Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

Famous faces from across five years stand within an illuminated room, looking around amongst themselves in shock and awe. They were the deceased; men who’ve died within the Tap Room walls.

Yahweh stands before them, watching as they mumble and murmur, trying to understand their predicament.

There’s good guys.

There’s bad guys.

And none of them understand.

“Welcome to the Lazarus Project,” Yahweh says proudly, silencing the crowd. “Each and every single one of you perished in Old School Wrestling; some of you sacrificed yourselves for the greater good whilst others died deservedly.”

He begins slowly walking amongst the crowd, his eyes meeting those he resurrected.

Mike Lane.

Tommy Hawk.

Ordell Terminus.

“But today I gift you all a second chance.”

“Why?” Mutters Mike Lane, stepping forward. “Why now?”

Yahweh stops, placing a hand on his shoulder.

“I understand you found peace Michael, but it was my fault you died in the first place. I should’ve protected you all and I failed. I offered you freedom without my protection.”

“Freedom is to make your own choices, Creator,” Tommy Hawk remarks, folding his arms. “We made ours.”

God nods. “You did, and I’ve made mine, Thomas.”

That silences Tommy Hawk.

“I used every ounce of power left in me to resurrect the fallen. I’m weakened because of it. Please don’t squander this gift; make the most of it.”

Yahweh carefully walks through them towards the back of the room, where he enters a room and falls down, breathless and exhausted.

The Scarecrow helps him back to his feet, the body of Brent Kersh laid bare upon the table behind him.

“We need to talk.”



It’s another pairing of weird bedfellows as it’s King Arthur teaming up with Tomasso Vitale against Zander Zane and Berengar!

The bell sounds as King Arthur and Berengar circle around the ring. But Arthur tags in Vitale! Berengar is seething as Arthur cackles to himself before stepping between the ropes to the apron. Vitale squares up before throwing a right haymaker that Berengar just dodges.

Berengar kicks Vitale square in the midsection before hooking his head and driving him into the mat with a DDT! Berengar tries for a cover, but Arthur kicks him right in the back of the head before scampering out of the ring. Berengar rushes towards Arthur, but he puts the ropes between them.

The referee pulls Berengar back before admonishing Arthur. While the referee’s back is turned, Vitale nails Berengar with an uppercut right to the Little Void Knights! Berengar falls to his knees before Vitale wraps his arms around his neck and begins pulling back! SLEEP WITH FISHES! Berengar is in a world of pain now as Vitale has the hold cinched in.

HANGOVER SUNDAY! The mist spit right into the eyes of Vitale almost makes his release the hold, but he keeps it locked in! Zane springs through the ropes with a slingshot lariat that floors him! Arthur runs into the ring only to catch lariat sending him right back where he came from! Vitale staggers to his feet wiping his face as Berengar grins. Clothesline, Irish whip, and… THE VANQUISHER! Berengar covers! One…TWO…THREE!

The heroes managed to pick up a huge win here tonight as the two shake hands and raise theirs in victory.


Ring. Ring. Ring.


A groggy voice answers the other end of a call, unsure of who’s dialling them at such an ungodly hour – it’s four am and they were fast asleep.

It’s Nightstick, he’s the receiver and he’s led in bed next to his wife, barely awake.

On the other end of the phone, split screen, stood at a payphone in the middle of no-where, is Redmond Quinn. He doesn’t look like he’s slept a wink.

“We need to meet,” Redmond demands. “I’ve found what you need. I can prove to you I didn’t murder Luther Creed.”

Nightstick sits up, groggily rubbing the gunk from his eyes.

“The only way you prove to me that you’re not the murderer is by providing a DNA sample,” Nightstick growls. “And since you’ve refused to do so voluntarily, we’re awaiting a warrant to demand one.”

“You’re wasting your time,” Quinn bemoans, slamming the payphone against the machine. “Meet me at Ring of Dreams, before our match, and I’ll tell you everything you need to know.”

The Cop chuckles. “You won’t make it to the Main Event, kid.”

“Is that a threat?” Redmond asks.

“You’re damn right it is,” Stick retorts. “I told you once and I’ll tell you again – our match is cancelled.”

There’s a pause.

“Is that what this is about, huh? The match? You’re using my perceived guilt to be a reason for not wrestling me in the Main Event. You don’t care about Creed, you’re just protecting yourself.”

That angers The Champion. “I cared about Creed more than you ever did, you murderous son of a bitch.”

Quinn, knowing this is getting them no-where, relents.

“Fine,” he stops fighting. “I’ll meet you in the ring tonight and you can have the DNA sample. Once you’ve cleared me, we need to talk, Nightstick. No more lies, no more bullshit. I’m trusting you not to manipulate the evidence and pin this on me to make your Ring of Dreams come true.”

Nightstick scoffs. “I’ll see you tonight.”



The Red Knight takes on the Blue Light in a Shadowforce duel!

Spero runs at his Shadowforce ally to start! He slides through Redwing’s legs… Redwing turns… Spero is up, looking for the DDT… BUT REDWING IS READY! He delivers a right hand! Spero soars back. He hits the rope and returns at full speed! He leaps up… his legs extend… RUNNING HURRICANRANA!

Redwing is back up! Seemingly unphased, he stalks toward Spero. Spero sends a flurry of blows, but it doesn’t slow down the Red Knight. Redwing lands a right hand! Spero is reeling! Redwing wraps his arms around Spero’s neck from behind… INVERTED HEADLOCK BACKBREAKER! Redwing pulls The Blue Light back to his feet!

The Red Knight throws the dazed Spero into the ropes! Spero returns… launching into a clothesline! Redwing goes down! Spero leaps to his feet and climbs to the top turnbuckle. He jumps! He’s going for a massive LAST BEACON! … but Redwing has MOVED! Spero hits the mat violently!

Redwing picks Spero up and hurls him into the ropes. Redwing crouches, ready for a suplex… NO! Spero leaps and… ANOTHER HURRICANRANA!! Redwing hits the mat! Both men lay motionless. Slowly, Spero crawls to the turnbuckle… climbs … gathers… LAST BEACON! HE NAILS IT! Spero covers! ONE… TWO… THREE!

