[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [The wind howls on a blustery day. The tree’s sway back and forth, adding to the brisk noise the howling wind brings with it. Stood inside the wreckage of his once tent, Alistair Huxley is searching for remnants of his show. The Painkiller meanwhile stands watch with Fluffy nearby, giving The Ringmaster a chance to be alone.]

“Where is he?” [Painkiller says, turning to Fluffy.] “He was supposed to be here.”

[Fluffy folds his arms, not making a sound.]

“Painkiller? Where’s my Painkiller?” [Huxley shouts, calling his act over. He slowly meanders across, standing beside him.] “We cannot let this stand. We have to rip their still beating hearts from their chest and punish them for what they’ve done to us. The show must go on, Painkiller. We have to rebuild.”

“We will.”

[Ali looks at him, frowning.] “What is it?”

“It’s The Hangman, he hasn’t arrived. He was supposed to meet here to sift through the wreckage and ensure your protection.”

[Huxley throws down a charred object, infuriated.]

“Does he not understand what they’ve done to us? They took our home. They took The Greatest Show Unearthed! I’m going to kill them all, starting with The Hangman if he dared to betray us.”

[Both of them make a very fast paced walk towards Fluffy, stepping outside the remnants of the tent to suddenly and abruptly stop. Their eyes widen and their mouths gape. The horror etched on their faces is real. The camera spins around, revealing what they’ve seen.] [It’s The Hangman.] [Hanging from the sign by his own noose that still reads ‘The Family’, swaying in the wind.] [Click.]


[A single dangling lamp fixture flickers on and off as Mother sits in a room alone. In the distance, one can hear muffled voices, happily singing away. Her children are safe and enjoying themselves, but Mother sits alone, enraged and angry. Before her, straw lays scattered on the concrete floor. She holds two of these pieces of straw in her hands.]

“Trickery.” [She mutters.] [Somehow, the Mother of All knows that these two bits of straw did not emerge from the same place.] [CLANG!] [Mother practically contorts her body to a vertical base as something hits the ground in front of her. She looks to its source to find none other than Jack Jeckel.]

“Your kiddies weren’t the only ones laid out last week.” [He says, nodding to the thrown object.] [Mother ignores Jack and picks up the object.]

“It’s called a Walkman. It plays sounds if you hit that little button.” [Jack condescendingly says. He doesn’t seem to have much faith in Mother’s technical savvy.] [Her thin finger presses the button and the small sounds of crows plays. She looks back at Jeckel with anger in her eyes.]

“The Crow didn’t do this. The straw wasn’t the same.”

[The straw before her makes sense now. She took some from Scarecrow when she ripped his arm off last week. The other type was the one found scattered over her children.]

“No shit.” [Jack mutters.] “When the attack went down, Jake was there too. Me and the kiddies got laid out. You do the math.”

[Jeckel snorts as Mother sits back down and begins to walk away.]

“Why do you hate your brother?”

[Jeckel stops sharply at Mother’s words.]

“Where do I start?” [Jack begins.] “If you were me, you’d hate him too.”

[Mother nods.]

“I’m not you.”

[Jeckel seems confused at her remark, throwing his hands up and walking away. Mother looks down at the straw strewn about her and the walkman. The lights seem to flicker even more harshly as her eyes look up to face the camera.]

“Yet I hate Jake Jeckel.”



