[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [The walls rumble, groan and creak as dust and soot falls from the rafters. The Templar’s sacred temple shakes fiercely as the infection begins strangling the foundation of the building.] [Godfrey paces back and forth, looking at Solomon Rhodes who sits before him, black and blue after last weeks brutalisation at the hands of Brent Kersh.] [Opposite him, Edward Newton stands, disgusted.]

“I tried to warn you,” [Godfrey hisses at Rhodes.] “But you refused to listen. Your blood has strengthened the infection and now it strangles the very walls keeping it from the world. Your idiocy will cost lives.”

[Rhodes places his head in the palms of his hands.]

“If enough of you men step foot inside that ring tonight and bleed, the walls between the world will crumble and we will have failed.”

“Perhaps not,” [Newton says with a smile.] “They may be close, but they are not yet victorious. Blood will be spilt tonight, but it won’t crumble these walls; it’ll strengthen them.”

[Godfrey looks at him in confusion.] “What on earth do you mean? Stop speaking in riddles.”

[That makes Newton laugh.]

“Tonight, I’m going to defend my Championship in that Chamber and blood will be spilt. Blood will seep into the canvas and into the walls between the world. I’m counting on it.”

[The Riddler smiles, walking away. Godfrey turns to Rhodes, surprised and terrified.]

“He’s going to be a problem.”



[Jeremiah Dixon stands in the ring waiting the arrival of Michael Graves when the lights in the Tap Room click out. Darkness envelops the room for a few moments. Then, light. Standing behind Dixon is the Prophet of the Bat God, and surrounding the ring are a dozen of his Chiroptera.] [“Sacrificium Deo, Sacrificium Deo” the Chiroptera repeat as a low humming mantra. Dixon looks around the ring, his old face aghast with fear. As he begins to turn Graves rushes in..] [RED DEATH! A snap dragon suplex sends Dixon crumpling to the mat!]

Graves gets to his feet. He towers over Dixon as Dixon uses the turnbuckles to get to his fee–DEVESTATOR! Graves lifts Dixon up onto his shoulders and hits the Shock Treatment!] [ONE!] [TWO!] [–WAIT!] [Graves pulls Dixon’s shoulders up from the mat by grabbing a fistful of his hair and yanking his limp head from the canvas! Graves had this match won, but he wants his sacrifice!] [Graves gets up from his knees, dragging Dixon with him. He shoves Dixon into the corner and SLAPS his face! And again! A second bitch slap to the face. The noise reverberates around the Tap Room. Graves scoops Dixon up and turns him upside down, tying him into the Tree of Woe. Dixon is hanging upside down on the turnbuckle primed for the Prophet to carry out a beating. But Graves takes a knee! Is he… PRAYING? Graves clasps his hands together and prays to the Bat God! The Chiroptera follow his lead and join in with a brief prayer.] [Graves gets back to his feet and paces across the ring to the opposing corner, turning to face his opponent.] [He charges across the ring and dives HEAD FIRST into Dixon, headbutting him!] [Dixon is still hung up in the Tree of Woe. Graves stays on the ground, sprawling on all fours, crawling around the face of Jeremiah Dixon, then BITING DIXON’S FOREHEAD! Michael Graves bites down hard on his opponents face, tearing the skin open! Dixon’s blood starts to pour from the wound as Graves jumps to his feet and stomps on the head of Dixon, over and over!] [Dixon falls from the turnbuckle, blood pooling in the corner of the ring. Graves drags him by the ankle to the centre of the ring and rolls him over. He stands over Dixon, staring at him. Then he scoops Dixon up and dumps him through the middle rope to the outside of the ring. The Chiroptera launch into action! All twelve men swamp Dixon, kicking and stomping his bloodied body. Graves watches on as two of the druids hoist Dixon onto the shoulders of another and..] [TRIPLE POWERBOMB DIXON ONTO THE RING APRON!] [Michael Graves has seen enough! He heads to the ropes and stretches his arms out over the top of the druids, then parts his arms. As he does, half a dozen move one way, half a dozen the other. He steps through the ropes and drops to the floor. He indicates to his Chiroptera that they should pick up Dixon, which a couple then do. The pair of druids shove Dixon forwards and Graves catches him. ] [WILD HUNT!] [A Side Effect into an Anaconda Vice hold! No submissions outside of the ring mean Graves can inflict damage as long as he likes!] [Eventually Graves releases the hold. Blood from the face of his opponent is all over his chest and arms, all over the canvas, all over the outside of the ring and spattered across some of the druids robes now! Graves rolls slowly into the ring and his loyal Chiroptera roll Dixon in behind him. Graves picks Dixon up once more, gazing out into the Tap Room’s audience. He hooks both arms and raises Dixon into the air!

[DAWNBREAKER!] [A double underhook reverse tombstone piledriver, face first into the mat! He turns Dixon over and puts both palms on the bloodied face of Dixon, pinning him.] [ONE!] [TWO!] [THREE!] [A convincing victory for the Prophet of the Bat God here tonight, as he spills blood all around the tap room!]


[The match has ended and Michael Graves has taken a standing position over top of the unconscious, bleeding Jeremiah Dixon.] [A devious grin forms on his lips as the druids take to the ring.] [The Chiroptera surround Graves as he drops to a knee; his hand reaching to the busted open head of Dixon. Letting it rest for several seconds before retrieving it.] [His grin transforming into a smile.]

“It is time!”

[Graves voice booming throughout the arena, bringing his priests to action.] [The feet and hands of Dixon being restrained as Graves looks upward, to the ceiling of the Tap Room from which a cable is being lowered… as if by plan.]

“Jeremiah Dixon” [The Prophet of the Bat God declares as he raises his hands into the air.] “You were chosen weeks ago to serve as the first sacrifice in the initiation of the Bat God’s arrival.”

[The cable makes it to the canvas where the Chiroptera begin attaching it to the binding around his ankles.]

“Get off!”

[The muffled voice of Dixon rings out as he comes to and begins to struggle against his bonds, but it is met only with laughter.]

“You escaped the honor of this moment once before” [Graves points a devilish finger in the direction of his advisory.] “But you’re running stops… TONIGHT!”

[With that, the cable that hangs from the Tap Room rafters begins to lift and with it, the squirming body of Dixon.]

“Get me OUT of this Graves” [A look of anger covering the face of Dixon.] “I swear to you, I’m going to use your dagger to cut your throat.”

[The eyes of Graves suddenly open in delight, an enthusiastic expression meeting his smile as he reaches towards one of his druids.]

“You mean this dagger?”

[The excited gleam on Graves face turns to darkness as a dagger is handed to him and only then does Dixon realize the danger of the situation.] [He struggles more as he continues to be hoisted to eye level of the Bat God’s Vessel.]


[Graves shouts, thrusting the dagger into the air as two druids move in, grabbing Dixon by the shoulders and steadying him.] [A look of horror covering his face.]

“Fare well in the afterlife Jeremiah; knowing that it was your blood that paved the way for Barbatos’ coming!”

[Graves lifts both hands and screams.]


[And with that, The Prophet of the Bat God turns his attention to Dixon, quickly and steadily pressing the dagger against his throat; just under the ear. And with one swift swipe.]


[Dixon releases one last plea, but it is too late as Graves slices his throat from one ear to the other. The wound immediately opening along with the widening of Dixon’s eyes.] [He begins to grunt.] [And gurgle.] [And choke.] [And bleed.] [But the laughing. The sinister howling of Michael Graves, overcomes it all as he drops to his knees directly underneath his sacrifice.] [Blood from Dixon flows, it pours from his upside down positioning, down his face and directly onto the kneeled head of Graves.] [And he’s enjoying it!!!] [The druids actually step back from Dixon and their counterparts do the same so to avoid the puddle of blood that is growing towards their feet!] [Suddenly, the Tap Room begins to vibrate. The foundation beneath it rumbling. Creaking! The Chiroptera losing their balance and falling into the ropes and all the while, Graves continues to howl in laughter; completely covered in a lifeless Jeremiah Dixon’s blood.]


[The gruesome scene comes to a close as Dixons blood covers the majority of the ring canvas; dripping from the apron. And as we cut away, the screeching and swooping sounds of bats fills the air.]


[Backstage] [We find Jacen Novan and TAM together, discussing their plans for the evening. Novan looks slightly worried. Given Scarecrow’s ultimatum last week, this comes as no surprise. The Automaton looks… well, emotionless. Novan turns and breaks a somewhat uncomfortable silence between the two.]

“Never before has proving the power of the Ashla been so crucial. We need allies in this battle TAM, they need to tell light from darkness. I am quite literally putting my neck on the line for the cause.”

[TAM does not respond, but looks somewhat distantly at the wall past Novan, as if he had tuned out while Novan was speaking.]

“Are you okay? You seem pre-occupied.”

[The Automaton kicks into action, his face turning to his partner and the ‘life’ returning to his eyes.]

“Occupied… Form of the word occupation. Occupation referencing the way that a person spends their time or earns a living. DEFINE… DEFINE! Screewob.”

[Novan simply looks at TAM as the Automaton falls silent, unsure what to make of everything.]

“How hard did Scarecrow slam your head against that wall? Are you able to compete tonight?”

