man like you.”

[Salah aims the rifle at Kaito, but the Black Dragon firmly holds the blade to The Elder’s throat, a drop of blood seen dripping down his neck.]

“No gun, no blade. Hand to hand.” [Kaito seems to finally have full control of the situation. The Elder motions for Salah to drop the gun, the behemoth doing so and the referee removing it from the ring. The Elder follows suit, Kaito allowing his blade to be taken as he moves to his corner, the Black Dragon unwavering, refusing to show the slightest bit of fear as the match gets underway.]

[Kaito stands at the ready as the bell rings. Salah wastes no time in going after the Infidel before him.] [FIDDAH! Kaito dodges an early corner body splash from Maaz and capitalizes with a massive flurry of kicks and strikes against the monster that is Maaz. Salah grabs one of the kicks, pulling Kaito back and into a massive spinebuster! Maaz mounts Kaito and unleashes a barrage of hard shots to the much smaller man. The Black Dragon seems completely unable to block the right and left hooks. THROAT CHOP! Salah is caught off guard by the blow and holds his throat, gasping for air as Kaito strikes once more with another hard blow, forcing Maaz to roll away from him.] [Kaito’s face is already bruised as he rises to his feet, the much larger Maaz already ready to continue his assault. He grabs Kaito and tosses him half way across the ring! Kaito bounces off of the mat like a ragdoll, getting up just in time to receive a massive big boot from Maaz! Confident with his lead, Salah peels Kaito from the mat and whips him across the ring, pop up CALF KICK BY KAITO! The big man stumbles, Kaito hitting a sole kick before leaping into a jumping DDT! Both men are down, crawling to the ropes to get to their feet!] [Kaito is the first up this time, taking a quick moment to catch his breath before setting his eyes on Maaz, rushing forward and nailing a devastating basement dropkick! Salah rolls with the blow, fighting to his feet as Kaito unleashes kick after kick on his opponent. As Salah is at his knees AND HE HEADBUTTS KAITO! The monster refuses to be kept down by the barrage of kicks. He grabs the dazed Black Dragon and lifts him high overhead. DROPPING HIM INTO A BACKBREAKER! Kaito’s yell of pain can be heard throughout the arena as he rolls almost lifelessly to the mat.] [Salah smirks before mockingly placing his boot on Kaito’s chest. ONE! TWO! – KICK OUT! KAITO FIGHTS ON! Maaz, in a fit of pure rage, stomps on his opponent, hitting blow after blow onto him before he peels him up once more. Kaito looks like he can barely stand after that beating. Maaz smirks and pushes Kaito back before hitting the ropes for THE HATF- NIP UP FLASH KICK! KAITO COUNTERS THE LARIAT! Salah bounces to the ropes INTO A KTFO! He hits the ground and Kaito falls back onto is his opponent as the referee counts! ONE! TWO!] [THREE- MAAZ POWERS OUT OF THE PIN! Kaito can barely believe it as he rolls away from Salah. He pounds the mat in frustration, forcing himself to his feet, his back obviously hindering him as he raises his fists once more. Salah hoists himself up with the ropes and turns to Kaito. BOTH MEN TRADE HUGE BLOWS WITH ONE ANOTHER! Kaito takes the massive haymakers, not backing down until getting nailed with a massive headbutt! He stumbles backwards AND MAAZ RUSHES FORWARD WITH THE HATF! SWORD OF MUHAMMAD! The lariat nearly turns Kaito inside out! Salah collapses into a pin on Kaito. ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Salah rises to his feet following that match, both men looking worse for ware as he exits the ring to tend to The Elder.]

[Cold Open.] [Evil Ash is seen surrounded by broken mirrors and shards of glass. He pounds his fist into the ground, shards carved into his flesh as he does so. The camera zooms out to reveal behind him, the Shark. In his hands? The Necronomicon.]

“Keep smashing, Ashley. Clear your mind of that tumor that is the past you. You are a monster, you are part of the Asylum! Keep smashing, feel it the glass flay your skin so that you can atone for your disobedience.”

[He opens the book and begins muttering an incantation, Evil Ash’s eyes beginning to glow as he does so. The Deadite begins smashing the remnants of the glass wildly, the shards splinters digging into his skin, causing yet more blood to drip from his wounds. Shark slams the book shut, chuckling as Evil Ash’s glowing eyes slowly subside back to normal. He breathes quickly, obviously tired and out of breath from his frantic assault of what remains of the mirrors.]

“Are you listening to me? Will you be obedient? When we go out there tonight, I want you to lay down and accept your defeat. Is that understood?”

[Evil Ash looks up from the glass and blood pooled at his knees and nods.]

“I will lay down and accept my defeat.”

[Shark bears his teeth at Evil Ash, leaning down towards him and sneering.] “Disobey, and I WILL take this into my hands. And my teeth. Keep smashing, I expect your wounds to be fresh for our match.”

[Shark stands up and walks away from Evil Ash, slamming the door behind him as the smashing continues. Suddenly the Evil Ash stops smashing.] [The camera zooms into the pool of blood surrounding him. And in it? The reflection of Ash Williams.] [Fade out.]

[The ring is surrounded by Trayvon Steele’s men on one side as The Congressman’s security stands around the other side.] [The bell sounds as Trayvon Steele looks pumped as both members of The Cabinet stand opposite of him. No tagging in this match. The Cabinet charges, but The Super Predator takes them both on with a huge double spear! Both men go down as Steele is pounding his chest. Cody Greer is the first one to his feet as Trayvon charges him with another spear that runs him right into the corner. He begins pounding on him with some vicious rights and lefts. It’s then that Steele dodges out of the way as Harrison comes flying into the scene!] [He slams down upon his partner as he turns around. ANOTHER SPEAR TO BOTH MEN! Steele is on fire here as he pounds his chest again. It’s then that he spots the two trusty right hand men of Frank Harrison up on the apron. He charges them with a big clothesline that takes them off the apron. He turns around and gets socked with a right hand by The Congressman! Steele just takes it on his chin as he glares at Harrison. Cody Greer comes out of nowhere though with an uppercut! The Rebel boy grabs Steele and flings him over the ropes.] [For the first time, the lumberjacks come into play in this match. The personal security begins to beat down on Trayvon as his friends seem irate on the other side of the ring. The referee is distracted by Harrison who is trying to offer him an autograph as one security guard kicks Steele right in the junk before rolling him back in. Cody Greer lunges on him and begins drilling him with punches. Greer yanks Steele to his feet, hooks his arms, and… DITCH DIGGER! He hooks a leg as Frank Harrison is already posing on the corner turnbuckle. One…Two…] [KICKOUT! Harrison looks shocked, Greer looks shocked, and all of the security detail looks shocked. The other side of the ring is going nuts though. Harrison quickly gets down and begins yelling at Greer to finish it off. Greer tells Harrison to lift him up as Cody Greer begins backing up. Harrison does as he’s told despite seeming a little ticked by it. Cody rushes across the ring and… THE PARALYSER! TO HARRISON! He curses before turning right into a big boot! Steele grabs him by his shirt and flings him over the top rope toward his friends.] [Steele’s comrades begin beating on Greer with some vicious kicks as Steele turns to Harrison. The Congressman puts up his hands in defense as the referee moves over to the ropes to look at Greer and yell at the men doing damage. LOW BLOW! The Congressman just nailed Steele below the belt with a kick! Harrison hits the ropes and charges him with a STAMP OF APPRO-! NO! SPEAR! Steele nails him with a spear but he’s quickly yanking him up for… THE HOMI- GREER BREAKS IT UP! Greer finally gets back in the ring before he hits THE PARALYSER! The spear nearly breaks him in half as he pins him down. Harrison jumps on too! One…Two…THREE!] [Steele’s boys flood into the ring as The Cabinet floods out. The Cabinet is celebrating as they evacuate, but Trayvon is not happy.]

[After everything that has transpired over the last couple weeks, Stephanie Rose has to be a nervous wreck. Yet as she walks down the hallway leading to the entrance curtain, she seems to be something of her normal self. She pushes her hair out of her face with a sigh. The lights beyond are a haven for Rose. She controls her own destiny in the Schoolyard, not Smiley, not Doubt, not Mother.]

“Stephanie?” [A timid and weak voice calls from behind her.] [Upon hearing the voice, Rose stops in her tracks. She takes a deep breath and blows her bangs from her eyes as she whirls around to face several of Mother’s children. After everything that’s happened, she’s not even that creeped out by them.]

“What!?” [Rose reflexively utters, almost to the end of her rope. But she stops herself.] “…can I help you with?”

[One child steps forward, a tear frozen on her cheek.]

“You didn’t want to play with us.”

[Rose begins to retort, but is cut off by another child.]

“We were going to have fun.”

[At that one, Rose just shakes her head. Her need to be nice to these children has held her back long enough. She turns away to leave, but walks right into Mother herself.]

“They have a point, child.” [Mother begins.] “You didn’t want to play with my children, but you went to play with Smiley and Doubt. What’s wrong with my children?”

[For a moment, all Stephanie can do is blink. Surprise ripples up and down her body, and she just shakes her head at Mother, forgetting to be afraid.]

“Play?” [Rose’s hand instinctively goes up to her mouth, where she could have been mutilated a week ago.] “I’ve had enough of your bullshit, Mother.”

[The children gasp at her cursing. Rose ignores it, jutting her finger out at Mother.]

“If I wanted to play, it sure as hell wouldn’t be with you or your children. It wouldn’t be with Smiley. It wouldn’t even be with Doubt.” [She jabs her finger at the other woman.] “I’m going to walk out to that ring, and if you want to play, then I’ll see you out there. But I am going to put an end to all of this shit you have put me through. Do you understand me?”

[Rose doesn’t even wait for an answer, angrily storming past Mother for the entrance to the Schoolyard. Mother is joined by her sad children, but the matriarch has a smile on her face.]

“Run along then, my darling. Mother’s coming.”

[Their match is up next, but Rose has had enough of people manipulating her!]

