Click Clack. Click Clack. Click Clack.

The sound of shoes hitting the concrete backstage ushers in this week’s show as the camera pans up from low to reveal Father Pedro, accompanying Lux Bellator – the former RAGE World Champion who walks beside him with the belt still hung over his shoulder. As the camera backs up, we see that they are far from alone.

Following them in close proximity is Jake Jeckel, Pig, Luther, James Hunter, Azreal, Lee Crowley, Freight Train Ferguson and Robert Gordon. The entire RAGE roster has an aura of untouchable about them as they head down the hall.

“Hold the fuck on,” suddenly roars a voice from behind them. They all turn around to see Jackson Slade, their former boss, standing there with a grimace on his face. Jackson fearlessly walks straight through them all towards Jake and Lux, almost snarling. “Who the FUCK do you think you are?! I MADE most of you. I MADE your god damn careers and now you want to ruin mine?”



Jackson hits the deck with a thud, cutting him off mid-sentence as Lee Crowley stands there, crowbar in hand. The entire RAGE roster suddenly loses it, stomping the holy hell out of Slade whilst fearful employees run away.

No-one comes to his aide.

No-one dares.

Lux finally backs people away, kneeling down to where a bloodied Jackson now lies.

“I am the way, the truth and the light.” Bellator says, giving Slade the sign of the cross. He stands up and looks around his band of misfits, nodding at them before continuing his walk towards the ring.

They’re coming out!

The show transitions to the ring where we focus on the entrance ramp.


“Raw Deal” by Twiztid hits and here they come, the entire RAGE collective. They march their way to the ring, some sliding in, some waiting on the outside as Jake Jeckel grabs himself a microphone and heads to the middle. He stands there, right next to Lux Bellator, as RAGE protects the ring from outside interference.

“I had you again, huh?” Jake says with a cocky grin, his sights set on the booing fans. “I had each and every single one of you, didn’t I?”



The fans make their thoughts perfectly clear.

Jake just chuckles.

“And yet here I am. Here WE are. Don’t you people understand? Months ago, RAGE went under. It ended. People like myself, Pig, James, Gordon and Lee, we needed somewhere to work, somewhere to call home. But more than that, we needed to thrive.”

He paces around the ring now, contemplating his next word.

“Old School Wrestling – fuck Old School Wrestling. This isn’t RAGE and therefore, it just ain’t good enough. You see, each and every single man standing inside and around this ring has one goal; DESTROY Old School Wrestling. By the time we’re finished, RAGE will be all that remains.”

Jake leans on the shoulder of Lux, who stands with his arms folded.

“We don’t recognize your Champions. We don’t recognize your rules. As much as it pains me to say it, I’m standing next to the only Champion and Championship that counts; the RAGE CHAMPIONSHIP! So from here on out, you’re under siege. We’re going to take every single Championship you have and make them OURS.”

The lights dim to a shade lighter than darkness as the humming start of ‘To get to you’ brings about the immediate rise of the fans.



Red River Jack steps out onto the entrance ramp with the burning ember of his cigarette being the first immediate thing we see. Mike Lane, David Manson and Hate flank him, stopping at his back as he adjusts his World Championship and pulls a microphone from inside his dirty jeans.

The music comes to a close and he stands there, about to talk with the cigarette still in his mouth.

“Man, I like you..” Jack says to boo’s from the crowd. “I do, man. I do. And I won’t lie to you, if you hadn’t just said that, I might’ve even kept myself to myself and let you boys carry on. I might’ve let what happened to me and The Awakening at Block Party slide, man.”

He looks towards Lane, Manson and Hate who shake their heads to signify ‘no’.

“But then you had to go and do it, man. You had to take it that one step too far. Do you know what I’ve had to go through to get this title, huh? Do you know who I’ve had to kill to get here? Smoke lays dead and buried, six feet deep, man. He lays rotting because no-one could stop Red River Jack and The Awakening.”

“That changes now,” Lux Bellator suddenly interrupts. “That changes with us. I’ve seen you Jack, I’ve seen you talk about light and dark as if you know the true meaning behind it. The light shines in the darkness for you, but you have not yet understood it.”

Lux adjusts his title as Red looks back at The Awakening and shakes his head at being cut off.

“RAGE isn’t here to awaken anyone. We’re here to take over, to create and cultivate; isn’t that how you put it? So let me make things as clear as the Lord’s message. These Championships we hold represent the best our individual companies have to offer. That’s us, Jack.”

“No no, man – that’s me. You see, I’m the man with the real title and you don’t have a company,” The fans actually cheer that, which doesn’t faze Jack who continues. “And that Championship, it means nothing here. If you want a match with me, you’ve got it, but it won’t be for this, man,” he says holding up the OSW World Championship. “And it won’t be for that,” Jack points to the RAGE Championship on Lux’s shoulder. “Because as far as I’m concerned, that doesn’t exist.”

Members of the RAGE roster slowly step towards the entrance ramp, making sure that Jack and his men don’t make a run in. Lux though, he steps forwards towards the ropes.

“Then at Ring King, when I defeat you in that match, I will prove to you, the world and Old School Wrestling that the only REAL promotion is RAGE and that this,” he says holding up the title now. “Is the measuring stick. Faithfully following the path of light….”

Jack scoffs loudly on the microphone, cutting him off.

“You will be but a sheep to slaughter. It’s time RAGE woke up.”

“To get to you” hits one more time and see’s out The Awakening, Red River Jack taking a moment to stare down Bellator before following the rest of his men to the backstage area. RAGE stay around ringside, Lux talking with Father Pedro and Jake Jeckel, a massive match having been created for Ring King.

The bell rings as Cooter rushes forward, laying into Marvolo with heavy rights and lefts sending the Number One staggering into the ropes. Hayes throws Marvolo across the ring, trying for a Lariat on the rebound but Marvolo ducks under, bouncing off the other side as he leaps up into the air, trying for a Crossbody Block. Cooter catches him in mid-air, repositioning him as he powers Marvolo up. SACK OF SHIT…NO! Marvolo pokes Cooter’s left eye, staggering the Country Boy as Marvolo shimmies down Cooter’s back, hooking in a Crucifix as he leans back for the pin



Hayes gets back to his feet as Marvolo grabs him,taking him over with an arm drag. Cooter rolls through back onto his feet but is met with a kick to the gut as Marvolo bends Cooter over, landing the Burning Sword to the chest. Marvolo turns his back to Cooter, yelling ‘Burning Sword to the face’ to the crowd, Cooter getting to his feet behind Marvolo as the crowd begin to cheer. Marvolo turns around right into a huge Big Boot to the face.

Marvolo slowly gets to his feet stumbling as Cooter rushes him, slamming heavy rights and lefts before throwing him into the corner. Cooter sets Marvolo up, delivering a series of elbows to the chin as the back of Marvolo’s head is driven into the turnbuckle before Cooter backs up, rushing forward with a big splash, squashing the Number One as Marvolo stumbles out.

