[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [In the middle of an abandoned warehouse, a man sees nothing but pitch black. From his perspective, there’s only darkness and the sound of footsteps.] [Soon after, piercing light blinds him as whatever blindfold or hood he had on is ripped violently from his head.] [Wild Karrde and Shadow.] [The former has the latter tied to a chair and stands before him, a wicked smile on his face.]

“Finally, we have the opportunity to talk truthfully,” [he says with a nod, confusing Shadow.] “I’m truly sorry to have to pick you up in such a crude and unfortunate manner but we have things to discuss before our match tonight.] [Shadow blinks, the light blinding him.]

“Now, I’m sure that you feel rather different, am I right? [Karrde asks knowingly.] “You should. You were injected with a serum and mild sedative that made your capture less challenging. I’m going to ask you some important questions and you’re going to answer me honestly,” [he chuckles.] “After all, you have no choice.”

[The Fallen Angel lowers his head with shame.]

“Did you murder D’von Chambers?”

[He looks up, shaking his head.] “No.”

[Karrde seems surprised by that.]

“Hm, alright. Now, did you steal my briefcase?”

[The Angel smiles a beaming pearly white smile.]


[Karrde’s own smile turns to a grimace as he backs away, shocked and surprised. He didn’t see that coming. He was confident that Shadow had taken it but this mystery man, unsurprisingly, has led him on another wild goose chase.]

“All this has been for naught?” [The Magician says, clutching at his head.] “If you don’t have it, who does?”

“I don’t know Karrde, but you have something that belongs to me,” [Shadow says, nodding at the Rewind Championship sat on the table behind him.] “I would ordinarily ask for it back, but since I’m compelled to tell the truth, I’d rather kick your ass for it instead.”

[The Fallen Angel laughs as Wild Karrde shakes his head.] [Cut.]


[Oscar Vogel is back for one night only. Standing in his way is Rain, the Impairer of Worlds. Can Oscar triumph or will Rain continue to impress?] [DING! DING! Oscar Vogel smiles as he and Rain meet in the centre of the ring. Rain is first to strike with a LEG LARIAT, hitting Oscar just as he extends a hand in welcome. Oscar staggers to his knees but is taken down again with an Enzuguri! Rain continues to keep his momentum, looking to lock in a Headlock but Oscar sweeps his feet out and Rain topples backwards. Vogel staggers to his feet, meeting Rain as he scrambles back to a vertical base. Double Axe Handle staggers Rain and sends him reeling into the turnbuckle. Vogel softens Rain up with a couple of knife edged chops…] [OUT OF NOWHERE, A BUNNY RABBIT PUPPET LANDS ON THE BACK OF THE REF! IT’S A SET-UP!] [THE REFEREE IS DISTRACTED! REX THE DINOSAUR COMES TO VOGEL’S AID…] [VOGEL IS FIGHTING REX OFF, BUT NO!] [REX BITES RAIN RIGHT ON THE NOSE!] [By the time Rain and Vogel manage to free Rain from Rex’s jaws, Rain is bleeding from the bridge of the nose. The referee angrily tosses the bunny to the side and glares at Oscar who looks innocently back at him. Rain pushes Vogel off… Short-Armed Shoulder Block staggers Vogel! Forward Russian Leg Sweep drops him to the mat! Rain pounces on Vogel, mounting him and unleashing a flurry of left and right clubbing blows to the head and neck. Somehow, Vogel manages to escape and rolls out of the ring to recuperate.] [RAIN CHARGES!] [SUICIDE DIVE!] [VOGEL CRASHES BACK INTO THE TAP ROOM BAR!] [HE PICKS VOGEL UP AND LAYS HIM ON THE BAR… BUT… RAIN STOPS!] [SOMETHING DISTRACTS HIM! VOGEL ESCAPES AGAIN!] [Rain turns his attention away from Vogel, his eyes darting wildly. Standing at the end of the bar… SKELETOR! THE SIGHT OF SKELETOR STANDING THERE MAKES RAIN FREAK OUT! The momentary freakout is enough for Vogel to grab Rain from behind and spin him around. POWERBOMB INTO THE BAR! Vogel nails it! He scrapes Rain off the ground and rolls him back into the ring. The Impairer of Worlds groggily tries to fight back as Vogel approaches. He staggers to a knee and looks set to charge at Oscar.] [NO!] [VOGEL STOPS HIM DEAD, SETTING HIM UP IN A CRADLE POSITION!] [OSCAR’S CRADLE… THE NAUGHTY CHAIR! DDT PLANTS RAIN DEAD CENTRE IN THE RING!] [VOGEL COVERS!] [ONE!] [TWO!] […] [NO! KICKOUT!] [Vogel is not impressed. He runs a hand over his balding head before hoisting Rain up to his feet once more and carrying him in a Fireman’s Carry to the turnbuckle. He lays Rain up on the turnbuckle and climbs in position… OH MAN, HERE WE GO! ABC’s! OSCAR UNLOADS MOUNTED PUNCHES AS THE CROWD CHANT! A-B-C-D-E-F- NO! RAIN PUSHES HIM OFF! Vogel lands awkwardly on his back and Rain comes thundering down soon after… SECOND ROPE LEG DROP!] [VOGEL SCREAMS IN AGONY AS THE MOVE LANDS BUT RAIN ISN’T DONE!] [HE PICKS VOGEL BACK UP!] [BROTHER MINE!] [RAIN COVERS FOR THE PIN!] [ONE!] [TWO!] […] […] [THREE!] [Rain has done it! Oscar Vogel and his friends could not stop the Impairer of Worlds tonight!]


“Watch out, old chaps! Royalty coming through!”

[A group of backstage workers step out of the way as Edgar Nevermore comes into picture with Happy being pushed forward in a wheelchair. Happy’s eyes look weary and tired. As people move out of the way, a large protective boot is shown on the foot of Happy. Nicolas Mammon steps into picture with a nod to both of them.]

“What did the medics have to say?”

[Nevermore just smiles and pats Happy on the shoulder, startling him a little bit.]

“They said our Prince is going to make a full recovery. He lost quite a bit of blood after those savages took his toe, but his mission was a successful one. The last piece of the plan has been put into place. We won’t soon forget your sacrifice, Prince Happy.”

[Nevermore pats him on the shoulder softly as they make their way backstage. Mammon steps ahead and opens the door to The Gentleman’s Club where renovations are currently underway. The Ring King pushes Happy ahead before noticing a box upon the table.]

“What is this?” [Nevermore asks a nearby attendant.]

“It arrived only an hour or so ago. The messenger told us that it was for you to open only.” [The attendant goes back about his work as Nevermore looks at the small package hesitantly before opening it slowly.] [Nevermore gasps as he slowly pulls out a note and hands the box to Happy whose eyes grow wide with looking at the contents.]

“What does the note say?” [asks Mammon as he looks on with Nevermore.] [The Ring King unfolds the note which has some blood on the back to which he avoids touching. He squints at the paper.]

“They have such terrible penmanship and grammar, but here’s what I discern from it.”

[Nevermore clears his throat.]

“’We held up our end of the bargain. Now it’s time for you to do your part. If we do not receive our titles tonight, Happy will lose a lot more than just a toe. But feel free to evaluate your decision with this token as incentive.”

[Happy reaches into the box and holds up something as Nevermore sighs.] [Happy’s outermost toe.] [How will Happy manage to fight with only nine toes, and how will they handle two blood-thirsty foes in The Awakening?]


[Heath Solman has been harassed for weeks by Nate Washington, who looks to sign the Eternal Witness to his team at any cost!] [The bell rings and Nate immediately goes on the attack, laying into Solman with some hard lefts and rights…but after a moment, Heath shrugs it off! Solman whips Nate into the ropes, hitting a hard clothesline on the rebound. Nate is back to his feet, looking to get another flurry of offense in—but Heath runs right into the businessman with a shoulder block!] [Realizing he needs to keep Nate down, Solman goes on an offense of his own with some punches before stomping away at Washington and finishing with a grounded knee strike before going for the cover!]



[Washington kicks out, much to the surprise of Solman! Nate slowly gets back to his feet as Heath goes back to work with some rights and lefts, but we soon realize Washington is using the old rope-a-dope technique as Solman starts to tire, allowing the business to take advantage before hitting a drop toe hold on the Eternal Witness!] [Nate is on a roll now as he stomps at the head of Solman, setting him up for Respect Ta—SHOTGUN WEDDING! HEATH JUST GOT UP AND HIT A HARD FRONT DROPKICK THAT SENDS NATE CAREENING TOWARD THE CORNER! Heath pulls Nate away from the ropes as a precaution and goes for the cover again!]




[Washington’s foot is on the bottom rope, a last-ditch effort to stay in this match after that devastating dropkick by the Eternal Witness! Solman is beside himself, uncertain what to do now as Washington slowly gets back to his feet. Solman goes once more to the well with some punches to the head—TAKEOVER! FROM OUT OF NOWHERE, NATE’S HIT THAT BOOKEND THAT SENDS SOLMAN DOWN HARD! Both men are down and out as the ref begins the count:]





[Solman is first to his feet as he pulls Washington up, throwing him into the corner. He stares at the prone businessman, when he comes to…a sudden realization. He steps through the ropes, pulling Nate up to the top turnbuckle. He looks set to take Washington on a one-way ride to the floor…but NATE DROPS HIM DOWN INSTEAD, HITTING A DDT ONTO THE FLOOR! Both men are once again down as the ref begins to count, getting to the count of five as Nate slowly crawls to the apron, pulling himself up to slide into the ring!] [Heath is back to his feet at the count of seven, but the ref is soon distracted by the presence of Rain trying to enter the ring from the other direction! Heath cocks his head at the sight of the newcomer before turning his attention to Nate, who practically begs Solman not to inflict any further damage. Solman is just distracted enough by this for Washington to try to deliver a low blow…but Solman grabs his arm! Heath lifts up the businessman—PERMANENT SOLUTION! Rain’s backed off as the Eternal Witness makes the cover!]




