[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [In the darkest recess of the Tap Room, Edward Newton sits in the dark, flicking through the pages of a dirty, worn, ragged old book; The Book of The Damned. With every page turned, his eyes darken and his smile widens. He’s truly besotted.]

“I need that book.”

[A voice startles him into a quick closure, slamming shut the leather covers with haste. Newton turns around to see Mike Lane stood behind him in the shadows.]

“I’ve sinned,” [Lane says stoically.] “I’ve torn my life apart at the seams and that book has my salvation. I need you to hand it over, Edward. I need you to understand.”

[The Riddler stands, his eyes now as dark as the black that surrounds them.]

“I’ll never give it up, Shadow, and you won’t take it from me. I fought for this book. I turned the tables at Blood Drive using it and I sacrificed a piece of myself to do it. If you want salvation, you must find another way.”

[Lane steps forward, folding his arms.]

“I’m not leaving this room without it,” [he says, poised to fight.] “So you have a decision to make. You’ll either hand it over, or I’ll take it from you. If I take it from you, there’s no guaranteeing Proteus won’t pick up the pieces.”

[The Riddler laughs.]

“Come and get it.”

[The Shadow nods, slamming the door shut behind him.] [Cut.]


[The newcomer, Christian Rivers, stands in the ring awaiting his opponent. He removes his suit coat, folds it up and places it on the corner steps. As he unhooks a shoulder holster with his two 45s and places them on top of the suit coat, “Million Miles An Hour” hits and Alibistair Montibleaux arrives.] [The bell rings and both men circle each other, sizing the other up. It’s The Detective off the mark first, aiming a few jabs and hooks at Rivers, finishing with a uppercut that sends Rivers’ head snapping back. Monty whips Rivers against the ropes but on the return Rivers slides between his legs, and pops up behind him, quickly applying a rear naked choke!] [It looks like Rivers might be gaining momentum, but Monty wrenches his wrist away and twists under, falling back to the mat with Rivers in a Kimura armbar, right in the centre of the ring!. He applies the pressure.] [Rivers looks panicked and thrashes his free arm round. Will he tap?] [NO!] [Rivers manages to roll through and get Montibleaux’s shoulders down for a pin.] [ONE…TW- KICK OUT!] [It won’t be that easy for Rivers, but he lifts The Detective up and hits a quick German suplex, keeping grip and hitting a second. He pulls him up ready for a third, but Monty elbows him straight in the temple.] [SPINEBUSTER DDT OUT OF NOWHERE!] [Rivers is down but not out and rolls to the corner holding his back. As he rises, Montibleaux pushes him into the turnbuckle and mounts the second rope, pounding him with a few hard elbows. Monty looks around, feeling the adrenaline, but leaves it just a fraction too long. POWERBOMB BY RIVERS!] [Monty is now down and Rivers is taking a second to recover. The Detective is back to his feet and runs at Rivers.] [Drop toe hold! Rivers looking for his Achilles lock.] [DEATH SENTE- NO! Monty rolls through and reverses it.] [TOTAL REHAB!] [He’s got it locked in! The Triangle choke!] [Montibleaux throws a few punches at Rivers’ ribs but then puts all his effort into the lock. The life is draining from Rivers as the move drags on. His free arm limp, the referee has no choice, he lifts the arm of Christian Rivers and drops it…] [ONCE…] [He drops it…] [TWICE…] [He drops it…] [THR- NO! There’s life in him yet, and he’s powering himself back to his feet, he lifts Monty clean off the floor and slams him down, but Monty keeps hold. He lifts him again and slams him down a second time and The Detective finally lets go, only to receive a big elbow to the chest.] [And another.] [And a third! Rivers brings him to his feet and hits a stalling suplex. He pins.] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THR-KICKOUT!] [Rivers lifts him up once more. Irish whip! Scoop slam on the rebound! Rivers bounces off the ropes and hits a big leg drop. He drags him to the centre of the ring and tries again for the DEATH SENTENCE! Montibleaux is fighting it all the way. He writhes around looking for a way out.] [CURB STOMP!] [BUT HE MISSED.]

Rivers tried to stop the fightback in its tracks and failed. Monty rolls through and stomps a hole in Rivers before he can get back to his feet. He pulls Rivers up and hits him with the BILOXI ROLL! The left jab, right uppercut combo leaves Rivers dazed on his feet.] [Montibleaux bounces off the ropes, ducks around Rivers and leaps into the ropes, slingshots backwards and takes out the knee of Rivers.] [He’s going for it! The SLAMMER 63!] [It’s locked in! Monty has the wristlock manoeuvre in tight and wrenches as hard as he can. Rivers shakes his head. He doesn’t want to give in. Monty moves and wedges his knees into the back of Rivers.] [He drops onto his back! The hold is still locked in but that could have ripped his arm off! Rivers can’t fight it any more can he?] [NO! HE TAPS OUT! Montibleaux is victorious!] [Rivers believes his submission style is better in every way but it wasn’t better tonight, as Montibleaux picks up his first win with a submission of his own. Rivers looks surprised as both men head towards the back.]


[After that tremendous match, Alibistair gets back to his feet, raising his arm in victory.] [Only something catches his eye.] [He snaps his head around to see Jones The Terrible standing atop the entrance, smiling from ear to ear.]

“You can’t be here,” [he mouths.] “How is zis possible?”

[Montibleaux immediately pulls for his weapon, but when he looks up, Jones has vanished. He turns around to see The Terrible stood before him, bravely and fiercely unafraid. He kicks out violently as Ali swings his weapon, kicking it from his hand.] [The Detective quickly blocks a right hand, but is powerless to stop a Spartan Kick that sends him flying back into the ropes. Alibistair bounces back towards him.] [THE HARBINGER OF THE APOCALYPSE!] [CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!] [HE TURNED MONTIBLEAUX INSIDE OUT!] [Jones The Brave and Terrible turns to face his enemies prone body, laughing sadistically at the carnage he’s caused. He bends over, smiling.]

“I told you that prison couldn’t hold me, Montibleaux. Now, I’m going to destroy you.”

[He places his boot on his back.]

“Jones has spoken.”



[Jonathon’s finally gotten free of all his doubts but finds a Bear of a man in close pursuit. Will the Knight prove valiant against his latest demon or will the might of Russia itself be far too much for him?] [The bell sounds as Heartsford leaps off the ropes trying for a Springboard Dropkick that clips Sergei in the shoulder, Heartsford hesitating just for a moment that stopped him getting all of the kick. Sergei staggers back as Jonathon clips him in the back of the head with a stiff enziguri, causing Sergei to stumble into the corner. The Aerial Knight sizing Sokolov up for a moment before running forward once more] [SHINING…SERGEI CATCHES HEARTSFORD IN MID-AIR! Sergei slowly walks forward, Jonathon trapped in mid-air as he tries to punch his way out of Sergei’s iron grip but it’s no use as Sergei moves his grip to Heartsfords throat] [WARHEAD! That huge Chokeslam Backbreaker nearly snaps Jonathon in half, Heartsford screaming out in pain as Sergei doesn’t cover, peeling Jonathon off the mat before punishing him with a massive knee to the midsection before lifting him up high] [PRESS SLAM TO THE OUTSIDE! Sergei just tossed Jonathon over the ropes to the floor below, Heartsford crashing into a heap as a sadistic smile crosses over the Russian Tsar. Sergei rolls out of the ring, Heartsford slowly stirring as he tries to pull himself up. Sergei mockingly kicking Jonathon in the face before lifting him up effortlessly, DESPERATION UPPERCUT! Sergei staggers back, an annoyed look on his face as he turns back around] [STO INTO THE GUARDRAIL! Heartsford hits that out of nowhere as Sergei is dazed and possibly out. Heartsford realises this is his way to get back into the match as he climbs up onto the apron, his back seizing up for a moment as he fights through the pain, ARABIAN PRESS…HITS THE GUARDRAIL! Sergei moves at the last moment as Heartsford may well have just cost himself the match, his screams of pain ringing throughout the Tap Room. Sergei pulls Heartsford off the guardrail, tossing him into the ring before dropping down for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [HEARTSFORD GETS THE SHOULDER UP! The Aerial Knight is still fighting as Sergei scowls, popping Heartsford up onto his shoulder before running forward] [RING-SHAKING POWERSLAM! Sergei doesn’t cover, lifting Heartsford up onto his shoulder once more. A SECOND POWERSLAM! Heartsford looks limp on the mat as Sergei tries for a third, SMALL PACKAGE!] [ONE…] [TW…Sergei kicks out, looking furious at the resilience of Heartsford who’s pulling himself slowly up by the ropes. Sokolov rushing forward like a mad bear, MOMENT OF CLARITY! A headscissors driver into the middle turnbuckle in desperation by Heartsford as both men slowly rise to their feet] [A massive right from Sergei knocks Heartsford for a loop as Sergei backs up, SOVIET…Jonathon ducks under, ENZUGIRI! Heartsford fights off the pain, leaping off the ropes, A NEW PERSPECTIVE!] [That Tornado DDT plants Sergei to the mat as the Aerial Knight sees his victory, slowly climbing up to the top rope, wincing in pain from his busted ribs but before he can dive off, Sergei dives onto the ropes, crotching Jonathon on the top rope! Sergei slowly climbs up, gripping Jonathon around the neck…] [TOP ROPE FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE! A Super Sambo Suplex and this has to be it as Sergei flops over for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THR…HEARTSFORD KICKS OUT! HOW IN THE HELL DID HE KICK OUT?!] [Sergei calls for the end, fury in his eyes at Heartsford resistance as a massive Soviet Strike Backfist nearly knocks him out cold before Sokolov lifts him up onto his shoulders, IRON…Heartsford slips out, kicking Sokolov in the gut as he turns around, IN A HEARTBEAT! Jonathon hits the Swinging Fireman’s Carry almost out of instinct as he collapses upon the Russian] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [Heartsford does it here tonight, fighting through the pain and the suffering as he proves that a hero’s heart is far stronger then one man could hope to be]


[Mere moments after the match is over, the hunt has begun…except it’s Sergei who is trying to escape, running down the hallway with Heartsford following close behind. Sergei turns the corner, only to be caught off as the infection surrounds him. Before the bile can overtake the Red Tsar, he is pulled away at the last second by Heartsford. Sergei swings a fist at the Aerial Knight, who dodges before hitting a hard punch to the head of the Red Tsar! Heartsford refuses to relent, connecting blow after blow to the skull of Sergei…] [THUD!] […except for the final punch, which sees Heartsford’s fist land against the wall next to Sergei. In spite of everything, Heartsford cannot quite come to terms with ending the life of the man who’s been hunting him down. He lowers his head, as though speaking to himself.]

“I won’t give in. I am not a monster, I am a man…and this is what proves the difference.”

[He looks back at Sergei, who’s starting to come to his senses.]

“It’s time to wake up, Sergei. It’s time to shed some light on the situation…to gain some clarity.”

[With that, Heartsford does deliver one final punch…right to the temple of Sergei’s head! A ringing noise floods the ear of the Red Tsar, who screams in pain as he clutches his head. Sergei is down on his knees, a broken man without a purpose as Heartsford just stares him down.]

“I see you for what you are, Sergei…a man imprisoned by forces beyond his control. I’ve freed you from those shackles…you can leave this place, before it consumes you.”

[Sergei gets back to his feet, fists clenched in rage as he lunges at the Aerial Knight…only for something inside him to shut off, freezing the Red Tsar in his tracks. Heartsford stares curiously at the now immobile Sergei, when he hears the sound of a woman’s voice, amplified to reach beyond Sergei’s hearing alone.]

“Sergei, do you copy?”



[Michael Graves stands, the ring surrounded by his Chiroptera but as D’von Chambers steps through the ropes the Chiroptera all get to their knees and BOW!] [Graves looks around in horror as his Chiroptera praise D’von Chambers!] [BAM! From behind with a cheap shot Chambers hits Graves with a thunderous blow to the back of the head, sending him crashing to the ground.] [The bell sounds as Chambers frantically kicks and stomps at Graves, who tries to cover up. Chambers stops suddenly and turns, his arms outstretched, goading the audience in the Tap Room. The Chiroptera hum a mantra, sitting up, then bowing their heads down to the ground again. Chambers looks around at the Chiroptera and takes a moment to smile.] [GERMAN SUPLEX! INTO THE BOTTOM TURNBUCKLE! Graves is back to his feet and takes advantage of the distraction!] [Graves is straight back to his feet, leaving Chambers slumped in the corner. He runs across the ring and eyes up his opponent before CHARGING!] [CANNONBALL SPLASH!]

