[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.]

“And now, Old School Wrestling presents…”

[The Old School Wrestling logo flashes in neon, hung upon the wall.]


[Static] [The footage Fallout opens with is grainy, dark and full of static. Jake Jeckel and Errol Flint are walking down a Las Vegas street, passing by alley way after alley way as they roam.] [Jake keeps looking behind himself, half expecting someone to be there.]

“Something doesn’t feel right,” [Jake mumbles to Flint.] “How did you even find him?”

[Errol looks almost coy.] “I spoke to some contacts and they arranged the meet. This Backer wanted to see you suffer and if we don’t nip this in the bud before it’s too late, it could come back to haunt us. This way.”

[They walk down an eerie alleyway, fog filling the ground as they do. A cat jumps from a dumpster, sending cans spilling out into their path, making Errol jump in fear.] [They walk to the end and come to a halt.]

“This is where they said he’d meet us.”

[A figure suddenly appears in the shadows at the opposite end, slowly walking towards them. Jake readies himself for a fight.]

“Meeting in the shadows like this, some might call that a mistake. I call that, good planning,” [says a voice as the man approaches.] “Welcome to where the darkness lives, gentlemen.”

[Mike Lane.] [He strikes immediately, clocking Flint with a right hand, turning to catch Jeckel’s left and spinning him around. He grabs him from behind and runs him face first into the brick wall. Lane kicks his legs out from underneath him and punches him in the throat.] [The Shadow King bends down and picks up the OSW World Championship.]

“Hello, old friend.”

[He drapes the belt back across Jake Jeckel and backs away into the shadows once more.] [His voice reverberates.]

“I’ll be seeing you.”

[Black and white.] [A saxophone plays softly in the background.] [We’re moments away from the Scarecrow vs. The Silver Shroud and backstage, Shroud is stood in front of a mirror.] [His narration begins.]

They say..

[Flash.] [The lights suddenly explode, turning the black and white scene to pure darkness.] [The Shroud remains motionless.]

“Where are you, ‘Crow?” [he yells out loud.] “I know you’re here, stalking me. You’ve been following me this entire time, haven’t you?”

[A voice growls from within the shadows.] “You wanted this. You wanted something to fear.”

[Silence.] [The Scarecrow continues.]

“For the longest time, I harmed no-one who didn’t deserve it. I went into battles and waged wars with men and women that survived. I’ve vanquished monsters, fought animals and yet, you chose to believe I would do you harm. I’m not human, but I had come to leave your heroes alone.”

[Shroud stutters.] “You never changed, Scarecrow.”

“You’re right. I’ve always been a monster. I have no origin, no attachments, but I wasn’t what I was. I had become a shell of it. You’ve shown me that no matter what happens, I’ll always be hunted. Like Frankenstein, it doesn’t matter what I am or what I do, there will always be someone like you, with a raging fire, ready to put me down.”

[His voice rages, angrier than we’ve ever heard him.]

“You wanted something to fear, Shroud. You wanted a monster and now, you have it. Say goodbye to all your heroes.”

[He sneers.]

“I will vanquish them all.”

[A sudden wisp of birds fluttering can be heard as silence fills the void left behind by The Scarecrow.] [The Shroud daren’t speak.] [The Monster was back.] [A sleek black limousine chases the setting sun down a desert road flanked by high cliff faces, sunbaked red surroundings cooling to purple in the dying light.]

“Marvolo needs to go.” [The baritone voice of #1 says.] [Sigh.] “I asked you if you needed to go before we left.” [A tired Nigel Royal replies.]

“Marvolo didn’t need it then.”

“Fine… pull over, driver.”

[The limo comes to a stop at the roadside, its lights still on. The passenger door opens and Marvolo dashes into the dusk to relieve himself.]

“Try not to get eaten by bloody coyotes!” [Nigel calls after him. Raquel smiles sheepishly as they sit in silence. A metal briefcase sits on Nigel’s lap, tied to his wrist.] [A few metres away, Marvolo whistles to himself while he answers nature’s call.] “This singlet makes things nice and easy…”

[Nigel checks his watch and calls out again.] “Look lively! I have to be at this deal in twenty min—” [The vehicle lights suddenly die. Nigel and Raquel scream as Marvolo jumps in fright. He looks down at his boots and holds up his hands.]

“Look what you made Marvolo do—”

[He turns around and spots the darkened car. Gulp.]

“Raquel? Nigel!?” [He jogs over and stuffs his head in the back of the limo – it’s empty. He races around to the driverside door but there’s nobody at the wheel.] [Scream. Marvolo snaps his head to the side. Nigel and Raquel are being dragged down the road by unseen assailants! Marvolo sprints after them.] “STOP! Marvolo just got back from beating Usain Bolt for the gold in Rio, you know!” [Even in their precarious situation, Nigel can be heard groaning.] [The cliff faces end, and the dying sun reveals Smiley and Doubt to be the attackers! Wait… They’ve dragged Raquel and Nigel onto a BRIDGE! Marvolo stops just yards away, his breath ragged. Doubt unsheathes a hidden blade in his cloak sleeve and raises it to Nigel! Marvolo races forwards but Smiley cracks him with his crowbar, Smiley Junior! Raquel yelps as Smiley shoves her down in favour of Marvolo. Doubt chuckles as he severs the cuff to Nigel’s metal briefcase. He seizes it and shoves Nigel away.]

“If you ask me…” [Smiley says, pulling a dazed Marvolo along.] “Trust is more vital than any organ in a team.” [Raquel nurses a sprained ankle as she hides behind a grim-faced Royal.] “Without trust, how can you be sure your teammate will catch you when you fall?” [No… No… Smiley lifts Marvolo up and dangles him over the edge!] [Nigel immediately clambers up the concrete median to get to him, but freezes at the sound of Doubt’s voice.]

“Whereas if you ask me…” [Doubt begins.] “Sacrifice is the measure of a team’s worth.” [He walks to the bridge’s edge and looks down at the water hundreds of feet below.] “If you aren’t willing to sacrifice for your team, you yourself will remain whole… but at what cost?” [He holds Nigel’s briefcase over the edge!] [Raquel watches on in horror as a torn Nigel still kneels on the median, looking back and forth between his partner, Marvolo, and his own wealth contained in a briefcase. Which one will Nigel go for!?]

“Nigel…” [He looks at Raquel, who pleads with him with panda eyes.] “Nigel, Marvolo es numbehr wahn!”

[Nigel bites his lip as Knock Knock laugh, taunting his literal life-or-death situation. He vaults over the median… and races for the BRIEFCASE! No, wait…] “I cannot believe I’m doing this!” [Nigel groans as he backpedals to MARVOLO! Smiley lets go just as Nigel gets there – Nigel grabs Marvolo’s wrist!]

