Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

Previously, at Pandemonium.

Leif Helvig storms through the curtain in chase of Banzan, who lured him back here to have him Disqualified from Lambs, but finds nothing.

The Mountain has seemingly vanished.

He angrily looks for him, only to be blindsided from behind by a sword strike that rips down his back. His armour breaks, revealing a bloodied wound as he recoils forward in agony.

It’s Banzan.

Banzan runs forward with his Katana, trying to drive it into the chest of The Viking but Helvig clasps two hands around it, holding it from his chest by mere inches.

Blood immediately begins to drip down the blade as their collision of strength continues.

“Don’t fight it,” Banzan growls, pushing as hard as he can. “You deserve this end, you miserable…”

Helvig laughs, interrupting an enraged Mountain – unlike we’ve ever seen him, in fact.

“I am glad you received my message,” he sneers, pushing back and cutting his palms in the process.

Suddenly, Leif swivels quickly, allowing the katana to piece straight into the wall as he beautifully moves out of the way. Banzan doesn’t know what’s happened and the next thing he see’s is Helvig’s boot, crunching through the sword and breaking it in two.

With a jagged edge in hand, Banzan lunges for his throat, only Leif is prepared with his axe and swipes upwards, cutting The Mountain across the throat.

Banzan falls to the floor holding his neck as he bleeds profusely over the concrete. Helvig bends down and wipes the axe on his trousers, smiling.

“I know you have questions and so do I. You are a liar, a falsity, and I will prove it.”

The Wolf stands up and trundles away, leaving The Mountain to try and heal himself on the cold concrete floor. What does Leif mean? What’s he talking about?





When the smoke from the bong and the shotgun clears, who will be left standing?

Stoner is toking away, Reaper is staring at him like “this guy, seriously!”. The Toker flicks his spliff into the face of The Harvester, then unloads a flurry of rights and lefts. But Reaper ducks and coming off the ropes he drops Stoner with a running clothesline. The Smoker rolls out of the ring, Reaper follows but THUD!!! Stoner nails him with a trash can lid.

The Puffer peels Reaper off the concrete, he tries another shot with the can top…JUSTICE BROUGHT!!! SAMOAN DROP ONTO THE CONCRETE!!! WHAT A COUNTER!!! Reaper fishes out a kendo stick from under the ring and he begins battering Stoner with it, until it’s shredded into thousands of pieces. Now Reaper has a steel chair. THUD!!! He buckles it over Stoner’s head!!! Cover for ONE…TWO…SHOULDER UP!!!

The Harvester rolls Stoner into the ring, then tosses a bunch of weapons including a bag of thumb tacks and his trusted shotgun. Reaper gets into the ring and pumps the firearm….DROPKICK OF DOOM!!! Stoner with a big counter. Cover for ONE…TWO…KICKOUT!!!

Stoner empties the bag of thumb tacks on the canvas. Reaper gets to his feet….ROACH CLIP-NO!!! SHOTGUN BLAST!!! Cover for ONE….TWO….THREE!!!!

There’s no reefer that hits as hard as a shotgun blast!!!






Black and white game pieces decorate a hand carved game board. A hand moves a pawn before spinning the board, playing with pieces from both ends.


The Taskmaster’s moves are calculated, as though he’s challenging himself. Eventually, the only pieces left on the board being both kings. And as those pieces lie on the board facing each other the door behind him opens, and a sly smile spreads across his face.


The Shinigami holds his tome tightly in hand as he approaches Simon, the Taskmaster not even turning to face him.

“Took you long enough. Did you get lost looking for a lost soul?”

Simon’s words are condescending and playful, though they only bring a hint of ire to Deathnote’s eyes as he walks forward only to hear a click beneath his feet. He looks down to find himself on a pressure plate, the Shinigami not daring to move.

“I wouldn’t step off of that. Who knows what might happen.”

Simon finally turns to face Deathnote, finally meeting him eye to eye.

“I know your words lack power, Simon. Even if this trap could kill me, there’s no use trying to run.”

“Run? Why would I try to do that? It’s not like you getting your hands on me would do anything. I’m as deathless as you. Undying.”

Deathnote furrows his brow, almost growling as he eyes the man across from him.

“You’re only deathless for now. But we both know it won’t stay that way.”

“Won’t it?”

Simon chuckles walking past Deathnote, the Shinigami refraining from stepping off of the pressure plate.

