[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [The Present Day.] [Static.] [Panic. Pure and utter panic. Edward Newton drives hurriedly down a dark country lane, swerving around corners at high speeds. Sweat drips from his moist brow and his face is contorted into a nightmarish expression. His eyes aren’t on the road, they’re in his rear-view.] [He takes a corner too fast, the breaks locking as he tries to slow down – but that just makes matters worse. The vehicle veers and spins out before flipping over and rolling sideways down the road.] [Bits of debris fly in each direction, crashing against the road with every thud of the vehicle. Finally, it comes to a stop in the middle of the darkness.] [The sound of metal creaking and churning can be heard echoing throughout the night as the car door is pushed open from the inside. The twisted metal barely pops away, slowly creaking to a halt. There’s enough room for Edward to crawl out, his face covered in cuts and scratches, his hands bloodied from crawling through the broken glass.] [He finally exits out onto the road, crawling along his belly until he suddenly stops dead.] [Boots.] [Newton looks up, his glasses cracked and shattered; his vision doubled.] [The Scarecrow.]

“What happens when the unstoppable force meets the immovable object?”

[He bends down, looking at Newton who can barely see straight.]

“Isn’t that what you asked me, Riddler?”

[Edward tries to speak, but nothing comes out; just blood. There’s internal injuries here and the Riddler is in trouble.] [The Scarecrow stands, grinning.] [Then his boot comes down.] [Crunch.]

“You see little birdie, you may be undefeated but you remain human. Beneath the bravado and intelligence, you are but a mortal man. Your bones still break beneath my feet. Your blood still spills from your weakened frame. Which of us truly cannot be defeated? Is it you, the man, or me, the monster?”

[Suddenly, the sound of screeching tyres can be heard in the distance. The Scarecrow immediately looks up to see a van hurtling towards him. With a giant thud, it crashes into him, vaulting him ten feet away in a heap.] [Hysteria hops out the driver’s side, accompanied by No Face. Injustice are here to rescue their partner in crime and just in the nick of time. Had it been much longer and there may be no Main Event tonight.] [They rush over to him, Hysteria pulling him to his feet and dragging him away, only Newton refuses to go. He stops dead, looking back at The Scarecrow before reaching down to pick up his broken glasses.] [With a hobble and a limp, Edward stumbles over to the Hayman – who lays disjointed and twisted in a heap upon the ground.]

“I’m still standing, Scarecrow.”

[Then he falls to one knee.]

“Well, there or there about.”

[Hysteria and No Face once again rush over, helping him back to his feet. They drag him towards the van and help him get inside. The camera watches as the vehicle turns around and heads back in the direction they came.] [Then it returns to The Scarecrow.] [Crick.] [Crick.] [Click.] [His body unravels before our very eyes and he sits up, looking in the direction of the van.] [The Scarecrow smiles.] [Cut.]


[The Tap Room.] [Death Row nonchalantly makes his way along a long corridor. It seems empty for the most part. Isolated. Leaving Death Row to his thoughts.] [But not for long.] [His movement is suddenly halted near an intersecting hallway, but his focus is ahead where from around the corner has appeared Bobby Neptune.] [A cruel grin forms on the lips of Death Row as Neptune burns with rage; his hands clinched into fists.]

“I had a visitor last week” [Neptune barks.] “He told me you sent your regards!”

[Death Row’s grin turns to a toothy smile.]

“Oh he did did he?” [Death Row scoffs.] “I may have called in a little favor.”

“What goes around comes around Death Row” [Neptune fumes.] “And yours is coming around!”

[Neptune takes off in a quick walk towards his opposer.]

“Come get some you little bitch” [Death Row taunts as he pulls the infamous shank from his pocket, displaying it for Neptune.] “I’ll finish your ass off right here!”

[But Neptune stops.]

“He’s mine” [Bobby shouts as he points a finger at Death Row.] “Leave us!”

[Death Row gives an odd look, thinking Neptune may have lost his mind. But he’s not pointing at Death Row, he’s pointing at Adam Eve who has appeared at the opposite end of the hall.]

“I don’t think so” [Adam growls.] “I saw him first.”

[And with that, Eve moves forward. Both he and Neptune closing in on the outnumbered Death Row who turns his body to prepare himself for a double attack, the intersecting hallway to his back.] [And we cut back and forth.] [Eve’s fierce expression.] [Neptune’s rage.] [Death Row’s vicious smile.] [Eve!] [Neptune!] [Death Row!] [EVE!] [NEPTUNE!] [SQUIRTING BLOOD!] [WHAT THE HELL?!?!] [Death Row’s eyes widen in panic as his shank clangs against the concrete floor. His hands grab at his throat; blood pouring from between his fingers.] [From behind, a hooded man, shadows concealing his face, takes one step backwards. A large blade dripping with crimson red in his hand.] [He points at Death Row who falls to his knees, unable to gasp for air.]

“You should have made sure I got the money you promised me, DR” [The attacker taunts.] “Now you’re paying with your life!”

[With that, the hooded man hurries down the intersecting hallway disappearing into the shadows.] [THUD!] [Death Row’s body falls limp against the concrete; his own blood puddling up around him. Meanwhile, Bobby Neptune and Adam Eve stand in near shock.] [Near!] [Suddenly, Neptune turns to run. The panic in his voice echoing through the halls.]

“Help! HELP!”


[There is a still silence as Neptune, with a shocked expression covering his face, looks back to Eve.]

“Stop?” [Neptune utters.] “He’s dying!”

“We can’t save him” [Eve shakes his head.] “At least… not now!”

[With that, Adam reveals a stack of money. Dollar bills. Neptunes eyes widen.]

“You PAID for this to happen??”

“No” [Eve looks down at the bleeding Death Row.] “I just made sure the money Death Row offered to have you assaulted didn’t make it to the right place.”

“You planned this!” [Neptune scolds.] “You wanted him dead!”

“Wrong” [Eve looks back to Neptune with squinted eyes.] “I just wanted him out of the way!”

“What?” [Neptune spouts with a disgusted look.]

“I don’t need Death Row’s help to beat you Bobby Neptune” [Eve proclaims as drops the stack of bills on top of Death Row.] “Just like I didn’t need your help when you interfered between us!”

“He had a knife” [Neptune points a furious finger in the direction of Eve.] “That blood on the floor could have been yours!”

“And now it’s going to be your blood in the ring” [Eve declares with a sinister stare.] “I’m going to prove to you just like I did him that you don’t have to be born a man to be the man! I’ll see you out there!”

[With that Eve turns to walk away while Neptune; on the other hand, shakes his head in disgust before turning to sprint.]

“HELP!! HELP!!!!”

[Neptunes voice echoing in the distance as we close on the determined face of Adam Eve.]


[This battle may be between two with mutual respect but also between two who truly need a win. Will Adam prove to be the superior athlete or will Neptune show the world he hasn’t lost a step during the time away?] [The bell sounds as Neptune rushes out from the bell, springboarding off the ropes with a hard enziguri to the back of Adam’s head, stunning the larger man. A flurry of kicks sends Eve staggering back into the ropes as Neptune tries to power him across. Adam reverses the Irish-Whip, as Neptune ducks under a clothesline attempt before leaping off the ropes with a slingshot Hurricanrana, sending Eve flying across the ring. Adam pulls himself up by the ropes as he stands right into a Running Dropsault that sends him stumbling over the ropes to the floor below!] [The Made Man gets to his feet on the outside, trying to regroup but Neptune doesn’t give him any breathing room, leaping over the ropes, TOPE CON HILO! Neptune wipes out Eve on the outside as the crowd roars, Neptune tries to pull Eve up to his feet but Adam powers out, spearing Neptune back first into the barricade. Bobby yells out in pain as Eve grabs him by the back of the head, tossing him back inside the ring before rolling back inside. Adam tries to pull Neptune up but Starboy rolls away, leaping up with a flash knee that stuns Adam before rushing to the ropes, SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY! Neptune stays down for the cover, ONE…TWO…ADAM KICKS OUT!] [A hard Snap DDT dazes Adam as he tries to get to his feet before Neptune springs up to the top rope, waiting for Adam to get to his feet, SUPER…NEPTUNE GETS CROTCHED ON THE TOP ROPE! Neptune is clearly hurting as Adam slowly climbs up alongside him, Neptune trying to fight out but a hard right stuns him enough, GENDER REASSIGNMENT! That huge Inverted Atomic Drop from the top rope hurt Neptune badly as Adam drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…Neptune gets the shoulder up but Adam doesn’t let go of the pin, flipping him over before raining down a pair of knees to the lower back.] [Neptune cries out in pain as he’s lifted to his feet, all the air taken out of his lungs with another pair of hard knees before being lifted up, SIDEWALK SLAM! Neptune gets driven into the canvas but Adam isn’t done as he lifts Neptune up, gripping him from behind, PUMPHANDLE BACKBREAKER! Neptune is screaming in pain as Eve pushes him down to the canvas, hooking the leg for the cover again, ONE…TWO…TH..Neptune gets the shoulder up! Eve lifts him up again but Neptune slips out of Adam’s grasp, fighting back with a flurry of lefts and rights before trying for a Suplex. Eve blocks it, ESTROGEN…Neptune’s near the ropes as he kicks off, STANDING SLICED BREAD!] [Both men are down, the referee begins to count as they slowly get to their feet. Eve trying for a clothesline that Neptune ducks as he springs off the ropes with a hard roundhouse to the face that stuns Adam as Neptune races up to the second rope, RED GIANT! That huge knee seemingly knocks Eve out cold but it takes a lot out of Neptune who’s still holding his back in pain, Starboy slowly climbing up to the top rope, TITAN’S CRASHDOWN! It hits flush but hurts Neptune a lot as he just manages to throw an arm over Adam. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Starboy picks up a big victory here tonight, whethering the powerful storm from the Made Man before his superior speed proved to be the x-factor the intergalactic warrior needed]


[Previously Recorded.]

