SOMEWHERE ELSE[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Continued.] [The Hammer barrels through the air at such velocity that only a freight train could truly stop it. It’s mere moments from crashing into the skull of D’von Chambers when a white light protrudes from somewhere, casting a cloud of invisibility in all near directions.] [When the light fades, Troy Solveig has been felled.] [He’s on his knees, his hammer resting by his feet, a grimace on his face.] [However, perhaps more importantly, Shadow and D’von Chambers are no-where to be found. Troy looks up, surveying the abandoned warehouse, cursing his misfortune as a good plan goes awry.] [Elsewhere, D’von Chambers and Shadow suddenly appear as if out of no-where, landing hard inside The Tap Room. Shadow collapses immediately, hitting the deck with such a thud that D’von quickly rushes to check on him.]

“How did you do that, boy?” [Chambers asks passionately, shocked that he’s somehow still in one piece.] “How?”

[The Fallen Angel can barely speak at first.]

“My grace,” [he mutters.] [The Preacher pulls him off the ground and quickly begins to whisk him away somewhere safe.]

“You don’t look so good, kiddo, that took a lot out of ya huh?”

[Shadow nods.] “I’m weakened, Chambers. Using my grace weakens my angel side, leaving my humanity exposed. I can’t fight like this.”

“Don’t worry, I’m gonna get ya somewhere safe,” [D’von says proudly.] “And I’ll make sure Troy can’t get to you. I’m sorry for not trusting you, man. I didn’t know.”

[The Angel cuts him off.] “The Trickster played his hand. Let’s get somewhere safe and concern ourselves with that later.”

[Chambers nods, puling his ally away into the halls, looking to escape what will surely be a searching Troy Solveig later tonight.] [Can he recover in time for their match?]


[The bells rings and it’s time for this high-flying battle to begin!] [Charlie Pryce and Mysterion both immediately sprint to opposing ropes and bounce off of them. They come flying at each other… both of them raise their arms… DUAL CLOTHES LINE! The competitors fall to the mat simultaneously. But Mysterion is up while Pryce is still reeling! He scoops up the burglar and nails him a small package driver!] [Mysterion stands proudly over Pryce, puffing his chest out victoriously. But behind him… Pryce is stirring… he’s up… he pokes Mysterion in the back, and the Cloaked Conundrum instinctively turns around to find the smirking face of Pryce…] [PRYCE RAISES HIS HAND TO POKE MYSTERION IN BOTH EYES!] [MYSTERION IS REELING!] [PRYCE UNLEASHES A LITANY OF STRIKES!] [GERMAN SUPLEX! PRYCE NAILS IT!] [Mysterion is down. Pryce lays a few firm boots into Mysterion’s mid-section before picking up the Cloaked Conundrum and hurling him into the turnbuckle. Pryce launches into a sprint and crushes Mysterion with a STINGER SPLASH! Grinning, he pulls the dazed Mysterion away from the corner… hurls him into the ropes…] [EUROPEAN UPPERCUT!] [Pryce throws Mysterion into the air and his fist rises to meet the chin of the Cloaked Conundrum! Pryce goes for the cover!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [KICK OUT!] [Pryce mutters to himself frustration. He picks up Mysterion and goes to work with a series of strikes and punches. But Mysterion is stirring! He begins to block the punches… dodges a strike… Pryce looks rattled… Mysterion lands a strong right hand! Pryce counters by once again throwing Mysterion into the ropes… but there’s something different in Mysterion’s stride this time…] [MYSTERION HITS A MASSIVE HURRICANRANA!!] [Mysterion basks in his own glory over Pryce. Then… a sinister smile flashes across Mysterion’s face. He picks Pryce up, standing him upright. Mysterion stands still for a moment, eyes closed…] [MYSTERION FIST BEGINS TO GLOW WITH AN OMINOUS ENERGY!] [IS IT…? COULD IT BE?] [THE POWER OF AHRIMAN!] [THE TRUTH IS REVEALED! MYSTERION HAS SURELY ALLIED HIMSELF WITH THE GOD OF DESTRUCTION! HE’S ALLIED HIMSELF WITH EVIL!] [Energy swirls around Mysterion as he sends his fist flying at Pryce’s face… the crowd sits in shocked, terrified silence..].

[MYSTERION’S GLOWING FIST CONNECTS WITH A SICKENING, POWERFUL IMPACT!] [CHARLIE PRYCE FALLS TO THE MAT LIFELESSLY!] [MYSTERION HAS KILLED HIM!] [Mysterion ends Pryce’s life and emerges victorious quite possibly with the help of Ahriman!?]


[Backstage, Berengar and Spero stand together. They are still troubled by their coming fight against Gameboy.]

“No matter what happens, my friend,” [Berengar says, continuing an ongoing conversation.] “Gameboy is still our ally. His anger and need for blood are but a passing phase. We must endure the flood to stand tall in the sunlight.”

[Spero nods, still bothered by the events of recent memory.]

“A passing phase?”

[Both men turn as Gameboy enters the room. He looks at the other men with anger in his eyes.]

“Is that how you see me? That’s how you’ve always seen me, isn’t it? Just a hotheaded fool that will never understand your mighty royal words. I may not have a ring of power or a talking sword, but I have power of my own.”

[He jabs his finger into Spero’s chest.]

“And my power saved my life. Not yours. You brought Berengar back from death, but I was just the passing phase that assisted you. No different from your ring or Vigilkeeper. When you lose your weapon, you may feel sadness, but you don’t mourn it. You don’t weep to bring it back.”

[Gameboy snorts at Berengar.]

“I’m not your weapon, anymore. This isn’t about what happened in the past, it’s how you react to it even today. Stop trying to read my instruction manual, because there are no answers there.”

[The masked man takes a step back towards the door.]

“You boys are playing blind on hard mode, and you better bring that ring, Spero, because I’m done playing with the two of you. It’s time to put this matter to bed.”

[Gameboy charges off, while Spero and Berengar exchange a glance of remorse.] [The Vindicators collide tonight, but their bonds has been torn apart for some time now.]


[Previously Recorded.] [Beep.] [Beep.] [Beep.] [Machines pump continuously, forcing life into a man who would have none otherwise. Bandages cover healing burns. Sunlight peeks into the room to illuminate a shadow that does not cease.] [Redwing.]

“I’m sorry.”

[The Caped Crusader’s voice is raw, still reeling from his failure to save the hostages that Jigsaw executed last week.]

“I have no excuses for you. I failed. I was too arrogant. I thought being a hero meant preventing loss. Now you’ve lost a sister, a girlfriend, and lifelong friends.”

[He looks down at a manila envelope on the unused food tray. A picture of the man is there, with his name listed as Jason Richards. Redwing takes mental note before turning back to the man he was able to save.]

“But after Gameboy. After Troy’s betrayal. After last week. I know that being a hero means going forward despite loss. Jigsaw is still out there. He’s going to kill more people if I don’t keep going. If I walk away to find a new war to fight after losing a battle, then I’ll never bring justice to those that deserve to feel its sting.”

[He looks down, resolve burned in his face.]

“I took up this mantle to be a hero, to do more than I could as a man. But in doing so, I rubbed shoulders with gods and people imbued with so much power that I forgot that being a man is just as important as being a hero. Their gifts come from outside. But mine come from within.”

[The Red Knight gathers the folder up.]

“I promise you, Jason. I will avenge you. I am not a hero because of this uniform. I am a hero because of my actions.”

[He steps back to the open window.]

“And my next step is veng…” [He takes a deep breath.] “…is to bring Jigsaw to justice.”

[CREAK.] [The door opens as a nurse comes in. She walks over to her patient, the room now empty. She reaches up to close the open window, shaking her head at it even being open.] [Cut.]


