Twisted Nightmares

In Promo by Chronoa

Imagine the worst thing that’s ever happened in your life.

Maybe it’s a terrible accident, someone you cared deeply for that you lost, or a great failure you could never reconcile.

Now imagine that every time you close your eyes, this moment repeats over and over again. You cannot change it, you cannot stop it, you’re helpless to do anything but watch.

What if it wasn’t just flashes or hours when you slept but months or years of constant torment, hoping that by some miracle forces you cannot understand deem you worthy enough to wake up to a world that’s not even yours.

In a thousand millenia, I have seen the worst and the best this universe has to offer. From the purest miracles to the darkest tragedies, and I have borne witness to things that should not be, that would terrify even the bravest that ever walked these halls.

But the only I’m truly afraid is when they put me to sleep and I dream of them.

All my mistakes, all my failures and my greatest fear brought to life in a single, unbroken nightmare.

Years upon years of paralysing insanity that breaks my heart and my spirit over and over again

As it matters not what I have done or that I made peace with it all so long ago,

I wake that same terrified woman who’s lost everything and been given hell as a consolation prize.

I once thought it was punishment, or some twisted fucking joke but then I noticed there was always a presence.

Some feckless demonic intrusion lingering in the air in between the gasps for breath and the terrified whimpers.

Something was feeding off me, crafting inhuman torment while they fed on a banquet of terror.

I scoured the archives for a hint at a name but there was nothing but rumours and legends

Until my “masters” turned my attention back to the Temple and I finally found you.

A monolith of terror who had inflicted immeasurable destruction upon humanity, who tore the heart out of professional wrestling, solved the impossible riddle with ease and even made the Chosen One himself bow in fear for his loved ones.

You can imagine my disapointment when I see you face to face and you’re a pathetic excuse of the monster you used to be.

Ever since your master plucked his hand out of your ass, you’ve been nothing but a puppet for those smarter and more devious then you.

But I’m not Viper Roberts. I’m not even your brother, because I don’t want to use you or save you.

I want to break you in half for what you took away from me.

The last memory I have of those I loved before it all went to hell, you twisted that and turned it into poison on my tongue.

I cannot even think of their faces without shuddering with absolute fear

SO I will leave you powerless, paralysed in an endless nightmare where you can never harm another soul.

Because I will never fear you again

But with what you’ve done, you should be terrified of me.