Spero picks up the win over his Shadowforce ally!



The Scarecrow helps Yahweh up and into a seat, watching as God reels in pain. His resurrecting the fallen had taken more out of him that he thought it would. He closes his eyes for a moment, trying to suffer in silence.

“I didn’t expect this to hurt so much,” The Chief groans. “But I’m weaker than I thought. I have to recover soon or Odin will win.”

“You’re not finished,” The Scarecrow growls. “There’s one more.”

He turns his head to the body of Brent Kersh.

Yahweh shakes his head, groaning. “I can’t,” he stammers.

The Hayman’s eyes widen with fury.

“You must,” he barks. “I’ve done everything you’ve asked of me. I’ve been your puppet in this shadow war. I’ve collected your titles bar two and I’ll fight to defeat Rain come Ring of Dreams in your name.”

God tries to stand but he’s too weak.

“It isn’t that I won’t, it’s that I can’t. I’m too weak, Scarecrow. I’m sorry but I need my strength for Odin and even one more resurrection could see the end of me.”

The Scarecrow angrily paces away, snarling.

“You don’t think I see what you’re doing?” He hisses furiously. “Your precious Lazarus Project is a manipulative tool to gain in power ahead of Ring of Dreams. You know that people will be so pleased to see their loved ones that their love for you will grow, as will their prayers. You’ll be whole and healthy by the end of the night.”

The Chief grins. “And strong enough to defeat Odin.”

“Then do this for me, damnit,” The Hayman orders. “Resurrect Brent Kersh.”


Yahweh is gone.

Seemingly enough power to escape The Scarecrow, but not enough to bring Brent back.

The Monster scoops up the decaying body of his former enemy, grimacing all the while.



Philosophers have long pondered on the existence of the soul. Tonight, the philosopher William Abraxas won’t have a chance to find out as he takes on the soulless Khalil Longfellow.

The bell rings and Abraxas charges his foe, nailing him in the gut with a big knee. Longfellow hunches over, the breath sailing from his mouth just in time to drop to the mat with a huge DDT from Abraxas. Abraxas swiftly transitions to a side headlock.

Abraxas wrenches Khalil’s neck, but Longfellow finds his way to his knees. He sends an elbow straight into Abraxas’ abdomen once! Twice! Abraxas breaks the hold long enough for Longfellow to find his feet. The Philosopher is dropped with a huge ax kick from the Poet! PUNT KICK to the fallen Abraxas’ jaw!

The momentum suddenly favors Khalil here, and he clamps down, locking in an Indian death lock! HE’S GOING FOR THE WIN RIGHT NOW!!! Abraxas wails in pain, and fights and claws towards the ring ropes! He’s finally able to get his hands on the rope, forcing Longfellow to break the hold. Khalil does so, and Abraxas slowly climbs to his feet.

Abraxas charges Longfellow! Clothesline attempt, but Khalil ducks underneath the extended arm. ZIG ZAG BY LONGFELLOW! Both men lay on the mat out of breath. It seems that maneuever took both men’s last bit of stamina. Abraxas and Longfellow finally reach their feet at the same time! UPPERCUT FROM ABRAXAS! LONGFELLOW DUCKS! THE REAR NAKED CHOKE!!! LONGFELLOW LOCKS IN THE CHOKE!!! ABRAXAS TAPS OUT!!!

The soulless poet picks up a win, and something of a morale boost. Abraxas lays on the mat, defeated in his final Tap Room appearance.


On the roof of the Tap Room, the moon shines, illuminating the lone figure of Darkwish.

He’s waiting.

But he doesn’t have to wait long as a dark shadow stretches across his form.

Darkwish smiles.


Redwing takes the Terror of the Night down with a huge leaping kick. Darkwish tries to roll over, but Redwing puts his knee in his back first. The Red Knight flips his former partner over, before punching him in the face full force.

And again.

And again.

“How dare you?” Redwing growls.

Another punch.

Darkwish’s nose has been busted, but under the blood he only smiles.

“Do it, Bill.” Darkwish taunts. “Finish it.”

Redwing gets off Darkwish, picking him up by the hair, and throwing him to the edge of the roof. He knees Darkwish in the gut, leaning over him.

“That’s what you want, isn’t it?” The Caped Crusader replies, anger barely restrained. “You want me to kill you, end it all right now. You wish you were dead with all your loved ones.”

No response, just a bloody grin.

“Do it, Bill.” He finally says.

Redwing shakes his head, standing up. He puts his boot down on Darkwish’s chest, keeping control of the situation.

“Trust me, I’ve had the same wish.” Redwing admits. “But just like me, you’re not dead. And me killing you right now is the easy way out.”

Darkwish spits blood to the side, anger back on his face.

“I’ll kill them all. Shadowforce. I’ll find any family you have left. I’ll finish them off.”

Redwing shakes his head.

“No, you won’t. Because I can see it now. All you ever wanted was to die. You hunted down Jigsaw so he’d kill you, but he didn’t. You stole my suit so I’d kill you, but I didn’t. You’ve messed with my mind so I’d kill you in a rage, but I won’t. I’m going to bring you in. By the book.”

Darkwish rolls away, looking down over the edge.

“I’ll do it myself.”

Redwing laughs.

“If you wanted to kill yourself, you’d have already done it.”

Darkwish roars in anger, JUMPING OVER THE EDGE!

Redwing rushes to the edge, but when he looks over, Darkwish is nowhere to be found.

Perhaps Redwing was right.

They’ll finish this at Ring of Dreams.


We open to find Chip Montana following a set of tacks in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest.

“I’m Chip Montana… And I’m here in the Amazon, grabbing nature by the balls.” His search brings him to a clearing. “The last known sighting of the legendary Thunk has led me right here.”

There is no bell in the jungle. Thunk, on all fours, sniffs at the air as Montana approaches. Without warning, he lunges at Montana but Chip sidesteps the incoming giant. Before Thunk can turn around, Chip tosses a fist full of dust from the forest floor in the eyes of the big man. Thunk is blinded and swinging wildly!

