[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Groans.] [As the static fades, loud groaning can be heard emanating from a small closed off section of the Tap Room. The loud sound of footsteps interrupts as two shiny black shoes clap against the floor with every determined step towards the groaning sound.] [The door opens and sat there, tied to a chair, a gag in his mouth, is none other than Nigel Royal.] [He looks very much so worse for wear. His hair is ruffled and his attire is that of last week. He hasn’t changed and he hasn’t bathed.] [Blurrily, his eyes rise to meet his captor; that of Edward Newton.]

“I imagine your friends are very worried about your location, Mr. Royal,” [Edward says removing the gag from his mouth by force.] “You’ve not been seen or heard from since last Monday.”

“What do you want?” [Royal says stuttering, dehydrated.] “You won’t stop Mammon with my capture; he’ll still take your title, old boy.”

[Newton laughs.]

“I want information,” [The Riddler says, kneeling before the former King.] “And you’re going to give me it, aren’t you? Because if you don’t, I’m going to cut pieces off of you until you do.”

[Royal chuckles heartily, not quite buying it.] [That’s until Edward produces a very large kitchen knife.] [That changes his tune immediately.]

“Whoa, now wait a second, old chap; let’s be reasonable about this, shall we?”

“This deal your colleague says I made with him?” [Newton says, putting the blade pointed tip down on his knee.] “Is it real?”

[Trembling with fear, Nigel doesn’t know what to say.] [Therefore, and with great pressure, The Riddler pushes down on the knife, drawing blood as it enters the knee.] [Nigel lets out a horrifying scream, begging off.]

“Please stop, please!”

[Newton shakes his head ‘no’.]

“Tell me.”

[Royal gasps for air.]

“It’s a lie,” [he blurts out.] “He made the whole thing up to shake your confidence. He’s a trickster, a salesman, a fraud; he sold you a lie and you bought it. Now please, for the love of God, let me go.”

[The World Champion smiles, putting the gag back in his mouth.]

“Don’t worry Mr. Royal, no more harm will come to you but I can’t carelessly let you leave, can I? Should I do that, you’ll be a factor in my match tonight. I’ll let someone know of your whereabouts in a few days time. Until then, perhaps you should stew in the filth you’ve created?”

[Newton slowly backs away, leaving Royal there to groan and grimace, desiring nothing more than to be let go.] [Cut.]


[We cut to the backstage area quickly finding ourselves following down the hall behind a whistling tune.] [Happy.] [Even after what Kasabian did to him last week he has a pep in his step which comes off as a bit odd but natural for this guy at the same time. In his hands; however, something a bit odder.] [A Hallmark card. And across the front, two glittering words: I’m Sorry!] [We follow Happy around the corner and we surmise that this walk is actually a pursuit when The Happiest Man On Earth speaks up.]

“Hey guys!”

[Happy lifts a finger into the air in an attempt to catch the attention of two people common sense might say he shouldn’t want anything to do with.] [Lord Griffin Walters and Kasabian. They’re just making their way through a doorway which we can only assume is their designated locker room area.] [A scowl comes over Walters as he recognizes Happy’s presence; turning to greet him or block him rather as Happy extends his hand with the card in it.]

“Hey fellas…” [Happy reasons in a friendly tone.] “I just wanted to put all this behind us and let you know that I’m really sorry that we couldn’t end up being friends.”

[Walters looks down at the card being pressed into his chest, slowly reaching up to grab it with his fingers. Taking a quick look at the material offering, he drops it on the floor.] [A look of confusion and maybe a hint of hurt covers the face of Happy as he kneels to get the card. Standing back to his feet when…] [KAH HAHN!] [Kasabian drives a bullhamer into the jaw of Happy, knocking him instantly to the floor where he drops the card again. Blood beading up on his lip as Happy covers his face in shock.] [Lord Griffin Walters and Kasabian stand over him.]

“You never learn do you punk” [Walters scolds.] “My boy isn’t your friend, he’s your destroyer and that busted lip is only the start of a very long night for you!”

[Happy rolls over on his hands and knees, pulling himself to his feet as he picks up the card. A look of distraught on his face.]

“It would really make me happy to be your friend” [Happy proclaims.] “But if you can’t look on the bright side, outwrestling Kasabian tonight at Ring of Dreams will make me happy too!”

[With that, The Happiest Man On Earth begins to back his way down the hall away from the duo. Lord Griffin Walters only chuckles at the somewhat threatening statement from Happy as Kasabian stands silently by.] [Cut.]


[Two men with different dilemmas enter the ring tonight! Mental issues plague them, Kasabian by design, Happy by accident. There is no friendship here tonight as Kasabian is here to show why this nowhere close to the happiest place on Earth!] [DING! DING! Happy goes for a handshake! Lord Walters tells him to grip it so he does! He clenches the hand hard and starts delivering massive knee strikes to the abdomen of Happy! Happy crumples into a heap but Kasabian does not let go of the hand! He starts stomping on the back of Happy! Happy is grimacing with every stomp! Kasabian wrenches Happy back up the arm and throws him into the corner! He starts throwing clubbing fist after clubbing fist! The ropes are the only thing holding up Happy! He looks like he already might be done!] [KASABIAN BACKS INTO THE OTHER CORNER!] [LORD WALTERS YELLS “CHARGE!”] [KASABIAN RUNS AS FAST AS HE CAN!] [HAPPY JUMPS OUT OF THE WAY!] [KASABIAN’S MOMENTUM SENDS HIM HEADFIRST INTO THE POST!] [SHADOW KICK!] [HAPPY HITS THE SUPERKICK ON A DAZED KASABIAN!] [Happy finally has a chance in this match! He locks in a tight headlock! He’s hoping to make Kasabian tap! Kasabian starts to stand up! He is too strong for this simple maneuver to make him tap! He holds onto Happy’s waist! RELEASE BACK SUPLEX! Happy is thrown over the ropes and dumped onto the floor! Kasabian rolls out of the ring and lifts Happy by the shirt! Happy is dangling and flailing like a child! Kasabian throws him into the barricade with one arm! Happy falls hard and Kasabian throws him back into the ring!] [KASABIAN GOES THROUGH THE ROPES TO GET IN THE RING!] [HAPPY SCRAMBLES UP TO HIS FEET!] [KAH HAHN! NO! HAPPY DUCKS IT!] [NKO!] [HE HITS THE RUNNING LEAPING NECKBREAKER!] [Happy goes for a cover! One…Two…Kasabian just shoves Happy off of him! Both men get up to their feet! Right punch by Happy but it seems to do nothing! Kasabian returns the favor with repeating headbutts! Happy is getting rocked but…but…they seem to be making him stronger! He’s shaking off the headbutts and yells “Is it a bird!?” BOOMSTICK! Superman punch! He yells again, “Is it a plane?!” Another Superman punch! One last yell “No! It’s Happy!” He hits the trifecta of Superman punches! Happy has finally swung the match in his favor and he covers quickly! One…Two…] [LORD WALTERS PULLS THE REF OUT OF THE RING!] [HE IS NOT LETTING HAPPY WIN!] [HAPPY GOES TO HIM AND ASKS HIM, “WHY, LORD OF THE WALTERS, WHY?”] [KAH HAHN!] [BULLHAMMER ELBOW FROM BEHIND!] [Happy falls hard but there is no ref to make a count! Kasabian gets on top of him and starts delivering massive hammer fists to the back of Happy’s head! Happy looks completely out of it but Kasabian won’t stop! Lord Walters is trying to shove the ref back into the ring now! The ref is in and Kasabian makes the cover!] [ONE!] […] [TWO!] […] [THREE!] [KASABIAN HAS DONE IT, HE HAS MADE SURE HAPPY WON’T SMILE!] [NO! HAPPY’S FOOT IS UNDER THE ROPE! MATCH STILL GOES!] [KASABIAN IS PISSED AND HE PULLS HAPPY INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!] [SLAVE COLLAR!] [HE’S LOCKED IN THE CAMEL CLUTCH BUT HAPPY SLIPS OUT BEHIND HIM!] [SCHOOLBOY ROLL UP!] [ONE!] […] [TWO!] […] [THREE!] [Happy has done it! He might not have a new friend but he does have a victory over a dominating Kasabian!]


[Static.] [Last week.] [The Atlantic Ocean.] [Somewhere among its waters anyway. Troy Solveig’s eyes surrounded by oxygen bubbles as he sinks to the sea floor below.] [He glances upward from the concrete blocks formed around his feet to the illumination of the under-lighting of the boat from which his new nemesis D’Von Chambers threw him overboard only moments ago.] [And yet he sinks.] [Deeper.] [Deeper.] [The light of boat slowly beginning to fade, until…] [THUD!] [Volsungr hits the seabed. They must not be far into the waters as it is not as deep as one might imagine. Shallow actually.] [Still, there is no hope for Solveig.] [But there is always hope.] [In the waters above, floating almost directly to him, Solveig sees it.] [His hammer.] [The voice of Chambers’ taunts going through his head as he reaches out for the tool.]

“Death comes for us all Volsungr… but much sooner for you.”

[And with that Troy’s fingers wrap around the hammer, gripping it tight. His oxygen level decreasing by the second as the lights of the boat continue to disperse, leaving him in darkness.] [Solveig squats, driving the hammer down into the concrete block around his left foot, but to no avail. Again he thrusts the tool down into the hard service, but only a chip is removed. The force of the water is preventing a full strike.] [Time is running out as Troy lets out a coughing gulp. One last time driving the hammer down into the block and for the first time in the darkness… there is light with the crackling of the concrete block.] [We move to the surface of the waters. The lights of Miami in the distance shining down on the image of Chambers distancing himself from us in the boat.] [Seconds pass.] [No sign of Solveig.] [And then…] [GASP!] [Volsungr breaks the surface of the water, gasping for air. He’s exhausted. Coughing, spitting.] [The end was near, but not close enough.] [Solveig peers through the night’s sky into the distance. His focus falling upon the boat.]

“Valhalla waits for Volsungr, D’Von Chambers” [A look of intensity covering Troy’s face.] “But your heaven shall not wait much longer for you! We shall soon see if the faith you have in your God is greater than the faith I have in myself!”

[Static.] [Cut.]


[The power of gods compels us in this match between warriors of different theologies. What does the Christian God matter to a man chosen by the Nordic Gods? What do those gods mean to a son of God? What follower, Troy Solveig or D’von Chambers, will prevail? We find out next!] [DING! DING! The two men tie up! Troy has the power advantage and shoves D’von off him hard! D’von falls to the mat but quickly rolls out of the ring, he’s not used to being overpowered! Troy runs at the ropes! Baseball Slide! No! D’von pulled the apron and has trapped Troy between the apron and the side of the ring! Rapid elbow strikes followed by a big boot from the pastor to the prone Troy! He falls to the mat and the pastor is laughing as he does some cocky kicks into Troy’s abdomen!] [KICK! KICK! KICK! NO! TROY CATCHES THE LEG!] [HE STANDS UP QUICK STILL HOLDING THE LEG!] [TROY’S EYES ARE ON FIRE AS HE PULLS IN D’VON!] [MASSIVE CLOTHESLINE LEVELS D’VON!] [TROY TOSSES HIM BACK INTO THE RING!] [Troy slides back in to the ring and mounts Chambers! Right hand punch after right hand punch is destroying D’von’s face! D’von sees an opening though and uses leverage to throw Troy shoulder first into the ring post! D’von grabs the hurt arm and falls back! Jumping arm breaker! Troy’s arm is screaming in pain now but D’von does not stop1 He holds the arm and locks in a Kimura! He is wrenching that arm in delight! Troy looks like he could tap any moment! He is trying to crawl to the ropes but D’von is having none of that!] [TROY PLANTS HIS FEET AND DOES WHAT HE HAS TO DO!] [HE STARTS LIFTING D’VON WHO IS STILL HOLDING ONTO THAT ARM!] [HE SHOVES HIS HEAD UNDER D’VON’S ARM!] [HE HAS SOMETHING WICKED IN MIND!] [NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX INTO THE TURNBUCKLES!] [THAT DEFINITELY BREAKS THE HOLD AND TROY COVERS!] [ONE!] […] [TWO!] […] […] [THREE!] [TROY HAS DONE IT!] [NO!] [FOOT ON THE ROPES!] [Troy is pissed and starts slamming D’von’s face into the ropes! He yanks D’von up and biels him across the ring! D’von is terrified and rightly so! He gets on his knees and starts pleading with Troy! Troy is confused about why a man would do this! Confusion doesn’t last long as D’von hits a righteous uppercut from the ground! Troy is down to a knee as D’von bounces off the ropes and hits a hard-running knee strike! TROY IS BUSTED OPEN, BUT HE DOES NOT GO DOWN! D’von starts raining down 12-6 elbows into the cut and follows with a DDT!] [D’VON SEES A CHANCE!] [HE CLIMBS TO THE TOP ROPE!] [HE JUMPS!] [CHICAGO CRUX!] [TOP ROPE LEG DROP AND HE COVERS!] [ONE!] […] [TWO!] […] […[

[KICK OUT BY TROY!] [D’von is stunned but he picks up Troy by the throat! He is going for a chokeslam but Troy grabs D’von’s throat now! The chosen one is shaking his head as he lifts and hits a chokeslam into a backbreaker! WELCOME TO VALHALLA! He follows with HEL’S EMBRACE! The full-nelson is locked in but D’von whips his head hard backwards and does a rear headbutt into the bloodied face of Troy! The blood is getting into Troy’s eyes and he is forced to let go to wipe it out of his face! D’von is laughing as he sees a chance!] [D’VON HOISTS TROY ON HIS SHOULDERS!] [TROY FIGHTS OUT OF IT!] [HARD KICK TO THE STOMACH AND TROY GRABS D’VON’S HEAD!] [HE LIFTS HIM UP JUST TO THROW HIM DOWN!] [HAMMER OF THE GODS!] [WHAT A JACKHAMMER AS TROY COVERS!] [ONE!] […] [TWO!] […] […] [THREE!] [What an impressive win for the chosen one over a very game Chambers! The old gods beat the new today!]