SACK OF SHIT TOSS! The Fallaway Slam landed flush as Marvolo hits the mat, holding his back in pain, the Country Boy signalling for the end.

Marvolo slowly begins to get to his feet as Cooter stalks him for the Alabama Slam when Raquel gets up on the apron, attempting to distract the referee. Cooter turns his attention to her, as Raquel begins to yell ‘Marvolo is number one’ at him as she raises a hand to slap him. Cooter catches it however, pulling her close just as Marvolo sneaks up behind him. The referee’s attention is still on Raquel as Marvolo low blows Cooter from behind, rolling him up into a pinning predicament


TWO…He has the tights


Marvolo gets to his feet, celebrating his win with Raquel as the Marvellous One screams out ‘Marvolo is Number One’. Marvolo rolls out of the ring, celebrating qualifying for Ring King as he heads to the back

Beauty and the Geek are walking backstage. Neville has his Tag Title belt around his waist. Cayci has hers thrown over her shoulder.

“Look at these boobs, Neville! Aren’t they incredible?!”

Neville, whose mind seems to be wandering blurts out, “Boobs?! What!?”

Cayci looks at him, confused, and asks quizzically, “I said aren’t these belts incredible?”

“Belts….oh yeah, I thought you said….Hey, we’re the champs! Yay!”

“Uh…huh. Listen, Nev, give me a minute. I’ve got to use the little girl’s room.”

Cayci goes into the ladies room. Neville leans against the wall, an utterly distraught look on his face.

“Boobs! You idiot! What were you…? And you said it out loud! Ugggh!” He slams his head against the wall in frustration and closes his eyes.

When he opens his eyes he sees three men standing in front of him: James Hunter, Pig, and Luther.

“Uhh, hi guys! What can I do you for?” Neville stammers.

“That’s a nice belt,” The Question states.

“Oh this? Yeah, I guess it’s alright.” Neville responds.

“Where’s the other one?”

“Umm, Cayci has it. In the bathroom.”

“So,” Hunter says, “You’re all by yourself then. No one to help you, if, say, you had an accident?”

“I…I’m sure she’ll be out in just a moment. Cayci!” Neville calls over his shoulder.

“NOW!” screams Luther.

Pig and Hunter both attack Neville at the same time. They pummel him over and over. Pig picks up Sheldon and gorilla press throws him into the concrete wall. Neville crumples to the floor. The Question picks up Sheldon’s Title belt, and the trio walk away.

Just then the bathroom door opens.

“Neville, I was thinking that……oh my god!”

Cayci runs over to Neville and puts his head in her lap.


The opening bell sounds and Pickpocket wastes no time charging Robert Gordon… but Gordon ducks under a clothesline attempt and slips out of the ring; wagging a finger at Pocket with a grin on his face. Pickpocket motions for Robert to get back in the ring and he does… with the time keepers bell in hand. He swings…

Pocket ducks, both men turn – foot to the gut by Pickpocket! The strike causes Gordon to double over, dropping the bell in the process… and Pickpocket recovers it…

Headshot with that bell!

Robert Gordon goes down hard and Pickpocket wastes no time going for the early cover.


Can he do it!?!



Gordon kicks out and Pickpocket can’t believe it. He goes back for the bell, but Robert beats him to it! Gordon swings wildly! BELL SHOT of his own on Pocket! Right in the face! But Gordon doesn’t go for the cover, instead sliding back out of the ring under the bottom rope! And he grabs a steel chair out from under the ring! Gordon slides back in and swings…

Pickpocket dodges, Spinning Heel Kick! And Gordon drops the chair! He turns and, DDT by Pocket! Right on to that chair Robert was holding just moments ago! The sound is sickening and with Gordon down, now it’s Pickpocket sliding out of the ring. He clears the ring skirt and pulls out… a table! The crowd goes wild as he sets it up at ringside, but here comes Gordon!

Suicide Dive through the ropes!

With Pickpocket down, Gordon forces him to his feet… but Pocket fights back! It’s a slug fest here at ringside. The crowd follows each hit with a “Yeaaahh!” or an “Ooooh!” depending on who lands a blow until Robert Gordon finally takes control, running Pickpocket face first into the ring post!

Pickpocket stumbles back and Gordon is ready with the Slingshot Suplex!

ROUGH JUSTICE! Right through that table!

And Gordon goes for the cover!




He’s done it, Robert Gordon has scored the win and is our new, Hardcore Champion! The official hands Gordon his strap and he struggles to hold it as high above his head as he can.

Axel the Shark is signing autographs for some young Sharkheads. True to form, he is handing out words of wisdom.

“Remember kids, any activities you see tonight should not try to be recreated at home. We are all trained professionals, and we know how to fight!”

The kids grin and nod their heads. Axel is also grinning, proud to be the Kid’s Champion. As Axel is signing the last autograph, he feels a tap on his shoulder. He turns around and see his tag team partner for the night, Noboru Tanaka, standing there.

“Konnichiwa,” says Tanaka.

“Bless you! Ha! How are you Tanaka? Are you ready for our big match? Ring King qualifiers!”

“はい、私は準備ができています。” Noboru replies. Subtitles appear on the screen, but of course the Shark can’t see them. Tanaka said, (Yes, I am ready.)

“Oh, yeah! No habla Inglés! I forgot!” Axel turns to his fans. “Kids, this is Noboru Tanaka, and he is from China!”

The kids oooh and ahhh at that thought.

“私は日本出身です。私は中国からではないです。” (I am from Japan, I am not from China.) Noboru says, looking kind of upset.

“Um, I don’t remember that one from my year of Intro to Mandarin, you must speak Cantonese! That makes sense. No worries! The ring here is no different from Beijing,” Axel says while putting his arm around Tanaka’s shoulders, and they start to walk away.

“You know, Noboru, old pal, I’ve always admired the Chinese. The dragons, the Great Wall, and of course, Panda Express!”

“私は中国語ではない!” (I am not Chinese!) Tanaka yells, and shoves Axel’s arm from his shoulders. Tanaka stomps away in disgust.

Axel stands there looking confused, then his faces lights up like it just came to him.

“He must be hungry! Orange Chicken sounds great right now!”

Marvolo is flying through the air! The bright blue sky is behind him; fluffy white clouds float along. The wind is whipping his cape straight back. He looks positively smug.

He looks into the camera and yells over the wind, “YOU SEE, THIS IS HOW MARVOLO SOARS! MARVOLO IS NUM…..What the?”

The wind abruptly dies down.

“Sorry, um, sir, I’ve been looking for this for a while. There’s a pretty bad spill in the hallway.”

The camera pulls away, and we see he is simply lying on a table outside of the School Yard. Raquel is holding an industrial strength dryer fan to his face, creating the illusion of wind. A janitor is standing with a currently unplugged extension cord in his hand.

“How dare you!? A common janitor interrupt a wrestling legend whilst making one of his world famous promo’s!”

