[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Everyone is terrified.] [Double Tap II should be a momentous occasion but after last week, blood still stains the halls – literally. Jacen Novan stands in the ancient forge, radiating power. There’s blood on his hands and he’s come to revel in the feel of it. He lowers his hood for the first time, his eyes glowing with a white hue.]

“I knew you’d come.”

[The camera turns around to show Redwing.]

“You’ve spilt blood on this sacred ground,” [The Caped Crusader growls.] “You must be stopped, Jacen. I don’t want to hurt you but if you don’t give in willingly, I will stop you.”

[Novan spins quickly, Redwing equally as fast to react, launching a wing shaped gadget directly at his chest that stumbles him backwards then explodes into smoke. Novan waves the smoke away, unable to see through it as Redwing glides through the air with a Double Footed Dropkick, tumbling the Chosen One over.]

“Give in, hand yourself over and we’ll purge this evil from within you.”

[Novan scoffs.] “Never.”

[He rolls back to his feet with a chuckle, blocking a big kick and pushing forward with his hand, sending Redwing hurtling through the air at some velocity. He crashes into the back wall, hitting the deck with a thud. Concrete and rubble topple around him as Jacen approaches.]

“Can you feel how the balance has shifted, Redwing?” [He hisses, dragging him to his feet by his throat.] “I’m your God now. Beg me for your life.”

[Redwing refuses, instead pulling something from his vest that immediately pulls him up into the air – a parachute based device that dragged him up and away from Novan. He heads into the darkness of the cavern above and doesn’t come back down.] [Jacen stands, amused.]

“You can’t stop the end.”

[He yells into the darkened abyss above.]

“You can’t stop me!”



[The terrifying duo of Manson and HAtE stand in one corner as the two religious leaders take their place. As soon as the bell rings Manson explodes out of his corner!] [The masochist and Chambers are first in the ring and Manson is on him with a flurry of lefts and rights that force the preacher back into his corner! HEADBUTT BY CHAMBERS! Manson lets out a howl of deranged pleasure as he’s forced backward and Chambers flies forward with a clothesline before dragging Manson to the turnbuckle and tagging in Forever! The duo force Manson into the corner! FOUR MIDSECTION KICKS AND THREE CHOPS A PIECE! SEVEN SINS IN TANDEM! They hip toss Manson out of the corner and the Bowman is smiling in a brutalized daze as Forever presses on!] [Eli forces David up by his beard and whips him into the ropes, catching him with a boot on the return! Just as he leans down to grab him again- MANSON WRAPS HIS HANDS AROUND ELI’S NECK! HE GETS TO HIS FEET AND WILDLY HEADBUTTS THE HEIR ETERNAL! Blood begins to spill from both men’s heads as Manson whips Eli over to his corner! He tags on HAtE who grabs Forever in a full nelson! MANSON BRINGS OUT HIS PRISON SHANK! HE STABS- FOREVER BREAKS FREE! THE SHANK FINDS ITSELF IN HATE’S STOMACH! Blood pours from the wound onto the mat!] [HAtE pulls the blade from his stomach and tosses it aside as he rushes towards the retreating Eli! MEANINGLESS! DISCUS ELBOW TO THE JAW OF FOREVER! Eli falls to the mat and Chambers tries to help his partner by climbing over the ropes but HAtE stops him with a hand around the throat! CHOKESLAM TO THE OUTSIDE! HAtE is distracted and Eli grabs him from behind! DRAGON SLEEPER! SLEEP TO DREAM! The Nihilist is held in tightly as Eli leans back! He may very well break this man’s neck! NO! HATE FORCES ELI ONTO HIS SHOULDERS! NOTHINGNESS! F-5 ONTO THE MAT! He covers! One! Two! Three!] [Awaken by Deathlok plays over the speakers as HAtE rises to his feet alongside David Manson! The brutal duo continue to the next round!]


[Two unlikely duos enter the ring with the big men in Troy and Wolfgang starting us off!] [Wolfgang and Troy lock up in the center of the ring in a test of strength! Troy gets the upper hand and hits a massive belly-to-belly on Wolfgang! The Nazi gets to his feet just in time for Troy to try another suplex! NO! KNEE TO THE GUT BY WOLFGANG! The Superior lashes out with a combination of trained punches BUT TROY DODGES THE LAST ONE! HE LOCKS IN THE FULL NELSON! HEL’S EMBRACE! Wolfgang struggles against the hold and looks to be fading! Just as Troy cinches it in tighter A BB PELLET HITS HIM! MULTIPLE FOLLOW UP! The Viking is forced to let go as Mindfuck’s drone pelts him!] [A swift elbow to the jaw by Wolfgang forces him back! 1488! SPARTAN KICK TO THE CHEST! TROY IS THROWN INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! The Viking is dazed and Shadow tags himself in! HE SPRINGBOARDS! DIVING DOUBLE FOOTSTOMP TO WOLFGANG! AVENGED! The Superior is left breathless and Shadow stumbles forward INTO A SPRINGLOADED BOXING GLOVE BY MINDFUCK! The stone padded glove knocks Shadow on his ass and allows Wolfgang ample time to crawl to the corner and tag in Mindfuck! The doctor is in and he looks raring to go! Shadow slowly moves to his feet and kicks him in the shin before dropping him with a DDT!] [The Angel isn’t looking too well as Mindfuck peels him off of the mat and whips him to the ropes BUT SHADOW SLIDES BETWEEN HIS LEGS! Mindfuck turns around just in time for a frankensteiner to drop him! The Scientist rolls to his feet and Shadow follows up with A SUPERKICK! ANGEL BEAT! Mindfuck lands in his corner and Wolfgang tags himself in as Shadow leaps to tag Troy back in! Both men fly at each other AND LEAP! LUFTWAFFE BY WOLFGANG! VALKYRIE BY TROY SOLVEIG! BOTH MEN LAND A NASTY SUPERMAN PUNCH ON THE OTHER! They both hit the ground but Troy is able to drape his arm over Wolfgang! One! Two! Three!] [Both Shadow and Solveig stand tall after that brutal contest as they move onto the next round!]