[Deep within the Tap Room, an ancient forge has been uncovered. Jacen Novan has come to destroy the ancient Historium. He now stands on the edge of a precipice, gazing down into a dark abyss with the glowing Historium in his hand.] [But Jacen is not alone.] [The Informer provided the location, and has followed Novan into this forge. Even behind his mask, Informer’s eyes burn with purpose as he steps towards Novan.]

“Stop. I can’t let you do this!”

[Novan whips around, incensed, to glare the man headed towards him. Informer suddenly stops in his tracks, as if frozen in place. Novan’s head twists towards him as his mouth twists into a grin.]

“You’ve felt it too, haven’t you? You believe you feel the call of your heart, but that whisper is only the Historium calling out to you. It wants to avoid its destruction. It craves control, and I have given it none.”

[Informer drops to his knees, the control of Novan no longer being exerted upon him.]

“You don’t feel it anymore, do you?”

[The rivers of molten metal around him begin to bubble. The Informer tries to get up, but only holds out a hand towards Jacen.]

“I’ve spent my life working to achieve balance. But now that I stand here, in the heart of the Bogan’s power, I realize how foolish that was.”

[The glow of the Historium intensifies as the door slams shut behind the Informer.]

“I will not do what I have come to do. The Historium is mine.”

[Jacen Novan seems to be filled with a sudden flow of energy, holding his arms out to let it fill him with the power of the Bogan. The Informer is now back to his feet. He looks around the room, and a sudden determination fills his words.]

“What have you done?”

[Novan looks upon his foe as one would an insect as the Informer angrily walks towards him.] [The fight is on.] [But can the Informer withstand Novan?]


[The Informer wastes no time in rushing at Novan, who flicks his wrist, sending the investigator to the side.] [But wait!] [The Informer threw his notepad. Novan raises his hands, thinking it a weapon.] [HE DROPPED THE HISTORIUM!] [Informer moves quickly, throwing his jacket over the evil cube, moving it out of the way. He rises to his feet, and hauls off with a huge shot at the face of Jacen Novan.] [Novan grins.]

“Did you really believe the cube was my only source of power?”

[Novan headbutts The Informer, SPLINTERING HIS MASK!] [The investigator is rattled over and over as Novan tees off on his face, while never showing anything but unrestrained glee.] [JACEN UPPERCUTS THE INFORMER SO HARD IT LIFTS HIM OFF THE GROUND!] [The Informer is down, but coughing as he tries to catch his breath from the assault, but Novan plants his foot into his back, knocking him down to the edge of one of the molten streams. Informer cannot get up, the edge of his mask beginning to bubble under the heat.]

“You spoke truly, didn’t you? You told me not to destroy it.”

[Novan removes his boot, allowing Informer to rise to his knees. The masked man spits his next words in response.]

“I was wrong.”

[Jacen laughs, his eyes glowing with power.]

“Nevertheless, I will not prolong this any further. You will not suffer.”

[Novan holds up his hand, and Informer’s body rises off the ground.]


[WHOOSH!] [With a flick of his wrist, Novan uses his power to throw the Informer across the room RIGHT INTO THE BLACK ABYSS!!] [The Informer has vanished into the dark pit below them!] [The Historium snaps across the room to Novan’s hand as he walks over to the edge, where he stood a conflicted man just minutes ago. There is no longer any conflict in him, he has chosen the path he feared for so long. Jacen peers over the edge.] [Darkness.] [The Informer is gone.] [The door slams open as Novan turns to face it.]

“None will stand before me.”

[Jacen Novan leaves the forge, the power of the Bogan filling him beyond measure.] [From deep within the Tap Room, Jacen Novan steps out with foul intentions.] [Can any stand against him?] [Cut…] [Wait.] [An arm flings itself above the jagged precipice.] [The Informer lives!] [But is it enough?]


Introducing Berengar and Zander Zane, The Final Countdown!


[Earlier tonight.] [A row of puppets line one of the walls of the Tap Room as we hear the voice of Oscar Vogel, wavering ever so slightly as he speaks.]

“This is it, my friends. Tonight, I’m going to give Major Tom a choice…it’ll be up to him to decide between my friendship and a one-way trip back to whatever corner of the universe he fell in from.”

[We can now see Oscar pacing back and forth, occasionally looking at his puppets as he continues to speak.]

“We’ve been through a lot, haven’t we? That spaceman has persistently denied my friendship, and even gone so far as to try to turn some of us against each other…”

[He glares at Skeletor, whose head is hanging down in shame.]

“…but all that pain will be worth it when I show The Lost Cosmonaut the error of his ways. After tonight, he will understand that if you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us!”

[Suddenly, a noise from the other room grabs the puppeteer’s attention. He runs into the other room, where he sees the spaceship suddenly imploding in a bright flash of light! Oscar notices a sheet of paper left behind, walking carefully toward it before picking it up to read it aloud.]

“M.T. phone home.”

[Vogel scratches his head, trying to make sense of the phrase when he notices the Cosmonaut floating right in front of him, staring him down with as cold a stare as one can give with a skull on fire. Before Oscar can say a word, the flames grow larger, barely contained by the Cosmonaut’s helmet as he raises a hand to silence the puppeteer.]

“I’m going to put this dream to rest tonight, and you won’t be able to blame anyone but yourself for what happens. Not me, not Skeletor…just you, Oscar Vogel.”

[With that, Tom floats away…revealing the row of puppets now lined up in front of Vogel once more. The puppeteer is quivering in fear of what might happen tonight, hoping he hasn’t made a terrible mistake in pursuing a new friend.] [Cut.]


[Vogel is on the offensive early on as he forces Major Tom into a lock up! The technically superior combatant pulls TLC into a perfectly executed scoop slam! He tries to drop down into a headlock but The Cosmonaut slips from his grasp and slides towards the ropes BEFORE BOUNCING OFF OF THEM WITH A SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE! Vogel hits the ground and before he can get up Major Tom leaps up for a massive elbow drop! He goes to lift Vogel up from the ground and hits a few solid punches-] [OSCAR CATCHES ONE! HE PULLS TLC INTO A CRADLE DDT! THE NAUGHTY CHAIR!] [TLC lands harshly from the DDT and Vogel pulls himself to his feet, letting TLC get up before hitting a leaping crossbody! TLC ROLLS THROUGH WITH IT AND ENDS UP ON TOP! Major Tom easily rolls to his feet and leaps up with a massive senton to Vogel! The Lost Cosmonaut kips up and hits the ropes COMING BACK WITH A SHOOTING STAR PRESS! SPACE ODDITY! Vogel’s left breathless from the move and Major Tom covers!] [One!] [Two!] [KICKOUT BY VOGEL! The Puppet Man isn’ staying down so easily and throws TLC off of him! He gets to his feet just in time to catch a running Cosmonaut with a powerslam! He allows TLC up and hits another one before throwing him into the turnbuckle! He grabs him by the helmet and slams him facefirst into the turnbuckle! COUNT WITH OSCAR! ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE! SIX! SEVEN! EIGHT! NINE! TEN! ELEVEN! TWELVE! Each slam dazes Major Tom and on the twelfth Vogel rolls him up!] [One!] [Two!] [Three!] [NO! NO! THE LOST COSMONAUT KICKS OUT AT THE LAST MINUTE! He’s not all there but he’s able to roll away to safety as Vogel chases after him!] [Major Tom leaps easily onto the ring apron and turns back around in time to catch Vogel with a massive headbutt! He hits a swift kick to the chest of Vogel and sends him reeling! Oscar turns around just in time FOR MAJOR TOM TO SPRINGBOARD! SPACEMAN PLANCHA! ACROSS THE UNIVERSE! Vogel is down but Major Tom peels him up one more time AND HITS THE SPANISH FLY! FLY ME TO THE MOON! Vogel gets planted into the ground and The Lost Cosmonaut covers him!] [One!] [Two!] [Three!] [The Lost Cosmonaut has done it! He rises to his feet in victory!]


[Earlier tonight.] [Deep inside the Tap Room, we hear the whirring of machinery. The noise gets louder as we approach its source, a large contraption set up inside one of the inner rooms. Nate Washington looks on with amusement as two of his men test the equipment. Jamal walks up to Nate, handing his boss a clipboard with some information scribbled on a sheet of paper…the final analysis of previous tests.]

“It’s all ready to go, boss.”

[Nate nods in response, a smile on his face as he looks over the data presented to him.]

“I haven’t heard from her since our last meeting, so it’s probably for the best we have this ready. I’ve got eyes out in front and behind the Tap Room, as soon as she arrives we’ll have to…oh no…”

[Nate’s eyes glance past the clipboard to the floor below, where vines have begun growing through the cracks. They increase in size and mass, soon twirling around Nate’s men at the machine…and the vines take a hold of them, squeezing them tight until they can resist no more. Nate scans the room, a look of terror on his face when he sees Gaia at the door, her eyes burning with rage.]

“I am no science experiment, child. You cannot take advantage of Mother Nature…everyone who’s tried has paid a heavy price. It’s time for this dream to die, Nate Washington.”

[With a wave of her hand, she sends more vines through the room, ripping apart Nate’s machine piece by piece! Nate is helpless to stop what has transpired, as Gaia looks on with a cold glare before turning her attention to Jamal, who comes running at her…only to be slammed against the wall by another vine! She speaks not another word before walking off, leaving Nate with what remains of a deal gone horribly awry, as Jamal finally comes to. The two of them set about helping the other men back to their feet and picking up the pieces of the machinery.] [Cut.]


[The Kingpin faces off against Mother Earth herself in what is sure to be a hellacious match!] [The match is on and Washington is fully on the offensive! He lands slams into Gaia with a massive clothesline before peeling her up for a snap DDT! The Kingpin grabs her up by her hair and throws her right into the turnbuckle! He comes forward with a shoulder thrust- KNEE TO THE FACE BY GAIA! Nate stumbles back and Gaia leaps forward with a massive palm strike to the face that drops him to the ground!] [She stands over him and grabs both legs! GREEN EXPANSION! MODIFIED TEXAS CLOVERLEAF! Washington is holding on for dear life as Gaia wrenches the hold!] [Nate is unable to crawl away from the painful hold and has his hand up in desperation! Will he tap! NO! WASHINGTON GRABS THE ROPES! Gaia is forced to let go but she turns around to continue her assault BUT NATE NAILS A MASSIVE ELBOW TO THE JAW! HE FOLLOWS UP! THE TAKEOVER! BOOKEND! Gaia is slammed full force into the mat and Washington goes for the cover!] [One!] [Two!] [Three- NO! Gaia rolls through the hold AND GETS IN THE SAURIAN SLEEPER! THE MODIFIED SUBMISSION FORCES NATE RIGHT INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!] [Washington has nowhere to go! He has to tap, this hold could break him in half! Gaia pulls back with all of her might! She’s going to kill this man! NATE GRABS A HANDFUL OF GAIA’S HAIR! THE KINGPIN THROWS THE TITAN OVERHEAD! Gaia lands on her back and Washington peels her up by the arm and pulls her INTO A CLOTHESLINE! ANOTHER AND ANOTHER AND ANOTHER! THE VENDETTA! Washington is relentless with his barrage with the last one planting Gaia straight into the mat!] [The Titan is unable to fight back as Washington forces her off of the ground and into the turnbuckle! He tries to force her to the top rope- ARACHNID’S GRASP! TARANTULA IN THE ROPES! GAIA CATCHES NATE BY SURPRISE! Mother Earth has been on the defense all match but she holds this lock in tight and allows the referee to count to four before dropping onto the apron! Gaia stalks the weary Nate as he tries to crawl to the middle of the ring!] [Gaia slides into the ring AND RUNS INTO A BOOT BY WASHINGTON! THE KINGPIN POWERS HER OVERHEAD AND DELIVERS POWERBOMB AFTER POWERBOMB! THE MOB! Gaia is all but limp as Nate plants her one last time for the pin!] [One!] [Two!] [Three!] [Nate Washington stands victoriously over the nearly unconscious Gaia, raising his hand in triumph here tonight!]


[The sound of two arguing voices is heard in the backstage of the Tap Room, the sound getting closer to the camera until the source is seen. The Guardians. Trebol and Spero bicker back and forth.]

“You should have given them some respect, Trebol! You blew up and they took the titles off the line!”

“Don’t tell me to respect them and give up my pride, Spero. When they tried to call what we do, what I did, a game, I couldn’t let them get away with it. Do you understand? They shouldn’t be allowed to walk all over us, we can’t give them that power.”

[Spero shakes his head, not pleased with his partner one bit. Suddenly the duo hears the sound of groaning come from another room. They instantly put their differences aside, springing into action! They bust down the door, coming face to face with… Nigel Royal. The Gentleman is bound to a chair, a few bruises on his face, Nigel more than out of it. Trebol instantly looks to leave him behind, Spero stopping him with a hand on the shoulder.]

