King Arthur sits alone in his tomb with nothing but a lamplight for company. Laid bare before him, spread across the dirty floor is the scroll he rescued from the sarcophagus currently holding the body of The Knightwatch.

Whatever he seeks, this scroll has the answers.

“Thou rest somewither and erelong I will find thee once again.”

His eyes carefully examine every inch of the document until finally, his eyes widen and his heart beats faster.

He’s found it.

“Heretofore, not one person could destroyeth The Scarecrow. With thou back in my possession, I will ensure that he will thole.”

The King takes a deep breath.

“Excalibur, I hath found thee.”


Once more, interrupted, The King angrily rises to his feet to meet The Scarecrow.

“You want the sword,” The Scarecrow remarks. “The sword of Arthurian Legend.”

Arthur grins. “Only we know it to be more than that, don’t we? Doth thou remember?”

“Humanity thinks you’re just a warrior, a King, who fought for his people in valiant battles,” The Scarecrow says, now pacing in a circle around Arthur. “But they’re wrong.”

The King nods sternly.

“Because those battles weren’t always against human adversaries. The legends fail to recall your greatest victories.”

“And whereof doth thou remember of those?”

“Creatures and beasts of all kinds; the supernatural.”

The Scarecrow looks at him with a piercing gaze.

“King Arthur held the monsters at bay, before he became one.”

The King’s toothy smile is now on display. “And somewither thou eyne shall go, thou will fear Excalibur.”

The Hayman snarls. “I will stop you.”

“Thou could not kill me afore; thou could not kill me eft.”

They stare at each other, their eyes locking.




It’s a battle between warriors here with Troy Solveig squaring off with Tomasso Vitale!

The bell sounds as Troy tries to lock up early, but Vitale quickly takes a step back and grabs the top rope. The referee gets in between them as Troy looks eager to get this match started. Troy is backed up a bit before Vitale rushes forward and locks on a side headlock! Troy easily just lifts him up and drops him back with a belly-to-back suplex! He bridges it into a pin! ONE…TWO…KICKOUT! Vitale dropped his headlock in order to escape the pinfall, but he scrambles to his feet. Troy gets to his knees before catching a big boot right on the chin!

Troy falls back onto his hand, but he’s still not down! Tomasso rushes towards him for a clothesline, but Troy catches him with a spear! Both men hit the ground with a thud before Troy rolls to his feet. He beckons for Vitale to rise to his feet before demolishing him with a vicious STO! He rises to his feet bringing Vitale by his arm with him. He lifts up Vitale with a delayed vertical suplex, but Vitale sneaks out the backside! Vitale wraps his arms around the midsection of Solveig before hitting the snap German suplex into a bridge! ONE…TWO…

KICKOUT! Vitale still holds onto the waist as he pulls Troy Solveig back to his feet. ELBOW! The shot catches Tommy right on the side of his head as he staggers backwards. He turns back towards Troy only for Troy to catch him with a stiff uppercut followed by a Northern Lights suplex! NORTHERN LIGHTS! Troy holds it in. ONE…TWO…KICKOUT! Tommy manages to get a hand on the bottom rope to prevent it from being over. They both stagger to their feet before Troy headbutts Tommy and brings him into a jackhammer! THE HAMMER OF THE GODS! Troy hooks a leg! ONE…TWO…THREE!

Troy Solveig rises to his feet with a fist in the air with a smirk spread across his face.



Eli and Judah Forever stand before David Manson in what used to be Eli’s study. The Nightmare has a few of his followers milling about the room while he studies the faces of the brothers.

“So let me get this straight,” Manson spits, his eyes darting between the brothers. “I tell you fuckers to fight each other, and you’re going to sneak around and plot?”

His knife appears quickly as he begins to circle them. Eli shows no fear, turning in unison with Manson.

“Our bargain never extended to our thoughts, Manson. You can’t enslave a mind.”

Manson cackles in retort, a low guttural sound resembling an animal.

“Ain’t that what you did to your Family?” He taunts. “They think you’re some kind’a god. But it looks to me like you can’t take a shit without somebody showin’ you the shitter.”

The Nightmare leans in as Eli recoils in disgust.

“You’re mine, Eli. So is your brother. Your sister. And your mama too. Maybe one day you won’t be necessary, but for right now, you’re going to go to Shattered Dreams, and you’re going to fight Judah here.”

He gestures towards Judah.

“And it’s going to be a hell of a fight. A man hates to be held down, and that’s all you’ve ever done to Judah, Eli. I bet he’s hard as a rock right now thinking about cashing in all the bullshit you put him through.”

Judah snorts, and Eli goes to step forward, but finds himself grabbed by the arms on both sides by those aforementioned followers. Judah turns to protest, but Manson is there, grabbing him and pushing him to his knees. The steel of his blade glints in the dim lighting.

“But fuck all that, right?” He lustfully mocks. “Ya’ll want to betray me, but I’m going to take this little piece off the table.”

He grabs Judah’s head, and jerks it back, the knife heading for his neck.

To Be Continued…


Bad boys bad boys

Whatcha gonna do?

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

Bad boys bad–

Nightstick picks up his cellphone off the living room coffee table and answers it.

“Yeah? Tell me you got them results in?”

“I did,” the voice of the Forensics Investigator from last week replies.

