That’s what we focus on as Afterburn hits the air. Two shiny leather black shoes walking with pace towards the curtain.

“We’re ready for you sir.” says an unseen technician as the man approaches the curtain.

“Work it, make it, do it,

Makes us harder, better, faster, stronger!”

As “Stronger” by Kanye West hits, we switch to ringside, our camera facing the entrance ramp with the fans on their feet. Out to a tremendous ovation then steps Jackson Slade – the former RAGE founder! He stops on the entrance ramp to listen to the support from this sold out Old School Wrestling crowd before making his way to the ring with confident strides.

Rick Walker: “Holy crap! Folks, that’s Jackson Slade. What’s the former RAGE founder doing here?”

Richard Roman: “It has to be him, Rick. He has to be the man the board have appointed in Errol Flint’s absence.”

By now, Jackson has himself a microphone.

“Thanks for the warm reception!” Jackson says to another loud cheer. “For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Jackson Slade and I was the founder of a company called RAGE. You’ve heard a lot about RAGE in recent weeks and I’m sure that has you curious, but let me assure you that this isn’t about RAGE. This is about OLD SCHOOL WRESTLING and bringing some direction to this company. Whilst Errol Flint is laid up with two broken legs in hospital, I’m your new commissioner.”

The fans cheer again.

“And as your new commissioner, I’m going to dive straight in and get the ball rolling on Block Party. At Ring Of Dreams, everyone worldwide was complaining that one match was missing from the card; The Tag Team Championships. Well that’s no more because tonight, Those 90’s Guys will face off against Willie Manson and Corvus Stull – the winning team will go on to fight for the Tag Titles at Block Party.”

Rick Walker: “What!! That’s fantastic news!”

Richard Roman: “Is he just pandering to these people or what?”

“The Hangman had one hell of a night at Ring Of Dreams with The Crowley Family attacking him in the middle of this ring. Well, turnabout is fair play and at Block Party, The Hangman will get his chance for revenge in a Three on One Handicap Match,” Slade says with a smirk and a nod. The fans murmur at that one, rather concerned that Hangman might be outnumbered. “Don’t worry, I have faith in the big guy. Moving on and I think we’ve all seen the continuation of a feud between Jake Jeckel and Gabriel Cain that has to be settled once and for all.”

Rick Walker: “You don’t think he’s going to make that match, do ya?”

Richard Roman: “Given how this whole introduction of his has gone, I do, yeah.”

“Therefore at Block Party, Jake Jeckel and Gabriel Cain will face off in a No Disqualification Main Event!”

Rick Walker: “Main Event? Huh?”

Richard Roman: “Is he serious?”

Rick Walker: “Well that’s a controversial call, Double R.”

Richard Roman: “You damn right it is. He’s making a match between two former RAGE stars our Main Event for Block Party.”

“Which leads me to the next piece of business; The World Championship. Isaiah Black,” he says to a mountain of boos and heckles. “Isaiah Black retained his World Championship at Ring Of Dreams but at Block Party, he will defend it against Mike Lane,” the fans cheer. “And Red River Jack,” the fans boo. “In a Triple Threat Match!”

“Show me a smile on your silly face,

‘Cause I’m getting tired of this human race, My darling.”

The crushing guitars blast through the sound system as the initial blackness wakes up with the sunrise of a white splash that violently attacks those in attendance. There, slowly moving from behind the curtain, is the Luminary Sage himself, Reichous Marx, in his jet-black overcoat. He reaches the foot of the stage, pridefully one-hand gripping his Serpent Dragon staff, and pauses to allow his eyes to drift from side to side.

Rick Walker: “Last week at Ring Of Dreams, Reichous Marx won the Sweet Dreams Match but I think it’s fair to say that he didn’t look like much of a winner.”

Richard Roman: “I imagine he’ll have something to say about that.”

He then closes those eyes with a half-grin, kisses the head of the serpent on his staff, opens his eyes, points that same staff toward the rafters, and resumes his systematic strut down the ramp and to ringside. He rests the staff on the edge of the squared circle, marches up the stairs and enters the ring. He pulls a microphone out from within his tights and stands in front of Slade.

“This is all rather picture perfect and I hate to rain on your parade but I want answers. Last week, my impending victory was soured by a cowardly attack. Now within my grasp is a Championship opportunity but within my heart, is a burning rage that I must unleash.”

Jackson nods in agreement.

“Look Reichous, I’d love to tell you that I don’t know who those guys are, but I do. They aren’t signed to contracts here with Old School Wrestling but I can assure you, I’m doing everything in my power to find them and sign them to a match with you.”

“Who are they?” Reichous demands to know.

Looking rather uneasy, Slade spills the beans.

“Azreal and Solomon are their names. They are the light and the dark. I don’t know what they want but I do know that Destiny Flint refused them contracts for Ring Of Dreams and as a result, they took it upon themselves to turn up,” Slade admits. He quickly tries to change pace though. “But enough about that. I’m glad you’re out here because however you won it, you won it and that means you’ve a prize to be had. I drew this prize earlier tonight and can announce that at Block Party, you will face King Konstantine for the All-Star Championship.”

Reichous’ stony faced expression doesn’t change, but his attention is quickly turned to the entrance ramp as Lord Tremblay enters the arena to address the audience.

He asks everyone to rise for the entrance of “King Konstantine of the House Orwell, first of his name, Ruler of the Ring and Defender of Wrestling.” Queen Kassandra enters next, followed by King Konstantine. The King sits on a throne, carried to the ring on the shoulders of his King’s Guard. No music accompanies the royal family, only the sounds of his loving admirers in attendance – who just so happen to be booing him mercilessly. The guard place the chair down outside the ring and Kassandra hands Konstantine a microphone.

“My Royal subjects, please, a moment if thou will,” he says to roaring boos from the audience. He sneers but continues. “It would appear that a great injustice hath taken place here tonight.”

Reichous nods in agreement.

“A great injustice that hath put your Royal King’s prize in great jeopardy, once again.”

Rick Walker: “I thought he was talking about Marx?”

Richard Roman: “Don’t be stupid. This is OUR King, Rick.”

“It would appear that this new pipsqueak in charge has declared that Reichous Marx is worthy of The King’s time, let alone his Championship. I don’t care what happened to you at Ring Of Dreams, because if you dare try to take what belongs to me, I will have you executed! I am the King of Old School Wrestling and after a gruelling encounter with that scoundrel Pickpocket, I deem it necessary to take a break from defending my Championship.”


“Oh you do, do you?” Slade weights up. “Well then, Reichous, I should apologize,” he says looking at a rather confused Marx. “You won’t necessarily be facing our King here for the All-Star Championship at Block Party.”

Rick Walker: “He’s caving to The King?”

Richard Roman: “Some people know their place.”

