“The Fabric of Family”

Season Two.
December 23rd 2019 – June 20th 2020.
23 Episode Season
Ring of Dreams VI Finale.


Season One ended with Sigil being pulled into the Empty, forced to remain there until he cooperated with the mysterious Flavo and after weeks of isolation, the Collector was a lot more interesting in conversing.

Flavo reveals due to the Tim Crystal tethering itself to Sigil, he’s now forced to train the Collector to use it for the safety of the universe, threatening that if he refuses, everything will be back as it was without Sigil as he would be trapped in the empty until he withered away into nothingness. The promise of power beyond his wildest dreams and a true purpose intrigue the Collector however in a way that Flavo may well come to regret in the future.

Sigil begins by turning allies Darby Sorrow and The Butcher against one another, painting either man as a threat, “warning” Darby that The Butcher wanted his immortality for himself, saying that one branch of the timeline saw The Butcher obtain it and become an unstoppable, immoral force upon this planet. Colin merely being told Sorrow is coming for his life but when the pair meet, they quickly figure out that Sigil has been playing them.

All planned by Flavo who presents Sigil with his first lesson. Repercussions of manipulating time as he implores that one of them must die…a trick lesson as it was. One that Sigil passes easily as he refuses to kill either, stating that the consequences of killing either would be too much. Flavo is overjoyed before revealing a cryptic warning that he must resist him when he comes for Sigil.

Meanwhile, Edward Newton made his long awaited return at Red Snow, nearly a year after being institutionalised from his loss to Nightstick as he was revealed to be behind the slow dissolution of Redwing’s sanity and the reason he believes Luke Storm killed his family. Newton harbours a heavy grudge against Storm, saying there is something he needs to be punished for as he uses Scarlett as collateral for Luke’s complete subservience. But Storm shouldn’t worry as Newton seems overally protective of young Scarlett.

BEG finds himself in the crossfire of this Newton/Storm war as Storm finally cashes in his Ring King victory, announcing his title challenge but stating it’s a triple threat with the newly renamed Red Death fighting for the world championship too, an announcement BEG is none too happy about. He tries to use intimidation and Imperium to beat a retraction out of Storm but the reveal of the demon Hellstrom on Newton’s side and the now formed Enigma turns the tide and has Storm conflicted on what he now must do.
A conflict that seemingly seems resolved as Green makes a deal with Storm. Ensure he remains champion and Scarlett will be back home. With the ticking time bomb that is the Red Death, Luke easily agrees before warning Green that if he screws him, he’ll gladly work side by side with Newton to destroy him, declaring that the history between the pair is mysteriously deep.

Stormborn begins with the Red Death taunting Scarlett, revealing that Luke killed his family and that when the time comes, he’ll kill them both too, terrifying the young girl and breaking the cardinal rule of his master Newton in one fell swoop.

Sigil and the Butcher have their showdown, The Butcher furious at Sigil denying him and betraying him as the Collector notes that giving Colin what he needed would destroy him and after a brutal battle, The Butcher begs Sigil to end him, that he can barely get through the day with the agony in his soul but Sigil refuses for fear of how it could change the universe. The Butcher incensed, proclaims that Sigil will wish he’d killed him before this is all over before a mysterious voice proclaims he will find a way to make Sigil stronger and erase his mercy.

BEG defends his title against The Red Death and Luke Storm and for a while it seems that BEG may defend it through his allegience with Luke Storm but pure instinct fuels the Real Fucking Deal as he betrays both men and wins his first world championship. Incensed, BEG and Imperium beat the fuck out of Storm, declaring Scarlett is dead but Engima rush in, revealing Sigil has aligned with them before The Butcher announces a star studded Eliminator, as all of Enigma will fight Imperium in various matches while every champion will fight one another in a championship Gold Rush match for the ages.

The road to the Eliminator begins as Red Death plots with someone else in a shadowy alley, revealing a plan to kidnap Scarlett Storm from where she’s having ice cream with the Riddler to psychologically torment Luke even more. Storm is watching nearby, stalking the Red Death like a hawk as Death continues his macabre plan.

But Storm didn’t follow up on Red Death, instead being compelled to come back to the Slaughterhouse before he’s transported to the lair of the Cryptkeeper who knows Luke wanted his council. Begging the Keeper to tell him how the story ends, the Cryptkeeper refuses to spoil it in the middle and banishes Storm away, much to the world champion’s anger.

Newton has a peaceful play date with young Scarlett, the two conversing about Luke as Newton reasures her that whatever the Red Death told her was false, that her daddy isn’t evil..he just did a very bad thing but before Newton can comfort the girl more, the mystery figure talking to Red Death before is revealed to be Seesaw who much to Newton’s shock and Luke Storm’s anger.

Storm furious, attacks Newton briefly before taking him to the Cryptkeeper who can hopefully take them to where Seesaw is. Cryptkeeper reluctantly agrees to take them but not before warning that the story will unfold in ways they cannot comprehend and that whatever ending they get, they cannot stop.

Transported into Seesaw’s home, Storm finds himself entrapped in a spiked cage before Seesaw makes himself known, revealing that Scarlett’s playing happily in the basement but they’ll have to get past him first. A brutal battle between Riddler and Mr Make Believe ensues before Newton knocks him out cold but to his surprise, comes face to face with Banzan. The Mountain is confused as he is, revealing he followed BEG here but lost him as Green is revealed upstairs near Luke Storm.

Green revels in Storm’s predicament, still enraged at how Luke betrayed him and took his title as he’s beaten down by Green’s henchmen before being saved by Banzan. Storm immediately goes to find Scarlett but is stopped by Banzan. The Mountain reveals Newton knocked him out before making himself out to be the sole rescuer of Scarlett, much to Luke’s heartbreak.