Chambers is down and out, he slips from the turnbuckle and lies on the canvas. Graves grabs him by the ankles and drags him into the center of the ring. PIN!] [ONE!] [TW–KICKOUT!] [Chambers kicks out at two! Graves pulls Chambers to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Graves raises a foot – BIG BOO–NO! Chambers ducks. BACKSTABBER! Chambers hits Graves with a backstabber! A pin of his own now!] [ONE] [TWO!] [TH–KICKOUT!] [Chambers kneels up, he looks around the ring in disbelief. Both men get back to their feet, but Chambers is the fastest of the two. He swings wildly at Graves, who ducks.] [RED DEATH! SNAP DRAGON SUPLEX!] [Graves hits a snap dragon suplex, crumpling Chambers into a heap on the mat!] [ONE!] [TWO!] [KICKOUT!] [Graves is back to his feet quickly and heads to the corner, sizing Chambers up, looking for the running big boot. Chambers is up, he turns, Graves runs across the ring but the boot is ducked! Graves turns. EYE RAKE!] [Graves stumbles backwards. Chambers signals to the crowd that he’s about to finish the match with his patented PASTOR’S PLUNGE! He aims a kick at Graves, but WHAT? GRAVES DISAPPEARS! Instead a flurry of bats swarm D’von Chambers! The cloud of bats rush around Chambers, who flaps his arms trying to fend them off! Suddenly the bats are gone and Graves is stood behind Chambers. Chambers, still dazed, turns to receive a boot to the midsection! Underhook, Graves looks for DAWNBREAKE–NO! Chambers lifts Graves into the air, hitting a back body drop!] [Chambers stumbles across the ring and collapses to the canvas as Graves holds his back, also lay on the mat. Both men are down, exhausted! Each man crawls to the ring ropes, pulling themselves back to their feet slowly, and with some effort. Graves turns and kicks Chambers in the gut! IMPALER DDT–NO! Chambers pushes Graves away, bouncing him off the ropes. He scoops Graves up onto his shoulder!] [PSALM 32!] [A running powerslam! SURELY!] [ONE!] [TWO!] [NO! KICKOUT!] [Chambers can’t believe it! He pulls at his hair and his eyes open wide! What will it take?] [Chambers stands in the corner, his arms resting on the top ropes, waiting for Graves who is across the ring in the opposing corner. Both men get to their feet and march to the center of the ring. They stare at each other for a moment before exchanging hard rights to one another! BAM! BAM! BAM! BA–Graves ducks, Chambers turns but receives a kick to the gut! Underhooks locked in by Graves! Chambers drops to his knees, his arms freed.] [LOW BLOW!] [Low blow to Graves, who crouches down in agony! Chambers steps over Graves and raises him into the air! THE PASTOR’S PLUNGE! A spinning Razors Edge!

[ONE!] [TWO] [THREE!] [D’von Chambers picks up the victory here tonight in a hard-fought contest.]


[The match ends with both Chambers and Graves feeling the effects of a hard fought contest.] [But suddenly…] [Rumbling.] [Tremors.] [The Tap Room begins to quake at its foundation and the crowd reacts with horrific screams.] [The Bishop and The Bat’s Shadow stumble about the ring, trying to maintain their balance as the chanting Chiroptera seem to increase their worship of their “Barbatos”.] [Graves peers at Chambers with a scowl; only to be met with an intense grin.]

“This ends here” [D’Von proclaims, pointing at the canvas beneath his feet.] “Tonight!”

“My druids should not trust their eyes” [The Prophet of the Bat God suggests.] “You are not our Bat God!”

“Of course I’m not and that’s why I forbid my congregation to be here tonight” [Chambers scoffs.] “When they see you, they see Christ!”

“You were correct to suspect the virus” [Graves sneers.] “It consumes their minds.”

“Which is why we must cleanse their perception” [Chambers proclaims.] “For if your right eye causes you to stumble, pluck it out and throw it away from you.”

[A devilish look overcomes Chambers and Graves squints. The building still groaning and writhing around them. Yet they are ready. Ready to defend. Ready…] [To kill!]

“It is you who will be plucked!”

[The Bat God’s Vessel rushes Chambers. CLOTHESLINE! NO! DUCKED! Both men turn and KICK to the midsection by Graves.] [DAWNBREAKER!] [Chambers is out.]


[The druids. Their chanting. It enrages Graves as he rises to his feet. Moving to the ropes as the tremors seem to settle, yet his rage grows.]

“LOOK AT HIM!!” [Graves points to a now unconscious Chambers.] “THAT IS NOT BARBATOS!! That is a miscreant! A fraud. A figment of your imagination! STOP IT YOU FOOLS!!”

[In his anger, The Bat’s Shadow does not realize Chambers has quickly come to; staggering to his feet.] [Graves turns to finish the job, BUT RECEIVES A KNEE TO THE GUT!] [Chambers positioning him and… PASTORAL PLUNGE!!!] [Graves is motionless, but The Bishop does not hesitate.]

“The Tap Room isn’t big enough for two saviors, Michael” [Chambers mutters as he tightens his arms around Graves neck.] “It is time for you to go into the tomb!”

[SNAP!] [OH NO!] [Michael Graves lifeless body falls to the canvas. A flustered, almost confused look coming over Chambers as he rises to his feet over top of his fallen foe. His mannerisms twitching with guilt as he slowly glances over at the Chiroptera who continue on.]


[Michael Graves is GONE!] [Static.] [Cut.]


[James Hunter has returned to OSW, seeing that he was not successful in ending Phoebe Outlaw back in the summer of 2016. The bad blood between these two runs deep. But they will finish it tonight, one way or the other.] [Hunter and Outlaw waste no time, rushing at each other and exchanging blows. Phoebe connects with a gut shot and Hunter goes down. She grabs his skull and tries for a bulldog, but Hunter reverses and headbutts Feebs right under the chin! Now it’s his turn to hit a Bulldog, driving Outlaw’s head to the mat.] [He doesn’t let her catch a breath and quickly whips her to the ropes and goes for a roundhouse kick! Feebs ducks…] [HANGMAN’S NECKBREAKER! NORTHERN EXPOSURE!] [A surging Outlaw grabs Hunter’s arm, going for the Anaconda Vice, but Hunter squirms out of it. He gets to his feet, is immediately dropped by a dropkick! Hunter is on the floor and Outlaw jumps up to the second rope.] [MOONSAULT! SHE HITS NOTHING BUT CONCRETE! HUNTER MOVED!] [Hunter gets to his feet holding his neck as Outlaw gets to her knees, shaken by the landing. The Question throws his failure into the ring, quick on her heels. James Hunter hits the ropes, but as he goes for a kick Outlaw grabs the ankle in mid-air.] [LEG LOCK!] [HUNTER NAILS HER WITH HIS FREE LEG!] [They separate and get back to their feet, the fire still burning between them. Phoebe lunges forward into a diving kick to Hunter’s shin. James is bent over and Outlaw hits a swinging neck breaker! Feebs follows up with a big leg drop to Hunter’s head. A rage comes over Outlaw and hits boot after boot into Hunter’s face. She turns him over and grabs him by the hair.] [OUTLAW BOUNCES HIS HEAD OFF THE MAT! OVER AND OVER!] [THE QUESTION IS BUSTED OPEN!] [Blood is spattered all over Hunter’s forehead as Outlaw locks in a Triangle Choke! She cranks the hold as Hunter’s eyes start to roll back in his head. He’s is fading out! The ref lifts his hand to see if he’s still conscious.] [IT DROPS ONCE!] [IT DROPS TWICE!] [IT STAYS UP THE THIRD TIME! JAMES HUNTER IS STILL IN IT!] [Using his anger, he gains the strength to lifts up Outlaw. He gets to his feet carrying Feebs.] [POWER BOMB! HUNTER JUST LAID OUTLAW OUT!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [PHOEBE KICKS OUT WITH A ROAR!] [Hunter can’t believe it. He looks like he still barely has his breath back. Both are up slowly and start to trade punches again in the center of the ring with Hunter getting the advantage. Outlaw staggers and Hunter hits the ropes. On his way back, he downs Outlaw with a running knee. He lifts her up.] [BACKBREAKER! HE ALMOST BROKE OUTLAW IN HALF!] [Hunter transitions into a reverse DDT, but Outlaw kicks her legs up, landing a knee in Hunter’s face with amazing flexibility. She backflips out of the hold.] [SUPER KICK!] [NO!] [HUNTER CAUGHT IT! HE SLAMS HER KNEE INTO THE MAT!] [SINGLE LEG BOSTON CRAB!] [Outlaw screams in pain and reaches for the ropes, but they’re out of her reach. She refuses to quit, taunting Hunter, who releases the hold. He slams the mat a few times out of anger. He drops a leg on the Outlaw’s face. A second. A third.] [Satisfied that she’s down, Hunter turns around with a grin on his face. He kicks her with his toe gently and sees that she’s not really responding. The Question lifts her up easily, hooking both of her arms in the power bomb position.] [POETIC JUSTICE!] [NO! PHOEBE FIGHTS OUT IN MIDAIR!] [NORTH BY NORTHWEST! SHE NAILS THE CODE BREAKER!] [NO!] [HUNTER LET HER FALL TO THE MAT!] [ANACONDA VICE! HE’S USING PHOEBE’S OWN MOVE!] [SHE FIGHTS FOR THE ROPES WITH ALL SHE’S GOT, BUT SHE’S IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!] [PHOEBE OUTLAW TAPS OUT TO THE HYPOCRITE NORTHERN CROSS!] [Phoebe gave it all she had tonight, but James Hunter was too strong. Even as the bell fades into the din of the crowd, we can see this issue is still unresolved.]


[The match may be over, but this issue hasn’t been settled!] [The black cloud of masked agents of Anonymous flood the ringside area, but Hunter holds up a hand to stop them. This is personal.] [THWACK!] [Phoebe Outlaw leaps with reckless abandon at the Question! The bloodied duo go toppling over the top rope as the sea of Guy Fawkes masks part for them to fight.]

“Let’s end this.”

[Feebs kicks at the kneeling Hunter, who retreats backwards up the aisle.]

“I thought you were going to end me, or was that just another one of your empty boasts?”

[Hunter dives through a dark doorway, with Phoebe rushing after him.]

“Quit running!”

[At the end of the hallway, Outlaw pushes through a set of metal double doors.] [WHOOSH!] [Outlaw barely ducked as an ax clangs off the metal door. James Hunter has death in his eyes as he looms over Outlaw, who glares up at him. She leaps up with a shot.] [CRUNCH! HUNTER USED THE HANDLE OF THE AX TO BASH OUTLAW IN THE FACE!] [Feebs spits out some blood, maybe even a tooth mixed in with it. She looks up at the Question, the rage gone from her eyes. Satisfaction has filled his.]

“Well, Phoebe, I thought you would fight me a little more.”

[She spits at his feet before looking him in the eyes, her own swelling.]

“You come at the queen, you best not miss.”

[The echoing of his words from several weeks ago seems to give Hunter pause. Nevertheless he raises his ax.]

“Do it.”

[He obliges.] [Red.] [As a pool of blood forms beneath his feet, James Hunter hoists his now-bloody ax up over his shoulder. He looks down at his work with a contented sigh before turning around and walking away.] [His job is finished.] [Phoebe Outlaw is dead.] [It’s time to go back home.]


[Two monsters face off against one another here tonight. The Hayman faces off against the one thing that can harm him. Fire.] [Scarecrow stares down Helios, seething as the Revenant keeps his distance. The bell rings and Scarecrow goes on the offensive! He rushes Helios with a massive big boot to start us off! The Revenant slams into the turnbuckle and bounces forward into Scarecrow! BACKBREAKER OVER THE KNEE! Helios lets out a gasp of pain as he rolls onto the ground.] [Scarecrow grabs Helios by his mask and flings him to the middle of the ring! Helios tries to stand but a massive! big boot to the side of the head keeps him down! Crow grabs Helios by his neck and lifts him into the air!] [BYE BYE BIRDIE!] [FLAMING KICK TO THE CHEST! Crow is forced back by the blow, a burn print on his chest. Helios collects himself and flies with a flurry of firey fists that force Scarecrow back to the ropes! A clothesline puts Crow on the Apron! Crow clings to the ropes as Helios hits the ropes at the opposite end!] [ERUPTION! BLOCKBUSTER OVER THE ROPES AND TO THE CONCRETE BELOW!] [Helios and Scarecrow land in a heap, The Revenant slowly getting to his feet and trying to catch his breath. He turns around INTO THE HAYMAKER! Crow refused to stay down and rocks Helios with a massive haymaker that sends him into the barricade! Scarecrow grabs Helios and slams him head first into the barricade before POWERSLAMMING HIM ONTO THE APRON!] [Scarecrow doesn’t look to let up as he rolls Helios into the ring and peels him off of the ground, lifting him up for THE PERCH! THE LIGHTS GO OUT!] [And fire lights the darkness.] [HELIOS TURNS INTO A BODY OF FLAMES AND SLIPS SLIPS IN FRONT OF SCARECROW! HELLFIRE! CODEBREAKER! Helios covers!] [One!] [Two!] [Three- KICK OUT! SCARECROW KICKS THE FUCK OUT!] [The lights fully come on and Helios is in shock as Scarecrow sits up, wiping ashes from himself before grabbing Helios and pulling him into a headbutt! Scarecrow refuses to give Helios an inch as he whips him into the ropes and catches him on the rebound with a massive uppercut!] [Helios looks out as Scarecrow goes to stomp on him- LEG SWEEP! HELIOS WAS PLAYING POSSUM! Scarecrow tries to scramble to his feet but a gouge to the eye keeps him on the ground! Helios mounts Crow and his fists light on fire! A FLURRY OF FLAMING FISTS RAIN DOWN UPON SCARECROW!] [The Hayman tries to defend himself from The Revenant but each blow burns off cloth and singes hay! THE LIGHTS GO OUT!] [The flames show nothing other than Helios, the Revenant getting to his feet and looking around the ring for his opponent!] [The lights come on AND SCARECROW IS BEHIND HELIOS! THE REVENANT TURNS AROUND! BYE BYE BIRDIE! Crow covers!] [One!] [Two!] [Three!] [NO! KICK OUT BY HELIOS! THE REVENANT BARELY GETS HIS SHOULDER UP IN TIME!] [Helios rolls away from Scarecrow and tries to make distance as the Hayman gets to his feet, slowly stalking his opponent as Helios uses the ropes to help himself to his feet.] [Scarecrow advances on Helios and the two trade blows! Helios slowly starts to lose the battle as he gets backed into the turnbuckle! HEADBUTT FROM HELIOS! Scarecrow is knocked back by the blow and Helios rushes behind the Hayman and hits the ropes at the far end!] [HELIOS LIGHTS HIMSELF ABLAZE AS HE LUNGES AT SCARECROW! NO HOPE! SPEAR!] [SCARECROW GOES DOWN! THE MASSIVE SPEAR SENDS HIM TO THE GROUND AND HELIOS COVERS!] [One!] [Two!] [Three!] [Helios has done it! The Revenant is beaten bad, rolling to his knees, not noticing as Scarecrow rises behind him.]


