[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Mr. Knot stands in the middle of his office alongside the newly formed Vanguard when the door suddenly bursts open and The Informer storms in. The Reporter looks dishevelled, as if he hasn’t changed his clothes in over a week and immediately approaches Knot.]

“Where’s Vanguard?” [He hisses.] “What the hell have you done with him?”

[The Chairman looks over to his minted new machine and nods.] [The Informer looks extremely surprised but walks over to him none the less.]

“I’ve been trying to reach you,” [he says with one eye sideways on Knot.] “We need to talk, in private.”

[Vanguard looks surprisingly conflicted.]

“Anything you have to say to him, you can say to me; after all, he reports to us.”

[The Reporter laughs, turning back to face The Chairman.]

“Us?” [The Informer says with a scoff.] “EF, you mean? I’ve figured it out, Knot. Or should I call you Lincoln Hex? I’ve investigated the origin of The Historium and I know you’ve taken it. I know you wiped my memory and I know you infiltrated the Vindicators under my guise. What I don’t know is what you intend to do with the team you’ve assembled. However, I know what you intend to do with The Tap Room and why.”

[That put the cat amongst the pigeons.]

“But I won’t let you get away with it. I’m going to expose you for exactly what you are; you and your board.”

[He turns back to Vanguard.]

“And you? You have to choose sides, Vanguard. We once worked together to uncover this mystery and my worst imaginable thoughts have come true; they’re going to destroy us all. A war is coming to these halls and we have to assemble the Vindicators and finish this.”

[The Reporter storms towards the door, flinging it open.]

“You have to choose.”

[He sighs, exiting hastily. Mr. Knot turns to his companion, arms folded and a look of fear on his face.]

“He’s going to be a problem,” [he says carefully.] “And I’m going to need you to take care of it.”

[Knot walks behind Vanguard and flips open a compartment on the back of his head, flicking a switch before closing it.]

“Take care of it.”

[Vanguard nods, walking towards the door.] [Cut.]


[It’s a battle between justice and injustice here as it’s Nightstick battling against Luther Creed!] [The rules are simple.] [Handcuff both hands of your opponent together and the match is yours.] [The bell sounds as Nightstick and Luther Creed meet in the center of the ring with a big lockup. Nightstick, proving to be the bigger of the two, wrenches the head of Creed into a side headlock. Creed wraps his legs around the head of Nightstick to pry him off of him. Creed rolls to his feet and turns as Nightstick staggers to his feet before hitting a Russian Leg Sweep. Both men slam down into the mat as Creed rolls through and back to his feet. He reaches into his waistband and pulls out his handcuffs!] [The crowd simultaneously cheers and boos as he holds up the steel handcuffs. Luther walks over to Nightstick and grabs his hand before trying to apply the handcuffs! Nightstick stops him with a right hand to the face as Creed staggers back holding his cheek. Nightstick reaches to his belt and detaches his own handcuffs. He walks over to Creed with the cuffs in hand.] [HE CRACKS HIM ON THE JAW WITH THE CUFFS!] [Nightstick held the cuffs in his hand like modified brass knuckles as he just clobbered Luther with them! The Voice of the Voiceless hits the ground like a sack of potatoes. Nightstick flips Luther over onto his belly and puts a knee on his back. He fishes for the hand of Creed before finding it. He tries to wrench it behind him, but Creed is fighting back!] [Creed rolls over onto his back before SPITTING right into the face of Nightstick! Nightstick wipes his eyes slowly before his eyes shoot open with a fiery rage growing.] [DINK!] [Creed uses this moment of blindness to spin the cuffs like a slingshot before nailing Nightstick right in the face with it! The Law staggers backwards with tears beginning to form at the corner of his eye which Creed nailed. Luther kips up to his feet with a grin before grabbing the arm of Nightstick.] [AND LATCHING ON THE HANDCUFF!] [One arm down! One arm to go!] [Nightstick roars in anger before grabbing a handful of the hair of Creed before slamming him back onto the mat. Nightstick pulls out his patented weapon of choice, but the referee is getting in the way! He’s warning that Nightstick can actually be disqualified for using an outside weapon here?! Nightstick points at something in the crowd as the referee turns around.] [CRACK!] [The Nightstick finds place across the back of the referee’s head as he falls to the mat! Nightstick is breaking all the rules here tonight. He turns back to Creed with his weapon in hand.] [SILENCE EQUALS VIOLENCE!] [The sleeper slam catches Nightstick as he’s slammed to the mat. Creed rolls Nightstick onto his back before grabbing his arm and trying to apply the second handcuff. Nightstick stops him and headbutts him! Creed staggers back as Nightstick rises to his feet.] [CRACK!] [The nightstick finds purchase on the chin of Creed as he’s blasted back into the ropes.] [EXCESSIVE VIOLENCE!] [Nightstick nails Creed twice more with the Billy Club into the midsection before Creed grabs it and pulls it away! Creed blasts him once with it before throwing it out of the ring.] [Creed rushes towards Nightstick who lifts his boot to dot Creed on the chin with a big boot! Nightstick lifts up Creed and sends him into the ropes before nearly decapitating him with a big clothesline!] [HARD JUSTICE!] [Nightstick applies the cuffs to both hands as the referee finally stirs enough to motion for the bell!] [Nightstick gets a big win for the Five-O here tonight as he’s slapped a pair of cuffs on Luther Creed!]


[With Luther Creed handcuffed before him, Nightstick trundles backwards and thrusts forward with a devastating knee to his face; the power of which sends blood splattering towards the camera.] [He reaches down to his side, pulling out his baton.]

“You picked the wrong fight with the wrong man,” [he says, expertly whipping his Nightstick around in a terrifying fashion.] “And it’s time you and your kind learned a lesson.”

[Creed looks up, blood gushing from his nose.]

“My… kind?” [He scoffs.] [Nightstick growls.]

“That isn’t what I meant, son. What is it with you?” [He barks.] “Everything is race. You’re so desperate for a fuckin’ revolution that you’ll trample over anyone to get it. I’m not your enemy. I’m damn sure not your fuckin’ friend, either.”

[Luther laughs, almost hysterically.]

“Look at you, cop, look at you; you’re trying to reason with me. You’re the one with the nightstick in your hand, officer. You’re the one standing over me, about to beat my brains in. Do it. Prove me right, you son of a bitch. I’ve seen your kind before. I know all about you and what people like you have done to my people.”

[Nightstick steps back, shaking his head.]

“People like me?” [He argues.] “Do you know how many people like you I’ve had arrangements with in the past? Arrangements that have kept men, women and children in some of the roughest neighbourhoods safe. You’re not a victim, son. You’re the fucking problem.”

[He stands up, still cuffed, smirking.]

“Then solve it.”

[Nightstick looks at his weapon, then at Creed, shaking his head.] [He lays it down on the canvas.]

“I just did.”

[And then, amazingly, he walks away, exiting through the ropes to the outside. Creed looks on in absolute shock, his mouth agape.]


“Well, what’s the status?”

[The tone of Nate Washington’s voice sounds genuinely curious as he looks at his one of his associates filtering through what appears to be a large crate in a dark room somewhere in The Taproom. The associate finishes his search and looks at Nate.]

“Everything is here, boss. No signs of tampering.”

[Nate Washington grins as Dr. Mindfuck and Mysterion step into picture.]

“Well, did those FUCKERS do anything RASH!?” [Dr. Mindfuck asks with his arms folded.]

“Nope, everything we need to take down those costumed clowns is here.”

[Mysterion steps forward with a grin as he pulls out what appears to be a weapon of some sort. It appears to be a form of gun, but the construction appears almost alien.]

“With this, there’ll be no stopping us. Here, both of you take one.”

[Mysterion hands two of the rifles to the others.]

“Tonight, those heroes RUE THE DAY, they intervened in our affairs.” [Dr. Mindfuck grins with delight as he says this.] “Now we just need to test these babies.”

[Dr. Mindfuck turns his attention to the three hooded people in the room. He grins as he pulls the trigger.] [A beam of radiant, yellow energy bursts forward from the gun at the hooded person before the person’s chair is knocked over! Making the person narrowly avoid the beam’s path as it hits the wall leaving a scorching remnant.]

“Not on my watch.”

[Redwing stands there with only the red on his outfit being visible in the dark corner of the room where he stands. As he stands there, Gameboy and Spero filters into the room, but Spero is gazing at the scorch mark on the wall.]

“What… WE OFFERED YOU AN ULTIMATUM!” [says Mindfuck, livid.]

“And it looks like you went back on it, buddy!” [says the overly-eager Gameboy.] [Gameboy begins taking the hoods off of the people and untying them.] [The three heroes look at them and…] [They don’t recognize them.] [They’re nobody to them.]