[Hail to the king, baby! Those 90s Guys square off against the ever royal Sword in the Stone!] [Knightwatch stands in front of the king to take the lead as Ash enters the ring! Ash tries to start off strong with a few hard blows but The Knightwatch skillfully blocks them before riposting with a stiff uppercut! Williams is on the defense as Knightwatch overwhelms him with a flurry of well-trained strikes! Just as he goes to finish the combo ASH GRABS HIM AND SLAMS HIM TO THE GROUND WITH A MASSIVE SPINEBUSTER! The Deadite killer hits the ropes and comes back with a senton to Knightwatch! Ash is back in control as he goes to tag in Cories!] [The crowd cheers as Cories leaps into the ring and follows up with his own leaping elbow drop! Knightwatch is dazed and Cories peels him up before going for a suplex- NO! KNIGHT’S END! REVERSE STO BY KNIGHTWATCH! Cories slams face first into the mat and allows Knightwatch time to roll to his feet and go to The Lich King’s corner to tag him in! King Arthur gets into the ring and Knightwatch practically drags Cories over to him! As Arthur reaches down for the pin- KICK TO THE HEAD BY CORIES! LEG SWEEP TO KNIGTHWATCH! Both men are down and Cories gets to his feet!] [Cories forces Arthur to his feet and hits a harsh DDT before going for a pin- MORDRED’S DEMISE! KING ARTHUR PULLED CORIES INTO A GUILLOTINE CHOKE! Cories tries to fight out but the hold is locked in tight! Just when it looks like he may tap ASH BREAKS UP THE HOLD! Williams helps his partner to his feet and drags him back to the corner ONLY FOR ARTHUR TO CLOTHESLINE BOTH OF THEM TO THE GROUND! The King calls for the end as he hits the far rope AND COMES BACK WITH A KING’S CROSSING TO CORIES! He covers!One! Two! Three!] [The King and his knight have put an end to the former tag champs tournament run and advance to the next round!]


[Two high fliers take on two of OSW’s most vicious monsters! Who will come out on top?] [Xavier is out first against the monstrous Pig! The Magician ducks a clothesline and hits Pig in the back of the head with a Pele kick! Pig turns around into a leaping DDT- HE CATCHES IT! THE GREAT DESTROYER! POP-UP SUPERKICK! Pig isn’t playing around at all as he bears down on Xavier with a seemingly endless stream of stomps! He lifts him up and thrusts him into his corner before he tags in James Hunter! Hunter hits the far rope as Pig whips Dante INTO THE RELAX CLOTHESLINE! There’s no way Dante will be able to recover from this!] [The Solution is already looking to end poor Dante! They reach down to grab him… BUT BOTH MEN BEGIN TO FLOAT! DANTE HAS BOTH MEN HIGH IN THE AIR! HE SNAPS HIS FINGERS TO DROP THEM! LEVITATION DEVASTATION! Xavier crawls to his turnbuckle and gets up just in time to tag Mysterion! PIG CHARGES XAVIER! NO HIS DISAPPEARS! MYSTERION CATCHES PIG WITH THE PUNCH OF DOOM! SPRINGBOARD SUPERMAN PUNCH! Pig rolls out of the ring leaving Mysterion alone with James Hunter who catches the young villain by surprise with a massive German Suplex that sends him sprawling across the mat!] [The Cloaked Condundrum stumbles to his feet as the Question leaps at him with a harsh elbow to the jaw! Hunter imposes his size advantage as he picks Mysterion up for a powerbomb- MYSTERION REVERSES INTO A HURRICANRANA! Hunter gets thrown into the turnbuckle and Mysterion flies forward with a boot to the back of the head that smashes Hunter right into the turnbuckle! The young villain grabs his head and slams it into the turnbuckle multiple times before throwing him back and moving to the top rope! THE PUNCH OF DOOM! Hunter goes down and Mysterion covers! One! Two! Three!] [Against the massive odds Mystic Illusion moves onto the next round! Mysterion exits the ring to join Xavier outside!]


[Jacen Novan has an agenda.] [He stands in the ancient forge, the Historium placed upon a large table, filled with unique and varied items that once belonged to the order. It radiates a purple colour as something beneath it spins, adding to its immense power. Jacen stands over it, his hands lending to the force of whatever moves this phenomenal object.] [Then a Sword drives through his chest and out the other side.] [Novan immediately stops, clutching at the sharpened blade.] [Vigilkeeper.] [And behind him, wielding it, Berengar himself.] [Novan places both hands around the steel and grimaces, violently snapping the end. Vigilkeeper screams, falling to the floor in pieces. Berengar’s eyes open wide, looking at his fallen friend as Novan swings quickly, catching him across the face with an elbow.] [The Knight stumbles, almost unsure of himself in a moment he didn’t expect. Novan lifts him up with a hand, tossing him into the air – only he hovers there, stuck in suspended animation above The Chosen One.] [Jacen pulls apart his robe, revealing a bloodied wound that slowly closes and heals before our very eyes.]

“H-How,” [Berengar says, struggling to speak.] “How are you not dead?”

[The Chosen One sneers.]

“You weak peasants are beginning to frustrate me. Why must you concern yourself with my work?”

“Because you’re trying to destroy us all.”

[He squeezes his hands, tightening the grip on Berengar.]

“No, I’m trying to destroy The Tap Room,” [he replies.] “It restrains my power from reaching its full potential and these constant interruptions are becoming but a nuisance.”

[Berengar suddenly smiles; that concerns Novan. He turns around to see the jagged blade of Vigilkeeper lunging towards him. It slices through his hand, dropping Berengar to the floor as it returns to the other end of his blade, reuniting itself as one.] [Jacen turns and The Knight is gone. He hisses with fury, scrunching up his face.]

“Run away whilst you can, heroic Knight. There isn’t much time left.”