“You’ve made your choice. Now you must live with the consequences.” [Doubt flings Nigel’s briefcase off the bridge. It opens in mid-air and hundreds of thousands of dollars flit out, illuminated in the sunset as they feather down below.] [Nigel, to his credit, doesn’t dwell on it as he heaves Marvolo back onto the bridge. They collapse in a heap, catching their breath after this ordeal. Knock Knock have vanished. Raquel crawls over to hug Marvolo, who shares a knowing look with Nigel.] [This is it. The Monster has returned but will The Silver Shroud be able to put him down at Fallout?] [The bell sounds as The Silver Shroud moves to the center of the ring. Scarecrow tilts his head to the side before taking slow, calculated steps towards the center of the ring. The two stare off as Scarecrow has the height advantage and something just seems off about both men. Shroud looks slightly unsure of himself while Scarecrow seems more sinister than ever. Shroud throws a right hand but The Hayman catches it! Shroud tries to pull it back, but Scarecrow just shakes his head slowly, eerily.] [CHOP TO THA FACE of Silver Shroud! Shroud staggers backwards as The Monster grabs him around the throat, but Shroud slaps the hand away before sliding out of the ring. The crowd boos but Shroud needs a moment to compose himself. He slides back into the ring and goes straight for some punches to the ribs of The Scarecrow. Crow winces backwards, but Shroud keeps up the flurry to get an advantage. The Hayman manages to grab his hand around his head into a headlock. He quickly transitions the hold into a Kimura Lock as Shroud clutches his arm in pain.] [Crow twists the arm roughly as Shroud is able to reach out and grab the rope. Scarecrow doesn’t relent until the four count is reached. Even then, The Scarecrow is hesitant to release. Shroud utilizes the ropes to pull himself back up while feeling out his shoulder. Scarecrow charges him with a running knee to the gut before running back and NAILING a big boot that flattens Shroud! The Hayman leaps on him and begins nailing him with mounted Haymakers, left and right and left and right. The referee finally pulls him off as the crowd begins to boo him.] [Scarecrow hauntingly stands over Shroud before the referee is able to pull him back. The Crow pushes the referee out of his way as the referee warns him about doing that again. Spinning backfist catches The Hayman right on the chin as Scarecrow staggers back. Another one! Shroud whips Crow into the corner before leaping onto him and… monkey flip! Crow thuds onto the mat as Silver Shroud is daring him to stand back up. He kicks the monster in the gut before lifting him up for… PALE JUSTICE! The Michinoku Driver is nailed but Scarecrow pops RIGHT BACK UP!] [Shroud backs into the corner with sheer fright shown on his face. Scarecrow charges him for a big boot, but Shroud ducks down! Crow’s foot is stuck on the top rope. He wraps his arms around the waist of Scarecrow and OVERHEAD BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX! Crow lands flat on the mat and is seemingly hurt from this move! The Silver Shroud begins steadying himself. He’s ready to fly! He hits the second rope and springs off for… THE LONG ARM OF – THE HAYMAKER CATCHES HIM! The Silver Shroud splatters on the mat as Scarecrow wraps both arms. One…Two…NO! Shroud kicks out!] [Scarecrow wraps his arms around the neck of Shroud as he lifts him up to a standing position. He nails two sickening Haymakers before throwing Shroud into the ropes. BYE BYE B- NO! The Silver Shroud ducks behind him before leaping off the second rope for… THE LONG ARM OF THE LAW! Scarecrow takes it right on the chin before thumping to the mat. One…Two…TH-NO! THE LIGHTS GO OUT! The lights come back on and Scarecrow is standing with his arms out to his side. Shroud just hit him with his best shot and THE MONSTER IS STILL STANDING! THE HAYMAKER to Shroud before… BYE BYE BIRDIE! Shroud is motionless as Scarecrow places a boot on his chest. One…Two…THREE!] [The Monster wins once more as his stalker is put to rest.] [SPLASH!] [The sound of running water is heard as Austin Fernando has his face leaned over the sink in the bathroom of the locker room. He splashes his face with water before massaging his temples softly. Fernando holds his head up as bags are shown underneath his eyes.]

“Snap out of it, Fern. It was just a dream. No one can summon a smoke spirit. It’s just a weird dream.”

[Austin Fernando turns away from the mirror before grabbing a towel and drying off his face. He throws the towel away before gazing upon his newly won United States Championship. He lifts up the title and looks at the red, white, and blue design.]

“It was just a dream. No one is stopping me now that I have this. I can take this peyote-using bastard with my eyes closed. What the fuck was a purge even supposed to mean?”

[Austin snaps the title on around his waist before walking towards the door. He glances at the mirror before grabbing the handle but his hand stops there. He looks up with a bead of sweat falling down his brow as his eyes are wide. Standing in the mirror is the reflection of the same smoke spirit. He takes a step back.]

“Your purge is nearly complete. Your greed for gold must be cleansed tonight!”

[Austin closes his eyes and shakes his head.]

“Shut up, shut up, shut the fuck up!”

[He opens his eyes and the mirror is clear. He places a hand on his title.]

“No one’s taking this from me. No one.”

[Fernando opens the doorway as he heads to the ring for his first defense.] [The young upstart defends his recently won United States Championship against the man fixated on him for the last few weeks in Tommy Hawk!] [The bell sounds as these two men circle around. They lock up in the center of the ring before Tommy Hawk’s size allows him to push Fernando back into the corner. The referee separates them as Fernando pushes him away aggressively. Hawk doesn’t falter from his honest ways as he steps back towards the center of the ring. Fernando comes out of the corner like a bullet before hitting a dropkick that rocks The Spirit Walker. Fernando stops before leaping into the air for a dynamic dropkick that floors him.] [Austin Fernando climbs to the apron before targeting Hawk. He leaps up to the top rope before springboarding off for a flying knee! Hawk is able to move out of the way allowing Fernando to land on his feet. He wraps his arms around the waist of Fernando before snapping him down the mat for a belly to back suplex! Austin’s hands fly to his head as Hawk spins to his knees before grabbing the face of Fernando and pummeling him with some vicious right hands. The Spirit Walker gets to his feet as he allows Fern to do the same.] [Fernando gets to his feet before pulling his hands to his own fast in a boxing stance. The two approach but Fern sticks two quick jabs into the ribs of Hawk. He flinches allowing Fernando a moment to take advantage. He nails a stiff uppercut before pulling the bigger man in and MEET REALITY, SPIRIT WALKER! The fisherman driver is hit and Fern hooks a leg cockily while counting with his fingers in the air. One…Two…NO! Austin looks a little surprised but more annoyed.] [Fernando pulls Hawk to his feet, but Hawk chops him harshly before twirling around for a discuss clothesline! Fernando pops back to his feet but Hawk clotheslines him over the top rope. Fern manages to hook his arm on the top rope and keep himself on the apron. Hawk charges him for a spear, but Fernando moves out of the way before hitting a kneelift. Fernando pulls Hawk out onto the apron and… DDT ON THE APRON! Fernando rolls off holding his back while Hawk isn’t moving much on the outside. The Epitome of Greatness manages to get to his feet before chopping the air with both hands to indicate the end.] [Austin lifts Tommy to his feet, but Hawk headbutts him before lifting him up and dropping him for a powerslam! Hawk rolls into the ring before letting out a guttural yell! His hands go through his hair as he’s setting up for something. Fernando gets to his feet before being welcomed back up by… GOING NATIVE! The running double fist strike connects as both men hit the ground. The referee begins his count. He gets to four before either man moves. It hits seven and Hawk is on his feet but Fern is still down. Tommy Hawk grabs him and whips him into the ring.] [Hawk slides in and covers him. One…Two…NO! Hawk doesn’t seem perturbed in the slightest as he pulls the drained champion to his feet. Fernando is out on his feet but Hawk takes a step back. He pulls out the imaginary tomahawk from his back! He rushes him and begins to turn, but Fernando is able to duck and pull him down for a schoolboy rollup! One…Two…TH-NO! Hawk is just able to get his shoulders up! Both men get to their feet but Fernando gets a finger into the eye of Hawk. Two lightning fast jabs to the ribs before…. LEARN YOUR PLACE! The spin-out powerbomb seems to take all of it out of Fernando though! He slowly crawls over and throws an arm over Tommy Hawk! One….Two….THR-NO!] [Both men are spent as the referee begins to count them down. He gets to six before either man even touches a rope. They slowly begin to climb as the referee abandons his count at eight. Fernando brings his hands up before hitting a stiff jab. Hawk staggers slightly before hitting a right hand of his own. Fernando with a strike! Hawk with a retaliating blow! The two begin to trade blows as neither man seems to have the energy to do anything else. Fernando reaches back before yelling out, “LEARN YOUR PLACE!” ONE SOLID HOOK TO THE JAW before hitting the ropes and… THE REVELATION! This is how he beat Hunter! One…Two…TH-NO! Hawk manages to get a shoulder up!] [Austin gets to his knees as he holds two fingers to the referee in disbelief. He looks exhausted as he slams a hand down on the mat before getting to his feet. He beckons for Hawk to get to his feet. Hawk slowly staggers to his feet and Austin grabs Hawk for an EMP– NO! The Spirit Walker escapes out of the move before hitting a flapjack! Austin slams into the mat before rolling over onto his back. Hawk looks at the fallen enemy before eyeing the turnbuckle. He climbs up to the top. THE RED ARROW FROM HAWK! IT CONNECTS! Austin Fernando is in pain as Tommy Hawk gets to his feet. He pulls another invisible tomahawk as Austin gets to his feet. THE SCALP CONNECTS! Tommy Hawk covers him, hooking both legs! One…Two…THREEEEEEE!] [The bell sounds as Tommy Hawk is handed his first title in Old School Wrestling. The new United States Champion raises his hands in the air as the title is held high! Austin Fernando is still trying to get his groggy head back into it.] [Tommy Hawk and Austin Fernando stand in the ring taking heavy breaths after an intense United States Championship match. It’s then that The Spirit Walker reaches onto his back and removes his tomahawk and aims it at The Epitome of Greatness.]