“BAHAHA! You made a deal with us! You allowed us to bring your own damnation into this place and for what?! For some random fans we picked up from the audience?!”

[Mindfuck is in hysterics.] [Redwing steps up.]

“No. We did it because we stand for justice. We allowed you to bring your crate into this place, but we never would let you harm these people.”

[Redwing steps up and removes something from the side of the box.]

“We knew that this would bring us right to you. So thank you for your carelessness. And remember one thing before we turn your lights out…”

[Redwing puffs his chest out as Gameboy steps up beside him. Spero is still transfixed on the wall.]

“As long as The Vindicators still breathe, EVIL stands no chance.”

“Yeah… we’ll see about that.”

[BBBZZZWWW!] [Another yellow laser is fired as one of the previously hooded people falls to the ground! Their body is singed, but their eyes…] [Their eyes are filled with fear.] [The fight breaks out with both sides trading blows, yet the focus returns to Spero as the sound becomes quiet. Only the sound of his heartbeat can be heard.] [Doompf.] [Doompf.] [Spero’s head turns to them as he begins trembling.] [He’s seen this yellow power before, but he’s frozen. He can’t make his legs move.] [His head slowly turns to see the other two people trying to help the person on the ground. They look up at him with tears in their eyes. They look at him in desperation, hoping that he’ll enter the fray.] [Hope.]


[Spero begins rising from the floor with his blue ring glowing with a blueish hue. The fighting stops as the light emanating from him has commanded all attention in this room.]

“Tonight, you have two choices: drop your weapons or PERISH BY MY BLUE LIGHT!”

[A blue fist materializes before them before SMASHING two men into the wall before they slump to the floor, out cold.] [The fist circles around the room and blasts all three villains into the wall with a thud as they look back with fear growing within them.]

“In fearful day, in raging night, with strong hearts full, our souls ignite. When all seems lost in the War of Light, look to the stars, for HOPE burns bright!”

[The eyes of the three villains grow wide as they realize there is no hope of winning for them. They slowly lower their weapons as Spero lowers back down to the ground, helps escort the people out while keeping his blue mask focused upon them.] [The door closes leaving only the villains there to collect their thoughts. Mysterion rubs his jaw as he sneers.]

“He didn’t say anything about this… “



[Spero just unleashed some freaky Blue Lantern energy, now it’s time for the big trios match!] [The bell sounds as it’s Gameboy starting off against Nate Washington. The two circle around the ring before locking up in the center of the ring. Nate gets the better of him before hitting a side headlock takedown. Nate begins punching the head of Gameboy quickly with some stiff jabs before Gameboy squirms out. Nate rushes towards Gameboy who turns and lights up his chin!] [LEVEL ONE!] [Nate Washington is laid out as Gameboy leaps into a cover. But before even a one count can be done, Mysterion reaches into the ring and yanks him off of Nate. Mysterion kicks Gameboy in the ribs before exiting the ring once again. Nate staggers to his feet just as Gameboy does before the two leap towards their corners and tag out!] [TAG! TAG!] [Gameboy tags out to Redwing as Dr. Mindfuck is tagged in on the other side. The two rush into the ring before meeting in the center of the ring with blows going back and forth. Redwing seems to get the better of the exchange with a kick to the midsection followed by a quick neckbreaker! Dr. Mindfuck rolls to his feet before getting kicked in the midsection. Redwing hooks the two arms of Mindfuck before hitting the double underhook DDT!] [RETURN TO ARKHAM!] [Redwing leaps into a cover!] [One…] […] [Two…] […] [TH-KICKOUT!] [Dr. Mindfuck managed to get a shoulder up just in time. Redwing lifts up Mindfuck who decks him with a big right hand before ramming him into his own corner. Mindfuck splits his legs before taking a step back. He pulls the goggles over his eyes before laughing wildly and rushing towards Redwing before kicking him in the junk!] [THE PHOTON DESTABILIZER!] [Redwing slumps to the mat as Mysterion tags himself in and leaps into the cover!] [One…] [….] [Two…] [….] [Th-NO!] [Redwing manages to get a foot on the bottom rope. Mysterion grabs him by the leg before hitting a leg DDT onto the mat. Mysterion torques on the ankle before applying an ankle lock. Redwing tries to squirm out of it, but Mysterion applies the torque on even more! Redwing cries out in pain before kicking at the face of Mysterion.] [Mysterion, however, resists the pain as he continues working over the ankle of Redwing! The hero begins dragging himself towards his corner. He manages to get inches from his tag team partner before Mysterion releases the hold just to drag him back. Luckily, Redwing manages to kick him away before lunging towards his partners!] [In. Comes. Spero.] [Just a few moments ago, we saw a dangerous new lantern light shine bright from him, but now Spero seems more calm. Mysterion still retreats back to his corner and tags out to Nate Washington. Nate rushes across the ring before catching a roundhouse right across the chin! Nate hits the ground with a thud before rolling out of the ring. Mindfuck rushes towards Spero before getting caught with a roundhouse of his own. Mindfuck staggers back to his feet before Spero leaps from the second rope to connect a crucifix pin!] [One…] [….] [Two…] […] [Mysterion breaks it up! The Cloaked Conundrum grabs Spero and rams him into the corner. Mysterion grabs Mindfuck and pulls him up to his feet. The two begin drilling kicks into Spero in the corner. Redwing and Gameboy get to their feet and nod at each other. They pull Mysterion and Mindfuck off of Spero!] [Gameboy kicks Mysterion right underneath the chin!] [LEVEL ONE!] [Mindfuck grabs Gameboy and sends him flying over the top rope and to the floor!] [Mindfuck turns as Redwing rushes towards him before staggering forward with his bum knee. Mindfuck sees this and kicks the knee out from underneath Redwing! Spero comes flying into screen from the top rope!] [THE LAST BEACON!] [Spero covers Mindfuck!] [One…] [Two…] [THREE!] [The Vindicators have done it! They have defeated their evil adversaries!]


[Earlier] [What remains of Arthur’s tomb is scoured by the Templar Knights, Father Dominic among them. He seems almost frantic as he digs through piles of rubble. He turns and tries to envigorate the others around him.]

“Search harder for him my brothers! He must be around here.”

[A shout from one of them draws attention. The sarcophagus that once held Arthur has been found, somehow still intact. All go over, wondering how such a thing could have survived. But as they approach, the lid is forcibly removed from within.]

“God above, is that you Protector?”

[Emerging from within, coated in a fine dust of green, staggers out Knightwatch. He coughs, but physically seems to be alright.]

“By the will of the Lord, I live. Arthur’s test did not crush my spirit, nor my body.”

[Father Dominic sighs in relief, among the cheers of the Templars at their success. Knightwatch shakes his head, and stands tall, returning to the more familiar brooding posture. ]

“Were you able to dispose of Arthur in the cave in Dark Knight?”

“No. He has issued a challenge however. At Crash and Burn, he wishes to see if I have the strength to bring him down. He seems to be testing my strengths.”

[Having regained his bearings, Knightwatch dusts himself off and begins his march upwards out of the tomb. Dominic reaches out, grabbing him on the shoulder.]

“He seems to be stronger than we had anticipated. Can you do this?”

[Knightwatch stops his exit, turning to glance back at Dominic and the other Templars.]

“With God as my driving force, nothing will stop me from my goal.”

