Closet Door

In Promo by Starboy

Coming out as lesbian, gay, transgender, whatever label you want to put on it can be a long arduous process.

It all comes down to the made up, fictional, non existent, “closet door”.

There are those who peek through the door and wait for their moment.

They find themselves lurking in the shadows, keeping their head down low.

They remain in the closet until the opportune time.

When they are ready.

And when the time comes, they come out and accept who they are.

And then there are those who swing that door open and flaunt it like nobody’s business.

The ones who don’t have a care in the world.

They know who they are and aren’t afraid to be themselves.

STARBOY has had clients who were undercover gays and “bi-curious”… no, you’re gay and confused is what you are.

They wanted STARBOY to be their dirty little secret.

Until it became the world’s best kept secret no more.

Because once they take a ride on the LOVEstick that their love life lacks, they come out the closet with no turning back.

And like the closet door people hide behind, until the “right time”… OSW has its own door people hide behind waiting for their moment.

Until it’s the opportune time… to come out from the shadows and come out from behind the closet door.

Like Corvus.

You, for the better part of a year have been behind closed doors just waiting with bated breath… lurking in the shadows.

You have been waiting for your moment to come out of the closet and own that shit.

You have come close time and time again but you just couldn’t do it and went back into the closet.

At Wrestling Gold, you had the opportunity to come out of the closet but you couldn’t find it in you to do so.

After winning +1Up, you once again had the chance to grab the door by the handle and swing it open. But you chose to hide behind closed doors.

Up In Smoke came and went and five other people got in your way from showing your true colors and you retreated back into the shadows.

But at Invasion, you FINALLY found it deep inside you to come out of the proverbial closet and had your coming out party.

And now you can proudly call yourself the OSW champion.

STARBOY on the other hand, he’s ready to show the world exactly who the FUCK he is.

STARBOY doesn’t care what people say or think about him.

He knows who he is, what he stands for and this is his time to shine and prove to the entire world that he’s moreeeee than able to RISE to the occasion.

STARBOY isn’t here to slowly open up the door…


And what better way to make a statement then to destroy your chocolate starfish “for the greater good”.

This is STARBOY’s moment to say:

“I’m HERE, I’m QUEER, and I’m here to STAY!”

Love me, or hate me, you’ll NEVER forget me.

STARBOY’s cumming for you CHAMP…

…And he ALWAYS cums!!!