Trolling not for the win

In Promo by Lucy Seraphina

Trolls are originally from Scandinavian folklore, numerous tales are recorded about trolls in which they are frequently described as being extremely old, very strong, but slow and dim-witted, and are at times described as man-eaters and as turning to stone upon contact with sunlight.

They don’t care for humans and the most famous of them is Grendel, the supernatural mead hall invader in the Old English poem Beowulf.

Yet at OSW, we have a troll on our hands; this troll calls herself the “Hungry Girl”. This Troll is flanked by a few friends and, they think that they can roll on and keep trolling people. But honestly Trolls get people hurt.

Now a days the word “troll” takes on a few different meanings and usually, it’s still a negative thing. When trolls become hungry for attention, they’ll do whatever it takes to get it. They will either mess with the gods, or they’ll say some rude bullshit on reddit.

Trolls though, they don’t understand that they seem to have a never ending hunger. That hunger can cause damage to a lot of things; but somehow it never changes them. Yeah it never changes their attitude like how grumpy they can be.

But I guess Trolls are like vampires, we both get very hungry; if anyone stands in the way of our meal, we get upset. When we get upset, well bad things happen. But unlike a troll, kindred like myself “eat” because not only does it help us stay “alive” but, if we don’t, the beast will frenzy and it can kill someone.

Maybe you should try a liquid diet sometime.

I know a troll’s greatest fear is thunder; thunder is connected to Thor and Thor…

Well he would slay trolls among other beings.

This troll that I’m dealing with I think is scared of losing her food.

I mean who’s to say that if I tried taking away her Baconator Combo from Wendy’s, she won’t try to eat me instead?

I know…

That’s what she said.

But Ether, trolls are like cats; if you don’t feed them, they’ll go away. In this match this is what will happen. You won’t be fed and yeah, that’ll upset you but maybe it’ll show that you need to stop trolling and be a grown up.

Since trolls are dangerous, I guess it only suits that I become the Troll Hunter. I’ll play the role of Thor and slay the Troll whose hunger is never ending. While others in our “country” may fear you, I don’t. But I don’t need a hummer to get the job done.

I won’t give you the satisfaction of trying to trick me or you won’t be able to eat me. I, am fast and trolls are slow, no matter what they try and believe. Soon, I’ll be playing with my food.

You won’t be eating another win and I promise that you won’t trolling anyone.

“House Tremere always wins”

And one other thing…

No soup for you.