[It’s a battle between icons of legend as it’s The Knight Templar’s Knightwatch stepping into the ring with the legendary King Arthur!] [A cobwebbed casket sits at ringside with only one way to win this bout: roll your opponent into the casket and shut the lid!] [The bell sounds as these two men just stare at each other from across the ring. They slowly step towards the center before they lock-up! The tie-up is slow and methodical as both men seem to be simply looking for a weakness in the other. Arthur gets the better as he turns it into a side headlock, but Knightwatch lifts up Arthur to drop him backwards onto his neck with a bridged belly-to-back suplex!] [ONE…] [KICKOUT!] [A quick kickout by King Arthur who rolls to his feet and beckons Knightwatch on. The Dark Knight rushes towards him with a big clothesline before Arthur simply hooks his arm and sends him right on over with a hip toss! Knightwatch gets to his knees before a running boot blasts him back into the ropes where Knightwatch stops and stares.] [The Lich King simply laughs.] [Knightwatch gets to his feet and slowly approaches Arthur before lunging forward with a big elbow strike catching the legend off-guard. Knightwatch hits a step-up enzuigiri! Arthur hits the mat before Knightwatch drags his legs over the second rope and nails a DDT! Arthur is still trying to get up to which Knightwatch simply applies a sleeper hold!] [The Lich King is beginning to slow as the weight of Knightwatch proves to be too much to maneuver easily. Knightwatch begins barking at the referees on the side of the ring to open the casket.] [They do so with gloves on as the dust seemingly coughs outwards at being re-opened. Knightwatch releases his sleeper hold and begins kicks Arthur towards the casket. He gets to the ropes before the hand of Arthur grabs the bottom rope. Knightwatch tries to kick at him, but Arthur is hanging on! Knightwatch reaches down, but a hand wraps around his throat!] [The Lich King makes it to his feet with his hand still wrapped around the goozle of Knightwatch before lifting him up!] [CHOKESLAM!] [Into the casket!] [The Lich King laughs as he motions for the door to be closed. The referees oblige.] [BUT Knightwatch gets a hand on the top of the coffin! Arthur begins pushing down as well, but Knightwatch will not be deterred. Knightwatch gets a foot out and kicks the knee out from underneath Arthur who falls down and rolls away.] [Knightwatch rolls into the ring and charges at Arthur who staggers to his feet.] [THE KNIGHTS’ END!] [The running reverse STO slams the face of Arthur into the mat before Knightwatch takes a step back! He’s setting up for something big. The Lich King staggers to his feet as Knightwatch rushes towards him!] [KNIGHTFALL!] [The superkick sends King Arthur through the ropes and into the casket! Knightwatch grabs the top and SLAMS it shut!] [The bell sounds as The Knightwatch has done it here tonight! He’s managed to overcome the old King and managed to put him right back where he belongs!]


[We find our way to ringside in anxious anticipation of this upcoming war between Nicholas Mammon and Troy Solveig.] [The crowd is buzzing as The Salesman stands in wait of his opponent, who when we last saw him was growing more ill by the second.] [Suddenly…] [“Valhalla by Grave Digger brings the crowd into a frenzy and before long, Volsungr is making his way down the entrance; however, he does not look good.] [Solveig almost stumbles his way to the ring; his war hammer nearly dragging behind him. His shoulders slumped and his eyes baggy. Inside the squared circle, Mammon can only smile. He knows he has Volsungr right where he wants him.] [The roaring crowd tries to will Solveig into health, but it is to no avail as he climbs through the ropes and into the ring. Troy drags himself to the center of the canvas where Mammon confidently approaches him.]

“G’day Mr. Solveig” [The Salesman nods.] “I see you have not recovered from your illness, yet you prove to be a man of your word in appearing to pay that price we spoke of.”

“Your poison shall not keep me from my destiny salesman” [Solveig mutters.] “But I am thankful for the additional gift you left for me earlier.”

[Mammon’s eyes squint.]


[Solveig extends his hand, opening it to reveal a vial of blue liquid. Mammon’s eyes stare at the substance, but Troy’s only stare a hole through his opponent.]

“Your response tells me all that I need to know. That this is not another one of your tricks. This is truly the antidote to the poison that runs through my veins.”

“How did you get that?” [Mammon lashes out in anger.] “Who?!”

[And then he pauses. Retracing his steps.]

“There is no antidote. You are being led astray Troy!”

[Suddenly, a glimmer flashes in the eyes of Volsungr.]


[Solveig recognizes a tell in Mammon’s behavior and a grin forms on his lips.]

“I do not know who provided this gift Salesman; I only know it was not you!”

[In an instant, he uncaps the vial and downs the liquid. Mammon now the one staggering, uncertain of his next move.] [The liquid takes its toll on Volsungr. He struggles, as if fighting the taste, but then his bottom tenses and he begins to convulse. But only for a few seconds before calm rushes over him.] [His shoulders rise.] [His hand grips his war hammer.] [The muscles in his upper body strain with intensity.] [And when Solveig lifts his eyes from the canvas, for the first time in a few weeks he appears to be completely healthy.] [Mammon; on the other hand, not so much.]

“You appear ill Mr. Mammon” [Solveig scowls.] “But your price to pay for conning me into this meeting at Crash and Burn is yet to come…”

[Who gave Solveig the antidote?!? It doesn’t matter now as Volsungr and the Salesman are set to clash.] [Cut.]


[After weeks of manipulation and mind tricks, this is the night that Troy Solveig can get his revenge on Nicolas Mammon!] [The bell sounds as Troy rushes towards Mammon with his hands clenched into heavy fists. However, as he approaches The Salesman, Troy comes to a stop as he’s breathing heavily. The poison has taken a toll on The Chosen One. Mammon can’t even hide his pleasure at seeing this. Mammon kicks Troy in the gut before sending him into the ropes. Troy bounds back before Mammon applies an abdominal stretch!] [Troy’s unnatural strength seems sapped here as Mammon begins driving elbows down into the ribs of Troy. Mammon applies a claw onto the ribs of Troy who is not looking well here tonight. Troy is fading! The match has barely begun, yet Volsungr is looking weaker than we’ve ever seen! The referee grabs his hand and lifts it up.] [It falls!] [The referee grabs his hand again.] [It falls!] [The referee grabs his hand once more! If Troy can’t find the strength to not let his hand fall down, then this match is over quick! He has one more shot!] [The hand falls!] […] […] [BUT IT SHOOTS UP BEFORE GOING ALL THE WAY DOWN!] [A cry of sheer rage is heard from Troy as his fist is clenched in the air!] [A stiff punch to the midsection of Mammon followed by a second and third!] [The grip of Nicolas Mammon is loosened enough for Troy to hit the ropes with newfound speed and strength! He rebounds towards Mammon with a leaping Superman punch!] [VALKYRIE!] [But Mammon rolls through to dodge the blow! He comes to his feet before charging Troy who turns right into a sling blade!] [THE HARD SELL!] [Nicolas Mammon quickly covers Troy with his shoulders pinned!] [One…] [Two…] [KICKOUT!] [Troy is back to breathing hard, but he’s not quite out of it yet! Mammon, for the first time in the match, begins to show a little uncertainty. He grabs Troy by his hair and lifts him to his feet before kicking him in the midsection and hitting the ropes. He rushes forward with his knee prepped!] [KNEED-FUL…MISS!] [Troy manages to hoists his head up in time to dodge out of the way of the running knee! He wraps his arms around the arms of Nicolas as he just holds him place with his powerful arms interwoven in Mammon’s!] [HEL’S EMBRACE!] [The full nelson is applied as Troy is straining hard to put the lights out on Mammon! However, the application just seems weaker than usual as Mammon slips out as if oiled up! Troy loses his grip as Mammon grips onto the ankle of Volsungr who slams forward onto his face. Mammon leaps onto his shoulders and begins wrapping his face and arms up in a tight crossface!] [THE COST OF DOING BUSINESS!] [Troy reaches out, merely inches away from the bottom rope, but Mammon kicks the bottom rope as they roll back into the center of the ring! The Salesman is not relenting as he’s nearly breaking the neck of Troy with how far back he’s pulling! Troy begins to fade!] [He’s not moving!] [The referee grabs his hand to drop it, but Troy’s hand does NOT waver towards the mat.] [His eyes are practically glowing with fury as he begins to rise up to his feet! Mammon is still wrenching back on the hold, but Troy hooks his leg and leaps backwards for a modified Samoan Drop!] [Both men are down for a moment before Troy Solveig rises to his feet with his fists clenched.] [Mammon gets to his feet before getting KICKED across the ring and into the corner. Mammon realizes he’s in a bad place and tries to get free only for Troy to stop him and shove him back into the corner.] [RIGHT!] [LEFT!] [RIGHT!] [LEFT!] [These heavy body blows are really doing a number on Mammon!] [UPPERCUT!] [Mammon leaves his feet for a moment before slumping down into the corner. He spits out some blood as Troy just stands over him, seething.] [Troy grabs Nicolas Mammon and moves towards the center of the ring.]

“Death comes for you tonight, Salesman!”

[Troy hooks the arm of Nicolas Mammon before hoisting him up in a jackhammer position!] [HAMMER OF THE GODS!] [Mammon is SMASHED into the mat with that impact as Troy falls into a pin atop of him.] [One…] [Two…] [THREE!] [Troy Solveig has done it tonight, but he looks like he’s been through a war. Troy doesn’t raise from the mat for a good minute before pulling himself up with the ropes as the poison has done its damage.]


[Backstage, an angry Zander Zane is wandering the hall in search of the man that has been tormenting him the past couple weeks.]