“What the fuck?! Are you going to try to chop me up?”

[Tommy Hawk keeps his darkened focus upon Austin Fernando.]

“If it’s what the Spirits declare, then your soul shall be sacrificed.”

“You realize how fucking deranged you sound right now?”

[The lights flicker as Tommy Hawk raises his tomahawk into the air. Despite it being in time with his movement, Hawk looks left and right as if locating the source of it.]

“Sacrificing souls?! What does that even mean?”

[The lights flicker again as Fernando talks. Tommy Hawk places a hand in front of himself to silence Fernando whose face only turns redder in annoyance.]

“You fucking kidding me? I will not shut up! I will-”

[THWACK!] [Tommy Hawk lets the tomahawk fly as it embeds the blade into the turnbuckle pad. Fernando freezes in place as he turns to see the tomahawk sticking out of the pad. It was only an inch away from sinking into his chest. His face turns even redder as his temper is rising.]

“Stop. There is an evil spirit that still resides within.”

“So you threw a fucking tomahawk at me?! And what the hell do you mean an evil spirit?”

[As Fernando continues berating Tommy, the lights begin flickering which draws Hawk’s vision to the rafters as he seems to be following something with his eyes. This turns him away from Fernando who clenches his fists.] [Fernando nails a shot to the back of Tommy Hawk! An eerie resemblance to last week but Fernando doesn’t relent as he begins stomping on Tommy Hawk. He grabs the long hair of Hawk before nailing him with vicious rights as a cut opens across the forehead of The Spirit Walker. The tired eyes of Fernando looks enraged as he continues barraging him with blows.]

“What evil spirit?! What the hell are you talking about?”

“You wouldn’t understand.” [Tommy Hawk tries to explain.] “It’s too much for any non-Spirit Walker to comprehend.”

[Fernando silences him with a stiff headbutt creating a line of blood across his own forehead! The Epitome of Greatness holds Tommy Hawk still before raising his right hand up high.]

“Tell me! Tell me what the fuck you’re talking about!” [Tommy Hawk still shakes his head only furthering Fernando’s rage.] “SAY IT!”

[Tommy Hawk sighs before looking up into the face of Fernando.] [THE LIGHTS GO OUT!] [A weird fog fills the arena as a swirling green light illuminates the stage. It’s then that a pair of hands seemingly pull up from the stage before a green cloaked body is shown with a wolf face and pair of antlers. The monstrosity raises its head and howls before the lights turn back out!] [Austin Fernando is at the back of the ring holding onto the ropes with fear in his eyes as Tommy Hawk has managed to get back to his feet. He turns to Fernando as the blood drips down his chin and onto his chest.]


[We have an explosive tag team title contest tonight as the emergent challengers Marvolo and Nigel Royal look to dethrone the psychopathic monsters known as Knock Knock. Can Ocean’s One do the impossible or will Knock Knock keep their strangelhold over the tag team titles?] [The bell sounds as Marvolo and Doubt start off first respectively. Marvolo nailing Doubt with a few hard right hands but a palm strike is ducked under as Doubt staggers the #1 with a jumping knee to the jaw. Doubt quickly follows up, taking Marvolo down to the mat with a lightning fast Butterfly Suplex. Doubt backs up, trying for a legdrop across the downed #1 but Marvolo gets to his feet, flinging Doubt to the mat with an armdrag before grabbing Doubt in a headlock and walking over as he tags in Royal. Nigel gets in as both men knee Doubt in the gut before flipping him over to the mat with a double Suplex. Nigel covers as the #1 gets back on the apron] [ONE…TW…Doubt gets the shoulder up and as Nigel pulls him to his feet, Doubt grabs him by the back of the trunks, throwing him throat first onto the bottom rope. Nigel goes down, holding his throat in pain as Doubt rushes over, tagging Smiley into the match. Smiley runs forward, nailing Nigel with a forearm to the throat before drilling him into the mat with a lightning fast STO. Smiley doesn’t cover, instead dropping down as he locks in a particularly vicious sleeper hold, cranking down on the hurt throat of Royal. Royal tries to fight back, getting to his feet as Smiley quickly breaks the hold, nailing him with a hard forearm to the back of the head before sending him down to the canvas hurting with a vicious hangman neckbreaker] [Smiley walks over, tagging Doubt in as he pulls Nigel up from behind, fishooking his mouth as he drives him down to the canvas with the Hideous Laughter. Smiley holds Nigel down as Doubt backs up, leaping up with the Cause of Doubt, SLEEP PARALYSIS! Nigel is out as Doubt covers, ONE….TWO…THR…NO! Marvolo runs in breaking up the pinfall but as the referee is putting the #1 back on the apron, Smiley and Doubt pull Royal up to his feet, drilling him with a double DDT. The referee turns back around as Doubt drops down, trying to lock in a dragon sleeper. Nigel somehow counters, rolling Doubt up. ONE…TWO…Doubt kicks out] [Both men get to their feet as Doubt is rocked by a fired up Royal, who lays into him with a series of forearms. Royal rushes to the ropes, bouncing off into a big roundhouse kick from Doubt. Nigel is out on his feet as Doubt rushes to the ropes himself, bouncing off as he jumps Nigel’s knee, END OF WISDOM! Royal slumps down to the mat as Doubt walks over, tagging in Smiley as both men pull Royal up to his feet, NIGHTMARE TRAP! Nigel is on the mat, his jaw being pulled in two different directions, he’s in tremendous pain as he looks to be about to tap out, DOUBLE BULLDOG! the #1 takes down Knock Knock, saving the tag team contest as he pulls Doubt up, clotheslining him over the top rope as he gets back onto the apron.] [Nigel and Smiley slowly get to their feets, Nigel ducking under a roundhouse as he kicks Smiley in the gut, drilling him to the mat with a DDT. Nigel slowly crawls to the corner as Marvolo urges him on, Doubt rushes into the ring, trying to pull Nigel back but he gets a kick to the jaw before Royal leaps forward, tagging Marvolo in to a roar from the crowd. Marvolo drops Smiley with a big clothesline as Doubt rolls in, attacking Marvolo from behind with a hard forearm. Smiley gets to his feet as Knock Knock try for a double clothesline but Marvolo ducks under it, grabbing Knock Knock by the head and slamming their heads together. Doubt rolls out of the ring groggily as Marvolo lifts Smiley up, before drilling him into the canvas with a brainbuster, covering upon impact.] [ONE…TWO…Smiley just kicks out. Marvolo lets out a hokey yell as Smiley slowly gets to his feet, getting up right into a series of palm strikes, FIVE POINT EXPLODING PALM TECHNIQUE! Smiley slumps down to the mat as Marvolo tags in Nigel, both men climbing up to the top rope. DUAL SPITFIRES. AIR FORCE ONE! Marvolo leaps over the top rope, taking Doubt out with a plancha as Nigel covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!! NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!] [The bell ring as Marvolo gets back in the ring, celebrating with Royal as Ocean’s One get given their new tag team titles. The pair climb up to opposite turnbuckles, celebrating to the roar from the fans before they head to the back, the new tag team champions] [With a slam, the locker room door of one James Hunter slams open. Dimly lit already, the Question doesn’t even flinch as Brent Kersh walks into the room. The Enforcer quickly takes in his surroundings, especially that of the ax leaning on the wall next to Hunter.]

