[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [The sound of an obnoxious party horn fills the air as confetti reigns down from the ceiling. There’s balloons, streamers and cheerful music, yet something feels strange.] [We peer into a set of weary wrinkled eyes as they slowly open.] [Carefully, those eyes survey the room, turning from confusion to outright surprise. The camera pans backwards, revealing Brent Kersh. Despite being in his civilian clothes, he has been missing for days. He’s tied to a chair, bound by rope and unable to move. Atop his head, as if some kind of cruel joke is being played on him, is a party hat.] [His eyes look up, then down, the string wrapped beneath his chin.] [Eeeeeeeeeeeee!] [Another obnoxious party horn.]

“I’d like to propose a toast to the guest of honour, our dearest enforcer, Brent Kersh!”

[The voice emanates from across the room; it’s somewhat familiar, yet distant. We remain focused on unamused face of Kersh.]

“Brent has been wrestling since time itself began, or at least it feels that way. There has often been debate in the locker room about whether God created the universe, or Brent Kersh beat him in a match to be granted the honour.”

[Cue fake laughter.]

“All joking aside, Brent has had a wonderful wrestling career. He’s defeated monsters amongst men and separated the men from the boys. There’s no-one who should be prouder of their contribution to wrestling than he.”

[‘Here, Here!’]

“So, please raise a glass to The Enforcer, Brent Kersh.”


“Congratulations on your retirement.”

[The look on Brent’s face says it all. His eyes are full of rage, and they only seem to get angrier as the camera pans away to show Edward Newton approaching with a glass of champagne. He stops just short of The Enforcer, steps to the side and places a hand on his shoulder.] [Newton stares off into the distance with a proud smile, as Kersh looks up at him with eyes like laser beams.] [Cut.]


[In a battle of the masked men we find ourselves with The Number One taking on Player Two!] [The Match is off and Player Two is looking to prove himself against the returning veteran! He quickly captures Marvolo in a headlock, releasing him with a powerful European uppercut! Marvolo stumbles and he catches him with a snap suplex! He rolls through! ANOTHER SUPLEX! One more roll- KNEE TO THE FACE! Player Two is caught off-guard and Marvolo takes advantage with an impressive looking Arm-drag! Player Two is quick to his feet BUT MARVOLO WAS WAITING WITH A BACKSPRING BACK ELBOW! Player Two is dropped again and Marvolo looks to cover! One! NOT EVEN A ONE COUNT! THE MATCH GOES ON!] [Marvolo looks personally offended at the kick out, grabbing Player Two by the mask and whipping him towards the ropes, catching him with a savate kick to the face! He calls for the end! TONGAN DEATH- PLAYER TWO PULLS MARVOLO INTO A CROSSFACE! Number one is in trouble here! HE ROLLS PLAYER TWO ONTO HIS BACK! One! Two! Player Two is forced to let go of the hold! He kicks out! Marvolo scurries to the far corner to get some breathing room! As he turns around INTO A SPIN DASH- MARVOLO JUMPS OVER IT! Player Two turns around INTO THE FIVE POINT PALM EXPLODING HEART TECHNIQUE! He covers! One! Two! Three!] [Marvolo has done it! Number One is going onto the next round!]


[The Ring King Tournament is in full effect here tonight as we’re seeing the debut of Simon Sane going one-on-one with Adam Eve!] [The bell sounds and these two combustible elements meet in the center. Eve gets the better of the struggle with a punch to the ribs before locking in a side headlock. Simon pushes Adam into the ropes before sending him across the ring. They meet in the center of the ring, and Simon nails a slingblade! Down goes Adam Eve as Sane quickly motions for him to get up. Adam Eve slowly gets to his feet as Simon lifts him up and drops him hard for a spinebuster! He rolls into the cover! One…Two…KICKOUT! Adam Eve gets a shoulder up!] [Simon pulls Adam to his feet by his hair, and it’s Eve who catches him with a right hook that staggers him. He rushes towards Adam who simply kicks him in the midsection and lifts him up above his head… OH MAN! The gorilla press is dropped into a backbreaker. Simon Sane’s back arches upwards in pain as Adam Eve just gets back to his feet as he motions for the finish. Sane slowly gets back up. Eve grabs him up… GENDER-NO! Sane rakes his eyes! Adam clutches at his eyes, but Sane headbutts him in his blindness! Eve slumps forward into Sane who hooks him in a fisherman brainbuster… FALSE FLAG! Adam Eve isn’t budging. One…Two…THREE!] [Simon Sane took some damage, but he managed to hold onto his victory here tonight against a worthy adversary in Adam Eve.]


[Fast forward.] [November 27th 2017, 03:17am.] [Click.]

“911, where is your emergency?”


“My father has been shot!”

“Okay sir, can you tell me where you are?”

[There’s a lengthy pause.]

“7288 Meridian Avenue, Indianapolis Indiana.”

“Do you know who shot your father?”

[Breathlessly.] “I-I- I don’t. I need an ambulance now, he’s bleeding badly. Oh God, there’s blood everywhere.”

“Remain calm, sir, an ambulance has been dispatched and is on route to you now. I need you to try and keep your father conscious. Apply pressure to the wound and try to stop the bleeding until the ambulance arrives. What’s your name?”

[Panicked.] “It’s Cael, Cael Gable,” [He says.] “Oh shit, he’s coming back. The guy who shot my father, he’s back. It’s… oh man, it’s…. no, please, wait! I’m sorry! I’m just so sorry.”


“Sir? Mr. Gable, are you there?”

[Dial tone.]


[There’s another pause.] [Then some clicking of buttons.] [And then we hear a ringing tone.] [Click.]

“Sir, it’s the 911 operator. Is everything okay?”


“I’m afraid not,” [a calm voice with a slight accent.] “We’re going to need two ambulances, darlin’. In fact, make that an ambulance and a coroner.”

“Who is this? Who am I speaking to?”


“The law.”