[TAM takes a step forward, then stops and flinches awkwardly. His eyes close for a moment. When they open once more, he turns to Novan again with a different posture about him, a look that seems more usual. As close to a look of recognition that The Automaton is able to give.]

“Thank you for your concern Jacen. I must admit that I have been feeling a little less than perfect, but I am well and under control. Surely nothing that a little tinkering cannot fix. Let us focus on our match, as we must focus on the challenges that lie before us. That much is logical.”

[Novan looks at TAM for a long pause, thoughtfully poised and summing up his partner’s words in his head. Eventually, he nods and takes the Automaton’s hand to shake it.]

“Alright then. Let’s go out there and prove the power of the Ashla – the power that will help us claim those belts. Surely, then Screcrow must recognise the Ashla’s value. Tonight, we may just gather some powerful allies.”

[The pair exit, discussing strategy as they prepare for their match.]


[The Russian Bear was brought back for a singular purpose and it seems that his gaze has been set towards the roughtneck Tommy Wright. Will Sokolov get what he needs from Wright or will the Guv teach Sergei what happens to those who mess with the Wright man?] [The bell sounds as Wright rushes in, slamming into Sergei with a series of stiff forearm shots that barely seem to affect the much bigger man, a big European Uppercut only seeming to annoy Sokolov who rushes forward with the spinning clothesline. Wright ducks under, grabbing Sergei by the waist and tossing him onto his neck with a lightning fast Snap German Suplex! Sergei stumbles to his feet a little dazed before a huge running Dropkick sends him flying over the ropes to the floor below] [Sergei gets up to his feet, a little pissed off as Wright sizes Sergei up, running to the ropes before diving through them at top speeds] [SUICIDE…SOVIET STRIKE! Wright dives right into a huge spinning backfist in mid-air that may well have knocked the Guv out cold.] [Sergei pulls him up with a scowl on his face, running forward before tossing Wright face first into the steel post busting him wide open. The Guv stumbles up to his feet, blood streaming down his face as Sergei lifts him up high] [NUCLEAR FALLOUT ONTO THE APRON! POWERBOMB ON THE MOTHERFUCKING APRON! AND WRIGHT MAY BE DEAD AS SERGEI ROLLS HIM INTO THE RING, DROPPING DOWN FOR THE COVER] [ONE…] [TWO….] [THR…WRIGHT KICKS OUT AND SERGEI CAN’T BELIEVE IT!] [Sokolov pounds down on an unprotected Wright, pulling him up to his feet almost effortlessly before nearly knocking him out cold with a massive headbutt. The blood is nearly pouring down Wright’s face as he’s lifted up off his feet, Sergei’s massive arms wrapping around his waist as he locks in the Russian Bear Hug! Wright screams out in pain as he struggles under the tremendous strength of the Russian. Wright looks like he’s about tap out….] [THUMB TO THE RIGHT EYE OF SERGEI!] [The Tsar cries out in pain, dropping Tommy as Sergei drops to one knee, half blind, AGGRO! That huge knee breaks Sergei’s nose, sending blood flowing down Sokolov’s face but Sergei doesn’t go down, the sight of blood just infuriating the Russian. Wright rolls back, trying for another Aggro but Sergei catches the knee, hoisting Tommy up into the air] [MODIFIED WARHEAD! A huge Chokeslam Backbreaker snaps Wright right over Sergei’s knee and this could be it as Sergei covers] [ONE…] [TWO…] [SERGEI PULLS WRIGHT UP! A half blinded Sokolov is enraged as he wants to punish Wright, pulling the hurting Guv up to his feet before destroying him with a series of forearms that lift Wright up off the mat before a huge Sambo Suplex nearly plants Wright into the mat without any love from this Russian. Sokolov pulls Wright up off the mat, intending to deliver further punishment] [THUMB TO THE EYE, RED DEVIL! WRIGHT DRIVES SERGEI INTO THE MAT WITH THAT SWINGING DDT AS WRIGHT COVERS] [ONE…] [TW…SERGEI TOSSES WRIGHT HALFWAY ACROSS THE RING!] [Wright rolls to his feet, running forward right into a massive Soviet Strike that knocks Wright out on his feet. Sergei calls for the end, lifting Wright up onto his shoulders before running forward, HUGE RING SHAKING IRON CURTAIN! That could be the Dominating end to the Guv as Sergei covers] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [The Russian Terminator does it here tonight, proving to be far too much of a monster for the hooligan Tommy Wright to handle despite all the tricks in the book that he tried to throw at Sergei]


[Cael Gable.] [The young man is torn between what his pride is telling him and what is best for his family. His family talked to D’Von Chambers and came to an agreement for a blood donation. Cael knows all of this as he sits in a chair with two Cobra Bubbles-looking goons standing on either side of him with baggies and a needle ready. Only the sound of a crackling fire inside of a firepit and crickets can be heard outside as a street lamp shines over the back of the arena.]

“Are you ready to join my Congregation, Mr. Gable?”

[The voice is soft yet almost patronizing in a way. Chambers steps up with the title in his hands as he sets it across the small table sitting beside Gable.] [Gable looks up at him and nods.]

“Go ahead and take off your shirt, Cael, it helps with the process.”

[The Bishop takes a few steps away and begins messing with an item sticking down into a firepit built outside of The Taproom.] [Cael Gable does as he’s told as the two goons beside him begin getting the bloodbags ready. It’s then that Chambers pulls something out of the fire and begins to wave it around.]

“What is that for?”

[Chambers just grins at the question.]

“You see, a blood donation isn’t all it takes to join my Congregation and find your eternal happiness. No, you see it takes a little more assertion from me for that to happen. In fact, everyone who I accept into my congregation receives this.”

[With that, Chambers shows the end of the item as the metal shines a bright orange in the letter “C”. The brand is merely a few centimeters away from his face.]

“What the hell? I’m not letting you brand me! I’m not cattle!”

“And that’s where you fault, Gable. We are all members of the Lord’s cattle. With that being said, it’s been placed upon me to mark as many worthy people as I can find with this.”

[The two goons raise up their shirts to reveal horrific “C” brand marks on their ribs.]

“So will you refuse what your parents are offering you or will you join them in the Lord’s cattle with his mark?”

[A lightbulb goes off.]

“Did you… you branded my parents?”

“I did.”

[Gable leaps from his chair before the needle had been inserted and decks Chambers forcing him to fall back and the iron slip away from his grasp.]

“I don’t care what you promised my family. You branded my family, and I’m going to kill you for hurting them. Tonight I’ll just earn that title the hard way.”

[Chambers rubs his lip which has some blood on it before grinning as he leaves.]

“I’m not finished with you yet, Gable.”


[The sides are set and there are six entities in this match set to do battle in trios fashion. Will The Revenants be able to overcome the good set against them? Or will Ordell Terminus lead his team to victory?] [The bell sounds as Proteus and Ordell Terminus will start this thing out. They lock up in the center of the ring before Ordell gets the upper hand by locking in a side headlock and yanking Proteus to the ground in it. Proteus quickly manages to get some strength underneath himself and lifts up to standing position, still in the headlock position. With that he runs backwards dragging Ordell into his own corner to where Helios tags himself in! He leaps over the top rope and connects with a big slap right across the face before rolling him up!] [One…] [Two…] [NO! Ordell kicks out!] [The two get back to their feet, but it’s Ordell who catches Helios off guard with a huge uppercut before tagging out!] [In comes Never Dead Dan for his team! He rushes across the ring, takes out Helios with a running clothesline before rushing towards the other members of The Revenant and knocks them from the apron! He turns around and Helios hoists him up before dropping him throat first on the top rope!] [Stun-Gun!] [Isaac Danvers gets back up onto the apron and extends his hand. Helios wanders over and tags him!] [Isaac Danvers first enters the ring very stoically as he’s sizing up Never Dead Dan. He rushes towards him and big boots him right in the face! Never Dead Dan is having trouble getting back to his feet as he staggers back towards his corner where he tags in King Royal!] [The crowd pops as King Royal enters the ring! He charges across the ring and takes Danvers down with a running clothesline! Danvers rolls back to his feet only for Royal to hook his waist as if going for that big-time signature! Only Danvers manages to clap the ears of Royal to distract him long enough for the move not to work! Danvers begins to violently strangle poor King Royal!] [THE BLACK DEATH!] [Only Ordell Terminus comes in to kick Danvers off of him! He staggers backwards as the ring begins to fill with bodies going every which way! Chaos is being unleashed and the referee has no control! Helios comes in and begins beating up Never Dead Dan! He nails him with a few strong kicks before Helios grabs him by the throat and sends him into the corner before rushing with a running clothesline attack in the corner!] [Meanwhile Ordell Terminus and Proteus have began throwing punches back and forth before Ordell gets the better of that exchange with a swinging neckbreaker! Otherwise, Danvers has King Royal, but Royal has disappeared! Danvers is looking high and low for him before Royal pops out of nowhere with a roll-up!] [One…] [Two…] [Thr-NO!] [Danvers kicks out as he gets back to his feet and begins to strangle King Royal once again! Ordell Terminus gets to his feet and comes to help only for Helios to be there.] [SUPER HELLFIRE!] [A diving codebreaker that brings Ordell down across his knee and flattens him with the hellacious move! Never Dead Dan is back up to his feet only for Proteus to collide into him with both of his hands completely covered in ice! Dan falls to the ground in a huge heap with blood dripping off of his face! King Royal is in pain as he’s being held aloft, but he kicks Danvers in the face! Ordell Terminus takes out the legs of Danvers with a kick!] [King Royal and Ordell Terminus look at each other and nod.] [They both run at Helios and take him out with simultaneous dropkicks! They both get to their feet and kick Proteus in the midsection before lifting him up with a double-suplex!] [Danvers tries to get to his feet only to be blindsided by running double enzuigiris!!!] [All three men are down as Never Dead Dan is down as well. Royal and Terminus are the only ones still standing. King Royal leaps to the top rope and motions for it…] [SPITFIRE!] [THE CURE!] [The brutal elbow catches King Royal right across the side of the dome as he’s busted wide open as blood begins to trickle onto the mat! Helios and Proteus take out Terminus with double superkicks! Danvers covers King Royal!] [One…]




[THREE!] [The Revenants pick up the victory here as they stand united in the center of the ring. King Royal is bleeding as is Never Dead Dan. Ordell Terminus is clutching at his hair in exasperation on the outside.]