“Because tonight, King Konstantine will defend his Championship against The Hangman,” Slade announces to absolute fury from the King below. “And if The Hangman was to win, he’ll defend it next week against Reichous Marx.”

With that said, the furious King sends his guards into the ring. Slade wisely ducks out as Marx starts punching and kicking at anything that moves. He takes down guard after guard as Konstantine retreats up the ramp way with Tremblay and Kassandra.

Rick Walker: “I don’t know about you, but if Konstantine survives tonight, he’s somehow gotta survive against Marx at Block Party. Maybe it isn’t worth it?”

Richard Roman: “You have to have some faith in our King, Rick. He won’t be defeated, that I can assure you.”

The segment comes to a close with Marx having dropped the last guard, now stood on the bottom rope, looking up at Konstantine who angrily pulls at his hair, furious that he has to defend his belt tonight and potentially face Marx at Block Party.

The bell rings as Cooter rushes forward, taking Hunter by surprise with a series of hard rights and lefts, backing Hunter up against the ropes before throwing him across the ring. Cooter tries for a clothesline but Hunter ducks under it, bouncing off the ropes himself and delivering a big jumping knee, staggering Country. Hunter grabs Cooter, trying to take him over with a Suplex but Cooter blocks it, slamming heavy forearms into the back of the Question. Hunter lets go of Cooter, holding his back in pain as he turns around right into a huge Lariat that almost turns the Question inside out. Cooter drops down for the cover




The fans boo as Cooter pulls the Question up to his feet, punishing Hunter once more with heavy forearms and elbows, a big knee in particular staggers the Question as Cooter lifts Hunter up high above his above, dropping him down with a big Suplex. The crowd begin to cheer as Cooter signals for the end, pulling Hunter up to his feet


That inverted RKO outta nowhere may have just taken all the fight out of Cooter as both men slowly get to their feet, Hunter dodging a slow right hand as he begins to lay into Cooter with heavy knees and elbows, one knee landing hard in his sternum and an elbow landing flush in his temple leaving Cooter out on his feet as Hunter takes advantage, delivering a big Inverted DDT, driving Cooter down into the canvas. James backs up for a second, leaping up and delivering a huge elbow to the sternum of Hayes, before dropping down and hooking the leg




Hunter signals for the end as he pulls Cooter up to his feet, driving a big knee into his gut before lifting him up high POETIC JUSTICE! Cooter is knocked out cold as a sadistic smile creeps onto the Question’s face, as he slithers over, hooking the leg




Warriors begins to play, the crowd booing heavily as The Question gets to his feet, that sadistic smile on his face as he raises his hand in victory over the destroyed Cooter Hayes. Hunter rolls out of the ring, celebrating his victory all the way to the back

In the backstage locker room area, obviously relegated from the offices, Mike Lane now sits with his gear, contemplating the night ahead. It’s not long before his contemplation is abruptly interrupted by Red River Jack, who appears with a worn out carrier bag and a cigarette in his mouth. Mike quickly jumps to his feet, ready to defend himself.

“If I wanted to end you, you wouldn’t see it coming, man,” Red says with a slight chuckle. “Besides, if you ain’t around, who’s goin’ to pay your debt?”

“Debt? I don’t owe you any debt, Jack.”

Red weighs that up with a slight movement side to side.

“Destiny made a deal with me, man. Now that she’s no longer in power, or around, that debt becomes yours.”

A look of confusion across Lane’s face is an understatement.

“I don’t owe you a damn thing but I’ll give you something, if you want; I’ll give you the ass kicking of a life time tonight in that ring.” Mike confidently announces.

Red on the other hand has had enough of the games and opens his plastic carrier bag, pulling out a disc drive.

“Do you know what this is, huh? This is what your precious little woman had me take, man. I’ve checked it out, I’ve taken a look and you know what? This right here is enough to prove anyone’s obstruction of justice charge.”

Blackmail – it had to be. That’s what Red River Jack wanted.

“What do you want, Jack?” Lane’s brick exterior finally crumbles.

“Tonight, I’ll fight you in the ring, man. I’ll give you a fair chance to stop this before it starts but if you lose, you join The Awakening. If you lose, you become one of us, man. There’s no more People’s Choice, there’s no more lies and bullshit. You us or else this wings it’s way to the cops, man. It’s time for you to wake up.”

Red takes his cigarette out and flicks it at Mike who stands there in shock. Destiny has put him in an awful situation and tonight, he has to go out there and beat Red River Jack or join The Awakening. Red walks off, leaving The People’s Choice there to register all this whilst the fans in attendance boo.

Fresh off his defeat at the hands of Brent Kersh, Marcus X doesn’t waste any time, attacking newcomer Gabriel Cain in the entrance way. It erupts into a brawl on the floor, but Marcus gouges the eye to take over. He pummels Cain to the ringside area, and the two decorated athletes devolve into CLAWING and SCRATCHING on the floor.

The fans at ringside are in awe of the intensity on display between these two beasts as they fight for any scrap of an advantage.

Marcus side steps the assigned official, and mounts Cain to rain down punches. Gabriel Cain manages to slip out. This isn’t his first rodeo with a brawl, after all, and he charges in with a leaping strike. The two men seem suspended in midair before Marcus sends the Revolutionary INTO THE STAIRS to get an advantage as the officials try to restore order. Marcus sends Cain into the stairs again and goes for the body block but Cain avoids.

Cain gets into the ring as the official finally is able to signal for the bell. Marcus is right behind, but the newcomer quickly throws the Freedom Fighter into the corner, and begins to stomp a mud hole. Marcus tries to retreat from the onslaught so Cain helps him out with his boot. Gabriel follows, but Marcus was waiting, throwing him in to the stairs again. This time, Marcus drags Cain into the ring with him.

Picking up the Revolutionary, a sneering Marcus X goes for the BLACKOUT… NO! CAIN SLIPS BEHIND AND ROLLS UP MARCUS!!




Frustration on his face, X gets to his feet in time to meet a spear from Cain, who begins to rain down with his own set of punches to the face of Marcus. There is no give from either of these men in what has become a very intense contest.

The official forces a break from Cain, who goes right back after Marcus. The Freedom Fighter rolls out of the way, but walks right into THE GASK MASK!!!


Marcus waves his hands wildly as the official quickly goes to check for the submission from X. Cain roars as it looks like he has it locked in free and clear. The ref sees the pain in Marcus’s face.


The ref didn’t catch the back kick from Marcus, but X is ready to capitalize!







Gabriel Cain rises to his knees in victory, emerging victories in a last ditch reversal. These two men gave it their all, but the Revolutionary emerged victorious!

Nigel Royal is pacing the backstage halls when he finally decides enough is enough and heads into the locker room area. He’s looking for someone in particular and finally finds Pickpocket, lingering.