A lump forms right in Nightstick’s throat, a visible gulp.

This is it.

This is everything.

“Well?” Nightstick asks.

“Well,” he replies. “Let me put it this way. That virgin in the whorehouse you brought me?”

“Yeah?” Nightstick asks, a smile starting to spread across his face.

A pause at the other end. You can practically hear the smile spreading across the forensic analyst’s face as well.

“It wasn’t just any virgin, bud.”

Nightstick beams as the analyst chuckles.

“It was the god damn Virgin Mary.”

Nightstick pumps his fist into the air.

“Fuck yeah! Woo! Great news brother. Bring it! Bring it over man. I’ll get it straight to the old judge himself.”

“On my way,” the analyst responds.



A news reporter stands on the side of a busy highway in Miami, where a gruesome car crash has blocked all four lanes of traffic.

In the midst of her report she states, “…Authorities say the driver of the abandoned sedan, for reasons still unknown departed from the south bound lane, drove across the median, and t-boned John Patrick’s mini cooper. Even more strangely, the man who hit Patrick’s gar lit his own vehicle on fire–managing to set both cars ablaze.”

She shakes her head and continues.

“Paramedics and the fire department are asking that those who aren’t on the highway, do not get on until it’s been cleared. John Patrick, beloved at the Miami Metro Police Station, is presumed at this time to be deceased. No official word as to the whereabouts of the hit and run driver. Such a sad story, back to you Chris and Janet!”

Nightstick sits on the couch in his living room, staring at the t.v. as he hears the vanilla, unemotional delivery of the most devastating news he’s had in his entire career.

And all Nightstick can manage for now? Is to just keep staring.

To his left on an endtable sits a chessboard, a game half-finished. Nightstick put her king in check in the last move they played.

It’s only just now as his defeated eyes drift away from the t.v. to see it that he realizes he left his queen open to be taken.


Tonight we have Vengeance taking on a man who has never fallen to a revenge plot, Edward Newton.

The bell rings and Vengeance shoots right out of the gate with a big boot that drops The Riddler to the ground. As Newton climbs up to his feet, Vengeance hits him with another big boot right across his chest. He picks Newton up, sets him up, AND NAILS NEWTON WITH A POWERBOMB!!! BUT NO!!! A clever rake of the eyes allows Newton to fall clumsily to his feet, but to his feet nevertheless. Newton turns around as Vengeance is recovering. KICK STRAIGHT TO VENGEANCE’S BALLS! Vengeance drops to his knees.

A quick turn around for the Riddler as he works his dominant magic now. He drops Vengeance with a text book single-arm DDT! Newton transitions smoothly to mounting Vengeance’s back, and he locks in a camel clutch with some extra painful leverage on the big man’s neck! Vengeance screams in agony. Good god, the pain he must be feeling through those gutteral screams. Vengeance slowly starts crawling towards the ropes, fighting through the pain, when suddenly, he climbs to all fours! Newton looks around, shocked at Vengeance’s sheer power! Vengeance starts to stand to his knees, but the Riddler RAKES Vengeance’s eyes again and tosses him back to the mat, where the big man writhes, clutching at his face.

Newton stands tall now. He moves swiftly around Vengeance, doing circles around him. Suddenly, he STOMPS Vengeance’s left hand! Then his right hand! Then his right ankle! His left ankle! And now a series of stomps straight to Vengeance’s cranium! STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! NEWTON IS LAYING THE GOD DAMN WOOD HERE IN THE TAP ROOM! Newton backs off and awaits Vengeance rising to his feet. Vengeance slowly stumbles forward… NEVERMIND!! HE HITS IT!!! VENGEANCE DROPS LIKE A BAG OF DAMN BRICKS! NEWTON MAKES THE COVER!!! ONE… TWO… THREE!!!

Another VHS, another victory. The only man to ever make winning in OSW like clockwork does it again, to the surprise of absolutely no one.


Tomasso Vitale.

The man has been on a spiral in recent weeks with homes being destroyed and friends showing their true alignments.

The Betrayed stands outside on a warm night with a cigarette in his hands. He takes a deep drag before flicking the cigarette away as he leans back on his blue, beat-up vehicle Ford Focus. His eyes seem distant until a familiar sound of a vehicle makes its way up the gravel road. The van comes to a halt roughly twenty yards away from him as a door is shut.

Vengeance stands with a focused stare at Tomasso Vitale.

A few moments pass with silence before Vitale motions for him to approach. Vengeance puts his hand on his waist where a gun is holstered to his hip as he slowly approaches.

“You’re lucky that that message you left in The Taproom even reached me, kid.” Vengeance says as he approaches.

“Yeah, well, I figured if I bribed the person handing out checks to give it to you that it would find its place accordingly.” Vitale pats his chest as if to indicate that he’s packing as well.

“So… what do you have to show me?” Vengeance says.

“I brought you exactly what you wanted, V.” Vitale steps around the side of his vehicle motioning for Vengeance to follow. Vengeance does slowly with his eyes scouring the car.

Tomasso pulls out his keys and opens the trunk as a muffled sound is heard from within.

Lorenzo is shown supporting a big gash across his forehead and rope binding his wrists. Vengeance approaches seeing the body and looks up at Vitale curiously.