“Sir… Sir! SIR!!”

[A woman in nurse’s scrubs stands talking… yelling at someone.]

“The doctor hasn’t cleared you to leave! You can’t go!”

[The camera pans, and we see the back of someone dressed in a blue jumpsuit. His brown hair visible as his back is turned to us. Then he pulls a masked down over his head and turns to look at us, his face now hidden. The Sharkman.]

“Ma’am, I’m fine. I don’t need a doctor to tell me that.”

[The black hole is still visible in the center of the chest of his suit. It does not go all the way through, but stops just inside the blue fabric.]

“I’m fine, and I’m needed out there.”

[He turns and walks through the door.] [Cut.] [We switch to a different scene. Another man from behind. This one is wearing jeans and tee-shirt. He is being led on his own accord buy a man in a prison guard’s outfit. They round a corner, and as they do the camera changes directions, We see Cael Gable. The officer points. Gable sees him.] [Sheriff Law sits behind a glass wall. He smiles wryly at the sight of Gable. Cael walks towards him and sits down at the stool on his side of the glass. He grabs a black phone headset on the wall, and Law does the same.]

“Hello, partner.”

[Law smiles again as a Gable scowls.]

“Why do you want me dead?”

“It’s simple. You put me behind these bars, and if they have it their way, I ain’t goin’ nowhere for a long time. It ain’t easy in here, and I want you to feel what it’s like to have your life taken from you.”

“Your men got it wrong! They almost killed the Sharkman!”

“Collateral damage.”

[Gable punches the glass, and stands. The guards look at him and move towards him. He puts his hand up and apologizes, and the guard stands down.]

“So you aren’t gonna stop til I’m dead, then?” [Gable asks.] [Law smiles.]

“You want this all to end, do you? Fine. If you want your life back, then gotta win that title tonight. And when you do, you’re gonna give it to my men, who’ll then sell it. Like I said, life ain’t easy in here. I need the cash and I need it soon. That much gold is worth tens of thousands. Get it done, and I’ll let you be.”

“And if I don’t win?”

“Well, you just better make sure you do.”

[Gable grimaces.]

“That’s it? You just want cash? I can get you cash without having to go this route.”

[Law grins.]

“That’s not all I want. I want to see the Golden Boy lose his shine.] [Somehow the smile widens as Gable’s face twists in anger.]

“Make sure you win.”

[Law hangs up the phone and stands, walking away.]


[Gable yells after him, hanging of the phone with a slam.] [Cut.]


[Cael Gable stands in the ring having just watched his interaction with Sheriff Law from earlier today. He awaits the Sharkman, whose music hits. The Finned Avenger makes his way to the ring, Double Feature Title around his waist. The hole still on his chest. He enters the ring and Gable reaches out to shake his hand. The Sharkman shakes it without hesitation, takes off his belt, and the bell rings. Gable seems unsettled.] [Gable immediately shoots in at Sharkman’s legs, and takes him down with a double-leg! He rolls it straight into a pin… One… Kickout! Both men kip up to their feet. Sharkman swings wildly at Gable who ducks under the punch, and slides behind the Vigilante… GERMAN SUPLEX! Gable bridges… One… Two… Kickout! Sharkman rolls to the outside as Gable releases him. Shark shakes his head trying to clear the cobwebs… but Gable flies over with a SUICIDE DIVE!! Sharkman crumples to the floor and Gable’s momentum carries him into the barrier. The impact shoves it backwards. Drinks fly in every direction! Both men are down. The ref counts… One… Two… Three… Four… Gable is climbing to his feet…. Five… Six… The Olympian grabs Sharkman and pulls him up… Seven….] [Gable throws Sharkman as hard as he can! He somersaults into the steel steps! The crowd boos Gable, who isn’t used to it. Eight… Nine… He yanks Sharkman’s limp body up and rolls him into the ring, following closely behind. He immediately begins stomping on the downed Shark as the crowd peppers him with boos. The ref pulls him back after ten stomps, but Gable goes right back to Sharkman, ripping him from the canvas. He whips the Champion into the ropes, and when he returns, Gable throws him overhead with a RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!! Sharkman crumples. Gable stands and marches towards the Shark, covering… One… Two… THREE!!] [NO! The ref spotted Sharkman’s foot on the bottom rope! Gable is discouraged, but relentless. He pulls Shark up once more and throws him into the ropes. Sharkman bounces back and Gable goes low with a CHOP BLOCK TO THE KNEE!! Sharkman writhes in pain, screaming! Gable grabs his injured leg and locks in a SINGLE-LEG BOSTON CRAB!!! Sharkman screams even louder, reaching for his injured knee!! Gable only sinks lower. Sharkman is struggling for the ropes! He reaches out with every inch that he has…] [And grabs the bottom rope!! Gable can’t believe it as the referee breaks the hold! Sharkman grabs his knee with one hand and his lower back with the other! He’s in real trouble here! Gable stalks back towards him, bending down to grab his leg again… but Sharkman kicks Gable full in the face!! Gable’s nose bursts out a jet of blood as he grabs his face and stumbles backwards. Sharkman grabs the ropes and pulls himself up, favoring the injured knee. Gable drops to a knee, and Sharkman musters up everything that he has, sprinting at Gable and leveling him with SUSHI KICK!! But Shark is down as well, holding his knee! He can’t cover. Both are prone on the canvas, but Sharkman gets to his feet first.] [Sharkman limps towards Gable, doing everything he can to keep his belt. He lifts Gable, just to throw him down again with a heavy SNAP SUPLEX! Somehow both men pop up to their feet, Gable wobbling. Sharkman leaps… HURRICANRANA!! Shark pulls himself up by the ropes, using them to hold his bodyweight as he limps to the corner. He slowly climbs to the top and…. SHARK DIVE!! His momentum rolls him away, but he crawls back to make the cover! One… Two… Thre… KICKOUT! It took too long to pin!] [Sharkman is almost out of energy, but somehow makes it to his feet. He bends to lift Gable, but Cael punches Shark directly in the throat!! The ref didn’t see it! Sharkman stumbles away! Gable pulls himself to his feet, stalking the Champ. He spins Sharkman, swinging with a heavy forearm! Sharkman ducks under and slips Gable into a hammerlock! RECKONING!! Sharkman covers!!! One… Two… THREE!!!] [Sharkman has done it yet again! He retains the title over a Cael Gable willing to do anything! The crowd goes wild, as Sharkman grabs the belt and slips out rushing to the back, limping a bit and holding his chest. Gable sits up in the ring, and looks towards the entrance. Five burly looking men, including the leader of Law’s thugs step through the doors and stare menacingly at Gable. He did not win. Is this a death sentence?]


[Static.] [Months ago. Aboard an unknown starship.] [Two identical Guards in black uniforms are escorting a cleaned-up and smiling Neptune. They pass by a window and Neptune stops to look.]

“Keep moving.” [One of the Guards says.]

“Stand down.” [The voice comes from a man walking toward us. He’s the same lifelike model Bot as before.] “You’re not going to rip my head off again, yes?”

“I would never.” [Neptune says.] “I’m a new man.”

“The Treatment was successful?”

“Yes. All those stains scrubbed clean. Thanks to you.”

“You are a valuable strategic asset to us, Mr. Neptune. I think it’s time we discussed your role.”

“Whatever you say. By the way, did you get that new recorder console in your wrist?”

“Yes, I did. I act-”

[Things move fast as Bobby drops the righthand guard, grabbing his sidearm and putting a hole through the left one. He rushes the final Bot, pinning him to the floor.]

“‘Good. It’ll work without you.”

[He shoots the Bot’s arm off and picks it off the floor.]