“YOU!” he yells, rushing over to the man he’s done nothing but wrong here in Old School Wrestling. “You’re responsible for this, aren’t you? My father being arrested, his funds being blocked, it’s all down to you. I know it is. My father would never defraud another person.”

Pickpocket actually looks confused.

“Why would you think that? Is it because you attempted to take a bat to Buford, or because I hate your guts?” The thief responds smugly, only infuriating Nigel more. “Either way Nigel, I didn’t do anything. I didn’t call the cops on your dad and I didn’t steal any of his money.”

“You’re a liar!” he screams enraged.

“No, well, yeah, I am – but not this time. I’m not going to tell you that you didn’t deserve it because you did. But at Block Party, I will take something from you, just like you once took something from me; that.”

Pickpocket points to the Hardcore Championship that’s around Nigel’s waist.

“You’re a cockroach, Pickpocket. I accept your challenge for Block Party and whether or not you’re responsible for the dire situation my father finds himself in, I’m going to finish this, once and for all.”

Nigel storms off, leaving Pickpocket to speak with Buford.

“I want that Championship, Buford. How about we do a little digging on Nigel Royal? I’m sure that he has a lot more worth taking, don’t you think?”

Buford nods in agreement as the scene comes to a close, Pickpocket apparently with an idea to make things worse for the Hardcore Champion.

The bell rings as both men circle around for a few moments, trying to feel one another out. Crash feigns a lockup and as Jimmy leans in, Crash breaks off, leaping up with a Dropkick that lands flush. Jimmy quickly gets up to his feet right into a series of hard kicks to the leg as a particularly hard one drops Jimmy down to one knee. Crash tries for a roundhouse kick but Jimmy blocks it, twisting the limb around and turning it into a standing Anklelock

Crash screams in pain as he hops around, Jimmy pulling back with all his might as Crash leaps up, landing an Enziguri which staggers Jimmy into breaking the hold. Crash hobbles for a moment, trying to get the blood pumping into his right leg, before he rushes to the ropes, springboarding off with a Crossbody. Jimmy sees it in enough time to duck however, as Crash lands hard on the canvas, holding his stomach as he gets up, TUCK’n’COVER! That huge Pumphandle Slam took all the wind out of Crash as Jimmy quickly hooks the leg



THR…NO! Kick Out!

Jimmy signals for the end as he pulls Crash up to his feet, landing a hard knee to the gut and throwing him towards the turnbuckle. Jimmy runs after him but as Crash gets to the turnbuckle, he backflips off it, over Jimmy and delivering a big Lung-Blower. Jimmy slowly gets to his feet as Crash grabs him by the neck, taking him down again with a Swinging Neckbreaker. The crowd begin to cheer as Crash lifts a fist into the air, yelling out ‘CANNONBALL’ before rushing to the ropes, HUMAN CANNONBALL! Jimmy holds his chest in pain as he slowly gets to his feet,


Jimmy fights out of it as he tries again to whip Crash into the corner, Crash using his momentum to leap up onto the top turnbuckle, diving off with a huge Shotgun Dropkick right into the charging Sartyr. Jimmy looks knocked out as Crash signals for the end, climbing up to the top rope once more

CRASH COURSE! That Corkscrew Moonsault lands flush as Jimmy has been crushed in the middle of the ring. Crash rolls over, hooking the leg for the victory




Crash picks up a huge victory here on Afterburn as World on Fire begins to play, the crowd split in their love for both competitors as Crash walks to the back, celebrating his win

The camera focuses in as a door is opening. The lights are on, and we hear voices, but we can’t see who they are coming from. As the camera enters the room the voices get louder, and we can tell that they are coming from around the corner.

“Aww dat’s it, wight thewr. Dat’s wat we got to wook out fow. Dat cwazy cwown show no mewcy!”

“You’re right, Bruce, he looks dangerous. I’d watch out for him if I were you.”

As the camera goes around the corner, we can see the backs of a man and woman’s heads. They both have dark brown hair, but we can’t see their faces yet. They are watching video from some previous Old School Wrestling archives.

“And dat othew guy, the one wif da cigawette. He not wight!”

“Yeah, and the champion? Brown? Blue? Black? What was it? Watch out for that one, too.”

The camera gets close enough that it becomes intrusive. The man turns around, startled.

“Oww, you scawe me! You shouldn’t sneak up on peopow wike dat! Weww since you ow hewe, I guess I wiww intwoduce mysewf. My name is Bwuce Van Chan and I…am…totally screwing with you! I heard you open the door! I don’t speak like that at all! My grandpa, sure; me, no!”

“Bruce, I’m pretty sure that’s extremely racist.”

“What are you talking about? I’m one quarter Korean; I can’t be racist again my own people!”


“Anyway, I’m Bruce Van Chan, this is my lovely wife, Paige. I guess it’s time to get to know me a little bit. I’ve spent many years going from promotion to promotion. I’ve taken a few years off here and there. But I knew that it was time to lace up my Chucks once again here in the OSW. Now, I’m not gonna come in here and say that I’m the big, bad man on campus. I’m not gonna parade around saying that there is no match for me here. I’m not gonna walk into the building and act like everyone has to bow down to me.”

The mood has gotten a little more serious.

“What is gonna happen is that I am gonna bust my hump every…single…day. I am gonna make people around here realize that I am a force to be reckoned with. I am gonna do everything to make sure that you know I am the “real frickin’ deal. And last but not least, I am gonna make sure that everyone realizes that you don’t have to like me, but dammit, you will respect me!”

Suddenly the door opens and in walks a rather gleeful looking Cooter Hayes. The fans erupt at the sight of him, watching as he walks straight up to Bruce Van Chan and offers him a handshake.

“Bruce Lee?” he says curiously. “I’ve always wanted ta meet Bruce Lee!”

Bruce stands up, shakes the hand but doesn’t seem too impressed.

“My name isn’t Bruce Lee.”

“Jackie Chan then, mah mistake, I ain’t get all the details,” Cooter again mistakenly indentifies him. “I love yer films!”

Slightly frustrated, Chan looks towards Paige and then back towards Hayes.

“Look pal, my name is Bruce Van Chan and to be honest with you, you’re starting piss me off.”

“Sheeeet, I’m sorry. I ain’t mean no offence. I jus’ thought yew was someone else is all. I’m lookin’ for a new Tag team padnah and I thought teamin’ with Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan would be unstoppable!” he says in apology. “I’ll leave ya to it, unless yer interested?”

Bruce thinks about it for a moment, not quite saying a word as Cooter heads for the door. With him gone, Paige looks towards her husband.

“He’s insane but I know him, he’s a former Tag Team Champion and Old School Wrestling are looking for contenders, Bruce. It’s worth considering.”

And consider it, he will.