Vitale grabs Zo and yanks him out of the trunk as he hits the ground with a thud. The impact is enough to wake him from his slumber as he begins moving around frantically. The Kid pulls out his weapon and aims it at the head of Zo who freezes.

“You see, V, this is the man who has been killing all of your targets. His name is Lorenzo Ricci, and he’s one of the leaders of La Cosa Nostra. He can be tracked to killing nearly a dozen members of the Family. Including an attempt on my life in my own home. I called you here to give you the man you’ve been wanting.”

Vengeance steps forward to look down at Zo who is wide-eyed in fear. He spits right in the face of Lorenzo before kicking him back onto his back, stands over him, and pulls out his own weapon with it aimed at his face. Vitale gets into his face.

“What are you doing?! You said you don’t kill.”

Vengeance looks up at him with his eyes lowered.

“He killed Franky. He killed every single soul that I spared from your family. It was this family that blew up their OWN headquarters in an effort to kill the snitch. To kill you, kid. This man isn’t worth the resources it would take to maintain his stay in a penitentiary. You’ve done good, kid. Now walk away.”

Vitale can’t believe what he’s hearing.

“If you do this, V, you’ll be no different than him.”

Vengeance turns to Vitale.

“This man is the right hand of The Boss. He’s The Trigger as he’s referred. Do you know why I started looking into your Family?”

Vitale shakes his head.

“My brother had a son, not much younger than you. He joined La Cosa Nostra. The only issue was that he didn’t exactly have the same tastes as the rest of you boys. His homosexual preferences were not looked at highly upon your family. They saw it as a blemish. A mark upon their reputation.”

The kid looks down at Lorenzo who stares up at Vengeance with eyes of hatred.

“Zo… is that true?”

“I did what The Boss asked of me.”

Vitale takes a step past Vengeance towards Zo who looks up at him with a solemn expression. Vitale crouches down to get on his level before sighing.

A gunshot.

Lorenzo slumps backwards as the blood on his chest begins to spread rapidly. Vengeance grabs Vitale and slams him against the car.

“How dare you take that away from me! That was MY kill.”

“No, V. You stand for something. You punish the wicked. The world needs you as you are. You can’t let this cloud everything you’ve shown me. There’s blood on my hands already. Let me do this for you.”

Vengeance looks down at the body of Zo before decking Vitale who slumps to the ground. He stomps away as he bellows over his shoulder.

“I’ll NEVER forget this, kid. I’ll NEVER forgive you for taking this from me.”

Tommy doesn’t even recognize his words as he stares at the now lifeless body of his mentor. His eyes well up as he quickly wipes them away.



The Red Knight continues his hunt for the evil that took so much from him but with the greatest opportunity of his career in front of him, will he step up to the task or will his divided attentions be his true demise?

The bell sounds as Redwing rushes forward, drilling a surprised Arthur with a massive knee to the jaw sending him staggering back into the ropes. Redwing tosses Arthur over his shoulder with a snap Hip Toss before delivering a lightning quick axe kick to the back of his head and following up with a stiff elbow to the jaw just before Arthur slams into the mat. Redwing pulls a groggy Arthur up to his feet, lifting him up high before driving him neck first onto his knee with RED JUSTICE! Redwing quickly covers Arthur

ONE…TWO…Arthur just gets the shoulder up! Redwing pulls the Lich King to his feet who fights back with a massive headbutt that staggers the Red Knight back. Arthur rushes forward but Redwing manages to duck under a clothesline, grabbing Arthur from behind and driving him down onto his knee with an inverted backbreaker. Redwing pulls Arthur up, standing behind as he grips him into a wristlock, spinning him around, GODW…DRAGON SCREW! Arthur counters the knee into a vicious whip into the mat as he drives knee after knee into the exposed joint of the Red Knight before pulling it sharply off the mat, trying to break the damn thing!

Redwing screams in pain as he tries to kick Arthur off but the Lich King is relentless, hooking the bad knee with both arms before trying to lock in Guinevere’s Grace! Redwing rears up, drilling Arthur in the face with a stiff kick, loosening the grip enough for him to quickly scramble away. Redwing stumbles to his feet as Arthur backs up before delivering a sickening chop block to the back of the injured knee. Redwing drops down in a scream of pain as Arthur tries to lock in the kneebar but the Red Knight continues to fight back. A stiff kick to the jaw once again causes him to stumble back as Redwing quickly rolls him up into a small package. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

Redwing has done it. He rolls out of the ring, barely able to stand on his injured knee but as he holds up the VHS title, his first OSW Championship, it was all worth it tonight


Sitting down in a room on two chairs, only a table between them, is none other than Intrepid and Gameboy. The door is locked, the light is dimmed and there’s no way out of this room until they communicate properly.

Intrepid starts.

“I know you don’t trust me,” he says with a sombre tone. “But I’m not here for your trust, Gameboy. I’m here for Spero and the only reason I’m in this room is because he asked me to be.”

He pauses, standing up.

“I didn’t hack your device. I’m not the man you’re looking for and the only way I know how to prove it, is to fight.”

Gameboy likewise stands up. “Fight, huh?”

“Yes,” he admits. “Because whoever hacked you in your last match wanted you to suffer. The next time you get hacked won’t be when you’re sat in a room with me, it’ll be when you’re in a match. If I want to prove to you that I’m not your guy, I need one of those matches to be with me.”