[Stephanie Rose and Mother stand across from one another in the ring Stephanie looks uneasy, but not frightened. Mother just looks terrifying. The feud comes to a head tonight at Red Snow. The bell rings, and we’re underway!] [Mother sprints as Rose, who is distracted by the children on the outside, allowing Mother to catch her off guard. Mother strikes Stephanie with massive chop to the back! Rose is driven chest first into the turnbuckles and Mother chops again! Again! AGAIN! She spins Stephanie around and ANOTHER CHOP TO THE CHEST! Another! Mother kicks Steph in the midsection… SNAP SUPLEX!! Mother slides into a pin… One… Two…T..Kickout! Mother rips the redhead off the mat by the hair and whips her to the far ropes. As Steph returns, Mother bends down and BACK BODY DROP! Rose smashes to the canvas and Mother wastes no time… MOTHER’S EMBRACE!!! Stephanie is flailing! She reaches for the ropes….] [And just grabs them! The referee forces a break and Mother gets to her feet again and pulls Rose up and FRONT DROPKICK!! Rose hits the desperation strike and Mother flies through the rope and onto the apron! Step gains her feet and runs to the ropes. She goes to kick a standing Mother, who catches her foot, but… LEG-FEED ENZIGURI!! Mother collapses, lands hard on the apron and falls to the ground! Stephanie climbs to the top and waits for Mother to stand! Stephanie flies off the top! Mother ducks!! Stephanie crossbodies three of Mother’s children!! She is beside herself and checks on the children! Mother takes advantage and grabs Stephanie and THROWS HER HEAD FIRST INTO THE STEEL STEPS!! Stephanie is down! Mother yanks her up and rolls Rose into the ring.] [Mother follows and she has been dominant for most of the match. She pulls Stephanie up once more, but JAWBREAKER!! Mother goes down hard! Stephanie gets to her feet, slightly unsteady, and leaps onto Mother and puts her in a LEG LOCK!! Mother shrieks and flails. She fight and fights and finally rolls enough to get Steph’s shoulders to the mat… One.. Stephanie lets go, breaking the pin. She is quickly to her feet, though, and as Mother gains her own. RUNNING BULLDOG! Steph is back up and so is Mother… INVERTED ATOMIC DROP! Mother drops again and regains her feet… FLYING HEADSCISSORS!! Stephanie covers… One… Two… THR….NO! Mother kicks out!] [Stephanie as slightly frustrated but doesn’t let it stop her. She flips Mother onto her stomach, delivers a couple of knees to the top of her head, then grabs her head and flips over… PETAL TO THE METAL!! Last Chancery! Mother is really in trouble here! She fights and she taps!! But the ref didn’t see it! He had his back turned shooing Mother’s children from the apron! Stephanie let’s go to plead her case with the ref, but is spun around by Mother. BACK CRACKER!! Steph goes does hard! But Mother doesn’t pin… Instead she drops down in a crab position… CRAB KICK! She covers! One… Two… Thr…Kickout!] [Mother is not happy and yanks Stephanie up by the hair. She throws Rose into the ropes. Steph returns with a FLYING CROSS BODY! One… Two… KICKOUT! Both rush to their feet but Rose is faster…. She takes down Mother with an arm drag…. Another…. One more and CRUCIFIX PIN!! One… Two… Thr… kickout! Rose up again as Mother is slower… BATTERING RAM!! Rose pulls Mother up and throws her to the ropes and CRUCIFIX BOMB!! One… Two… THREE!] [NO! Mother kicks out and Rose pulls her up and Irish Whips her into the corner. Rose sprints at her and CATCHES A FACE FULL OF BLACK MIST!!! Stephanie stumbles away and drops to her knees. Mother runs at her… HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!! Mother falls, exhausted, into a cover. One… Two… THREE!!!] [Mother is victorious! She rolls out and her children embrace her in celebration! Stephanie Rose is passed out in the ring.]

[We cut to a close up of none other than Lux Bellator. His eyes closed and his head seemingly bowed as the image pans out.] [Initially, darkness surrounds his upper body as our camera angle gives us a glimpse into the night sky above him, but as the zoom continues we are presented a much more sinister scene.] [Lux has been tied, with his hands behind his back, to a metal shaft that protrudes out from a pile of wooden stakes. Ropes cross over his upper body; sinking viciously into his skin and still through this short time Bellator does not stir.] [But finally, he does.] [The Light Warrior is brought to movement when he is suddenly startled by the ignition of a nearby flame and it isn’t long before the origin of such is introduced to us.] [The Red Emperor.] [He stands several feet away from the captive Bellator, a flaming torch in hand and a wicked glare across his face.]

“To what do I owe this pleasure?” [Lux mutters.] “Or to whom.”

“Why, to your Christ.” [The Emperor bellows in confidence.] “Of course.”

[Bellator drops his head; the dreadfulness of the situation overcoming him.]

“I told you to stay out of my way last Monday.” [The Emperor scolds.] “I told you persecution would come.”

“There is only one lawgiver and judge, my liege.” [Lux forces out a response.] “He is able to save… and to destroy.”

“Then ask him Bellator!” [The Red Emperor shouts.] “Ask your God to save you!!!”

[With that, there is a long pause before…]

“Father, forgive him, for he does not know what he is doing.”

[In response, The Emperor lets out a roaring yell before dropping the torch into the stakes surrounding Bellator.] [There is but smoke at first and then a small hit of a flame before the stakes are engulfed and the legs of Bellator are surrounded in fire.] [THUNDER!] [The night explodes with a crack of lightning; prompting The Red Emperor to peer upward in both awareness and confusion.] [And just as Bellator’s boots begin to char from the surrounding flames, the sky opens in downpour. A torrential rain washes down on the area; drenching Bellator and The Emperor and quickly extinguishing the fire.] [Bellator slowly lifts his head; water pouring now from his masked chin and in a high voice.]

“The Lord has heard your prayer, my liege.” [The Light Warrior takes a deep breath.] “Tonight you get your chance to destroy me, but it will be inside the squared circle.”

[With rain pounding his armor and dripping from his helmet, The Red Emperor looks on in disgust.]

“So shall it be!”

[With that, The Red Emperor turns to walk away and we fade on the soaked figure of Lux Bellator.]

[Shark has the Necronomicon in hand as he watches the steps eagerly. Slowly but surely Evil Ash, wounds fresh with glass, walks down the stairs into the ring.] [Shark points to the center of the ring and eyes Evil Ash, the Deadite looking towards the spot, then back to Shark before nodding his head. He slowly, almost painstakingly moves to the center of the ring before laying down on his back. Shark grins as he places his foot on the chest of Ash. The crowd boos them as the referee counts. One. Two. Three- KICKOUT! Ash has raised his shoulder off of the mat! Shark is almost in shock as he backs away from Evil Ash, the Deadite slowly rising to his feet to face The Predator.] [“You defied the Asylum, Ashley?” The Shark opens the book, reading from it and making Evil Ash twitch, slowly kneeling to Shark who NAILS THE DEADITE WITH A SUSHI KICK! ASH BARELY BUDGES! Shark is in awe as he circles his prey, almost stalking him as he moves up towards the almost statue-esque Evil Ash. He sneers AND BITES INTO HIS FOREHEAD! The Deadite doesn’t emote as The Predator digs into his head, unleashing a near torrent of blood from his prey. Shark spits the blood back into the face of Ash! “I SAID LAY DOWN!“] [Evil Ash, once more refuses to budge from his kneeling position. The Shark goes back to biting ASH GRABS HIS THROAT! HEADBUTT FROM THE DEADITE! Shark stumbles back and Evil Ash flies into a flurry of blows! SOUL RUSH! The Predator falls to a knee AND GETS NAILED WITH THE APOCALYPSE CRUSH! Shark is laid out by the barrage of attacks, the Necronomicon flying from his hands as he collapses to the ground! Evil Ash stares at the book, then back to Shark. He stomps on the head of Shark! The Predator is busted wide open by the boot of Hell’s Prophet!] [Evil Ash doesn’t even stop to pin as he walks towards the book, unknowingly allowing Shark to rise up behind him. He lunges towards Ash and tosses him with a strong German Suplex! The Deadite seems unfazed, getting to his feet and locking up with Shark. Both men try for control with Shark being overpowered by Ash. A few hard knee lifts send him stumbling back and gives Ash the room to hit a hard clothesline! Shark hits the ground hard, Ash’s intentions still on the book. However he doesn’t get far as Shark hooks his leg and pulls him back into a harsh headbutt!] [Ash stumbles, and Shark pushes the assault with another, then another! Ash is dazed AND HE GETS DROPPED WITH A DDT! Shark climbs on top of Ash and begins hitting a vicious array of headbutts and strikes, the Deadite motionless before grabbing The Shark and UNCEREMONIOUSLY TOSSING HIM ACROSS THE RING! Ash is showing a never before seen amount of strength as he rises once more. He grabs onto Shark and lifts him high into the air by his neck AND CHOKESLAMS HIM TO THE CANVAS! The ring shakes with the impact as Ash looks towards the book once more.] [The Deadite’s sights won’t leave the book as he makes his way towards it. But the Shark will not allow him to reach it, clawing to his feet and latching onto Ash’s back! HE BITES INTO THE DEADITE’S NECK! Evil Ash fights against the jaws of The Shark, trying to pry him off before slamming back first into the turnbuckle, but Shark hangs on! Ash can’t fight the rapid chomping of The Shark, holding onto the ropes AND SHARK BITES OUT A CHUNK OF ASH’S NECK! Ash lets out a yell of pain as SHARK ROLLS HIM UP! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Ash powers out of the pin after the three, rolling towards the far ropes as Shark, enraged, tries to get to his feet.]

[Shark is enraged as the match comes to an end. He frantically grabs for the book, holding it too his chest as he moves to his feet. Evil Ash, bloodied and beaten, exits the ring. What he grabs from under it? A gas can and a lighter. The Deadite advances on the Shark, his intentions clear. In a last ditch attempt to make Evil Ash stop, begins reading from the book. Evil Ash stops dead in his tracks, but he twitches, as though fighting himself to move forward.]

“Stay back, Ashley. Or I will END YOU. Put down the gas. NOW!”

[Shark barks his orders, and Evil Ash slowly lowers the can- HE LEAPS AT SHARK! The two Asylum members brawl over the book, fighting tooth and nail for it but Ash comes out ahead, BITING INTO SHARK! The Predator recoils as Ash backs away with the book.]

“I must obey.”
“I must destroy the book.”