“Where are you going?”

“Leaving. You think we should really help this guy? With all that money he should be just fine having a bodyguard find him.”

[Spero pulls Trebol back.]

“We don’t need to get him medical attention but at least allow me to untie him, okay? It’s only fair he gets a chance to show for his match, yeah?”

[Trebol rolls his eyes before nodding his head.]

“Fine. But if this bites us in the ass, then it’s on you.”

[Spero nods, undoing the bindings on Royal before turning to walk away, Nigel barely coming to as the scene fades out.]


[Power.] [There’s an aura of power backstage as Jacen Novan stands in the middle of the Tap Room, a force emanating from within him. Everyone carefully backs away, knowing to give him space as he trundles down the hall.] [Only, he snaps his head around violently to see The Informer stood behind him, his mask splintered and his jacket torn.]

“I can’t let you leave,” [The Informer says.] “I have to stop you.”

[The Informer charges at him, only Novan uses his ever-growing power to lift him off his feet into the air. He holds him there, approaching with a sinister smile under his hood.]

“Please,” [The Reporter begs.] “Please, Jacen, wait; this isn’t your path,” [he mutters through strained teeth.] “Please, have mercy. EF has done this to you. EF. EF.”

[Hoping that those words stop Novan, he shouted them as loudly as he could, only Jacen didn’t budge. He stepped closer, looking at his levitating foe.]

“Do you know the cost of your insolence?” [Novan asks, peering upwards.] “No? I’ll show you.”

[He suddenly turns, grabbing a nearby staff member and tossing them powerfully through a nearby wall. The bone shattering crunch that follows stuns The Informer, who tries to beg for mercy, but finds his voice box squashed by the power of his captor.] [Novan moves quickly – quicker than he ever has, ducking under an attempt to grab him by Security. He turns to face the three Guards, squeezing both of his hands tight. They stop dead, allowing Jacen to kick one away, sliding him a hundred yards across the floor. He grabs another, tossing him aside as if his three-hundred-pound frame didn’t exist, straight through a glass window and into the locker area.] [Blood now stains the floor.] [The final man gulps. He tries to move but he’s unable.] [Novan grabs him by the throat and powers him to his knees. He looks up at The Informer and smiles sadistically.]

“I told you,” [he snarls.] “No-one gets in my way.”

[Snap.] [The Informer screams but nothing comes out. The Security officer falls to his knees, dead before his body hits the ground fully, and The Informer soon joins him, crawling over with deep sadness.] [The Chosen One brazenly walks away, leaving carnage in his wake.] [Can Novan be stopped?] [Cut.]


[Half of the Gentelmanly duo of Nevermoe and Royal are set to face off against the Guardians. But after all that they have been through, Nigel Royal is nowhere to be seen. Residing himself to the fact that he may have to go at this one alone, Edgar Nevermore takes to the ring to face off against the pair alone…] [Just as the bell sounds, the figure of Nigel Royal is seen standing at the entrance to the Tap Room, a scowl on his moustache. He makes his way to the ring, as Edgar Nevermore takes the fight to El Trebol Jr. – fuelled by the fact that he does not have to fight this war alone. ELBOW TO THE HEAD staggers El Trebol and Nevermore follows up with a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX that takes the Greenbean down! Edgar tweaks his moustache slightly before heading back in to follow up his suplex, but EL TREBOL COUNTERS WITH A MONKEY FLIP OUTTA NOWHERE! Nevermore crashes onto his back right in front of his partner!] [A groggy Nevermore sits up and Royal tags himself in by leaning over the ropes. However, no sooner had he entered the ring, ROYAL RUNS STRAIGHT INTO A FLURRY OF KICKS TO HIS SHINS!

[The little Guardian has Royal reeling, and a SHINING WIZARD TAKES HIM DOWN!]

El Trebol Jr. tags in Spero and the pair take to Royal with a two-on-one advantage… HURRICANRANA FROM TREBOL IS CAUGHT INTO A NECKBREAKER BY SPERO! HOLY CRAP! The Greenbean takes to the ring apron as Spero hoists Royal to his feet, only to Irish Whip him out of the ring and to the Tap Room barside!] [Edgar Nevermore is powerless to help his opponent as Royal is in a bad way on the far side of ringside. Spero lights up the skies with a TOPE SUCIDA! Nigel Royal is really taking a pounding, and the pounding continues at the barside. Nevermore tries to come to the rescue but is stopped by the referee. Spero Whips him into the bar and pummels him with left and right body shots before DROPPING ROYAL WITH A BELLY-TO-BACK SUPLEX ONTO THE BAR FLOOR! Spero rolls Royal back into the ring.] [Spero backs a groggy Royal into the corner and sits him up on the turnbuckle. With a quick tag to El Trebol Jr., the pair get back to double teaming the Gentleman. Both Spero and El Trebol climb the turnbuckle together… ] [DOUBLE SPANISH FLY! THE TAP ROOM ERUPTS!] [Nevermore tries to get into the ring, desperate to change any momentum of the match but the referee stops him once more. This gives Spero a chance to climb the ropes… LAST BEACON! HE HIT IT ALL! The referee turns around as Spero rolls out of the ring, leaving El Trebol, the legal man inside. He climbs the ropes as well… AL VER VERDE! AAAND ROYAL IS OUT! He hooks the leg for the pinfall…

[One… ] [Two…] [THREE!!! LEG ON THE ROPES!] [Trébol can’t believe it. He gets up and looks at the referee in confusion, asking what just happened. Edgar Nevermore is slumped against the ring apron, smiling. He hops back onto the apron and takes the advantage! Nigel quickly tags him in then collapses on the canvas. Nevermore catches Trébol as he turns..] [OXFORD COMMA!] [HE COVERS..] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!] [Nigel Royal got absolutely pummelled tonight, and the Guardians tactic of isolating him kept Nevermore all but out of the match. However, some how and some way, The Gebtlemen Club pick up a statement of a victory here!]


[The Tap Room Bar] [Dante Xavier, ever the showman, is proceeding to delight a patronage of fans at the Tap Room bar with some of his tricks. He hides an olive, marked with DX’s initials, under one of three clear shot glasses and tells the fans to look closely. He shuffles the shot glasses around, but when he stops, there is no olive. Not under any of the three. A round of applause breaks out but one claps louder than the rest. The fans part ways to let the loud clapper through. Shadow stands before his rival, staring each other eyeball to eyeball. That is until Shadow reaches down and grabs Xavier by the wrist without warning.]

“You believe that you’re always two steps ahead. That you are the one in control. But do you know what, Dante? Control freaks are predictable, even those that pride themselves on being a mysterious enigma. So long as you feel that you are the one in control, that you have the upper hand… You will show me everything I need to know.”

[He reaches inside Dante Xavier’s sleeve and pulls out an olive. Marked on the olive, the initials DX.]

“Simple sleight of hand? You’re not even trying, are you?”

[Shadow pushes Xavier away, back first into the bar. Xavier scrambles back to retort but Shadow stops him with a hand in front of his face.]

“I’ve been watching you, Dante. This whole time, I’ve been studying. Not just where you think I have been looking, but everywhere the Shadows are. For you like the Shadows, they reveal your secrets. The Shadows are where one learns so much about another if he is patient enough to wait.”

[Xavier looks sideways at Shadow, piecing together what he is saying.]

“It doesn’t matter what you think you have figured out, Shadow. If you try to go toe to toe with me in my own game, you will lose. I told you to look closely, so I am glad that you have been listening.”

[Shadow smiles, patting Xavier on the cheek.]

“Oh, I’ve been more than listening. I have studied your every move. Your smoke and mirrors are going to come crashing down. For the more you think I have been sucked in by your sideshow, the more you have become under my control. And what I have learnt, your secrets. They will give me every advantage. Enough to even the score.”

“Time to put your money where your mouth is then…”

[With that, Xavier disappears in a classic cloud of smoke. When he reappears, he is in the centre of the ring, staring down at Shadow. Shadow takes the steps to the squared circle… Now is the time to prove who is really in control of the game.]


[Sometimes fantasy becomes reality and the impossible become the absolute truth. Can Shadow embrace this and find a weakness or will the master of mysticism confound the Angel back into the darkness?] [The bell sounds as Shadow rushes forward, peppering Xavier with a series of lighting fast kicks to the face that stagger and bewilder the magician. A hard front kick to the abdomen doubles over Xavier as Shadow leaps off the ropes, HURRICANRANA! Xavier stumbles into the corner as Shadow bounds over, in one fluid motion flipping him over his head with a massive Monkey Flip before springboarding off the middle rope and driving Dante into the mat with a flipping neckbreaker. The Avenging Angel drops down for the cover.] [ONE…] [TWO…] [Dante just gets the shoulder up!] [Shadow slowly waits for Dante to get to his feet before rushing forward as Xavier vanishes. Shadow quickly turns around expecting the Superkick but finds his arms trapped underneath as he’s dropped on his head with a Snap Dragon Suplex! Shadow stumbles to his feet right into a big dropkick to the knee before Xavier leaps over him, grabbing Shadow by the back of the head before driving him into the mat with a Tornado Reverse DDT! Xavier doesn’t cover, instead leaping up to the top rope with ease before careening down for a 450 Splash right onto the right knee of Shadow! The Avenging Angel screams out in pain as Xavier drops down for the cover.] [ONE…] [TWO…] [Shadow just gets the shoulder up!] [Xavier backs up, allowing Shadow to slowly stand, his right knee threatening to buckle underneath him as the Avenging Angel hobbles forward, trying for a clothesline that Xavier easily sidesteps before springboarding off the ropes and delivering a sickening roundhouse to the injured knee. Shadow collapses to the canvas in agony as Xavier with a flick of his hand begins raising Shadow high up in the air! Xavier with a devilish smile flips Shadow around as he’s dangling helplessly before flicking his hand again as Shadow crashes to the canvas LEVITATION DEVEST….SHADOW CATCHES HIMSELF! Shadow grabs hold of the ropes, flipping himself over as he springs forward just as Xavier turns around, AVENGED!] [The double footstomp catches Xavier flush but it hurts Shadow too much to capitalise as both men slowly get to their feet. Shadow ducks a Pele Kick before nearly taking Xaiver’s head off with a huge roundhouse as he rushes to the ropes, bouncing off, ANGEL…Xavier vanishes, DISAPEARING ACT! Shadow crashes to the canvas as Xavier quickly leaps up impossibly high, STANDING HOLD YOUR APPLAUSE! Xavier isn’t done as he calls for the true end, quickly climbing up to the top rope, sizing Shadow up for a moment before culminating this match with THE FINAL ACT! Shadow is done as Xavier flips him over, hooking the leg for the cover,

[ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [The Master Magician does it here tonight, proving that even angels are no match for the master of the illusory arts.]


Introducing The Lich King, King Arthur and his partner, Knightwatch.


[Kersh climbs into the ring opposite his doppelganger, The Enforcer seemingly facing his worst fear here tonight!] [Kersh takes a deep breath as he advances on his doppelganger STOPPING SHORT! He looks down to see ZOMBIFIED HANDS GRIPPING HIS LEGS! The decayed corpses of Trevor Kersh and Cael Gable try to pull Brent to the ground! BIG RIGHT BY BRENT! He follows up with a wild haymaker that sends the two apparitions tumbling! They dissipate and The Enforcer charges himself AND HE AND THE DOPPELGANGER LOCK UP!] [“Hit us! End this! Destroy yourself, Brent! Do it for the souls we let perish!” The doppelganger forces Kersh back with surprising strength! “I HAVEN’T BECOME A MONSTER!” HEADBUTT BY KERSH! The clone is rocked! SPINEBUSTER! THE SPINEBUSTER SHAKES THE FUCKING RING!] [Kersh stands over his doppelganger, watching as the form melts away to reveal Fear underneath! The Enforcer allows the monster to get to his feet before hitting a massive leaping dropkick! The Enforcer is on fire here tonight as he refuses to allow Fear into his head! He goes to grab the creature-


Kersh is reeling! GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB! KERSH IS PLANTED INTO THE MAT! Fear throws boot after boot into Kersh’s skull onto blood spills onto the mat!] [Kersh tries to crawl away but Fear grabs his head! HE SLAMS IT FACE FIRST INTO THE MAT! Brent is unable to retaliate as Fear peels him off of the mat and slings him into the turnbuckle! CORNER CLOTHESLINE- SPEAR! SPEAR BY KERSH NEARLY BREAKS FEAR IN HALF! Kersh rolls away and shakily gets to his feet just in time to see Fear rise up seemingly unharmed!] [And Fear rushes forward with a massive big boot- AXE HANDLE FROM KERSH! Brent is looking weary as he turns around to see Fear rise again! ANOTHER AXE HANDLE! AND ANOTHER! Fear refuses to stay down and Kersh runs right into a massive uppercut that drops him! He places a foot on Brent’s throat and presses down! HE’S CHOKING THE LIFE OUT OF KERSH! The Enforcer seems to be fading fast! Fear releases him and grips him with both hands! He lifts him up high into the air! DEFIANT KICK TO THE GUT BY BRENT!] [Kersh drops to his feet and lands a huge knee before lifting Fear up! SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! THE MODIFIED TOMBSTONE HITS WITH A SICKENING THUD ONTO THE MAT! KERSH COVERS FEAR!] [One!] [Two!] [Three!] [Kersh has done it! He has overcome his fear and walks away tonight with his sanity still in tact!]