[Tonight the colossal Commie battles The Nightwatch! Will Jacob Phoenix rise to the occasion? Or will Sergei Sokolov crush his dreams?] [The match starts with Jacob staring into his opponent. The Phoenix’s eyes are cold and listless. He approaches Sergei, immediately getting muscled into the ropes…. A Biel sends him careening head-over-heels to the canvas! Sokolov methodically picks him up, absorbing a few shots to the breadbasket before elevating him in a Suplex– NO! He holds him in place, actually pressing him before The Nightwatch slips onto his feet. Jacob dusts off a few Shin Kicks, Forearm Smashes and then a Dropkick! That staggers Sergei into the ropes…. Jacob tries a Running Clothesline to no avail– Solokov Gorilla Presses him clear out of the ring!] [The Phoenix hits the concrete with a sickening “SPLAT!” The Red Tsar begins stepping over the ropes only for Jacob to grab his ankles… The pair struggle for control, with Sergei pulled to the floor and blocking a punch– Side Slam? NO! The Phoenix counters into a Russian Legsweep! Sergei’s head BOUNCES off the concrete! With the big Bolshevik down, Jacob climbs up to the second turnbuckle…. Diving Elbow Drop! Solokov’s in trouble; Phoenix scrambles to lug his opponent’s deadweight under the bottom rope…. Sergei steadily rises…….. Jacob waits, poised……… ZIG-ZAG! He got him! He covers! One… Two….. NO!] [Jacob can’t believe it, snarling and cursing as the referee insists on the two-count. With Sokolov starting to rise, Jacob pulls him into position– For Her? NO! Sergei just overpower him with a BIG Over-The-Shoulder Powerslam! He hooks the leg! One… Two…. NO! Oh, but Sergei’s right on him– From Russia with Love! He covers! One… Two…. NO! And Sergei again muscles him up! But the Soviet Strike is countered into a DDT! Phoenix rises, looking again For Her but Sokolov hoists him into an Electric Chair….. NO! Jacob slips into a Schoolboy! He’s got the tights! One… Two…. THREE!] [The bell rings and Jacob slithers to the outside. Sergei is NOT happy, eying Phoenix with a ice-cold stare…..]


[In the backstage area, Brent Kersh is taping his wrists ahead of a Main Event tonight that you simply won’t want to miss. The Enforcer suddenly stops, looking up to see Neville Sheldon ahead of him. The fans cheer, sharing a little love for Nerd.]

“How’re you doing?” [Sheldon asks, pushing his glasses up.]

“I’m a little sore, a little beat up, but that’s becoming par the course,” [Kersh admits.] “I’m glad you stopped by. I wanted to thank you for trying to save my ass last week.”

[Neville smiles.]

“That’s actually why I’m here. I wanted to let you know that I have your back tonight. You don’t want to be stuck in a steel cage with DTR, knowing that he has backup around that ring like a pack of wolves.”

[Brent shakes his head.] “No, you don’t have to do that. I told you last week that we’ve had a rough year, you and I. I have no intention of making that rougher. I’ll handle DTR and The Family if I have to.”

“I don’t think so,” [Sheldon disagrees.] “Look, I know you can handle yourself and I’m not trying to imply otherwise. I’m just saying that these guys attacked both of us and no-one knows DTR or Jensen Cussen like I do.”

[Brent smiles, offering a handshake.]

“Then thanks, I’d be better off knowing that you have my back out there.”

[Sheldon accepts the handshake and turns to walk away, only he stops at the door.]

“Brent, just you know, I have a bad feeling about tonight.”

[Kersh nods.] “Me too kid, me too.”