“You and I have been playing this game for… a few centuries now, is it? I haven’t lost yet, and I don’t believe I ever will. But I do enjoy watching you try.”

Simon leaves the room almost casually, Deathnote turning to watch, contemplating his next move before finally leaping off of the pressure plate towards the door!

It clicks.

And nothing happens.

Deathnote looking back at the false trap, a rage in his eyes as he turns to go after the escaping Taskmaster.





Only one of these four men can make it off this sinking ship – but who!?

Simon, Two-Face, and Captain Jack Silver, all of whom fly south on the moral compass, turn to face Redwing. Backed into the corner, Crimson Justice decides to go down swinging! He stuns them all with a flurry of his cape, then grabs Silver’s wrist… GODWATCH! The ripcord knee floors the pirate. GODWATCH! He drops Two-Face. Redwing is on a roll

GAMBIT! Simon decks him with the spinning backfist. Jack and Two-Face recover, joining The Taskmaster in stomping a mudhole into Redwing. Together, they heave him up and dump him outside. Captain and Simon eye each other warily – not noticing that a coin toss has already sealed their fates! DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE by that two-faced bastard, Two-Face!

The burned politician hauls Simon up… FLIP THE COIN! He plants him with the overdrive. ONE… TWO… SILVER BREAKS IT UP! Two-Face snatches him into the HEADS OR TAILS, but Jack counters the Sister Abigail into a suplex to the outside – MAN OVERBOARD! He stomps the downed Simon seven times, then leaps into a curb stomp – PIECES OF EIGHT!

ONE… TWO… TH—REDWING MAKES THE SAVE! Diving into The Horror of the Deep, he scoops him up for a brainbuster to the knee – RED JUSTICE! Two-Face reappears on the apron. Redwing sends him flying, only for Jack to do the same to him. Simon emerges behind Silver – CHECKMATE figure four leglock! Stranded, the Captain TAPS OUT!

Simon stays one step ahead of his competition!





Recorded Previously

Darby Sorrow is sitting in his locker room, the sounds of demons and angels at war don’t even seem to register on his face at the moment. Suddenly his phone lights up with a text message.

Meet Me Out Back


Sorrow looks confused but gets up and walks to the back door when suddenly he falls into a pit. A laughter comes from the dark as we see Zero walk to the edge of the pit, a display from his arm is the text chat, Zero having hacked into Darby’s phone to lure him.

We zoom down and Darby is impaled on several spikes that protrude from his body, his breathing becoming more and more labored as he tries to pull himself off the bamboo spikes.

“It’s amazing what technology can do these days, Darby. But sometimes, even the simplest tools are the most useful.”

Zero kneels to the edge, hitting a few more buttons on the display from his arm. Darby and the spikes rise up to same level as the ground.

“These kept the US soldiers at bay during the Vietnam War. The terror these caused was palpable.”

Zero walks away, happy with the results as he hears the last breath escape the lungs of Sorrow.

“At least now you’re done and I can move on to more important things.”

With that, Zero leaves the area. The body of Darby sorrow left as a display for those who cross Blood Money Inc.

Once Zero is out of sight, Darby’s body begins to twitch and show signs of life.





Luke Storm is battered, beaten and delicate heading into tonight’s event. He went through the wars at Lambs and survived, picking up the big victory. As he enters the building, there’s a lot of people to pat him on the back and congratulate him but the first person he takes notice of is a familiar face.

Jessie Williams.

“How you holding up, kid?” Storm asks as they walk together into the Slaughterhouse.

“I’m okay. Nothing I couldn’t handle,” he says cockily, though there’s a lacking conviction behind those false words.

Luke nods as if to say he knows it’s bullshit.

“I need to talk to you,” Jessie says in a lower tone; almost a whisper.

“Look, I know we’ve not always gotten along but I’m glad you made it out of there in one piece. I feel like I’m so far away from getting revenge for Eddy that it may never happen, that’s all. It screwed with my head.”

Williams understands; of course he does. His dad was a captive of Sandman’s for the longest time and he lost his Uncle Matty to him.

“I get it, but that’s not what I want to talk to you about,” he blurts out. “My dad and I…”

Suddenly, a cough interrupts.

It’s Ash Williams.

“Well, if it isn’t the biggest peckerhead I know,” he groans. “Looks like lady luck gave you a handy at Lambs, huh?”

Storm grimaces, rolling his eyes.

“Dad,” Jessie pleads.

It falls on deaf ears.