[The Gentleman take on one hell of a game! Can the champs beat this level and stay in the tournament?] [Nevermore starts his team off and offers a handshake to Montana who flips him off instead! Edgar is shocked and Chip follows up with a monkey flip that sends Edgar onto his back! Montana lets him get up before slamming into him with a hard headbutt that leaves him reeling! He leaps for a DDT- NEVERMORE GETS BEHIND HIM! DRAGON SUPLEX! Montana is in a bad away as Nevermore rolls through and locks in a full nelson! Nevermore doesn’t let up as he lands knees to the back of Montana! Could Chip be on his way out already?] [Montana is still fighting and he slowly pushes back BEFORE HITTING A HARD HEADBUTT! Nevermore stumbles back and Chip tags in Gameboy! LEVEL ONE BY GAMEBOY! SEE YOU LATER ALLIGATOR BY CHIP! SUPERKICK BACKSTABBER COMBO! Nevermore bounces off of Chip’s knees and Gameboy peels him up! BUTTON MASH- NO! NEVERMORE CATCHES THE THIRD PUNCH! He whips Gameboy to his corner and leaps to tag in Mammon! The Salesman has joined the game! He grabs Gameboy and explodes out of the corner with a bulldog! Nevermore gets to the apron as Mammon lifts Gameboy up for a massive suplex!] [Mammon whips Gameboy off of the ropes and CATCHES HIM WITH THE SLINGBLADE! THE HARD SELL! Gameboy is dazed but Mammon refuses to let up as he peels him off the ground and forces him to the corner! He tags in Nevermore and allows his partner to hit a kick to the gut before both whip him off of the ropes- DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE ON THE RETURN BY GAMEBOY! Player One is groggy but he’s able to peel up Mammon and throw him to the outside! He turns around INTO THE POETRY IN MOTION! NEVERMORE PULLS HIM INTO THE SUPLEX SIDESLAM! He covers! One! Two! Three!] [The Gentlemen Duo proves once more why they are the tag champs! Can anyone in this tournament dethrone them?]


[The Eternal Underdog and Darkwish take on Void Knight and THE Zander Zane! Can the heroic duo survive the countdown?] [Cayci fearlessly takes the lead against Zane and flies forward with a leaping clothesline that floors the Rock God! He rolls to his feet just in time to take a dropkick to the chin! Zander rolls to the corner as Cayci hits the ropes! CURTAIN CALL- HANGOVER SUNDAY! ZANE SPITS WHISKEY IN CAYCI’S FACE! Darkwish lands on her feet and frantically tries to rub the booze from her eyes as Zander follows up with his favorite combo! BACK THRUST KICK! KNIFE EDGE CHOP! ROUNDHOUSE! Cayci collapses to the ground and Zane takes a celebratory chug of whiskey!] [Zander picks Cayci up and showboats a bit as he calls for an early end to this tag team bout! HE TOSSES HER UP FOR THE MIC DROP- CAYCI LANDS ON THE APRON! She grabs Zane’s head and runs him across the ring into the turnbuckle before tagging in Neville Sheldon! The Nerd is in! Sheldon and Cayci both leap! DOUBLE NKO TO ZANDER ZANE! Neville goes to pin but Zander slips out of the ring! He runs to his corner and tags in Berengar WHO EXPLODES OUT OF THE CORNER WITH A NASTY BIG BOOT THAT DROPS NEVILLE!] [Neville gets thrown halfway across the ring by that blow! Cayci tries to come to Neville’s aid but Berengar catches her! POP UP POWERBOMB! VANQUISHER TO THE OUTSIDE! The Void Knight turns around to face Neville and the Underdog puts on a brave face as he locks up with the larger man! Berengar gets the easy upper hand and he goes for a short arm clothesline- NEVILLE DUCKS THROUGH! HE GRABS ONTO BERENGAR’S HEAD AND LEG! THE BOOKSMART! Neville wrenches back as hard as he can, Berengar is slowly fading! DOES HE? HE TAPS! HE TAPS! NEVILLE HAS BROKEN THE VOID KNIGHT!] [Beauty and the Geek have beaten the countdown! They are going into the second round!]


[Before the match can even begin Gavin Davis and Happy offer hugs to Spero and Trebol! The heroes awkwardly accept before moving to their corners.] [Gavin Davis takes point to set an example for Happy and takes on Spero! The two men lock up in the center of the ring and Davis hits a belly-to-belly suplex! Spero is quick back to his feet but Davis pulls him into a suplex! HE ROLLS ON TOP AND LANDS A RIGHT A LEFT A RIGHT A LEFT! KONAMI CODE! Davis gives a thumbs up to Happy AND SPERO THROWS HIM OFF! Davis gets up AND GETS CAUGHT BY A SPRINGBOARD ROUNDHOUSE! WILL’S LIGHT! Davis hits the mat and Spero goes to the top rope!] [The Great Hope leaps from the ropes WITH A FROG SPLASH- KNEES UP BY DAVIS! Gavin forces Spero off of himself and crawls to his corner! He gets the tag on Happy! Across the ring, Spero does the same to Trebol! Both men collide in the center of the ring and begin trading blows! Trebol, the pint-sized brawler, gets knocked silly by a harsh haymaker and bounces off the ropes BEFORE HEADBUTTING HAPPY IN THE GROIN! MIS JOYAS! The Happiest Man on Earth isn’t living up to his name as he grabs his family jewels in pain and his knees buckle!] [Trebol grabs Happy and plants him with a snap DDT! He hits the ropes and comes back with a front flip senton to Happy! The hero is relentless as he goes to drop a knee- but happy rolls out of the way! Trebol looks up only for Happy to land a knee of his own into Trebol’s face! The Green Bean is sent stumbling back BUT HE LEAPS UP AND HEADBUTTS HAPPY IN THE CHEST! Trebol slides under his legs, standing up AND GETTING WITH THE SHADOWKICK! SUPERKICK! He turns around INTO A DRAGONSLAYER BY DAVIS! MODIFIED SPEAR SPINEBUSTER! Happy covers! One! Two! Three!] [Happy and Davis share a victorious hug before going to check on their opponents after the match!]