“Mr. Kersh.” [Hunter says, standing up as a proper gentleman would. He extends his hand out in greeting.] “How is Miss Outlaw doing?”

[Kersh doesn’t even bother to acknowledge the handshake. He looks Hunter up and down before speaking.]

“You know how she is doing, James. Was it really worth it? To ruin someone’s future for your vendetta against me?”

[Hunter laughs, keeping his joviality yet somehow dropping any pretense of being a gentleman.]

“Saying I have a vendetta implies that this is a personal matter, Mr. Kersh. As a matter of fact, it’s the exact opposite. I just wanted to see what it took to break the famed Enforcer.”

[Brent curls his lip in disgust at that answer.]

“I don’t break.”

[Hunter raises his eyebrow in response.]

“I guess we’re going to find out tonight, aren’t we?” [The Question asks with a smirk on his face.] “As I said last week, mind games don’t seem to work with you. Tonight, I’ll try a more hands on approach.”

[Brent doesn’t return the smile, only shaking his head.]

“Your idea of mind games have destroyed the life of one person, crushed the spirits of another, and God knows what you did to Pig.”

[Hunter seems shocked by that remark.]

“Pig is challenging for the VHS Championship.” [James responds.] “As unorthodox as my methods were, you can’t say they did not work. Just as they have worked on you.”

[The straitlaced Kersh almost rolls his eyes. Almost. Instead he purses his lips. Hunter leans in, speaking sinisterly.]

“Now we all know that the legendary Brent Kersh is unflappable. Go after his family, his friends, or even try to get in his head and he will stand tall as he always does. Isn’t that kind of baseline the kind of thing that makes serial killers? So when the moment comes tonight that blood runs from your body and they begin to prepare a place next to Phoebe, I want you to remember that it didn’t have to be this way. You made it this way by always having to be Brent Kersh.”

[Kersh snorts at that.]

“That’s all I know how to be, James. You’ll find that out shortly.”

[The determined Brent Kersh backs away, leaving Hunter alone in the room. A very satisfied James Hunter, at that.]

“We will see, won’t be?” [He asks to no one in particular.] [Stay tuned for what should be an action packed match between these two competitors.] [“The Question” James Hunter stands in the ring awaiting his opponent’s arrival as “Chariots of Fire” by Vangelis blares through the arena. The crowd POPS as “The Enforcer” steps through the curtains and without hesitation heads to the ring ON A DEAD SPRINT!! Kersh is sprinting to ringside. HOLD ONTO YOUR SEAT FOLKS!!!] [Kersh slides through the bottom ropes, a man on fire, only to be MET with a series of boots from Hunter as the bell rings. Not a good way to start this one for “The Enforcer”. “The Question” continues to stomp away at Brent; keeping him on the canvas. DROPPING an elbow to the back of the neck of Kersh and Hunter is in full control in the early goings of the contest. Kersh pulled to his feet and BELLY TO BELLY suplex from “The Question”, tossing his opponent towards the corner; Brent’s body sliding across the mat.] [James waiting now; watching “The Enforcer” carefully as he pulls himself to his feet. CHARGING! LOOK OUT! BIG TIME CLOTHESLINE driving Kersh back into the turnbuckles. Kersh is in some serious trouble here. He needs to get it going BUT HUNTER DELIVERS A SNAP DDT, DRILLING BRENT’S HEAD INTO THE CANVAS!! A smile covering his face! “The Question” doesn’t stop there; bringing “The Enforcer” to his feet. Wait a second, WHAT’S THIS? POETIC JUSTICE!!! Hunter lands that custom powerbomb-side driver and Kersh is in a HORRIBLE way! Hunter has full advantage at this point but HE WILL NOT GO FOR THE PIN?] [James Hunter bringing Brent Kersh back to his feet and WAIT!! SMALL PACKAGE BY “THE ENFORCER”!! ONE… TWO… NO! HE CAN’T HOLD ON, BUT IT WAS CLOSE! Hunter is quick to his feet in a fit of rage and DRIVES a big boot into the side of the face of Kersh. Right back in control as he hoists his opponent to his feet. CHOKE SLAM COMING UP! NO! “The Enforcer” SLAPS away Hunter’s grip and he DELIVERS a high knee to the midsection. AND ANOTHER! AND ANOTHER! Kersh fighting his way back into this. SENDING a big right hand into the face of Hunter!!] [“The Question” is dazed. Stumbling backwards as the crowd erupts. Brent hits the ropes and on the return WITH A FLYING DOUBLE AXE HANDLE AND HUNTER GOES DOWN!! Kersh scrambles to make a cover. ONE… TWO… BUT HUNTER POWERS OUT! “The Enforcer” won’t stop there. James brought to his feet and… SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT!!! NO!! Hunter slips off the backside of the shoulders of Kersh and REVERSES IT INTO A GERMAN SUPLEX!! Wait he… HE HELD ON! Hunter coming to his feet and ANOTHER german suplex. Up again and THAT’S “THE IRONY”! He nailed it and now Hunter makes his first pin attempt.] [ONE… TWO… BUT “THE ENFORCER” KICKS OUT!!! Hunter still a bit shaken as he brings Kersh to his feet. Irish whip sends “The Enforcer” into the ropes. Back body drop… NO! SUNSET FLIP! “THE ENFORCER” ROLLS HIM UP! ONE… TWO… NO!!! JAMES HUNTER KICKS OUT AGAIN! Kersh trying to put the match away at any chance he can get. Both men back up and RELAX!!! HUNTER JUST NAILED KERSH WITH THAT PATENTED CLOTHESLINE!!! James drops for a cover. ONE… TWO… THREEHE JUST GOT A SHOULDER UP!! But Hunter nailed Kersh hard with that clothesline. It looks like he’s busted wide open!] [HE IS! Blood seeping from the busted lips of “The Enforcer”. Meanwhile, Hunter gives off a smug grin as he brings Kersh to his feet. Setting him up now and CONTRADICTION!! NO! Kersh pushed him away. Turning! KICK TO THE GUT! THREE QUARTER FACELOCK JAWBREAKER BY KERSH!!”The Enforcer” crawls for a cover. ONE… but that’s all he gets this time. Both men slow to get back to their feet, but both right at it. Hunter makes it up first. Kersh follows. They converge and SPINEBUSTER BY HUNTER!! Brent Kersh is taking an absolute beating in this contest!!!] [Hunter covers. ONE… TWO… “THE ENFORCER” kicking out again! Blood covering his mouth and chin now. He’s cut up pretty bad there! What’s this? It’s “The Lone Star”. James Hunter is going for the figure four leg lock in his own impersonation. IT’S THE HYPOCRITE!! AND HE’S GOT IT! Hunter drops the canvas, pulling back on the old. Kersh SCREAMING in agony! “GIVE UP KERSH”!! Hunter taunting “The Enforcer” now. Brent is stuck in the middle of the ring. HE HAS NOWHERE TO GO! We’ve never seen Brent submit. We’ve never seen him voluntarily tap out!!] [Could this be it? Could this be the time? Hunter still taunting his opponent. Telling him to give up. Telling him it’s over!! Brent sitting up; SCREAMING in pain! And look at this!! “The Question” pulling Kersh in by the neck. Blood literally DRIPPING from his chin!! Hunter just smiling at him as he applies more pressure. Hunter laughing at Kersh! Hunter AGAIN yells to Kersh to submit and… AW MY GAWD!!! KERSH SPITS RIGHT IN THE FACE OF HUNTER!! “THE QUESTION” IS ENRAGED!! The hold is broken. Hunter is going to end this now.] [“The Question” stands to his feet; backing up from “The Enforcer”. Kersh meanwhile staggering, stumbling to his feet. QUICK QUESTION!! BUT IT’S DODGED! Hunter turns and THERE’S A KICK TO THE GUT! Kersh… lifts him into the… SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT!!!! SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT!! HE GOT IT THAT TIME! “THE ENFORCER” MAKES THE COVER. ONE… TWO… THREE!!! BRENT KERSH HAS DONE IT!! HE’S PULLED OFF THE VICTORY HERE TONIGHT AT FALLOUT!!] [With “The Question” lying unconscious in the center of the ring “The Enforcer” rolls to the ropes; using them as leverage as he props himself up. The official raises his hand from the canvas as the crowd explodes in response. WHAT A MATCH WE’VE JUST WITNESSED!] [A skull lies in a field of black rotten soil, water dripping from its overflowed cavities.] [CRACK!] [A lightning bolt streaks across the sky, illuminating the face of one Solomon, the Priest of Pain. The rain drips down the sides and top of his hood, yet the glimmer of his evil eyes and the glint of his smiling teeth are still visible.] [CRACK!] [Another lightning bolt, this one illuminating the masked face of Lux Bellator. A sea of white floats behind him, flaming torches enduring the undying rains.]