“Just doing my job, buddy.” He takes the fan from Raquel and walks inside.

Marvolo grumbles, “……thinking they can do whatever…” Just then Marvolo spots Jondo walking towards the building carrying an extremely odd looking paper bag with some kind of rubbish in it.

“Jondo…Jondo, my boy!” Jondo stops and looks at Marvolo.


“I just wanted to make sure there were no hard feelings after Block Party. Things got a little……intense.”

“You threw a cat, man.”

“So I did…..But not at you! Say, Raquel, grab the man’s bag!” Marvolo says, throwing an arm around Jondo.

“Marvolo is number one.” Raquel reaches for the bag, but Jondo pulls the bag away.

“What?! Is Marvolo’s woman not good enough to carry your bag?!!!” he screams.

“It’s not that. It’s that you’re lucky enough to have a woman who cares for you and you treat her like crap!”

“How dare you tell me how to treat a woman!”

Marvolo instantly puffs his chest out, though Jondo simply barges past him.

“Get away from me!” Jondo scoffs back..

Marvolo stares Jondo down. If looks could kill..

BVC and Willie Manson circle each other in the ring, neither wanting to be the first to make a mistake. Finally, Manson rushes BVC, but Bruce counters with a drop toe hold. He tries to lock Manson in for the VAN CHANINATOR already, but Manson wriggles away. Both men climb to their feet quickly.

Bruce and Manson tie up, and Manson overpowers BVC, forcing him into a hammerlock. Bruce throws elbows, knocking himself loose from Manson’s grip. Manson shoves BVC into the rope preparing for a back drop and Bruce comes running back and SUNSET FLIP!



Kick out! Both men are back to their feet, and Manson looks frustrated and unhinged. He sprints at BVC driving him into the corner. He pummels him until the ref gives a five count. Manson backs off and runs into the corner and RUNNING CLOTHESLINE! Bruce takes two steps out of the corner and collapses. Cover



They are both trying to end it early. Manson pulls Bruce up, throwing punches to the stomach and driving Bruce into the ropes. Willie Irish Whips BVC to the ropes and this time lands the BACK DROP. Willie jumps and delivers an ELBOW DROP. Willie then pulls BVC up again andGERMAN SUPLEX! He bridges…..




Kick out!

Bruce fights his way free from Willie, and rolls out of the ring. Bruce walks a quarter of the way out of the ring, when Manson tries a SUICIDE DIVE but BVC saw him coming and catches him with an ENZIGURI as he flies out of the ring!

Bruce picks him up and rolls Manson into the ring. Cover:





Van Chan is to his feet quickly and delivers stomps to the head and shoulders of Manson. BVC picks Manson up and begins delivering a series of brutal martial arts punches and kicks all over Manson. Finally he hits a ROUNDHOUSE to Manson’s temple. Manson drops like a rock. Van Chan strikes a martial arts pose and yells “HIYA!”

BVC pulls Manson up once more. He puts Willie’s head under his left arm, his right arm hooked under his leg like a fisherman suplex and NOW I LAY YOU DOWN TO SLEEP!

Van Chan wastes no time jumping to the top turnbuckle. He points to himself three times as the crowd chants along BRUCE…..VAN…..CHAN!!!





Bruce is victorious! He rolls out of the ring, and Paige lifts his hand high! He’s going to the Ring King tournament!

Robert Gordon is sitting in his locker room with the Hardcore Championship on his lap. He picks it up and pops it over his shoulder, heading towards the door with Nigel Royal barges in. Royal – looking perturbed, backs The Iron Man into the room.

“You little swine!” he yells. “You have what belongs to me! I want it back this instant!”

Nigel points at the Hardcore Championship and waves his hand as if Robert should just hand it over.

“I don’t think so. I won this fair and square, beating the man you couldn’t,” Gordon says mockingly whilst tapping the title belt. “Besides, now this Championship means something in RAGE’s possession.”

That infuriates Royal.

“It means SOMETHING? It MEAN’S… SOMETHING? I’ll have you know, you bloody twerp, that the Hardcore Championship sat around GREATNESSES WAIST long before your grubby invading mitts got a handle on it.”

Both men step towards each other, a fight likely to erupt – until the door knocks and in walks the police. Both men immediately separate, approaching Nigel with caution.

“Mr. Royal?” the officer asks politely. “I have some good news. A man that goes by the name of Pickpocket has been arrested for theft. We’ve spoken with your bank and can prove that he made a transaction from your account and will have that money returned to you shortly,” the cop continues. “Although unfortunately, your father has been indicted on fraud charges and we are launching an investigation into your INTRA account.”

With that one-two blow, the officers leave. Nigel turns to face Gordon who smirks, leading to him storming out.

Pig starts for his team, and Tanaka for his. Pig stands perfectly still in the center of the ring. Tanaka looks at him, then at Axel the Shark, confused.

Tanaka runs up to Pig and chops him across the chest. Nothing. Another Chop. Nothing. Tanaka looks confounded. He leaps up and delivers two chops simultaneously to either side of Pig’s neck. Pig might as well be a statue. Finally, Tanaka runs, bounces off the ropes, returning for aCROSSBODY, but we hear Luther scream “Destroy!”

Pig catches Tanaka in midair by the throat and delivers a violent CHOKESLAM! Pig covers:




Axel breaks up the pin. Pig stands up and delivers a huge CLOTHESLINE to Axel, knocking him out of the ring. Pig circles his prey, but Crowley slaps him on the back, tagging his way in. Pig sees that as aggression, however, and turns grabbing Crowley by the throat. Lee just cackles.

“NO!” Luther yells, and Pig lets Crowley down. Lee enters the ring just as Tanaka is getting to his feet. Crowley goes in for SHOCK THERAPY, but Tanaka dives out of the way. Crowley ends up spearing the ring post! Tanaka stomps him three times before pulling him to his feet andBODY SLAM! He covers:




Kickout! Tanaka gets up again and stomps Crowley once more before tagging in Axel. The Shark pulls Crowley up and delivers a SNAP SUPLEX. He covers



Crowley kicks out again. Both men climb quickly to their feet, Crowley seeming to hit a second wind. Crowley punches Axel sending him reeling, but Axel returns but is met with CHELSEA GRIN. The spinning hook kick drops Axel.




Tanaka breaks the pin, but the ref pushes him back. Crowley climbs to the top rope for TRAUMA, but Axel rolls out of the way as Crowley crashes to the mat! Axel delivers a SUSHI KICK to the Crowley , dives to the corner, and tags Tanaka. Tanaka is in and whips Crowley towards his own corner. Mistake!

Pig “tags” Crowley by returning the slap to back, only this one is hard enough to knock Crowley to his face.

Pig steps into the ring as Tanaka tries to attack him before he can get through the ropes. Pig easily flings him away. He stomps over and picks up Tanaka. THE DAY THE WORLD WENT AWAY!