[The first round of Ring King starts off with a bang. Can Player One score big in his debut match or will the out of this world abilities of Bobby Neptune be too much for him?] [The bell sounds as Neptune rushes forward, trying for a Crossbody but Player One ducks under at the last second as Neptune crashes into the ropes. Bobby staggers to his feet, holding his gut in pain as Uno rushes forward with a flurry of lefts and rights, capping it off with a massive Roundhouse Kick to the side of the head. Neptune doesn’t go down, staggering back into the ropes, rebounding off with a massive jumping knee to the skull. Player One shakes it off before leaping up with an uppercut, flowing through with a kick to the gut before rolling back, knee trembler, TRIFORCE! Player One covers, ONE…TWO…Neptune kicks out!] [Uno pulls Neptune up, trying for the Vampire Killer but Neptune slips out, grabbing Uno from behind before quickly snapping him to the mat with a Spinning Neckbreaker. Neptune leaps up to the second rope as Uno gets to his feet, RED GIANT! The knee lands flush as Bobby covers, ONE…TWO…Uno kicks out! Neptune calls for the end as he lifts Uno up to his feet ROUNDHOUSE…ducked under as Neptune stuns him with a Roundhouse of his own before rushing up to the top rope, TITAN’s CRASHDOWN! Neptune rolls Player One up upon impact, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Starboy advances to the second round at Player One’s expense, where he’ll take on either Viktor North or Ethan Rose]


[A returning conqueror versus someone new to the world of OSW as Viktor North returns to face Ethan Rose here in the first round of Ring King? Will we see our warrior of old prevail or will ring rust give way to one of our newest competitors? We find out now!] [DING! DING! The bell rings and Viktor North charges at Ethan Rose with a Lariat! Ethan Rose ducks and goes behind! He goes for a German suplex but HARD ELBOW from North to get out of it! Rose is rocked and North hits a RUNNING KNEE STRIKE! North marches to mount Rose but Rose hits a DROP TOE HOLD and North falls onto the second rope! Rose climbs to the middle turnbuckle and SENTON onto the prone North! Rose locks in the RINGS OF SATURN but Viktor grabs the ropes instantly! Rose lets go and before he can go after him, North pops up instantly and unleashes a FLURRY OF PUNCHES!] [Rose goes down hard but Viktor does not let up as he picks him up and SCOOP SLAMS HIM INTO THE ROPES! North lets Rose get up to hit him with THE GUNGNIR! Impactful spear as North goes for the cover! One…Two…Thr…No! Rose kicks out and North hits hammer fists out of rage! He is enraged and yanks rose off the ground! He picks him and sets him on the middle rope, back facing the ring! He pulls Rose’s head between his legs leaving him prone for VALFATHER’S SACRIFICE! THAT SUPERKICK DESTROYS ROSE’S FACE AS HE FALLS INTO A HEAP! NORTH GOES FOR THE COVER! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [North has shown that he has come back in force and that he wants to reach the apex of the mountain! What a show as he conquers the very game Rose!]


[One room.] [Backstage, one empty room leads to a darkened, spooky, uninhabited hallway. Footsteps slowly plod in our direction, clacking off the ground as they enter the corridor and walk towards the room.] [They don’t knock, they just enter.] [It’s Hysteria.] [He checks the room for some kind of sign, but finds nothing. Remaining still, he can hear footsteps. Backing away, he prepares himself, ready to strike.] [And when the door opens, Doubt awaits.] [They stare at each other, their masks covering their emotions.]

“What are you doing here?” [It asks.] [Hysteria positions himself in the far corner, away from his former compadre, but before he can respond, footsteps interrupt him.] [Both of them prepare for a fight, only Smiley walks in.] [Immediately, Hysteria becomes defensive. Both men walk towards each other, standing face to face, nose to nose, in the middle of this once empty room. The tension is high, and this could erupt at any moment.] [Cough.] [Just then, from above, having been inside the room this entire time, drops The Sharkman.] [The Asylum – reunited.] [All four stand inside the middle of this room, looking at each other. The only confusion we can see belongs on the face of Smiley.]

“I’m going to assume that you three received the same note as I?” [The Sharkman says, a voice of reason amongst the tension] [Hysteria reaches into his suit pocket, revealing his note. Smiley pulls one from his jacket and Doubt pulls one from within its glove.] [Buzz!] [The sound of a loudspeaker abruptly cuts in, buzzing above their heads. All four look up, trying to figure out where it’s coming from.]

“I’m glad you could join us,” [says a familiar voice.] “We’ve brought you all together today because time is of the essence. Soon enough, you will need to make a decision. Join our family, or belong to your own.”

[The Sharkman realizes who it is and immediately refuses.]

“There’s no chance, DTR,” [he yells back.] “I’ll never be under another man’s spell. Never again!”

[Crackle. Hiss. Pop.]

“You once called these men brothers and now I ask of you, how true was your bond? In our Family, our bond is for life. We are bonded by the Virus coursing through our veins. You could have this and more. All you must do, is join our plague.”

[This time, Smiley responds.] “Never,” [he hisses.] “I’ll never be one of you.”

[Crackle. Hiss. Pop.]

“Do you doubt us, brother It? Do you doubt our bond is sincere and true? Look at what these men have done to you. Would you rather align with them, than us?”

[Doubt looks up.] “I choose neither.”

[Crackle. Hiss. Pop.]

“Hysteria,” [DTR’s voice is now becoming irater.] “You must understand? You know you cannot hide from us. You know that Injustice is not enough to survive. Join us, and we will provide you with salvation.”

[Hysteria looks at his once brothers in arms, then up at the speaker.]

“I don’t have a family. I have nothing.”

[Smiley, Doubt and Sharkman look at him. Will he join them? Is he on the verge?]

“And what I did have, you cannot replace.”

[Crackle. Hiss. Pop.] [There’s no more words, only laughter. Suddenly, the clink of something entering the room can be heard. The Asylum look down, but it’s too late. A tear gas cannister detonates, dropping them all rather quickly to their knees.] [Footsteps once again are heard, but this time they belong to Max Million and Jensen Cussen.] [They pick up the scraps, wearing gas masks and attacking with steel chairs. As The Asylum kneel, choking, they drive the chairs across their skulls, knocking them unconscious.] [Crackle. Hiss. Pop.]

“So it begins.”



[Here we have another first round match at this year’s Ring King. In this match, it is Split’s first match as he is taking on Jensen Cussen. Will vengeance reign or will it have to wait another day? We find out next!] [DING! DING! Jensen hot out of the gates with rapid strikes! Hard lefts and rights hitting all over Split’s body! Split is rocked and Cussen goes for BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA! Split catches the leg and pulls Cussen in for a massive CLOTHESLINE! He waits for Jensen to come up and goes for a BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA of his own! Jensen easily dodges it, he knows that move too well! Jensen grabs Split quickly and hits a SAITO SUPLEX! Cussen goes to the top rope and jumps for a frog splash! Split rolls out of the way! Hard landing for Cussen!] [Cussen is holding his stomach as he is surprised by a DEADLIFT SAITO SUPLEX! Split is learning quickly as he goes to the top rope himself! FROG SPLASH! No! Jensen gets his knees up this time! Split is hurting clutching his own stomach and Cussen grabs the arm and locks in an ARM-TRAP CROSSFACE! Split might tap out but he rolls into Cussen and stacks him up! One…Two…kick out by Cussen but Split grabs the arm and turns it into a crossface of his own! Cussen knows to roll into Split for the pin attempt! Quick kick out before the ref can even count! Both men get up and BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA OUT OF NOWHERE! Cussen hits it this time and he covers! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [What a win as Cussen defeats Split who showed he can match up with Jensen until the end! Blunt Force Trauma seemed fated to end the match and Cussen was the one to get it off!]


