Click.Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

In the middle of the ring, Viper Roberts sits on a steel chair.

There’s a large black bag off to the side.

He has a microphone.

“I ask of you your indulgence,” he says to a mixed reaction from the crowd. “For I need a moment to address a Carthian.”

There’s a simmering silence.

“Darklord, it appears we underestimated each other. From one chance meeting to last week, it appears we’re on a collision course. Would you come out and talk?”

The lights in the Slaughterhouse dim as the opening chords of Statue of a King play over the arena. The crowd looks to the empty entrance before smoke rolls out and a platform rises from the ground revealing Darklord himself, Void Breaker in hand.

The ruler of Carthus cracks his neck and walks down to the ring, entering fearlessly opposite the seated Viper.

“Now hold on,” Viper begs off. “I haven’t asked you out here to fight. In fact, I come offering peace.”

Darklord tilts his head.

“The police are no longer a concern of yours. I can assure you that all charges have been dropped. You’re no longer wanted. This is my offering of peace to you, Darklord.”

Peace?” The Carthic monster growls defiantly. “Are you cowering before me, Viper?” He asks. “Are you bending the knee in servitude of your Carthian Lord?”

That makes Roberts chuckle. His brows furrow and his expression changes.

“I didn’t think so,” Darklord continues. “You cannot offer resolution to a problem you caused by offering peace. That isn’t the Carthian way. It may be humanities resolution but I choose another method.”

Viper looks intrigued.

Battle,” Darklord announces. “You and I.”

Roberts backs away slightly, nodding.

“I had a feeling you’d want it that way.”

The Head Snake suddenly grabs his black bag, emptying it quickly at the feet of Darklord and dropping to the canvas, rolling outside.

It’s a Viper.

The Snake slowly begins to rise, eyeballing The God King who refuses to avert his gaze.

Then it strikes.

Only Darklord catches it.

He fucking catches the snake mid-lunge.

Viper Roberts looks on from outside the ring in disbelief.


The Carthian snaps the head of the snake, killing it with his bare hands. He tosses it over the top rope to Roberts, who looks damn near distraught.

Next week, this comes to a head.





Can The Harvester bring another dose of his own brand of justice to Fury, or will Simon’s puzzle be too tough to crack? Sweet Alice is also in the mix but in this one The Dreamer will hope she’s the one issuing nightmares.

The Reaper shows his intent from the outset, he’s all over Sweet Alice, shot after shot landing on The Dreamer and sending her back into a corner. The Harvester turns to Simon but The Taskmaster has vanished…NO!!! He’s slipped behind The Harvester….Russian side leg sweep!!! Simon turns his attention The Dreamer, but she counters his charge…drop toe hold onto the bottom turnbuckle.

The Harvester is on his feet, Sweet Alice attacks, several kicks to the side then a snapmare takedown. Off the ropes, The Dreamer runs straight into….JUSTICE BROUGHT!!! Huge Samoan Drop. No cover from The Reaper because here is Simon…spinning backfist…GAMBIT!!! The Taskmaster connects! SIMONPLEX!!! The Fisherman’s suplex follows and bridged…ONE…TWO…NO!!! ALICE WITH SENTON SPLASH!!!

The Dreamer is on her feet…she’s hopping around like a rabbit…LEG DROP!!!! TERRIBLY LATE!!! Simon rolls away clutching his throat. Alice is hopping around again…TERRIBLY LATE!!!! NO!!! Reaper moves and The Dreamer hits Canvas. The Harvester scoops her up….SUPERKICK! FROM SIMON! REAPER DUCKED!!!

The Harvester throws Sweet Alice into Simon and they tumble to the mat. The Dreamer is first to her feet…JUSTICE BROUGHT!!! The Harvester puts The Dreamer to sleep…but wait! Takedown by Simon and into CHECKMATE!!! That Figure Four Leg Lock is synced in tight!!!! Reaper has no choice…HE SUBMITS!!!

The Taskmaster continues his impressive start to the season with another huge win over two of OSW’s most experienced vets.




In the middle of the ring, unbelievably, Victor Carfano stands with Dave the Rabbit in his hands. He’s stroking him, waiting for the Forever Friends to arrive.

They soon come pouring out of the entrance ramp in excitement, almost running to the ring. They’re utterly ecstatic.

As they enter the ring with aplomb, they don’t see it coming.

Rune suddenly attacks from behind with a steel chair.




The Fatty runs at him, only Victor Carfano has dropped the rabbit and lunges forward with a Big Boot, damn near taking his head off.

Dewey pulls his sword…


The Forever Friends have been utterly decimated!