“Where are you!? Wait till I get my hands on you, ya little c—“

[He is quickly interrupted by a guitar riff, one that might be a bit familiar to certain rock fans. And it it just the riff, no lyrics…not yet, anyway. This throws Zane off as he starts to look for the source of the music, checking various doors as he goes. The music slowly gets louder as he heads down the hall, before finding a locked door that he slams himself into, breaking it open…and falling into the room headfirst, just barely stopping his fall with his arms. The music stops as Zane picks himself back up, looking at pictures attached to the wall. He smiles at the sight of himself rocking out on the stage during his glory days and partying with various women, but his smile soon fades upon seeing himself strung out on different kinds of drugs…and one redhead in particular, with a Malin tattoo on her shoulder.]


[The music slowly picks up where it left off, and Zane finally realizes its significance: it’s the one and only cover song he ever performed, a private concert for Samantha Emerson. He starts singing the lyrics as the memories come back to him for the first time in decades.]

“Oh can’t you see, you belong to me? Oh my poor heart aches, with every step you take.”

[The memory of Samantha leaving him brings a single tear to his eye, the first sign of regret in a man that’s taken pride in his escapades. Right behind him, Shadow appears with a smirk on his face…and now he begins to sing.]

“Every move you make. Every vow you break. Every smile you fake, every claim you stake…”

[Zane turns around in anger, hoping to face his tormentor…but Shadow has once again disappeared, leaving only the sound of his voice with one final statement.]

“…I’ll be watching you.”



[After weeks of torment by the Avenging Angel, Zander Zane looks to take his anger out on Shadow…but will a revelation from his past shake his resolve?] [The bell rings, and Zane immediate goes on the attack with some hard punches on Shadow, who appears to be…smiling? Is Shadow actually enjoying this beatdown by the Rock God? Zane doesn’t seem phased by Shadow’s behavior as he continues the offense, running his tormentor into the ropes and laying into him with a knife edged chop!] [This sends Shadow back into the ropes, allowing Zane to hit a back thrust kick on the rebound…but before he can finish the combo with a roundhouse kick, Shadow ducks out of the way and catches the Sex in Leather Pants off guard with a stiff kick to the…well, leather pants!] [The strike to the knee sends Zane down hard, and Shadow looks to capitalize with a flurry of kicks that keeps Zane at bay. Zane finally gets to his feet, but Shadow is just biding his time before he connects with the ANGEL BEAT! He catches Zane square on the jaw with that superkick, and goes for the cover!] [ONE…] [TW—KICKOUT!] [That superkick was just enough to get a little over a one count on the Rock God! Shadow is shaking his head as Zane gets back up to his feet, his mind seemingly cleared from his earlier trauma now as he focuses on the Avenging Angel. Zane sends Shadow to the ropes again, doing a leapfrog over him before hitting a nasty clothesline!] [With Shadow down, a smile grows on the face of Zane as he sees he has the advantage, and he starts toying with Shadow with a stalling hip thrust. He goes for a second hip thrust, but Shadow blocks it and goes for a DDT…only for Zane to reverse that into a swinging neckbreaker! This is the opening Zane needs as he whips Shadow into the corner, watching him fall to the mat before he leaps into RIDE THE LIGHTNING! That bronco buster took a lot out of Shadow as Zane goes for the cover!] [ONE…] [TWO…] […KICKOUT!] [It wasn’t enough to keep the Avenging Angel down, but Zane is arguing with the ref as to whether or not that was in fact a three count. Zane gives up on the argument, but walks right into another flurry of kicks by Shadow! Shadow brings THE Zander Zane back down to the mat before eyeing the nearest turnbuckle. He hops over Zane, climbing through the ropes to the apron, hoisting himself up on the top rope—FROM THE HEAVENS! Shadow connects with that springboard 450 splash and gets the cover!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THH-] [NO! ZANE KICKS OUT!] [Shadow is starting to show some frustration, realizing it’s gonna take more than that to show Zane the error of his ways. Shadow is quick to his feet as Zane comes to, and Shadow whips him to the ropes…but Zane stops himself, climbing out onto the apron. Shadow chases after him, only to be hit hard with a slingshot lariat by the Rock God! Both men are down as the ref starts the count!] [One…] [Two…] [Three…] [Four…] [Shadow is slowly coming to after that nasty lariat, but Zane is already on his feet and back on top of the Avenging Angle with some hard lefts and rights. Shadow shoves him off, but Zane drives his head into the canvas with a DDT! Zane is far from finished as he brings Shadow over to the closest corner, climbing up the turnbuckle—SMOKE ON THE WATER! Zane connects with that split-leg corkscrew moonsault, a smirk on his face at the showmanship as he gets back to his feet. Shadow is groggy as he stands up—MIC DROP! Zane hitting a nasty flapjack stunner, hoping that struck a chord with Shadow as he goes for the cover!] [ONE!] […] [TWO!] [……] [THREE!] [Zane has finally gotten an ounce of revenge on his tormenter as the ref raises his hand in victory! Shadow seems to be out cold, bringing a smile to the face of the Rock God.]


[Previously Recorded.] [Meat. Wall upon wall of carcasses, each hanging patiently awaiting the blade to slice them into portions. As the cattle are slaughtered, they are prepared and the carcasses slung up within this room – they call it a processing room. It is here that we find David Manson, admiring the red river of cattle blood that awashes the floor. He pushes one of the strung up beasts out of the way as he steps forward, before wiping the blood that had smeared onto his hand onto the white meatworks coat that he wears.]

“Breathe it in. It is a smell unlike any other. Places like this, that keep the Red River flowing. The sacrifices waiting patiently to be spilled. It’s fuckin’ beautiful.”

[He draws his knife and slices one of the cattle carcasses from top to bottom, right to the hilt of the knife. As he pulls the blade free, blood and guts spill out and cover the floor along with his white meatworks boots. He seems to breathe an exhaled sigh of exhilaration at the sensation of satiating the Red River. But his lust is short lived, as a familiar voice interrupts him.]

“You’re sick, Manson. You need help. Help that you will never accept, so failing that… You simply need to be stopped. Better to spill the blood of one monster than have him spill the blood of countless others.”

[David Manson turns to greet Berengar who pushes his way past cattle carcasses to enter the room, VHS Championship belt slung over his shoulder. He Greets him with bloodied blade drawn and a gleam in his eye.]

“The world hates what it does not understand. You are no different, bubba. To those who cannot hear the call of the Red River, you will never understand. The Red River always collects, I’m just a bowman here to appease it. And I gladly do.”

[Manson pushes a cattle carcass towards his foe, which hits Berengar and knocks him off his feet before he can draw Vigilkeeper. As the carcass hits him, Vigilkeeper is sent skidding across the bloody floor out of reach of the Void Knight. Manson steps forward, stopping the swinging carcass over the top of Berengar as he lies on the ground.]

“Chop chop, bubba. The Red River calls and there is not a moment to waste.”

[With that, he sinks the blade into the carcass exactly the same as he had earlier. The same results as before. Blood and guts spill out of the carcass all over the floor. All over Berengar. All over the VHS Championship. Berengar’s disgust and protest are cut prematurely short as Manson grunts to lift the suddenly lighter body off its meat hook, slicing with his blade to help where he unable to lift. He drops the carcass on top of Berengar, a smile forming on his face at the sight.]

“Chop chop. The Red river always collects. This is just the beginning of what is to come for you, bubba.”



[Many members of Chambers congregation are scattered around ringside, the Gambler scoffing at them before turning to face Chambers.] [Karrde rushes forward, the gambler uncharacteristically angry as he flings himself at Chambers and unloads with a flurry of haymakers that knocks the Bishop around! He whips Chambers AND PULLS HIM BACK TO A DROP TOE HOLD! CHAMBERS HITS FACE FIRST INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! The Bishop looks groggy, and as Karrde stands up, rearing back to go for a dropkick to the back of the head-] [CHAMBERS IS YANKED OUT OF THE RING! His follower pulls him to the outside, giving D’von the time to recuperate as Karrde ends up slamming knee first into the turnbuckle!] [Chambers takes advantage and leaps onto the apron before slamming Karrde headfirst into the turnbuckle! He grabs the Gambler and gets him into a suplex position! SUPLEX TO THE OUTSIDE BY CHAMBERS! Karrde hits the ground hard and D’von gets to his feet, following up with a leaping senton to Karrde!] [Wild Karrde is out of it as Chambers makes a member of his church hold him up in a full nelson! BIG BOOT- KARRDE DUCKS IT! CHAMBERS JUST TOOK OUT HIS OWN MAN!] [The Bishop turns his head and gets hit with a massive right BEFORE STRIKING DOWN WITH THE DRAWING DEAD! AXE KICK!] [Karrde is fighting like a man possessed as he peels Chambers off of the ground and slams him headfirst into the apron, hitting it over and over!]

“You wanna fuck with me!?”

[Another slam!]

“You ain’t in God’s house, you’re in Karrde’s house!”