[The two men of justice stand across from the incompatible duo of Kersh and Davenport. Will the Dogs win the war, or will justice be served?] [Redmon Quinn is first for his team and Davenport forcibly tags himself in! Quinn tries to lock up with Jon but the redneck hits a cheap right hook that staggers him! He picks Quinn up and throws him into a turnbuckle before running a knee into his gut and throwing him to the ground! MUD FLOP! BOTTOM ROPE SPLASH BY DAVENPORT! Quinn holds his gut in pain and Davenport maliciously picks him up by the throat! KICK TO THE GUT BY QUINN! DETENTION! SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB! Davenport isn’t looking happy as Quinn leaps up with an elbow drop to the chest!] [Quinn gets to his feet and goes to grab Davenport- JAB TO THE EYE! Quinn is blinded momentarily and Davenport runs him straight into the turnbuckle! He goes to try and choke him out but Kersh tags himself in! The Dogs of War argue, giving Quinn time to crawl away and tag in Redwing! The Real Life Superhero grabs Davenport AND HITS THE GODWATCH! RAINMAKER CLOTHESLINE! Davenport rolls to the outside and Kersh allows Redwing back to the center of the ring before locking up with him! The seasoned veteran Kersh gets the upper hand and hip tosses Redwing!] [Kersh locks a headlock in on the grounded Redwing and holds it in tight! The Superhero struggles for a moment before kneeing Kersh in the back of the head! The Enforcer is forced to let go and roll to his feet, giving Redwing time to get up and clothesline- DROPKICK BY BRENT KERSH! The blow sends Redwing right into a turnbuckle and Brent follows up with a massive shoulder thrust that rocks him! Kirby stumbles out of the corner and Kersh picks him up! SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT BY BRENT! MODIFIED TOMBSTONE! The Enforcer drops Redwing and covers! One! Two! Three!] [Despite their arguing The Dogs of War have come out on top and continue to round two!]


[Two heroes have tried and two heroes have failed to stop Jacen Novan. He continues his work, bloodied but unharmed in the ancient forge below The Tap Room. He wishes to destroy the building, breaking through the walls that contain his evil power.] [Our heritage still rings true.] [And destroying the Tap Room, as proven by The Family, is not a task one can undertake so easily.] [Novan has left the forge in search of materials, now prowling the halls of the backstage area, in search for a particular item or two to finish his concoction.] [Only, he doesn’t make it far before The Guardian’s halt him in his tracks.] [Spero, he tries reason – he has the sense to do that, at least.]

“Jacen, we’re not trying to harm you,” [he reminds him carefully.] “We’re trying to save you. This power you wield feels good but it’s upset your balance. It’s corrupted your mind. You’ve gotta listen to reason and come with us. Let us help you before it’s too late.”

[Novan scoffs.]

“It’s already too late, Spero. I’m connected to the Historium. I share and revel in its power and there’s no way you can stop me.”

[El Trébol Junior isn’t listening. He runs at him, taking out his legs in one sweeping motion. Spero tries to protest but Finn has really lost his way since the events of Judgement Day. The Blue Latern tries to stop his friend before it’s too late, only Trébol pushes him away, swinging a boot a the face of Novan, who blocks it.] [Novan snaps his leg immediately, forcing his power down upon it, crushing and cracking the bone. The Green Bean screams as Spero rushes to his aide, leaving Jacen with ample opportunity to escape.] [Finn bellows in agony, but finds himself helpless to watch as Novan rushes down the hall. The injury is bad; they both know it. They share a look before we abruptly cut.] [Cut.]


[It is round two of Double Tap as we have the returning team of The Awakening taking on Transcendent Wings. Will the two men from the skies be able to destroy the two men of the Earth or will The Awakening clip their wings? We find out now!] [DING! DING! Shadow and HAtE are starting this match! Shadow charges at HAtE trying to surprise him! Quick punches are flying but HAtE is taking it like it barely hurts at all! Shadow runs towards the ropes! SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY! No! HAtE caught him! Fallaway slam and Shadow is tossed across the ring and rolls out to the floor! Shadow picks himself up but he can’t recover as Manson runs the apron and CROSSBODY OFF THE APRON ONTO SHADOW! Manson doesn’t stop, and he throws some rabid punches into the face of Shadow! He rolls him back into the ring!] [HAtE covers him with his foot! One…Two…Shadow gets the shoulder up! HAtE uses that foot and just walks on Shadow! He pulls up Shadow by the throat and tosses him back down with a chokeslam! HAtE hoists Shadow on his shoulders! He’s going for it! NOTHINGNESS! No! Shadow slips out of it! ANGEL BEAT! Superkick to the back of the head! HAtE goes down and Shadow goes to the top rope! No! Manson holds onto the foot but Shadow punches him off! AVENGED! Leaping double foot stomp to HAtE! He could cover but no, he’s crawling to Troy!] [He looks like he might get the tag but HAtE holds on to the leg! No! Shadow hops up and hits an enzuigiri! Shadow makes the tag! HAtE jumps up and tags in Manson! Both fresh men are in but Troy levels Manson with a clothesline! Troy is a man on fire! VALKYRIE! Superman punch to HAtE! Another VALKYRIE! This time to Manson! He picks up Manson and tosses him into the corner! He charges but HAtE pulls Manson out of the way! Troy hits the turnbuckle hard! Manson sees a chance! RED RIVER PLUNGE! Double underhook sit-out powerbomb and Manson holds on for the cover! One…Two…Three!] [What a win for the Awakening as they move on to the second round! Good fight by a tough Transcendent Wings but the Awakening pull it out!]