Player One nods in agreement.

“Fine, we’ll fight,” he agrees. “But not before you tell me why you want Spero to leave with you?”

Intrepid walks back over to his seat and sits down.

“My planet is on the verge of being destroyed. The government have known about it for decades and secured the Green Guardian Ring to study its power. They couldn’t unlock its potential until I happened across it.”

Gameboy, intrigued, sits back down in his chair.

“I never knew my father,” he admits quietly, shuffling in his seat. “But the day this ring chose me, I learned of him and The Last Guardians. The only way my planet stands a chance of survival is with the Guardian Rings. I need to find each Guardian and bring them together.”

Before he can continue, Gameboy stops him.

“I get it,” he says honestly. “But the only way I’m going to trust you, and the only way he’s going to trust you, is if you prove yourself.”

“I will,” Intrepid responds. “Because everything I love depends on it.”



The Rewind Championship is on the line as it’s Redmond Quinn defending against Monty Straight and Rain!

The bell sounds as these three circle around the ring. Rain lunges towards Monty who sidesteps his clothesline attempt. Quinn kicks Rain right in the midsection before nailing a neckbreaker. The tutor grabs Rain by the throat before sending Rain over the top rope and to the floor. Quinn looks down at him for a moment before Monty grabs him from behind into a schoolboy! ONE…TWO…KICKOUT! Redmond Quinn isn’t going to relinquish the title that easy! Monty leaps up to his feet before nailing a side headlock takedown. Straight begins bashing on Quinn’s head from the trapped headlock position.

Monty pulls himself to his feet as Quinn staggers to his feet. He hooks the arms of Quinn before hitting a Russian legsweep transitioned into a crossface! TERMS AND CONDITIONS! Redmond Quinn reaches out for the ropes, but he’s a good foot and half away! Monty continues yanking back on the hold. But then Rain comes out of nowhere with a diving clothesline onto Monty and Redmond whose body is nearly being bent in half! Rain quickly grabs up Monty before wrapping up the head of Monty and SPIKING IT into the mat! BROTHER MINE! He covers! One…TWO…TH-BROKEN UP!

Redmond Quinn nearly lost his title there as he is able to thrust himself forward to break up the nearfall. Rain gets back to his feet before his mouth begins filling with some vile bile. He’s motioning for Redmond Quinn to get to his feet, but, for a moment, Rain begins to zone out as he’s looking out over the audience. Black bile begins drooling from his mouth. Then he snaps back to reality! He sees Redmond and spits it at him! Quinn is blinded! Rain grabs Quinn and nails him with a Dirty Deeds! BROTHER MINE! But Monty leaps up and nails a codebreaker to Rain as the impact sends him out of the ring! Monty covers Quinn! ONE…TWO…THREE!

We have a new champion in the newcomer of Monty Straight! Monty is awarded the championship as he gives a good look over the Rewind belt with a smirk.


Last Week.

Redwing enters a dark subway tunnel, a burnt detonator in his hand. All of it left by Jigsaw, a message to follow him into the darkness. Redwing’s voice narrates as he reaches down to his belt.

“This is it. Jigsaw will have no where to run.”

A small light begins to emit from the Caped Crusader’s utility belt, illuminating his path. About thirty feet down the way, a figure stands waiting.


The Red Knight takes a cautious step towards his foe, rain water from above dripping down around him. Jigsaw cocks his head, shaking his arms out to prepare for combat.

“Something is wrong here. But I will not relent with him so close. Not this time.”

Redwing stops in his tracks, looking down and aiming his light down.

A trip wire.

“He’s trapp…”



The Caped Crusader’s utility belt goes flying to the side, the detonator skittering with it. All we can see are their shadows on the wall.

“What’s the matter, Bill?” The distorted voice of Jigsaw taunts. “Didn’t want to think this one through?”

The shadow kicks Redwing square in the ribs.

“I needed to see it for myself. I needed to see you broken.”

He drops a knee into Redwing’s back.

“You’ve got nothing left but the hate in your heart. Hate for me. That’s all that’s left, isn’t there?”

Jigsaw picks up Redwing, the shadow appearing to decapitate the other. But it was just Jigsaw ripping his mask off.

“Your failure was my salvation, and now it will be your end.”

Jigsaw picks Redwing up, lifting him over his head, but Redwing somehow grabs onto something, lifting himself out of Jigsaw’s grasp. All we hear is the panting of Redwing as he crawls along the ceiling rails of this tunnel, away from an incensed Jigsaw.

“You won’t run at Shattered Dreams. No games. No tricks. Just me taking the only thing you have left.

He walks over to pick up the utility belt.

“Your life.”



In a match between two competitors who, in different circumstances would make a fine villainous duo, find themselves at odds in the squared circle as Isaac Danvers takes on Mysterion.

The bell rings and the two forces of evil circle one another, recognizing, in a sense, their own kind. Finally, the two of them lock up and the power struggle begins. Unfortunately for the littler Mysterion, it was never much of a struggle for the deceptively strong Plague Doctor, who manages to shove Mysterion clear across the ring! But in surprising fashion, Isaac charges after him just in time to connect with a HUGE FRONT KICK TO MYSTERION’S THROAT! A HEALTH KICK IN THE MEANEST SENSE!

