[Recorded Earlier.] [Static.] [Ring of Dreams – one of the largest events in Old School Wrestling history. We’d not long seen Hysteria return and The Scarecrow win Sweet Dreams, when elsewhere inside the ‘Tap Room’, a desperate phone call was received.] [In the office of The Chief, it was he who answered.]

“What’cha callin’ me for Betamax?” [He angrily grunts.] “We got a bar full of patrons just about to swarm the ring for the Main Event.”

[The phone is on speaker.] [There’s heavy breathing on the line.] “Uh, boss? We have a huge problem.”

“The last time you told me that, I had a man killed.”


“This is worse. You’ve had me on that special assignment for months now. Tonight, my assignment ended.”

[The Chief stands up, leaning over the desk.] “Nigga, your assignment ends when I tell you it ends – not a moment before, do you understand me?”


“Look, I can’t talk over the phone. I need you to meet me in the alleyway behind the Tap Room and make sure that you’re alone. No-one can follow you, Chief. No-one.”

[The Chief snarls.] “If you’re fuckin’ with me, it’ll be the last thing you do, Betamax.”

[He abruptly hangs up.] [The Chief heads over to the door and grabs his pink jacket, swinging it around himself. With his cane in hand, he exits the office and heads to the alleyway.]


[Thomas Roll and Pickpocket make their in ring debut for the the first time in almost two years here tonight, trying their hand at the Tag Team Championships. But in their way stand the Firebirds, Solomon Rhodes and Ethan Bird.] [Bird and Roll start off as the bell rings. Bird stalks to the middle of the ring and Roll goes to tie-up, but instead Bird kicks Roll in the gut. Roll doubles over and Bird scoops him up… WORLD’S END DDT!! One… Two… THREE! No! Pickpocket broke up the pin at the last possible moment! This was almost over already! Solomon chases Pickpocket out of the ring and follows him to the outside. Bird covers again… One… Two… Th… Kickout! Bird gets to his feet quickly and pulls Roll up as well, whipping him into the ropes. When Roll returns, Bird levels him with a RUNNING CLOTHESLINE!!] [Thomas is undressed, and Bird makes his way to the corner and tags in Rhodes, who just made his way back to the corner. Solomon steps into the ring and pulls Roll up by the arm. He spins Roll around into a hammerlock! HAMMERLOCK SUPLEX!! Roll is thrown head over heels into his own corner! He crashes into the turnbuckles and crumples to the mat! Amazingly, however, Pickpocket slaps his hand against, his downed partner, and enters the ring. He dances around, trying to get in a good position, and finally he sprints at Solomon, who brings him down with a DROP TOE HOLD! Pickpocket smacks off the canvas, and Solomon steps back, waiting for him to stand… Pickpocket reaches his knees… DARKWISH!!] [His head nearly came off, and Rhodes isn’t ready to cover. He tags in Bird, who stomps across the ring and pulls Pickpocket up. He hoists Pickpocket onto his shoulder… RUNNING POWERSLAM!! He doesn’t cover either, going back to make another tag. Solomon Rhodes steps in… he waits for Pickpocket to slowly make it to his feet… CHAOS THEORY!! This time he covers… One… Two… THREE!!] [The Firebirds make easy work of Monkey Business, and they move on to the next round!]


[Yet another first round match featuring The Word versus Can’t Handle It!] [The bell sounds as Lux Bellator is circling with Tonatiuh as the two spiritual warriors tie it up! Bellator manages to get the better position by wrenching the arm of Tonatiuh behind his back. He whirls Tonatiuh out before connecting with an arm drag. Tonatiuh comes back to his feet but turns right into The Light Warrior who connects with a spinning wheel kick! Tonatiuh staggers back into The Word’s Corner. Lux moves towards him and kicks him once for good measure before reaching his hand up and tagging in Desmond Cross. The two don’t share a look or word as they’re strictly business today.] [Desmond Cross grabs Tonatiuh by his arm and pulls him forward before connecting with a BRUTAL headbutt! Tonatiuh hits the mat as his hands go up to his face which is now shaded crimson. His nose is no longer in the correct position on his face. Cross quickly wraps his hand around the nose of Tonatiuh as he begins screaming out in pain. Cross gives a grin before whipping Tonatiuh into the ropes and catches him with a swinging neckbreaker on his return! THE AWAKENING! Desmond Cross goes for a pinfall. One…Two… BROKEN UP BY WILLIAM ABRAXAS!] [Desmond Cross gives him an icy glare as the referee pulls Abraxas from the ring. Cross grabs the arm of Tonatiuh and slowly begins dragging him towards Abraxas before slinging Tonatiuh into their own corner. He begins to laugh a sickening laugh before beckoning Abraxas on. William Abraxas slaps the chest of Tonatiuh and charges in. Cross simply drops him with a clothesline. He lifts him up onto his shoulders before… THE FALL FROM GRACE. Cross gets to his feet and tags in Lux before charging across the ring and takes out Tonatiuh as well as himself over the top rope! Lux Bellator comes into the ring with a look of near pity before lifting up Abraxas and connecting with THE DISCIPLE MAKER before crossing his arms across his chest for the pin. One…Two…THREE!] [The Word has successfully won this match as Cross slides back into the ring with a smirk on his lips. A brief moment of celebration before the two men leave the ringside area.]