[It’s a battle between justice and chaos as The Red Knight is ready for war with Jigsaw!] [The battle begins as Redwing is looking Jigsaw up and down for an opening in the psychotic personality. Redwing rushes towards his opponent and goes for the legs. He manages to lift Jigsaw a bit before the clobbering hands of Jigsaw crash down upon the top of his head. Before Redwing can move away, Jigsaw wraps his hands around the neck of Redwing and slings him away.] [Redwing staggers back to his feet as Jigsaw rushes towards him with a huge swinging neckbreaker!] [GAME CHANGER!] [Jigsaw rushes over to Redwing and begins just slamming his head back against the mat. He’s incensed as the slams begin coming in faster and faster before he finally headbutts Redwing.] [The man from the Darkest Corner of Reality grabs the arm of Redwing to yank him to his feet. Redwing hooks the arm of Jigsaw and begins DRILLING Jigsaw in the mask with his punches.] [Shot!] [AFTER SHOT!] [AFTER SHOT!] [Vicious rights begin to rock Jigsaw as Redwing begins getting into a groove. Redwing swings his leg down and takes out the knee of Jigsaw bringing him to his knee! Redwing takes a step back with his fists raised. He rushes towards him and begins lighting him up with rights and lefts!] [Jigsaw doesn’t even cover as the shots come in!] [HEADBUTT!] [Jigsaw catches Redwing with a big headbutt as Redwing is staggered! He staggers backwards holding his head as Jigsaw rises to his feet and drives a boot into the midsection of Redwing. Jigsaw lifts up Redwing over his head and steps towards the corner. Redwing tries to squirm, but Jigsaw just drops him, headfirst onto the top rope!] [Redwing’s head snaps uncomfortably back as he slumps to the floor. Jigsaw grabs Redwing and slams him back into the corner where the raises his fists and just begins DRILLING him with vicious body blows as Redwing is struggling to protect himself. Jigsaw whips Redwing across the ring as Redwing slams into the corner with a thud. Jigsaw turns around and rushes towards the corner with his shoulder lowered.] [Redwing pulls himself up over Jigsaw and rolls over his body. Redwing lands on his knee as Jigsaw bulldozes into the corner with a huge thud. Jigsaw slowly pulls away from the corner holding his shoulder as Redwing drives an elbow down into the injured shoulder!] [Redwing grabs the arm and spins out Jigsaw into a ripchord knee driven right into the shoulder of Jigsaw!] [GODWATCH!] [Jigsaw hits the mat as Redwing covers him!] [ONE…] […] [TWO…] […] [THR-NO! Jigsaw kicks out!] [Jigsaw’s paw reaches up as his fingers find their place in the mask of Redwing! Redwing begins punching Jigsaw relentlessly as he’s still down. Jigsaw pulls himself to his feet using Redwing’s face! Jigsaw pushes Redwing’s head back as he rushes him with a lowered shoulder and lifts up Redwing! Redwing is driving elbows down onto the head of Jigsaw, but the deranged monster is unphased!] [Jigsaw rams Redwing right into the corner once more before raising a hand and begins just OBLITERATING the mask and head of Redwing with VICIOUS right hands!] [Blood begins to trickle from the mouth and forehead of Redwing as a sickening crack is heard!] [The cowl of Redwing has splintered across the right side!] [Jigsaw reaches towards it and begins to pull on it!] [Is he going to reveal Redwing’s identity to the world?!] [Redwing comes to life!] [The Red Knight sees nothing but that shade as he comes unglued with a vicious kick to the center of Jigsaw followed by a roundhouse! Redwing hooks the head of Jigsaw, turns him around, and RAMS him into the middle turnbuckle as the weight of Jigsaw just slams back!] [THE KILLING JOKE!] [Redwing covers!] [ONE…] […] [TWO…] […] [THREE!] [Redwing has overcome the monstrosity that is Jigsaw here tonight, but he’s taken a beating! His blood and splintered cowl show the wages of their war!]


[The Poet stands with his arms folded in front of him as he surveys two items. The same items presenting him with a choice from last week.] [A lyre from Apollo and a cross from Yahweh.]

“The choice is simple, Edgar.”

[Edgar’s fingers twirl his moustache, but his eyes don’t leave the symbols. Bruce Van Chan appears behind him with a slight smile.]

“You say my choice is easy, old chap, yet… the way you speak of Mr. Royal. You knew him well, would you say?”

[Bruce Van Chan steps closer to Edgar Nevermore who doesn’t respond to his approach.]

“Very well.”

“Then you know that his death was partially my fault. He was used as an instrument of intimidation against me by the former Ring King. Lee snapped his neck just to send a message to me.”

[Bruce touches the shoulder of Nevermore who shrugs him away. Edgar steps forward and picks up the cross and turns to Bruce who is beaming.]

“It was your god that stood idly by and allowed that happen. How can I choose to represent a god that would just appear when he wants, yet turn a blind eye when the dead are literally pulling themselves from beyond the grave?”

“You don’t understand! He can’t leave Heav-“

[Edgar tosses the cross aside as Bruce’s eyes grow wide as they follow it.]

“For all of my life, I never heard a whisper from your god, yet, when the gates of Olympus were finally open, it was Apollo who spoke to me. Your god sent a messenger while MINE came himself.”

[Bruce’s smile fades as his eyes narrow on Edgar who holds up the lyre.]

“’Two roads diverged in a wood, and I’m taking the road less travelled.’”

[With that, Edgar strums the lyre as the lyre begins to glow with a radiant energy matching the heat and power of the sun’s rays. The glow spreads out and covers Edgar Nevermore as well as he takes a deep breath, breathing in this newly bestowed power. A harmonic voice enters the room as if casted by the lyre itself.]

“Mmmm….a wise choice, my squire.”

[Bruce Van Chan has no choice but to leave the room shielding his eyes, yet his hands are shaking as he leaves Edgar Nevermore basking in the rays of his new-found fealty.]


[Edgar Nevermore has chosen to represent Apollo, and Bruce Van Chan is none-too-pleased about it!] [The bell sounds as Edgar Nevermore is caught off-guard by Bruce Van Chan who takes him to the mat with a tackle! Van Chan begins just pounding on the well-groomed face of Edgar Nevermore! Nevermore manages to push him off of himself as he scurries to his feet, yet Bruce is right back on him with another vicious tackle to the mat!] [Bruce rises to his feet before hitting a standing shooting star onto Nevermore! The Poet is being assaulted early on in this bout! The Real Frickin’ Deal grabs Nevermore and brings him to his feet, but Nevermore quickly rolls him up and hooks the legs!] [ONE…] […] [TWO…] [KICKOUT!] [Bruce Van Chan wasn’t going to fall for that as he quickly rolls to his feet and rushes towards the ropes. He springs off the second rope for a big dropkick, but Nevermore dodges the blow whilst grabbing his right leg in the process. Chan slams to the ground as Nevermore quickly wraps up the legs of Bruce and rolls him over into a…] [ENGLISH CLOVERLEAF!] [The English variant of the Cloverleaf is expertly applied as Edgar Nevermore actually has a moment to twirl his moustache with one hand. Bruce begins to struggle ending his moment of self-grooming. Bruce begins crawling towards the ropes with his hand outstretched, but Nevermore pulls him back towards the center of the ring.] [Bruce falls onto his face in agony as Nevermore is doing his best to break this angel in half! Edgar yanks back on the hold, but Van Chan is able to use the momentum shift to roll through! Both roll through the hold as Nevermore still has it applied!] [However, it’s just enough for Van Chan to reach the ropes!] [The referee begins counting down Nevermore who sneers at the referee but releases the hold at four. Nevermore stomps down on the hand of Bruce who recoils clutching at his fingers. Nevermore reaches down and grabs his fingers as a deranged looks begins to come over him. Luckily, Bruce pulls his hand away from Nevermore and rolls through into a standing position. Nevermore catches a kick right to the side of his head as he slumps forward to the mat.] [Bruce Van Chan climbs to the top rope and seems priming for something! He leaps!] [SHOOTING STAR PRESS!] [The impressive feat connects as Bruce goes for the cover!] [ONE…] [….] [TWO….] […] [TH-KICKOUT!] [Nevermore kicked out at the very last second by getting a foot on the bottom rope!] [Bruce grabs that same leg and pulls him to the center of the ring. Bruce turns Nevermore onto his belly and begins to pull the leg between his own for a submission that he’s made famous! However, Nevermore turns back onto his back and reaches up to poke the eye of Van Chan!] [The Real Frickin’ Deal staggers backwards clutching his eyes as Nevermore gets to his feet. He smiles widely as he begins…] […TO GLOW?!] [The sun of Apollo seems to be burning bright within Edgar Nevermore just as it was backstage! Bruce Van Chan blinks as he looks at Apollo with a bit of confusion. Bruce grabs his arm as a sizzle is heard! Bruce pulls his hand back as it seemed to hurt him!] [Bruce realizes that he can’t touch him. Edgar Nevermore grabs him as Bruce is in evident pain from the contact! Bruce manages to catch Nevermore with a stiff uppercut that staggers him for a moment! Bruce rushes towards the ropes and springs off for a dropkick! Nevermore is staggered as Bruce leaps into the air and hooks the head of Nevermore!] [GOODNIGHT!] [Night indeed falls as the light of Nevermore fades out as he slams into the mat! Bruce covers him!] [ONE…] […] [TWO…] […] [THREEE!] [Bruce Van Chan may have not won over the soul of Edgar Nevermore, but he did manage to extinguish his light here tonight in a big way!]


[Backstage.] [Vǫlsungr in hand, Troy Solveig trundles through the backstage area, searching for D’von Chambers and Shadow. His face is one contorted with rage and frustration, his enemies having barely escaped their demise earlier tonight.] [He rounds a corner and kicks a door open so powerfully that the wood cracks and the hinges snap. Storming inside, he finds nothing.] [As his rage boils, he swings Vǫlsungr towards the lockers, crumbling them with a fierce blow.] [Meanwhile, D’von Chambers drags a nearly unconscious Shadow through the backstage area, checking behind him as often as he can, looking for Solveig. He finally reaches a locker, storming inside and slamming the door behind him.] [Gasping, he realizes it’s occupied.]