None of the swings hit home. With Thunk livid and distracted in a rage, Montana reaches into his explorer’s satchel. PRAIRE DOGGIN’ IT! HE STICKS THAT CRITTER RIGHT INTO THE LOINCLOTH OF THUNK! Instinctively, the King of the Jungle grabs the Praire Dog in both hands, pulls the head clean off the neck and tosses the carcass to the ground.

A shocked Montana is soon pounced on by the giant who GRABS HIM BY THE BALLS… TESTICULAR CLAW! Thunk twists hard enough to get Montana singing soprano, THEN TOSSES CHIP NEARLY TEN FEET THROUGH THE AIR… INTO A TREE TRUNK! Montana staggers to his feet ONLY TO BE HIT IN THE SIDE OF THE HEAD WITH A MASSIVE TREE BRANCH!


Chip Montana is out cold. Thunk picks him up and hangs him by his feet from the low branches of the tree. With his mighty tree branch, he takes another swing at him… CRUNCH! THE BRANCH CONNECTS AND MONTANA FALLS TO THE GROUND LIKE A PINATA! No sign of life from Chip Montana… This thing is done. Thunk stands with one foot on the chest of his fallen foe.

Thunk Wins! Size does matter and Chip Montana was simply not able to take nature by the balls and claim the crown of King of the Jungle. The King lets out a mighty roar in victory as he picks up Chip’s unconscious body, tosses it over his shoulder and walks off deep into the jungle with it.



The buzz of lights clicking on dominate a silent room, illuminating the floor below. A large hanger, full of strange aerial craft. Some are labeled with the signs and symbols of earth, while others are covered in strange technology.

The mainstay of Area 51 was always the alien spaceships of course.

And among them, a green wisp drifts back and forth, bouncing from ship to ship. A light here, a swear there. As it rounds one strange looking jet, we see the face of this visitor to the parking garage of the galaxy.


He moves between each ship, staying no more than a few seconds at a time, eyeing each of them over.

“Earth, not it. Cyclonian, that’s a bit old school for a place like this. Andalain probe, far too small. Where in the stars is it?”

Another voice, a familiar one, echoes out through the confines of the hangar.

“Looking for this one?”

Intrepid rushes towards it, discovering what he was looking for. An old Orizian ship held in the back, coated so heavily in dust that it could have been mistaken for an old movie prop.

And in front of it stands Spero.

The two stand stock still, each tense at the others actions. But it’s a sigh from Spero, and he who speaks first.

“I have spent the last weeks hunting you down. Chasing your trail, a hungry cat on the chase of a mouse. But after last time? I got to thinking. No one would go to these lengths if they weren’t certain about their cause.”

He walks forward, taking a fighting stance near the center of an empty lot. He locks eyes with Intrepid, and continues to speak.

“Prove to me you’re right. Show me that you’re not lying, to just escape to your own demise. Show me that my friend is still there. One more fight. I win, I get my ring back, and you come quietly. You win, I let you pass, free to roam the stars.”

Intrepid stands taller, walking forward until right in front of the hero. He stares at him for a minute, before taking a mirroring stance across from him.

“As you wish.”




At Ring of Dreams.

A horrific, toothy smile shows yellow, chipped teeth that lead to a positivity thrilled face of a certain Lich King.

King Arthur sits upon a throne with his large associate standing in front of him nearly at fifteen feet tall!

“Ser Percival, you have served thy duty with diligence. Now it is time for you to kneel before thy king.”

The gargantuan monstrous creature bends a knee before lowering his head which rests on his swollen chest. King Arthur rises to his feet before withdrawing Excalibur with a quick motion.

His horrific expression once more changes to his former self. He hoists the sword up before looking down at Ser Percival.

“With the swing of this blade, I shall hast claimed mine own thousandth monster. The last ingredient to securing mine own youth and ensuring my immortality is you. Thee hast done admirably, Ser Percival. Now it is time for thee to rest.”


The door to the throne room is thrust open as three soldiers are thrown into the room. They fall into the floor in a beaten heap before another figure steps out of the darkness of the hall.

Berengar, The Knight of the Void.

King Arthur’s upper lip quivers in anger.

“How dare you interrupt my coronation! Do you know what happens when I slay this creature? Do you know what that means for my legend?”

The Knight steps further into the room as he approaches.

“Eternal youth. Alas, my quarrel is not with you, Arthur. I have come seeking a battle with your beast.”

King Arthur’s anger turns to a cruel grin.

“Ser Percival? It seems that your insatiable hunger must feed once more.”

Ser Percival slowly rises to his feet before turning towards Berengar. With blinding speed, Berengar rushes towards the creature. He leaps into the air and delivers a huge right hand that rocks the creature. He falls to his feet before driving a barrage of blows into the midsection. Ser Percival’s huge arms grab Berengar’s.

He’s stretched out as panic begins to set in. The chest cavity of Ser Percival splits open as the grotesque sight of those black, vine-like tentacle reach out and wrap around Berengar before pulling him closer and closer before…

He’s completely devoured.

Berengar is gone!

King Arthur’s eyes twinkle with victory.

“Excellent work, Ser Percival. Now, we shall proceed with my ascension to godhood.”



Tonight, we have a match between two god killers! Ordell Terminus and Rain face each other in a tables, ladders, and chairs match! Will Ordell be the one to stop the downpour or will another door be closed on him? We find out next!

DING! DING! We have weapons all over the tap room but Ordell and Rain tie up in the middle of the ring! Neither of them are getting the advantage until Rain hits a headbutt! That rocks Ordell who falls back and is leaning against the ropes! Rain charges after him with a clothesline! Ordell goes over the rope!

He lands on the apron though and Rain swings a heavy haymaker to get him off the apron! Ordell ducks it and he locks in a full nelson on Rain! FULL NELSON SLAM THROUGH A TABLE! Ordell throws Rain through one of the tables on the outside! He follows it with a shooting star press off the apron!

Ordell pulls Rain up and throws him back in the ring! He makes the cover! One…Two…NO! Rain barely gets the shoulder up! Ordell rolls back out and grabs a ladder! He sets it up and starts climbing! Rain climbs behind him and locks in a crossface chickenwing! Ordell looks like he might pass out and he lets go of the ladder!