[Even though the match is over, the forces of King Crowley aren’t done with their decimation of their enemies. Ordell Terminus tries to rally his partners, but Helios and Proteus are on them quickly, a storm of pain thundering down on their foes. Isaac Danvers seems particularly interested in Never Dead Dan.]

“You’ll never win, Ordell. Your cause is lost. And I see in you something that only I…”

[Terminus with a left to Danvers. They trade hands back and forth, but Terminus is quickly overpowered once Helios and Proteus break off from their beat down enemies to help. The Revenants are far better at working as a team here. The masked men grab Terminus by his arms and trap him between the ropes. Danvers leans in to taunt Terminus.]

“The price of defiance is death.”

[King Royal begins to rise, ready to fight again, but as he does so Proteus and Helios stand above him, their glowing eyes like stars in a dark sky.]

“The mighty king.” [Helios taunts.]

“No Knights to protect him.” [Proteus adds.] [Royal’s eyes betray him as he looks to the side. Never Dead Dan is rushing the Revenants. With a blue flash, Proteus turns…] […AND FREEZES NEVER DEAD DAN WHERE HE STANDS!] [Betamax isn’t here right now to say his catchphrase, but this case is a little more sinister as Isaac Danvers seems invigorated by seeing the thin layer of ice surrounding Dan. Before the Doctor can respond, Proteus reaches out to admire his creation.] […AND RIPS DAN’S HEAD OFF!] [With a frozen trail of crimson, Proteus tosses the head away without a care, turning back to his partner.]

“Let’s see him come back from that.”

[Helios eyeballs the determined King Royal.]

“My turn.”

[As Isaac Danvers picks up the decapitated head in the background, Helios reaches out to touch the armor of King Royal. It begins to glow red as eyes of magma pulse.]

“There’s only one King, Nigel Royal.”

[Royal begins to sweat and turn red as his armor betrays him.]

“And his name is Crowley.”

[Tears run down Royal’s face as death stares him in the face, all of his bluster burned away.]

“You’re weak, Nigel.” [Proteus taunts.] “Former glory means nothing here. You’re nothing.”

[Royal collapses, his armor melting around him, perhaps even into his skin. Screams die on his lips as there is no moisture to create sound with. Only rising steam.] [THWACK!] [Terminus has freed himself! He nails Proteus and Helios, knocking them from the ring. Danvers comes at him, but Terminus takes the Doctor down. He grabs him by the mask, speaking through gritted teeth, his rage on full display.]

“You’ve failed. All of you have failed. I’m about to get away from here. And you’re going to go back to King Crowley with your tails between your legs. And I want you tell him something.”

[Proteus and Helios are getting back in the ring, and Terminus addresses this to all of them.]

“Ordell Terminus is coming for the Mad King. And just like the last King of the Underworld, I’m going to snap his reign into pieces.”

[Fire and Ice leap at Terminus, but he slips outside of the ring. He darts into the crowd, heading for an exit, or anywhere with a doorway. Proteus and Helios charge out, using their elemental powers to give chase, but they will find nothing.] [Terminus has escaped their grasp!] [Meanwhile, Isaac Danvers picks the severed head of Never Dead Dan back up. He tucks the melting mess under his arm and heads after his allies.]


[A groaning King Royal is being carted out of the ring as the lights flicker and Mother arrives. She grins at his misery, letting it feed her power.] [THWACK!] [PHOEBE OUTLAW NAILS MOTHER FROM BEHIND!] [The action continues in the ring as Outlaw takes all of her rage and confusion out on the Mother of All. With an inhuman roar, Outlaw grabs Mother by the hair, and throws her out of the ring. The official doesn’t bother to follow, but also doesn’t start a count. He’s going to let this one go.] [Feebz follows up her assault by kneeing Mother directly in the temple, then throwing the ancient creature towards the steel steps. The top flies off and Outlaw grabs Mother.] [NORTHERN LIGHTS ON THE STEEL STEPS!] [Outlaw slams her knee down onto Mother’s back before grabbing a handful of hair and bashing her head into the steel. Satisfied with her assault, Outlaw finally grabs Mother and throws her into the ring. With a look of finality in her eyes, Outlaw throws Mother down onto the mat and points at the referee. She hooks the leg and makes a cover.] [ONE!] [MOTHER KICKS OUT WITH FORCE!] [Outlaw sits back to her knees as Mother lays on the ground laughing at her. Phoebe’s delicate mental state finally pushes over the edge. She grabs Mother’s head and bashes in back into the mat, screaming wordlessly as she does so. She lays in with rights, lefts, and knees as she tries to destroy the one who turned her life upside down. Outlaw finally seems to have sated her rage, and Mother seems motionless for once. Feebz rolls to the side and heads to the corner, ascending to the top rope.] [SHOOTING STAR PRESS! THE NORTH STAR!] [NO!] [MOTHER SPRAYED OUTLAW IN THE FACE WITH BLACK MIST!] [Mother rises up off the mat like fog after a storm. She seems no worse for wear. In fact, she seems just plain…] [Amused.] [Outlaw thrashes on the mat, trying to clear her vision. She comes up to a knee, trying to find some kind of beacon to focus on.] [Too late.] [Mother pounces, quickly tackling Outlaw down to the mat. The Mother of All scratches, rips, and claws at Outlaw, her opponent barely able to defend herself. As she continually scratches, she is curiously not breaking the skin, only providing surface damage. Not that it matters, it’s still brutal.] [The ancient being continues the assault, lifting Feebs up like a child and throwing her into the corner. Mother rushes in, as the skull of Outlaw is rocked by a brutal uppercut. Outlaw stumbles out of the corner, trying to find her footing. Mother waits for her to get to the middle of the ring before rushing forward.] [KINSHASA! HAPPILY EVER AFTER!] [Phoebe drops to the mat, looking like she is down and out. Mother kneels over her, placing her hand upon Feebs chest.] [ONE!] [TWO!] [THR… NO! OUTLAW’S SHOULDER BARELY MOVED, BUT IT WAS ENOUGH!] [There’s still fight in Phoebe Outlaw!] [The amusement vanishes from the face of Mother in the face of that kick out. She picks up Outlaw by the hair, Feebs barely able to rise with her opponent. Mother throws her back into the corner. This time she falls into a Crab Walk, approaching Outlaw while walking upside down on her hands and feet. As she kicks Outlaw, Mother contorts back to normal, throwing her back to the middle of the ring.] [Outlaw slowly rises to her feet as Mother stalks her. Phoebe turns around just as Mother takes off.] [KINSHASA! HAPPILY EVER AFTER! IT HIT FLUSH!] [Mother drops down into a cover.] [ONE!] [TWO!] [THREE!] [Mother toyed with Phoebe, and then decimated the spirited young lady right in the middle of the ring. She fulfilled exactly what she said she was going to do.] [But Mother is not done.]


[The formal match may be over, but Mother is not done with Phoebe Outlaw. Outlaw tries to rise back up to her feet, but Mother grabs her and throws her back into the corner. She scratches and claws at her once more, carefully targeting her strikes to avoid thin skinned areas.]

“I told you, Outlaw, you shouldn’t be here.”

[Outlaw is unable to even fight back as she just falls down. Mother grabs her by the hair and lifts her head. As she lets go, Outlaw’s head drops.] [Feebs is running on empty.]

“But I do have one last use for you, my child. It’s only fitting.] [Darkness.] [Static.] [Phoebe Outlaw’s injured body is thrown down on a Virus covered floor. Feebs hacks and coughs as she struggles to gain any semblance of control. Mother stands over her, but her focus is not on Outlaw any longer. No, it’s on the one who she has been focused on all along.] [Brent Kersh.]

“What the hell is going on?” [Kersh asks, a look of anger on his face.] [Mother points down at Outlaw.]

“Your daughter now lies in a coma because of this one.”

[Kersh’s eyes narrow on Outlaw in anger.]

“She is still unspoiled, Enforcer. She is scratched, but she has not yet bled. Add to the blood drive, Kersh. Continue what you began with the Templar. Spill her blood and do whatever else you will with her. She took your daughter from you, now I offer you her life. It’s in your hands. But, my child, you must stain these walls with her blood.”