[It a matchup of monarchs here as Wrestling Royalty take on the Kingdom. Brent Kersh starts off against Lord Merriweather as this match gets underway.] [Kersh takes a few steps forward, edging in on Merriweather. Merriweather dances backwards and away from Kersh. Finally, Brent backs him into the corner, and delivers a series of shoulder blocks to his midsection. Merriweather crumples into the corner, arms rested on the top ropes. Kersh slides in behind him, steps up to the second turnbuckle and leaps off with a FLYING BULLDOG!! Merriweather’s head is buried into the canvas!. Kersh flips him over… One… Two… Thre… Kickout! Kersh gets quickly to his feet and grabs Merriweather’s legs and locks in the LONE STAR!! The figure four is in deep! Merriweather is going to tap…] [But King Konstantine breaks the hold by stomping on Kersh’s chest! King Royal enters the ring, but the referee pushes him back as Konstantine has already retreated! Kersh gets to his feet pulling Merriweather up by his bald head. King Royal is in his corner going absolutely berserk wanting in the ring. So Kersh drags Merriweather to the corner and tags in Royal. Royal storms into the ring and drags Merriweather back across the ring and tosses him into his own corner. He points at Konstantine, who reluctantly slaps the prone Merriweather on the chest and enters the ring.] [Royal pounces immediately hammering Konstantine with repeated heavy shots to the head. Konstantine is reeling but there is no stopping Royal who is thrilled to get at his old partner. DDT FROM ROYAL! Royal isn’t finished and yanks Konstantine up BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX… Another! Another! Another! The ROYAL FLUSH!! But Royal still isn’t finished! He goes to the top…. SPITFIRE! The frogsplash hits home, and Royal quickly rolls Konstantine onto his stomach…. DUNGEONS OF LONDON!! Konstantine stuggles! Merriweather tries to break it up, but is levelled by a huge LARIAT from the Enforcer! Konstantine taps!] [King Royal stands above Konstantine with a disgusted look on his face. Wrestling Royalty advances as the Kingdom has fallen!]


[The first round of Double Tap is in full swing, and in this match Genesis takes on the Flakers. In the ring stand Mother and Oliver Angst. The bells rings…] [Angst rushes in towards Mother, who ducks under a clothesline. At the same instant, she throws a knee into his gut as he passes. He is doubled over, and mother grabs him by the head and drives his masked face off the canvas with a BULLDOG! His head bounces off the surface, and she pounces, locking in a COBRA CLUTCH! He’s in deep trouble here, and Mother stares into Epitaph’s eyes on the apron. Angst is about to tap, but Mother releases him! She wants to make them suffer!] [She sprints across the ring and knocks Epitaph off with a stiff forearm! He falls to the ground outside. She turns back towards Angst, who is trying to crawl away. She follows behind him, stalking her prey. She comes around in front of him and lift him to a kneeling position. She steps back, and drops into the crab position… She crawls menacingly towards Angst, and nails him with a CRAB KICK!! He goes down in a heap, and she flips over into a pin… One…. Two… Thre… Epitaph breaks the pin! But then he’s immediately spun around… HAYMAKER!! Epitaph is leveled by Scarecrow and rolls from the ring!] [Mother lifts Angst once again and drags him to the corner once more and tags in Scarecrow, who just returned to apron. Crow steps over the ropes and grabs Angst by the throat. He stares at Oliver, deep into this eyes. Scarecrow then whips Angst to the far ropes, and when he returns, he catches a face full of hay! THE LAST STRAW! Oliver Angst stumbles away, towards Genesis’ corner, and catches a face full of Black Mist from Mother!! He stays on his feet, clawing at his face and turns right into… BYE BYE BIRDIE!!! One… Two… THREE!!] [Mother and The Scarecrow dominated this match and move on to the next round, leaving the Flakers a disgusting mess.]


[There’s something dark about this match. The Family ties it up with Black Magic!] [Starting this match off is Jensen Cussen as DTR smirks over his shoulder. Starting for the other team is Makena Jakande. The two meet up in the center of the ring with a tie up, but Cussen cuts it off quick with a stiff right forearm strike. He charges Makena with a leaping knee strike, but Jakande dodges out of the way and hits the ropes. Jensen comes back down and turns around only to receive a size nine boot to the face! Jensen hits the mat as Makena quickly tags in Voodoo. Voodoo rushes into the ring and connects with a double mule kick just as Jensen gets to his feet.] [Voodoo locks in a side headlock, but Jensen quickly begins to power up out of it. Cussen wraps an arm around the waist of Voodoo, and lifts him up before falling back with a belly-to-back suplex. Cussen gets to his feet just before Voodoo and strikes him quickly with a running soccer kick as Voodoo rolls over onto his back clutching his chin. Jensen quickly makes his way to his corner and tags in DTR. Don’t Trust Reason gives a grin as he slinks into the ring. He quickly climbs to the top rope and leaps off for a huge splash from the top rope! He doesn’t hook a leg but pulls Voodoo up to his feet. Voodoo manages to hook the head of DTR and hits a jawbreaker!] [Voodoo takes the opportunity to leap towards his corner and in comes Makena! Jakande is a house of fire as she charges into action with a lariat. DTR hits the ground before coming back up to his feet and is hit by a spear! Makena is building momentum! DTR gets back up and is grabbed right into a Lou Thesz press! Strike upon strike as Jensen is antsy to get into the ring. Makena gets to her feet as she wraps her arms around the head of DTR. THE LION’S JAW! DTR begins backing them up as Jensen reaches out his hand to blind tag in. Jensen is yanked off the apron at this moment! SOUL STEALER! Chokeslam from Voodoo takes out Jensen. DTR realizes he has nowhere to go as the pain begins growing more and more! DTR TAPS!] [Black Magic wins the match! The duo smiles at one another as they raise their hands in celebration. We’re going to have new Tag Team Champions tonight.]