The fall breaks the hold but Ordell looks out of it and Rain is grabbing a bag from under the ring! He’s pouring the contents of the bag on the floor! It’s thumbtacks! Rain smirks and pulls Ordell up by his hair! He kisses Ordell on the forehead and then drives his head into the thumbtacks with BROTHER MINE! Ordell is planted by that headlock driver and Rain makes the cover! One…Two…Three!

What a win for Rain as he proves who the true godkiller is over a very game Ordell Terminus!


Zander Zane.

The Rock God has been completely oblivious to what has been going on around him. It’s now that he walks with a few girls on his hips as he walks through the parking lot that he seems caught in their charm. Still oblivious.

He walks completely unaware to the man with his sights set on Zander Zane. Crosshairs show the back of Zander Zane as his blue mullet move away.

The man holding the gun is wearing all-black, but his appearance is all but obvious.

Vengeance is coming for Zander Zane.

He aims his gun.

An echoing shot booms through the parking lot as the girls run off in different directions in fear as Zander Zane falls forward onto the concrete as blood begins to pool underneath his head.

Vengeance quickly packs up and rushes over to Zander before backing a van up to his body and stuffing him inside of the back of the van.

“Urghhhh…” groans Zander Zane as he’s coming back to consciousness inside of the van. Vengeance hops into the driver’s seat and begins pulling away.

“Lay down, Zander. I hit you with a pretty high impact round. It shouldn’t have pierced the skin, but you might have some pretty bad bruising. I hated I had to use it, but I needed the performance to be convincing for your sake as well as mine. Now, I need you to tell me something.”

“Urgh?” asks Zander as his nose is busted open from where he hit the ground.

“Why does Tomasso Vitale want you dead?”



The moment The Abyss turned Shadow into Nocturne, the clock began ticking before a Chosen One would arise to try to conquer him…enter Ash Williams and his Boomstick. Groovy.

The bell rings and Ash immediately goes on the attack, tearing into the Abyssal Savior with lefts and rights, hoping to weaken Nocturne enough to hit that leaping Superman punch…but Nocture seems to be just absorbing these punches, laughing at the Chosen One before walloping Ash with a nasty clothesline!

Ash is down as Nocturne goes to work on his arm, trying to keep it out of commission. Nocturne stomps away at the arm, causing Ash to wince in pain as Nocturne leaps onto his back…LEVIATHAN’S COIL! Ash is hurt bad after that abdominal stretch and set of elbow strikes!

A wicked grin appears on Nocturne’s face as the Abyssal Savior taunts Ash, goading the Chosen One to fall to his own signature move as he leaps at Ash…HAIL TO THE KING! Ash caught the Abyssal Savior by surprise, dodging the Boomstick before nailing Nocturne with that double underhook piledriver!

Nocturne is slow to his feet as a confident Ash leaps at the Abyssal Savior…DARKNESS FALLS! Nocturne with a superkick that sends Ash reeling back. Nocturne smirks at the Chosen One, mocking him before he charges at Ash…BOOMSTICK! Ash dodged at the last second and hit Nocturne with the Boomstick!

Nocturne is out cold as the ref raises Ash’s hand in victory. Ash looks back at his fallen opponent, happy to have seemingly rid the world of another Deadite. Hail to the king, baby.


David Manson is pissed off.

His skin is chaffed from the ropes keeping him bound to a chair.

“You really fucking brought me here?” He says, incredulous. “The fucking Tap Room?”

Two members of the Forever congregation are standing guard at the door, while the objects of his ire, Judah and Rose Forever, regard him with hatred.

“There’s no place else to go.” Rose replies.

“The Hill is gone.” Judah sadly adds.

Manson grins, his charred beard flaking with the effort.

“That’s all either of us have.” Rose says. “Your cabin is gone, too. Remember?”

“I’m going to take it out of your ass, too.” The Nightmare chuckles. “Maybe I’ll tell you a riddle too, I heard you get off on that.”

Rose steps forward and slaps Manson across the face.

He laughs.


The door busts down! Bloody faces peek through the broken door.

Manson’s acolytes are here!

Judah and Rose stay in front of Manson while the two guards turn to face their foes. They have the advantage being inside the room.

Or they would if one of the guards didn’t stab the other in the gut.


The betrayer rushes past Judah and Rose quickly as the acolytes storm the room, strangely not doing anything. He hands Manson his knife, freeing him from his restraints. Judah and Rose look at one another, knowing there’s no other option here.

“Now that’s what I like to see, bubba.” Manson taunts. “Them smug expressions just fucked right off, didn’t they?”

He walks right up to Judah, and without a word, buries his knife into Judah’s leg, taking the brother down to the ground. Rose rushes in for a slap, but Manson trips her up, grabbing her in a weird head lock.

“I’d love to fuck you, but I’d rather lube up with your Eli’s blood.” Manson lustfully boasts. “So until then, I’ll just take a piece to remember you by.”

He drags his knife along Rose’s face, and she screams out as Manson holds up his prize.

Her ear.

Manson looks down at the injured Forever siblings, nodding for his people to leave.

“I left you alive so you can give your brother a message.”

They glare up at him, pain etched on their faces.

“Next week, we fucking end this. He can bring his people. I’ll bring mine. Nobody runs away. Winner take all.”

He spits down into the face of Judah before taking his leave, cackling as he walks out the door.

Judah tries to hold a bleeding Rose while putting pressure on his own leg.

They’ll tell Eli alright, and there will be hell to pay.

For everyone.


It’s a baton on a pole match here as it’s Cael Gable stepping back into the ring with our resident OSW World Champion, Nightstick!

The bell sounds as these two both look up at the baton hanging from a pole over one of the corners. The first to grab that weapon gets to use it. Gable rushes towards Nightstick aiming for his legs, but Nightstick adeptly dodges to the side before driving an elbow into the side of Gable’s head!