[The lights flicker.] [Mother is gone.] [Outlaw can’t even come to her knees, reaching down to clutch legs that will only limp. That’s if she can get to her feet. The Enforcer glares down at her angrily. Clearly, he had no idea about Dani. His fists clench as Outlaw looks up at him with pained eyes.]


[Brent Kersh glares at Outlaw as he takes a step towards her.] [Cut.]


[A basin.] [Made of stone, it sits upon the chapel altar. The Light Warrior, Lux Bellator, stands in front of it, hands clasped in silent prayer. The church is empty, except for the rotting corpse of a deceased man, slumped in the pews to to the right of the altar; his matted black hair adorning his gaunt hidden face.]

“Every name was crossed off that list, Lux… and I told you just what would happen when they were.”

[Bellator turns to meet his angel, the Juggalo Jake Jeckel standing against the chapel doors, their heavy frame now barricaded by wooden beams. He walks forwards, Lux holding up a hand.]

“Of course, Jake. You were my angel when I needed one, and I made a deal with you for the betterment of God’s plan. You’ll have your chance to take my life, but do know, you will not succeed. Like Cain killing Abel, you have served a purpose, and you will be damned.”

[Lux grabs an obsidian blade from the altar and points it towards Jake.]

“Soon, your blood will fill this basin.”

[CHUCK THE CHAINSAW! Lux is flattened by a massive discuss clothesline from the shadows by… Jack Jeckel? The Light Warrior looks up in pure confusion at the younger Jeckel, Jack pressing his foot on Lux’s hand and trapping the knife on the ground.]

“But how-”

[Jack kicks Lux, sending him sprawling as Jake walks up beside his brother.]

“Well, Lux.” [Jake begins.] “You had me fooled for the first few on the list. I killed them all because I only wanted to see someone suffer for what happened to her. But with each pig I gutted, I noticed something. They all bled red.”

[Jack smirks as he sizes up Lux.]

“And as soon as he saw my name on the list, he caught onto your little game. Bleed us out to nourish your demon child, treat us like some fuckin’ Faygo. Well, you wanna feed the runt? Then let us help you do it.”

[Lux gets to his feet, looking at the barricaded door then back to the Jeckel brothers.] [Someone’s blood is going in that basin.]


[Blood will be spilled tonight. As the three men circle one another near the altar, their only audience a corpse slumped in the pews.] [Lux is on the defensive, backing away as both Jeckel brothers barrel towards him! LEAPING DOUBLE NECKBREAKER BY LUX! The Juggalos hit the ground and Bellator scambles for the obsidian blade! He rises and slices behind him!] [At Jack Jeckel! HE CATCHES LUX’S HAND! Kick to the ribs by Lux! Jack is sent stumbling Lux takes another wide slash as Jake rushes him! HE DUCKS IT! He gets behind Lux and locks his arms around his waist!] [CHUCK THE CHAINSAW! DISCUSS CLOTHESLINE GERMAN SUPLEX COMBINATION!] [The force sends Lux through one of the dilapidated pews! He lands in a heap!] [Wood and debris stick out of Lux’s back as he lays in the wreckage. Jack peels the Light Warrior up by his mask- GOD’S LIGHT! LUX CATCHES HIM WITH THE RANHEI BY SURPRISE! Jake lunges at Lux with a massive haymaker THAT LUX COUNTERS WITH A STIFF LEAPING KNEE!] [He spins behind Jake AND BURIES THE BLADE INTO HIS BACK! THE FRAGILE OBSIDIAN BREAKS OFF INSIDE! BLOOD POURS FROM THE WOUND! Jake stumbles from the pain and is met with a spinning back fist from Lux with the hilt of the dagger!] [Both Jeckel’s are down.] [And blood must be spilled.] [Bellator turns to the altar and rests his hands on the basin. Jack Jeckel hits him from behind with a rolling elbow! Bellator turns around AND HITS JACK JECKEL WITH A KICK TO THE GUT! DISCIPLE MAKER- NO!] [JACK HOLDS ON! FUCK OFF RISING ELBOW FROM JAKE! ALABAMA SLAM FROM JACK! LUX IS FLUNG BACK FIRST INTO THE ALTAR!] [Lux is staggering, left barely able to breathe! He swings for Jack but The Boogeyman ducks it and returns with a massive headbutt! ROUNDHOUSE BY LUX! JACK HITS THE GROUND! Lux turns around and GETS HIT BY A NASTY BIG BOOT FROM JAKE!] [Jack is down and Jake is on the offensive and he wails on Lux with a flurry of lefts and rights that rock the Light Warrior! Jeckel grabs Lux and throws him headfirst into a pew at the front! LUX LEAPS ONTO IT! CROSSBODY FROM THE PEW! Both men come crashing down and Lux rolls off of the Juggalo. Jake struggles to his feet and lunges for Lux!] [Lux dropkicks Jake’s knee! The Juggalo falls to one knee and LUX PUNTS JAKE IN THE KNIFE WOUND! BLOOD POURS FROM IT AS JAKE SCREAMS IN PAIN!] [Lux goes for another kick BUT IS CAUGHT OFF GUARD BY JACK JECKEL! The youngest Jeckel Brother nails the Light Warrior with a massive front dropkick that sends him into the corner of the pew! Lux is reeling and Jack grabs a piece of wood from the broken pew…] [AND SLAMS IT INTO LUX’S BACK! Bellator has splinters shred his skin and blood seeps the floor! Jack goes for the end as he heaves him up! BOOGEYMAN BOMB!] [NO! LUX SLASHES JACK WITH A PIECE OF BROKEN WOOD! HURRICANRANA TO JECKEL!] [Jack lands next to Jake. As all combatants rise, bloodied, angry, unwilling to lose.] [The Jeckel rush Lux and nail the Light Warrior WITH A DOUBLE BIG BOOT! Lux hits the ground and is peeled up by the brothers! JAKE GETS LUX UP! THE HATCHET- NO! Lux Lands on his feet!] [Roundhouse to Jack! Elbow to Jake! As Jack stumbles back Jake turns around INTO A SUPERKICK FROM LUX! BLOOD ARCS FROM JAKE’S MOUTH AS HE CRASHES INTO THE PEW NEXT TO THE CORPSE!] [Lux turns back to be met by a haymaker by Jack! Both men trade blows BUT LUX GETS THE UPPER HAND WITH AN ELBOW!] [Jack’s back hits the basin!] [DISCIPLE MAKER FROM LUX INTO THE BASIN! THE BASIN BREAKS FROM THE IMPACT! JACK IS OUT!] [The match has come to an end! Lux is the only man left standing after that brutal bout, blood still dripping from his wounds.]


[Static.] [Jake Jeckel sits slumped in the very same pew, next to the decaying body, blood dribbling from his mouth. His eyes are groggy, his head is pounding, and he’s barely able to sit, his body squashed uncomfortably as he slumps back into the wooden seat.]

“Wake up, son.”

[Jake struggles for a moment, his eyes finally opening.] [And there, stood before him at the altar is none other than DTR.]

“A man like me loves family,” [he says with a sadistic smile.] “Every member of mine is a piece of the ark that sails us to our salvation. The Virus coursing through their veins is a part of me, man. It’s like my heart and soul in each and every one of my sons.”

[Jeckel spits blood, laughing.] “I’m not joinin’ your fuckin’ family!”

[The Virus scoffs back.]

“You?” [He chuckles.] “Why have you when I could have the personification of death himself? Jake, you may blame me for the death of your beloved Calypso, but my son blames you for the death of his soul.”

[Jake’s eyes widen in confusion. He doesn’t get it. His head turns left, meeting the eyes of the very body slumped there alongside him.] [Gulp.] [He immediately recognises the dead black eyes staring back.] [Creeping Death.] [His former best friend and Tag Team Partner. The very man he impersonated and destroyed to win Ring King all those years ago. The man he made think was crazy, before taking everything from him.] [Death grabs him by the throat, pulling him from the pew and tossing him through the altar, crashing it to pieces.]

“Remember me?”

[He hisses, stomping through the wooden carnage as DTR steps between them, holding back his new ‘son’.]

“Not just yet, my son,” [The Virus beams.] “There’s a lot more of his world to destroy first.”

[Creeping Death backs away slowly, leaving Jake to pull himself from the rubble – a wooden shard stuck out of his calf. He grabs it, yanking it out with a terrifying scream. Death laughs, vanishing into the night with DTR.] [Cut.]


[The Rewind Champion, D’Von Chambers, stands in the center of the ring touching his lip which was previously bleeding. Two of his Congregation stand outside of the ring. The title is on his shoulder as Cael Gable slips in through the crowd! Chambers turns right into a GOLDEN PARACHUTE! The referee finally notices and calls for the bell!] [The bell sounds as Gable just blasted D’Von Chambers with that huge European uppercut from the top rope! Cael Gable doesn’t even try for a pinfall as he just lunges himself onto the Rewind Champion!] [Left!] [Right!] [LEFT!] [The fists are flying at an alarming rate as the referee begins admonishing him only for Gable to raises a hand towards the referee who just backs away. Cael Gable grabs Chambers by his hair and brings him to his feet.] [Chambers stomps on his toe!] [Gable relinquishes the hair in retaliation as Chambers quickly scoops him up for a scoop slam. The impact makes the ring shake just a bit as Chambers slowly gets to his feet with a grin on his face. He yanks Gable up by his hair before headbutting him forcefully back down to the mat.] [The Bishop stands over Cael Gable and just shakes his head.]