“What do you think you’re doing?” [Asks Luther Creed, moving to behind them and in front of the door.] “What’s going on?”

[Chambers lowers Shadow down to the floor, looking terrified.]

“We’re being hunted, boys.”

[He catches his breath.]

“We need your help; the almighty Lord himself needs your help.”

[Luther looks at Redmond, who immediately stands up with a question of his own.] “Yahweh?”

“Yes sir,” [D’von continues.] “There’s a war brewing between the God’s and tonight, you have to make a choice what side you’re fighting for. I need your help.”

[The Preacher looks down at Shadow.]

“Protect us.”



[The referee raises the tag team championship belts, showcasing what’s up for grabs and signalling that this bout is right round the corner.] [BUT IT SEEMS NEITHER TEAM HAS THE PATIENCE TO WAIT FOR THE BELL.] [Luther Creed and Heath Solman throw calculated punches back and forth at one another. Rain and Redmond are locked up, Rain catching him with hard hitting knees to the mid-section every now and then. Chaos is the order of the day. All four men lay into one another. Rain’s knees to the mid-section seem to have paid off, bringing Redmond crashing to the canvass with a forward leg-sweep.Simultaneously Luther Creed manages to gain the upper hand on Heath and floors his opponent with a russian leg sweep!] [Sprawled across the matt, both Redmond Quinn and Heath Solman have the good sense to tuck and roll, both men going under the bottom rope and out onto the Tap Room floor. Seizing his opportunity the referee quickly signals for the bell to be rung and this one is now officially underway..] [Turning to face one another, Rain and Creed find their eyes locked. Opposite ends of the ring. They’re the two legal men. They waste no time in getting into one another, Rain finds himself gaining the upperhand. He whips him away but doesn’t let go off the arm, pulling him back in and almost breaking Creed’s chest with a short arm shoulderblock. Rain covers Luther Creed.] [One.] [TWO.] [Redmond Quinn makes the save with a boot to the back of the head of Rain. The referee quickly gets in between Quinn and his opponents, demanding Quinn backs out the ring, which he obliges, job having been accomplished. The whole distraction allowed Creed to get his witts back about him. Luther Creed hits a cutter from nowhere onto an unexpected Rain. Luther Creed heads up top. He looks to hit a senton.] [BUT RAIN ROLLED OUT THE WAY AND DIVES INTO A TAG! IN COMES HEATH SOLMAN.] [LUTHER CREED CLUTCHES HIS BACK AFTER LANDING ON NOTHING BUT CANVAS.] [Heath Solman drops repeated elbow drops onto Creed, ensuring he’s not going anywhere. He then drags Creed to his and Rain’s corner and props him up against the turnbuckle. Solman turns his direction to Creed’s partner and starts antagonizing him, taunting in his face. This distracts the referee which allows Rain on the other side to grab Creed by the hair.] [RAIN DELIVERS MULTIPLE KNEES TO THE FACE OF LUTHER CREED THROUGH THE ROPES.] [Creed’s face is covered in blood, he slumps over, looking glazed behind the eyes. The distraction having been successful, Solman covers Creed.] [ONE.] [QUINN TURNS UP BEHIND RAIN AND SWEEPS HIS FACE FROM THE RING MAT EDGE.] [TWO.] [QUINN PUTS CREED’S FOOT ON THE ROPES! THE REFEREE SEES IT AND CALLS OFF THE PIN.] [Solman is infuriated and gets in the official’s face. Which allows Quinn to slide into the ring, having already took care of Rain. Quinn wraps his arms around the waist of the unaware Heath Solman.] [QUINN HITS A HUGE GERMAN SUPLEX. THE REFEREE URGES HIM OUT THE RING. NOT BEFORE HE GRABS THE HAND OF HIS PARTNER AND PULLS HIM OVER TO HIS CORNER.] [Quinn has tagged himself in. Luther Creed lies in his corner lifeless. Rain is on the outside with a busted face and Solman lays on the mat floor. Redmond Quinn looks to be in the driver’s seat here. Quinn looks to finish this as he symbols that Class is about to get dismissed!!] [RAIN GRABS HIS LEG FROM OUTSIDE THE RING! MAKING QUINN UNABLE TO MOVE.] [REDMOND QUINN TURNS HIS ATTENTION TO RAIN. HE’S TRYING TO SHAKE HIM OFF! BUT RAIN DOESN’T SEEM TO BE GOING ANYWHERE.] [HEATH SOLMAN CREEPS UP BEHIND QUINN. A CHEAP ROLL UP AND RAIN RELEASES THE GRIP.] [ONE.] [WITH THE REFEREE FOCUSED ON THE SHOULDERS HEATH SOLMAN GRABS A HAND FULL OF TIGHTS WITH HIS FREE HAND!] [TWO.] [THREE!!] [Redmond Quinn was struggling as much as he could but the cheating has stole the tag team titles here tonight. Quinn is pleading to the referee, his partner still out of it on the ring apron. Rain and Solman grab their belts and retreat quickly before Quinn can turn his attention to them.]


[Backstage.] [There’s a sense of desperation and depression as we come to see Edward Newton sat on a chair backstage, his hair tuft up in a mess and black shades where his glasses used to be. He looks like he could break down at any moment.] [Then a voice interrupts his wallowing.]

“All you have to do is believe.”

[It’s Bruce Van Chan. Edward looks up, trying to place which location the voice is coming from.]

“You still haven’t forgiven yourself, have you?” [Bruce continues, taking a seat next to him.] “Is that why you’ve not prayed for salvation?”

[Newton doesn’t respond.]

“All you have to do is believe in yourself and our Lord, Edward. He sent me to offer you forgiveness yet you’re reluctant to accept it. If he can forgive your sins, why can’t you?”

[The Riddler bows his head in shame.]

“Because I killed them,” [he mourns.] “Overcome by the Book of the Damned, I slaughtered women and children. I’ve never felt shame for my actions. I would’ve murdered you in cold blood and felt no remorse, but them? They were innocent.”

[Van Chan nods, lowering his voice to a mere whisper.]

“He knows that. God knows who you are and what you’ve done. He forgave your sins and it’s about time that you forgave them too. If you don’t, and you don’t pray to him, you’re going to lose everything tonight. You can’t let Zander Zane win your Championship or break your streak. If he does, they leap forward in this war.”

[The Angel stands up, placing a hand on his once nemesis’ shoulder.]

“Forgive and believe in yourself, Edward. He’ll restore your eyesight if you do.”

[He walks away.]

“ Just believe.”



[For a week, Isaac Danvers and King Arthur have been inseperable — literally. A dog collar on each of their necks, with only eight feet of chain between them. In the center of the ring, Danvers offers Arthur a hopeful smile. Arthur, even with his perpetual grimace, appears absolutely enraged.] [DING! DING! King Arthur NAILS Danvers with a hard right! Again! Again, and again, and again! Isaac Danvers falls to his knees! Arthur takes the chain between their collars and wraps it around Danvers’ throat! Danvers is quickly turning red in the face as Arthur strangles him! Good God he’s trying to kill Isaac! Danvers is turning purple! Out of sheer desperation, Danvers hits Arthur with a low blow!] [Arthur falls to his knees! Danvers wraps the chain around his fist.] “I’m tired of you not listening to me!” [Danvers punches Arthur with his chain-wrapped fist once! Twice! Three times! Arthur roars!] [LEAPING HEADBUTT FROM ARTHUR!] [Danvers jaw nearly breaks as he falls to the ground! Arthur stands up and delivers a stomp to Danvers’ chest! Another! Another! Another! Another! A HAILSTORM of stomps to Danvers. Arthur looks around for a minute and steps over the top rope. Arthur jumps to the ground, causing Danvers to collide into the ropes! Arthur YANKS the chain, forcing Danvers to topple over the ropes and hit the ground. HARD. King Arthur makes the cover!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [DANVERS KICKS OUT!] [Arthur angrily stands to his feet. He lifts up the steel stairs from the ground to high above his head.] “BE GONE FROM ME!” [Arthur screams.] “BE GONE FROM THIS REALM!”

[ARTHUR THROWS THE STAIRS DOWN ONTO DANVERS’ CRANIUM! DANVERS STARTS CONVULSING! JESUS GOD!] [Arthur lifts the stairs back up over his head. He lords over Danvers, who finally stops convulsing and lays flat on the ground. Arthur places his foot on Danvers’ chest!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [NO! KICKOUT BY DANVERS!] [Arthur places his foot directly on Danvers’ throat and gently presses down. Danvers tries to move his boot, but to no avail.] “If thou doth refuse to stay down, thou will be crushed once more.”

[Danvers blows Arthur a kiss.] [BANG! STEEL STAIRS TO THE HEAD!] [NO!! They hit the ground as Danvers barely rolled out of the way. Danvers pulls on the obsidian chain, and lifts himself to his feet. Arthur is stunned, wide-eyed.]