The Gold Medalist staggers backwards before seeing the huge Nightstick rushing at him! He ducks before lifting Nightstick out onto the apron. He rushes towards the ropes before rebounding back towards the champion. SUICIDE GOLD RUSH! He spears through the ropes, grabs the legs of Nightstick and plows him into the floor outside!

Both men are out cold as Gable manages to get to his feet first as he looks up at the baton. He climbs onto the apron and slowly makes his way to the corner post nearest the pole. He begins to climb before a gloved hand reaches up and grabs his boot.

Nightstick! He reaches up and yanks Gable onto the floor! He nails him with a big boot before rolling into the ring. He climbs the turnbuckle and grabs the baton! He turns just as Gable is charging towards him. BATON TO THE SKULL! Gable is out on his feet as ‘Stick hits the ropes and… HARD JUSTICE WITH THE BATON! Gable slams into the mat as Nightstick covers him with the baton on his throat! One…TWO…THREE!

Nightstick rises to his feet with the baton in hand as he’s secured a pivotal win on the road to Ring of Dreams!


Gameboy sits in his locker room.

Once again, Mysterion bursts through the door.


Mysterion cringes. He hates the taste of the words in his mouth.

“Tricked me.”

Gameboy shrugs, “Well you hacked me and ruined my life for months, so. That’s what you get, buddy.”


Gameboy inhales.

“The digital landscape is so infinite, that the fact you were able to hack into it is no surprise. The fact you were able to find me, and hack me? Now, that is impressive.”

Gameboy stands to his feet. He paces around the room.

“It became clear to me that I had to access the world between this one, and all of the games I have lived. And there? Well, I got an update. A firewall.”

Mysterion sneers.

Gameboy continues, “Your access to me has been restricted. But my access to you?”

Suddenly, Mysterion freezes.

Gameboy laughs. “I have a new cheat code. The same one you used to control my body?”

Gameboy spits in Mysterion’s face.

“Is the same one I’m using to control yours.”

Gameboy picks a towel up from a bench and wipes his saliva away from Mysterion’s face.

“Using you to help Scarecrow get the belt from Zane? That was just a cherry on top of a nice, big, revenge sundae. I know you want to know how this is happening, buddy. But ya know what?”

Gameboy pushes his hand outward, and Mysterion flies across the room and crashes into the wall. He slides down it and slumps to the floor.

“You can find out next week at Ring of Dreams, when I beat the extra lives out of you.”

Gameboy laughs and leaves the locker room.

Mysterion, finally free from Gameboy’s control, pounds the floor with his fist.

A frustrated scream echoes through the Tap Room corridors.

It’s music to Player One’s ears.



Two fallen souls face off inside the Tap Room, life itself being their for the victor, for a battle of the death is all that waits Danvers and Mortimer in what could be their very last match.

The bell sounds as Ozric rushes forward, nailing Isaac with a stiff right hook to the jaw stunning the Plague Doctor before he picks him up off the mat and clean throwing him across the ring with a huge Belly to Belly Suplex. Danvers staggers up to his feet as Ozric clasps his hands together before lunging forward with a massive double fastball punch.

The force from the blow sends Danvers crashing into the corner but he barely hits the steel before he’s nearly decapitated with a massive clothesline. Ozric hoists Danvers up to the top rope before climbing up behind him, hooking around his head before leaping off.

ODE TO THE SPAR…DANVERS PUSHES OUT! Ozric crashes to the mat, landing on his feet, turning around right into a massive CURE! A huge top rope elbow damn near breaks Ozric’s jaw, blood pooling down his mouth as Danvers grips him around the side of the head before trying to drive his thumbs into Ozric’s eyes.

Isaac tries to drive his nails further down but even groggy, Ozric is still too strong as with a gutteral roar, he snaps both Danver’s thumbs completely breaking them. Danvers recoils in pain as Ozric reaches up, using Danvers mask to pull him forward before nailing him with a sickening headbutt. Ozric pulls Danvers in, trapping his arms beneath his own before drilling him with headbutt after headbutt, the MIRROR MIRROR finally ending when both men’s face are covered in blood and Danvers mask is in pieces. Ozric lifts a limp Danvers up high, before spiking him into the mat with a massive PAROXYSM, a sickening crack filling the arena as Danvers hits.

Ozric Mortimer has done it, surviving this battle to the death as the Revenant Plague Doctor is no more.


We return to the scene of an eternal battle, on the pains around the endless pit that stretches to hell itself. An army of hellhounds and demons have been waging war with a horde of Troy Solveig duplicates. But the army of Solveig have managed to acquire the upper hand and are driving the forces of hell back into the pit they came from at a rapidly increasing rate.

All the while, the watchful eyes of hundreds of Valkyries watch on.

That is, until the sky darkens once more and a dark and familiar presence returns to the battlefield. Nocturne. His presence comes with thunder and lightning that begin to lay waste to the Solveig forces. Cruel laughter fills the air as he materialises.

“You seek Valhalla? Even your precious Valkyries will have a hard time claiming your soul from the depths of hell.”

He stands with his back to the pit. At his voice, the remaining hellhounds fall silent and still.

“Poor souls, all forgotten by your creators, left to rot in the depths below. You deserve better than to be lost to time. You deserve a purpose. Fear not, for the Abyss has shown me the way. Arise…”

From behind him, from the pit of hell, two hulking creatures emerge. First, the Cerberus… Three snarling heads that seem to hulk over the frames of the other hellhounds. Behind the Cerberus, a figure that made even the giant dog seem small. A huge horned demon, with a spine of hair that runs the length of its back.

“Cerberus… Behemoth. Your destiny awaits. Drag Troy Solveig with you to the depths of hell itself.”

The giant behemoth takes a huge swing and knocks a score of the Solveig duplicates flying. Soon, the numbers dwindle until only one remains – The true Troy Solveig. He stands, Vǫlsungr in hand and defiance in his eyes. But it is Cerberus that strikes out first, with each of the three heads aiming for a different part of Solveig’s body. Quick reactions and a Vǫlsungr blow keep the hound at bay, and he downs Ceberus with a second hammer blow.