[On a night of tag team action, this match is one of the most interesting. It’s SHOOT going at it with the former OSW Tag Team Champions, Knock Knock!] [The bell sounds as Doubt and Chael Gable are starting this one off. Gable goes for the lock-up, but Doubt ducks underneath his arms. Law turns around, but it’s just in time to see the revolving Masked Emotion nail him with a discus elbow! Doubt takes advantage of the moment by leaping into the air and connecting with a vicious dropkick as one boot slams into the chin of Gable! He is pushed backwards into the ropes where Doubt pursues. The Emotion grabs Gable by the arm and whips him forcefully into Knock Knock’s corner. Doubt tags in his partner and hooks both arms before hitting Eating Yourself Alive followed directly by Trauma from Smiley up top!] [Smiley hooks his legs. One…TWO…TH-NO! The Long Arm of the Law managed to reach across the ring to break up the pinfall. He takes another step further, but the referee is pulling him back towards his own corner. Sheriff Law is irate, yet it’s Smiley and Doubt double teaming on Gable in their corner. Finally the referee comes back to the action as Smiley has a headlock locked onto The Olympian. Despite the onslaught, Chael Gable is slowly working his way to his feet. Smiley throws him back to the mat, but Gable uses the momentum to roll to his feet before charging Smiley and raising him up for… THE GOLD RUSH! Both men are down!] [The slow crawl begins as both men reach out and TAGS! In comes Sheriff Law and in comes Doubt! The two collide in the center of the ring, but it’s Law who comes out on top with the exchanging of blows! Law nails Doubt with a punch that staggers the emotion before extending a finger to its head. He pulls the trigger and… STAND OFF! Doubt is knocked square off its feet with that blow. Smiley staggers into the ring with SMILEY JUNIOR, but it’s Gable who rushes in HE TAKES THE BLOW TO THE HEAD FOR LAW! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! CAEL GABLE IS BUSTED WIDE OPEN! The referee follows Gable to the ground as Smiley rakes the eyes of Law! Doubt rolls him up as the referee turns around! One…TWO…THREE!] [Knock Knock manage to secure a win at Double Tap using their veteran knowledge of the art of tag teaming over a very game SHOOT.]


[Knock Knock spring away from the roll up and slide straight to the outside, the veteran Tag Team having done a number of this budding force here tonight. They’re laughing all the way to the next round.] [Cael Gable though is fucked up.] [His face is a crimson mask and there’s a nasty gash across his forehead. Law helps him back to his feet and checks on him, making sure that he’s okay. After all, Gable took that shot to defend his partner.] [Kick to the gut.] [WHAT!?] [JUSTICE TO CAEL GABLE! DOUBLE UNDERHOOK PILEDRIVER TO HIS OWN TAG TEAM PARTNER! WHAT THE FUCK!?] [Cael crunches face first off the canvas with a thud, leaving Law to grimace with disdain. The fans are on their feet, booing, throwing cups of beer into the ring and causing a nuisance at ringside.] [The Sheriff gets back up, undoing his belt.] [What the hell is he going to do now? Cael Gable has been through enough!] [The Law isn’t finished. He snatches his belt off and wraps it around the throat of his now former tag team partner, strangling the dear life out of him. Gable’s face is already stained with so much blood that you can only tell he’s nearing the end by the colour of his lips; they’re turning blue.] [Finally, Law releases, letting him slump to the canvas.] [He stands up, looking down at him with a sneer. What the fuck was the meaning of this? Why has Law turned his back on Gable? This oddball team were the number one contenders and because of his actions, they’ve just imploded.] [No-one can believe it.]