“My liege.” [Danvers says, spitting blood from his mouth.] [Arthur rolls his eyes.] “Yes?”

[Danvers grins.] “I’m going to hurt you now.”

[Danvers lunges in and BITES ARTHUR’S FACE!] [Arthur screams, and tries to pry Danvers’ teeth out of his cheek, but Danvers won’t budge! He’s growling like a dog as he CHEWS on Arthur’s old flesh. Arthur sends a knee into Danvers sternum, which forces Danvers away–but not without a piece of Arthur’s cheek flesh hanging from between his blood-painted teeth.] [Danvers isn’t done! He spits out his bite of Arthur, and tackles Arthur to the ground! He mounts Arthur and begins unloading an absolute whirlwind of punches! Left, right, left, right, left, right! Danvers lifts Arthur to his feet, noting the position of the steel steps that only moments ago threatened his very existence. He whirls Arthur around and scoops him up with his shoulders. Oh no!] [ELECTRIC CHAIR DROP! KING ARTHUR’S SKULL COLLIDES WITH THE STEEL STEPS!] [Isaac immediately places Arthur in a camel clutch! Arthur screams and tries to wrench his body away from Danvers’ clutches, but the Plague Doctor only locks it in tighter!] [Arthur taps out! He taps out! It’s over!] [No! He stops his hand from hitting the floor just in the nick of time!] [Arthur will not tap! He refuses! No matter how tightly Isaac keeps it locked, the Lich King will not tap. Danvers doesn’t seem to mind, however, a look of pure, drunken elation in his eyes as he keeps the camel clutch locked in. Arthur nearly passes out from the pain before desperately shoving his thumb up into the eye of Danvers, who frees Arthur and staggers away!] […But only so far, because Arthur has the chain and he’s winding it around his fist as he reaches his feet. He continues wrapping it, more and more, until finally there’s only jabbing distance between them. And jab he does! The chair layered punch sends Isaac to the mat. Arthur drives his knee straight into Danvers’ throat as he makes a pin attempt!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!] [KING ARTHUR HAS DONE IT!] [NO! With not a second to spare, Danvers get the shoulder up and Arthur’s knee off of his throat. Danvers quickly gets to his feet and sends a swift boot into the old King’s gut! Danvers lifts him up!] [GORILLA PRESS SLAM!] [Danvers laughs and pulls the King back up. Arthur is woozy, and Danvers takes the opportunity to LICK HIS CHEEK WOUND! EWW!] [HE THEN PROCEEDS TO HEADBUTT ARTHUR! OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!] [Headbutt after headbutt, Danvers is simply destroying Arthur. Arthur falls to his knees, the headbutts still reigning down onto him, just absolutely demolishing him!]

“One more.” [Danvers quips.] “In the name of the Dog.”

[Danvers rears his head back and slams it against Arthur’s head! But Arthur moves out of the way just in time! Arthur quickly reaches his feet!]

KING’S CROSSING! HOLY SHIT! DANVERS DROPS TO THE GROUND! ARTHUR MAKES THE COVER!] [ONE…] [TWO…] […] […] [THREE!!!!!] [King Arthur has bested his tormentor here tonight, an exodus of frustration of sorts as he finally relaxes and rolls over onto his back. This one’s over.] [Suddenly, the obsidian chain and the golden collars around their necks disappear.] [And just as suddenly, so do they!]


[A tomb.] [Ornate, gold.] [Hieroglyphs inscribed all over the walls.] [King Arthur and Isaac Danvers lay on slabs of obsidian. They both stir as a voice welcomes them.]

“My word. I’ve been waiting for this day for so long. Rise, Old King.”

[King Arthur lifts himself up, to find he is standing in the presence of a being who is all man, but has the head of a wolf.] “Hello, King Arthur. I am Anubis.”

[Isaac quickly rises and kneels before Anubis.] “I’ve done as you asked me to, sire.”

[Anubis places ‘a hand on Isaac’s head.] “You have, just as you always do.”

“Who art thou?” [Arthur demands.] “Why am I here?”

[Anubis grins, exposing sharp canines.] “Why, I’m the protector of graves, the guardian of the underworld. I determine which souls get to go there, and which ones get destroyed.”

[Arthur scoffs.] [Anubis chuckles.]

“And what cause do you have to doubt my words, King?” [Anubis replies.] “Have you not seen enough in this moment to understand? Do you not see the bigger picture?”

[Anubis looks King Arthur dead in the eye.] “Do you not recognize my voice?”

[Arthur lifts an eyebrow. It is familiar.] “Long ago.” [Anubis begins.] “The old wizard and his company convinced you to obtain immortality. Foolish though it may seem now, Merlin knew precisely what he was doing. He knew what would happen when you died.”

[King Arthur looks at Danvers who remains kneeling. Danvers smiles at Arthur as though he were a brother. Arthur looks at his arm. Old flesh.] [Before the two of them appears a set of scales. In one of the scales sits an ostrich feather.]

“My ritual is this, King.” [explains Anubis.] “When the dead come to me, I place their heart on that scale. On the other side of it? Ma’at. The truth. It may appear to you as merely a feather, but that is merely the truth’s physical representation. If a soul is heavier than Ma’at, it gets devoured. If a soul is lighter, why, it ascends to whichever heaven it has access to.”

“And?” [Arthur asks, impatiently.]

“Your heart was quite peculiar, old King.” [Anubis walks up to Arthur and places his open palm on his chest.] “When I weighed your heart against Ma’at, it was neither heavier, nor lighter. It weighed exactly the same.”

[Arthur stammers.] “Wh– What art thou prying at?”

“My liege,” [Danvers asserts.] “It was good, old Anubis who gave you your new life.”

[Anubis smiles.] “And it was good, old Anubis who whispered those fateful letters that woke you from your slumber once more.”

[Arthur looks Anubis in the eyes (and are those tears welling up in Arthur’s own?).] “E.F.”

[Anubis nods. Arthur can’t believe it.]

“So thou hath placed me in reserve for hundreds of years. Why?”

“Because now is the time in which a man like you is most needed, King Arthur. Now is the time in which a man like you can fulfill the destiny he always had, one greater than merely the King of England. No. You are far more than that. You are… the changing of the tide.”

“And Danvers?” [Arthur glances back over at Danvers.]

“Danvers has known of me for quite some time now. He is the most loyal friend a man, or a god, could ever ask for. And I think that, if he has shown you anything at all this past month, he has an undying resolve to accomplish his ambitions. And now? His ambitions are my ambitions.”

[Arthur thinks for a moment. He takes off his crown and kneels before Anubis, right beside Danvers.] “And my ambitions.” [Arthur replies.] [Anubis takes Arthur’s crown and places it back on Arthur’s head. He lifts the King’s head up by nudging him under the chin.] [Anubis smiles warmly.] “The two of you are going to accomplish great things.”

[Arthur looks over at Danvers. Danvers, with that fucking brilliant, insane smile of his.] [Arthur, for some reason or other, can’t help but to smile back.] [Cut.]


[Victory having come to him earlier in the night, Mysterion finds himself sat in his lair with mixed feelings.] [Before him, gaudy monitors showcase blueprints for powerful weapons scroll across the screen, bringing a grin to the Cloaked Conundrum’s face.]

“I promise you chaos.”

[Mysterion’s head darts around, trying to find the source of the whisper. But as he does so, his attention turns back to the monitors. One of the weapons slowly begins to change on the screen. Instead of blueprints and directions, it forms into an actual weapon. It fires a ray that slowly travels the screen, as the blue background turns into a cityscape. Skyscrapers begin to melt as people run around, frightened and wounded.]

“I promise you destruction.”

[As the city begins to fall apart around them, the people somehow find themselves to one gathering. They cry out words of pain and hurt, but slowly but surely each one begins to bow, broken by the chaos and destruction befalling them. Their eyes cast downward, Mysterion nevertheless looks to see what they bow to.] [Ahriman.] [The embodiment of evil turns to look out of the screen at Mysterion. He holds out his hands, letting power fill them.]

“Time is up, Mysterion. Join me, and you will be by my side, as these pathetic fools worship at the greatness before them. You will have all that I have promised, and it will be beyond your wildest dreams.I have shown you this tonight, have I not? What do you choose?”

[The god waits, but Mysterion doesn’t linger.]

“They will tremble before Mysterion.” [The Cloaked Conundrum whispers, standing to his feet.]

“I will serve you, Ahriman.”



