[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [The sound of footsteps pacing back and forth can be heard amongst the wispy sounds of the wind. We open at the moon, shining brightly in the sky as the camera lowers down to a cornfield full of stalks. Stood beside them is Brent Kersh and he’s responsible for the sounds emanating at his feet.] [Backward and forward he walks, disturbing the mud beneath his wrestling boots as he awaits the arrival of The Scarecrow. To his right is the perch, fully regenerated, as if nothing ever happened.] [And at his feet, where his son died, there is nothing.]

“Where are you Crow?” [He yells into the abyss of corn and darkness.] “Let’s end this!”

[Flutter.] [The Enforcer snaps his head to his right, looking at the perch. The Scarecrow now hangs there ominously, as if he had all along. His head slowly rises and the brim of his hat escapes towards the sky, his piercing eyes looking a hole straight through his nemesis.] [There’s a creak as he steps down off the perch, dropping with a thud to the muddy floor below.]

“You must be tired, old man,” [The Scarecrow taunts with a sadistic and deep tone.] “Haven’t you had enough of me taking things from you? I took your life, if even for a moment and your son, well he bled to death right there.”

[The Scarecrow looks to his right at the ground where Trevor once led.] [Brent Kersh eyes widen, as if he’s possessed by rage.]

“And when I’m finished with you tonight, the first thing I shall do is pay your handsome wife a visit and rip the foetus from her belly.”

[That’s the last straw.] [Brent Kersh screams, running towards The Scarecrow.] [To be continued…]


[The Young Gun Fatal-4-Way is up next! Who will come up with the ‘W’ in this event?] [The match starts with all four men circling around each other before they all converge on the center! Mike Royce and Henri DeGaucourt lock up with a trading of blows as Omega Nakazo ties it up with Oliver Angst! Mike Royce manages to get the better of Henri with a huge dropkick that sends the Frenchman out of the ring! He turns around to see the other two trading blows before hitting the ropes and dropkick to Oliver! Omega tries to charge him but Royce lights up his chest with a chop before… DROPKICK! Dropkicks for everyone! Mike Royce raises a hand into the air with a grin as the crowd begins cheering him on.] [As he celebrates his initial success, Oliver Angst grabs him by the hair and sends him over the top rope. Royce manages to hold onto the top rope as he looks out with a grin and wink. He SKINS THE CAT! Oliver comes charging, gets hooked around the head, and is dumped right over the top rope to the floor beside Henri DeGaucourt. Omega comes charging, but Royce simply drops down and allows him to stumble right over the top rope to the floor. All three men are grouped together outside and Mike Royce climbs the turnbuckle quickly. MOONSAULT FROM THE TOP ROPE TO ALL TWO MEN!] [Henri charges at Royce who is slow to his feet before BLASTING him with a European Uppercut! Royce slams into the hard barricade, but DeGaucourt seems more interested in Oliver Angst! He grabs him and rolls him into the ring before rolling in right after. Oliver Angst gets to his feet and is KICKED RIGHT BETWEEN THE GOALPOSTS! GOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL! The Frenchman takes a small bow with a smirk before hitting the ropes for an… eye poke! He wraps the arms of Angst before seeing Royce slide back into the ring! He’s quickly pursued by Omega Nakazo. Mike Royce detects this and moves out of the way as Omega staggers forward into Henri! The Frenchman nails a spear to Omega before Royce nails… THE HIGHLIGHT REEL! The superkick hits Henri as he slumps back to the mat. Oliver Angst is still on his feet as Royce notices this before… THE BLOCKBUSTER! Angst is deposited right on the top of his head before he hooks his legs. One…Two…THREE!] [Mike Royce gets to his feet with a beaming smile as the referee holds his hand up high. Henri DeGaucourt grits his teeth as he rolls out of the ring with a scowl.]


[We come back to the arena with Lick It Up trailing away from the Tap Room’s speakers. In the ring, Brendan Benedict lounges atop a heart-shaped bed. A half-naked blonde massages his shoulders as he lifts a mic up to his mustachioed lips.]

“Hope you all put the kids bed early tonight, folks.” [He chuckles smugly] “You see, smaller men would have to wait until after their victory to start celebrating but that’s just not the way The Kingpin of Sin works. Naw, this party goes hard 24/7, and tonight I’m about put another notch my bedpost.”

[Benedict pauses, sucking face with the woman over his shoulder; the audience is apathetic to say the least.]

“First, Ariel here and me, we’re going under the sheets; down where it’s wetter and everything’s better, right baby?” [She bites at his ear] “That’s right. But after I’ve had my warm up, I am going to take that Virtually Invisible Prick and beat his ass again.”

[Benedict’s momentarily distracted as his gal pal runs his fingers through his chest hair.]

“….. Oh, I know you’re getting restless. But I like making you wait, [turns back to the camera] and that goes double for you, Vicky! I already pinned you once, so this match is nothing more than a formality. In no time, The Cock of the Walk will rise through the ranks and come out on top!” [Her hands linger south] “Easy there, now.”

[Both chuckle seductively; she slips under the covers.]

“Well, it looks like the Main Event is coming early. You folks just get comfortable now. But Vicky? If you want to see your future, keep watching as I give this girl the Mustache Ride of her life!”

[He laughs arrogantly, diving under the covers. The audience then watches uncomfortably as the sheets vigorously undulate…..] [Unbeknownst to them, Vicktor Icarus Pascal is suddenly standing in the ring. As the woman arches her back out from under the blanket, she’s startled and screams! Brendan pokes his head out, chuckling.]

“Yet another satisfied custom– Oh, shit!”

[And VIP rips the sheets away! Thank God neither partner got too comfortable! The barely-dressed bimbo flees from the ring; Brendan tries to chase after her. VIP THEN DUMPS THE WHOLE BED OVER THE ROPES! Benedict is furious, watching as his boudoir gets destroyed! The girl’s running away through the bar!] [VIP motions at Brendan to face-off. Benedict sneers, stepping back into the ring and trying to compose himself. The referee checks them both……. HERE WE GO!]


[It’s The Real Deal With Sex Appeal vs. Vicktor Icarus Pascal. Will VIP prove to be a self-fulfilling prophecy? Or will Brendan Benedict give him a glimpse into a very different future?] [The match starts with Brendan smirking arrogantly at VIP. Vicktor though just out-wrestles him, grabbing a Waist Lock and taking him down to the mat. They work back to their feet. VIP hits a Hiptoss and kick right to the spine! He covers! One… Two… NO! Benedict kicks out; VIP grabs a Reverse Chin Lock. The Cock of The Walk steadily rises, countering with a Chin Breaker. He charges with a Million Dollar Knee Lift– Falling Neckbreaker! He covers! One… Two… NO! Benedict with an Elbow Drop. He then Stomps away on VIP, muscling him over and choking him on the ropes!] [The Kingpin of Sin then grabs an Arm Wrench, driving the point of his elbow into VIP’s shoulder! He then works to wrap Pascal into a Straightjacket, bringing him back onto the mat before riding him….. It’s The Cincinnati Bowtie! Brendan chuckles sadistically, wrenching back on VIP’s neck! The Zenith though hasn’t reached his limit! He struggles to inch his way over to the ropes, eventually overpowering Benedict! He flings him forward, keeping hold and pulling back into a whirling Headlock Takeover! Brendan gets a Headscissors; VIP Kips Up– Michinoku Driver! Vicktor hops onto the turnbuckles…… HEVEAN SENT!] [He covers! One… Two…. NO! Benedict kicks out! VIP though quickly pulls him into a Front Facelock! White Lighting Bomb? NO! Brendan slips free but misses the Dirty Sanchez! DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! Both men are down, working steadily up and hammering each other all the way! VIP dusts off a Knife-Edge Chop– Benedict rakes the eyes! Schoolboy– HE’S GOT THE TIGHTS! One…. Two… NO! Both rise; VIP counters The Mustache Ride– Calf Kick! QUEUE JUMP! He yanks The Mustachioed Menace in….. ACCESS DEN– NO! Brendan tries countering into a Flyswatter but VIP rolls through….. CRADLE PILEDRIVER! He covers! One… Two…. THREE!] [After the match, VIP rises and the referee raises his arm! Benedict’s still doubled-over on the canvas!]


[The shot widens to show a groggy VIP staggering through the backstage area, obviously feeling the effects of his match earlier in the evening. He stumbles into a dressing room and peers into a mirror]

“That was my chance, my shot at the big time. Guess a leopard can’t change it spots after all.”

[The light flickers as VIP feels a chill in the air, the room grows ominously darker. Suddenly a giant paw like hand covers Pascal’s shoulder and spins him round with consummate ease. VIP eyes are fixated onto an enormous barrel like chest.]

