[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [The Tap Room.] [Screams. Terrible, horrifying, howling screams.] [As the wind blows and the screams echo throughout the streets and halls of Old School Wrestling, men, women and children run terrified in different directions.] [Because hanging outside the entrance to our sacred temple, a body sways back and forth in the wind, wrenching with every horrifying gust.] [The sound of boots slapping against concrete at some pace can be heard as people rush towards the scene with great desire.] [The Vindicators.] [Troy Solveig, Redwing, Gameboy, Berengar, and Spero arrive quickly amongst the screaming masses, only to find a sight that turns even their cast iron stomachs.] [Because swinging in the wind above them, his trench coat covered in dirt, hangs The Informer.] [They stand beneath him in shock and awe, their faces, what can be seen of them, contorted into a combination of sadness and rage. They share a glance with each other, Troy Solveig tapping Redwing and inviting him to approach.] [Spero and Gameboy follow, all four men standing beneath The Informers swinging frame as Berengar takes Vigilkeeper form his sheath and cuts the rope upon the street light that holds him in place.] [His body falls into their wanting arms.] [And they carry him away.] [Cut.]


[It’s the debut of Heath Solman here tonight against The Knightwatch and Nate Washington!] [The bell sounds as Solman slinks back to allow the other two to do battle. Nate and Knightwatch meet in the center of the ring with rights and lefts before Nate catches Knightwatch offguard with an uppercut! Knightwatch staggers backwards before Nate catches him with a body slam! Nate rushes towards the ropes; however, Solman catches him there with a big clothesline sending him over the top rope to the floor. Solman sees Knightwatch staggering to his feet before rushing him and leaping from his feet. The sprinting, leaping dropkick sends Knightwatch into the corner with great impact! SHOTGUN WEDDING!] [Solman gets to his feet and takes off towards Knightwatch who stops him in place with a European uppercut! Solman staggers backwards before The Dark Knight steps forward and begins peppering Solman with right and left elbow strikes. Knightwatch grabs Solman before catching his arm and setting up for a Rock Bottom! However, Nate Washington slides in and grabs the other arm of Solman! They both slam Solman down! TAKEOVER! Nate Washington and Knightwatch both get to their feet before they begin trading heavy blows back and forth! Knightwatch gets the better of Nate before hitting a reverse STO! KNIGHTS’ END!] [Knightwatch covers him! One…Two…TH-NO! Solman breaks up the pinfall! He slowly gets to his feet as Knightwatch joins him. Solman rushes towards him before hitting a knee strike to the midsection. Solman lifts up The Dark Knight and slams him hard into the mat with a spinebuster! Solman staggers to his feet before Nate Washington rolls Solman up! One…Two…TH-KICKOUT! Solman rolls through to his feet just as Nate rises up. PERMANENT SOLUTION! The Knightwatch rises to his feet and nails a superkick to Solman! KNIGHTFALL! Knightwatch falls into a cover! One…Two…THREE!] [The Knightwatch has done it here tonight with a huge win over the new Heath Solman and Nate Washington!]


[A loud chorus of ‘for he’s a jolly good fellow’ roars throughout the Tap Room corridors as VHS continues, one week after Crash and Burn.]

“For he’s a jolly good fellow, for he’s a jolly good fellow, for he’s a jolly good fellow and so say all of us! Three cheers for the wonderful Mr. Happy, everyone.”

[In the Gentlemen’s Club, Happy is being serenaded by Edgar Nevermore, Nigel Royal, Nicholas Mammon and a whole host of finely suited gentlemen. His face is red with blush, his eyes googly and his smile almost infectious.]

“Mr. Happy, last week at Crash and Burn you passed the first test on your lengthy journey to becoming a Gentlemen,” [Nevermore says, raising a glass.] “And frankly, I couldn’t be any prouder of you, old chap.”

[Happy beams with pride.]

“Understanding when is the right time to resign your position is an underappreciated quality; one only a true gentlemen will ever know to realize. At Ring King, it is my dream that I can guide you to the passing of our second test.”

[The young Happy gulps.] “The second test?”

[Edgar steps closer, wrapping an arm around his young ‘friend’.]

“Submission is just part one of many great tests, dear boy. Stick with me and I’ll guide you to greatness, you have my sincere word.”

“Of course, Mr. Nevermore; I feel like I’ve already learned so much!”

[Edgar smiles.]

“To Mr. Happy, a prime example of the perfect student,” [Nevermore says raising his glass again.] “Here, here.”

“Here, here!”



[The only way to win this match is to put your opponent through a table as The Hero and The Gambler circle around.] [The bell sounds as Karrde throws his sunglasses at Redwing. The Hero instinctively catches them before realizing the diversion! Wild Karrde goes for the baseball slide to the front of Redwing’s knee, but Redwing leaps over him and rolls to his feet. Redwing charges towards Karrde before clotheslining him right over the top rope and to the floor below! Wild Karrde staggers to his feet against the barricade as Redwing climbs out onto the apron. He leaps off with a double axe handle that floors Karrde. Redwing lifts The Gambler up before whipping him into the steel post. Karrde stays there for a moment as Redwing takes a step back.] [YAKUZA KICK! But Wild Karrde has the wherewithal to move out of the way as Redwing’s boot hits the steel post with a thud. He staggers back clutching at his foot which now appears to be injured somewhat. Karrde sees this and nails a chop block! Redwing falls to the floor clutching at his ankle! Karrde scampers away from him and looks underneath the ring before finding the lumber necessary to win this one. He pulls out the table and slides it into the ring. He sets it up in the corner before turning to Redwing on the outside of the ring.] [Karrde slides out of the ring and grabs Redwing before scuffling him into the ring. He reaches underneath the ring and pulls out yet another table. He slides it into the ring and slides in as well. Redwing has gotten to his feet at this point and nails a big axe kick as Karrde slides into the ring! Karrde is flattened as Redwing quickly grabs the other table and sets it up in the center of the ring. He tries to suplex Karrde into the table, but Karrde stops him. Redwing brings an elbow to the back of his head before rushing towards the corner with his head beneath his arm! THE KILL-NO! Karrde stops his momentum and turns it into a jawbreaker! Karrde rushes towards Redwing and leaps before hitting a more cutter-like JACKPOT THROUGH THE TABLE IN THE CENTER OF THE RING!] [The bell sounds as Wild Karrde has claimed his jackpot here tonight in this tables match!]