“Tell you what, hotshot, me and the boy wouldn’t mind finishing some business with you,” Ash begins suggesting. “I’ve still got a Boomstick with your name on it.”

Luke smiles, putting his bag down.

“Go for it,” he offers, showing up his chin. “Let’s see what you got, old man.”

Williams clenches his bionic fist, but Jessie gives him the frown and he laughs, patting Storm on the chest instead.

“How about at Dead Pixels, one on one?” Ash asks. “I’ll bring the kid so he can watch his old man beat the snot outta ya.”

The Tempest nods.

Ash puts his arm around Jessie and begins leading him away, only the Prince can’t help but look back with disappointment. Storm notices, but picks up his bags and continues on.





After his Emporium went up in flames, Mister Andy now faces a masterful Pyre in a match right up her alley…an Inferno Match!

Eager to avoid the flames that surround them, Mister Andy immediately goes on the attack, keeping Pyre at bay with some hard lefts and rights. He goes for one more right hand, but Pyre ducks under before hitting a dropkick that sends Andy into the corner and raises the flames!

Andy narrowly avoids the fire lunging at him, but Pyre catches the Toy Maker with a neckbreaker! The heat is on as Pyre continues the attack with some hard kicks…but Andy is slowly getting to his feet, and catches the Fire Witch with a haymaker that drops her down hard!

The surrounding fire intensifies, as if angered by what their Queen is being put through. Andy is wary of this as he lifts Pyre, hoisting her upon his shoulders before spinning around, edging closer to the flames! BIG WHEEL ON THE FIRE WITCH…WHO JUST MANAGES TO SLIP OFF ANDY’S SHOULDERS!

Pyre is a house on fire as she unloads a flurry of offense, culminating in a dropkick that brings Andy down hard. As the Toy Maker gets back to his feet, Pyre climbs the turnbuckle…DANCING FLAMES! THE MOMENTUM SENDS THE TOY MAKER INTO THE FLAMES NEARBY, WHICH ENDS THIS MATCH!

Andy quickly seeks a way to put out the fire he’s caught in, but the message is clear as Pyre picks up the win!





The match now over, Mister Andy and Pyre have tore down the house.

But they’re not alone.

Redwing is here, and there’s a cold fury in his eyes. Pyre gets the fuck out of the ring, while Redwing stares at Mister Andy.

This isn’t the Red Death looking at Andy. It’s not the mad man Kirby became when he was convinced Luke Storm killed his family.

These are the eyes of a man staring in the face of the creature that destroyed all he loved.

A man acting with surety. Acting out of vengeance.

But across the ring, Mister Andy stares back with the same surety in his eyes. This isn’t the deranged madness of SeeSaw.

These are the eyes of a man staring in the face of the creature that destroyed all he loved.

There are no words between them as they meet in the center of the ring. Fists fly between them, as they devolve into a mishmash of bodies, fighting to exact the toll of their vengeance on the other man.

They end up on the ground, rolling back and forth, trying to choke, gouge, scratch, and claw their way to an advantage. But neither man is willing to give a single inch, so taken with emotion that they will ignore their pain, ignore their turmoil.

The only thing that matters is making the other man pay.

Cooler heads won’t prevail tonight as Redwing reaches into his utility belt. He dodges a knee from SeeSaw, and shoves a small capsule into his foe’s mouth. Foam begins to pour from the mouth of SeeSaw as he stops moving.

Redwing casually checks his pulse, then throws the body of Andy over his shoulder before carrying him away from the ring.

What the hell does Redwing have planned for the man who murdered his family?





As Sigil sits alone in his locker room, he’s stunned when Lee Crowley of all people enters before him. The Devil takes a seat nonchalantly opposite The Collector and leans back, resting his head on the wall.

Sigil doesn’t know what to do or say at first, so he looks at him, doing or saying nothing.

“I understand you’re the person to see about finding things?” Crowley asks with a sinister tone.

The Collector nods.

“And I understand that you’re searching for something too?”

Again, he nods.

“Well, it’s interesting because I’ve lost something I can’t find and you’re good at finding things. What’s it going to take to have you do a little hunting around here for me?”


Sigil is wise enough not to speak; he just sits in silence.

“A silent negotiator, huh? Interesting. Word on the street is that you’re looking for crystalsI wonder what that could be for?” He muses almost sarcastically. “What if I told you that I knew where the very last one was? Would you be interested then?”

That piques his interest.