“Typical American. All of you believe to be the centre of your own universes. You are what’s wrong with the world, you are the reason my motherland weeps, the reason my motherland bleeds.”

“American? Ha I’m Canadi…..”

[Without time to finish his sentence a boot fly’s into the gut of VIP, folding him in half. The giant figure proceeds to pull Pascal to his feet as if he was a child, lifting him high above his head he whips VIP down across his knee with a stomach-turning CRACK!!]

“American, Canadian, it does not matter. Your self-important, ignorant views have no place in the new world. The old regime can no longer stand, a change is coming but first there must be sacrifices. Sergei Sokolov is here, Бог дал, Бог и взял”

[The behemoth once again picks up the broken VIP, blood now curdling from his mouth. He places both thumbs over the eyes of Pascal and presses as hard as he can, a deafening scream can be heard as the camera backs away and fades to black.]


[Tonight, the unlikely pairing of The Hangman and Marvolo, jr. join forces to clash with Greatest Show Unearthed! Will Alistair Huxley and his Star Attraction find two new acts? Or will The Manslayer and The Real Number One bring big trouble to the big top?] [The match begins with The Hangman and Painkiller squaring off. The Head-Hunter lunges with hard shots, planting a knee to the gut and immediately throttling his opponent in a vice-like choke! The wild, buckshot eyes of The Manslayer flare! He squeezes as hard as he can, ignoring the referee’s pleas! Suddenly Huxley tags himself in….. Discouraged, The Hangman releases his grasp, chucking at The Ringmaster. The Painkiller takes his corner, favoring his neck but it’s unclear how much his opponent’s busy hands really affected him. Unsatisfied, The Hangman defiantly tags out, ordering Junior to fight. He jumps in!] [And there’s a HARD Slap from Huxley! He looks for a Lungblower; Big Trouble scurries under Alistair’s feet. He nails a Dropkick to the back of the knee– Reverse ‘Rana! The Ringmaster’s knocked loopy, backed into the rope….. There’s a SLAP from Junior! He then looks for an Irish Whip; Huxley counters only to take a Flying Headscissors! Marvolo, jr. then scrambles up top…….. THE CRASHDOWN! He hooks the legs! One… Two… NO! The Painkiller breaks it up! The Nightmare Anatomy then make the tag– Double Wheelbarrow Suplex! The Painkiller covers! One… Two…. NO! Oh, how did he ever kick out?] [The Star Attraction now drives his thumbs into Junior’s eyes! SEE NO EVIL! The referee counts; the Painkiller eventually breaks, tagging out. Alistair then runs him over with The Clown Car! One… Two…. THREE! NO, wait! Oh, man that was close! Huxley again makes the tag, tying up Junior with a Romero Special……. DIVING DOUBLE FOOT STOMP! But Junior moved! The Painkiller hit Huxley! Ricardo shouts encouragement to his boss! The little Luchador’s reaching with all his might over to– NO, WAIT! The Hangman just hit a Big Boot on JUNIOR?!? What? The Tap Room’s stunned! THE HUNTER’S KILL! The Painkiller covers! One… Two…. THREE!] [The bell rings and The Painkiller rises, shooting a hard stare at his…… nemesis? The Ringmaster is beside himself, cackling on the apron! Wait, The Hangman’s going for something under the ring!]


[Rope.] [The Hangman quickly reveals his hungry little girl, turning with a ravenous stare toward Marvolo, jr. Ricardo though actually bashes The Manslayer across the back of the head…….. BAD idea.] [With wild, buckshot eyes, The Hangman glares at the pudgy, petrified man. The Head-Hunter chuckles menacingly, backing Ricardo up against guard rail and– Oh, my God! HE’S CHOKING HIM WITH THE ROPE! The Tap Room is aghast! The Hangman wrings Ricardo’s neck, twisting the heavy hemp around his throat! He’s tying a knot! He’s– NO, WAIT!] [JUNIOR SAILS OVER THE TOP ROPE, BEATING THE HELL OUT OF THE HANGMAN! He’s doing everything he can to save his friend when Alistair Huxley BLASTS him in the face with scorching Dragon’s Breath! Big Trouble reels back frantically, clutching at his face! The Ringmaster is actually laughing!]

“Pick him the-FUCK UP!”

[Alistair orders his Star Attraction and The Painkiller obliges, holding the ravaged Real Number One up…… AND ANOTHER SLAP! Huxley starts blistering him with wicked SLAPS! The fans BOO! but Junior’s helpless here! The Hangman then disposes of Ricardo via Capital Punishment! The Painkiller muscles Big Trouble back into the ring…..] [Junior’s barely moving. With his skin smoking and body broken, he struggles to stand only to EAT another Big Boot from The Manslayer! The Nightmare Anatomy flank The Hangman as he produces the same ominous card that once haunted the little Luchador for weeks.]

“What’s the matter? I thought you were too smart for me?” [The Head-Hunter chuckles, flinging that card at him] “You said it yourself, I don’t play fair.”

[Suddenly the arena is suffocated in a familiar blue tinge. A long trapeze cable descends from the sky, wrapping itself around Marvolo, jr.’s neck! He struggles to free himself, only for two more sentiment circus-nooses to lower, binding themselves around his arms. The Painkiller nods. Junior is then gradually lifted to infamy as The Hangman soaks in his long-await victory. Alistair Huxley is beside himself with maniacal laughter!] [GONE.] [In an instant, everyone in the ring vanishes along with the chill in the air. That leaves Ricardo lying in a heap, staring up toward rafters with wide, heartbroken eyes. He can barely speak.]

“………. Boss?“


[It’s Cody Greer defending American values against the invading Maaz Azim Salah! Will he be able to pick up the win here?!] [The bell rings as the two larger brawlers step towards the center of the ring. Maaz is spouting rhetoric at Cody that he doesn’t seem to appreciate as he turns away for a moment only to STRIKE HIM! A vicious right hand finds its place upon the jaw of Salah! The Elder, on the outside of the ring, is livid! He’s yelling and viciously pointing at Cody Greer as if cursing him. Cody Greer walks over to the ropes and SPITS on The Elder! If he wasn’t cursing before, he certainly is now. Cody Greer turns around is being blindsided by the gargantuan Salah. He pummels Greer with strikes before crying out to the crowd.] [Boos begin pouring in as Salah grabs Cody Greer up and hits a stalling vertical suplex with him. He walks around the ring with him being held up before eventually slamming him down hard into the mat. He quickly rolls Greer over and locks him into a Camel Clutch as Cody Greer is crying out slightly. He reaches for the ropes yet The Elder is literally pulling back on them! The referee sees this and points at him to stop, and The Elder obliges begrudgingly. As soon as he releases the ropes, Greer reaches out and grabs the ropes to break the submission. Normally it would, but Salah holds the hold for the full four out of five count.] [MAS gets to his feet with foam basically beginning to start at the corners of his mouth as he waits for Cody Greer to get to his feet. He does so and Salah comes charging for a spear, yet Greer catches him with a kick that pops him up. He hooks both arms of Salah and… DITCH DIGGER! He hooks both legs! One…Two…TH-NO! Salah barely kicks out and Greer is shocked. The Elder is so enraged that he leaps up on the apron and is berating Cody Greer. Greer turns around and grabs Elder by his white undershirt and is holding him in place as Salah gets to his feet. He spots Greer and charges him! SPEAR… TO THE ELDER!!! Cody Greer suckered him in and The Elder goes flying off the apron and bashes his head against the far barricade. Salah looks surprised as he turns back into… THE PARALYZER! The spear connects as Greer hooks both legs. One…Two…THREE!] [Cody Greer raises his hands into the air as he’s finally triumphed over his terrorizer for the last few months. He steps outside as The Elder is getting to his feet and… THE PARALYZER strikes him down! The crowd pops as Cody Greer pumps his chest before walking back up the ramp.]


[The battle is over, and the beastly Maaz Azim Salah has been beaten by Cody Greer. And it’s with little shock that we see Greer yelling up to the bar level for a drink. A fan quickly heads over to order something for him while the Dude with the Spear surveys the situation before him. Salah is on his knee on the outside of the ring with an enraged Elder holding a microphone.]

“This isn’t over, American swine!” [Elder begins, spit flying out of his mouth in rage.] “Your pathetic little American fans may cheer you, but Allah will…”

[PARALYZER TO THE ELDER!] [Greer stands to his feet, admiring his handiwork, before turning to face Maaz.] [DITCH DIGGER!] [With both of his foes on the mat, Greer quickly picks up the microphone and looks out to his people.]

“Let’s get this fucking trash out of the Tap Room! If you ain’t drinking, you can hit the bricks!”

[The fan returns with a beer for Greer, but the victorious wrestler begins to pour it over the face of The Elder.]

“Never forget: Cody mother fucking Greer beat your ass.”