[His voice sounds as thought split in half, two different voices fighting for control. As Ash stands motionless, arguing with himself SHARK NAILS HIM WITH THE GAS CANISTER! GAS COVERS ASH AS HE DROPS THE BOOK!]

“Don’t fight me, Ashley. You will obey the Asylum and you will fight against the weakling inside of you!”

[The Deadite twitches erratically on the ground, two voices fighting over a single body. Shark sneers at Ash, ready to attack once more if Ash disobeys.] [The Deadite stops twitching. A smug smile crosses his face.] [He grabs the book. And the lighter.] [He rises to his feet, and he locks eyes with The Shark. He can’t do this. No sane man would do this! But it appears sanity has left this man a long time ago.]


[EVIL ASH LIGHTS HIMSELF ON FIRE! Shark stands back helpless as he watches the Necronomicon burn alongside the Deadite. And as the book burns, Evil Ash’s skin slowly turns pale, then peach. The Deadite turns slowly more human by the second. Then suddenly-] [Nothing.] [The crowd is shocked into silence, Ash and the remnants of the book having disappeared into thin air. Shark looks at the burn area of the mat, unsure of how to continue as the scene slowly cuts to black.]

[When we come back from a short break, DTR sits in the middle of the ring inside his wheelchair. He has a microphone and looks rather displeased. With the fans in the background not sure whether to cheer or boo, he takes his opportunity.]

“Sartyr, I know you’re back there,” [he yells.] “You told me you’d be here tonight. Where are you?”

[Suddenly, ‘City on Fire’ hits and the fans go absolutely bonkers. DTR’s face turns from unsure displeasure to grimace as Sartyr bounds down the stairs, slapping hands with the fans as he does. He rolls into the ring, wearing street clothes, shaking his head.] [The music dies down, but the fans don’t stop cheering.]

“Jimmy Sartyr!” [Clap, Clap, Clap!] “Jimmy Sartyr!” [Clap, Clap, Clap!] [DTR looks like he’s going to be sick.]

“Thank you,” [Jimmy says into his microphone.] “But look, tonight isn’t about me; it’s about Don’t Trust Reason.” [He says to boos.]

“I don’t need your pity, Sartyr,” [Dave hisses back.] “What I need is a fight.”

[Jimmy’s brow raises.]

“I told you, I’m not fighting you.”

[The Virus sneers.] “You will fight me!” [he barks.] “You will, or else. You owe me, Jimmy. You ruined my career. You stole my life from me. You owe me a fight.”

“I didn’t steal anything from you, Dave. I wasn’t there when you and Jensen tumbled off that roof. I didn’t make you fight him. I didn’t make you do any of the heinous or disturbing things you did to make these people despise you. I didn’t make you put on a mask and pretend your face was burned. I didn’t make you injure and maim person after person until you took your own career.”

[DTR sadistically grins.]

“You’re going to fight me,” [Dave reminds him.] “You owe me, you piece of shit! Do you remember what I did to Ryan Cooper, or Tyler Brooks? Do you remember what I did to Li Quang, or Jensen Cussen? Do you? You’re going to fight me, God damnit. You’re going to fucking fight me or I’ll rip apart everything you love!”

[Jimmy walks away a bit, pacing his way back to DTR.]

“I won’t do it.”

“You will fucking do it. What would your mother say, huh? What would she say if she could see the coward you’ve become!”

[He’s getting angrier, but Jimmy still refuses.] “I will not do it.”

“What if I dug her corpse up, huh? What if I dug her fucking body up and sent you pieces of her rotting flesh from now until the day you die, you son of a bitch! What then!?”

[Jimmy suddenly loses it, striking with a spinning heel kick that knocks DTR and the chair clean over onto the canvas. He immediately realizes what he’s done and despite the cheers, his hands rush to his face, holding it in shock. He turns around, damn near in tears at what he’s done.]

“I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry,” [he mutters, holding his head in his hands.] [WHACK!] [Sartyr falls to his knees in agony, holding the back of his head. There’s blood – a lot of blood, and he has no idea what’s just happened.] [That’s because stood looming over him, on his feet with a microphone in his hand and a sinister smile plastered across his evil face is Don’t Trust Reason.] [Everything was a lie.]

[That son of a bitch! He could walk this ENTIRE fucking time! The fans are booing wildly now as The Virus stands over Sartyr with a grin. He quickly starts stomping away at him mercilessly, stamping on his fingers, hands, arms, torso, head and legs. Jimmy tries his best to crawl away but DTR follows, kicking out at him violently. He finally pulls him back to his feet and slams him into the corner, following up with shoulder barges after shoulder barges, driving into his stomach as powerfully as he possibly can. Dave quickly leaps, running up the ropes and into a MASSIVE TORNADO DDT! THE PANIC SWITCH! He buries Jimmy’s head deep into the canvas but doesn’t even think about covering. He wants to punish him.] [Dave gets back up and stomps down on his head, pulling him back to his feet shortly after. He swings with a right hand, but Sartyr stops it to a tremendous ovation. The crowd literally erupts into masses of cheers. He slams him with a left, then another, another, another until DTR is reeling. The Innovator runs at him, but gets decked with a HUGE Clothesline! The cheering quickly turns to boo’s as Dave throws his hands up into the air, soaking in the atmosphere. He’s absolutely in his element here. He bends down and grabs Jim by the hair, pulling him up and throwing him into the ropes. Sartyr comes running back and into a huge Tilt-O-Whirl, crashing down across his knee violently.] [The Virus is absolutely loving this and his smile proves it. He doesn’t cover, instead pulling Jim off the man again and once again, Jim fights back. A kick to the gut stuns him, but it’s followed by a right hand and a huge DDT, taking him to the canvas. That lights a fire under the fans who cheer for him to get back on the offensive. Jimmy is slowly up, grabbing Dave and backing him into the ropes. He sends him across the ring and connects with a High Leg Clothesline, dropping him to the mat. Sartyr covers… One… Two… Kick out! That isn’t quite going to do it, kid. Both men slowly get back to their feet, trading right and left hands with each other. Shot after shot, they trade back and forth, cheers and boos, until Jimmy finally wins out, pulling him close.. into the pump handle… THE WARNING SHOT! HE GOT IT!! ANOTHER COVER… ONE…. TWO…. THREE! NO! KICK OUT! KICK OUT!! The Innovator can’t believe it!] [He pulls himself back up and heads to the top rope, steadying himself. He’s going for it! TUCK AND COVER…. NOOO!!! DAVE MOVES! DAVE MOVES AND JIMMY SMASHES INTO THE CANVAS! The Virus slowly gets up, as does Jimmy… REASONABLE DOUBT! NO! THE LEAPING JAWBREAKER IS BLOCKED!! Jimmy instead snatches him.. REASONSABLE DOUBT! HE HITS HIM WITH HIS OWN FUCKING FINISH! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! ANOTHER COVER….. ONE…… TWO….. THREE!! YES! NO!! HIS FOOT IS ON THE ROPES! HOLY FUCK! The fans can’t believe it! Jimmy slams his hands down on the canvas in frustration. He thought he had it. Both men are groggy but get back to their feet. Jimmy sends Dave into the ropes, but he ducks under, spins him around and REASONABLE DOUBT TO END ALL REASONABLE DOUBTS!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT WHAT A MOVE! DAVE COVERS… HOOKS THE LEG…. ONE…. TWO…. THREE!!] [That son of a bitch did it! He finally beat Jimmy Sartyr, and by hook or crook, he’s walking down of here of his own accord; something we never thought we’d see. Dave rolls away to his knees, throwing his arms into the air in celebration.]

[DTR gets back to his feet, the entire crowd booing as he does. He pulled the wool over everybody’s eyes, just so he could get his hands-on Jimmy Sartyr.] [He raises his arms into the air, smiling as the crowd throw rubbish at him.] [Instead of leaving, he grabs the wheelchair and props it back up, pulling Jimmy to his feet and REASONABLE DOUBT! Leaping Jawbreaker! Sartyr explodes backwards, falling into the chair and tipping it over once again.] [The crowd are roaring now.] [Suddenly, the lights go off.] [When they return, Don’t Trust Reason nearly falls over.] [He stumbles backwards. He can’t believe it.] [Because stood opposite him is the ever-present figure of a man he knows all too well. Stood opposite him, hair draped over his lowered face, large black jacket hung behind his arms… is Vengeance.] [His head rises.] [There’s the cross.] [It’s Jensen Cussen.] [The Virus quickly escapes the ring, rolling to the outside in absolute shock at what he’s witnessed. Jensen stands there for a moment, staring at him with insignificance.] [Jimmy meanwhile gets back up and stumbles.] [INFINITY RUSH! WHAM!] [A barrage of fists and forearms catches Jimmy unawares before Jensen leaps into a massive boot to the face that takes him down to the canvas.] [He flashes a look straight at DTR after, both men grinning.] [What the hell is going on? They nod at each other, as we fade a commercial break.]