“Despite the fact that you trapped in my mind for what felt like years and forced me to face all matter of inner demons in the worst way possible…I do feel kinda better. Thanks for the arm.”

“They’ll put you back in Treatment.” [The Bot says, somewhat bored and not bothering to get up.]

“I’ll be out of here in a pod long before then.”

“Yes. But what good will it do you?”

[He hits a button on the wrist and it play’s back the bot’s voice.] “Yes, I did, why-“ [A door opens at the voice recognition.]

“The day I become someone’s asset is the day I die. Hopefully that’s not today.” [He shrugs] “Guess we’ll find out.”

[He dashes out the door but the camera doesn’t follow him. The window to the galaxy begins to consume the frame, the sound of alarms and laser fire fading from the background. Outside the window, a small ship is launched into space, speeding away into nothing.]


[The Night Before.] [A light is on inside the Oval Office, revealing a frantic Jackson Grant Fitzgerald making a call, sweat beading down from his forehead as someone picks up on the other end.]

“Look, I don’t care how you do it…but Sergei Solokov needs to be gone. He knows too much already, and I can’t have him interfere with what’s about to happen. Do you understand? Hello?”

[Before he can get a response, the signal on his cell is cut off. He slams the phone on the desk in frustration, burying his face in his hands. Suddenly his cell rings, sending the President into a panic as he picks it up and answers. It takes us just a moment to recognize the voice as General Dzagoev.]

“Mr. President, the time for games is over. You’ve angered Sergei Solokov with your treachery and deceit, and when the Red Tsar is finished your house of cards will come tumbling down…but I can offer you a way out, if you’re willing to negotiate.”

[This only infuriates JGF, shouting into his handset.]

“No! I do not negotiate with terrorists, Dzagoev.”

[This gets a surprising chuckle from the General, which sends a shiver down the spine of the President.]

“Suit yourself, Mr. President. Sergei looks forward to destroying you…for Mother Russia.”

[With that, the signal cuts out again. JGF goes back to the window, peering out in search of the Russian menace that awaits him. Lurking in the shadows is Sergei, staring intently at his primary target as a radio call comes in from the General.]

“Scare him, but don’t break him…yet. We want to reveal his cowardice before taking him out.”


[A smirk comes to the face of the Red Tsar as he approaches the White House, unafraid of the Secret Service agents posted around the perimeter.] [Cut.]


[The time has come for the leader of the free world to face the tip of the iron curtain’s spear, as Mr President, Jackson Grant Fitzgerald meets OSW’s Rewind Champion, Sergei Sokolov in a non-title contest. Sokolov is the first to step out from behind the curtain. Before making his way to the ring, Sergei gives his customary salute to the crowd… OH NO! BOOM!] [WHAT!? It’s Jackson Grant Fitzgerald from behind with a steel chair to the small of Sokolov’s back! Sergei drops to one knee. CRACK! Another chair shot from Fitzgerald to the back. Sokolov drops to both knees, but he refuses to go completely down. Fitzgerald tosses the steel chair onto the ground in front of Sokolov. DDT from Fitzgerald! He just slammed the Russian headfirst into the steel chair. Sergei is down and out before this match could even begin! Fitzgerald is on his feet and signalling to the back. Oh no, here comes Mr President’s team of secret service officers. Sokolov is attempting to pick himself up off the ground.] [The secret service surround Sokolov. Fitzgerald orders his men to pick the Russian up and hold him. Fitzgerald with fists to Sokolov’s face while he’s held. Again, Sergei refuses to go down, standing steady after each punch. Fitzgerald is growing irritated. He orders the security service to whale away at the Russian. The secret service encircles Sergei and beat him down with punches and kicks. With Sokolov weakened, Fitzgerald sets Sergei up for a suplex onto the steel chair. But somehow Sergei blocks it. Again, Sokolov blocks the suplex attempt! Sergei breaks free from the suplex and takes Fitzgerald off his feet with a short-arm lariat! The secret service looks perplexed.] [Sokolov knocks a service service officer down with a right hand. The Russian ducks a punch and body slams another officer. But there’s too many! Sergei is still encircled. LOW BLOW! Mr President crept up behind the Russian and connected below the belt. Fitzgerald orders the secret service to carry Sokolov down towards the ring. Sergei is heavy as all fuck, but somehow the team manages to haul Sokolov down to the ring area. Before they can enter the ring, Fitzgerald takes hold of Sokolov and flings him into the STEEL RING STAIRS! Mr President stands over the floored Russian. Jackson scoops up Sokolov and slams his back into the exposed ring post! Sergei gasps in pain! For a second time, Jackson slams Sokolov’s back into the ring post.] [Sergei looks done. Fitzgerald orders the officers to roll Sokolov into the ring. Sergei is splayed out in the middle of the ring. Jackson climbs onto the ring apron and then ascends to the top turnbuckle. Mr President prepares the elbow. THE EXECUTIVE ORDER! That Presidential elbow drop from the top! Jackson makes the pin. But the ref won’t count! Declaring the match never even started! Jackson releases the pin and threatens the ref with his secret service staff if he doesn’t start the match, immediately! Jackson demands the ref ‘do what any good American would do.’ The ref calls for the bell. Our match has officially started and Jackson pins Sergei’s shoulder to the mat…1…2…3-NO! SERGEI KICKS OUT! This match isn’t over!] [Fitzgerald can’t believe it! He makes the pin again…1…KICK OUT! Sokolov grows in strength with each passing second. Sokolov is back to his knees. Fitzgerald with kicks to Sergei’s chest, knocking the wind back out of him. But on the third kick, Sergei catches the President’s leg. Jackson is hopping on one foot. Sokolov uses this opportunity to get back to his feet. Sergei kicks the other leg out from under Fitzgerald. Jackson hits to mat. Mr President quickly scampers back to his feet, only to be meet with a SPINNING CLOTHESLINE from Sergei! Jackson is back down and Sergei roars for the crowd! Sergei picks up Jackson and slams him down with THE SIDEWALK SLAM! The Russian is in control for the first time tonight. Sergei whips a dazed Fitzgerald into the ropes. NUCLEAR FALLOUT! Sokolov with the pop-up powerbomb. Transitions quickly into a cover…1…2…KICK OUT! That was close!] [Sokolov picks Fitzgerald back to his feet and elevates him into the air for the pump-handle slam, but Fitzgerald slips out the back of the hold. Mr President thrusts Sergei into the ropes. Bouncing off the ropes, Sergei runs straight into a SUPER KICK from Fitzgerald. The quick pin…1…2….KICK OUT! What a turnaround from The President! But Mr President isn’t done, as he executes a NECK BREAKER on Sokolov in the middle of the ring. Jackson flings himself into the ropes and hits a KNEE DROP to Sergei’s head. Jackson is growing cocky. He drags Sergei to his feet and whips him into the corner turnbuckle, hard! Sergei’s back bounces off the turnbuckle and pushes him back into the ring. Jackson locks up the Oath of Office! But Sergei springs free, mid-air! Sokolov wraps his hand around Jackson’s throat, SOVIET STRIKE! The deadly Choke slam into a back breaker! Sergei salutes the crowd. IRON CURTAIN! Sokolov’s devastating dominator manoeuvre! The pin…1…2…3! The secret service couldn’t interrupt the pin in time! Tonight, the Iron Curtain remains erect!] [The total might of America failed to topple Mother Russia tonight. Sergei Sokolov signals the cold war is only beginning to heat back up with a hard fought victory against the American President and supposed leader of the free world.]


[Recorded Previously.] [Pale, barely conscious, breathing shallow. Jensen Cussen seems to have not left this chair since the week previous. A rotting meal sits to his side next to a cup of dirty water. Cussen looks to it in disgust, stopping himself from giving in and eating anything from the table.]

“You need to eat, Jensen. You’re killing Stephanie for every moment we allow you to recover.”

[Hands clasped behind his back, a cold look on his face, is DTR. The patriarch of the family walks slowly out of the shadows, pacing around Jensen’s chair, the prison he has been trapped in.]

“You have but a few more hours until I begin draining you again. So eat. You wouldn’t want to wither away.”

[Jensen looks pained as he tries to readjust in the chair.]

“Dave. I… I can’t. If I lose any more blood, I’ll die.”

[His pale face and sunken eyes make this apparent as he looks towards DTR, pleading.]

“You can’t?”

[DTR turns towards Jensen, a scowl.]

“You CAN’T!?”

[And in an instant, his scowl turns into an expression of pure rage.]


[Jensen tries to calm DTR down, but he is unable to draw the strength to speak over DTR’s yelling. In his rage, DTR throws one of the many jars filled with Jensen’s blood across the room, letting it splatter on the ground. ]

“You’re KILLING her, Jensen. But you don’t care about that, do you? You only care about YOURSELF!”