[Heath Solman has gained a measure of revenge in this match over Nate Washington, but the celebration is cut short as Heath looks over at Rain…]


[Rain rolls back under the bottom rope as the conclusion of this one hits home for those inside the arena. He helps Solman back to his feet, raising his arm to a mixed reaction from the crowd.] [The Outcasts.] [Just then, a figure appears on the stage.] [Mysterion.] [He begins to make his way down the ramp with a focused pace, sliding into the ring under the bottom rope. He pops back to his feet, staring down Solman and Rain, before standing opposite the latter.]

“I need to speak with you.”

[Rain nods.]

“I’ve always been a social outcast, a leper,” [Mysterion admits to cheers from the crowd that make him scowl with rage.] “It goes back to when my brother and I…”

[Rain cuts him off.] “Is that why’re you here, Mysterion? I know your brother, I can see him standing behind you; he isn’t happy.”

[The Villain turns around quickly, realizing that nothings there.]

“Good joke,” [he stutters in reply.] “You almost had me there.”

[Rain shakes his head.]

“I could recount the tale but I have a feeling you’d rather keep that a secret. Caleb says that he’s ashamed of you, by the way. He thought you’d amount to more than this after what you did.”

[Mysterion looks like he’s seen a ghost. He quickly becomes paranoid before striking abruptly, driving his fist into the head of Rain.] [Solman quickly attacks him, only Mysterion fends him off, pushing him backwards into the ropes with right and left hands before turning around, running and leaping!] [THE PUNCH OF DOOM!] [The Cloaked Conundrum gets back to his feet in a hurry to see Rain has scooted out of the ring and is helping gather Solman up on the outside.]

“I’ll get you for this,” [Mysterion yells at him.] “No-one embarrasses me! No-one shares my secrets with the world!”

[Rain and Solman back up the entrance ramp, leaving the fuming villain to pace the ring, kicking the bottom rope in rage.] [He came out here to try and join The Outcasts, however, it appears he’s no longer looking for membership.] [But to destroy them.]


[Mysterion is still in the ring after the altercation. He takes a few moments to gather himself and straighten his mask and cloak. Instead of leaving, however, he speaks up and addresses the masses.]

“Ladies and germs… By the end of this night, you will all see who the better champion is – who deserves to wear the gold. I must apologise…”

[He draws a deep breath, looking almost remorseful.]

“I must apologise for the alcoholic atrocity that calls himself Champion, my foe. For never was there a more pathetic…”

“FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK…” [Explosion of cannons.] “… WE SALUTE YOU.”

[Zander Zane punctuates his entry to the Tap Room with cannon fire and enters with a swagger, hurling insults at Mysterion as he walks.]

“A pathetic what now? A pathetic excuse for a Super-Villain?”

[He climbs up to the ring apron and hoists his ‘ZZ’ title above his head.]

“Welcome to the Zander Zane Experience… You’re welcome!”

[Zander enters the ring and marches right over to Mysterion. Only when he is close enough, does Zander seem to turn his nose up in disgust.]

“What’s that smell?”

[Mysterion does not look amused. He quietly stews with a glare that could fire lasers while Zander parades about in front of him.]

“It must have been one hell of a party last week, because I woke up and couldn’t remember a damned thing. But I had the strangest dream. And you were there…”

[He casts a wild finger around the fans in the Tap Room.]

“… And you were there…” [He points directly at Mysterion.]

“But that smell. It reminds me of the craziest part of my dream. I wonder…”

[He leans forward, right up to Mysterion’s shoulder where the Double Feature Championship is held. He takes a deep sniff in. His nose once more upturns in disgust.]

“Shit! It smells like piss! A piss-covered belt for a piss poor champion. The only gold you deserve is a golden shower.”

[Mysterion does not bite at the quip. Instead he smiles, a dastardly smile of a man with a plan. He clicks his fingers and a figure appears from the barside. A police officer. He takes the steps to the ring and stands with authority. Mysterion addresses Zander directly.]

“I hereby demand that Zander Zane be stripped of his title for actions unbecoming of a champion. He has made a laughing stock of the VHS Championship and everything it stands for. And now he stands, ready to compete… inebriated. A field sobriety test will prove it.”

[He motions for the police officer to begin. The police officer stands before Zander and waves a flashlight in front of his face. Giving no reaction, he turns to the second test, asking Zander to walk heel-to-toe in a straight line. Though seemingly wobbly, Zander does so effectively. Finally, Zander is asked to stand on one leg and balance – a feat which he performs easily. The officer turns back to Mysterion with a knowing look and whispers in his ear. Mysterion’s frustration quickly turns to rage.]

“What do you mean, he passed the test?! He’s a drunkard… He’s an embarrassment. Test him again!”

[Zander steps forward, getting in Mysterion’s face once more.]

“A little dutch courage never hurt anybody. But you didn’t really think I would come to the ring plastered, did you? What kind of trash do you take me for sir? We party after the show.”

[Mysterion snaps. He’s had enough of Zander fucking Zane.]

“Let’s get this party started then.”

[Mysterion darts at the rope as quick as a hiccup. Springboard… PUNCH OF DOOM KNOCKS ZANDER ZANE ALMOST OUT OF HIS BOOTS! ZANDER ZANE IS OUT COLD!] [This match may be over before it’s begun…]


[How do you deem a champion’s worth? Is it the state they show the world or the ego that fuels them? Two of OSW’s best step foot in that ring tonight to prove once and for all, which man is the true champion] [The bell sounds as Zane is out on the mat courtesy of the pre match attack from Mysterion. The Cloaked Conundrum leaps up, STANDING SHOOTING STAR PRESS as he stays down for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [ZANE JUST GETS THE SHOULDER UP! He tries to stand but a stiff kick to the ribs has him near convulsing from lack of breath as Mysterion pulls him up to his feet] [A few hard kicks to the same bad ribs has Zane reeling before a hurricanrana sends him staggering into the corner. Mysterion rushes forward, Monkey Flip! ZANE LANDS ON HIS FEET! Mysterion turns around into a hard back thrust kick before a scintilating chop to the chest has him staggering back and Zane finishes the combination with a Roundhouse kick that sends Mysterion over the top rope, dazed on the apron] [SLINGSHOT LARIAT! Zane nearly takes Mysterion’s head off as the Cloaked Conundrum crashes to the floor below. The crowd begin to roar Zander Zane’s name as the Rock God begins to soak in the adulation from his fans as he rushes forward, leaping over the ropes before turning in mid-air, and crashing down onto a rising Mysterion with the STAGE DIVE! The crow roars in approval as Zane pulls Mysterion up to his feet, tossing him back into the ring and rolling him up for a cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [Mysterion just gets the shoulder up!] [Zane pulls Mysterion up to his feet, delivering a hard kick to the back of his legs to drop him down to one knee before backing up and hip thrusting into Mysterion’s face. The Cloaked Conundrum staggers to his feet furious as he rushes Zane who leapfrogs over him before absolutely belting him with a huge clothesline. A big running dropkick sends Mysterion flying into the turnbuckles, crashing down into the corner as Zane rushes forward] [RIDE THE LIGHTNING! A huge Bronco Buster comes crashing down on Mysterion’s neck as he crashes to the canvas, Zane leaping up over him, slingshotting off the second rope with SMOKE ON THE WATER! Zane crashes down on the prone Mysterion as he hooks the leg for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THRE…Mysterion just gets the shoulder up!] [Zane looks frustrated as he leans on the ropes, breathing hard before climbing up to the top rope, sizing up the downed Mysterion but before he can leap off, the Cloaked Conundrum stumbles to his feet, leaping onto the ropes and crotching Zane in the process! Zane is trapped on the top rope as Mysterion runs up the buckles, grabbing Zane around the throat] [BEFORE FLIPPING OFF WITH THE GLOBAL TAKEOVER! Zane is slammed into the mat but Mysterion isn’t done as he leaps up to the top rope once more, flying off with the MASTER PLAN! This could be it as Mysterion hooks both legs for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THRE…2.9! ZANE JUST GETS THE SHOULDER UP!] [Mysterion signals for the end as Zane slowly rises to his feet, the Cloaked Conundrum leaping off the ropes, PUNCH OF D…DUCKED UNDER….] [DESPERATION DDT!] [Zane plants Mysterion but he’s spent as both men collapse to the canvas, slowly rising groggily as Mysterion ducks under a roundhouse, drilling Zane with a knee to the jaw] [STANDING GLOBAL TAKEOVER…NO! Zane elbows his way out as he spins Mysterion around, MIC DROP! Zane hits that flush as he collapses on Mysterion for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [The Rock God is victorious here tonight, weathering a vicious storm from the Cloaked Conundrum as he’s tossed a bottle of ZZ Ale, taking a deep swig as he celebrates in Zander Zane style]


[The Tap Room.] [Only, not the Tap Room. We find ourselves deep below the surface, a seemingly abandoned maintenance room setting the scene. Tools adorn the walls, a single dirty lightbulb swings overhead, only lighting directly beneath itself.] [Nothing.] [It continues to swing.] [Vanguard.] [The rogue AI is revealed as the bulb swings past it, the automaton grabbing the light and stopping it. It reaches for a nearby switch, flicking it on, more dirty lights flickering to life above him. Sat before the android is a table with a cloth over it. And beneath the cloth? A body.] [Vanguard grips the cloth before tossing it aside revealing… Vanguard? The AI slowly begins to shift, the change quick and effortless, the Vanguard we’ve seen so many times before transforming into Mr. Knot. The commissioner looks over Vanguard before opening a compartment in his chest, inputting a code on a keypad, Vanguard slowly whirs to life, his red light slowly blinking on before he rises from the table. Mr. Knot placed a hand on his shoulder.]