[We have another 2nd round match as two new teams face each other tonight. Fresh off defeating classic teams such as Those 90s guys and The Solution, Sword in the Stone and Mystic Illusion face off next! Will chivalry or trickery win? We find out next!] [DING! DING! Mysterion and Knightwatch are starting this match and they lock up! Knightwatch grabs the back of Mysterion’s neck and starts delivering Muay Thai knees into the villain’s face! Mysterion looks rocked but he slips out and hits a drop toe hold! He follows up quickly with a standing shooting-star press! Mysterion covers! One…Shoulder up quickly! Mysterion jumps and hits a high knee drop to Knightwatch! Mysterion goes to the top rope! No! King Arthur shoves him off right into KNIGHT’S WATCH! Reverse STO by Knightwatch! Knightwatch nods at Arthur and covers! One…Two…What’s happening?] [Knightwatch is floating 10 feet in the air! Dante is not letting the pin happen! He cockily smiles at King Arthur and snaps his finger! LEVITATION DEVESTATION! Knightwatch falls hard and both men are down! They are crawling to their respective corners! What is King Arthur doing! He goes into the ring and drags Knightwatch back into their corner and tags himself in! Mysterion is still crawling but King Arthur grabs the leg! GUINIVERE’S GRACE! King Arthur locks in the knee bar! Mysterion is struggling trying to tag Dante! Arthur lets go! Running elbow strike to Dante! Cheap shot by Arthur!] [Arthur is proud of his handiwork as he lets Mysterion get up! Arthur charges with a running knee! KING’S CROSSING! No! Mysterion gets out of the way! Poisonrana by Mysterion! Mysterion crawls to his corner! Dante is still down…No! He teleports to the apron and gets the tag! Springboard hurricanrana! No! Arthur caught it! Falling powerbomb by the Lich King! He waits for Dante to get back up! He goes for the running knee again! DISAPPEARING ACT! Dante disappears and hits the super kick! Dante goes to the top rope! He jumps! FINAL ACT! He hits the Shooting-star curb stomp and covers! One…Two…Three!] [What a win for Mystic Illusion as Dante pins a man he read all about as a child!]


[We have a great round two match as one of the most popular teams in the history of OSW takes on the current champions! It is the Gentlemanly Duo taking on Beauty and the Geek! Will there be guaranteed new champs, or will the duo go on to the next round? We find out next!] [DING! DING! Nevermore and Neville are out first, and they lock up! Neville twists the arm and adds pressure! Nevermore cartwheels out of that and locks in a wristlock of his own! He’s adding pressure to the shoulder! Neville is squirming in pain, but he reverses it into a backslide pin! One…Two…Nevermore rolls out of it backward and locks in a front headlock! He locks it tight, but Neville starts to stand to fight it off! They’re standing and Nevermore goes for a suplex! Neville front flips out of it! What a technical showing! Both men shake hands and the crowd roars!] [They tie up again but Nevermore uses his power advantage this time and drags Neville to his corner! The Gentlemanly duo start wailing on Neville! Gut punches from Nevermore! Forearm strikes from Mammon! Nevermore tags Mammon in! Mammon is delivering knee strikes to the stomach as Nevermore locks in a sleeper! Nevermore only has 5 seconds to hold that sleeper but Mammon is going to try to use that advantage! CHA-CHING! Jumping corner clothesline! Nevermore let go only to clasp again! Another CHA-CHING! Nevermore lets go and holds it again! Third CHA-CHING! No! Neville gets out of the way and Mammon hit Nevermore!] [Neville uses that confusion! NKO! Jumping neck breaker from Neville drops Mammon and Neville crawls for the tag! Neville tags in Cayci! Mammon gets to Nevermore and tags him in! Cayci charges in! Cayci hits a dropkick! A second one! A third! Nevermore rolls out of the ring! Superkick to Mammon sends him into Nevermore! Plancha over the ropes to both men! What a firecracker! She tosses Nevermore back in! CHAOS THEORY! Codebreaker and she covers! No count? Oh…Mammon blind tagged mid- Chaos Theory! She’s confused asking the ref why no count! KNEEDFUL THINGS TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Mammon saw his chance and covers! One…Two…Three!] [What a win by our champs as they outsmarted Beauty and the Geek! Good return but the champs show why they hold the gold!]


[We have another great round two match as returning and current wrestlers team up and clash as Hug Life takes on the Dogs of War! Will war or peace win today! We find out now!] [DING! DING! Happy and Kersh are in the match first as Happy extends his hand for a handshake! “Please, Mr. Kersh, I’ve watched you for a long time!” Kersh abides and shakes his hand! The crowd cheers as they tie up! Headlock by Kersh! Happy walks to the ropes and shoves Kersh off! Kersh runs the ropes and Happy drops down! Kersh caught himself and hits a leg drop to Happy’s back! He tries to lock in a camel clutch but Happy slips out behind him! SHADOW-No! Kersh dodges it! He’s been hit by the real move too many times to let that happen!] [Kersh hits a German suplex to a stunned Happy! Kersh pulls Happy up and he is going for Southern Discomfort! Happy reverses it and has Kersh up now! “I know that one Mr. Kersh!” SLOPPY SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT BY HAPPY! Happy covers! One…Two…No! Shoulder up! Happy is stunned and he tags in Gavin! Gavin runs in and hits a senton! Gavin has not lost a step as he goes to the top rope! Double ax handle! He waits for Kersh to get up! SMILES ALL AROUND! Davis hits the trouble in paradise! He goes in the corner! He wants to hit the spear!] [Wrong corner! Davenport holds him by the waist! Kersh gets up and hits a running high knee to the trapped Davis! He tags in Davenport! Kersh grabs Davis for a Russian leg sweep! Davenport charges in and hits the lariat! Great double-team move as Kersh rolls out and Davenport covers! One…Two…Davis gets the shoulder up! Davenport pulls him up but Davis hugs him! Belly-to-Belly suplex! Davis tags in Happy! “I get to wrestle Davenport too?! Mr. Davenport, when you get up, can I have a hug?” Davenport simply says, “Sure kid.” Happy pulls him up and hugs him! “Thank you sir!” Davenport with a sly smile locks in the Georgia Crawfish! Claw to the side of Happy! “Mr. Davis, I don’t feel so good!” Davenport laughs as Happy taps.] [The dogs of war go on to the second round as Davenport baited Happy like a fish!]


[Back in the forge and Jacen Novan has found what he was looking for. Lined up, tied to pillars around him, are those he truly requires.] [Gaia.] [Pig.] [Neville Sheldon.] [Cayci Spires.] [Ash Williams.] [Matthew Cories.] [The invitations; they finally make sense. Novan uses his hands to manipulate the power, pacing around the room as the glowing orb now emanating form the Historium continues to grow in strength and size.]

“I’m almost finished,” [he says with a snarl.] “But before I have enough power to destroy The Tap Room, I need fuel. That, my friends, is where you come in.”