Distraught at home over having not seen his daughter in months, Storm is interrupted by BEG coming for him once more but thanks to Banzan and Aesop, Storm once more beats the shit out of BEG before the Cryptkeeper reveals that Banzan’s conscience may well destroy the tale of Banzan and Aesop as one of them is fabled to die.

Meanwhile Red Death is furious at Seesaw for screwing up what should have been an easy plan just for the sake of meeting new friends but Death may have made an enemy in Seesaw as he promises to have a special present for Death in the Eliminator. BEG is none too happy with Death either, revealing Death is a turncoat of Enigma, that he was the one who told me where Storm and Scarlett was before Death gets back on his good side, saying the only way BEG can win this war is with him.

The final Nitro before Eliminator ends with a massive schmozz, every man beating down one another before the Cryptkeeper enters, destroying everyone inside the ring and possibly showing the ultimate fate at the Eliminator.

The Butcher meets with a psychic in parts unknown, hoping to speak to someone from his past but the spirit he speaks to is not someone he knows but someone who knows him. Stating that OSW was not his to take, he speaks of the keys and the way to secure the Tap Room from absolute destruction, imploring the Butcher to bring them back to save the world from the horrors that OSW contains.

Taking the old championships out of storage, the Red Skull Order finally meets with the Butcher, revealing that not only do they protect harm from coming out of OSW, they can protect against the artifact Sigil now has, as a new threat sees the arise within the Slaughterhouse and OSW that only the keys may be able to protect humanity from.

Meanwhile on a lighter note, fresh of being rejected by Helstrom, Junkrat tries to woo the big beautiful bitch in red but gets another in Marvolo II, an outcome Junkie isn’t unhappy about as he tries to woo the #1, something that either Marvolo is too nice to try and outright shut Junkrat down or he’s slightly intrigued by, giving Junkrat a maybe to the man loving.

Junkrat crashes Marvolo’s date night with Raquel, distracting the #2 with bondage classes before trying to wine and dine the #1 as Junkrat’s charm slowly begins to win over Marvolo II.
But Raquel is not happy, having been stood up by Marvolo for Junkrat as she proclaims that he’s hurting their relationship and unfortunately for Junkrat, Marvolo needs to choose between him and her.

Stormborn begins with Storm demanding Newton tell him what he wants from him. Edward simply wants a chance for Luke to repay the debt as he demands he give Newton back the OSW World title, or else Red Death gets unleashed upon Scarlett, as Newton also promises that by Ring of Dreams, the Red Death will have his revenge.

Junkrat refuses to let Marvolo go as Marvolo tries to get him and Raquel to get along before Junkrat requests that if he wins, they can all be friends. An idea that Raquel agrees for Marvolo’s sake. Junkrat wins with Raquels help as she states that she changed her mind for Marvolo’s sake as the trio all begin to bang together.

Following his war with X that cost him his citadel and a harsh lesson in reversing the flow of time, Flavo rewards Sigil with the rebuilt citadel for his sacrifice before revealing that the other tethered is already in OSW and Sigil must find an arm and secure the crystal itself before he can hope to be ready as what he does next may well effect the future.

The Eliminator Match was a brutal contest, Redwing and Banzan finding themselves without championships as BEG became the new Rewind champion, Cryptkeeper the VHS and finally Seesaw the new Double Feature as Storm retained his world championship but for how much longer as Newton not only reveals Red Death was never a mole, winning the war against Imperium, he also tells Luke to give him the championship at Gold Rush…or else.

CyberSlam begins with Storm crashing in on the Crypt, attempting to attack the Keeper as Storm demands that he show him where his daughter is, something the Cryptkeeper cannot do. If he did, Storm may well become like him, taking away what makes him all too human but that fact just pisses Storm off as he threatens to burn down the Crypt. Storm’s want to have it all backfires on him, his selfishness in making the Keeper an enemy may come to backfire on him as the Keeper declares with a brutal attack that it’s the beginning of his hell to pay.

Something Storm quickly finds out as Keeper comes so close to burning him alive just like he threatened to burn the Crypt. The Keeper continues to try and tell the tale of the selfish Storm even breaking into his house but that may well have been a huge mistake from the Keeper as he’s finally laid out by Storm before being thrown out to protect Scarlett from what’s to come.

Later on, Storm has a much bigger decision to make. Seeing his daughter for the first time in months, the world title is meaningless with her in his arms as he tosses it to the devil himself as Edward Newton is once against OSW World Champion. Newton doesn’t hold it for long as the Butcher can’t allow titles to just be given but he’s ready to work with Newton, revealing a secret he knows of the common link between Newton and Storm and revealing a secret of his own for information on Sigil, a common agreement as it was. But that all was in Newton’s plan as he has the power he wants most of all, information and leverage.

Meanwhile Sigil is gathering an army, first he contacts a mysterious woman with a familiar voice as he promises a way to allow her to become a wrestler without breaking her promise to never do so.

The Butcher is taken to the Hall of Skulls, as Flavo reveals the truth behind the timepiece and why Sigil could not help him. Flavo tries to make a deal with Butcher to give him what he wants for safe passage when the time comes before the other linked to the crystal returns. Viridi attempts to destroy the Skull Order but is stopped by Flavo’s control over reality as the need for Sigil to succeed becomes paramount.

Fade to Black begins with a brutal murder of Sparky McCarthy. Hellstrom finding his soul unworthy as he sends it to Yomi but as he tries to do the same judgement for Mez, he finds…nothing. No soul, just a void.

Imperium has a meeting within themselves, spelling out their failures and successes before BEG reveals that its finally time for Alton to run for president as the future of Imperium is now and it begins with Alton Whitlock.

Sigil collects another fighter, trying to get him to fight for glory but the guy’s a simple prizefighter…until Sigil shows him something, a fate that he’s very eager to change.