[Earlier tonight.] [Far from the Tap Room, we find Nate Washington and his associates inside an office of some sort. Nate is going over some paperwork when Jamal taps him on the shoulder.]

“What’re we doin’ now, boss?”

[Nate doesn’t even look over his shoulder, responding as he continues to scan the paper in front of him.]

“We rebuild, Jamal. Fighting the Vindicators cut out a lot of my resources, and I gotta get that shit back. I just need to figure out the next step.”

[Suddenly, there’s a loud thud at the door. Another of Nate’s men goes to check it, opening it to reveal a tall man, built like a tank.]

“Whatchu want?”

[The man simply points at Nate, who nods as a signal to let the big man into the room. Nate smiles at the sight of the man standing before him.]

“What’s your name, man?”


[This doesn’t suffice for Nate, who shakes his head just slightly.]

“Heath what?”

[A sigh escapes the mouth of the man responding.]

“Heath Solman.”

[Nate nods, another smirk on his face.]

“And what is it you want, Heath Solman?”

[Heath pauses for a moment, noticeably nervous about his request.]

“I’m looking for a cure…for immortality.”

[This takes Nate and his men by surprise, but Jamal is the one who speaks up.]

“Why would you want a cure for immortality, man? That’s a gift anyone would wanna hold onto forever.”

“This ain’t a gift, believe me…it’s a curse, and I want it gone.”

[Nate’s men are still confused by what Heath is saying, but Nate himself just smiles.]

“I think I have just the thing for you, man…but you’ve gotta pay to play.”

[Heath nods in acknowledgement, letting out a small sigh.]

“Money’s tight, but I’m willing to work for it.”

[Nate’s smile just grows into a twisted grin.]

“That’s what I like to hear, Heath. I think we can do business, my man.”

[Nate extends a hand, and Heath reluctantly shakes it with a look of concern on his face.] [Cut.]


[The Ring King rolls on as Volsungr rolls into the 16 but he faces off against a man who may be the most experienced at this tournament in the Enforcer] [The bell sounds as both men rush forward, fists of fury in a brawl that both men seem equal in. Kersh feints a right hook that Troy falls for, allowing the Enforcer to grip Solveig in a headlock, spinning him down to the mat in a lighting fast takedown. Solveig tries to fight out of the hold but Kersh’s grip is too tight as he grinds down, trying to diminish Volsungr’s stamina. Solveig finally manages to power to his feet, backing Kersh to the ropes before tossing him across the ring] [Kersh bounces off, Solveig ducking his head down just a tad too early for a Backdrop as the Enforcer makes him pay with a knee to the temple, ENFORCER SPINEBUSTER! Picture perfect execution as Kersh rolls through for the cover, ONE…TWO…Solveig gets the shoulder up! Kersh pulls him to his feet, whipping him towards the corner, trying for a crushing Lariat but Solveig dodges it, hoisting him into the air, NORTHERN LIGHTS INTO THE TURNBUCKLES!] [Solveig hooks back for the pinfall, ONE..TWO…Kersh grabs the ropes! The Enforcer managed to stay in this match but one mistake has him in a bad way as Solveig knocks away a right hand, taking all the air out of Kersh with a huge knee before he spins him around, trying to lock in Hel’s Embrace. Kersh slips out, drilling Solveig with a stiff neckbreaker. The Enforcer calls for the end, pulling Solveig up to his feet but he’s pushed away, VALKYRIE! Kersh may be knocked out cold but Solveig doesn’t even let him hit the mat, deadlifting him up high in the air, HAMMER OF THE GODS! That has to be it as Solveig hooks the leg for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Volsungr does it here tonight, by the will of the gods he’s moving onto the Ring King Quarter Finals]


[Knightwatch enters the OSW Locker Room after his grueling entry match. As he approaches his locker, he notices a letter neatly taped to the front of his locker. Cocking his head in confusion, he takes the note and opens it.]


‘It shall take a warrior of great will, of great strength, and of great mind to be able to truly stop me. As of thus far, you have demonstrated the potential of ending my wretched existence. Shall thou take this task, ye shall truly be named a knight of great valor.”

[A confused look comes to the eyes beneath the mask. Who could have sent something so primitive, so archaic way of communication?]


[Of course. Knightwatch gives a small sigh, folding the letter back into the pristine state it was beforehand. Speaking to the room around him, he does not break his stare from the locker door.]

“If you wish to play these games Arthur, then I accept. Only to put you back to where you truly belong.”

[He turns and marches towards the entrance of the temples below, vanishing out the doorway of the locker room. From the shadows of the room, Arthur emerges from the shadow. He watches over where the Templar had just vanished, a small smile on his face.]

“Excellent. It hath been too long since a proper knight hath been seen.”