[The OSW Tag Team Championships are on the line here tonight as it’s Lux and Laz defending against Painkiller and Ali!] [The bell sounds and it seems like Lazarus and Painkiller are going to start this thing off. Huxley is whispering instructions into the ear of Painkiller before the two meet up in the center. A quick lock-up is broken by Painkiller headbutting Lazarus. Ali squeals in delight as if his plan was being implemented. Lazarus is seeing stars for a moment before Painkiller hits a snapmare that props up Lazarus. He hits the ropes and returns with a discus lariat furthering the confusion placed upon Lazarus. He wraps his hand around the throat of Lazarus and begins just viciously choking him!] [The referee begins counting and telling him to stop to which Painkiller obliges. He grabs the damn-near lifeless body of Lazarus and drags him to his corner before tagging in Alistair. He climbs out of the ring as Huxley gives a little bow. Lazarus has begun to pull himself to his feet in his enemy’s corner when Alistair charges for a SPEAR! It nails flush as Lazarus falls out of the corner. He reaches out for his tag team partner, but Alistair is quickly to choke that off by wrapping up his leg in a leglock. He reaches up and tags in Painkiller.] [Painkiller comes in with a huge stomp onto the lower back of Lazarus and picks him up off the floor. Lazarus manages to get to a break with a jawbreaker. He leaps out for Lux! TAG! Lux Bellator comes in like a house of fire! Dropkick to Painkiller! Dropkick to Alistair that knocks him off the apron! Lux Bellator grabs Painkiller up before kicking him right in the midsection. He pulls his head between his legs and… DISCIPLE MA-REVERSED! Painkiller flips Lux right over his back and into his own corner. Lux Bellator gets to his feet and… BLIND TAG! Lazarus gets the blind tag and smiles as he gets into the ring. Lux Bellator is trying to stay in, but the referee is busy trying to get him out. DRAGON’S BREATH! The fireball erupts in the face of Lazarus as he’s blinded. Painkiller sees his opportunity. THE FINAL BREATH! The referee turns around just in time to see him pinning him. ONE…TWO…THREE!] [WE HAVE NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! Painkiller and Alistair Huxley celebrate with their new titles as Lazarus is still clutching his burned face and mask. Lux Bellator just looks disgusted on the apron.]


[Bellatorum have lost their titles. The last remaining symbol of their alliance as a brotherhood now walks away slung over the shoulders of Alistair Huxley and Painkiller. The New Champions leave the ring while for Bellatorum, the war seems to merely be beginning. Bellator and Lazarus stand in the centre of the ring, neither one speaking, neither one moving. Waiting. After a long stare, it is Bellator who speaks first.]

“Are you happy now, Lazarus?”

[Lazarus cocks his head sideways slightly.]

“You’re pinning that on me as well, Lux?”

[Lux doesn’t smile, he doesn’t nod. His expression remains stoic.]

“You don’t understand, do you? I fought through hell and back against you and when the time came, I truly believed that you had been born again in the image of light. I trusted you… I had faith in you… I thought I had finally found a brother that would not let me down. Yet, nothing has changed, has it? You’re still the very same Solomon that I put in the ground.

You were never in this for God. You only dragged his and my names through the mud to service your own selfish desires. I said last week that the company you choose to keep says a lot about your priorities and your true heart. You stood for your own power, over that of glorifying the Almighty. You haven’t changed one bit, and I know you won’t repent your sins.”

[This is the turn for Solomon to react in anger, lashing out with venom at the one he once called a brother.]

“You hypocrite! For months and months you have been preaching the message of the Torchbearer… Acceptance, forgiveness, love. Yet, you could not see those values in your brother? You truly believe that I put the likes of Viktor North ahead of you?

You call yourself the Light Warrior, yet what you preach is not light. I have nothing to repent.”

[Lux interrupts him, his verbal assault laced with as much venom as Lazarus’s had been.]

“I lost a FATHER for you, Solomon. I had the choice, and I chose YOU. I see now how naive my trust in you was. I honestly believed you could change your ways.”

[Lux pushes Lazarus away, reeling him back into the corner.]

“This is the end of the Road for what we once knew, there is no turning back from here. In the light of God’s judgement, you will be tried. And as you are the same person you have always been. You will be judged not only for your actions under the Red Mask… But under the name Solomon as well.”

[He turns to the crowd around the Tap Room, an announcement lingering in the air.]

“Next week marks the judgement of one Solomon Rhodes. With God the Almighty as the judge, I will play the role of jury and executioner. And I will see to it that you lose everything you hold dear…”

[He closes in once more to Lazarus’s face.]

“Just as I have.”