Luke Storm endures a hellish beating from Cryptkeeper before finally beating him down to retain the champions but then we find ourselves back in the Empty and now the Butcher is here. Flavo revealing that he’s been forced to suspend reality because of a mistake they made in trying to defeat Viridi. For the next twelve hours they have to endure, for if the Slaughterhouse falls, it’ll make the Gods dying look like paradise.

Twelve hours begin with the Butcher revealing to a scared and confused roster that a bomb is somewhere in the Slaughterhouse and they have twelve hours to find it. The usual fighting and destruction ensues as Flavo gives the Butcher a button to summon him when they find the button before vanishing.

Old and new friends alike show up in these twelve hours, one of them Jessie Williams. The son of the Chosen One is overjoyed as uncle Matty is here but he’s not happy. Knowing that Jessie came here looking for Ash, Matty agrees to fight with him one more time but implores Jessie to leave OSW before it’s too late. A fact that Matty doesn’t get to follow up on as after their match, darkness expands. It knocks Jessie out before engulfing Matty and with a warning that OSW would always be the death of him, Matthew Cories dies, much to the heartbreak of young Jessie Williams.

The Sharkman returned to try and help a fellow hero in Bill Kirby but the broken Red Death may well be too far gone to save. Following Sharkie’s victory, he unmasked Bill only for Kirby to go insane, beating the Sharkman to death in the middle of the ring.

Meanwhile the Butcher’s search for the bomb leads him to the boiler room where a darkened figure is lurking who reveals it was a trap by Flavo to unveil the identity of Viridi as the mysterious figure seemingly murders The Butcher before he can bring Flavo here at the last minute.

Flavo arrives nearly too late, saving the Butcher’s life at the last moment but he’s in a deep coma, the attack a brutal one that the Butcher may take a long time to recover from..if he ever does.

Sigil continues to recruit, travelling to a church to find his third warrior who was ready for his coming, as was told in a prophecy that would end in the return of Yahweh himself. He also begins plans to further manipulate Bill Kirby, taking advantage of what happened last week as he says he’ll tell him the truth of what happened to his family on the spurring of Newton who feels the Red Death doubting himself and his position as Enigma’s attack dog.

Speaking of the Riddler, he and Luke Storm spend weeks seemingly trapped in an alternate universe of movies, bouncing from the worlds of Bad Boys to Die Hard and finally Lethal Weapon as Newton seemingly kills Storm. Turns out it was a simulation of Imperiums, all set to force one of them to kill the other but as Storm shows he has damn fine acting chops, the pair beat down the Imperium pair before their impending battle to the grave.

Grave Consequences began with another of Sigil’s possible warriors, a giant farmhand called Tank who refuses at first but once he’s shown what happens if he does, agrees as Sigil finally has his full army.

The demon Helstrom had banished evil and fought the broken but his final night on OSW was here as Jessie Williams lived up to the family name and sent it back to Yomi on the urging of a mysterious figure.

Seesaw had his second victim in the Toybox as Marvolo II fought valiantly but as the psychopathic clown ripped and tore him apart, he became the 3rd in the new line of Seesaw’s toys, Marvoloperation. Much to the agony and pain of his new love Junkrat.

Sigil indulged Red Death in his fight before showing him the truth that he’d always known, Luke Storm killed his family….or did he? Using the crystal, Sigil had manipulated time itself and created an alternate timeline where this had happened, impressing Flavo and showing him that he may well be ready to take down Viridi when the time comes.

Pickpocket and Scrimshaw fought a brutal battle against Imperium for the prize of a single flashdrive that ended with heavy losses on both sides. Captain Scrimshaw losing his life hanging from the rafts before X was torn apart by the razor sharp barnacles underneath the boat, much to Alton and Pickpocket’s horror and grief but Imperium gained the flash drive that they wanted so it was all worth it…right?

Imperium and Storm/Newton have a brutal battle inside the graveyard but as Newton and Storm emerge victorious, Red Death comes within inches of ending Luke’s life, but grazes his leg inside of his head as Newton manages to subdue the raging Red Death for the moment.

Grave Consequences ends with Alton Whitlock enraged at Gouldern and BEG, demanding to know what was worth the death of X as Gouldern reveals that the drive was the financial data of ever rival who could stop Whitlock’s rise to presidential fame. Whitlock leaves in disgust as Gouldern and BEG begin to see Alton maybe a massive issue for them soon as an enraged Pickpocket watches on.

Speaking of Pickpocket, the once jovial thief lost his smile at the death of his captain, swearing to his monkey BJ that he’ll make all of Imperium pay…especially Mark Gouldern. Sneaking through Gouldern’s security measures, he murders everyone of his soldiers before leaving a threat that he’ll take away everything that Gouldern has. He infiltrates and dismantles Telegon Towers, threatening Gouldern with a pipe and a gasline before giving Mark a choice to escape without his precious Towers.

Luke Storm is hurting badly after the gunshot wound, still confused why Kirby would attack him so gravently but a phone call begins to fill in the blanks. A mysterious voice explains that Sigil is to blame, having shown Kirby a false moment to truly implicate Storm but why is never shown as Newton interrupts the call, taunting Luke before revealing he’ll be side by side with Sigil tonight. Sigil begins playing Storm like a fiddle, pushing every button including that of Scarlett as Storm begins to become just a wild animal and falling into Sigil’s trap. Trying to attack Sigil time and time again before finally realising he’s been played on a string by Newton once more.

Meanwhile Seesaw wakes up in Gary Indiana, trapped in a room full of cuckoo clocks that taunt and confuse Seesaw before Junkrat beats the living shit out of the tantrum throwing Seesaw, absolutely enraged by Marvolo’s loss before beating Seesaw into unconsciousness. Hung up for all of Gary to see, all the Junkrats taunt and berate him before the alpha Junkrat lets him go, promising to kill Seesaw the next time he sees him

Alton Whitlock’s eyes are beginning to open as he splits his time trying to fix a broken man in Red Death, another victim of lies and manipulation but Death may wake up Alton more to things he’s been so closed eyed from. Shown the broken streets that he hasn’t helped with his promises of a better world, Alton tries to deflect it with the idea that the former vigilante hasn’t been their hero for too long but he barely believes it himself.