“The time has come, boy!” [Solomon screams across the gulf.] [Tense stares circulate among the armies behind each of their respective leaders. This is the moment they have trained for. All of their beliefs will be tested on this night.] [For this is Bellum Sanctum. The Holy War will end tonight.]

“Judgement has arrived for you, Solomon.” [Lux Bellator returns.] “Not my own judgement, but the judgement of the Lord himself. Yet he will use mine own hand to deliver it.”

[Solomon spits on the damp ground in response. Lux has not finished, however.]

“Where is El Salvador? Did he abandon your mission?”

[There is only silence for a moment, the sounds of rain filling the landscape. Then a deep and twisted laugh emerges from the throat of Solomon. The laugh echoes throughout the bleak landscape surrounding the armies. Bellator does not flinch as lightning strikes and the laugh continues.]

“No, Lucas.” [Solomon begins, a gleam in his eyes.] “The Father is very much a part of this mission. For this War will not end until one of us has been cast in the pit of fire. But there is still a sacrifice demanded.”

[Lux nods, his lips pursing in understanding. Even with that understanding, Solomon still nods to some of his Ministry, who bring forward a barely recognizable body, carrying it through the throng. They walk forward to Lux Bellator, before throwing it like a sack of meat before an already grieved Lux Bellator, who kneels over the body.] [Eyes still open, this is the lifeless body of Pedro El Salvador.] [Lux reaches down to close the eyes as tears fall freely from his eyes. The moment quickly passes, and Lux looks up at a very cocky Solomon.]

“Just as Saul wished to keep the spoils from his conquests, Pedro did not wish to see his son destroyed. The Lord does not broke failure or disagreement.”

[The tears stop flowing and Lux seems to find some kind of inner confidence. What he must do next may be the hardest thing he has ever done. Yet he must do it.]

“There is still time, Solomon. With the power of God, I can return you to the man you once were, before this demon within you took over.”

[A confident snort from Solomon is the immediate response.]

“You are yet a fool, Lucas.” [The Priest says.] “The man who I was before was nothing more than a dark wish from a boy who denied the true power of God.”

[Lux nods once more, this time without regret. He did what he needed to do.]

“Then the fires of Hell will burn upon your skin, Solomon, neverending and unabated.”

[Solomon grins wider and looks up to the red sky.]

“So it begins: The flood to wash away the Torchbearers and cleanse the world of their filth!”

[He holds his arms up to the heavens and the rain intensifies and begins to pool around the feet of the gathered warriors.]

“No.” [Lux sadly replies.] “It ends.”

[Like a dam being broken, two armies fly forth from behind their masters to meet in the war of their lives.] [The war that may take their lives.] [CRASH!] [Lightning hits the battlefield once more as the Torchbearers meet the Ministry in combat. As they try to tear one another apart, Lux Bellator walks through the melee with his eyes only on one man. The man who killed his father. That man in turn stands behind the battle lines by himself, chuckling at the chaos before him. Lux Bellator begins to move with great haste towards his foe, ignoring the war he leaves behind. Standing with his back to the mountain, Solomon moves at the last second, using the advantage to strike out at Lux Bellator, driving him into the mountain valley behind them.] [As the two men continue to fire away at one another with fists, fury, and righteousness, the light that had illuminated them is hidden behind the large mountainous valley they just stepped into. There is no light here, and Solomon, as the Nox Bellator he once was, thrives. Lux is driven down to his knees, the black death water stinging his lungs as Solomon kicks him in the back of the head. Lifting up Lux by the mask, Solomon strikes him so hard across the face that his mask is practically turned around on his face.] [Pure hatred lingers on the face of the Priest of Pain until he is thrown backwards by a sudden strike of light! This is no lightning from the flood. This is the Light of God, here to illuminate the path of Lux Bellator. While Solomon rages at the sky, Lux flies out of nowhere with a cross body block to knock both men down into the water! Bubbles float to the surface of the water as the two men grapple beneath its surface. With a gust of wind being inhaled to their lungs, both men break the surface of the water a mere meter from one another. Solomon roars with anger as he spits out the water while Lux merely girts himself up for another round.

[They grapple one another in a twisted version of a collar and elbow, pushing for position above the flood that will wash away the remains of this battle. Neither man wishes to be the one washed away. Yet they both know their destination lies beyond this valley. With that in mind, Solomon feints a fall to a knee to get Lux tripped up. When Lux moves in, Solomon picks him up and drops the ribs of the Light Warrior over his knee. Lux quickly tries to get up out of the water before Solomon is on him once more.] [Reaching the end of the valley, Solomon continues to push Lux further downstream with every kick and chop he can manage. Blood from an earlier shot has stained the grey beard of Solomon, bringing about a bloodlust from the Priest of Pain. The two men find themselves emerging from the tight confines of that valley into a large plain, going as far as the eye can see. There is no water here from the flood, only a sea of transparent glass. This Sea of Glass is the divide between Heaven and Hell, and under the glass the fires of Hell rage!] [Knowing the import of what they have come upon, the two men quickly move to assert their position, Lux coming out on top with a vicious kick to the back of Solomon’s leg, practically bending it in the wrong direction. The Priest of Pain kneels down, but Lux is frozen before he is able to take advantage. A throne of skulls and bones sits before them, and on that throne is the body of Pedro El Salvador, somehow recovered from the battlefield. His body has been arranged to sit upright, and his eyes are now open once more.]