[Greer tosses the empty bottle at the fan, who rushes to get him another. Greer picks up the limp form of the Elder and throws him at the fans on the front row.]

“Take care of that shit.”

[The fans pick Elder up over their head, and begin to surf him to the back of the arena. Cody Greer watches with a grin on his face before turning his attention to the hulking form of Maaz Azim Salah. Greer screams out in exertion before he grabs the big man and throws him over his shoulder.]

“Somebody better have my fucking beer!” [Greer exclaims.] [Walking up through the crowd after the surfing Elder, Greer walks with the charge of the older man on his shoulders.] [Just like he promised to do, he’s taking out the trash.]


[Ethan Earthart’s quest for the Orient Stone culminates in this climactic match. Will he find what he is looking for? Will Kaito be able to protect the stone from the Mad Scientist’s grasp or will Earthart take the stone by force?] [Kaito bows toward Earthart as the bell sounds. Earthart returns suit with a slight nod of the head and they move toward each other, locking horns. Ethan easily overpowers Kaito in the initial test of strength, forcing the smaller man down by both hands. BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Kaito is tossed about the ring like a rag doll. Picking the Black Dragon up, Earthart hoists him onto his shoulders into a TOURTURE RACK… NO! KAITO ELBOWS HIM IN THE HEAD. Earthart releases his hold and staggers while Kaito lands on his feet… STO TAKES THE BIG MAN DOWN!] [Kaito is unrelenting in his attack, quick to pounce before Earthart can reach his feet. Earthart reaches a kneeling base as KAITO UNLEASHES A BARRAGE OF VICIOUS KICKS TO THE CHEST… Each kick lands with a brutal thud until EARTHART CATCHES KAITO’S FOOT. He pushes Kaito away long enough to get to his feet. STANDING LARIAT NEARLY TAKES KAITO’S HEAD OFF! The Mad Scientist mutters to himself as he closes in on the Black Dragon. He locks in an EASTERN STRETCH… Kaito screams in pain as Ethan Earthart begins screaming at him ramblings about giving him the Orient Stone.] [Earthart leans into the hold, using his size advantage to hold Kaito in place. It is only by draping his foot over the bottom rope that the Black Dragon escapes the hold, but Eathart doesn’t break straight way. When he finally does, the referee marches Earthart back a few steps and begins to reprimand him before checking on Kaito. Earthart uses the moment the ref’s back is turned to access his jacket from the ring apron. Reaching inside the lapel, he retrieves a hidden object. Earthart walks up behind the referee and holds a small silver ball into the air. He throws it down and it smashes on the mat – a smoke billows out. The referee soon doubles over and collapses, as Kaito reaches his feet. The Mad Scientist holds up a small vial, drinking the liquid within. Kaito approaches… DRAGON BREATH TO KAITO! EATHAN EARTHART IS BREATHING FIRE AND KAITO TOOK THE WHOLE BLAST TO THE FACE! Kaito screams in agony and brings his hands up to cover his burning face. Earthart covers for the pinfall and the referee recovers just in time to count it… ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Eathan Earthart defeats Kaito using his alchemy skills but his quest is not over yet. He still seeks the stone and by the look on his face, will get it… willingly traded or by force.]


[The match is over, and Kaito is not happy. He cuts through the music blaring from the PA system with venom in his voice, spitting his words at one Ethan Earthart.]

“You think you some kind of magician?” [Kaito holds up the now empty vial of ‘Dragon’s Breath’.] “Try defeat me with tricks? You have no honour.”

[Ethan greets him with the smile of a silver fox. He holds his hands up as if apologising for some ‘misunderstanding’.]

“You just witnessed again but a mere glimpse of the power I have at my fingertips. I can truly give you the power of a real dragon, sir. All it will cost you is one little stone. The Orient Stone is said to be guarded by the Dragon of the Orient, a feared mythological creature with mysterious powers beyond that understood by man.” [He taps his head, grinning at Kaito as if he had just solved the worlds most difficult riddle.] “I had been searching for mythological creatures, when the real Dragon of the Orient was right in front of me. I know you guard the stone, and I will trade it for the secrets of Dragon Fire. What do you say?”

[Kaito simply cocks his head sideways and looks at the Mad Scientist as if he doesn’t understand him.]

“How many times I have to say? There no stone. I don’t know what you talk about. You pick fight with me for nothing!”

[Ethan’s expression turns dark instantly, as if flipping a switch.]

“LIES!” [He bellows, pointing a finger of accusation at Kaito.] “Tell me the truth… WHERE IS THE ORIENT STONE? I CRAVE ITS MYSTERIOUS POWERS!”

[Kaito doesn’t answer, simply balls his fist and stands stoically. Ethan reaches inside his jacket and tosses another small object onto the ground, which explodes with a loud bang. Not enough to injure Kaito, but enough to break his focus for a split second. Earthart swoops in… CHEMICAL FACIAL! HE JUST LEVELLED KAITO! Earthart stands towering over him, red with fury and foaming slightly at the mouth.]


[Kaito doesn’t answer. He is unconscious. Earthart kicks him for good measure and takes his leave.]

“I will find that stone, if I have to tear this entire place apart to get it!”


[The Predator meets the Hunter here tonight, two beasts facing off against each other in one on one combat!] [The match has started and mind games are already being played! Shark crawls around the ring, moving quickly from one end to the other as he circles Thunk. The larger man rushes forward with a knee strike but Shark was ready! He trips up Thunk and tries to lock in the Asylum Special early! Thunk is able to break out and get behind Shark, falling back with a MASSIVE GERMAN SUPLEX! Shark nails the ground and Thunk gets to his feet. But Shark isn’t staying down! He springboards off of the ropes and onto Thunk’s back! SHARK BITE! HE BITES INTO THE NECK OF THUNK!] [Shark repeatedly sinks his teeth into the behemoth, but Thunk refuses to go down, grabbing onto Shark’s head and slamming back first into a turnbuckle! Shark tries to hold but is forced to let go, allowing Thunk to fling him forward into a modified inverted DDT! Thunk mounts Shark and unloads with a torrent of lefts and rights! Just as it seems like he’s getting the upper hand Shark punches him in the throat! Thunk gasps for air as he grabs his neck and Shark forces him off, hitting the ropes and coming back WITH THE SUSHI KICK! Thunk is laid out!] [Shark doesn’t go for the pin, opting to circle his prey more, practically begging him to stand up. Just as Thunk gets to his feet, Thunk leaps- KICK TO THE GUT! FROG FACE! Thunk plants Shark into the ground with that move! He peels Shark from the mat and whips him to the ropes, lifting him for the DEAD PREY- SHARK LANDS ON HIS FEET BEHIND THUNK! Shark hits a leaping neck breaker on Thunk that grounds him! He forces Thunk into the ASYLUM SPECIAL! The Behemoth fights against the hold but he has nowhere to go. He can’t hold on any longer! HE TAPS! THUNK TAPS!] [The Shark circles his prey once more as the match comes to an end, eyeing him with great intrigue before exiting the ring.]


[The Tap Room has gone dark, whispers filling the air as it does. The room goes cold and the lights begin to faintly glow, revealing The Street Rat, David Manson sitting in the ring. His eyes are closed and he appears to be in an almost trance-like state. He takes a deep breath and his eyes fly open. He rises slowly to his feet and opens his arms wide as the arena lights brighten.]

“These past few weeks I have realized something.”

[He lowers his head, closing and opening his eyes a few times.]

“I truly was asleep in my own mind. I was seeing the world from a single stand point and I now realize the error of my ways.”

[Suddenly Manson is cut off as HAtE’s voice booms through the Tap Room. The Nihilist steps down towards the ring, chuckling as he does.]

“So, you finally realized that you’re asleep, did you? Took long enough. Maybe now you’ll listen to me and let me awaken you to the Nihilistic truth of the world.”

[HAtE enters the ring and moves towards Manson, the Street Rat’s head still hanging down. HAtE grabs his hair and pulls his head up, trying to get his attention.]

“What are you doing? Why must you close your eyes when you’re on the cusp of finally waking up for the first time in your life?”

[He shakes Manson’s head, trying to get an answer when Manson merely chuckles, raising up and looking HAtE in the eye.]

“I am awake. But now that I realized that, I know what I must do.”


“I must rebel, I must cause Anarchy, and I must put my only equal to sleep.”