[Wild Karrde rolls Chambers into the ring, letting the Bishop get up before leaping with a massive knee!]

“And the house always wins!”

[Karrde goes to push his offense WHEN A CHURCHGOER GRABS HIS BOOT! He turns to try and stop him AND CHAMBERS COMES FROM BEHIND WITH A MASSIVE GERMAN SUPLEX! KARRDE’S NECK GETS IMPLANTED INTO THE MAT!] [Chambers peels Karrde off of the mat and heaves him over his shoulder! RUNNING POWERSLAM INTO THE CENTER OF THE RING! PSALM 32! The ring practically shakes from the massive slam and Chambers pulls him into a pin!] [ONE!] [TWO!] [THREE!] [CHAMBERS HAS DONE IT! He gets up to celebrate when the referee grabs his attention! KARRDE’S FOOT WAS ON THE ROPES! Chambers tries to turn around AND GETS CAUGHT BY A LEAPING REVERSE DDT! The Bishop is down and Karrde hits the ropes, coming back with a leaping front dropkick to a rising Chambers! Chambers is put back down!] [Nothing can seem to keep the Gambler down as he lands a flurry of boots to the head and chest of the prone Chambers! He grabs D’von by the hair and forces him up before going for a DDT!- BACK BODY DROP BY CHAMBERS! Karrde lands back first on the mat and Chambers elbow drops him right to the neck! He lifts Karrde off of the mat and goes for a massive suplex- KARRDE REVERSES! FISHERMAN SUPLEX BY WILD KARDE! HE HOOKS THE LEG!] [ONE!] [TWO-] [KICKOUT! CHAMBERS KICKS OUT JUST BEFORE THE COUNT OF THREE! He rolls to the outside!] [Karrde baseball slides to the outside, taking out one of Chamber’s followers before running after The Preacher! Karrde clothesline another congregation member AND FLINGS HIMSELF INTO CHAMBERS WITH A BACK ELBOW! The Bishop slams into the apron and Karrde goes to roll him in- LOW BLOW BY CHAMBERS! The referee couldn’t see it! He rolls Karrde inside!] [Chambers peels Karrde off of the mat and hefts him overhead! HE’S GOT HIM READY FOR THE PASTOR’S PLUNGE! CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB- KARRDE SLIDES OUT OF THE HOLD!] [Chambers turns around! JACKPOT BY KARRDE- NO! CHAMBERS CATCHES THE LEG! SMALL PACKAGE!] [ONE!] [TWO!] [THREE!] [Chambers has picked up the win over the Gambler! He rolls to the outside as Karrde angrily gets to his feet!]


[The match is over, yet the pure animosity behind Wild Karrde has not subsided. The Invasion winner bears down on Chambers, the preacher barely rolling to the outside, retreating to his congregation.]

“Stay right there, brotha! You and I, we had a deal. The match is over, but I decided, we may wanna call this little deal off, and I’ll do somethin’ that will benefit both of us.”

[Karrde grits his teeth, going to move between the ropes only the congregation to crowd forward.]

“Hold on, don’t do something drastic, Karrde! You have to know, no matter the outcome, I cannot make my followers return to their life of sin. And though you may try to tempt them, they are adamant in their beliefs.”

“We had a deal, Chambers! Ya can’t jus’ back out on me like that!”

[Chambers chuckles, looking to his congregation, having a bible handed to him before turning back to Karrde, flipping through it before giving a despicable smirk.]

“Let me quote the book of Job to ya, Mr. Karrde. The Lord Giveth and the Lord taketh away! You were given gamblers by him, you were given that case by his undeniable will! I am merely the vessel through which he works! He took your sinners and gave them to me! He took that case and gave it to the man who wrestled it from your greedy hands! It is not me who’s backing out, it is the Lord’s will that you do not gain from your corrupt ways!”

[Karrde has had enough as he leaps through the ropes! JACKPOT! STUNNER TO CHAMBERS! The Preacher is dragged back into his congregation, any members staying behind getting a taste of Karrde as the rest of Chamber’s men protect him and drag him away.]


[The Void Knight alongside Vigil Keeper has tried to keep his ideals of pure heroism alive but he has learnt men like David Manson will always test his resolve. Can Berenger rise above or will the Red River flow deep tonight?] [The bell sounds as Berenger stares down Manson, dried blood still scattered along his coat as The Bowman urges him forward with a sick smile on his face. Berenger rushes forward right into a stiff right hook which dazes the Void Knight. Manson peppers Berenger with lefts and rights, slipping in and out of Berenger’s counter blows with ease before a stiff knee to the kidneys staggers Berenger who clutches onto the ropes, trying to stay on his feet as he turns to Manson] [MANSON CLOTHESLINE! Both men go tumbling over the ropes to the floor below] [David sits up, a sick smile on his face before he pounces on the fallen Berenger, raining down lefts and rights as he tries to bust open the Void Knight. Berenger tosses him off but gets a knee to the jaw as he tries to rise to his feet as Manson rolls back before rushing forward] [YAKUZA…SPINEBUSTER! Manson gets dumped on the back of his head from the raw power of Berenger but the Void Knight doesn’t follow up, walking over the other side of the ring with the steps in between him and Manson. He could be setting up for an often failed move here as the Bowman slowly gets to his feet, Berenger rushing forward] [LEAPING OFF THE STEPS, FLYING SPEAR! That move cuts Manson nearly in half as this may well be the opening Berenger needs to get back into this contest. He pulls the hurting Manson up to his feet as he rolls him back into the ring. Manson stumbles up to his feet with a wild haymaker that Berenger ducks under] [Before locking in the DESTINY’S MAW! If Berenger can knock Manson out, making him bleed will be that much easier. Manson tries to fight the headlock but from an opponent with such pure power like Berenger it’s nearly impossible. Manson tries to grab the ropes but they don’t matter in this type of match as he slowly begins to fade] [DESPERATION LOW BLOW! Berenger collapses to the canvas as Manson tries to regain his breath, having nearly passed out from the power of the headlock. he backs up, delivering a stiff kick to the ribs of Berenger before hip tossing him into the corner. Berenger struggles up to a seated position] [CANNONBALL! Berenger’s squashed into the corner, looking nearly out cold as Manson pulls him out from the ropes before climbing up to the top rope, diving off…] [WITH A HUGE KNEEDROP TO THE FOREHEAD OF BERENGER! The Void Knight’s skin is thick however as it doesn’t open up from that huge blow. Manson’s frustrated for a moment as he pulls Berenger up to his feet, turning him around] [WELCOME TO MANSON…Berenger spins out, lifting Manson up high, VANQUISHER OUTTA NOWHERE! Berenger drops down for the cover from pure instinct alone, that kneedrop may well have rattled a few brain cells as the cover attempt gives Manson enough time to regain his bearings. The Void Knight trying to pull him to his feet] [MANSON SWEEPS THE LEG, STRANGEHOLD! Manson locks in a more Guillotine version of his chokehold as Berenger tries to fight out, lifting Manson up high in the air] [DROPPING HIM WITH A POWERBOMB BUT IT LOCKS THE CHOKE IN TIGHTER! Berenger begins to fade away, Manson letting go of the hold just before Berenger passes out as he pulls the near limp Void Knight up to his feet] [RED RIVER PLUNGE! An Piledriver like version as Manson spikes Berenger into the mat but the red hot blood still hasn’t flowed as fury begins to flood Manson’s face for a moment before a sadistic idea crosses his face] [Manson digs into his jeans, pulling out a thick length of chain, almost barbed wire esque as he wraps them around his knuckles before urging the stumbling Berenger up to his feet.] [MASSIVE RIGHT…Berenger ducks before spiking Manson into the mat with a lighting quick DDT! Manson drops the chain on the mat which the Void Knight picks up, before slamming it down over and over onto the face of Manson, blood spilling down the Bowman’s face as psychotic laughter begins to echo from Manson, the referee quickly calling for the bell] [Berenger retains here tonight, quickly getting to his feet as he holds his title up half heartedly, looking down at the bloody laughing Manson, did he truly win here tonight thou?]


[Previously Recorded.] [Deep within the walls of his Eternity on the Hill, Eli Forever sits in silent contemplation. Crumpled up on the arm of his chair sits the bloody envelope given to him by Edward Newton on VHS 153.] [CREAK.] [Forever stands to his feet as a ragged form enters his chambers.] [Rose Forever.] [The Heir Eternal stands resolute as his sister runs to grab him in an embrace. Eli looks her up and down with a stern frown.]

“What did he do to you?”

[Rose meets his frown with her own.]

“He didn’t hurt me. Not after he pricked my finger for some blood.”