[Jensen cringes back as DTR yells, the Virus unrelenting.]

“Fine then! If you don’t wish to help keep her alive, then don’t!”

[DTR TEARS THE NEEDLE FROM JENSEN’S ARM! Cussen yells in pain as DTR throws the needle down, blood pouring from Jensen’s wound.]

“Then I guess I’ll have to do this the hard way, won’t I? So be it. Next week, Jensen, I’ll be taking the blood I need in our match, no matter how much I have to beat out of your disobedient body!”

[DTR storms off, leaving Jensen behind. As soon as DTR is gone, Jensen collapses from the chair, fighting to stand up as the scene fades out.]


[Tonight, it is a match between blood brothers! The Family faces each other in a first blood match! Who will come out on top tonight as DTR and Jensen Cussen face each other! Will this match prove that blood is thicker than water?] [DING! DING! Both men roll out of the ring and look under it for weapons! They are trying to bust each other early! Jensen has found a chair and heads towards DTR with it! Oh shit! DTR has found a syringe! Is he going to try to draw out more blood from Cussen tonight? Cussen sees the syringe and he wants to keep a distance so he tosses the chair at DTR! It hits DTR flush but he just laughs it off! DTR charges at Cussen with the syringe! Cussen runs into the ring to get away but DTR is hot on his trail! DTR slides into the ring but Jensen stomps on DTR’s hand!] [DTR is forced to let go of the syringe! Cussen picks it up and slams it on the ground to shatter it! He is not risking that again but now there are tiny shards of glass and a needle on the mat! Cussen tries to pick up DTR but LOW BLOW FOLLOWED BY A DDT! DTR played possum perfectly and grabs one of the glass shards! He gets on top of Cussen and is trying to jam that glass shard into Cussen’s forehead! Cussen grabs the wrist and is fending off the attack! He stands while holding the wrist! Cussen with a BICYCLE KICK to DTR’s arm! The shard goes flying!] [Both men shrug and start clubbing away at each other! DTR gets the advantage and runs off the ropes! BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA! Leaping super kick out of nowhere by Cussen but no blood yet! Cussen walks over to one of the turnbuckles and rips off the padding! He lifts up DTR and tries to bash his head into the exposed turnbuckle! DTR blocks it with his foot and elbows Cussen hard in the mouth! The mouth could be busted! DTR yells him to spit it out! Cussen spits directly in DTR’s face! No blood in that saliva and the match continues!] [DTR tries to wipe the spit from his eyes but Cussen uses that distraction and SHINING WIZARD! The ref checks on DTR but still no blood! Jensen climbs out of the ring and he grabs two chairs! He tosses the chairs into the ring! He slides back into the ring and set’s DTR’s head on one of the chairs! He grabs the other chair and he is going for it! Con-chair-to!!! He hits it, it has to be over but no! Still no blood! Cussen enraged now goes for it again! DTR rolls out of the way! TWANGGGG! The chairs smash aginst each other and Cussen drops his!] [DTR sees his chance and BRAINBUSTER ON THE CHAIR! The ref checks on Cussen! No Blood! The match continues as DTR pounces on Cussen and rains down some rights! He is trying his hardest to bust Cussen wide open! He gets up and grabs one of the chairs! Cussen is starting to get up and DTR is charging at him with the chair! BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA INTO THE CHAIR! That superkick sends the chair directly into DTR’s face. The ref checks on him! Still no blood but he is stunned! INFINITE CHAOS! Flurry of kicks headed DTR’s way!] [No! DTR catches the leg and T-BONE SUPLEX ONTO THE CHAIR! Jensen Cussen is writhing in pain! DTR lifts him and drags him towards the corner with the exposed turnbuckle! He is trying to bash Cussen’s face into the turnbuckle now but Cussen holds onto the ropes to block it! He stuns DTR with a massive backhand! Cussen lifts DTR up and sets him on the top rope! Cussen climbs up it himself and is delivering Uppercut after Uppercut until DTR head butts him off the top rope! Cussen hops to the ropes and CURTAIN’S CLOSER! NO! DTR CATCHES HIM AND BRAINBUSTAAAA!!! INTO THE EXPOSED TURNBUCKLE! CUSSEN IS BUSTED WIDE OPEN!] [What an amazing win as the virus shows why it doesn’t matter how pure your blood is!]


[A masked emotion paces back and forth as Smiley just watches as he leans against the wall. His eyes dart left and right in keeping focus on his brother. Smiley twirls his crowbar in his hand as he watches.]

“So what’s wrong, brother?”

[Doubt doesn’t respond, but it does stop its pacing. It leans against the wall beside Smiley.]

“So?” [Smiley pushes further.]

“So… I have something I need to tell you.”

“So spill it, brother.” [Smiley responds as he pushes off the wall.]

“You have to promise-“

[Before it can even finish the statement, a golden portal opens in front of them as a tomahawk pokes from the abyss towards Doubt’s masked face.] [A clink of metal as Smiley Jr. collides with the tomahawk knocking it out of Doubt’s face. Tommy Hawk steps out of the portal with eyes glowing golden as Solomon Rhodes steps out on his right flank.]

“What the fuck do you want?!” [screams Smiley who is practically seething from their continuous interruption into their lives.]

“Why do you persist to side yourself with this monstrosity, Smiley?” [says Solomon Rhodes with a sign of disgust as his lip turns up slightly.] “Do you realize what that thing has done?”

“Do you know what I’VE done?! Keep bothering us and you’ll be quick to find out.” [sneers Smiley who turns his crowbar towards The Dragon.] [Tommy Hawk steps towards Smiley and shakes his head.]

“You lash out at us when it’s that monster that you should be questioning. Go ahead, Doubt. Tell him about your sister.”

[With this, Smiley looks confused. He turns to Doubt who doesn’t budge.]

“What’s he talking about? Syndi is dead, right?”

[No response from The Masked Emotion.]


“Unfortunately, your trust only seems to go so far, Smiley. Your ‘brother’ was reunited with his sister weeks ago yet chose not to tell you. For fear you’d react in the same way that you did with Stephanie.”

[A moment of silence as Smiley turns towards his brethren.]

“Is this true, Doubt? Did you find your sister?”

[A pause before the mask nods in acknowledgement. Smiley’s teeth are bared as he turns towards the open hallway and begins walking.] [Doubt reaches out a gloved hand for a moment, but Hawk steps into its path.]

“Your lies have cost you a friendship, but your monstrous acts end here.” [says Solomon as he steps behind Tommy.]

“I have seen the future, creature, and it’s my duty to end your reign of terror. Once and for all.”

[With these parting words, the two leave towards the ring leaving Doubt to stand… and stew… and clench its fists in anger.]


[Evil comes in many forms as two OSW heroes try a pre-emptive strike against two who could destroy OSW as we know it. Will Hawk and Rhodes save the future or will OSW’s greatest nightmare come true?] [The bell sounds as Doubt starts off against Solomon Rhodes, Doubt getting the early advantage with a series of stiff elbows to the jaw before tossing Rhodes to the ropes, bouncing him off before leaping up with a snap Hurricanrana. Rhodes stumbles to his feet right into the arms of Doubt who delivers a lightning fast Snap Suplex, leaping up, CAUSE OF DOUBT MISSES! Doubt lands on its feet as Rhodes rolls away, tagging in Tommy Hawk] [Doubt circles around for a moment, sizing up Hawk before rushing forward, drilling the Spirit Walker with a hard corkscrew forearm that staggers him back into the ropes, MASSIVE LARIAT! The Emotion gets turned inside out by that huge clothesline as Hawk pulls it up to it’s feet, lifting it up high with a series of stiff knees to the gut before effortlessly tossing Doubt across the ring with a big Belly to Belly Suplex. Doubt rolls out to the outside, Knock Knock trying to regroup as Hawk sizes them both up before rushing forward, GOING NATIVE! Smiley pushes Doubt out of the way as he takes the double fist to his own skull!] [Doubt attacks Hawk from behind, landing a stiff reverse DDT on the outside before rolling him back inside. Hawk slowly gets to his feet as Doubt rushes forward, landing a running discus elbow, leaving Hawk out on his feet as Doubt leaps to the ropes, springboarding off, PESSIMIST’S E…HAWK CATCHES HIM! Lifting it up high for the Red Arrow but Smiley rushes in, chop-blocking Hawk from behind as Doubt spins out, PESSIMIST’S END! Hawk gets spiked into the mat as Doubt rolls over, hooking the leg] [ONE…TWO…Hawk gets the shoulder up! Doubt drills Hawk with a stiff knee to the side of the head before hooking him into a double underhook position. Smiley heads up to the top rope as Doubt drills Hawk with Eating Yourself Alive, holding him down over his knee as Smiley leaps off, BREAKDOWN! Hawk looks to be out cold as Doubt hooks both legs, ONE…TWO…RHODES BREAKS UP THE PINFALL! Rhodes gets bumrushed from behind, Smiley grabbing him by the back of the head before biel tossing him over the top rope] [Hawk tries to get to his feet, getting up right into a massive running knee to the jaw from Doubt as Smiley lifts him up, drilling him with the Hideous Laughter as Doubt leaps up, SLEEP PARALYSIS! Doubt hooks the leg again as the referee counts, ONE…TWO…THR…HAWK KICKS OUT! Knock Knock can’t believe it as Doubt lifts him up, hooking up a Full Nelson as Smiley backs up, CHELSEA GRI…HAWK SLIPS OUT AS SMILEY HITS DOUBT! Smiley turns around, RED ARROW!] [Rhodes is up on the apron as Hawk rushes forward, finally tagging him in. Doubt staggers to its feet into a flurry of forearms before a leaping enziguri puts him down to one knee, Rhodes rolling back as he rushes forward, DARKWISH! Rhodes doesn’t get to cover as Smiley attacks him from behind, drilling him with a stiff elbow to the back of the head before hoisting him up in an Electric Chair. Doubt slowly gets to his feet, climbing up to the top rope before leaping off, FEVER DREAM! Rhodes is out cold as Smiley spears Hawk to the outside, Doubt hooking Rhodes leg for the cover, ONE…TWO….THREE!!!] [Heroes fall here tonight as Knock Knock make Enter the Badlands a very unhappy ending for Hawk and Rhodes. Can they regroup and stop the murderous duo or will Doubt and Smiley be the end of OSW as we know it?] [Just then, out into the arena steps two men – two men we’ve not seen before in Old School Wrestling. Doubt turns to Smiley, who’s eyes widen.] [It’s Santa Claus and The Easter Bunny.] [As we live and breathe, they stand at the entrance, looking back at Knock Knock. The psychotic duo don’t quite know what to do with themselves, and simply watch as Santa drops a lump of coal right where he stands, before the pair turn and head back through the entrance.] [What the fuck was that about?]


