[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [The sound of a gate opening can be heard, scratching across the floor as it travels. Nightstick stands, alone, looking towards the gate with expectation. Luther Creed soon appears, glaring behind him at the officers walking in close proximity as he leaves the prison.] [When his eyes meet those of Nightstick, he looks furious.] [Both men come together outside, stood within inches of one another.]

“You have the audacity to be here?” [Creed snarls.] “If it wasn’t for where we are, I’d beat the shit out of you.”

[Nightstick shakes his head.] “I bailed you out, kid.”

[Creed scoffs, bumping shoulders with him as he walks past.]

“Give me a break, alright? I didn’t know that was going to happen. I didn’t set you up. I was just as pissed off as you that he broke up our parley.”

[Luther turns around with a smile.]

“Seriously?” [He bellows.] “You wanted to meet; it was your stipulation. You named the time and the place. It was all you, cop.”

[He follows after him, refusing to let this be. Creed just ignores him, continuing towards a car that’s waiting for him at the curb.]

“I wanted to put this to bed, kid,” [Nightstick assures him.] “I wanted this to end before it goes too far. You have to trust me that I’m not responsible, but if you push on me because of this, I’m gonna push back.”

[Creed smiles, opening the car door and stepping inside.] [He says nothing.] [Nightstick watches with his hands on his hips as the car drives away, leaving him stood there.] [Cut.]


[Spero looks to continue on his impressive outing last time out, saving the Vindicators from the deadly AI, Vanguard. Tonight he takes on Nate Washington in singles competition!] [The bell sounds and Spero wastes little time, using his impressive speed to launch himself straight into the offense. He attempts a snap clothesline, which Nate anticipates. He ducks, reaching both arms back and locking his hands around the head of his opponent and hitting the mat hard with a FALLING NECKBREAKER! Nate Washington gets all of that, and quickly rolls onto his opponent for the cover. 1… 2… THRRR- shoulder up!] [Both men arrive back on their feet, Spero looking a little dazed by the impact of that neckbreaker. Nate continues the assault, enforcing that deep southern brawling style by striking rights and lefts, before hitting a big European uppercut that sends Spero back into the ropes. Spero bounces off the ropes and Nate looks to send him flying through the air with a back body drop… But Spero lands on his feet! The fans are on their feet as Nate turns, oblivious, into a FLURRY OF KICKS! ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE! Now it’s Nate Washington reeling back, pressing his shoulders hard into the ropes and flexes over the top rope to ringside in quite spectacular fashion. Nate shakes his head, trying to dislodge the effects of those kicks. Spero points to the rafters and the crowd are on their feet again. He bounces off the ropes and… DIVES THROUGH THE TOP AND MIDDLE ROPES! PLANCHA INTO THE BARRICADES!] [The Vindicator instantly lifts Nate to his feet, rolling him under the bottom rope and into position. He leaps onto the apron, swiftly climbing the top turnbuckle. Here it comes… YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- YES! SPERO SCORES WITH THE LAST BEACON, AND THIS ONE IS OVER! 1… 2…. THRRRREEEEEEEEEEEE!] [What an impressive display from Spero here tonight!]


[The Underground Bunker.] [In the middle of the main room of the Underground Bunker, Wolfgang stands looking at the carnage left by Creed and his crew. Blood splatter stains the wall and floors, however, he’s not alone for long.] [His screw approach, what’s left of them, anyway.]

“Look at what you did,” [says the balding head honcho of the group.] “All this is because you wouldn’t quit playing with your food.”

[Wolfgang grimaces.]

“You had him chained in that basement for a month. You could’ve put him out of his misery at any time but you refused. We all wanted him dead, Wolfgang. It wasn’t working. You may have broken him but you didn’t send the message.”

[The Heir suddenly snaps his head, looking up at the man with a glare.]

“The message? Don’t you forget that I brought you the message,” [he angrily complains.] “Quinn was a mistake. I understand that now. But if you think that we didn’t send a message, you’re an idiot.”

[He walks around in a circle, pointing at the carnage.]

“Look at this,” [he beckons.] “This is a result of our message. They came into our house and caused this carnage, proving themselves to be savages. What more do you want?”

[The main focus of his rage steps to him.]

“We want you to end it, Heir. We want you to put Redmond Quinn and Luther Creed in the ground, or you’ll be going in their stead.”

[Wolfgang scoffs.]

“And you and which army will make that happen?”

[He looks to his left and then to his right, revealing that this one man has everyone’s backing.]

“This one.”



[A Miami Hospital] [Knightwatch stands outside an operation room, pacing back and forth. He ignores the eyes of those looking over his strange garb as he paces through the hall. The doors open up to a doctor in scrubs, looking weary as he steps out. He barely has time to breathe before Knightwatch is upon him.]

“How is Dominic Doctor? Is he alright?”

[The man pauses, and places a hand on the shoulder of the Protector}

“I’m sorry. We did what we could, but he’s gone.”

[Knightwatch stands in shock for a moment, processing that the one that he had trusted so much had died. Anger courses through his body, showing as a tremble. He grips tighter on the doctor, but releases.]

“Thank you Doctor. He is with God now, and at rest. It is up to me to stop the monster that had truly slain him.”

[Knightwatch turns, leaving the doctor behind with a confused look. No one notices the tears welling up in the corners of his mask, and he soon exits. Once the hero leaves however, the doctor seems to stiffen up. He marches up to the nearest wall phone, and roughly punches the numbers in. He lifts the phone as if not controlling his actions. As someone answers, he speaks in a strained voice.]