Mysterion immediately falls to the mat, clutching his neck, physically unable to breathe as he kicks his feet and writhes with pain! All the more for fun for Danvers, however, who begins delivering BOOT after BOOT and STOMP after STOMP to Mysterion’s midsection. Mysterion is caved in like a paper cup that’s been ran over by a car! Danvers laughs. He picks Mysterion up with both hands BY THE VILLAIN’S HEAD! But Mysterion reaches into his pocket!! POCKET SAND!!! POCKET SAND TO THE PLAGUE DOCTOR’S EYES!!! Isaac drops Mysterion to the mat.

PUNCH OF DOOM! NO! Mysterion went for it, but Danvers dodged and returns with a clothesline that leaves Mysterion turning a perfect shooting star press in the air just to hit the ground!! Jesus Murphy!! Isaac drops a knee onto the villain’s chest! Another knee drop! Danvers lifts Mysterion to his feet, this time with no tricks to save him, and drops him with a belly to belly suplex! Danvers sizes Mysterion up after he gets to his feet, waiting on the Villain to do the same! Mysterion reaches his feet! ELBOW! THE CURE!! NO!! PUNCH OF DOOM FROM MYSTERION!! ISAAC HITS THE MAT!!! LIGHTS OUT!!! MYSTERION COVERS!!! ONE… TWO… THREE!!!

Mysterion, a plague of sorts in his own rights, did what the Bubonic plague couldn’t accomplish, taking down the Plague Doctor for a big win!


Berengar moves through the halls, doing a quick patrol of the Tap Room for Shadow Force. While his gaze seems to look over things, it is done so with the thoughts of a man lost in his mind, thinking over a conundrum. So lost in his thoughts, he runs into someone, stumbling back a bit.

“My apologies.”

“Don’t be. You’re just the man I was looking for.”

Blinking a bit, Berengar realizes that he’s run into the one person who’s been distracting him, Rain. And it seems as if he

“What do you want from me Rain?”

Rain pauses a second, taking the time to articulate the words that he wants to say. Once he finds them, he presents them with a concern almost surprising of two rivals.

“I’m worried about that sword you use. It screams from so much pain of the dead that it can easily affect your person.”

Berengar chuckles, reaching out and grabbing a shoulder in an attempt to relieve worry. He speaks with a confidence that seems to ease Rain physically.

“Do not worry friend, Vigilkeeper and I have spent a large amount of time together. She is a trusted companion

“But your uncle Erstenar-”

Rain steps back as he finds that once friendly, familiar demeanor replaced with an aggression and the same sword aforementioned now at his throat.

“Say that name again, and I’ll make sure the next dead soul you have to worry about is yours.”

Rain looks in fear as Berengar storms off, a death grip on Vigilkeeper. He talks to himself, seemingly alone.

“Perhaps I’ll have to break him from the sword’s grasp then. Family shouldn’t fight after death now, should they.”


…Continued from earlier.

David Manson grabs Judah Forever’s head as Eli looks on, the Heir Eternal restrained by Manson’s followers. The Nightmare lifts his knife towards Judah’s neck with a giant grin on his face.

“First little brother, next the…”


Manson jerks up as Judah slides free. He rushes for the door, but is thrown back several feet as THE WHOLE ROOM EXPLODES IN A BURST OF LIGHT!


Spero is here!

As the walls crash down, we can see a damn war zone behind him. Unconscious members of the Nightmare Family litter the streets while the gates to the Nightmare on the Hill lay broken on the ground, tinged with blue energy. The Last Hope has come to call on David Manson, and none will stand in his way.

With a blue glow around him, the Nightmare is thrown back into what remains of his chair, while Spero strides through the carnage to stand before Eli Forever, who is helping his brother up.

“Look how easy all of this falls, Eli.” Spero begins. “Whether they serve Forever or Manson is irrelevant, they fell either way. That’s how fragile it all is. How fragile you are.”

Manson is up to his feet, but before he can even charge, he is forced down to his knees by Spero’s power, who now tilts the Nightmare’s head up to meet him.

“You wanted to kill me. This is your chance.”

David Manson can’t even lift a finger in response to Spero’s taunt, as he’s held firmly in place. Spero looks back to Forever.

“I needed to teach Manson a lesson, Eli. He knows what power he has awakened in me.”

A blue glow begins to encircle Spero.

“But does he know what power he’s awakened in you?”

Spero vanishes, giving Manson back control of his body. He stands to his feet, angrily shoving past the Forever brothers. This is far from over between he and Spero. Eli and Judah stand in the midst of the carnage, but Eli’s eyes are cast downward.

Manson left his knife.



The Restorer faces his greatest challenge yet in the Void Knight. Can he continue his winning ways or will he be Vanquished like the rest?

The bell rings as both competitors meet in the middle of the ring, Berenger reaching up for a test of strength that Kahlil slowly agrees to. Both men are on equal footing for a moment before Berenger begins to power Khalil down to the mat, nearly driving his shoulders down into a cover before Longfellow manages to just slip out. Khalil staggers to his feet right into a massive uppercut from the Void Knight before he’s lifted up and nearly driven through the mat with a massive spinebuster. Berenger rolls through for the quick cover, ONE…TWO…KICKOUT!