[Happy is all smiles while Luther Creed sees nothing to smile about in this opening round Ring King bout!] [The bell rings and the two men lock up in the center of the ring. Luther immediately transitions Happy into a side headlock! He breaks the hold and whips Happy into the ropes! Creed gives chase and CLOTHESLINES HAPPY OVER THE TOP ROPE! Happy spills onto the ground outside of the ring. Creed moves to the other side of the ring, sizing up Happy, who begins to climb to his feet! Creed runs and launches himself!!! SUICIDE DIVE!!! Both men are down outside the ring!!] [Despite that it has been all Creed to now, both men reach their feet at roughly the same time. Happy ducks a right hand from Creed!! SHADOWKICK FROM HAPPY!!! CREED HITS THE GROUND!!! Happy quickly grabs Creed and rolls him into the ring! He goes for the cover! 1… 2… KICKOUT BY CREED!! Happy reaches his feet and begins delivering stomp after stomp to Creed’s torso and midsection! Creed scrambles up to his feet despite the stomps. Happy runs, and bounces off the ropes, clothesline! NO!! CREED DUCKS IT!!! LOU THESZ PRESS!!!] [Creed delivers punch after punch to Happy, and then elbow after elbow!! Happy is in a really bad place here as Creed reaches his feet and pulls Happy up to his!! SPINNING KNEE STRIKE TO HAPPY!!! NO!!! HAPPY MOVES OUT OF THE WAY RIGHT IN THE NICHE OF TIME!!! Happy shoots on Creed and takes him down with a double leg take down! Now its Happy delivering punches!!! Creed is in a guard, like an MMA fight, just trying to prevent the damage here!!! Suddenly, Creed crosses his legs and locks Happy in a TRIANGLE CHOKE!!! HAPPY IS STRUGGLING TO BREATHE!!! HE TAPS OUT!!!] [Creed stands to his feet, one step closer to his goal after a big victory over Happy.]


[In a rare sight, Redmond Quinn sits alone in the locker room. He seems troubled.]


[The Tutor looks up, his eyes telling the story. He stands up to go face to face with the Enforcer.]

“Listen kid, I don’t care what Wolfgang is holding over your head. You need to step up and fight. You might lose. But you’ve automatically lost by sitting around doing what he says.”

[Quinn shakes his head.]

“Is it really that easy, Brent? I can’t do anything without him there. He’s got a noose around my throat and all my fight is going towards breathing right now. I’m sorry, Brent. You don’t deserve this.”

[Kersh whirls around immediately, but JON DAVENPORT HITS HIM WITH A STEEL CHAIR!]

“Good job, boy. I knew your kind was good for something.”

[Davenport lays in boots on his nemesis, while Wolfgang walks around the corner. The Superior pulls Davenport back from Kersh.]

“The fuck you doing, blondie?” [Davenport yells, squaring up with Wolfgang.] “We had a deal.”

[The Superior only smiles, turning to Redmond Quinn.]

“Take the chair, you filthy neger. Take it and crush his skull. Race traitors are worse than even your kind.”

[Davenport hands Quinn the chair, who takes it reluctantly. The Tutor stands over the struggling Kersh, who looks up at Quinn with all he has left.]

“You have to fight, kid.”

[Wolfgang laughs.]

“Finish him off, sklave. Do it, now. Or this is all over for you.”

[Quinn raises the chair up over his head slowly, his eyes whispering silent apology to Kersh.] [CRACK!!] [Troy Solveig is here!] [Wielding his hammer Lævateinn, Troy knocks Redmond Quinn down, the chair skittering away. Davenport charges in.] [VALKYRIE! Superman punch to Davenport!] [Vǫlsungr stands over Kersh as Wolfgang grabs Davenport, pulling him to his feet. The older man starts to stagger away, retreating as Wolfgang drags the unconscious Quinn by his neck like a dog behind him. But Wolfgang is practically drooling as he looks at Troy.]

“Thanks.” [Brent Kersh croaks out as Troy helps him to his feet.]

“No thanks are necessary, Enforcer.” [Troy responds.] “Fair combat is one thing, but these men seek to use subterfuge. I will not allow that to continue. Not to an honorable warrior such as yourself.”

[Kersh chuckles.]

“Welcome to OSW, kid. Not a lot of fairness around here.”

[Troy helps Kersh sit down as the two men have seemingly formed an alliance against the combined forces of Jon Davenport and Wolfgang, with poor Redmond Quinn still in bondage.]


[The Ring King tournament sparks off with a bang as the Bowman faces off against the Avenging Angel here tonight] [The bell sounds as Manson rushes forward, trying for a running right hook that Shadow dodges, delivering a stiff roundhouse kick to the ribs that stagger Manson back before a leaping headscissors sends him stumbling across the ring. Manson gets back up to his feet right into a huge dropkick that sends Manson crashing into the corner as Shadow sprints forward, leap frogging over the Bowman] [OVER YOUR…MANSON CATCHES HIM, MODIFIED GUTBUSTER! Manson rushes to the ropes as Shadow stumbles up to his feet, holding his gut in pain, CROSSBODY BLOCK! Manson just mowed Shadow down like a freight train as he stays down for the cover. ONE…TWO…Shadow just gets the shoulder up! Manson pulls Shadow to his feet, drilling him with a huge knee to the gut doubling over the Angel before Manson runs to the ropes again, bouncing off, WELCOME TO MANSON…Shadow slips out, Manson bouncing off the opposite side of the ring as he runs right into AVENGED! But that takes a lot out of Shadow too as he collapses to the mat] [Both men slowly rise to their feet, raining down lefts and rights upon each other as Shadow ducks under a hook before leaving Manson out on his feet with a huge roundhouse kick. ANGEL BEAT! The Superkick hits flush but Manson isn’t down, as Shadow backs up for another. ANGEL…MANSON CATCHES THE KICK! He spins Shadow around, locking in Stranglehold! Manson has the chokehold but he can’t get the leg scissors applied as Shadow struggles to break it, kicking off against the ropes as he bridges back, hooking Manson into a pinfall! ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Shadow just gets the pinfall attempt before tapping out from the pain but that split second is all he needed as the Avenging Angel moves ahead in the Ring King Tournament]


[Beep.] [Beep.] [Beep.] [The sounds of a vital monitor are heard as a figure is shown in a bed. A doctor and a few nurses stand around the bed analyzing the form. Upon further inspection, the form is that of the young man that was attacked at Crash and Burn. Standing behind the doctors are the three heroes who could not stop that attack: Gameboy, Spero, and Redwing.] [The doctor steps away and walks towards the heroes with a sigh.]