[It’s a mix-match of partners in this match! The Midgard Serpents take on Worlds Collide! Except Sergei Sokolov’s tag team partner is nowhere to be seen. Sergei doesn’t seem the least bit worried as he stands off against Viktor North and The Sharkman.] [The bell sounds and it’s The Sharkman starting off against Sergei Sokolov. They move towards the center of the ring and the two tie up. The Sharkman tries to go for a headbutt, but the much larger Sergei just grabs the neck of Sharkman and hits one of his own. Sharkman staggers for a moment before Sergei wraps his enormous arms around the head of Sharkman and begins to squeeeeeeze. The Sharkman begins throwing punches into the abdomen of Sokolov, but it seems to no effect on the gargantuan! The Sharkman begins to fade, but Sergei releases him only to lift him up in a huge bear hug. THE RUSSIAN BEAR HUG!] [The Sharkman is having the very life squeezed out of him by this! Viktor North is in the ring despite the referee’s desires. He hits the ropes and lunges… GUNGNIR TO THE BACK OF SERGEI! The Russian falls forward squashing Sharkman in the process, but it’s Viktor North who grabs his partner by the hand and drags him out from underneath the behemoth and to The Midgard Serpent’s corner. TAG! Viktor North officially enters the match for his team with a sneer on his face. He rushes towards the Russian and begins drilling him with vicious kicks before grabbing him up by his head. He hooks his arms around the neck and shoulder of Sokolov before lifting him up for a cobra clutch slam!] [Viktor North goes to lift him up again, but it’s the Russian who catches him off guard by lifting him up, switching him around, and nailing a running powerslam. North is coughing as if all of the breath has been drawn from his lungs as Sergei mounts him. Blow after blow as North is trying to cover his face. The Sharkman enters the ring as Sergei looks up too late… SUSHI KICK! The Shining Wizard knocks him down as the numbers are just too much. The Midgard Serpents, despite their history, seem on the same page for the moment as they set up Sergei on the second rope with his head trapped beneath the top and second turnbuckle. He’s trying to fight out of it! The Sharkman is struggling to hold him in place. VALFATHER’S SACRIFICE… TO THE SHARKMAN! Sergei had the wherewithal to move The Sharkman into his place as he climbed up. The Sharkman falls off the apron as Viktor North looks confused momentarily. He realizes what happened, but it’s too late! LEAPING RUSSIAN! The big man doesn’t go high much, but he was placed in the position as the HUGE crossbody hits Viktor North. He hooks both legs. ONE…TWO…THREE!] [HE DID IT! Sergei Sokolov overcame the odds and defeated two former VHS Champions all by himself! What does this mean for the next round?!]


[Outer Limits has their work cut out for them as they stand against the OSW World Champion as well as the VHS Champion.] [The bell sounds as Captain Zappa starts it off for his team as does Tommy Hawk for his. The two move towards the center of the ring before Zappa leaps forward with a lunging headbutt! Hawk sees this coming and manages to dodge to the left before striking with a forearm to the side of his head. Zappa staggers backwards after being caught off guard. Hawk goes to grab him around the waist, but Zappa manages to turn and place a thumb right into the eye of The World Champion. Zappa grabs his arm and whips him into the rope… except he brings Hawk’s head beneath his arm and snaps a DDT! HICCUP IN THE SYSTEM! He goes for a pinfall. One…Tw-Phoenix enters the ring early to break it up!] [The referee begins ushering him from the ring and in comes Calypso with a steel chair! She SLAMS IT into the head of Tommy Hawk as he slumps down to the mat. Zappa goes for another pinfall as he urges the referee to turn around. Finally he does. One…Two…TH-NO! Hawk powers out as Zappa looks a little irritated. He pulls Hawk into a side headlock as Hawk slowly begins to fade. The referee goes to lift his hand. He drops it once… twice… BUT Hawk begins coming back to life on the third! The crowd is going apeshit! Zappa is shaking his head but Hawk begins striking his midsection with elbows. One… another… the third breaks it!] [Hawk is back to a standing position. Zappa goes for a running clothesline, but Hawk ducks underneath, hits the ropes, and nails a clothesline of his own. Hawk uses what’s left of his energy and… in comes Phoenix! The Nightwatch is a fresh man as he quickly rushes into the ring and nails a dropkick to Zappa! Zappa hits the ropes and comes back before Phoenix wraps around his neck for a… ZIG ZAG! Phoenix springs up onto the top rope and… PHOENIX FOREARM! Calypso grabs Phoenix by the hair as he comes back to his feet, but Phoenix yanks her down, throat-first across the top rope before she flies backwards. Zappa is back to his feet as Phoenix is preoccupied. However…. THE SCALP! Hawk sees him trying to take advantage and evens the odds. Phoenix gives him a nod before going for the pinfall. One…Two…THREE!] [Birds of a Feather manage to pick up a win in this first round. The two men nod at each other with seeming understanding as they celebrate with their own gold.]


[Recorded Earlier.] [Static.] [Betamax sits in an old sleeping bag outside the tap room, tucked away behind some dumpsters. He looks like a bum, wrapped up in a blanket in the middle of summer.] [What he sees is Errol Flint frogmarch Jack Jeckel out into the alley. If he carefully hides himself away, watching from around a dumpster as Flint forces Jeckel to his knees and pulls a gun behind his head.]

“Any last words?”

[Jeckel shakes his head.] [The camera faces Errol Flint.] [Betamax looks away.] [BANG!]

“Help…. me,” [Errol begs, reaching out an arm.] “Please!”

[The Juggalo looks him up and down, shakes his head and walks away.] [With Jack having departed, Betamax throws off his blanket and runs over to Errol Flint. He knees beside him, checking for a pulse as the former Chairman of OSW lays before him.]

“Shit! Shit, fuck, shit! There’s no fucking pulse! Holy fucking shit, there’s no fucking pulse!”

[Panic has begun to set in. He searches around, looking for any witnesses. Errol Flint is dead. He’s dead and Betamax didn’t see who the culprit was.] [He stands up, pulls out an old flip phone and dials.]

“What’cha callin’ me for Betamax?” [He angrily grunts.] “We got a bar full of patrons just about to swarm the ring for the Main Event.”

[There’s heavy breathing on the line.] “Uh, boss? We have a huge problem.”