[Their match come to an end, both creatures still live the Scarecrow looming over Helios, his clothing body still singed and covered in smoke.]


[Helios looks up at Scarecrow, chuckling. Crow sneers as he wraps his hand around Helios’ throat, squeezing down, threatening to crush the Revenant’s throat.]

“You chased me down, tried to immolate me at every turn, tried to play mind games with me. Why?”

[Helios wraps his hand around Scarecrow’s arm, Crow watching as flames dance upon his tattered fabric. Unflinching, he tightens his grip and lifts Helios into the air.]

“You will not escape me.”

[Scarecrow forcefully pulls Helios’ hand from his arm, twisting it in the air. Helios looks down at Crow, still chuckling despite his position.]

“It’s obvious, isn’t it?”

[Helios wheezes as Scarecrow slams him into the nearest turnbuckle! The Monster gets eye to eye with Helios, unmoving.]

“When darkness fell and the night grew long, only one creature, one thing could thrive. You were born of darkness, and I am the torch that was meant light the way and bring you to your knees. But you simply refused to go down.”

[Scarecrow stares at Helios in confusion before the revenant turns to flames! Scarecrow steps back as the blaze crawls outside of the ring, Helios reforming near the entrance of the Tap Room.]

“You survived me, Scarecrow, but though you still stand, you will never be able to stop the inevitable. Soon the whole world will go dark.”

[Helios disappears in a spout of fire, Scarecrow merely looking on as he does.]


[Six men stand in the ring as it’s The Watchmen teaming up against the combined force of The Boogeyman, Gaia, and Nicolas Mammon!] [The bell sounds as it’s Marvolo starting this off for his team against Gaia. They tie it up in the center of the ring before Marvolo gets the better of her with a side headlock. He yanks her to the floor before releasing the hold to get to his feet with a delayed taunt hoisting up one finger!] [He gives a big grin as you can literally feel his teammates trying to warn him.] [ROLL-UP!] [Gaia’s trying to end this early!] [One…] [TWO-KICKOUT!] [#1 looks bamboozled by this as he leaps to his feet just as Gaia rakes his eyes! Marvolo’s hands flail a little bit in confusion before Gaia sweeps his legs out from underneath him before she leaps onto his head and locks in an anaconda vise! Marvolo is in trouble as he’s in the center of the ring being stretched out! He manages to get a bit of momentum as he rolls her over to get into the ropes! The referee begins to count her down, but she holds onto the hold! He gets to a three and she releases, but not before hitting a direct right hand to the side of Marvolo’s head! She yanks him to his feet and whips him towards her corner.] [TAG!] [In comes The Boogeyman!] [He literally wraps himself through the ropes before striking with a lunging punch to the midsection of Marvolo! The Real #1 is in dire straits here tonight as he’s reaching out desperately towards his teammates! The Boogeyman quickly shuts that down with a float over DDT! The Boogeyman pulls Marvolo to his feet before locking in a sleeper hold as he climbs to the second rope. He PULLS Marvolo off his feet into the air! He pulls on him again as the pain seems to be too much! He seems on the verge of tapping out! Boogeyman pulls on him again, but… MARVOLO LUNGES FORWARD WITH A FLIP TO LAND ON TOP OF THE BOOGEYMAN!] [Both men are down! Marvolo begins the crawl towards his corner and… The Boogeyman grabs his leg.] [They both get to their feet and Marvolo hits an enzuigiri! The Boogeyman is blasted backwards towards his tag team partners as Nicolas Mammon tags himself in!] [TAG!] [Marvolo lunges forward and tags in El Trebol Jr.!] [MIS JOYAS!] [Running headbutt into the crotch of Nicolas Mammon who is crying out in pain. Trebol leaps to the top second rope before lunging off the top into a springboard monkey flip as Mammon is sent careening across the ring! Gaia and The Boogeyman sense trouble! They rush into the ring!] [The Watchmen rush into the ring!] [It’s chaos in the ring as Marvolo and The Boogeyman are duking it out in one corner! Gaia is flattened instantly by a SUSHI KICK! The Sharkman nods at El Trebol Jr. as Sharkie bends down. Trebol hits the ropes and leaps onto the back of Sharkman before corkscrewing in the air to hit a moonsault onto Mammon as he tries to charge up!] [Marvolo hits a rolling heel kick to flatten The Boogeyman as all three of the opposing team are down. The Watchmen all look at each other before nodding in unity. They all three climb to a top rope and begin to get ready for a dive! Marvolo does not seem confident on this idea.] [SHARK DIVE ONTO GAIA!] [MUSHROOM STOMP FROM EL TREBOL ON MAMMON!] [MARVOLO IS PUSHED OFF THE CORNER INTO THE RINGSIDE AREA!] [The Boogeyman charges across the ring and…] [Clothesline sends The Sharkman over the top rope! El Trebol Jr. charges up to him from behind, but…] [SURPRISE!] [The Boogeyman twists and contorts his body around to hit a big discus lariat! El Trebol Jr. is blasted backwards into corner with a thud before staggering out into…] [YOUR SOUL TO TAKE!] [The gorey special is quickly transitioned into a piledriver! The Boogeyman drags Nicolas Mammon across El Trebol Jr!] [ONE…] […] [TWO…] […] [THREEE!] [The Watchmen have been defeated! Gaia gets back up as she gives The Boogeyman and Nicolas Mammon a nod as the three begin to celebrate their victory.]


[After an amazing battle, The Watchmen barely get to their feet when vines burst from within the canvas, wrapping them up inside the ring. The Sharkman, Marvolo and El Trébol find themselves trapped, unable to escape.] [Gaia steps forward, smiling.]

“You’ll never be strong enough to withstand us,” [she growls, tightening their restraints with a twist of her hand.] “Do you know why?”

[None of them can talk, so she continues.]

“It’s because there’s only three of you and three is not the magic number. Don’t you understand? The Watchmen were a group of four men with unrivalled powers. They fought off the end of times together. You’re a puzzle missing the final piece.”

[All three men look at each other, finally understanding why they could not withstand their assault this month. It all begins to make sense.]

“And now, I’m going to end you before your mission begins.”

[She closes her fist as tight as possible, strangling The Watchmen.] [Darkness.] [When the lights return, The Watchmen are gone. Gaia looks around her broken vines in shock and horror, almost in disbelief that they escaped.] [Before she can react, The Boogeyman strikes as if out of nowhere, grabbing her violently.] [YOUR SOUL TO TAKE!] [HE NAILS GAIA WITH THE PILEDRIVER!] [The Monster swivels back to his feet, grimacing with a tilted head.]

“You summoned me to your aide; bound me to your person. Your vines entered my being and wrapped around my soul. I am no-ones monster, Gaia. The Watchmen may not be complete, but their power is enough to relinquish your bonds over The Boogeyman.”

[He laughs.]

“And thus, I removed yours from them.”

[The Boogeyman stands up.]

“You will not control me any longer.”

[Static.] [Cut.]


[The Automation stands across from Jacen Novan, each staring without any motion until the bell sounds.] [Both men rush towards one another, each throwing quick right shots into the others head. Over and over! The men pummel one another over at speed. Soon enough the pace slows as TAM takes a long stretch back and throws a hard right at Novan. Novan is stunned for a moment before throwing his own hard right. TAM repeats, but is BLOCKED!] [Novan thrusts the palm of his hand deep into TAM’s chest, sending TAM stumbling back against the ropes. He takes a moment to regain his breath but Novan rushes towards him.] [TAM ducks and tosses Novan over his shoulder with a back body drop! Novan soars over the top rope and out to the floor below!] [TAM turns and looks down at his opponent, who holds his back and rolls around on the ground outside the ring. TAM steps through the ropes, standing on the ring apron. He waits patiently as Novan gets to his feet then CHARGES towards Novan! He flies through the air!] [SUPERMAN PUNCH OFF THE APRON!] [NO!] [Novan dodges the move! TAM tumbles over but rolls straight back to his feet. He turns, but Novan is waiting. DARKNESS WITHIN! A bullhammer right to the head of TAM sending him crashing to the floor! ] [Novan looks up to the turnbuckle. Surely not? He climbs to the ring apron and looks down at TAM who is sprawled on the ground below. Then back at the turnbuckle. Novan climbs without fear to the top turnbuckle, looking down at TAM on the outside of the ring! He raises his arms and SOARS through the air!] [FROG SPLASH!] [TAM SITS UP!] [TAM sat up like he was a jack-in-a-box! He was playing opossum all along! Novan splats against the hard floor of the Tap Room and screams in pain, grasping at his ribs.] [TAM turns and looks at Novan who is still writing in pain on the ground. He gets to his feet and scoops Novan up, whipping him into the barricade! Novan remains standing, his arms draped over the steal barricade. TAM sprints towards him, flying through the air!] [BODY AVALANCHE!] [A big splash into his opponent who then slumps to the ground, his arms covering his ribs once more. TAM picks Novan up and rolls him under the bottom rope and into the ring before sliding under the bottom rope himself. TAM towers over Novan and STOMPS into the ribs–NO!] [Novan catches the boot! He twists the ankle and wraps his legs around TAM’s leg, taking him to the ground with a unique leg sweep.] [Novan twists the leg at the ankle, locking in a reverse leg lock! Desperation tactics from The Chosen One!] [TAM crawls quickly to the ropes to break the hold! He rolls to his back and grasps at his knee whilst Novan takes the respite to recover before dragging himself up to his feet using the ropes.] [TAM is back to his feet too Both men look across the ring at one another once more.] [TAM swings at Novan, Novan ducks! He shoves TAM into the ropes. Popping him up in a pop-up spinebus–NO! TAM kicks a foot into Novan’s chest, sending HIM stumbling. TAM lands on his feet as Novan twists and hits the ropes with his chest. TAM grabs Novan from behind, raising him into a Gorilla Press Spinebuster position!] [MECHANICAL MAN STOPP–NO!] [Novan slides out of TAM’s hands and down his back! BAM! A stiff elbow to the back of TAM’s head, then Novan spins him around, whips him into the turnbuckle, pops him up!] [PATH TO BALANCE! Spinebuster into an Anaconda Vice!] [TAM TAPS! TAM TAPS OUT!] [Novan picks up a hard fought victory tonight and raises his arms up in vict–TAM FROM BEHIND! TAM hits Novan with a LOW BLOW! Novan is DOWN as TAM towers over him…]


[For the past two weeks, Jacen Novan has escaped the clutches of The Automaton’s rampage by the skin of his teeth. Now, as the Automaton towers over him, it seems that his luck has run out. He has nowhere to go, no escape in sight. The Automaton reaches down and grabs him by the scruff of his robes and lifts him into the air with one hand around the neck.]

“Hostile target… You have been warned. You are in possession of a stolen memory chip. My directive is to retrieve the chip at all costs. Assessment. Lethal force may be required.”

[The Automaton tightens his grip on Novan’s neck, receiving a gargle of discomfort in reply. Novan holds his hands up, as if surrendering and chokes out what words he can through the strangulation.]

“You… never… chip.”

[The Automaton stops, processing the words to form sense. When it cannot make sense of the request, it loosens the grip on Novan’s throat and lets him crumple to the mat.]

“Unable to determine dialogue. Repeat.”

[Novan holds his throat, massaging it as large red bruises begin to form around the hood of his robes. His voice sounds hoarse.]

“If you kill me, you will never find your chip.”

[The Automaton picks him up once more, having understood this time.]

“Hostile target forgets that I have already tracked the memory chip and know it to be in your possession. My trackers suggest that you are still currently in possession of the chip. Therefore, your life is meaningless to my directive.”

[Through the choking, Novan fishes his hand inside his robes and retrieves a small, black object. Smaller than a fingernail. He holds it up between his thumb and forefinger in front of the Automaton’s face. Instantly, the Automaton drops him again and Novan hits the mat harder this time.]