It looks like The Fresh Prince of Wrestling and Willie Manson are set to due battle as their tag team partners go to their corners. Cories and Manson stare one another down as the referee signals for the bell. Both men circle the ring as they lock up and Manson proves to be way too strong for Cories as he pushes The Fresh Prince into the corner of the ring. The referee gets in between both of them as they separate for the moment until Manson throws a right at the unsuspecting Cories. Followed by a series of rights that rocks Cories backwards and against the ring ropes as Manson irish whips Cories towards the ring ropes and knocks him down with a running clothesline as Manson goes to cover.




As Manson gets up to his feet, Corvus Stull tags himself in and immediately begins stomping away at the unfortunate Cories. He brings Cories to his feet as the fans begin chanting.

“LET’S GO CORIES!” Clap! Clap! Clap! “LET’S GO CORIES!”

The ovation is getting louder but seems to be doing him no good as Stull plants Cories with a double-underhook mat slam! Cories struggles to his feet as The Timekeeper runs at the ring ropes … Cories somehow wraps his arm around the neck of Stull, looking for the Book-End but Stull proves to be too powerful and tall to be able to pull that off. Out of nowhere … DROPKICK! Stull lands back as Cories gets some airtime landing the Book-End regardless, the dropkick of Ash aiding Cories in landing the move! Ash goes back to his corner, extending his hand, desperately wanting in this match.


The crowd urges Cories as he begins crawling to his corner as Stull does the same to his. Both men tag their partners in! The fans pop to their feet as The Chosen One ducks a clothesline from Manson … BOOMSTICK! Manson is dazed – SUPERKICK TO MANSON BY CORIES! Manson slumps against Ash as he grabs Manson, spinning him around.


Ash drops Manson on his head as he goes for a cover.




‘Carry On My Wayward Son’ Kansas as Ash gets his hand raised as Cories gets to his feet, jumping around like he just won a championship. Ash doesn’t know what to make of it as Cories extends his hand, wanting a high five as for a moment Williams thinks about it and somewhat apprehensively does so.

After that tremendous match, Ash Williams and Matthew Cories are back to their feet in celebration. They’re going to Block Party to fight for the Tag Team Championships and they can’t believe it. Matthew gets a microphone and begins to celebrate with the crowd.

“We did it! We earned our way into the Tag Team Championship Match at Block Party!” Matthew says to a cheer from the audience. “But let me and Ash make one or two things abundantly clear; we’re not a joke. We’ve heard what people have been saying about us, thinking that we’re a tag team like Bevis and Butthead but we’re not. We’re a Tag Team more like Bill and Ted, or Wayne and Garth, or-“

Ash by now has had enough of the references and snatches the microphone.

“I think what my enthusiastic mentee is trying to say, is that if you think we’re a joke, I’ve got fist full of boomstick that’ll make a joke of your front teeth!”

On a cold winter morning, in the time before the light,

In flames of death’s eternal reign we ride towards the fight,

When the darkness has fallen down, and the times are tough all right,

The sound of evil laughter falls around the world tonight.

“Through the Fire and the Flames” by Dragonforce plays beautifully across the speakers and the fans rise to their feet in ovation. Neville Sheldon steps onto the entrance ramp in his white gym short like trunks, kneepads and boots.

He walks down the ramp timidly, putting his hand up in wave to the fans. When at the ring, he uses the middle rope to pull himself onto the ring apron, eventually getting up and entering the ring. He retrieves a microphone and stands opposite Those 90’s guys.

“First of all, congratulations on becoming contenders,” Neville says with a nod and a cheer from the crowd. Ash looks towards Cories and mumbles something to him, clearly not impressed. “I just wanted to come out here, men to men and announce my participation in the next round of Tag Team Matches.”

“YOU!?” Ash says loudly, bursting into laughter. “Oh come on kid, I’ve flushed bigger things than you down the toilet.”

The fans boo.


“The day you’ll get a Tag Team partner is the day the evil dead stops rising up and taking every single thing that I love. Hell, why do you think I won’t get too attached to this guy,” Ash says pointing at a dejected Cories. “I know he’ll die. Everyone does!”

That took a turn out of left field. So naturally, Matthew takes the microphone.

“I think what my mentor is trying to say, is that we’re going to be the best of the best and we don’t want to face Scrappy Doo in a two on one singles Match.”

Nubian Rose’s “Break Out” hits the speakers, and Cayci Spires blows through the curtain to the entrance way. She nods her head in time with the music, hopping from foot to foot as the lyrics kick. Sufficiently warmed up, Cayci confidently strides down the entrance ramp to get in the ring. She quickly walks over to Neville and politely asks him for a microphone, as Cories and Ash look on, stunned.

“What’s the matter? Haven’t seen a woman before? Well, just so you know, Neville here has a Tag Team partner,” she says to a massive cheer from the crowd. She nods in agreement with them, flashing a surprised Sheldon a wink. “And I suppose that’s a surprise to you, being that according to your constant life story, every single woman you’ve ever had has ‘died’”

That infuriates Ash who suddenly SWINGS WITH A BOOMSTICK!! NOO!!! NEVILLE STEPPED IN!! NEVILLE JUST GOT HIS FACE ALMOST KNOCKED OFF!! FUCKING HELL! Cayci quickly goes to check on The Nerd as Cories convinces Ash to get the hell out of there. They back away to boos as Cayci looks on, absolutely infuriated. Neville just took one hell of a shot for his Tag Team Partner.

Those 90’s guys walk to the backstage, Cories clearly asking Ash why he did that as we go to commercial.

The Sweet Dreams match winner Reichous Marx ties up against one of the opponents he bested at Ring Of Dreams, in Cayci Spires in this one. The Illuminary Sage tries to dominate this one but is met by huge resistance from Spires, as she counters his attempt of a fisherman suplex and sprawl him out with a suplex of her own. Making a quick cover.



The force of Marx kick-out sends Spires high into the air, landing on her feet though, she’s not planning on giving Reichous any breathing space. The minute her feet hit the floor she smashes a huge kick into the jaw of Marx. Marx on both knee’s but wobbling from aforementioned kick, Wrapping her arms round his neck she plants Marx to the floor with a huge DDT. Another pinfall atempt



A more worn down Marx, kicks out early again this time but his strength slightly diminished does not send Chaos flying with his kick out. A few swift kicks to the downed Marx keeps him in exactly the position Cayci wants him. She heads up top. Standing high above her opponent, she does a quick gesture to the crowd and in one swift motion DIVING MOONSAULT…. MISSES. Marx having the intelligence to role out the way, just at the clinical moment. The two OSW superstars are now both floored. The crowd trying to rouse Spires as chants of lets go Cayci ring around the SchoolYard.

It’s a race to get to there feet, whoever makes it first will most likely gain the upper hand. The Referee checking on both competitors….. Its Marx who makes up it first, but Cayci is literally only moments behind him.