“I tried to save you, kid. I told your parents I would.”

[Chambers goes for a kick, but Gable catches his foot! Gable begins to rise with his foot in his hand before whipping him around.] [SILENCE IS GOLDEN!] [Rear naked choke applied as Gable begins delivering headbutts of his own to the back of the head of The Bishop! D’Von Chambers is in pain as Gable is thrashing him around in the submission! Chambers manages to grab onto the rope as the referee begins his count.] [One… Gable is just wrenching the hold on.] [Two… Gable delivers two quick headbutts!] [Three… Gable finally relinquishes the hold as he rolls to his feet.] [The referee begins lambasting Cael Gable for not releasing the hold sooner! Gable politely pulls the referee out of his way as Chamber rushes towards Gable with a spear! Gable sidesteps him!] [The referee is not so lucky!] [All three hundred and twenty-five pounds of Chambers smashes into the referee as he’s knocked to the ground in a heap! D’Von Chambers raises to his feet momentarily with shock before it turns to a grin. Gable charges, but his feet are grabbed by four arms on the outside as the two members of the Congregation are holding him in place! D’Von Chambers picks up his Rewind Championship.] [BELT TO THE FACE!] [Gable was defenseless as he slumps to the mat. Chambers motions for his boys to enter the ring. They each hook an arm of Gable and hold him in a kneeling position in front of The Bishop who holds the title within an inch of his face.]

“I told them I would save you. I told them I would give you this title. I’m going to do both. I’m going to save you from yourself by draining every drop of blood from your body with this title.”

[SLAM!] [Another shot from the title busts open the nose of Cael Gable whose head is now slumped over.] [Chambers grabs him by his hair and holds his face up with a horrifying grin.] [BLOOD SPIT INTO THE FACE OF CHAMBERS! The Bishop retreats back a step as he wipes his face clean. He raises his title in preparation to strike!]

“You could have joined the side of Good, Gable! Instead, you’re going to burn in the pits of fire for all eternity!”

[SLAM!] [He falls back as the second member relinquishes his hold to check on him! Gable staggers away. Chambers looks over and sees this.] [GOLD RUSH!] [The spear takes Chambers off of his feet with a huge move! The referee finally rises to his feet to see Gable laid across the chest of Chambers for a pin!] [One…]




[THR-NO!] [D’Von Chambers kicks out at the last second as both men make it to their feet. Gable wipes his profusely bleeding nose before moving forward.]

“This is for my family, you son of a…”

[PUGHPLEX!] [Cael Gable just lifted up D’Von Chambers before coming down into a cutter! Chambers isn’t budging!]






[THREE!] [Cael Gable is awarded the Rewind Championship as a smile spreads across his face having finally redeemed himself for losing it to D’Von Chambers and also for not giving into Chamber’s demands!]


[Draped in a curtain of darkness and Virus-covered walls, Jensen Cussen sits. With only a single spotlight, Cussen holds a manila envelope on his lap.] [The very same one that Jacob Phoenix sent him.] [Cussen picks up a folded piece of paper, this one labeled For You. This one is for Cussen. It’s the same one that Nightwatch implored him to read. Cussen ignored it, but after the events of recent weeks, perhaps it would be prudent to find out what Phoenix wanted him to know. He unfolds the letter, revealing that its been written in red ink. The voice of Jacob Phoenix seems to narrate as Jensen reads it.]


I know that these words will never be heard by the real you. The Virus has consumed you. Even now, it stretches out to destroy this letter. Because it fears the truth. It fears the Vengeance of Jensen Cussen. Because you killed Stephanie. You siphoned my blood to sustain her. I became part of her. I did what you could never do. I died for her. But now I’m back, Jensen.”

[The letter seems to be degrading as Cussen’s eyes scan over it.]

“Even now, you have no voice. A prisoner in your own mind, you scream out to be free. But the Virus will never free you, it will only consume you. But Jensen, I don’t come to save you. When your bones enter the ground, it won’t be soon enough. By now Million is dead at my hand, but I will take my time with you.

Because you’ve been marked.”

[As the edges of the letter slowly decay, being consumed by the Virus, the red ink begins to glow.] [Not ink.] [Blood.]

“My blood seems to have an interesting effect on the Virus. It will take this letter and destroy it. But your hands have been marked. Look at them, Jensen. And know that this is your end. The diagnosis is terminal, and the scarlet letter has takes its hold upon you.

May your death come with agony and despair,
Jacob Phoenix.”

[Cussen watches as the Virus consumes the letter, the crimson lettering fading away last. His hands now empty, he stands up and looks down at them.] [The palms of his hands appear normal for a moment, but slowly a crimson mark rises to the surface.] [A phoenix.] [What has Phoenix marked Jensen with?]


[With OSW and indeed the world at stake, heroes are always needed as Jacen Nova looks to cure the Virus with Ashla but the Founding Fathers aren’t quite convinced. Can Nova and his protege TAM prove their righteous hearts or will they be another sacrifice in this war?] [The bell sounds as The Shadow and TAM start out in this tag team contest, TAM no selling a series of lefts and rights from Lane before a massive headbutt nearly knocks Lane out cold. A massive V-Trigger drops Lane to the canvas as TAM backs up, SEATED SENTON! BIG ROBOT SENTON! TAM drops down for an early cover] [ONE…] [TW…Lane gets the shoulder up!] [TAM tries to pull Lane up to his feet but a stiff shot to the throat stuns him long enough for Lane to tag out to Scarecrow! TAM squares off with Crow for a moment before Novan tags himself in, wanting to prove himself against the Hayman here tonight. Novan and Crow circle around one another for a moment, before Crow rushes in with a massive right that Jacen manages to duck under, peppering the Hayman with lefts and rights before a big uppercut stuns the monster. Novan rushes to the ropes, bouncing off for a clothesline] [HAYMAKER! That huge right hand nearly knocks Novan out cold but the Ashla master doesn’t go down, staggering into the ropes as TAM tags himself in! Both big men stare face to face, sizing one another up for a moment before exploding onto eachother with huge lefts and rights. TAM gets the better of the exchange as he stuns Crow with a massive V-Trigger before spinning him around] [DRAGON RUSH! THAT SNAP DRAGON DROPS CROW ON HIS HEAD AS TAM HOOKS BACK FOR THE COVER] [ONE…] [TWO…] [SCARECROW KICKS OUT!] [TAM waits for Crow to get to his feet before gripping him around the head, as the rapid fire knees and elbows begin but before the Automated Stress Test can truly begin, a right elbow completely misses Scarecrow who responds with a massive right hand before tagging Mike Lane back into the ring. Lane rushes forward, grabbing a rising TAM around the waist] [DEGENE…TAM FLIPS OUT, LARIATO! Lane flips in mid-air from the impact as TAM tags out to Jacen, both men entering the ring as they slowly stalk the Shadow] [DARKNESS FLIGHT! A huge combination Bullhammer/Diving European Uppercut busts Lane wide open as Novan drops down for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO….] [THR…SCARECROW BREAKS UP THE PINFALL!] [Novan slowly stalks Lane, looking for another Darkness Elbow but Lane sees it coming even through the blood as he ducks the elbow, running to the ropes before delivering A ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE! That huge knee to the face drops Novan down to one knee as the Shadow springboards off the middle ropes…] [SPRINGBOARD SHADOW KICK! Lane gives Novan a reciept as he busts him wide open, before dropping down for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO….] [THR….TAM BREAKS UP THE PINFALL!] [TAM pulls Novan to the ropes, tagging himself in before running into the ring and nearly taking Lane’s head off with a huge Big Boot. TAM calls for the end as he tries to lift Lane up to his feet but his right arm gives out as he lifts him up into the Gorilla Press, allowing Lane to drop down his back, SHADOW KICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!] [Lane tags out to Scarecrow as both men stalk the slowly rising TAM, the Automaton stumbling right into the grip of Scarecrow who powers him up into the air…] [RELEASE BYE BYE BIRDIE INTO A SHADOW KICK! TAM looks out cold as Scarecrow covers] [ONE…] [TWO…] [MIKE LANE SUPERKICKS NOVAN TRYING TO GET INTO THE RING…THREE!!!] [The Founding Fathers pick up a huge victory here tonight, retaining their tag team titles in great fashion but you have to wonder, if it wasn’t for TAM failing for some reason, would the decision have been different?]


[As both teams find their feet after the match and the titles are readied for their owners, we are left with a question. Has Jacen Novan proven his worth in the eyes of the Scarecrow?] [Almost as if to bring that point to fruition, Scarecrow brings forth an object that had until now remained hidden. Jacen Novan’s purging blade. He points it in the direction of his opponent.]

“So. We find ourselves at this point. Once everything has been lain out on the line, is this power of yours worth your life? Or does that Virus in your arm make you a threat that needs to be removed?”