“Vanguard, I have set the groundwork for you, are you ready to serve?”

[The android takes a moment to reply.]

“I am here to be your servant, Mr. Knot. What must I do?”

[Mr. Knot smiles.]

“You have been left to rest, be left in pristine condition. You must find the Vindicators, and you must execute them. They must not be allowed to leave the Tap Room alive. Understood?”

[Vanguard once again takes a moment before walking towards the door.]

“Running Executable.”

[Vanguard moves his limbs, seemingly getting used to its body once more before slamming a fist into the wall, cracking the concrete beneath his hand. It exits the room, the camera slowly fading to black.]

“Vindicator Termination Imminent.”


[It’s a tale as old as time as a knight takes on a king. Will Knightwatch once again topple royalty or will King Arthur prove why he was the chosen one eons ago? We find out next!] [DING! DING! These two warriors start swinging away! Hard rights by Knightwatch! Hard uppercut by Arthur! Arthur shoves Knightwatch into the corner! Arthur charges into him with a hard elbow! Elbow strike after elbow strike! Arthur marches to the opposite corner and charges after Knightwatch! KNIGHT’S END! Knightwatch caught Arthur and hits the reverse STO into the middle turnbuckle! Knightwatch hit all of that and he is waiting for Arthur to rise! Arthur is getting up slowly! He gets to his feet! KNIGHTFALL! He hits the superkick! No! Arthur catches the leg! He reverses it into GUINIVERE’S GRACE!] [ARTHUR HAS THE KNEEBAR LOCKED IN TIGHT!] [IT LOOKS LIKE KNIGHTWATCH WILL HAVE TO TAP!] [KNIGHTWATCH IS STRUGGLING TRYING TO GET TO THE ROPES!] [HE’S LIFTING THE HAND! WILL HE TAP!?] [. . .] [. . .] [HE BARELY REACHES THE BOTTOM ROPE!] [ARTHUR IS FORCED TO BREAK THE GRASP AND KNIGHTWATCH ROLLS OUTSIDE!] [Arthur is following to the outside! He climbs in between the ropes! Knightwatch quickly gets up though! He jumps to the apron and grabs Arthur’s head!] [ROPE HUNG DDT TO THE FLOOR!] [ARTHUR LOOKS OUT OF IT AND KNIGHTWATCH ROLLS HIM BACK INTO THE RING!] [KNIGHTWATCH GRABS A CHAIR AND THROWS IT INTO THE RING AS WELL!] [KNIGHTWATCH SLIDES IN AND COVERS!] [ONE!] [TWO!] [. . .] [. . .] [ARTHUR KICKS OUT! KNIGHTWATCH TOOK TOO MUCH TIME GRABBING THE CHAIR!] [The ref grabs the chair and is trying to get it out of the ring! KNIGHTFALL! Superkick to the back of the ref’s head! Knightwatch grabs the chair and starts wailing on Arthur’s back! Chair shot after chair shot! Arthur is struggling to get up! Knightwatch drags him to the corner and wedges the chair in front of Arthur! Knightwatch charges with the knee! No! Arthur tosses the chair at Knightwatch’s head! It hits hard and Knightwatch is down! Arthur pulls himself and grabs the chair himself! What is he doing? He traps Knightwatch’s neck between the seat and the top of the chair!] [HOLY SHIT! HE’S CHOKING KNIGHTWATCH WITH THE CHAIR!] [HE’S SQUEEZING THE SEAT TIGHTER AND TIGHTER!] [MODIFIED MORDRED’S DEMISE AS THE GUILLOTINE CHOKE COULD NOT BE TIGHTER!] [KNIGHTWATCH LOOKS LIKE HE MIGHT PASS OUT!] [THE REF IS GETTING UP! ARTHUR THROWS KNIGHTWATCH INTO HIM!] [ARTHUR GOES TO THE OUTSIDE AND HE HAS EXCALIBUR!] [HE GOES BACK INTO THE RING!] [SPEAR BY KNIGHTWATCH! DESPERATION SPEAR TAKES DOWN ARTHUR AND EXCALIBUR FLIES INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!] [Both men are down but Knightwatch gets up first! He grabs the back of Arthur’s head and starts slamming Arthur’s face into the hilt of the sword! He keeps slamming his face into it until Arthur can’t hold himself up anymore! He pulls Arthur up and leans him against the ropes!] [KNIGHTFALL!] [HE HITS THE SUPERKICK AND COVERS!] [THE REF IS STRUGGLING TO GET THERE BUT HE STARTS THE COUNT!] [ONE!] [TWO!] [. . .] [. . .] [HOLY SHIT! ARTHUR KICKS OUT!] [THIS MATCH ISN’T OVER!] [Knightwatch is desperate! He is trying to pull Excalibur out of the turnbuckle! It will not budge! The legends are true! It is only for Arthur! Arthur pops up and charges into the struggling Knightwatch!] [KING’S CROSSING!] [ARTHUR BLINDSIDES KNIGHTWATCH WITH THE RUNNING KNEE!] [HE FALLS ON KNIGHTWATCH AFTER THAT LAST BURST OF ENERGY!] [IT’S A COVER!] [ONE!] [TWO!] [. . .] [. . .] [THREE!] [Arthur has picked up the victory in a brutal match against a very game Knightwatch. The Lick King earned his win today!]


[Ringside] [Arthur suddenly rises from the Ring, crashing down onto the floor with a clang of his metal armor. A wicked smile on his face, he turns to Knightwatch.]

“So, as I hath said before, your ally is within my clutches. And as all canaries do, when pressured enough he certainly did sing.”

[Knightwatch whips towards him, rushing forward as to grab him. But a snap of skeletal figures, and two of the aides eyes suddenly glow and latch onto him, holding him back. A third comes from back behind the stage, dragging a man with a bag over his head and giving it to Arthur.]

“Oh, I found of your betrayal. Of all the tests I hath given, they were to test who you were. To see if you were loyal enough to join my side as I retake what is rightfully mine. And then I find you working with these traitors.”

[He rips off the bag, revealing a beaten and bloodied Father Dominic. Knightwatch tries to pull himself free, but still held tight by the supernaturally enhanced aides.]

“But I am not a king without kindness. I shall leave you one last choice. Choose to follow by my side, and your meager friend shall see another sunrise. Choose to oppose me, and I shall end your life as I have all that stand in my way.”

[Knightwatch locks eyes with the lich,

“I’ll never serve you! I am a Templar, not a monster’s tool!”

[Arthur’s gaze seems to get even colder, unnerving both the Templar held back and the audience. In a voice that sounds less human than before, the once King responds.]

“A pity then. You shall pay for your choices Knightwatch, starting tonight.”

[With a quick motion, he reaches for an unseen knife, and slits the throat of Dominic. He drops him, turning and walking up the ramp and off stage. As he leaves, the aides enthralled suddenly let go and drop to the floor.] [Knightwatch simply rushes forward to his friend, holding him in his arms. As paramedics rush in to look at both Dominic and the once enthralled staff, Knightwatch simply talks to his dying friend.]

“It’s going to be okay Dominic. It’s going to be fine. Help will be here soon.”

[He continues as Dominic tries to gurgle something, grasping the Dark Knight’s hand briefly before going slack. He sticks with the paramedics, rushing out of the room instead of choosing vengeance.]