“Put me through to the King.”

[As he waits, his eyes flash a sickly green energy. He hears the line click, and speaks in a monotone voice, while behind him in the partially opened door lies the bloodied form of Dominic, an extra scalpel sticking out of his chest. ]

“The Knightwatch falls right into our trap my lord. Soon he shall no longer be a thorn in your side.”


[Player One passed the penultimate level with a little help from his friends but tonight a side quest emerges in the form of the Broken Crown King Arthur. Will Gameboy gain some much needed experience before the final battle or will the broken gatekeeper of Avalon send him crashing back to Level One?] [The bell rings as Arthur rushes forward, KING’S CROSSING..NO! Gameboy ducks under the flying knee, kicking low at Arthur’s knee before leaping up and snapping the King over with a hurricanrana. Arthur stumbles up to his feet right into a springboard forearm to the face that staggers him back before Gameboy backs up and levels the King with a massive LEVEL ONE! Arthur crashes to the canvas as Gameboy rolls down for the cover. ONE…TWO…Arthur just gets the shoulder up!] [Arthur slowly gets up as Gameboy rushes to the ropes once more, springboarding off, MOONSAULT…ROARING ELBOW! Arthur knocked Gameboy right out in mid-air as Player One collapses to the canvas, Arthur dropping down for the cover, ONE…TWO…Gameboy just gets the shoulder up! The King pulls Gameboy up to his feet, hooking him into the clinch before drilling him with knee after knee as a final leaping one leaves Gameboy out on his feet before Arthur leaps up, locking in MORDRED’S DEMISE!] [Arthur pulls back, cinching in the Guillotine Chokehold as Player One begins to fade away in his groggy state. The referee raises his arm, ONE. He raises it a second time TW…NO! The arm rises straight back up as Gameboy reaches back, managing to grab hold of the middle rope with an outstretched foot, forcing Arthur to let go of the hold. Arthur rears back for a headbutt but Gameboy ducks under, MAX POWAH! The Kip-Up Flash Kick puts Arthur down on the mat as Gameboy begins to power up, rushing to the ropes as he bounces off with the RESET! The Shooting Star hits flush as Gameboy stays down for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Player One completes his side quest here tonight, gaining glory and experience in preparation for whatever next the Vindicators may face]


[The car from earlier this evening arrives outside a local treatment center. Inside, Redmond Quinn is being treated for his wounds, not only from Frostbite but in the lead up to the event. He’s somewhat malnourished and dehydrated, but otherwise okay.] [Luther Creed makes his way into the building, meeting Redmond as he’s about to leave.]

“Thanks for coming,” [Quinn says, offering him a handshake.] “I can’t thank you enough for saving my life.”

[Creed nods, accepting.]

“How did you do it?”

[Both men begin walking towards the door.]

“My guys followed Wolfgang back after VHS a month or so ago. They had high levels of security for a long time. I had to carefully plot our next steps, or they’d murder you where you slept in squalor. We used the ventilation system to get around but there was no way we could safely extract you. I decided that if I couldn’t pull you out, I needed to pull you up. I needed to see if you had enough fight in you that if I gave you the chance to fight back, and risked it all to do so, you’d take the opportunity and break your shackles.”

[Quinn smiles.] “Well, thank you. Believe me when I say, I’m not going back. I let my logical mind rule my heart. I knew if I tried to escape, he’d kill me. I knew that if I refused to do what he asked, he’d send me to prison and that would be worse. I couldn’t put my freedom and my life in jeopardy without a plan wise enough to ensure I wouldn’t sacrifice either.”

“I understand why you didn’t rise, Quinn. I’m glad you’re out of there but you know as well as I do that this issue with Wolfgang won’t be over until you end it, once and for all. You remind me of Martin Luther King, man. You’re intelligent, you’re focused, but unlike him you don’t have the right direction.”

[Redmond stops for a moment, looking confused.]

“We have to take the power back,” [Creed continues.] “American History X has far too long been a vivid reality of this world we live in. We can change that.”

[That strikes a chord with the Teacher.]

“And make our own history?”

[Luther nods.] “Exactly.”

[Both men smile at each other.] [Cut.]


[Darkness.] [Footsteps.] [A loud thud.] [A splash of water.]

“What th…”

[Light.] [Brent Kersh is sat on the dirty floor of a Tap Room hallway. He shakes his head, holding a hand gingerly to his temple.]

“The disorientation will fade soon.”

[Isaac Danvers.] [The groggy Kersh clenches his fists, trying to stand to his feet, but his legs don’t seem to work. But his mouth does.]

“What the hell did you do to me?” [The Enforcer growls.]

“As I told you, Brent,” [Danvers begins.] “I am not finished with you. When we parted last, you may have assumed that my study of love was completed. Or perhaps you thought you had conquered me?”

[Kersh tries to stand once again, but he barely makes it to his knees.]

“Foolish assumptions, of course.” [Danvers mocks.] “I told you that I would keep track of your developments, and I have. Upon seeing your love for your dead son, I sought after the buried body of Cael Gable. Perhaps I could measure love by my own experiences, but once again he turned me away, and we were forced to part forever.”

[Isaac bows his head for a moment as Kersh is finally able to stand.]

“But Brent, I’m back now to finish what I began. I had to take care of some unfortunate business with Jon Davenport, a sad man who couldn’t even love himself. But now, I am back to accumulate the final bit of research I need.”

[The Enforcer’s face scrunches as energy seems to fill him.]

