Casting Couch

In Promo by Tag

“The casting couch is where dreams go to die, man.”

“Well, maybe not.”

“You see it all the time online on every porn site as far as the eye can see and the dick can jack.”

“Girls trying to make their name in the industry, nobodies looking for a little extra something to put them ahead. A dream of stardom in their eyes.”

“But these girls? They may think they look bad, look cool, but to the people who film that shit? They’re just another toy to be playing with.”

“Take any of them, point a camera at their face, and tell them what to do. Need them to strip? Done. Sucky sucky your cock? Not a fucking problem.”

“It’s because they’re begging to be seen, to be the big star that the world wants to see!”

“But in reality, they’re just another face on the internet among a whole fucking barrage of videos, right?”

“Meanwhile? The real star? The dude with all the power?”

“He’s the one sticking his dick in girl after girl making big money off of their desperation.”

“Showing their face to the world for his own profit.”

“And what are the girls gonna do?”

“Once the cameras are off, they’re just another slutty cam girl looking for validation.”

“You know, Lukie, I gotta ask you something my dude.”

“Were you popular in high school but when you graduated  you realized the only way you’d ever feel that high again was by getting famous?”

“Because you’re stroke for stroke like every casting couch girl I’ve ever seen.”

“Ever since you stepped foot into OSW you’ve been doing things to get the attention of fans upon fans, man.”

“First you were the good guy sprawling out and spreading those legs for the audience, letting them take turns on video in that bussy of yours so that they’d love you.”

“Then you were going down on Viper Roberts while he signed you up for a movie deal. You were gonna get that sweet sweet fame that being a good guy never quite got you.”

“But in the end, it didn’t matter, did it?”

“They were just using you for their pleasure.”

“The crowd wanted you to save everyone, to be a hero. They didn’t care about you, just about the cock you sucked.”

“And Viper? He had you on lock to win the world title, didn’t he?”

“At every corner you’ve been the pathetic casting couch girl showing her face and bouncing her tits hoping for the world to love her.”

“It’s fucking sad, man.”

“But you know what’s gonna be even sadder?”

“Ring of Dreams, man.”

“The camera’s gonna be rolling, and JSR is gonna fuck you for the world to see.”

“You’ll go into that match dreaming of victory, of getting the crowd to love you for beating us.”

“But in the end?”

“That dream is gonna die once we get done using you for all you’re worth.”

“Now put your head between my legs and kiss your dreams goodbye.”

“It’s time for your close up.”