[Eli looks back at the bloody envelope.]

“I can’t explain it. All he did was talk to me. Ask me questions. But Eli, there’s more to…”

[Eli turns back to her.]

“What questions?”

[She shrugs.]

“He asked me about life before the River. About our fa… about William Creed. But he knew everything I told him. Somehow, someway, he knew everything about us. He laughed in the face of my devotion to the Endless Spring. He mocked everything we represent. Eli, he was…”

“How did you escape?” [Eli asks.] [She lowers her head.]

“He let me go. He told me that I’d given him everything he needed. He said that I stayed true to you, that your creed remains within my mind.”

[Eli lets a small grin form on his lips.]

“You stood firm in the face of a dangerous man, Rose. I’m proud of you. His attempts to mock us, divide us, and distract me from the OSW World Championship have proven futile, thanks to you.”

[He gestures to his chair.]

“Sit down, you must have come a long way from his den of terror.”

[Rose raises her arms to his chest with a distressed look.]

“Listen to me, brother. You keep interrupting me. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.”

[A raised eyebrow from the Heir Eternal.]

“I ran out of there into our city. Newton was holding me here. He’s infiltrated our home.”



[In the darkened alleyway alongside The Tap Room, The Informer waits, checking behind him every few moments until his companion arrives.] [Vanguard.]

“I’m glad you’ve chosen the right side, Vanguard. Knot and his board are desperate to have complete and utter control of The Tap Room. They’ll destroy us all to get it. The Historium isn’t the only device of its kind, in fact, they designed it and much more like it.”

[Vanguard suddenly reaches out, wrapping both of his hands around the throat of The Informer. He squeezes tightly, bulging the eyes of his once friend.]

“What are you doing?” [he begs through gasping breaths.] “Please, you don’t… you don’t have to do this.”

[Snap.] [Immediately, The Informer slumps to one side, falling limp in the arms of Vanguard. The Artificial Intelligence drops him, watching as he crumples to the floor in a heap. He reaches down, pulling out the famed notebook from inside his jacket pocket and flicking through it.] [Without saying a word, he turns and walks away.] [Cold.] [Calculated.] [Vicious.] [The camera lowers down to the ground, looking at the deceased and prone body of the poor Informer.] [Cut.]


[As the Poet and his protege enter the ring, Nevermore offers Happy a handshake! The young man happily obliges!]

“Now, Happy, bring your best! Show me that I’ve taught you well!”

[Happy nods but he looks less than… happy as he locks up with Nevermore! Nevermore pulls him in and hits a massive Snap Suplex! Happy careens into the ground and Nevermore rolls over! He goes for another- HAPPY SLIPS BEHIND HIM! GERMAN SUPLEX! Nevermore slams neck first into the mat!] [But Happy doesn’t capitalize! He looks sorry as he allows Nevermore to get back to his feet AND CATCHES A LARIAT TO THE NECK FOR HIS TROUBLES! Nevermore doesn’t even give Happy the time of day!] [Happy is dragged to his feet by Nevermore and whipped to the ropes, Happy coming back into a massive back body drop that leaves him breathless! Nevermore motions for Happy to get up and as soon as he does hits the ropes- AND FLIES INTO A BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX! Happy goes further this time as he forces Nevermore up and hits an Olympic slam!] [Happy gets Edgar to his feet and goes for another grapple, but Nevermore easily reverses and pulls Happy into a leaping knee strike to the jaw! The Happiest man on Earth drops onto the ground in a heap!] [Nevermore forces Happy up again and whips him off the ropes, hitting a leaping sleeper slam as he goes by! Happy is left in a painful heap as he grabs his head, Nevermore dropping a knee to the head of Happy before peeling him off of the mat and pushing him back, motioning for Happy to give it his all!] [Happy nods tentatively before going forward with a combination of half-hearted punches, a look of reluctance on his face as he ends with a clothesline THAT NEVERMORE DUCKS! The Poet wiggles a finger at Happy, motioning for him to stop.]

“No no no! Dear boy, you’re not giving it your all! Let me show you the key to victory. To be triumphant, one must string together the right offense!”

[Nevermore grabs Happy AND WHIPS HIM HARD ENOUGH TO THE CORNER THAT HE DROPS TO A SEATED POSITION! RUNNING FACE WASH BY NEVERMORE! WRITTEN ON YOUR FACE! Happy is dazed as Nevermore peels him out of the seated position and pulls him close FOR THE OXFORD COMMA! HAMMERLOCK LEGSWEEP DDT! Happy doesn’t know where he is as Nevermore stands up, taking a moment to wipe himself off.]

“And now, consider this the period at the end of a sentence, Happy. The ending of a match if you will!”

[Nevermore leans down and grabs the injured Happy, LOCKING IN THE ENGLISH CLOVERLEAF! The Poet wrenches the hold in tight, Happy trying to survive.]

“Tap out, Happy! You’ve learned your lesson!”

[Happy nods, AND HE TAPS OUT TO THE HOLD! The crowd boos but Nevermore merely brushes them off, letting go of the hold fairly quickly before helping Happy up!] [Happy has been beaten, but Nigel Royal comes out as Happy’s theme song plays! The Gentleman hoist Happy onto their shoulders and celebrate, congratulating Happy much to the confusion of the crowd!]


[After that very odd match, Edgar Nevermore and Nigel Royal lower Happy back to his feet, applauding him as if he’s accomplished something amazing. The fans boo, which upsets Happy, who doesn’t understand why the fans have turned on him.] [Of course, they haven’t.] [But they can see what Edgar is up to and frankly, they don’t like it.] [Nevermore grabs a microphone.]

“How dare you boo such a tremendous young man and athlete,” [Edgar says to more boos.] “This fine gentleman has just given the performance of his life here tonight. You ought to show him the respect he deserves for such a great attitude! Happy, in my book, you’re number one.”

[Happy grins, still somewhat confused by the fans.]

“Ignore these people, they’re simply jealous of your abilities. I told you last week that under my tutelage you’d become an even better wrestler and these people cannot stand your success. They want to see you lose, young man. They want to see their heroes victorious at your expense.”

[The crowd roar with boos now.]

“Come, Happy, you shouldn’t have to listen to these people.”

[Edgar opens the ropes for poor Happy who looks despondent as he exits, his eyes wandering to the crowd who aren’t shy in showing their hatred for Edgar Nevermore and his smug, grinning, evil looking face.] [The Poet puts an arm around him to console him, guiding him towards the entrance as the fans continue to display their displeasure.]

“You should all be ashamed,” [Nevermore yells back.] “Ashamed, I tell you.”



[The Superior has made Quinn’s life a living hell the last few months, and now forced to be Wolfgang’s skave and take the punishment he ‘deserves’ here tonight, can Quinn hope to do anything but survive here tonight?] [The ring is surrounded by lumberjacks, a horde of Nazi Brethren to the Superior as a wicked smile is etched upon Wolfgang’s face, Quinn looking like a man about to be lead to his own execution. Wolfgang walking forward as he points out his chin, daring Quinn to strike him but Quinn just stares ahead, softly shaking his head. Wolfgang smile grows even wider as he drives Quinn backwards with a massive right hand. Quinn barely has time to register the strike before Wolfgang crosses with another, slipping in and out with furious technique before a massive uppercut sends Quinn crashing to the canvas] [Quinn barely hits the mat before he’s lifted up by Wolfgang, who hooks him underneath the arms and begins drilling Quinn’s temple with knee after knee before tossing him to the canvas with a Snap Suplex. Quinn staggers up to his feet, Wolfgang spinning him around before grabbing him from behind] [GERMAN SUPLEX! Wolfgang keeps hold of Quinn’s waist as he rolls them both up to their feet. A SECOND GERMAN! Quinn looks out on his feet as Wolfgang rises up once more, backing up a few feet, SCHUTZSAFFEL!] [Wolfgang tosses Quinn over the top to his comrades below as they pounce on the Tutor like a pack of ravenous wolves, kicking and punching at the cowering Quinn. A stiff kick to the jaw knocks Quinn for a loop as he’s lifted up high by a trio of the Nazi’s] [BEFORE LAUNCHED LIKE A LAWN DART INTO THE NEARBY STEEL POST! Quinn’s busted open, blood trickling down his forehead as he’s pulled to his feet roughly and thrown back into the lion awaiting him. Quinn stumbles up onto his knees as Wolfgang pulls him up with his foot. delivering a dickhead slap to the face with his sole before grabbing Quinn close and throwing him across the ring with a stiff Belly to Belly Suplex. Quinn slowly pulls himself up as Wolfgang rushes forward] [1488! A massive Spartan Kick sends Quinn flying, his back impacting with the turnbuckle in a sickening thud as he crashes in a heap on the canvas, Wolfgang dropping down for the first cover of the contest] [ONE…] [TWO…] [WOLFGANG PULLS QUINN UP!] [Quinn slowly finds himself being pulled up, a massive knee to the point of the jaw rocking the Tutor before he’s locked in the GAS CHAMBER! Quinn barely able to breathe quickly tries to tap out but the referee ignores it. As he loses more air, Quinn’s tapping continues as Wolfgang lets go of the hold at the last second, lifting the choking Quinn up by the back of the head]