Pig looks menacingly at Axel who was going to break up the pin, and the Shark thinks better. Crowley and the family laugh together and walk backstage, having both RAGE roster members having qualified for Ring King.

The Van Chan’s are backstage having a little conversation between themselves, they’re all smiles and laughter – that is until Cooter Hayes approaches. Cooter goes straight towards Bruce, forcing Paige to step aside.

“We need’s ta talk,” Cooter says sternly. “The Crowd ain’t pleased with us, Bruce. Last week, we was s’posed to win the Tag Team Titties but your lil lady there got in the dang way.”

Paige takes offense to that. “Excuse me?”

Bruce looks somewhat surprised by Cooter’s accusation.

“Hold your horses there, Cooter. What’s that supposed to mean? We lost last week, fair and square. There was nothing we could do about it.”

Hayes though refuses to agree. “I ain’t tryna start no trouble, but yer wife was the reason we lost, Brucey. She done got in the way one too many times and it distracted us. I had ta protect her at least once, cause you-”

Bruce interrupts. “I what?”

The atmosphere is beginning to grow.

“Bruce, let’s just walk away, okay?” Paige tries to intervene.

“Hold on, I what, Cooter? Are you saying that I couldn’t protect my wife?”

Cooter shrugs his shoulders as if to say ‘yeah’.

“You’ve overstepped the mark. If you don’t want to be a team anymore, that’s fine. But if you insult my wife again, we’re going to have a problem, do you understand me?”

The stern but understandable approach of Van Chan is only antagonized by Hayes, who steps closer in. Before you know it, they break into a tussle, Cooter leaning back with an elbow that catches Paige square on the jaw as she tries to interrupt.

She hits the deck and Bruce rushes to check on her. Hayes looks guilty, and wants to make amends. But Bruce is furious.

“Just get out of here man! LEAVE!” Cooter slowly backs away, leaving Van Chan to check on his wife. “Are you okay?”

The match kicks off with authority as Gabriel Cain, fresh off of his struggles against his former promotion, rushes across the ring, tackling Jondo to the mat. He begins to lay in with very brutal strikes to the side of the homeless man’s head, battering him from side to side with each thrust. Finally, the official steps in with the five count, causing the Revolutionary to back off, his temperament starting to cool. Jondo isn’t one of the RAGE people, he didn’t do this.

Over in the corner, Jondo seems to be trying to shake the cobwebs out. The shots from Cain seem to have activated one of Jondo’s many different wrestling personas. As the Man the World Forgot gets to his feet, he seems to possess more confidence in his stance. This time the men square up, and the match seems move of an even proposition. Jondo quickly moves in, ducking a lock up attempt from Cain, grabbing him and haphazardly throwing him into the ropes.

Whoever he is emulating, it’s not someone that is crisp in the ring.

Cain rebounds with a strong clothesline, nailing a few more shots as Jondo gets to his feet. The Revolutionary follows up with a drop kick, causing Jondo to awkwardly go down. However, Jondo is quickly rising, apparently able to shake off blows. Cain tries another clothesline, but Jondo ducks it. He picks up a head of steam and launches off with a shoulder block to take down the Revolutionary.


Cain stays with it, rushing in, but falling victim to a PROTO BOMB! With Cain on his back, Jondo quickly holds his hand in the air before telling Cain he can’t see him!




Cain quickly gets to his feet, seeing the wrestler before him now. He doesn’t rush in this time, but makes Jondo Cena come to him.


Cain takes down Jondo and stalks back and forth. There is no follow up yet as the Revolutionary seems to have a plan. In fact, the homeless competitor is up rather quickly, showing the amazing recouping powers of John Cena.

Jondo runs in full steam, clambering across the ring, and Cain uses his quickness to leap up to the top rope and OVER JONDO.


Jondo struggles in the hold, trying to reach out to the Jo-Nation-do. As they reach out to meet him, he refuses to give up, instead elbowing Cain in the elbow to get an advantage, then hoisting the Revolutionary up onto his shoulders.





Jondo stands to his feet, saluting the crowd as he basks in the glory of winning. The high will go away later and he’ll wonder what happened, but for now he gets to be the conquering hero!

Reichous Marx stands backstage, his title slung across his shoulder and his serpent staff clutched in hand as staff member Fred Sanders interviews him.

“So, in light of recent events how have you been effected by the men of RAGE and their actions at Block Party?”

“What do I think? That’s not a question you want to ask me… I am infuriated. Enraged. Jeckel deceived me. He deceived us all, and you expect me to answer that question with anything more than pure anger? You better have a better question for me than that, Sanders.”

Sanders gives Marx a rather annoyed look, sneering at him before asking his next question.

“Does winning the All-star title have any effect your mindset going into the Ring King tournament?”

“Now that’s a question that isn’t obvious to the masses. Winning the title was a given, I was meant to win it. The only thing it has done to my mindset is confirm my knowing that I will claim victory, and no one will stand in my-”

Beforre Marx can even finish his sentence he is blindsided by Jake Jeckel! Marx drops his staff as The Juggalo and The Luminary Sage brawl it out, trading blows until Jeckel ducks and hits the Jugga-blow! The low blow makes Marx double over, allowing Jeckel to grab Marx and throw him headfirst into the wall! Marx slumps to the ground, the crash into the wall keeping him down.

Sanders presses himself against the wall, watching as Jeckel kicks the title to the side and picks up Marx’s ever so important serpent staff. He turns to the camera and gives it a devious grin, clutching the serpent staff as he talks.

“I’m going to become the Ring King again, no one, not even Marx is going to stand in my way. He’s just a stepping stone for the return of King Jeckel. And as far as I’m concerned, a King needs his scepter.”

He tosses the serpent staff into the air and catches it before walking off, slinging his new ‘scepter’ across his shoulder as he does.

The match begins and Azrael and Freight Train Ferguson close in, but… they stop! Both men turning their attention to Matthew Cories who suddenly realizes he is in a whole lota trouble. “The Reaper” and “The Phenom” stepping forward, trapping Cories in his corner. “The Fresh Prince of Wrestling” refuses to say die; however, and he sprints from the corner CONNECTING WITH A HIGH KNEE TO THE CHEST OF AZRAEL! “The Collector of Souls” stumbles backwards as Ferguson reaches in for Cories WHO DUCKS THE GRASP! Freight Train turns andCATCHES a big right hand from Cories. AND ANOTHER! AND ANOTHER!!

It has no effect and Cories looks like he’s seen a ghost. “The Phenom” back on the attack and Cories high tails it back to the corner. SCALING THE TURNBUCKLES AND MOONSAULT INTO THE WAITING ARMS OF FREIGHT TRAIN FERGUSON!!! HOLY HELL!!! FERGUSON JUST TOSSED CORIES OVER THE TOP ROPE LIKE A RAG DOLL!!! The official begins the ten count.