[He grabs Novan’s arm and pulls up the sleeve of his robes to reveal the infected flesh.]

“Perhaps you have not purged enough of your blood yet. Allow me to help.”

[He readies the blade to strike, but his hand is stopped by another. Mike Lane.]

“We need him. We need this Ashla. You know deep inside that this would be unwise. He can be saved.”

[Scarecrow cranes his head around unnaturally to glare at his partner, but inevitably releases Novan’s arm and lets the blade drop to the canvas. Three men stare at each other without saying a word. As for the fourth…] [MECHANICAL MAN STOPPER! THE AUTOMATON PICKS NOVAN UP ABOVE ITS HEAD FROM BEHIND!] [SLAM!] [What the hell? The Automaton just took out its own partner!] [The crowd in attendance rain down their thoughts vocally as TAM turns its attention to the Founding Fathers who still stand before it, stunned. The fact that TAM is still poised to fight suggests that he is not done yet. Mike Lane looks unsure what to make of this turn of events but Scarecrow doesn’t bother to ask questions. He steps forward to dispose of the Automaton.] [HAYMAKER… NO! THE AUTOMATON CAUGHT HIS HAND! HIS STRENGTH IS NOT HUMAN!] [The Automaton does not speak, but tilts its head to the side… HEADBUTT TO SCARECROW THAT DROPS HIM TO THE CANVAS!] [Mike Lane takes his turn. SHADOWKI-NO! AGAIN TAM CATCHES THE INCOMING MOVE! It grabs Lane by the leg and TOSSES HIM OUT OF THE RING!] [The Automaton has gone ballistic, turning on his partner and clearing out the Founding Fathers.] [What the hell happened? Why?] [Cut.]


[The Double Feature Championship is on the line between four masked entities. Will they be able to prevent Doubt from capturing this title? Who will walk out with this key? We find out now.] [The bell sounds as these four men circle around. Only one of these men will walk out of the show with that Double Feature Championship! It’s Doubt who rushes forward first and catches the defending champion with a running discus elbow shot that blasts him through the ropes and to the floor! The Masked Emotion turns around only to be lighted up by some rapid chops from Marvolo. The Sharkman nods to him as he steps up into an enzuigiri! Doubt hits the mat as The Sharkman goes for the pin.

[One…] [Two…] [Marvolo yanks him up! These two stand toe-to-toe as The Sharkman is trying to plead his case.] [Marvolo just lights him up with a chop before grabbing him by the back of the head, rushing towards the ropes and sending him over them to the floor below! Marvolo turns around as a leaping green luchador is coming right at him! El Trebol Jr. reenters the fray with a huge Japanese armdrag before bouncing up to his feet and springing off the second rope. Springboard hurricanrana to Marvolo as he hooks both legs!

[One…] [Two…] [Th-Doubt breaks it up!] [The Masked Emotion yanks Trebol to his feet before hooking head and leaping for a twisting neckbreaker!] [Doubt is about to go for the pin, but The Sharkman reaches in to grab its foot. He drags Doubt to the outside before just lighting him with up some powerful punches! Doubt is rocked before The Sharkman rushes towards it.] [SUSHI KICK!] [The shining wizard floors Doubt as The Sharkman rolls back into the ring. El Trebol Jr., Marvolo, and The Sharkman all make their way to their feet as they look amongst each other. The Sharkman rushes first at Marvolo, but The Real Number One is able to duck underneath the clothesline attempt before leaping up to catch Sharkman with a backstabber!] [Marvolo gets back up only for Trebol to begin laying into the side of his knees with some brutally quick kicks! El Trebol Jr. takes a step back as if to really build the momentum before rushing forward with a spinning take-out kick to the knees that floors Marvolo! El Trebol Jr. gets to his feet, rushes towards the ropes, and springs off the second rope for a senton! It hits as Trebol goes for the count!

[One…] [Two…] [DOUBT BREAKS IT UP!] [El Trebol Jr. is smashed over the top of his head by an axe handle! Doubt yanks Trebol up to his feet, leaps off the second rope before hitting a moonsault into a tornado DDT! THE PESSIMIST’S END!] [IT CONNECTS!] [Doubt goes for the pin!] [One…] [Two…] [Broken up by The Sharkman!] [Everyone is spent from the high-octane action inside of the ring. They all slowly get to their feet as they look amongst themselves. El Trebol Jr., The Sharkman, and Marvolo look at each other with a nod. They all rush towards Doubt who is caught off guard by the sheer numbers! The Sharkman connects with an enzuigiri, Marvolo with a rolling koppu kick, and Trebol with a leaping kick to the chest! The Masked Emotion is stunned! El Trebol Jr. leaps to the top…] [AL VER VERDE!] [The moonsault transitions into a reverse frankensteiner that plants Doubt into the mat! He leaps into the cover as both The Sharkman and Marvolo leap on as well!





[THREE!] [El Trebol has done it! He’s retained his Double Feature Championship!]


[They’ve done it. They’ve beaten Doubt, but they haven’t saved him.] [The Sharkman beckons them to stand.]

“We can do it,” [he promises them.] “We can purge this beast from his body. We can return him to his human form. Please, just gift me this opportunity to prove to you that we can.”

[El Trébol Junior looks towards Marvolo, both men nodding in agreement. The Shark positions himself over Doubt, watching as El Trébol and Marvolo close in. They form a triangle, standing over The Emotion.]

“The power will be fierce. Do not break the connection.”

[Violently, The Sharkman pulls both their heads together, meeting his in the middle.] [As their masks connect, a bright blinding white light emanates from the touch, rippling out into the Tap Room. They scream collectively, but not as loudly as Doubt, who writhes on the canvas in agony.] [Then the white light vanishes.] [All three men fall to the ground, exhausted. El Trébol looks up at The Sharkman, his eyes teary from the blasting impact.]

“What was that?” [He asks.]

“Our lineage dates back centuries, brother,” [The Vigilante responds.] “Our fathers fought a war like this before. Only back then, they were called The Watchmen. For generations, members of our family have come together inside this temple to fight as one against the forces of evil. These masks, they are relics of a lost time. Together, we can stop this war.”

[Suddenly, Doubt begins to cough and splutter. Everyone turns their attention to him. Carefully, he grabs at his mask, ripping it off and throwing it across the canvas. Beneath his red hood, a human face appears.] [Jonathan Heartsford.] [They did it. The Watchmen did it.] [El Trébol looks towards Marvolo, who looks towards The Sharkman.] [They did it. Doubt has been vanquished.]


[Static.] [A handheld camera shakily stands in the middle of a dimly lit ghetto. Between old burnt out cars, and rusty metal fences, a figure stands in a large black hoodie. You can’t make them out amongst the pitch black as they walk with a limping purpose towards one of the houses.] [Their delayed meandering finally leads them up a path, where they bang violently on the rickety wooden door.] [A large man abruptly opens it, only to have a baseball thrust into his face, splattering his nose into a crimson mask across his caramel cheeks. The attacker limps into the room, dragging one of their feet behind them as they do, clearly severely injured.] [The bat drives down from the sky repeatedly, crunching across the forearms of the man as he tries to protect himself from the deathly blows. Once the attackers energy has finally depleted, they back off, throwing the bat down at the bloodied man.]

“You did this,” [they say in a rough, hoarse, agony filled voice.] “You’re responsible for all of it! Let me ask you a question, huh?” [The attacker groans.] “How does it feel?”

[They kick him hard in the face as he looks up, sending blood splattering overhead.] [James Hunter.] [The Question.] [The person turns, walking towards the door. We never once see their face as they exit, hobbling away towards a nearby parked car as we turn back, looking at James, who despite bleeding profusely, grins a sadistic smile.] [Who did this?] [Cut.]


[Blood runs deep between these two as the Phoenix rose from the grave to get revenge for not only his death but that of the love of his life. Can the Phoenix get his revenge or will Vengeance itself clip his wings a second time?] [The bell sounds as the Phoenix rushes forward, taking Jensen by surprise with a huge flurry of lefts and rights before a huge leaping knee stuns the bigger man. The Phoenix runs to the ropes, springboarding off right into the waiting arms of Jensen who grips him in mid-air] [THROWING HIM ACROSS THE RING WITH A BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!] [The Phoenix doesn’t crash to the mat, instead landing spider like on the turnbuckles as he quickly scrambles up to the top rope as Vengeance turns around] [PHOENIXRANA!] [Jensen doesn’t stay down, stumbling to his feet as he uses the ropes to pull himself up]