[It’s everyone’s favorite underdog going one-on-one with one third of The Family!] [The bell sounds as Neville Sheldon rushes towards the massive Jensen Cussen and baseball slides right between his legs! The Nerd gets back to his feet as Cussen whirls around just in time for Sheldon to slam into him for an STO! Neville Sheldon beckons for him to get up before hitting the ropes and bounces off for a huge clothesline. However, Jensen Cussen sees this coming and FLATTENS Neville with a running knee strike! The Nerd hits the ground and is clutching his forehead in agony. Jensen Cussen whips him onto his stomach and begins DRILLING the sides of his head with knee strikes!] [The referee tries to get involved, but Cussen gives him a ‘Don’t fuck with me’ look that stops him. Cussen, after about the fifth strike, gets to his feet and begins moving across the ring. Neville manages to get to his feet and… BLUNT FORCE MISSES! He misses with the huge superkick as Neville Sheldon hits the ropes hard and charges him for…. BLUNT FORCE STUDIES! Neville just stole the signature move of Jensen who is staggered but still standing. WRRRREESTLEMANIAAAAAA! The body slam is slow but slams Cussen down to the mat before hitting the ropes for a big leg drop! He covers! One…Two…TH-NO! Cussen manages to power out just in time!] [Neville Sheldon quickly wraps a headlock onto the monstrous Cussen, but that doesn’t stop him from slowly rising to his feet. Now Neville is dangling from his back as Cussen grabs him by the neck and FLINGS him over his shoulder and down to the mat! Neville quickly pops back up and charges Jensen with a huge running N.K.O.! However, Jensen simply stops him with another leaping knee strike that flattens him again! The Nerd slowly gets to his feet and Jensen Cussen was waiting for him. CURTAIN’S C-N.K.O! The springboard facebuster just misses but Neville manages to wrap his neck for a severe neckbreaker! Jensen crashes to the mat as Neville quickly hooks both legs! One…Two…THREE!] [A big win tonight for the underdog that is Neville Sheldon! Jensen rolls out of the ring in pain.]


[We find ourselves in a far corner of the tap room, the likes of which resemble a hastily created laboratory, as hinted by the mortar, pestle, alembic, and countless other alchemical tools strew about. The camera pans across these many devices until it comes to rest on a decaying old oak table, a vial of blood sitting dead center as idle hands grind up an unseen substance.]

“If I could not simply find the Dragon Stone, then I will create it. And I have the perfect specimen to use as the base for it…”

[The camera pans up, revealing that the hands belong to the Mad Scientist himself, Ethan Earhart. He’s busy at work with his tools when the door to his makeshift lab is thrown open! Earhart reflexively grabs the blood vial, backing up as the monstrous Sergei Sokolov storms into the room!]

“This is why you attacked me? To use my blood for some experiment? You are a coward!”

[Sergei advances on Earhart, the scientist placing the vial into his coat pocket as he tries to talk Sergei down.]

“Coward? I am advancing my own form, creating something that could make me stronger, faster! I am no coward, I am a genius! And right now you’re standing between me and a potential breakthrough!”

[Sergei stops in his tracks and eyes the room around him, a wheel turning in his head as he notices all of the tools, ingredients, notes, and books strewn across the room.]

“The only thing that shall be broken, my friend, is you.”

[SERGEI FLIPS THE TABLE! Earhart dives for the mortar and pestle on it in an attempt to catch the pieces, but Sergei has already moved on to the other parts of the lab, smashing anything made of glass and tearing any notes to shreds as Earhart tries to comprehend what’s going on in front of him. Without warning, he lunges towards Sergei!]


[Earhart fires away with lefts and rights in an attempt to subdue Sergei, but the Russian Bear refuses to back down, headbutting Ethan before taking him and tossing him into the pile of broken glass and shredded paper! Sergei smirks down at the seemingly defeated Earhart as he leaves the room.] [As the camera comes back to Ethan, it closes in on his hand. In it? The vile of Sergei’s blood.]