Solveig throws Vǫlsungr, catching Behemoth square in the horned head and sending it staggering backwards. It is there that he dashes out to Cerberus, a blade now in his hands. Without hesitation, he stabs, right in the chest. Cerberus does not seem to make a sound of pain from the stab wound, but Nocturne does.

Nocturne howls in agony, clutching at his own chest. The demon who had grown and grown in power seems to weaken before Solveig’s eyes. Again, Solveig stabs into the beast’s flesh, piercing the heart. Again, Nocturne crumples and screams in agony.

“Your fatal flaw, Nocturne.

You share one soul with the beast. So what harms one, harms the other. Slay the Cerberus and your soul shall separate from it. What brought you back to life will ultimately lead to your demise.”

Vǫlsungr returns to Solveig’s hands. Before Behemoth can strike another blow, he swings the hammer. One, two, three blows in quick succession. Each one crushing one of the guard dog’s heads.

Cerberus’s body lies dead before him. From within the weakened Nocturne, the dog’s soul floats free, floating straight back down the pit to hell. Solveig raises his hammer.

“Your soul is spliced from the hound. At Ring of Dreams, you will be next to fall.”



Both the Teacher and the Nightmare circle the ring with one another, preparing to unleash unspeakable violence on the other. Manson is the first to attack charging across the ring and hitting a sudden crossbody block that takes Quinn down to the mat hard, before raining down lefts and rights.

Quinn quickly rolls out of the ring to create some distance, which Manson quickly follows. The Teacher expected this and quickly gets around to the Nightmare’s back, connecting with a German Suplex into the steel steps, a sickening thud echoing through the arena as Manson crumbles to the floor.

Quinn ducks under the ring for a weapon but is met with a clubbing blow to his back as Manson looks to reclaim the advantage. The Tutor rises up and both men just begin throwing punch after punch like a jailhouse brawl with one another as the Nightmare retreats back into the ring.

The Teacher ducks under the ring grabbing a kendo stick. He makes his way into the ring and quickly wraps up Manson’s arms in the kendo stick, floating over into a cattle mutilation! THE FINAL ASSIGNMENT with the kendo stick for added pressure! MANSON SHOUTS I QUIT!

Redmond Quinn shows that just because he’s a teacher, he’s not afraid of committing acts of violence when necessary.



Redmond Quinn stands in the middle of the ring, looking towards the entrance ramp. Tonight, he promised to give his DNA to Nightstick, in hopes that the Cop might stop looking in his direction for the murder of Luther Creed and listen to what he might have to say.

Nightstick soon trundles down the ramp, ready to get what he needs. He gets into the ring and stands opposite his man.

“I need you to listen to me,” Quinn pleads. “I know what you want, but what you need is waiting for you somewhere else.”

Nightstick grimaces. “Give me what we came here for.”

The Teacher turns away, frustrated.

“Why won’t you listen?” He gruffly asks. “Christ, now I know why Creed struggled with you. You don’t need to waste time with my DNA, not when I have proof of what you need. I can tell you who he was afraid of. I can tell you why. You just need to come with me.”

Feeling as if he’s being toyed with, Nightstick strikes with a fierce right hand, stumbling Quinn as his glasses fly off his face.

He follows up with a big knee, right handing him to the canvas.

The Cop is spitting with rage. He takes out his baton, whipping it free. Quinn looks up desperately, receiving a massive shot to the face.


Finally, he reaches down, roughly snapping a couple strands of hair from Redmond’s head before letting his unconscious body flop to the canvas, face first.

With the fans disapproval growing in the background, he carefully makes his exit.

What proof does Redmond Quin have?



A week ago, we found Khalil Longfellow on his back, surrounded by demons, and Monty Straight, the embodiment of Khalil’s own personal Hell, standing over him.

We pick up where we left off.

“The truth is, pal,” Monty says with a twinkle in his eye. “You never stood a chance.”

Monty leans over and looks Khalil in the eye.

“But I’m a good friend Khalil, and a better host. I could have destroyed you. Countless times. But our hatred of one another has outgrown our friendship.”

Khalil lifts an eyebrow. “You intend to burn me alive at Ring of Dreams, and destroy what little remains of me.”

Monty nods.

“And you intend to do the same to me. Hence why you signed the contract.”

Khalil spits, “And destroyed my soul in the process.”

Monty laughs. He snaps his fingers.

The demons that surround them dissipate in the night air. Gone.

“I said I’m a better host.”

Khalil sits up, “So?”

Monty turns and looks out at the trees. “There was a claus in the contract that was only valid if you signed it with your soul.”

Khalil sneers. “It was written in the language of the infernal. I would not read it.”

“All clauses involving souls are written in the Infernal,” Monty replies. “At Ring of Dreams, our score is settled for good. If you burn me alive? You are granted a brand new soul.”

Khalil exhales sharply. Sweat forms on his brow.

“And if I don’t?”

There’s that twinkle in Monty’s eye.

“Then I burn you. Right off the face of the earth.”



Eli Forever has nearly woken up from the endless nightmare he’s suffered but one last obstacle lies between him and Manson. Can the Heir Eternal put down the man who started it all or are his eyes not woke enough to take down the man called Jack?

The bell sounds as Eli rushes forward, drilling Jack with a series of heavy lefts and rights before a stiff kick to the ribs staggers Jack back. Eli rushes to the ropes, bouncing off before grabbing the back of Jack’s head as he rebounds, driving him down into the mat with EAST MEETS WEST.

Jack staggers to his feet, ducking under a Lariat attempt before a hard knee to the jaw stuns Eli, before grabbing him into a headlock, swinging around into a huge backbreaker before driving Eli down into the mat with the BONE BREAKER. Jack pulls Eli up to his feet, bending him backwards but Eli just manages to avoid the clubbing forearm attempt.

Jack turns around right into a big running haymaker that sends Jack staggering back a few paces before he unleashes a massive Awakening, sending Eli flying across the ring as he crashes into the corner with a thunk. Jack rushes forward, drilling Eli with a knee to the jaw before forcing Eli’s jaw onto his knee and leaping forward

A THOUSAND WORDS! Eli looks out of it as Jack pulls him up to his feet, drilling him in the gut with a stiff kick before swinging his leg over and pulling Eli into his other arm as he drives him into the canvas with SEEIN’ RED! Eli is done as Jack hooks the leg for the cover, ONE..TWO…THREE!!!

