Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Needful Things.] [In the shop of Nicholas Mammon, Nigel Royal and Edgar Nevermore stand guard outside the back room broken into last week by Edward Newton. Inside, from a small gap underneath the door, we see a glowing bright light illuminate inside.] [Then there’s a loud slamming sound and the door opens.] [Mammon steps out with a wide smile.]

“That’s it gentlemen, we have everything we need.”

[All three shake hands victoriously with each other.] [That’s until the sound of someone clearing their throat interrupts them.] [Edward Newton.] [And he doesn’t look pleased.]

“Mr. Newton, why, what a surprise! We’re so glad you stopped by. I don’t mean to be presumptuous but I suppose you’re here to enquire about your box?”

[The Riddler folds his arms.] “And I see you brought back up.”

[Nicholas scoffs, walking past his friends and taking a seat on a stool behind his counter.]

“Don’t be silly; my acquaintances are just here to ensure there’s no mischievous behaviour in relation to that very valuable, very important, very special little box.”

“Cut the crap; what’s in the box, Mr. Mammon?”

[Mammon sighs.]

“I was hoping you’d let sleeping dogs lie, Mr. Newton. Believe me, you don’t want to know what’s in the box; or the value of such an item,” [he says convincingly.] “But I can see that you’re not to be deterred in this matter.”

[Edward steps forward, causing Royal and Nevermore to step closer to their ally. This brings a smile out of Newton who chuckles slightly.]

“You’re playing games with me and I’m not sure whether to be insulted or humoured by these idiotic notions of what I may or may not need. Allow me to simplify for you, Mr. Mammon?”

“By all means, please do.”

[Newton smiles once again.]

“My curiosity over what resides within that box doesn’t cloud my judgement. Whilst I wish to know the answer, I remain focused upon my primary objective. You see, no-one has won Pandemonium and gone on to win the World Championship at Ring of Dreams. No-one. No-one has defeated Edward Newton in over fifty matches. No-one. No-one has held the World Championship for as long as I have. No-one. Whilst I may be curious, I am not stupid and you will not deter me from retaining my title or finding out the truth.”

[Mammon stands up and applauds, almost sarcastically.]

“Old boy, that was a sensational speech. However, you do know what they say, don’t you? Curiosity killed the cat.”

[Edward laughs, nodding in agreement as he backs away carefully, one eye on Royal and Nevermore who stand behind Mammon, looking extremely sinister.] [Cut.]


[It’s a battle of mythic proportions as it’s Gaia, Mother Earth, going up against Troy Solveig, Volsungr!] [The bell sounds as Troy rushes forward with his shoulder lowered, but Gaia just hits the mat and rolls out of the ring. Troy hits the ropes and catches himself there looking down at Gaia with a sneer. Gaia reaches underneath the rope and hooks the foot of Troy, but he just kicks her hand away. She grins up at him as you can feel Troy’s rage building. The referee begins his count and Gaia just bides her time. Troy sits on the second rope as if holding it open for her. Finally, at the nine count, she slides into the ring and slides right back out!] [Troy rolls right after her and rams her into the barricade! She seems caught off guard by his sheer power as he begins just laying in vicious rights! Gaia is trying to cover herself, but Troy is relentless! He wraps his beefy arms around the head of Gaia and drills her into the floor with a one-arm DDT. He is practically seething as he grabs her by her hair and drags her into the ring! He kicks her side and demands she get to her feet. She slowly does so, using the ropes to her advantage. Troy rushes towards her… VALKYRIE!] [MISS! Gaia dodges out of the way of the leaping Superman punch before catching him with a high axe kick to the mouth! Troy staggers away before Gaia leaps up to the top rope and leaps towards him with another big kick! He staggers as she sweeps his legs out from underneath him! She leaps onto him and begins raking at his eyes and yanking his beard and hair! She instead transitions into the SAURIAN SLEEPER! However, Troy is blocking it with his arms! He powers out of the hold while still holding onto Gaia. HEADBUTT! She’s dazed as he lifts her up for a lightning-quick… HAMMER OF THE GODS! The jackhammer flattens her as Troy hooks a leg. One…Two…THREE!] [Troy Solveig gets to his feet with his teeth still gritted. His anger is still bubbling to the surface as the referee hesitantly raises his hand.]


[Redmond Quinn stands in the middle of the locker room area, getting prepared and ready for his match tonight; meanwhile, Kane Doebern sits with his arms folded, a look of sheer disgust on his face.]

“I can’t believe you’re going to go through with this,” [the kid moans with frustration.] “You’re going to team with the man who nearly killed you? Are you fucking crazy?”

[Quinn turns sharply.] “Why not? The past is the past, young man. Allow me to teach you a lesson tonight; isn’t that why you asked for my help? Wolfgang is a man, just like me and just like you.”

[Wolfgang suddenly appears in the door way.]

“Not quite like you,” [he says with surprisingly soft tones. Kane jumps up but Redmond pulls him back.] “What I mean to say is that I’m not the kind of man you are, Redmond.”

[That brings an awkward silence.]

“I’ve made some mistakes. I won’t lie to you and tell you that I’m cured of my hatred for your people or your race but I’ve decided to try and better myself. After the beating you delivered to me a few weeks ago, I’ve sought inner clarity. I asked for our teaming tonight to prove to you that I can be a better man; to thank you for allowing me another chance and not finishing the job you started.”

[Quinn smiles.]

“As I was just saying to my young friend here; the past is the past. We don’t have to live in it.”

[Wolfgang nods stoically.]

“May I ask for your vergebung? Your forgiveness?”

[The Teacher steps forward and offers him a proud handshake.]

“Of course! Apology accepted,” [he says with a smile.] “I’m glad that we can finally see eye to eye and tonight, when we win the Tag Team Championships, we’ll prove to the world that skin colour doesn’t matter. I’ll see you out there,” [he pats him on the back.] “partner!”

[Redmond gleefully exits the room leaving Kane and Wolfgang behind. Kane quickly steps to him, scrunching up his nose.]

“I don’t fuckin’ trust you,” [he says, spitting at him as he does.] “And I don’t fuckin’ like you. If you betray him, I’ll kill you.”

[Kane storms off leaving Wolfgang to wipe the spit from his face with a grimace.] [Cut.]


[It’s a triple threat tag team match as these three unusual teams are set!] [The bell sounds as these men waste no time in getting into it! No tagging in this match as Happy is jumped by Michael Graves with an axe handle to the back of his head! Kasabian rushes towards Vogel and The Lost Cosmonaut before sending both men over the top rope with a big double clothesline! Chip Montana rushes up behind him and leaps up before driving his knees into the back of Kasabian! SEE YA LATER, ALLIGATOR! The gargantuan slave rolls out of the ring. Graves goes for a clothesline, but Happy ducks as Chip is nailed by the shot!] [Graves looks down at Chip with surprise before he’s rolled up from behind! One…Two…TH-NO! Happy almost stole the match there! Happy staggers to his feet before turning into the chest of Oscar Vogel. Vogel kicks him in the gut before pulling him for a… POWERBOMB! Michael Graves rushes towards him, but The Lost Cosmonaut flies out of nowhere with a spinning heel kick! Graves is shot out of the ring like a dart as Cosmonaut nods at Vogel. Cosmonaut lifts up Happy and throws him towards Vogel. CAVITY INSPECTION! The mandible claw is applied as Happy’s eyes are bugging out!] [Happy is fading quickly as a ROAR is heard from outside of the ring! Both The Lost Cosmonaut and Vogel look toward the source of the sound. The Slave slides into the ring and lowers his head before ramming Cosmonaut into the corner! Kasabian grabs Cosmonaut before hitting a muscle buster! SHAH-RAH HAHN! Vogel’s eyes are wide with fear as Kasabian turns and throws a heavy right to free Happy! Happy is on shaky legs before he falls right on top of the Lost Cosmonaut for a pin! Chip Montana and Michael Graves get to their feet and nod at one another, but Kasabian rushes towards them with a barreling charge that holds them back! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [Happy and Kasabian get the win here tonight! The referee lifts up the hand of Happy who isn’t moving from atop of Lost Cosmonaut. Lord Griffin Walters steps into the ring and the referee raises his hand as well.]