“Welcome to the end, Lucas.”

[The evil words spit from the lifeless body, some type of dark magick as Bellator approaches El Salvador with righteous anger in his eyes, but Solomon is right there to intercept him, practically ripping the mask of Bellator off in an attempt to gouge his eyes out.] [As the dead El Salvador sits on his throne with an evil gleam in his eyes, Solomon nods in deference to the man who empowered him, yet that he cast done. Lux Bellator throws a blind punch as Solomon quickly grabs his fist, and turns it in an awkward direction. The Priest of Pain begins to levy in shot after shot, each one a reminded of the empire that Lux had cast him down from years ago. Lux is dripping with sweat and blood as Solomon picks him up to stare into his eyes.]

“Goodbye, old friend.”

[Solomon darts his hand out to wrap around the neck of Lux, attacking the nerves there with the Embrace of Pain. Bellator tries to fight, but this entire war has been for this moment, to wear Lux Bellator down to be unable to fight the Embrace. With a dark thud, Lux falls down to the sea of glass, the Hellfire dancing against it. The two men’s eyes remain locked with one another even as Bellator’s begin to cloud over with unconsciousness. Solomon screams out to the heavens in rage as Lux slowly fades into unconsciousness.] [Finally, the Priest of Pain releases the hold and stands to his feet. A victorious look crosses his face as the light that had surrounded Lux Bellator begins to slowly burn a hole in the Sea of Glass. As the hole grows, Solomon picks up the dead weight of Lux Bellator, and hoists him up into the crucifix power bomb position. An evil grin crosses his face as he charges, BUT LUX BELLATOR SLIDES DOWN! HE PUSHES SOLOMON TOWARDS THE PIT!] [SOLOMON HAS FALLEN INTO THE FIERY PITS OF HELL! LUX BELLATOR HAS RETAINED THE ALL STAR CHAMPIONSHIP AND WON THE HOLY WAR!] [Lux Bellator falls to his knees in shock as the light of the Lord begins to recede into the heavens and the Sea of Glass becomes whole once more. He quickly rushes over to the body of El Salvador, pulling its limp form from the throne of skulls and cradling it in his arms. Tears flow freely from his face as he is able to mourn fully.] [The Holy War is over. The Torchbearers have emerged victorious. Solomon and Pedro El Salvador are dead.] [Or are they?] [Bright light floods the battlegrounds of the Holy War. Somehow, both the Ministry and the Torchbearers know what has transpired. They have always known what the ending would be.] [Lux Bellator has emerged victorious.] [Nevertheless, the two sides begin to cease their conflict, looking around as the flood water begins to slowly wash away the sacrifices of this war. The next time a war will be fought here, it will be those sacrifices that they must step over to fight. Yet the two warring factions slowly mend their fences with looks and nods. The mercy of the Lord is for all, and they must seek out and find the one who ended this Holy War.] [Meanwhile, Lux Bellator kneels on the Sea of Glass, holding the broken and lifeless body of his father, Pedro El Salvador. His body drips with blood, sweat, and tears, yet his countenance has never been stronger. Even with the Light of the Lord guiding him, Lux Bellator has further prayers to offer.]

“Domine, tolle filium tuum. Animam suam vitam semel. Multum tamen potest.”

[The Latin slowly pours forth from Lux, unsure and unsteady. His words are asking for something the Lord has not granted in a millennia. He wishes for the Lord to bring back his servant to return to this world. Are these the words of a grieving son?]


[Lux begins to repeat, but is cut off by a blinding light from above. Bellator is thrown backwards on the glass, unable to bear the power on display. The light incinerates the body of El Salvador instantly. Even those on the other side of the mountain were able to see this light, perhaps as a beacon to their victorious leader. Yet, the light slowly fades away from all memory. It’s task has been done.]

“My Lord?” [Lux mutters to the sky as he tries to get to his feet. As he does so, his eyes widen as he spies what the light left behind.] [There now lies the pale body of a man on the Sea of Glass. This man lies naked, his skin lifeless, and his body hairless. This is an adult male body, born anew from the Lord himself. Lux Bellator moves as quickly as one can who has been through war to kneel at the side of this man, looking this body over for any signs of life.] [GASP!] [The air rushes into the lungs of this new body with vigor, and his eyes open, searching the sky for answers that may never come. Finally, his eyes fall into the ones of Lux Bellator who kneels before him. This new being looks up at Lux and squints.]

“Lucas?” [The voice calls, sounding oddly familiar yet very different.] “Lux Bellator?”

[Bellator only smiles at the use of both names, placing a bloody hand on the shoulder of this new form, helping him sit up.]

“Solomon?” [Lux asks cautiously. LUX BELLATOR RESURRECTED SOLOMON???]

“Or should I call you Timothy?” [The man still seems confused.] “Timothy Rhodes, as you were once called.”

[After a moment, Solomon looks up at Lux and frowns.]

“Solomon is dead, my friend.” [With Lux’s help, this new man stands to his feet.] “And Timothy Rhodes held too much in his heart.”

“Then who are you, if not him?” [Lux asks, confusion spreading on his face.] [The man smiles in return, placing his hand on Lux’s shoulder.]

“I am all of those men, yet none of them. I am Solomon as he should have been. I am Timothy Rhodes without the dark wish in his heart. I am a warrior with no darkness. Like the Phoenix, I have been reborn anew at the hand of the Lord, and you may call me after one who the Lord brought back once before.”

[The Torchbearers and Ministry have begun to mass before these two men as Lux still does not understand.]

“Lazarus.” [He finally says, bringing a smile to the war torn face of Lux Bellator.] “That will be my name, and the Phoenix will rise to take flight beside the Warrior of Light.”