[He walks over to Gaia, chuckling slightly.]

“The power of a God. Could there be any stronger elixir than the sweet nectar coursing through your veins, Gaia?”

[He pulls a knife from within his robe, holding it to her throat. Sheldon and Spires protest but they’re ignored. He whips it across her neck, slicing it from end to end.] [Green blood spills from it, dropping it to the floor and rolling into a gutter that travels towards the Historium. Novan then moves on to Neville Sheldon.]

“I told you I didn’t want to come back here, huh?” [He says to Cayci.] “This place is cursed!”

[Novan puts the knife to his throat, only Cayci screams.]


[He stops.]

“Please, don’t do this,” [she begs.] “Please.”

[Jacen walks over to her instead, causing her to gulp. He looks her up and down with a shake of the head.]

“Eager to go first, are we?”

[With that, he pulls the knife back and….] [GAMEBOY!] [What the hell is he doing here?] [The latest hero in a long line of them to stop Jacen Novan rushes into the room, leaping onto his back. The knife falls to the floor, Cayci using her feet to pick it up and pass it to her hands. She quickly begins cutting her restraints, breaking free as Gameboy is tossed aside by The Chosen One.] [Spires rushes to Neville, cutting him loose, then moves on to the others as Gameboy gets back to his feet.]

“I don’t think so, buddy!”

[He immediately shrinks to 8-bit size, vanishing into no-where. Novan searches frantically for him, then turns to find his captives, only they’ve escaped as well!] [Outside, Gameboy suddenly reappears, joining the now free hostages. Stood there waiting, Lincoln Hex, Redwing, Berengar, The Informer and Spero all eagerly anticipate his arrival.] [Gameboy answered the call!] [Cut.]


[Severe brutality meets mysticism here in this semi-final match as these four men are set and ready to go!] [The bell sounds with HAtE stepping into the ring against Dante Xavier. HAtE takes a run towards Dante who vanishes in the blink of an eye! HAtE looks momentarily perplexed before a boot catches him right in the back of the head! DISAPPEARING ACT! HAtE slams down to the mat as Dante Xavier quickly covers him! He’s trying to maintain his stamina! One…Two…KICKOUT! It’s going to take more than that to take out these two brutes. Dante Xavier pulls HAtE to his feet, but The Nihilist just lifts up Xavier in a charge before taking him right into his own corner!] [TAG!] [David Manson makes the blind tag on his partner as HAtE just holds Dante there. YAKUZA KICK! Xavier had nowhere to go as HAtE was holding him there. HAtE now evacuates the ring leaving Manson to his work. Manson begins stomping a mudhole in the center of Xavier’s chest as he’s in a bad way here! The bearded Bowman lifts up Xavier and just hoists him over his own head in a gorilla press! Xavier slips out the back! Manson turns around in confusion before lunging at him with a clothesline, only Xavier ducks underneath and leaps for his tag team partner!] [TAG!] [IN COMES MYSTERION! Springboard hurricanrana sends Manson into the second turnbuckle in a corner before Mysterion leaps towards HAtE with a jawbreaker across the top rope. HAtE slumps off the apron as Mysterion turns his icy gaze back towards Manson. Manson gets to his feet in the corner before Mysterion leaps on him. Monkey flip! NO! Manson just smiles as he holds him there. SPINEBUSTER! David Manson begins to grin and show his disgusting teeth as he begins levitating?! He looks at Dante who has snapped his fingers! He goes up ten feet before falling! LEVITATION… but HAtE yanks him off the apron breaking his concentration! MEANINGLESS rolling elbow to Dante on the outside! Manson falls the foot back to his feet with a grin. Mysterion staggers to his feet before… RED RIVER PLUNGE! The double underhook sit out powerbomb! Manson covers him. One…Two…THREE!] [The Awakening wins again! This team has been a house of fire and they’re moving onto the finals!]


[Jon Davenport has had a hell of a return tonight already! But now we’re in the semi-finals with him and Brent Kersh going up against the current OSW Tag Team Champions!] [The bell sounds as Brent Kersh is starting this thing off against Nicolas Mammon. The two lock-up in the center of the ring before Kersh simply out-maneuvers Mammon backwards to the mat. Mammon is quick to roll to his feet before Kersh simply offers him a hand to help him up. Mammon accepts it before pulling Kersh into a side headlock. He releases him only to hit a snapmare followed by latching onto the arm of Kersh and trying to pull him into a crossface! THE COST- Kersh manages to roll through and avoid the hold. Kersh reaches out to Davenport as he comes to his feet!] [TAG!] [Jon Davenport enters the match, but there is no urgency to him. He walks right up to Mammon and you can hear a spew of words not exactly gentlemanly towards Mammon. Mammon pushes Davenport back who retaliates with a huge… LARIAT! Mammon is turned inside out at the impact before Jon Davenport lifts him right back up, sticks his head between his legs and… PILEDRIVER! Nicolas Mammon is reeling from two hard hitting moves, but the current Tag Team Champion staggers back to his feet before turning and reaching out to Nevermore!] [TAG!] [Edgar Nevermore enters the ring with a smirk before slowly approaching Davenport. Jon lunges towards him only for Nevermore to quickly put up his guard which only makes Jon smirk. Jon lunges again as Nevermore dots his chin with a quick right hand. Jon seems caught off guard by this as Nevermore swings in and hooks the arm of Davenport before hitting… THE OXFORD COMMA! He goes for the pin! One…Two… BROKEN UP by Brent! The referee begins pulling Kersh back as Mammon rushes over the referee and nails a big right hand as Kersh stumbles out of the ring. Davenport staggers to his feet before catching a knee to the temple from Mammon followed by a vertical suplex side slam! THE KNEE IN MOTION! Nevermore covers him! One…Two…THREE!] [The Gentleman Duo will be moving on into the finals after putting down The Dogs of War! The Champs are successful once more as they have one more fight left in them!]


[Novan has been thwarted time and time again tonight, however, his biggest battle has yet to come. We arrive in the forge for the final time, watching as Redwing, Berengar, Spero, Gameboy and The Informer enter to meet him.] [The blood of Gaia has expanded the orb significantly – the Historium close to reaching its maximum potential. When it does, The Tap Room will implode and Jacen Novan will be unstoppable.] [The Chosen One stands in front of it, protecting its progress.]