[What lengths will tag team partners go to over a woman? Knock Knock implodes as Stephanie Rose seems to be the cause!] [These two tag team partners stand at the center of the ring. Smiley seems ready to go, but something seems to be holding both wrestlers back. Is it their friendship? Or is it the unknown? Smiley turns his head to look at the audience as does Doubt. That’s when he strikes! He connects with a clothesline! The Emotion hits the ground, but is right back up to receive a hangman’s neckbreaker. The face-painted one begins stomping on Doubt until he stops and takes a few steps back into the corner. Despite his deranged nature, even Smiley seems to be fighting inner feelings here tonight.] [That quickly evaporates as Doubt gets to its feet. Smiley charges with a leg lariat, but Doubt dodges to the side and grabs his arm as it twists him into THE SECOND GUE- but Smiley rolls out of the way after delivering a kick to the chin. Doubt staggers as Smiley clamors to his feet quickly. But as Smiley gets to his feet, he’s nailed by a rolling wheel kick! The Masked Emotion springs off the second rope and connects with a springboard body splash! Doubt hooks a leg as it seems to want to end this early! One…TwoKICKOUT! Smiley isn’t finished though!] [Smiley staggers to his feet as he gives chase to Doubt for SHOCK THERAPY! But Doubt is able to move once more as he collides with the referee in the corner! The official goes down, but Smiley just grins. He turns towards Doubt, but The Masked Emotion hits a spear of his own! Both men go down, but The Masked Emotion is first to his feet as it climbs the ropes, seemingly with a big move in mind. He leaps off for a senton bomb, but… CHELSEA GRIN catches Doubt right on the back of its head, SPINNING IT onto its face! The sheer impact of that move has disoriented The Emotion.] [Smiley gets to his feet with a grin plastered upon his face as he slides over to his corner and pulls out Smiley Jr. He turns and rushes Doubt, but The Emotion seems to sense this as it delivers a low dropkick. Smiley hits the mat, but he flips over and begins swinging wildly! It connects once to the leg of Doubt, but The Masked Emotion kicks him right in the face! Stomp after stomp as The Emotion is unleashing upon him! Doubt leaps onto the second rope and springboards off for a springboard moonsault! Doubt takes a step back as it places its hand on the top rope. It’s hesitating.] [Smiley is slow to his knee and he’s about to get up when… THE END OF WISDOM! Smiley slumps to the mat as The Emotion goes for a pinfall. It looks up to see the referee is still out of it. Doubt slides over to the referee and begins to shake him. It seems to have little to no effect as he just lays there. Doubt shrugs before turning around and BEING STRUCK BY SMILEY JR! The Masked Emotion is laid out by the strike to the metallic face of Doubt! Smiley climbs aboard his partner and begins to lay his crowbar into his mask!] [CRACK! The mask of Doubt has been broken! Smiley looks down at the face of Doubt as he pulls the shattered pieces of Doubt’s mask off. The camera zooms into Smiley’s face which is contorted into morbid curiosity. He’s staring straight into the hood. He stands straight up as if confused. Doubt grabs the pieces of the mask and puts it back on its hood. Smiley seems to be pleading with his partner in apology. Doubt has yet to budge. SHOCK THERAPY! Smiley yanks Doubt back up before hitting… ANTIDEPRESSANT! Smiley hooks both legs. The referee is up just in time to see it. One…Two…THREE!] [The Deranged One stands up afterwards as he just watches as Doubt slowly does the same.]

[The match is over as both members of Knock Knock are still in the ring. Doubt is on its knees trying to piece together its cracked mask as Smiley is watching him from a few feet away.] [Smiley reaches down and picks up a small piece of the mask and hands it to Doubt. Doubt stares at the proverbial olive branch for a moment before snatching it from his hands.] [Smiley grabs a microphone.]

“Doubt! You know this wasn’t personal! You didn’t even want this match, yet I was so filled with anger… rage that I couldn’t see clearly.” [Doubt doesn’t even look at him.] “Don’t make me say it, brother.”

[Doubt continues to give him the cold shoulder.]

“I’m sorry, brother! We’re a team, we’re Knock Knock! We’re part of The Asylum! We can’t allow some little bit-”

[Doubt snatches the microphone to interrupt him from completing the offensive word.]

“You were going to harm her after you said you’d protect her! Can’t you see my uncertainty with you? I HAVE to protect Syn- Stephanie, my brother. Even if it’s from you.”

[This seems to draw a disgusted look from Smiley, but the face quickly reverts back to a remorseful one.]

“Doubt, you’re my brother. If leaving Stephanie alone will make you happy, then so be it. I need you, Doubt. More than her, more than any belt, more than The Asylum even. I need you.”

[Doubt seems to dwell on this for a moment before an audible sigh is heard. Before it can say anything, Smiley pulls the microphone back to him.]

“Will you forgive me, brother?”

[Smiley extends his hand. Doubt takes it, but Smiley pulls it into a tight embrace! He squeezes him in a hug as an audible “Awwww” comes from the audience.] [Knock Knock exits the ring as Doubt is taking the lead, yet Smiley’s eyes can still be seen through the facepaint as he stares at the floor ahead of him.] [Something is brewing.]

[The history between these two teams has been raging for quite some time, and tonight the Knights hope to put an end to it once and for all. This is for their friends, families and the Tag Team Gold. Manson motions to Shadow and RRJ that he’ll take point and his teammates have no qualms. Upon seeing this, BVC insists that he be the one to take point for the Knights and this thing is ready to go down… and the fans are ready for it.] [The bell rings and BVC explodes, dropping Manson with a clothesline before mounting and pummeling him like a mad man. The crowd gets behind the Real Freakin’ Deal immediately and BOO! wildly when the ref tells him to back off because he’s too close to the ropes. Bruce backs off, turning to the Awakenings corner and shouting at Shadow and RRJ…] “We end this tonight!” [And that’s all the distraction Manson needs, sneaking up behind Bruce and locking in a FULL NELSON! BVC struggles to escape, arms flailing above his head, but Manson has it locked in tight… and he transitions right into a wicked SUPLEX! David takes this opportunity to cockily make the tag to Shadow while Nigel and Neville shout for BVC to get up. Bruce struggles towards his corner as Mike storms the ring; Bruce is inches away… NO! Shadow cuts BVC off with an elbow to the back of his head! Grabbing Chan by the hair, Shadow leads him to his feet… but Bruce catches Mike with an elbow to the gut – than another, and another! He breaks free and hits the ropes and on his return… SHADOW KICK!]


[And Mike with the cover… One! Two! Thre-NO! Neville breaks up the fall! Sheldon hits his feet and … he’s met with DUEL DROPKICKS from Red and Manson! David moves to continue the assault but Red holds him back, directing the big man back to the apron. Meanwhile, Bruce has used his ring awareness to slide under the bottom rope to the outside. Mike reaches over the top rope and grabs Bruce by the hair… And Chan hangs him up on the ropes! Shadow is sent reeling as Chan rolls in the ring behind him… Bruce uses the ropes to get to his feet as the crowd and his teammates cheer him on! He charges as Mike turns… LOU THESZ PRESS! Chan, pummeling away on the Shadow the second they hit the mat! Once satisfied, Bruce rolls off Mike and makes for the Knights corner… But Shadow rushes the Awakening’s corner and quickly tags in Red River Jack! Bruce reaches out for Nigel… DIVING CLOTHESLINE! RRJ cuts him off just inches away! Bruce scrambles to his feet and Red shoves him towards a neutral corner… SPARTAN KICK! Red sends Bruce into the corner so intensely he bounces out and hits the canvas face first! RRJ pounds away on Chan a little before dragging him, by the arm, into the center of the ring. He smiles and laughs before swinging his leg over Bruce’s arm!… But BVC shoulder tackle/shoves Red’s leg out from under him! And Jack hits the canvas head first! Which pisses him off! He springs to his feet and runs Bruce to his… GOOD NIGHT! RKO Outa Nowhere! And both men are down! The crowd behind BVC huge!]

“B-V-C! B-V-C! B-V-C!”

[Both men begin to stir… crawling towards their respective corners… It looks like Red is going to get there first! Oh the humanity! BVC WITH THE TAG ON NEVILLE! And the crowd pops huge! Sheldon storms the ring! He jumps Jack, cutting him off before he can make the tag, and runs him to his feet… BODY SLAM! Neville hits the ropes, WRESTLEMANIA! The crowd is on fire! Red reaches out for a tag and Neville makes a face.] “Should I let him!?!” [He shouts with a smirk, before kicking Red in the ass and sending him TOWARDS his corner! Manson makes the tag and Neville shouts.] “Bring it!” [The crowd is going INSANE!! Manson charges but Neville gets the best of him with a quick BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! But Red is up and he’s not about to let that shit slide! He charges Sheldon… SPARTAN KICK! The crowd goes wild with Boo’s! The ref tries to tell Red to exit the ring but he pushes past to the Knights corner and clobbers Nigel, who has had enough standing around. The King jumps the ropes and he and Red go at it with a flurry of lefts and rights! Shadow enters the fray to help Red take down Nigel and the pair quickly overpower the King and send him ringside! They then turn their attention to Neville… Sheldon slowly finds his feet, steel reeling after that Spartan Kick, as Manson, Red and Shadow surround him. All three men, side by side, a wall of Doom! Bruce suddenly appears between the wall and Neville, but he’s hardly prepared to fend them off…]


[A shout grabs the Awakenings attention and all three turn to their right…] “For Country!” [They turn just in time to find the source, Nigel Royal, flying off the top rope! SPITFIRE! TO ALL THREE MEMBERS OF THE AWAKENING! Bodies fly everywhere! It’s carnage! Neville is up and he seems to be the only person to realize who the legal man is right now, because he goes right for Manson. He runs David to his feet, tucks his head between his legs and… BOOK SMART! Manson’s own Tiger Driver used against him! And Neville makes the cover… but the ref is still clearing the ring… he sees the cover! ONE! TWO! THRE-! No! Manson kicks out, and the crowd goes wild with Boo’s! Neville, frustrated, runs Manson to his feet, and they’re finally the only two people left in the ring. Sheldon hits the ropes… he’s going for an NKO! … UNSPOKEN WORDS! Out of nowhere, Manson with that devastating Spike DDT! Both men out! Eventually, they stir… they can barely crawl towards their corners but somehow they manage… Neville tags Nigel! Manson tags Shadow! Royal charges Lane… SHADOW KICK! But Nigel ducks and spins around! He hooks Lane from behind… BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX! And the crowd immediately begins to count them off!?!] “ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!” [ROYAL FLUSH! Nigel with the cover! ONE! TWO! THREE! They’ve done it! The Knights have won this thing!] [Bruce and Neville storm the ring to celebrate with Nigel as Mike Lane rolls to the outside. The Knights have done it, they’ve defeated the Awakening! But have they stopped them? At the moment, it doesn’t really matter as they celebrate inside the ring to a huge ovation from the fans.]

[After that intense match, The Awakening simply aren’t through.] [Manson and Jack quickly enter the ring, going after Royal, Bruce and Neville. They’re like hound dogs with the scent of blood. Manson throws Royal into the corner and starts pummelling away at him whilst Red River Jack grabs Bruce Van Chan and pulls him to his feet.]

“Get him, man!” [he yells at Shadow, who groggily gets back up.] “Get this son of a bitch.”