“I appreciate your bringing man here, but there’s nothing we can do for them. Whatever toxin has been introduced into his system is incurable. No matter what scenario or situation we present to them, as soon as they are conscious, their heart begins to race, their breath becomes shallow and quickened, and their muscles become tense.”

“They fear.”

[Spero suddenly says, spelling out what the doctor is telling them. The doctor brushes a hair out of her face before nodding.]

“It seems to be an immediate reaction to being awake, not necessarily in response to anything presented in front of them.”

[The heroes look amongst themselves.]

“She’s perpetually afraid?” [says Gameboy with a gulp.]

“That is correct. Now, we’re going to continue to try and treat it. Please let us know if you can collect any of the weapons that possessed this sort of power.”

[The doctor turns and continues addressing the unconscious patient who seems peaceful at the moment. The Vindicators take a step back.]

“Spero, what do you know of this?” [Redwing asks.] [Spero taps his ring.]

“I was given this ring as a result of tragedy. But it’s fueled by hope. Hope allows for my blue guardian light to flourish. My predecessor, the previous holder of this ring, was murdered. It was in his dying breath that he gave me this ring and saved my life. As for who killed him… it was two men.”

[Spero looks past the heroes towards the bed.]

“Fueled by the yellow power of Fear and the red fuel of Rage.”

[Spero returns his look to his teammates.]

“If Fear has truly become a weapon of our foes, then Rage will soon to follow leading to chaos and disarray. I’m not sure where Mysterion and that doctor obtained that power or those weapons, but it can’t be good. Only devastation will follow.”

[Redwing steps up and nods.]

“Then it’s agreed. We must do whatever we can to put a stop to them and prevent this atrocity from spreading.”

[The heroes nod as a hooded figure peering through the window on the hospital room turns about and begins walking away with quickened pace.] [Cut.]


[We have a huge Ring King match here as two Vindicators face off against one another when the Blue Lantern clashes with the Void Knight] [The bell rings as Berenger rushes forward with a Lariat attempt that Spero ducks under, springing off the ropes as he sends Berenger flying across the ring with a huge headscissors. Berenger staggers up to his feet into a flurry of furious kicks from the smaller competitor as Spero ducks under a wild right, leaping up before spiking the Void Knight into the mat with a stiff Tornado DDT! The Blue Lantern doesn’t cover, leaping off the ropes once more with a huge Lionsault before staying down for the cover. ONE…TWO…Berenger just gets the shoulder up!] [Spero backs up, landing a big basement dropkick to the face of the rising Berenger before leaping up to the top rope, possibly looking to end this early with the Last Beacon but Berenger manages to dive on the ropes, sending Spero crashing to the mat hard. The Lantern slowly stumbles to his feet, LARIAT! That hits the second time, clipping Spero perfectly as he flips in mid-air before crashing to the mat. Berenger muscles him over for the cover, ONE..TWO..Spero just gets the shoulder up!] [The Void Knight pulls him up to his feet, lifting the Lantern up into the air with a pair of knee strikes to the sternum before nearly planting him through the mat with a huge Spinebuster. Berenger backs up, waiting for the struggling Spero to rise to his feet, rushing forward but his spear attempt is dodged as Berenger collides with the corner. The Void Knight stumbles out, Spero leaping up as he tries for a Hurricanrana, VANQUISHER! Berenger counters it out of nowhere, rolling down for the cover on the out Spero, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Berenger picks up a huge victory here tonight, using a single mistake to take out the Blue Lantern and move onto the Ring King Quarter Finals]


[Several members of Eli Forever’s congregation are sweeping up debris and ash as Rose Forever looks on. Her eyes are full of emotion as she directs the followers of her brother.]

“Not a trace should remain. The Heir Eternal directed that the entire room was too consumed with the infestation to be allowed to remain.”

[She is referring to the room that Edward Newton had tortured her in, the room that the Riddler had made into a mural showing Eli murdering his father, contradicting the official story that places no blame on Elijah for his father’s death.]

” My brother wishes this room to never be unearthed again.”

[Rose steps back from the clean up, walking through the broken boards marking its entrance into the fresh air of Eternity on the Hill. She winds her way towards Eli’s chambers.]

“Is that how your brother deals with everything?”

[Rose turns with force to stare directly into the eyes of Edward Newton.]

“You’re lying.” [Rose states, wasting no time in addressing Newton’s proclamation of Eli’s guilt.] [Newton isn’t phased.]

“Did he deny what was so plainly revealed to you?” [The Riddler queries.] “Or did he deflect and order a death and rebirth of the room?”

[Rose stays silent, glaring at the OSW World Champion. Newton reaches into his jacket pocket, and pulls out a folded piece of paper.] [A birth certificate.]

“Death and rebirth seems to be the modus operandi of your Heir Eternal, doesn’t it? Death in the River, rebirth as the Forever family. But I ask you, Harper Creed, why you were so special that your dip into the Endless Spring not only took away your last name, but also renamed you to such a curious moniker?”

[He hands the birth certificate to Rose, confirming the birth name of Harper.]

“Your brothers. Your mother. None changed their first name in becoming what you are now. Your brother erased the taint of William Creed from your lives.”

[Newton nods back the way Rose came.]

“Just like that room, your brother seems to believe that ugly truths must be kept out of the light. You’re a beautiful woman, Harper. How badly did your brother view you that he erased you from existence? How tainted did he truly think you were?”

[Rose seems conflicted, but Newton isn’t done.]

“I don’t believe you’re tainted, my dear. You’re a strong woman who survived what many others could not. I’m going to break your brother, Harper.”

[He begins to back away.]

“You’d be wise to consider what you’ll do with your life once you’re free from men who seek to use you.”

[The Riddler disappears around a corner, while Rose clutches the birth certificate in her hand, considering the words of Edward Newton.]