[Rage can cloud the mind of the purest soul and a simple 1 Up has twisted and broken the usually happy go lucky Gameboy. Can his two friends find some way to make him see sense or will Player One’s rage be too much for them to contain?] [The bell sounds with all three competitors not moving from their corners. Gameboy looks like he can barely contain the rage flowing through him as Spero and Berengar look towards one another, both men nodding as the Blue Lantern moves forward. Player One readies himself for a fight before Spero stops inches away, his hand outstretched in a handshake. Gameboy looks down at the hand, batting it away] [Before nailing Spero with a stiff slap upside the head. Spero staggers back, fury in his eyes but before he can come to blows with Gameboy, Berengar gets in the middle of his two friends. Spero backs away, trying to regain his cool but as Berengar turns to Gameboy, he gets greeted with a stiff right hand that makes him staggers back] [LEVEL ONE! Berengar doesn’t get knocked down but he’s out on his feet as Gameboy glows for a moment] [LEVEL TWO! Gameboy uses the Speed Boost to nail Berengar with a Superkick to the front and the back of the head and that may well have knocked the Void Knight out cold.] [With a scowl on his face, Gameboy screams down ‘Stay out of it Berengar, it’s between me and him’ before turning around into a huge dropkick to the chest that sends him flying across the ring.

[Gameboy crashes hard into the turnbuckles as Spero lays into Gameboy with a furious onslaught of lefts and rights, his rage flowing free as a stiff knee to the chest sends Gameboy down into the corner, Spero backing up before drilling Player One’s head into the steel with a set of double knees. Spero pulls Gameboy out of the corner, lifting him up high before planting him into the mat with a huge Brainbuster, the Lantern rolling down after the impact for the cover.] [ONE…] [TWO…] [Gameboy just gets the shoulder up!] [

Spero goes to pull Gameboy to his feet but gets pushed away,

[MAX POW…SPERO DODGES IT! He rushes to the ropes, dropping Gameboy with a huge springboard roundhouse before leaping up to the top rope,] [BRIGHTEST DAY!] [The 630 Senton hits flush as Spero hooks the leg for the victory] [ONE….] [TWO…] [THRE…BERENGER BREAKS IT UP!] [The Void Knight just saves his title in time as he and Spero stare at one another for a moment before Spero strikes first, drilling Berenger with a hard kick to the ribs before rushing to the ropes] [SPRINGBOARD…BIG BOOT! Berenger kicks Spero clean out of the air as he pulls the Lantern up, trying to finish this match while he can. He hoists Spero up high, VANQUISH…ETERNAL SPRING!] [The Reverse Frankensteiner plants Berenger on the back of his head, the Void Knight groggy on his knees, Spero backing up as Player One is on his feet] [LEVEL ONE-HARD MODE! The Dual Superkick hits flush as Berenger is out. Gameboy turns to Spero, LEVEL…DUCKED UNDER, ETERNAL SPRING! Gameboy gets a Frankensteiner of his own as the Lantern rushes to the top rope once more] [LAST BEAC…NO! TIME REWINDS ITSELF JUST BEFORE SPERO HITS GAMEBOY! SPERO LOOKS CONFUSED AS GAMEBOY RUSHES UP TO THE TOP ROPE, DROPPING SPERO WITH A MASSIVE DDT INTO THE MAT!] [Gameboy looks down at his friend, before rushing to the ropes, bouncing off, THE RESET! This has to be it as Gameboy hooks the leg for the victory] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THRE…FOOT ON THE ROPES!]

Gameboy looks furious, a red glow flowing over him as he goes to pull Spero up but suddenly gets pulled into a small package out of nowhere] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!! NEW CHAMPION!] [The Lantern pulls the victory out of nowhere, becoming the new VHS Champion and just saving himself from the rage filled fate his best friend had in store for him]


[The Parking Lot.] [Luther Creed and Redmond Quinn are joined by D’von Chambers as they load Shadow into a vehicle outside the Tap Room. Nervously, they keep checking over their shoulders for Troy, looking to help one half of the problem escape here tonight.] [With Shadow loaded inside, Quinn turns to Chambers.]

“Now you,” [he demands.] “Get in the car.”

[Chambers shakes his head.] “Sorry friends, I can’t do that. Please take Shadow away from here and to safety. Whilst his grace is weakened, he can be killed. Don’t let that happen.”

“What about you?” [Creed asks.] “You’re not going after Solveig, are you?”

“He doesn’t need to.”

[The voice of the Viking himself reverberates with a deep growling sound attached.] [The driver of the car quickly punches it, wheel spinning away from the lot with as much as speed as he can muster, the back door still open.] [Chambers turns to see Solveig, joined by his new allies.]

“This pathetic entourage is all you could muster to stop me?” [Solveig scoffs.] “I’m almost as offended as I am amused.”

[The Preacher steps forward.] “Enough of the games, son. Shadow is out of here, he’s gone, he’s safe; you won’t be able to finish what you started.”

[Solveig chuckles.]

“You pathetic little human. The most powerful ally Yahweh has against us is his fallen angel and tonight, whether you know it or not, it has been foretold that his destiny is to die at my hand.”

[The Revolution looks shocked.]

“I’ll see you in the ring,” [Solveig remarks, causally walking away.] “And I’ll show you the future.”

[As Solveig walks away, Quinn turns to Chambers.]

“He hasn’t been hunting you for sport. He’s been hunting you because he knows that this story between Shadow and he, ends tonight.”



[To a man like Wolfgang, a race traitor is the worst thing imaginable but he may well have picked the wrong target with Nightstick. Has the Superior’s subversion of justice worked in his favour or will he be but another man who fought the Law…and lost?] [The bell sounds as Nightstick rushes forward, trying to attack Wolfgang who holds onto the ropes forcing the referee to get between them. The referee holds Nightstick back as Wolfgang has a shit eating grin on his face, the Superior letting go of the ropes as he rushes forward into a massive right hand from the Law. Wolfgang staggers back as Nightstick absolutely lays into him with lefts and rights before a huge knee to the jaw knocks Wolfgang for a loop. Nightstick hoists Wolfgang into the air] [BEFORE TOSSING HIM ACROSS THE RING WITH A FALLAWAY SLAM!] [Wolfgang slams into the mat with a crash as Nightstick pulls him to his feet, drilling him with a huge uppercut before lifting him up into the air, SNAP SUPLEX! Wolfgang manages to land on his feet, Nightstick turning around into a huge knee to the jaw but a Big Boot attempt is ducked under] [BULLHAMMER! Wolfgang staggers to his feet, A SECOND! SMITH AND WESSON! The Superior crashes to the mat as Nightstick drops down for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [WOLFGANG JUST GETS THE SHOULDER UP!] [Nightstick tries to pull Wolfgang up by the back of his head but the Superior manages to wiggle out, driving a thumb deep into Nightstick’s eye before leaping up with a LUFTWAFFE! The Superman Punch hits flush as Nightstick is dazed and half blinded, Wolfgang whirling him around] [GERMAN SUPLEX! Wolfgang holds on tight as he pulls Wolfgang up to his feet] [A SECOND GERMAN! Wolfgang keeps hold of the midsection as he pulls Nightstick up once more] [A THIRD GERMAN! SCHUTZSTAFFEL! Nightstick is tossed across the ring, landing hard in the corner, his sternum smashing against the steel buckles as the Law collapses to the mat. He struggles to stand just as Wolfgang rushes forward] [BIG BO..NIGHTSTICK CATCHES THE BOOT! A furious look on his face, Nightstick powers Wolfgang up into the air, MODIFIED 911! The ring shakes from the impact as Nightstick rolls down for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THR…WOLFGANG JUST GETS THE SHOULDER UP!] [Nightstick gets to his feet, shaking his head as he rolls to the outside, grabbing his nightstick from ringside. He rolls back in, advancing on the cowering Wolfgang as he raises the baton high] [EXCESSIVE FORCE…WOLFGANG PULLS THE REFEREE IN THE WAY! Nightstick just knocked the ref the fuck out as Nightstick looks shocked, dropping the nightstick as he tries to revive the referee. Wolfgang picks it up off the mat as he slowly advances behind Nightstick’s back, rushing forward just as the Law turns around] [EXCESSIVE…ODE TO BOSSMAN! Nightstick counters Wolfgang out of nowhere, driving him into the mat with the Spinning Slam as he hooks the leg out of instinct, the crowd chanting out the count] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE…] [FOUR…] [Nightstick has this match won but the referee is in no way able to make the count. Nightstick gets off Wolfgang, turning to the referee once more as he tries to shake him awake] [LOW BLOW!] [Wolfgang levels the distracted Nightstick who collapses to the canvas, Wolfgang picking up the baton once more and driving it down over and over into the prone Nightstick, nearly breaking the stick in half in the process. Wolfgang rolls out of the ring, grabbing a steel chair from ringside before rolling back in. The Superior kicks a rising referee right in the jaw before wedging the chair into the corner].