[Shadow growls almost, stepping backwards and SHADOWKICK! SHADOWKICK!] [SHADOWKICK TO RED RIVER JACK!] [WHAT THE FUCK?] [The fans can’t believe it as Lane lays out Jack in the middle of the ring with a Shadowkick. Manson turns around in shock, but before he can even utter a word, SHADOWKICK TO HIM AS WELL! What the fuck is going on? The Shadow stands over his fallen Awakening comrades as The Knight’s come to in the middle of the ring.] [There’s no love lost here.] [None of these like him and none of these are his friend, but they share a nod, a nod of mutual respect. The former World Champion abandons his now former friends in the ring, sliding to the outside and walking away as The Knight’s look on.] [Could this be about the OSW Championship?] [Could this be about the last month?] [Or has Shadow finally had enough of The Awakening? He’s turned his back on them here tonight and only he knows why.]

[A simple battle between two brash arrogant warriors has grown into a war of attrition as Ethan Bird looks to burn down everything Jack Jeckel has built but the Boogieman doesn’t want revenge, only answers and however he has to, he’ll beat them out of this so called God] [The bell sounds as the cage slowly gets lowered around the two, Bird checking the lock on the door as he takes his focus off Jeckel for a moment, but a moment is all he needs as Jack grabs Bird by the back of the head, slamming him into the cage door. Bird bounces off stunned as he walks right into a massive uppercut that almost breaks his jaw, as Jack punishes him with a series of hard knees to the gut before gripping him around the waist, BELLY TO BELLY INTO THE STEEL CAGE!] [Bird stumbles to his feet, slightly bleeding from the back of the head as Jack almost knocks him out with a wicked haymaker before grabbing him by the back of the head and tossing him head first into the cage wall. Bird bounces off as Jack tosses him into the other side with such fury that Bird slumps down to his knees. Jack doesn’t let up, grabbing Bird as he rakes his forehead against the cage, the wire busting Bird open as he begins to scream out in pain, his blood pattering on the canvas floor] [Jack lets go of Bird, tossing him to the canvas as he backs up, willing for the God to get to his feet as Bird slowly rises. Jack rushes forward with a Big Boot but Bird ducks as Jack finds himself tied up in the ropes, Bird taking advantage with a massive low blow as Jack crashes to the canvas with a hard slam. Bird barely lets Jack hit the mat before mounting him, pounding away with hard lefts and rights trying to knock the Boogieman the hell out. Jack tries to fight back but Bird bats his hand away, landing a hard right that stuns Jeckel before Bird rolls down, locking in a Texas Cloverleaf] [Jack cries out in pain, Bird pulling back with all his might ,putting as much pressure as possible, trying to take out Jeckel’s legs. Jack tries to reach for the ropes and manages to get a hold of the bottom one but there’s no rope breaks in a steel cage match as Bird keeps the pressure on, Jack screaming out in pain as he slowly rises up, managing to kick Bird away but the damage has been done as Jack can barely stand. Bird takes advantage, wrapping Jack up in a Cradle before returning the favor as he suplexes Jack back first into the steel cage!] [Bird covers quickly, the first cover of the contest as the referee counts on the outside, ONE..TW…Jack easily gets the shoulder up as Bird stomps down on the prone Boogieman, focusing in on the injured leg as he signals for the end. He lifts Jack up, rushing forward, RUNNING SPIKE…Jack slips out, grabbing Bird from behind as he drops him on the back of his head with a Snap German! Bird stumbles to his feet dazed as Jack grabs him from behind again, dropping him with a Dragon Suplex, holding on this time before drilling Bird with the Straight Jacket Suplex, JUGGALOCO! Jack holds on as the referee counts] [ONE…TWO…THR…Bird just gets the shoulder up as he tries to roll through Jack’s hold but the Boogieman just rolls back, kicking Bird hard in the face, before lifting Bird up high once more, BOOGIEBOMB! Bird’s back nearly snaps over Jack’s knee as that should be it but Jack doesn’t cover, screaming ‘That Ain’t Enough’ as he sizes Bird up, slowly getting to his feet, rushing forward as Bird gets to one knee but he falls just before he gets to Bird, his knee giving out on him. Bird gets up, nailing Jack with a hard running knee before hoisting him up onto his shoulder, RUNNING SPIKE SLAM!] [Bird doesn’t cover, instead pulling Jack up, calling for the end as he tries to lift Jack up into the air with the World’s End but Jeckel refuses to go up, Bird tries again but Jack reverses, throwing Bird to the canvas before exploding with a massive Lariat that turns Bird almost inside out. A massive Snap DDT plants Bird into the mat as Jack slowly climbs up the cage, clinging onto the top as he turns himself around, sizing Bird up, SUPER CAR CRASH! Bird looks like his chest caved in as Jack holds his leg in pain before draping an arm over Bird for the sure victory. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Boogeyman celebrates as the steel cage is slowly lifted, having taken out his frustrations out on Bird and maybe, just maybe he’ll get some answers here tonight because of his victory]

[After that amazing match, both men slowly get back to their feet as the cage rises around them. Jeckel retrieves a microphone and groggily leans against the ropes, pointing at Bird.]

“Tell me what you know!” [he yells.] “Who killed my fucking brother?”

[Ethan smiles sadistically. He gets handed a microphone and smirks.]

“You did, Jackie-boy, don’t you know?” [Bird chuckles.] “You killed him when you turned up here and broke his heart. Jake hated you for that. He hated you for taking everything from him; including his OSW Championship. You ran him out of here, remember?”

[Jack hisses.] “That isn’t what I meant and you know it!”

“You’re just afraid, aren’t you? You’re afraid of the truth, Jack. You know what you did to your brother. You know that turning on him killed him long before he ever died. Why do you think you’re so hell bent on finding out who murdered him? It’s because you’re guilty and you know it.”

[Jack lowers his head, almost in admittance of guilt.]

“Your brother is dead and you killed him!” [Bird screams.] “And it doesn’t matter how much we beat on each other, or how much time Errol Flint does; Jake Jeckel is fucking dead, and you killed him!”

[Bird steps closer, getting in his face.]

“We can do this dance again, Jackie-Boy. We can fight until the sun comes up and I’ll tell you exactly the same answer. You need to deal with it.”

[He tosses the microphone down and exits the ring, leaving Jack there with a guilty expression on his face, looking at the canvas.]

[Jon Davenport stands in the middle of the ring, soaking up boos from the crowd. They hate him. They hate everything he stands for.] [Smoke suddenly starts filtering through the arena and before you know it, the lights have darkened to almost pitch black. Lightning strikes in different spots, and when it hits the ring, the lights return and The Savage is stood opposite the Hunting Hound.] [With his head lowered, he slowly raises his tomahawk in the direction of Jon.]

“Now wait a minute injun’,” [he demands.] “You just hold your horses.”

[The Savage slowly approaches.] [Before you know it, Las Vegas Police have surrounded the ring. They literally poured in from every conceivable entrance.] [Hawk stops dead, raising his head to meet the eyes of Davenport.]

“You think you can just tomahawk my men and get away with it, injun?” [He barks.] “Well, not when I have you on dashcam, you idiot. Officers, arrest this big red bow bender!”

[Officers enter the ring from all sides, but The Savage isn’t going quietly. As the officers get closer, he suddenly attacks! He furiously nails one with a right hand, catching the next with a Scalp to end all Scalps.] [Davenport backs away in a hurry, watching as Tommy swings his axe, lodging it in the arm of an officer that tried to grab him. He spins around in one fluid motion, ripping the axe from his arm and throwing it into the leg of an incoming officer. There’s blood everywhere. The Savage has completely lost it.] [He turns around though just in time to see Davenport, who locks in the IRON CLAW! The remaining officers rush to subdue him whilst Jon keeps the hold locked in on his face. The Savage struggles every step of the way until he’s finally handcuffed on the canvas.] [Jon stands up and releases the hold, leaving The Savage in the possession of the police on the canvas. He grabs the dropped microphone and stands in front of his nemesis, bellowing.]

“I told you people they were savages, didn’t I?” [He barks at the crowd.] “I told you they were savages! Look at the blood and carnage this injun’ has caused and you people give them their own land? Not in my America. Not on my land!”

[The Hunting Hound scoffs as the boos that now echo around him.]

“Get this piece’o shit outta here right now!”

[This match didn’t even get under way here tonight. The Savage is escorted from the arena, likely in a whole world of trouble as Jon Davenport watches on with glee. This had to be a setup from the jump. Davenport has tried to bring The Savage out in Tommy and it worked.]

[We cut away to a room. A room composed of concrete.] [The same we room were introduced to just over a week ago where Lazarus and Viktor North struggled for their very freedom. A struggle that the VHS Champion eventually lost; finding himself shackled to the center of the room with nothing but his gold belt and a hacksaw to keep him company.] [The room; however, has changed. For where Viktor once was shackled now lays nothing but the shackle itself; unbroken and still connected to the chain on the wall. But that’s not all…] [A bloody hacksaw lays nearby; accompanied by the smeared remnants of the substance. And beyond the disturbed puddle of plasma is a trail, that too composed of the red liquid. Droplets of blood leading from the center of the room out and along the corridor in the direction from which we were first brought.] [CUT SCENE.] [The Old School Wrestling medical staff is passing the time during Red Snow by playing a friendly game of cards while a television monitor blares the wrestling action in the background.] [Suddenly, there game is abruptly halted by the sound of the door of their room being kicked open. And in the doorway he stands.] [Viktor North.] [North clutches his hand to his chest; blood dripping down his forearm and squeezing through the cracks of his fingers, concealing for the most part any damage done. North; however, remains unusually calm.]

“I’m going to need a doctor.”

[The medical staff jumps to their feet; all of them as they rush to the aid of North.]

“Did you cut it?” [One guy in scrubs says.]

“Aye.” [North nods.] “But just a little. Enough to squeeze my hand out of that blasted shackle.”

[The staff looks on in horror.]

“You can’t compete like this. You could bleed to death without proper treatment!!”

[North shakes his head.]

“WRAP IT!” [Viktor demands.] “Only fools hope to live forever!”

[One of the doctors looks on in disbelief.]

“I just have to live… a little bit longer!”

[North sneers as we fade to darkness.]