“This ends when I say it ends skave”

[Wolfgang pulls Quinn up to his feet, an almighty knee to the chest takes the remaining air out of Quinn’s lungs before he’s lifted up high, BLITZKREIG! Wolfgang doesn’t let go, showing his raw power as he deadlifts Quinn high up into the air, running forward] [RUNNING BLITZKREIG INTO THE CORNER!] [Quinn crashes into the buckles with a sickening scream, he could’ve broken something from the impact of that move as he staggers out, collapsing onto his knees. Wolfgang steps forward, contemplating the Curb Stomp for a moment but kicks Quinn away instead. The Tutor slowly rises up, using the ropes to pull himself up to his feet as Wolfgang sticks out his chin once more, urging Quinn to fight back] [The Tutor’s right hand trembles, almost raising it before he drops it, shaking his head. “Just end it, finish me off allready’” Wolfgang shakes his head, almost looking disapointed before springing forward] [LUFTWAFFE! That massive punch sends blood and teeth flying across the canvas as Quinn drops to his knees, Wolfgang backing up] [BLOOD AND SOIL! The canvas stains with blood where Quinn hits as Wolfgang punts the Tutor over to his stomach, placing one foot on him before telling the referee to count] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [This was an absolute mugging, a destruction of the Tutor by Wolfgang as Quinn is pulled out of the ring by Wolfgang and his legion of brothers as they head to the back, The Superior a giant smile on his face from the lesson he just taught]


[After that brutal match, Wolfgang gets back to his feet and as Quinn looks to get up, he’s stopped at all fours by the Superior who puts his boot on the back of his neck.] [He daren’t move.]

“Look at this disgusting neger,” [Wolfgang shouts to the hissing boos of the audience.] “Look at him. He’s not a person, he’s property; he’s my property.”

[Suddenly, the reaction from the crowd changes.] [Because coming down the ramp, making a b-line for the ring, is no other than Brent Kersh. The Enforcer slides into the ring and tackles Wolfgang to the floor, swinging wildly at him with right and left hands. He beats him violently, hitting him furiously until Redmond reluctantly drags him away.] [That surprises Kersh, who frowns at him in confusion.]

“What’re you doing?” [Kersh demands to know.] “You need to fight back. You need to stop this!”

[Brent gets back to his feet but doesn’t see Jon Davenport behind him. Jon blindsides him a steel chair across the back of the head, knocking him to the mat unconscious. The Huntin’ Dog hits him again across the back, and again, before Quinn pushes him away.]

“DON’T YOU TOUCH HIM, SKLAVE!” [Wolfgang yells, getting back to his feet, wiping the blood away from his nose.] “GET AWAY!”

[Quinn immediately backs off, lowering his head.] [Wolfgang joins Davenport in stomping away at Kersh, who finds himself unable to fight back. Redmond refuses to watch, turning away as the pair violently crash boots down across the Enforcer.] [The Superior soon stops, grabbing Quinn by the throat and demanding he watch.] [Davenport holds a broken Kersh up, allowing Wolfgang to leap into action.] [BLOOD AND SOIL!] [The Superior spits at him, grimacing.]

“Race traitor!”

[Davenport and Wolfgang raise each other’s hands into the air, celebrating what appears to be an enforced alliance here tonight. Quinn looks at Kersh with great sadness, the Enforcer only trying to help.] [What has he gotten himself into here?] [Brent Kersh and Jon Davenport are up next.]


[The Enforcer fights again through his personal demons as a Hound Dog seeks to tear him down for the good of the US of A. Can the Enforcer persevere or will Davenport destroy him once and for all?] [The bell sounds as Kersh is hurting on the mat, Davenport looming over him as he delivers a stiff kick to the ribs that sends the Enforcer reeling in pain. Davenport rains down stomps onto the covering up Kersh before backing up and drilling him across the chest with a huge rolling kneedrop. Kersh sits up in pain for a moment before he’s tossed down to the canvas for a cover] [ONE…] [TW..Kersh gets the shoulder up!] [Davenport pulls the Enforcer to his feet, nailing him with a few stiff shots to the kidneys before whipping him as hard as he can into the corner. Kersh is sent hard back first whiplashing into the corner as he staggers out right into a huge corner splash. The Enforcer crashes back first again into the turnbuckles before he’s tossed to the mat, Davenport climbing onto the bottom rope] [MUD SPLASH!] [All 240 pounds come crashing down on the Enforcer’s injured ribs as Davenport stays down for the cover once more] [ONE…] [TWO…] [KICKOUT!] [Davenport pulls Kersh up to his feet once more, delivering a pair of stiff knees to the ribs before whipping him across the ring and trying for a clothesline. Kersh ducks under the line, springing off the ropes with a stiff forearm that stuns the Hound Dog but as Kersh tries for a Body Slam, Davenport slams both hands down on his back sending Kersh crashing down to the mat. A huge kick to the ribs sends the Enforcer rolling on the canvas as he’s lifted up off the mat] [MODIFIED SPINEBUSTER! Davenport just slams Kersh into the mat as the Enforcer holds his ribs in pain. Davenport doesn’t drop down for the cover, looking to increase the punishment delivered to Kersh as he lifts him up high slowly] [BRAINBUS…NO! Kersh lands a knee to the temple of Davenport before slamming him down to the mat with a lighting quick Snap Suplex. Davenport staggers to his feet into a flurry of lefts and rights from Kersh, the Enforcer fighting back into this contest, a huge European Uppercut staggering Davenport who tries to counter with a wild right that Kersh ducks under] [BULLDOG! Davenport gets planted into the mat as he slowly staggers to his feet into a huge lifting forearm that leaves the Hound Dog out on his feet. Kersh whips him across the ring, trying for the Spinebuster but he puts his head down too early as Davenport kicks him square in the face] [LARIAT! Davenport drills him square in the jaw with that dangerous Lariat as the Hound Dog drops down on the Enforcer for another cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THR..KERSH JUST GETS THE SHOULDER UP!] [The Hound Dog can’t believe it as he slowly waits for the Enforcer to get up to his feet before locking in the Georgia Crawfish on the injured ribs. Kersh cries out in pain but refuses to tap as Davenport digs in with all his strength, kicking away from the ropes slyly to refuse Kersh a ropebreak. The Enforcer looks ready to tap out when he lets out a giant roar, leaning down] [BEFORE DRILLING DAVENPORT INTO THE MAT WITH THE SPINEBUSTER! Kersh stumbles to his feet, the crowd roaring as he looks for the end. Lifting Davenport up to his feet, hoisting him up high for the Shoulder Breaker before transitioning] [INTO THE TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER. SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! Davenport gets spiked into the mat as Kersh collapses on him for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [The crowd roar as Brent Kersh slowly rises to his feet, holding his VHS title high as he celebrates getting past an incredibly tough challenge in the Hound Dog here tonight]


[Previously Recorded.] [CRACK!] [Eli Forever’s boot busts down a planked up wall. Barrels have been moved aside to reveal a hidden entrance, and now Eli storms into a darkened room, Rose at his heels. The siblings rush into the very same room that Rose was held in not too long ago.]

“Newton!” [Forever roars, his voice echoing in the small enclosure.] [The room, of course, is empty. Forever looks around, kicking the bucket used by Newton to splash Rose in the face with water. Rose checks and adjacent room, and comes back shaking her head.]

“He’s playing mind games. He comes into this haven and assaults my family. He uses my own congregation against me. This Riddler has wormed his way into my waking dreams.”

[Rose finds a light switch, and clears her throat.]

“Huh? There was a light here the whole time?”

[She flicks the switch, and the room floods with light.]

“What the…?”

[Eli Forever rips his sunglasses off and Rose falls to her knees as the walls are covered in newspaper clippings and very well painted art on one side. The clippings all depict the night of the drowning of William Creed, their father. They all have his picture there. All the clippings are arrayed in a square surrounding a painting.] [Lighting in the sky. A splintered boat above the water.] [Beneath it, a boy and his father.] [A boy choking his father.] [Elijah Creed choking William Creed.]