[Kaiso.] [Stood upon the barren landscape of a world once thriving with life and opportunity, Berengar looks upon the scorched ground with sadness. The sky is an orange hue with dark dust like clouds looming within.] [There’s no life.] [The gravel like substance beneath his feet is blue, stained with the blood of millions of people.]

“Look at this,” [Berengar says, picking up a handful of blue gravel and letting it slip through his fingers.] “These people died because I could not protect them.”

[He lowers his head in sadness.]

“What about Earth?”

[That voice startles Berengar who pulls Vigilkeeper from his sheath and turns immediately to face its keeper.] [With his trademark black leather jacket flowing, Lincoln Hex stands unbelievably across from Berengar. He tips his hat and smiles.]

“You couldn’t save this planet but what about Earth?”

[Berengar swings with his sword, only Hex ducks expertly underneath.]

“How are you here?” [Berengar demands to know.] “Where’s your craft?”

“You’ve questions, I thought you might. My name is Lincoln Hex. Berengar, you don’t need answers; you need direction. Deep in your soul, you can feel the tragedy of this world, can’t you? Your failure to save it has yet to find the justice you desire. You wish to make amends, am I right?”

[The Knight lowers his sword.] “Speak.”

“The biggest threat of your life has yet to reveal itself, but it will. There’s billions of people on Earth counting on you to save them. Without their knowledge, they’ll find themselves in peril once more. Evil still lurks in Old School Wrestling. Mysterion, Doctor Mindfuck, Nicholas Mammon, Edgar Nevermore and your beloved Darkstar. Won’t you save that world like you couldn’t this?”

[Berengar steps forward, close, sniffing Hex deeply.]

“I don’t trust you,” [he says firmly.] “You don’t smell right.”

[Hex nods.]

“I’ve done things I regret but I’m trying to do the right thing now. Will you answer the call?”

[The Knight nods.]

“I will.”



[The Night before Ring of Dreams…] [FLASH!] [It’s a bright light as Chip Montana is shown smirking with his thick moustache practically dancing upon his upper lip as he tries to contain his glee.]

“Oi! I’m Chip Montana, and I’m grabbin’ nature…”

[There’s a pause as he smirks.]


[Chip Montana takes a step back, pulling on leaves as if to pull them out of the way of vision. Behind him is the entry point to a cavern, but Kevin looks worse for wear. His eyes are sunken into his skull and his skin is pale. Around his feet are a few orange peels with very little left to devour.]

“As you know, we’ve been following these creatures of the night, but this thing about this certain breed of critter is that we just don’t know what their habits are.”

[Chip points as a cloaked figure exits the cavern very quickly as if to avoid detection, but Chip beckons for the camera to follow along.]

“Are they actual blood-thirsty creatures of the night with blood pacts and all of that shit or do they just like playing dress-up and hiding in caves like freaks?”

[Chip cuts through the foliage as he streaks towards where that hooded creature took off to.]

“Tonight, we will be providin’ all of the answers you seek!”

[Chip reaches up and slices through a limb with his machete before stopping and turning about. He looks confused for a moment.]

“Don’t worry yer pretty lil heads. We’ll catch these suckers faster than you can say garlic bread!”

[With that, Chip pulls out a clove of garlic from his belt and holds it as if ready to throw it at someone. They continue their search for these creatures of the night as the camera barely catches a glimpse of eyes stalking after them from the safety of the treetops.] [With Chip Montana just being walking prey in their territory.]


[It’s a battle between ideologies as it’s Jacen Novan squaring off against Nate Washington here tonight!] [The bell sounds as Nate rushes across the ring with a running knee strike, but Novan just dodges to the side of the ambush. Jacen strikes with a palm to the forehead of Nate who recoils, rubbing his forehead. Washington’s face contorts into embarrassment-induced rage as he charges towards Novan. The patient Novan just lowers a shoulder and hits a hip throw dropping Nate quickly. Novan almost seems to be toying with Washington here! Nate slowly gets up to his feet before The Chosen One begins lighting up his chest with a flurry of blows! Washington is trying to cover to no avail!] [Novan drives him into the corner before turning to move towards the opposite corner. Nate reaches out and yanks him to the mat by his hood! Washington is holding his ribs, but he stomps on Novan with no sign of holding back. Washington yanks Jacen to his feet before drilling him with two stiff jabs followed by a stunner! FIGHT FOR NY! Novan is down as Washington rolls into the cover! One…Two…NO! Novan gets a shoulder up. Nate Washington just shakes his head before lifting up Jacen Novan and nails him with a clothesline! Novan is yanked back up and hit with another… and a third… and a forth… before finally finishing with a fifth HUGE clothesline knocking both men off their feet! THE VENDETTA!] [Nate Washington goes for the cover! One…Two…FOOT ON THE ROPE! Novan keeps himself knowing of his surroundings as Nate just gets into the face of the referee with irritability. He pulls Novan up and whips him into the ropes. Novan catches himself there as Nate charges before being lifted over the top rope to the floor below. Novan hits the ropes and leaps through them with a suicide dive! Nate is blasted into the barricade! Novan lifts up Nate and rolls him into the ring. Nate gets to his feet quickly and hits the ropes. Only as he comes back, he’s lifted into a spinebuster that is transitioned into an anaconda vise! THE PATH TO BALANCE! Washington taps out!] [Jacen Novan releases the hold before nodding down at Washington. He closes his eyes in meditation as Washington clutches at his neck.]


[Recorded Previously.] [The street is silent, unnervingly silent. Quiet footsteps slowly pace down the street. The Guardians. The heroic duo, seemingly on watch, is stoic as they listen to the world around them. They hold the title belts close to their chest, keeping them in plain sight.]


[Spero is quick to react, rushing towards the sound of the noise as Trebol speeds behind him, both men coming to the entrance of a nearby alleyway, spotting at the end of it a hooded man holding a knife to the throat of a woman. He shoves it up against the woman’s throat, only looking back at the entrance upon hearing the heroes.]


[Spero shouts out, lunging into the alleyway with Trebol at his heels.]

“Like mice to cheese and dogs to the lap, these tiny mice are now in our trap.”

[The poem rings through the air, Spero and Trebol stopping for a mere moment CAUGHT OFF GUARD AS DARTS STICK INTO THEIR NECKS! The two heroes slump to their knees, holding the wounds as the hooded man hands a handful of cash to the woman before pulling down his hood to reveal Edgar Nevermore. The poet walks over to the duo, smirking as a shadow approaches from behind. Nigel Royal. The gentleman totes a rifle in hand, the same no doubt used to tranquilize the two heroes.]

“Impressive shot, Nigel.”