[A sickening smile on his face, Wolfgang pulls Nightstick up but the Law still has some fight in him as he headbutts Wolfgang back. The Superior staggers away, wiping off a thin trickle of blood before delivering a sickening knee to the jaw. Nightstick staggers back but he’s not down as he spits a glob of blood out onto the mat, urging Wolfgang forward, who obliges the Law.] [WITH A RIB BREAKING 1488! The Spartan Kick sends Nightstick flying into the corner, his back snapping against the chair, The Law collapsing to the mat as Wolfgang shakes the referee awake and drops down for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THRE…WOLFGANG PULLS NIGHTSTICK UP!] [The crowd boo as Wolfgang looks to finish the Law off for good, lifting Nightstick up to his knees with one boot as the Superior backs up] [BLOOD AND SOIL..NIGHTSTICK DODGES! He rolls to his feet, rushing forward at a surprised Wolfgang] [TAKING HIS DAMN HEAD NEARLY OFF WITH HARD JUSTICE!] [Nightstick doesn’t cover, pulling Wolfgang up to his feet as he powers the limp Superior up to the top rope before driving him down to the mat with a thunderous Powerbomb. Nightstick holds on, lifting Wolfgang up once more] [A SECOND POWERBOMB! Nightstick doesn’t let go, lifting Wolfgang up high as he rushes forward with a ring shaking Buckle Bomb! LAW AND ORDER! Wolfgang collapses to the mat unconcious as Nightstick rolls him over for the pinfall] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [Nightstick gets revenge against the Superior, showing him here tonight that Law and Order will never be perverted while men like him are there to protect it]


[Static.] [We open inside the bunker belonging to Wolfgang and the Fourth Reich. Sat inside, tied to a chair, is none other than a bloodied and beaten Heir Superior. He can barely lift his head, the blood dripping from his mouth.] [Nightstick lords over him, a lighter in his hand.]

“Justice,” [he growls.] “It’s a fickle thing.”

[He opens the lighter, looking at the flame.]

“I debated my choice, I did; I didn’t choose lightly. I’ve always been a firm believer in Yahweh, but where was he when you invaded my home and abused my wife?”

[He shakes his head.]

“Where was he when Redmond Quinn was your captive and slave?”

[Nightstick looks disgusted.]

“Themis offered me truth. She offered me the opportunity to be the sword of justice; to be what I’ve always wanted. That’s the reason I joined the force. That’s the reason I swore to protect and serve.”

[He sighs.]


[The Cop walks away, towards the door, leaving Wolfgang there in a puddle of his own blood and sweat. At his feet? A gas can.] [Nightstick shakes his head, throwing the lighter towards the now obvious pooling of gas by the walls and on the floor, watching as it erupts in flames.] [Shutting the door behind him and exiting up the stairs to the outside, he leaves the towering inferno to burn with Wolfgang stuck inside.] [Waiting for him is Themis.]

“Justice has just been served,” [she says proudly.] “Balance has been restored.] [Nightstick nods.] [Cut.]


[How do you combat a man who doesn’t want your destruction but your undying fealty?Eli Forever asks himself this question as he faces off against insanity itself in hopes of finding someway to stop the one’s he loves from being forced to live on their knees] [The bell rings as Forever rushes forward, overwhelming Manson with fury as he lays into Manson with an onslaught of punches and kicks, unleashing a stiff as hell headbutt that leaves Manson out on his feet. Eli rushes to the ropes, bouncing off with a running haymaker that damn near breaks the Nightmare’s jaw, sending him down to one knee. Eli sizes Manson up for a moment before slingshotting off the ropes once more] [DRILLING MANSON WITH THE ATONEMENT FLYING KNEE TO THE SIDE OF THE HEAD!] [Manson’s dazed as he rolls outside the ring, trying to get his bearings as Eli rolls out to greet him, delivering a stiff elbow to the back of the head that sends Manson staggering away up the ramp. Eli follows as Manson begs away, not wanting anymore of Forever’s punishment as Eli pulls him to his feet] [LOW BLOW] [F0rever drops to his knees as Manson smiles with glee, drilling a prone Eli with boot after boot to the gut before capping it off with a punt to the skull that damn near knocks him out cold. Manson pulls Forever up to his feet, kicking him once more square in the junk] [BEFORE DROPPING HIM ONTO THE STEEL STAGE WITH A STIFF DDT!] [Eli’s skull bounces off the steel as Manson pulls him to his feet, dragging him towards the bar, slamming him skull first into the wooden bar. Eli collapses to the floor as Manson motions to the bartender to hand him a beer, which he obliges] [BY BREAKING IT OVER MANSON’S HEAD!] [Beer and glass shatter everywhere as Manson turns his head in fury at the cowering bartender before he’s jumped from behind by three figures! The Forever Family are here as the bartender jumps over, a Family member himself as the four men beat Manson down, pulling him up before slamming him hard back first into the side of the wooden bar. They pull Eli to his feet, before helping him climb up onto the top of the bar. Forever looks down at Manson being held down by the Family members] [BEFORE DIVING OFF WITH A HUGE MOONSAULT!] [Manson looks like he may have busted ribs as Eli pulls him up to his feet, a huge smile on his face, but Manson manages to push Eli away. Drilling the other Family members with stiff lefts and rights before busting one open with a sickening headbutt. More and more hooded Martyr’s leap the apron, overwhelming Manson as they hold him up, one handing Eli a steel chair] [AS ELI DELIVERS A HOME RUN SHOT, BUSTING MANSON WIDE OPEN!] [Manson collapses in the arms of the Family as Eli motions for them to march him to the ring. Eli strolls down the ramp, a swarm of Family members carrying a barely concious Manson to the ring. Eli rolls in as the Family throw him over the top rope, Forever considering pinning him but shakes his head as he pulls the barely standing Manson up to his feet, lifting him up into a Torture Rack] [BEFORE SPINNING HIM AROUND AND DROPPING HIM TO THE MAT WITH THE HALLEUJAHBOMB! Manson looks done as Eli covers with a sure look on his face] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THRE…MANSON KICKS OUT! Forever can’t believe it, he’s incensed as he drills a slowly rising Manson with a vicious kick to the jaw before climbing up to the top rope. Eli presses both hands together in prayer, closing his eyes] [AS HE’S PUSHED OFF THE TOP ROPE BY ONE OF THE MARTYR’S] [Eli slams head first into the mat, stunned as the Martyr pulls down his hood, revealing a bloody, grinning face. Eli is furious as he turns around into an equally bloody, grinning Manson. Eli rears back for a punch but Manson ducks, laying into Eli with a flurry of lefts and rights before stunning Eli with a big knee to the jaw before rushing to the ropes] [AND NEARLY CUTTING ELI IN HALF WITH A HUGE CROSSBODY BLOCK!] [Manson pulls Eli up to his feet, double underhooking both arms before raining down headbutt after headbutt after headbutt, busting Eli wide open as both man’s blood mixes with one another in a terrible BAD DREAM! Eli is a bloody, barely standing mess as Manson rushes to the ropes once more, bouncing off] [BEFORE DRIVING ELI TO THE CANVAS WITH WELCOME TO MANSON STREET!] [Manson covers] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THRE…ELI JUST GETS THE SHOULDER UP!] [Manson rushes to the ropes for the final blow but he’s tripped up by a Family member at ringside. Manson staggers back into a kick from the gut by Eli] [BEFORE HE GETS PLANTED INTO THE MAT WITH A LIGHTNING FAST ETERNAL RIVER PLUNGE] [Exhausted, Eli collapses onto Manson as the referee counts the fall] [ONE…] [TWO….] [THREE!!! NEW CHAMPION!] [We have a new Rewind Champion here tonight as Eli uses every tool available to him to outwit and outlast the Nightmare here tonight but will his hold over his Martyr’s still remain true by the end of the night?]


[What a brutal fucking match!] [The dust hasn’t settled, and Manson and Forever are both up to their feet, staggered but alive.]

“Where is my mother?” [Eli demands, recalling the ultimatum he set last week.] [Manson’s face is crossed with a sinister grin.]

“I’m sorry, Eli.” [He snaps his fingers at one of his followers.] “Don’t leave the man waiting.”

[Instead of leaving ringside, the follower reaches under the ring, and produces a box. Bloody fingerprints stain the outside, and Eli lets out a gasp.]

“You wanted the bitch brought to you, but I don’t do what I’m told.” [Manson chuckles.] “So we’re going to make a deal.”

[Eli shakes his head, but ceases when he’s handed the box.]

“What’s in the box?” [Eli shakily asks.]

“Open it.” [Manson responds with glee.] [Forever slowly peels back the tabs to the box, and opens it.] [SPLAT!] [He drops the whole thing in shock as he sees what’s inside.] [A HAND! A HUMAN FUCKING HAND! SAWED OFF AT THE WRIST!]

“See that ring, boy?” [Manson says as he steps towards Eli, who has fallen to his knees.] “I got a lot of boxes, and if you don’t want the bitch in all of ’em, you’d better do what I say.”

[Eli looks up at Manson with rage in his eyes, but he dares not attack.]

“What do you want?”

[Manson grins.]

“The keys to the castle. I got you on your knees already, but make the rest of them do it. Give me my Nightmare Family.”

[Eli Forever doesn’t even protest, he just holds his hands out to the Martyrs around the ring.] [They all bow.]

“Now it’s a fucking River of Blood.” [Manson yells to the crowd.] “You’ll never wake up from this Nightmare.”