[Tonight The Rewind Champion brawls with The Juggalo King! Will the Mother of All finally put this clown to bed? Or will Jake Jeckel manipulate his way to another victory?] [The match starts with Jake trying to overwhelm Mother, beating her into the corner. She quickly turns the tables though, scratching and clawing before planting a knee right under his jaw! Mother looks for the Irish Whip; Jeckel reverses, whipping her down with a Powerslam– Double Stomp to the gut! He covers! One… Two…. NO! Her children watch with concern as Jake grounds her into a Reverse Chin Lock. Mother snarls, trying to rise when The Juggalo King transitions into the Riddle-Box? NO! Mother counters into a Small Package! One… Two… NO! Jake kicks out; Mother springs up into a Crab Walk!] [The Mother of All starts skittering across the canvas, kicking away repeatedly at her opponent. She lands a blow right to the gut, arching her back forward and looking for Mother’s Embrace only to get popped into Jake’s shoulders…. THE HATCHET? NO! Mother swings onto her feet, drilling him with a Rude Awakening! And a Spinal Tap! She covers! One… Two…. NO! Her children cheer as The Rewind Champion calls for the end…. Jake works to pull himself up…….. Black Mis– NO! He caught her in a Goozle! PONY RIDE! Mother’s back seizes; she scrambles to rise…… JUGGALO JACKHAMMER!] [But Jake’s slow to capitalize, eventually covering. One…. Two….. NO! The Juggalo King’s neck is still stinging. He tries gritting through the pain, yanking Mother up by the hair– German Suplex? NO! Mother floats through in mid-move, finally slapping on Mother’s Embrace! She wraps herself around him like a Boa Constrictor! She’s squeezing the life out of him! Jeckel stumbles to the canvas…. He’s got nowhere to go…… She’s wrenching back……. Jake’s trying to reach the ropes…………. Mother’s got him…………….. NO! He’s getting back to his feet, only Mother grapevines the leg! He crumbles again……… HE TAPS! Jake taps!]


[The match may be over, but the war is just beginning between Mother and Jake Jeckel. The vicious Mother of All quickly begins to stalk the attacker of her children, but the Juggalo King is no fool. He bails to the outside, his eyes never leaving Mother’s.]

“Fuck this shit, I’m out of here!” [Jake yells, before turning to walk away.] [Or not.] [Jack Jeckel is here, and he clotheslines Jake out of his boots! The Boogieman picks Jake up by his ponytail to throw him into the ring. Mother immediately begins to lay into the Juggalo King with a plethora of shots, but once Jack is in there the game changes.]

“My turn!” [Jack yells, throwing Mother out of the way so he can continue the assault.] [Bad move.] [Jack finds himself being pulled back by Mother, who is yelling incomprehensibly at him. His help earlier is of no concern to her, she will not be kept from her quarry. Meanwhile, Jake has somehow disappeared from the ring. Mother runs to each corner to look for him as Jack stalks her to wait for the opportune moment.] [Darkness.] [A fluttering of crows.] [The lights come back on and SCARECROW IS HERE! He is between Mother and Jack, who retreats quickly to the corner. Mother turns to face Crow with no regard for his reputation. She sneers down at his hand, remembering the fight last week. They take one step further towards one another.] [Then they fight!] [Scarecrow is much stronger than Mother, but the diminutive demon is quicker and more agile. She slips between his legs, grabbing at the straw under his hat to pull him backwards.]

“This time, I’ll take more than your hand.” [She crows at the Hayman.] [Her talon-like fingers dig into his jacket, but Scarecrow rips away, more straw coming out.]

“Impressive.” [Crow boldly states.] “I’m just curious to find out what happens when I kill you. Or perhaps I’ll do like I did Kersh and kill your children first.”

[Mother shrieks in response to that, approaching with fury.]

“Or maybe I already have.”

[She stops dead in her tracks, allowing Crow to grab her around the neck again. This time he tilts his hand so she can’t bite at him. He lifts her up off the canvas.]