{SPEAR! A HUGE RUNNING SPEAR AS BOTH COMPETITORS CRASH TO THE FLOOR BELOW!] [Both the Phoenix and Cussen are down and out as Nightwatch slowly rises to his feet, mounting Cussen as he begins raining down lefts and rights before Vengeance powers him off, tossing him into the air as the Phoenix lands throat first onto the apron. Jacob stumbles around, trying to draw a breath as he walks into a huge knee to the gut as Jensen lifts him up high into the air] [POWERBOMB ON THE STEEL STEPS! POWERBOMB ON THE FUCKING STEPS!] [The Phoenix looks dead as Jensen powers his limp body up, tossing him into the ring before dropping down for the sure cover] [ONE…] [TWO….] [THR….THE PHOENIX KICKS OUT!] [Jensen can’t believe it as a scowl crosses Vengeance’s face, pulling The Phoenix up to his barely standing feet as he begins punishing him with a furious onslaught of strikes, a savage hook nearly breaking Jacob’s jaw before lifting him up high into the air] [GUILT TRIP! THAT SPRINGBOARD TWISTING BRAINBUSTER SPIKES THE PHOENIX INTO THE MAT BUT JENSEN ISN’T DONE!] [Cussen pulls the Phoenix off the mat, spinning him around before planting him on the back of his neck with a Dragon Suplex. Jensen rolls through, delivering a huge Tiger Suplex that cause the Phoenix to cry out in pain before Jensen crosses his arms across his throat, STRAIGHT JA…JACOB LANDS ON HIS FEET FLIPPING BACK AS HE PUTS JENSEN’S SHOULDERS ON THE MAT!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [JENSEN GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Both men get to their feet, Vengeance running forward, DOUBLE KNEES! Jensen runs right into that as the Phoenix begins to fire up, drilling Jensen with rights and lefts before a stiff DDT plants him into the canvas. Jacob rushes to the apron, pounding his fists against the ropes as he wills Vengeance to his feet] [PHOENIX FOR….BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA! SUPERKICK OUT OF NOWHERE AND THE PHOENIX IS BUSTED WIDE OPEN!] [A wicked smile crosses over Vengeance which quickly fades as he pulls the Phoenix up to his feet, wincing in pain as the blood drips down his hand. Cussen drops the Phoenix, backing up before drilling him with a stiff knee to the jaw, lifting him up high.] [FALL OF….BLOOD MIST TO THE FACE! THE PHOENIX SPITS BLOOD RIGHT INTO JENSEN’S FACE AS VENGEANCE LOOKS TO BE BLINDED!] [Jensen swings wildly, trying to find Jacob through the haze of red as the Phoenix climbs up to the top rope, DIVING DDT! That busts Jensen wide open, black blood oozing out onto the canvas as it sizzles, the Phoenix dropping down for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [JENSEN JUST GETS THE SHOULDER UP!] [The Phoenix calls for the end, climbing onto the apron once more as he’s begging for Jensen to get to his feet leaping up as he dives halfway across the ring, PHOENIX FORE…DESPERATE JUSTICE! Jensen traps the Phoenix into the crossface in the middle of the ring as the Phoenix refuses to tap out but he’s losing blood as Jensen pulls back with all his might despite the pain as the Phoenix slowly passes out, the referee quickly calling for the bell] [Vengeance does it, taking advantage of a single mistake as he uses his veteran abilities to put away his old protege here tonight but it could well have been anyone’s game here, especially with the power the Phoenix’s blood has over him]


[Somewhere inside The Temple.] [A large banner hangs across the doorway to a room, enticing and welcoming. ‘The Grand Opening’, it says. Tommy Wright walks down the corridor, coming across it. The moment he stops, the door opens and out steps a sauve looking gentleman in a pristine black suit.]

“Welcome to my store, young man,” [he says with a large toothy smile.] “I’m certainly glad you dropped by on this, our grand opening.”

[Tommy looks confused.] “You what, mate?”

“Why don’t you come inside and see if we have the right item for you?” [He says, ushering him inside the room.] “Just this way, sir.”

[Once inside, the basic door morphs into a grand set of double doors seen only from this side of the room. Before him, almost immediately, is a wonderful store full of wonderful items. His awe immediately takes him. His eyes dart from left to right, gazing upon the wares.]

“I have something for everyone. What do you need, Mr. Wright?”

[Tommy’s glazed eyes barely recognise that this man, who he’s never met, suddenly knows his name.]

“In fact, do you know something? I have just the thing for you.”

[He vanishes behind his counter for a moment, returning with a pair of soccer boots. He places them on the counter, their golden shine sparkling against the light. Wright immediately walks over, touching them carefully, blinded by their glorious shine.]

“These soccer boots could turn you into the world’s best soccer player. You’ll never miss a strike on goal in these beauties. Isn’t that what you want, Mr. Wright? Isn’t it? You’ve dreamed of becoming a ‘footballer’, haven’t you? That’s what they’re called, is it not? With these, you could follow your dreams. The bright lights and glory of Manchester United await you.”

[Wright doesn’t know what to say. He can barely get his words out.]

“I want them,” [he says confidently.] “I need them. How much?”

[The Shopkeeper weighs it up for a moment.]

“For you, Mr. Wright?” [The man ponders.] “Nothing but your signature on this fine scroll. Isn’t that a deal you can’t pass up? One tiny scribble on this and you’ll become the greatest football player to ever grace Manchester United for ten whole glorious years.”

[Wright doesn’t even think about it. He snatches the Quill from the shopkeepers hands and signs the scroll.] [Poof.] [A puff of smoke appears where Tommy Wright once stood, the man and the boots having vanished. The Shopkeeper checks the scroll, flicking it with the side of his finger. He rolls it up, walking behind the counter to a large room. He opens a curtain and steps into a darkened section full of drawers, pulling one open. Once he slots the scroll inside, he pushes it closed, watching as the name ‘Tommy Wright’ appears upon it in old fashioned text.]

“We shall meet again, Tommy Wright.”



[The Elimination Chamber!] [It’s finally time.] [Solomon Rhodes, Captain Zappa, Lee Crowley and Edward Newton find themselves in pods as DTR and Brent Kersh stand in the middle of the ring. The bell sounds and both men stand, looking at each other. The Virus starts to pace back and forth as Kersh refuses to move, almost obeying. “Look at your hero,” [DTR yells.] “Look at him! He’s one of us!”] [Brent lowers his head in shame, ignoring the jeers of the crowd. The Virus cackles with glee, heading towards the corner where he waits. Time seems to pass ever so slowly as the buzzer sounds, and we get to find out who joins this absolute mess.] [Solomon Rhodes.] [DTR leaps to his feet as Rhodes storms into the ring, driving a knee into his mid-section before he’s even had a chance to settle. He thunderously drives forearms down across his back, knocking him to the canvas. The Virus invites Brent Kersh over, demanding that he lay down the boots. Kersh walks across, looks at Rhodes, then at DTR and whack!] [Right hand to The Virus!]


[The fans go wild as Kersh starts pounding away violently on DTR. He beats him into the ropes and whips him across the ring, almost taking his head off on the return. The Enforcer has changed his mind! He drops to his knees, pummelling the hell out of him with right hands as Solomon Rhodes gets back to his feet. Kersh knows that he did Rhodes wrong, and turns to face him like a man.] [BIG CLOTHESLINE TO BRENT KERSH!] [Rhodes levels him!] [The Templar grabs a steel chair and heads back over to The Enforcer, only to think about it for a moment. Does he really want to spill blood? He debates it, giving DTR a chance to strike from behind with a Low Blow! The Virus quickly scoops him up.] [BRAAAIIINBUSTTTTTAAAAAA!!!] [HE DRILLED HIM!] [DTR quickly swivels across, pummelling away at him for good measure, trying to bust him open the hard way. He gets back to his feet, just as Brent Kersh does and DDT! EVEN FLOW DDT! The Virus finds himself in poll position!] [BUZZ!] [The lights flash above the Chamber before the next participant enters!] [Lee Crowley!] [The King of The Underworld!] [Crowley joins DTR in the middle of the ring, a force to be reckoned with as these two Family members stand together. The Virus quickly grabs Brent Kersh, pulling him to his feet and running him head first into the Chamber. He beats his head off the metal fencing, rubbing his face against it for good measure.] [The King meanwhile picks up Smiley Junior, his trusty Crowbar and stalks Solomon Rhodes. Rhodes gets back to his feet, turns around and CROWBAR TO THE GUT!] [HE WINDS IT UP!] [CROWBAR TO THE HEAD!] [DOWN GOES RHODES!] [IS HE BLEEDING!? HAS HE BEEN BUSTED WIDE OPEN!?] [NOOOOO!!] [Crowley turns to help DTR, but BRENT KERSH is fighting back! He tosses The Virus into one of the empty pods, running at him with a thunderous SPEAR STRAIGHT THROUGH THE FUCKING GLASS! THAT’S NOT PLASTIC! THAT’S FUCKING GLASS! IS THE VIRUS BLEEDING!?] [HE’S NOT!] [The Enforcer carefully picks up a shard of glass and points it at Crowley who runs in his direction, halting him immediately. What’s Kersh going to do? DTR is slowly up and BRENT KERSH STABS HIM IN THE FUCKING STOMACH WITH THE SHARD OF GLASS! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!] [DTR falls to the ground, holding his mid-section as black blood spews from the wound. What the hell as Brent done?] [DTR has been eliminated!] [He drops the glass, his hand cut from the impact. He’s eliminated too! Brent Kersh just eliminated himself to eliminate DTR!] [Blood leaks from the gash on his hand, splashing against the canvas. The entire building shakes as the first drop of blood makes its literal mark.] [Brent Kersh has been eliminated!] [Solomon Rhodes meanwhile is back to his feet, turning around Lee Crowley…] [RED CROSS!] [CODEBREAKER!] [BUZZ!] [Who’s next into the warzone?] [THE OSW WORLD CHAMPION!] [EDWARD NEWTON!] [Newton slowly enters the fight, surveying the carnage inside the ring. He knows what he has to do and grabs a steel chair. Solomon Rhodes is first to his feet, getting absolutely levelled by a chair to the skull! Lee Crowley is barely able to get up before Newton slams the steel down across his back.] [How much more blood can we afford to spill here tonight? Edward reaches down, grabbing a table and setting it up in the middle of the ring. There’s weapons everywhere. He grabs Crowley, hitting him with a stiff right before placing him onto the table. A few right hands later and he’s ready for Rhodes.] [What does Newton have in mind here?] [He positions Solomon on the top rope, climbing up the turnbuckles.] [Wait a minute? Is he?] [NO WAY!] [NEVERMIND DDT!] [NEVERMIND FROM THE TOP FUCKING ROPE, THROUGH LEE CROWLEY AND THE GOD DAMN TABLE! ALL THREE OF THESE MEN ARE BROKEN IN HALF!] [But are any of them bleeding?] [Rhodes took a hard-headlong dive into Crowley’s mid-section, and the table has splintered around both of them!] [NO! No-one is busted wide open!] [Captain Zappa watches anxiously from his pod, the last person to enter this absolute carnage. Meanwhile, back in the ring, Edward Newton is unsurprisingly the first back to his feet. He stumbles way from the wreckage and pulls Lee Crowley with him. He backs him into the ropes and sends him across the ring, nailing a Clothesline on the return.] [The Undefeated World Champion looks to secure this position atop the pile tonight, and quickly pulls Rhodes back to his feet, tossing him over the top rope and onto the metal structure outside. The Templar hits with a thud, bouncing slightly. Newton steps through the ropes and then it happens.] [BUZZ!] [CAPTAIN ZAPPA, BABY!] [His pod opens and he storms towards Newton, running him straight into the pod behind with such force that his head cracks the glass. The World Champion falls down to his butt, checking the back of his head for blood. He’s NOT bleeding. Zappa backs up, running at him with a knee that drives right into his head, further cracking the glass below.] [The Chosen One isn’t here to screw around. He steps through the ropes to meet Crowley, ducking a Clothesline attempt and THE MOAB! THE MOTHER OF ALL BACKDROPS!] [Zappa is lighting this match up!] [Suddenly, he stops.] [Grabbing his head, he begins to convulse in the middle of the ring.] [What the hell is going on?] [Solomon Rhodes enters the ring, checking on his friend, who falls forward into his arms. Zappa begins to foam at the mouth, a black substance leaking from within. Has he been infected? Was this what Lee Crowley and DTR did to him last week?] [The Templar begins speaking in Latin.]