[Recorded Previously.] [A finely dressed man walks the perimeter of a building. His hand rests on his holster as he yawns. Another late night at the usual post as all is quiet.]

“Red Sector, clear. Blue?”

[The sound comes from a Walkie-Talkie on his waist. He’s suddenly jolted awake as he grabs the Walkie Talkie and pulls it to his mouth.]

“Blue Sector, clear.”

[As soon as his thumb clicks off the button, he’s tackled to the ground by a blur of movement. Only the rustle of grass beneath them as a sickening snap is heard. The dark blur moves closer to his destination.] [The White House.] [A quick change of scenery to inside of the capital as two guards watch as President Jackson Grant Fitzgerald gives a speech. A banner reading “American Cancer Society: Keeping Cancer Costs Low.” The President smiles brightly as the two servicemen talk underneath their breath.]

“How long do you think he’ll go on for?”

“No idea. He gets a generous donation from this foundation so we might be here awhile.”

[The lights dim in the room for a moment before resuming their usual vibrancy. The two suited men look at each other and immediately their fingers press against their ears.]

“Code 211. Someone attempted to turn off the lights, but luckily the generator kicked on before they could go all the way out. Send someone to check on those.”

[FWWWDDDSHHHHH!] [A huge explosion is felt through the foundation of the building as both Secret Service men draw their weapons. The lights dim once again before resuming their normal brilliance. People in the crowd curiously look up at the flickering lights as they begin to stand in alarm. The two guards look through the large window and see smoke coming from a building not too far away from the main.]

“Code 212! Someone has infiltrated the generators!”

[Another deafening explosion from outside as the lights shine brighter for a second… and fall to darkness!]

“Code 2! Evacuate!”

[A siren begins to blare as red emergency lights flash! Just as this happens a canister rolls into the room and pops!] [Smoke begins to fill every corner of the room as The President is quickly escorted out of the room as everyone else begins coughing profusely.] [A shadowy figure emerges from the smoke and grabs a woman by the wrist and holds a gun to her head. She tries to jerk away in panic only for him to imprint the chamber further into her temple with warning.]

“Simon says he wouldn’t do that if he were you.”

[The words come slightly muffled through the heavy gas mask on his face as his black cloak flows around him.]

“Now, let’s find Mr. President.”


[The clown prince returns tonight to gain back his old throne but his first obstacle in the Ring King tournament is good old Saint Nick. Can the Jolly old Fat man pull off a huge upset or will he get downed by the clown?] [The bell sounds as Saint Nick rushes forward, drilling Jake with a huge tackle that comes mostly from his belly that sends Jake head over heels. Nick laughs a great belly laugh as Jake gets up to his feet nodding his head with a pissed off look on his face. Nick tries for another tackles but Jake ducks low, taking out Nick’s right knee with a vicious chop block. Claus goes down hard as Jake pounces, drilling the exposed knee with furious strikes before locking in the Riddle Box! Claus screams out in pain, looking like he’s about to tap out before Jake breaks the hold, screaming ‘Not yet, you fat fuck’, spitting in Claus’s face before drilling him with a stiff kick to the jaw] [Jake pulls Santa up to his feet, drilling him with a pair of stiff knees to the gut before lifting him up high and slamming him into the mat with a massive Powerbomb. Jake holds on, gripping Santa by the throat as he powers him back up again, PONY DOWN! Santa screams in pain, barely hitting the canvas before he’s lifted up again, JUGGALO JACKHAMMER! This has to be it as Jake covers, ONE…TWO…HE LIFTS SANTA UP! Jake laughs sadistically as he hoists Santa up onto his shoulders. THE HATCHET! Jake places one pinky down on the unconcious Santa as the referee counts, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [An absolute savage mugging of Santa Clause here tonight as the clown prince moves one step forward to becoming King once more, but he has Hysteria or Max Million to get past in the second round next week]


[An Undisclosed Location.] [The scene opens on Bobby Neptune. There is a dry ice-like smoke that swirls around him as he finds himself crouched on the ground. Bewildered and confused, he strains his eyes to take in his surroundings. That is until he hears a familiar voice.]

“We do not have much time. They will be here momentarily.”

[Lyra Starchild. She steps towards him, appearing out of the smoke like a pop icon on stage. Slowly, reaching her hand toward him, she helps him to his feet and waits until his daze has steadied.]

“I didn’t want to beam you here like this, but time is of the essence, I am afraid. Fear not, you will be returned to the Tap Room in due time.”

[She waits for Bobby to retort, but he does not. He still looks a little perplexed so she continues.]

“You are a valuable commodity it would seem Bobby Neptune. Alas, you never had a chance last week to respond to my proposal. You have a heavy decision to make. One that could change the very landscape of this Earth for better or worse. The fate of your world resides on your shoulders.

There is no middle ground here, Bobby Neptune. Join me and fight the Zetas… Or join them and fight against me. But I want you to be clear, that there is only one right choice. Only one has the human race’s best interest at heart. To the Zetas, humans are disposable in their quest for advancement. I stand as the sole protectant of your planet.

The key lies in your control, your energy… Focus it where it matters.”

[Bobby runs his hands through his hair, trying to make sense of a situation that seems so outside him. He speaks slowly, a hint of confusion and mistrust in his voice.]

“I hear what you are saying but it is only natural that I am sceptical. What you say sounds sincere but I cannot help feeling that I am being manipulated in some way. The Zeta seek me also, I need to at least hear them out.”

[Lyra steps forward, her calm expression changing to a stern look of warning.]

“Do not fall for their trickery like Captain Zappa has. I know their type. Earth is nothing but a planet with perfect conditions for life to them. They care not for its inhabitants.”

[Bobby Neptune shakes his head.]

“I don’t know what to think. If you are who you say you are, I am going to need to see some proof.”

[It is at this moment that they are interrupted by the arrival of several figures. They beam into the otherwise barren landscape seemingly out of nowhere. In that instant, Lyra had vanished, leaving Neptune alone. The Zeta approach Bobby and bow to him in respect. Only the leader speaks.]

“You are the Keymaster. For within you contains the key to this war. We cannot discuss details here…” [The Zeta looks around suspiciously.] “…I fear the location may not be secure. Take this, we will be in contact when the time is right.”

[The Zeta leader hands him a small black circular device, no bigger than his palm. With that, the Zeta beam out as abruptly as they had arrived and Lyra reappears, turning off her cloaking device. She shakes her head at Neptune.]