[Inside a dark house, illuminated only by candles, The Chief sits alongside Betamax around a large oak table. He looks unsure as a woman takes her seat opposite him and reaches out, grabbing his hand.]

“You seek knowledge, is that correct?”

[The Chief nods in agreement.] [The woman closes her eyes, looking into the abyss. She’s a psychic, though The Chief looks at Betamax suspiciously – as if he doesn’t quite believe it.] [Her eyes suddenly open with great fear.]

“Y-You don’t have much time,” [she stammers.] “It is coming. At Red Snow, it is coming. I can’t quite see it, but I can feel it. It’s an evil unlike anything you’ve ever faced.”

[She whips her hand away from The Chief, grabbing a napkin and wiping her brow. She’s started to sweat profusely.]

“Everything has been leading to this moment,” [she says whilst dabbing.] “Everything. Don’t you understand, my child? Your destiny was to choose.”

“I don’t understand,” [The Chief interrupts.] “My destiny?” [He asks.] “I’m a ghost. I live on the fringes, lady. I don’t have a destiny.”

[This time she interrupts.] “You’re wrong. You’re so wrong. You have a vital part to play.”

“A part to play in what? Is someone trying to take over my business? Is that it? Is this evil responsible for the murder of Errol Flint? Tell me something!”

[She grabs his hand once more, closing her eyes.]

“When the time comes, you’re going to have to make the tough decision. You’re going to have to do what’s right. It’s the only chance you stand of stopping this without the fight of your life. If you don’t make the right decision, everything you know could cease to be.”

[He rips his hand away.] “What decision?”

“When the time comes, do not hesitate. Fire.”

[Suddenly, the woman starts screaming. She convulses back and forth, spewing white foam from her mouth as she does. Just then, her eyes open and with a vile, howling, horrifying scream, she falls face first onto the desk, dead. The Chief scoots back, almost falling off his chair. He looks at Betamax, who goes to check on her, realizing that her eyes have been burned from her skull.]

“Her eyes, they’re gone,” [he panics.] “And so should we be. We have to leave; now!”

[He rushes to the door, looking back at The Chief who can’t make heads or tails of this.]

“NOW!” [he screams.] [Cut.]


[Recorded Earlier.] [Bruce Van Chan paces back and forth, in deep thought and self-debate. He stops, looking into a mirror. Slowly, his eyes change white and then back again, his ability to control his power growing.] [Then he stops.] [Bruce lowers his head, shaking it angrily.]

“Why can’t you embrace it?”

[A voice startles him. He turns around to see Hysteria, his head tilted.]

“You,” [Bruce says, immediately turning white in eyes.] “You’ve brought this on yourself!”

[Almost as quickly as he brought it on, Bruce snaps it backwards, reversing it.]

“I don’t want it,” [he mutters.] “I just… don’t want it.”

[Hysteria nods.] “You wanted revenge. You didn’t ask for this curse, he gave it to you. He forced it upon you so that he wouldn’t be consumed alone. You were both once men, and now you’re something else.”

[Bruce lowers his head.]

“Do you know what happens when you become something else, Bruce? You willingly lose your humanity. You happily discard your morality. Everything my dear friend Edward Newton said, would be proven true.”

[Van Chan grunts.] “Stop!”

“You’ll lose your wife, your kids, your home,” [Hysteria continues.] “You’ll look in that mirror and you won’t recognise yourself, that’s even if you do now.”


[Hysteria backs away slightly towards the door.]

“Mike Lane did this to you, Bruce. He did this.”

[Silence.] [Bruce’s eyes go white.] [Cut.]


[Injustice have been near unstoppable since their inception but the power of the Shadow seems to be their weakness. Will Mike Lane be able to help Van Chan channel Doctor Sleep or will the power of Injustice be too overwhelming?] [The bell sounds as Bruce Van Chan starts off with No-Face, peppering him with a series of kicks that barely do any damage to No-Face as Bruce ducks under a wild right before trying to lift No-Face up into a German Suplex. No-Face powers out, DARKNESS! A huge headbutt doesn’t bust Bruce open but staggers him back as he tags in Mike Lane. Lane paces around No-Face, ducking under a clothesline before flipping him over his head with a Release German. No-Face quickly gets to his feet as Lane rushes forward, SHADOW…No-Face tosses Lane away, gripping him by the throat, SUFFER!] [No-Face covers, ONE…TWO…Lane gets the shoulder up. No-Face powers him up to his feet as he tosses him into the corner, beginning to drill him with a series of hard shoulders to the gut as Hysteria tags himself in. No-Face looks pissed for a moment, reluctantly stepping onto the apron as Hysteria backs up before rushing forward and drilling Lane with a hard Yakuza Kick. The Shadow staggers out as he’s lifted up high, APATH…Lane slips back down before spinning Hysteria around, DEGENERATION!] [Hysteria gets tossed across the ring as Lane tags Van Chan into the ring. The Mastermind slowly gets to his feet into a big Spinning Heel Kick that staggers him back into the ropes as Van Chan rushes forward, crushing him into the corner with a Stinger Splash. Hysteria staggers out into a Snap Fisherman’s Suplex, dumping him onto his head. No-Face gets knocked off the apron with a hard clothesline as Van Chan waits for Hysteria to slowly get to his feet. The Mastermind feints being slow to get up before grabbing Bruce by his tights and tossing him throat first onto the bottom rope] [Bruce gets up, holding his throat right into a Snap DDT! Bruce gets lifted up groggy as he’s hoisted up into the air, before being slammed down with a Slingshot Suplex. Hysteria doesn’t cover, instead heading up to the top rope, sizing up Bruce for a moment before leaping off, CATACLYSM! Hysteris hits it flush as he hooks both legs for the cover, ONE…TWO…BRUCE KICKS OUT! Hysteria pulls Bruce up, trying to inflict more damage, GOOD NIGHT!] [Both men are knocked down, the referee counting as they slowly get to their feet, tagging in Lane and No-Face. Lane comes in like a house on fire, peppering No-Face with lefts and rights, a running European Uppercut stunning the Faceless One, ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE! No-Face is groggy but he doesn’t go down, SHADOW…No-Face catches the boot but before he can do anything, Van Chan clips him from behind with an enziguri. The blow stuns The Faceless One just enough, SANDWICH SHADOW KICK! Bruce quickly heads up to the top rope, SHOT THROUGH THE HEART! It hits flush as Bruce quickly gets to his feet, flying over the top rope with a plancha onto Hysteria below as Lane covers No-Face, ONE…TWO…THREE!] [The Heroes do it here tonight, they had to go through hell and back but the tenacity and experience of Van Chan and the Shadow proved just enough to win here tonight]


[Recorded Earlier] [Captain Zappa stands with his back resting comfortably against a non-descript outdoor concrete wall. A joint hangs from his mouth, slowly burning down as the smoke slowly billows above him. Before him, a trio of shadowy figures known as the Zeta stand, discussing their plans.]