[Previously Recorded.] [Lightning streaks across the sky.] [The familiar hideout of Dr. Mindfuck is shown as the back of a masked cowl comes into picture slowly.] [Another crack of lightning as Redwing is shown entering the building, taking the front door this time seemingly to no intervention from any of Dr. Mindfuck’s reinforcements.] [He continues storming through the lair before pushing open the door leading into the main portion of the lair. No stealth on this mission as Redwing wants to make his presence known.] [As he enters the room, the same sight welcomes him back as seemingly nothing has changed. The animals continue to look down at him with pity as there is another in a cage no different from theirs.] [Gameboy.] [Redwing looks up at him before the laughter of Dr. Mindfuck snaps his attention back.]

“Welcome to my TESTING CHAMBER!”

[With that, the dimly lit room floods with lights as the animals cry out in pain from the sudden shock as Gameboy rolls to his feet and looks down.]

“Redwing, buddy, I’m so glad you’re here.”

[Electricity shoots down the cage as Gameboy staggers backwards for a moment.] [Mysterion steps out with a switch in his hand with a grin on his face. Dr. Mindfuck steps down from the enormous Master Computer with a bit of flare as he takes a bow.]

“WELCOME! Although truthfully, I have NO idea just how you knew where HERE is.” [Mindfuck ponders as a bead of sweat trickles down the forehead of Redwing.]

“Tracking sensor on your vehicle.” [Redwing quickly retorts covering his identity.] [Redwing takes a step forward as he hears whirring of gears. Four robots step out from a door behind Mindfuck with guns aimed at Redwing stops.]

“I think that’s far enough, hero. Looks like I finally get to kill you.” [Mysterion says with a snicker.] [Time seems to slow down as Redwing begins to process. His eyes flood to the corner of the rooms, but the lights have prevented any sort of darkness in the room. He looks at the animals and realizes that they’re basically of no help. He continues looking until he spots it.] [A grin spreads across his face.] [Mindfuck laughs.]

“Looks like there will be NO hiding in the DARK, TODAY!” [Mindfuck laughs.]

“Even in the darkest of situations, there is always light, villain. Gameboy…”

[The glossy eyes of Gameboy look down at Redwing.]

“I once saw you bring light to the dimmest of situations inside of that hospital. Can you be our light? I…” [Redwing sighs.] “… need your help.”

[With that, Gameboy’s eyes light up as he turns and looks at the Master Computer before getting giddy. His form suddenly changes as he becomes pixelated. A beam of light extends out and moves into the computer. The eyes of Mindfuck open as wide as possible as he rushes towards the keyboard.] [Gameboy appears on the computer before looking down at Mindfuck and shaking his head at him.]

“Looks like I’m running this system now. Hmm… looks like you have a lot of inventions on here, buddy.”

[It’s then that the screen changes to a version of Galaga with Gameboy’s ship at the bottom with a host of Mindfuck’s inventions on the top of the screen. Gameboy begins expertly shooting them as their remains fall into the Recycle Bin. The robots collapse as one file is destroyed.]


[After a moment of clearing everything from the screen, the light beam emits from the screen as Gameboy rises to his feet right in front of Redwing.] [He smiles at Redwing before they take off out of the door leaving Mysterion in fumes as he looks at Mindfuck.]

“The heroes are getting away!” [Mysterion yells as Dr. Mindfuck begins clicking around on his computer.]

“It’s… all gone. They took it all…” [Mindfuck’s voice is barely above a whisper.]


[It’s tag team action here as it’s The Heroes of Gameboy and Redwing going up against The Villains of Dr. Mindfuck and Mysterion.] [Dr. Mindfuck is irate. Mysterion wants to start, but he pushes his partner into the corner as he steps into the ring. Redwing starts things off for his team. The two lock-up in the center of the ring, but Mindfuck just hits an uppercut to Redwing as he staggers backwards. Mindfuck rams Redwing into the corner and just begins laying rights into him! His pace has quickened up with his rage. He grabs the mask of Redwing and begins pulling up on it as if to remove it! Gameboy comes down the apron to tell him to stop!] [A PATENTED MINDFUCK!] [The rolling elbow just cracks Gameboy on the jaw as he falls from the mat as Dr. Mindfuck is incensed! The thought of losing all of his most recent work has driven him off the edge. Redwing sees him distracted and nails him with a big swinging right hand. Mindfuck staggers backwards as Redwing nails him in the midsection with another right hand. Redwing hits the ropes and nails an axe kick followed quickly by an elbow smash as Mindfuck hits the mat. Redwing lifts up Mindfuck and hooks his arms.] [RETURN TO ARKHAM!] [The double underhook DDT connects as Redwing rolls him over into a pin.] [One…] […] [Two…] […] [BROKEN UP by Mysterion!] [Mysterion hits a basement hurricanrana sending the face of Redwing right into the mat before exiting the ring. Mysterion extends out his hand as Mindfuck slowly crawls to his corner and slaps his hand!] [TAG!] [The Cloaked Conundrum enters the ring with a sneer before kicking the ribs of Redwing. Mysterion rushes towards the ropes and hits a handspring elbow that catches Gameboy right on the jaw as he falls from the mat once again! Mysterion turns back to Redwing before getting nailed by a rainmaker clothesline!] [GODWATCH!] [Redwing rolls him over into a pin!] [One…] [….] [Two…] [….] [BROKEN UP BY MINDFUCK!] [Gameboy storms into the ring and nails Mindfuck with a superkick as he’s blasted back into his corner!] [LEVEL ONE!] [Gameboy readies himself for one on Mysterion, but the referee grabs him and pulls him towards his corner.] [Mindfuck reaches into his pants’ pocket and throws something to Mysterion as Redwing lifts him up. UPPERCUT! Redwing is stunned as Mysterion leaps from the second rope with a brass knuckled fist ready!] [THE PUNCH OF DOOM!] [Redwing crumples as Mysterion rolls him up!] [One…] [Gameboy leaps into the ring as does Dr. Mindfuck!] [Two…] [GREEN MIST?!] [THREE!] [Mysterion and Dr. Mindfuck have done it as Mindfuck resorted to classic tactics with his inventions off the table. He grins at Mysterion as the green mist is shown in his teeth as their hands are raised. Gameboy sits in the corner trying to pull the mist from his eyes.]


[Previously] [Chip Montana is shown dressed in complete black similar to Michael Graves. Graves licks his lips as he pulls Chip Montana to a seated position. Chip Montana isn’t responding.]

“Tonight, at Ring of Dreams… WE FEAST!”

[With that, the piercing white fangs of Michael Graves are shown before they plunge into the neck of Chip with a splattering of blood spraying all over the neck and face of Michael Graves!] […]


[The sound of sheer agony is heard as Michael Graves recoils as his face is literally smoking from where the blood has touched him. He falls to his knees as Montana’s eyes shoot open. He reaches towards his neck and removes what is a small pouch lining up against his neck underneath the cloak. Looking at him now, it seems his shoulders are padded. Montana removes both pouches as he throws them to the floor. The smell of tomato sauce spreads into the noses of the Chiroptera as they quickly recoil.]

“Oi, sorry mate. Extra garlic in my sauce.”

[Michael Graves gets to his feet after wiping the sauce from his face. He is seething.]

“I’m sure you’re wonderin’ how I managed to do that. Well, let’s just say this was all a part of the plan. Right, Kev?”

[It’s at this point that the dripping from the ceiling stops. Kevin flies down into the picture as his appearance is startling more and more pale as he’s beginning to resemble Graves in his ghastly appearance.]

“We arranged for me to be taken because we figured that this was the easiest way to ensure that no one else was taken to be a sacrifice to some sucky god.”

[The entire cavern seems to twitch at the sound of the heresy. Montana looks around with a smirk before looking at Graves. Michael Graves stands to his feet with his seething settled down to mere annoyance.]

“So, what’s next in your master plan? How do you plan on taking down an entire assembly of Chiroptera?”

[Their voices begin to raise in defiance as Chip just smirks.]

“Easy, mate. I’m here to challenge you to The Count.”

[The voices instantly quieten down as Graves looks at him curiously.]

“I’ve been studyin’ up on you Bat-freaks. I know that there is an ancient traditional battle named after The Count himself. Both combatants fight until the other can’t stand. What do you say, Batboy? Are you scared to put your honor on the line?”

[Michael Graves looks out over his Chiroptera before separating them like the Red Sea with his hands to a point where he walks to. Chip follows along as they stand across from them.]

“I’m impressed by your studies on our traditions, but once I’ve destroyed you… you’ll wish you had let me give you MY bite.”


[Chip Montana may have gotten one over on Michael Graves here tonight, but will he survive this battle in a vampire’s own coven?] [One of the largest among Graves’ coven raises his hands as a barrage of other hands raise in unity. Michael Graves does not raise his hands neither do Chip Montana and Kevin who look around confused.]

“All Hail Barbatos!” [says the large vampire.]


[This seems to be the starting bell as Michael Graves rushes towards Chip Montana and blasts him with a running clothesline! Montana falls to the hard surface beneath him before slowly getting to his feet. Graves is incensed as he nails him with two quick right hands as Montana is reeling from the impact. Graves wraps his cold hands around the throat of Montana before just choking him in mid-air!] [Montana looks around for Kevin who is being held out of the fray by several other members of the coven. This seemingly lights a fire underneath Montana as he reaches down and rakes the eyes of Graves who steps back in pain.]

“Oi, get your filthy hands off of him!”

[Montana decks two vampires who releases Kevin. Montana turns back to the fight at hand before Graves nails him with a big boot that floors The Prairie Dog Whisperer. Montana is drug towards a large stalagmite coming out of the base of the cavern. Graves takes a few steps before rushing towards Montana throwing his entire body into the cannonball as Montana is squashed into the hard rock behind himself! Michael Graves rolls to his feet as the sounds of cheers reverberate throughout the cavern as Graves relishes in it.] [Graves grabs Montana by the arm and hoists him to his feet before hooking both arms of Chip Montana to indicate the end!] [However, Montana slips out of the hold and blasts Graves with a thumb to the eye! Graves roars out in pain at all of the eye trauma before Montana kicks him in the shin. Montana looks at the stalagmite before finding a foothold on part of it. He steps up and leaps down onto Graves with his knees digging into the back! Instead of going backwards like he normally does for See Ya Later, Alligator, Montana pushes forward as all of his weight comes down driving his knees into his back!] [IN AWHILE CROCODILE!] [Graves spits out blood at the impact as Chip Montana rolls through and comes onto his feet. The chorus of boos rumble the cavern as a few rocks fall from the sheer echoes. On the flip side, Kevin seems to be enjoying himself as he’s clapping and cheering.] [Chip Montana turns around just as Michael Graves is getting to his feet. He wipes the blood from his mouth with his hand before sneering at Chip Montana. Montana charges him before Graves connects with a shot to the gut. He follows it up with a quick Dragon suplex onto the hard rock floor.] [RED DEATH!] [Chip Montana is down and in obvious pain. Michael Graves gets to his feet with deep breaths and his fangs exposed. He stands tall as the crowd is dead quiet while waiting to see if Chip can get up.] [Slowly… Chip Montana rises to his feet as Graves kicks him with a Spartan kick sending him back into the stalagmite.]

“Why will you not DIE?”

[Chip spits out blood at Graves before smirking.]

“Oi. Because I’m grabbing nature…”

[Chip lunges forward, but Graves stops his hand from grabbing his junk!] [BACKHAND!] [Blood spurts from the mouth of Chip as Graves just holds his wrist as Montana slumps down.]

“Not today.”

[DAWNBREAKER!] [The double underhook reverse tombstone piledriver smashes Chip’s head into the hard rock floor as Montana isn’t moving!] [The crowd cheers as the battle is over. Kevin slides underneath Chip and begins moving him as Michael Graves stands over them.]

“Remove this stain from my home at once. He’s not worthy of MY bite.”

[Kevin slowly drags Chip towards the exit as they find themselves in a truck heading away.]


[The sound of a gun firing rapidly can be heard in the background as we open on a somewhat familiar apartment in New York City. Our camera hovers above the couch where two men sit, their heads facing the television and not our cameras.]

“Watch my six,” [one of the voices tells sternly.] “I’m Oscar Mike.”

[More gunfire ensues.]

“Three contacts up ahead. Double Tap! Double Tap!”

[Suddenly, the door knocks.] [Both men look at each other, pausing the game. One of them gets up and walks towards the door, carefully opening it at a crack, before realizing who it is and thrusting it open happily. Stood there before him is a woman of great beauty; a familiar face herself; though we can’t see her thanks to the darkened hallway outside.]

“Oh, it’s you!”

[She steps forward, revealing herself.]

“What’re you doing here, Cayci?”

[The camera turns to show our enamoured gentlemen, a geek by any standard; Neville Sheldon.]

“I received this,” [she says, pulling an envelope from her pocket.] “It’s an invitation to Double Tap II. They want Beauty and the Geek to reunite in Old School Wrestling.”

[Neville takes the envelope and opens it, taking a look.]

“Hold on a second, who sent this?” [He asks quizzically.] “It’s signed EF? Errol Flint? I thought he was dead?”

[She doesn’t much care.]

“I have no idea and to be honest, I don’t really care. You’ve been sat on your ass for months, stewing in mediocrity ever since Lux Bellator sent you home with boils. They’re gone now, Neville. You’re safe. You have to stop hiding in this apartment.”

[Sheldon scoffs.]