The count will end because Azrael heads to the outside. It’s a handicap match from go and the odds have been stacked HEAVILY against Matthew Cories. He staggers to his feet. Running CLOTHESLINE FROM AZRAEL BUT CORIES DODGES AGAIN! Azrael turns and FALLING DROP KICK TO THE KNEE OF “THE REAPER”! It won’t take him off his feet, but he’s not happy. The referee has restarted the ten count with Freight Train Ferguson still on the inside.



CORIES RUSHES AZRAEL AND LOOK OUT!! “LAST RITES” from the mammoth Azrael and Matthew Cories is out cold on the arena floor.



Azrael looks up at Ferguson and tells him to “finish it”!?! Cories pulled to his feet and rolled into the ring. The ten count ends and Freight Train Ferguson is there waiting on an incapacitated Cories!! Ferguson pulling Cories to his feet AND A BRUTAL UPPERCUT sends Cories right back to the canvas as Azrael rolls back into the ring. What is Ferguson going for now? He’s dragging a lifeless Cories to the corner, HOISTING him onto the top rope and… “THE SLAM DUNK”!! That’s it! IT’S OVER!!! Freight Train Ferguson puts a boot on the chest Cories for the cover.




The record books will say that Freight Train Ferguson got the win over Cories and Azrael, but we all witnessed the truth. This was an ambush and Cories didn’t have a chance. Nevertheless, Ferguson will go home the victor!!

Red River Jack is backstage with Mike Lane, talking to him about what happened with Destiny last week. There’s clearly a lot of tension in the room, Lane’s brainwashing clearly continues.

“It was for your own good, man,” Jack says convincingly. “You don’t need to take steps backwards. Look at what we’ve accomplished, you and I. You were reluctant at first but now look at you, man.”

Mike takes a deep breath, his attitude slowly changing.

“I miss her, Jack. I joined you to save her but she’s still there and I’m here, conflicted. The company I love and helped build is falling apart at the seams, invaders to left and to the right, and there’s no-one here to stop it.”

Jack disagrees with a shake of his head. “We’ll stop it, man.”

“Why?” Mike asks in confusion, his arms out to the side. “Why would you, Jack? You stand against the man. You’ve nothing to gain by saving this company.”

“Gain? I have a platform, Michael. RAGE are just as fraudulent as society and governments as a whole. They claim they’re here to destroy and rebuild but in reality, they selfishly want things their way,” he says, looking at his title on the bench. “It’s all about control with them. They want control of our heads and our hearts, man. I won’t let that happen. No-one controls Red River Jack.”

Red grabs his Championship and exits the locker room, leaving Lane to contemplate what his next move is; only Lux Bellator enters, appearing to of heard the whole conversation.

“I think it’s time you saw the light. Let’s talk.”

The scene comes to a close on that rather ominous note.

The bell rings as the two lock up, Hunter easily getting the advantage due to his superior strength as he begins laying into the Dead with elbows, a heavy right to the jaw sending him down to one knee but the Dead quickly gets to his feet. Hunter hooks Dead by the head, as he begins to land knee strikes, each one lifting The Dead up off the mat before Hunter lifts him up, attempting a Suplex. The Dead wiggles out of it however, landing behind Hunter and landing a savage kidney punch before grabbing Hunter by the head and spiking him into the mat with a bulldog. The Dead backs up, running forward landing a leaping knee to the face of the Question, before hooking the leg for the cover



Hunter gets to his feet as The Dead grabs him by the back of the neck, delivering a series of European Uppercuts that leave Hunter out on his feet. Dead backs up, bouncing off the ropes as he delivers a running headbutt to the chest that sends Hunter back first into the corner.

The Dead pulls Hunter up to his feet, delivering a European Uppercut with his right arm as he starts the El Muerte combination, knife edge chop, uppercuts and chops with his left arm before backing up as Hunter stumbles out of the corner and sends him crashing to the mat with another running headbutt. The Dead signals for the end as he pulls a limp Hunter to his feet

CONTRADICTION! RKO out of nowhere as Hunter drops to one knee, trying to regain his breath as he begins an up and down motion with his palms signalling the Calm Down. The Dead slowly gets to his feet as the Question rushes to the ropes, bouncing off but The Dead ducks under the Relax clothesline, grabbing Hunter as he rebounds and drives him into the mat with a big time spinebuster. The crowd cheer for the new superstar as he signals for the end.

unter slowly gets to his feet as the Dead stalks him, spinning him around, but Hunter ducks under the Final Breath attempt and as The Dead turns around, turns him inside out with a huge Relax Clothesline. Hunter quickly pulls The Dead up to his feet, hooking back arms, POETIC JUSTICE!The Dead looks to be out cold as a sadistic smile creeps on Hunter’s face as he drops down, hooking a leg for the cover




The crowd boo violently as The Question gets to his feet, the same sadistic smile on his face as he celebrates his victory over the fallen Dead. Hunter quickly rolls out of the ring, celebrating his qualifying win as he heads to the back

After a hard fought match against Jondo, Gabriel Cain kicks back in the locker and watches the rest of the show.

“My brother.” Marcus X approaches flanked by two members of the Brotherhood, his OSW US Title slung over his shoulder.

Cain is quick to his feet, both hands immediately balling into fists.

“I didn’t come to fight.” Marcus holds up a hand defensively. “Here…” he extends a beer towards Cain. “…have a drink with me.”

Gabriel hesitates but eventually decides to accept – if only because he doesn’t mind the idea of a cold one right now.

“I’ve been thinking, Gabriel…”

“Let me guess.” Cain stops Marcus mid-sentence, cracking his beer and taking a swig before he continues. “You want me to join the Brotherhood?”

Marcus smirks.

“Well, I just thought, what with the current RAGE Alliance… the Awakening… the Crowley Family…”

“What?” Cain interrupts again. “You thought Gabriel Cain would help put your little Brotherhood over the top?”

Cain gets to his feet and places his beer down on the table next to him.

“Come on, Cain.” Marcus damn near pleads. “I could help you, you could…”

Cain interrupts yet again.

“You want to help me, Marcus?” Gabriel steps in on X – the Brotherhood advancing until Marcus calls them off. “Give me a shot at that.”

Cain points to the US title and Marcus scoffs. Before he can respond though he’s interrupted again… this time by Royston Hawkes.

“Do you see what I’m forced to endure, Kensington?” Royston addresses his coach, both men tucked away in the corner of the room. “These drunken Night Fighters are in and out of here all show long!”

Gabriel Cain, Marcus X and the Brotherhood all step up on Royston aggressively; though Royston doesn’t seem to notice.

“I require my own locker room, there’s no if’s and’s or but’s about it!”

Kensington sees the possible altercation coming and is quick to his feet.

“I agree, Hawkes.” He guides Royston to his feet by his arm. “Why don’t we go find it right now.”

“Now!?!” Royston, still oblivious to the stone cold stairs from the Brotherhood and Gabriel Cain, is unwillingly led out of the locker room by his coach. “Do we have to go right this minute? My lord!”

Kensington shy’s away from making eye contact as they pass and Gabriel suddenly realizes he finds himself standing side by side with Marcus X.