Whitlock survives a brutal battle with War Machine, before being beaten down more as it’s revealed BEG paid them to deliver a little harsh reality to Alton. He signed on the dotted line for all of this and Green is going to make sure he delivers on everything he promised and become Imperiums president…whether he wants to or not. Alton withstands a brutal beating by Pickpocket before burning the house of BEG, proclaiming that without a squeaky clean image, he can’t be president and therefore he wins.

Pandemonium begins with the Warden approaching Mez, uncharacteristically apologizing to him before revealing that he’s his uncle and his father had tasked him to keep Mez, or Michael here to prepare him for something before Mez’s father comes out, murdering the Warden and warmly greeting his son.

Sigil is gathered in an unknown location with his four warriors as he prepares a ritual. Cutting all of their palms, he uses their blood and the timepiece to pinpoint Viridi and whoever he’s hiding behind in OSW.

Imperium are having a very rough time, Gouldern forced to use High Performance Mode to survive the fire as Alton was bailed out by cops on BEG’s payroll as his little arson trick will never be public record thanks to Green’s greasy wheels. Alton is enraged as he proclaims he’ll die before being Imperiums’ puppet as BEG offers him a chance. One match where if Green wins, Alton has to be their president but if Alton wins, he’s free and Green has to leave OSW.

The blood flows free tonight with an already brutal death as Gabriel Drake murders the young okami Kazaku with a silver bullet to the skull. Following War Machine’s victory over the tag titles, Banzan tries to find his friend who abandoned him in the match but only finds a dead Aesop, drained of all his blood as the Mountain swears revenge.

The Red Death tries to enact his rage upon Alton but Whitlock taking advantage of Death;s rage leaves him stunned before a ghost comes back to haunt Kirby as the Blood Red Shark comes for his murderer.

Seesaw looks to take another to his Toybox but Junkrat ain’t one for going out like that as he straps himself with explosives, saying they’ll fight on his terms or they’ll both go up in smoke. Seesaw furious at losing his chance to play as a victory doesn’t take away his anger and disappointment.

Sigil and Luke Storm exchange harsh words once more before a brutal battle where the Collector finally makes good on his word and becomes the new OSW Champion, but he almost made his celebration a short one as he narrowly defends against an invading Mark Gouldern.

Mark Gouldern has a very mixed night himself, somehow surviving against a raging Pickpocket but he very nearly suffers the same fate as Scrimshaw before walking away, telling Gouldern he only lives because of his mercy. Gouldern fails to cash in on a tired Sigil before another monster from his past comes back to haunt him. Having tried to fix and make X better after his death, the Revenant that emerges proclaims he’s coming for his creators soul in one month.

The Lambs to the Slaughter was a massive match, the very best of the best inside that ring like usual but huge shocks were also on the cards. The Enforcer returned much to the roar of the crowd. Jessie Williams who had been searching for weeks for something found himself face to face with the mysterious figure as we find out it’s the Sandman as the monster reveals he’s the one who killed Matthew Cories, much to the anger of the Prince. Seesaw is revealed to not only be Mez’s brother but their father is none other then the good doctor of the Asylum himself, Doctor D’Ville. And finally the long search for Viridi was done as he was revealed to be the Cryptkeeper before Sigil reveals the identities of his soldiers. Michaela Lane, Jay Jeckel, Tank Kersh and Sanctus Bellator. The Legacy that will sever Viridi’s connection to the crystal.

Lambs ended with Edward Newton vs. Mark Gouldern, a massive battle ensued that only ended when Luke Storm interfered, allowing the Riddler to gain victory and head to Ring of Dreams to fight Sigil for the championship. Storm revealing that he only wanted that because he knows Newton can beat Sigil and when he does, he’s getting his rematch and finally getting his hands on Newton once and for all.

The mindgames of BEG continued at Double Tap and beyond, continuing to taunt Whitlock with political propoganda but determined to fight, not just for himself but the American people, proclaiming in a live stream that he would fight back against a corrupt system. BEG’s threat had no more sway over the Politician as he looked forward to the moment he could get his life back.

Meanwhile The villain formerly known as Bill Kirby found himself with an adversary far worse then he could imagine. After the Blood Red Shark seemingly tortured the former Darkwish into insanity to learn all of the Red Death’s secrets, he began to play mindgames. First tricking Kirby into thinking his family were alive before using that red mist and illusions of all those close to the former Redwing to seemingly break the former hero.

The Collector’s war over the crystal against it’s other holder Viridi began anew, first stopping Sigil from murdering Edward Newton in frozen time on the same night his Legacy became Tag Team Champions but trying to, in an incredibly hypocritical move, change the future by ensuring Michaela Lane never steps foot in OSW.

The Cryptkeeper seemingly successfully manipulates both Mike Lane and Brent Kersh to protect their children from OSW but find his ploy mattered not, what would be will always be and proved to Sigil that Viridi’s power was waning and would not survive at Ring of Dreams.

Finally Edward Newton’s weird relationship with Scarlett Storm continued to get under the skin of Luke Storm, feeling a mix of horror and revulsion at their relationship that isn’t helped with Edward’s jokes about Luke going away after Ring of Dreams. Storm threatening Edward to stay away. Luke ends up beating the Riddler senseless when he doesn’t only for Scarlett to be kidnapped by Sigil when both their backs are turned.

Ring of Dreams began with a flashback of two boys, the older embarrassed by the bookworm younger who swears he’ll beat up his bigger brother one day.
We then head to Enigma Tower, where Sigil stole Scarlett simply to get into Newton’s head, the Riddler completely ignoring the world champion for the man he despises, a fact that costs him dearly.