[It’s yet another colossal tag team match between Wrestling Royalty and The Word!] [The bell sounds as Desmond Cross and Brent Kersh are starting this one off. They tie up as these two bulls are trying to exert their strength over the other. Cross manages to get the better by yanking down on Brent’s beard before leaning forward for a headbutt. Desmond Cross goes for a belly-to-belly suplex which connects. The Outlaw doesn’t get up, but rather just hooks the leg of Cross as he stumbles to the mat. Kersh hooks his arms around the ankle of Cross and begins to twist. Desmond grits his teeth as he slowly hobbles towards his corner, but Kersh drags him back to the center before locking it in with his legs.] [Desmond cries out in anguish before slowly using his arms to pull himself towards his corner and reaches out for a TAG! Kersh quickly relinquishes the hold, but just in time to Lux to spring off the top rope and connect with a hurricanrana! Lux hooks a leg in that position! ONE…TWO! KICKOUT! Kersh manages to get a shoulder up. Lux Bellator quickly leaps up to the second rope and springs off before hooking Kersh’s arm and whipping him down into an arm drag takedown! Kersh has frustration on his face as Lux whips Kersh over onto his back and pulls on his arm for an armbar.] [Kersh realizes this and quickly turns Lux onto his stomach and manages to withdraw his arm. He moves towards his corner as Lux charges before hitting a springboard forearm from the second rope. Brent Kersh realizes this and dodges to the side. Lux slams into the corner turnbuckle with his chin slamming off the top turnbuckle! Nigel manages to get his fingers into the mask of Lux and yanks it to the side! Bellator’s hands try to fix it but Kersh wraps up his arms and legs before hitting a Russian Leg Sweep! Kersh wraps up the legs and Nigel climbs the turnbuckle! STAR-FIRE! The Lone Star figure-4-leglock as Nigel leaps down for a frog splash! Nigel uses the momentum to come back up to his feet and leaps over the top rope taking himself and Cross out! Lux Bellator is clutching his torn and moved mask in pain before tapping out!] [Wrestling Royalty has done it! Nigel Royal rolls back into the ring holding his ribs as he gives Kersh a smirk before going to the turnbuckle. Brent Kersh keeps his eyes on him but also celebrates.]


[It’s a battle between top dogs as it’s Genesis standing off against The Firebirds!] [A moment passes before Scarecrow and Solomon Rhodes step out of the ring leaving Mother and Ethan Bird to start this thing off. They lock up, but it’s Ethan Bird who turns Mother’s head sideways into a headlock. He drops an elbow across the back of her head as she turns around, Bird lifts her up and drops her with an atomic drop! Mother goes to clutch at her backside as Bird hits the ropes before raising a boot and floors her with a big boot! Ethan Bird gets a handful of hair before lifting her up.] [As he does, BLACK MIST sprays into the eyes of Ethan Bird! He swings wildly as he’s blinded by it. Ethan Bird is blinded, but he doesn’t miss the knee that slams into his temple. HAPPILY EVER AFTER! Mother goes for a pinfall. One…Two…NO! Solomon Rhodes drags the leg of Ethan Bird onto the bottom rope and points it out to the referee before the final count. The Scarecrow drops off the apron and the pursuit between these two begins. Scarecrow chases Solomon past the steel steps where Solomon lays in wait. He dropkicks the steps into the knees of The Hayman as he flips over it.] [Mother seems distracted by this as Ethan Bird is slowly wiping the mist out of his eyes. She realizes this too late as a stiff right hook catches her right on the jaw. Ethan Bird lifts Mother up onto his shoulder before running forward and hitting a running powerslam. It’s then that The Scarecrow slides into the ring. Ethan Bird and The Hayman have a momentary stand off, but it’s Solomon Rhodes leaping off the top rope! Only The Scarecrow pulls Bird into the way! MOONSAULT ONTO HIS OWN PARTNER! Solomon Rhodes looks puzzled and a bit disappointed, but it’s a momentary thing as he’s flattened with a stiff HAYMAKER! The Scarecrow grabs Ethan Bird up and… BYE BYE BIRDIE! Mother crawls onto his chest. One…TWO…THREE!] [Genesis managed to stay on the same page throughout and win this HUGE match-up as The Firebirds seem to be ready to throw blows.]


[Here we go with another second round match-up! It’s Sergei Sokolov ALONE again against Black Magic!] [The bell sounds and it’s Sergei Sokolov going against Voodoo! The two lock horns! Well Sergei grabs Voodoo by his horns and throws him aside. Voodoo gets back to his feet, but a gigantic boot catches him right in the gut as Sergei lifts him up with a grin on his face before… CHUNKING him over his shoulder! Voodoo hits the mat and rolls like a sack of potatoes before The Russian leaps on him and begins pounding shots towards his painted face! Sergei grabs him by his necklace and clothing and hoists him from a prone position over his head! GORILLA PRESS POWERSLAM!] [Sergei is showing signs of fatigue whether it’s from running this as a one-man show or just the sheer power he uses with his moves. Sergei goes towards Voodoo who is getting up barely. 6TH SENSE CLOTHESLINE! It isn’t enough to knock the Russian down, but it’s enough to get him off balance. TAG! In comes Makena Jakande! She climbs the top rope versus entering the ring and leaps off… DIVING CROSSBODY! Both go down, but it’s Makena who rolls to a pouncing position much like a lioness would before a kill! Sergei gets to his feet, but she quickly rolls his shoulder back and begins climbing the top rope. She walks along it before… OLD SCHOOL!] [But Sergei is too strong as he catches her and spins for a sidewalk slam! Sergei is slow to his feet, but he looks pissed. He grabs her by her throat and hooks in a Sambo Suplex… FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE! Voodoo comes into the ring at this point, but the referee is already pulling him back. Sergei turns to see this with a smirk. SOVIET STRIKE! He nails Voodoo with a spinning backfist as the meaty hand just clobbers Voodoo! He slams to the mat as Sergei turns right into a LOU THESZ PRESS! Makena is raining down blows as Sergei is trying to cover up. She goes towards the rope and awaits Sergei to get up. She wraps her arm around his head for THE LIO-NO! Sergei is too strong! He wraps his meaty hand around the throat of Makena… WARHEAD! Chokeslam into a backbreaker and she appears broken in half! ONE…TWO…Voodoo is crawling back in! THREE!] [The Russian Bear has done it AGAIN! ALONE! He stands tall with a smirk on his face as he slowly makes his way out of the ring clutching his shoulder with a fiery look in his eyes.]