“I’m not going to join your movement, Marcus. I’ve got a movement of my own to lead…” he slaps Marcus’ US title before following Royston out of the room. “…but I was serious about that shot at the United States title… if your man enough.”

Marcus frowns as he left alone in the locker room with his Brotherhood.

As the bell tolls Hawkes and Bellator square off against each other, as do Manson and Williams, dividing the match into two mini-brawls. BAM! RUNNING HEADBUTT! It is Ash Williams that gets the upper hand of the first exchange, dropping David Manson dead in the Cannibal’s tracks.

Across the ring, the Gold Standard uses his technical gifts to get the upper hand on Bellator, managing to flip him to the mat with a Snap Suplex. Bellator scrambles to his feet quickly, only to be put back down with a Cobra Clutch Suplex.

TRIANGLE CHOKE HOLD! Royston Hawkes locks the submission move in early on the Light Warrior. Bellator’s eyes scream in pain from behind the mask. Father Pedro hurls orders into the ring from ringside at his warrior. Before long, the hold is broken as Ash Williams pulls Hawkes off Lux.

HALF NELSON THROW! Williams tosses the Olympic Hero against the turnbuckle. Then unloads a barrage of left and right body shots to soften Hawkes up. The barrage continues until Ash is grabbed from behind…




Ash Williams kicks out, throwing David Manson into the air. David Manson kips up quickly and turns. LOU THEZ PRESS! He takes Williams down and begins to slam his head on the mat. Now it is David Manson who is grabbed from behind…

SNAP SUPLEX! Royston Hawkes plants Manson just as Lux Bellator reaches his feet! Hawkes is ready for him.

FISHERMAN SUPLEX! Royston Hawkes nails it, planting Bellator in the centre of the ring. He stands, looking to clear the rest of the ring…

BOOMSTICK! OUTTA NOWHERE! Ash Williams had scrambled back to his feet quickly and knocks the Olympic Gold Medallist clean out of the ring! He too lines up the downed Lux Bellator, looking to capitalise on Hawkes’s handywork but he walks straight into the path of a waiting David Manson.

WELCOME TO MANSON STREET! The Chosen One stood no chance of escaping that, now finds himself laid out near the ropes. The Street Rat notices Lux stirring and prepares himself to seal the deal. Bellator finally staggers to his feet as Manson dashes at the ropes.


David Manson covers him for the pin.



Father Pedro climbs up onto the apron, distracting the referee from completing the pinfall!

Noticing the lack of referee calling the pinfall, David leaps to his feet. He charges over to where Father Pedro stands, arguing with the referee but by the time he gets there, El Salvador had disappeared. The stunned referee looks down to see Royston Ridgewell Hawkes standing up at ringside, Father Pedro at his feet where he had pulled him from the ring apron. He slides into the ring, catching David Manson by surprise.

RECORD BREAKER! He locks the hold in with venom!

The match official swoops in close as David Manson succumbs to the agony. He taps out! The referee calls for the bell. ‘Dambusters’ hits as Roston Ridgewell Hawkes picks up a second massive victory in as many weeks! The referee raises his hand in the air. Hawkes seals his place in Ring King!

The former United States Champion has had a rough go of it as of late. He’s looking a little worn, a little tired, a little like someone needs a good ass kicking to cheer him up. He heads down the halls and bumps into a trio that have no mercy. Lee Crowley, Azrael and Freight Train Ferguson approach.

“Well if it isn’t the fucking Enforcer,” Ferguson rattles off with arrogance. “What the ACTUAL FUCK are you enforcing, anyway? Freight Train Ferguson thinks you look older than God, you wrinkly piece of shit.”

Brent immediately steps forward, only Crowley gets in the way.

“Oh what’s the matter? Don’t you want to make it to the Main Event? Because look, I know you’re old and maybe math isn’t your strong suit, but there’s three of us and one of you.” Crowley says with a sadistic edge, smiling.

“Let Freight Train Ferguson give him a math lesson he won’t ever forget, dumbass.”

Kersh folds his arms stoically. “I get it, I do. All the tough talk in the world won’t scare me, boys. I know I’m out-numbered, I know I’m out-gunned, but don’t think for one second that I’ll run away.”

“You should…. you should run,” Azrael chimes in. “Give into your fright, beware the things that go bump in the night.”

All three men begin to surround Kersh, who gets ready to fight, only they slowly edge past him instead. Crowley sneers.

“We’ll see you out there tonight, old man. Because whilst you’re alone, in the middle of the ring with the Juggalo and we’re outside it, you’ll realize that your either family, or an enemy.”

The bell sounds and we’re underway with Mike Lane charging “The Bloodline To Greatness”. A flurry of fists land on the face of Nigel Royal as he staggers backwards away from the ferocious Lane. Marcus X believes himself to have caught break as he hands out in the corner and watches the assault. NIGEL comes up with a block. AND again AND HE DELIVERS a shot of his own, BUT IT’S QUICKLY REVERSED with a knee to the gut and SMALL PACKAGE FROM MIKE LANE!!



NO! The United States Champion is there to break up the pin and now he’ll take advantage. Double axe handle to the back of Mike Lane. AND another. Pulling the newest member of “The Awakening” to his feet and setting him up for a… VERTICAL suplex. Lane was in the air for a long time and then came crashing down and MARCUS MAKES A COVER!



No, Lane is able to kick out. Marcus thought he had it and now he’ll lift Lane to his feet, BUT LOOK OUT! Low blow from Nigel Royal and Marcus is in a ton of pain. Royal hits the ropes. Sprinting into a SPINNING HEEL KICK! Nice move there by Royal and now HE’LL go for a pin and the win.


NO! A staggering Mike Lane pulls Nigel off of Marcus X. Royal isn’t happy and he hurries to his feet ONLY to be caught with a massive European Uppercut! AND AN ELBOW! AND ANOTHER! A FLURRY of elbows from Mike Lane and Nigel is once again stunned. Lane pushing him into the ropes and THERE’S a massive knife edge chop to the chest of “The Bloodline To Greatness”. BUT WAIT! “THE FREEDOM FIGHTER” CHARGES! DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! LANE AND ROYAL BOTH GO UP AND OVER THE TOP ROPE AND TO THE FLOOR BELOW!

The official immediately begins the ten count, but Marcus won’t have any of it as he… NO! He changed his mind. Marcus X thinking better of going to the outside and he’ll let the ten count go on!




Mike and Nigel both pulling themselves to their feet slowly, using the ring apron! AND there’s a big left from Royal that catches Lane off guard.

And Lane falls back to the padded concrete floor. Marcus sees his opportunity now and he reaches over the top rope to fetch his standing opponent. Royal pulled to the canvas AND MARCUS sends him right back to the concrete floor with a MASSIVE headbutt! BUT LANE… LOOK OUT! “SHADOW KICK”!!! “SHADOW KICK” FROM MIKE LANE! HE SLID INTO THE RING UNNOTICED AND..