[Manson stands over HAtE and smirks, kicking him in the chest to roll him onto his back and placing a foot to his chest. ONE! TWO! THREE- KICK OUT BY HATE! HAtE grabs David’s foot and flips, slapping him to the ground and taking advantage as he uses it to lift Manson all the way off of the ground only to slam him back into it. Manson tries to kick and wiggle free but HAtE manages to lift him overhead and fling him across the ring in a massive show of power! HAtE rushes forwards with a clothesline- MANSON COUNTERS WITH A DROPKICK! HE STAGGERS THE BIG MAN!] [The Street Rat leaps onto HAtE and begins throwing massive rights as he holds onto the larger man. He drives him backwards with a flurry of blows that pushes him into a corner. He backs up, coming forward with a- FLAPJACK INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! HATE CATCHES HIM! Manson is out of breath as he backs away from the turnbuckles, turning around INTO THE MEANINGLESS! ROLLING ELBOW! HAtE chuckles as he reaches down and lifts Manson into the air with one hands. “Are you awake now!?” Manson SPITS IN THE FACE OF HATE! Boot to the face! Manson lands back on the second turnbuckle and leaps up, grounding HAtE with a massive flying knee!] [Both men are down and trying to work to their feet, both men trying to prove they’re the heir to Jack’s title. HAtE is up first and he grabs for Manson, David unleashing a stiff elbow to the gut of HAtE! He spins with a backfist, then a headbutt! HAtE is forced into the ropes and Manson clotheslines him onto the apron! Looking to push the advantage he pulls HAtE over the top rope – ELEVATED UNSPOKEN WORDS DDT! The modified DDT leaves HAtE in a heap, but Manson isn’t done as he peels him up off of the ground. REIGN OF TERROR! Manson destroys HAtE with the Tiger Driver and goes for the pin! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Manson stands tall over HAtE, his former Awakening member knocked out cold. He has proven her tonight that he is the truly awakened one as he leaves his former teammate battered in the ring.]


[The next announced match to take place is Ethan Bird getting his rematch for the Rewind Championship, but while an official is stood in the ring, it is still unknown what is going to happen. On the last VHS, Ethan Bird vanished from his hideout along with the child he had kidnapped for leverage over Mother.] [BZZT!] [The lights flash with an alarming sound before our answer is revealed to us.] [In the center of the ring is the man who USED to be Ethan Bird. His clothes are in rags, and his beard has large patches that have been ripped out. Blood is caked on various parts of his exposed skin, remnants of the torture he has endured. Bird is one man who is not a fan of the additional time since the last VHS until this event.] [BZZT!] [The lights flicker once more, and Bird is surrounded by Mother’s children. The newest one of them is one that Bird kidnapped from God knows who and used as a decoy. Her voice is angelic as she sings out.]

“And they all fall down.”

[Bird scurries between the gaps in the children to crawl into the corner. He curls up in the fetal position to look out for a savior. The Kingpin has made his career out of meddling in everyone else’s business, and for the first time he does not have the advantage over his enemy.] [The hunter has now become prey.] [BZZT!] [The lights flicker once more and the children is gone…] […BUT MOTHER IS HERE!] [Bird tries to scream as Mother’s talonlike hands wrap around his throat, digging into the irritated skin where his beard used to be.]

“I thought this is what you wanted.” [Mother comments, only rage in her voice.] “I’ve clipped your wings, and now it’s time to finish the job.”

[With both combatants in the ring, the official signals for the bell.] [The Rewind Championship is on the line!]


[Despite the bell ringing, Ethan Bird seems to want no part of Mother at this juncture. She merely stands in the middle of the ring for a moment, waiting for Bird to get to his feet.] [Once Bird is to his feet, the action begins with Mother charging in at top speed. Bird is barely able to defend himself as she rushes in with a knee to the gut, bending over the challenger. The vicious Rewind Champion quickly grabs Bird by what hair he has left before ramming him head first through the turnbuckles into the post behind it. She claws at the back of the Kingpin, ripping the remains of his shirt off of him with her claws. Bloody marks stretch down his back, along with some other scabs that indicate that his time in Mother’s care was not pleasant.] [Ripping him out of the corner, Mother throws her quarry to the ground with little care before mounting him and raining down a mixture of slaps, claws, and punches. Her voice fills the Tap Room as she curses everything that the Kingpin is and every will be. A puddle of blood has begun to form under Bird from the various small wounds littering his face and body. He tries to roll over to cover up, but Mother pulls back with all of her might and rips another chunk of hair out. She throws it down and kicks his head into his OWN BLOOD! Ethan sputters and coughs as he tries to crawl away towards the corner, but Mother wraps her cold hands around his ankles to pull him back to the center of the ring.] [She picks him up to look into her eyes, almost as if she was showing mercy on him, but then he begins to scream. She has her fingers stuffed into some of the wounds on his midsection, and she is ripping them open wider. Bird’s whole body seemed to be in shock as she finally steps back. He tries to walk, but just slips in the puddle of blood, falling directly onto his face. He uses what he has left to turn onto his back. Mother mounts him once more to wrap her hands around his throat. The official, who seems disgusted, quickly drops down to make some type of count. ONE…TWO… THREE!] [With the match over, and her point proven, the brutal Rewind Champion cradles the head of Bird. She seems unaffected by the blood around her before she looks up and yells to the heavens.] [Her children were avenged.] [BZZT!] [Mother is gone, and Ethan Bird is barely alive as medical staff begin to fill the ring.] [She told him to be careful what he wished for, and we have now seen a more brutal side of Mother than we have ever seen before.]



[The scene opens tight on Alistair Huxley standing under a spotlight in the middle of his ring. It’s the Greatest Show Unearthed, and The Ringmaster has the crowd in the palm of his hands.]

“Weeks ago, I advertised to you all a feet of tremendous magnitude. One, only the very bravest could even hope to attempt; a truly death-defying act.” [He motions to the shadows] “In a mere matter of moments, you all will bare witness to Matilda……”

[Cackling, he removes his top hat and gestures to off-stage. This ushers in a drumroll, complete with lights circling in ballyhoo.]

“But first, allow me to tantalize your titillating tastebuds for just one second further. Ladies and gentleman, it is my distinct pleasure to introduce our newest act. Debuting soon, marvel at the mysterious and menacing…….. Executioner.] [Suddenly the spotlight jerks away, revealing The Hangman. The audience applauds as he steps out of the darkness, lugging a canvas sack.]

“That’s it. Bring me our esteemed daredevil.”

[The audience watches with batted breath as The Executioner is joined by The Painkiller. The pair then dump out the sack’s contents; a bruised and burned Marvolo, jr. crumbles onto the sawdust floor. He’s practically unconscious. The crowd gasps!]

“Please, do not be alarmed. This man only looks half-dead. He’s done this dozens of times before, I assure you.] [Suddenly the house lights flick on, revealing an enormous cannon behind Huxley. It’s pointed directly toward a brick wall with a sloppily-painted target.]

“Ahhhhh, Matilda…… How we’ve all waited for this night.” [He motions to his acts] “Now, if my assistants would please help our newest star into the spotlight, we can finally test his limits to their fullest.”

[The imposing duo hoist Junior up, dragging him over to the cannon’s muzzle. The Painkiller chuckles.]

“Talk about testing your limits; that’s a Hell of a grip ya got there. Satisfied?”

“Rarely. That was all just part of the show.” [The Executioner helps Painkiller load him in] “I just couldn’t pass up that opportunity. Much like the opportunity The Ringmaster offered me; sweet revenge against this miserable little man! We all have own agendas, you know?] [Big Trouble drops into the cannon’s mouth with an ominous thud. The Painkiller grins.]

“You’re gonna fit in just fine.”

[With the cannon loaded, Alistair lights the fuse, asking the audience for a countdown.]










[VOOMP!] [The cannon kicks back, firing Junior directly into the unforgiving brick wall! The little Luchador’s body slams onto the floor, deadweight.]


[Alistair whispers his name, delighting in his attraction’s success. Everyone erupts with cheers! The scene then ends with the audience showering the ring with raucous, deafening applause as Huxley and his two strongest acts proudly stand together.] [Marvolo, jr. is motionless.]


[It’s finally time.] [Doctor Panax paces the ring in his striped blue and white cardigan, waiting for The Horror. After a few minutes of waiting and nothing happening, he asks for a microphone and receives one.]

“Horror, get out here right now,” [he screams down the microphone.] “You wanted this fight. You demanded this fight and now you’re going to get it. Don’t make me come back there and find you. You won’t like me when I’m angry, none of you will like me when I’m angry!”

[Suddenly the lights in the arena flash unexpectedly.] [Bright strobes of light flash back and forth in the middle of the darkness, aimed at the middle of the ring. The Doctor starts screaming in agony, his face shown between flashes of light and darkness, contorted in anguish and pain.] [The lights then abruptly stop.] [Flash.] [They’re so bright when they return that no-one quite understands what has happened. In the middle of the ring kneels The Horror. He’s wearing the cardigan that belonged to Doctor Panax, only it’s ripped and strewn across his large frame, draping off him in parts like it never really fit at all.] [The fans murmur in shock and awe.] [Doctor Panax IS The Horror.]