The Pandemonium curse continues as although the Riddler fights valiantly, Sigil retains his world championship and becomes the second man to defeat Edward Newton.

War Machine have a huge Ring of Dreams debut as Malice wins the sixth Sweet Dreams match to become #1 contender to the VHS Champion while his brothers in arms questioned the sudden love that had changed his priorities while the Reaper finds out the truth behind his families death, someone screwed up the balance and they died to restore it. Who did so, the Judge is for the first time he can remember, completely clueless.

Monty Straight returned, being behind the month long toying of Junkrat but his return was marred by Junkrat tapping him out cold inside his Junkyard.

In the months following Aesop’s sudden and brutal death, Banzan found a trail leading to Gabriel Drake but following a brutal match where the Mountain became the new Rewind Champion, something brutally murdered the vampire as the questions piled up, did Banzan avenge his fallen friend or is the true murder somewhere out there in the dark?

Jessie Williams came to OSW trying to find his father but only found death and confusion and while he failed to truly face his nightmares, he found a way to escape and hope in the form of a dream vision of Ash.

Mark Gouldern tried to fix the mistake of X’s death but only found a Revenant coming for his soul. But the Prophet is nothing but resourceful as the use of a mechanical suit evened the odds as Gouldern denied Revenant his revenge.

The Cryptkeeper’s attempts to change the future had unintended consequences as although his long time friend Mike Lane tried to dissuade him, Brent Kersh would be coming back to OSW to save his son, one way or another.

The War between Blood and Death waged heavily through violence and mindgames but the corrupted Axel did good as his visions turned a blackened heart pure once more as Bill Kirby emerged a hero but would he be for long trapped in the clutches of an enraged Blood Red Shark

Over a year of agony and captivity at the hands of BEG empowered Alton Whitlock on this night, taking a brutal amount of punishment but he was able to bring down the contract and force BEG out of OSW. Green tried to weasel his way out but Alton was absolute in his desire as he promised to become president without BEG’s help as he watched Berkshire get dragged from the Slaughterhouse, not noticing a white masked figure from OSW’s past watching on.

The Toybox again took another victim, Seesaw was so reluctant to hurt his brother now he’d found him again but Mez forced him to as Seesaw murdered Mez to save his father D’Ville in the first time that Seesaw truly didn’t enjoy the aftermath of his playtime.

The Cryptkeeper vs. Sigil was a brutal match but the current holder of the crystal was far too strong for Viridi as with the help of Legacy, Sigil was able to use the essence of time itself to destroy Viridi and claim sole dominance over the time crystal but he wasn’t done. Transported to the Hall of Skulls by Flavo, The Collector soon revealed the true power of time distillation as bringing in Legacy he traps Flavo and steals the yellow crystal, taking the power of reality from Flavo. Sigil now has two of the four crystals in his possession.

And we finally end with Edward Newton vs. Luke Storm, a brutal match six months in the making and while it may have not been for the OSW world title like Luke Storm wanted, he still got a measure of revenge in the end as after four Lightning Strikes, Luke Storm became the 3rd man to defeated Edward Newton but the night was not done.

The truth of why the Riddler hated Luke Storm came out, Luke Storm was just a stage name…his real name was Luke Newton, Edward’s older brother who left him behind without a thought. But before Newton could revel in the world knowing the truth, D’Ville and Seesaw attacked, beating the Riddler down before D’Ville’s orderlies inject Luke Storm with something and Ring of Dreams 6 ends with Luke Storm captured by Emporium.



Nitro #1 (#191)-Empty:
Marvolo II, Banzan and Aesop defeated Imperium (BEG, Alton Whitlock, Mark Gouldern) with a rollup on BEG
Mez defeated Pickpocket with the Headcheck
Seesaw defeated Javad Ebadi with the Superfine Turbine Blast
Helstrom defeated Scrimshaw with Yinglong’s Flame
Darby Sorrow defeated Obasai Bocamo with the Cradle to the Grave
The Cryptkeeper defeated The Judge with the Curse of the Cryptkeeper
Edward Newton defeated Junkrat with a smokebomb jigsaw piece
Inferno Match: Red Death defeated Luke Storm after countering the Lighting Strike into the flames

Nitro #2 (#192)-The Butcher Comes:
Banzan/Junkrat/Aesop defeated The Judge/Pickpocket/Javad Ebadi with Magga on The Judge
Seesaw defeated Chuck Miles and Helstrom with the Teeter Totter on Helstrom
The Cryptkeeper defeated The Red Death with the Curse of the Cryptkeeper
Imperium defeated Sigil in a Gauntlet Match (Sigil fell to Alton Whitlock with the Better World)
Edward Newton defeated Scrimshaw with the Riddle Box
Ambulance Match: Marvolo II defeated Mez with the Suplex to the Face into the ambulance
House Rulez Championship Match: Luke Storm defeated Darby Sorrow with a lightning strike into the meat hooks to retain the House Rulez Championship

Nitro #193-Behind Closed Doors:
Banzan defeated Aesop with Magga
X/Sigil/Mark Gouldern defeated Scrimshaw/Mez/The Judge with the Execution on The Judge
The Cryptkeeper defeated Pickpocket with the Curse of the Cryptkeeper
BEG/Alton Whitlock defeated Red Death/Javad Ebadi with the Party Politics on Javad Ebadi
Helstorm defeated Chuck Miles with Yinglong’s Flame
Luke Storm defeated Marvolo II with Downpour
Slaughterhouse Championship Match: Seesaw defeated Junkrat with the Teeter Totter to retain the Slaughterhouse Championship