[Here we are again! This time it’s the former Tag Team Champions, KNOCK KNOCK teaming up against Birds of a Feather!] [The bell sounds as Doubt and Tommy Hawk are going to start this thing off for their teams. The Old School Wrestling Heavyweight Champion is ready as Doubt charges. The emotion leaps into the air for a jumping corkscrew forearm, but Hawk expertly dodges the blow and catches the emotion around the waist. He lifts up and nails a German suplex which sees it get flung across the ring. Tommy Hawk doesn’t allow for a moment of breathing as he quickly is on top of the emotion. He yanks Doubt’s head between his legs and lifts it up for a… PILEDRIVER! Hawk goes for a pinfall. One…Two…NO!] [Smart play by Hawk to try and conserve energy going forward, but he’ll need to do more to put down The Masked Emotion. Hawk goes to lift it up, but Doubt wraps its arms around Hawk’s head and… JAWBREAKER! It hits the ropes very quickly before leveling Hawk with a running STO! Doubt hooks both legs of Hawk after he comes up and hits a leg sweep before rolling Hawk’s arm underneath its body. THE SECOND GUESS IS IN PLACE! Tommy Hawk is struggling to get out of this one as Doubt is wrenching on the pain! Hawk begins to have life! He slowly begins to lift with Doubt on his arm and shoulder! Finally, Hawk is standing upright with Doubt looking a little in peril as its hoisted up. Hawk frees himself, but keeps Doubt up… THE RED ARROW!] [Both men are down. They begin to slowly crawl and… TAG! TAG! In comes The Nightwatch and here comes The Deranged One! The two begin trading hellacious blows in the center of the ring. Nightwatch nails a big high knee which dazes Smiley. He goes off the rope and returns for… A CHELSEA GRIN! The move is nailed as Phoenix falls. Smiley grabs him by the throat, but… THE LIGHTS GO OUT!] [IT’S PITCH BLACK!] [The lights return and it’s Hysteria standing on the apron with his head turned sideways! Smiley is irate! He rushes towards the ropes, but Hysteria just drops down. Doubt rushes into the ring to remind him of the match! In comes Hawk… Knock Knock realize this, but it’s too late! THE SCALP TO DOUBT! FOR HER ON SMILEY! Phoenix hooks his leg. One…Two…THREE!] [With a little assist from Hysteria, it’s Birds of a Feather moving on in the tournament. Smiley is literally biting the bottom rope in anguish as Hysteria just slowly walks up the ramp with his cold, seemingly lifeless eyes, fixed upon him.]


[Recorded Earlier.] [Static.] [The Chief has now joined Betamax outside. They’re both stood in shock over the body of Errol Flint. Blood has trickled out into the cracks of the cobbled alleyway, having spread far and wide. This grizzly murder scene paints the picture of a violent and shocking death.]

“Fuck,” [The Chief exclaims.] “And you didn’t see who did it?”

[Betamax shakes his head.]


[They both stand there for a moment. The Chief pulls out his cell phone and dials a number.]

“I need a cleaner,” [he says abruptly.] “As quick as you can,” [he continues, being asked questions.] “There’s one rug, lots of paint, and I’m outside in the open. How quick can you be?”

[The operator responds and The Chief hangs up.]

“We’re gonna have to move him,” [The Chief says to a shocked Betamax.] “I’ve got a guy, a cleaner, he’ll be here in ten minutes to mop all this mess up. But if someone comes along and see’s us next to this body, we’re fucked.”

[Betamax refuses.] “No fucking way. I’m not touching him.”

[The Chief whips his cane up to Betamax’ throat, pushing him backwards into a nearby dumpster.]

“You’ll do as you’re fuckin’ told, nigga. You’re the only witness to this shit. I told you to keep him safe, didn’t I? This is your fuckin’ fault. How the fuck do you keep him hidden for months and then let him get capped outside the building?”

[They both back off slightly.]

“Now look, we’re gonna roll him up in your sleeping bag and put him to one side. If anyone sees anything, they’ll assume he’s a bum asleep in the alley.”

“Then what?” [Betamax asks.]

“Then we’re gonna have to find out who did this. The former Chairman of my company was murdered outside my building. Someone is sending me a message.”