Spires chargers at Marx, who throws out a elbow just as she is about to hit him with a running bulldog. This stops Cayci in her path, and sends her reeling backwards. Marx now turning around to look his opponent in the eyes. Ever alert, Cayci, although in obvious pain, lunges at her opponent again aiming a knee at Marx head…. HE CATCHES HER, MARX CATCHES HER…… Extending her arm out, we all know what to expect here


I’m surprised we arent witnessing a Cayci head sized dint in the mat, such was the power. Cover




Valiant effort from Cayci but Reichous keeps up his Ring of Dreams form and defeats and fellow entrant of the Sweet Dreams contest, again here tonight on Afterburn.

We head to the backstage area and in particular, The Burn Ward. Tonight, the Burn Ward has been turned into a Fanzone area and standing behind an autograph table amongst a crowd of excited adults and teens is none other than Jimmy Sartyr.

“Hi everyone, welcome to The Burn Ward!” he says to a huge cheer. “You’re too kind. Tonight, I’ve been selected to come on down here and spend some time with my fans. I can’t believe how lucky I am to get to spend some time with all of you.”

The fans start a “Jimmy Sartyr” chant that’s followed by the traditional claps.

“As you know, I’ve just started my Old School Wrestling journey and tonight, I step into the ring with Crash. That makes a subtle but important difference than last week, when I competed at Ring Of Dreams. But enough about that, how about we do what we’re all here to do, huh? The hug line starts here.”

Jimmy steps out from behind his autograph table and opens his arms, awaiting his first fan.



The screams from female fans aren’t for Jimmy, not this time – instead they’re for Pig, who suddenly attacks him from behind with a steel chair. The Animal slams the chair down on Sartyr as the fans begin to scatter in different directions, refusing to watch their hero get abused by this absolute beast. He hits him one more time before throwing the chair down on him, stepping backwards to reveal Luther behind them.

“That’s my Pig,” he says patting his animal on the back. “That’s my boy.”

He walks over to a still and unconscious Jimmy.

“Look at you, like a worm, laid out ready for the feast. You sicken me, James. This attention should be for my boy, not for you.”

Luther stands up and points in the direction that he wants Pig to go, following him. The camera takes one last look at Sartyr, who has no idea what’s just happened to him here tonight.

Lee Crowley start’s this thing off with Smile Jr. in hand and, as the bell rings, he charges Nigel Royal with the crowbar cocked back… but Nigel ducks under and comes up behind. Bulldog! Royal takes Crowley down long enough to slide out of the ring and grab a chair from ringside. After he slides back under the bottom rope and charges Lee… but Crowley is ready…


Nigel manages to drive the chair into Lee’s skull but, at the same time, Crowley catches Nigel in the ribs with Smiley Jr.! Both men go down! The ref doesn’t even get a chance to count though before both men are up. They lock up, both having dropped their weapons.


Lee takes Nigel down and goes straight for his crowbar… with Smiley Jr. recovered he charges Nigel…


Smiley catches Nigel in the chest and sends him up and over the top rope to the outside. Lee holds Smiley Jr. up in celebration as he’s suddenly struck with an idea. His crowbar still in hand, Lee bounces off the far ropes and charges… Suicide Dive through the ropes!

NO! Nigel sidesteps! And Lee goes head first into the barricade!

Nigel stumbles to the apron and begins fishing under the ring… until he pulls out… a table! Royal slides the table under the bottom rope and sets it up in the middle of the ring. He than slides back out of the ring and begins to lead Lee to his feet. Crowley tries to fight back, throwing a few clubbing blows at Nigel’s face but Royal shuts him down with a knee to the gut. He rolls Lee into the ring and follows in behind him…


Lee snatches up that chair and drives it against the skull of Nigel Royal quicker than a jackrabbit. Royal drops and Lee goes for the pin.




NO! Nigel kicks out at the last second. Lee looks pissed, running Royal to his feet only to take him back down with a Double Underhook DDT! Crowley runs Nigel to his feet again, only to once again take him back down! This time with a Lifting DDT! And he runs Royal to his feet AGAIN!This time, rolling him on top of the table. Lee hits the top rope and…



And Lee rolls Nigel up again.




He’s done it! Lee Crowley has defeated the OSW Hardcore Champion in his first match with the company! Lee retrieves Smiley Jr. from ringside and celebrates his victory with his… crowbar.

When we return from commercial, Rick Walker is stood in the ring.

“You know I get down, I’m a downer, heart pounder, LOLin’, smelling like Sarin,

Felony forecast: El is, dressed to the nines like a target, dressed like a bullseye for a blind archer.”

The houselights all but die as a slow, pounding bass rhythm signals the start of El-P’s “Stay Down.” Sporadic strobe bursts pierce the darkness in-time with the track’s loose guitar harmonics and soon Isaiah Black staggers from the backstage area, peering disdainfully from beneath his hood – The World Championship being dragged by its strap.

“The Grim” doesn’t stop for fanfare and starts his way down the ramp with his head bowed. Eventually he reaches the ring and rolls beneath the bottom rope, before hopping to his feet. He pulls the hood back and casts a wide, demented gaze across the arena, throwing the title down in the middle of the ring.

“Isaiah Black, welcome to your celebration!” says Rick Walker.


Isaiah though doesn’t hesitate to snatch the microphone from Walker.

“Are you serious? Is this what it’s come to, huh? All this fanfare and glory because I defended that,” Black says pointing to the title on the canvas. “Is that it? Are all eyes on me now? Huh? Is everyone watching? Because I’m telling you, I hope you are. I hope that every single set of eyes is glued to the television every moment that I’m on it, so that you can see this.”


“BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” scream the fans in attendance.

Isaiah drags the suit jacket over Rick’s head and punches him square in the jaw. The fans can’t believe it as he drops him to his knees and runs up with THE GRAND LEVELLER! THE GRAND LEVELLER TO RICK WALKER! ARE YOU SERIOUS? WHAT THE FUCK! THE WORLD CHAMPION IS ON A RAMPAGE!


The now retired wrestler slides into the ring in aid of his colleague, ducking a Clothesline attempt by Black and coming back with a right hand of his own. The crowd are on their feet as Roman starts beating The World Champion into the corner, only Isaiah checks his lip for blood and then laughs. “My turn!” he sneers, headbutting Roman straight to the canvas.

Richard doesn’t know what’s hit him and gets back to his feet, only for Isaiah to come storming out of the corner… BEAUTIFUL DEATH!! SLINGBLADE!! THAT SON OF A BITCH!

The World Champion has laid out both members of the commentary team! He slides to the outside and kicks over the steel chairs, heading towards commentary where he grabs a cameraman that gets too close and launches him over the commentary booth. Security are now swarming the entrance ramp as Black hits anything or anyone that moves. With security quickly falling at his feet, he heads around the table and snatches up the headset.

Isaiah Black: “You may now go back to your regularly scheduled broadcast.”