Berenger pulls Khalil up to his feet, the Restorer slipping out as he strikes the back of Berenger’s head with a skull cracking enziguri. Berenger’s now the dazed one as Khalil rushes to the ropes, leaping off with a springboard roundhouse right to the jaw that drops the Void Knight. Khalil rushes to the ropes, damn nearly leaping to the top before diving off , FLIP THE PAGE! The Backflip Foot Stomp hits it’s target as Khalil now hooks the leg for the victory. ONE…TWO…BERENGER KICKS OUT!

Berenger stumbles to his feet as Khalil rushes forward, CROSS YOUR…BERENGER HOLDS ON! Berenger throws Khalil off his shoulders before unleashing a mammoth Lariat that turns the Wandering Poet inside out. Berenger barely lets him hit the mat before lifting him up, VANQUIS…HURRICANRANA! Khalil countered that out of nowhere as he pulls Berenger up to his feet, but the Void Knight slips down as Khalil tries to lift him up onto his shoulders, locking in DESTINY’S MAW! Longfellow is struggling under the sleeper, trying to grab the nearby ropes but he fades away before he can reach them as the referee quickly calls for the bell!

The Void Knight picks up another hardfought victory, proving his victory tonight was another one saw by Destiny itself


Redmond Quinn sits, waiting silently in the waiting room of some type of run-down medical center. The type of medical center one would purchase a liver or seek an unapproved drug. His thoughts are broken as a shadow casts itself over him. A nurse, rotund and sinister looking barks at him in a gravelly voice.

“The doctor will see you now…”

Quinn pushes himself to his feet and follows the waddle of the woman down the hall. Danvers greets him with a smile that seems somehow more off-putting than reassuring.

“Redmond. Glad you made your appointment.”

The door closes behind the Professor and leaves the two alone.

“So… You need my help. And remind me again, what did you say you were willing to do to get it?”

Quinn doesn’t hesitate. There is no desperation in his voice now, only determination.


Danvers mulls. Before long, he pulls out a handful of vials and places them on the table in front of him.

“Let’s see just how committed to this process you are then. We’re going to have a little blood draw.”

Quinn looks a tad confused, but begins rolling up his sleeve hesitantly. Danvers tuts at him.

“No. We’re going to use a more… traditional… method.”

Danvers pulls a dagger out from within his desk and places it in front of Quinn.

“One vial from your finger. A vial from your wrist. One from the flesh in your thigh. One from the flesh in your abdomen. Four vials in total… It will be YOU that does the cutting and the collecting.”

Danvers stands back. Four vials and a blade sit before Quinn. Quinn takes the blade and shakes his head.

“What exactly do you plan to do with my blood once you have it?”

Again, Danvers tuts at his patient.

“Do you want my help or not?”

Quinn does not respond. Not with words anyway. He coldly stabs the blade into his finger and watches as the blood begins to flow.

“Good. Now, onto the next. The wrist. I can sew you back together later. Just don’t slit an artery… I’d hate to have to revive both of you.”

Danvers takes a few deep breaths and digs the knife into his own wrist. Blood from his finger mixes with fresh blood from the second wound. The second vial fills more quickly. The third is also filled before long as the soft flesh in the thigh bleeds quite profusely. He hesitates at the final hurdle but the Doctor is eager to reassure him.

“One final vial. Just across the abdomen, right to left. Get in there nice and deeply. Try not to spill your guts.”

Redmond Quinn looks at the laughing eyes of the Doctor, then back to the blade. With a deep breath, he turns the knife to his own flesh once more. He cuts in and lets out a cry of agony as the blood begins to flow…




Khalil Longfellow is heading towards the big exit doors for the parking lot when

Monty Straight

appears before him. The lights do not dim. No microphone appears from out of nowhere. Yet Monty still did.

And he is not amused as he blocks Longfellow from walking by.

“What do you want from me now, Straight?”

Straight has a friendly smile. “I want you to reconsider.”

“Not a chance,” Khalil replies directly.

“There’s always a chance,” Monty answers back.

Khalil inhales. “Straight. You are as terrifying and dangerous as they come. I searched high and low for even a nougat of information on Craig and how you disappeared him. Nothing. Not a trace.”

Khalil simply doesn’t understand how Straight can still be smiling. Yet Straight is.

“You erased a gentleman from the human memory and… Yet… Indeed, I remember him.”

“Hmm,” Monty says, rolling his eyes. “I’m starting to think it was a bad decision on my part to allow that, given your… Unfortunate reaction.”

“You… Straight, are you postulating that–”

Straight finishes Longfellow’s sentence, “I, Monty Straight, granted permission to your brain to remember an event that never happened? I’m not postulating. I am confirming that I did.”

Khalil shakes his head, mouth agape. “Why would you do that?”

Monty laughs and slaps Longfellow on the back in a friendly way. “To show you that I am compassionate. Buddy, Craig came out in front of the world to try and defame my character. He knew every bit of what he signed up for. The problem is, he decided after the show that he didn’t want the prize he chose. Well pal, I am a man of rule. A man of principle. I always follow the contract. Unlike you. And yet, I ended his suffering for good.”

“Straight, listen to me you absolute swindler. Never will I be a guest on your show. Never. And that’s the end of it.”

Monty feigns to shrug and walk away. But he stops. With a twinkle in his eye, he asks, “What about Cardenio?”

“What about it?”