“Ab hoc viro Dei!”

[But nothing happens.] [WHACK!] [Edward Newton nails Solomon Rhodes with a thunderous steel chair to the skull!] [Rhodes falls backwards, dropping Zappa to his knees.] [The World Champion turns around, taking his opportunity like the opportunist that he is!] [STEEL CHAIR TO THE SKULL OF A FOAMING ZAPPA!] [ANOTHER!] [ANOTHER!] [ANOTHER!] [ANOTHER!] [OH MY FUCKING GOD!] [BLOOD FLOWS FROM THE FOREHEAD OF THE CHOSEN ONE. RED BLOOD. WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING!?] [Captain Zappa has been eliminated!] [We’re down to the final three! It’s Solomon Rhodes, Edward Newton and Lee Crowley!] [The arena shakes once again, but strangely, no dust falls.] [The World Champion is firmly in control, but from behind comes Lee Crowley, running him over the top rope and into the metal floor, where he was before. That glass is cracked and Crowley knows it. He hops over, grabbing Edward, spinning him around and FACE FIRST THROUGH THE FUCKING GLASS!] [LEE CROWLEY JUST DROVE EDWARD NEWTON FACE FIRST THROUGH THE FUCKING GLASS! THERE’S SHATTERED GLASS EVERYWHERE!] [WE’RE GOING TO HAVE A NEW WORLD CHAMPION! WE’RE GOING TO HAVE A NEW WORLD CHAMPION!] [SURELY NEWTON HAS BEEN DEFEATED!] [Crowley violently turns him over.] [AND HE’S NOT BUSTED WIDE OPEN!] [WHAT?] [HOW’S THAT POSSIBLE?] [The King of The Underworld doesn’t know what to say. Newton is barely even conscious, yet he’s still in the match. Just then, Solomon Rhodes grabs Crowley from behind, dragging him out of the pod and scooping him.] [DAWN!] [PACKAGE PILEDRIVER ON THE METAL FLOOR.] [HOLY SHIT!] [DAWN!] [Is Crowley busted wide open?] [HE IS!] [HOLY FUCK!] [LEE CROWLEY BLEEDS BLACK ON THE METAL FLOOR OF THE CHAMBER!] [It’s down to Solomon Rhodes and Edward Newton!] [It’s The Sword versus The Riddler.] [Rhodes pulls Newton from within the glass pod and drags him from it. He’s looking for Dawn, just like before. He picks Edward up.] [BUT CAPTAIN ZAPPA IS THERE!] [WHERE THE HELL DID HE COME FROM?] [DAWN! DAWN TO NEWTON!] [RUNNING KNEE FROM ZAPPA! ZAPPA DRIVES HIS KNEE INTO THE FACE OF HIS FRIEND, SOLOMON RHODES!] [WHAT THE FUCK IS HE DOING!?] [Zappa looks like a man possessed. His eyes are as black as the darkness itself. The Chosen one drags Rhodes into the ring, pulling him in position. What’s he looking for here? Why’s he doing this? The Captain begins climbing one of the pods, BUT HERE COMES SOLOMON RHODES!] [Rhodes joins him at the top of the pod and these two are slugging it out! Solomon tries to speak to his friend, but Zappa isn’t there. This isn’t him. What has Crowley and DTR done to him?] [The referee checks on Newton after that thunderous Dawn on the metal, and somehow, some way, that son of a bitch STILL hasn’t been busted open.] [Rhodes teeters on the top of the pod, switching positions with Zappa before RED CROSS! RED CROSS ON THE FUCKING POD! The Chosen One nearly falls off, but Rhodes catches him, refusing to let him fall to a grisly and uncomfortable demise.]

“H- Help me!” [Zappa cries from within his stifled state.] “H-Help…”

[Solomon holds him close.] “Fear not, my brother, I will save you.”

[But what The Templar doesn’t realize is that climbing up the chain-link fence is Edward Newton!] [The Riddler steps onto the pod behind Rhodes, spinning him around and kicking him hard in the mid-section. The Templar drops to a knee, only to be dragged around so that he’s facing the ring.] [NEVERMIND!] [NEVERMIND FROM THE TOP OF THE FUCKING POD TO THE METAL FLOOR BELOW!] [OH MY GOD!] [OH MY GOD!] [OH MY GOD!] [OH MY GOD!] [IMPACT… D…. D…. T OF THE HIGHEST ORDER!] [The referee checks on them both, and SOLOMON RHODES HAS BEEN BUSTED WIDE OPEN!] [THERE’S BLOOD!] [EDWARD NEWTON RETAINS HIS OSW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP IN THE MOST UNLIKELY OF CIRCUMSTANCES!] [WHAT A MATCH!]


[Edward Newton has done the unthinkable. Somehow, someway, he’s retained his OSW World Championship.] [He’s alone inside the Elimination Chamber, gasping for breath. His chest pounds like a drum and he’s exhausted.] [Crackle.] [Suddenly, you can see Edwards breath before him.] [Then the Chamber itself begins to freeze as the temperature drops..] [Ice wraps around the metal as Newton stands in the center of the ring, panicked.] [The chamber door then opens, Proteus stepping through the ice to meet the Champion in the middle of the ring. His head tilts as the cold breath of Newton hits his blue mask.]

“You’re always one step ahead, aren’t you?” [Proteus claims, shaking his head.] “Isn’t it curious that despite the punishment you received, not a single blemish adorns your brittle skin? I suppose there’s a spell for that.”

[Edward backs off slightly.]

“And we know you reversed it too, didn’t you?” [The Ice Man says as he follows him.] “You used a spell from the book of the damned to reverse the Blood Drive and to make yourself unable to bleed. Therefore, every drop of blood you spilt here tonight strengthened the walls of the Tap Room.”

[Newton smirks.]

“And thus, you have saved the world, and your title..”

[That changes the look on Edwards face.]

“But only at the cost of what you consider most important to you,” [Proteus remarks with a devastating cackle.] “Yourself.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

[Proteus stops, laughing.]

“The book of the damned isn’t to be wielded lightly, Edward. There are consequences for its uses. In the wrong hands, the spells corrupts vindictively. With every spell you’ve used, you’ve been turning keys you didn’t know existed.”

[The Ice Man looks around the tap room.]

“And now you’ve unleashed the darkness.”

[He cackles once again.]

“Every sin will come back to haunt those within these walls as the darkness creeps into every crevice of the Tap Room creating a great depression. You may have saved the world Edward, but those fighting this war? They’ll suffer unmentionable agonies before The Long Night is over.”

[Darkness.] [Pitch Black.]

“And it will be the longest night you’ve ever seen.”