“Why thank you, Edgar. I quite enjoyed the hunt. Though I believe it was like shooting fish in a barrel.”

“And baiting mice into an obvious trap. Poor fools will never learn.”

[The Gentleman’s Club grab the titles from the heroic duo, slinging them over their shoulders and taking their leave. As they exit the alleyway, Trebol lets out one last word.]



[It’s a battle between Holiness and Justice. Which will prove to be the more powerful?] [The bell sounds as Redwing rushes towards the much larger D’Von Chambers. Chambers reaches out to grab him, but Redwing ducks him and bounces off the ropes with a huge spear! But it’s not enough to take Chambers to the mat as he basically stops him in place! Chambers wraps his mitts around the waist of Redwing and CHUNKS him across the ring. Redwing rolls back to his feet before rushing up with a barrage of strikes that Chambers seems too slow to stop! Chambers manages to catch one of the punches. HEADBUTT! Redwing falls to his knees. Despite Redwing having most of the blows, Chambers’ seem to be giving more damage.] [Chambers lifts up Redwing onto his shoulder and rushes forward for PS-NO! Redwing slips out the back and readies himself. Chambers whirls around only to catch a kick to the midsection followed by an axe kick followed by an elbow smash! The big man is off his feet, but only for a moment as he begins to stir. He hooks both arms of Chambers, but the larger man just flips him over his back! Redwing lands on his back, but he’s quick back to his feet. He rushes forward, but Chambers’ large boot connects on his chin as Redwing slumps to the mat with a thud.] [Chambers grabs Redwing by his mask and lifts him up. He wraps his huge arms around him and just begins to squeeze! Redwing is sputtering and showing extreme pain from the tight embrace. Chambers is grinning, but Redwing begins kicking wildly! Chambers can’t contain him as Redwing kicks the knee out from underneath Chambers! He falls to a knee and relinquishes the hold. It’s then that Redwing notices a large robot leap onto the apron. Redwing reaches into his utility belt and throws a wing-shaped shuriken at it. The robot falls to the floor, but Redwing eats another clobbering blow from behind. Chambers lifts up Redwing with his wings stretched out… THE PASTOR PLUNGE! The twisting Razor’s Edge connects as Chambers covers! One…Two…THREE!] [D’Von Chambers gets to his feet with a grin as another grin is spotted on the rampway as Dr. Mindfuck is enjoying this sight as well.]


[Static.] [We cut to the backstage area of the Tap Room where we catch up to The Happiest Man on Earth as boogies down the hall, whistling an upbeat tune along the way.] [There’s something in his hands.] [A cake.] [Happy holds it with his upturned forearms and as we join him we can read the cursive icing spread across the surface.]

Let’s Be Friends!!!

[The whistling continues as Happy hurries forward. He appears to be in a hurry as he enjoys his stroll.] [Until suddenly…] [SPLAT!] [Happy is not moving anymore. He’s not whistling either.] [It’s Kasabian.] [But that’s not all. Lord Griffin Walters is with him. In front of him actually. And that’s the problem.] [The Slave and his Master had just turned the corner and Happy wasn’t quick enough to see them.] [Cake and icing covers the upper body of Walters as he shakes with rage. Happy; on the other hand, looks on in wide eyed fear.] [He knows he has screwed up.]

“YOU MISCREANT!!!” [Walters scolds.] “I told you to stay away!!! STAY AWAY!!!”

[Happy looks back at Kasabian and then to Walters. The screaming making him jump first and then almost fall backwards. The Happiest Man On Earth begins to retreat. Cake and icing covering the floor.]

“I… I’m sorry I” [Happy tries to explain.] “Just wanted to be friends!”

“FRIENDS?!?!” [Walters yells.] “AWAY WITH YOU, YOU FIEND!!!”

[Happy continues to move away down the hall as Kasabian stands by awaiting direction from his Master.] [At a safe distance, Happy rationalizes the situation.]

“Mister Walters Sir, it’s not that bad. I mean, it’s cake. It’s delicious!!” [A smile covers his face as he continues.] “You just need to look on the… “

[But Happy isn’t able to finish before Walters explodes.]

“LEAVE US YOU FOOL!!! And run! Run and hide because there WILL be hell to pay!!!”

[Happy begins to speak, but actually catches himself first; thinking better of it. Dejected, yet still carefree, The Happiest Man On Earth disappears around a corner leaving an uncertain Kasabian at the side of a fuming Lord Griffin Walters.] [Static.] [Cut.]


[A bright blue screen lights up what would normally be a rather dark room somewhere in the depths of The Taproom.] [Sitting in front of the screen is a joystick, unmanned. Yet on the screen, the character continues running and jumping towards the right screen as the entire screen shifts with him.] [The joystick is lifted from its place as a gloved hand begins contorting the hero on the screen. Upon first touch, the hero stops moving as if awaiting further instruction. The gloved hand begins to move him along the screen until a large pit is shown.] [Then the character just leaps into the hole as a life is shown depleted in the corner of the screen.] [This repeats two more times until the character’s attention turns towards the joystick’s holder. A speech bubble pops up in very Mario-fashion.]

“Hey, you’re supposed to jump OVER the pit, buddy!”

[The sound of crunching is heard as the joystick is smashed against the wall as it begins to flicker out.] [A ray of light shines from the television as a figure appears before it in pixelated form before becoming whole.] [Gameboy, the same character shown on the screen.] [As he opens his eyes, he feels an electrical shock contort his body as Gameboy begins convulsing on the floor. A small electric device is shown on his neck seemingly digging into the skin. He finally stops convulsing as the gloved hand reaches down and holds his chin in place. Gameboy’s eyes dart from side to side in confusion.]

“You shouldn’t have concerned yourself in the affairs of viler men, Gameboy.”

[The gloved hand reaches toward his waist and pulls out a small, curved dagger to which he lifts above his head.]

“You’re going to make us late for our match, and I can’t stand TARDINESS!”

[The gloved hand puts the blade back as Mysterion is now shown leaning over Gameboy with Dr. Mindfuck standing behind him in the doorway.]

“Your end is nigh, hero! Just you wait.”

[They walk out of the room as only Gameboy lays there before another masked figure steps into the room watching Gameboy before lurking in the shadows as he stalks Mysterion and Dr. Mindfuck.]


[It’s a battle between EVIL here tonight as it’s Mysterion going one-on-one with Dr. Mindfuck!] [The bell sounds as these two men circle around. They tie it up in the center of the ring, but Mysterion gets the early advantage with an arm drag. Mindfuck staggers to his feet before taking a dropkick straight to his knees forcing Mindfuck to take a forward flip from the impact! Mysterion leaps up to his feet and rushes towards the corner. He’s waiting for Mindfuck to get to his feet. However, Mindfuck hits the ropes crotching Mysterion right on top! An audible swear is heard as Mindfuck gets up there and hooks the arm of Mysterion. SUPERPLEX! Both men hit the mat hard.] [LIGHTS GO OUT!] [The lights return, but everything is dimmer now. The two villains look around in confusion before turning back to each other. It’s then that a shuriken finds its place in the sack of inventions brought to the ring by Dr. Mindfuck! The sack combusts as it begins to flame up! A drone flies around the ring as Mindfuck is confused by this. But the drone flies in and collides with Mysterion before hitting Mindfuck as well! These two have stopped any sort of combat, and they’re now trying to figure out where the attack is coming from.] [Suddenly, a pellet of smoke begins filling the ring as the two competitors are clouded by the smoke! Flashes from the crowd help light things up, but you can only hear the sound of attacks going on in the smoke. For a moment, Mysterion crawls out of the ring as the sound is still heard from inside! The referee crawls out of the smoke with just the most confused expression upon his face. Finally the smoke begins to disperse as Dr. Mindfuck is laying in the center of the ring, but no one else is around. Mysterion slides into the ring and covers Mindfuck. One…Two…THREE!] [Mysterion helps up Mindfuck as the duo look around the ring for the perpetrator before making their way up the ramp in a hurry.]