MIKE LANE ALMOST STEALING THE VICTORY HERE FROM MARCUS X! The match went back and forth, but in the end it was Lane who will stand tall. WHAT A MATCH!!


The fans boo as Wes and Ethan pull Mike back to his feet, the former throwing him towards the latter..


Mike Lane hits the canvas in a heap, rolling around in agony as Wes Warhammer approaches, barely giving him even a chance to recover. He scoops him back up and slams him into the ropes, whipping him across the ring and when he weakly comes back, Wes launches him up into the air.


Lane hits the deck in a heap and doesn’t move. He’s just been laid out by Ethan Bird and Wes Warhammer; both men making their debut for the RAGE Invasion! Hate and Manson suddenly storm down to the ring, chasing Bird and Warhammer off into the crowd.

The Awakening stand over Mike, checking on him as the fans make the RAGE wrestlers exit as uncomfortable as possible.

“I’m not crazy, why do people keep saying that?” Willie Manson says, walking through the backstage area, speaking softly to himself. He has been on a bit of streak, a losing streak that is. Willie has spent a lot of time soul searching, and his new attitude is on display this evening.

He comes to a sudden stop, cocking his head to the side and feeling the rush of blood as his recent wounds take their toll.

“Are you death?”

The words take the painted face of Willie’s quarry by surprise. New OSW star, The Dead, looks up from his stretches to frown.

“Pardon?” Dead responds, standing to his full height.

The two men size each other up and down for a moment before Manson responds.

“Are you death?” He asks again.

“No, I am The Dead.” The painted man responds, a cruel grin peering out from the paint. “Death implies inaction, and I assure you that I am not a passive man. So Dead is a moniker befitting one who feels no pain.”

Manson lets the response sink in for a moment as he silently ticks with his hands. Finally, he glowers towards the Dead.

“Dead. Death. Dying. It doesn’t matter to me. I’ve been looking for you, either way.” Manson practically whispers, his hands moving up slightly as if he wanted to reach out and grab The Dead. For his part, Dead seems put off with the react of Willie.

“I’ve never known where to turn, never had that North Star to look to.” Manson emphatically states, putting his hand on The Dead’s shoulder.

“Now I know.”

With that, Manson walks away, with some facsimile of a smile on his face while The Dead tilts his head to the side in confusion.

Cayci Spires starts this one against the current World Champion. Gaining the upper hand on Red River Jack, a quick kick to the mid section is followed European uppercut and finally a Russian Leg sweep for good measure. Neville cheers on from the outside and the crowd go mental for the fan favourites. Putting the boots into Red River Jack, grabbing his right ankle dragging him closer to Beauty & The Geek’s corner and tags in Sheldon.

Wasting no time, Sheldon picks Jack up by the scruff off his neck and quickly lays him back down with an Atomic Drop. Again scooping up his opponent, he decides to whip Jack off the ropes, on the way back he is met with a DESPERATION CLOTHESLINE, almost taking Sheldon’s head off. Red River Jack, inch by inch begins to make his way to the corner, Marx stretching his arm itching for some action. HE MAKES IT

The All-Star champion comes bounding into the ring and lays Sheldon out with a huge clothesline of his own, how is Sheldon’s head still attached? A quick Fisherman suplex and Marx attempts a pin.



Reaching deep Sheldon powers out, much to the pleasure of the crowd. Whipping Sheldon off the ropes Marx is going for a power move but, RUNNING DROPKICK from Sheldon on his return. The crowd screaming on for Sheldon to get the tag, as Cayci pounds the ring post trying to spur him on.



Just as he was about to make the tag, Cayci’s legs were yanked from behind her and she tumbles to the floor, head bouncing off the ring apron. ITS PIG and he’s accompanied by JAMES HUNTER.


Neville seeing Cayci in trouble bounces off the ropes and flies over the top rope, CROSS BODY BLOCK. NO!!!!! MID-FLIGHT HE WAS MET WITH A CHAIR TO THE HEAD FROM PIG.

In the ring Hunter has his axe and he lays Red River Jack out with a Axe handle to the stomach followed by one across the back. RING THE DAMN BELL REFEREE.

Only Marx now stands, Sheldon has been thrown in the ring. James Hunter and Pig just stand staring at Marx….. He points to the All-Star champion with the axe. Not one to back down Marx charges at them both but he gets an Axe handle wrapped to his mid section too. Doubled over….


Pig with the chair to the back of Marx skull. WHAT ARE THEY DOING?? Draping Sheldon over Marx they demand the referee counts.




What in the hell happened here??

RAGE quickly exit the ring and head to the backstage, Hunter smiling at the carnage he’s caused. What on earth was that all about?

We find Ash Williams and Matthew Cories, Those 90’s Guys, stood out in one of the backstage halls. They seem to be in a heated discussion because as we approach, Ash uses his metal hand to punch the wall; leaving a fist sized impression in the cement.

“I still can’t believe those Goodie-Little-Two-Shoe’s beat us last week!” Ash groans.

“Don’t sweat it, Ash, we’ll gain possession of those Tag Team Titles yet. All we’ve got to do is…”

With a blur of color, David Manson and Hate explode onto the scene, attacking Cories and Williams with a flurry of punches. With the element of surprise on their side, they power Those 90’s guys off their feet and continue to assault them with a flurry of kicks. Despite not particularly loving Ash and Matthew as of late, the fans don’t seem to like what they’re seeing here.

Just when it seems like the Awakening are done, Hate grabs a chair and slaps it against the back of both men, over and over again; David Manson laughing manically as he watches on from the side lines. Somehow, as Hate is taking it to Cories, Ash manages to get to a knee… but he’s only met with a steel chair shot to the skull for his troubles.

Hate looks like he’s just gotten started but David Manson finally pulls him away, satisfied with the punishment they’ve inflicted upon the duo. With their vicious assault complete, both men take a step back to survey the scene.

“Play time is over, children.” Manson snickers.

“Yeah!” Hate shouts. “It’s time to wake up!”

“’Cause you see…” Manson leans in on the fallen tandem. “…the two of you, well, you’re clearly at the bottom of the contenders list.” He smirks.

Manson hocks a loogie on Cories and Hate enthusiastically follows suite with a loogie of his own. Those 90’s guys groan in pain as the Awakening walk away smiling… leaving Williams and Cories in a heap; obviously, the Awakening’s intentions are clear to the world… they’re on the hunt for the OSW Tag Team Titles.

With the lights dimmed, Paloma Ruiz steps into the centre of the ring.

Paloma Ruiz: “Ladies and Gentlemen, a special announcement has been filtered through to us here at Ringside.”

The murmuring of the audience begins.

Paloma Ruiz: “Coming up next will be a LAST CHANCE SALOON MATCH! The competitors, eight randomly chosen from matches here tonight, will compete in a four way Tag Team Match to find the final two Ring King competitors.”