“I would,” he admits. “But why would you sacrifice that kind of information?”

“Heh, it means nothing to me,” Crowley retorts with a chuckle. “Now listen up, alright? There’s a Horseman here somewhere; I can feel it. He isn’t fully powered yet and is likely an orb, laying somewhere undetected – unable to be seen by the human eye. I had all four fighting in my war but I can only feel one.”

“You want me to find him?” Sigil asks.

“You catch on quick, flash,” Crowley sarcastically replies. “Find him, bring the orb to me and I’ll give you what you want.”





Three’s a crowd and Monty Straight is out to close this deal. But will it be Sweet Alice’s dreams that come true or will Leah Lincoln leave them both drowning in fire?

Alice and Leah charge Monty on the sound of the bell. DOUBLE SUPERKICK!!!! Now The Witch and The Dreamer turn on each other, exchanging hard chops before Lincoln grabs Alice in a front facelock….VOODOO DROP!!! An head-spinning rotation on the tornado DDT. ONE…TWO…NO!! Monty makes the save.

The Deal Maker lifts Leah Lincoln up….DEAL BREAKER!!!! Cover from Straight. The Host continues his assault, looking for STRAIGHT SHOOTING….WELCOME TO WONDERLAND!!! Alice with a book strike to Monty. And now The Dreamer is hopping around the ring….DOUBLE TERRIBLE LATE!!! Leg drop to both Lincoln and Straight!!!

Can The Dreamer capitalise? She’s heading to the top rope…COUNTERED!!! Lincoln with a handspring hurricanrana from the top rope. Now The Swamp Witch is on the top rope…MOONSAULT!!! NO!!! Monty pulls down the top rope and Lincoln straddles the top turnbuckle. Monty joins her….THE BIG DEAL!!! Brutal avalanche German suplex!!!

Monty took some damage from that too, but he’s up….STRAIGHT SHOOTING!!! He’s trying to lock it on Lincoln….DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE!!!! Sweet Alice plants Straight. Can The Dreamer pick up the win here? DROWNING IN FIRE!!!! Leah Lincoln outta nowhere….ONE…..TWO…..THREE!!!!

There are no games tonight because The Swamp Witch proves a living nightmare!






As the ring clears from the previous match the Slaughterhouse suddenly falls into darkness. The tron screen flickers to life and we see a minimalistic room, dark except for what looks like a paraffin lamp. In the background a vault-style door is locked tight.

From the left side of the screen steps the bedraggled figure of Rune. He looks like he hasn’t slept for days, his big beard matted with sweat.

He leans in towards the camera and emits a laugh that almost sounds like a cackle.

“You’re fools… the lot of you, sitting out there in the open, not a care in the word,” he says. He starts to pace around the small space, drifting in and out of the dim light.

“I’ve been doing my homework, you see,” he lifts up his laptop. All that we can see is a multitude of anti-virus and VPN software icons crowding the desktop.

“I’ve been on the forums and they all agree.”

He steps closer.

The aliens are coming.

Closer still. We can see the spittle jumping from his lips with every consonant now.

“And I’m sure they’re trying to take over Earth.”

He jumps back and starts to shake his head, muttering a little under his breath before turning back to the camera once more.

“I’m in my own personal bunker for my own safety, and straight after my match I’ll be right back here again, until I get to the bottom of all this.”

He steps over to the lamp, suddenly looking aghast.

“Maybe they can see heat through walls. It’s too risky.”

He extinguishes the lamp with a puff of air, and as he does the Slaughterhouse lights come back on.






The Forever Friends are in a state of panic. All three of them pace their locker room, utterly distraught over what they had to do at Pandemonium. They resurrected their best friend but what returned was a monster. They’re to blame for this, and they know it.

Just then, the door opens and in walks Stoner. He looks pretty sombre, all things considered.

“How’re you dudes holding up?” He asks, red eyed but honest.

They look at each other. No-one wants to answer, but Ultimo steps forward.

“We screwed up, Stoner,” he admits earnestly, saddened by their error. “We should’ve listened to you. Leah-”

“About her,” he interrupts. “I know you boys have your problems to work out, so I’ll take care of the Witch.

That surprises them.

“You’ll do that for us?” Miles queries in shock.

Stoner nods in agreement.

“You won’t be able to put Dewey back in the ground if you have to contend with that stone cold bitch. See this cut?” He asks pointing to the wound sustained at the grave yard. “We’ve got some unfinished business anyway.”