“Why would I want to leave here? I have everything I need. I order my food and have it delivered; amazon, eBay and online shopping take care of all my needs.; I don’t even have to leave the house, let alone fight. Besides, something seems off about this, don’t you think? Errol Flint is dead yet this invitation is signed EF. Doesn’t that seem strange to you?”

[The Nerd walks back into his apartment and sits back down on the couch. Cayci walks in and immediately positions herself in front of the television.]

“Look, this is an opportunity of a lifetime. It’s one night, that’s all. If you won’t get your butt off that couch for you, will you do it for me?”

[Sheldon looks at his fellow gamer; John Cho – who shrugs.] [He sighs.]

“Fine, but I’m warning you, any sign of an apocalypse and I’m out of there.”

[She smiles, running her hand along his face as she steps aside.]

“You bet’cha.”



[The war between the Conqueror and the Void Knight has reached it’s epic climax. Can Berenger end the threat of Darkstar forever or will Earth soon be yet another to fall under his terror?] [The bell sounds as both men rush forward, drilling into one another with heavy lefts and right, an exchange that Berenger gets the better of as he nails Darkstar with a sickening uppercut that nearly takes the Conqueror’s head off with the force. Darkstar staggers back into the ropes as Berenger backs up before clotheslining Darkstar over the top to the floor below. Darkstar barely hits the floor before Berenger rolls out and is on him, fury in his eyes as he pounds down on the villain, tossing him with incredible strength into the steel steps before backing up, running full force with a spear…] [DARKSTAR MOVES AS BERENGER COLLIDES WITH THE UNFORGIVING STEEL! An audible crack is heard as the Void Knight cries out in pain.] [Darkstar gets to his feet, a sickening smile on his face as he pulls the injured Berenger up to his feet before tossing him back into the ring. Berenger slowly rises to his feet, his right arm limp by his side as Darkstar motions for him to attack. A wild left hook is easily blocked before a straight right to the injured arm drops Berenger to his knees, Darkstar chuckles before nearly breaking Berenger’s jaw with a massive knee, as he watches the limp Void Knight collapse to the canvas. Darkstar kicks him over to his back before leaping up with an impressive Standing Moonsault, staying down for the cover. ONE…TWO…Berenger just kicks out!] [Darkstar pulls him to his feet, punishing Berenger with a trio of huge knees to the gut that lift the Void Knight off his feet with each blow before tossing him with ease over his head with a Belly to Belly Starplex. Berenger lands with a crumpled heap on the canvas as Darkstar powers him up to his feet, spinning him around, GERMAN STARPLEX. Darkstar holds on, A SECOND. Darkstar rolls through again, pulling back Berenger’s bad arm..] [HAMMERLOCK GERMAN STARPLEX!]

The Void Knight screams out in agony but the Conqueror doesn’t cover instead heading up to the top rope, as he sizes up the broken Berenger, NOVA STAR…KNEES! Berenger just counters the Shooting Star in time!] [Both men slowly get to their feet as Berenger blocks a hard right, a stiff headbutt sends Darkstar staggering back before a massive Lariat with the left arm flips the Conqueror through the air. Darkstar staggers up as he’s lifted up into the air before driven back down with an impressive one armed Spinebuster. Berenger begins firing up as he pulls Darkstar to his feet, trying to lock in the DESTINY’S MAW! He can’t quite get it locked in however with one arm as Darkstar easily powers out, slamming his back backwards as Berenger staggers back. Darkstar rushes to the ropes, bouncing off right into the VANQUISHER! Berenger didn’t get all of it thou as he drops down for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THR..] [DARKSTAR POWERS OUT! A hard knee to the jaw seemingly stuns Darkstar as he rises, The Void Knight rushing to the ropes as he’s stopped by WORLD’S COLLIDE! The mammoth headbutt drops Berenger like a shot as he’s lifted up high in the air, his right arm bent behind his back before he’s sent crashing to the canvas with a BLACK HOLE BOMB! Berenger is down but not out as Darkstar lifts up the broken hero, twisting him in mid-air before spiking him into the mat with a sickening DYING STAR DRIVER! Blood impacts the canvas as Darkstar drops down on the seemingly broken Berenger] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THR..] [….BERENGER KICKS OUT! But that may have been all the strength he has left as he slowly sits up, fury in his eyes as Darkstar shakes his head, knowing the Void Keeper is done as he slowly pulls Berenger up to his feet, not noticing Vigilkeeper is in his hands before the Void Knight drives it through the Conqueror’s heart! Blade dripping in venom and blood, Darkstar looks shocked as he collapses to the canvas, the referee quickly calling for the bell] [The Knight of the Void has done it, it was a hellacious war that he very nearly lost but he did not miss twice as the world has been saved from the wrath of the Conqueror Darkstar]


[Backstage, many stagehands bustle around, doing all the day to day of making this show go round. But they all divert their eyes and look away as a man in a cowboy hat walks by. His Invasion briefcase shining under the lights, Wild Karrde makes his way towards the ringside area. His match is up next.] [But his opponent is standing in his way.]

“You ready to get your ass kicked, already?” [Karrde asks as he saunters up to Eli Forever.] “Or you gonna hand me over that title.”

“Not quite, Karrde.” [Forever coolly replies.] “I told you last week that I was more valuable as an ally to you.”

[Eli smiles as Karrde taps his foot impatiently.]

“But I neglected to add that you are a valuable ally as well. While I understand that you won’t want to do business with me anytime soon, I do hope that will change in the future.”

[Karrde grins at this comment.]

“You’re damn right. We sure as hell ain’t doing business. But make no mistake, Eli, this ain’t a personal situation for old Karrde. Hell, I even bet on you to win tonight.”

[Forever raises an eyebrow behind his sunglasses.]


[Karrde grins, pulling off his sunglasses.]

“Vegas says you’re the favorite, Mr. Heir Eternal, so I bet on you to win.”

[Eli is confused, but Karrde continues.]

“It’s called hedging your bet, kid. You ain’t winning tonight, so I laid a small fortune down on myself, but if you got your ass disqualified or counted out, I’ll still break even. Old Karrde don’t let the odds play him.”

[A small smile appears on the face of Eli Forever.]

“Even if your reasons are deplorable, and your methods vile, I have to admit that you made a wise decision. Were I a betting man, I’d hedge my own bets as well. I’d make sure that I retained an advantage over you going into tonight. Because even after I defeat you tonight, you’re holding something that gives a chance to walk out of Ring of Dreams a champion. Perhaps you can rest up, and I might even help you with that big jackpot you talk about.”

[Karrde puts his sunglasses back on with an annoyed smirk.]

“That’s it, then? You want me to lay down for you in hopes that you help old Karrde win the World title tonight?”

[He snorts.]

“I ain’t decided if I’m taking the World Title tonight, but I’m sure as hell taking that Double Feature strap. See you in the ring, Eli.”

[Karrde pushes past Forever, heading to the ring. The stagehands all gather around Eli, their deference revealing them as members of his congregation.]

“Shall we still attack?” [One of them asks.] [Forever grins.]

“No, I’ve changed my mind. I’m going to defeat him by myself, and show him that he’s not who he thinks he is.”

[The members of Forever’s congregation disperse, while Forever watches Karrde walk away.] [Cut.]


[The Tap Room.] [There’s fear and panic backstage as body bags now litter the floor with victims of Jacen Novan still warm. We follow the hallway to see Novan stalking the corridors, in search for more victims.] [Finally, he enters the main locker room, looking casually around.] [The Lost Cosmonaut is the first to rush him, being punched so hard in the helmet that it rips a hole in the middle, shattering the glass. Air immediately rushes inside, extinguishing his flame in an instant. Tom falls to the floor, collapsing as a husk in the middle of the room.] [Screams echo throughout the room as terrified members of staff find themselves absolutely terrified.] [Lord Walters and Kasabian then enter, completely unaware of Novan’s presence. They immediately stop, with Walters protecting his investment.]

“Come on boy,” [He says to his slave.] “Let’s get out of here.] [But before he can go, Novan uses his hand to squeeze the air and stops them.] [The Chosen One looks at them with a wry smile, then turns his attention to Kasabian’s throat.] [Beep. Beep. Beep.] [Click.] [Jacen clicks his fingers and Kasabian’s throat collar suddenly explodes, splattering his head with such force that pieces of his skull fly through the air like a ton of bullets through the face and head of Lord Walters. Both of them fall to the floor, collapsing, as blow once again begins to flow.] [Novan growls slightly, feeling the power in his hands.] [My God.] [He takes the Historium from inside his robe and looks over it, taking a deep breath.] [Cut.]


[A seemingly beneficial partnership fallen apart through greed and arrogance as Karrde tries to ante up and gain more gold on his side. Will the Invasion Winner’s gambit pay off or will he learn Forever is someone no one man can truly outwit?] [The bell sounds as Karrde rushes forward, surprising Eli with a rush of jabs and straights, nailing Forever with relentless blows as Forever is instantly on the back foot. A big uppercut stuns Eli, who finds himself lifted up and slammed down over Karrde’s knee with an Inverted Atomic Drop before a massive clothesline sends Forever staggering away through the middle ropes to the floor below. Karrde quickly follows, running right into a massive European Uppercut before he finds himself Biel Tossed into the nearby barricade. Karrde blocks a knee, headbutting Eli away as he reaches around, grabbing a fans beer, taking a quick swig before tossing the rest in Forever’s face. Karrde slams Forever head first into the apron before rolling him back into the ring] [Karrde waits for Eli to get to his feet, bouncing off the ropes right into a massive haymaker that sends him down to one knee. Eli quickly slingshot’s off the ropes, drilling Karrde with THE ATONEMENT! Forever doesn’t cover, instead pulling Karrde up as he tosses him into the corner, nailing him with a stiff elbow to the jaw before backing up to the other side of the ring and nearly knocking him out cold with a double leg dropkick! Karrde crashes to the mat as Forever quickly climbs up, diving off with a Twisting Moonsault that lands perfectly as Forever stays down for the cover.] [ONE…] [TWO…] [Karrde gets the shoulder up! Eli pulls him to his feet as Karrde begins fighting back with a series of hard lefts and rights but a knee to the jaw stops him cold as he’s lifted up onto Eli’s shoulders in a Torture Rack position. Forever cranks down on the hold for a few moments but as he tries to spin Karrde out, Karrde slips out, slamming Eli to the mat with a Reverse DDT! Forever stumbles to his feet right into a right hand that drops him to one knee before Karrde rushes to the ropes, bouncing off before delivering a stiff as hell Lariat that sends Forever inside out. Karrde quickly pulls Forever up to his feet, nailing a knee to the jaw before taking him over with a Fisherman’s Suplex! Karrde holds back with the bridge as the referee counts] [ONE…] [TWO…] [Forever gets the shoulder up! Karrde pulls him to his feet, doubling Forever over with a knee to the gut but DRAWING DEAD misses as Forever slips away from the blow, grabbing Karrde from behind before tossing him across the ring with a sickening German Suplex. Karrde lands right on his head as he staggers up to his feet right into a flying knee before he’s hoisted up into the air, THY LORD’S PRAYER! Karrde is sent crashing to the canvas as Forever drops down for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [Karrde just gets his shoulder up! Forever calls for the end as he lifts Karrde up to his feet but gets a thumb to the eye, KICK TO THE GUT, STUNN…NO! Forever spins Karrde around, trying to lock in SLEEP TO DREAMS! Karrde tries to fight out but a hard knee to the spine stuns him as Forever fully locks in the hold. Forever begins to choke Karrde out as the wily Invasion winner tries to escape, trying to grab the ropes but Forever just pulls him away from them. Karrde begins to fade, falling to one knee but gets a burst of strength out of nowhere, jumping off the ropes as he leverages back putting Forever’s shoulders on the mat.] [ONE…TWO…THR…FOREVER BREAKS THE HOLD JUST IN TIME!] [Eli nearly cost himself his title there as he looks rattled, Karrde quickly taking advantage with a kick to the gut before backing up, DRAWING DEAD! It clips Forever completely the second time as Karrde stalks Forever for the end, BOOT TO THE GUT, STUNNER, JACKPOT!!!! Forever doesn’t fall down but falls back, RIGHT INTO THE REFEREE!! Karrde seeing the referee is down, quickly pulls a pair of brass knuckles from his tights as he waits for Eli to get to his feet, but the right hand misses as Eli nails a kick to the gut before a desperation DDT drives Karrde into the canvas.] [Eli rolls outside for a moment, grabbing his book from ringside as he rolls back in, looking to finish off Wild Karrde but Karrde stops the blow, kicking Forever away as he raises the book high, before tossing the book back at Eli and crashing backfirst onto the canvas. Eli looks confused for a moment before seeing the referee on his feet as he notices the book in Eli’s hand and a seemingly unconcious Karrde. Eli tries to protest innocence but the referee isn’t convinced as the pair begin to argue, allowing Karrde to slip behind Eli and roll him up out of nowhere. [

[ONE…] [TWO…] [KARRDE HAS THE TIGHTS…THREE!!! WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION!] [Wild Karrde gains more gold on his shoulder as he becomes the Double Feature Champion here tonight, lying, cheating and stealing with the very best of them to outsmart The Heir Eternal]


[Tap. Tap. Tap.] [Inside Needful Things, a figure sits in the large wooden chair of Nicholas Mammon, only it isn’t the Salesman himself; it’s Edward Newton.] [When Nicholas Mammon enters, he doesn’t look surprised to see him.]

“Mr. Newton, I expected you.”