[They both look at each other before The Chief walks over to grab the sleeping bag. They’re hesitant, but they know what has to be done.] [Cut.]


[It’s the semi-finals and you have to feel for Sergei Sokolov. He’s by himself alone again against two of the oldest names in OSW history: Brent Kersh and King Royal.] [Sergei Sokolov looks battered and beaten and you can’t help but to notice his shoulder giving him trouble. He starts this thing off against King Royal. The two interlock, but Royal quickly drives a fist into the injured shoulder of Sokolov. The Russian Bear bites his lip, but it’s King Royal who leaps up, hooks his head, and drives him into the mat with a DDT! It looks like Sokolov is running on empty in his third match of the night. King Royal quickly hooks a side headlock on his foe as he twists it on tight. He rotates around and quickly locks in an armbar, looking to further work on that shoulder!] [Sokolov is fighting against it with everything in his arsenal. He hooks his hands and manages to roll Royal onto his shoulders. One…Two…NO! Royal manages to kick out, but has to release the hold in the process. Sokolov gets to his feet with one hand clutching his shoulder in pain. He moves up to the King and lifts him up before moving an arm between his legs. Pumphandle slam as Nigel is now clutching his own back and shoulder. Sokolov goes to pick up, Nigel, but The King scurries between his legs and lunges forward! TAG! In comes The Enforcer!] [These two go to tie-it-up, but Kersh slips around and nails a dropkick with both boots connecting with that injured shoulder. Sokolov cries out in pain momentarily. Kersh grabs his arm and nails an arm drag! He goes down and begins to apply an armbar of his own. Sokolov is drained as you can see the blood rushing to his face as he hooks his hands. He manages to get to his feet… he LIFTS KERSH… POWERSLAM WITH KERSH STILL ATTACHED! Royal rushes into the ring only to get… SOVIET STRIKE! The backfist sends him flying backwards into the referee! A battle cry exits the mouth of Sergei as he turns to see a familiar face. Piotor Svetalov just on the apron. He slowly enters the ring with his eyes focused upon Sokolov. CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! Sokolov didn’t have enough time to recover as he’s turned inside out! Piotor turns him onto his belly, pulls his arm up with one of his mechanical arms, and begins PUNCHING THE SHIT OUT OF HIS SHOULDER WITH HIS OTHER METAL ARM! You can hear the pain as Sokolov is trying his best to keep quiet until he seems to pass out. Piotor looks satisfied and leaves the ring just as the referee and Brent Kersh come to life. Kersh looks a little disgruntled with the method, but slowly rolls Sokolov over and pins. One…Two…THREE!] [It took three matches, six opponents, and one intruding Piotor Svetalov to put down The Russian Bear, but it’s Wrestling Royalty that will be moving on into the finals!]


[It’s our second Semi Final of the night. Who will join Wrestling Royalty in the big show down for the now vacant Tag Team Championships? Will it be Genesis, or Birds of a feather?] [Hawk locks up with The Scarecrow as the bell sounds – a preview for Bad Moon Rising in the works right here tonight. The Monster quickly pushes him away with force, back into the ropes where by The World Champion springs into action with a fierce Clothesline. Scarecrow barely stumbles, smiling back at him. Hawk comes again, only the contender flips him over head with an Overhead Drop. Tommy spins, getting straight back to his feet and walking into a Clothesline] [Mother is aching for a tag at ringside, begging to enter the ring. The Scarecrow grabs Hawk by the hair and slams him into their corner, making the tag. She enters ferociously with kicks to the mid-section before flipping him down with a Snap Mare Take Over. She runs past him into the ropes, nailing him with a Basement Dropkick. Mother covers… One… Two… Kick Out! She pulls him back to his feet but Hawk fights back. He delivers hard right hands to her gut, finally taking her down with a big right hand to the jaw. Tommy stumbles over to his corner, tagging in Phoenix who storms the ring, ducks a swinging Clothesline and leaps off the middle rope… SPRINGBOARD… PHOENIX FOREARM!] [Jacob nails her! He turns around though and walks straight into the waiting clutches of The Scarecrow! The Hayman lifts him straight up into the air and down with a BYE BYE BIRDIE! GOODNIGHT, PHOENIX! Mother scrambles back to her feet just in time to see Hawk coming with a SCALP! NO! SHE DUCKS! HE TURNS AROUND AND HAPPILY EVER AFTER TO THE WORLD CHAMPION! Mother quickly covers Phoenix as Scarecrow stands tall… One…. Two… Three! GENESIS HAVE DONE IT! They’re going to the finals for the Tag Team Championships!] [The fans boo, but that has no effect on the outcome here. Genesis stand tall in the middle of the ring, having battled their way to the final. It’ll be Genesis vs. Wrestling Royalty – The Scarecrow vs. Brent Kersh – and it’s next.]