“The invasion is all but set. There is nothing left standing in our way. Lyra Starchild will try her hardest to fend off our forces, but she too will be taken by surprise. It is by your connection with us, Chosen One, that we are able to proceed.”

[Zappa smiles as he takes a draw and blows the smoke as he exhales into the air above him.]

“Earth is about to know its full potential. We humans have only ever been able to tap into a mere percentage of what this planet is capable of.”

[The trio of Zetas each greet Zappa with an arm to his shoulder, in turn. When the last of the trio had placed its arm on his shoulder, they nod in unicen.]

“A new day dawns as the Earth turns towards it’s star’s light this day…”

[The sentence is brought to an abrupt end as the trio of Zetas all freeze. Zappa’s eyes widen in a look of fear or surprise. Before him, the three Zetas dematerialise just as Lyra Starchild herself approaches Zappa. She sniffs at the familiar scent in the air.]

“You lied to me, Chosen One.”

[She approaches, weapon drawn and aimed at Zappa yet she does not shoot. Zappa says nothing.]

“Did you honestly think that I would be so easily fooled as to merely believe you and accept your lies? No. I have followed you, I know that the connection still exists. Which brings us to an impasse. Choices must be made, the consequences of which have never been more dire.”

[She draws near him, placing the weapon against his forehead. Yet she still does not pull the trigger.]

“I could end you right now and that would ensure that the Zetas’ invasion is either delayed or stopped entirely. I should…” [She hesitates for just a moment.] “… Or I could give you one final chance to sever your connection yourself.”

[Zappa stares down the barrel of the weapon but does not falter.]

“You are wasting your breath. I would never do such a thing.”

[Lyra shakes her head, looking genuinely disappointed.]

“Don’t you see that the Zetas mean only death and destruction? I am here to protect Earth from such beings. From my own people… And from the Zetas. But, as it has been all along, you have the choice to make. When we enter the Badlands, I will prove to you my power. The power that landed me the All-Star Championship.

I will prove to you that I mean what I say. Following that, when you walk away empty handed, you will have a choice to make. Earth… Or the Zetas. You cannot have both. Derail the invasion, it only stands as long as your connection with the Zeta does.”

[She lowers her weapon but stares into Zappa’s eyes.]

“Deep down, you know I speak the truth. The decisions you make have Intergalactic Consequences now. Choose wisely.”

[In that moment, Starchild beams out and is gone. Zappa is left to contemplate her warning.]


[Next up, Lyra Starchild defends her All Star Championship against Captain Zappa. The last time these two met in the ring, Captain Zappa pulled off the victory. But since that match, Starchild has been on a roll, picking up the championship belt with her win over Bruce Van Chan last week. Will Zappa prove to be Starchild’s kryptonite?] [The bell rings as these two familiar competitors tie up in the centre of the ring. Zappa transitions Starchild into a side head lock and squeezes her head, tightly. Starchild backs Zappa into the ropes. Starchild holds onto the ropes as tightly as Zappa squeezes that headlock. Zappa is zapping the life from Starchild early on in this contest. The ref forces Captain Zappa to release the hold. He complies. A European Uppercut from Zappa takes Starchild clean off her feet. Vicious stomps from Zappa, using the ropes for extra leverage. He drops his knee across Starchild’s forehead. The champ is dazed. Zappa picks Starchild to her feet and locks her up for a suplex attempt. Captain hoists Starchild into the sky. While holding onto her skywards, Captain drops her frontwards to use the ropes as a springboard and execute a strong SNAP SUPLEX!] [On instinct, Starchild pops back to her feet, only to be wrapped up and planted back down on the mat with a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Zappa climbs to the middle turnbuckle. Starchild is motionless on her back. Captain launches himself into the air with the BLACK CLOUDS AND TINFOIL LININGS! That devastating belly flop from the middle turnbuckle. Zappa makes the pin, do we have a new All Star Champion?…1…2…NO! STARCHILD KICKS OUT! Zappa can’t believe it! He thought he’d secured the belt early. Zappa assists Starchild to her feet. Knife edge chop from the challenger! Another Knife edge chop! Lyra presses against her stinging chest. Zappa whips Starchild into the ropes and catches her with a BACK BODY DROP! Zappa smiles to the crowd, seemingly in command of the championship match.] [Zappa waits from Lyra to stagger back to her feet. Captain wraps his arms around the champion’s body. GUT WRENCH POWERBOMB! Zappa rolls Starchild up from the pin….1…. NO! STARCHILD GOT HER SHOULDER UP EARLY IN THE COUNT! The champion has withstood a lot of early offense from the title challenger. Zappa kneels over Starchild. A series of fists to the temple of the champion. Captain assists Lyra to her feet. Zappa flips Starchild onto his back. It appears he’s preparing for the INTERGALACTIC INERTIA, where Captain slams his opponent into the corner turnbuckle. But as Captain charges in to the corner, Lyra slides out of Zappa’s grasp and land on her feet. As Captain realises and turns to face Starchild, he’s met with a SPINNING BACK HEEL KICK! The force throws Zappa himself crashing into the turnbuckles.] [With Zappa trapped in the corner, Starchild executes a number of precision kicks to Zappa’s body, taking him off his feet. Starchild backs off Zappa and then sprints into the corner with a FLYING KNEE, cracking Zappa’s head and bouncing it off the middle turnbuckle. Zappa is seeing double. Starchild exits the ring and wraps Zappa’s legs around the corner ring post. From outside the ring, Starchild locks on FIGURE FOUR on Zappa around the ring post. Zappa cries out in pain. Zappa holds onto the ropes for dear life. The ref orders Starchild to release the hold or be disqualified. Starchild holds onto the lock! The pain is visible on Captain Zappa’s face. Finally, Starchild releases the hold at the request of the ref.] [Starchild slides back into the ring and continues the assault. Lyra begins dropping the elbow into the stretched legs of Zappa. Lyra pulls the challenger to his injured feet. RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP, planting Zappa right back down onto the mat! Starchild doesn’t make the pin, she wants to inflict her damage to her rival. Starchild drags a limping Zappa towards the corner. Lyra springs off the middle turnbuckle and executes a TORNADO DDT! Zappa is splayed out in the middle of the ring. Starchild slowly and confidently stands over her prey, letting Zappa know he’ll never take her championship belt from her. SMALL PACKAGE! Zappa just reached up and twisted Starchild into the small package pinning manoeuvre…1….2…KICK OUT! The champ barely kicked out of that savvy pin attempt!] [Zappa is still in this match. Both competitors are back on their feet. A right hand from Starchild! Zappa returns fire with a right hand of his own. Both fighters are staggered from these desperate blows. Starchild with a kick attempt to the body – CAUGHT! Zappa caught Starchild’s leg. FISHERMAN’S SUPLEX! Zappa is gaining momentum. Starchild is back on her feet, but she turns directing into THE LAUGHING HYPERDRIVE FROM CAPTAIN ZAPPA! His reversed, jumping piledriver. Is this the end of the match?! Zappa covers Starchild’s shoulders…1…2…YES? NO!!! STARCHILD KICKS OUT! Zappa was so close. Foot stomps from Zappa to Starchild’s chest. Captain picks Lyra back to her feet. DROP KICK FROM STARCHILD, OUT OF NOWHERE! Zappa is dazed, but his on his feet. Starchild tries to Irish whip Zappa into the ropes, but he blocks the whip! Zappa reverses with an Irish whip of his own – NO! Zappa transitions his Irish Whip into the HICCUP IN THE MATRIX! Zappa’s inverted, snap DDT! Zappa ascending the turnbuckles with zero hesitation and executes ZETAVARIUM!!!! That twisting moonsault where Zappa plants both knees into Starchild’s ribcage. Zappa pins Starchild’s shoulders to the mat…1…2…3! New champion! Captain Zappa has defeated Starchild in consecutive PPVs.] [Captain Zappa continues his win streak over Lyra Starchild and this time claims the OSW All Star Championship for his in-ring efforts]


[The holder of the Invasion briefcase and one half of the Tag Team Champions, Lux Bellator, stands in the center of the ring. Soon he will square off in combat with the man he holds the Tag Team titles with.] [The very same man that is now walking towards the ring, his face full of emotion.]

“It’s about damn time I found you, Bellator.” [Kersh begins.] “You sure like to stay hidden, don’t you?”

[Bellator sneers at his partner, laying the briefcase down as he prepares for battle.]

“If you had truly sought me out, you would have found me.” [Bellator mocks.] “Instead you saw fit to seek out my father. What discord did he seed among our partnership? What lies did he tell you?”