“What if it disappeared just like Craig? Hmm? What if Hamlet did as well? Huckleberry Finn? The Holy Bible?”

Monty’s eyes stare a hole straight through Khalil.

“What if every book that ever existed… Never existed? Not even in your memory. What if the written word was just… Never a thing?”

Khalil Longfellow, perhaps seeing bits of it earlier, only now sees the full scope of Monty Straight’s straight shooting.

It terrifies him.

“So next week Khalil, at Shattered Dreams? You’ll be on my show, in living rooms all across the world. You will be a contestant, and you will play the game as you contractually obligated yourself to be a week ago.”

Monty Straight smiles at Khalil who, despite being black as night is as white as a ghost.

“Or else, there will be no such thing as libraries…”

Monty, as he reaches a distance of fifty feet or so away, simply fades as he says,

“And no one, least of all you, will have ever heard of an alphabet.”



It’s a battle between the Rockstar and The Heir Eternal here tonight with pride on the line!

The bell sounds as these two circle around the ring. They go for the lockup, but Zander Zane slips underneath Eli Forever’s arms. He walks towards the ropes and gives a big smirk. He turns around to catch a kick right to the midsection from Eli Forever followed by a twisting neckbreaker! Forever quickly leaps to the second rope before springing off with a knee strike just as Zane gets back to his knees! THE ATONEMENT! Zane is blasted by the shot so hard that he slumps out of the ring to the floor below. Eli Forever takes this moment to collect his thoughts.

The referee begins to count out Zane before reaching a seven count before Zander rolls back into the ring. Forever quickly rushes up and grabs the head of Zane, but The Rocker rolls him up! ONE…TWO…KICKOUT! Forever kicks out barely as they both rise to their feet. Zane leaps from the bottom rope before hooking the head of Forever and spiking him into the mat! Forever begins to get to his knees before a stalling hip thrust catches him right on the jaw! Zander Zane does a quick air guitar before climbing to the top rope.

Zane hits the split-legged moonsault! SMOKE ON THE WATER! The starship pain connects… but it’s to the knees of Eli Forever! Forever hooks the head of Zane and rolls him up now! ONE…TWO…KICKOUT! Both men rise to their feet before Forever nails a series of kicks to the midsection followed by a series of chops! THE SEVEN SINS! Zander is out on his feet as Forever springs from the ropes! THE ATONEMENT! The springboard knee strike connects again as Zane slams to the ground! Eli Forever hooks his legs! ONE…TWO…THREE!

The Heir Eternal wins a big one here as he falls into a meditative stance in his victory.


The Back Lot, just outside the Tap room. .

We find Zander Zane in a usual situation. A drink in hand, guitar swung behind his shoulder, and three girls surrounding him. But instead of the backroom, we find himself in a new, brighter crib of a bus than before. He talks to the entourage of giggling women that usually come with, seated around him in a large circular sofa, made of even finer leather than before.

“The bus cost a pretty penny, but the Zander Zane Experience rides again! Souped her up to work better than ever before. Got a whole slew of things to show you wonderful ladies, and why not start with one of my favorites: the fog machine!”

Reaching for a remote, he flicks on a button as the lights dim and a thin green smoke enters the room. The girls accompanying him giggle, before they start choking. He does too, as the fog thickens around them. It doesn’t take long before the girls pass out, while Zander still stands.

As the girls collapse, the overhead speakers crackle to life. An all too familiar voice speaks out, making Zane’s eyes widen.

“Sorry to crash in on the fun Zander. But sometimes, there’s no fun like a vengeful one.”

As he turns, he sees Mysterion sitting in the driver seat. A gas mask obstructs his face, but we hear the happiness in his voice as Zander hits the floor out cold.

“Nighty night Zane. We’re gonna have some fun.”


Yesterday evening.

A dejected Nightstick, now standing at the scene of the wreck, watches as a helicopter steadily positions itself to drop a great and hefty laddet down towards the wreckage.

“John,” Nightstick says as he approaches the EMT’s handling his body, stationing him on a gurney. Burned from head to toe, the forensics analyst was at best permanently disfigured. At worst, he was knocking on death’s door.

“John,” Nightstick says again. “Just… Was it him, brother? Was it him?”

“He’s not responsive,” the EMT replies in John’s stead. “We’ve tried everything. But he’s in critical condition. I can’t do any–”

Suddenly, John’s hand, burnt to a crisp, reaches out and grasps Nighstick’s wrist.

Nightstick’s eyes widen. He can’t believe it. John’s eyes, the only recognizeable feature left on his entire body (and just barely at that) looks up at Nightstick with the sort of conviction one reserves for his final moments.


“Burned up,” Nightstick says. “I know.”

John grimaces as he squeezes Nightstick’s wrist.


“I get it buddy, the hair. I know. It’s gone.”

“No!” John is able to scream out, causing everyone to turn and look at him.


John’s last word on this earth. So important, that he had to tell Nightstick in his last, dying breath.

A word that would echo in Nightstick’s mind for maybe the rest of his life.

It was his hair.

Edward Newton’s.

…But how did he know? Newton is in no criminal databases. How did he know it was Newton’s?

Nightstick, torn between the loss of his friend at the presumed hands of Edward Newton, and the exhilaration of a last ditch piece of the puzzle somewhere to be found…

Well, he felt lifted. Like the earth dug up from two shallow graves in a garden of good and evil.