Carfano pulls Miles to his feet and SEATBELT TOSS!


Rune meanwhile has Ultimo American up.




Both men get back to their feet, looking down at the carnage they’ve left in the ring before them.
“You fuckin’ kids think this is some kind of game, don’t ya?” He yells. “This isn’t a game and you don’t belong here. If the past month hasn’t told you that then at Game Over, myself and Rune will show you one last time.”

He walks past Chunk, who’s back on all fours, STOMPING ON HIS HEAD and slamming him back into the canvas one last time before walking away with a smile.

Meanwhile, back atop the entrance ramp, Dave watches on ominiously – having escaped the clutches of Victor Carfano.




Four of OSW’s finest face off in fatal 4 way action! It’s D’Von Chambers vs Monty Straight vs Redwing vs Two Face!

DING! DING! The bell rings, and Redwing immediately charges across the ring and takes Two Face down with a lariat! Redwing lays the boots to Two Face as he’s down on the mat! But he’s quickly spun around by D’Von Chambers! A BIG UPPERCUT sends Redwing off his feet and he lands right on top of Two Face!

But Monty Straight, ever the opportunist, is right there to clean up! Side Russian Legsweep! Crippler Crossface! TERMS AND CONDITIONS!!! HE HAS IT LOCKED IN AND CHAMBERS HAS NOWHERE TO GO!!! Chambers cries out in pain! Two Face and Redwing start slowly crawling to their feet!!! But there’s not enough time!!!

Chambers is about to tap!!! BUT TWO FACE PUNTS MONTY ACROSS HIS JAW!!! He lifts Straight to his feet!!! LADY LUCK!!! THE JOKER DRIVER!!! Two Face is back up to his feet, just in time to get kicked in the gut by Redwing!!! RETURN TO ARKHAM!!! HE DROPS TWO FACE ON BOTH HIS FACES!!!

Redwing makes the cover! But Chambers immediately drags him off of Two Face with his belt, wrapped around the Red Knight’s neck! He brings him up to his feet! Boot to the gut! RAZOR’S EDGE!!! CRUCIFIXION!!! But before Chambers can make the cover, Monty grabs him in a headlock!!! DEAL BREAKER!!! Straight quickly transitions!!! NO!!! TWO FACE SNATCHES HIM!!! HEADS OR TAILS!!! TWO FACE MAKES THE COVER!!! NO HE DOESN’T!!! REDWING SCHOOLBOYS HIM FROM BEHIND!!! ONE!!! TWO!!! THREEEEEEE!!!!

Redwing snatches a victory from the jaws of defeat in this fatal 4 way bout!!!




Another Day.

Somewhere else.

Somewhere familiar.

A snowy shack stands alone in a field of trees, looking as if it was built centuries before. The isolated cabin is only familiar to us because of the men who visited it before.

One of whom is stood in the doorway shaking his head.


The Collector crosses the threshold, entering the darkened room. With the whirl of a small portal opening, several candles are lit along the outskirts of the room.

“Why didn’t I think to come back here?” Sigil asks himself. “Stephen hid the watch here. There must be something for me to find.”

The watch. The pocket-watch that once held the Time Crystal. Darby Sorrow led Sigil and the Butcher here, sending Sigil on the quest he is still on.

With deadly precision, Sigil shatters a wooden table, throws an empty lockbox out into the wild beyond, and conjures some unknown force from his collection to reduce the floor to ash and dirt.



A quiet rumble shakes Sigil from his reverie, prompting the Planeswalker to walk back to the doorway of the shack. He silently watches as a small Jeep drives down the path. It comes to a halt in the clearing outside of the shack, and a man leaps out the passenger seat.

D’Von Chambers.

“Thank you, my brother. May your days be blessed!” He shouts to the driver, tossing him some coins.

Sigil storms out towards Chambers.

“How?” He demands. “How do you always know where I am? Are you tracking me?”

Chambers chuckles and shakes his head.

“I asked for your help, and I intend to get it. We could be great allies, but you keep turning me away.”

Sigil holds up a hand.

“Answer the question.”

“You’ve been all over time and space looking for these crystals, I didn’t think that was a secret.” Chambers retorts.

Sigil shakes his head.

“I don’t have time for this.” He says, opening a portal. He steps through, but pauses.

“On second thought….”

Sigil’s hand reaches back through the portal, and yanks D’Von Chambers with him through it.




We find ourselves back at Simon’s compound.

Death Note, still frozen by Simon’s beam.

Simon, still gloating.

“Well, the time has come to erase not just my name from your book, but you from my own, once and for all,” Simon says.