The boys, though, they hadn’t thought about putting Dewey back in the ground.

“He’s wight, isn’t he?” Chunky mumbles. “We have to lay him back to west.”

Ultimo steps forward, shaking his head.

No,” he declares. “I do. Sherman has been my best friend since I was a boy and if anyone is going to fix this, it has to be me.”

Miles and Chunky approach, putting their arms around him in support.

However, outside the locker room door listening in is a familiar person.

Leah Lincoln.

She walks away as they finish, musing to herself.

“Put him back in the ground without my help, huh?” She questions with a smirk. “We’ll see about that.”




Tag Team Championships

Two teams fragemented by hatred and violence. Can Blood Money Inc use the blood war of Leif and Banzan to their advantage or will Shaw’s betrayal at Pandemonium cause new tag team champions

The bell sounds as Shaw rushes forward, taking Leif by surprise with a running right hook that staggers him as CXDY just ducks under a wild clothesline by Banzan, drilling him with a hard enziguri to the back of the head. Shaw runs over, nearly breaking the Mountain’s jaw with a massive Polish Hammer before Blood Money Inc grab Banzan by the back of the head…

THROWING HIM LIKE A LAWN DART INTO LEIF! Near 600 pounds go tumbling through the middle rope to the outside, as CXDY motions to Shaw to grab the ladder outside of the ring. Shaw obliges, sliding it into the ring but before CXDY can set it up, he’s grabbed from behind and dropped on his skull with DUKKA!

Shaw slides into the ring but he rushes forward into a massive Lariat from Leif who sees CXDY slowly getting to his feet before running forward. FRIGORA…TO BANZAN! CXDY shows off his agility as he leaps over the viking, causing Helvig to spear his own partner.

Leif turns around, clearly pissed off as Shaw rushes forward. GBH….HITS CXDY! Leif ducks under the Claymore as Shaw nails his tag team partner, Albert in shock as he turns around, FRIGORA! This one hits flush as Shaw nearly gets cut in half before Helvig calmly sets up the ladder before climbing it with ease and pulling the tag titles down.

We have new tag team champions here as the unlikely pair of Helvig and Banzan power through their hatred to dispose of Blood Money Inc.





Albert Shaw strides through the corridors following his match. The Guv’nor looks pleased with himself as he heads into his own private locker room, no longer welcome in the locker room of Blood Money Inc. Shaw closes the door behind him, leaving the camera focussed on the door sign as he clicks the lock across.

The camera zooms out, and round the nearest corner stands BEG, furiously dialling a number on his phone, the bandages visible around the missing finger that Shaw snipped at Pandemonium.

“Zero?” he says. “It’s me. Shaw is strutting around the place like he hasn’t got a care in the world.”

BEG adjusts his lapels, bristling with rage.

“Where is the fear, Zero? He knows how much money I have at my disposal. He knows what sort of contacts I have. He should be fearing for his life…”

He sighs.

“But he isn’t. And that can only mean one thing. This mysterious employer of his. He must have more money, more contacts.”

BEG looks back over his shoulder towards Shaw’s locker room door.

“Zero, I need you to find out about this employer. Money is no object, and neither are morals, you understand? Throw everything we’ve got at this, and then throw the kitchen sink. I need answers.”

BEG ends the call and storms away in the opposite direction.





After Pandemonium

A cornfield. One we have not seen the likes of in a very long time.

A solitary figure stalks the rows, moving slowly, menacingly. A monster in its own right, but not one that we have come to associate with this place. The Sandman.

Slowly, determinedly, searching the rows for signs of the one it seeks.

Only, one gets the feeling that it isn’t alone.


“I knew you would come after me sooner or later.”

Sandman is not perturbed by the mindgames of the Crow. There is no fear in the Dream Demon’s reply.

“Show yourself, Crow.”

And the Scarecrow is only too happy to oblige, swooping in from between a row of corn to blindside The Dream Demon. He takes Sandman down, then backs away, waiting for the Dream Demon to rise.

“Out here, it is just ourselves. You followed me here because you know that I am correct. Like any other monster of Purgatory, you seek somewhere other than Purgatory should you perish. Together, with your services alongside my power, we can turn the tide of this war to our advantage.”

Sandman shakes its head.

“That is where you’re mistaken. My loyalties lie not with Purgatory and definitely not with you. I did not follow you here to join you, but to send you back from where you came. The Slaughterhouse is my territory now and you trespassed on it.”