“Be careful, Bobby Neptune. Do not let yourself be tricked into supporting the wrong side.”

[Bobby turns the small circular device over in his hands, still not sure what to think of the whole situation.]


[An old rivalry renews here as the Ringmaster returns to the Ring King tournament against the Patriarch of the Family DTR. Will the Virus prevail once more or will Huxley get a moral victory heading into the second round?] [The bell sounds as Huxley rushes forward, landing a hard running knee before gripping DTR by the back of the head, STO BACKBREAKER! DTR slowly gets up to his feet in pain as Huxley spins him around, slapping him hard on the back, THE WHIP…DTR holds onto the ropes as Huxley lands back first on the mat. Alistair gets to his feet into a hard elbow the jaw before being lifted high up into the air, BNBE! The Virus hooks the leg for the cover, ONE…TWO…KICK OUT!] [DTR pulls Huxley up, punishing him with a series of knees to the gut before spinning him around in position for the Scorpion Death Drop. Huxley slips out, drilling DTR with a swinging neckbreaker. The Virus slowly gets to his feet, swinging with a wild right that Huxley easily ducks under before locking in a Sleeper hold. DTR struggles under the hold, trying to escape as he nearly gets to the ropes as Huxley tries to hoist him up, BIG TOP…DTR slips out, REASONABLE DOUBT! The Virus hits that out of nowhere as he hooks the leg, ONE..TWO…THREE!!!] [The Virus does it, beating Huxley out of nowhere to advance to the second round against either The Sharkman or Calypso]


[Tonight, the personification of Doubt faces someone with confidence to spare in the chosen one, Captain Zappa! Will Zappa be chosen to go into the second round or will Doubt keep him grounded in round one?] [DING! DING! Both men lock up with each other and Doubt goes for an arm drag! Zappa clutches the arm to make sure he doesn’t go down! Zappa pulls in Doubt and hits a FLATLINER! Doubt lands face first on the canvas! Zappa grabs the back of Doubt’s head and starts slamming him face first into the canvas! Once satisfied, Zappa climbs to the middle rope! He goes for BLACK CLOUDS AND TINFOIL LININGS! Doubt rolls out of the way and Zappa hits stomach first hard! Doubt gets up and drops multiple ELBOW DROPS to Zappa’s back!] [Zappa’s back bows in pain and Doubt locks in the CAMEL CLUTCH! Zappa is hating this! He might tap due to a mix of boredom and pain! No! He reaches and grabs the closest rope! Doubt lets go but not for long as he drags Zappa by the leg into the middle! He goes for a SINGLE LEG CRAB but Zappa uses the free leg and kicks Doubt’s knee from under him! Both men are on the ground and each are trying to get back up! Zappa pulls himself up and charges at Doubt with a giant KNEE STRIKE! HE CLIMBS TO THE TOP ROPE, JUMPS AND HITS THE ZETAVARIUM! HE STAYS ON DOUBT FOR THE PIN! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [What a finish by Zappa, hard fought match by both men, no man should be disappointed in that performance but Zappa ultimately goes to the second round of Ring King!]


[Recorded Earlier.] [It’s the middle of the night and Jake Jeckel is shown carefully walking into a small dark section of an underpass, wearing a black hooded jacket, covering the best part of his face. It smells disgusting, a mix between rotting food and human waste, but this is where he needs to be.] [He rounds a corner, and is immediately met by shining lights.]

“Did you think you could enter our compound without us knowing, boy?” [Says one of them.] [Jake looks to his left, then his right, realizing that he’s surrounded. Men, women and children stand at all sides of him, with burning torches in their hand, made of paper and wood.] [A voice bellows from the darkness.]

“Stand down.”

[Pushing her way through the crowd, Calypso arrives at the forefront, everyone else having stepped backwards; heeding her warning.]

“What do you want, Jeckel?”

[He smiles, removing his hood.] “I wanted to see your operation. I wanted to see why these people follow you.”

[She laughs.]

“These people are nothing like you, and like me, they don’t trust you,” [Calypso remarks with a grin.] “Nor will they ever, unless I do.”

“Then you’re all gonna die,” [Jeckel says bluntly.] “You,” [he points to a young girl.] “Dead,” [he says switching his attention to an old woman,] “And you, and you, and you. All dead.”

[The people start murmuring amongst themselves. Calypso looks around, worried.]

“You don’t understand, do you?” [Jake says stepping closer to her.] “This isn’t about you, or them. It isn’t about me. This is about life as we know it. I’m not trying to become King of the gutter rats, Calypso. I’m trying to save the fuckin’ planet.”

[Jeckel shakes his head in disgust and barges past her. Her people separate, letting him go, watching as he walks away.]

“Think about that,” [he says shouting back.] “Just think about that.”



[To debut in Ring King is a huge thing but for a man like Terminus, it could be the start of his greatness but he has the Deranged One to get past. Will this match be what opens up the Gateway to Greatness or will a Smile stop Ordell before he even begins?] [The bell sounds as Ordell gets the early advantage with a flurry of fast punches of kicks, delivering a stiff headbutt that stuns Smiley before lifting him up and trying for a Snap Suplex. Smiley lands on his feet however, grabbing Terminus from behind, ANTIDEPRESSANT! Smiley barely lets Terminus hit the mat before lifting him up by the mouth as he tries to lock in the fish-hooks but Terminus slips out, drilling Smiley with a lightning quick uppercut, INCEPTION! Terminus drills Smiley into the mat as he hooks the leg for the cover, ONE..TWO…KICK OUT!] [Smiley gets lifted up to his feet, planted into the mat with a swift swinging neckbreaker before Terminus scrambles up to the top rope, FLUX GATE…MISSES! Ordell gets to his feet, holding his back in pain, SHOCK THERAPY! Smiley nearly cuts Terminus in half with that massive spear as the Deranged One calls for the end, hoisting Ordell up but Terminus kicks him low, HURRICARA…STEPFORD SMILE! Smiley drops Terminus with that huge Powerbomb variation as he covers, ONE..TWO…THREE!!!] [The Deranged One ruins Terminus debut here with a destructive victory, heading into the second rope against Adam Eve or Simon Sane]


[In her return to OSW, Mother faces off against Olympic Champion, Cael Gable in a Ring King round 1 matchup.] [The bell sounds and a frantic Mother comes screaming out of her corner. However, Gable catches her with an OVERHEAD BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX! Cael stays on Mother and hoists her onto his shoulders. Gable executes a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER on Mother into the corner turnbuckles. Gable hooks the leg for the pin…1…2…NO! Mother got her other leg onto the ropes. A disappointed Cael lifts up… HANGING VERTICAL SUPLEX! Gable stays on Mother and Irish whips her into the corner. Gable sprints into the corner and attempts a DIVING SPEAR against Mother in the corner – BUT SHE MOVED AS HIS SHOULDER COLLIDES WITH IT!] [Mother pulls Gable back and climbs to the middle turnbuckle. TORNADO DDT by Mother on Gable. Mother with a series of STOMPS to Gable’s chest area. Mother whips him into the ropes and catches Gable with a HEAD SCISSORS TAKEDOWN! Mother throws her against the ropes and catches Gable with a huge JUMPING KNEE! Mother makes the pin…1…2…NO! Gable kicks out! Mother picks up Gable before drilling him with a DOUBLE UNDER-HOOK DDT! Mother waits for Gable to get back to his feet. As he does, Mother attempts to spit the black mist into Gable’s face – BUT NO! Gable turned his head, avoiding the spray. Gable hits the PUGHPLEX! 1…2…3!] [Cael Gable advances to round 2 of Ring King with a tough victory of the returning Mother.]