[It’s a battle between The Ringmaster and his act! Who will win? If The Dead wins, he wins his freedom! If Alistair Huxley wins, The Dead is NO MORE as Painkiller shall take his place!] [The bell sounds as Fluffy is still in the ring beside Alistair Huxley. He cracks his whip which seems to command Fluffy to leave the ring. The Dead looks across the ring and sees the whip as his eyes are fixated on it. CRACK! The whip cracks again and The Dead’s face transforms to fury! He charges Alistair into the corner and begins pounding into him with vicious European uppercuts followed by a chop before switching arms for the same move! DE LA MUERTE! The Dead isn’t wasting any time here tonight! Huxley is slumped backwards in the corner, but The Dead pulls him out before hitting a sidewalk slam into the mat!] [The Dead gets to his feet and he’s motioning for Alistair Huxley to bring it. Huxley comes to his knees and simply smiles at him. He extends his arms as he gets to his feet. “Strike me, my freakshow!” says Ali despite his words nearly being inaudible. The Dead gives him a curious look before blasting him with a big boot to his chest! The VHS Rewind Championship is on the line here, but this feud seems to have transcended the title in many ways. The Dead mounts the downed Huxley and begins headbutting him viciously! Huxley is just SMILING at him! The Dead, after hitting his third consecutive headbutt, stands off of Huxley.] [“What is wrong with you?!” Mr. Freakshow seems to have a little trouble standing, but, as he does, his arms extend to his sides once again. The Dead gives a guttural ROAR before locking up his arms and delivering some BRUTAL headbutts. SHOT after SHOT as Huxley begins to fade. Blood is now pouring through his hair and through his facepaint. The Dead releases Ali as he’s completed The Death Rattle. Two of his strongest moves yet it’s The Dead who is clutching at his head. Huxley is laying on the ground with his arms outstretched with a mile-wide smile.] [It’s through his broken sputtering that three words are heard: “My marvelous Painkiller!” The Dead grabs the legs of Alistair Huxley and twists it over into a legbar! He grapevines it as he’s trying to apply as much pressure as possible. Huxley is crying in pain as he reaches out for the ropes. He’s crying out before he begins to laugh?! Even Huxley seems confused, but Huxley then bends himself over nearly in half! It’s a horrific sight as The Dead is shocked. “Did you forget?!” Huxley laughs as he continues to stretch himself in peculiar positions whilst in the hold. The contortionist seems to have no problems with submissions!] [The Dead releases his hold as he gets to his feet. Alistair Huxley staggers to his feet and a moment passes as the two just stare at each other. Discus clothesline takes Huxley down for a moment but he bounces right back up. European uppercut staggers him long enough for The Dead to wrap his hands around his head and begin driving knees upward into the face of Huxley. He releases it as Huxley staggers to the ropes. The Dead charges him, but Huxley lowers his shoulder and drops him to the outside. Alistair’s face is a mangled mash of blood and facepaint, but through all the pain, he’s still grinning!] [Huxley walks back to his corner and grabs the whip. The Dead has a… fearful expression upon his face. CRACK! The whip cracks before Huxley throws it away. The Dead gets to his feet and slides back into the ring. He gets into the face of Alistair Huxley but he… falls to his knees?! The tired and bloodied Alistair Huxley extends his arms as he seems to be basking in the moment. He wills The Dead to rise, and he does! Huxley takes a step back and jumps up for… CIRQUE DU – THE FINAL BREATH! The Dead grabs the neck of Ali and twists it into a vicious sleeper hold. Alistair spits out blood before grinning as he taps?!] [The match is over as The Dead is awarded his title. He stands there, seemingly transfixed as Alistair Huxley rolls over onto his belly and gets back to his feet. The Dead throws the title away as he falls to his knees.]

[The Dead is on his knees before the battered and bloodied Alistair Huxley. He walks to the corner and pulls out the whip before yanking his top hat atop of his head. He cracks a whip towards Fluffy who then enters the ring as well to stand behind him. He grabs a microphone.]

“Come one, come all, come to the strangest, most intriguing show of them all! Step into my three-ring circus and witness the shocking and startling revelations as I beseech you all to stay for the main event. The main event in which a man without pain embraces the things that would rip apart a man of normal stature! COME SEE THE PAINKILLER!”

[The crowd is murmuring, seemingly confused as a soft laugh erupts from The Freakshow’s Ringmaster. Alistair cracks the whip as a visual shutter goes through the body of both The Dead and Fluffy. Ali leans down and grabs a handful of The Dead’s hair.]

“This is what you will hear from here on out. You thought you could get away from me by winning a match? HA! There is no escaping your destiny, Painkiller. You were always to be my feature attraction. Did you REALLY think I would let such a prime candidate slip through my fingers?!”

[The Dead doesn’t respond as Alistair Huxley stands bac up.]

“You see people, this is what a subservient act looks like in my show! It is from now on that you will not see The Dead on any marquees for Old School Wrestling or The Huxley FREAKshow under that name.”

[Alistair Huxley cracks the whip again as The Dead and Fluffy fall to putting their hands on the mat.]

“You are mine.”

[Alistair Huxley takes his top hat off as he pulls it to his chest.]

“You are my PAINKILLER!”

[Lux Bellator stands across the ring from The Red Emperor, both men looking ready to bring an end to their opponent.] [The bell rings and the match is off! Emperor tries to lock up with Bellator, the Light Warrior backing up and shooting in onto Emperor! Fernando is taken off guard and gets slammed hard to the mat by Bellator! Lux rains elbows onto his opponent, tryingto get an early advantage as he works to overwhelm The Emperor! Fernando is able to block an elbow, grabbing Lux and rolling him into small package! One! Kickout by Lux! Both roll to their feet as fast as they can BUT THE EMPEROR CATCHES LUX WITH A MASSIVE RIGHT HOOK! Lux hits the canvas!] [The Emperor smirks as he reaches down to peel Lux off of the mat. He grabs him and looks to go for an early end. EMPEROR’S STRIKE- BELLATOR LANDS ON HIS FEET! The Light Warrior is groggy, but he grabs Fernando and hits a strong Atomic Drop! TRE falls into the ropes and Lux tries for a German! TRE has the ropes! He elbows Lux who is forced to backpedal AND THE EMPEROR CATCHES HIM WITH A NECKBREAKER! Lux is grounded and Emperor pins again. One! Two! Kickout by Bellator! Fernando pounds the mat in frustration as he again moves to grab Lux.] [Bellator is still shaking off cobwebs as he’s whipped into a corner by Fernando. The Emperor nails him with a shoulder thrust before pulling him into a Northern Lights Suplex! He doesn’t pin, instead trying for another. Lux stops him in his tracks! A knee lift staggers The Emperor and Lux lifts him up! CATHOLIC CROSS BY BELLATOR! Emperor bounces off of the mat and Bellator pins! ONE- EMPEROR KICKS OUT! Lux is in total disbelief as Fernando rises to his feet, The Emperor refusing to stay down for a second! DDT TO LUX BELLATOR! The Light Warrior nails the mat!] [TRE is still ready to go as he rolls Lux onto his back. He grabs him by his mask and lifts him up only to stomp his head back down to the mat! He goes to do it once more BUT LUX PULLS HIM INTO A KIMURA! Emperor fights against the hold, Lux having it on tight and refusing to let go! The Emperor throws elbows at Bellator, taking multiple for him to be freed from Lux’s grasp. He quickly rolls away from his opponent. And As Lux rises up DROPS HIM WITH THE REVELATION! A massive slingblade by Fernando!] [Both men are laid out and exhausted by their trade of offense. Slowly but surely The Emperor gets to his feet. He looks toward Lux and stands in a corner. He’s calling for the Welcome to Oblivion! Lux slowly rises up, and The Emperor rushes forward LUX JUMPS TO HIS FEET! DEUM LUCEM! Lux catches him by surprise and holds him into a pin! ONE! TWO!- KICK OUT BY FERNANDO! Lux is shocked by the Emperor’s tenacity. He rises to his feet, grabbing Fernando WHO MEETS REALITY! FISHERMAN BUSTER BY FERNANDO! Both men hit the ground hard, once again laid out by their exchange of offense!] [The Emperor is the first man to his feet, wanting to push the offensive once more as he forces Bellator to his feet. He hits a massive series of elbows that forces Lux into a corner. He glares at his opponent before forcing him onto the top rope of the turnbuckle! Lux shakes the cobwebs and realizes his predicament as he begins trading blows with The Emperor. The match could go either way WHEN THE EMPEROR NAILS LUX WITH A STRAIGHT PUNCH! Lux is dazed AND THE EMPEROR HITS THE EMPEROR’S STRIKE FROM THE TOP ROPE! He covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Both men are destroyed after that match, but The Emperor rises to his feet, looking down at Lux, smirking at his victory.]

[Snow litters the ground outside the Schoolyard. In a hidden nook outside the arena, we find what we are looking for. Atop a small hill of dirt and snow, we find a single hole in the ground.] [This will be the final resting place for either Hysteria or Ozric Mortimer here tonight.] [Hysteria stands atop the hill, looking down into the crude grave, his eyes darting over to the piles of dirt surrounding it. In his hand is the nail. The nail is made of the bones of some member of his family. Which one has never been stated by Ozric. The end of the nail is covered in a black grime.] [Not blood. Nor flesh.] [With the single call of a sparrow, Hysteria turns with a sudden force to find that Ozric Mortimer now stands at the bottom of the small hill. He looks the same as he always does, but his right arm is covered in a bandage. The very same arm that Hysteria stabbed with the nail just one week ago. This does not escape the notice of the Mad Mastermind.]

“What’s wrong with the arm, Mortimer?” [He mockingly asks.] “Did it get cold?”

[From the high ground, Hysteria is willing to mock his foe. We’ll see what happens when they are on equal footing.]

“No.” [Ozric answers, a sneer on his face.] “Somehow you finally shed your stupidity and realized why I gifted you that weapon.”

[Hysteria only cranes his head in response. Mortimer begins laughing.]

“So you still have not realized the truth?” [He calls out, even more amused.] “You’ve never taken your head out of the sand, have you? Do I really always have to pull your strings?”

[The masked man looks down at the nail in his hand, and then looks at the wrapped arm of his Nightmare. His eyes seems to narrow as something clicks into place. With some emphasis, he drops the bone nail to the white ground. Mortimer’s eyes narrow.]

