In Promo by Tag

“Do you know what a simp is?”

“A simp is the kind of guy who sits at their computer all day every day watching as a girl who barely knows he exists talks on stream or shakes her ass on OnlyFans. To him, this girl is the prettiest in the world and he’d do anything for a chance to get her to notice him.”


“Now, most of these simps just throw money at her and beg her to say their name on stream. But others? Well, some other simps go just a little crazy.”

“The girl they love and worship can make them go as far as to throw away their entire lives. They’ll make these simps think they were made for them and have them throw away their money, their sanity, and their freedom to serve.”

“Need someone to moderate your stream? The simp will do it with a smile on his face to protect your honor from the trolls in chat.”

“Want to be waited on hand and foot? A good simp will do just that. He’ll let himself be used and abused until his dear e-thot tells him he’s a good boy.”

“I’d be disgusted if I wasn’t so impressed.”

“Now, Tenchu, you big vibrator you, how’s the simp life going?”

“You might be confused on why I’m calling you a simp, right? Well let me explain a little something to you.”

“The Odawara clan is a lot like one slutty e-girl who happens to have had quite a few men in love with her. She seems all sleek and perfect, after all she’s got the history to back it up.”

“But in reality? Well, let’s just say she’s real good at using her simps to get what she wants.”

“You were literally made to serve her, right, Tenchu? You were brought into this world with the sole purpose of moderating the Odawara chat once the clan went live in OSW.”

“Ain’t no trolls in chat were gonna go unnoticed by you, right?”

“Callahan was spreading libel about your girl’s history so you hit him with the banhammer from life.”

“Now Banzan is all up in her chat trying to tell you what she wants and you can’t have that, right? You gotta ban him from the chat, from life, and from reading your girls posts on OnlyFans.”

“It’d be kind of cute if it wasn’t so sad, man.”

“But you were built to be her simp, right? What else can a guy expect from you.”

“Now, for me? Well, I’m the kind of chat troll you really can’t stop.”

“I’m the guy who shows up in chat, sweet talks her on stream, and makes her swoon over me. I don’t gotta pay her to make her say my name, I ain’t gotta serve her to make her smile.”

“When we get in the ring I’m gonna go to town on your thotty clan while you watch in shame.”

“Now, take one last look at your girl, Tenchu.”

“Because I’m about to tag her and bag her.”