[The VHS Champion, Captain Zappa, fresh off of his Ring King tournament opener against Doubt, walks through the backstage labyrinth of the Tap Room. He has a joint sticking out of his mouth as he turns a corner.] [And his whole world goes insane.] [The walls around him begin shaking with great energy, practically ripping the concrete blocks from the wall. Zappa looks around with surprise, maybe even fear, in his eyes as he tries to grab hold of something to keep him upright.

[But before he can do so, darkness overtakes the hallway. While we can see Zappa easily, he is surrounded by such darkness that not even the brightest of lights could penetrate it. Standing in a void of uneven ground, the VHS Champion falls as a voice booms at a distance.]

“The stars of the sky fell to the earth, as a fig tree casts its unripe figs when shaken by a great wind.”

[Zappa falls for what seems like forever, the ground having split apart like a scroll beneath him. As he falls, he can see the cities and mountains of man all moving and being lost in fields of fire and destruction.]

“Then the kings of the earth and the great men and the commanders and the rich and the strong and every slave and free man hid themselves in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains.”

[As the fall continues, Zappa’s eyes widen as he seems to be falling towards a battleground. Two armies collide with ferocity this world has never seen, like two opposing rivers rushing towards one another with no intention of merging.] [Yet as he nearly reaches this battle, the two armies slowly lose any semblance of being opposing forces, instead they turn to blood.] [SPLASH!] [With great force, Captain Zappa slowly pulls himself out of the body of liquid he has fallen into. As he stands to his feet in the knee-deep liquid, one can easily see that it is a red viscous liquid the color of blood. Zappa looks around him in this dark place, unable to grasp what he has just seen. He looks down at the joint in his hand, having not lost it during the fall.]

“Last time I buy off the street.”

[Obviously thinking this was just another trip, Zappa begins wading through this river of blood towards who knows where.] [Yet in the other direction, at the top of an incline, Lux Bellator stands watching behind his wooden altar. He touches the ancient book that he so covets, only two seals remaining from it being opened.]

“The great day of their wrath has come, and who is able to stand?”

[The sixth seal has broken, and the sixth bowl begins to fill.] [What does Lux Bellator want with Captain Zappa?]

[The Dragon lost one of the biggest matches of his life last week at Genesis now he looks to regroup against the ruler of the Underworld itself. Can Rhodes spark up the fire once more or is a God more powerful then a Dragon?] [The bell sounds as Rhodes rushes forward, delivering a massive running dropkick that barely affects Hades, Rhodes bouncing off as Hades steps back a few feet. Undetered, Rhodes rushes to the ropes once more, bouncing off, BIG BOOT! Hades nearly takes Rhodes head off as the Dragon stumbles to his feet into a flurry of lefts and rights as a stiff elbow to the jaw nearly knocks Rhodes out cold, Hades hoisting him up into the air with a Military Press but Rhodes manages to slip down, POISON-RANA!] [Hades lands on the back of his head as Rhodes covers, ONE…FORCEFUL KICK OUT! Rhodes rolls to his feet, DARKWISH! The Superkick stuns Hades as Rhodes tries to lift him up but Hades is too powerful as a simple elbow to the back of the neck stops Rhodes cold before the Dragon is lifted up by the throat, RIVER STYX! The Dragon hits hard into the turnbuckles as he stumbles out into the clutches of Hades, WELCOME TO THE…RHODES TURNS IN MID-AIR, LEAPING DARKWISH! Hades staggers back, as Rhodes runs to the ropes, SPRINGBOARD DARKWISH TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Hades is out on his feet as Rhodes leaps up, CHAOS THEORY! Hades finally goes down as Rhodes hooks the leg, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Rhodes does it but it took everything for him to put down the Lord of the Underworld as the Dragon now moves onto the second round to face either Ethan Bird or Lyra Starchild]


[We find ourselves backstage, the camera following Hades as he walks with purpose following his match. The employees are smart to not stand in his way, the God having more important things to do as he makes way for the exit of the Tap Room.] [Though as he grabs the handle, it refuses to turn. Hades looks at the door in angry confusion, surprised to find it locked when he hears a voice behind him.]

“Having trouble, Hades?”

[The God of the Underworld turns around, a look of disdain on his face as he comes face to face with…] [Ordell Terminus.]

“It would seem the gateway outside has been locked to you, hasn’t it?”

“A puny door isn’t a concern to me.”

[Ordell chuckles.]

“Of course, I wouldn’t expect it to be. But I expect you to be able to read between the lines.”

[Hades sneers at Ordell, moving towards the newcomer, the God towering over him as he tries to intimidate him. However, Ordell stands his ground and refuses to back away as he looks up at the God.]

“Do not try and speak down to me, mortal. You are a mere worshipper of a false god, you are nothing to me.”

“Janus is no false prophet, Hades. And I am not talking down to you. I am merely here to issue a challenge.”

[Hades smirks at the thought.]

“A challenge?”

“Yes. You see, much like how you are locked behind that door, the undeservingly tortured of the underworld are forever locked away.”

[Hades narrows his eyes.]

“What are you getting at, mortal?”

“I want to face you in the ring with the freedom of a few innocent souls on the line, Hades.”

[Hades’ face contorts into an expression of fury as he shoves Ordell back, the smaller man wisely creating distance as Hades closes in.]

“No mortal will dare try and persuade my rule! You wish to insult me by trying to steal my souls from me? Then you will perish!”

[Ordell ducks a lariat, getting behind Hades and hitting a fast kick to the back that sends Hades forward! As the god turns around to swing at Ordell he finds the mortal gone! Terminus’ voice echoes through the halls as Hades tries to find where he went.]

“I merely look to be their gateway, Hades. Their gateway to the greatness that you deprive them of.”