“I’ll just have to cut the strings!” [Hysteria says.] [With that, the Mad Mastermind leaps down the hill onto the prone Ozric Mortimer, and this match is ON!]

[As Hysteria dives down onto the Nightmare, the larger man grabs him, holding him up in the air before throwing him backwards onto the ground surrounding them. Dirt scatters as the Lost One rolls back to his feet, his muscles coiled to respond. Mortimer instead backs off, letting the masked man control the battle. This time, however, Hysteria doesn’t run in. He instead approaches with a twisted gait, this time swinging at the midsection of his foe. Mortimer blocks with ease, and goes to return the favor, swinging with full force with his right arm, but Hysteria grabs it. LOST HOPE ON THE INJURED ARM!] [The inhuman growl of Ozric Mortimer fills the air as he rolls over to hold the arm. Hysteria rises to his feet, and his eyes go wide as he sees the effect that his move caused. Ozric Mortimer’s arm is bent back a complete 90 degrees! Holy shit! The Nightmare slowly rises to his feet to the shock of the surprised Hysteria. He looks at his arm and shakes it for a moment, before a bloodthirsty smile crosses his face and he approaches the Lost One again. This time, Hysteria’s attacks are preempted by Mortimer grabbing him around the neck and CHOKESLAMMING HIM SIDEWAYS INTO THE HILL OF SNOW!] [The masked man sinks into the snow, and has a hard time getting out as Mortimer is now mounted atop him, slamming him in the face with his good fist. The brutal nature of these shots begin to cause Hysteria to kick his legs, trying to gain any sort of leverage to gain his freedom. With his free hand, he grasps a handful of dirt and snow, throwing it into the eyes of Mortimer! As the Nightmare staggers back, Hysteria tries to shake the cobwebs out as he walks back up the hill to the burial site.] [With his foe on the retreat, Mortimer clears his eyes and grins. His face paint has smeared and his eyes are bloodshot, but he walks up the hill with a confidence that his opponent does not show. Hysteria now stands atop the hill of earth with the bone nail in his hand. As Mortimer reaches him, the Nightmare looks down at the weapon and only smiles.]

“Grace’s leg sure did the trick, didn’t it?”

[At the mention of his daughter, Hysteria’s eyes widen. He stabs forward with the nail, but Ozric blocks with his broken arm. The nail just digs into the diseased and rotting flesh, maggots crawling down onto Hysteria’s hand.]

“Eva’s was too damaged from the fire.”

[Mortimer headbutts Hysteria, rocking the masked man with little regard for his own well being. With a kick from his giant foot, Ozric knocks Hysteria back to the edge of the burial hole. The Mad Mastermind tries to get up, but Mortimer turns the tables from earlier, kicking dirt and snow into the eyes of his quarry. Hysteria ignores it, lashing out to grab at Mortimer and pull him down. But he only comes away with THE MAGGOT-COVERED ARM!] [The nail is still embedded in it, and Hysteria just looks at the arm he now holds, and the sneering Ozric Mortimer coming for him. He ducks a wild swing from Mortimer and uses the top of the nail to swing it for the fences. He hits pay dirt. Black liquid oozes out of the leg of Mortimer as the nail has pierced his thigh, the hand still between them. Ozric slugs Hysteria away and pulls out the nail and hand, looking down at it.]

“Jessica barely had anything left. How sweet that she tried to shield them from the fire. If only their father h…”

[LOST HOPE TO OZRIC MORTIMER! Hysteria holds Mortimer on the ground for a moment, looking into his groggy eyes with hate before rolling him into the hole. He rolls to the side and digs in one of the dirt piles, grabbing a… water hose?]

“Time to put you on ice.”

[Hysteria begins to pour water into the hole, intending to freeze Mortimer before burying him. However, all that comes out of the hole below him is steam. The masked one throws the hose away and looks down into the hole. He doesn’t have to look for long as Ozric Mortimer rises, HITTING HIM IN THE FACE WITH A FLAMING NAIL COVERED BAT!] [Hysteria rolls around on the ground, the nails embedded in his mask, some sticking into his face. His mask has cracked from the assault, his hair is on fire and his face likely too. His worst dreams have come true. He crawls for the water hose to extinguish the fire, but when he gets there, a foot stands on the hose to cut it off. Mortimer sneers down at him.]

“Your Nightmare will never end, Harrison!”

[With his body on fire, Hysteria lurches forward like a cat to push Mortimer back down to the hole. However, Ozric stands on the edge, seeming to dare Hysteria to approach him. As the snow turns red with Hysteria’s blood, he rises up to pull the bat out, blood flowing freely now. His mask has turned red.]

“It’s over, Harrison. Go join your family.” [Mortimer taunts.] [Standing with the blood covered bat in his hand, Hysteria looks through red eyes. Behind his fractured mask, one can actually see he’s smiling. He throws the bat with force at Mortimer, charging with all of his force. Mortimer catches the bat, and goes to turn it on Hysteria… NAIL THROUGH THE HEAD! HYSTERIA HAS JABBED THE BONE NAIL COMPLETELY THROUGH THE HEAD OF OZRIC MORTIMER!] [Black congealed blood flows from behind the nail as Mortimer slowly falls backwards into the hole. Hysteria practically falls on the nearest mound of dirt and begins shoveling it with the best of his ability into the hole. It’s a slow process, but the carcass of Ozric Mortimer is slowly covered.]

“I’m the Nightmare now.” [Hysteria whispers, blood bubbling off his burnt face.] [In a wild, bloody affair, Hysteria has retained his Championship and ended his Nightmare.] [Ozric Mortimer is dead, and Hysteria is the new Nightmare!]

[Hysteria sits there in the snow, his mask cracked and blood trickling down his face. He’s finally buried the monster that killed his family.] [The saga is over.] [But as the light from street shines into the pit of Abaddon where Mortimer lays, it also illuminates the shadow of a figure stood behind ‘The New Nightmare’.] [A hooded figure.]

“You’ve killed so many people,” [the hooded figure growls.] “So… many… people.”

[Hysteria remains kneeling, but laughs hysterically.]

“All Alex wanted was to see him put to justice. He wanted to see him pay for what he did to your family.”

[The laughter gets louder.]

“Stop laughing, you son of a bitch. You killed my friend. You killed a good man, damnit.”

[The hooded figure can’t take it anymore. He storms over and leaps into the back of Hysteria with a forearm that sends both of them tumbling into the snow and dirt. He turns Hysteria over, swinging fist after fist into his cracked mask, breaking it from his face until LH Harrison is revealed underneath.] [He pauses.] [Because despite it all, under that mask and hatred, Hysteria is a man.]

“What’s the matter?” [Hysteria hisses.] “Performance anxiety?”

[Hysteria reaches up, snatching the hood from the face of the vigilante. He can’t believe it. His eyes widen and his mouth opens. He tries to find the words, but he can’t.]


[It’s Mike Lane.] [Lane rolls off him, getting back to his feet. He looks down at Hysteria, who seems ultimately surprised by this shocking reveal.]

“I’m coming for you, Hysteria,” [Lane confirms.] “In the shadows, in the dark, in the middle of the night and with the full force of the law; I’m coming.”

“But I’m right here, little Lane. I’m right here.”

[Hysteria barks at him, but he’s gone; into the night.] [Mike Lane disobeyed orders here tonight. He went rogue. Now Hysteria knows that he’s the undercover asset that helped put Errol Flint behind bars; who helped Alex Reese with his investigations and who, for all intents and purposes, could end his reign as the New Nightmare before it has even begun.] [But Hysteria? He just laughs.] [Cut.]

[Viktor North has been on a tear since joining VHS, amassing an incredible winning streak as he’s proven time and time again to be the best on the roster. However, his biggest challenge yet comes in the form of the Phoenix, who seeks to bring the VHS title to the light of God. Despite his handicap, can the Skull Splitter emerge triumphant once more or will the death of a champion prove to be the rebirth of VHS?] [The bell sounds as North rushes forward, peppering Lazarus with hard lefts but as he instinctively tries for a right, waves of pain go through his injured hand, dropping North down to one knee. Lazarus quickly takes advantage, dropping low with a hard dropkick to the face of Lazarus before quickly dropping a knee down on his right hand, causing North to scream out in pain. North tries to roll away but Lazarus stops him, dropping down as he wrenches apart the fingers, trying to cause even more damage to them as North squirms, trying to break free] [Lazarus lets go of the hold, leaping up as he stomps down on the hand, causing North to scream out in pain. Lazarus leaps up again but North counters at the last second, booting the Phoenix in the side of the skull before twisting him onto the mat with a Heel Hook. Because of the bad hand, he can’t get it fully locked on but North still manages to make Lazarus cry out in pain as he wrenches back with every bit of strength he has. Lazarus finally managing to get a hold of the ropes but the damage has been done as the Phoenix limps to his feet] [North rushes forward, nailing Lazarus with a massive headbutt that staggers him back into the ropes before a Lariat turns him inside out, falling to the outside with a noticeable thump. North follows, slamming Lazarus head first into the apron, causing the Phoenix to stumble forward, grabbing hold of the ring-post as North sprints forward, ROLLING ELBOW…INTO THE RING POST! it was the bad arm too as North goes down in pain, he could have easily broken something with the force of that blow as North stomps down repeatedly on the bad arm before pulling North up to his feet and tossing him into the ring] [North stumbles to his feet, swinging wildly as Phoenix easily dodges, taking all the wind out of Lazarus with a huge knee to the gut before wrapping the bad arm around his back, BRIDGING NORTHERN LIGHTS! Lazarus stays down as the referee covers, ONE…TWO..North kicks out! Lazarus bridges out of the Northern Lights, floating over as he locks in an armbar variation, cranking back on the bad arm as North screams out in pain. Lazarus pulls back with both arms as North tries to crawl to the ropes but Lazarus digs in, pulling North back into the middle of the ring. North screams out in pain, raising a hand up to tap but manages to get a second wind, slowly rising to his feet, Lazarus clinging on to dear life with the armbar before he’s slammed down to the canvas with a modified Powerbomb!] [Both men slowly get to their feet, Lazarus groggy but North’s right arm is limp, badly hurt from that armbar as he backs up, trying for Gungir as he raises his left arm above his head, rushing forward but Lazarus dodges at the last moment, landing a hard roundhouse kick to the side of the head that sends North down to one knee as Lazarus powers North up, lifting him up high in the air before rushing forward, CRUCIFIX INTO THE CORNER, DEATH! North crashes out of the corner face-first as Lazarus climbs up to the top rope, setting himself up, REBIRTH ONTO THE INJURED ARM! North screams in pain as Lazarus rolls him up, ONE..TWO…THR…North just kicks out!] [Lazarus kneels down, setting North up as the champion slowly rises to one knee, DARKWIS…ROLLING ELBOW! Both strikes hit as the two competitors flop to the canvas, both seemingly knocked out as the referee begins to count, ONE..TWO…both men begin to stir…THREE…FOUR…Lazarus begins pulling himself up via the ropes…FIVE…SIX…North is up to one knee…SEVEN…EIGHT…Both men are up, breaking the count as Lazarus runs forward right into a massive Yakuza Kick that nearly takes the Phoenix’s head off, the Skull Splitter firing up as the crowd begins to roar] [North sets up for Gungir once more, finally managing to get his right arm to move as he rushes forward, Lazarus just dodging out of the way at the last moment as he spins North around, kicking him in the gut before drilling him into the mat with a lightning fast DAWN! North looks out as Lazarus locks in an armbar again, turning North around as he locks in the Lazarus Death Chamber as well! North is trapped in the middle of the ring in two submissions as he tries to fight out but is forced to tap out from the severe pain! NEW CHAMPION!] [Lazarus lets go of the hold as he stands up in the middle of the ring, celebrating his victory as the referee hands him the VHS Championship. The crowd applaud the Phoenix as he raises the title in the middle of the ring, becoming the third champion after a massive, hard fought victory tonight]