Marvolo II defeated Obasai Bocamo with Dokagiri
Scrimshaw defeated Pickpocket after choking Pickpocket out with a rope
Mez defeated The Judge with the Head Check
Helstrom defeated Junkrat with Divine Wrath
Alton Whitlock defeated Javad Ebadi with Better World
Slaughterhouse Championship Match: The Cryptkeeper defeated Seesaw with the Curse of the Cryptkeeper to become the new Slaughterhouse Champion-The Cryptkeeper is the 3rd Slaughterhouse Champion
Mark Gouldern/X defeated Aesop/Banzan with the Mission Complete on Aesop
Sigil defeated The Butcher after Journey’s End into a meat hook
OSW World Championship Match: Luke Storm defeated BEG and The Red Death with Thunder on The Red Death to become the new OSW World Champion-Luke Storm is the 24th OSW World Champion

Nitro #194-The Story Goes:
Marvolo II defeated Scrimshaw and Mez with the Suplex to the Face on Scrimshaw
Mark Gouldern defeated Aesop, X and Helstrom with the Disruption on Aesop
Javad Ebadi defeated Chuck Miles with the Eight Wonder
The Judge defeated Junkrat with Restoration
Seesaw/Luke Storm defeated Banzan/BEG with the Downpour on Banzan
The Red Death defeated Pickpocket with Darkness Falls
Edward Newton defeated Alton Whitlock with Enigma Theorem
Sigil defeated The Cryptkeeper with the Planeswalker

Nitro #195-The Hunt For Scarlett Storm:
Mez defeated Obasai Bocamo with the Head Check
Javad Ebadi defeated Sparky McCarthy with the End of History
Pickpocket defeated Chuck Miles with the Snatch and Grab
Aesop defeated The Judge with Aesop’s Fable
Marvolo defeated Scrimshaw with a rollup
Cryptkeeper defeated Junkrat and Levitt Ramtackle with the Curse of the Cryptkeeper on Levitt Ramtackle
Banzan defeated BEG with Samudaya
Mark Gouldern/X/Alton Whitlock defeated Sigil/Red Death/Helstrom with the Better World on Sigil
Edward Newton defeated Seesaw with the Nevermind DDT into the wooden floor

Nitro #196-Payback:
Aesop/Red Death/Mez defeated Obasai Bocamo/The Judge/Javad Ebadi with the Kiling Joke on Obasai Bocamo
Pickpocket defeated Sparky McCarthy with the Snatch and Grab
Junkrat/Marvolo defeated Alton Whitlock/X with the RIp Tire of Alton Whitlock
Sigil defeated Helstorm with the Planeswalker
Mark Gouldern defeated BEG with the Disruption
Last Man Standing Match: Seesaw defeated Luke Storm after Thunder through the table

The Eliminator:
Scrimshaw defeated Pickpocket with Dragged To The Depths
Aesop defeated Mez with Aesop’s Fable
The Judge defeated Javad Ebadi with Your Past May Bite You
Javad Ebadi dies
Junkrat defeated Marvolo with a Big Package
Sigil defeated X after a huge explosion
Helstrom defeated Alton Whitlock with Yinglong’s Flame
Edward Newton defeated Mark Gouldern with Nevermind through a mirror
Gold Rush Elimination Chamber Match: Luke Storm wins the Elimination Chamber Match, last eliminating Seesaw to retain the OSW World Championship (Redwing eliminated with the Magga from Banzan, Banzan eliminated with dual Financial Crisis/Ankle Lock submissions from BEG and Luke Storm, BEG eliminated with the Curse of the Cryptkeeper from the Cryptkeeper to become the new and 30th Rewind Champion, The Cryptkeeper eliminated with the Teeter Totter from Seesaw to become the new and 29th VHS Champion and Seesaw eliminated with the Downpour from Luke Storm to become the 26th Double Feature Champion)

Rewind Championship Ladder Match: BEG defeated Mez after tying Mez’s legs together with the ring post to retain the Rewind Championship
VHS Championship Match: Aesop defeated The Cryptkeeper with Aesop’s Fable to become the new VHS Champion-Aesop is the 30th VHS Champion
Double Feature Championship Match: Seesaw defeated Junkrat with the Stretch Armstrong to retain the Double Feature Championship
OSW World Championship Match: Luke Storm defeated Sigil with the Downpour to retain the OSW World Heavyweight Championship

Nitro #197:
Banzan defeated Pickpocket with a flurry of steel chair shots
Mark Gouldern and Sigil defeated X and The Judge with Finite to X
Luke Storm defeated Helstrom with a huge Downpour
VHS Championship Match: Alton Whitlock defeated Aesop and Junkrat with the Better World to become the new VHS Champion- Alton Whitlock is the 31st VHS Champion
Double Feature Championship Match: Seesaw defeated The Red Death with the Rear Naked Choke to retain the Double Feature Championship
Rewind Championship Match: BEG defeated Scrimshaw with the Financial Crisis to retain the Rewind Championship
Edward Newton defeated The Cryptkeeper with the Enigma Theorem

Nitro #198-Triple Threat:
Aesop defeated The Judge with Aesop’s Fable
Sigil defeated The Red Death and Helstrom with Planeswalker on The Red Death
Junkrat defeated Mark Gouldern with the Rip Tire
Scrimshaw/Pickpocket defeated Mez/Sparky McCarthy with the Captain’s Hook on Mez
Seesaw defeated Alton Whitlock and BEG with the Teeter Totter on BEG
Banzan defeated X and Marvolo with the Samudaya on Marvolo

Fade To Black:
Helstrom defeated Sparky McCarthy and Mez with Yinglong’s Flame on Mez
Sparky McCarthy dies
OSW Tag Team Championship Match: Fable defeated #1 Grenades and Imperium with Enlightment on the Mountain to everyone to become the new OSW Tag Team Champions- Fable are the 27th Tag Team Champions
Sigil defeated The Judge with the Planeswalker
Pickpocket defeated Scrimshaw after BG swung a car door into Scrimshaw’s head
Double Feature Championship Match: Seesaw defeated Mark Gouldern with Jack’s Collision Course to retain the Double Feature Championship
Rewind Championship Match: BEG defeated Red Death with a cheating rollup to retain the Rewind Championship
OSW World Championshop Match: Luke Storm defeated The Cryptkeeper with the Downpour to retain the OSW World Championship