“Come one, come all,” [he says arrogantly.] “Try your luck if you dare.”

[Redwing steps forward.]

“We’ve tried to stop you, Novan. We’ve tried to save you. But there comes a time when you simply can’t save someone; when they’re too far gone and can’t be pulled back from the edge. None of us wanted to admit that you couldn’t be saved.”

[Berengar puts a hand on his shoulder.]

“But you cannot.”

[Jacen laughs.]

“So, this is an intervention, is it not? You couldn’t defeat me individually, so you’ve reunited as one collective, is that it?”

[The Informer shakes his head, his mask repaired.]

“We’re not here for just you. We’ve a larger purpose to fill, Chosen One. There’s remnants of evil all over The Tap Room and monsters like you and EF that wish to destroy it. We’re here to stop that from happening. We’re The Vindicators.”

[They rush Novan in a flurry of different colours.] [Redwing swings with a right hand as Spero Dropkicks a knee, taking it out from underneath Novan. Gameboy drags him into a choke, bringing him down as The Informer rushes for the Historium. Berengar drags Vigilkeeper from his sheath, charging at the exposed chest of The Chosen One for a second time.] [He pierces it clean, driving right the way through.] [Jacen screams in pain but flips Gameboy overhead, tossing him aside.] [He stands, power pushing Redwing away and hurtling across the ground.] [Berengar tries to pull his sword away but Novan doesn’t let him, pushing his body further down the weapon to Headbutt him so viciously that he recoils ten feet away with the impact.] [Spero gets back up and is lifted into the air, tossed towards The Informer, taking both of them down.

[The Chosen One is unstoppable.] [He pulls The Sword from his chest and throws it away.]

“Enough of this horse play.”

[He turns to the Historium.] [Only, suddenly and out of no-where, a large metal hammer thrusts at it, knocking it from its perch and to the floor. The orb abruptly dissipates and the hammer returns to the waiting hand of its owner.] [Troy Solveig.] [Jacen falls to his knees, clutching at his chest.] [Troy paces over to him, hammer in hand.]

“May the God’s be with you.”

[He slams the hammer down with as much force as possible, driving it into the skull of Novan whose head crushes beneath the weight of it. He folds into himself, falling away with a crumbled heap. The Vindicators get back to their feet, The Informer grabbing The Historium.]

“It’s over,” [Redwing announces.] “But what are we going to do with that?”

[He points at the Historium.] [The Informer looks at it.]

“I need to study it to understand this EF threat that plagues our existence. Something else is coming, Gentlemen and I need to know what. We’ve assembled here today and stopped the destruction of The Tap Room but I fear there’s more to come.”

[They nod in agreement.]

“Be ready for the call.”