But quite suddenly, he hears a small beep.

And another.

And then another.

And then, quite surprisingly, a chuckle escapes Death Note.

“Simon, your hubris is once again your undoing. For all of your sayings, for all of your tricks, you cannot stop that which is fated.”

Simon tilts his head. “You’re talking. You aren’t supposed to talk.”

Beep. Beep.

“And you aren’t supposed to be alive,” Death Note quips. “So if I have to drag you to your death myself, you best believe, I will.”

That’s when Simon finally sees it.

A tiny little mechanism strapped to Death Note’s wrist.

“That’s right Simon,” Death Note says, the tables now turning completely. “You can freeze my body. But you can’t freeze my bomb.”

Simon is stunned, so much so that he literally staggers backwards.

“It’s the end, Simon. After all of these years, the final page of both of our books shall be written at last.”

For once in his life, as the beeps start to speed up, Simon doesn’t know what to do.

So he does what Simon’s gut says.

He runs.




Two wrestling veterans enter the ring tonight! Can Carfano out grapple CXDY? Or will Williams prove he’s God’s Gift to Wrestling?

The match is on and Carfano takes it slow, he comes in close to CXDY and goes for the collar and elbow tie up! CXDY obliges and soon finds himself forced to his knees! HIP TOSS BY CARFANO! CXDY rolls to a knee AND CARFANO NAILS HIM WITH A GUTWRENCH SUPLEX!

Victor is manhandling his opponent and as CXDY gets to his feet again he’s grabbed into another tie up- No! CXDY strikes Victor in the chest with that titanium knee! Another strike! Another! Carfano is gasping for air and CXDY capitalizes! ROLLING FIREMAN CARRY! DOUBLE JUMP MOONSAULT! PERFECTLY EXECUTED!

That beautiful string of moves has CXDY on the offensive and he rolls away, Carfano stumbling to his feet and getting caught with a menagerie of strikes! Slaps! Chops! Roundhouse! Carfano hits the ground AND CXDY FINISHES THE PERFECT RUSH WITH A SINGLE LEG-NO! Carfano catches the leg! SINGLE LEG SEATBELT TOSS!

The Old Hand saves himself with his experience and superb grappling! He drags CXDY to his feet, and immediately goes for another hip toss! No! CXDY sandbags it! He strikes out with a massive knee to side that stuns Carfano! PERFECT ENDING! CXDY HITS THE MODIFIED BRAINBUSTER DDT! He covers! One! Two! Three!

CXDY Walks out of this match victorious with a strong showing under his belt!




After the Show.

The sounds of doors opening and closing echo through the air. We are treated to the interior of an unfamiliar building, one covered in chipped paint and damaged walls.

“So many choices, we’ll be here for eternity.”

“You think I don’t know that? One of these has to lead to him.”

Two voices join the slamming of doors, two that belong to The Judge and Reaper respectively. We witness as they walk through the halls, opening and closing doors, a scream of frustration erupting from Reaper!


He kicks, his foot going through one of the doors, tearing it off of its hinges! Judge is quick to turn Reaper around, already seething with the mercenary.

“Calm yourself! All you’re managing to do is splinter wood.”

“I’m tired of looking. You came to me and told me that you had an idea of how to get back to his studio. But it also apparently has a thousand fuckin’ doors that lead there, and those doors move all the fuckin’ time! How do we know it’s even still here?”

Judge sighs, pointing at his head. “I can sense it.” He says, matter of factly. “Ever since I entered his studio the first time I was able to get a feeling for it. It goes against the balance of the universe and I finally got some understanding of it. I only agreed to be on his gameshow because I believed it would allow us to close in on him.”

Reaper shoves Judge backwards, sneering. “And that ended with my head hitting concrete! Either you find us the way into his studio or I’m gonna tear this whole building apart!”

The two men lock eyes, their bodies tense as both look ready to trade blows, clearly not on the same page. However, a voice calls to them, and all that latent rage goes towards someone else!

“Gentlemen! I see you want to be repeat contestants! Well, I’m sorry to say but I can’t have you on twice in the same season without some good reason. Especially not in a row, it wouldn’t look good for the ratings.”

The ever confident voice of Monty Straight beckons to them, but they can’t tell from where! They look around themselves in confusion, only for the voice to ring out from the walls once more.

“But luckily I have a solution if you want to join me on The Show That Never Ends! Simply enter the door to your right and come on down!”

Both men are hesitant at first, but Reaper makes the plunge! He opens the door, a bright light emanating from inside as he enters, The Judge soon joining him.




Backstage, we find Corvus standing alone. His head is bowed as he walks through a small room.