“If you touch my family again…”

[Danvers steps to the side, making Kersh almost fall over.]

“My dear Brent, this is no longer about your family. Close your mind to worry about their well-being.”

[Danvers nods down the hallway.]

“Go. You have a match later. You’ll have full control of your body soon enough. There should be no side effects.”

[Brent can barely even stand as Danvers begins to back away.]

“It’s time for observation, Brent.”

[Kersh staggers as he takes a step.]

“What are you observing?” [He mutters.] [But Isaac Danvers is gone.] [Cut.]


[It’s a battle between a relative newcomer and one of the most malicious individuals on the roster!] [The bell sounds as Wolfgang is quick on the offensive with a huge punch to the gut! Rain bends slightly, but he doesn’t seem to respond to the hit as much as normal. Wolfgang raises an eyebrow before throwing another huge shot to the gut. Rain is staring at him cryptically as Wolfgang is visibly becoming frustrated as Rain is absorbing his shots. Wolfgang hits the ropes to get a running start, but Rain rushes him with a leaping clothesline that takes the larger foe down! Rain rolls to his feet as does Wolfgang. The Superior charges at him, but Rain is able to sidestep his spear as Wolfgang slams into the corner turnbuckle!] [The Impairer of Worlds’ head begins to tilt to the side as if he’s hearing something. His eyes dart to the right where he’s looking at… nothing. It’s this distraction that allows Wolfgang to get his bearings. LUFTWAFFE! The running Superman punch dots Rain right on the chin as he slumps to the floor. Wolfgang goes for the cover! One…Two…KICKOUT! Rain managed to get a shoulder up which only fuels the frustration for Wolfgang further. The Superior grabs Rain by his stringy hair and lifts him up. He sends Rain into the ropes, but Rain catches himself!] [Wolfgang steps forward as he was trying for the Spartan Kick! Rain rushes towards Wolfgang, but Mein Fuhrer halts that with a huge big boot planting Rain into the mat. Wolfgang grabs Rain by his hair once more, but Rain nails a huge enzuigiri! Wolfgang is stunned as Rain rushes into the ropes and chops down the tree with a chop block to the back of his knees! Wolfgang falls to a knee. Rain’s mouth visibly becomes full with some sort of black ooze. ACID RAIN! The black ooze spills out across the eyes of Wolfgang as he’s blinded! The arm of Rain snaps around the head of Wolfgang before he pecks him on the forehead and DRIVES his head into the mat with a headlock driver! BROTHER MINE! Rain covers him! One…Two…THREE!] [The Impairer of Worlds stands tall as he seems to prove that he’s the real Superior here tonight.]


[In D’von Chambers church, blood still stains the floor, pews and walls from the murderous rampage inside those walls.] [Shadow walks inside, somewhat cumbersome, somewhat unhappily.] [He walks down the centre aisle, stopping at the bottom to take a seat in one of the stained pews. He lowers his head in prayer, talking to his Lord.]

“Lord, please forgive me,” [he begs.] “I know we haven’t talked in a while, but I’m sorry for what I’ve done. I couldn’t save D’von Chambers or his congregation.”

[He shakes his head.]

“And now, these headaches, I simply don’t understand them. They’re killing me. I can feel it.”

[There’s a slight pause.]

“My remaining slither of grace is the only thing protecting me from becoming human and it’s slowly draining away; I feel everything this wild world has to offer.”

[Suddenly, he bellows in agony, falling from the pews to his knees, clutching as his head.] [Another headache cuts through him powerfully, bringing him to the precipice of what feels like death.] [He coughs, spluttering and spitting blood.] [His viscera joining that of the congregation on the floor.] [When the pain stops coursing through his body, he collapses, face first down on the floor with blood around his mouth; apparently becoming more human by the day. As his grace evaporates, the fallen angel nears death.] [But his eyes open wide.] [And he mutters.]




[The Insane yet Insanely Good Isaac Danvers squares off against The Magically Gifted Wild Kaarde.] [When the bell rings, Danvers immediately runs across the ring and takes Kaarde down with a clothesline! Kaarde stands up and he’s dropped with yet another clothesline! Kaarde stands once more and is dropped with one more clothesline, before he rolls out of the ring, hands on his hips. Kaarde leaps onto the apron, and Danvers reaches out for him but Kaarde thumbs him in the eye! Kaarde DROPS Danvers with a SPRINGBOARD SINGLE LEG DROPKICK! Danvers hits the ground, and Kaarde immediately mounts him for a series of punches to the face.] [One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Eight shots to Danver’s head before Kaarde begins choking Isaac. The referee makes him break the hold, and Kaarde backs up. Danvers slowly reaches his feet. Kaarde charges! Isaac pops him up! FLAPJACK POWERBOMB FROM DANVERS TO WILD KAARDE! HOLY SHIT! Kaarde possibly has whiplash as he lays motionless on the mat. Danvers makes the cover! One… Two… KICKOUT by Kaarde. The Thief isn’t done yet, however, as he rolls Danvers up in a school boy pin! One… Two… KICKOUT by Isaac Danvers!] [Danvers immediately stands after the kickout, just absolutely and utterly irate. He charges Kaarde and nails him with a big boot. Then proceeds to just BRUTALIZE KAARDE WITH A SERIES OF HUGE STOMPS! Kaarde looks the worse for wear here, taking boot after boot! Danvers grabs Kaarde by the throat and begins to choke him! Kaarde SPITS IN HIS PALM AND SLAPS THE TASTE OUT OF DANVER’S MOUTH!!! DANVERS BREAKS THE HOLD!!! DRAWING DEAD BY WILD KAARDE!!! Danvers is out! Kaarde waits like a rabid animal as Danvers begins to stir to his feet. Once Danvers stands Kaarde kicks him in the gut! JACKPOT!!! THE STUNNER!!! KAARDE MAKES THE COVER! ONE… TWO… THREE!!!!] [In Danvers’ official in ring return, its Kaarde who takes the victory as he has his arm raised.]