[The battle is over, but the war is only just beginning.] [The villainous duo of Dr. Mindfuck and Mysterion stomp up the ramp trying to find the assailant from their match. Their heads turn left and right as they look in different doors. Finally, they come to the door where Gameboy was left and open it.] [But the room is empty.] [They shut the door, but not before a wing-shaped shuriken finds its way imbedded in the door in front of them. The two whirl around to find the dimly lit hall leaving many nooks for someone to hide. Mysterion reaches into his belt and withdraws that same curved blade from earlier and Mindfuck pulls out some sort of enhanced weapon.]

“Redwing, was it?”

[No response.]

“Why do you stay in the dark, REDWING?”

[No response.] [The two continue moving down the hallway until a sound from behind catches their attention. They turn to look at the rock skipping down the hallway just as Mysterion is grabbed and dragged backwards.]

“What the…”

[The sound of a punch catches Mysterion as he staggers backwards. The shadowy figure leaps towards Dr. Mindfuck who pulls the trigger on his device.] [Swirling black and white lights shine on the front of the device in a hypnotic pattern as Redwing finds himself caught in the beam.]

“So nice of you to step into the LIGHT!”

[Mysterion leaps onto Redwing with his knife held high. Mindfuck grabs his hand and holds him in place as Mysterion looks up at him in fury.]

“LEAVE HIM! We have only just begun the EXPERIMENT!”

[Dr. Mindfuck reaches down and puts a hand on the bottom of the mask as he grins.]

“Now, let’s see who is under Mask #1…”

[SMOKE PELLET!] [Mysterion and Dr. Mindfuck begin sputtering and coughing profusely as Redwing is pulled away by Gameboy who is pulling him through an abnormally large air duct.]

“Don’t worry, buddy, I gotcha. I learned a few things from the Arkham-realm.”

[Gameboy and Redwing make their way through the ducts as Mysterion and Dr. Mindfuck continue their search.]


[Backstage, we find The Lost Cosmonaut wandering the hallway when a familiar voice calls to him from behind.]

“Major Tom! We need to talk, buddy.”

[The Cosmonaut turns to see Skeletor, and is surprised to find no Oscar Vogel standing alongside him. What surprises him even more is hearing Skeletor speak without Vogel by his side.]

“I’ve tried to reason with him, Major Tom. He won’t listen to me anymore, there’s nothing I can do to stop him.”

[Tom hears a rustling noise that turns his attention elsewhere, where he finds several of Oscar’s other puppets standing with glaring eyes at the Cosmonaut. We hear the voice of Skeletor speak again, more nervous in tone.]

“He says he’s going to do whatever it takes to be your friend. If he has to, you’ll beat you as many times as it takes to get you to understand…”

[Suddenly, Vogel pops up out of nowhere as he blasts the Cosmonaut in the head with one of his puppets! Major Tom is down and out as Oscar Vogel stands over him with a wicked smile on his face, yelling at the fallen Cosmonaut.]

“…and the beatings will continue until friendship improves!”

[Oscar drops down to his knees, getting closer to the helmeted head of the Cosmonaut, his smile turned into a snarl.]

“This is your fault, Major Tom. You made me do this. Why won’t you be my friend? Why won’t you…”

[Vogel is silenced by the sudden rush of flame flowing through the Cosmonaut’s helmet, catching the puppeteer by surprise as Tom comes to.]

“You’ve finally admitted to it, Simon. You finally admit that you’re the one looking for a friend.”

[Oscar slinks back as the Cosmonaut gets to his feet, pointing at Skeletor as he stares at the puppeteer.]

“Skeletor can be my wingman anytime, but you? You’ve got another thing coming. Don’t make me be the one to put a stop to this, Oscar.”

[With that, The Lost Cosmonaut walks off…leaving Oscar Vogel all alone with nothing but his thoughts and his puppets surrounding him.] [Cut.]


[It’s a battle of Good here tonight as it’s partners squaring off with Spero going up against El Trebol Jr.!] [The bell sounds as El Trebol rushes towards Spero with a kick, but Spero just catches the foot and lifts him up. Trebol completes a backflip before landing on his feet. Spero throws a roundhouse to which Trebol ducks out of the way of. Trebol springs off the second rope for an armdrag, but Spero floors him only to catch a kick from Trebol! Spero staggers back as Trebol kips up to his feet with a stand-off! The crowd applauds as Spero extends a hand to which Trebol shakes. They circle around before engaging in a test of strength, but Trebol brings a knee up into the chest of Spero before keeping one hand connected as he climbs up and leaps from the top rope!] [A tornado DDT! Spero’s head is spiked into the mat as El Trebol climbs back up to the top rope and leaps off for a mushroom stomp! Spero rolls out of the way before kipping up to his feet. A kick to the midsection by Spero before he leaps from the second rope! Springboard jawbreaker from Spero as Trebol is turned inside out! The Blue Lantern leaps into the cover! One…Two…KICKOUT! Trebol rolls up Spero! One…Two… Th-NO!] [Spero rolls to his feet just as Trebol does. Trebol leaps up and hits a hurricanrana sending Spero into the bottom turnbuckle. Trebol rushes towards the corner, springs off the second rope, and comes back down into a dropkick! BOCA LLENA! But Spero pulls himself out of the way just as Trebol crashes! Spero leaps off the second turnbuckle for a roundhouse! WILL’S LIGHT! But Trebol ducks the kick! Trebol turns just in time to get caught with a right hook from Spero! He rolls up Trebol using all of his weight to hold him down! One…Two…THREE!] [Spero gets to his feet as the victor just as El Trebol Jr. does. Spero extends his hand to which Trebol shakes.]


[A pale glow fills our vision as angry words seems to come from within its power.]

“You tried to kill me!”

[The Informer stands angrily over Jacen Novan, who sits cradling the glowing Historium, showing no fear at the outburst.]

“I did no such thing. The explosion that occurred was not brought at my hand. It was a built in trap, designed to prevent any who entered that Temple from discovering its secrets.”

[Informer shakes his head.]

“I don’t care. I need to know the full story here. I thought I knew what I was dealing with, but this object is beyond anything I’ve ever encountered. Help me understand, and I might can help you.”

[Novan snorts in response.]

“Spill it, Novan.”

[With a sigh, Jacen looks to the distance and begins to slowly speak.]

“There was once a great evil. My Order called it the Bogan. A great war was waged between those that sought to disrupt balance, fought in and around Temples all over the world. Doom would come to one such Temple as the Order was able to defeat followers of the Bogan, containing the power within this cube.”

[He looks down at the Historium.]

“It’s name was chosen to remind us of what the cost was for its containment. But some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. The Historium passed out of all knowledge…”

[Novan’s eyes turn to meet the Informer’s gaze, dark and disturbed.]

“…until a foolish man and his ward stumbled upon it.”

[A frown forms under Novan’s beard as he looks down. The Informer catches on.]


[A nod.]