“Your breath will run out as I crush the broken vessel you live in.” [Crow begins.] “And you will be forced to watch as I gut your chi…”

[Crow suddenly drops Mother down to the mat as Jack Jeckel has reentered the scene! He begins to stomp on Scarecrow viciously, getting as many shots in as he can. After all, Jack has to face the Hayman in a match next, might as well get in some warning shots.] [However, Scarecrow grabs the foot of Jack to throw him backwards. The inhuman beast turns to look for Mother, but she is gone.]

“Good luck, little clown.” [Crow states as Jack cockily spits towards him.] [This match is on!]


[It’s a battle between giants here as it’s The Scarecrow squaring up with Jack Jeckel!] [The bell sounds as they two giants collide in the center with a tie up. Scarecrow breaks the barrier with a thrusting punch that sends Jack Jeckel staggering backwards for a moment. It’s all the opening that The Hayman needed as he rushes forward for a clothesline that floors Jeckel, although only for a moment. He bounces right back up as Scarecrow nails him right on the side of his head with a HUGE HAYMAKER! Jack Jeckel hits the mat as Scarecrow just prepares for another move. Much too early for a victory for that monster.] [Jack Jeckel slowly stirs only to see a rushing Scarecrow going for another clothesline. Jeckel manages to duck underneath the blow and hits a chop block. The Monster goes down for a moment, but is right back up only to be flattened by a big boot from The Juggalo! Jack begins moving towards the corner, seemingly setting up for something big. JACK IN THE- NO! The Scarecrow saw the curb stomp coming and rolled out of the way. He lunges up and grabs the throat of Jack Jeckel as he’s suspended in the air! Jack Jeckel is squirming and manages to get out of the hold!] [Jack Jeckel headbutts The Monster before turning about and leaping for a beautifully executed Pele kick! The Monster is rocked but The Juggalo isn’t finished. He rushes towards the ropes and comes back for… A SCOOP POWERSLAM! The sheer strength of The Hayman was on display there! He caught the running Jeckel and deposited him roughly on the mat. The Scarecrow walks over to Jack Jeckel and… ROLLUP! The Juggalo just hooked both of his legs inside of a cradle! Both men are squirming to get out of it, but Scarecrow’s shoulders are pinned! ONE…TWO… SCARECROW REVERSES THE WEIGHT TO PIN JACK! ONE…TWO…THREEEEE!] [The Scarecrow managed to pull the wool over Jack’s eyes! Jack Jeckel just hangs his head as The Scarecrow looks ready for more action in victory.]


[What a war between Jack Jeckel and Scarecrow! These two just tore the roof off the Tap Room.] [But the night is not over yet.] [The two combatants have both risen to their feet to stand opposite each other. Something seems to pass between them, even if respect is not high on either of their manifolds. Instead, they rush at one another again to fight.] [JUGGA BLOW TO JACK JECKEL!] [Astute viewers will realize that Jake Jeckel somehow had hidden under the ring for the duration of the last match, and now he’s back to finish unfinished business with his brother. Or is he?]

“You stupid fuck,” [Jake starts, walking towards an amused Scarecrow.] “go find Mother. She’s got the Rewind strap, remember?”

[Crow tilts his head in response.]

“And?” [Even the thickest person can detect the thinly veiled threat behind his words.]

“See, you idiots already messed up the plan.” [Jake says, pointing to both Crow and Jack, who is starting to stir.] “I frame you in an attack, Mother tries to pick a fight and gets her ass kicked. Then I take her Rewind title. It was supposed to be so fucking simple, but instead you went after her and couldn’t even whip her ass. This is the last time I try to use things like you and her, you guys just can’t…”

[Scarecrow grabs Jake by the throat as he did Mother, pulling the Juggalo in close.]

“No one uses me, clown.” [Crow’s eyes seem to grow in the field of vision of Jake.] “I, on the other hand, will use your pathetic bones to build a gravestone for Mother and her children. You’ve made a career out of meddling, but you picked the wrong time to do it.”

[Behind his paint, Jake seems to be turning blue before Scarecrow suddenly drops him. Jake tries to shake the cobwebs out as he sees his brother attacking the Scarecrow.]