[Sat in the locker room backstage, staring at his shiny Tag Team Championship belt, Happy should be on top of the world; however, he isn’t. He looks down at the ground, almost ashamed of himself.] [And then a voice sounds off from across the room.]

“You know I’m right, don’t you?” [The soft female voice asks.] “It doesn’t feel right, does it, child?”

[Happy looks up, shrugging his shoulders.]

“They wouldn’t lie to me, Nana. I trust these guys. They’re my friends.”

[She audibly scoffs.] “Jacob isn’t dead. Your brother isn’t dead. Nevermore has lied to you, kiddo, and I’m sure you know that. You have to open your eyes to their manipulation before its too late. You’ve always been a kind-hearted soul, perhaps too kind.”

[Happy stands up, his hands on his hips.]

“Look Nana, I appreciate you looking out for me n’ all, but I can’t think straight right now. I haven’t seen or heard from Jacob since the night he left here. I don’t know where he is or where he went but he shouldn’t have been out of prison; you know he’s not allowed out of that place.”

[Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door. Happy gulps, scooping up his title and rushing towards it, flustered. He exits to the hallway, seeing Edgar Nevermore stood before him.

“Everything okay, old chap?”

[Happy shakes his head.]

“I don’t know Edgar, I just don’t know,” [Happy admits.] “But will you do something for me, friend?”

[Nevermore nods.] “Of course, what is it?”

“Next week, could you, uh, take me to Jacob’s grave?”

[Edgar gulps.] [He shifts.]

“Are you sure that’s what you want?”

[Happy nods.]

“Then, uh, certainly….”



[The Heir Eternal, Eli Forever, takes on Volsungr, Troy Solveig, in a battle between two monstrous forces here in OSW as the bell rings.] [Eli and Solveig lock up in the center of the squared circle. Eli takes the initial advantage, slipping out of the lock up and locking Solveig with a wrist lock behind his back! Eli wrenches Solveig’s wrist, but Solveig uses his free arm to elbow Eli in the side of the head! Eli doesn’t break the hold, but instead uses it to nail troy with a WRIST CLUTCH ARMBREAKER! OUCH! Troy writhes on the ground as Eli goes to work on that arm, delivering boot after boot to it, before locking in an armbar on Troy!] [Troy inches across the ring, hollering in pain, but eventually manages to place his foot on the bottom rope. Eli breaks the hold, and lifts Troy to his feet. An Irish whip sends Troy bouncing off the ropes and returning with a VALKYRIE! Eli staggers backwards! ANOTHER VALKYRIE! Eli lands in the corner, slumped against the turnbuckles. Troy charges and delivers a huge BOOT to Eli’s jaw! Eli stumbles out of the corner, out on his feet, and Troy sends him to the ground with the NORTHERN LIGHTS!] [Troy is feeling it now. Eli finds himself in a world of hurt as he slowly crawls to his feet. Troy delivers a chop block to Eli just as he reaches his feet, sending him back down. Eli once again reaches his feet! ANOTHER CHOP– NO! Eli wisely scooted out of the way, turns, and NAILS TROY WITH A PUNT KICK! He covers! One… Two… KICKOUT! Eli lifts Troy to his feet! He whips him into the ropes! FROM EAST TO WES–NO!! HOLY SHIT!!! TROY CAUGHT HIM WITH ANOTHER VALKYRIE!!! HE KICKS ELI IN HIS GUT!!! HAMMER OF THE GODS!!!! WOW!!! TROY MAKES THE COVER!!! ONE… TWO… THREE!!!] [The Chosen One picks up a big win tonight against an always dangerous Eli Forever, the Vindicator with his hand raised in victory.]


[Previously Recorded.] [The beeping of machinery greets the stream of well-wishers and visitors to a hospital room, all easily identified by their drab garb as followers of the Forever Family. They come to visit Harper, the sister of Eli. As a nurse checks her vitals, she is in and out of sleep.]

“How severe were her injuries?” [A voice asks.] [Sitting at her bedside, a man stands with a grim smile.]

“She’s alive, my friend. Our brother didn’t kill her, but he came close.”

[This must be Judah, the brother of Harper and Eli.]

“She’s sleeping at the moment,” [Judah continues.] “Lots of painkillers. But she’s stable.”

[The voice steps into frame.] [Edward Newton.]

“I’m sorry I wasn’t able to visit earlier,” [Newton begins.] “But I was afraid Eli would follow me here, and continue his assault. He’s gone quite mad.”

[Judah frowns as he nods in agreement.]

“We’ve evacuated the Hill, and we’re all trying to find a place to stay together. My mother holds hope that we can bring Eli home, and get his repentance.”

[Newton nods, looking down at Harper as the nurse leaves the room.]

“It’s a shame what lows someone will stoop to in their love for victory.” [Newton offers.] “I wish I could have done more.”

[The two men stand in silence for a moment, staring down at the sleeping Harper. Newton finally turns and places a friendly hand on Judah’s shoulder.]