“Holy shit… Holy shit… Holy shit!”

[What the fuck?] [He steps over the top rope and into the crowd, swatting people down and away as he goes. The fans start running for their lives, diving behind tables and escaping towards the exit as this Monster angrily exits the building, leaving carnage in his wake.] [After all this time, there was a reason we had never seen The Horror and Doctor Panax in the same location at the same time. There was a reason they never came face to face in the middle of this ring. That reason was because they are one in the same; Jekyll and Hyde.] [No-one can quite believe what we’ve just witnessed here.]


[Darkness greets us in one of the hallways of the Tap Room, where we see a man coughing and hacking as he stumbles toward a restroom. We soon realize this is no mere man…this is The Shark, and something is horribly wrong with him. A stagehand leaving the restroom notices Shark’s condition with a worried look on his face.]

“Hey man, everything okay? You need some help or so—“

[Shark shoves the man out of his way as he crashes through the door, entering the restroom before he leaps to the nearest sink. He looks into the mirror, his eyes blood red as he tilts his head in confusion. He starts to speak, but no words come out…only vomit, as he quickly lunges his head into the sink. We focus on the mirror as we hear the sound of Shark losing his lunch. Suddenly, the door opens as another young man walks into a horrifying scene. He takes one look and screams as he bolts back out the way he came in. After a moment, Shark lifts his head back up, a look of bewilderment on his face as he starts washing the paint off his face. He is visibly shaken at what is happening, nearly in tears as he looks into the mirror once more…and he simply cannot believe his eyes.] [His eyes are no longer blood red, but a tender shade of blue. No longer do his eyes burn with rage or hunger, they now yearn for forgiveness and even love. These are not the eyes of a Predator, these are the eyes of a man whose day of reckoning has come at long last. For the first time in months, these eyes show concern. These eyes show worry. These eyes show fear.] [These eyes show remorse.]


[It’s a battle between brothers. Who will come out on top between two former Asylum members?] [Doubt.] [Smiley.] [Two brothers stand apart from one another across the ring as they just stare at one another. The bell sounds as they slowly begin circling in the ring. Both are staring and both seem ready to get it on. Doubt rushes across the ring and grabs the arm of Smiley before yanking him with an armdrag. Smiley rolls to his feet, but The Masked Emotion drops him again with a neckbreaker. It seems the threat of its mask being removed seems to have rejuvenated the emotion. Doubt quickly sweeps the arm of Smiley and rolls him into… THE SECOND GUESS! The Tequila Sunrise is locked in and Doubt is wrenching back on the jaw of Smiley!] [Smiley smiles against the pain before managing to roll Doubt into a roll-up! One…Two… KICKOUT! Doubt releases the hold and gets to his feet but… SHOCK THERAPY rocks the body of Doubt! The spear knocks it to the floor before Smiley quickly gets to his feet. He looks down at Doubt with a grimace upon his face. Doubt slowly begins crawling towards the ropes, and Smiley just stalks the Masked Emotion as if prepping for something. Smiley hits the ropes and bounces off as Doubt gets to its feet. Doubt twirls around and is NAILED BY A CHELSEA GRIN! He hooks both legs. One…Two…KICKOUT!] [Smiley shakes his head wildly as he grabs the mask of Doubt and yanks it to its feet by it. This seems to strike something within the Emotion as it lashes out with a barrage of blows before hitting a discus elbow that flattens his former brother! The Emotion climbs up to the top rope and leaps off for… MISERY RAIN! It connects TO SMILEY’S KNEES! The Emotion springs back to its feet clutching its back in pain. Smiley seems to almost be grinning as he clamors to his feet. He leaps up for… HIDEOUS LAUGHTER! Doubt snaps back before Smiley hooks its legs. One…Two…THREE!] [The Deranged One slowly gets to his feet as he his smile has quickly faded. He waits for Doubt to get to its feet.]


[Two brothers stand in the ring, breathing heavily after a strenuous match both physically and emotionally.] [SNAP!] [Smiley just nails Doubt with a running spear before reaching down and snapping the mask straight from the face of The Formerly Masked Emotion! The cameraman tries to get a shot of it, but it rests upon the face of Smiley who is transfixed. His formerly deranged and conflicted face just shows confusion, horror, guilt… and worst of all…] [Doubt.] [The Deranged One looks absolutely horrified by what he’s seeing and looks down at the mask in his hands before reaching out and extending it outwards. Doubt slowly rises to its feet, and reaches out for the mask with its face still shrouded by the hood that covers it.] [With the mask replaced upon his face, a tense moment emerges between the two as they just stare at one another. It seems like an eternity before finally, Smiley bows his head.] [Reading his lips, you can see ‘I’m so sorry’ form across his lips.] [Doubt’s head tilts to the side a bit before grabbing a microphone.]

“The Asylum is over, Smiley. Our family has been divided.”

[Smiley just hangs his head before his hands cling to his disheveled hair as if trying to wish it untrue.]

“However, spending a month away from you has made me realize one thing.”

[Smiley looks up, nearly at the verge of tears of frustration.]

“I doubt that I can survive without you.”

[Smiley’s face finally shows the one thing that’s been missing for so long…] [Hope.]

“Smiley, will you be my partner?”

[A gleeful expression crosses the face of Smiley as he lunges forward and squeezes The Masked Emotion. He suddenly realizes he didn’t answer and grabs the microphone.]

“Yes! Yes! Knock Knock shall never die, my partner!”

[The two seem in jubilee as they exit the ring together as they’ve done so many times before.] [As partners.]


[When we return from a commercial break, Tommy Hawk and Frank Harrison stand in the middle of the ring. Hawk has his head bowed, as if he’s ashamed and Harrison beams with a smile, as you’d expect from the smarmy politician.] [Frank has himself a microphone.]

“Tonight, I’m going to put my employee in his place,” [Harrison says with a grin.] “Tonight, one week before I become Showcase Champion, I’m going to show him just the reason why I’m his savior.”

[He turns to Hawk.]

“Kneel,” [he demands.] [Tommy reluctantly knees before him.]

“Good dog. Now lay down.”

[Hawk looks up at him, his eyes full of rage and sadness, in a mixture unlike anything we’ve seen from him before. The fans are booing, telling him to not to do it, but he has no choice.] [He lays down.]

“Tonight, just like next week, you’re going to do your job, Tommy. Because if I don’t walk out of Monday Night Showcase as its new Champion, I’m going to send you to jail, lock you up and throw away the key myself. Now get a referee in here, I have a match to win.] [A referee slides straight into the ring and rings the bell, watching as Harrison places a foot atop the chest of Tommy Hawk and arrogantly pins him. One… Two… Three. He takes away his foot, straightens his eye and demands the referee raise his hand, which he does.] [Harrison continues.] “You work for me, Hawk. I make the decisions. I tell you when to jump and you ask how high. I hope you’ve learned your lesson because next week, I will become the new Showcase Champion and you will count he three that makes it happen. Now get to your feet, you’re embarrassing yourself.] [Hawk slowly gets up, following Harrison as he drops the microphone and exits the ring.]


[In the Monday Night Showcase locker room, Tommy Hawk, Stephanie Rose and Mike Lane cut lonely figures. They’re stood around talking about what’s ahead when the door opens and in storms Nigel Royal. The King looks his typically angry self as he stands proudly amongst his peers.]

“Bow to your King!” [He demands.] [But no-one moves.]

“Enough of this,” [Lane yells, pushing him backwards.] “Tonight, we’re all equals. Do you understand me? We’re not slaves, we’re not King’s and we’re not peasants.”

[Suddenly, the lights go off.] [When they return, Hysteria is stood amongst them, sledgehammer in hand and World Championship around waist.]

“We are not equals,” [Hysteria hisses with a depth of rage.] “Because I am your OSW World Champion.”

[Mike Lane steps forward.]

“For now.”

[Then Tommy steps forward.]

“For now.”

[Lane looks at Hawk, then at Hysteria, all three men sharing an awkward silence as they realize that there’s a trifecta of Championship opportunity and desire amongst them.] [Rose tries to intervene.]

“Guys, we’ve all sacrificed to get here. We’ve all given everything to prove we’re some of the best athletes on this roster. Some of us have given a little more than others,” [he remarks to Hysteria, eluding to his family.] “And some are still serving evil against their will,” [she says looking to Hawk.] “But winning tonight is about proving we’re the best, despite that.”

[Nigel Royal scoffs.] “Tonight is about crushing those lowly maggots. It’s about destroying false Knights and reigning supreme over my Kingdom. Tonight is about-“

[Hawk interrupts.] “Tonight is about honor.”

[Everyone looks at each other for a moment, taking in the faces of their partners, who’re usually their opposition. Mike Lane grimaces whilst looking at Hysteria, who simply tilts his head. Hawk meanwhile lingers in the background.]