Just then, here comes MIKE LANE!! MIKE LANE IS STORMING THE RING! He runs straight over to Black and starts brawling with him, both men trading right and left hands before Isaiah throws him across the announce table. He turns his head towards the entrance ramp where Red River Jack stands, watching with a smile. The Grim smiles back, looking at the carnage around the ringside are as we head to a commercial break.

Two of Old School Wrestling’s favourites meet in a one on one match, different fortunes at Ring of Dreams but the fans let them know straight away that they are rooting for both of them as an early chant of

“Lets Go Kersh, Pick-Po-Cket”

Rings out around the arena. The two men meet in the middle and shake hands. Looking at his right elbow pad after the handshake, Brent Kersh realises its no longer there. Pickpocket chucks it at Kersh as the crowd laughs, fixing it back in place the two share a smile and this one gets officially underway.

The veteran of seventeen years takes the upper hand from the start and before we know it Pickpocket is in pain after a huge backbreaker leaves him rolling around, switched on enough to roll to the outside and Buford quickly comes across. After a few seconds and what ultimately looks like a monkey giving the wrestler a pep talk and Pickpocket is back in the ring and raring to go. Gaining the upper hand himself this time and a backbreaker of his own leaves Brent the one downed, pulling Kersh to his feet and executing a Fisherman suplex, bridging it, first pin attempt.




One and a half only their. Straight back to his feet and the two trade punches back and forth until eventually Kersh gets a BLOCK in on a Pickpocket right. He follows it with another Left, Right, Left and finally a crushing Right that sends Pickpocket straight to the mat. BOUNCES straight back up though and Pickpocket gets the surprised veteran with a huge Clothes line that almost takes Kersh’s head off. FUJIWARA ARMBAR locked in tight on Brent here and we could be seeing the end for Brent. That looks painful.

The Enforcer, mustering up all his strength, begins to worm his way to the closest rope. Eventually getting there, Pickpocket is forced to release the hold. So Close to a victory via submission there, he goes to pick Brent up by the neck, once up on one knee though Kersh grabs his opponents arm and SHOULDER BREAKER





Brent Kersh carries on his moment from Ring of Dreams, but it could have been so different valiant effort from Pickpocket. The crowd sound of the appreciation for two of the favourite stars in Old School Wrestling. The two men share a handshake, finishing the match as they started

We cut to a shot of a residential area. It seems to be a working-class town from yesteryear: crooked, weathered houses flank a sloping, cobblestone road cratered with potholes. The iron grey sky and rain slick surroundings cast a dreary hue over the place.

Children sit around in dirty hand-me-down clothing, no laughter to be heard and no playtime to be seen.

The adults clean windows, paint their grubby houses or else just stand there and smoke, daydreaming about their youth and wasted ambitions…

A figure emerges at the top of the hill. Silhouetted against the sky, it makes its way down the treacherous road.

The clouds suddenly part, and a golden shaft of sunlight beams down upon the mysterious figure.

Heads turn. Eyes bulge. Jaws drop. One of the children turns to an older man whose features he shares.

“ Father, father! Look! Is it an angel!?”

The boy’s father smiles, ruffles his son’s hair, and wipes a tear from his lined face.

“ No, lad… ’tis Marvolo.”

Marvolo comes into focus at the foot of the hill.

“ And he is Marvellous.”

Marvolo “The Marvellous” comes to a halt, standing proudly with his chest puffed out and his hands on his hips. A red luchador mask conceals his identity. His cape flutters in the breeze behind him. His silver tights glitter in the sunlight.

The father and son embrace each other, and the town locals suddenly erupt; cheering, whistling, removing their hats, bowing their heads in Marvolo’s direction.

The smallest and youngest of the children limps over to Marvolo on a pair of bent, rusty crutches and looks up at him with saucer-shaped eyes brimming with tears.

“ Mister Marvolo, won’t you stay?”

Marvolo chuckles and kneels down to meet the young boy’s gaze.

“ I must go, Timmy. Old School Wrestling needs me. There, I must suplex people in the face. Be brave like Marvolo, Timmy.”

Timmy sniffs back tears and nods his head. Marvolo gives one last look at his adoring townspeople before setting off down the rain slick road, his red wrestling boots without a speck of dirt on them.

With that odd segment coming to a close, we pan backwards from a monitor in which Willie Manson was sat watching.

“An’ I thought I was crazy,” Manson says with a smile. “I guess we’ll put that to the test.”

The scene comes to a close with Manson grinning profusely, clearly planning to get himself a piece of Marvolo.

Both men step up to the plate. They hold out their wrists – not breaking eye contact – for the referee to tie them together. The former Boy Scouts official tests his handiwork; satisfied the knots won’t give, he retreats and calls for the bell.

Neville steps back towards his corner, Pig looking to do the same – but the Sadistic Swine jerks the rope, snatching Sheldon off his feet and causing him to EAT MAT! Pig slaps the top pad in his own corner –


– Then, using his half-foot, hundred-pound advantage, Pig drags Neville behind him, Luther cackling with glee at ringside.


He heads for the third corner, but stops dead. He looks over his shoulder. NEVILLE HAS HIS LEGS WRAPPED AROUND THE POST! The crowd pop as Pig screams in fury.

In a scene likely mirroring his discovery by Luther, Pig dives to his knees and rains down on Neville with furious blows. The Bespectacled Underdog covers up and rolls under the bottom rope to escape.

Outside, Neville tries to breathe, but Pig pulls on the tether, slamming him back-first into the apron. Pig grabs fistfuls of rope, raising Neville off the ground as though on a meat hook. With the Geek on the apron, Pig moves in – but Neville ducks between the ropes with a SHOULDER TO THE GUT!

Before Neville can capitalise, however, LUTHER GRABS HIS ANKLE! No disqualifications here! Neville kicks Luther off, but Pig is up –







Luther screams and rushes over to his Monster as Pig and Neville lay in a heap in front of the announce table, which now sits crooked.

With no count-outs, the referee waits for each man to recover. Slowly but surely, they crawl back to the ring, trading blows along the way. They roll under the rope and get to their feet groggily.

Pig throws a clothesline, but Neville ducks it. Emerging behind Pig, Neville grabs the leg and – realises Pig is too damn tall for the Book Smart! He shrugs and leaps into the air – SLEEPER HOLD!

Pig thrashes and tries to shake Neville off.


Wait, what!? Both men just crashed into the turnbuckle!


And the next one!

Pig is fading… he sinks to his knees… With Luther screaming at him and pounding the mat, he muscles up to his feet… he races and SLAMS Neville back-first into the far corner, touching it himself!


Pig goes down again. Neville, summoning every ounce of strength and energy… draaaaaaags Pig’s immense carcass behind him… nearly there…




The crowd pop huge as Neville makes the save of the century, touching all four corners for the win! The referee calls for the bell and holds Luther back as half a dozen more officials decide how best to untie these two warriors.