“I know that it will be very hard for you all to visit the Hill again.” [The Riddler says as an imperceptible grin tugs at his lip.] “I know a few places that could handle a group your size.”

[Judah seems intrigued, but Newton’s not done.]

“All I ask in return is for access to the Hill. I’ll do what I can to erase the taint that lingers there for you. Just as I did for Harper.”

[The other man takes a moment, his eyes darting between Newton and Harper. Finally, he reaches into his coat and pulls out a key. The Riddler takes it with a empathetic smile.]

“Please take care of her, Judah. She still has quite a destiny ahead of her.”

[With the key to Eternity on the Hill safely secured, Edward Newton shakes Judah’s hand and leaves the hospital room.] [With a wide grin on his face.]


[We find Rain walking through one of the many rabbit warrens of the Tap Room. Though he walks alone, he seems engaged in a conversation of sorts, focused and listening to an inaudible voice… That is until he freezes, stopping in his tracks.]

“What?! I… I cannot move.”

[The closer we look, the more we see them. Almost invisible threads, not unlike a spiders web, have tangled themselves around both arms and both legs. Though he struggles, the web holds him firmly, lifting him off the ground a little. More threads begin to work their way around his trapped body. Their source unknown… That is, until we hear it.] [Maniacal laugh.] [Lights flicker and Mysterion steps forward, up to the trapped Rain. He’s full of confidence and seems ten feet tall with his victim trapped in his dastardly plan.]

“So glad you decided to stick around and join me.”

[Mysterion speaks with a smile that is not met in return. Rain seems afraid, concerned as more threads work their way around his chest.]

“You caught me in your web of lies, threatening to spill so-called secrets about my life that you know nothing about… So it’s only fitting that I return the favour. Now I’ve caught you in my web. Mines a tad more… Impressive.”

[Rain tries to struggle but the web continues to wind around his body, leaving him all but paralyzed.]

“I do know your past. Caleb told me what happened…”

“Don’t you even mention that name around me!”

[Mysterion is practically frothing at the mouth as he screams at Rain, his mood swinging suddenly. Rain notes the change.]

“Did I touch a nerve there? Old Wounds that never heal become fresh wounds with a little prying. The truth will come out and there’s nothing you can do about that.”

[Mysterion laughs once again.]

“This is just the beginning. I will destroy you, and your lies along with you. Enjoy your night, I hope you’re comfortable. I’m sure you’ll figure out a way to escape eventually, unless you starve before then.”

[With that, Mysterion pats his Championship belt and turns about on his heel. He walks away, leaving Rain in his trap. Rain calls out after him.]

“Caleb says you cannot simply pretend it never happened. He called you pathetic… You know I tell the truth.”

[His voice becomes muffled as the web-like spindles work their way around his head, his mouth, leaving him a little like a mummy, suspended a few feet off the ground.] [Cut.]


[The Gentlemen Club emerged the surprise tag team champions after the Awakening fell apart at Frostbite but they find themselves against a formidable team in the newly formed allies of Quinn and Creed here tonight] [The bell rings as Nevermore and Creed begin for their teams, Creed rushing forward with a Big Boot that Nevermore ducks under, grabbing the unsuspecting Creed from behind and slamming him to the canvas with a Backdrop Suplex. Creed stumbles to his feet in pain into a stiff European Uppercut before spinning him around and dropping him on his head with a Dragon Suplex. Nevermore doesn’t bridge back, instead tagging out to Happy before lifting Creed up into a Bear Hug Position as Happy gingerly rushes to the other side of the ring, leaping up, ELEVATED NKO!] [Happy drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…Creed gets the shoulder up! Happy pulls Creed to his feet, drilling him with a hard knee to the midsection before backing up, BOOMSTICK! That drops Creed but Happy isn’t done as he pulls Creed up once more, grabbing him by the throat, BYE BYE…DDT! Creed countered out of the Chokeslam as he crawls to his corner, trying to tag in Quinn. Nevermore rushes into the ring, trying to stop the tag but he’s too late as Quinn comes in like a house on fire!] [A big Dropkick sends Nevermore staggering out of the ring as Happy rushes Quinn from behind, nailing him with lefts and rights but another Boomstick is ducked under as Quinn quickly grabs him, tossing the Prince across the ring with a huge Belly to Belly Suplex. Happy gets to his feet in his corner as Nevermore slyly tags in, Quinn rushing forward but he misses a splash in the corner before he’s grabbed from behind, POETIC JUSTICE! Quinn gets planted as The Gentlemen size him up, rushing forward as Quinn gets to his feet, GENTLEMEN’S DISCOU…FLYING KNEE! Creed saves Quinn as he lays out both Gentlemen. Creed takes Happy over the top rope as Quinn pulls Nevermore to his feet, CLASS DISMISSED! Nevermore is done as Quinn covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Quinn and Creed do it, overcoming the Gentlemen here tonight as both new allies celebrate in the win with their hard fought tag team championships]


[11:28 PM.] [11-26-2018.] [Drip.] [Drip.] [Drip.] [The monotonous sound of water hitting the bottom of a sink is enough to drive any person mad.] [Hate is no exception.] [Drip.] [His eyes flutter open as the swelling and bruising is still evident around his face despite the heavy bandages. The battering he received at the hands of his tag team partner, David Manson, has taken its toll on him. He sits up in a medical bed backstage in The Taproom, yet the room is otherwise empty besides him.] [Drip.] [Hate swings his legs out to the side of the bed and approaches the sink before gripping the handle of the sink. He turns it forcefully as the dripping comes to a stop.] [Silence.] [Hate exhales a sigh before looking up into the mirror before him.] [His entire face is covered in a wrap as only a hole for his mouth, nose, and eyes is shown.] [Hate begins breathing heavily as his heartrate accelerates.]