[The OSW Tag Team Championships are on the line here as it’s The Awakening vs. Edgar Nevermore and Happy!] [Happy is set to start this match off despite the fact that he’s missing a toe! Edgar Nevermore is talking into his ear and rubbing his shoulders to prepare him for the upcoming bout. On the other side, David Manson is set to start this one off.] [TAG!] [Hate tags himself in by slapping David Manson on the back. Manson looks at him curiously for a moment before Hate points at the apron. Manson slowly exits the ring as it’s Hate circling around the ring with Happy who seems to have lost a step. Or at least a small portion of a step.] [Hate rushes forward and goes right for the legs of Happy as he tackles him down to the mat. Hate grabs the ankle of Happy and begins twisting it in a rough ankle lock! Hate pounds on the foot as Happy is crying out in pain! Nevermore is shouting encouragements from the apron.] [Happy reaches out for the ropes, but Hate pulls him away. He backs up almost all the way back to his own corner. He twists on the ankle as Happy is already contemplating giving in!] [TAG!] [David Manson slaps Hate on the back as he enters the ring. Hate looks at him confused before Manson quickly lifts up Happy and hits the ropes. He rebounds back and hits a running neckbreaker!] [WELCOME TO MANSON STREET!] [David Manson goes into a cover!] [One…] [TWO…] [Th-NO! Manson pulls up Happy by the hair?!] [Hate is yelling at him, but Manson simply begins choking the life out of Happy! His fingers are locked around the throat of Happy as his eyes are nearly bugging out of their head! The referee begins his count and gets to four before Manson finally releases his hold on Happy. He smirks down at him before raising his hands in celebration.] [Manson turns around as Happy is staggering to his feet.] [SHADOWKICK!] [The superkick dots the chin of Manson, but it’s with the foot that lost the toe! Happy hits the mat clutching at his foot in pain as Manson is grabbing his chin in pain.] [ONE…] [TWO…] [TH-BROKEN UP BY HATE!] [Manson gets to his feet as Happy is still slow to rise. Happy is using the top rope to hold himself up as Manson comes running for a clothesline!] [But Happy lowers his shoulder and dumps Manson over the top rope and down to the floor!] [Hate is livid on the apron! David Manson pulls himself to his feet on the floor. He reaches up and grabs the ropes and begins to pull himself in the ring. Happy sees this as his opportunity and lunges towards his partner, Nevermore!] [Nevermore has a hand reached out, but he’s pulled from the apron by Hate!] [MEANINGLESS rolling elbow!] [The strike flattens Nevermore as Happy is seemingly all alone in the ring with Manson! Hate moves back to his place on the apron. Manson grabs Happy who looks defeated already. David drags a finger across his throat as he signifies for the end! He takes a step back as he’s waiting for Happy to get his feet!] [TAG!] [Hate just tagged himself back into the match. Hate is telling Manson to grab him for some sort of double move. The referee tries to tell Manson to leave, but Manson just shoves the referee away into the turnbuckle where he collides with it and falls. Hate lifts up Happy onto his shoulders. He’s getting ready for his finish as he turns around to see Manson standing there.] [LOW BLOW!] [WHAT?!] [Manson just low blowed Hate?! Hate drops Happy and looks confused as he clutches his manhood. Manson is expressionless. He kicks Hate in the midsection and pulls him in for the running double underhook piledriver!] [THE HORRORSHOW TO HIS OWN PARTNER!] [David Manson grabs Happy and drags him on top of Hate! What the hell is going on?! The referee comes to his consciousness just in time to make the count!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!] [We have new champions as Edgar Nevermore and Happy escape the ring with their newly won titles in hand as Nevermore never even had to get into the match! Manson just stands over his fallen partner.]


[David Manson has just cost The Awakening the OSW Tag Team Championships!?] [He stands over Hate before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a small bag. He begins pouring the content out on the mat.] [Glass.] [Manson grins.] [The Nightmare quickly grabs Hate and lifts him up over the broken glass before grinning back down at it. Manson hooks the arms of Hate and nails a running double underhook piledriver!] [THE HORRORSHOW RIGHT INTO THE GLASS!] [Hate isn’t moving as his blood begins to pool across the mat. David Manson rises to his feet slowly as he pulls Hate with him. Manson holds Hate up by his beard before Hate HEADBUTTS Manson! Showing some of his resilience here!] [The blood of Hate now covers the face of Manson who seems gleeful! Manson headbutts him back as Hate is on wobbly legs. Manson reaches down, grabs a handful of glass, and DIGS IT INTO THE FOREHEAD OF HATE!] [Hate begins to fall as the blood loss is too much! Manson grabs Hate by his beard and holds him up by it. Manson leans in close before saying something barely audible.]

“I’m done with you, Brandon.”

[David Manson lifts up Hate over his head in a gorilla press position as the blood of Hate begins pouring down his arm and hand. Manson bellows out in anger.]

“The Nightmare has finally…”

[Manson turns towards the ropes and just CHUNKS him over the ropes and to the floor! Hate’s body slumps onto the hard floor as Manson looks up with strands of hair covering his face and soaking themselves in the blood.]



[An angel haunted by death, an immortal being fixated on what is his. Will the truth serum running through Shadow’s veins help heal the scars tearing through the Avenging Angel or will it reveal truth’s that lead to his utter destruction?] [The bell sounds as both men rush forward, a flurry of lefts and rights between the pair as a stiff knee to the jaw staggers Karrde back into the ropes. Shadow rushes to the other side as Karrde tries for a Lariat that’s leapfrogged over as Shadow grabs Karrde by the back of the head, flipping around into] [OVER YOUR SHOULDER!] [Shadow plants Karrde into the mat but he’s not done, rushing to the top rope before immediately diving off] [FROM THE HEAVENS WITH THE 450! Shadow hooks both legs for the cover as the referee counts] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THR…Karrde just gets the shoulder up!] [Shadow doesn’t miss a beat, pulling Karrde up as he lights the Gambler up with a series of stiff kicks, trying to end this one early as a massive pump kick to the jaw puts Karrde down to one knee. Shadow rolling back] [RUNNING ANGEL…NO! Shadow stops mid-run, agonizing pain running through his mind as he forces himself to stay upright, stumbling right into Karrde’s clutches] [STRAIGHT SHOT! KARRDE DRILLS HIM TEMPLE FIRST INTO THE MAT!] [Kaarde shakes the cobwebs out, a grin plastered on his face as he pulls the groggy and hurting Shadow to his feet, absolutely pummeling him with stiff lefts and rights before leaping up and cracking Shadow in the back of the head with a big enziguri. Shadow is dazed but doesn’t go down before he’s lifted up off his feet] [FISHERMAN’S DRIVER! Karrde drops Shadow on his head once more as he bridges back for the cover] [ONE…] [TW…Shadow gets the shoulder up!] [Karrde pulls Shadow up to his feet as the Angel tries to fight back with lefts and rights but a hard knee to the jaw rocks him before a leaping Frankensteiner spikes Shadow on his head. The Avenging Angel staggers up hunched over] [DRAWING DEAD! The Axe Kick clips Shadow hard into the mat as Karrde quickly turns him over for the pin] [ONE…] [TWO…] [Shadow kicks but but as he does, Karrde grabs his legs and flips him over into a Boston Crab. Shadow tries to crawl to the ropes but Karrde stops him, pulling him up into] [THE DOUBLE DOWN! The Liontamer’s locked in, Laner’s driving his knee right into the very tip of Shadow’s head, Shadow trapped in the middle of the ring as Karrde pulls back with all his strength, trying to force a submission here but Shadow refuses to give despite the pain. Karrde frustrated releases the knee from the back of Shadow’s head] [BEFORE REARING BACK AND STOMPING FULL FORCE ONTO IT! Karrde stomps away on the unprotected head of Shadow before letting go of the crab and rolling him over for the pinfall] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THRE…SHADOW JUST GETS THE SHOULDER UP!] [Karrde is furious as he pulls Shadow up to his feet, delivering a stiff boot to the gut but a stunner attempt is pushed out. Karrde turns around right into a massive ANGELBEAT! Karrde looks knocked out but Shadow can’t capitalise as he collapses to the mat] [Both men get to their feet, Karrde lashing out with a hard right that dazes Shadow as the Gambler rushes to the ropes, bouncing off] [AVENGED! Karrde gets driven into the mat as Shadow stumbles to the ropes, climbing up for another 450 but before he can dive off, Karrde is up on his feet. A stiff kick to the knee drops Shadow hard groin first on the top rope as Karrde climbs up, trying for a Superplex. Shadow slips out, delivering a stiff headbutt before leaping over Karrde] [MODIFIED ULTRA DIVINE PUNISHMENT! A Super Lungblower as Shadow drags himself over for the pin] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [Shadow somehow does it, overcoming the vicious Wild Karrde and his terrible migraines to retain his Rewind Championship here tonight]


[Static.] [We return from a break to see Redmond Quinn, bound and shackled, being led to the ring like a dog by Wolfgang. He forces him into the squared circle, telling him to ‘sit’ as he parades around, receiving boo’s from the crowd.] [Static.] [Interference.]

“How long did you think you could treat a brother this way,” [a muffled voice says loudly.] “How long did you think any of us would stand for it?”

[Flash.] [Flicker.] [Pitch Black.] [The lights suddenly return to see the shocked face of Wolfgang as more than fifty black men surround the ring. Redmond scoots back into the corner, looking equally as shocked.]

“I told you if you rose, I wouldn’t let you fall. I told you that if you showed me Redmond Quinn, I would show you salvation.”

[Redmond slowly stands, the fans going ballistic in support.] [The men outside the ring slam their hands down on the ring apron, rallying the entire audience.] [There’s cheers.] [There’s applause.] [There’s chanting.]

“Let’s go Redmond!” [Shout one section of the fans.] [Followed by the other.] “Kick his ass!”

[The Superior turns around to see his sklave, stood on both feet, sneering with rage and venom. He gulps, but quickly reminds him of his leverage.]

“I have that footage, just you remember that!”

[The mystery voice suddenly interrupts.]

“This footage?” [He asks, the camera panning out to reveal him standing in the middle of Wolfgang’s bunker, broken supremacists led injured around him. He snaps the disc.] “Yeah, that’s no longer yours.”

[He whips off his mask.] [LUTHER CREED!]

“Get him, Quinn!”