Nitro #199-12 Hours:
Dice defeated Kazaku with Nat 20
Fear defeated Ethan Rose with the Fear Factor
The Plague Rat defeated Hex with a Crucifix Powerbomb into the steel boiler
Banzan defeated Major Thom with Samudaya
#1 Grenades defeated Freight Train Ferguson with an Inverted DDT/Big Splash combination
Those Noughties Guys defeated Scrimshaw/Pickpocket with the Dragon Dagger on Scrimshaw
Matthew Cories dies
VHS Championship Match: Alton Whitlock defeated X with the Better World to retain the VHS Championship
Aesop defeated Seesaw with the Gift into the turnbuckles
Freight Train Ferguson dies
Mark Gouldern defeated The Cryptkeeper with the Disruption
The Sharkman defeated The Red Death with the Sushi Kick
The Sharkman dies
Rewind Championship Ladder Match: Gabriel Drake defeated BEG with the Fall from the top of the ladder to become the new Rewind Champion-Gabriel Drake is the 31st Rewind Champion
OSW World Championship Match: Luke Storm defeated The Judge with the Downpour to retain the OSW World Heavyweight Championship
Edward Newton defeated Sigil after countering the Journey’s End
The Butcher dies…?

Nitro #200-Tapeover V:
The Butcher survives
Dice, Kazaku and Malice defeated Fear, Ethan Rose and Hex with Malicious Intent on Fear
Marvolo defeated Michael Graves with the Lady of The Lake
Captain Zappa defeated Nightstick with Zetavarium
Cael Gable defeated TAM with the PughPlex
The Sharkman defeated Doubt with the Shark Dive
Calypso defeated Mother with Skull Fucked
Bellatorium defeated The Family with the Lazarus Chamber on DTR
Rain defeated Berenger with Brother Mine
Scarecrow defeated Tommy Hawk with the Full Force Bye Bye Birdie
Lee Crowley defeated Ordell Terminus with the Glasgow Laughter
Brent Kersh defeated Mike Lane with the LoneStar

Nitro #201-Movies:
Alton Whitlock defeated Kazaku with the Better World
Major Thom defeated Dice with the Code-Red
Helstrom defeated Bishop with Yinglong’s Flame
Malice defeated The Plague Rat with Malicious Intent
Gabriel Drake defeated The Judge with Feast or Famine
OSW Tag Team Championship Match: Fable defeated Pocket Sand with Dukka on Scrimshaw to retain the Tag Team Championships
#1 Grenades defeated Sigil/The Red Death with the Concussion Mine on The Red Death
The Cryptkeeper defeated Seesaw with the Curse of the Cryptkeeper

Grave Consequences:
Malice defeated The Plague Rat, Kazaku and Dice with Malicious Intent on Dice
Helstrom defeated Mez with Yinglong’s Flame
The Judge defeated Junkrat with Restoration
Gabriel Drake defeated Major Thom with Feast or Famine
The Cryptkeeper defeated Fable with the Curse of the Cryptkeeper on Aesop
Helstrom gets sent back to Yomi
Double Feature Championship Toybox Match: Seesaw defeated Marvolo II with the Teeter Totter into the concrete to retain the Double Feature Championship
Marvolo II dies
Sigil defeated The Red Death with the Planeswalker
Imperium defeated Pocket Sand after the Better World on Pickpocket
Scrimshaw dies
X dies
Edward Newton and Luke Storm defeated BEG and Mark Gouldern after a double Superkick to bury both men alive

Nitro #202-Little Lamb:
Bishop defeated The Plague Rat with the Final Stand
The Judge defeated Kazaku with Restoration
The Reaper defeated Dice with Vengeance From Above
Jessie Williams defeated The Red Death with Booyah
BEG defeated Aesop with the Financial Crisis
The Cryptkeeper defeated Pickpocket with the Curse of the Cryptkeeper
Mark Gouldern defeated Banzan with Ruthless Inspiration
Seesaw/Junkrat defeated Luke Storm/Sigil with the Stretch Armstrong on Luke Storm
Alton Whitlock defeated The War Machine with the Better World on Malice

Nitro #203-Led By The Hand:
Bishop defeated Junkrat with Deadeye
The Cryptkeeper defeated Malice with the Curse of the Cryptkeeper
Major Thom defeated The Red Death with the Code Red
Jessie Williams/The Plague Rat defeated Dice with the Black Death
The Reaper defeated Dice with the Shotgun Blast
Dice dies
Edward Newton defeated Kazaku with the Riddle Box
The Judge defeated BEG with Restoration
Seesaw defeated Luke Storm, Mark Gouldern and Aesop with the Teeter Totter on Aesop
Alton Whitlock defeated Pickpocket with a small package
Iron Man Match: Gabriel Drake defeated Sigil with the Fangs of Drake to go 5-4

Nitro #204-To Slaughter:
The Judge defeated The Plague Rat with Restoration
The Red Death defeated Aesop with Darkness Falls
Seesaw defeated Kazaku with the Teeter Totter
Sigil defeated The Reaper with the Planeswalker
Luke Storm defeated Jessie Williams with the Downpour
Edward Newton defeated Banzan with a cheating rollup
The War Machine defeated Imperium with the Code Red on Alton Whitlock
Gabriel Drake defeated The Cryptkeeper with Feast or Famine
BEG defeated Pickpocket after drowning him and making him say I Quit