“I had just taken Corran as apprentice to the ways of the Ashla. As many were at that stage, he was full of raw, unrestrained power, but there was no balance. I know now that the Historium chose our pairing for that reason. We didn’t know what it was, so we kept it with us as we journeyed back to the last vestiges of our Order. It glowed at our touch, and no living creature would dare approach us. It provided us safety in the night, no need of a watchman. But each morning, the dark circles grew under Corran’s eyes. So consumed with mission, I could not see that the boy was being seduced even as I slept.”

[Jacen’s voice cracks as he continues.]

“One morning, I rose from slumber to find myself alone. Corran had taken the Historium, our supplies, and left me alone in the jungle. It was a perilous journey back to civilization, but upon my arrival, I found that I wished I had never left the jungle. For Corran had been seduced by the Historium. It consumed him, poisoned his mind, and created a Dark Lord in the image of the Bogan. The Order was wiped out at his hand, and I could not stop him.”

[The Informer finishes jotting down that information.]

“So what happened to Corran?”

[Novan looks up, dark circles under his eyes.]

“When the Historium reappeared to Dakota Faye, I asked the same question. Yet the truth would reveal itself in time, for Dakota was merely the vessel chosen by the Historium to make its way back to civilization. Thanks to her efforts, I located the final Temple of the Order. In the end, Corran did as all men do and sought to break the chains imposed upon him. Yet the Bogan does not make slaves, it creates puppets that act only at its hand. Inside that Temple that you followed me to, the markings on the wall indicated that Corran had a great struggle. The Historium sought to move on, Corran’s purpose in destroying the Order had been fulfilled.”

“He’s dead, then?”

[Jacen nods.]

‘So what’s next?”

“The Historium must be destroyed.”

[Informer doesn’t seem to like that decision.]

“Of the markings upon the cube, your E.F., I do not know their meaning. But this object is nothing but evil, I must warn you. It cannot be used for good. Only in the halls of the Temple where it was made, can it be unmade.”

[Novan stands up to meet the Informer’s gaze.]

“That Temple is the Tap Room, my friend. This Temple has a labyrinth of halls around and beneath it, yet I sense that this Vanguard has mapped it. You have contact with the machine. I must find the hidden doom that lurks beneath our feet.”

[The Informer cocks his head.]

“Sorry, Novan, I’m not letting you destroy this. Evil or no evil. I need to find out what it’s connection to E.F. Hold…”

“You will bring me the location.”

[Informer’s head straightens out.]

“I will bring you the location.”

[Jacen Novan grabs the Historium, tucking it under his arm and walking past a very dazed Informer.] [What the hell is going on?]


[Unknown Location] [Shadow looks up at an old, decrepit looking building. What once had stood as a grand house now stands in a run down neighbourhood. The only thing that marks this particular building as any different from those around it, a sign that hangs sadly over the entrance. The words on the sign had long since rubbed off, leaving only a fading image as reference. Four cards, one of each suit, spread out on top of each other. Shadow looks about him, checking that he is in the right place. Cautiously, uncharacteristically unsure, he steps inside.] [The door swings open with a creak to reveal a shop, laden with shelves upon shelves of magical supplies. Dimly lit, with the tall shelves blocking much of the natural light, the shop itself has an eerie feel. Nobody greets Shadow as he enters, yet he senses somebody is watching. He walks past the shelves, scanning around him.]

“I know you’re there Dante. Don’t think you can hide behind your tricks forever.”

[No reply. Shadow stops abruptly as he comes across a counter. An empty counter, nobody stands behind it. He turns to walk the way he had come but the shelves he had just walked past have disappeared. In their place, nothingness. Just an empty room leading to the doorway. He does not move, but surveys the scene for a moment.]

“Very good. Clever. What is that, mirrors? I will not be intimidated by you. You fooled me once, but you will not fool me again.”

[Still no reply. Shadow reaches a hand out in front of him but touches nothing. He moves his hand to the side, and sure enough, it falls upon an invisible pane of glass that confirms the illusion. Shadow smiles.]

“Fool me once, shame on you…”

[It is not his voice that finishes the phrase, but Dante Xavier’s.]

“Fool me twice, shame on me.”

[Shadow turns to the direction of the voice, closer to him than he had ever expected. Dante Xavier sits atop the counter of the shop, no further than five feet away from Shadow.]

“Did you not see? I’ve been here all along. It’s just as I’ve been saying. Look closely look where I want you to, angel, the closer you look the less you will see. I will always be two steps ahead, no matter how clever you think you are.”

[Shadow’s hands ball into fists.]

“Enough of your games Xavier! Things will come to a head between us and I will show you what happens to those that toy with me, but before then, we must work together. And quite frankly, I don’t trust you to have my back.”

[Shadow feels a tap on his shoulder and turns to find the real Dante Xavier standing directly behind him. Puzzled, Shadow turns back to the counter to find Xavier still sitting there. The Xavier on the counter smiles cheekily and waves, but when Shadow moves to touch him, hits nothing but air. Shadow turns and lunges at the Dante that stands behind him out of frustration, but Xavier grins and moves out of the way of the strike, causing Shadow to stagger forward and fall to the ground. It is Xavier that speaks, standing over the fallen angel.]

“Oh, I have your back, for now. The question is, can you hold yourself together?”

[Dante extends a hand to Shadow to help him up off the ground, which Shadow begrudgingly accepts. However, when Shadow reaches out to take the hand, the figure of Dante Xavier fades before his eyes and his hand grasps the nothingness once more. Shadow growls in frustration, as Dante Xavier’s chuckles fill the air around him.]

“Fool me thrice, you’re not even trying Shadow. For one so sure of yourself, I would have expected at least a little bit more. Keep your eyes open…”

[The voice fades and Shadow finds himself suddenly alone. He grabs at his hair, shouting in frustration once more.] [Cut.]


[The OSW Tag Team Championships are on the line as it’s Nicolas Mammon and Edgar Nevermore stepping up against the rivals of Wolfgang and Redmond Quinn!] [The bell sounds as it appears that Mammon and Wolfgang will be starting out this match. They lock up in the center of the ring, but Wolfgang gets the better of the hold with a stiff right hand. Mammon takes a step back before Wolfgang rushes towards him with a huge elevated knee strike! Mammon hits the mat as Wolfgang drags him over to his corner. He reaches out a hand to which Quinn looks at hesitantly before tagging himself in. Wolfgang holds the head of Mammon up and tells Quinn to hit the ropes. Quinn does it begrudgingly before rushing forward and hitting a kick to the held face of Mammon.] [Redmond Quinn looks at Wolfgang suspiciously before pulling Mammon to his feet. He kicks Mammon in the midsection before hitting a snap suplex followed into a pinfall. One…Two…BROKEN UP! Nevermore stops the count with a kick to the back of Quinn’s head. Quinn gets to his feet slow before Wolfgang flies across the ring to blindside Nevermore! The referee grabs Wolfgang and pulls him forcefully back to his own corner. In the distraction, Nicolas Mammon rakes the eyes of Redmond Quinn! Quinn is momentarily blinded as Mammon hits the ropes for the sling blade! THE HARD SELL! He goes into the cover! One…Two…] [NO! Quinn gets a shoulder up! Nicolas Mammon drags Quinn towards his corner and tags in Edgar Nevermore as the duo perform a double DDT! Nevermore covers him! One…Two…KICKOUT! Nevermore smells blood in the water as he lifts up Quinn and motions for the end. Nevermore hits an elbow to the head and grabs the hand of Quinn. But Quinn hits a big elbow strike and leaps towards his corner. TAG! Wolfgang leaps into the ring and takes out Nevermore with a lunging clothesline before rolling to his feet. Mammon clobbers him with a big right hand as he staggers backwards! Nevermore shakes his hand before hitting a big vertical suplex! POETRY IN MOTION! One… Quinn is running in! Two… Mammon blocks Quinn!… THREE!] [The Tag Team Champions are successful here tonight as the two smirk at one another. Quinn sits in the corner looking disappointed.]