[Edward smiles.]

“I’m certain that you did, Mr. Mammon; after all, you span an incredible yarn to manipulate me into losing confidence in my abilities. I have to admit, I’m quite impressed by your ingenuity.”

“Alas, it hasn’t worked, has it?”

[The Riddler shakes his head.]

“No, I suppose not. The receipt you gave me clearly wasn’t worth the paper it was written on. However, the receipt I intend to give you tonight will certainly make up for it.”

[Mammon steps closer, looking at his foe in the eyes.]

“Besides, it isn’t I that should be concerned with information.”

[The World Champion stands up and begins to walk away, leaving Mammon somewhat confused.]

“And what do you mean by that, Mr. Newton?”

[Edward turns with a smile.]

“Well, the Pandemonium winner has never succeeded in winning the World Championship at Ring of Dreams. Many have tried and all have failed. Red River Jack, Bruce Van Chan and Solomon Rhodes have all seen their dreams turn to nightmares on the grand stage.”

[Mammon contemplates that for a moment.]

“And your desperate attempt to shake my confidence only further proves how afraid you are of becoming yet another victim of the Ring of Dreams curse.”

[The World Champion opens the door and is about to step through when once again, he turns to face The Salesman.]

“I don’t envy your position, Mr. Mammon. You’re facing the undefeated World Champion, 53 and 0, at an event where the World Championship has never not been successfully defended. I must say, those are quite some odds. I wouldn’t worry though, I’m sure you have just the thing,” [he says with a smile, looking around.] “However, I’ve come to understand that everything comes at a price.”

[Newton chuckles to himself, slamming the door behind him as he leaves. Mammon grimaces, rubbing his fingers down his moustache.] [Cut.]


[Pure intentions can only take you so far and for the Tutor, it has led him to being played by a sadistic Wolfgang. Will Quinn finally take the fight to the Superior or will Wolfgang destroy him once and for all?] [The bell rings as Wolfgang rushes forward, taking Quinn by surprise with a stiff knee to the jaw before tossing him across the ring with ease. Quinn raises himself up by the ropes, just avoiding a charging Wolfgang as he tries a single leg takedown. Wolfgang easily stops it with an elbow to the base of the skull before underhooking Quinn into a Muay Thai clutch. Knee after Knee is drilled into Quinn’s unprotected skull leaving him out on his feet before he’s tossed overhead with a variation on a double underhook Suplex. Quinn slowly gets to his feet, ducking a right as he lands a desperation European Uppercut. It stuns Wolfgang as Quinn throws out another but a Roundhouse attempt is grabbed in mid-air as Wolfgang drills Quinn with a trio of savage forearms to the face before spinning him around. GERMAN SUPLEX. Wolfgang rolls through with a second. Wolfgang pulls Quinn up once more, before nailing a third that takes Quinn over the ropes crashing to the floor below with the SCHUTZSTAFFEL!] [Quinn is down on the outside as Wolfgang calmly rolls out of the ring, drilling a rising Redmond with a stiff kick to the ribs before grabbing a microphone and crouching down ‘Had enough Neger?’ Quinn just scowls up as Wolfgang easily powers him up high before rushing forward..] [RUNNING BLITZKRIEG ON THE ENTRANCE RAMP!] [Quinn’s back nearly breaks in half as Wolfgang picks up the mic once more, kneeling down ‘How about now?’ ‘Hell No!’ Wolfgang shakes his head, a giant smile on his face as he tosses the microphone away before pulling the hurting Quinn to his feet. A huge uppercut sends Quinn flying into the nearby wall as Wolfgang sizes him up for a moment before rushing forward, SPEAR…] [INTO THE WALL!] [Quinn just moves out of the way as Wolfgang collides with the brickwork. The Superior collapses to a seated position, his arm dangling by his side, blood leaking down it as it looks like it dislocated from the impact. Quinn notices his chance as he pulls Wolfgang up, peppering him with kicks to the injured appendage, ducking under a wild right before wrapping the bad left arm behind him and tossing Wolfgang towards the apron with a huge Belly to Belly Suplex. Wolfgang crashes down on the bad arm as he cries out in pain, scampering away into the safety of the ring with Redmond in hot pursuit] [Quinn rolls into the ring right into a flurry of stomps from the Superior who pulls him up, tossing him across the ring as he tries for a clothesline but Quinn ducks under, nailing a Roundhouse Kick to the left arm before spinning Wolfgang around..] [WRIST CLUTCH DRAGON SUPLEX!]

Wolfgang is stunned on the mat as Quinn drops down, locking in a Fujiwara ArmBar! Wolfgang screams out in pain as Quinn pulls back with all his might, trying to force Wolfgang to quit but the Superior refuses, pulling himself to the ropes…which does nothing. No Rope breaks in this match as Quinn uses it for leverage to torque back even further. We can hear the tendons stretch and snap as Wolfgang looks like he’s about to quit before finding a burst of strength, using his right arm to lift Quinn and the left side of his body up off the mat and down with a ringshaking Powerbomb, breaking the hold!] [Both men slowly rise to their feet, Wolfgang ducking under another Roundhouse, 1488! A massive Spartan Kick sends Quinn flying into the corner and as he comes staggering out, Wolfgang nearly takes his head off with a thunderous Big Boot. The Superior doesn’t follow up, instead wrapping his left arm around the ropes and with a sickening pop, pushes it back into the socket! Wolfgang shakes his left arm out, smiling a sadistic smile as he backs up, nailing a rising Quinn with another 1488! The broken Tutor collapses to the canvas as Wolfgang slowly waits for him to rise to his feet, running forward with a thunderous..] [BLOOD AND SOIL!] [Wolfgang rolls out of the ring, grabbing a chair and a microphone as he sits down on the chair, raising Quinn’s bloody head up with his boot ‘Ready to die yet Neger?’ ‘Fuck You’. Wolfgang calmly gets up, placing the chair on the canvas, Wolfgang as he waits for Quinn to slowly try and get up, BLOOD AND…QUINN IS ON HIS FEET! Wolfgang rises to his feet right into a mammoth chair shot from Quinn. Wolfgang is still up as Quinn nails him again, and a third time before bouncing off and landing a near home run shot that finally drops Wolfgang. Quinn doesn’t stop, raining down shot after shot until the chair is a twisted mess of metal before tossing it away and dropping down as he locks in the FINAL ASSIGNMENT! Wolfgang screams out in pain, blood running down the face of both men as the pain is too much for the Superior, finally screaming out ‘I QUIT!’] [Redmond Quinn does it, beating the Superior in his own game despite the odds as he finally lets go of the hold, his hand raised in victory as he just shakes his head]


[After an earlier match with Kasabian in which he picked up the victory, Happy sits in the backstage area looking awfully lonely. He’s looking at the ground with near tears in his eyes. He may have won tonight but what he truly wanted was a friend.]

“Chin up, buddy.”

[An unfamiliar voice breaks the monotony of silence.] [Happy looks up, his cheeks slightly wet.]

“I wish I could but it seems like everyone I try to befriend doesn’t want my friendship. I don’t even have a Tag Team partner for Double Tap. I always try to look on the bright side of life but today, I’m feeling a little gloomy, that’s all.”

[The owner of the voice steps into frame.] [His blue t-shirt has yellow signage on it that reads ‘Free Hugs’.] [Gavin Davis.]

“W-Wait a minute,” [Happy stammers.] “I-I know you, don’t I? You’re Gavin Davis! I’ve been your super fan since RAGE!”

[Davis blushes.] “Gee, thanks man. I’ve been watching you too, as it happens. You’re a good kid with a big heart. You shouldn’t let a few bad situations get you down. Besides, I’ve sought you out tonight for a purpose. Not only it is clear you need a hug but you obviously need a partner for Double Tap, am I right?”

[Happy lunges out of his chair, embracing Gavin with the biggest of hugs.]

“Really, do you mean it?” [Happy says cheerfully.] “Do you really mean it?”

[Davis hugs him back.]

“Of course! Now, as for our Tag Team name, I had a couple of ideas.”

“Hug Life.”

[Davis nods.]

“Or we could go with…”

“Hug Life?” [Happy interrupts again, a little more hopefully.] [Gavin chuckles and smiles.] “Absolutely, man. Hug Life!”



[Earlier, somewhere in England] [The tomb sits silent, still with a heaviness of hundreds of years. In the center, beneath a layer of dust and a gilded crown sits a sarcophagus, with carvings etched in from the days of chivalry. A warning sits at the top, an omen that foretells a strange warning.]

“The one that cracks the golden seal frees Arthur, King of Camelot from his eternal rest.”

[It sits as it has for centuries undisturbed a few seconds more. With a whoosh of something moving fast, the torches in the room flicker. The movement goes to the crypt, flashing by faster than the eye can possibly see. The crown that held the seal clatters to the floor, cracking the rim of the ornate headpiece. It flashes a bright green light briefly as it does so, a bond severed of eternal rest.] [Green mist begins to leak out from the coffin, pouring out around the once sealed lid. As it increases, the lid lifts up and clatters down to the ground, its purpose since served. A withered hand emerges from within, grasping onto the side of the stone box. The body that emerges seems to be that of a mummified corpse!]

“Who dares awaken Arthur? What mortal fool sought me out?”

[He finds no answer in the form of a person.] [As he stares forward oblivious. Meanwhile, our camera lowers to see two letters sit carved into the sarcophagus, a marker of who had been here before.] [E.F.]

“It is time to Ascend.”



[It’s finally the time.] [FOR THE ASCENSION!] [The crowd is on their feet as the lights surrounding this structure begin to light up. The steel mesh reflects the lights as this structured pyramid of steel comes into view. The combatants will be starting out on the first level duking it out until everyone has entered the match. At this point, a ten minute timer will begin. Whoever remains on the second level stays in the match, those who do not are eliminated!] [Then it’s a race to the top where a ring is set-up! Whoever scales the final level to the ring and secures a pinfall or submission wins the match!] [Now…] [It’s time.] [The lights circle around in a frantic motion before settling on the entrance ramp.] [ENTRANT NUMBER ONE… GAMEBOY!] [Gameboy’s theme song hits to a fun beat as Gameboy rushes out of the entrance with his arms outstretched! He moves down the ramp a bit to slap some hands before moving towards the structure. He gives a few fans the thumbs up as he moves towards the 10-foot-high mesh wall. He climbs up as he awaits his first foe. The lights refocus on the entrance.]


[ENTRANT NUMBER TWO… REDWING!] [“Heroes of our Time” by DragonForce begins to play as Redwing bursts through the curtain. He strikes a superhero like pose before walking over to the Ascension structure, giving high-fives to fans as he goes. He finally reaches the structure before climbing up the wall. Getting up, he strikes another super hero pose before stepping towards Gameboy.] [These two men were tag team partners earlier in the night, but now… they’re enemies! Gameboy grins as he sees Redwing before extending his hand. Redwing shakes his hand as they nod.] [DING!] [Straight right hand from Redwing rocks Gameboy as he staggers backwards. Redwing rushes towards him before lifting him up by the legs and drives him onto the steel mesh beneath them! Redwing stomps on him three times before pulling Gameboy back to his feet.] [He whips Gameboy towards the edge, but Gameboy staggers before catching himself. Redwing rushes behind him, but Gameboy whirls around with a big roundhouse kick as Redwing is blasted backwards. Gameboy looks over the edge and whistles at the distance to the ground.] [As Gameboy turns back around, Redwing is rushing towards him with an arm outstretched. Gameboy catches him before leaping backwards as they make a full rotation! Spanish Fly on the steel! Gameboy begins scooting Redwing towards the edge of the corner before kicking and trying to edge him off! Redwing, however, manages to grab onto the steel and hold himself there.] [Gameboy stomps down on his hands, but Redwing manages to pull himself back up despite the stomping on his hands. Gameboy grabs the head of Redwing before… UPPERCUT! The punch catches Gameboy on the chin! Redwing grabs Gameboy and lifts him up for a…] [SUPLEX OFF THE SECOND LEVEL!] [Both men hit the hard floor with a thud as they are barely moving!]


[It’s at this point that the lights refocus on the entrance ramp!] [ENTRANT NUMBER THREE… CHIP MONTANA!]

“Hi! I’m Chip Montana, and I’m grabbing nature by the balls!”

[The crowd cheers as the slinky, outdoorsy jam “Safari” by The Breeders hits the speakers. Chip walks out clutching his side in pain from the previous battle with Michael Graves. He high fives and slaps hands with fans on the way to the structure. He sees Gameboy and Redwing laid out as he looks down at both men.] [Chip Montana doesn’t even study the two men down before climbing up to the next ledge. He sits at the edge of the steel mesh wall just kicking his legs absentmindedly. He looks at a wrist tape watch before tapping it and listening to it. Seconds tick off as Chip Montana just watches as Redwing and Gameboy slowly get to their feet. They look up and see Chip sitting on the edge. He notices them looking at him and he gives them a friendly wave.] [Both men begin quickly scaling the side of the wall as Chip gets to his feet. Gameboy gets a hand up, but Chip begins BITING on the hand of Gameboy who releases his hold! He’s still holding on with his other hand. Redwing is climbing up as Chip begins slamming his head into the steel mesh wall! Gameboy uses this moment to roll up and tackle Chip to the mesh!] [The two get to their feet as Gameboy rushes Chip!] [LEVEL ONE!] [Redwing pulls himself up as Gameboy spots him.] [LEVEL ONE!] [Two superkicks catch both men on the chin as they’re laid out. Gameboy sighs before falling to a seating position behind them in exhaustion.]