[Together, Lux Bellator and Lazarus turn to face the assemblage. The war is over there, but they will return to OSW come the morrow, and there is a never-ending struggle there.] [And for the first time, Lux Bellator has an ally.] [But why did Lux call out to the Lord for the former Solomon to return and not his father?] [This match is a handcuff match. The idea is to beat your “perp” into such a state that you can lay them face down and handcuff them without any resistance. The winner will be the one who does so.] [Huge heat between these two here. So much so you can sense the tension within the crowd. The referee brings them together in the middle of the ring to explain the contest to the. Both men stare daggers through the other. Hysteria doesn’t even let the referee fully finish before he throws a big left jab over the referee’s shoulder which sends a sickening thud around the arena. Less than a second passes by and the two men are trading what look like very stiff blows.The find themselves in the upper right corner of the ring. Seizing initiative Alex Reese grabs Hysteria by the scruff of the neck.] [Rocketing Hysteria’s head toward the turnbuckle pad he bounces it off. Once….Twice…Three times before Hysteria manages to shoot of an elbow to the mid section which disrupts Reese’s rhythm. Not letting his nemesis get a foothold in the match though he bring Hysteria crashing to them at with a Russian legsweep. Reese lays the boots to his downed opponent before heading up to the top rope. Hysteria has some wits about him though as he rolls out the opposite of the ring, clearly after a breather.] [Turning around Reese notices the empty ring before his eyes land on Hysteria outside bent over. Hopping down from the ring. He charges…. SUICIDE DIVE!! Big force on that from Reese there. Hysteria crashes into barrier and Alex to the floor. A few moments pass before Hard Justice is back to his feet. Heading over to the ring bell position he picks up a pair of handcuffs. Heading back to Hysteria. He brings the cuffs crashing down onto Hysteria’s head. Blow after blow, you can see the satisfaction on the face of the man inflicting pain on his tormentor.] [LOW BLOW FROM HYSTERIA THOUGH!! Changes the course of the momentum and while Reese holds onto his crown jewels and his eyes swell up. Hysteria, beaten and bruised himself, throws Reese into the steel steps. Hysteria scoops the limp Reese up and SPINEBUSTER BACK TO THE STEEL STEPS. Alex Reese’s howl is heard throughout the arena. Hysteria has bad intentions in his head though. Leaving Hard Justice spread across the steel steps, Hysteria picks up and folds two separate steel chairs. He lays them across the chest of Reese.] [Alex Reese is essentially in a steel sandwich here and Hysteria has got himself back into the ring. WHAT’S HE INTENDING HERE? HE’S HEADING UP TOP….. THE CATACLSYM! A DIVING MOONSTOMP!!! ALEX REESE COULD OF BROKEN BONES AND SERIOUS INJURIES!! The former United States champion revels in the agony he has just caused his arch enemy, whilst the crowd are furious. Alex Reese looks to be gasping for air. Hysteria turns his head sideways and looks at Hard Justice. He slides back in the ring. SURELY NOT AGAIN?? He heads up top. HE DIVES AGAIN.] [ALEX REESE MANAGES TO ROLL OFF THE STAIRS!! HYSTERIA’S ANKLES TAKE HIS FULL WEIGHT WHEN THEY CONNECT WITH THE STEEL STAIRS. HE CRUMPLES TO THE FLOOR LIKE A DEFLATED BOUNCY CASTLE!! With both men down, and injury as serious possibility. The referee checks on both men, with no count-outs in this match, a winner must be determined tonight. Hysteria has crawled up the ring stairs but when he goes to stand up he crumples back to the floor. Alex Reese is crawling around the arena floor, trying to gasp as much air as possible. Finally making it to his feet, Hard Justice circles his opponent like a vulture.] [Reese see’s red and he starts laying vicious boots into his already downed opponent. After three or four connect squarely on the jaw of Hysteria, Reese brings him to a standing position. Spiking his head off the ring post twice for good measure he throws Hysteria back in the ring, before grabbing the handcuffs and chucking them in the ring also. With both men still really feeling the effects, Reese wearily walks over to Hysteria, looking to put him away for good when…. HYSTERIA POPS UP LIKE A FISH OUT OF WATER!! LAST HOPE!! DESPERATION LAST HOPE FROM HYSTERIA.] [The force of the LAST HOPE from Hysteria sent Hard Justice down to the canvass then spring-boarding back up and slamming into the corner. Hysteria, drained himself, uses all the power he can muster to pick Reese up and sit him on the top turnbuckle. He climbs the ropes himself, a few blows to Reese’s head for good measure. Reese looks out cold. Hysteria positions himself and Alex appropriately….THE MOCKERY!! FROM THE TOP DAMN ROPE!! HYSTERIA HAS PUT HARD JUSTICE’S BODY THROUGH ABSOLUTE TORTURE HERE TONIGHT. HE GRABS THE CUFFS. IT’S OVER, IT’S OVER!! HYSTERIA HAS REESE IN THE HANDCUFFS.] [Hysteria showing that the law doesn’t always win tonight at fallout. Alex Reese has wanted to slap the cuffs on Hysteria for the longest time, but in a twist of total irony. It’s Alex Reese who is cuffed, Hysteria the victor here.] [Hysteria stumbles backwards from Reese, tilting his head gleefully at what he’s accomplished. He retrieves a microphone from Paloma and gets on his knees next to Alex.]

“What’s the matter?” [he giggles.] “Is this not how you planned it?”

[Alex looks dazed and confused.]

“How about that joke, huh?”

[‘Hard Justice’ suddenly bolts upright, surprising Hysteria. He’s somehow escaped the cuffs and lunges for his old friend, slapping one cuff around his wrist before he can escape.] [Hysteria panics and stumbles backwards, dropping his microphone. Reese picks it up and tries to cool the situation.]

“Do you know how this is going to end, Harrison? Do you?” [Alex demands to know.] “Because I do. It’s going to end with one or both of us dead.”

[Hysteria tilts his head.]

“We need to stop this now, before it’s too late. Come with me quietly, do your time for what you’ve done and this can all go away.”

[‘The Lunatic’ snatches a second microphone from Paloma.]

“But what about my joke? Didn’t you want to hear it?” [Hysteria says chuckling to himself.] “A man walks into a bar and loudly says to the bartender, ‘all cops are assholes’. A man sitting at the other end of the bar says ‘I resent that remark’. The first man says ‘Why, are you a cop?’ He says ‘No, ……..I’m an asshole!’”