After successfully defending his Championship against Marcus X last week, Brent Kersh is backstage looking ever pleased with his triumphant result. He’s about to exit his locker room when confronted by Marcus X and his band of racist men.

Instantly, he’s ready to fight.

“I don’t want to fight you now, Kersh. I want a conversation.” Marcus says with both palms raised.

“You brought all these guys for a conversation, is that it? I don’t know what you want Marcus, but you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time if you think I’m not going to put my boot down your throat,” Brent says rather sternly, if not slightly out of character. “I’ve had enough of you being in my face. You framed me as a member of the Ku Klux Klan, you spray painted me and tried to take my title.”

Marcus smirks.

“And yet here you stand, the valiant white man, against the odds. It’s sickening, Brent. It’s sickening how you cheated to defeat me at Ring Of Dreams and it’s sickening how you still have that title.”

Kersh’s brow furrows and he sighs deeply.

“Cheated? I don’t cheat.” he responds amicably.

“Prove it. I want one more shot at the United States Championship. If you’ve got nothing to lose and if you didn’t cheat, you should be able to beat me again.”

“Fine, you’ve got your rema-“

Marcus strikes before he can finish his sentence, clocking him in the mouth with a right hand. Kersh is taken completely by surprise as Marcus runs him back into the locker room and slams him against the lockers. He hits the floor in pain, Marcus snatching up the US Championship and backing away with it.

“I guess I’ll be seeing you at Block Party,” Marcus hisses. “I’ll be holding this, just in case you don’t know which one I am.”

Mike Lane climbs through the ropes to the cheer of the fans and this one gets underway quickly with Red River Jack in quick with a lock up. The bell rings as the size advantage of “The People’s Choice” proves evident as he moves “RRJ” into the corner. The official is there to break them upAND JACK slips a thumb into the eye of Lane. That sends the fan favorite reeling, but he wills himself back to the fight

AND RED RIVER JACK CONNECTS WITH THE “SPARTAN KICK”! Mike drops to the canvas and we may see a pinfall here.




Lane is able to clear the cobwebs in enough time to avoid an early defeat here at the hands of “The Creator, Cultivator and Consumer of Worlds”, but I don’t think that bothers him much. “RRJ” pulling Lane to his feet AND LANE lands a knee to the midsection. AND ANOTHER! Mike Lane taking hold of his opponent and SNAP SUPLEX! What now? Still a little dizzy, “The People’s Choice” is headed to the corner. AND HE’S CLIMBING THE TURNBUCKLES!

Lane in position and INTO THE AIR WITH A FLYING LEG DROP! He makes the cover.



THIS TIME it’s Red River Jack that escapes in just the knick of time.

Lane is quick to his feet now and he’s CALLING FOR THE FIGURE FOUR! Mike Lane reaching down to grab Jack’s legs, BUT “RRJ” LANDS a vicious fist to the forehead of his opponent. AND ANOTHER! AND NOW A FLURRY OF FISTS with “RRJ” gripping the hair of Lane with his free hand. The official is there to count off the closed fist and Red River Jack sure does look like he’s enjoying himself!

Lane stumbles back to the corner; his face bruised and battered. “RRJ” hurries to his feet, BUT MIKE RESPONDS WITH A… NO! JACK DUCKS A CLOTHESLINE AND SMALL PACKAGE!






RED River Jack manages to kick out again. Back and forth action by two superb athletes here tonight on Afterburn. Both men are back up!

They converge and Jack with a kick to the midsection of Lane, OH NO LOOK OUT! IT’S “SEEIN’ RED”!! RED RIVER JACK LANDS “SEEIN’ RED” and Lane is out cold. “RRJ” going for the cover.




Red River Jack picks up a big victory here in an AMAZING contest. You have to wonder if Mike Lane might have been suffering from a let down after his win over Desmond Cross at Ring of Dreams, but you cannot afford to let that happen against a monster like Red River Jack!!

When we return from a short commercial break, The Hangman stands in the middle of the ring – his match with King Konstantine coming up next. He has a microphone and apparently has something to say.

“Last week I defeated Ash Williams and proved to him, if no-one else, that I am not evil,” he says to a cheer from the crowd. “But if he was right about one thing, it’s that tends to find you.”



The fans are truly behind The Manslayer here tonight.

“Lee Crowley, you did not make me smile. I don’t know why you’ve come for me, or what you want, but you will know The Hangman’s name. You will know the deepest of fear realised within your very heart when we meet at Block Party. I’m gonna get ya!”

Suddenly a crackle and a hiss interrupt and the big screen suddenly flickers to reveal Lee Crowley, surrounded by Damien and Tobias.

“You don’t get it, do ya Hangman? We like you. We like you a lot. This family of mine, we can sense insanity as if it follows us around every single corner. It’s a sense that never goes away. From my first smile handed out to men like you, to the one handed to me.”




The Crowley family laugh at their response.

“You’re right, we’re nuts. But looking at you Hangman, we know that you’re the same. We’re going to break your resolve, help you reach your potential and welcome you to the family.”

The fans boo as Hangman looks on from the middle of the ring.

“Give me a smile!”

The footage suddenly cuts to a smilie face before we head to a quick break. Up next, The Hangman takes on King Konstantine for the All-Star Championship!

The referee holds the All-Star Championship in his grasp, folding it and holding it in the air for all to see before handing it to the Time Keeper. After, he signals for the bell, officially starting the match. King Orwell is circling the ring, looking for an opening on the massive giant and as The Hangman gets closer and swings, Konstantine ducks a right hand and shouts “HAIL KONSTANTINE!” As he turns, The Head Hunter runs in with a right hand that catches Konstantine, forcing him to stumble to the corner turnbuckle. Another right hand shot to the upper jaw of the King and another to the midsection as Ruler of the Ring and Defender of Wrestling sits on his butt, cleaning his clock.

The Hangman grabs a handful of Konstantine’s hair and brings him up to his feet but Konstantine thumbs The Hangman to his eye following that up with a series of strong headbutts that cause The Hangman to stumble back and hold onto the top ring ropes. Konstantine grabs The Manslayer, attempting to irish whip him towards the ring ropes but The Hangman counters, irish whipping Konstantine against the corner ring turnbuckle rather hard as then the big man charges at the King but he moves! Hangman hits the ropes rather hard … OFF WITH HIS HEAD! The Hangman is down as Konstantine goes for the cover.




How the hell did The Hangman get out of that?! Konstantine shows a bit of frustration feeling like that should of put him away as he gets up, aiming for another hard spinning lariat. As The Head Hunter stands, The King runs …


NO! GUZZLE! The Hangman has King Konstantine up … CAPITAL PUNISHMENT! Huge chokeslam that shakes the ring! Hangman doesn’t have enough in the tank to make the cover though as both men are out. At the count of five, The Hangman begins to stir and gets back to his feet as King Konstatine is beginning to get back to his feet slowly. The Manslayer lines the King up for a running big boot … King Konstatine moves and The Hangman’s foot gets hung up on the top turnbuckle! Kick to the leg of The Hangman! King Konstatine runs to the ropes as The Hangman’s foot is still stuck …


Big powerful spinning lariat as he goes for the pinfall.