[The Ring King Tournament continues here tonight as The Poet clashes up against Player One] [The bell sounds as Nevermore sticks out a right hand, the hero Gameboy leaning in for the handshake as Edgar pulls it away at the last second, trying to land a cheap right hand. Gameboy ducks the blow just in time, dropping down with a jawbreaker that sends Nevermore staggering back. LEVEL ONE! The Superkick levels the Poet as Gameboy drops down for the pin, ONE…TWO…Nevemore just gets the shoulder up! Gameboy tries for another Level One as Nevermore rises to his feet but the Poet rolls to the outside, trying to get some breathing room. ] [Gameboy doesn’t agree as he sizes up Nevermore for a moment, leaping over the ropes, TOPE SUICID…NEVEMORE MOVES AS GAMEBOY SPLATS ON THE FLOOR! A wide grin crosses the Poet as he rolls the fallen Gameboy into the ring, hooking the leg for the cover ONE…TWO…Gameboy just gets the shoulder up! Nevermore peels Gameboy off the mat, drilling him with a stiff elbow to the side of the head before lifting him high in the air and slamming him down with a lightning fast Snap Suplex.] [ Nevermore doesn’t cover, instead pulling Gameboy up, hoisting him high up into the air again as he slingshots him off the top rope before flipping him over in mid-air with a backbreaker variation! Nevermore goes to drop down for the cover, MAX POWAH! The Flash Kick staggers Nevermore back as Gameboy leaps to the ropes, trying for a springboard crossbody but Nevermore moves out of the way. Gameboy manages to roll to his feet right into a knee to the back as his arm is hammerlocked back, OXFORD COMMA! That hits out of nowhere as Nevermore rolls Gameboy over for the cover, ONE…TWO..THREE!!!] [The Poet picks up the hard fought victory here tonight, moving onto the Ring King Quarter Finals]


[Backstage.] [D’Von Chambers and his congregation are gathered, as they have taken to lately, in an impromptu make-shift church situated within the Tap Room walls. Dim lighting and candles hide their location as best as it can. The voice of Chambers rings out over the eager ears of his reformed congregation.]

“Pass that plate one mo’ gain… What yo would have flitted and gambled ‘way belongs to the Lord, brothas.”

[The jingling of change and a flurry of action follows as the faithful dig deeper and the collection plate comes round once more. Though, as it does, the congregation is interrupted by a presence that makes itself known.]

“What on Earth? Chambers? What do you think you are doing?”

[Stepping forward, into the thick of the congregation, backlit by candlelight that barely hides his frustration is Shadow. The congregation back away slightly, letting him and Chambers stand face to face.]

“Get the hell out of my locker room. Surely you can find somewhere else to set up your two-faced operation?”

[Chambers simply smiles, a charismatic smile with a twinkle in his eye. He is not here by accident, nor does he seem surprised by the identity of his intruder.]

“And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them…”

[Shadow cuts him off, mid verse.]

“I’m not that kind of angel, Chambers. Even if I was, I don’t think I would serve your Lord. What you have created here is a pack of lies, I won’t be one to buy into it. I’m not one of your puppets.”

[He glares at the congregation fellows, who back away further in response. This only serves to bring another smile to Chamber’s face as he completes the verse.]

“…and they were much afraid.”

[A long pause, as Chambers studies Shadow up and down. Shadow stands still fuming at the intrusion.]

“My brotha, the Lord has plans for yo’. I’ve been watching what yo’ done, an angel stepping in to let poor souls see the light. How many more souls this congregation could reach with an angel of the Lord on its side? He done work in mysterious ways, son, yo’ may not want to be, but yo’ be part of that plan.”

[Shadow shakes his head, stepping past Chambers to his locker and grabbing the gear bag that he had come to get in the first place. He slings it over his shoulder and brushes back past Chambers.]

“I’m not one of your puppets. I’m not your angel.”

[With that, he pushes his way back through the congregation and disappears, leaving Chambers to utter the final word.]

“The Lord’s plans are in motion, brothas… Pass that plate one mo’ gain.”

[Redmond Quinn has been through hell but he can release some rage here tonight against a man in some ways similar to his captor in the sadistic Nightstick, but which man will move onto the Quarter Finals?] [The bell sounds as Quinn rushes forward, laying into Nightstick with lefts, rights, kicks, knees, everything he can unleash upon the larger man as the Law is overwhelmed from the onslaught. A massive Roundhouse staggers Nightstick back into the corner as Quinn rushes forward, stunning him with a wild hook before spinning the Law around, DRAGON SUPLEX INTO THE CORNER!] [Nightstick looks near out but Quinn isn’t done as he pulls Nightstick up, backing up before rushing forward, DETEN…911! Nightstick held onto Quinn, drilling him with a Powerbomb of his own. Nightstick stumbles back, still feeling the effects of the Dragon Suplex as this allows Quinn to pull himself off the mat, surprising Nightstick with a spinning back kick but he goes to the well too many times, leaping up with a Tornado Kick that’s met] [WITH A HUGE BULLHAMMER ELBOW! Nightstick doesn’t let Quinn hit the mat, pulling him up, SMITH AND WESSON! Two consecutive elbows look like they’ve knocked Quinn out cold as he drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…Quinn just gets the shoulder up! Nightstick delivers a stiff kick to the ribs that sends Quinn reeling before backing up as he cocks his shoulder, looking for the end. The Tutor slowly rises to his feet, HARD JUSTICE! Quinn flips in mid-air from impact before Nightstick muscles down for the cover, ONE..TWO…THREE!!!] [Nighstick wins it here, continuing his metoric rise through the ranks as he moves onto the Ring King Quarter Finals]


[The Swamps.] [A small wooden cabin sits on the edge of a swamp in the dirty hot state of Florida. It’s midnight and the moonlight guides us amongst the sound of buzzing critters and crickets. On the porch, David Manson sits alone with a cold beer in his hand, rocking back and forth in a chair.]