Suddenly people start filtering out from the backstage. The Dead, David Manson, Matthew Cories, Azrael, Noboru Tanaka, Axel The Shark, Willie Manson and Cooter Hayes.

Willie Manson and Hayes form one team.

Axel The Shark and Matthew Cories form another.

The DEAD and Azrael form..

And finally, Tanaka stands besides David Manson and we’re about to get this thing underway.

The Dead, Cories, Hayes and David Manson all enter the ring as the bell sounds. Cories locks up with Manson and slams him back into the turnbuckle as The Dead is decked with a Clothesline by Cooter Hayes. Hayes quickly pulls him over to Willie who’s begging for a tag, letting him get in on the action.

Willie starts wailing on him with right hands, beating him like a red headed step child as Matthew Cories hits a suplex on David. The 90’s guy stomps away at him, furious after their earlier attack and wanting revenge.

He pulls him back to his feet but HERE COMES HATE!! Hate makes a b-line for the ring, reaching under to grab Cories by the legs and drag him out. David Manson rolls to the outside as well, both men now beating on Matthew UNTIL ASHLEY WILLIAMS!! WILLIAMS THROUGH THE CROWD!!



We’re down to The Dead, Azrael, Cooter Hayes and Willie Manson now. Suddenly though, “The Final Breath”… A BULLHAMMER ELBOW TO THE THROAT OF WILLIE MANSON!! HAYES STORMS THE RING BUT AZRAEL IS THERE.. LAST RITES!!! SUPPERRRKIIIICCCK!! The Dead drops into the cover on Willie….





We pick up in the backstage area with Jake Jeckel being marshalled towards the ring by the rest of his RAGE contingent. They pass the locker room marked Gabriel Cain and all of a sudden stop, Jake refusing to move. He looks back at his team and smiles.


The Juggalo, accompanied by a damn near army, swarm the room and attack poor Gabriel Cain. The camera can’t even get a look in as right and left arms swing all over the shot.

Finally we see Jake dragging Cain by the head, straight out the door and into the hall. He throws him into a nearby wall and watches as Crowley grabs himself a steel chair, running IT ACROSS THE HEAD OF MR. X!!

No-one can quite believe it!

Jake takes the chair and puts it over the neck of Cain, standing there with a smile before stepping up onto a nearby table.

“It’s the end of the road for you, Cain,” Jake says with a scoff. “See ya around.”


The Juggalo gets back to his feet and smirks. “Now I’m ready for Kersh.”

The RAGE contingent walk off down the corridor, not giving a single shit about the career they may have just ended.

Kersh dismounts the turnbuckle as “Chariots of Fire” dies down. He cricks his neck and paces back and forth, awaiting the arrival of the treacherous juggalo.


Raw Deal by Twiztid immediately gets the fans’ blood boiling, and the Benedict Arnold of OSW, Jake Jeckel, steps out. He didn’t come alone:

Pig, James Hunter, Azreal, Lee Crowley, Freight Train Ferguson, Robert Gordon, Lux Bellator; the Expendables-esque faction escorts Jeckel to the ring.

The Juggalo swaggers in and stares Kersh down – Kersh wary as the RAGE splinter group surround the ring. The referee orders the cage down in a bid to make them all back off. Fortunately, it works; the cage touches down, keeping Jake and Brent in, and the others out.

The Enforcer locks eyes with Triple J and shakes his head as if disappointed. That’s enough to piss Jake off, and the two start swinging as the bell rings! The crowd punctuate each haymaker as each man clobbers the other.

Brent gets the early advantage and a pop as he smacks Jake into the mat. The Juggalo pops back up, then goes straight back down. Several more times Brent puts him down, before grabbing his stupid hair and sending him to the floor, hot on his tail.

Jake suckers Kersh over to him, kicking him in the gut by the steel post. He grabs the arm and SWINGS IT OFF THE POST! Targeting that nagging shoulder!

Kersh drops his guard as he instinctively nurses his limb, and Jake swoops down on him. He drills him in the face, then grabs the arm again. HE SMACKS IT INTO THE CAGE WALL! The RAGE contingent laugh like hyenas and mock Brent as he screams in pain.

Jake rummages under the apron for something… A KENDO STICK! He twirls it in his fingers and readies himself as though playing baseball. CRACK! KENDO STICK TO THE ARM! Brent falls to his knees, overcome with pain. Jake almost looks like he’s Knighting Brent, as he goes for a headshot –

BRENT GRABS THE CANE! The RAGE orphans hammer the walls and trash talk Kersh as he and Jake fight for control… Jake leaps back, still clutching the weapon, then rushes at Kersh with another shot, but the Enforcer ducks it –

JAKE CANES CROWLEY’S HANDS! Lee laughs and screams as he lets go of the mesh and holds his possibly broken fingers!

The veteran Kersh knees Jake in the ribs, then forces him back in the ring, leaving the cane behind. Jake crawls back from Brent – LOW BLOW – NO, KERSH BLOCKS IT! ELBOW TO THE FACE OF JECKEL! Jake slumps back, possibly KO’d. Brent rolls out and begins to scale the cage…

RAGE converge on the other side threateningly, Pig and Azrael climbing up either side of Kersh – not attacking, just intimidating. Brent bites his lip, says “TO HELL WITH IT!” and climbs up anyway, injured shoulder and all!


Pig and Azrael rain down on Brent’s skull, but the Texan native is going hell for leather with ’em! Jake Jeckel on the apron with something…



Brent’s grip slackens, one arm almost immobilised. The big men push him down. He bends his knees on landing, but still stumbles back-first into the apron. Jake laughs and rolls him under the ropes.

Kersh is laid out centre-ring, beat to hell. Jake Jeckel enters and slowly gets back to his feet, savouring every moment.

He walks over and….

The ring starts to rumble… it’s… what the fuck is happening? The entire canvas is shaking.


Jake struggles but he can’t fight it.





The Scarecrow steps out of his hole, his hand still wrapped around the throat of Jake Jeckel and CHOOKKKKEESLLLAAAAMMM!!! THE HARVESTER TO THE JUGGALO!!

“YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” roar the fans at the top of their lungs. That has to be the first time that The Scarecrow has ever been cheered by an Old School Wrestling audience.

The RAGERS around the ring quickly try to enter the cage but the door is locked. They start climbing over, desperately trying to get to Jake before even more damage is done.

The Scarecrow stands over Brent Kersh and Jake Jeckel, only here comes Lee Crowley, Pig, James Hunter, Lux Bellator, Robert Gordon, Azrael and Freight Train Ferguson. He grabs Kersh and rolls him into the hole, jumping in after him as the Rage roster approaches.

The lights suddenly go off and the Crow’s squawk. The fans are roaring wildly, only when the lights return, RAGE are standing around a hole in the ring with absolutely no idea where The Scarecrow has gone. Crowley jumps inside it, looking around, shrugging his shoulders and shouting back.

“They’re gone, they’re fucking gone!”

And with that, Afterburn goes off the air.