“No one kills him but me, you piece of shit!” [Jack yells as he stomps on Scarecrow. Jake merely smiles in return.] [The Juggalo King leans over Crow with his finger stretched out.]

“Don’t ever fuck…”

[JACK IN THE BOX TO JAKE JECKEL!] [Jack mounts Jake’s fallen body to practically spit in his face with venom.]

“Never forget who the better brother is!”

[Jack hops off in one fluid motion to yell at Scarecrow, but the Hayman is gone. All that remains is a faint fluttering of crows as he has vanished. Jack seems confused while Jake quickly rolls out of the ring, and escapes to fight another day.] [Jack Jeckel stands tall tonight, but this has turned into a hell of a mess.]


[It’s carnage in a cage in the main event. It’s Brent Kersh vs. DTR!] [The bell sounds as these two legends in the business tie it up. Brent Kersh seems to have the upperhand at first, but DTR slides in a stiff jab to the midsection to turn the tables. He grasps the wrist of Kersh and forces it behind him. Kersh tries to lower his position, but DTR is right there with him. POP! An elbow strikes back and seemingly catches DTR off guard. The Enforcer tricked him there as he quickly grabs the sides of DTR’s head, grabbing hair, and sends him flying into the steel cage! DTR hits the apron on the edge of the ring as Kersh just gives him a stern smirk.] [He eyes the top of the cage and realizes that it’s much too early for that. He pulls DTR back to his feet in the ring, but DTR kicks him right in the midsection before whipping him around for a full nelson suplex! He manages to hook him in place for a pinning position as the referee comes sliding into picture. One…TWO…NO! Kersh kicks out, still showing a lot of fire as he rolls to his feet quickly. The two begin trading blows as neither seems to have been worn down near enough to be pinned.] [Kersh swings with a loose blow to which DTR expertly ducks underneath. He catches the back of Kersh’s head with a rising forearm! Kersh staggers into the ropes before he turns around for a superkick! That kick found its mark as Kersh is now laying back in the ropes. DTR notices this and grabs him. He lowers his shoulder and throws Kersh right in between the second and third rope! Kersh’s head SLAMS into the hard cage before he slumps back into the ring. The Family’s own seems pleased with his tactic. He quickly runs towards the ropes and comes back with a high knee drop to the face!] [Brent Kersh is in a bad way here as DTR seems to be taking control. He moves over to the ropes and begins to climb up. Kersh staggers to his feet, just as DTR’s hands find the top of the cage. He goes to pulls himself up, but The Enforcer is right there with his hands locked onto his boots. He tries to kick off Kersh, but that kick ends up being his downfall as Kersh uses the momentum to yank him down throatfirst across the top rope! DTR is flung back from the rope like a slingshot as he clutches his throat in agony.] [Brent Kersh sees his opportunity to climb, but he passes on it! Instead, he goes over and drives a knee down into the side of DTR’s! DTR howls out in pain as Brent Kersh quickly wrenches back on the knee. DTR begins throwing punches at Kersh, but The Enforcer just dodges them before releasing the hold. The Enforcer seems happy with his work as he grabs the leg of DTR and begins to turn into LONESTAR-ROLLUP! DTR uses the submission to pull Kersh right into a precarious situation! ONE…TWO…THREE! NO! Kersh kicks out JUST at the last moment.] [Both men are seemingly spent at this point. DTR gets to his feet with Brent Kersh. Kersh swings wildly with a clothesline that DTR ducks underneath. UPPERCUT knocks Kersh onto his butt in the center of the ring. DTR hits the ropes before rushing back towards him with a rushing knee strike! With Kersh seemingly at bay, DTR begins climbing the cage. He gets to the top and looks down. He sees Kersh still hasn’t moved and begins to get to a standing position. HE LEAPS! HE MISSES WITH THE ELBOW DROP! Kersh rolls right out of the way as DTR slams into the mat. Kersh quickly wraps up his legs and turns it right into LONESTAR! DTR is in agonizing pain and has NO CHOICE BUT TO TAP!] [Brent Kersh wins the match in a big way by capitalizing on DTR’s mistake. The Enforcer hobbles out of the ring having gone through hell.]