“Do you think I can’t hear you out there?” [His voice booms into the darkness.] “Show yourself, bub.”

[Out of the shadows steps Wild Karrde, his face contorted into rage and frustration.] [Manson stands, swigging his beer.]

“What do you want?”

[The Gambler keeps his distance.]

“You know what I want, Manson; I want my case back and I ain’t asking twice.”

[The Bowman looks confused yet nonchalant. He tosses his empty beer bottle at the feet of his visitor, shaking his head.]

“I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, but if you don’t get off my land, I’m gonna feed you to the gators and believe me when I say, I’m not telling you twice, bubba.”

[Karrde steps forward, the broken glass bottle crunching beneath his boot as he does.]

“Ol’ Karrde ain’t leaving without that briefcase,” [he sneers.] “So if you want to jump in the murky swamp, come on down, son; I’ll make it red with your blood.”

[David laughs, nodding in agreement. He hops down off his porch and casually walks over to Wild Karrde.] [Both men puff out their chests.] [Bang!] [Cut.]


[The former king of Camelot takes on the former king of Rock and Roll as King Arthur wrestles Zander Zane.] [The bell rings and Arthur locks up with Zander. Arthur transitions and throws Zander with a hip toss! Zander reaches his feet and is hip tossed to the other side of the ring! Zander stands up and mutters some curse words, staring at the undead king. Arthur beckons him forward. Zander runs and, before Arthur could ever grab hold, dropkicks the old man in the knee, dropping him to a kneel! “Bow to me, bitch!” Zane screams, and Arthur reaches his feet and grabs Zane! ARM BREAK!] [Another arm break! Another! Another! The Lich King working that arm over as Zander Zane falls into the corner! Arthur places his big boot against Zane’s arm and pushes it against the turnbuckle! Zane finally escapes with a quick thumb to the eye with his free hand! He grabs Arthur and its now Arthur who finds himself in the corner! Zane stomps a mudhole into Arthur until he is slumped into it. Zane runs to the opposite corner and jumps to the top rope! He launches!! WORLD TOUR!!! COAST TO COAST!!!] [Zander Zane stands to his feet and steps into the middle of the ring. He points at an uncomfortably young woman on the front row and begins gyrating, performing a series of hypersexual pelvic thrusts! He sticks his fingers in the shape of a v to his mouth and begins licking in between them!! BIG BOOT TO THE BACK OF ZANDER’S HEAD FROM KING ARTHUR!! ZANE SPLATTERS TO THE GROUND!! King Arthur moves to the ropes, sizing up Zander, waiting for him to reach his knees. Zander, wobbly and hardly alive, finally gets to his knees… KING’S CROSSING!! NO!!! ZANDER DUCKS!! BIG PACKAGE CRADLE FROM ZANDER!!! 1… 2… 3!!!] [Ring King is one step closer to entering the Zander Zone as Zane grabs victory from the jaws of defeat!]


[A glint of light coming off of steel.] [The VHS title sits upon Berengar’s shoulder. The Void Knight wearily walks through the halls of the Tap Room, still on edge from the previous weeks’ encounters. He keeps a hand on Vigilkeeper, holding steady as the lights flicker out.]

“Who goes there!? Show yourself, coward!”

[The lights flick on! Multiple bright lights nearly blinding Berengar, the Void Knight shielding his eyes, able to make out the silhouette of a man… with a guitar. He strums it, massive speakers giving off a loud enough noise that Berengar covers his ears!] [GUITAR SHOT! THE SILHOUETTE HITS BERENGAR ON THE CHIN WITH A MASSIVE UPSWING!]

“Should’ve held onta’ your title instead a’ coverin’ yer ears.”

[THE Zander Zane stands looming over Berengar, his guitar slung over his shoulder from that massive swing… and the former megastar looking more disheveled than before, liquor bottles litter the ground behind him, his movement uncoordinated, the rockstar looking drunker than we’ve ever seen him, almost uncharacteristically so.]

“Now hand it ova’.”

[It takes Zane a second to realize just how out of it Berengar is before he stumbles forward, grabbing the title and stumbling through the bottles surrounding the two, the glass clattering against the floor. As he makes distance Berengar finally makes his way to his feet, the hero holding his jaw, having to steady himself against the wall.]

“What will you gain from this, Zane? You won’t escape me, you should just concede.”

[Zane looks at Berengar, his eyes glazed over.]

“Ta’ gain? I’m reinventin’ myselve a bit. Zander Fuckin’ Zane’s gonna get back on top! No publicity is bad publicity, Zander Zane’s rock a’ ages starts now!”

[Berengar goes to chase after Zane but as he does the rocker flicks off the lighting! The Void Knight is left in the dark, and when he finally gets the lights back on…] [Zane was gone. And in his possession? The VHS title.]


[The Ring King Tournament continues here tonight as The Bishop faces off against the Hound Dog] [The bell sounds as Davenport rushes forward, trying to exchange rights and lefts with the bigger Chambers, a decision that does not end well as one allmighty right hand sends the country boy for a loop. Chambers rushes forward with his surprising speed, nailing a rising Davenport with a huge knee to the side of the head before lifting him up and tossing him across the ring with a blistering Belly to Belly Suplex. Davenport lands in a heap on the canvas, Chambers delivering a standing legdrop over the chest of the fallen Davenport before heading up top] [CHICAGO…CANVAS! Davenport just moves out of the way of the huge Diving Legdrop as Chambers cries out in pain, MUDSPLASH! Davenport manages to land the Bottom Rope Splash, squashing down on the Bishop as he hooks the leg for a cover, ONE…TWO…Chambers just kicks out! Davenport pulls him to his feet but gets pushed away by the more powerful man. A quick kick that’s questionably low staggers the Bishop as Davenport tries to lift him up for a Piledriver] [Chambers manages to backdrop his way out, sending Davenport crashing to the canvas. The Hound Dog stumbles to his feet right into the waiting arms of Chambers who lifts him up high PSALM 32! The Running Powerslam shakes the ring from the sheer force as Chambers drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…Davenport just gets the shoulder up! The Bishop calls for the end, pulling Davenport up to his feet but Davenport grips Chambers by his pants, tossing him throat first onto the nearby ropes. Chambers staggers up, holding his throat, LARIAT! Davenport barrels into Chambers with all his strength, cutting him down as he hooks the leg, ONE…TWO…DAVENPORT GRABS THE ROPES…THREE!!!] [The Old Hunting Hound Dog does it again, moving towards the Ring King Quarter Finals once more as he looks to try and win it this time around]