[Hades angrily tears through the hallway, the scene fading out as he looks for the missing worshipper of Janus.]


[Max Million is back, joining the Family as the ‘He’ that Stephanie needed but can he make her proud tonight as he faces off against Hysteria. Is the Virus flowing through Million enough or will the Mastermind capitalize on his rusty skills?] [The bell sounds as Million rushes forward, drilling Hysteria with a flurry of lefts and rights, landing a savage headbutt before snapping Hysteria to the mat with a Suplex. Million tries for a clothesline as Hysteria gets to his feet but it’s ducked under as Hysteria grips him by the back of the tights, before rolling him up into a schoolboy. ONE…TWO..Million kicks out! Both men get to their feet as Million kicks Hysteria low, SNAP DDT!] [Million doesn’t cover but lifts Hysteria up, drilling him with a pair of sickening headbutts before double underhooking him, DOUBLE…SNAP GERMAN! Hysteria slipped out, drilling Max with that German as he quickly heads up to the top rope as the Infected slowly rises to his feet, FALL OF MAN! Hysteria covers Max again, ONE…TWO…Million gets the shoulder up! Hysteria pulls Max up, placing him between his legs trying for the Mockery but Max bridges out, HARD LARIAT! Hysteria flips in mid-air from the force as Million lifts him up high, VIRAL…LOST HOPE! Hysteria slips out again, landing the Codebreaker as the Mastermind hooks both legs, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Mastermind does it, capitalising on a single mistake to put an end to a third of the Family’s quest for glory as he heads into the second round against either Santa Clause or Jake Jeckel]


[In our next first round of Ring King match up, The Scarecrow meets The President, Jackson Grant Fitzgerald.] [The bell sounds and instantly Jackson starts distracting the referee so that his secret service officers can latch onto The Scarecrow’s arms in the corner. The secret service CLUB Scarecrow with AXE HANDLE BLOWS to the back of the head. Fitzgerald finally pounces on his dazed opponent. Mr. President backs Scarecrow into the corner with a boot to the midsection. Jackson climbs the turnbuckle and rains down fists to the peak of Scarecrow’s temple…1…2..3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10! TEN knuckled blows to the Scarecrow’s battered forehead! Fitzgerald pushes Scarecrow to the canvas. Jackson prepares his elbow and dives from the top with an EXECUTIVE ORDER elbow drop – BUT NO!] [Jackson landed hard on that elbow. Scarecrow staggers back to his feet and whips the President into the ropes. Scarecrow takes Fitzgerald down with a SHORT ARM LARIAT! The Scarecrow twists Jackson around into a HANGMAN’S NECKBREAKER! Scarecrow makes the pin in the center of the ring…1…2…NO! Again The Scarecrow whips Jackson into the ropes and Scarecrow adjusts in time to catch Jackson with a thunderous SPINEBUSTER! Jackson clutches at his back as The Scarecrow LIFTS Jackson back to his feet and into air by THE THROAT! Scarecrow holds Mr. President up before, BYE BYE BIRDIE! The Scarecrow’s devastating choke slam! Scarecrow makes the cover…1…2…3!] [Former OSW World Champion, The Scarecrow moves onto the next round of Ring King courtesy of his Bye Bye Birdie.]


[It has been some time, but today the Throne has its King.] [With a devilish grin on his face, King Royal sits upon his throne, the large wolf’s head looming above him to show his power. Beside him stands his queen, an eye patch covering the brutal injuries she suffered at the hands of Genesis months ago. His knights have been long at work to return the throne room to the condition it was in when last occupied.]

“One does not have all day!” [Royal shouts.] “This dreary cove must be restored to its splendor. The King will have nothing less than greatness.”

[The knights, squires, and others assembled all begin to work that much faster to get the correct drapes in place, the correct rugs on display, and all that needs to happen to create what their King demands.]

“My Lord.” [Queen Raquel begins.] “Once this pathetic assemblage in OSW have been brought to their knees before you, whom will be sent to the gallows first?”

[The King grins, watching as his King’s Guard come together before him.]

“One has a few ideas. But first,” [Royal says with a twinkle in his eyes.] “The King must present his colors to the world, and remind them that there is only one King here. One fears they’ve forgotten what one is capable of.”

[With that wide grin still on his face, Royal stands to his feet and descends from his throne. His match is soon, and he must begin heading that way.] [Queen Raquel has a smile on her face as Royal and his retinue leave the throne room. She turns to take a seat on the throne, but nearly jumps out of her skin.]

“Marvolo!” [The Queen shrieks.] [Indeed, Marvolo is now sitting on the King’s throne. On the other side of the throne stands Raquel herself.]

“Blind Raquel!” [Marvolo greets his former manager.] “Marvolo thought you’d hear us arrive. Don’t blind people have better senses?”

“I’m not all the way blind, you idiot!” [Raquel retorts.] [Marvolo ignores this, gesturing towards the fully-sighted Raquel.]

“Meet Raquel.” [He says with a grin, standing to his feet.] “The only thing broken on her is her English!”

“Marvolo es Number Wahn.” [Raquel says.] [The Queen rolls her eyes, but before she can say anything, Marvolo nods down at the throne.]

“Tell Nigey that Marvolo has waited a long time for him to come back.” [Raquel leads him down from the throne.] “Marvolo forgets a lot of things, but some things he does not.”

[Marvolo begins to head towards a wall, but Raquel guides him towards the exit instead. They leave the Queen alone as she sits down on the throne with rage in her eye.]


[OSW Double Feature Champion, The Sharkman welcomes Calypso back to competitive OSW action in our next Ring King round 1 matchup.] [The bell sounds and Calypso comes out running at The Sharkman who on reflex BACK BODY DROPS her over the side ring ropes. Calypso lands on the ring apron, outside the ring. Using the ring ropes, Calypso then SPRINGBOARDS herself back into the ring through the middle ropes and lands a DDT on Sharkman. Calypso picks up Sharkman. INVERTED ATOMIC DROP from Calypso on Sharkman. FAMOUSER by Calypso. She hooks The Sharkman’s leg…1…No! Sharkman kicks out. Calypso attempts to Irish whip Sharkman but Sharkman reverses and whips Calypso into the corner. She staggers out of the corner on wobbly legs, Sharkman latches onto Calypso and SNAP SUPLEXES her back into the turnbuckles! Sharkman covers…1…2…No!] [Sharkman hoists Calypso back to her feet and thrusts her head between his legs in preparation for a PILEDRIVER! But NO! Calypso BACK BODY DROPS The Sharkman. Calypso hits a DROP KICK to the head! Sharkman slowly gets back to his feet… BACKSTABBER by Calypso. Calypso drags Sharkman’s shattered body over to the ring ropes – Sharkman’s upper body dangling precariously through the ring ropes. Calypso bounces off the opposing ropes and hits ULTRA VIOLENCE! That move where Calypso springboards over the top ropes and lands a DOUBLE FOOT STOMP onto her opponent. Calypso rolls Sharkman back into the centre of the ring. Calypso hooks a limp leg…1…2…3!] [Calypso picks up a statement win over The Sharkman in her return OSW match and moves onto the next round of Ring King.]