Blood covers the walls, smeared by hands or God knows what. Several corpses litter the ground in front of him, the manner of their death obviously coming from some sort of blade. Their throats have been cut open end to end.

Corvus takes in the sight without even a slight change of expression. His eyes wander the room, taking in the death surrounding him.

“A message.” He says.

The hooded man runs his gaze over each of the dead bodies, focusing on their wounds. His eyes turns to look over the walls, each crude grasp for help etching itself into his memory.

Finally he turns his focus to the bloody foot prints at the exit door. He smiles as he sees them.

“Two different shoes made those prints.” Corvus says. “I see that Two-Face believes he can intimidate me.”

Corvus walks to the door, stepping over a corpse as he does so.

“He knows as little of death as I know of politics. But his childlike outbursts cannot go unrecognized.”

Corvus opens the door, speaking out into the world.

“Death is not some whore to be used for a night and thrown away.”

The door slams behind him.

Somewhere in the distance, a coin flips in the air.

As it turns and turns, a twisted eyeball lustfully watches Corvus walk out to the entrance way for his match. As the coin lands, that eye turns to witness the result.

Scarred skin pulls into a smile.

“Soon you will be ours.”




Can the master of an ancient order defeat Order itself?

Corvus ducks and dodges the axeman’s swings. He disables his foe with kicks to the hamstrings, then plants him facefirst with a ‘rana! The assassin goes for an early cover. ONE—Judge bench-presses him off! Corvus is playing the long con, trying to exhaust his opponent. He hits the ropes—

AND RECEIVES THE VERDICT! Judge cuts him down with the Sparta kick. He limps into a pin, hamstrings burning. ONE… TWO… KICKOUT! The Crow tries to crawl away, but Judge stands on his ankle. Plucking him off the mat with one hand, he sends him sternum-first into the corner with authority! Judge scoops him onto his shoulders and scales the ropes…

PERFECT BAL—NO! Corvus leaps down onto the turnbuckle; Judge slams into the mat, nobody seated in his top-rope electric chair. He gets up and turns around… NEVERMORE! The Shadow Walker floors the giant with a shooting star press! ONE… TWO… T—CORVUS BREAKS IT!? What the – JUDGE IS BITING HIM! Corvus pulls away and rises, as does Judge—

CUTTER – YOUR PAST MAY BITE YOU! Order peels Corvus off the mat. He hoists him up into the RESTORATION powerbomb… DENIED! Corvus lands on his feet. Uppercut, palm strike, leaping elbow – MURDER OF BLOWS! Judge stumbles back. A CORVUS KICK spins him round. Corvus is going for the kill… GARROTE! THE REAR NAKED CHOKE IS LOCKED IN! Judge quickly fades… He’s unconscious!




Banzan and Sweet Alice are sitting next to a stream.

Banzan has taken her there but she doesn’t know why.

She wants to ask him but he is currently meditating and she is scared to interrupt him.

“I sense uneasiness Alice.”

She is startled by Banzan suddenly breaking the silence.

“I didn’t want to interrupt you but why are we here?”

“Ah, I appreciate the respect but we’re here because of what’s happening inside of you. Before your match last week, I could feel an elemental shift within you. Those droplets of water flowing through the fractures of your mind became like pebbles. That’s the first step in becoming like a stone but there’s one issue. Here, let me show you.”

Banzan stands up and picks a pebble off the ground. Alice stands up and follows him. He drops it into the water. Within seconds, neither of them can see the small stone.

“You see Alice, it makes a ripple but it doesn’t stop the flow. To stop Pyre, we need something much more substantial.”

Banzan lifts a large rock the width of the small stream and drops it where he once dropped the pebble. The water tries to go around it but eventually it acts as a dam.

“You need more to be more than that pebble you were last week. You need to be a boulder to defeat Pyre. I don’t have much time left to train you so desperate measures are needed. You need to be able to withstand the water of your mind and I can only think of one way to overcome water and be a real stone in one session.”

“What is it?”

Alice asks with curious fear.

She’s right to be afraid as Banzan grabs the back of her head.

“Do not give up, do not let the water make you break. Be the true force of nature I see within you. Be the boulder.”

Banzan shoves Alice face first into the stream! His desperate measure is drowning her!

“Survive this and you can survive her.”

Banzan says, more to himself than Alice.. Alice is struggling but she’s trying to be resilient.

“Doing the dirty work for us Banzan? I knew you would get just as tired of her as I am.”

It’s Pyre with Bishop in tow!

“There it is, there’s the monster I knew you truly were. Drowning your pupils now? Even I thought you were above that.”