Scarecrow rushes Sandman with otherworldly speed, taking him out once more. He proceeds to drag Sandman by the scruff of the neck through the fields of corn, dumping him in a small clearing before disappearing into the wall of maize. Only his voice can be heard.

“You fool. Sandy Rogers has nothing of the power I have. What power could you ever hope to have over one that does not sleep, that does not dream.”


Sandman is hit with a MASSIVE CLOTHESLINE that turns him inside out and leaves him in a pile in the dirt.


And with that, silence. The Scarecrow is gone.





No pinfalls, no submissions, just KILL IT WITH FIRE and the winner takes home the VHS Championship.

DING! DING! Zero is not hanging around…FIREWALL!!! But Jessie ducks the bionic clothesline. Zero turns and he’s hit with an uppercut, then a tornado dropkick….GROOVY ECLIPSE!!!! The Prince leaps on to the top rope…CALL OF THE CHOSEN!!! He’s lands the Swanton Bomb!!!! No cover from The Prince though, he’s looking to activate his boomstick-assisted KIWF.

And that’s all the distraction Zero needs. The champ is up…PUNK CITY KILLER!!!! That would be that ordinarily but it’s going to need more in this one. Zero stands over Jessie and as The Prince rises, Zero grabs him by the throat with his bionic arm…BLUE SCREEN….NO!!! Jessie counters with a staggering headbutt….BOOYAH!!!! Super-powered Superman Punch….

EVADED!!!! Zero with the bionic handspring out of the way, off the ropes….FIREWALL!!!! Zero turns The Prince inside out. The Hacker lifts Jessie onto his shoulders into a torture rack….CPU DRIVER!!! REVERSED!!! Jessie slips off….BOOYAH!!!! The Prince flattens Zero!!!!

Jessie is fiddling with his boomstick, can he activate that KLAATU VERAADUS serum? It’s taking too long and Zero springs up using his bionic arm. The champ throttles Jessie with the bionic arm and lifting The Prince up by the throat….BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH….KILL IT WITH FIRE MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!

Zero’s hardware proves impervious to The Prince’s malicious software.





Voynich sits, head in hands, still visibly emotional from the revelation he received at Pandemonium. He only looks up when interrupted by a knock on the door. Before he can respond in any fashion, The Butcher enters. He stops just across from where Voynich sits, the pair sharing a moment of silence that is eventually broken by The Butcher’s gruff voice.

“I got your call.”

Colin comes closer, sitting alongside Voynich.

“I cannot believe it. Is it true?”

Voynich doesn’t speak but he does look up, acknowledging the presence of Colin and nodding at him. The pair share a very long silence before Voynich breaks it with a weary voice.

“I don’t know what we do from here.”

Colin pats him on the shoulder, but his reply is none more confident as Voynich himself. Colin, too, seems conflicted.

“Neither do I.”

That hangs in the air a moment before Colin’s voice pierces through once again.

“But you need to find out more information about your father. There’s only one round here that may have the answers you need and we both know who…”

Voynich stands, drawing a deep breath and wiping his eyes.


The name tumbles out as an exhaled breath.

“I know what I must do. Thank you for the guidance. But he is not going to give anything out willingly.”

Colin smiles at the thought.

“I didn’t envision you asking nicely.”





Sitting in his locker room, CXDY has a stack of cash beside him. He waits casually as a man enters the room.


The Crow eyeballs the cash.

“If you require my services,” Corvus begins. “Please more discrete than your glowing sign at the entrance to this building.”

CXDY smiles as he stands up and clicks a button on a little device he was holding. The doors lock behind Corvus, and an electrical field appears around the lockers.

“Courtesy of Zero.” CXDY smiles as he holds up the device. “Green kept me from doing this, but now it’s time for me to settle the score with you.”

“Aren’t you more concerned with Albert Shaw?” Corvus asks.

“Fuck Shaw.” CXDY replies. “He’s scum, but he didn’t kill Tyler Brooks.”

“No, he didn’t.” Corvus says casually. “I did. Beautifully.”

At the last word, CXDY has had enough. The Reflection reaches down to pick up a baseball bat hidden under the locker.

“No more delays. It’s time to pay the piper.” CXDY says as he winds up to swing.


What. The. Fuck.

The bat shattered on Corvus’s arm. The Crow looks at the bat with a smile as CXDY tries to figure out what happened.