[Redmond Quinn is standing up for himself, and this is a war!] [The bell sounds as Redmond Quinn charges Wolfgang with a huge dropkick! Wolfgang is sent back into the corner with a thud. Quinn gets back to his feet and rams Wolfgang into the corner! Redmond begins throwing punches into the midsection of Wolfgang! Quinn grabs the head of Wolfgang and hits a snapmare. Wolfgang is sitting up as Quinn drives a kick right into the back of Wolfgang!] [The Superior is backing up as The Tutor is stalking his prey! The tables have turned as Wolfgang grabs the bottom rope and pulls himself outside of the ring. Quinn is in hot pursuit as he slides out underneath the ropes.] [BIG BOOT!] [Redmond Quinn is rocked by the impact of the blow before Quinn is thrown backfirst into the barricade! Wolfgang mounts him and begins just DRILLING him with rights and lefts taking advantage of the moment! Quinn reaches up and puts a finger into the eye of Wolfgang who staggers backwards!] [Mr. Quinn rolls onto his haunches before lunging forward with a low kick! Wolfgang hits the floor hard as Quinn grabs him by his blonde hair and whips him into the steel post. Wolfgang bends forward clutching his back before Quinn shoulders him right back into the post with a charge!] [Wolfgang falls to his knees in front of Redmond Quinn as The Tutor just pushes him away. Redmond picks up Wolfgang and rolls him into the ring after hearing the referee’s count up to eight. Quinn slides in, grabs the arms of Wolfgang and flips himself over!] [THE FINAL ASSIGNMENT!] [The Cattle Mutilation submission is locked in as Wolfgang is squirming and trying to get to the bottom rope! Quinn is shaking himself to apply more pressure to the hold! Wolfgang for a moment begins to settle down. But then a burst of energy comes to him as he grabs the bottom ropes with his feet!] [Quinn releases the hold as he begins breathing heavily. He gets back to his feet as The Superior is looking less than superior. Quinn goes over to lift up Wolfgang, but he rushes forward pushing Quinn back into the referee into the corner! The referee slumps down to the mat as Quinn turns to see that.] [PUNCH TO THE BALLS!] [Quinn falls to his knees as he falls to Wolfgang’s eye level. Wolfgang grins before lunging forward!] [HE BITES THE NOSE OF QUINN!] [Quinn is squirming, trying to figure out how to get him off! He throws a punch that finally detaches the teeth from his nose, but the blood begins POURING from his nose as a result!] [Wolfgang quickly gets to his feet and drives a knee into the bleeding nose of Quinn! Quinn staggers to his feet, clutching his nose, and turns right into Wolfgang who is rushing towards him.] [LUFTWAFFE!] [The running Superman punch connects as Quinn staggers, still on his feet. Wolfgang brings Quinn between his legs before hoisting him up in a Crucifix position before dropping Quinn right on the bridge of his back! The Thunder Fire Bomb connects as Quinn is in pain!] [BLITZKRIEG!] [Wolfgang goes for the cover before remembering the referee is out cold. Wolfgang doesn’t seem bothered by it as he rolls out of the ring and looks beneath the ring. He looks beneath and pulls out a bag. Wolfgang throws the bag into the ring. Mein Fuhrer rolls into the ring. He reaches into the bag and begins digging around. He pulls out what appears to be a pair of pliers and a hammer!] [Quinn begins to stir in the ring, but Wolfgang walks over and grabs the head of Quinn. He sets down the hammer before opening the mouth of Quinn! He reaches in with his pliers and…] [The referee grabs the pliers from his hand!] [Wolfgang’s eye light up with rage as the referee is moving away with his weapon of torture. Wolfgang rushes at him before Spartan kicking the referee through the ropes and to the floor!] [1488!] [The Superior looks down his nose at the referee in a heap on the outside of the ring. He turns back to Quinn who is still laying on the mat. Wolfgang grabs the ear of Quinn and begins pulling him up to his knees.] [HAMMER TO THE CHIN!] [Redmond Quinn grabbed the hammer and just uppercutted the chin of Wolfgang with it! Wolfgang’s vision goes blurry from the shot as he staggers backwards, somehow still on his feet! Quinn gets to his feet with a slow start before running at Wolfgang with the hammer in hand.] [SHOT TO THE GUT WITH THE HAMMER!] [Wolfgang bends over before spitting up blood on the ground! It seems that the shot with the hammer may have released some blood in the mouth of Mein Fuhrer! Redmond Quinn throws the hammer aside. He grabs Wolfgang and hits the pumphandle flatliner!] [CLASS DISMISSED!] [Redmond Quinn leaps into the cover!] [ONE!] [TWO!] [THREE!] [FOUR!] [A MILLION!] [It doesn’t matter as there is no referee!] [Quinn goes to the ropes and looks down to see the referee may have suffered a concussion on the fall alone. Suddenly another referee makes his way down the ramp and slides into the ring. Quinn leaps into the cover!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [TH-NO! The referee stopped counting?!] [Redmond Quinn looks at the referee who stands up and smirks!] [The referee stands up and performs the Nazi salute!] [Redmond Quinn drills him with a roundhouse kick! Quinn nails him with The Class Dismissed! The Tutor kicks out the Nazi Referee. Quinn slides out of the ring and grabs the first referee before rolling him into the ring. He begins waking him up. The referee nods! Quinn covers!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [KICKOUT!] [Redmond Quinn cannot believe it! He grabs Wolfgang and yanks him to his feet as the blood is blood is pouring from his nose and pouring from the mouth of Wolfgang!] [CLASS DISMISSED!] [Quinn slumps over into the pin!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!] [Revenge comes tonight as Redmond Quinn rises to his feet. He clutches his nose as the blood is continuing to pour from it. He looks down at Wolfgang with disgust as he raises his hand.]


[A striped referee shirt hangs from a locker as Edward Newton sits, reading the official OSW Rule Book. In front of him, Harper is knelt on the ground, stretching out before her very first match later tonight against Eli Forever.]

“Why do you need that?” [Harper asks.] “You get to make the rules up.”

[Newton shuts the book and stands up.]

“Nonsense. I intend on following the rules to the letter. I don’t want there to be any doubt about the outcome of tonight’s match. We’ve worked too hard for people to question what they will see.”

[Harper frowns, ceasing her warm up.]

“But this is my first match. My brother knows how to fight. I am ju…”

[Newton cuts her off with a grin.]

“My dear, what’s going to happen out there is a foregone conclusion. From the moment I met you, I knew that you needed tonight. We’re going to see your quality proven against your brother.”

[She leans in to hug the World Champion.]

“Thank you for having faith in me.”

[The Riddler returns the embrace, his grin tightening.]

“Recognizing that one is being manipulated is incredibly difficult. The faith I have in you in that regard is well earned. Tonight, you must learn that sacrifice is not just word, but also action. This is the pinnacle of what I started when I stepped foot onto the Hill.”

[Harper pulls away and winks at Newton. She goes back to her stretching as Newton grabs the referee’s shirt. She raises an eyebrow at him as he throws it over his shoulder.]

“I’ve got to step away and handle some personal business. I’ll see you out there.”

[The couple part ways, leaving Harper confidently warming up to take on her own brother in a fight that they both desperately want to win.] [Cut.]


[This feud has been personal, and this all-out-war is going to be brutal!] [Nightstick and Luther Creed stand only a foot away from each other with Creed just mouthing at Nightstick. Creed taps his chin and is telling Nightstick to throw a punch. Nightstick grins before taking a step back.] [HE DECKS HIM!] [The power of the punch floors Creed who didn’t seem to imagine the power behind the punch as Nightstick quickly begins putting the boots to Luther Creed. The Law kicks him out of the ring as Creed falls to the floor outside of the ring. Nightstick climbs over the top rope and falls to the floor. He looks underneath the ring and pulls out a trash can as well as the lid. He turns around, but Creed is back to his feet.] [SPEAR!] [Nightstick is rammed back into the apron as he drops the weapons. Luther Creed grabs Nightstick and sends him back-first into the barricade as he slumps down to the floor. Creed reaches into his tights and pulls out a pair of brass knuckles and puts them on his hand. Nightstick staggers to his feet before Creed lunges towards him!] [BRASS KNUCKLED PUNCH!] [Nightstick rocks back as he slumps into the barricade. Creed throws two more solid punches into the ribs and body before throwing two more punches to the face. Luckily, Nightstick was covering his head with his hands as Creed unloads on him. Creed takes a step back and begins mouthing off at Nightstick before rearing back and running at Nightstick for a finishing blow!] [But Nightstick lowers his shoulder!] [And flings Creed over him and into the crowd!] [They part like the Red Sea as Creed thumps onto the hard floor as the crowd cheers and pats him on the chest. Nightstick staggers towards the ring and leans on the apron for a few minutes. He finally regains himself and begins searching underneath the ring. He pulls out something to which the crowd begins chanting in support of!]