Bishop smugly says. They’re trying to distract the mountain as Alice is doing her best but will eventually be unable to breathe.

“You know this won’t work right? Water cannot turn into stone, the only way it hardens is by becoming ice. At that point, she’ll only be able to do two things, shatter completely or melt in my presence.”

“She’s stronger than she appears Pyre, you know it more than anyone. If she wasn’t, you’d have taken care of her years ago.”

“True, if you have that much confidence in her, let me take over for you. She won’t know the difference.”

Banzan doesn’t want to do this but he reluctantly nods his head. He knows he has to show he trusts Alice. Pyre smiles widely and shoves in Alice deeper.

Alice isn’t doing as well before. She gasps for air but Pyre isn’t letting go. Banzan tries to pull her off but Bishop tackles him to the ground!

Bubbles are forming over Alice!

Blub! Blub! Pop!

The bubbles have ceased.

Alice has passed out.

Pyre finally lets go.

“Looks like our work is done here.”

Pyre wipes her hands and walks off with Bishop.

Banzan rushes to the stream and pulls Alice out!

He starts shaking her.

“Alice, wake up.”

Alice’s eyes open up.

She isn’t freaking out, she looks completely calm.

“Was it Pyre?”

Banzan simply nods.

“What did she say?”

“She said her work is done.”

Sweet Alice flashes a devious smile.

“Mine isn’t.”

Banzan proudly nods.




Former tag team champions turned adversaries Voynich and Sigil face up to an impromptu pairing against a duo with equal mutual antagonism in Banzan and Pyre. There is a win at stake but can these four warriors keep their agendas to the side long enough to avoid all-out civil war?

Sigil and Pyre volunteer their “partners” to start the match. Voynich and Banzan tie-up earnestly but it’s The Mountain that unsurprisingly comes out on top, forcing The Best Kept Secret onto the ropes. Two big chops to the chest of Voynich, a whip into the ropes and Banzan drops his foe with a hip attack. The Indestructible Mountain tags in Pyre.

The Queen of Flames runs at Voynich and delivers a knee to the midsection, she tries to whip the archeologist into the ropes but he counters…kick to the gut….DDT PLANTS THE FIRE WITCH!!! Cover for…ONE…TW-SHOULDER UP!!! Voynich moves across and slaps Sigil with a blind tag, refusing eye contact. The Collector teleports from his position….COSMIC LEAP!!! Pyre gets to her feet, she’s looking around for The Realm Walker….Sigil teleports back…FINITE ROUNDHOUSE KICK!!! NO!!! PYRE DUCKS!! COUNTER!!! Leg scissors takedown from Pyre, followed by a Tornado DDT…REVERSAL!!! LONG ROAD AHEAD!!! Sigil with a backbreaker and flurry of elbows!!!

The Collector looks for a cover but Banzan is in quickly to break the fall. Sigil with a flurry of strikes…FOR THE COLLECTION!!! Banzan is backed onto the ropes…PLANESWALKER…NO!!! Banzan catches him….DUKKHA!!! SAITO SUPLEX!!! Then out of nowhere….ISHTAR GATE!!!! VOYNICH TAKES DOWN THE MOUNTAIN!!! But it’s not over yet….SAVATE KICK….The Queen of Flames connects and sends Voynich to the outside.

Pyre is trash talking Voynich on the outside and the distraction gives Sigil his moment as he takes The Fire Witch from behind….ON WOUNDED LEGS!!!! The calf crusher has Pyre roaring with agony. Banzan moves to break the hold but Voynich distracts him from the ring apron and the Queen of Flames is forced to TAP OUT!!!

Sigil and Voynich manage to stay on the same page just about enough time to pick up the win.




Previously Recorded
A crowded city plaza.Ahead in the distance, we find Voynich walking, hordes of faceless people about him as he proceeds. From our vantagepoint, we can make out his slow, calculated steps as if pacing out a treasure map. Eventually, in the midst of the hustle and bustle, Voynich stops.It is only then that we see the form of CXDY step forward. Using the crowd to blend in, he gets closer to an unsuspecting Voynich. Phone pressed to his ear, he closes in.

Our vantagepoint? From within a traffic control van, parked near the plaza where roadworks are being conducted. Inside the van, a wall of screens where BEG and Zero sit patiently, watching the scene before them as silent witnesses.

“You’ve got to get a little closer.” Zero’s voice communicates to CXDY.

“I don’t want to risk him seeing me. How long do you want me to get close to him for?”

“It will take less than a minute, you just have to get within an arms reach.”