[Before.] [Deep in one of the halls of the Tap Room, Nate Washington is wrapping up a proposal of great significance with a cocky smile on his face.]

“And the best part is, when they’re hooked, they’ll be hooked on you. We take what you have, and we make people dependent on you…they’ll have no choice but to bow to you, and that’s how you take back what’s yours, miss.”

[Nodding in approval is Gaia, a smirk on her face.]

“That’s a smart plan, my child. You have a good head on your shoulders, and I can respect that. How exactly do you plan on capturing this power for your product?”

“Well, that’s the holdup at the moment…we haven’t fully figured that out. I would assume you could do your thing, and we’d have some blessed product so to speak, or else we could…”

[The smirk on Gaia’s face disappears in an instant.]

“I can see where you’re going with this. Let’s make something clear, child…I am willing to go along with this little plan of yours on one condition, that you do not touch me. Do not mess with Mother Nature, child…you need me far more than I need you, and don’t you forget that.”

[With that she storms off, and Nate wipes the sweat from his brow as one of his men steps up beside him.]

“The deal gone south, boss?”

[Nate just shakes his head with a chuckle, patting his associate on the shoulder.]

“Nah, the deal’s still good Jamal. We’ll get what we need from her either way, you just make sure everything’s ready. Tell the rest of the men to get that equipment down here ASAP, and I’ll keep her preoccupied. We’ve got a long road ahead of us, and I’m not letting this dream die.”

[Jamal nods in agreement before walking off, leaving Nate alone with his thoughts.] [Cut.]


[Recorded Earlier.] [Back on Kaiso and Berengar is now alone with his thoughts; well, almost. He sits on a large stone shaped object, looking into the darkened abyss of nothingness. Vigilkeeper keeps him company, as always.]

“I don’t trust Hex,” [The Broadsword groans.] “We shouldn’t answer that call.”

[Berengar lowers his head.]

“And let another world burn in our stead? Those people need someone to protect them and I’m that someone. I don’t trust him either but I won’t let another planet fall due to my cowardice.”

[The sound of laughter interrupts them both.] [Darkstar.]

“Welcome back to one of my greatest conquests; Kaiso.”

[Berengar turns quickly, pulling his sword from his sheath once again.]

“It’s just one of many planets I’ve devoured, Knight. These people had a saying, do you remember? They said; ‘Ish ik may, isk kun th sen opas’.”

[The Knight grimaces.]

“Fear not death, fear only the terror before.”

“But I smelt fear, Berengar. I tasted it upon the tip of my tongue as their blood covered my face. I smeared their miserable carcasses up and down this land until nothing remained and you couldn’t stop me.”

[Berengar starts to get angry, his face turning a shade of red we’ve yet to see.]

“I’ll do the same to Earth, given time.”

[The Knight shakes his head.] “No, you won’t.”

[Suddenly, Lincoln Hex appears behind Darkstar.] [The Devourer turns around to see Hex and swings for him, only Hex is nothing but an apparition. When Darkstar turns around, Berengar drives Vigilkeeper through his stomach and out the other side.] [Darkstar grabs the weapon and drags it from within his belly, pouring a green like substance with it.] [He stumbles backwards, laughing.]

“It’ll take more than that.”

[Berengar gulps.] [Darkstar vanishes.] [Cut.]


[Old friends, bitter rivals, and two of the biggest names to enter OSW collide as it’s Nigel Royal stepping into the ring with Brent Kersh!] [The bell sounds as these two just step into the center of the ring. Kersh extends a hand to which Nigel scoffs at momentarily before quickly shaking it. They lock up in the center of the ring before Kersh rolls the wrist of Royal over into a wristlock. Nigel reverses this by turning himself and turning it into a wristlock of his own behind Kersh. Brent throws an elbow strike back that catches Nigel on the chin as he steps back for a moment. Brent leaps into the air for a dropkick, but Nigel just sidesteps that and drives the toe of his boot into the ribs of Kersh!] [Kersh rolls over clutching at his ribs before Royal applies a bearhug around the midsection. He begins squeezing and just applying more pressure to the possibly bruised ribs of Kersh! Kersh wraps his arm around the head of Nigel and connects his hands for a guillotine choke! These two men are just trying to force the other to submit! The Enforcer squeezes tight as Nigel Royal is forced to relinquish his hold. He rolls to the ropes and the referee begins to count down Brent Kersh. Kersh relinquishes the hold as he gets to his feet.] [He grabs Royal up to his feet before wrapping his arms around his waist for a German suplex, but Nigel gets a foot between his legs to stop him. Royal breaks the hold before pulling himself free. He falls to the mat holding the hand of Kersh before raising a boot into the ribs of Kersh! Kersh cries out in pain as the foot embeds itself into his injured ribs. The former Ring King grabs the arm of Kersh and yanks him down to the mat before locking in the DUNGEONS OF LONDON! The crippler crossface is applied as Kersh is being stretched out! Royal maneuvers himself in a way to stretch out the injured ribs of Kersh as he only has one choice! KERSH TAPS OUT!] [Nigel Royal gets to his feet as he dusts himself off. He sneers down at Brent Kersh as the referee raises his hand in victory.]


[The match is over.] [But Brent Kersh’s heart rate has never been higher. He tries to exit the arena but can’t bring his body to move.] [Then the sound of crows enter his ears. Suddenly the ring is gone, and all around him is the cornfield. Brent Kersh looks around himself, having to push through the cornstalks, frantically pushing towards where he thinks the exit is.] [Flutter.]

“You left me behind, Kersh.”

[The Enforcer’s eyes go wide as the corn seems to grow thicker, encompassing him and making it harder and harder to move.]

“And now, I’ve come to finish the job I was made for. You brought upon yourself, Kersh. You brought this upon everyone.”

[Just as those words are left to hang in the air, echoing unnaturally, Kersh busts through the cornfield into a clearing, in the center of it, The Perch. Sitting upon it, The Scarecrow. The Hayman’s clothing is torn and shredded, hay falling onto the ground. Kersh looks up at the former foe turned ally, tears welling in his eyes as he watches the Scarecrow slowly undoes its binds, collapsing onto the ground in front of Kersh. The Scarecrow looks up at Kersh, his face mutilated, seemingly scratched and pecked to the point of being nearly unrecognizable. He grips onto Kersh, staring up at him.]

“You could have stopped this so much sooner. You were chosen to prevent the chaos.”

[Brent looks around himself, completely terrified as he pushes Scarecrow off of himself, shoving him into the perch. To his right, he notices something. A Molotov cocktail and a lighter, both seemingly placed there out of nowhere. The Enforcer grabs for it desperately, setting the rag on fire before looking at the Scarecrow.]

“I tried my best.”