“Eli?” [Rose mutters, looking at the frozen Heir Eternal.] [Eli turns away for a moment, but gets even more angry when he sees the opposite wall. For written upon it are three words in a dark red ink.] [FATHER FOR ETERNITY.]

“Eli?” [Rose asks again.] [Putting his sunglasses back on, a facade of calm appears on the face of Eli Forever.]

“Tell no one of this place, sister. Burn it down. Tell the congregation there was a rodent infestation.”

[She looks up at him in shock as he grabs her shoulders.]

“And tell no one of what you have seen.” [He straightens and his words cut like steel.] “Remember the Eternal Prayer. Remember the life we live. Remember what he did to you.”

[Forever turns to leave, but Rose calls out.]

“Where are you going?”

[Eli’s fists clench.]

“To do what the River has enabled me to do.”

[He allows a small grin.]

“I’m going to take what’s mine.”

[Rose watches him leave as tears well up in her eyes.] [Is Newton playing mind games, or did Eli Forever kill his own father?] [Will Forever take the OSW World Championship or has Newton won before the match even starts?] [Find out NEXT.]


[It’s the main event and the title and Streak are on the line in one of Edward Newton’s biggest adversaries!] [The bell sounds as Eli Forever and Edward Newton circle around the ring.] [The OSW World Championship is on the line!] [Edward Newton’s STREAK is on the line!] [The two lock-up, but it’s Edward Newton who simply yanks Forever down to the mat by his long hair. Newton stomps down towards him, but Forever manages to roll out of the way of the stomp. Newton throws a knee strike at him, but Forever manages to roll out of the way of that as well. Newton staggers forward with a kick that Forever just pushes aside!] [Eli Forever sits back into a prayer position as Newton smirks a bit at the evasiveness of his foe.] [Eli Forever rises to his feet as Newton just folds his arms. Forever lunges towards Newton who simply dodges out of the way before punching Forever in the face! The Heir Eternal staggers back clutching his face as Newton finally caught him. Newton wraps up the arms of Forever before hitting a Russian Legsweep before rolling through to his feet.] [Newton hits the ropes before leaping up and dropping a leg across the throat of Eli. The Riddler grabs the legs of Eli and rolls him over onto his belly before placing a knee across the back of Forever’s head!] [THE RIDDLE BOX!] [Edward Newton has Eli Forever in a precarious position here with nowhere to go!] [Eli Forever is reaching out towards the ropes, but he’s a few inches too far away! Forever begins inching his way towards the ropes, but Newton begins pulling him towards the center of the ring! However, Forever manages to use the pull to roll back onto his back and kick Newton back into the corner. Forever gets to his feet and rushes towards Newton before hitting a big dropkick!] [Newton slams down to the mat as Eli Forever staggers back to his. Eli Forever leans down and marks the head of Newton before crossing his torso up and down followed by right to left. He rushes towards the ropes, springs off the second one, and hits a big moonsault landing on Newton!] [THE BLESSING OF THE NAME!] [Eli Forever covers him! The Streak is on the line!] [ONE…] […] [TWO…] […] [KICKOUT!] [It’s going to take more than that to get the first loss put on the record of Edward Newton. Even Eli Forever doesn’t seem surprised by his kickout here. He yanks Edward Newton up to his feet before loading him onto his shoulders. He begins applying the torture rack before turning to turn it into something else…] [HALLELUJA-NECKBREAKER!] [Newton manages to slip out and yank the head of Forever down with him in a neckbreaker!] [Newton grabs Forever up and whips him into the corner before grabbing the back of Forever’s head and begins slamming him into the corner turnbuckle. He slams his head once before stopping with a grin.]

“What has a mouth and never feeds?”

[He waits a second before slamming the head of Forever back into the corner turnbuckle!]

“What has a bank yet holds no money?!”

[Newton waits for a second before slamming his head once more. He holds his head back as he practically spits at him.]


[Newton slams the head of Forever three more times into the corner before finally flinging him back as his shoulders begin rising in anger at Eli not responding.]

“A river.”

[RIDDLE ME THAT!] [Eli Forever gets back to his knees and begins smiling widely. He extends his hands out in front of him and beckons Newton on! Newton rushes at him and begins just laying boots into the chest of Forever who is coming back after each and every blow! Forever begins rising to his feet!] [Newton takes a step back and hits the ropes before coming back with a big kick! But Forever sidesteps him as Newton blasts the referee!] [Newton looks at him for a moment before turning back to Eli!] [BIBLE TO THE FACE!] [BY THE BOOK!] [Newton slams down to the mat as Eli Forever mounts him and BASHES him over the head three more times! Edward Newton is laid out as Eli Forever throws his book aside before wrapping his arm around the neck of Newton and leaning back into the dragon sleeper!] [SLEEP TO DREAM!] [Edward Newton is in some serious pain here! His arms are tensing at the pain before he finally stops moving. Eli Forever is yanking back on the hold, but the referee is still down! Forever throws Newton off of him before going over to the referee and stirring him. The referee begins to come to as Forever turns back to Newton.] [LOW BLOW!] [It seems Newton wasn’t quite out of it as he nails a low blow to his challenger!] [He staggers to his feet as he’s clutching his head. Eli Forever is clutching his groin as the referee is getting back to his feet. Newton leaps into the air and snags the head of Forever before spiking him into the mat!] [NEVERMIND!] [Both men are down! Newton slumps an arm over his chest.] [One…] [….] [Two…] [….] [….] [THRE-NO!] [Forever barely gets his foot on the bottom rope. Newton staggers to his feet as he looks at the referee for clarification that it was only a two count. He reaches down and begins fiddling with the strings on his boot. Eli Forever staggers to his feet.] [Edward Newton goes for a kick, but Forever catches his foot! Newton begins to worm his way out of the boot. Forever seems to notice this. He whirls Newton around as Newton seems dazed! Forever lifts him up into a torture rack and turns into a swinging neckbreaker!] [HALLELUJAHBOMB!] [Eli Forever goes for the pin!] [One…] […..] [Two…] […] [TH-KICKOUT!] [Edward Newton manages to kick out! Eli Forever sees this and leaps to the top rope. He’s about to leap!] [RIGHT HAND!] [Newton catches him with a right hand! Newton scales the turnbuckle with alarming speed! He hooks the head of Eli before leaping off!] [NEVERMIND FROM THE TOP ROPE!] [Edward Newton hooks both legs!] [One…] [….] [TWO…] […] [THREE!] [Edward Newton has done it once again! He’s defended his title AND his streak once more tonight!]


[After that amazing Main Event, Eli Forever and Edward Newton clamber back to their feet respectively; this war between them long from over.] [The referee hands Edward his Championship, only Eli approaches, immediately stepping to him. They stand, face to face as the fans plead for yet another brawl.]

“Blue on black

Tears on a river

Push on a shove

It don’t mean much

Joker on jack

Match on a fire

Cold on ice

A dead man’s touch!”

[WILD KARRDE!] [The Invasion Briefcase holder storms out from behind the curtain, making a focused walk to the ring as Newton looks towards him with a grimace.] [Is it time?] [The Gambler slides into the ring and steps between Forever and Newton. He produces a microphone from his back pocket, looking at Eli with a glare before snapping his head towards the Champion.]

“I’m invadin’!” [He yells.] [The World Champion though, oddly, doesn’t quite look concerned.] [He snatches the microphone from him, backing up somewhat.]

“You are?” [He asks, receiving a nod in return.] “Then, may I ask, where is your case? Because you see, Mr. Karrde, I’m of the understanding having read the bylaws that to invade, you must be in possession of an Invasion briefcase. Without it, any tom, dick or harry could waltz down that ramp and try to steal my Championship.”

[Karrde grimaces, taking the microphone back aggressively.]

“You took it?” [He accuses.] “You took my case, Newton?”

[Before The Champion can respond, Karrde attacks, cracking the microphone over his head. Forever quickly scrambles to the outside, wanting nothing to do with what comes next. The Gambler drops to his knees, slamming the microphone into the head of the World Champion repeatedly and without mercy.] [Static.] [Grainy footage begins to roll.] [Sat in front of a black backdrop, his legs spread wide apart, a man sits comfortably, a black ski-mask covering his face.]

“Are you looking for this?” [The man asks with a distorted voice, stopping Karrde in his tracks. The footage reveals the case at the feet of the thief.] “Because if you are, you’re looking in the wrong place.”

[The Gambler stands up, leaning on the ropes, looking enraged, salivating.]

“I can feel the disgust radiating off of you, Karrde,” [he scoffs with a sense of derision.] “But don’t worry, the world begins and ends at the mouth of the red river, bub. You know where to find me if you want it back.”

[Wild Karrde looks absolutely furious.] [Cut.]