[Tonight, good faces evil head-on as The Nightwatch battles Vengeance. Will Jacob Phoenix save the day again? Or will Jensen Cussen show us all the real man behind the mask?] [The match begins with Jacob starring down Jensen from across the ring. Jonah watches carefully from the outside. The bell rings and Cussen explodes into Phoenix, hammering him viscously into the corner! He wails away, ripping and choking before muscling the Nightwatch head-over-heels! Jensen snarls, pacing around and waiting for Jacob to make the next move….. The Phoenix rises, fists clenched before lowering his hands again. Vengeance strikes, nailing stiff body shots before kicking at Jacob’s shins. Jonah studies their enemy; Cussen’s battering him into the ropes….. Jensen now starts scraping at Jacob’s eyes! The Nightwatch hasn’t landed a punch!] [Jensen with a some HARD elbows across the forehead! The fans cry out for Phoenix but he isn’t putting up any offense…. Jensen’s now ramming him into the turnbuckles, trying to bust him up. He’s relentless! Over and over and over and over and OVER again, driving Jacob’s skull into the corner! Blood’s now visibly dripping down his face– BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA! Phoenix crumbles to the mat; Jensen turns to his father for further instructions…… Jonah just sneers. Vengeance returns, stomping and kicking away at the prone body of Jacob! The crowd chants “PHOE-NIX!” but he’s not fighting back!] [With blood now staining the canvas, Jacob seemingly starts to rise. A wild grin forms on Cussen, barking at The Nightwatch to face him! Jacob uses the ropes for leverage, starting to stand when Jensen yanks him over– Knee to the gut! Jacob drops to his knees. “COME ON, FIGHT!” Vengeance orders Phoenix to plant one right on his jaw! But Phoenix just lets him arms fall. Jensen snarls, piefacing him away….. KNEE TO THE FACE! Blood splatters onto Cussen’s jeans; Jacob waits for more…. Another Knee! Cussen glances at his father…….. INFINITE CHAOS! He covers! One… Two… THREE!] [After the match, Cussen rises. He shoves the referee away when the official tries to raise Vengeance’s arm….. Jonah watches carefully.]


[In the backstage area, Viktor North, Lazarus, Lux Bellator, Neville Sheldon and Bruce Van Chan have been asked by The Chief to remain in their locker room for the evening. Everyone seems to have accepted this, except North, who’s seething.]

“Who does he think he is to barricade us in this room?”

[Lazarus rolls his eyes.] “Your leadership landed us here. It was your idea to go and invade Monday Night Showcase.”

“Hold on, you followed,” [Bruce interrupts.]

“No, we came to protect our team.” [Bellator sets the record straight with his arms folded.] “And if we hadn’t, those security officers would have made quick work of you.”

[The tensions are starting to rise inside the room, once again becoming heated; that’s until Neville Sheldon stands up, angry.]

“Enough!” [The tiny man screams.] “I’ve had enough! I agreed to join this team because Nigel Royal demanded that we hand over titles we no longer have in our possession,” [he says pointing to the belts around Lazarus and Lux’s waists, respectively.] “And I followed you to Showcase because I was afraid Hysteria might come after me again,” [Neville admits, looking towards North.] “But now I’m finished with it. We don’t need a leader to lead us into ‘battle’ and if we did, neither of you are fit for the task.”

[Viktor North stands up, getting in Sheldon’s face.]

“Go on, hit me,” [he begs.] “Hit me and I’ll walk straight over to The Chief’s office and hand in a transfer request to Monday Night Showcase. Do it, go on!”

[North seems taken back.]

“That’s what I thought. We’re a team without a leader and-“

[Lazarus stands up, placing his hand on the shoulder of Neville.]

“You’re wrong, Neville Sheldon,” [he admits with a shameful bow of the head.] “We do have a leader; You.”

[That surprises Neville, and especially Bruce, who frowns oddly in the background. Sheldon doesn’t know what to say but glances over at North, who nods in agreement.]

“Fine, then this is what we’re going to do.”


[This feud between two brothers comes to a head here tonight at Face/Off as the two Juggalos circle one another waiting for the match to start. As the bell rings, the two rush to the center of the ring…] [Jake and Jack clash in the middle with fists flying back and forth with furious vengeance! Jack begins to get the upper hand and forces Jake back to the ropes. He mounts the middle turnbuckle and hammers Jake to the ten count! Jack moves and Jake stumbles from the corner… RUNNING BULLDOG! Jake is buried into the mat… One… kickout with force! Jack rips Jake up by the hair and throws him into the ropes. As he returns, Jack kicks him in the gut on the runs! Jake doubles over. Jack grabs him up… BOOGEYMAN BOMB!! One… Two… Thre… KICKOUT!] [Jake barely gets the shoulder up! Jack is furious and yells at the referee with three fingers in the air. He turns around to grabs Jake again but… JUGGA-BLOW!! Jack immediately drops to his knees. Jake gets quickly to his feet just to bend down and nail Jack in the face with a Huge three-point stance charge! Jack’s nose busts open from the shoulder block! Blood is pouring onto the mat as Jake gets a grin on his painted face. He pulls Jack up and PONY DOWN! The Chokeslam Backbreaker makes Jack forget all about the bloody nose… One… Two… Three!!!] [NO!!! Jack kicks out and it’s Jake’s turn to be furious! He pulls Jack up once more onto his shoulders and THE HATCHET!!! One… Two… Thre…..ANOTHER KICKOUT!! Jake cannot believe it and looks stunned that his brother managed to kick out of that! He gets to his feet and goes to pull Jack up, but Jack with his own JUGGA-BLOW!! Jake is down on his knees… JACK IN THE BOX!! Jake is out on the mat! One… Two… THRE….KICKOUT!!! Both brothers refuse to lose! Jack scoops up Jake. He goes for another BOOGEYMAN BO…. Jake reverses! ANOTHER HATCHET!! One… Two…. THREE!!!!] [Jake pulls off the victory over his brother. He lays there across his brother before finally climbing to his feet and looking down at Jack. Finally he rolls out of the ring and walks away, leaving Jack to gather himself.]


[In the loading bay behind the building, an ominous white van sits parked up. It’s unusual for anything to be there at this time, and the blacked out windows are even more a cause for concern.] [That’s when we hear the sound of wheels on concrete and swivel to witness Jensen Cussen pushing an unconscious and battered Jacob Phoenix outside in a wheelchair, Jonah leading the way like some kind of rotten general.] [They reach the van and open the doors, Jensen pulling the broken body of Phoenix and dumping him inside. He slams the door shut and turns to face Jonah.]

“Why do we need him?” [Cussen asks.] “He’s trouble.”

[Jonah pulls back his hand and forcibly slaps him around the face. Cussen snaps back, but resigns himself to defeat.]

“You’re not to ask questions, boy,” [he barks.] “You do as you’re told. And if you had done as you were told, he would be but a memory in the rear view.”

“I’m sorry.”

[Another forceful slap stops him once again.]

“I don’t want your apologies, maggot. What I want is for you to take this boy back to our old family home. It’s time we made him a member of the family, isn’t it?”

[Having learned his lesson, Jensen simply nods – only that draws yet one more thunderous slap from Jonah, turning his right hand cheek a dark shade of red.]

“You address me with words and as sir, do you understand me?”

[Cussen stands up straight.] “Yes, sir.”

[Jonah suddenly injects him with something, tossing him into the back of the van with Phoenix as he does. With a big smile on his face, he walks around the van and gets in the drivers seat, driving off.]


[CRASH!] [Brent Kersh hits The Scarecrow like a ton of bricks, driving him to the muddy ground. He quickly mounts him, swinging left and right hands at his face, beating down on him until his hands hurt. This is visceral, disturbing and violent. With every right hand, The Scarecrow laughs sadistically, only stopping when he’s immediately struck in the jaw. Kersh finally rolls off him, turning around to pick him up. He drags the dazed Scarecrow over to the perch, slamming his head off it. There’s a viciousness about Kersh who pulls him away and into a DDT on the muddy floor.] [He doesn’t cover because there’s no referee. This isn’t a match. This is a fight to the fucking death. Brent gets back up and starts kicking violently at The Perch, trying to snap it off – but before he can, The Scarecrow rises behind him, spinning him around and into a Thrusting Uppercut. That stumbles Brent, and The Scarecrow knows it. He rushes him, lifting him straight up into the air and down with a Spinebuster straight through The Perch, snapping it in half. It’s his turn now and he starts swinging, laying into The Enforcer with powerful right hands that bust him wide open.] [The Scarecrow pulls him back up, slapping his hand around his throat, only Kersh kicks him multiple times, breaking away. The Enforcer scoops him up and SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT IN THE MUD! The Hayman springs away, limp, leaving Kersh knelt there, his head looking at the sky. Just then though, The Scarecrow sits up! HE SITS UP! Brent can’t believe it. He reaches down and grabs the splintered Perch, rising back to his feet. With his chest puffed out and his heart racing, he holds the Perch in his hand and waits. The Scarecrow spins around and BRENT KERSH DRIVES THE PERCH STRAIGHT THROUGH HIS FUCKING CHEST! OH MY FUCKING GOD!] [He falls to his knees, clutching the perch stabbed deep within him. He’s gasping for air, and looks at Kersh, in absolute disbelief that this is about to end. Brent walks over to him, kicking him backwards as hard as he can in his chest. The Scarecrow falls back into the mud, the perch stuck vertical from his chest. We close in on his eyes, watching as they close.] [Brent Kersh has finally defeated The Scarecrow.] [Brent Kersh is the new VHS Champion!] [And The Scarecrow has been killed.]