[David Manson stands in the center of the ring, with both his followers and the Forever followers bowed to him. Including Eli Forever himself.]

“Welcome to the Horror Show.”



[Sat on a bench in the locker room, Redwing has his head hung low. Earlier tonight, he took the fight to Jigsaw, but what did he really win?]

“Just the man I was looking for.” [A new voice calls.] [Gameboy.] [Redwing stands to his feet, and the two masked men share a moment of silence. Breaking it, Gameboy reaches out his hand and the estranged allies shake hands.]

“What did you want me for?” [Redwing asks.] “I’m not looking for a partner.”

[Gameboy laughs and shrugs.]

“Good, cause I’m not trying to be one. I’m here to…”

[Both men quickly turn an about face, ready for a fight.] [A new form has entered the room.] [Bruce Van Chan.] [Seeing their agitated stances, Bruce raises his hands up in a gesture of peace.]

“I’m not here to fight, boys.” [A smile crosses his face as neither man stands down.] “But I know where the real fight is.”

[Gameboy rolls his eyes, but Bruce gets an edge in his tone as he addresses the gamer.]

“I see you, tumbling around like dust in the wind, but all you can do is lash out and wonder. Why are you here? What is your mission? I bring you answers.”

[He turns to Redwing.]

“And you. You’ve forgotten that you had a purpose. You’ll never bring justice to Jigsaw by becoming him.”

[The masked men look at one another, softening at his words.]

“I’ve been sent to tell you the Lord needs you. What God puts together, no other will tear apart. But the Vindicators have torn from within. Swallow your pride. Your need for vengeance. Spero and Berengar will never serve God, but the two of you can still do His work by coming together.”

[BVC holds out a hand.]

“God calls you now. Will you answer that call?”

[The heroes step forward almost simultaneously, placing their hands on Bruce’s.]

“We’ll try.” [Gameboy states, Redwing nodding along.] [Cut.]


[It may have been scheduled as a two-on-one match, but Shadow has been taken out of the equation by Troy Solveig!] [The bell sounds as these two giants collide in the center of the ring. Chambers hooks the head of Troy, but Troy manages to free his head and drive an uppercut into the rotund abdomen of Chambers! D’Von grabs Troy and squeezes him tight into a bear hug! Troy manages to free an arm from the hold and begins pounding on the poor face of Chambers! The Bishop releases the hold as Troy hits the ropes. He rebound and rushes towards Chambers with a leaping punch!] [VALKYR-NO! Chambers ducks underneath the blow and hits the ropes himself before colliding into Solveig with a huge shoulder block!] [Solveig is sent backwards as he rolls to a knee. He sneers up at Chambers as he slowly rises to his feet with his anger building.] [Solveig raises a hand with his fingers ready to engage in a test of strength as his lips curl up into a cunning grin. Chambers looks down at his meaty fingers and back up at the fingers of Solveig. He approaches the son of Odin carefully before going for a kick instead! Only Troy seemed to anticipate him backing out of the competition as he catches his foot.] [Troy throws him back as Chambers rolls to his knees. Like a bullet, Troy rushes at him and cracks him on the jaw with a lightning quick knee strike! Chambers falls back clutching at his jaw in pain as Solveig drags Chambers to the corner and pulls him up to a standing position. He begins driving punches into the midsection of Chambers. The Bishop tries to cover to which Solveig switches to throwing boxing punches to the face of Chambers!] [The Bishop manages to catch one of these punches with his arm as he catches Solveig!] [HEADBUTT!] [But Troy smirks as he seems to ENJOY the pain!] [HEADBUTT FROM TROY!] [This one seems to hurt D’Von moreso than Troy as he pulls his arm back. He hooks his arms around the midsection of D’Von as he backs a few feet from the corner and LIFFFFFFTTTSSSS him up and over into a…] [NORTHERN LIGHTS!] [He bridges into a pin!] [ONE…] [….] [TWO….] […] [THR- KICKOUT!] [D’Von Chambers still has some fight in him as he manages to get to his feet at the same time as Solveig and deliver a huge right punch! The blow turns the head of Solveig as Chambers rushes him and tackles him to the ground just by utilizing his sheer size!] [With a thud, both Chambers and Solveig hit the mat in a pile of humanity as Chambers begins drilling elbows into the head of Solveig! Everything about these actions read as a last resort as Troy is just trying to weather the storm of these blows! Troy manages to catch one elbow from Chambers and hook his wrist! Solveig begins wrenching the arm of Chambers behind himself in a wristlock as he rises to his feet!] [Chambers catches him with a knee right into the face as he rises to his feet before lifting him up onto his shoulders in a power slam position before running towards the center of the ring!] [PSALM 32!] [The running powerslam connects as Chambers hooks his leg!] [ONE…] […] [TWO…] [KICKOUT!] [Troy isn’t done yet, but he isn’t moving from where he was pinned either. Chambers hits the ropes and drops a knee into the midsection of Troy before eyeing the top rope. He clambers up to the top rope and begins to balance himself before leaping off!] [THE CHICAGO CRUX MISSES!] [Troy rolled out of the way just in time and gets to his feet before hitting the ropes! Chambers is just stuck in a seated position in a whole-lotta pain!] [VALKYRIE!] [The Superman punch dots Chambers right on the chin as he slumps backwards with no one home! Troy falls into a cover as the referee slides into position!] [ONE…] […] [TWO….] […] [THRE-NO!] [The referee is pulled from the ring!] [Troy looks confused as his eyes fixate on the disturbance!] [SHADOW IS HERE!] [But he’s exhausted as he’s breathing heavily!] [The Avenging Angel slides into the ring only to be big booted right in the mush as he rises to his knees. Troy Solveig grabs Shadow and throws him on top of Shadow. He stomps out of the ring and grabs the referee before sliding him back into the ring. He moves into the ring and grabs Shadow before hoisting him up high in the air!] [HAMMER OF THE GODS!] [The jackhammer just drives Shadow into the mat as he’s immobile! Troy kicks Chambers out of the ring before walking over to Shadow and placing a boot upon the drained body of Shadow!] [ONE…] [….] [TWO…] […] [THREEE!] [It may have not quite been the odds stacked against him as he expected, but Troy Solveig managed to make the best of the situation and come up victorious!]


[We find Rain and Heath Solman recovering from their match in their usual spot. Rain sits against the boiler, head leaned back against it with his eyes closed. Heath paces back and forth, ignoring the bruises earned from the match’s ferocity. He speaks, confusion dawning his words.]

“Why did any of this happen?”

[Rain’s eyes open as he turns to face his pacing friend.]

“What do you mean Heath?”

“Like why did any of this happen? Why did we try and take on the champions? None of it makes sense. Why shoot for the top instead of something more manageable?”

[Rain sighs, standing up from his position on the boiler and moves towards his friend. He puts a hand on his shoulder, trying to calm his more antic tag team partner.]

“It was a challenge. We were forced to try for our very best. To reach where no Outcast had done before. The truth was, it mattered little if we won the titles or not. It was a chance to show our worth, why we should stick around.”

[He turns, giving space between him and the now shocked ally. Instead of leaving silence between them, he speaks on.]

“Things are changing my friend. I do not know how, or why. The worlds of the dead churn and thrash at the coming changes. Sides are being drawn, and we are not going to be left behind.”

[Solman pauses, considering the words of his closest friend. Silence fills the room as he takes everything in. It is only broken by a single question from Heath.]

“What is it going to be worth though?”

[Rain chuckles, shaking his head.]

“It’ll be a fresh start after all of this. No matter who wins, we’ll be there at the end. And at that point, we’ll no longer be outcasts. All it takes is a little faith.”