[Kersh now stands across the ring from Lux, looking like he’s just about had enough.]

“Our partnership?” [Kersh scoffs.] “All we have is some unholy alliance that God knows what you have put it together for.”

[The Enforcer shakes his head before getting right up in Lux’s face.]

“You mocked me with my son. You hold him hostage. You hold my father hostage, and his father, and so on. They’ve become little toy soldiers for you to play with in your little Holy War. If you think I’m going to let you keep doing that, then you have another thing coming.”

[Bellator seems to take in the seriousness of those words. Yet a smile slowly spreads on his features. Kersh seems captivated as Bellator’s eyes begin to glow a golden hue. Like the inside of a prison, Kersh can see what lies within them.] [Souls. Of a number that none could count. Yet at the forefront stands Trevor Kersh, and behind him we can see several other men who bear features resembling that of the Enforcer.]

“I hold none hostage.” [Lux Bellator speaks into Kersh’s disbelief with a voice full of passion and zeal.] “I have freed these souls from a life of servitude to he who would have kept them in nothingness. They now stand ready to fight against whatever forces the Fallen One would bring to bear against them. A place in God’s army is not enslavement. No, it is the highest honor one can command.”

[Before Lux can continue, Brent grabs him and forces him into the corner of the ring.]

“They didn’t choose that. You chose it for them.”

[Bellator shakes his head.]

“You cannot believe El Salvador’s lies!” [Bellator spits out in response, his eyes returning to their natural color.] “Each and every one of them agreed to serve in the army of the Lord. They believed that their service would mean something. They believed that in death, they could serve the living in ways that even you could not.”

[Kersh shakes his head and throws Lux back into the center of the ring.]

“I don’t believe you.” [Kersh says as he pops his neck, ready for combat.] [Bellator looks at him sadly for a moment before nodding in return.]

“Then we shall fight.”

[The bell rings as an official steps into the ring. But Lux is not done.]

“Yet when we are done, I will speak the same truth I speak now. What truth will you speak, Enforcer?”

[Kersh just shakes his head as the two men walk towards one another.] [This fight is on!]


[These men aren’t wasting anytime and both Kersh and Bellator are swinging massive rights! Kersh gets the advantage and locks in a headlock! Bellator shoves him off into the ropes, Kersh bounces off them and Bellator connects with a massive DROPKICK! Kersh rolls out of the ring catching a breath! Bellator is going for a baseball slide but Kersh pulls the apron! Bellator is caught and SUPER KICK by Kersh! Bellator is stunned and Kersh slides into the ring! The ref starts the count! One… Two… Three… Bellator is starting to stir and is trying to get out of the apron!] [Kersh does not let him as he grabs Bellator and starts choking him out with the ring rope! He holds onto as long as he can until the ref breaks it up! Bellator is holding his neck in pain! Kersh tries to go for it again but Bellator grabs the arm and wrenches him through the ropes with an ARM DRAG TAKEDOWN! Bellator pulls himself out of the apron and charges at Kersh! Kersh counters with a backdrop and he is aiming for the barricade! No! Bellator flips out and lands feet first on the barricade! What amazing balance as he jumps off and hits a beautiful MOONSAULT onto a stunned Kersh!] [Bellator picks up Kersh and tosses him into the ring! Bellator hops to the apron and waits for Kersh to get up! Kersh starts to stir and is getting up! Bellator goes for a springboard crossbody! No! Kersh counters it with a EUROPEAN UPPERCUT MIDAIR! What a strike as Kersh goes for the cover! One…Two…Thr…No! Bellator gets the shoulder up! Kersh doesn’t hesitate and he locks in the LONE STAR! Figure-four leg lock and Bellator looks like he might tap out any second but he counters the hold and rolls onto his stomach! Kersh is the one in pain now but he crawls and grabs onto the ropes!] [Bellator lets go and both men get to their feet! Both men’s legs are worse for wear and they start clubbing away at each other again! This time Bellator gets the advantage and he runs off the ropes! Kersh goes for a clothesline but Bellator ducks it and he hits a HANDSPRING ENZUIGIRI! Amazing move and he is not done yet! He lifts Kersh up and goes for the DISCIPLE MAKER! No! Kersh sweeps the legs and goes for a jackknife cover! One…Two…No way! Bellator is bridging and powering out of this! He turns Kersh around and goes for it again! He hits it this time! DISCIPLE MAKER!] [That has to be it and Bellator covers! One…Two…Three! No! Kersh kicks out the very last second! Bellator is not pleased at all and he locks in the DRAGON SLEEPER! Will Kersh tap out here! It looks like he is about to fade but no, it looks like got a second wind and is powering out of it! He is standing and elbows Bellator in the stomach a few times forcing him to release the hold! Bellator is clutching his gut and DISCUS CLOTHESLINE by Kersh turns Bellator inside out! Kersh climbs to the top rope and goes for an elbow drop!] [Bellator rolls out of the way and both men are getting up! Kersh is clutching his arm! Bellator sees his chance at glory and locks in the ARMS OF GOD! That headscissors turned into a Fujiwara armbar has Kersh agonizing in pain! He tries to get away from Bellator’s submission and he rolls away from Bellator! In that process, he ends up rolling Bellator up! One…Two…kickout by Bellator! Both men get up and Bellator charges at Kersh! Kersh counters with a HIGH KNEE! BELLATOR IS ROCKED AND KERSH USES THAT CHANCE TO HIT SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! Tombstone piledriver and Kersh covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [What an amazing win by Kersh as he proves Bellator’s supernatural skills are no match for hard work and grit!]


[The Fire.] [Tommy Hawk sits comfortably upon the sand, his legs crossed beneath him. He’s sat in front of a fire, carefully throwing small twigs and logs into it. His eyes begin to glaze as the intensity of the fire almost consumes the spirit walker.] [Flash.] [A gust of wind explodes in the face of Hawk, breaking his concentration. The fire burns black and vile.]

“Curiosity killed the cat.”

[A disturbed, angry, squealing voice emanates from the flames.]

“And I think you’ve seen too much.”

[Hawk stands, looking into the pitch-black fire.]

“You know what is to come, don’t you? You’ve seen the pieces of this puzzle and formulated the grand picture. Isn’t that why you deemed Knock Knock a worthy target?”

[The voice laughs.]

“And yet despite your efforts, they still stand united. Don’t you see? You cannot stop what’s coming, Tommy.”

[He tilts his head, defiant.]

“At Genesis; the origin of evil, I will show you what those before me have been unable to. I will show you your end. You won’t be able to stop me, just like you cannot stop what’s coming. I’ll show you, if you dare to see.”

[Hawk steps closer, looking into the flames. They flicker within the reflections of his eyes, showing him the scenes to come. He falls backwards, hitting the ground with a ginormous thud.] [His eyes widen. His heart pounds. His face contorts into that of terror; and it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen from The Spirit Walker.]

“Your death will be the greatest casualty of them all, Spirit Walker.”

[Once again, a vile laughter echoes from within the flames before a large gust of black wind flies into the face of Hawk as he tries to cover his face.] [The fire is out.] [And Tommy Hawk looks as if the voice tells only the truth.]