[Nightstick pulls out the hard wood and kicks out the legs to set it up. He turns around just in time to see Luther Creed standing on the barricade! He leaps off for a crossbody, but Nighstick catches him! He turns towards the table and lifts him up high!] [But Creed slips out the back and cracks Nightstick with the trash can lid! Creed nails him once more with the lid before rolling Nightstick into the ring. Creed looks at the corner where Nightstick put his baton and lifts it up with a grin. He slides into the ring with the baton twirling.] [He stalks Nightstick with his own baton as he is smiling from ear-to-ear. Nightstick gets to his knees as Creed rushes forward.] [TAZER!] [Creed’s body convulses as the stick shocks him to the floor! The Law isn’t breaking any regulations in this match with no rules. Nightstick kicks Creed right in the side before picking up Creed between his legs. He pulls him up before slamming him into the mat with a huge powerbomb!] [911!] [Nightstick rolls into a cover.] [One…] [Two…] [KICKOUT!] [Nightstick seemed almost as if prepared for that result as he quickly grabs the hair of Creed and slams him back into the mat quickly with a head slam. He gets to his feet and begins patting his elbows as if locking and loading them for what comes next. He alternates patting them as the crowd is clapping in tune with him. Creed staggers to his feet before Nightstick rushes him!] [SMITH AND- LOW BLOW!] [Creed fell to a knee and drove an uppercut right into the terms and conditions of The Law! Nightstick staggers backwards before Creed grabs the baton and CRACKS Nightstick with an uppercut of that! The Cop is staggered as Creed lowers a shoulder and LIFTS Nightstick onto his back! Death valley driver that drives him right into the mat!] [CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE!] [Creed quickly rolls him up grabbing both legs!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [TH-KICKOUT!] [Creed doesn’t stop there as he quickly lifts up Nightstick quickly and nails a spinning knee strike directly followed by a German suplex!] [BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!] [Creed covers him as Nightstick seems out of it!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!] [NO! Nightstick got a foot on the bottom rope!] [The Voice of the Voiceless looks at Nightstick in disgust.] [Creed rolls away from him and slides out of the ring. He reaches underneath the ring and stops. He looks up over the apron at Nightstick with a devilish grin before standing with a weapon in his hands.] [A baseball bat.] [Creed rolls into the ring with the bat in his hand as he grins at Nightstick. The Five-O finally comes back to conscious just in time to see Creed standing over him with his bat aimed at his head.] [Nightstick’s face contorts into anger at just seeing a baseball bat after what happened to his son, David, only a few weeks ago. Creed spits at him.]

“Looks like it’s going to be Pig like Piglet here tonight!”

[Luther Creed raises the baseball bat over his head and swings down!] [BUT NIGHTSTICK CATCHES IT!] [Nightstick is gripping the bat as he shakily stands to his feet.] [HEADBUTT!] [Creed releases his hold on the baseball bat as he staggers backwards.] [CRACK!] [Nightstick breaks the bat over his knee before throwing the splintering pieces away! He nails a big boot that knocks Creed over the top rope and onto the apron. Creed manages to catch himself there. He brings himself back to a standing position as Nightstick is running towards him!] [SPEAR THROUGH THE ROPES AND THROUGH THE TABLE SET-UP AT RINGSIDE!] [Creed managed to side step his suicidal spear as The Law is laid out in the wreckage of the table as The Voice of the Voiceless just smirks at his fortune. Creed quickly grabs Nightstick and rolls him into the ring before grabbing that baton and WEARING HIM OUT!] [Five shots in, and Creed lifts up Nightstick before spitting RIGHT in his face!] [A running spinning knee strike followed directly by another German suplex!] [BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!] [Creed covers him!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREEE!] [Luther Creed wins this one as he proves that his cause is more powerful than The Law.]


[It’s been some time after his match against Heath Solman, but Nate Washington is nowhere near the Tap Room because he is on the run. Realizing that Heath Solman is no longer a lone outcast, Nate turns to a new contact for help in a dingy alleyway somewhere in downtown Miami. The mysterious figure speaks in a raspy voice, never making clear who it belongs to.]

“I understand you seek something, young man…something sinister.”

[Nate nervously nods his head in agreement.]

“I’ve got some troubles I need fixing, and fast. I’ve tried to reason with him, tried to get him to sign on the dotted line…but he’s too powerful for me to tackle alone.”

[The figure pulls out a strange vial of liquid from a large bag nearby, handing it to the businessman.]

“If it’s power you seek, it’s power you shall have. Consume this, and let the power flow through you.”

[Nate just stares at the vial, looking less than thrilled at what it contains when he hears Jamal from the distance.]

“Yo boss, we’ve got company!”

[In a panic, Nate opens the vial and downs the liquid within. Soon he feels rather groggy, staring at the figure standing before him…who seemingly vanishes into thin air! Nate shakes his head trying to get rid of the woozy feeling as he runs the opposite direction, before we see Heath Solman standing at the other end of the alley.]

“Nate, we need to ta—“

[Heath cuts himself off when he realizes that Nate is nowhere to be found. He turns back to Jamal, who simply laughs in the face of the Eternal Witness.]

“You done fucked up, kid. Should’ve taken the deal…now the boss is gonna make you sign with your own blood.”

[The angry look on Heath’s face is replaced with one of confusion, as we hear a guttural scream from the distance. Something is different.] [Cut.]


[Jon Davenport may have thought the Enforcer would be an easy play thing but there’s no man more dangerous then a vengeful Brent Kersh. Can the Ol’ Hunting Hound Dog hope to survive or has this hunt of the final pillar of OSW been his last?] [The bell sounds as Kersh explodes with lefts and rights onto Davenport, absolutely brutalising the man with strikes as a huge knee to the jaw sends Davenport staggering into the ropes before he’s grabbed by the back of the head and thrown like a sack of shit over the top to the floor below. Kersh leaps through the ropes, barely letting Davenport hit the concrete before he pulls him to his feet, gripping him by the back of his dirty blonde hair and tossing him head first into the steel post!] [Davenport looks woozy but he smartly rolls into the ring to get away from Kersh’s fury. Kersh quickly follows as Davenport grabs hold of the ropes, forcing the referee to hold back Kersh much to his frustration. Davenport keeps hold of the ropes, the Enforcing getting pissed off as he goes to pull Davenport off] [THUMB TO THE EYE!] [Kersh staggers back as Davenport lets go of the ropes, rushing forward with a massive Lariat! Kersh goes down as Davenport pounces, drilling Kersh with kick after kick to the ribs, lifting him up off the mat with each frenzied kick as the ol’ hunting dog quickly winds himself. He pulls the Enforcer up to his feet, lifting him up for what looks like a Brainbuster but Kersh manages to slip out, drilling Davenport from behind with a massive neckbreaker. Kersh kicks Davenport over to his stomach, trying to lock in a Camel Clutch but Davenport quickly scrambles out, grabbing the ropes once more] [His frustration starting to get the better of him, Kersh reaches down to pull Davenport up to his feet as Davenport kicks out, grabbing Kersh by the trunks as he does] [BEFORE THROWING HIM THROAT FIRST ONTO THE BOTTOM ROPE!] [The Enforcer crashes down, gasping for air as Davenport swarms in like a shark to blood, dropping down knee after knee after knee on the throat of Kersh before climbing up to the bottom rope] [MODIFIED MUD SPLASH! Davenport’s knees hit Kersh’s throat, the Enforcer barely able to breath as Davenport drops down for the cover] [ONE…] [TW..Kersh manages to get the shoulder up!] [Davenport pulls the Enforcer up to his feet, tossing him to the ropes before hitting…a spinebuster? Davenport’s smile is a mile wide as he calls for the end, Kersh slowly rising to one knee] [GEORGIA CRAW…DAVENPORT CATCHES THE HAND! The Enforcer rises to his feet, cold fury in his eyes as he tosses Davenport back with enormous strength. A huge right hand has Davenport for a loop before a second and a third leave him out on his feet. Kersh throws Davenport to the ropes and on the rebound] [NEARLY DRIVES HIM THROUGH THE CANVAS WITH THE SPINEBUSTER!] [Kersh calls for the end, pulling Davenport up to his feet who manages to push the Enforcer away before exploding with the HANSEN LARIAT! Kersh staggers back before exploding with one of his own which nearly decapitates Davenport before he lifts him up onto his shoulders] [SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! Kersh hits all of that as he rolls down for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THRE…KERSH BREAKS UP THE FALL! He gets to his feet, shaking his head before locking in the Lone Star! The Enforcer wants to make Davenport suffer here but Davenport has other ideas as he quickly taps out!] [The Enforcer has it won as he reluctantly lets go of the hold, raising his hand in victory as the beaten Davenport rolls out of the ring, grabbing a steel chair before rolling back in and absolutely nailing Kersh with a home run shot as the Enforcer turns around. Kersh hits the mat hard as Davenport slams the chair down over and over into the Enforcer, bending the steel in half before tossing it aside and pulling Kersh out of the ring, as Davenport drags the unconscious Enforcer down the ramp to the backstage]


[With their match long in the bag, Luther Creed and Nightstick sit beaten, battered and bruised across from each other at a diner. Nightstick has an ice bag on his head and Creed appears to be drinking liquor to numb the pain.] [There’s tension, but less of it than before.]

“You gotta tell me what the fuck your problem is, kid?”

[Creed sneers at him.]

“White cops, that’s my fucking problem. You simply have no idea what it’s like to be black, man. You have no idea.”

[Nightstick grimaces.] “Try me.”

[Luther leans forward, about to speak when suddenly flashing lights and sirens appear outside the window of the diner. He turns to Nightstick with a look of horror, realizing that something has gone terribly awry.] [Cops suddenly burst in the door, guns pointed, screaming at Luther to get down on the ground.] [He drops quickly, hands out in front of him, knowing the drill.] [They haul him back to his feet and cuff him, placing him under arrest as Nightstick stands, looking on with genuine shock and concern. He doesn’t know what to make of it as Creed turns, hissing and spitting at him with venom and rage.]

