White Death

In Promo by Sir Gable

Have you ever heard of the White Death?

In the span of 100 days, over 500 Soviet soldiers succumbed to it.

During that time, no one knew what caused these men to perish in the prime of their lives.

These men went into the deep forests of Finland and never returned.

As the temperatures hovered between -20 and -40 degrees, the first assumption was frostbite.

After all, not everyone can survive sub-zero temperatures day in and day out.

The days went on and they were still dropping five a day, the captains thought it must have been an illness.

They rounded the medics and had them test every single soldier in the barracks.

Not a single disease was found, every man as healthy as the next.

Finally, they went looking for the bodies, everyone nervous as they wondering if they were next.

They finally found one and along with it, their cause of death.

Two bullet holes, one through the center of the eyes, the other out the back of the skull.

They realized the White Death was no disease, not the frost that gave the killer his name, but a gunman.

As soon as they found the body, another joined the list.

Same way, clean as the body they found, they realized it was one man and they rushed back to their camp.

They formulated a plan and when they eventually found him, they shot him with an explosive round to the jaw.

He fell the moment he got hit, the soviets left him assuming he was dead and his own medics thought the same and threw him into the pile of dead bodies near his base.

Shockingly, he was still moving and went on to live another sixty years until falling to the death that needs no adjective.

Time destroyed him more than an explosive ever could, sure he died a hero but no wife or children to call his own.

He won countless battles, survived the pandemonium of war, and recieved medals for his contributions but no ultimate prize for a once in a generation shooter.

You see, he made countless men fall and survived chaos whilst countless others couldn’t the the man who used to be able to focus on others from hundreds of feet away could no longer look ahead and only look at his past.

That is the true curse of the pandemonium of war, a curse you’ll be too familiar soon with TGK.

You survived Pandemonium, you won OSW’s medals, especially the rewind championship, the title made for the man who looks exclusively at his past.

You hit everyone you could and got yourself here, the apex of everything you’ve been working for.

Now, all you have to do is take one last shot to put yourself in the history books.

But we both know you won’t, you’ll have to take on us first and waste any ammunition you saved up.

Even if you do survive the explosive round to the face we’re about to give you, you won’t have anything left to shoot.

What’s that old expression?

Right, you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.