Jack does it again, first David now Eli as he simply picks up his hat, lights a cigarette and walks out through the crowd one final time



Stood in the highest tower of Valaskialf; a palace in Asgard, The Scarecrow stands with Brent Kersh’ body in his arms. He’s looking towards the high seat of Odin, Hlidskialf, when a prayer leaves his lips.

“Mighty Odin, I pray to thee.”

Before he can say another word, Odin appears; only, he isn’t alone.

Alongside him, unbelievably, are Rain and Troy Solveig.

“I never thought you to be a foolish creature, Scarecrow,” Odin chuckles, taking a seat on his throne. “But even you must know that coming here is the death of you.”

The Monster places Brent Kersh’ body down before them.

“I come to plead for his resurrection,” he replies with a shamefully bowed head.

Rain laughs, bellows, even.

“Oh how the mighty have fallen. Just years ago you were desperate to destroy this man and now you stand before the powerful Odin and beg for his life. What a wicked web we weave.”

The Scarecrow looks up. “I’ll deal with you in a minute, maggot. The grown-ups are talking.”

Rain snarls, ready to walk down the steps before Odin places a hand out and stops him.

“What do you have as an offering for me, Scarecrow?” The Allfather asks, looking down his nose at the monster.

“What do you want?” He replies solemnly.

“Well, the first thing I think we both want, is to see you in pain and defeated,” Odin remarks with a sinister smile. “So here is the first part of my proposal; fight my greatest warrior, Troy Solveig, and return back to me.”

The Scarecrow tilts his head as Troy walks towards him.

“Very well.”

Suddenly, they both teleport, appearing inside the ring.


It’s a street fight between two of the hardest hitting fighters on the roster and in the fight between Yahweh and Odin!

The bell sounds as Troy Solveig and The Scarecrow lock up in the center of the ring like two bulls! Their horns interlocking as they jockey for position. The Scarecrow releases the hold for a moment only to rear back for a huge HAYMAKER! Troy takes it on the side of his chin only to smirk and leap up for a Superman punch!

VALKYRIE! HAYMAKER! VALYKYRIE! HAYMAKER! VALKYRIE! Shot after shot as these two behemoths battle for supremacy, but The Scarecrow tries for another Haymaker, but Troy ducks the blow. He slips up behind The Scarecrow and slips on the full Nelson! HEL’S EMBRACE!

The Hayman summons all of his strength as he lowers his hands. In a huge bellow, he breaks the hold as Troy looks legitimately taken aback! THE LIGHTS GO OUT! They return and Troy Solveig is laid out in a heap THROUGH A TABLE as The Scarecrow is perched on the top rope. THE PERCH! He steps off and places a boot upon Troy’s chest. ONE…TWO…KICKOUT!

The Scarecrow doesn’t seem surprised by this as he reaches down with his firm hand and grips the throat of Troy before lifting him up above himself! He grabs the back of Troy before slamming him down! Only Troy is the one escaping this time as he leaps from the second rope for a springboard punch! VALKYRIE! WITH BRASS KNUCKLES PULLED FROM HIS TIGHTS! He follows it up with a snap jackhammer! HAMMER OF THE GODS! Troy covers! One…TWO…THREEE!

One of Odin’s chosen falls to his knees as he clenches his fists tight as the battle was won.


Immediately following that brutal match, The Scarecrow is teleported back to Asgard, led in front of Odin and Rain – minus Troy Solveig.

Rain quickly walks over, stomping on the head of Scarecrow who finds himself barely able to get back up. Toying with him.

“I must admit, that was entertaining,” says Odin as Rain returns to meet him by his side. “But the best of this show is yet to come, is it not?”

The Monster pulls himself from the palace throne room floor, groggily getting back to his feet.

“What… do you want?” The Scarecrow demands to know, staggering forward.

“Your complete and utter surrender.”

Odin steps down off his throne and approaches The Hayman.

“Your precious God has never told you the full truth, has he creature?” Odin asks, smirking. “You see, all of us Gods created Earth together. We created our own warriors and monsters.”

He begins to pace past him.

“And some of those monsters had immortality.”

Odin stops.

“You’ve been to led believe that you cannot be killed and that is true, however, I’m a GOD, you pathetic little beast. Humanity may not be able to end your miserable life, but I can.”

Rain now walks down to stand opposite The Scarecrow, looking him dead in the eyes.

“If you want Brent Kersh to be resurrected, you’ll need to surrender in battle to my Valkyrie. You’ll need to sacrifice your life so that he can live.”

The Scarecrow takes a deep breath, taking one last look at the prone body of Brent Kersh.


To be continued..


The Asylum is back in Old School Wrestling as it’s running wild with The Sharkman, Doubt, Smiley, and Hysteria all locked into a battle!

The bell sounds as these four deranged individuals meet up in the center of the ring! Smiley and Hysteria begin trading blows back and forth as does The Sharkman and Doubt! Doubt kicks The Sharkman away before turning just in time to catch a spinning heel kick from Smiley! CHELSEA GRIN!

Smiley gets to his feet only to get blasted by a running spear! NO HOPE! Hysteria rolls to his feet as The Sharkman rolls him up! ONE…TWO…KICKOUT! They both get to their feet before Hysteria receives the business end of a SUSHI KICK! Before The Sharkman can cover, he’s tackled to the ground by a quick hurricanrana sending The Sharkman into the corner.

Everyone is down before they slowly rise to their feet. They look amongst themselves before each chuckling underneath their breath as this is just like old times. Hysteria and Doubt tie it up with blows going back and forth as Smiley begins helping Doubt! The Sharkman rushes towards them before knocking them both into the corner with a running body splash!

They fall to the mat as The Sharkman takes a step back. Hysteria is up on the top rope though! He leaps off just as The Sharkman turns around! THE LOST HOPE! The codebreaker sends him sprawling across the ring. Smiley rises to his feet. THE LOST HOPE! Doubt rises to his feet. THE LOST HOPE! Everyone is out except for Hysteria who covers Doubt! One…TWO…THREE!