“You fucking set me up, you mother fucker?!” [He yells.] “You fucking step me up!?”

[Nightstick protests.] “No!” [He yells back.] “I had nothing to do with this!”

[They drag Luther Creed out as Nightstick’s cop friend enters the scene, smiling, proud of himself and what he’s achieved. He walks over to his buddy, patting him on the shoulder.]

“He’s going away for assault,” [he says with a happy and satisfied smile.] “And I have it on good authority that the case will stick this time.”

[Nightstick turns to him, enraged.]

“What the fuck have you done?” [He bellows.] “We were dealing with it! You followed us here? You arrested him? Do you know what the fuck you’ve done?”

“I thought you’d be pleased.”

[The look on our very own Nightstick’s face says it all as he turns to watch outside the window. Luther gets bundled into a squad car, his eyes telling as he stares a hole through Nightstick.] [If this was nearly over, it isn’t now.] [Cut.]


[As we return to the ring from the Parley, we find Harper has already entered it. “The Humbling River by Puscifer hits the speakers, and a conflicted Eli Forever walks down the aisle. He throws his arms out to his side in confusion.]

“Where is he?”

[Harper is confused as well, but her eyes widen as she looks past her brother to the aisle. Forever turns, and almost explodes with anger.] [Edward Newton is walking down the aisle, striped shirt now under his green coat.] [But he’s not alone.] [The Forever congregation is here.] [The Riddler leads them to ringside, and they circle up around the ring. Eli is beside himself as Newton gets in the ring.]

“Why are they here?” [Forever questions.] [Newton winks at Harper before answering Eli.]

“Your people need to see what happens here tonight.”

[Forever walks to his corner to shake his head as The Riddler motions to the time keeper at ringside.] [Ding. Ding.] [THWACK!] [HARPER NAILS ELI FOREVER FROM BEHIND!] [With a roar, Harper unleashes all of the rage inside of her. All of the memories. All of the pain. All of the betrayal. She grabs Eli by the hair, and throws him towards the middle of the ring. Forever rolls through, coming to a knee.] [HARPER KICKS HIM SQUARE IN THE NOSE!] [The dazed Eli is quickly grabbed into a front facelock by his sister.] [DDT! ELI IS PLANTED!] [Harper hooks his far leg in a cover as Newton drops down to make the count.] [ONE!] [ELI FOREVER KICKS OUT WITH FORCE!] [Harper sits back to her knees as Eli Forever looks up at her, the conflict growing in him. He holds out his hand to her.]

“Please, sister. Come…”

[Harper drops to the mat, grabbing her brother’s head and bashing it back into the mat. She roars wordless pain as she continues to bash his head in. She mounts the Heir Eternal and lays in with rights, lefts, and knees as she tries to destroy the one who turned her life upside down. Meanwhile, Edward Newton is standing behind her, yelling out as he administers the five count.] [One.] [Two.] [Three.] [Four.] [Harper breaks off her assault, looking back at Newton with her hands up. The fog in Forever’s eyes seems to lift as Harper rushes in to continue her attack. This time, he forcefully grabs her by the wrist. Harper’s eyes exude fear as she realizes she can’t break free.] [Her brother had refused to fight her.] [But he will refuse no more.] [KNEE TO THE GUT! ELI THROWS HARPER SHOULDER FIRST INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!] [Harper is rocked by the blow, falling to her knees as she turns around. The Heir Eternal continues the assault, lifting his sister up like a child and throwing her into the corner. He rushes in, rocking Harper’s skull with a fierce uppercut. She stumbles out of the corner, trying to find her footing.] [THE ATONEMENT! FOREVER PLANTS HIS KNEE INTO HARPER’S FACE!] [Harper drops to the mat, looking like she is down and out. Forever drops into a cover, looking to finish this quickly. Newton slides in for the count.] [ONE!] [TWO!] [THR… NO! HARPER’S SHOULDER BARELY MOVED, BUT IT WAS ENOUGH!] [Forever looks up at the rising Newton as the Riddler smiles in return. The Heir Eternal is up to his feet, pacing around as he tries to get a grip on what is happening. Newton leans back into the corner, his eyebrow raised at Forever in a silent challenge. But Eli can only roar with rage as his followers look on in disgust. The Heir Eternal doesn’t even notice them as he grabs Harper by the hair to pull her up.] [She tries to fight him off, but Forever shrugs off her weak blows. She’s not a fighter like he is.] [And it’s time for her to know it.] [LEFT.] [RIGHT!] [ANOTHER LEFT! HARPER’S BUSTED OPEN AT HER BROTHER’S HAND!] [Blood spilling from her mouth, nose, and head, Harper crawls away from Forever towards Newton, holding out a hand for help.] [But the Riddler doesn’t budge.] [Newton grins as Forever grabs her by the legs and picks her up from the ground into a powerbomb position.] [MODIFIED ETERNAL RIVER PLUNGE! HARPER’S HEAD BOUNCED OFF THE MAT!] [Eli Forever doesn’t make a cover, instead crawling to his corner, looking for something.] [The Book of Eli.] [Rising with the Book in his hand, Forever rushes at his unconscious sister.] [THWACK!]

“You should have listened to me!”


“I protected you!”


“I loved you!”

[THWACK!] [The blood is gushing now from Harper’s facial region. Where the blood is coming from no longer matters at this point. But Edward Newton merely stands in the corner, calmly watching the assault. His earlier boasts of following the rule book have proven false.] [THWACK!] [The Book of Eli is now covered in the blood of Harper. The Heir Eternal roars out as he places it over her face, his knee driving into her chest.] [But now Newton moves…] [… to count.] [ONE!] [TWO!] [THREE!] [Newton vanishes from view as Forever kneels over his brutally battered sister. He finally snapped, but he’s earned what he was after.] [It will be Eli Forever challenging Edward Newton at Red Snow for the World Championship.] [Eli stands to his feet, cradling the Book of Eli, as the bloodlust fades from his eyes. He looks out at his disgusted followers. Their Heir Eternal just nearly killed one of the Forever Family. Much to Eli’s confusion, his Congregation begin to walk away from him.]

“Get back here! I’m your savior, not her!”

[They continue to file out as Eli roars at them. As they disappear up the aisle, one man is left.] [Edward Newton.] [This is what Newton wanted. Everything played directly into the Riddler’s plan. Harper was just another foil for the Riddler to strip Eli Forever of everything.] [Now the Heir Eternal is all alone.] [Just where Newton wants him.] [Cut.]


[Static.] [We open to the backstage area of the Tap Room. We open to faces of concern, of urgency. We open to the Vindicators.] [Troy Solveig leads the way with Spero and Redwing flanking him on both sides. Berengar and Gameboy take up the rear as they make their way through a shadow filled room.]

“He’s here somewhere!”

“He has been. Hiding. Waiting for the right moment.”

“That moment comes tonight!”

[Spero, Gameboy, and Redwing all speak up respectively; pondering their next move.]

“We better find him” [Solveig warns.] “Soon!”

[Suddenly, red lights begin to pattern The Vindicators. Bouncing back and forth between them, stopping them in their tracks. All of them glancing at their torsos as if being spotted by snipers.]

“We don’t have to find him” [Berengar says in a grave tone.] “He’s found us!”

[The sound of a mechanical buzz rings out through the darkness as Vanguard steps into view.]

“Lifeforms detected. Targets identified. Begin termination process!”

[The Vindicators all ready themselves in defensive positions as Vanguard prepares for battle, or annihilation.]


[Gameboy proclaims.]

“Finally” [Redwing states.] “Vanguard and the Vindicators come Face to Face!”

“Until the end gentlemen” [Spero says as he glances around.] “do not allow darkness to discourage or resolve. Hope Always Shines Through!”

[Vanguard moves forward; his intentions clear even as a being of artificial intelligence.] [And Volsungr matches his forward movement.]

“Death comes for us all Vanguard. Tonight, you must be destroyed for what you have done!”

[Berengar nods in anxious approval of Solveig’s judgement.]

“Destiny Awaits!”

[The Vindicators moving together towards Vanguard as the five prepare to clash with the one.] [Static.] [Cut.]


[All five heroes immediately spread out, those wielding weapons taking one side or the other. Troy Solveig lunges with Volsungr, just as Berengar swings Vigilkeeper.] [Sparks!] [Vanguard thrusts both arms up, blocking the strikes.] [They push with all their might but the AI throws them backwards, watching as they roll away. Spero runs at him, sliding between his legs as Gameboy launches into a massive Dropkick that nails the chest plate of Vanguard and stumbles him backwards.] [Redwing launches a red coloured wing at him, embedding right in his glowing red eye. More sparks fly as The Caped Crusader runs, leaping up Gameboy whose now knelt in front of him, landing a Crossbody that takes the mechanical monster down.] [Volsungr suddenly thrashes into picture, about to crush Vanguard’s head before he stops it. His strength is too much for Troy who is once again launched backwards, this time into a stack of crates.] [Gameboy and Spero try to attack, but they’re grabbed by the throat!] [VANGUARD TOSSES THEM ASIDE!] [He sits up, grabbing the boot of Redwing as it flies at his head. He pushes him backwards, Headbutting him across the bridge of the nose. Blood spurts out as Berengar spins Vanguard around, driving his sword straight through the metal.] [The bone sounding crunch is only halted by Vanguard himself. He grabs the sword, slowly pulling it from within as sparks fly. Berengar holds on for dear life but is quickly swatted away with a forearm shot to the head.] [The Mechanical Monster now has Vigilkeeper!] [Gameboy bravely charges and one wild swing cuts through his flesh, dropping him to his knees. He holds his mid-section, where luckily, the blade has cut through his attire but not his gut. Vanguard slams the sword down towards his head!] [BUT HE ROLLS AWAY!] [Berengar screams out, demanding the return of Vigilkeeper! Vanguard runs towards him, but The Knight side steps, watching as he drives the sword into a wall, burying it deep within. He pulls the AI away, running him into a Thunderous Big Boot by Troy Solveig!] [The Vindicators are struggling to end this threat!] [Troy and Berengar check on Gameboy and Redwing, who both get back to their feet. They’re looking for Spero and can’t find him.] [Gulp.] [Vanguard stands up.] [SPERO FROM THE RAFTERS!] [WHAT THE FUCK!?] [SPERO DIVES FROM THE RAFTERS ONTO VANGUARD, DRIVING HIM BACK INTO THE CONCRETE!] [The Vindicators rush into action, pulling a limp Spero away from Vanguard; oh man, he’s done, he’s out of it. They take him to one side, his sacrifice in this battle not in vein!] [Troy angrily picks up Volsungr.]