[Previously Recorded.] [Simon Sane.] [This psychopath walks with a brisk pace while holding an older lady hostage with a gun pressed against her temple. He follows the direction that the president exited stage left. Just as he climbs onto the stage, the sound of a gun cocking is heard.]

“Stop it right there!”

[Sane does as instructed but turns his head to see the two guards at the back of the room with their pistols trained on him.] [With a quick twirl, Simon brings the girl in front of him. The two glance at each other with a moment of hesitation. It’s this hesitation that Sane capitalizes on as he thrusts the girl forward, off the stage, and on top of them. They stop to catch her as he darts into the alcove.] [Gunfire rings wildly as several screams of panic and fear fill the small room.] [The smoke moves momentarily as the body count in the room is immense. Standing amongst them are two lone people: Simon Sane and President Jackson Grant Fitzgerald. Sane reaches out and grabs Fitzgerald by the collar.] [He yanks him close, and that’s when it happens.] [His wig falls right off of his head. Sane looks down at it as his hands begin to shake on his collar. He reaches forward and pulls the false-nose right off his face. He throws the imposter to the ground and aims his pistol right at his head.]

“P-p-please sir! Don’t do it!”

“Spreading lies and creating half-truths. You forfeited your life when you helped his agenda grow and continued to spread his treasonous propaganda.”

[Gunshots ring out once more as his kneecaps are no more. The other two Secret Service men enter the room only to find it barren from the intruder with only bodies strewn about and one howling impersonator on the floor. Behind him is a vault-entrance to which something is written on it.] [A red, spraypainted ‘X Marks The Spot.’]


[In a match worthy of the Ring King Final, we find Lyra Starchild taking on the returning Ethan Bird!] [The bell rings and both competitors are hungry for victory as they meet in the middle of the ring! Lyra hits a harsh sole kick to the stomach of Ethan Bird that sends him backward! ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO BIRD! Ethan is dazed as Lyra pushes the offense! LEAPING DDT- BIRD CATCHES IT! Bird runs forward and slams Lyra right into the turnbuckle before turning around with a massive spine buster! Starchild has the wind knocked out of her as Bird peels her from the mat by her hair! Bird lifts her up for a power- HURRICANRANA! STARCHILD SAVES HERSELF!] [Both competitors are down as Lyra has to use the ropes to hoist herself to her feet! She turns around and DUCKS A CLOTHESLINE FROM BIRD! she hits the ropes and comes back with a massive dropkick to the face of Bird! Ethan refuses to go down as he unleashes a flurry of blows onto Lyra as soon as she stands up! The two trade blows, neither giving an inch! ENZIGURI BY STARCHILD! Bird is sent reeling by the massive blow as Lyra runs towards the turnbuckle! Bird gives chase BUT LYRA RUNS UP THE ROPES! FALLING STAR! BIRD GETS TAKEN DOWN! Lyra pins him! One! Two! Three!] [Lyra has defeated the very powerful Ethan Bird! Starchild advances to the next round!]


[Backstage we find Ethan Rose, a big grin on his face as he walks down the hallway.]

“Jesus, look at this place…it could use some freshening up around here.”

[A young woman walks by, catching the eye of Rose as he shoots her a wink and a smile.]

“Hey baby, you know why they call me the Phoenix? Cause I always rise to the occasion…and I’d be happy to show you—“

[The woman suddenly screams, running off as we hear a barking from the distance. Rose turns around to see what the commotion is…and narrowly avoids the attack of a wolf charging at him! The wolf rears back, looking to strike again when a screeching noise approaches both of them. A large machine-like figure appears, blocking the wolf from attacking Rose! The wolf runs off, leaving us with the machine and an unimpressed Rose as another man runs up.]

“Are you alright, sir?”

[Ethan just scoffs as he looks at the machine.]

“I’m fine, though your little dog and this bucket of bolts just ruined my shot at a fun time tonight. And who the hell are you, anyway?”

“I’m Tommy, Tommy Edison…and that wasn’t my animal. This bucket of bolts is The Automaton, and you should be thanking him for saving your neck just now.”

[Rose just rolls his eyes in annoyance with a sigh.]

“Look mate, I’m a big boy and I can defend myself. I don’t need you or your little toy trying to be my hero, so why don’t you play Transformers somewhere else and leave me alone? I’m gonna try my hand at that cutie I saw just a minute ago, so if you’ll excuse me.”

[Rose walks off with a chuckle, leaving Tommy to check on TAM’s diagnostics.] [Cut.]


[Back at the party.] [And poor Brent Kersh is covered in all sorts of mess. From glitter to streamers, he’s covered in it. He still sits bound to a wooden chair, and despite the party atmosphere, he doesn’t look like he’s enjoying the celebration.] [Edward Newton strolls over once more, this time with a clipboard and some documents.]

“Do you know what these are, Mr. Kersh?” [He asks calmly.] “These are your retirement papers.”

[Brent sneers.]

“I know, I know, we haven’t even blown out the candles or cut the cake, yet.”

[Kersh looks up at him with disgust.] “What is this, you maniac? What do you think you’re doing? You took me from the hospital, kidnapped me at the birth of my child and brought me here.”

[Newton rolls his eyes, then his head, mocking The Enforcer.]

“You’re so ungrateful, aren’t you?” [He complains.] “Stop the music! Stop the party! DJ Hysteria, shut it off, we have a party pooper!”

[The music abruptly cuts.]

“Have you lost your mind, Newton?” [Kersh investigates just as abruptly.] “Is that it? Did The Scarecrow jumble that giant brain of yours? You need to let me out of here.”

[Edward shakes his head.] “Not until you sign these papers, Mr. Kersh. Tonight is your long awaited retirement and we’ve gone to all this effort to celebrate it with you.”

[Brent thinks about it for a moment. He reluctantly sighs, lowering his head.]

“Fine. I’ll sign your damn papers.”

[Newton looks almost giddy at the news. He quickly unties the chair of Kersh, allowing his arms to be free. The Enforcer takes the clipboard and flicks through the documents.]

“So, once I’ve signed these, that’s it?” [He asks.] “No Championship match at Ring King? No Red Snow III? Not even one more match?”