[It’s time for the Main Event!] [One of these two teams will be walking out of Double Tap with the Tag Team Championships! What brand will they head to? Will it be Monday Night Showcase with Wrestling Royalty, or VHS with Genesis?] [King Royal starts this match off with Mother – these two having met before on VHS. They lock up, The King taking her into a Side Headlock and viciously punching her atop the head. She stumbles backwards and he runs her into the corner with his shoulder, delivering barge after barge until she squeals in pain. Royal immediately tags Brent Kersh who comes in and pulls her away, whipping her across the ring into the opposite corner. He runs towards her, but she leaps into the air with a boot that sends him spiralling backwards. Mother hops up onto the middle turnbuckle and leaps through the air with a Crossbody, taking Kersh down to the canvas. She covers… One… Two… Kick Out!] [Mother gets back to her feet, quickly tagging in The Scarecrow. The Monster enters by stepping over the top rope and looming over Kersh, who carefully gets back to his feet. They stand for a moment, their eyes locked. There’s so much history here. Brent runs at him, fearlessly, chopping his leg straight out from underneath him with a diving shoulder. That takes the Hayman down to one knee and the fight is on. Kersh levels him with right hand after right hand, kicking him in the chest and head, delivering everything he has to his life-time nemesis. This monster took his sons life. This monster almost took his own. Brent finally backs away and runs with a violent Clothesline, only The Scarecrow duck’s underneath it and stands up!] [Kersh spins quickly, only it isn’t quick enough and he’s scooped up and down with a thunderous Power Slam. The Scarecrow grabs him by the hair as he tries to get up, driving an uppercut up into his throat. He backs him off into the ropes and sends him across the ring, driving a Big Boot into his forehead as he returns. The Monster turns to go after him, only King Royal has entered the fray. The King hits a chopping block to the leg of The Scarecrow, similarly taking him down to one knee like Brent had before. Mother comes running, diving with a Dropkick that Royal dodges, sending her straight into her own tag team partner! She gets up in shock and is drilled by a Clothesline that sends her sprawling to the canvas and subsequently the outside.] [The Enforcer is back to his feet, realizing his opportunity. Both Royal and Kersh stand near The Scarecrow, delivering left and right hands in unison, swaying The Monster on his knees. They quickly step in and hook his arms. Oh no, they won’t? DOUBLE SUPLEX TO THE FUCKING SCAREROW! DOUBLE GOD DAMN SUPLEX! Brent quickly grabs his legs, calling for the end. FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK! FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK! THE LONE STAR! HOLY FUCK! THE SCARECROW CAN’T GET TO THE ROPES! HE CAN’T MAKE IT! Suddenly, HE FLIPS The Enforcer over… REVERSAL! REVERSAL! BRENT KERSH IS BEING TRAUMATIZED BY HIS OWN MOVE! The Scarecrow’s gnarly smile only lasts moments before King Royal drops down to the canvas, grabbing his arm and DUNGEONS OF LONDON! HOLY SHIT!] [This is brilliant! The Scarecrow has a figure four reversal on Brent Kersh and The King has the Dungeons of London locked in on The Scarecrow. Just then, like a flash, Mother dives into the ring, leaps on top of King Royal, WRAPS HER ARMS AROUND HIS THROAT, WRAPS A LEG AROUND HIS MIDRIFT AND YANKS BACKWARDS! MOTHERS EMBRACE! “This is awesome” chants fire up inside the Tap Room as all four of these competitors lock themselves in submission moves! The referee finally makes heads or tails of it, breaking them up and demanding that the illegal competitors exit the ring.] [Everyone is carefully and painfully back to their feet. Mother spits BLACK MIST into the direction of King Royal, only he ducks and BRENT KERSH RECEIVES A FACE FULL! The King grabs her by the hair and tosses her over the top rope. He dusts off his hands and turns around to The Scarecrow… BYE BYE BIRDIE! BYE BYE ROYAL! CHOKESLAM! THAT HAS TO BE THAT FOR THE KING! Brent is stumbling around with his hands on his face… BYE BYE! NO!! THE ENFORCER CHOPS DOWN ON HIS ARMS.. INSIDE CRADLE! ONE….. TWO….. THREE!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! BRENT KERSH HAS DONE IT! HE’S DONE IT! WITH AN INSIDE CRADLE, HE’S JUST WON THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS FOR WRESTLING ROYALTY!] [The fans can’t believe it! The bell sounds and the referee brings in the Tag Team Championships, handing them to Brent Kersh who waits for King Royal to come to and realize what’s happened.] [What a match!] [What a night!] [Both men celebrate in the ring, The King walking towards the corner to do so alone as Brent Kersh stands smiling in the center. Who thought these two would ever-] [Static.]


[A beautiful clear night’s sky. The air is humid and the evening is blissfully quiet.] [Suddenly, a bright white light pierces through the sky.] [And that’s all we can see.] [The camera lowers through the white beam towards the ground, stopping as a flickering occurs.] [Static.] [The camera starts acting extremely strange. There’s a flickering that refuses to stop until the white light finally vanishes, leaving a silhouette of what appears to be a woman stood within.] [She emerges into our screen.]

“This is the city known as Miami?” [The woman questions, looking at a rather technical gadget clasped tightly within her petite fingers.] “Humidity is high.”

[The machine beeps.]

“Coordinates,” [she demands, putting the machine up into the air. It suddenly erupts into a blue field, with numbers written all over it.] “Locate the ‘Tap Room’.”

[Beep.] [A voice responds.]

“The Tap Room has been located.”

[She takes a look at the map and then peers into the distance. The lights of the city are below her, flickering away. The camera takes a moment, watching as the lights reflect in her big beautiful eyes before she blinks, disrupting the harmony.]

“I must find him, everything depends on it.”

[The camera peers at her name badge.] [Lyra.] [Lyra Starchild.] [Cut.]