“Where is the remainder of the chip?”

[Novan claws himself to his feet, backing away from the Automaton.]

“Computer programmes, machinery… It is all built on one constant concept. Predictability. You see TAM, you are far too predictable. Did you really think that I would bring your memory chip with me? Of course not. Any human would be able to tell you that – it is an element of the grey areas of life that you cannot understand in your current state. All I needed to do was to bring the tracking chip, enough for you to think I still had the memory chip in my possession. It is safe and secure.”

[The Automaton moves to strike its killing blow but stops as Novan utters his next sentence.]

“Now that its tracker has been removed, I am the only being that can tell you where it is. Kill me and you will never find it. All those classified memories, gone.”

[The Automaton freezes, unable to process what its next directive is given the circumstances. Novan exits the ring, just to be safe before outlining his directive.]

“I will find a way to heal your virus, TAM. I will find a way to retrieve the true memories from your chip. Memories that can prove who you truly are. My directive… Is retrieval. Retrieval of the TAM I know, piece by piece. I will beat this virus, by Ashla.”

[As he makes his statement, he pulls back his own sleeve to reveal his infected arm, as if to symbolise how their afflictions are linked. Novan exits, leaving The Automaton to stand watching him go; still unable to proceed with its hunt. Even in its infected state, it realises. It needs Novan to get back the memory chip.]


[Captain Zappa.] [The eyes are all we can see of him. Black swirls that seem almost like a galaxy filled with tiny stars on in it’s universe. Alas, he blinks as the camera fades away to show him sitting in a chair, seemingly restless as another figure steps into picture.] [DTR.] [His grin is from ear-to-ear as he sees this infected Zappa sitting before him. He walks up slowly with his hands out in front of him as Zappa eyes him suspiciously. The darkness covering up nearly everything except for the two in the room.]

“My son, you have found your way home at last. I welcome you to your new Family.”

[DTR grins as he steps forward and places a hand on his shoulder. Zappa seems a little hesitant but he lets it happen.]

“I’m sure you have many questions about the future may hold, but don’t worry. I will tell you everything you want to know and more.”

“More lies from you, DTR?”

[DTR turns to see Solomon Rhodes standing behind Captain Zappa with a hand on his other shoulder. Despite the darkened state of the room, Rhodes nearly exudes light.]

“You’ve failed him, Solomon. He’s killed one of your men, Rhodes, and he’ll gladly do it again if tempted.”

[Solomon Rhodes looks at Zappa who is staring straight at DTR.]

“You have a choice here, Solomon. Will you choose to put your friend out of his misery and end his infection or will you just lock him away again and see how that goes this time?”

[Solomon Rhodes takes a step back, removing his hand before unsheathing his sword and looking at DTR and Zappa.]

“I think my choice is clear.”

[Solomon Rhodes turns to Zappa who is just staring at him. BEFORE RHODES TURNS AND LUNGES AT DTR!] [DTR is able to dodge out of the way for a moment before Solomon Rhodes is blindsided from behind! Zappa lifts up the blade and looks at DTR who just shakes his head.]

“You don’t want to do that. Not if you want the answers for your questions about The Virus, the end of it all… anything.”

[Zappa throws the sword away as he looks at both Solomon and DTR with a look of confusion before leaving out of the room in a furious state.] [DTR looks down at Solomon Rhodes who is beginning to come to.]

“Step four… nearly complete.”


[Three men, caught in a battle between who is trustworthy comes to a head tonight!] [The bell sounds as DTR, Solomon Rhodes, and Captain Zappa begin to circle around. After all of the hardships Zappa has had to deal with this month, this match should help him in making a decision. Solomon Rhodes blindsides Zappa from behind as he slams down into the mat as a measure of evening the score between the two from earlier. DTR rushes forward to lock up with Solomon Rhodes to which Rhodes manages to pull out the victory in that small exchange before locking in a headlock on DTR. A side headlock is sapping the strength from DTR so early on.] [But Zappa kicks Rhodes right in the side of his head as he falls away. Zappa helps DTR to his feet before moving back towards Solomon Rhodes. DTR whips him around and is telling him something. He points at Zappa and points at the mat. Zappa does not seem to appreciate the idea of laying down for DTR yet he gets down on one knee!] [DARKWISH!] [The superkick hits flush on his bearded chin as he is blasted backwards and rolls out of the ring. Solomon Rhodes looks at DTR with his eyes narrowed as he knows that DTR is the source of all of this heartbreak and turmoil. Solomon Rhodes rushes towards him to hit an enzuigiri before hitting an arm drag on The Virus. DTR staggers to his feet after the armdrag only to be hooked by Rhodes in a beautiful Northern Lights suplex for a pin!] [ONE…] [….] [TWO…] […] […] [KICKOUT!] [DTR is in a bad way here as he scrambles towards the ropes on his butt. Solomon Rhodes rushes towards him, but DTR grabs his trunks and pulls him through the ropes and to the floor! DTR is the only one left in the ring as he takes a moment to catch his breath. Meanwhile Zappa is back to his feet and sees Solomon Rhodes getting back to his feet as well. Rhodes looks at Zappa and pleads with him to see reason.] [Zappa is hesitating! He seems legitimately confused on just who to fight at the moment. Rhodes points at DTR who is taking a breather in the ring. Zappa looks at Rhodes and nods before rolling into the ring. DTR looks surprised and a little irritated as he pulls himself to his feet. He grabs DTR’s arm and whips him! However, instead of whipping him anywhere, he pulls DTR back towards himself for a snap, inverted DDT! HICCUP IN THE MATRIX!] [Captain Zappa gets back to his feet and is begging DTR to do the same. Zappa picks up DTR, pulls him between his legs backwards and leans back for… THE LAUGHING HYPERDRIVE! Zappa goes for a cover!] [One…] [….] […..] [TWO!] [….] [….] [BROKEN UP BY SOLOMON!] [Captain Zappa looks up at Solomon Rhodes with a look of intensity as he can’t believe Solomon Rhodes did that. Rhodes is trying to explain that it’s every man for himself. Zappa nods to himself. Rhodes steps towards DTR, but Zappa whips him around and lifts him up.] [INTERGALACTIC INERTIA!] [A running fireman’s carry into the corner turnbuckle connects on Solomon Rhodes as the eyes of Solomon are fully black with the clouds swirling around inside. Zappa doesn’t go for a cover! LIGHTS OUT LEG DROP!] [MISSES!] [A huge leg drop misses as DTR rolls out of the way very quickly leaving Solomon Rhodes and Captain Zappa standing alone in the ring. Double dropkick to the knees from Rhodes before he leaps up onto the second turnbuckle…] [RED CROSS!] [Solomon Rhodes looks sorrowful as he takes the pin on Zappa.] [ONE…] […] [TWO…] […] [THREE!] [Solomon Rhodes has proven that light can indeed be successful here tonight despite The Longest Night being so powerful.]


[In the backstage area, sounds of pain emanate from a nearby room. Agonizing groans and lumbering movements can be heard as someone shuffles about inside.] [We enter to find Mike Lane, bleeding profusely from a wound on his forehead, two black eyes and plenty of blemishes, holding The Book of the Damned in his possession. Once he’s finished reading, he finally takes a seat, carefully and slowly, arching his back in pain.] [Flutter.] [The Scarecrow.]

“What are you doing?” [The Hayman demands to know, standing somewhat distanced from the book and Lane.] “Do you understand the power that book wields?”

[Lane nods.]

“I do, but I don’t have a choice. Lux Bellator told me that my salvation was in this book and he was right; it is. I’ve read every page, every spell, every story, every notion, every word. I have to take care of it, Scarecrow. It’s the only way. But I won’t do it alone. There’s something you have to know.”

[The Scarecrow looks perplexed, however, he listens intently.]

“Your creator is immortal,” [Lane says with an intensity.] “But she isn’t untouchable. There’s a way to stop her, Scarecrow; and she must be stopped. If we’re to stand a chance of saving the world, then you have to do it.”

“I understand,” [The Scarecrow says with a nod.] “And I understand what you have to do, Michael.”

[Mike offers a hand that The Hayman accepts, pulling him to his feet. They look at each other, these two hardened veterans, and nod. Lane takes a deep breath and continues.]

“The end begins tonight.”



[Sins past come back to haunt a conflicted hero as his former ally tears his heart in two. Will Jake get revenge for his brother or will the clown be downed by his own demons?] [We slowly fade in on the same disgusting room of death that closed the last VHS. The Clown Prince seated in the decaying wooden chair, the VHS title cradled in his waist. Footsteps echo behind him as Jake doesn’t look up, speaking out with an almost lifeless voice] [‘Why?’] [Sadistic laughter fills the room, Jake shuddering at it’s pitch as a pale hand grips the back of the chair. Jake uttering out a gutteral scream before leaping off the chair and swinging the title around. Death catches it with ease, tossing the championship aside as he lifts Jake up with on hand around his throat, a sadistic smile creeping onto his face as he pulls Jake close, a sickening headbutt drawing blood down Jeckel’s forehead before Death tosses him right through the chair, breaking it into pieces!] [Jake slowly sits up, pieces of wood embedded in his skin as thin trickles of blood run down him. Death slowly stalking forward, kicking a heavy piece of wood away as he goes to pull Jake up..] [JAKE SLAMS A PLANK OF WOOD WITH A NAIL RIGHT INTO DEATH’S CHEEK!] [Death staggers back slightly, reaching up and feeling the nail in his jaw before tearing it out! Black bile oozes down the cheek of Death who just shakes his head before drilling Jake with a stiff boot to the jaw that may well have broken his jaw. Jake indeed spits out a glob of blood alongside a few teeth as Death lifts him up to his feet, a pair of uppercuts to the chest nearly caving it in. Jake spits blood into Death’s eyes, blinding him for a moment as Jake grips Death around the waist, running forward] [RIGHT INTO A NEARBY BRICK WALL! The stone crumples from their impact but doesn’t break as Jake mounts Death, drilling him with heavy lefts and rights, black bile oozing from the mouth of Creeping Death who has a wide sadistic smile etched on his face. Jake stops for a moment, unnerved by Death before rearing back with another right hand] [DEATH CATCHES IT, CRUSHING THE BONES IN JAKE’S HAND AS JECKEL YELLS OUT IN PAIN! Jake staggers to his feet, eyes watering in pain as he barely sees the massive elbow that dims his lights out. Death powers the limp Jake up] [BRAINBUSTER! A BRAINBUSTER RIGHT ON THE FUCKING CONCRETE as Jake goes limp, lying in a pool of his own blood. Death steps over him, grabbing the fallen VHS title as he places it over his shoulder before going to walk out] [BUT JAKE GRABS HIM BY THE SHOULDER STOPPING HIM IN HIS TRACKS! Death looks down, the smile fading from his face as he tosses the title aside, Jake scowling at him.] [‘I’m not done yet fuckwad’] [Death spins around with a massive right but Jake ducks under, snapping forward with a stiff headbutt that staggers Death as he hoists Death up into the air, running forward] [RIGHT THROUGH THE BRICK WALL! The pair crash through it this time, a cloud of dust and particals flood the air. Both men slowly rise to their feet as Jake grips Death by the throat trying to choke the life out of him, Death scrambling around trying to find something to break Jake’s hold before clutching onto something solid] [AND CRASHING JACK’S HEAD INTO JAKE! Jake staggers back, spitting out blood as he notices his brother’s head in Death’s hand, fury in Jake’s eyes he rushes forward into a kick to the bollocks before Death spins him around, RIPCORD…JAKE DUCKS, FUCK OFF! Death crashes to the floor, dropping Jack’s head as Jake mounts him, drilling him with heavy lefts and rights with fury in his eyes. ‘This’ LEFT IS RIGHT For LEFT JACKIE! RIGHT! That last right delivered a crack that echoed throughout the room, black bile covering the floor where Death is as Creeping Death is completely out] [Jake Jeckel does it here tonight, his fury over his brother’s death proving Creeping Death’s undoing as he retains the VHS title tonight. But looking down at what remains of his brother, you have to wonder…was it worth it?]


[Sat in the middle of a bloodied room full of vicersa and terror, Jake Jeckel and Creeping Death look at each other in exhaustion from across the room.] [They’ve almost killed each other here tonight.]

“How does it feel?” [The deep and terrifying voice of Creeping Death asks.] “To lose the only thing that made you human.”

[Jake doesn’t respond.]

“How does it feel, Jeckel? How does it feel to be wallowing in the flesh and blood of someone you loved? First Calypso and now Jack. Everyone is deserting you, aren’t they?”

“What do you want from me, Corey?” [Jake says, his eyes fluttering to a near close.] “Despair? Depression? Death?”

[He laughs.] “Amongst other things.”

“Do you want me to apologize for what I did to you?” [Jeckel asks with a raised eyebrow. Death looks over at him, confused.] “Is that it? I tore your life apart, didn’t I? I used you to become the greatest wrestler in the IWF history. Whilst your meaningless existence meandered in meek battles over insignificant championships, I stood upon the precipice of greatness and it was I who relegated you to that fate.”