CXDY stops, surveying his target. Voynich seems preoccupied, beginning to take pictures of the buildings and landmarks about him. He isn’t concentrating on the figure approaching him, not when hundreds of people are already brushing past his shoulder every second.

Zero smiles.

“Good. We have uplink. Maintain it.”

Zero’s fingers fly over the keyboard. BEG interjects.

“Are you sure this is going to work? I’m not risking this blowing up in our faces for something that doesn’t even get us the answers we seek.”

Zero says nothing, but watches the screen as an ‘uploading’ bar worms its way across.

“Almost there. Five… Four… Three… Two… One…”

The upload completes and BEG’s voice speaks into the headset, the tone in his voice taking charge.

“Good. Now get the hell out of there, silently.”

Zero doesn’t speak, he’s busy with another wall of code on a second screen. Seconds later, the wall of screens in front of them flicker into action. A map, with various colored dots and lines sprawled across it.

“We have the schematic of the sewer system under New York City. And now, with our program Air Dropped onto Voynich’s phone, we have his full call and message history too. We triangulate the Butcher’s number” Clickity, clickity click… “Aaand. There.”

Several of the dots on the map disappear, leaving several lines from different locations all drawing to a central point on the map. A single, red dot, stands at the epicentre where all lines intersect.

“Let’s take a look down there, shall we?” BEG pats Zero on the back.

A couple of keystrokes more and the screens change to camera feeds. Zero-1-0 zeroes in on a single screen.

“There. Look. That door, that’s not on the schematics. It’s not part of anything that should be down there.”

A vault door stands off to the side of the screen where Zero is pointing. BEG smirks a billion dollar smirk.

“We’ve got the fucker.”




We have a battle of champions here tonight as Rewind goes against Double Feature. Can the former Mr Make Believe gather his senses long enough to pick up an emphatic win or will the Viper’s Venom unravel Mister Andy’s mind completely?
The bell sounds as Mister Andy rushes forward, taking Roberts by surprise with a running dropkick to the chest that sends him into the ropes, bouncing off into a JACK ATTACK! Roberts gets planted into the mat with the Snap Samoan but Andy can barely get a few punches in before he’s thrown off by the bigger man.Andy rolls through right into a hard right hand before Roberts grips him by the head, rushing forward as he leaps through the middle ropes. SLINGSHOTTING ANDY’S THROAT OVER THE ROPES! Mister Andy falls to the mat, holding his throat in pain but he’s not down for long as Roberts pulls him back up, twisting his arm around

Before delivering a hard short arm clothesline. Andy gets pulled up again as Roberts holds on trying for a second but the Toy Maker slips out, bouncing off the ropes as Viper turns around, SUPERFINE TURBINE BLAST!

Andy slams Roberts down into the mat with a beautiful spinebuster but he’s not done, slowly climbing up to the top rope, FLIGHT OF THE…ROBERTS IS ON HIS FEET…ODE TO SNAKE DDT! Mister Andy gets spiked in mid air with the beautiful DDT as Roberts rolls his unconscious body over for the ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

The Double Feature Champion reigns supreme, Mister Andy might have a lot of luck but he sure wasn’t ready to play 21 tonight against the Viper




The Vault

Deep beneath the city. The Butcher sits up as the heavy vault door swings open, and Darby Sorrow enters, the door clanking shut behind him.

“Took your sweet time.” The Butcher growls. Weeks cooped up inside the vault have done nothing for his temper.

Sorrow doesn’t apologize, instead eyeballing the Butcher.

“Had to make sure I wasn’t followed. You don’t want the cops knowing where you are now, do you?”

Butcher goes to retort but is interrupted by a siren that pierces through the vault.

“What the hell? Who followed you?”

Darby looks about him, confidently.

“Nobody. I am sure of it.”

It is then that Colin finds the source of the siren. His phone. He picks up the phone and instantly drops it back down on the table again.

“Bloody hell, it’s burning hot!”

Before he can figure out what to do, a computerized voice blares out from his phone’s speaker.

“Colin Cartwright. There is no use in hiding any more, for we know exactly where you are. So come out, or we will drag you out. You have one week.”

The screen of his phone flickers, showing video footage of the vault door, as we had seen on Zero’s screen earlier. The very vault door that he now hides behind.

Colin stares at the screen, deep in thought. For a moment, before the phone bursts into flames. Both he and Sorrow step back as the phone burns itself out, before Darby looks him dead in the eye.

“What do we do now?”

Colin balls his fist.

“Well, you get back to the Slaughterhouse. You have a match to win. As for me… Well, I will not be intimidated.”

Sorrow looks puzzled.