[The lights refocus on the stage once more!] [ENTRANT NUMBER FOUR… ELI FOREVER!] [The Heir Eternal steps out onto the stage before slowly, cryptically walks towards the structure. He spots everyone on the second level before climbing up to see Gameboy sitting there. Gameboy gives him a friendly wave before kipping up to his feet.] [Gameboy takes off towards Eli Forever before he’s caught and turned inside out into a tilt-a-whirl gourdbuster down onto the steel!] [THY LORD’S PRAYER!] [Gameboy is laid out as Eli Forever reaches down into a bag that is connected to him before pulling out a book. He raises the book up and begins just bashing Gameboy across the face with it over… and over… and over again! He smiles as he stops before looking at the book which has ‘THE BOOK OF ELI’ written across the top.] [BY THE BOOK!] [Gameboy is in some serious pain as he’s barely moving. Eli finally turns his attention to the others as Chip rushes towards him with a running clothesline! Montana grabs Eli and begins slamming his head down into the steel as Eli is trying to stop him. Montana wraps his hands around the head of Forever before he begins to just roll! The alligator roll! They move scarily close to the edge as Forever reaches down and grabs the steel mesh to hold them in place.] [Forever manages to rake the eyes of Chip as he releases the hold. Both men stagger to their feet as Redwing comes out of nowhere with a running tackle!] [Both Redwing and Eli Forever tumble off the edge of the steel wall to the hard floor again! Chip Montana looks down curiously before stepping back from the edge.]


[The lights focus back on the stage!] [ENTRANT NUMBER FIVE… D’VON CHAMBERS!] [The gargantuan holy man steps out from the entrance with a grin on his face as he looks at the demonic structure. He walks to where Eli Forever and Redwing are laying.] [D’Von Chambers grabs Eli Forever up before ramming him into the steel mesh wall! The Bishop smirks as Forever slumps back to the floor. D’Von grabs Redwing, lifts him up over his head, and rushes towards the wall before throwing him into the steel mesh! Redwing slumps down to the floor in pain as Chambers looks up to see Montana staring at him.] [Montana leans down over the edge before looking down at him. D’Von Chambers’ meaty fingers lock onto the wall as he begins pulling himself up very slowly. Montana sees this and looks around before grabbing something. He looks down before dropping something!] [The Holy Book of Eli falls down and SMACKS Chambers right on the face! Chambers falls down the foot he had climbed before his face turns red in anger. Chambers begins climbing again although faster this time. Montana begins kicking at Chambers as he gets to the top, but Chambers still manages to pull himself up!] [Montana wraps himself around Chambers as he comes up, but Chambers just throws him away. Montana rushes back towards Chambers with a crossbody, but Chambers just catches him in his huge arms. He lifts him up and runs forward a few feet before slamming him down.] [PSALM 32!] [The running powerslam connects as Chip is in serious pain as well!]


[The lights focus back on the main stage!] [ENTRANT NUMBER SIX… DANTE XAVIER!] [The piano starts playing and a singular spotlight is on the stage as Dante Xavier rises through the floor on a rising tower. At full height, his assistant starts to cover him with a white sheet. Once he is fully hidden, the sheet is pulled away. He has disappeared and he is on the second floor right behind D’Von Chambers!] [Chambers turns around before taking a Pele kick to the face! He staggers backwards before Xavier rushes towards him with a huge claymore kick! Chambers is blasted backwards as he falls to the mesh. The Magician rises to his feet with a grin before snapping his fingers.] [D’Von Chambers slowly begins to rise as his eyes are freaking out! Dante Xavier smiles up at D’Von Chambers before Xavier snaps his fingers again as Chambers reaches about ten feet up in the air! He falls down to the steel with a huge slam!] [LEVITATION DEVASTATION!] [It’s at this point that Xavier grins before turning around to see Gameboy there!] [BUTTON MASHER…] [Three rapid fire punches at the exact same speed followed by three more punches that are the exact same! Dante Xavier staggers backwards with his anger building. Gameboy leaps into the air before hooking the head of Xavier with a hurricanrana as he’s sent across the top of the second level!] [Gameboy kips back to his feet as he looks over to see Redwing standing at the edge of the steel looking at him. Gameboy gives him a thumbs up before the two meet on top of this level! They begin trading blows back and forth! Redwing nails an uppercut to Gameboy as he staggers backwards. Redwing rushes towards Gameboy before kicking him in the midsection.] [GODWATCH!] [The rainmaker clothesline floors Gameboy as Redwing turns to see Dante Xavier getting back to his feet.]


[The lights change towards the ramp once again!] [ENTRANT NUMBER SEVEN… SPERO!] [‘Cry of Achilles’ hits the arena as the arena goes dark for a moment before coming on with a spark of electricity running through the air and a brilliant flash of blue light. Spero appears in the entrance way, his ring emitting a blinding blast of blue all around him before it dissipates as Spero heads towards the Ascension structure!] [Spero begins the climb as he sees both Redwing and Dante Xavier standing on top! As he gets to that level, Eli Forever also climbs up. Dante and Eli look at one another as Redwing and Spero both nod at one another. The four collide in the center as they’re trading blows back and forth. Forever grabs Redwing before hitting an inverted DDT snapping him down onto the steel. Spero nails a headbutt before sweeping the legs of Dante. The Blue Lantern grabs Dante Xavier and hits a big stunner as Dante is sent backwards towards the edge of the wall!] [Chip Montana rushes towards Dante and tackles him down! The Prairie Dog Whisperer grabs Xavier and locks on…] [THE IGUANA SLEEPER!] [The dragon sleeper is applied as the knee is put up into the back of Dante as he’s in serious pain!] [Spero kicks Forever in the midsection before hitting a big spinning roundhouse as Forever is spun around on his foot! The Blue Lantern of Hope hits a big jawbreaker as Eli Forever staggers backwards into the chest of D’Von Chambers! Chambers just pushes Forever back towards Spero who nails a dropkick blasting him back into Chambers! Chambers just hits a shot to the back of his head as Forever falls to the floor ending their back and forth action.] [Spero rushes towards Chambers and hits a big hurricanrana as Chambers is sent over onto Montana which breaks that Iguana Sleeper!]


[The lights completely turn off as the focus returns to entrance ramp.] [ENTRANT NUMBER EIGHT… THE LICH KING, KING ARTHUR!] [The lights return as this horrific new competitor is already on the second level right behind Spero! As he appears the clock starts!] [TEN MINUTES!] [This new competitor whips Spero around before nailing him with a vicious headbutt! King Arthur hits a high knee to the throat of Spero as he’s knocked to the floor!] [KING’S CROSSING!] [The Lich King moves towards D’Von Chambers before blasting him with a running knee to the throat!] [KING’S CROSSING!] [King Arthur grabs Dante Xavier and just throws him off the steel wall! He falls to the floor with a thud! King Arthur grabs Chip Montana by the throat and lifts him up off his feet! Montana reaches out and rakes the eyes of King Arthur who groans before hitting a chokeslam off the steel wall! He hits the floor with a thud as well!] [Gameboy leaps up onto the back of King Arthur and begins just blasting him with blows to the back of his head! King Arthur grabs him and yanks him over his back and off the wall as he falls down into a heap on the floor below!] [King Arthur raises his hands high as he’s the last man standing!] [NINE MINUTES!] [Eli Forever staggers to his feet behind King Arthur and rushes towards him! However, as if using a sixth sense, The Lich King turns around and nails a big boot to floor him! King Arthur wraps his tendril-like fingers around the throat of Eli, but a familiar Blue blur just blasts him from the side! King Arthur staggers back towards the edge as he’s teetering!] [Spero kisses his ring before BLASTING King Arthur with an uppercut!] [King Arthur falls from the second level to the floor below! The people begin slowly getting to their feet at this moment.] [THE LAST BEACON!!!!] [The corkscrew shooting star press brings everyone back to the floor!] [EIGHT MINUTES!] [SEVEN MINUTES!] [A whole minute passes as everyone is trying to get their bearings back together. They HAVE TO get on the second level in order to remain in the match! They begin getting up as only Chambers, Redwing, and Forever are on the second level at this point. King Arthur is the first to his feet and grabs Spero. He throws him headfirst into the steel wall before wrapping his hands around the throat of Spero and begins just choking the life out of him! Gameboy rushes over and hits a big superkick to King Arthur as he’s stood up!] [SIX MINUTES!] [LEVEL ONE!] [King Arthur just glares at him before grabbing Gameboy and ramming him into the steel wall! During this whole fight, Dante Xavier begins climbing up the steel wall! He gets to the top before pulling himself up there, but Forever is there and kicks him right in the face! Xavier falls!] [He slams down once more as Chip Montana staggers to his feet! He begins to climb, but King Arthur yanks him back down before nailing him with a running knee to the face!] [KING’S CROSSING!] [King Arthur, seeing everyone is done, finally begins to climb up the steel mesh.] [FIVE MINUTES!] [King Arthur makes his way to the top as Chambers begins just bashing him with a double axe handles to the back of The Lich King. Arthur is essentially just laid out on top of the next level as Forever and Chambers both begin working him over with punches and kicks! Dante Xavier staggers to his feet on the bottom floor before disappearing!] [He reappears right on the second floor leaning back against the next wall up from there! He’s breathing heavily as he’s trying to be as quiet as possible.] [FOUR MINUTES!] [Gameboy and Spero both slowly get to their feet as they look up. They both nod at each other seemingly realizing that they need to get to that level. They both just ignore one another as they begin their climb! King Arthur is being destroyed by Chambers and Forever! King Arthur pushes Forever back at this point, but Redwing rushes over and nails a drop kick to Arthur’s face! Redwing recoils back before he spots Dante Xavier!] [Redwing makes his way over to Xavier and begins trying to pull him away from the steel wall, but Xavier is gluing himself there. Redwing nails a big shot to the midsection forcing him to relinquish his hold. The hero grabs Xavier before hitting a running bulldog into the steel!] [THE KILLING JOKE!] [THREE MINUTES!] [Chambers and Forever are both still trying to force this new danger in King Arthur off the ledge! Arthur is managing to hold on, but he’s taking a lot of damage! Gameboy and Spero both make their way up onto the ledge as they’re both rather spent. Redwing turns to see them before giving them a nod. He rushes towards them, but Gameboy hits a flash kick before hitting a full rotation onto his feet with raised fists!] [MAX POWAH!] [Redwing slams down after that kick, but Spero nails Gameboy with a big superkick as he’s blasted backwards, but he’s still on the second level!] [TWO MINUTES!] [Chip Montana begins the slow climb up as he’s the only one on the bottom level! He gets to the top of the level with his arms rested there holding him on the edge. He’s breathing heavily. A loud roar is heard as King Arthur just blasts Chambers and Forever back with a big explosion of energy! He gets to his feet before pointing at Spero with a long finger.] [Spero turns around as he charges with a big dropkick that teeters King Arthur on the edge of the cell wall!] [ONE MINUTE!!!!] [Chip Montana begins to pull himself up, but Redwing throws a punch nearly making him lose his grasp on the wall! Redwing grabs him and begins trying to push him off. Chip Montana reaches up and nails a headbutt to Redwing to stop him before he releases with one hand. Montana grabs the head of Redwing and…] [TRANQUILIZER DART!] [The needle pierces the neck of Redwing as he begins fading quickly. Montana grabs him as he begins to lose his balance as they fall!] [REDWING AND CHIP MONTANA FALL FROM THE WALL!] [TEN…] [King Arthur is leaning backwards about to fall!] [NINE…] [Eli Forever and D’Von Chambers just lay there as they watch this all unfold as does Dante Xavier and Gameboy who is spent!] [EIGHT…] [Spero kisses his fist once again!] [SEVEN…] [Spero takes a few steps back before pointing at King Arthur!] [SIX…] [He takes off towards Arthur!] [FIVE…] [PUNCH!] [FOUR!] [ARTHUR CAUGHT HIS PUNCH!] [THREE!] [Arthur grins at him before wrapping his fingers around his throat!] [TWO!] [CHOKESLAM!] [ONE!] [SPERO FALLS TO THE FLOOR BELOW!] [BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!] [The ten minutes have elapsed as Spero, Chip Montana, and Redwing are all eliminated from the battle!] [It’s now that the lights on the ring shine! Whoever gets the first pinfall or submission within the ring gets the win here tonight!] [Gameboy.] [Dante Xavier.] [Eli Forever.] [D’Von Chambers.] [King Arthur.] [These five men remain!] [All of these men begin their climb up another steel mesh wall that is twenty feet tall! They climb up, but it’s Eli Forever who gets into the ring first. He’s waiting as it’s Dante Xavier who appears right behind him before connecting with a superkick to the back of his head!] [DISAPPEARING ACT!] [Dante goes for the pinfall!] [One…] [….] [Two…] [….] [BROKEN UP BY KING ARTHUR!] [The Lich King throws Dante into the corner before ramming him there. He pulls him out before locking on a kneebar in the center of the ring!] [GUINVERE’S EMBRACE!] [Dante Xavier is in some serious pain here as he’s clutching at his head in agony!] [THE RESET!] [The running shooting star press lands right on top of The Lich King! Gameboy pins him right there while he’s still applying the hold to Dante!] [ONE…] [….] [TWO…] […..] [THREE!] [NO! D’Von Chambers breaks it up at the very last second!] [The Bishop grabs Gameboy up before just lifting him up in a Razor’s Edge position before spinning with it!] [THE PASTOR’S PLUNGE!] [Chambers pins him down putting all of his weight down on the small Gameboy!] [ONE…] [….] [Two…] [….] [TH-BROKEN UP!] [Forever breaks up the pin before just hammering down on top of Chambers’ head! He kicks and kicks at the side of Chambers before rolling him towards the edge of the ring. Outside of the ring is only a foot of steel before it’s a long fall down!] [The Lich King attacks Forever from behind before wrapping both of his hands around the throat of Forever!] [NEXT TRICK!] [The corkscrew blockbuster takes The Lich King to the mat as Forever falls as well! Dante Xavier doesn’t even try for a pin as he just quickly climbs up once more.] [THE FINAL ACT!] [SHOOTING STAR MOONSTOMP ONTO THE LICH KING!] [Xavier covers him!] [One…] [….] [TWO…] [….] [THREE!] [ALMOST!] [Forever breaks it up right at the end. Suddenly a blur enters the ring as Gameboy rushes towards both men. He throws a superkick to Forever who is blasted back into the corner. D’Von Chambers gets up on the apron. Superkick to him as he falls down to the apron! He turns to Dante and…] [LEVEL ONE!] [LEVEL ONE!] [A THIRD LEVEL ONE TO DANTE!] [Everyone is down except for Gameboy!] [A STEEL CHAIR TO THE BACK OF GAMEBOY’S HEAD!] [Gameboy staggers forward before turning around to see Eli Forever with rage in his eyes! He cracks him again before dropping the weapon.] [He pulls Gameboy in, folds his arms over, yells “AMEN!” before leaping up with a sit-out powerslam on the steel chair!] [ETERNAL RIVER PLUNGE!] [Eli Forever covers him!] [ONE…] [….] [TWO…] [….] [THREEEEEEE!] [ELI FOREVER HAS DONE IT! HE WAS SCALED THE ASCENSION AND HE STANDS TRIUMPHANT!] [ELI FOREVER IS GOING TO THE MAIN EVENT OF CRASH AND BURN, AMEN!] [The Heir Eternal is breathing heavily as he staggers back into the corner. The referee raises his hand as he wipes the sweat away from his head. Everyone is laid out, but Eli Forever has just secured his future here with this win!]