[Creeping Death stands up, becoming agitated by what he’s hearing.]

“You confided in me your secret and I exposed it for all the glory I could muster. I destroyed careers in your name and propelled myself to heights you’ve never even dreamed of. Isn’t that why you run back to the WCF, Corey? Isn’t that why you accepted David’s offer to join his Family?”

[The Juggalo begins to laugh violently, coughing and spluttering in between.]

“When all along, you know he’d rather I joined it instead.”

[Death reaches down, pulling him from the floor in a heap. As he dangles there, Death’s strength unmatched, he laughs in his face, his teeth bloodied.]

“Go on, do it,” [Jake begs with a laugh.] “Finish what I started all those years ago.”

[He grimaces, holding onto his throat tightly.] [And then lets him go. Jake drops back to the floor, laughing all the while.]

“It would be easy for me to snap your neck and end this right now,” [Death remarks, walking away. He stops suddenly, placing it foot onto something we can barely see.] “But where’s the fun in that? You’ll have your Judgement Day, Jake. Mark my words.”

[Creeping Death backheels something that flies in the direction of Jake.] [It’s the head of Jack Jeckel.] [The Juggalo looks at it, tears slowly forming in his eyes as we fade to static.] [Cut.]


[These two men have a long history, but it’s never been as personal for Jacob Phoenix and Jensen Cussen as it is now. Both men are literally linked by the blood-mark of Phoenix. Will Jensen be able to fight off the Nightwatch’s quest to avenge Stephanie Cussen?] [Jacob Phoenix charges out of the gate and Cussen is quick to counter!] [SPRINGBOARD… CURTAIN’S CLOSER… NO! PHOENIX LANDS ON HIS FEET!] [SUPERKICK TO THE BACK OF CUSSEN’S HEAD!] [Cussen falls flat on his back and Phoenix hits the ropes, going for a splash. Cussen gets his knees up in a bad landing for Phoenix as he clutches his stomach. Vengeance is back to his feet, throwing Phoenix on his shoulders, but Jacob slides out.] [ENZIGURI!] [The pace stays fast as Phoenix goes to the top rope. He waits for Cussen to get up and leaps…] [DIVING DDT! NO! CUSSEN CAUGHT HIM! BACKDROP TO OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR!] [Phoenix is writhing in pain on the outside as Cussen goes to join him on the floor of the Tap Room. Cussen goes to pick Jacob up, but the Nightwatch slides through his arms and drops him with a neck breaker. Phoenix gets up on the apron as Cussen begins to stir.] [DIVING DDT! NO! CUSSEN WAS READY AGAIN! HE NAILS THE HAIR-TRIGGER JAWBREAKER!] [Cussen tosses Phoenix into the ring and drops down for a cover.] [ONE…] [PHOENIX GETS HIS FOOT ON THE ROPES!] [Cussen is enraged and starts stomping on Phoenix’s head, letting his Vengeance be felt by the torrential downpour of boot. He stops, grabbing Jacob and locking in the Arm-Trap Crossface! Desperate Justice! But it was ill-planned as Phoenix just grabs the ropes again. Dragging his foe to his feet by the hair, Cussen puts him in the suplex position.] [SLINGSHOT SUPLEX INTO A TWISTING BRAINBUSTER! THE GUILT TRIP LEVELS PHOENIX!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [PHOENIX KICKS OUT!] [Cussen kicks the ropes in anger before pulling Phoenix back up. Yelling something intelligible, Cussen slaps the Nightwatch across the face. This seems to the flames of the Phoenix as Jacob nails him with a right and a left. Cussen recovers and the two men lock up in the center of the ring.] [Neither man has the advantage as they try to move their foe into a precarious position. Finally, Cussen seems over it, sliding behind to the German Suplex position. He flings Phoenix over his head, but Jacob lands on his feet. Cussen turns slowly.] [DOUBLE KNEE TO THE FACE! CUSSEN IS ROCKED!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [CUSSEN POWERS OUT!] [Phoenix lifts Jensen up, but gets a back elbow for his trouble. Phoenix finds himself in a world of hurt as Jensen lashes out with a series of kicks. The intensity ramps up as the train keeps moving.] [FLYING KNEE!] [JENSEN SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE ROPES!] [INFINITE CHAOS!] [NO!] [PHOENIX WAS THERE FIRST!] [PHOENIX FOREARM! PHOENIX FOREARM TO JENSEN CUSSEN!] [But both men are now down. Phoenix doesn’t have enough to make the cover. Instead, both men seem to retreat to their own corner, slowly pulling themselves up. We’re at a stalemate here. The two men charge at each other, but Phoenix stops. Drop toe hold takes Cussen down!] [CROSS ARMBREAKER ON CUSSEN!] [Vengeance fights for the ropes, but he’s in the middle of the ring. The wily veteran fights through the agony to work Phoenix into a pinning predicament.] [ONE…] [PHOENIX EASILY KICKS OUT!] [But Jacob has to release the hold. Both men slowly climb to their feet, at equal footing. They charge once again. Phoenix ducks a clothesline, but Jensen was ready.] [BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA! SUPER KICK OUT OF NOWHERE!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [Jensen Cussen has foiled his nemesis here tonight, but this fight is far from over.]


[Adrenaline running high, Jacob Phoenix and Jensen Cussen remain fighting even as they come to their knees. The bell has rung, but the war is not over. Rights and lefts fly as the two men get back to their feet.]

“This is all your fault, Jacob.” [Cussen taunts.] “You put us here. All the dead are on your hands.”

[Phoenix is angered, but Cussen grabs him.] [HEADBUTT!] [Jacob Phoenix is busted open! The blood is already forming a crimson mask. Cussen is not happy at this development.]

“No.” [He mutters.] [Phoenix only sees red as he roars out in anger. Cussen, the mark placed upon him by Phoenix beginning to appear, starts to backpedal.] [Right!] [Left!] [Forearm!] [Cussen is battered and beaten across the length of the ring as both men are becoming covered in Jacob’s blood. With every blood-soaked strike, Cussen seems to recoil in an unworldly agony. We’ve seen how Phoenix’s blood interacts with the Virus, and it’s on full display now.]

“You’re wrong. I played my part, and I owe the world for that. But I’m not the one who did this.”

[HEADBUTT!] [Jensen goes to his knees, getting a shower of blood as Phoenix towers over him. Cussen sneers at his nemesis, but as more blood drips down, he seems to be shaken. His hands go to his head as his whole body seems to shake and lose its rigidity. Phoenix looks down at him, trying to understand. When Cussen looks back up, the eyes that meet Jacob’s are not the ones that just fought him.]

“Jacob?” [The weak voice says.] “Finish it. Kill me.”

[Phoenix wavers.]


[This is why he came back. This is why Jacob Phoenix has been on a war path for months. But in his moment of victory, in the moment of doing everything he said he was going to do, he wavers. This is the real Jensen Cussen staring back up at him, begging for death.] [Yet he wavers.]

“DO IT!”

[At that gutteral scream from Jensen, Phoenix grabs him by the neck.] [LOW BLOW!] [Phoenix drops to his knees as Cussen slides out of the ring. Vengeance looks over the situation, seeing himself covered in blood, before taking a retreat. Meanwhile, Phoenix comes up to a knee, trying to decide what he just saw.] [Was that a ploy to escape death?] [Or did Jensen Cussen break free?]


[The Rewind Championship is on the line as Cael Gable stares across the ring at Isaac Danvers.] [The bell sounds as Isaac Danvers walks up to Cael Gable as he looks down at the Olympic Champion. Danvers’ hands wrap around the throat of Gable as he forces him back into the corner! Gable is trying to remove the hands, but Isaac Danvers is the more powerful of the two! Gable begins kicking the knee out from beneath Danvers, but Isaac doesn’t seem even bothered by the stiff kicks! Danvers releases one hand and chops the chest of Gable as he slips down into a seated position. Danvers begins stomping on Gable in the corner!] [Isaac Danvers takes a few steps back and charges forward for a big boot to the face! Gable manages to pull himself out from underneath the ropes! Gable gets to his feet on the outside as Danvers just glares down at him from inside of the ring.] [Cael Gable gulps.] [Isaac Danvers slowly, stoically steps out of the ring without moving his glare from Cael Gable. Cael Gable charges him! The Olympian sees an opening and knocks the legs out from underneath Isaac Danvers as soon as he steps onto the apron! The gargantuan Revenant falls hard to the apron before rolling to the outside floor!] [The crowd is on their feet!] [Cael Gable is feeding off their energy as he takes a few steps away and gets into a lowered stance as he waits for his mental invader to get to his feet. Isaac Danvers slowly pulls himself up to his feet as Cael Gable charges!] [THE GOLD RU-NO!] [Two HUGE hands wrap themselves around the throat of Cael Gable as he’s LIFTED mid-charge into the air! Gable’s legs are flailing as Danvers turns and… THROWS HIM ONTO THE APRON! Back-first, Gable falls to the floor with his back arched. The referee has gotten a count up to seven before Danvers rolls into the ring and back out to reset the count.] [The Modern Day Plague Doctor spots the steel steps. He pulls the two parts apart and sets the top part back down. He turns his eerie glare back to Cael Gable before stalking towards him. He grabs Gable by his leg and drags him, horror filmesque, towards the steel steps.] [He lifts up the top part before sticking Gable’s HEAD between the two steel pieces! The crowd is gasping as Gable’s head is pinned between the two steel pieces of the steps! Isaac Danvers climbs up onto the apron and draws a thumb across his throat!] [Is this how he’s going to take the head of Gable as his trophy?!] [HE RUNS ACROSS THE APRON BEFORE LEAPING FOR A MOONSTOMP!] [….] [….] [….] [GABLE MOVES! HE JUST SAVED HIS OWN NECK!] [Danvers legs slam down on the steps as he staggers away in pain! Cael Gable rolls to his feet before slapping his head to seemingly wake himself up!] [GOLD RUSH!] [The spear hits as Isaac Danvers is thrown over his shoulders to the hard floor outside! Cael Gable hears the count at five and rolls into the ring! He’s in preservation mode here!] [SEVEN!] [Isaac Danvers is in pain on the outside!] [EIGHT!] [The Monster is beginning to stir.] [NINE!] [Isaac Danvers’s gloved hand appears on the apron.] [TEN!] [NO! ISAAC DANVERS LUNGES INTO THE RING JUST BEFORE THE COUNT!] [Cael Gable doesn’t hesitate! He charges forward and begins to rain in the kicks trying to keep the monster down! The crowd is coming unglued! Cael Gable climbs to the top rope and stretches out his hands.] [Will this be the end?!] [THE GOLD STANDARD!] [A shooting star press hits him hard as Cael Gable hooks his legs!] [ONE…] [….] [TWO…] [….] [THRE-POWER OUT!] [Isaac Danvers just pressed Cael Gable off of him! Gable looks horrified! Isaac Danvers begins to rise to his feet!] [Gable springs off the second rope and turns for a European Uppercut!] [THE GOLDEN PARAC-] [THE CURE!] [The elbow just catches Cael Gable in mid-air as he’s knocked out off the air! Gable hits the mat and rolls over twice before coming to a stop as Isaac Danvers folds his arms over his chest.] [ONE…] [….] [TWO…] [….] [THREE!] [WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION!] [NOOOOOO!] [A FOOT ON THE ROPE! GABLE MANAGED TO GET A FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE!] [Danvers gets back to his feet, tilting his head. He grabs Gable and drags him up violently, pulling him close and OLYMPIC SLAM! WHERE THE HELL DID THAT COME FROM!? THAT WAS OUT OF NO-WHERE! CAEL SCRAMBLES INTO THE COVER!] [ONE…] [….] [TWO…] [….] [THREE!] [Cael Gable retains! How the hell did he manage that? After all the psychological warfare, The Champion retains in one hell of a hard fought match here at the Long Night.]


[Cael Gable climbs down from his celebration on the middle turnbuckle, clutching at the straight jacket he has obtained during victory. He turns to see Isaac Danvers standing in front of him. On one side of the ring, HELIOS. On the other PROTEUS. The revenants slowly begin to step through the ropes when BAM! From behind! ISAAC DANVERS! Danvers has assaulted Cael Gable with a pipe!] [Gable lies in a heap on the ground, his head busted wide open at the crown. A few moments pass and Cael drags himself up to a kneeling position, still surrounded by the 3 men in the ring. He looks up at Isaac Danvers who towers over him. He now has the straight jacket in hand. Danvers points his long index finger at Gable. Gable begins SHAKING! His body feels cold as his entire frame shudders. A line of blood is drawn across his forehead! Blood drips down Gable’s face as his scalp opens up and peels itself backwards. His skull is exposed and begins to crack like an egg and fall away, revealing his BRAIN!] [Danvers drops his finger and Cael collapses to the floor. Danvers, with some difficulty, locks Cael Gable into the straight jacket! Gable’s arms are shackled around his body and behind his back.] [Danvers yanks Gable to his knees and places his right hand on the MIND of Cael Gable. Danvers’ head flings backwards and he inhales deeply. As he does a fresh skull grows over the brain of Cael Gable, then a new layer of skin crawls its way over the bone, leaving Gable bald, but otherwise unscathed.] [Gable’s eyes open. Black.]