“Step aside,” [he says to his team, looking at them with a nod.] “Valhalla awaits.”

[He rushes forward, swinging mightily with his hammer. Vanguard ducks under it and then blocks the next swing with a left forearm. The Vindicators watch as Solveig, arguably their toughest warrior, is violently kicked away.] [Solveig launches the hammer at him, watching as it parries him back into the wall, leaving a gaping hole behind them as it does. Vanguard drops to a knee, his chest dented with the impact. Troy demands his hammer return to him and it does.] [He quickly raises it high, thrusting it down onto the head of Vanguard.] [The AI crumbles beneath the weight of it, collapsing backward.] [Solveig takes a deep breath, turning to face his fellow Vindicators. They look absolutely enamoured with him. He’s about to walk away when Vanguard rises once more, grabbing him by the hair.] [Berengar immediately rushes to the nearest wall and retrieves Vigilkeeper.] [Troy Solveig is in danger.] [Gameboy and Redwing rush at him too.] [Redwing slides beneath his legs as Gameboy leaps over Solveig, rolling over the back of Vanguard to join Redwing behind him.] [Berengar lunges through the smallest of gaps between Solveig’s arms with Vigilkeeper, piercing through side of Vanguard.] [The AI releases Solveig and falls backwards into the waiting arms of Redwing and Gameboy who drag him backwards into the wall. They hold him there as sparks fly.]

“Detonation sequence in t-minus one minute.”

[What?] [All four of them look at each other, then at the red eye of Vanguard that has suddenly changed into a countdown clock.] [They panic.] [Vanguard isn’t done fighting either.] [He pushes Gameboy off in one direction, thrusting Redwing in the other.] [Solveig calls for Volsungr but Vanguard snatches it out of mid-air, much to the surprise of everyone. He slams it down across Vigilkeeper, snapping the blade off within him.] [Berengar screams in agony.] [Vanguard grabs Troy by the throat and backs him away from the fight, lifting him into the air and strangling him. He uses the hammer and PUNCHES IT INTO THE CHEST OF THE VIKING, SENDING BOTH HIM AND IT FLYING ACROSS THE ROOM AND THROUGH A GLASS WINDOW AND WALL!] [OH MY FUCKING GOD!] [THERE’S GLASS AND DEBRIS EVERYWHERE!] [The clock is fast running out as Berengar grabs his sword, slamming it back into the broken end that’s currently stuck inside Vanguard.] [The sword reunites!] [The Knight pulls it from him and swings at his head, but again, Vanguard uses both hands to block it. He snatches the sword and drives it through THE UPPER CHEST OF BERENGAR!] [HOLY SHIT!] [HE RUNS BERENGAR BACK INTO THE FUCKING WALL, PINNING HIM TO IT BEFORE LETTING GO OF THE SWORD!] [HE’S DEAD!] [BERENGAR IS FUCKING DEAD!] [Redwing and Gameboy gulp, looking at the carnage around them.] [Spero is down.] [Troy Solveig is down.] [Berengar is down.] [And there’s ten seconds left.] [10] [9] [8] [7] [6] [5] [Gameboy and Redwing back away…] [4] [3] [2] [A BLUE LIGHT!] [A BLUE LIGHT EMENATES FROM WHAT APPEARS TO BE NO-WHERE.] [ONLY IT BELONGS TO A KNEELING, DAMN NEAR UNCONCIOUS SPERO!] [The blue light stops the countdown, it stops Vanguard, and it stops Gameboy and Redwing. No-one can move. They’re frozen in time.] [Suddenly, a blue blast explodes from the ring, frying the circuitry of Vanguard and releasing time back into the world.] [The countdown stops.] [Vanguard falls to his knees, sparks flying from him.] [Then he collapses.] [Gameboy and Redwing rush over to Spero, checking on him as he collapses too.]

“You did it,” [Gameboy says, panting breathlessly.] “You finished it.”

“But the consequences,” [Spero mumbles in reply.] “What about… the consequences?”

[The Vindicators don’t understand. Troy Solveig pulls himself from the rubble behind them, stumbling over with Volsungr in hand. He’s bleeding, battered and bruised after being put through that wall.] [Troy immediately notices Berengar and rushes over to him, pulling Vigilkeeper from his chest and dropping it to the floor. He catches him in his arms, laying him down right there and then on the concrete next to his trusty sword.] [Gasp.] [Suddenly, Berengar awakes.] [The Vindicators don’t understand it. Each one looks perplexed, only it suddenly becomes apparent.] [Spero’s ring glows blue, as do the eyes of Berengar.] [Hope conquers all.] [And their collective hope has brought Berengar back to life.] [But what of the consequences?] [Troy Solveig pulls Spero up, carrying him over shoulder as Redwing and Gameboy help Berengar back to their feet.] [Whatever the consequences are, The Vindicators have saved the Tap Room from another threat.]


[Later That Night.] [Sat in the back of a familiar limousine, Mr. Knot sits opposite his long white haired boss, looking rather pleased with himself. His diabolical plan to destroy The Vindicators after assembling them was clearly unsuccessful but he seems happy with that fact.]

“You’ve made great progress,” [the old man says, almost in surprise.] “I wasn’t sure this plan of ours would come to fruition but you’ve successfully achieved our goals.”

“Spero used the ring to defeat Vanguard. His attachment to his fellow allies will prove more costly than even he could imagine.”

[They both share a smile, but the elderly man strokes his beard.]

“Now, what are your findings?”

[Knot shuffles in his seat.] “Well, as expected, The Vindicators aren’t strong enough to deal with a major threat and won’t be a concern once our takeover begins. We’ve put them in play to test their ability, first with the Historium and now with Vanguard; their victories, whilst impressive, will be no match for E.F. I was concerned once they defeated Jacen Novan but Spero using his ring, as we expected, proves their flaw.”

“How can you be certain?” [The man asks, raising an eyebrow.] “How are you assured of phase three’s success?”

[Mr. Knot smiles and adjusts his tie.]

“Because phrase three is by and large the easiest part of my plan. By Red Snow, we’ll be ready.”

[The Old Man smiles back.] “Good,” [He says with a nod.] “And the consequences?”

“They’ll be felt next year, sir.”

[Another nod.]

“When I’m finished, the only question will be…”


“With no heroes, who could stop us taking over Old School Wrestling?”



[A Warehouse.] [SLAP!] [Brent Kersh snaps conscious with a lurch. His face is scrunched with rage as his eyes lock with Jon Davenport. The Enforcer’s been restrained by Davenport, who has set him up in the center of an old warehouse a short distance from the Tap Room.]

“You son of a bitch.” [Kersh growls.] [Davenport grins, walking over to a table full of weapons.]

“You burnt down my house, and I knew you wasn’t a Real American.” [Davenport casually states.] “You didn’t go after my bunker. I was ready for when the government came for me. Never thought it’d be you. You got guts, Kersh.”

[He picks up a knife.]

“For now.”

[As his nemesis approaches, Kersh fights against his restraints.]

“You can be a Real American, but you’re not a real man.” [Kersh taunts.] “I’d kill you hand to hand.”

[Davenport chuckles.]

“It’s a new world, Brent. Battles aren’t fought man to man anymore. This is Trump’s America, and people are going to care less about you than they did that sand nigger reporter.”

[Jon Davenport grins at Kersh, who refuses to break eye contact. Brent Kersh won’t look away from his fate. The Hound Dog grabs Kersh by the neck, and jams the knife in.] [Blood.] [Guts.] [Death.] [Brent Kersh falls to the ground, his face covered in blood as JON DAVENPORT’S HEAD ROLLS NEXT TO HIM!] [JON DAVENPORT IS DEAD!] [Brent Kersh finds his bonds have been cut, and he slowly rolls to his knees, the life coming back into his face. He looks with horror at the fat body of Davenport, several holes through his chest and stomach. Not to mention the blood running out of his now open neck.]

“Hello, Brent.”

[Kersh tears his eyes away from the corpse to his rescuer, a gasp escaping his lips.]

“I’m not finished with you yet.”

[Isaac Danvers.] [Brent Kersh can’t even respond before Danvers nails him with his bloody shovel.] [Cut.]