[The sound of a dripping facet echoes throughout the damp and unkempt room. There’s burnt walls, broken furniture and cobwebs everywhere. Sat on two chairs rather groggily are Jensen Cussen and Jacob Phoenix.] [Click.] [The snapping sound of fingers brings them to.]

“Welcome home, boys,” [Jonah says as they awaken to see their surroundings.] “It has been a long journey hasn’t it? Tonight, you two fought as bitter enemies, but now that you’ve submitted to me, you are brothers.”

[Jacob looks utterly beaten. He looks towards Cussen, who glares.]

“But I will not be the man that leads you. I am but a tool, wielded in his hands. He asked me to take you two lumps of clay and shape you. I have done that.”

[Everything has led to this moment. Jonah isn’t the father, and these aren’t his boys. He smiles that sinister and gruesome smile, before stepping back into the shadows.] [A figure soon appears beside him. We can’t make him out. He offers Jonah a handshake and he accepts, before turning around and walking away.] [The figure’s piercing face peers out of the darkness, staring Jensen Cussen and Jacob Phoenix down like prey.]

“Welcome to The Family.”

[The camera pans around slowly, revealing the bearded and equally as sinister face as before.] [D.T.R] [He laughs sadistically, offering two hands – one to each man. They reach out and accept, being pulled to their feet. They all close in, placing their heads together with DTR’s hands behind theirs, pushing them into his.]

“And welcome home, boys.”

[Flash.] [Laughter.] [Cut.]