[Having finished his joke, Hysteria bursts into maniacal uncontrolled laughter as Alex Reese steps forward and grabs him by the head.] [These two were as close as brothers.] [Family, almost.] [Alex brings his head to Hysteria’s, both men leaning in towards each other, grabbing each other around the back of their heads.] [The lights go out.] [Darkness] [Snap.] [What happened?] [Ladies and gentlemen… It’s time. The bombs fell at Ring of Dreams II but the dust has settled and now we live with the Fallout. Jake Jeckel, The Nightmare Demon, cashed-in to end the 8-month reign of The Shadow King, Mike Lane. Is Jake’s heart blacker than the darkest Shadow, or will the Shadow King take the throne for a record 3rd time?] [The Shadow King steps up to The Juggalo King fearlessly, but he should be afraid; Jake is the most abhorrent competitor—the most vile person—in OSW history. There’s so much blood on his hands, they will never come clean. “LET’S GO LANE-ER!”, “SHA-DOW KICK!”, “LET’S GO LANE-ER!”, “SHA-DOW KICK!” This crowd has been on fire all night but they’re rabid for this main event, not one of them behind Jeckel! Lane looks to each side, soaking in the unanimous support; he no longer strives for their support, but he’s positively a Saint compared to Jeckel. He smirks at the Champion, who puts on a brave face but looks rattled. Both men back into their corners, eyes locked together. Ding ding ding! FIGHT-TIME!] [They slam into each other with a tie-up. They jockey for control, each man gaining ground before being shoved back. Jake digs his heels in and muscles Lane into the corner, where the referee calls for a break. They lockup again, Jake taking charge… he fooorces Lane back – Mike throws Jeckel to his back! “YEEAAH!” The fans voicing their support again as Jeckel curses and races to his feet. They lock antlers again, Jake powering Mike into the ropes – SLAP! “OOOHHH!” Mike checks his lip for blood as Jake dances back, gloating. “That’s how I slap my bitch!”.] [Both warriors circle each other warily and SHADOW KICK!? Jake hits the deck and rolls outside – but it was a psych-out by Mike! He pats his loaded leg and smirks as the fans laugh at Jake. The Champion slams his fists on the apron, “Motherfucker!”. He rolls back in and challenges Mike to put his dukes up, “Prison-style!”. Mike gladly accepts, his height advantage giving him better reach. They square up – but Jake charges Mike into the corner instead! He grabs wraps that deadly leg behind the middle rope and rains down on it with pointed elbows, wrenching it for good measure as Mike screams!] [1… 2… 3… 4 – Jake yanks Mike’s leg, pulling him off the ropes and off his feet altogether! He drags him out and stomps away at the leg, looking to completely disable the Shadow Kick! Elbow drop to the knee! One… Two—kickout by Lane, but Jake is making sure to hook that leg deep. One… Tw—another kickout weakens the knee. Jake grabs both legs and goes to roll Mike over for the RIDDLE BOX – but Mike kicks him through the ropes! Jake lands hard on the floor and Mike rolls out, flexing his leg. 1! He pulls Jake up and hurls him into the barricade—2!—then hard into the ring apron!] [A European uppercut almost rips Jeckel’s head off. 3! Lane whips him but Jake counters – Lane goes knees-first into the steel stairs and flips over! 4! Jake flips the referee off and rolls in and out to reset the count. He peels Lane off the mats and drapes his arm round his neck. 1! JUGGALO JACKHAM—shots to the ribs by Mike—DEGENERATION ON THE FLOOR! “OOOOHHHH!” 2! Mike staggers back into the ring, nursing his knee after lifting Jake for that T-bone ‘plex. 3! Jake stirs outside, nursing his back. 4! He gets on all fours. 5! Lane rolls back out to drag Jake’s ass in himself! Mike ain’t hanging around for reign #3! One… Two… Kickout by Jeckel!] [The Nightmayor gets to his knees angrily, fists up – ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE! “YEEAAOOOH!” One… Two… ThreKICKOUT! The knockout knee wasn’t enough! Mike nods and rolls his kneepad down. The knee, the Shadow Kick… they’re going to hurt him as much as they hurt Jeckel. He hobbles over to Jake and pulls him up for a snap suplex, then another, and anoth—Jake sweeps his feet! He flips him over – RIDDLE BOX! Mike thrashes around in the elevated crab, Jake folding him up like an accordion. He reeeaches for the ropes but the closer he gets, the further they seem!] [“Do you quit!?” Asks the referee. “Neveer!” Mike screams, shaking his head. “EN-DURE, EN-DURE!” The crowd spur him on with a custom-tailored chant as he draaags himself to the ropes… HE MAKES IT! 1… 2… 3… 4—Jake breaks the hold and pulls Mike to his feet – German suplex… German suplex… German suplex – CLOWN POSSE-PLEX! The triple Germans leave Mike laid out centre-ring. Jake climbs the ropes and makes a belt gesture at his waist – FAYGO SPLASH TO THE LEG! “OOOOHHHH!” MIKE IS IN A WORLD OF PAIN! One… Twooo… ThreeSHOULDER UP! Jake launches himself at the referee and insists it was 3! What does he have to do to put Lane down!?] [Jake peels Mike off the canvas and hoists him onto his shoulders – THE HATCHET—LANE WITH THE VICTORY ROLL! One… Two… Three!? “2-count!” Mike runs his hands through his hair; so close! He soldiers to his feet, limping heavily. European uppercut to Jake, another, another, another jaw-jacking uppercut. Elbow, elbow, elbow, elbow! Jake with a punchdrunk clothesline—Mike ducks—ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE! That exposed kneecap cracks Jake in the temple for the second time! Mike craaawls into the cover – One… Twooo… THREESHOULDERUP! Goddammit Jake, stay down! Mike can taste that third title reign! He limps to his feet and puuulls Jake’s dead weight up—Jake shoves the referee—JUGGA-BLOW! “OOOHHHH…” The fans groan in dismay as Lane hunches over FUCKING SHADOW KICK OUT OF NOWHERE!] [“HOLY SHIT, HOLY SHIT!” JAKE GOES DOWN… LANE FALLS ON TOP! ONE… TWO… THREEE!? TWOPOINTNINE! JAKE JECKEL JUST KICKED OUT OF THE SHADOW KICK! “THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap “THIS IS AWESOME!” Mike pulls himself up with everything he’s got. Jake props himself against the ropes. Both men are absolutely spent, they have given their very being to retain or recapture the OSW World Heavyweight Championship! Mike stomps the mat – can he hit a clean Shadow Kick? Would it even beat Jeckel? Will that leg endure!? Stomp… stomp… stomp… Jake turns around… “oooooOOOOHHHHHH—” Mike leaps AND HIS LEG GIVES OUT! JAKE WITH THE FIREMAN’S CARRY – THE MOTHER OF ALL HATCHETS! ONE… Kick out Mike!… TWOOO… PLEASE KICK OUT!… ] [DARKNESS.]

“The beast lives out of the raging storm in the dead of night.
The ravenous, blood-sick creatures searches for it’s sacrifice.
Through the hideous darkness, it lurches, driven by death itself.
Only the satisfaction of slaughter will cause it to return to
The darkness from which it came.”

[Those eerie words are spoken in the pitch black and we have absolutely no idea what’s going on. The tension inside the arena is at a fever pitch and when the lights return, the entire audience gasp in shock.] [It’s… Lance Norman.] [Former Internet Wrestling Federation Chairman and wrestling mogul. He’s pulled the referee out of the ring and, oh my God, who the fuck is that on the top rope? THAT’S JACK… THAT’S JACK GOD DAMN JECKEL!! HE DIVES… CURBSTOMP TO A GETTING UP JAKE JECKEL!! JACK IN THE FUCKING BOX!! HOLY SHIT!! Lance is distracting the referee! Jack rolls Mike over onto Jake and escapes the ring, watching as Lance walks away and lets the referee get back to it.] [He slides straight into the ring and looks at the carnage, completely confused. He counts… One…… SURELY NOT LIKE THIS… TWO…… THREE!! “YEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” The fans blow the fucking house down! Mike Lane has done it! The Shadow King has become a three time OSW World Champion but my God, what an assist by Jack Jeckel and Lance Norman. What the fuck is going on?] [Mike grabs the Championship and rolls to the outside, not even celebrating his win as Jack and Lance slide into the ring to meet the Juggalo. Lane backs away, exiting the scene of the crime as things heat up.] [The fans are going absolutely banana’s.] [The last time we saw Jack Jeckel, he was being held captive by the Backer in an attempt to manipulate Jake into running for office.] [Lance Norman grabs a microphone as Jack grabs his brother by the hair, lifting his half unconscious face off the canvas.]

“Didn’t see this coming, did you big shot?” [Norman scoffs, spewing spit at him venomously.] “Did you think you were the only one capable of being a puppet master, huh? Don’t you remember me?”

[Lance slaps him around the face.]

“I’ve played you like a fiddle, just like you did all these people and this entire roster – we both have. Myself and your brother, we came together, fed up of what you had put us through and decided that enough was enough.”

[The fans cheer.]

“I’m the secret backer, Jake. I’m the powerful man destined to come into Old School Wrestling and take what I want. And this,” [He says pointing to his brother.] “This is my client, this is my weapon, this is your brother and he hates you as much as I do.”

[Lance walks over to Jack and pats him on the shoulder.]

“Jackie-boy, give him something to remember you by.”

[Jack grins, scooping Jake off the canvas and up into a Powerbomb. He falls into a Lungblower and explodes his brother off his knees! The Boogie Man Bomb! The fans roar as Jake rolls away in agony, trying to catch his breath.]

“Meet the Boogie Man, Jake.”

[Both men stand tall in the middle of the ring, soaking up the cheers as Jack and Lance celebrate their arrival in Old School Wrestling.] [He was the secret backer.] [Jack Jeckel was in on it from the start.] [Static.]