“In the beginning…”

[The words break through the silence as Hate looks into the mirror to see his Awakening brethren standing behind him.] [Hate swings around, ready to fight!] [But no one is there.] [He turns back to the mirror where he sees Manson’s reflection still there. Covered in blood, and grinning from ear to ear.]

“In the beginning, he awakened. In the end, there will be blood.”

[CRACK!] [The glass shatters as Hate punches it as hard as he can.] [The image of David Manson splintering into hundreds of images of his face, grinning with glee as blood is now pouring from the hand of Hate.]

“I’m done with you, Brandon.”

[The haunting words from Frostbite now almost echo from the shattered images in the mirror as if the illusions were saying them in unison.]


[Punch after punch break the glass of the mirror as it falls and just pieces of glass lay across the floor. Hate grabs one of the shards and holds it up to his face. He begins pulling and cutting at the bandages until they unravel upon the floor before him as he looks at the piece of glass in his hand.]

“But I’m not done with you, David.”


[A legendary tale nearly came to a close last week if not for the intervention of Hope itself. Will Berenger’s new lease on life begin with regaining the title taken from him two months ago or will he be stopped by the Zander Zane Experience once again?] [The bell sounds as Berenger explodes out of the corner, unleashing lefts and rights upon the unsuspecting Zane before a big European Uppercut sends him for a loop. A big Scoop Slam shakes the ring with it’s power as Zander pulls himself up in the corner, right in the path of an onrushing Berenger, SPEAR..NO! Zander pulls himself up onto the top rope just in time as Berenger hits the steel shoulder first. The Void Knight staggers back as Zane leaps off, SUNSET FLIP! Zane rolls Berenger down for the cover, ONE…TWO…Berenger just gets the shoulder up!] [Both men get to their feet as Berenger tries for a clothesline that Zane ducks under, landing a back thrust kick to the ribs, followed by a knife edge chop and capping it off with a thunderous roundhouse that sends the Void Knight staggering back into the corner. Berenger barely hits the steel before Zane rushes forward, springboarding off the ropes and landing a hard dropkick to the ribs of Berenger. The Void Knight collapses as Zander rolls back, RIDE THE LIGHTNING!] [Zane doesn’t cover, instead heading to the opposite side of the ring, looking to finish Berenger off as he dives off, WORLD TO…SPEAR! Berenger somehow intercepted the Coast to Coast in mid-air with a massive spear, cutting Zane nearly in half! The Void Knight pulls Zane to his feet, looking to regain his VHS title as he tosses Zane to the ropes, grabbing him as he rebounds before planting him nearly through the mat with a thunderous VANQUISHER! Berenger rolls through for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Void Knight does it here, using his second chance at life to become a two time VHS Champion as he regains the championship that was taken from him two months ago here tonight]


[We’re greeted backstage by heavy, thudding footsteps that grow louder with every second. Soon, we find ourselves focused on a mirror within one of the many dressing rooms, shaking more and more furiously as an unfocused figure steps closer…but before we can make out what the figure is, a voice from behind it interrupts the process.]

“You alright, boss?”

[The voice is instantly recognizable as Jamal, as the figure turns to face him…and we see Nate Washington, looking mostly the same as usual until we notice a slight tremor in his right hand. The physical change is matched by an increased rage in the normally calm businessman.]

“I’m fine, Jamal.”

[Nate turns back to examine himself in the mirror.]

“It’s funny, man…that weirdo I met in the alley said I was gonna gain power, but I don’t feel so different.”

[He glances at the wall, pondering for just a moment before slamming his fist into it…leaving a hole of appropriate size as he pulls his hand out with a smirk on his face.]

“Well, that’s a start.”

[He stares at the hole in the wall just a little longer, chuckling to himself before Jamal interjects.]

“And what about Solman?”

[Nate turns to face Jamal, his smirk growing into a wicked grin as he rests a hand on his associate’s shoulder, but the grin quickly turns into a cold, stern stare.]

“He’s gone from being an asset to a liability, but more importantly…he’s a nuisance. We’re gonna go so hard on him, not even his new buddy Rain can help. If you, Bruce, and TJ can’t get the job done, I’ll deal with him myself. Whatever it takes, we’re gonna put him out of his misery.”

[He slaps Jamal’s shoulder lightly before walking away, leaving Jamal to favor that shoulder as he considers the plan his boss is setting forth.] [Cut.]