Chaos faces Order here tonight as Nocturne finds himself face to face with Nightstick in what should be a brutal contest.

The bell sounds as Nocturnes rushes at Nightstick with venom in his eyes, laying into the bigger man with lefts and rights, knees and elbows. A brutal onslaught of strikes that overwhelm Nightstick for a moment before he grips him by the throat and tosses the smaller man away from him. Nocturne rolls to his feet, rushing forward once more with a massive knee that rocks Nightstick for a moment before a big haymaker from the Law rocks Nocturne right back. A big uppercut nearly takes Nocturne’s head off before Nightstick lifts the Abyssal Savior onto his chest.


Nocturne quickly scrambles up to the top rope, diving off as Nightstick turns around.

ABYSSAL MASK! NOCTURNE TRIES TO DRIVE HIS THUMBS INTO NIGHTSTICK’S EYES BUT THE LAW CATCHES HIM JUST IN TIME! Nightstick struggles on the mat as Nocturne tries to blind the Law but with a brutal roar, Nightstick manages to throw Nocturne off him. Nightstick gets to one knee as Nocturne rolls forward.


Nightstick slowly stumbles to his feet but he may be out as he topples through the ropes to the floor below. Nocturne rolls outside, pulling the Law up to his feet before grabbing him around the waist.


If the knees didn’t do that, that suplex definitely should as Nocturne lifts up the limp Nightstick, rolling him into the ring. Nocturne leaps up onto the apron, slingshotting over the ropes with a set of knees to the throat of Nightstick. The Law can barely breath, coughing and spitting up what looks like blood as Nocturne finally drops down, hooking the outside leg for the cover.





Nightstick’s still in this one but barely as Nocturne pulls him to his feet, drilling him with a series of rib breaking kicks before leaping onto his back with an abdominal stretch. Nocturne begins raining down elbow after elbow as Nightstick goes down to one knee. Nocturne rears back one last almighty elbow aimed at the side of Nightstick’s head.


Nightstick fights to his feet, Nocturne furiously pounding away with blows but adrenaline flows through the Laws body as he rushes backwards, crushing Nocturne into the corner. Nocturne doesn’t let go after the first but he hits the second with force. Nocturne pulls himself up in the corner as Nightstick shakes out the cobwebs for a moment before rushing forward. Nocturne just dodges out of the way of an Avalanche as he rushes to the ropes, bouncing off.


Nocturne’s nearly driven through the mat but Nightstick isn’t done as he pulls up the Abyssal Savior, lifting him up high before nearly planting him through the mat with 911


Nocturne’s head bounces off the mat as Nightstick rolls down for the cover




The Law peels Nocturne off the mat but Nocturne’s ready, nailing Nightstick with two strikes to the throat before gripping it with a clawhold.

WRATH OF…SMITH AND WESSON! Nightstick held on as he delivers a pair of Bullhammers that may have broken a few teeth from the sheer impact.

Nocturne collapses to the mat as Nightstick slowly stalks him, running to the ropes as the Abyssal Savior rises to his feet.


A Massive Clothesline nearly beheads Nocturne but Nightstick isn’t done as he pulls Nocturne up, backing up a few paces


Nocturne should class himself lucky he’s not headless right now as Nightstick drops down for the cover




The Law picks up a huge victory tonight, fighting through the savagery to bring justice to a soul filled with rage.


Troy Solveig looks a mess.

For the best part of the month he’s been hearing the howling of hellhounds reverberating inside his mind. He hasn’t been able to sleep or think, their constant noise a distraction to The Warrior. Tonight, Troy visits the grave side of D’von Chambers, hoping to find Nocturne nearby.

He stands over the freshly dug grave, his eyes darting around the pitch black night, watchful and patient. If Nocturne is here, he’ll soon reveal himself.

Suddenly, Troy falls to his knees, clutching his head.

“I’m surprised you came for me” A voice says, emanating from within the shadows. It belongs to Nocturne, who steps out with a grin. “I thought you’d know better.”

“S-Stop it!” Solveig demands. “Stop the howling.”

Nocturne clicks his fingers.

It stops.

Solveig slowly stands up, squinting still from the pain.

“You came back for me? You traversed the pits of hell, a broken and tormented soul, just so you could seek vengeance upon the man that murdered you?” Solveig asks. “But surely there is a bigger enemy than even I, is there not?”

The Demon tilts his head. “Is that right?”

“Of course,” Troy nods. “You served a God that not only kicked you out of heaven but watched you choose a different path than to return. He allowed you to become this.”

That makes Nocturne chuckle. “Do I look foolish to you?” He asks with a lean in of the neck. “Do you think he’s not on my list?”


That was eerie. His eyes darkened as he spoke.

“But not before you, the devious Fox.”

Solveig puts his arm out, watching as Volsungr whips through the air to meet his grasp.

“If you want to die again, so be it. But if you choose to live, then you’ll find no better offer than that of Elysium Fields. Join us and you’ll see your creator dead.”

Nocturne considers it, if briefly. “If that’s heavy, I’d put it down if I were you.”

He clicks his fingers.

And two snarling hellhounds, black as night, their eyes as red as the devil himself, appear.

They howl so loudly that Troy Solveig drops his hammer.