“Adriano, Never Dead Dan, and now, finally, the MIND of CAEL GABLE is MINE!”

[Danvers somehow looks bigger now. Stronger. More POWERFUL than ever.] [Cael crawls over to his masters leg, and leans his head against Danvers’ thigh. And SMILES.] [Danvers, Crowley, Helios and Proteus raise their arms in the air.] [Cut.]


[Darkness is everywhere, and these two combatants will do battle inside of The Underworld for the power!] [Ordell Terminus and Lee Crowley stand in the darkness of The Underworld only a few feet apart and a grin has spread across the face of the King of The Underworld and Ring King. Exactly where we left them last week. A moment passes as both men seem to be waiting for the other to strike first. Ordell yells out before lunging forward with his shield still in hand.] [SHIELD BASH!] [Lee Crowley is knocked back a foot before Ordell lunges forward again with another strike from his shield. Only this time, Lee is able to plant himself a little more to endure the blow. Crowley turns and, in one fluid motion, sweeps the legs out from underneath Ordell! He tumbles to the dirt floor of The Underworld as he rolls out of the way of a big stomp from Lee!] [He rolls to his feet and pulls up the shield to block a big punch from Lee Crowley! It clangs off the shield as Lee backs up shaking his hand in pain as he looks irritated at Ordell Terminus.] [Terminus stands tall with his shield out in front of him as that entire exchange seems to have restarted now. Lee rushes forward and grabs the shield as this game of tug of war begins! Ordell tries to bash him, but Crowley is too close to the shield to be hit by it. Instead, Lee, whilst holding onto the shield, spins around to hit a kick right to the back of Terminus’ head! He staggers forward as Lee hits…] [SHOCK THERAPY!] [The spear takes him to the ground as Lee is quick to grab the shield and yank it from the arm of Terminus and discus throw it away. He turns back to Ordell with a grin.]

“There’s nothing to protect you now.”

[SAND TO THE EYES!] [Lee is blindsided by the dirt flung into his eyes as Ordell Terminus is not above using these tactics to reclaim control of The Underworld! Terminus lunges forward before hitting a huge uppercut to flatten Lee to the ground. He staggers over to him and mounts him before looking down at him with disgust. Punches begin raining down from Ordell Terminus before Lee even has a chance to cover himself up! Ten or twelve straight rights and lefts before Lee is able to sneak a hand through a put a thumb into the eye of Ordell!] [Terminus staggers backwards clutching at his eye as Lee slowly gets up. Lee smirks at Ordell before running forward and leaping into the air…] [CHELSEA GRIN!] [The spinning heel kick hits hard as Ordell Terminus is knocked flat to the dirt and Lee looks down at his prey with a grin. He lunges onto his body and begins raking at his eyes, punching at his face, and basically throwing whatever he can at the downed Gateway to Greatness. Ordell Terminus isn’t moving after a moment or two as Lee Crowley staggers to his feet and begins to walk away. He disappears into the darkness for a moment as only Ordell Terminus’ chest moving up and down can be seen.] [Lee comes back into picture clutching the shield that Ordell Terminus had with him as he cannot control his excitement here. He brings the edge of the shield down across the chest of Terminus who sputters out a moan. Lee holds it there as he leans on it.]

“Thank you for this little toy!”

[Lee removes the shield and takes a few steps back as he seems to be preparing for something big as a grin spreads across his face.] [Ordell Terminus staggers to his feet as Lee Crowley rushes towards him and…] [SHIELD BASHES HIM!] [Ordell hits the ground as Lee raises the shield high and begins BASHING Ordell’s head in with it! He’s not responding as red blood begins to pool around his head after the third or fourth brutal shot from Lee Crowley!] [Lee Crowley gets back to his feet and throws the shield away. He smiles down at his decimated victim.]


[After that violent match, Ordell Terminus somehow pulls himself up and kneels bloodied before the King of The Underworld. Crowley surveys his beaten opponent, a grimace smeared across his dastardly face.]

“You fought valiantly,” [Crowley says breathlessly.] “But a mere mortal cannot defeat the King of The Underworld. These gates cannot be closed, Ordell.”

[He looks up, spitting blood at the feet of Crowley.]

“I started this and I’ll be the one to finish it, Crowley.”

[The King laughs, looking at the blood on his boots.]

“No, you won’t.”

[Suddenly, Crowley pulls a knife from within his waistband.]

“You can’t kill me,” [Terminus spews.] “I have Janus on my side.”

[The King laughs, stabbing the knife through his throat. It pierces out the other side, blood dripping from the blade. Ordell grabs at his throat as Lee drags it back through, kicking him violently in the chest to the floor.] [Ordell spits up blood as the wound in his throat leaks crimson where he lays. His eyes slowly fade, with Lee stood over him.]

“You killed him, didn’t you?” [The King says with a big smile.] “Just like I thought you would. There goes your immortality, friend. Never fear, it shan’t be gone forever.”

[Terminus passes away, right there in front of him, gurgling until his last fateful breath. Crowley drops his knife and closes his eyes, lifting his arms slowly into the air. The soul of Ordell Terminus leaves his body, but can’t escape to heaven – the pull is just too great. Lee Crowley captures it, pulling it in close before thrusting it forward.] [The soul vanishes.]

“Wait for it,” [Crowley says with a wink.] “Just wait for it.”

[Thunderous footsteps approach from a distance. A revenant steps forward, wearing a black hood, a black face mask and a unique attire.] [He stops just before the King, bending a knee at his feet.] [Crowley puts his hand out, placing it on the Revenants shoulder.]

“Welcome back, Ordell Terminus; take your place beside the King as his trusty Aion, master of time.”

[Aion looks up at him with dead eyes.] “Yes, my lord.”



[Tonight, we have a father out for revenge against the woman who has seemingly taken everything from him. Mother is ready to take everything from Brent Kersh. Can he prevent her wicked ways and get revenge for the damage that has come to his daughter or will she snuff him out? We find out next!] [DING! DING! Brent Kersh is hot out of the gates delivering right after right to Mother! She is backed into the corner and he is not letting up! Mother rakes the eyes and locks in a sleeper hold! Kersh is clutching at his throat! He is trying to break the hold! He grabs a rope but she doesn’t let go! The ref starts to count! One…Two…Three…Four…she is forced to let go! She doesn’t let go for long! She starts delivering knees to the abdomen of Kersh! He shoves her off of him! She charges right back full speed ahead!] [BACK BODY DROP BY KERSH!] [MOTHER FALLS HARD ON THE FLOOR!] [WHAT A MOVE TO STOP THAT RELENTLESS ASSAULT!] [KERSH CLIMBS ON THE APRON!] [FLYING ELBOW OFF THE APRON!] [He stays on top of her! Mounted headbutts flying at her! She is getting rocked! No! She catches the head and turns it into a triangle choke! Brent Kersh looks like he might be fading! Mother is cackling as she holds on and is delivering elbows to the top of his head! He is struggling as the ref is starting to count them out! One…Two…Three…Four…Five…Six…Seven…Eight…she lets go and slides back in the ring! Kersh is hot on her tails! She starts stomping on him on his way into the ring! Mother is laughing wickedly with every stomp! The ref pulls her off of Kersh! Bad idea…] [BLACK MIST INTO THE FACE OF THE REF!] [HE IS BLINDED AND TRYING TO CALL FOR THE BELL!] [HAPPILY EVER AFTER!] [HE IS KNOCKED OUT BY THAT VICIOUS KINSHASA KNEE FROM MOTHER!] [Brent Kersh blindsides Mother with a big boot! She rolls out of the ring but Kersh charges after her! Brent Kersh hits a BASEBALL SLIDE SENDING MOTHER INTO THE BARRICADE! You can teach an old dog new tricks! He slides out of the ring! She charges him into the barricade! She stays on him swinging some wild punches! He comes right back with them! Both of them swinging lefts and rights at each other! Neither of them getting an advantage! Kersh is finally overpowering her! His power makes her drop to a knee! A sly grin covers her face!] [LOW BLOW BY MOTHER!] [BRENT KERSH CRUMPLES UP IN PAIN!] [SHE RIPS UP THE MAT RIGHT NEXT TO HIM REVEALING THE CONCRETE BELOW!] [SHE GRABS A HOLD OF HIS HEAD!] [DDT TO THE CONCRETE FLOOR!] [BRENT KERSH IS BUSTED WIDE OPEN!] [Mother is not done yet! She grabs a chair! She is relentless beating his head in with the steel chair! His face is becoming a crimson mask! He has to be done! No ref is out here to call it! She mounts him! Vicious rights to the cut on Kersh! She laughs as he is yelling in pain! She searches under the apron for a table! She is having trouble trying to find one! She finally finds one and starts to set it up next to Kersh! She is laughing as she pulls him up and sets him on the table!}

[MOTHER TO THE TOP ROPE!] [FROG SPLASH!] [KERSH ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY!] [MOTHER GOES THROUGH THE TABLE AND LANDS ON THE FLOOR!] [KERSH SEES HIS OPPORTUNITY!] [SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT!] [TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER ON THE CONCRETE!] [MOTHER’S FACE IS BUSTED WIDE OPEN! HER FACE IS BECOMING AN ONYX MASK!] [Both competitors are feeling the effects of this match! Brent Kersh is starting to choke Mother out! His eyes are burning with rage! The ref is starting to stir back up! He sees Mother’s life getting choked out of her! He pulls Kersh off of Mother! The ref is arguing with Kersh! Mother sees a chance! She goes for the Kinshasa knee to the back of Kersh’s head! He ducks! HAPPILY EVER AFTER TO THE REF! The ref is definitely out after a second Kinshasa knee! Brent Kersh sees what Mother tried to do! Clothesline to the back of the head!] [KERSH IS NOT DONE!] [HE IS GOING FOR A SUPLEX!] [MOTHER FLIPS OVER!] [NECKBREAKER ON THE CONCRETE!] [A SECOND REF RUNS INTO THE RING!] [MOTHER ROLLS KERSH INTO THE RING AND COVERS!] [ONE!] [. . .] [TWO!] [. . .] [. . .] [KICK OUT BY KERSH!] [Mother cannot believe it as she starts to stomp away on Kersh! She jumps on him and locks in MOTHER’S EMBRACE! Kersh is looking spent and it looks like he is about to fade! No! He will not give up! He is standing up! She will not let go of her grip! Brent runs backward into the corner! She does not let go! He runs backward again! Another turnbuckle smash but she still holds on! He walks up the turnbuckle! She is still holding on tightly! He’s on the top rope! He jumps off!] [BRENT KERSH’S ENTIRE BODY WEIGHT FALLS ON MOTHER!] [SHE IS CRUSHED AND FINALLY LETS GO!] [HE DOES NOT GO FOR THE COVER!] [HE HITS ANOTHER SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT!] [A SECOND TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!] [HE COVERS!] [ONE!] [. . .] [TWO!] [. . .] [. . .] [THREE!] [What a win by Kersh as he gets revenge on Mother for his ill daughter and tricks she has played on his head!]


[Darkness.] [The match was hell, but Mother and Brent Kersh now find themselves in a new hell. They are stood outside of the hospital room holding Brent’s daughter, Danielle. Kersh glares at Mother.]

“My child, you know what lies beyond that door.”

[The door swings open and Brent Kersh actually smiles. He walks into the room, Mother following him. Her jaw drops once she enters it.] [The bed is empty.] [Danielle Kersh is gone.]

“What did you do?” [Mother shrieks.] “WHAT DID YOU DO?”

[Kersh walks over beside the bed, picking up a framed picture.] [Dani and Phoebe.]

“You made a mistake, Mother. You counted out Outlaw. You expected me to finish her off last month, so you told her the whole story. Only death can pay for life, remember? She sure did.”

[He places the picture down reverently.]

“You wondered why you couldn’t touch my son. You wondered why people fight you, why the forces of good seem to endure. It’s because of actions like the one Phoebe took tonight. An act of true love, giving your life so someone else can have theirs. That’s something that you haven’t quite figured out how to destroy yet. You can fight it, prevent it, or even pervert it, but you’ll never be able to eradicate it.”

[Kersh looks out the window with a resigned smile.]

“I don’t know where Danielle is. Her instructions were just to run. There’s nothing you can pull from me, from any of these people. As far as you’re concerned, she’s a ghost. Nicole doesn’t have my blood, and you can’t touch my son.”

[He turns back with that focused rage we’ve come to expect from Brent Kersh.]

“It’s me or nothing, and your kind have a hard time with me.”

[Mother snarls for a moment before letting out a sinister laugh.]

“So human of you. You always believe you know the truth. Soon you will find out just how wrong you are.”

[The lights flicker as she vanishes. Brent Kersh lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding before collapsing down into the easy chair. He picks the picture frame back up, looking at the happy couple.]

“Thanks kid, you were alright. I’d have been honored to call you daughter.”

[He places it back down as we linger on the face of Phoebe Outlaw, who made the ultimate sacrifice tonight to bring back the one she loves.]


[After securing a victory earlier tonight, Solomon Rhodes is pounding through books of texts, trying to find the answers he so desires.]