The Mad Mastermind has scored a pivotal win here tonight in a battle of the deranged in the war between The Asylum!



Devoid of sound.

Devoid of movement.

The Knight of the Void finds himself frozen in place as the space surrounding himself begins pushing in on him as he tries to scream out in pain.

Only there’s no sound.

Yet his thoughts can be heard.

“Come to me.”

No response.

Berengar’s hand begins flexing as if trying to summon something to himself, but nothing is happening.

“Vigilkeeper. We must not allow this shadow to encompass us. Your fire grows strong.”


“Our flame grows stronger. Vigilkeeper… I need you. Without your light, this universe will fall into the same hole that Halcyon faded into.”

A small bit of light shines in front of Berengar.

He flexes his hand once more.


King Arthur raises his sword Excalibur high as it glints in the small amount of light in the room. Only Ser Percival begins glowing.

King Arthur looks at him curiously before beams of light begin shooting from his eyes, ears, and chest.


An enormous explosion happens as Ser Percival is no more! Bits of his existence now cover the entire room as well as King Arthur who is shivering in sheer fury.

Because standing before King Arthur is the figure of a hero.

A white, glowing figure stands before him as Vigilkeeper is raised in the air. The eyes of Berengar are completely white as they slowly open to focus on King Arthur.

“Your legend dies here, my lord.”

“You killed my beast! You have destroyed possibly my last chance to become immortal.”

King Arthur begins to glow with a dark, green energy as he lifts up his sword.

“I’ve allowed you life for too long, knave. Now allow me to remedy my mistakes!”

Arthur lunges forward with his glowing green sword.



Two of the greatest champions in OSW history square up one last time. Will the Spirit Walker stand tall or will one final Shadow Kick end his OSW career?

The bell sounds as both men rush forward, laying into one another with heavy lefts and rights, Hawk ducking under a wild right before a stiff clothesline nearly decapitates Lane. Hawk steps back, looking to grab the first fall straight away as he pulls an imaginary tomahawk from his back before rushing forward as Lane gets to his feet





THREE!!! Tommy Hawk allready has the first fall!

Mike Lane staggers up to his feet, groggy from the palm strike as Hawk rushes at him, only for Lane to quickly scramble under the ropes to the floor below. The Shadow tries to regain his bearings as Hawk backs up a few paces before rushing forward,


Hawk crashes to the floor hard as Lane pulls him up to his feet, rolling him back into the ring as he tries to tie up the match.




Lane gets to his feet before dropping a knee to the back of Hawk’s head. He backs up again, dropping a second, then a third but as he tries to pull Hawk to his feet, Tommy manages to push him away, drilling Lane with an almost desperation like uppercut before slamming him to the mat with a Body Slam. Hawk pulls Lane up to his feet, hoisting him up into the air for a Suplex as Lane manages to slip out, nailing Hawk with a big DDT as he falls to the mat. Hawk is stunned on the canvas as Lane drops down


Hawk tries to power out but his head is still woozy from the constant attacks, stuck in the middle of the ring and not wanting to take too much damage, Hawk taps out. Tommy taps furiously but Lane still keeps the hold on, trying to win the match outright with the STF. The Spirit Walker refuses to tap a second time, slowly pulling himself to the ropes before leaping forward as he forces a break.

Lane lets go of the hold but rushes to the ropes as Hawk slowly rises to one knee


A massive knee to the jaw damn near knocks Hawk out but he’s still on his knees barely concious. Lane shakes his head before bouncing off the ropes once more

SHADOW KICK! A massive Shadow Kick finally drops Hawk as Lane rolls through for the sure win






Lane can’t believe it, pulling Hawk away from the ropes before trying for the pin again.






Hawk’s still in this as visible frustration fills Lane’s face, clenching his right fist in anger before unleashing a mighty slap across the face of a slowly rising Hawk. Hawk’s face turns, absorbing the slap as Lane rolls back, looking for the killing blow before rushing forward.

SHADOW…HAWK CATCHES HIS FOOT! Lane is stuck hopping on one leg as Hawk slowly rises to his feet, a blank fury flowing through his face as Lane tries to punch his way free, each right and left barely moving Hawk’s jaw before he damn near decapitates Lane with a massive Lariat.

Lane stumbles to his feet right into the waiting arms of the Savage who pummels Lane with huge lefts and rights before a giant headbutt damn near busts the Shadow open. Another leaves Lane out on his feet as Hawk lifts him up high with one arm before driving him down into the canvas


Lane is out on the mat as The Savage looks to end it all, pulling one final tomahawk from his back before waiting for Lane to slowly rise to his feet as he rushes forward.

THE SC…DEGENERATION! Lane counters the Scalp at the very last moment, slowing down the Savage just enough to catch his breath. Hawk rises up to his knees right as Lane rushs forward

SHADOW KICK! Lane nails it full force but Hawk doesn’t go down, yelling out a thunderous roar as he barely flinches. Lane just shakes his head, bouncing off the other side of the ring.

A SECOND SHADOW KICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Hawk’s eyes glaze over as Lane backs up, looking for the killing blow. He rushes to the ropes, springboarding off

SPRINGBOARD SHADOW…MODIFIED POWERBOMB! Hawk catches the foot, driving the back of Lane’s head into the mat but that takes everything out of him as both men collapse to the canvas.

Both men slowly rise to their feet, Lane backing up as they both use the ropes to slowly get to their feet. Lane signalling for a final Shadow Kick as Hawk pulls out one last tomahawk, the both of them nodding as they rush forward.

THE SCALP! SHADOW KICK! Both strikes hit fully as the pair collapse to the canvas, Lane managing to fall onto Hawk as the referee counts






Mike Lane does it, winning this final war against Tommy Hawk in a victory that both men damn near killed themselves all over again

Both men get back to their feet, meeting in the middle of the ring.

This epic rivalry decided once and for all.

Mike Lane offers a handshake that Tommy Hawk pushes away, both men embracing with a hug as we fade to static.