“But we don’t know who sent…”

“There’s only one man who I know has the skills to pull that message off. And one man who bankrolls him. It seems like you and Voynich have a meeting next week with Blood Money Inc.

“And you?”

“I told you… I will not be intimidated.”




Will the simulation that is the American dream crash!?

Ultimo extends his hand. Zero-1-0 ponders for a moment, before accepting it… THEN SLAMS HIS FACE INTO THE MAT WITH HIS BIONIC HAND! The Slaughterhouse boo the augmented competitor, who flips them off with his digital… digit. Zero heaves him up and lobs him into the ropes with the robotic limb – BIONIC HIIIGH BACK BODY DROP! He must’ve gotten 12 feet of air!

ONE… TWO… KICKOUT! The crowd pop for America. Zero pulls him up – GOOZLE! Ultimo has him by the throat with THE HAND OF LADY LIBERTY! The fans rally behind him… CHOKESL—Zero elbows him in the back of the skull! Ultimo breaks his grip. Zero charges into the ropes… FIREWALL! The bionic clothesline turns America inside-out!

ONE… TWO… TH—SHOULDER UP! America’s Son is showing real guts tonight. Zero plucks him off the canvas with a GOOZLE of his own! ABSOLUTE ZE—NO! Ultimo’s foot gets caught in his cape, blocking the chokeslam; both men stumble, with Zero’s head bouncing off the turnbuckle! Still standing, America looks at the downed Zero, then at the audience, who are on their feet!

ULTIMO IS GOING UP TOP! HE’S GOING TO SOAR LIKE AN EAGLE! Here it comes – FROG SPLASH! AMERICA THE BRAVE – ZERO GETS HIS KNEES UP! Ultimo writhes in agony. Zero once again snatches him into the air – ABSOLUTE ZERO bionic chokeslam! He doesn’t close the window just yet, though. He lugs him up… PUNK CITY KILLER – the stunner! ONE… TWO… THREE!

Zero executes The American Dream!




The Dungeon.The Sandman has Ash Williams and Luke Storm held captive inside the same cell. They’re both bound by their hands as The Dream Demon begins grabbing wires.

“I never in a million years thought I’d get two for the price of one,” he grumbles. “But here we are.”

Luke doesn’t look too amused.

“At least move me to another room,” Ash pleads. “If I have to stay for the rest of my life in the same room with this bozo, I’ll find a way to kill myself.”

“And if I find a way out of these restraints, I’ll kill you,” Luke says eyeballing Sandman.

The Dream Demon walks over to him and puts a hand under his chin.

“I can feel your immense sadness, Luke. I can feel it. I’ve yet to enter your dreams but I can only imagine how I haunt them none the less.”

Luke whips his head away.

“I murdered your brother,” The Sandman admits. “I snapped his neck like a twig, right in front of your disbelieving eyes. But that doesn’t matter. None of it matters.”

The Tempest struggles against his restraints but to no avail.

“I’ll fucking show you what matters,” Luke bellows.

The OSW Champion scoffs.

“Sandy is fading and you people are but fuel for his flame. You’re going to Lucid Falls, gentlemen, where none of you humans matter.”

He begins hooking up the machines in preparation for their long sleep when suddenly, he stumbles forwards.

That’s because Jessie William’s is now stood behind him, a large metal pipe in hand.

Sandman turns around and rushes him backwards into the wall, sending dust particles flying into the air. He quickly begins strangling him, but Jessie isn’t crying or pleading, he’s laughing.

“What’s so funny?” The Sandman queries. He’s confused.

Jessie nods behind him.

In releasing Williams, the OSW Champion turns to see Luke Storm and Ash Williams now free from their restraints, smiling.

It’s on.




What do you get when you pit a King against a God against an immortal and throw them into a dingey, broken down basement? A lot of entertainment and a hell of a war for three men looking to cement themselves with one final victory on the road to Game Over?

Deathnote slowly opens the door to the boiler room, looking around at the decrepit and broken scenery around him, a place of many a war in the past as the Shingami looks up at the Carthian Darklord, standing menacingly almost begging Deathnote to try and begin this contest but Deathnote doesn’t take the bait, looking around for the easier target in Darby Sorrow but the former world champion is nowhere to be seen until we hear a soft clanging noise from above.