[Static.] [An exhausted Redmond Quinn enters his empty lecturing hall in the pitch black, sure to close the door firmly behind him. A small ray of light penetrates the darkness from windows high upon the wall. We can barely see his figure meander down the walkway when suddenly, as if out of no-where, he slips and falls.] [Hitting the ground with a thud and a splosh, he sighs loudly, cursing.]

“God damnit!”

[He slowly lifts his hands from the floor, realizing that something wet soaks his palms. He turns his hand in the limited light, trying to make it out. He can’t.] [Carefully, using pews, he gets back to his feet and dolly footsteps through the wet patch on the floor to the front desk. Redmond places his satchel down on the table and pulls on the light cord, switching on his desktop lamp.] [Thrusting his hand under the light, his face turns to that of horror. What he slipped in, it wasn’t water, it was blood.] [Quinn rushes around his desk to the wall, slapping on the light as quickly as he can. His eyes are transfixed on the walkway as the lights flicker on around him. There’s blood everywhere. There’s blood all over the floor and the nearby desks. His eyes widen and his jaw drops as he hesitates to step forward and have a better look.] [Then he turns around.] [Slumped against the wall, blood dribbling from his mouth, Kane Doebern sits with a hole in the middle of his chest. There’s blood and viscera everywhere, whilst a shotgun rests at his feet. Redmond stumbles backwards, throwing up violently. His stomach evacuates all over the floor upon the sight of his student, deceased, blown to pieces.]

“Kane…” [He mumbles.] “Oh Kane…”

[Then he looks up above, on the white board, scrawled in the blood of Doebern.] [卐] [Cut.]


[16 months, over 50 victories, Edward Newton stands your undefeated World Champion but Nicholas Mammon may well be his gravest challenge. Can the Riddler remain at the top or has the Salesman finally found his price?] [The bell sounds as Newton explodes from the corner, laying into Mammon with lefts and rights, furious at his attempted deception before a huge knee nearly knocks the Salesman out cold. Mammon staggers to the corner, Newton rushing him with a flurry of lefts and right, pounding down on the groggy Salesman before tossing him away, backing up and drilling him into the canvas with a massive bulldog. The Riddler leaps onto Mammon for the first cover of the contest. ONE…TWO…Mammon just gets the shoulder up! Mammon staggers to his feet, rolling out of the ring as he tries to get some breathing room between him and Newton as he turns around right into a DOUBLE AXEHANDLE FROM THE APRON!] [Newton comes crashing down on Mammon, mounting him as he rains down blows before pulling the dazed Salesman up to his feet and slamming him head first into the steel steps. Newton drives Mammon into the steps over and over, busting him slightly open before pulling him up and trying to DDT him onto the steel. Mammon just slips out, nailing a desperation STO that sends the champion backfirst onto the steel. Mammon quickly scrambles away, trying to gain his breath as he wipes the trickle of blood away from his forehead before pulling Newton off the steel and tossing him back into the ring] [Newton slowly gets to his feet right into a stiff European Uppercut before he finds himself lifted high up into the air and slammed down with a huge Vertical Suplex. Newton staggers up into a series of hard forearm shots before a big dropkick sends him staggering back into the corner. Newton barely hits the steel before Mammon rushes forward, CHA-CHING! The huge corner clothesline squashes Newton who staggers out into the clutches of Mammon who tries to lift him up high but Newton manages to slip out, slamming Mammon to the mat with a quick Russian Legsweep] [Mammon hits the mat hard as Newton rolls through, backing up for a moment as he leaps up with a huge Legdrop over the chest of Mammon, dropping immediately down for the cover. ONE…TW…Mammon easily gets the shoulder up! Newton pulls Mammon up to his feet, getting a thumb to the eye which staggers the Riddle back as Mammon rushes forward, THE HARD SELL! The Slingblade easily puts the momentum back in the favor of the challenger as Newton slowly rises to his feet, taking a flurry of forearms to his face before a huge Snap DDT sends him spiked into the mat. Mammon flips him over for the cover,

[ONE…] [TWO…] [Newton gets the shoulder up!] [Mammon slides back, waiting for the champion to slowly rise to his feet before rushing forward, KNEE-DFUL…Newton just slips out of the way, grabbing Mammon from behind before trying for a German Suplex. Mammon manages to land on his feet as he kicks Newton low as he turns around, PRICE CHECK! Another Snap DDT spikes Newton into the mat as Mammon drops down, trying to lock in the Cost Of Doing Business but before he can get it fully locked in, Newton quickly scrambles for the ropes.] [Both men slowly rise to their feet, circling around the ring as they try looking for an opening, Mammon rushing in as he’s met with a hard knee to the skull before Newton tries for the Nevermind but Mammon slips out, kicking Newton’s left leg out from under him before rolling back, KNEE-DFUL THINGS! It hits flush as this could be it. Mammon dropping down for the cover..] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THR…] [NEWTON JUST KICKS OUT! Mammon can’t believe it as he pulls Newton up to his feet but the Riddler was playing possum, ducking under a forearm as he pulls Mammon into a Reverse DDT before flipping him over his shoulder, MODIFIED STUNNER! RIDDLE KNOCK OUT! Newton drops down on Mammon for the cover] [ONE…TWO…Mammon gets the shoulder up! Newton pulls Mammon up to his feet, once again trying for the Nevermind but Mammon slips out again, nailing Newton with a beautiful lifting forearm that takes him off his feet before rolling back. PICTURE PERFECT KNEE-DFUL THINGS! It hits the point of Newton’s jaw as the champion goes down, the Salesmen hooking both legs for the cover. ONE…TWO…THRE…2.9! NEWTON GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Mammon is furious as he pulls Newton up to his feet, low kick, NEVERMIND! Newton hits it out of nowhere as he drops down for the cover once more] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THRE…IT’S MAMMON’S TIME FOR A 2.9!]

Both men slowly rise to their feet, breathing heavily as the cock sure champion just urges Mammon forward. Nicholas tries for a forearm that Newton blocks, drilling Mammon with a trio of his own that rocks the challenger before he spins him around, drilling him with a huge German Suplex that drops Mammon on the back of his head. Newton begins firing up, pulling Mammon to his feet as he rakes his eyes, kicking him in the shin, A SECOND NEVERMIND! Mammon gets absolutely spiked into the mat as Newton drops down for the sure victory.

[ONE…] [TWO…] [THRE..] [THE REFEREE IS PULLED OUT OF THE RING!] [Newton is confused for a moment before the other two Gentlemen roll into the ring and begin attacking Newton. The undefeated champion begins fighting back but as Mammon stirs to his feet, the three on one odds are too much for the Riddler as he’s beaten down to the mat. A big lifting uppercut rocks Newton before he’s lifted up by Nevermore and Royal and driven into the canvas with an assisted Piledriver. Royal climbs up to the top rope as Nevermore lifts Newton high up into the air, Royal diving off, SPITFIRE IN MOTION! Newton is done on the canvas as both Nevermore and Royal roll out of the ring, tossing the referee back in who groggily begins to count.

[ONE…] [TWO…] [THRE…

[NOT LIKE THIS…] [THRE…NEWTON KICKS OUT!] [The Champion’s legendary resilience is on show tonight as the Gentlemen look incensed] [Mammon drills the rising referee with a hard elbow to the back of his head as Nevermore and Royal roll back into the ring, Nevermore with the world title in hand as Mammon lifts Newton up into a Full Nelson, Nevermore rushing forward with the title…NEWTON SLIPS OUT AT THE LAST SECOND AS NEVERMORE DECKS MAMMON! Shocked, Nevermore turns right into a kick to the gut, followed by a kick to the gut by the onrushing Royal as Newton leaps up, grabbing both by the head, DOUBLE NEVERMIND! Both men roll out of the ring as Mammon slowly gets to his feet, his wound opened up once more as he finds himself face to face with a fired up Edward Newton] [Newton rushes forward, drilling Mammon with lefts and rights before lifting him up high, slamming him to the canvas with a lighting fast Snap Suplex. Newton pulls Mammon up to his feet but gets a thumb to the eye before Mammon tries to lock in a desperation Bully Choke. Newton rolls through, stunning Mammon with a stiff uppercut before rushing off the ropes as he bounces off right into a high knee to the jaw. Newton is rocked for a moment as Mammon backs up, trying for KNEE-DFUL THINGS but Newton catches the knee, landing a sly low blow before drilling Mammon into the mat with a thunderous NEVERMIND! A second referee slides into the ring as Newton drops down for the cover..] [ONE…] [TWO…] [NEWTON BREAKS THE PIN, FLIPPING MAMMON OVER INTO THE RIDDLE BOX! Mammon struggles under the hold before Newton pulls him completely up, locking the knee under the head as the Salesman is forced to tap out! ] [The Riddler does it, weathering the storm of the Gentlemen as he shows the world exactly why he is undefeated and still the world heavyweight champion] [Edward Newton faces Eli Forever at Crash and Burn for the OSW World Championship!]


[Static.] [It’s pitch black.] [Tree are barely visible in the background as the sound of someone running breathlessly can be heard in the distance. Slowly but surely, they get closer and our footage picks up with the disturbed and disgruntled face of Brent Kersh as he rushes through the brush of a forest, in sheer panic.] [He keeps looking behind him, trying to locate what’s chasing him in the dark, only he see’s nothing.] [But what he can’t see, he can hear.] [Dogs.] [Vicious, barking, snarling dogs chasing him through the dense wood.] [Almost out of breath, Kersh ambles towards a clearing in the distance, trying to get safely to what one presumes is sanctuary. Whatever brought him here tonight, he’s absolutely terrified of the blood hounds that haunt him in the dark.] [Brent finally breaks free of the wood and runs as fast as he can to an old wooden shack by a small lake. He pushes open the door and gets inside just as a dog leaps up from behind, gnawing at the back of his leg. Blood dribbles from a piercing on his calf but he’s inside, barely.] [The Enforcer pushes his back to the door as the force of the dogs crash up against it, snarling, barking and growling at him inside.] [He turns to face the small wooden wall before him and his eyes widen. He can’t believe what he’s seeing.] [Photographs.] [His daughter Danielle with a black girlfriend.] [His sons Tombstone with the words ‘Loving son of Brent’ circled in red ink.] [There’re pictures of Kersh and his wife; their young child and their family in the privacy of their own home and dated evidence of where he’s been and what he’s been doing. He can’t comprehend what he’s seeing until a voice bellows from the darkness.]

“What’s the matter Brent?” [Says a voice with a slight twang of country accent.] “You don’t like my huntin’ dogs?”

[He laughs.]

“That’s alright, I don’t take it personally,” [he remarks.] “But they got the taste of blood in em’ now, Kersh; they can smell ya.”

[Kersh looks through a small window, trying to place the voice, only the thrusting of the dogs behind the door make it difficult.]

“And they ain’t the only ones. You see, me and you gon’ have a few words, somewhen down the line; that’s the only reason I don’t let em’ rip you apart right now.”

[The man whistles, calling his dogs off.]

“But this dog gon’ hunt, Brent. This is just me bearing my teeth; a warning. You won’t get another.”

[The camera switches to the outside, revealing the man with a large Cheshire Cat sized grin on his face.] [Jon Davenport.] [Cut.]