[With out another word, he throws the Molotov into Scarecrow, the flames spreading quickly. As Crow is engulfed in flames…] [The world shifts back to the Tap Room. A backstage lockerroom now completely covered in a roaring fire. The culprit? Brent Kersh. The Enforcer backs away, looking confused as he tries to make sense of the world around himself. The lockerroom’s flames slowly creep towards him, Kersh crashing through the door to the room and leaving it behind him, Tap Room staff rushing to put out the fire as Brent escapes the Tap Room.] [And one staff member stares at him, his face slowly deforming, revealing Fear itself to be staring Kersh down.]

“You can’t run forever, Brent. You cannot outrun yourself.“


[It’s three-on-three here tonight in this trios match as it’s Wild Karrde teaming up with Eli Forever and Berengar to go up against Dante Xavier, Darkstar, and Shadow.] [The bell sounds as it’s Wild Karrde starting things off against Shadow. They lock up in the center of the ring before Shadow gets the better of it with a takedown. Shadow releases his hold only to give a swift kick to the ribs of Karrde! Shadow takes a few steps away as he wait for Wild Karrde to get to his feet. Superkick! But Karrde catches the foot and twirls him around. Karrde lifts up Shadow before hitting the atomic drop! Shadow clutches at his backside before Karrde leaps up to hit a dropkick blasting Shadow towards his own corner.] [Darkstar tags in. He steps into the ring and hits a running clothesline that floors Wild Karrde! Karrde gets to his feet just as Darkstar charges for another clothesline! Karrde ducks the charge before ramming Darkstar into his own corner before Eli Forever reaches over and tags himself in. He gets into the ring and delivers two quick kicks into the midsection. Eli Forever wraps up the head of Darkstar before dropping him with an inverted DDT! Eli Forever gets to his feet and dares Darkstar to get back to his feet. But instead of doing anything, he reaches over and tags in Berengar.] [Berengar rushes into the ring and begins unloading on Darkstar! Darkstar is trying to cover up, but Berengar is just brutalizing him with blows! Dante Xavier slides into the ring and nails Berengar with a stiff claymore kick that flattens Berengar! All hell breaks loose as Wild Karrde leaps into the ring and nails a stunner on Dante! JACKPOT! Shadow rushes into the ring and takes out himself and Karrde with a clothesline over the top rope! Darkstar and Berengar slowly get to their feet as the referee is clearing out the other. Darkstar rushes towards Berengar, but he sidesteps. However, Eli nails him in the back of the head with a bible! BY THE BOOK! THE VANQUISHER! The pop-up powerbomb connects as Berengar pins him! One…Two…THREE!] [Wild Karrde slides back into the ring as Eli Forever and Berengar are celebrating their victory here tonight!]


[Static.] [D’Von Chambers.] [He cautiously creeps through the deep corridors of the Tap Room. His eyes peeled as he peers through the looming shadows. His hands sliding against the coldness of the concrete walls as his whispering voice echoes through the halls.]

“Solveig! Solveig!”

[But there is no response. Only silence, disrupted by the dampened buzz of the crowd that fills the arena layers of concrete and steel above his head.] [Turning his head quickly from the left and then to the right. It’s obvious D’Von is looking for Troy Solveig in regards to their dialog last week. The Bishop is in need of a friend, but hasn’t been too fortunate in finding one.] [Until he does.] [A sickening thud bolts through the corridor as Chambers’ eyes widen and then his face distorts in agony before he falls to the tiled floor below. And there, standing behind him with his hammer in hand is none other than…] [Troy Solveig.]

“I have considered your proposal Christian” [Volsungr growls.] “And I accept with a counter offer!”

[Chambers rolls over; his face still stricken with pain.]

“That’s great news my brotha, but why did you…”

[Solveig thrusts his hammer into the face of D’Von, keeping him from rising from his displacement as he falls back to the floor with a grunt.]

“Because…” [Solveig explains.] “We must first prove our equality by the way of the Esir and Vanir!”

“Who? But…”

“War MUST be raged. Only then can you prove you are my equal. Only then can we form an alliance as they did following the ancient war!”

[The Bishops face goes cold with anger, but Solveig is not finished.]

“And if you cannot prove your equality… well then, death comes for us all. But much sooner for you.”

[Again, Chambers eyes widen; this time with rage as Troy slowly backs away.]

“Let us begin!”

[Static.] [Cut.]


[Karrde’s House.] [A bead of sweat drips down an older man’s face. He’s sat across from a hoodie-wearing young man. They’re playing a hand of Texas Hold Em, and there seems to be a vast difference in talent levels here. The older man has all his chips in front of him being raked by the dealer into the center of the table. The younger man’s chips are moved in as well, but he had his opponent covered, so some still remains behind his cards.]

“Pot is $250,000. Turn your cards up, gentleman. Good luck.”

[After delivering her spiel, the dealer looks as the men flip their cards.] [The younger man has a pair of Kings. The older man sighs as he flips J-K of diamonds.] [The dealer turns over the flop. Two Jacks and the four of diamonds. The older man has three of a kind and is now in the lead.] [The turn comes out. Ten of diamonds. A smile on the old man’s face now. He’s a heavy favorite with his triples verses the two pair of the young man.] [The dealer lays the river card out. The young man’s lips draw into a smile as the king of spades is laid out. The old man practically falls to his knees as he watches his doom.]

“Both players have a full house. Kings full of jacks defeats jacks full of kings.”

[She turns to the older man.]

“I’m sorry sir, but unless you are able to buy back in, I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

[The old man blankly stands up and goes to leave, having lost everything. The younger player sits down to stack his chips up, but the dealer seems to have an interest in him.]

“You know, you just became a rich man. But can riches compare to eternal truth? You can leave den of iniquities like this place.”

[The young man snorts, but the dealer seductively lays her hands on his arm, running her finger up his forearm.]

“Come with me, and I’ll take you on a ride down a river that you’ll never forget. ”

[A smile breaks out on the young man’s face as he pulls back his hoodie with a grin. The dealer leans in close to whisper in his ear.]

“I’ll be done here in five. Cash out, and we’ll head down that river.”

[The method effective, the young man gathers his chips and heads for the desk to cash out. As he walks out the door, we slowly zoom out to reveal that these events were being watched by Wild Karrde himself. The Invasion winner watches as half a million dollars walks out of his House with smoldering hate in his eyes.]

“Mutually beneficial, my ass.”



“Hit me baby, one more time!”

[The sound of Matthew Cories tuneful voice singing along to Britney Spears can be heard as our cameras follow down a corridor to a bedroom ahead. The door carefully opens, revealing Matt singing into a hairbrush with great passion.] [His walls are decked out in 90’s posters and memorabilia litters every unit, shelf and sideboard.] [Realizing he’s been caught mid-song, he abruptly stops, throwing the hairbrush down and turning to the door in horror.]

“What the heck dude?”

[Footsteps trudge inside.]

“Did I interrupt your pop idol audition, kid? We gotta talk about a lot of things, Britney Spears included.”

[Ash Williams.] [He closes the door behind him and folds his arms.]

“Dude, I told you, you can’t just barge into my room. We might be roomies but there has to be boundaries, man. What if I was watching Saved by the Bell? You know that I hate to be interrupted when I’m watching my shows.”

[Ash rolls his eyes.] “I got somethin’ in the mail,” [he says, pulling an envelope out of his inside pocket.] “It’s an invitation.”

“For what?”

[He smiles.]

“Double Tap. Two bullets right to the head of any deadite that moves, kiddo. You and me, back on the horse! What do ya say?”

[Cories shrugs a bit.]