“You must stop,” [a stoic voice sternly says from the shadows. It belongs to Godfrey, who steps into the light, shaking his head.] “Zappa is lost. He must find his own way from the darkness.”

[Rhodes sneers back at him.] “I will not leave my brother behind.”

[Godfrey walks forward, carefully closing the books.]

“You must. I know this is difficult for you, but Zappa cannot be saved, not by you or I. The infection is too strong within him and only he can fight it now. Only he can tackle DTR. I’m afraid that we have other matters to attend to; matters on a global scale.”

[He stops, paying attention.]

“The time has come to take a once trodden path. You have a new mission, an extremely important one. You must attempt to rescue a different brother.”

[Rhodes doesn’t understand.] “Who? Who must I rescue?”

[Godfrey takes a deep breath, his brow furrowed, his eyes focused intensely on Solomon Rhodes.]

“Lux Bellator.”

[Every Templar in the room stops what they’re doing, turning their attention to Godfrey who immediately notices their eyes glaring through him. Rhodes steps closer, his face contorted into one mixed between rage and confusion.]

“I tried to save his soul once before. I tried to stop this entire apocalypse from happening, at your request, and he succeeded. How can I stop him now? Why should I even try?”

[Godfrey puts a hand on his shoulder.] “You know why, my son. Lux Bellator is a child of God; a man of the good word. He’s misguided and misinformed. You couldn’t stop him then, but you can now. Judgement Day approaches and you must try once again to make him see the light.”

[Solomon grunts.]

“It’s our only hope.”



[The Shadow’s past is littered with regret as the malicious Light Warrior seeks to bring all his sins into the light. Can Mike Lane move forward from his past or will Lux trap him forever in perpetual nightmare?] [The bell sounds but Mike Lane is alone in the ring, waiting for Bellator to enter as the Light Warrior sneaks in from the crowd, sliding into the ring as he grabs Lane from behind trying for a Suprise German but Lane was ready for him as he lands on his feet, drilling Bellator with a stiff forearm as he turns around before tossing him across the ring] [DEGENERATION! An early T-Bone Suplex leaves Bellator for a loop as Lane looks to finish this before it even began, tuning up the band as he rushes forward, SHADOW…Bellator dodges, rolling out of the ring to a chorus of boos as he tries to regroup from this early failure. Lane rolls out of the ring to meet Lux, rushing forward with a Lariat that Bellator ducks under, ENZIGURI! That hard kick clipped Lane in the back of the head, stunning him as Bellator grabs Lane by the back of the head] [TOSSING HIM SHOULDER FIRST INTO THE RING POST! Lane goes down hard, clutching just under his bicep in pain as Bellator drills the injured with a few stiff kicks before rolling Lane back into the ring. Lane slowly gets to his feet, trying to shrug off the agony in his arm as as he drills an unsuspecting Lux with a few stiff lefts but an attempt at a right sends a wave of pain through the Shadow. Lux easily ducking under it before a stiff roundhouse to the arm drops Lane to one knee.] [Lux powers Lane up to his feet, ducking under another right before hoisting him up high in the air, DROPPING HIM RIGHT SHOULDER FIRST ONTO HIS KNEE WITH A SHOULDERBREAKER! Lane screams out in pain as Lux muscles him down for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [Lane gets the shoulder up but kicking out hurt his injured arm even more. The Shadow slowly gets to his feet, just moving out of the way of another roundhouse kick, a stiff headbutt stunning Bellator but an attempt at a second Degeneration fails as Lane can’t lift Bellator up off his feet. A stiff forearm stuns Lane as Bellator rushes to the ropes, bouncing off as he spins around Lane..] [HEADSCISSORS…TRANSITIONED INTO THE SINGLE ARM DDT…DROPPED DOWN INTO THE FUJIWARA! ARM OF GOD! Lane is stuck in the middle of the ring, Lux pulling back with all his might as waves of agony pass through the Shadow, he may well be forced to tap out. Lane refuses, slowly pulling himself to the ropes with his fingertips. Lux tries to pull him back but the will of Lane is too strong as he just grabs the ropes, forcing the break!] [Lane slowly rises to his feet right into a massive right hand from a furious Bellator who drills Lane with a huge roundhouse to the injured arm once more sending the Shadow down to his knees. Lux opens up his arms into a cross before the fallen Lane, screaming out ‘HAVE YOU READ THE BOOK SINNER?’ before lifting Lane up high, possibly trying for the Catholic Cross…LANE SLIPS OUT! The Shadow rolls back as Lux turns around] [ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE! Lux gets clipped by that but is still on his feet as he’s lifted up, DEGENERATION! Somehow Lane found the strength to hit that as Lux is dazed and out in the corner, The Shadow begging him to get to his feet as Lane rushes forward] [SHADOW…Lux ducks under as Lane just stops himself from colliding with the corner, turning around into a kick to the gut, CATHOLIC CROSS RIGHT ON THE INJURED SHOULDER! Lane screams out in pain as Lux doesn’t cover, instead heading out onto the apron as he waits for Lane to get to his feet] [SPRINGBOARD….ARM OF GOD!!] [HE HAS IT LOCKED IN!] [MIKE LANE REACHES FOR THE ROPES] [HE CAN’T MAKE IT! HE CAN’T!] [HE TAPS OUT! MIKE LANE TAPS OUT!] [The Shadow can’t do it. He simply can’t hold on any longer. Bellator lets go with a smile, kicking him from the ring. He looks over to where Lane lies and tells at him. “Go read your book and submit to me!”]


[Darkness.] [The Chief stands alone in his pitch black abyss, but no longer does he look dishevelled. His appearance has changed. His eyes aren’t bloodshot and his clothes are pristine. Standing defiantly, he watches as Noah approaches from a distance. The young teen looks puzzled.]

“You look different,” [he says with surprise.] “You look better.”

[The Chief smiles.]

“I told you, I won’t be broken. I want out of this confinement, kid. I want to take my rightful place on Earth amongst the damned.”

[Noah approaches angrily.] “You want to wake up?” [he asks.] “You want to drown with the rest of the lost souls? Why, Chief? Haven’t I provided you with answers? With Sanctuary? Haven’t I opened my heart and let you inside?”

“You’re keeping me prisoner!” [The Chief yells so loud that spittle flies from his mouth.] “You have to tell me what you want from me, Noah. You have to tell me why I’m here and what my purpose is; I know you’re hiding the truth from me. I know that whoever is responsible for this doesn’t want me out unless I’m broken and pliant.”

“GOD wants this!” [The kid shouts.] “Why can’t you see that? We’re doing his work and I’m trying to save you. You could have killed me. You could have ended this before it ever even begun. I owe my life to you and I’m repaying the favour.”

[There’s an awkward silence before The Chief steps forward, getting into the face of the teenager.]

“And if I could go back, I’d do it all over again,” [he admits with a lowered head.] “Because I’m not a murderer, Noah. You don’t have to be either.”

[Before he can say another word, Noah vanishes.]

“Whatever you want from me, I won’t say yes. Do you hear me? I won’t say yes!”



[It IS Main Event time. The OSW World Championship is on the line as Edward Newton is STILL undefeated as he goes one-on-one with the man whose family he killed, Proteus.] [The bell sounds as both of these men seem completely different from the last time they were in the ring together. Proteus charges across the ring and BLASTS Newton into the corner! Proteus begins drilling rights and lefts into the midsection of Newton until Newton tries to cover his body to which Proteus drills him with an uppercut! Finally, the referee gets between them to separate. Proteus charges back again only for Newton to kick him back before climbing to the second rope.] [Axe handle from the second rope! Only Proteus seemed to have expected it as he drills Newton with a dropkick that sends him hurdling back into the ring corner. The Ice Man is doing a good job of maintaining control of the entire battle. Proteus whips Newton into the ropes and as he returns…] [THE BLIZZAR-NO!] [Newton shoves him off as he tries to go for that RKO move, but Newton isn’t having it. Newton rolls to the outside to regain himself and regain his composure. Slingshot plancha from Proteus that smashes Newton to the ground on the outside! Proteus grabs him and rolls him into the ring before springboarding off the top rope for a… SHOOTING STAR PRESS!] [Proteus leaps into the cover.] [One..] […..] […….] [TWO!!!] [….] [….] [THR-NO!] [Edward Newton kicks out at the last minute clutching at his ribs now after the shots from earlier and now that shooting star press. Newton and Proteus are both on their feet as Newton kicks Proteus in the midsection before grabbing Proteus for a Russian Leg Sweep that takes both of them to the mat momentarily before Newton rolls over, grabs the legs of Proteus, and begins pulling back in a Boston Crab!] [Proteus seems to be in some pain as he begins crawling across the ring towards the bottom rope, and as he’s about to grab it, Newton pulls him right back to the center, but Proteus is able to roll that over and shoot Newton across the ring! Newton rushes back to keep him on the ground just as Proteus is doing a kip-up! Newton is still running to which Proteus just responds in one way.] [THE BLIZZARD!] [The RKO just took out Newton as Proteus goes for a pinfall!] [One…] […..] [TWO!] […..] [THREEEEEEEE!] [Yes! Proteus has done it! He just defeated Edward Newton and claimed the OSW World Championship!] [WAIT! Newton’s foot was on the ropes the entire time! The referee is calling off the end of the match as Proteus is furious! He grabs the referee by the shirt and begins laying into him verbally! NEWTON FROM BEHIND!] [ROLL-UP!] [ONE…] [….] [TWO!] [….] [THR-NO! A kickout from Proteus!] [Proteus beats Edward Newton to his feet and just NAILS him with a huge German suplex dropping Edward Newton right on top of his head! The Ice Man leaps on top of Newton and just HEADBUTTS HIM! It’s a vicious shot as Newton is reeling from it! Proteus yanks his glasses off and throws them across the ring before raining in lefts and rights in vicious fashion! Edward Newton is trying to cover up, but he can’t due to the strength of Proteus!] [Finally, the referee comes up and begins the count on Proteus forcing him to get up off of Newton as Newton begins fishing in his pocket for something.] [Proteus walks over to him and lifts him up only for Newton to push him back! Newton charges towards him, but Proteus ducks underneath the clothesline as the momentum carries him nearly into the referee! Newton catches himself there before turning around and… STINGER SPLASH! Newton is smashed right into the referee! The referee falls down as Edward Newton smirks.] [BRASS KNUCKLES TO THE FACE OF PROTEUS!] [That was what he was fishing in his pockets for! Proteus staggers backwards at the momentum of the punch before Edward Newton just strolls right up to him, threatens another punch before raising a finger and kicking Proteus in the shin!] [ANOTHER BRASS KNUCKLED PUNCH!] [Edward Newton catches Proteus before he falls and kicks him right in the groin AGAIN!] [NEVERMIND!] [Proteus has been obliterated here! Edward Newton walks over to the referee and yanks him up to wake him up. He pulls him towards the pin as Newton covers his challenger!] [One…] [……] [……] [TWO!] […..] […..] […..] […..] [THREE!] [NO! Proteus got his hand on the rope! Edward Newton is incensed! He yanks Proteus back to the center of the ring and tries for another pin. INSIDE CRADLE BY PROTEUS!] [ONE….] […..] […..] [TWO!] [….] [KICKOUT!] [Edward Newton managed to squeeze out of that one, but The Riddler quickly hits a snap suplex on Proteus as he just glares down at him.] [Edward Newton’s eyes are solid black.] [Newton begins kicking the ever-loving hell out of Proteus as he’s enraged. He feels like he should’ve already had this match in the bag! Newton yanks Proteus back up to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Newton lowers his head as Proteus leaps right over him and hits a sunset flip! Instead of going for a pin, Proteus just sweeps the legs of Newton and springs off the second rope! Springboard 450!] [SHOT THROUGH THE HEART!] [Only Proteus falls off of Newton and can’t get into the pin very quickly! Proteus crawls over and puts an arm over him!] [ONE…] […..] […..] [TWO!] […..] […..] [THREE!!!] [NO! Newton BARELY kicks out at 2.9999!] [Both of these men are spent as Proteus slowly gets to his feet and looks down at Edward Newton. Can he beat his streak here tonight?] [Proteus grabs up Edward Newton who seems like nothing but dead weight. UNTIL HE RAKES THE EYES OF PROTEUS!] [Proteus staggers backwards as Newton seems to have one little boost left in him. Body slam by Edward Newton as he eyes the turnbuckle. Edward Newton is heading up the turnbuckle as he looks back at Proteus and keeps a watchful eye on him. Edward Newton begins motioning that this is the end!] [NO! Proteus leaps up the second and top rope to hit THE BLIZZ-NO! Newton pushes him down and maintains his spot on the top turnbuckle! Proteus hits the mat hard as he slowly comes back up…] [NEVERMIND!] [A jumping implant DDT FROM THE TOP ROPE!] [Edward Newton throws an arm across the chest of Proteus.] [ONE…] [….] […..] [……]

TWO!] [……] [……….] […………………] [THREEEEEEEE!] [HE’S DONE IT! Edward Newton has managed to defeat yet another foe in Proteus. The referee hands him his title as his eyes are still a dark black as he holds his title close to his chest.]