The two otherworldly figures look up to see Sorrow perched high above, crowbar in hand as he’s damn nearly clinging to the ceiling ontop of a boiler before he dives off


The God King palms the back of Darby’s head with one monstrous hand, holding him high for a moment before throwing him full force into Deathnote, a human fast ball sending the Shingami flying into a brick wall. Darby manages to roll through from most of the impact, charging forward

SORROWFUL LIFE! Darby uses the momentum to enhance the clothesline, staggering Darklord back a few paces before he leaps up, trying for a DDT but Darklord catches him, spinning him around onto his shoulders before hoisting him up into the air

BLACK HOLE ONTO THE CONCRETE! Sorrow might be immortal but fuck if he didn’t feel every inch of Darklord’s power there. The God King leaves Darby broken on the floor, turning his attention to the rising Deathnote who slowly rises to his feet as Darklord rushes forward

KNEEL….INTO THE WALL! Deathnote just dodges the kick as Darklord splinters the brick wall with tremendous force, the Carthian wincing slightly. His own power hurting his knee more then the brick itself but Deathnote is ready as he picks up the fallen crowbar and starts going absolute ham on Darklord’s knee.

WHAM, WHAM, Deathnote ducks under a wild right before delivering another trio of blows, the Shingami ducking under heavy strikes as he continues to unleash shot after shot until the weapon is a mangled mess of steel. He’s only managed to get Darklord to drop to one knee, but it’s all the opening he needs as he backs up, looking for the killing shot


Darklord gets to his feet, shaking out his knee that seems to be fine already as he pulls up a loopy Deathnote, hoisting him up onto his shoulders with ease as the God King looks to finish off one of his opponents.


Darby Sorrow broke one of the boilers pipes, directing it right into Darklord’s face as he drops Deathnote, clawing at his vulnerable eyes desperate to see. Darby pulls up the Shingami before the two being to formulate a quick plan. Deathnote rushing around a blinded Darklord, tripping him up suddenly as Darby leaps up with a knee to the jaw before spiking Darklord into the concrete with a Snap DDT.

Darklord is quickly up to his feet but gets a double dropkick to the crowbarred knee that sends him back down to a kneel before both opponents back up


Darklord is dazed, not down but that doesn’t last long before Deathnote TURNS THE PAGE and spikes Darklord into the concrete once more. Darby’s already gone up high once more, climbing up to where he entered the fray before falling back


This time it hits flush as Darklord looks to be out. Sorrow slowly pulls himself up, the rock hard body of the God King clearly hurt him but Deathnote looks to finish the job as he pulls Darby up onto his shoulders

GATHER THY…Sorrow slips out, LEAPING ROUNDHOUSE TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Deathnote is dazed as Darby lifts him up onto his shoulders, CRADLE TO THE GRAVE! GT MOTHER FUCKING S!

Darby could win it here, both monsters are down as he winces over to the door, but before he can open it up, he’s spun around by Deathnote who rattles the smaller man with a venom filled headbutt but he can’t follow up as both men are whipped around and gripped around the throat by two godlike hands


Both men look broken on the concrete as Darklord turns his back on them, opening up the boiler room door but he’s stopped from walking out by two hands on his ankles. Both Darby and Deathnote refuse to die as Darklord looks down upon them with scorn. He pulls them both up to their feet, dropping the hold on Deathnote for a moment…

Darklord quickly powers Darby up onto his shoulders,


Darby Sorrow picks up the victory out of nowhere here by near pure instinct, refusing to die against two monsterous competitors as not even the God King could dig his grave.




It’s the middle of the night.This little corner of New York City seems quieter than the rest. Mister Andy locks up for the night, securing his door and pulling down his shutters. He’s heads towards the nearest alley, his car parked in the parking lot behind it.

Suddenly, through the fog and mist, a figure appears.

It’s Redwing.

Mister Andy is definitely startled and steps backwards.

“You must think you’re invincible in this disguise,” Redwing announces with a shake of his head. “I’m here to tell you that you’re not.”

The Toymaker doesn’t really know what to say.

“There’s a darkness within you Andy. I know because I’ve seen it. I’ve felt it. It’s in there,” he taps him on the chest. “And it’s waiting to get out.”

“Look, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Andy proclaims. “I’m just a Toymaker and a wrestler; that’s all.”

Redwing scoffs.

“Enough of this charade, will you?” He demands, closing in uncomfortably. “I know who and what you are. I know the damage you can do and I know the pain you can cause.”

Mister Andy legitimately doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s looking at him like he’s some kind of lunatic.

I’m watching you,” Redwing growls angrily. “Every move, every step, every decision you make; I won’t let you hurt anyone else. At Game Over, I’m putting an end to this charade.”

“Please, just leave me alone! I’ve done nothing to you.”

Andy runs away panicked. He darts down the alley and fumbles for his keys, getting into his car and driving away as fast as he can.

The Caped Crusader looks a little unconvinced.