[As all ten wrestlers congregate in their corners of the ring, it’s time for the Main Event. Tonight, we will find out which brand is superior. The Team Captains will kick this thing off; Mike Lane and Neville Sheldon both entering the ring.] [The bell sounds and we’re underway. Both men circle each other cautiously, Mike Lane snatching Sheldon into a quick side Headlock. He wrenches down on it, Sheldon backing him into the ropes and sending him across the ring. As the Shadow returns, he’s caught with a Big Shoulder Block by The Nerd. Both men pop back to their feet, Lane ducking a Clothesline attempt and swooping in with a Back Body Drop that plants poor Neville directly on the back of his head. Lane pops back up, hits the ropes and ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE! He connects with the Rolling Thunder and goes straight for the cover… One… Two… Kick Out!] [The former World Champion drags Sheldon over to his corner and looks for tag, Nigel Royal eagerly slapping him on the chest to accept. The Shadow reluctantly lifts Neville’s arm up, allowing The King an easy and cheap shot to the mid-section. The Nerd stumbles backwards, only Nigel keeps on top of him with right and left hands before whipping him across the ring and driving a knee into his mid-section that sends him rolling over to the canvas. The King doesn’t cover, he instead raises his arms, listening to the boos that reign down upon him. This gives Sheldon a second to recover and he rolls Royal up from behind… One…. Two…. Kick Out! Neville quickly starts crawling to his corner, making it there just in time to tag in Bruce Van Chan.] [Royal stops his pursuit and begs off, pleading with Bruce not to hurt him – the distraction enough for a vile Low Blow that the referee somehow didn’t see. Nigel snatches at his arm, driving him down into the canvas with THE DUNGEONS OF LONDON! The Crossface is applied and there’s no-where to go. Bruce has to tap out. His hand reaches the canvas, but instead of tapping, he rolls sideways, pinning Nigel to the mat. One…. Two… Kick Out! In kicking out, King Royal has to release the hold. They both get back to their feet, Bruce ducking a wild Clothesline and pulling him close and into a DDT. He could cover but doesn’t, instead getting back to his feet and tagging in Viktor North.] [North enters the fray and starts stomping down on Royal. He stomps on his hands, legs, arms and face before finally stopping to walk it dry. The Viking kneels over him next, blasting away at his face with vicious right hands until he’s finally had enough. North drags the King back to his feet and scoops him up, throwing him overhead with a Release Overhead Suplex. Royal bounces off the canvas, rolling immediately to the outside and holding his arched back. Viktor though isn’t going to stand by and follows behind him, chasing Nigel around the ring until he slides under the bottom rope. The Viking follows, being Dropkicked low to the face almost immediately.] [The King gets back to his feet, tapping his head as if he’s of supreme intelligence before kicking North hard in the face as he tries to get back up. Royal quickly grabs him, connecting with a Snap Suplex towards his corner before making the tag. Here comes Stephanie Rose, who runs and drops a knee right across his face, rolling away and back to her feet. She quickly drops into the cover… One… Two… Kick out! The fans boo, but North won’t care about that. Rose helps him back to his feet, nailing him with a forearm that spins him around and INTO A THUNDEROUS CLOTHESLINE! HOLY FUCK, HE ALMOST TOOK HER HEAD OFF! Viktor covers… ONE…. TWO… THREE! NO! KICK OUT!] [He quickly gets up, going to his corner and angrily slapping Lazarus to tag him in. The Warrior of God catches Rose as she gets back to her feet, connecting with another Clothesline. She quickly gets back up and walks into a huge Overhead Drop as Lazarus picks up steam. He bounces into the ropes and as Stephanie gets back up, dives at her with a Crossbody, connecting perfectly. He’s on a roll here, but wait a minute, here comes Mike Lane! Lane storms the ring, driving a boot into the mid-section of Lazarus and before you know it, hell has erupted. Everyone enters, North and Hawk go barrelling over the top rope with a Double Clothesline. Hysteria and Sheldon come to blows, The Nerd tossing Hysteria through the middle ropes and following him to the outside.] [The ring is quickly emptying, Mike Lane being tossed over by Lux Bellator who has Lazarus’ back. King Royal and Bruce Van Chan meanwhile brawl outside the ring, bouncing off the barricades as they fight. Lazarus gets back to his feet, waiting for Stephanie to get back to hers. He’s going to try and put her away. He reaches out with the TONGAN DEATH GRIP! BUT WAIT! NO! HIS HAND IS GRABBED BEFORE HE EVER MAKES IT! HE’S SPUN AROUND.. DISCIPLE MAKER! DISCIPLE MAKER! LUX BELLATOR JUST FUCKING NAILED HIS TAG TEAM PARTNER WITH A FUCKING FRONT FLIP PILEDRIVER! Lux rolls away, smirking. What the fuck was that about? Rose doesn’t know what to do until Bellator points down at Lazarus and says ‘Pin him’. She doesn’t need another invitation, pinning one half of the Tag Team Champions… One…. Two…. Three! Lazarus has been eliminated and by God, it was all down to Lux Bellator!] [Order is quickly restored as North pushes Lux away, demanding to know what the fuck just happened. Lux though simply rolls to the outside, walking away. The fans can’t believe it. What the hell has come over Lux Bellator? He heads to the backstage as referee’s check on Lazarus, making sure he’s okay after that devastating Piledriver. VHS are down to three now and this whole thing has imploded. Viktor North tries to pick up the pieces, taking Rose into a Side Headlock. She pushes him away though and when he turns, nails him with a Spinning Heel Kick. Stephanie drags him by the boot to her corner the best she can and tags in King Royal. The King stalks The Viking, ready and waiting with the Dungeon of London. North gets back up and is grabbed, only he kicks him hard in the gut, breaking the grip and running to the ropes…GUNGIR!! HE JUST FUCKING SPEARED NIGEL ROYAL OUT OF HIS GOD DAMN BOOTS! HE COVERS… ONE…. TWO… THREE! KICK OUT! Royal barely kicks out! North quickly rolls away, tagging in Bruce Van Chan!] [Bruce nails Royal as he gets back to his feet with a series of right hands, beating the holy crap out of him as the fans cheer. He sends him into the ropes and GOODNIGHT! CUTTER OUT OF NO-WHERE! Bruce could make a huge difference here! He climbs the top rope, looking for the SHOT THROUGH THE HEART BUT WAIT A MINUTE, WHO THE FUCK IS THAT!? RUNNING DOWN THE RAMPWAY IS SOMEONE IN FULL KNIGHT ATTIRE! HE HOPS ONTO THE APRON AND PUSHES BRUCE VAN CHAN OFF! HE PUSHES VAN CHAN OFF THE APRON AND INTO THE RING! Nigel gets back to his feet, smirking. “Now that’s what you call a real Knight,” he screams, taunting Van Chan who stirs. Just then, Nigel snaps at his arm and DUNGEONS OF LONDON! DUNGEONS OF LONDON!! The Bloodline to Greatness squeezes in the hold with everything he has as the Knight removes his helmet, right in the eyeline of Bruce. IT’S MARVOLO! MARVOLO HAS FUCKING RETURNED! CLINK, MOTHER FUCKER! CLINK! BRUCE VAN CHAN SCREAMS IN AGONY WHILST LOOKING IN THE EYES OF MARVOLO AND HE HAS TO TAP! HE TAPS! BRUCE VAN CHAN HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!] [Oh my God. It’s Neville Sheldon and Viktor North against the whole of Monday Night Showcase. Royal releases the hold on Van Chan, who rolls away, giving The King a chance to celebrate with Marvolo who now enters the ring. Just then, Bruce is up, dropped helmet in hand… HELMET TO THE FACE OF MARVOLO! KING ROYAL RUNS AT HIM… HELMET TO THE FACE OF NIGEL ROYAL TOO! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! BRUCE VAN CHAN THROWS THE WEAPON DOWN TO A RAPTEROUS APPLAUSE AS VIKTOR NORTH ENTERS THE RING AND COVERS… ONE….. TWO…. THREE! KING ROYAL HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!] [This match is now a 4 on 2 situation and Bruce Van Chan has just kept his team in this one. North gets back to his feet and beckons in Rose. She enters and he runs… GUNGIR! NO!! STEPHANIE SIDESTEPS! HE TURNS BACK AROUND, KICK TO THE GUT… SPRINGBOARD… GUNGIR IN MID-AIR!! OH MY FUCKING GOD! OH MY FUCKING GOD! STEPHANIE ROSE WAS JUST SPEARED IN MID-AIR BY VIKTOR NORTH WHO TOOK HER THE FUCK OUT! SURELY THAT HAS TO BE IT! HE COVERS…. ONE….. TWO…. THREE! VIKTOR NORTH WITH SUCCESSIVE ELIMINATIONS! HE’S JUST ELIMINATED STEPHANIE ROSE AND KING ROYAL! The Viking has been extremely impressive here tonight, but he’s tired. He tags in Neville Sheldon who comes face to face with Mike Lane.] [It’s three versus two and Mike Lane shares a handshake with Neville Sheldon before both men lock up. They twist and turn, Lane taking Sheldon into a Side Headlock and transition that by floating over to the canvas. Sheldon uses his legs to capture the neck of Lane, forcing him backwards to release the hold and both men are back to their feet. They run at each other, but North secretly makes the tag! Sheldon doesn’t know it and ducks under a Clothesline attempt… BOOK SMART!! BOOK SMART TO MIKE LANE!! IT’S LOCKED IN BUT NEVILLE SHELDON ISN’T THE LEGAL MAN! THE REFEREE EXPLAINS AND HE RELEASES THE HOLD, NORTH ENTERING THE RING! North and Sheldon share a look but that’s interrupted by a FUCKING SHADOWKICK! SHADOWKICK TO VIKTOR NORTH!! MIKE LANE COVERS…. ONE…. TWO…. THREE! VIKTOR NORTH HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!] [It’s Neville Sheldon against the world. Can you believe this? VHS have imploded here tonight. Mike Lane gets back to his feet, only standing behind him is Hysteria. The World Champion grabs him, turns him and CODEBREAKER!! THE LOST HOPE TO MIKE LANE! OH FUCK! WE THOUGHT IT WAS JUST VHS WHO HAD IMPLODED BUT MONDAY NIGHT SHOWCASE ISN’T FAR BEHIND! Neville Sheldon Clotheslines Hysteria out of the ring, knowing he has no choice but to cover… One…. Two…. Three! Mike Lane has been eliminated and much like the majority of this match, he has his own team to thank for it! These guys have simply not been able to get along here tonight. We’re down to a two versus one and Tommy Hawk hasn’t even gotten into the ring yet.] [Hysteria gets back onto the apron, demanding that Hawk take action. Hawk enters, standing across from an exhausted Neville Sheldon. They circle each other, Hysteria though dropping off the apron so Hawk can’t make a tag. They lock up, Tommy tossing him into the ropes and connecting with a Clothesline on the return. He pops back up, walking into a Scoop Slam that’s accompanied by a leaping Elbow. Tommy is rolling now and gears up for the Scalp! Only wait, Hysteria slides into the ring with the World Championship! No, not again! He runs at Hawk, but Tommy see’s it coming and ducks… THE SCALP TO HYSTERIA! THE SCALP TO HYSTERIA! HE GOT IT ALL! THE FANS ROAR, BUT SHELDON HAS TO TAKE HIS CHANCE AND ROLLS HAWK UP… ONE….. TWO….. THREE! TOMMY HAWK HAS BEEN ELIMINATED AND ONCE AGAIN, HYSTERIA IS AT FAULT!] [The fans boo as Tommy rolls to the outside, absolutely enraged. He wants with every fibre to put Hysteria down for what he’s done but if he does, Monday Night Showcase will certainly lose this match. Hysteria and Sheldon slowly get back up, knowing this entire contest now comes down to between them. The World Champion has his belt still and as he gets back up, looks to once again swing it – this time at Sheldon’s head. Neville somehow ducks, leaping into the air with a NERD KNOCK OUT! NKO! CUTTER!! He covers… ONE…. TWO…. THREE! KICK OUT! HYSTERIA KICKS OUT! The Mad Mastermind is not ready to lose this match for Monday Night Showcase yet. Both he and Sheldon get back to their feet… CODEBREAKER! THE LOST HOPE!! HE GOT IT! INTO THE COVER… ONE…. TWO…. THREE!! NO!! SHELDON KICKS OUT!] [This is unbelievable! How is Neville Sheldon kicking out? Hysteria slams his fists down on the canvas, scooping The Nerd back up. He grabs him… PACKAGE… PILEDRIVER! THE MOCKERY! THE MOCKERY! He covers again…. Surely now… ONE…. TWO…. THREE! NO! KICK OUT! KICK OUT AGAIN!! Hysteria can’t fucking believe this. What does he have to do to put this kid away? He gets up and grabs his World Championship, only the referee snatches it away, refusing to let him use it. He angrily turns around and Neville scoops him up… BODY SLAM!! HE RUNS INTO THE ROPES… GIANT LEGDROP!! WRRESSSTTTLEMMAAANNIIIAAAA!!! The Nerd is starting to feel it. He’s exhausted and gets back to his feet, pleading for Hysteria to get back up and he does. He’s going for it… he runs and drops the knee, reaching for the Book Smart – but no, Hysteria spins around… Neville stands… THE LOST HOPE! ANOTHER FUCKING LOST HOPE! TAT HAS TO BE IT! THE WORLD CHAMPION COVERS… ONE…. TWO… THREE! MONDAY NIGHT SHOWCASE HAVE WON THIS WAR!] [What a match! Hysteria brings home the victory, but only after he screwed Mike Lane. So much happened here tonight. Lux Bellator turned on Lazarus, Marvolo returned, Hysteria turned on Mike Lane and Viktor North did the unthinkable – three times. What a match and wat a victory for Monday Night Showcase.]


[The sounds of Crow’s fluttering around the sky, oddly in the pitch black, is almost deafening. They’ve landed upon the corn, upon what’s left of the perch and even upon The Scarecrow himself.] [The once formidable and terrifying monster lays rigid in the mud, one half of the perch sticking out of his chest and into the sky. His eyes are closed and hay surrounds him, but he doesn’t move. The camera stays focused on him for a moment, only the silence and stillness take over, until there’s a noise.] [Crunch.] [The sound of footsteps plodding through the mud and leaves at a distance can be heard, but we don’t remove our eyes from the face of the horrifying monster himself.] [Soon enough, whomever has approached is upon us, standing over The Scarecrow.] [There’s silence.] [Eerie silence.] [There’s a squelch sound, moving The Scarecrow’s corpse as it does. The perch has been pulled from within him and tossed aside, landing on the ground next to his head.] [His eyes open.] [A voice emenates from behind the camera. We cannot see who it belongs to, but it speaks, looking into the eyes of the now wide awake Scarecrow.]

“Where their eyes don’t go…”

[A devilish grin appears upon the face of The Hayman, accompanied by a deep and devastating laughter.] [Cut.]