“I don’t know, man. There’s Power Ranger re-runs and…”

[Williams grabs him by the varsity jacket collar and pulls him close.]

“I’ve got a Boomstick and I’m itchin’ to blow some holes in some assholes. You promised me that if I looked after you, you’d have my back. It’s time to go win back our Championships, kid.”

[Cories gulps.] “Okay, okay.”

“I’ve never been so proud. Let’s go.”



[It’s main event time as it’s Gameboy taking on the big, bad boss in the final match of the evening!] [The bell sounds as both of these men are in the ring. They circle around the ring before Gameboy stops and gives a little applause for Edward Newton. Newton looks a bit confused, but Gameboy points towards him and the crowd joins in for the applause. The Riddler smirks a bit as Gameboy obviously is showing some respect here tonight.] [The two lock-up in the center of the ring before Newton locks on a side headlock. He takes Gameboy down to the mat before wrenching on the head. Gameboy begins getting up, but Newton slams him back down. Player One is holding his hand up as the crowd is getting into it. They begin cheering as Gameboy rolls Newton onto his shoulders!] [One…] [Two…] [KICKOUT!] [Newton releases his hold to get out of the pin before he rolls to his feet. As he turns to Gameboy… SUPERKICK!] [But Newton catches it. Gameboy looks a little sheepish at being caught, but Newton whirls him around before hitting a quick body slam! Gameboy’s back arches in pain before Edward Newton kicks him in the ribs. The Riddler wraps up the legs of Gameboy, but Gameboy quickly scoots over to the ropes and uses them to pull himself out of the ring. Edward Newton releases him and slides out of the ring. Edward Newton reaches underneath the ring and pulls out a trash can full of goodies before rolling it into the ring. As he slides back into the ring, Gameboy meets him in the center of the ring with a superkick!] [LEVEL ONE!] [Gameboy is grinning as he’s hit his first big move on Edward Newton. He reaches into the trash can and pulls out two Kendo Sticks. He grabs one and throws the other to Edward Newton. He beckons him to get to his feet before standing off with him. Edward Newton looks at the Kendo stick in his hand before entering a stance with him. They charge towards each other before literally sword battling in the center of the ring! Gameboy parries a shot from Newton before nailing him with one in the ribs!] [Newton staggers forward before turning towards Gameboy who lunges forward with another swing straight to the side of the face!] [Edward Newton staggers backwards and falls onto his backside! He rubs his cheek before grabbing the kendo stick and lunging forward with a shot that finally connects into the midsection. Newton grabs his Kendo stick and pulls him close. Newton kicks him in the midsection before drilling him down into the mat with a DDT!] [The Riddler gets back to his feet and throws the kendo sticks out of the ring before pulling out something else from the trash can. He pulls a pair of brass knuckles before priming his fist for a big punch. Gameboy staggers to his feet before…] [CRACK!] [The brass knuckled fist collides with Gameboy’s chin as he falls to the ground. Newton pulls off the knuckles and casts them aside. He makes his way towards Gameboy who kips up to his feet and hits a flash kick landing back on his feet!] [MAX POWAH!] [Gameboy raises his fists into the air before staggering backwards into the corner feeling the effects of the brass knuckles. He gets out of the corner and picks up Edward Newton. He pushes Newton up onto his feet before dotting his chin with three rapid punches of the same form! Newton is still standing, but Gameboy dots his chin with three more!] [BUTTON MASHER…] [He rears back with a third set, but Edward Newton just KICKS Gameboy right in the balls! Gameboy is in obvious pain, but Newton grabs his head and begins bashing him onto the top turnbuckle! With each shot, Newton looks at Gameboy as if expecting answers to his questions as he slams him.] [RIDDLE ME THAT!] [Gameboy slumps down into the bottom of the turnbuckle as Newton slides out of the ring. He reaches underneath the ring and pulls out a table! He slides it into the ring before sliding in himself. Newton rushes towards Gameboy before stomping him in the corner to ensure he wasn’t moving. Newton picks up the table and begins kicking out the legs to make sure it’ll stand. It’s then that he turns around to see Gameboy rushing towards him with a jawbreaker!] [Newton is staggered. Gameboy leaps up before wrapping his legs around the head of Newton for a big hurricanrana! Gameboy rolls Newton out on top of the table before climbing up the top turnbuckle. Newton rolls off of the table before leaping up to the top. Newton hits a big headbutt before lifting up Gameboy onto his shoulders. Gameboy begins to squirm and drives an elbow into the chin! Newton staggers off of the top turnbuckle and falls onto the table with his upper half leaning onto the table.] [THE RESET!] [The leaping shooting star press brings himself and Edward Newton down through the table! Both men are down before finally Gameboy manages to get an arm over the shoulders of Edward Newton.] [One…] [….] [Two….] [……] [THRE-NO!] [The Streak lives on as Edward Newton manages to power out at the last second! Gameboy begins pulling on his mask as his best shot didn’t seem to have enough to stop Edward Newton. Gameboy reaches down and pours out the rest of the contents of the trash can! More small items clutter the mat before Gameboy picks up the trash can and pulls it over Newton. Gameboy lifts up the steel chair and swings down!] [MISS!] [Edward Newton manages to roll out of the way with the trash can over his head before he takes it off and throws it at Gameboy! Player One ducks underneath the trash can, but Newton follows it up with a kick to the shin!] [THE QUESTION IS!] [Edward Newton connects with the shot before kicking Gameboy in the midsection before hitting…] [NEVERMIND!] [The jumping implant DDT has hit yet again as he covers her!] [One…] […..] [Two…] [……] [THREE!] [Edward Newton manages to piece together another win here tonight as Gameboy is down and out on the mat.]


[Edward Newton clambers back to his feet, absolutely exhausted after that amazing match with Gameboy.] [Suddenly, he vanishes.] [Before you know it, we’re back inside Needful Things; only this time, it’s just Nicholas Mammon and Edward Newton. Newton steps backwards, his exhaustion making it difficult to stand.]

“Thank you for joining me, Mr. Newton.”

[Edward takes his glasses off, wiping them.]

“It would appear I didn’t have much of a choice. How did I get here?”

[Mammon stands, smiling.] “Let’s not concern ourselves with the minute and insignificant details, shall we? I’ve decided that I shall reveal to you the contents of your box.”

[He pulls the box out from beneath his counter and places it on it in front of them both. Edward puts his glasses back on, the sweat dripping from his forehead and moves closer to inspect.]

“Brace yourself, Mr. Newton.”

[Mammon opens the lid and a bright light escapes, enveloping The Riddler. His mouth opens wide as the light enters through his pours and escapes through his eyes and mouth. He spreads his arms out as far as they can go, his body tense and stretched, glowing in a screaming agony.] [When it finishes, he falls to the floor, unable to stand.] [The Salesmen walks over confidently, kneeling beside him as he struggles to catch his breath.]

“How do you feel?” [He asks, surveying him.] “Do you feel different? Weaker, perhaps? I told you, Mr. Newton, you didn’t want to know what was inside the box. Now that you do, I pity you.”

[He stands up and straightens out his suit.]

“When you realize what you’ve lost; that of which you treasure most, feel free to come on back to Needful Things.] [Mammon smiles.]

“I have just the thing for you.”

[He steps over Edward, who grasps at his leg and misses.]

“But remember, everything has a price.”

[We close in on the anguish filled face of The Riddler, who struggles to breath or move as Nicholas Mammon exits behind him.] [Cut.]