[The Double Feature Championship is on the line in a fatal-4-way! Will Mysterion keep his streak with that title alive or will he be dethroned?!] [The bell sounds with all four men circling around the ring. Nightstick and Mysterion collide in the center with Nightstick hitting some heavy blows on the smaller Cloaked Conundrum. Solman and Redwing also meet in a corner where Redwing is driving body blows into Solman who is not even covering himself. Solman finally gets enough of it and shoves Redwing who staggers back into the back of Nighstick. The Cop turns around and lifts up Redwing before spinning with a side slam! ODE TO BOSSMAN! Nightstick doesn’t even have a chance to cover as a leaping punch catches him right on the side of the head! THE PUNCH OF DOOM!] [Mysterion goes for the cover! One…T-BROKEN UP! Solman dropped a boot atop the back of Mysterion’s head before yanking him to his feet. Mysterion hits a leaping kick to the head which staggers Solman! Mysterion leaps to the top rope, but Solman catches him there with a running punch to the gut! Solman climbs up, putting Mysterion on his shoulders, before leaping off for an electric chair drop! 9.8! Solman goes for the cover, but Redwing hits a baseball slide to kick him away! The Watchful Protector gets to his feet as he’s demanding Mysterion do the same!] [The Cloaked Conundrum slowly rises to his feet as Redwing nails a discus forearm followed by bringing him into a brainbuster! ON HIS KNEE! NEW JUSTICE! Redwing covers him! One…TWO…BROKEN UP! Solman breaks up another pinfall attempt! He yanks Redwing to his feet just as Nightstick rushes into the picture! Bullhammer to Solman! Bullhammer to Redwing! SMITH AND WESSON! Both stagger backwards at the impact before Mysterion comes out of nowhere! PUNCH OF DOOM! Solman is blasted out of the ring by the impact! PUNCH OF DOOM! Redwing is knocked out of the ring! Mysterion goes for another! PUNCH OF DOOM! NO! HARD JUSTICE! Nightstick caught him in air with a devastating clothesline! He covers! One…Two…THREE!] [Nightstick has done it! The referee gives him his Double Feature Championship to which Nightstick holds up high as he is victorious!]


December 24th 2018


[The Rewind Championship is on the line here, but will David Manson and Brent Kersh be able to pry it from Shadow’s grip?] [The bell sounds as all three men look at one another carefully. It’s The Nightmare that strikes first as he lunges across the ring and strikes Shadow with a big clothesline! However, the quick Shadow ducks the blow and darts towards Kersh with a leaping hurricanrana! But Kersh just holds him in place atop his shoulders! He rushes towards the corner and hits a bucklebomb on Shadow who falls to the bottom of the corner. Running cannonball from David Manson connects as The Champ is not looking so hot at the beginning! Manson and Kersh get to their feet as they square off.] [David Manson tries for a test of strength with a wry smile upon his face. Kersh agrees to the challenge, but Manson goes for a kick! Kersh catches it, seeing that betrayal coming from a mile away. He whirls Manson around like a top, kicking him in the gut, and driving his head down into the mat with a piledriver! Kersh rolls into a cover. One… Two…BROKEN UP! Shadow leaps back into the fray now. Kersh gets to his feet, but he’s nailed by a leaping knee strike from Shadow! David slowly gets to his feet as Shadow springs off the second rope towards him. Except he flies over with a sunset flip, but Manson isn’t allowing himself to go back! Shadow is pulling on his legs as Kersh nails Manson with dropkick knocking him back into a pin by Shadow!] [ONE…TWO…Kersh breaks it up! Brent wraps up Shadow in a full nelson as he wrenches him around! Shadow can’t quite slip out as Manson gets to his feet. Kersh raises up Shadow who kicks Manson right underneath his chin sending him back into the ropes. Shadow slips out of the control of Kersh, slips underneath his legs, and nails a standing dropkick to send him towards Manson! WELCOME TO MANSON STREET! The running neckbreaker connects! Shadow leaps from the second rope towards Manson who kicks him right in the gut! Shadow falls to his knees before he’s lifted up for the running double underhook piledriver! THE HORRORSHOW! Manson covers Shadow! One…TWO…THREE!] [David Manson has done it! He’s managed to capture the Rewind Championship here tonight!]


[We open in the backstage area of the Tap Room.] [Somewhere among many of the shadow filled hallways.] [Suddenly, a set of double doors burst open and out flies Wild Karrde.] [He has looked better. An expression of near panic covers his face as he hastily moves up the corridor.]

“I have to find it! Where in the hell could it be?!?”

[Karrde almost scolds himself as he makes his down the hall.]

“It wasn’t them. It wasn’t Shadow. Who has my damn briefcase!?!”

[Anger sinking in as he turns the corner and immediately his momentum is stopped.] [A large group of women. Laughter. And in the middle of them…] [Zander Zane.]

“And that’s how you do it ladies…”

[Zane boasts as he throws out a few pelvic thrusts. The female groupies surrounding him absolutely eat it up, laughing hysterically.] [The laughter only infuriates Karrde further.]

“Out of my way.”

[The Gambler shouts as he begins to push his way through the crowd. His movement; however, is met by a drunk Zane.]

“Slow down cowboy” [The Rock God slurs as he presses a glass of Vodka into the chest of Karrde.] “Have a drink!”

“I don’t know you” [Karrde seethes.] “And I don’t want to! Now MOVE!”

[With a shout, The Magician slaps the glass away, knocking it to the floor as he moves passed Zane and through the group.] [This enrages a drunk Sex in Leather Pants.]

“You don’t know me? Well who are you?!? I’ll tell you!!”

[Zane points in the direction of Karrde.]


[Even under the influence, Zane’s anger can be seen as he shouts at Karrde, but The Gambler pays no mind as he continues down the hall in search of his briefcase.] [Cut.]