[It’s time for the main event as The Streak, The Title, and Newton’s Pride are all on the line as Edward Newton defends his championship against Zander Zane!] [The bell sounds as the battle between the chosen two has commenced. Edward Newton holds himself up with the ropes, but he’s feeling outwards. Has the blindness spell still not left?!] [CRACK!] [A deafening roundhouse kick connects with the back of Newton’s head as he hits the deck hard! Zander Zane smirks as he rises to his feet. He grabs Newton by the hand and pulls him up too. Newton fires back with a huge right hand! But it doesn’t quite hit the mark! Zane kicks him in the shin before wrapping up his head and driving him into the mat with a big DDT!] [Zane rises to his feet and begins performing a little air guitar as the crowd seems conflicted. Zane turns back to Newton, grabs his arm, and pulls him to his feet again. Zane whips Newton into the corner before charging him and blasting him with a big forearm strike! Newton slumps down into the bottom corner.] [RIDE THE LIGHTNING!] [Zane rides Newton’s face for a few seconds with a big bronco buster before rolling back onto his feet and gyrating his hips a little bit for the ladies of the crowd. Newton begins pulling himself to his feet using the ropes as Zane just allows him to do so. He even turns his back on Newton and takes a bow to the audience.] [A RIGHT HAND FROM NEWTON!] [But it’s way off the mark as Zane begins pointing at the World Champion and laughing. He moves close to Newton as the Champ throws another right, seemingly hearing or feeling his footsteps. It’s closer this time, but Zane is easily able to dodge the shot.] [KICK TO THE MIDSECTION!] [Newton switched up his strategy and nails a kick right to where Zane was standing as he seems to have knocked the breath out of the rocker’s lungs! He bends over as Newton grabs onto his head like an iron vice! He hooks his head and raises his hand as if to set up for…] [NEVERMIN-NO! Zane frees himself and puts some distance between himself and the champion.] [Zane rubs his abdomen where the kick caught him off guard before circling around Newton. He blindsides him from behind as Newton slams to the mat once again. Completely blinded, Newton can’t seem to fathom what hits him before it does! Zane yanks Newton to his feet before sending him over the ropes!] [Newton falls all the way to the floor! He slams hard as Zane gives another little bow before performing his own guitar solo. The referee begins his count and gets to seven before Newton even begins to stir. Zane realizes that he has to do something or else Newton will retain the title!] [STAGE DIVE!] [The suicide dive through the ropes collides with Newton as they’re both buffeted back into the barricade surrounding the ring! Zane gets to his feet as he’s officially restarted the count. He grabs Newton by the head before rolling him into the ring. The Champion is being hammered in this contest!] [Zane begins yelling at someone in the audience.] [After a moment, a large bottle of whisky is given to Zander Zane who takes a chug before pouring some in the mouth of a young woman at ringside. He gives her a wink before rolling into the ring with the bottle. The referee is quick to admonish the challenger and take the bottle from him. Zane shrugs as he grabs Newton.] [LOW BLOW!] [The Champion knew where to hit with that uppercut!] [Zane’s mouth widens in shock as he falls down. Newton leaps into a cover! The referee turns around to see the cover!] [ONE…] […] [TWO…] [KICKOUT!] [Zane grabs Newton by the arm and lifts his body up just enough to stomp his head back down! STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Three vicious stomps to the head of the Champion as Zander is furious. Newton begins to rise, but Zane just pie-faces him back to the mat. Zander is frustrated, but he seems to know that he’s in the driving seat.] [Zane lets Newton rise to his feet before hitting him with a back thrust kick followed by a knife-edged chop, and a roundhouse kick! Newton tries to cover his head just block the onslaught, but Zane kicks him right in the gut as payback before hooking the head of Newton and leaping up!] [NEVERMIND!?] [Zander Zane is playing a cover tune?! Zane just nailed the leaping implant DDT onto Newton who is out! Zane rolls into a cover only leaning on Newton with his shoulders touching.] [ONE… Zane counts with his finger in the air.] [….] [TWO… Zane does the peace sign.] […] [THR-NO!] [NEWTON KICKED OUT!] [Zane looks at the referee in disbelief for a second before just grinning. He grabs Newton and pulls him back to his feet.] [SLAP!] [Newton staggers backwards from the impact as he hits the ropes. The echo of the clap still reverberates around the building. Zane motions towards Newton as he shakes his head in disbelief.] [Zane approaches the champion and takes off his glasses. He puts them on himself and mocks Newton’s walk as he adjusts his imaginary tie and strokes his chin. Newton just reaches out weakly with his hand for his glasses. Zane holds the glasses in his hand before spitting on them and throwing them aside. Zane gives a crotch chop to Newton before grabbing him by the hair and pulling him towards the center of the ring.] [MIC DRO-NO! Newton pushes Zane away as he bumps into the referee! The referee slams to the ground as he’s made of glass like many referees are.] [Zander Zane looks down at the referee before his eyes look towards the bottle placed in the corner.] [A smile spreads across his face.] [Zane grabs the bottle and takes a swing. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a lighter before snapping it to life. He spits into the flame as the eruption blows towards poor Edward Newton who instinctively puts up his hands to block the flame as he falls backwards!] [HANGOVER SUNDAY!] [Edward Newton is patting down his eyebrows, hair, jacket, sleeves, and everything else that could possibly be set ablaze as Zane gives a hearty laugh, takes another swig of the whisky and throws the bottle away.] [Newton tries to pull himself to his feet using the ropes, but Zane just kicks him right in the ribs dropping him once more. Zander Zane lifts up Edward Newton and hooks his head for the neckbreaker stunner!] [THE MIC DROP!] [Newton hits the mat hard as he’s unmoving. Zane goes to grab the referee. The referee begins stirring as Zander Zane begins his third or fourth guitar solo of the night.] [But Newton has gotten up to his knees behind him.] [ANOTHER LOW BLOW!] [Newton leaps from his knees and hooks the arms of Zane in a crucifix roll-up! The full weight of Zane slams backwards onto his shoulders as the referee finally shakes the cobwebs well enough to slide into the cover!] [ONE…] [….] [TWO….] [….] [THREEEEEEEE!] [Edward Newton has done it! He rolls away from Zander Zane and rises to his feet. He walks over to his glasses and grabs them with no problem before turning around and placing them upon his face. He smirks at Zane whose eyes are wide in shock! Newton was faking it the entire time!]


[Elysium Fields.] [Sat around a giant oak table, with lavish fruits and wines adorning it, are a collection of Gods – some of which we’ve come to meet during the beginning of this war.] [Odin.] [Themis.] [Zeus.] [Jupiter.] [Anubis.] [Shezmu.] [Xochipilli.] [Shiva.] [And Ahriman.] [Odin, as usual, sits at the head of this table.]

“Thank you once again for joining me at this summit,” [he says proudly.] “Our war against Yahweh has begun.”

[Zeus nods.] “We’ve appeared to our soldiers and offered them glory under our guidance if they fight for us in the coming war. All have accepted.”

“Have you assembled a squad for Chain Reaction?”

[Themis interrupts.] “Two of them, in fact.”

[Odin looks surprised.] “That’s astonishing. Chain Reaction is an opportunity to sway the favour of the Tap Room in our direction. Victory is extremely important.”

[Xochipilli pipes up.]

“Troy Solveig, Zander Zane, Mysterion and Nightstick form one of those two teams.”

[Anubis then chimes in.]

“Rain, Isaac Danvers, King Arthur and Gallows Lynch form the other.”

[Odin rubs his hands together, a smile so large it beams from ear to ear.]

“Do we have to worry about Shadow? [Shiva asks.] “If he assembles a team, they will be difficult to beat.”

“You needn’t worry about Shadow,” [The All father shakes his head.] “Troy will take care of that. Yahweh is running out of allies. We’ve every hardened and valuable warrior available, working for us. From The Outcasts and their loyalty to Shiva, to Nightstick’s search for justice with Themis, we’re soon to be unstoppable.”

[Jupiter, who has been awfully silent so far, isn’t so encouraged.]

“You wish to simply win Chain Reaction, Odin? That’s your masterplan?” [He mocks.] “What could that possibly achieve?”

“We need humanity, Jupiter,” [Odin responds sternly.] “Their demise does not increase our power. We need faith to regain our standing. When people have faith in them, they have faith in us. Before we enact my masterplan, we need believers.”

“You have a plan?” [Jupiter continues.]

“When I’m finished, Yahweh will be but a distant memory in the minds of our flocks. We’ll have the power to return home, to our paradises, and rule humanity from there like times of old. His introduction to the world took our power away, banished us from the paradises we created and stuck us here, on Earth, with no choice but to fight.”

[The Gods are all in agreeance.]

“Chain Reaction is only the beginning.”



[Somewhere Else.] [Guards of The Revolution stand outside a fleabag hotel off the highway, guarding the door to room containing The Fallen Angel. Inside, he lays curled up in a fetal position on the bed, trying to recover from using his grace.] [Thud.] [Crunch.] [Scream.] [The blood curdling scream is accompanied by the door being thrust open and heavy boots stepping inside. Shadow sits up, barely able to move, before being dragged out of the bed and held into the air by one powerful arm.] [The arm of Troy Solveig.]

“I told you it was our destiny, did I not?” [He growls at the struggling Angel, dropping him to his knees before him.] “I made a mistake in underestimating how much your God needed you.”

[He looms over Shadow, who bows his head.]

“That’s a mistake I won’t make again.”

[Solveig thrusts his hand into the throat of Shadow, snapping and crunching through his skin, trachea and bone to grab at a glowing substance. It’s blue hue glows weakly as Troy clutches it, holding it tight in place.]

“This is your life force, your grace, your ability to be an Angel, isn’t it?”

[The Viking smiles.] [Cut to D’von Chambers, arriving at the motel in a hurry. He steps out of the car and runs towards the now open motel room. He trundles inside, stopping dead in his tracks.] [His mouth is open.] [His eyes are full of tears.] [Because there, his throat ripped open and his grace gone, is Shadow.] [D’von drops to his knees, cradling the body of his friend; the body of the angel that saved his life earlier tonight. His eyes are full of rage, his heart broken, and this war between he and Solveig far from over.] [Cut.]