[Edward Newton has done it!] [Another amazing Championship defence and the most important key remains in his possession.] [190 days as OSW World Champion!] [386 days undefeated!] [Can anyone defeat this absolute monster of an athlete?]

“Can I be dreaming once again?

I’m reaching helpless I descend

You lead me deeper through this maze

I’m not afraid!”

[The soft piano line of ‘Lost’ by Red begins to play and the lights around the Tap Room darken – a purplish tinge of UV light illuminating the room. A single spot light scans as the introduction plays. When the song erupts into a wall of sound, Lux emerges on the balcony, head bowed and wearing a white hooded cape while the lights around the Tap Room flash and strobe.]

“I’m lost in you everywhere I run

Everywhere I turn I’m finding something new

Lost in you, something I can’t fight

I cannot escape

I could spend my life lost in you! Lost in you!”

[Edward Newton’s eyes widen in shock as Lux Bellator raises his Invasion Briefcase. Oh Christ.] [HE’S INVADING!]


[This is it!] [This is the match we’ve all been waiting for.] [Edward Newton versus Lux Bellator for the OSW World Championship. The Invasion Winner has decided to invade!] [The bell sounds and Lux Bellator doesn’t even wait for a groggy Edward Newton to get back to his feet. He forcibly drags him from the corner, stomping a mudhole in him with big boots to the sternum and face. One of the biggest components of this war is fighting for the biggest key available!] [Bellator reaches down and pulls him up, kicking him low and..] [FRONT FLIP PILEDRIVER!!] [THE DISCIPLE MAKER!] [THAT HAS TO BE IT! EDWARD NEWTON HAS JUST BATTLED PROTEUS AND THAT DISCIPLE MAKER SURELY MEANS A NEW CHAMPION!] [He covers.] [ONE…..] [……….] [TWO…..] [……….] [THREE!!] [NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! EDWARD NEWTON KICKS OUT!] [Bellator can hardly believe it. He immediately mounts the World Champion, punching the holy crap out of him with right hands. He doesn’t stop, even as blood begins pouring from a gash on the forehead of Newton. The referee finally pulls him away, watching as the blood trickles down the Champions face, covering him in a crimson mask.] [The Light Warrior storms back over, pulling him back to his feet. He pulls him back into a Powerbomb position! Surely he’s not going for this again? No! Bellator scoops Newton atop his shoulders into a Cross position!] [THE CATHOLIC CROSS!] [HE DRILLS HIM WITH THE CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB!] [That has to be it. Newton is a bloodied mess on the canvas and he’s not moving. Lux casually pulls him up again though, backing him into the corner. He’s not making another mistake in wasting a pinfall and is going to ensure this one is over.] [SHOULDER BARGE!] [SHOULDER BARGE!] [Bellator backs up, runs and SHOULDER BARGE!] [BOOT TO THE FACE! DESPERATION BOOT TO THE FACE BY EDWARD NEWTON!] [Lux stumbles, turning around to see Edward having positioned himself on the middle turnbuckle. He runs forward and TORNADO DDT! TORNADO DDT! The World Champion weakly swings The Light Warrior down into a less than thunderous DDT. Newton can’t capitalize though and remains almost unconscious on the canvas. It’s Lux who stirs first, signalling for the end. He slides to the outside and grabs the Invasion Briefcase, bringing ti back into the ring.] [The Invasion Winner waits patiently, holding his case as Edward slowly begins to stir. Then his patience runs out. Lux runs across the ring, driving the Briefcase into his kneeling skull. He immediately turns back around, slamming it across his back.] [AGAIN!] [AGAIN!] [AGAIN!] [AGAIN!] [AGAIN!] [The Briefcase quickly becomes a dented mess.] [Do you understand the implications of this match?] [If Lux Bellator wins, he comes the OSW World Champion. He’ll hold the most important key to unlocking the Tap Room.] [If he wins, the war is as good as lost.] [He tosses the case aside and grabs a limp World Champion to his feet, positioning him back into the powerbomb position. Edward falls, unable to stand, but Lux just grabs him once again.] [DISCIPLE MAKER!] [A SECOND DISCIPLE MAKER ON THE FUCKING INVASION BRIEFCASE!] [STICK A FORK IN EDWARD NEWTON, HE’S DONE.] [GOODBYE STREAK!] [SEE YOU LATER WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!] [FAREWELL WORLD!] [THE INEVITABLE COVER…] [ONE…..] [……….] [TWO…..] [……….] [THREE!!] [It’s over. OH MY GOD, IT IS OVER. Edward Newton has finally been defeated and Lux Bellator is the NEW OSW World Champion! The Light Warrior rolls away from the decimated body of the World Champion, his eyes lit up like Christmas Trees. He’s finally done. He waited for the perfect time to Invade and this was it.] [Lux Bellator is the NEW OSW World Champion.] [He holds the key.] [Only the referee shakes his head.]


[WHAT?] [The referee points to the rope, where somehow, someway, Edward Newtons fucking foot rests.] [IT… ISN’T… OVER!] [Lux Bellator grabs the referee in a furious rage, nailing him with a right hand. He grabs and claws at his mask in frustration, unable to believe that Edward Newton is still in this God damned match. He slides to the outside and goes under the ring, grabbing a table and pulling it out. Once that’s inside the squared circle, Bellator decides that it isn’t enough. He reaches back under the ring, finding barbed wire.] [What the hell is he thinking? He’s going to kill him!] [A ladder follows.] [A chair follows.] [A light tube.] [WHATEVER ELSE?] [With all that inside the ring, Bellator follows. He sets up the table and places the barbed wire across it, dragging it to all ends and hooking it on. As Newton lays unconscious, he grabs the ladder and sets it up near the table, preparing for the end. This is absolutely unbelievable. Lux Bellator is going to pull out all the stops to become the new OSW World Champion.] [He grabs a light tube and stalks Edward, demanding that he get up. The Riddler is groggy, but slowly begins to stir. Come on Newton, don’t get up. Just don’t get up.] [LIGHT TUBE TO THE FUCKING HEAD.] [GLASS SHATTERS EVERYWHERE!] [EDWARD HITS THE CANVAS IN A HEAP, BLOOD POURING FROM HIS FACE. HOW THE HELL IS HE GOING TO SURVIVE THIS ASSAULT!?] [This has been entirely one sided.] [Lux grabs Newton and pulls him back to his feet, holding him close. He begins climbing up the ladder backwards, leaving The World Champion slumped against the rungs. Reaching down, he uses amazing strength to pull The Riddler up the ladder to meet him. Oh boy, what the hell does he have planned now?] [The barbed wire table rests below.] [HE’S IN POSITION FOR IT! DISCIPLE MAKER! DISCIPLE MAKER!] [NO!!! NEWTON HOLDS ON FOR DEAR LIFE! HE HOLDS ON FOR DEAR LIFE! He pulls himself up the ladder, BITING THE MASKED FACE OF LUX BELLATOR!] [THE LIGHT WARRIOR SCREAMS IN AGONY!] [NEVERMIND!] [NEVERMIND OFF THE FUCKING LADDER THROUGH THE BARBED WIRE TABLE! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!!] [THERE’S CARNAGE EVERYWHERE!] [LUX BELLATOR AND EDWARD NEWTON LAY MANGLED IN A MESS OF BARBED WIRE AND BROKEN TABLE. HOW THE HELL WILL EITHER MAN GET UP FROM THIS, LET ALONE MANAGE A PIN ON THE OTHER?] [It takes a good five minutes before the referee stirs and gets back to his feet, surveying the carnage inside the ring. Edward Newton and Lux Bellator have rolled themselves out of the carnage, looking very much so worse for wear.] [Lux Bellator is busted wide open now. He has a huge gash down the length of his stomach from the barbed wire and is holding the wound. Edward Newton meanwhile has a torn shirt, jacket and trousers to accompany his crimson mask.] [They both get back to their feet, Newton meeting Bellator with a knee to the injured midsection before slamming him face first off the steel ladder. He does it again.]

“Do you think you can take my title?”


“Do you think I’ll just give up?”

[AGAIN!] [THE QUESTION IS!] [He turns Bellator around and into a Snap Suplex. That surely takes a lot out of him but he’s currently on his second wind. He rolls into the cover.] [ONE…..] [……….] [TWO…..] [……….] [THREE!!] [KICK OUT! KICK OUT!] [Lux Bellator has no interest in giving up either.] [Edward looks absolutely exhausted. He rolls to the outside and grabs the OSW World Championship. With it in hand, he slides back into the ring, looking to finish this one once and for all. Lux Bellator slowly stirs to his feet, unaware that The Riddler is poised behind him to end this thing. He turns..] [WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TO THE SKULL!] [NO!] [BELLATOR DUCKS!] [KICK TO THE GUT!] [HE DROPS THE BELT!] [DISCIPLE MAKER!] [DISCIPLE MAKER ON THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!] [190 DAYS AS CHAMPION.] [368 DAYS WITHOUT DEFEAT.] [THE COVER BY THE LIGHT WARRIOR.] [ONE…..] [……….] [……….] [……….] [THE KEY NO LONGER BELONGS TO NEWTON!] [TWO…..] [……….] [……….] [……….] [THIS HAS TO BE IT!] [THREE!!] [K.] [I.] [C.] [K.] [O.] [U.] [T.] [HOLY FUCKING SHIT!] [THIS STREAK IS THE THING LEGENDS ARE MADE OF! EDWARD NEWTON JUST WON’T FUCKING DIE!] [Lux Bellator furiously but slowly gets back to his feet, stumbling into the ropes. He understands this now. Edward Newton is holding on. Whether it’s the darkness inside or sheer instinct, he won’t quit.] [The Light Warrior grabs the referee again and rams him into the corner. He demands that he count the three. Lux turns around, ready for another pinfall.] [STEEL CHAIR TO THE SKULL!] [ANOTHER!] [ANOTHER!] [ANOTHER!] [HOLY FUCK ANOTHER!] [Newton grabs the bent chair and jams it into the throat of Lux Bellator. He pulls him into the DDT position, holding the chair beneath him, tucked up against his throat!] [IMPACT DDT! NEVERMIND! NEVERMIND WITH THE CHAIR DRIVEN INTO HIS THROAT!!] [LUX BELLATOR ROLLS AROUND IN AGONY, BUT NEWTON HAS TO COVER! HE PULLS HIM OVER!] [ONE…..] [……….] [……….] [……….] [COULD THIS BE IT?] [TWO…..] [……….] [……….] [……….] [THIS HAS TO BE!] [THREE!!] [IT’S OVER!] [Edward Newton retains his OSW World Championship. What a violent match. What a bloody match indeed.] [With a crimson mask soaking his face, Edward rolls away in exhaustion as the referee hands him his OSW World Championship. This competitor is absolutely incredible.] [190 days as OSW World Champion.] [368 days Undefeated.] [42-0.] [He’s survived the Ring King winner. He’s survived the Blood Drive Chamber. He’s survived the Invasion Winner.] [Who can defeat Edward Newton?] [Who!?]


[As Edward Newton and Lux Bellator lay exhausted on the canvas, Mike Lane appears, stood over a roaring fire, the Book of the Damned in his hands.] [The darkness in Newton’s eyes is as vivid as the day is long. That must have been how he managed to survive this match.]

“You wanted me to find the Book of the Damned, didn’t you Bellator? You said that it held the key to my salvation.”

[Lux looks up at the tron, smiling.]

“And it does.”

[He places the book down near the fire, taking a deep breath.]

“To rid myself of these terrifying visions, all it would take is one spell from this book. One spell and I would no longer see or hear her in my dreams. But if I did that, I would become as corrupted as the rest. If I did that, one of the founding fathers would be a pawn to your game and with my pillar crumbled, you could have your way with the Tap Room. You hoped that by taking this book from Edward, I would weaken him too, didn’t you? It was all a large part your master plan.”

[Mike Lane shakes his head, looking down at the book. He picks up a knife, and slices deep across the palm of his hand. As the blood begins to trickle, it splashes down onto the open fire.]

“De tenebris lux venit.”

[The fire rises.]

“Ego sum lux.”

[Another woosh.]

“Spes sit profectus libero.”

[Mike picks up the book and throws it onto the fire, sending a plume of flames up into the air. He steps closer, leaning over the flames.]

“No! No!” [Screams Bellator from inside the arena.] “No!!”

[The Shadow takes the blade, closes his eyes and whispers.]

“I sacrifice my life so that hope can be set free. That was always my destiny, Lux Bellator. For I am the true warrior of light and it’s only the light that can destroy the darkness.”

[He draws the blade quickly across his throat, gargling and gushing blood into the fire as Lux Bellator screams with rage inside the ring. As the blood pours in, Mike Lane goes white, before a beam of light emanates from within his person, flashing out in a huge burst of energy.] [The light spreads throughout the arena, removing the infection from within the walls as it goes. The Darkness recedes, pulling back from all that it has touched.] [The Revenants remain. The infected remain. The virus too strong to be ripped from them.] [But inside the ring, light returns to Edward Newton’s eyes, banishing The Darkness from within them.] [We return to Mike Lane, who lays deceased on the floor, the fire having burned out. His eyes are open wide, and his mouth curled into a smile. The Shadow has sacrificed himself for us.] [For hope.] [Cut.]