[Previously Recorded.] [Eternity on the Hill.] [The fortified walls of the Forever Family’s nest stretch high up to a setting sun. The Endless Spring flows at the bottom of the hill, and on the road beside, Eli Forever cuts a lonely figure against the blotted out sun as he approaches the gates.] [Eli is weary, his every step filled with pain. He did what he had to do to defeat his sister at Frostbite, and now nothing stands between he and Edward Newton at Red Snow.] [And the OSW World Championship.] [Still wearing clothes stained with the blood of his sister, Eli slowly walks up the pathway, dead grass framing his approach to the familiar gate.] [Forever reaches the door and looks around confused. Where is the lookout to open the door for the Heir Eternal?] [Knock.] [Knock.] [Forever’s tender knuckles bang against the lookout’s post, but there is no response.] [Reaching into his pocket, Forever draws out a key and goes to the lock. He turns it and pushes forward.] [Nothing.] [The door doesn’t budge.] [The rage begins to build in Eli, but his eyes quickly catch a glimpse of a piece of paper flapping up against the wall. He walks against the brisk breeze to grab it, and a bright green paper soon finds itself in the Heir Eternal’s grasp.] [A note.]

“Mr. Forever, I trust this invitation will find you surprised to find the locks changed to your mighty fortress. Since you are no longer worthy of your congregation, nor your testimony, I have taken the liberty of securing it against your invasion. Since you ascended to your current station, I have found you to be a man that needs purpose. So I give you one now.”

[Eli flips the paper, almost ripping the parchment.]

“Instead of going to the Tap Room for VHS 161, I invite you up to the Riddle on the Hill. Perhaps you will collect your things and go to prepare for your next calling? Or perhaps you will wish to discuss terms for our match at Red Snow? Either way, you will find me in your old chambers, sat at your old chair. I heavily advise you to keep your distance until this planned meeting. Your poor mother would hate to see a second child in the hospital. I happily await your coming as Judah sends his regards. Eternally Champion, Edward Newton.”

[Forever crumples up the paper, being turned away from the home he created.] [Next week, he will travel there as a visitor to confront the Riddler.] [Will either walk out?]


[Its Main Event time now as Edward Newton looks to protect the OSW World Title and his streak here tonight against the Knightwatch!] [The two men approach one another from opposite corners. The Knightwatch barks a few words in the Riddler’s face in some old, ancient tongue. Newton tilts his head to the audience and sneers, before looking back and pushing the Knightwatch forcibly in the chest, reeling him back to his corner. The Knightwatch, incensed, leaps sideways attempting the KNIGHTFALL, but Newton telegraphs the move, catching the leg and scooping him up into a stiff BODY SLAM!] [The wily OSW Champion looks pleased with himself for snaring the Knightwatch into his trap. He, pulls his opponent to his feet and connects with three KNIFE EDGE CHOPS to the throat that reverberate through the Tap Room; the third of which catapults the Knightwatch back. He bounces off the ropes and, in a moment of sheer desperation, he lunges with everything he’s got at Newton. CLOTHESLIIIII- NO! The Riddler ducks under the outstretched arm and spins around, locking both arms around the waist.] [GERMAN SUPLEX! The Knightwatch’s neck snaps against the canvas and Newton releases his grip. He looks down on his adversary who clutches his neck with both hands in obvious discomfort. Newton reaches down and grabs a handful of collar which forces the Knightwatch to scream out in pain as he rises to his knees, and then feet. The Riddler drags him to the corner where he smashes the head of the Knightwatch into the top turnbuckle before spinning him round and sitting him on the middle rope. Newton steps up onto the bottom rope and locks the Knightwatch’s head in his underarm… NEVERMIND! A JUMPING DDT FROM THE SECOND ROPE! 1… 2… THREE!] [Edward Newton continues his domination of Old School Wrestling as another challenger falls to his absolute rule!]


“Berengar, this way!”

“What is going on?”

“I heard a commotion, I fear I heard Spero.”

[Footsteps thunder down a hallway, the camera moving from a wall and panning down the hallway to reveal Berengar and Redwing rushing towards an open room, Redwing’s cape flapping with his speed. The two men burst into the room, Berengar pausing as he looks at the scene before him.] [Wreckage.] [Spero is laying in a heap amongst a broken table, his mask busted open, some blood pooling out onto the ground. This attack looked brutal, but more than that, it seemed calculated. Redwing kneels next to the crime scene, holding up a hand to Berengar, stopping him from interfering.]


“Wait? He needs our help!”

[Redwing has to physically stop Berengar, the two Vindicators getting face to face before Redwing shakes his head.]

“I need to check the crime scene, his attacker is gone and if you move him I could lose any precious clues.”

“His well-being is more important than clues, Redwing!”

[Berengar slams his fist into the wall, some concrete chipping with the force of his blow, Redwing staring at the show of anger in awe for a few moments, backing away and allowing Berengar to lift Spero, the Vindicator still out cold as the Void Knight shoulders him. Redwing turns back to the crime scene, checking the table and the mess around it, focusing on the pool of blood before turning back and checking Spero’s face, grimacing.]

“My God.”


[Berengar’s eyes are narrowed, seemingly impatient with Redwing.]

“The blood, it’s not from a gash, his forehead was sliced after he was knocked out. Whoever did this was trying to make it look more brutal than it was, maybe throw us off track.”

“How would that throw us off track?”

“Well, he was cut just so that it looked like he’s lost blood over a longer period of time. It’s not deep but it’s so well placed that if I hadn’t heard the fight I likely would have never known how long he was here.”

“You heard, correct? Then how did the assailant evade us? There’s only one exit out of this room.”

[Redwing looks around them, checking every corner of the room, his eyes focusing on a single spot on the wall, a minuscule bloodstain on the far wall. Redwing touches it for a moment, his look growing dim.]

“Wall hacks.”

“Wall hacks?”

[Redwing looks towards Berengar, his face somber.]

“Berengar, I fear that the culprit… may be right under our noses.”