Pandemonium VI:
The Warden dies
OSW Tag Team Championship Match: The War Machine defeated Fable with a Tornado DDT to become the new OSW Tag Team Champions-War Machine are the 28th Tag Team Champions
Rewind Championship Match: Gabriel Drake defeated Kazaku with the Fangs of Drake to retain the Rewind Championship
Kazaku dies
VHS Championship Match: Alton Whitlock defeated The Red Death with the Better World to retain the VHS Championship
Double Feature Championship Match: Seesaw defeated Junkrat with the Teeter Totter to retain the Double Feature Championship
Mark Gouldern defeated Pickpocket with the Disruption
Aesop dies
OSW World Championship Match: Sigil defeated Luke Storm with the Realm Kinniku Buster to become the new OSW World Heavyweight Champion- Sigil is the 25th World Champion
OSW World Championship Match: Sigil defeated Mark Gouldern with the Planeswalker to retain the OSW World Championship
Lambs to the Slaughter 6: Edward Newton wins the Lambs to the Slaughter match last eliminating Mark Gouldern to become the #1 Contender to the OSW World Champion

Edward Newton
Gabriel Drake
Major Thom
The Cryptkeeper
Alton Whitlock
The Reaper
Plague Rat
Johnny Mamaluke
Blood Red Shark
Brent Kersh
The Judge
The Red Death
Luke Storm
Jessie Williams
Mark Gouldern
Sandy Rogers
The Plague Rat with the Seein’ Red from Blood Red Shark
The Reaper with the Nevermind from Edward Newton
Johnny Mamaluke with the Teeter Totter from Seesaw
Mefisto with the Better World from Alton Whitlock
Bishop with a rollup from Seesaw
The Red Death with a STF from Luke Storm
Malice with the Lightning Strike from Luke Storm
The Blood Red Shark with the Code Red from Major Thom
Mez with a flurry of chair shots from Junkrat
Junkrat with the Teeter Totter from Seesaw
The Judge with the Execution and a stolen pinfall from Edward Newton
The Cryptkeeper with a rollup from Brent Kersh
Revenant with the Nevermind DDT from Edward Newton
Alton Whitlock with the Feast or Famine from Gabriel Drake
Seesaw with the Magga from Banzan
Major Thom with the Booyah from Jessie Williams
Sandy Rogers with the Lightning Strike from Luke Storm
BEG with the Disruption from Mark Gouldern
Luke Storm with a cheating rollup from Edward Newton
Jessie Williams with the Nevermind from Edward Newton
Banzan with the Fall from Gabriel Drake
Gabriel Drake with the Southern Discomfort from Brent Kersh
Brent Kersh with the Engima Theorem from Edward Newton
Mark Gouldern with the Nevermind from Edward Newton

Double Tap III:
Double Tap Quarter Finals: Double Barrel defeated Hunters and Auditorium with the Booyah on Hex
Double Tap Quarter Finals: Final Judgement defeated The War Machine and Bedtime Stories with the Restoration on Bishop
Double Tap Quarter Finals: Legacy defeated For The Storm and Technocracy with the Lightpiercer on Luke Storm
Double Tap Quarter Finals: Opus defeated Emporium and For Mice and Men with the Bach Breaker on The Plague Rat
Double Tap Semi Finals: Legacy defeated Final Judgement with Tanked on The Red Death
Double Tap Semi Finals: Opus defeated Double Barrel with the Teeter Totter on Reaper
Double Tap Finals OSW World Tag Team Championship Match: Legacy defeated Opus with the Lightpiercer on Concerto to become the new OSW Tag Team Champions- Legacy are the 29th OSW Tag Team Champions

Nitro #205-Sons and Daughters:
Sandy Rogers defeated The Plague Rat with Quicksand
Jessie Williams defeated Mefisto with the Booyah
Sweet Alice defeated The Reaper with Down the Rabbit Hole
Mark Gouldern and Luke Storm defeated Red Death and the Blood Red Shark with the Downpour on Red Death
War Machine defeated Legacy with a crucifix pinfall on Jay Jeckel
Steel Cage Match: Alton Whitlock defeated Revenant after Revenant punched Alton off the cage
Seesaw defeated Sigil and Junkrat with the Teeter Totter on Sigil
Submission Match: Edward Newton defeated Gabriel Drake with the Riddle Box

Nitro #206-The Final Chapter:
Bishop defeated The Red Death with the Last Rites
Malice defeated The Reaper with Malicious Intent
Junkrat defeated Major Thom with the Rip-Tire
Imperium defeated Jessie Williams/Banzan/Cryptkeeper with the Disruption on Banzan
Sweet Alice defeated Sanctus Bellator and The Plague Rat with Down the Rabbit Hole on The Plague Rat
Jay Jeckel defeated The Blood Red Shark with the Raw Deal
Sandman defeated Mefisto with the Deep Sleep
Seesaw defeated Sigil with the Teeter Totter

Ring of Dreams VI:
OSW World Championship Match: Sigil defeated Edward Newton with the Cosmic Leap to retain the OSW World Championship
Sweet Dreams Capture the Flag Match: Malice defeated Bishop, Major Thom, Sweet Alice, Mefisto and The Plague Rat to become the #1 contender to the VHS Champion
The Reaper defeated The Judge with Death Sentance
Junkrat defeated Monty Straight with the Steel Trap STF
Rewind Championship Match: Banzan defeated Gabriel Drake with the Magga to become the new Rewind Champion- Banzan is the 32nd Rewind Champion
Mr Sandman defeated Jessie Williams with 40 Winks
Mark Gouldern defeated Revenant with the Disruption
The Blood Red Shark defeated Red Death with the Bloody Mary
Ladder Match: Alton Whitlock defeated BEG after denting the briefcase into his skull; BEG is fired from OSW
Toybox Match: Seesaw defeated Mez with the Teeter Totter from the top rope into a pile of “toys”
SIgil defeated The Cryptkeeper with the Planeswalker
Luke Storm defeated Edward Newton with four consecutive Lightning Strikes

Champions at the end of Part 2: Season 2:
OSW World Heavyweight: Sigil
Rewind: Banzan
Double Feature: Seesaw
VHS: Alton Whitlock
World Tag Team: Legacy