[With The Scarecrow standing in the middle of the ring, the fans reach a complete frenzy.]

“We want Kersh!”

“We want Kersh!”

[And their demands are soon answered. “Chariots on Fire” shortly hits and out from the tunnel appear The Enforcer himself. He makes a dedicated walk down the steps with a microphone, rolling under the bottom rope and into the ring.] [Kersh soaks in the atmosphere. He listens to the fans applaud, cheer and chant his name.] [But he only has one thing on his mind; The Scarecrow.]

“A month ago, I offered you a deal to end this war of ours,” [Kersh says standing defiantly in front of The Scarecrow.] “But I think I was fooling myself. It didn’t take long for it to dawn on me that it didn’t matter what I did, you’d never stop.”

[The Scarecrow doesn’t bat an eyelid.]

“So two weeks ago, I took my family to a lawyer’s office and had him draw up the paperwork. I sold everything we owned, set up trusts for my kids and more importantly, Scarecrow, I changed their names.”

[The fans ‘ooohhh’.]

“As the generations have gone by, you’ve found it easier and easier to find the Kersh family, haven’t you? Well, not anymore!” [Brent yells proudly.] “Because I’ve made sure you’ll never find them, you son of a bitch. Once you put me in the ground, you can look high and low, but where your eyes don’t go, you won’t ever know where to find my family!”

[Kersh steps closer.]

“It’s over, you bastard!”

[The Scarecrow stares straight through the defiant Brent Kersh as he stands before him, unafraid of what comes next.] [Suddenly he strikes, clobbering poor Kersh so hard that his once fierce stance is crumbled. He hits the canvas and rolls to the outside, his equilibrium shot. He doesn’t have time to shake it off before Scarecrow steps over the top rope and leaps off the ring apron with a Double Axe Handle across the back of his head and neck. Brent asked for this. He must have known what would happen. The Scarecrow methodically nails him with an uppercut, stumbling him backwards towards the announce table. Brent turns to slam him with a right hand, but The Hayman dodges swiftly, grabbing him by the throat and CHOKESLAM THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!] [There’s carnage everywhere! The Scarecrow just planted him directly through the announce table. Brent is hurt, he’s really hurt. This has all happened so fast. The Hayman grabs him by his ankles and begins dragging him from the wreckage, pulling him up the steps to the top of the arena. They’re near the tunnel now, but Brent Kersh fights back. He kicks and swings punches wildly at The Scarecrow, catching him with as many swift shots as he possibly can, only The Monster isn’t having any of it. He slaps his giant paw around his throat and throws him straight down the tunnel! Kersh rolls, bumping with a thud as he bounces down the hall and into a set of tables. The Hayman follows, grabbing him by the head, spinning him around and THROWING HIM STRAIGHT THROUGH A GLASS OFFICE WINDOW! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! THERE’S GLASS EVERYWHERE! Brent has been cut up and down his torso!] [This is becoming a bloody massacre. The Scarecrow reaches through the window to where Brent lies on an office desk, bleeding from cuts and grazes, dragging him back across the shards to where he started. This is awful. This is absolutely terrible. Brent looks dead on his feet and before long, that may just be the reality. The Scarecrow drags his limp body down the hall and throws him straight into the nearest wall, making a massive dent with the impact of his body. He doesn’t stop there though, grabbing him again and throwing him even harder into it. The wall slowly crumbles, but it stands and Brent, he’s literally out of it. The Scarecrow winds him up more time and throws him SO HARD INTO THAT WALL THAT HE BURSTS THROUGH THE FUCKING CONCRETE AND ROLLS OUT THE OTHER SIDE. HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! There’s almost nothing to say. Brent Kersh lays amongst concrete, dust and rubble whilst The Scarecrow stares at him through a Brent Kersh shaped hole in the wall!] [There has been no fight here. ‘The Enforcer’ came into this match knowing that he was going to sacrifice himself for the good of his family and that’s exactly what he’s doing. The Scarecrow swings open the door to the office and walks inside, ominously picking Kersh up and dragging him back outside. Brent is bloodied, with cuts, scratches and bruises forming all over his body. The Hayman looks set to end his career and his life here tonight, just like he promised he would. He drags him towards The School Yard exit, throwing him through the double doors to the snowy outside. Brent Kersh hits the snow on the concrete floor as The Scarecrow carefully follows him out.] [The sound of grunting and groaning can be heard faintly in the distance, getting closer as the camera moves down towards the ground. When we arrive at the snow covered concrete, Brent Kersh is crawling through it on his belly, blood dripping from his nose and mouth.He reaches out groggily in front of him, his mouth jittering as he does. He’s desperate. There’s a trail of blood left in his wake and his eyes are starting to roll in the back of his head. He needs help, only standing behind and above him, is The Scarecrow. He reaches down and grabs Brent’s hair, lifting his head backwards. Brent’s eyes widen with fear. The Hayman clobbers brutal blows down across his face, time and time again, shot after shot, crunching devastating blow after devastating blow. Blood spatters across Kersh’ face, leaving him to be dragged by The Scarecrow to the nearest car. He opens the door and sits Kersh up against the open space, grabbing the frame of the door itself and WHIPPING IT INTO THE SKULL AND HEAD OF THE ENFORCER! NOT ONCE… BUT TWICE! JESUS CHRIST! Brent flops to his side, blood leaking from his mouth, nose and ear.] [The Scarecrow doesn’t cover – this isn’t even about that. He bends down, looking at Brent who gasps…] [Gasp.] [The Hayman stands up, looks down and then sneers.] [Stomp.] [That’s it. He’s not even breathing. The Scarecrow walks away, into the cold winter night, never looking back.] [Brent Kersh is dead.]

[As EMT’s try somewhat in vein to resuscitate Brent Kersh, sirens flash and flare in the distance.] [Their sound gets ever closer, finally pulling to a halt outside the arena.] [But they aren’t here for Brent Kersh.] [The Detective we’ve seen in recent weeks steps out of a squad car accompanied by dozens of officers and multiple cars. They storm the entrance, screaming and shouting at everyone inside.]

“Everybody out!” [They yell ferociously.] “Move, move, move!”

[Camera crews, staff, fans and wrestlers filter out into the swirling snow as officers start ripping apart the backstage area.] [Suddenly, fans start pouring out en masse into the snow as well, joining everyone else in what has now become a group outside The School Yard. Some of them watch intently whilst others spare a thought for Brent Kersh, who is being loaded into an ambulance whilst an EMT sits on his chest, trying to resuscitate him.] [Everything is falling apart.] [As the final few straggling fans exit the building, the Detective joins two officers at the door, closing it behind them. One grabs a large piece of yellow tape, attaching it from one end of the door to the other. The Detective puts his hands on his hips, taking in a sharp breath of Las Vegas air.]

“Ladies and Gentleman, Old School Wrestling is closed.”

[Gasp.] [Literal Gasps.]

“This building has now been seized under civil forfeiture.”

[No-one quite knows what to do.] [The camera closes in on his face, but it’s soon cut, our recording abruptly brought to an end outside the School Yard.]

[Stoic silence.] [Errol Flint sits across a large metal table in the middle of a visitor’s room, a folder full of documents in front of him. He flips through the first few pages, carefully considering what they state as he picks up the ballpoint pen next to them.]

“When will this take place?” [he asks with concern. He isn’t happy, but this is something he must do.] [The camera pans out to see an African-American gentleman sat opposite. He’s extremely well dressed, wearing pink trousers with a pink waistcoat and tie. He’s muscular, but refined and in his hand rests a cane with a golden handle.]

“As soon as you sign the papers, it’s done.” [He replies with a smile.] [Flint takes a moment and inhales deeply. With one sharp exhale, he signs the documentation. The man sat opposite picks up the paper work almost immediately and nods.]

“That concludes our business, Mr. Flint,” [he says well spoken.] “I wish you the best of luck in your case.”

[He turns and walks away, heading towards the door.] [We take one look back at Errol Flint’s dejected face as guards come to escort him away.] [That’s when the music kicks in.]

“Niggas fighting over rings, niggas wanna be the King but Long Live the Chief. For a li’ ol’ thang lil’ boys bang bang, Long Live the Chief.”

[With his cane in hand, he struts out of the building into the snowy Las Vegas scene with “Long Live The Chief” playing in the background. His cell phone rings, he reaches into his pocket and pulls it out.]

“It’s done. Get the ‘Tap Room’ ready, we’re coming home to Miami.”

[The guy hangs up the phone with a smile.]

“Now watch pretty mama while I slang my cane, Long Live the Chief!”


“Long Live the Chief!”