[We open backstage as the daunting figure of Nightstick makes his way down one of the Tap Room corridors.] [The glow of an “Exit” sign pulsates in the distance while The Cop looks to end his shift for the night.] [And as he distances himself from our vantage point, from the shadows… a silhouette.] [Luther Creed.] [The Voice of the Voiceless watches carefully and quietly as Nightstick pushes his way through the entrance, disappearing to the outside.] [With that, Creed looks to his right; our angle refocusing on a young black man who can’t be much out of his teens and with a hint of nervousness to his mannerism as he glances wide eyed up at his companion.]

“Take this” [Creed demands as he hands the man a hand held cam recorder.] “You’ll have to…”

“I dunno Luther” [The young man retorts.] “I think he’s clean.”

[Immediately, Creed’s eyes fill with rage.]


[Creed grabs the man by his neck.]

“He’s just like any other corrupt white man in this world” [Luther’s voice softens as he seems to reason with the man.] “Nightstick thinks it’s all about him!”

[The Voice of the Voiceless glances back to the hall.]

“It’s not!”

[And now an intense glare back to his acquaintance.]

“He thinks he can solve the problem with people like me! People like YOU! He thinks the problem is already solved simply because of a choice HE made!?! No! You can’t solve this problem by turning violence off! No! We’re going to take the violence… and turn it on!”

[Creed glances once more to the exit.]

“Follow him. Keep him close. Record him every step. The Revolution WILL be televised!”

[Static.] [Cut.]


[The rules to a strap match are strange, but the winner must touch all four corners of the turnbuckles with his opponent seemingly incapacitated in order to win!] [Wolfgang and Eli Forever stare at each other from only three feet away as that’s all the straps will allow! They are connected by the wrist. The bell sounds as these two collide in the center of the ring with hellacious rights and lefts. Wolfgang hits a nasty headbutt to get a moment of control before grabbing some of the slack of the strap and CRACKING it across the face of Forever! Forever staggers backwards clutching at his face before Wolfgang CRACKS him across the face again! Forever staggers into the ropes where Wolfgang reaches over and touches his first turnbuckle.] [If he reaches three more, he wins! Forever realizes this as he also reaches out for the turnbuckle, but Wolfgang stops him with a kick to the chest sending him through the ropes! 1488! Forever is dangling outside of the ring by his arm as Wolfgang is pinned against the ropes. He manages to pull himself to the other corner on that side of the ring and touches it. Unfortunately his arm is giving way due to having to hold up Forever’s weight! Wolfgang lowers himself to let Forever touch the floor a bit to give his arm a break.] [BY THE BOOK! The Book of Eli crashes upon the skull of Wolfgang as Forever quickly throws it away. He climbs up into the ring and touches the same two corners that Wolfgang had before slowly dragging Wolfgang across the ring towards the third one! He touches it, but Wolfgang gets to his feet to act as an anchor! Forever is reaching out for the fourth one, but Wolfgang is pulling him back. Forever realizes he can’t reach it! He leaps off the second rope towards Wolfgang while pulling on the strap! THE ATONEMENT! The knee strike flattens Wolfgang as he drags him to the final corner and touches it to win!] [Eli Forever picks up another huge win here tonight by beating the head Nazi!]


[Eli Forever sits alone in his chambers, shrugged in his chair, stewing over his recent loss to Edward Newton.] [Not to mention Newton’s mind games.] [He looks up with a sigh as his sister Rose pushes the door open and walks into the room. The birth certificate handed to her by Edward Newton is nowhere to be seen.]

“Is it done?” [Eli asks, distraction in his voice.] [Rose seems nervous, but she nods.]

“Yes, the room has been destroyed. I carried it out myself. All that’s left is ash and dust.”

[A smile tugs at Eli’s mouth.]

“Good. Thank you for that. The Riddler sought to disrupt what we are doing here. But the spring is endless and the River will not be forked.”

[Rose clears her throat, seemingly drawing confidence.]

“Is it true?”

[Eli finally sits up, giving his full attention to his sister.]

“Is it true that you killed him?” [Rose clarifies.] [The Heir Eternal swallows, removing his sunglasses.]

“All that matters is that William Creed is dead. I’ve labored to erase anything that his taint still remained on. Anything that he touched was destroyed and has been made new. My life has been dedicated to making sure William Creed and anyone like him no longer exist. You know what he did to you. Does the avenue of his end matter? Nothing he had his hands on still remains.”

[The younger woman looks down at the ground, a slight shudder running through her body.]

“Nothing remains?” [She whispers.] [Eli seems confused, leaving his chair to stand in front of his sister, raising her chin to make eye contact with her.]

“I thought we’d gotten past this. You cannot live in the past. You are a wholly new creature.” [Anger creeps into his voice.] “What troubles you, Rose?”

[She steps back from his hand, a lump in her throat.]

“Riddles, brother. What happened to our father? What happened to me? Why do you hate me? Riddles trouble me. Riddles that I can’t answer anymore.”

[Rose turns and runs out of the room, Eli Forever left alone. His fists roll into fists as a single word escapes his lips.]