[The Tag Team Champions have made it all the way to the final of Double Tap II! That’s a feat in itself. Meanwhile, The Awakening were the first ever Tag Team Champions and look to reclaim those titles for a second time!] [The bell sounds as Nicholas Mammon locks up with David Manson, twisting his arm into a Hammerlock. He quickly transitions, wrenching his arm out into a wristlock where he can begin work on the fingers. Mammon grabs two, splitting them violently and pulling on them both.] [Manson struggles to break free, being pulled into an abrupt clothesline that levels him!] [Nicholas helps him immediately back to his feet, nailing him with Uppercut after Uppercut that sends him sprawling back into the corner. A quick tag is made to Nevermore, who watches as his partner holds open the chest of Manson for a well-placed boot.] [This is Tag Team work by the Gentlemen at its finest. Edgar goes to work, mounting the Bowman and delivering right hands. He drops off, grabbing Manson by the hair and pulling him out into a vicious headbutt. He makes the tag, returning to hold down the arms of David Manson as Nicholas Mammon enters the ring with a Rolling Knee Drop across his unprotected face.] [Into the cover…] [ONE…] [TWO….] [HATE BREAKS UP THE NEAR FALL.] [Edgar Nevermore chases away the opposition as the referee gets between them, allowing Mammon ample opportunity to get Manson back to his feet. He does so, whipping him into the ropes. David barrels back towards him…] [CACTUS CLOTHESLINE!] [Both men tumble over the top rope to the outside!] [Manson lands on his feet, grabbing Mammon and throwing him powerfully into the barricade. He grabs him again, very quickly, bouncing his head off the ring apron before rolling him back into the ring. The Awakening are beginning to roll now!] [The Bowman kicks him hard to the chest, time and time again, sending him back to The Awakening’s corner so that Manson can finally make the tag. He does so, sending in Hate. David pulls Mammon to his feet and holds him, allowing Hate to nail a kick to the gut. The Nihilist immediately drops to a prone position, delivering a punch to the chin of a bent over Tag Team Champion that drops him.] [Hate covers…] [ONE…] [TWO….] [NEVERMORE BREAKS UP THE NEAR FALL.] [Hate gets Mammon back up, slamming him in the corner. He makes the tag to Manson, who comes in and pulls Nicholas close, lifting him into a GORILLA PRESS SLAM!] [HE TOSSES HIM UPWARDS WITH ALL HIS MIGHT!] [UPPERCUT!] [HATRED REALIZED BY HATE!] [Nevermore storms the ring, barrelling himself and Hate over the top rope with a Clothesline. Manson meanwhile covers…] [ONE…] [TWO….] [THREE!] [NOOOOO!! NEVERMORE PUT MAMMONS FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE JUST IN TIME!] [The Awakening almost had it! The Bowman gets back to his feet, complaining at the referee. He doesn’t understand how that’s legal and he has a point, it isn’t. David backs the referee into the corner, yelling at him, and in the meantime, he doesn’t see Mammon crawling back to his corner.] [By the time he turns around, Mammon just about makes the tag to Nevermore who made it back to his corner double lively!] [Edgar enters, running towards Manson and ducking a Clothesline attempt. He spins him, SNAP SUPLEX!] [The Poet pops back to his feet as David rolls to the corner, resting seated. That gives Nevermore the opportunity he requires. He steps back towards his own corner and runs FULL SPEED!] [PUNCTUATION MARK!] [RUNNING FACE WASH IN THE CORNER TO DAVID MANSON!] [HE BACKS UP!] [ANOTHER PUNCTUATION MARK!] [THE BOWMAN HAS AN EXCLAIMATION DRAWN ACROSS HIS FACE WITH THOSE BOOTS!] [Nevermore drags him by his feet out of the corner and into a pinning predicament.] [ONE…] [TWO….] [THREE!] [NOOOOO!! HATE BARELY BREAKS UP THE COUNT!] [The fans cheer, not wanting this match to end any time soon!] [Nevermore pulls Manson back to his feet and signals for the end, only The Bowman drops, HITTING A LOW BLOW! The referee was distracted by Hate, who hadn’t yet left the ring!] [He waits for The Poet to stand, holding his jewels.] [RUNNING NECKBREAKER!] [WELCOME TO MANSON STREET!] [MANSON COVERS….] [ONE…] [TWO….] [THREE!] [KICK OUT!] [What a match!] [Both men slowly get back to their feet, trading right hands in the middle of the ring. They both splinter off towards opposite ends of the ropes, meeting back in the middle, double ducking! They keep going, only Mammon makes the surprise tag that no-one except the referee sees happen.] [They return again, stopping, Edgar spinning, Manson kicking…] [DELUSIONAL ILLUSION!] [CODEBREAKER BY DAVID MANSON! CODEBREAKER!] [HE COVERS!] [BUT THE REFEREE REFUSES TO COUNT!] [MAMMON IS THE LEGAL MAN!] [Mammon storms the ring with a Clothesline to Hate, knocking him off the ring apron. He turns just as David gets back up and runs in his direction too!] [KNEEDFUL THINGS!] [RUNNING LEAPING KNEE TO THE FACE!] [THAT HAS TO BE IT!] [HE COVERS!] [ONE…] [TWO….] [THREE!] [KICK OUT!] [KICK OUT!] [KICK OUT!] [The Salesman gets back up just as Hate enters the ring! The Nihilist isn’t too pleased and scoops Nicholas up!] [F-5!] [F-5!] [NOTHINGNESS!] [Hate drags Manson over onto him and demands the referee count!] [ONE…] [TWO….] [THREE!] [EDGAR NEVERMORE BARELY BREAKS IT UP! HOLY SHIT THAT WAS CLOSE!] [THIS MATCH HAS DESCENDED INTO ANARCHY NOW!] [Hate drags Nevermore to his feet, only The Poet blocks his right hand, elbowing him in the head! That stumbles Hate, who gets dragged close and POETRY IN MOTION!] [NOOOOO!!] [MANSON ATTACKS HIM FROM BEHIND BEFORE HE CAN HIT THE SIDESLAM! HATE DROPS DOWN! DAVID SPINS HIM! UPPERCUT! UPPERCUT! UPPERCUT! NEVERMORE PLAYS PIGGY IN THE MIDDLE IN A SERIES OF UPPERCUTS BY THE AWAKENING!] [FINALLY, MANSON SPRINGS HIM UP INTO THE AIR!] [LEAPING UPPERCUT!] [HATRED REALIZED BY HATE!] [Mammon is still the legal man! He’s back to his feet, THE HARD SELL! SLINGBLADE TO HATE!] [HE GETS BACK UP FAST BUT IS MET BY MANSON!] [RED RIVER PLUNGE!] [DOUBLE UNDERHOOK SIT OUT POWERBOMB!] [INTO THE PIN!] [ONE…] [TWO….] [THREE!] [It’s over! It’s over! The Awakening have won Double Tap! The Awakening are the NEW OSW Tag Team Champions! By God, they returned from a year long absence to capture the gold!] [Both men get back to their feet as the referee hands them the Championship belts, giving them a moment to celebrate with each other. Mammon and Nevermore made it all the way to the Final, defending their belts successfully twice in one night, however they couldn’t make it three!] [David Manson and Brandon Hate are your NEW Tag Team Champions!] [AND THE WINNERS OF DOUBLE TAP II!]


[In the middle of a darkened alley, behind The Tap Room, The Informer walks away from the building with The Historium beneath his coat. He constantly looks over his shoulder, stopping at the curb to enter a large black limousine.] [He slams the door behind him, taking a seat comfortably opposite a figure we cannot see.] [And then his visage changes.] [The Informer fades away, becoming Lincoln Hex.]

“They believed you to be him, I see,” [The unknown voice comments with a surprisingly proud tone.] “Impressive. Will your tall tale not be undone when The Informer returns, Mr. Knot?”

“Don’t fear the truth, my good friend. By the time The Informer awakens, I will have implanted the memory of tonight’s events firmly within the grasp of his tiny little mind. He’ll believe what I want him to believe and when it’s all said and done, he’ll think he destroyed The Historium.”

[Knot hands over the Historium to the wrinkled hands of the individual we cannot see.]

“I trust you understand the importance of this in our grand scheme of things?” [He asks, to a nodded reply.] “Good, because The Vindicators have an important role to play. As do you.”

“You needn’t tell me twice,” [Knot says with a grunt.] “I understand the path.”

[There’s a slight pause.]

“Do you know how close The Informer is to the truth? Should we be concerned? Your idea to give him such information could prove costly.”

[Knot thinks about it for a moment, giving it quite some thought.]

“He knows nothing of consequence. He’s no closer to EF or unravelling the mystery. However, it’s time for a change of tact.”

“Such as?”

[Knot leans forward.]

“Vanguard isn’t as useful as we first thought. The AI has already developed beyond our original scope. His collusion with The Informer was unforeseen. I believe it’s time for phase two.”

[There’s a knowing hm from the old man.]

“Yes, yes, perhaps you’re right. Begin immediately.”

[Knot nods his head in agreement and exits the vehicle, walking back into the alley as the old man can be heard dialing numbers on a cell phone.]

“I have the Historium and we’re on course. When is the next meeting?”


“Reserve my place and remember, Mr. Atlas, business as usual. ”