[It’s main event time as it’s Edward Newton standing out in the center of the ring with Injustice flanking him on either side. Hysteria wielding his bat with nails in it and No Face having a large knife in his hand! It’s The Streak versus The Hayman! Will The Scarecrow be able to put a halt to The Riddler’s impressive streak here tonight?] [Flutter.] [HE’S HERE!] [Edward Newton’s eyes grow wide as The Hayman has just seemingly materialized inside of the ring! Newton points a finger forward as his two associates leap forward. Hysteria swings with his bat, but Scarecrow just ducks underneath. No Face slices with his knife, but it’s Scarecrow who just bends backwards to avoid it. HAYMAKER to Edward Newton as he’s sent back into the ropes. The other two members of Injustice turn around as they’re peppered with lightning quick thrust punches! Both stagger backwards. Scarecrow rushes forward, extends his arms, and takes both men over the top rope with a double clothesline. He stops, turns, and smiles as Newton appears to be contemplating running or picking up one of the dropped weapons.] [DING! As the two stand off, the referee motions for the bell. The Hayman walks towards the center of the ring as he motions for Newton to join him. Newton steps forward, peering through his shattered spectacles. It may be due to this that he catches Crow off guard. TAZER! Scarecrow begins shaking violently as Hysteria and No Face grab his legs and drag him out of the ring. Newton begins barking orders as Hysteria reaches under the ring and pulls out a table from underneath the ring and sets it up. No Face is just stomping viciously on Scarecrow. He lifts up Scarecrow as Hysteria turns to join him.] [FLUTTER!] [The lights go out!] [CRASH!] [The lights return and both Hysteria and No Face are laying in a heap of broken wood! Scarecrow is standing tall as his head slowly turns… to Edward Newton looking down over the ropes. The Hayman reaches forward and yanks the legs out from underneath the Riddler! Newton’s hands scramble beside him as they find purchase on Hysteria’s bat. Scarecrow drags him outside, but Newton swings wildly connecting with a nailed bat to the face! The Hayman staggers backwards, but reaches forward to grab Newton around the throat! He lifts him up and slams him back on the apron, BACKFIRST!] [Newton’s back arches in pain as he rolls along the ground trying to put some separation between himself and The Monster. Scarecrow slowly gives chase with a menacing pace as if deciding how next to punish his foe. Newton goes towards the apron and tries to reach underneath, but Scarecrow just stomps on his ankle, halting his progress. He hooks both of Newton’s legs and pulls him away into a wheelbarrow slam! Newton’s glasses can’t be in a good way after slamming into the hard concrete! Scarecrow grabs him by his neck and lifts him off the ground before sending him flying over the barricade and into about four fans!] [The Hayman pulls himself up onto the barricade as the crowd is cheering ruthlessly for this carnage! The fans help Riddler to his feet, but he just shoves past them as he shoves Scarecrow’s legs out from underneath him! Scarecrow falls and falls onto the barricade ribs first! He falls backwards into the ringside area as Newton just pushes up his shattered glasses before climbing over. Newton walks over to the bat on the ground and makes his way back to Scarecrow. THWACK! A golf swing straight into the ribs of Scarecrow before taking a step back for another! The nails get stuck to his rags momentarily before Newton pulls the bat back.] [Edward Newton gives a giant grin before throwing the bat into the ring. He lifts up the weight of Scarecrow and rolls him into the ring. The Riddler slides into the ring and begins kicking Scarecrow in the ribs viciously, hoping to continue the punishment on that body part. He lifts up Scarecrow and moves him towards the corner. He begins slamming the head of Scarecrow into the turnbuckle, but each slam seems to be slower. He tries for the fourth, but Scarecrow’s head isn’t budging. UPPERCUT! Newton staggers backwards at the lightning fast punch before Scarecrow grabs him by the throat!] [He yanks him up into his arms before throwing him over his shoulder right into the corner! Fallaway slam as Newton slowly falls to the mat after slamming right into the corner turnbuckle! Newton instantly grabs his ankle in pain as he hits the mat. The Scarecrow is slow to his feet, but he turns to Newton with his teeth gritted in either annoyance or anger. He quickly begins driving heavy boots into his victim. He sees him grabbing at his ankle and pulls him to his feet. He wraps his arms around that ankle into an ankle lock! He twists on the ankle as Newton is in pain! Will he tap out?!] [FWHOOP!] [The shoe comes right off as Scarecrow looks mildly irritated as he throws it over his shoulder. PUNCH TO THE BALLS! MIND OVER MATTER! The Hayman falls to his knees as Edward Newton slowly gets back to his feet. He pulls BRASS KNUCKLES from his hand and throws them aside before lifting up the bat and…THWACK! Another vicious shot to the ribs as Scarecrow falls to the mat. The gameplan involves those ribs and Edward Newton seems to have this match in control. Another vicious shot to the ribs! Newton goes for a cover!] [One…] [Two…] [TH-NO! The Scarecrow is able to kick out just at the last moment.] [UPPERCUT FROM THE GROUND! Scarecrow just staggered Edward Newton with a quick shot before getting back to his feet. The Hayman begins drilling with lefts and rights in quick fashion! HAYMAKER AFTER HAYMAKER AFTER HAYMAKER! Newton falls to his knees and it’s at this point that Scarecrow pulls his head between his legs and lifts him up in a crucifix position… THE PERCH! The lights go out… but return momentarily seeing only Newton laid out. Scarecrow goes for the cover.] [One…] [Two…] [THREE!] [WAIT! Newton kicked out at the VERY LAST SECOND! The Hayman yanks him to his feet and just brutally headbutts him. Blood spurts from the nose of Edward Newton as he staggers backwards in recoil. The Scarecrow charges forward, but Newton kicks him right in the ribs! He springs off the bottom rope… NEVERMIND! The DDT seemed to come out of nowhere as Newton is quick to roll up both legs of The Hayman!] [ONE…] [TWO….] [TH-NOOO! Scarecrow powers out at 2.95!] [Newton’s hands fly to his hair, but his eyes quickly dart around the ring to plan his next plan of action. He grabs that trusty bat and begins beckoning for The Scarecrow to get up. “GET UP!” he screams at the OSW World Champion. He slowly gets to his feet as Newton charges forward. THE LAST STRAW! Normally the move would not have worked, but with the glass broken… the straw breaks throw and stabs Newton right in the eye! He drops the bat. He’s hoisted up… BYE BYE BIRDIE!!!! Scarecrow falls into a cover on top of him.] [ONE….] [TWO…..] [THR-NO! Edward Newton just kicked out of The Scarecrow’s finishing move!] [Even Scarecrow seems shocked by this as his head tilts to the side while looking down at him. He grabs him by the arm and yanks him to his feet before hitting him with two vicious Haymakers! He wraps his arms around the waist of Newton and just flinging him over his shoulder! Newton slams to the mat harshly as Scarecrow sees Injustice beginning to stir on the outside. He quickly leaves Newton for a moment before lifting up No Face and driving him face-first into the ringpost! Hysteria gets up and Scarecrow charges him. THROUGH THE BARRICADE! It crashes as Scarecrow stands back up slowly with a hand touching his ribs. He climbs back into the ring, seemingly satisfied with dealing with Newton’s associates.] [WHIFF!] [The nailed bat is swung wildly by Edward Newton, but Scarecrow is able to step out of its radius to avoid the hit. He tries to shoot more straw into the eyes of Newton, but Newton deflects it with the bat. The Scarecrow charges forward with a spear and knocks The Riddler into the corner, but Newton raises his bat high and drives it into the back and side of Scarecrow! Crow rams another shoulder into his midsection, but Newton drives another bat shot down! Scarecrow staggers backwards and Newton swings to connect to the ribs yet again! Only Scarecrow grabs the bat, pinning it to himself, and yanks it away!] [He looks at the crowd and throws it over the rope to the floor. He turns back to Newton who has a finger up. KICK TO THE GR-NO! Scarecrow closes his knees together and catches his foot between his! Newton is hopping on one foot! THE LAST STRAW! It connects this time as Newton howls out in pain through his shattered glasses! The Scarecrow yanks him closer and lifts him up… BYE BYE… NO! Three kicks to the ribs forces Scarecrow to drop him, but Newton hooks his head on the way down… NEVERMIND!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE! EDWARD NEWTON HAS DONE IT!] [Edward Newton is the NEW OSW WORLD CHAMPION! And he did it with a perfect record! He’s undefeated and he’s the BRAND NEW WORLD CHAMPION!]

[A weary Lux Bellator enters his chambers. The Invasion briefcase dangles from his fingers as he walks forward, passing the stone Desmond Cross as he does so. A river of blood flows around him and into the distance as he kneels before his wooden altar. The book upon it still has three seals, although one of them is almost broken completely.]

“The bowl is not yet ready.” [Bellator comments before bowing his head.] “Yet You have provided a glimpse of my mission.”

[The bowl simmers before the light warrior, it’s black liquid contents not showing a sign of disturbance at the continuing filling. The masked warrior begins to slowly watch the liquid.]

“My Lord, as your humble servant, you have revealed to me that in a broken world of evil men, there yet exists a space of purity. A space of untouched goodness that will be a light to those who have none.

[As Lux’s voice continues to float over, the bowl begins to change its appearance. Instead of the black murky liquid, it slowly forms into a hazy vision.]

“That purity will show the world that it is not the Lord that has fallen. It is not Lux Bellator that evil intentions for them. The light of God has always shown, despite man’s best attempt to extinguish it.”

[Inside the bowl, we can see the visage of a woman walking inside of a home. It looks like a normal vision of middle-class splendor, as she bends to pick up a piece of dirty laundry off the carpeted floor. Yet as she bends over, we can see from how she bends in a squat that she is, in fact, pregnant.]

“A child.”

[The pregnant woman continues on her journey through the house, her features still obscured as she rounds a corner to her bedroom. Modest furnishings adorn the walls and the bed itself as she sits upon it. The bowl still has not shown her face, instead lingering on the extremely large belly that holds a child.]

“The birth of this child shall call forth the heavens to ring with delight. For this child was touched by evil.”

[The vision moves upward to show the face of the mother of this child. Yet it is still hazy]

“And yet the light of God returned it to goodness.”

[As it begins to form into the features of an individual, the reflection of Lux Bellator smiling seems to appear over it.]

“The time nears. I must prepare.”

[As the reflection fades, we can now see the face of the woman in the vision.] [Nicole Kersh.] [Cut.]