[The bell sounds and both men lock horns, but Newton is quick to go for the mask of Mysterion, pulling it forward to throw the Super Villain off balance. A RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP drops Mysterion down to the mat but the Cloaked Conundrum has enough awareness to roll himself out of the ring and lands in a heap at ringside. Newton methodically climbs through the ropes and stands atop the apron. He leaps off, lining up an AXE HANDLE but MYSTERION GETS HIS FEET UP…] [MONKEY FLIP TO NEWTON ONTO THE TAP ROOM FLOOR!] [Newton skids to a halt by crashing up against the bar and Mysterion reaches his feet once more, adjusting his mask where Newton had pulled it astray. He pulls Newton up by the hair before slamming him face first into the bar and WASHING HIS FACE ALONG THE BARTOP. Newton soon tires of this, and lashes out with a kick behind himself and CATCHES MYSTERION IN THE FAMILY JEWELS! Accidentally? As the referee berates him, that is what Newton claims at least. A spark of an idea forms in Newton’s dastardly mind, and he grabs a bottle of beer from the bar, tossing it into the ring as if handing it to the referee. Dumbfoundedly, the referee catches the beer and proceeds to turn his attention to discarding it. This gives Newton the opening he seeks.] [LOW BLOW TO MYSTERION! HE REALLY CAUGHT HIM WITH THE TOE OF HIS SHOE! THAT FIEND! Mysterion drops to his knees and Newton finishes him off with an open palmed slap to the face that topples him over. Newton rolls Mysterion back into the ring and covers for the pin…] [ONE…] [TWO… MYSTERION KICKS OUT!] [Edward Newton peels his foe off the canvas and marches him over to the turnbuckle. He slams Mysterion’s head into the turnbuckle, stopping to ask the Super Villain a question… RIDDLE ME THAT! TWO RIDDLES, THREE… Each riddle accompanied with another skull crusher and a look of dissatisfaction on the behalf of Newton. As he goes for the fourth, Mysterion catches him with a THUMB TO THE EYE! THE REFEREE NEVER SAW IT!] [TILT-A-WHIRL DDT TAKES NEWTON DOWN! Mysterion climbs the turnbuckle… POW! MASTER PLAN!] [Mysterion holds onto Newton for the cover!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THR…Newton, mere inches away from the streak being broken, gets the shoulder up!] [This time it is Mysterion’s turn to peel a battered Riddler off the canvas. He Irish Whips Newton into the ropes and awaits the rebound… HURRICANRANA drops Newton directly in the centre of the ring. Again, the Super Villain climbs the turnbuckle… HE’S LOADING IT UP! WAITING FOR NEWTON TO FIND HIS FOOTING!] [THE PUNCH OF DOOM! NO! Newton ducks the incoming assault and kicks out with his feet… ONCE AGAIN CATCHING MYSTERION RIGHT IN THE MUMMY DADDY BUTTON! Again, accidentally of course.] [Not to be out-dastardlied Newton rolls Mysterion up and pulls on his tights for extra leverage as the oblivious referee counts the pinfall

[ONE…] [TWO…] [THRE…MYSTERION KICKS OUT!] [Mysterion gets right up in the referee’s face to protest the underhanded tactics used against him. Newton charges at the Villain from behind and shoulder charges him into the referee. Both Mysterion and the ref topple down, leaving the rule-book wide open for any dastardly deeds. Mysterion angrily hurls himself back to his feet and glares at Newton, only to be met with a POKE TO THE EYES for his troubles. Before the referee can find his footing, Newton had unleashed a FLURRY OF THREE RAPID LOW BLOWS TO MYSTERION!] [MYSTERION DOESN’T DROP STRAIGHT AWAY, but his eyes seem to be popping out through his mask. The referee gains consciousness just in time to see Newton lining up Mysterion once more…] [NEVERMIND! NEVERMIND! THE PINFALL IS BUT A FORMALITY! THIS ONE IS DONE!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [The streak continues and Edward Newton proves that he is the ultimate Champion. Even when matched with a mind as dastardly as his own, he still found a way to come out with his hand raised tonight!]


[With the sound of a loud bang still ringing in our ears, we go back to the Swamp, only one of our two potential brawlers is now kneeling, wounded on the floor, blood dripping from a gash on his arm.] [Wild Karrde.]

“Did you mean to wound him?”

[Manson yells over his shoulder to the gunman.] [From behind and out of the cabin walks Hate, holding a pistol.]

“I meant it,” [he growls sternly.] “And if he manages to irk my last nerve, I’ll finish the job where he kneels.”

[The Gambler places pressure on the wound, looking up at The Awakening.] [Hate walks over, putting the pistol to his temple.]

“You’re under the impression that we have something that belongs to you, right?” [Hate questions.] “But we don’t.”

[Manson sighs.] “Just shoot this asshole in the head and be done with it. His sleepy little existence is beginning to piss me off.”

[Hate ignores his partner.]

“If it were up to David, he’d have put a bullet in your head and you’d have been dead before you hit the ground. But you see Karrde, we have a mission beyond our own existence; it’s to take sleepy little sheep like yourself and wake them up.”

[Wild Karrde pushes his head against the gun.]

“I’m wide awake, mother fucker.”

[Hate chuckles.]

“And yet here you are having wandered into the swamps of Florida looking for something you know we don’t really have. I mean, do you think we’d record a video and let you know where to find it? That case has no purpose in our possession. Whoever took it from you wants to halt your progress.”

[The Gambler laughs, shaking his head.] “You inbred hicks think that I think you have the case?” [He says laughing.] “Fuck no. I know you don’t have it but I still want it back and you’re going to take me to the man who took it, even if I have to drag you there kicking and screaming.”

[Before he can say another word, Manson clocks him over the back of the head with something, knocking him unconscious.]

“Does he think who I think he means?” [David questions quizzically.] “Is he talking about…?”

[Hate interrupts.]


[The Nihilist doesn’t know what to make of it but he has an idea.]

“I’m going to put him back in his car, drive him back to the Tap Room and leave him there. If Jack is behind this, he won’t want him dead.”