[The Riddler shakes his head.] [Kersh sighs.] [WHACK!] [Suddenly he stands, wrapping the clipboard across the head of Edward Newton. The Riddler bounds backwards into a wall, but he hasn’t time to escape before Kersh is on him. The Enforcer pulls him close by the tie, planting a headbutt across his nose that sends blood gushing in all directions.] [Hysteria comes running over, only for Kersh to snap up the wooden chair and break it across his head.] [As Newton slumps to the floor, holding his nose in agony, Brent snatches the paper from the clipboard and rips it to shreds.]

“I’m not retiring,” [He says tossing the ripped papers at him.] “Not today, not tomorrow and not before I get my hands on your Championship. Thanks for the party, kid.”

[Brent heads over to the door, only he stops at the handle. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed something. He walks over to a large cake, blowing out the candles. With a finger, he takes a large scoop of icing, tasting it.] [Somewhat impressed by the flavour, he nods his head and walks to the exit. The camera then focuses on a flustered and angry Edward Newton, blood pouring from his nose, before cutting to static.] [Cut.]


[Two former Ring King winners stand toe-to-toe in the ring as the bell sounds. Only one man can move forward in this tournament!] [These two men move towards the center of the ring, and it’s Mike Lane who extends his hand. King Royal looks at it and slaps it softly as a sign of respect. The crowd applauds their show of sportsmanship, but that ends quite quickly as it’s King Royal who rams him into the corner and begins driving strikes into the midsection of the Rewind Champion. Lane drives his elbows down atop the back and neck of King Royal. Royal lunges forward as his head drives into the chin of Lane! Instinctively, Lane’s hands fly to his mouth to which Royal uses to his advantage. Two quick jabs to the ribs before moving back.] [Lane’s eyes are watered a bit as he moves out of the corner. King Royal raises a hand as if for a test of strength. The Shadow looks at it for a moment before striking with a boot to the midsection. He grabs King Royal by his head and drives him into the mat with a stiff DDT! King Royal tries to roll away, but Mike Lane grabs him by his waist. Release German suplex! Royal slams across the ring on top of his shoulders in a nasty fall. The Shadow eyes his prey as he slowly moves towards him. He pulls Royal away from the ropes, but Royal clutches it with his forearm wrapped around it. Lane tries to keep pulling, but the referee steps in.] [King Royal pulls himself to his feet as Lane pushes past the referee. LOW BLOW! The referee was shoved out of the way and couldn’t see it! Royal is quick as he wraps his arms around the waist of Lane. Belly-to-Back suplex! He holds on and does it again… and again… and again! THE ROYAL FLUSH! Royal hooks the legs of Lane! One…Two…KICKOUT! Royal looks bothered for a second before turning around and just yanking him back up by his mane. Royal headbutts Lane as they both make it to their feet. He wraps the arm of Lane around his head and lifts… for a snap suplex!] [King Royal gives him a kick for good measure before moving towards the corner and looking down at The Shadow. SPITFIRE! The frog splash crosses the ring, but he slams into the knees of Lane! Mike Lane quickly hooks his head and rolls him up into a small package! One…Two…KICKOUT! Both men scramble to their feet. ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE! The rolling knee floors the defending Ring King! Mike Lane isn’t finished though! He rolls Royal over, hooks the leg of Royal, and… STF! King Royal is gritting his teeth as Lane has one of his signature moves locked in!] [King Royal is fighting through it! He’s pulling himself closer and closer to the ropes! His eyes are wild and his teeth are bared! He tries to bite at Mike Lane, but Lane moves his hands over his nose and eyes! Another wild cry by Royal as he rolls both over into the ropes! The referee gets involved and begins pulling Mike Lane off. Lane moves away only to hit the ropes and baseball slide Royal out to the floor. Royal hits the hard concrete floor on the outside before pulling himself back up with the ring itself. Mike Lane sees a moment as he hits the other ropes, springs up the second rope, and dives over the top rope! Both him and Royal tumble to the floor!] [Both men are slow to move. The referee begins his count. One! Nothing. Two! Still nothing! Three! Some signs of life as Lane begins straining to get up. Four! Royal begins to stir. Five! Both men make it to their knees. Six! Slowly they’re beginning to get up. Seven! Royal shoves Lane into the barricade! Eight! Royal slides into the ring! NINE! Mike Lane rushes towards the ring! TE-HE BEATS THE COUNT JUST BARELY! Royal rushes over and begins stomping mercilessly on him as the crowd pelts him with boos. He leaps into the air and drives a knee down into the chest of Mike Lane.] [King Royal climbs to the top rope. He looks down at Mike Lane. He doesn’t waste a moment more. SPITFIRE! It connects this time! He isn’t finished though. He wraps his arms around the face of Mike Lane! DUNGEONS OF LONDON! Mike Lane cries out in pain as he reaches for the ropes. He slowly begins to crawl carrying the weight of Royal with him. He reaches out and… JUST gets the rope. The referee is trying to pull Royal off, but he doesn’t come easily. Royal is furious. He climbs the top turnbuckle and drags a thumb across his throat. SPITFIR- SHADOW KICK!!! Somehow Mike Lane kipped up to his feet and drove his boot into the neck and jaw of King Royal as he slams to the ground in a heap! Lane covers him! One…Two…THREE!] [Mike Lane slowly stands as a grin spreads across his face. He has conquered the previous Ring King and solidified that there WILL be a new Ring King this year.]


[Complete darkness.] [The pitch black is infiltrated by screams. Vile, visceral sounding screams that echo throughout the night. As the stars twinkle above, below, the nightmare begins.]

“Scarecrow,” [screams the same voice.] “Come out; come out, wherever you are.”

[It’s Mother.] [She’s crawling through the cornfield, searching every inch of it for The Scarecrow.]

“You betrayed me. You entombed and trapped me. Me? The one who saved your very being from the brink of solitude and despair.”

[Her voice becomes louder and louder.]

“And how do you repay me? You force me into the very solitude and despair I saved you from.”

[She chuckles, almost in disbelief.]

“Why? Answer me! Why?”

[Silence.] [Mother crawls out into the open, having reached the perch. She stands, mud caked across her knees and dress, looking at it.]

“Because I understand now.”

[Finally, The Scarecrow’s voice joins her within the night. She looks around for him, but he isn’t there. Wherever he is, she can’t see him.]

“You were using me, Mother. You were using us all. These pathetic morsels of humanity roam this world, ever curious about their lives. They don’t understand their universe. I came to understand mine.”

[Mother smiles sadistically. There’s a sinister look upon her face.]

“I came to understand everything. I know what has been, and what will be. I know what you are, and what I am.”

[She scoffs.] “And when do you intend to stop hiding in the darkness and face what you know, Scarecrow?”

[Flutter.] [Nothing.]

“Where your eyes don’t go, Mother.”