King Konstatine rolls out of the ring as Lord Trembley is clapping, bowing at the feet of his King as they walk up the rampway. The Hangman looks shaken up after that vicious lariet but he gets back up under his own power, leaving the ring to a disappointing defeat.

Backstage, Charlie Thompson is stood by with the destructive force known as James Hunter. Hunter has been fierce since arriving in Old School Wrestling and many would like to know more about his goals.

“James, you’ve been dominant since your arrival in Old School Wrestling. Despite your loss in the Sweet Dreams Match, you’ve violently handled the participants on more than one occasion. Tonight you picked up your first win against Cooter Hayes and I’d like to know, what do you go from here?”

Hunter looks at her, then brandishes his axe.

“You said it yourself; I love violence. I love destroying and eviscerating people. I love the crushing of bones and the smell of blood. If you want to know where I’m headed from here, it’s for more of that.”

“Well, Crash has a question,” suddenly interrupts Crash off screen. He walks in to a tremendous cheer from the fans, a cheer that brings a smile to his face. “Does your burning desire for destruction give you the right to attack anyone, any time you please?”

The Question steps forward, his axe still in hand, remember.

“Who’s going to stop me; you? I’m sure James Hunter doesn’t have to remind you of last week, does he?”

Crash smirks slightly and nods in agreement.

“No you’re right, Crash remembers that. Crash remembers you losing the Sweet Dreams Match too. See Hunter, you can stand there brandishing your axe all you want but in that ring, Crash is the one to be afraid of.”

“I guess we’ll put that to the test.” Hunter responds.

WHACK! WHAT THE HELL? JAMES JUST NAILED HIM WITH THE WOODEN HANDLE OF HIS AXE!! Poor Crash hits the concrete floor like a sack of shit, his eyes glazed and birds singing around his head.

The Question bends down.

“I may be the question, but I have all the answers.”

The bell sounds and our Main Event begins. Jake Jeckel wastes no time going after Isaiah Black for a hard take down but Walking Death counters with a knee strike to Jeckel’s temple. The Juggalo staggers back and Isaiah Black strikes with a WICKED LARIAT and Jeckel crashes to the mat. Early cover…



Jake Jeckel kicks out!

The Grim goes for a guillotine choke but Triple J powers him back. KICK TO THE GUT… CRADLE PILEDRIVER by Jeckel!! Isaiah Black is there but nobody’s home upstairs. Jeckel pulls Black to his feet and sends him off the ropes. Jeckel bends for the back body drop… but Black counters with a leap frog… Black back from the ropes now and Jeckel lands a HUGE SPINNING HEEL KICK!! Jeckel covers…



The Grim gets a shoulder up!!

ENZIGURI!!! Isaiah Black catches Jake Jeckel with an enziguri out of nowhere just as the Juggalo was pulling Walking Death to his feet. Jeckel falls to his knees. Black sees the opening and leaps for the GRAND LEVELER… but Jeckel lowers his head, he’s still on his knees- Black misses… but he catches Jeckel with a HUGE FOREARM STRIKE TO THE FACE… AND ANOTHER… DDT!! Black hooks the head and plants Jeckel’s face into the mat. The Grim hooks the leg…



Jeckel lifts the shoulder at the LAST SECOND!!

Jake slides under the bottom rope and grabs his head. He’s gotta be ringing between the ears after the damage done a moment ago. Just as Jeckel tries to regain his composure, the World Champion sends himself off the ropes and dives for a BASEBALL SLIDE… but JECKEL HAS IT SCOUTED- Jake sidesteps and Black is on the outside. Jeckel with a HARD TACKLE SHOVING BLACK INTO THE BARRICADE!!

The referee starts his ten count as the Jugallo grabs Black around the waist and this time TACKLES HIM INTO THE RING APRON!! Isaiah Black clutches his back in agony as he drops to the mat on the outside. Jeckel pulls him up and sends him back into the ring. Jeckel slides in and stalks Black… but ISAIAH BLACK GRABS JECKEL AND PULLS HIM BACK… JECKEL JUST INADVERTENTLY TACKLED THE REFEREE TO THE GROUND!!

Isaiah Black hooks Triple J for a Russian leg sweep but the Juggalo doesn’t budge. Jeckel drops Black to the mat with a firemans carry… but The Grim rolls through… Black with ANOTHER FOREARM STRIKE… but JECKEL DUCKS… Jeckel drops to his knees… LOW BLOW!!

Jake goes for the cover but the Referee is still shaking the cobwebs loose. Jeckel goes to grab the referee and gets the official to his feet. Just as Jeckel turns around though…

CROWD CONTROL!!! CROWD CONTROL!!!! Where did Gabriel Cain come from??! He must have hopped the barricade. Cain pulls the bandana from his face and stares down at the man he attacked at Ring of Dreams. Isaiah Black looks at the carnage in front of him as the Referee comes to. Cain leaves the ring before the official sees him. Walking Death hooks the leg…




Isaiah Black picks up the victory thanks to Gabriel Cain!!

After that gruelling Main Event, Jake Jeckel gets back to his feet to see Gabriel Cain standing now inside the ring, opposite him. He’s furious, as you’d expect, that he’s just been cost his biggest Old School Wrestling match to date.

He’s about to go for the man responsible when the lights shut off.





Gabriel Cain stands across the ring as Azreal kicks Jake low and drags him into The Powerbomb position! He lifts him up… POWERBOMB-TO-SUPERKICK COMBINATION!! THEY NAIL HIM JUST LIKE THEY DID REICHOUS MARX LAST WEEK AT RING OF DREAMS!!

The fans don’t know whether to cheer or boo as Jake Jeckel thuds off the canvas. Azreal and Solomon turn their attention to Gabriel, who stands, ready to fight.

Only they turn away and back to Jeckel.

What the hell? Are they in cahoots?

They’re about to reach down and get themselves another piece of Jake when REICHOUS MARX COMES STORMING DOWN THE ENTRANCE RAMP!! Marx rolls into the ring and both men scatter, quickly escaping as the furious Luminary Sage chases them off into the audience.

Afterburn goes off the air with Reichous Marx in pursuit of Light & Dark whilst Gabriel Cain stands inside the ring, looking over the fallen Juggalo. Jake somehow gets back to his feet, as wobbly as can be after what just happened-


That final image of Jake being levelled one more time see’s us out here tonight. Is Gabriel Cain in cahoots with Azreal & Solomon?

What the hell is going on?