[Static.] [Immediately following that Cage Match, the tron flickers to static, before appearing inside the run down home of ‘The Family’. Sat in the middle of our screen on a rickety old rocking chair is none other than Alistair Huxley.]

“Welcome home,” [The Ringmaster says spreading his arms out, rocking back and forth.] “It isn’t much, but it’s yours. That’s how I felt about my show.”

[Painkiller soon walks into frame from behind, dragging a terrified Stephanie Cussen by her hair.]

“We received your message loud and clear, didn’t we Painkiller?” [He nods.] “And it occurred to me that the way best to respond to your message, would be to deliver one of our own.”

[Back inside the ring, DTR grabs the cage, pushing his face against it. Cussen and Phoenix meanwhile watch in shock, both of them knowing what’s on the line to them.] [Huxley stands up, grabbing Stephanie by the hair from Painkiller.] [He reveals a rope that he was sitting on, wrapping it around her petrified neck. She screams, but that doesn’t stop him. With every ounce of anger and rage in his heart, he throws the rope over the rafters and begins to pull.] [With every careful, slow and painful pull, her feet begin to rise.]

“What’s good enough for the goose, is good enough for the gander.”

[She chokes.]

“Did you think you could take my life’s work away from me without recourse? Did you think you could kill The Executioner and suffer no consequences?”

[Finally, Stephanie is three feet above the air, kicking and screaming as the noose strangles her life from her.] [She’s coughing, spluttering and gasping desperately for air.] [Alistair smiles sadistically.]

“Welcome home.”

[Back inside the ring, DTR’s head bows in disgust as Jensen Cussen runs towards the entrance ramp, Jacob Phoenix in tow. The Virus turns, realizing that he’s now stood before Brent Kersh and Neville Sheldon – both of whom have a score to settle.] [He runs at them, quickly being taken down by a Double Clothesline. The fans roar as The Virus gets back to his feet, Neville Sheldon leaping with a NKO THAT DRIVES HIM INTO THE CANVAS! DTR squirms in agony but Brent Kersh isn’t finished, rolling him over into the LONE STAR! LONE STAR SUBMISSION!] [The Virus screams in agony, slowly passing out in the middle of the ring as Neville Sheldon and Brent Kersh teach him a lesson thanks to Alistair Huxley that he’ll never forget.] [Kersh releases the hold, getting back to his feet to celebrate with Neville who raises his arm. The fans roar, but this is far from over.]



“Do you feel it yet?” [A voice says carefully emanating from the darkness.] “Because I do, my dear Scarecrow.”


“I feel stronger. Invulnerable. Since you awoke me from my slumber, I am no longer clouded by a desire to destroy Brent Kersh – yet I want to. I want to feel his blood seep through my fingers and his flesh and bone crunch beneath my feet. I want to make humanity suffer.”

[There’s a cackle of glee in the shadows.]

“Me too,” [They respond.] “And together, we will do it. They are afraid of you, Scarecrow. They are weak and powerless to stop you. You will draw more power from me than they could ever imagine. Together, we can destroy them all.”

[The voice pauses for a moment.]

“Before that happens, you must take care of Mother,” [the voice hisses.] “Do you understand me?”

“I do,” [The Scarecrow responds sternly.] “But I am no-ones puppet.”

[Within moments of those words being spoken, the camera begins to shake and an orb of light appears in the middle of the darkness. We see The Scarecrow arch back away from it, only to lean forward, mesmerized.]

“I said, do you understand me?”

[The Scarecrow nods.] “I do.”

[The light vanishes almost as quickly as it arose, returning us to darkness. The Scarecrow doesn’t say another word.] [Flutter.] [And he’s gone.]

“Good little Crow,” [The voice muses smugly.] “Good indeed.”

[Cackle.] [Cut.]