“If you have the knowledge, it’s easy to rig wood to disintegrate upon impact.” Corvus says.

Quicker than lightning, he grabs CXDY and forces the Reflection down to a knee with a knife to his throat.

“I’ll say this to you once, Williams.” Corvus begins. “I performed the job I was hired to do. Nothing more. Nothing less. Don’t attempt to come after me the way you did, because I assure you I am fully capable of disarming any weapon to you bring to bear. Leave me be, and I will leave you be.”

Corvus throws a smoke bomb down, and when it clears, CXDY is alone.

He smiles.

“Time for Plan B.”




Rewind Championship

The conspiracy was against Rune at Lambs of the Slaughter, forced to go from #1 but tonight he has the chance of a lifetime to win his first OSW Championship. Can The Glitch break the veil or will his demise be written on the page?

The bell sounds as Rune rushes forward, taking Deathnote by surprise with a flurry of lefts and rights before a big leaping headbutt stuns the Shingami. Rune whips him into the ropes, dropping down as he rebounds right into the DTH! Deathnote’s head bounces off the canvas as he stumbles up to his feet right as Rune leaps up, TEAR THE VEIL!

Deathnote is down on the mat as Rune sees his opportunity, rolling out of the ring as he grabs the ladder, sliding it into the ring but he can barely get it standing before Deathnote drives a forearm into the back of his head before dropping Rune onto the canvas with a Back Suplex.

Deathnote follows up, lifting Rune up onto his shoulders, GATHER THY…NO! Rune slips out, delivering a hard uppercut to the back of the head, turning Deathnote around who immediately headbutts the Glitch. Rune staggers back into the ropes, rebounding off WOKE…PUMP KICK! Rune is out on his feet as he’s lifted up high, GATHER THY SOUL!

Deathnote sets the ladder up, stablizing it before slowly climbing up. He gets to the top step, his fingertips grazing the title, LOW BLOW! Deathnote is stunned as Rune quickly rushes up the other side, peppering the Shingami with lefts and rights as he tries to get him to fall. One massive right sends Deathnote reeling before he reaches forward, gripping Rune by the throat BEFORE CHOKESLAMMING HIM FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER! Rune crashes hard on the mat as Deathnote quickly reaches up and pulls his championship down for the retention

Deathnote remains Rewind Champion here tonight in this hard fought contest with the Glitch.





Deep in the heart of Wonderland, Sweet Alice finds herself being led by a knight, not one adorned in crimson red but one of lily white.

“What am I doing here, sir? I’m not supposed to be here anymore. The red queen forbid it, I can’t cause anymore pain with my presence.”

“Well, your absence hasn’t stopped any miss. It’s why we’re here. She got him.”

Alice gulps.

“The queens agreed to let you come to say your goodbyes. The Red Queen allowed it on one condition. You had to see how it happened.”

The knight points to a tree and there he is, hanging for the world to see. Every drop of joy has been long gone from his face. He’s paler than normal. Only one thing has remained the same, his trademark hat.

She rushes to him and pulls him down. She desperately shakes him. She’s bawling her eyes out. The Knight hangs his head in sadness.

“It’s of no use Alice, the most mad of us is gone. Just make sure she knows this isn’t checkmate. We still have a queen and a knight, as long as you can pin her against a wall and I have your back, we can still win this war.”

She snaps and screams in between tears.

“She just made sure we would, if we don’t, why am I here!? Why did he have to die? Screw her, she’s not keeping me from Wonderland, she broke our agreement before I did!”

She marches towards the castle. At that moment, she wakes up in the locker room of the Slaughterhouse. Her eyes are red from the crying.

“Was that real?”

Pyre is leaning against the wall.

“Bad dream, Alice?”

Alice shakes her head.

“F you.”

“What was that? Can you not let that word escape your lips? Is it just hanging on your tongue?”

“Fuck you!”

Sweet Alice is done and spears her into the lockers!

She grabs the back of Pyre’s head and starts bashing it into the rusted metal of those old lockers!

She’s busted open! Alice shoves her to the ground and storms off!

Pyre starts standing up, her face is a crimson mask but her teeth are beaming white with a wicked smile.

“About time she broke, I didn’t even have to kill him to do it. At least the snake’s lesson worked.”




Double Feature Championship

Viper Roberts came within inches of winning Lambs of the Slaughter and again he has the fight of his life as he defends his Double Feature Championship against the very impressive Judge. Can the Viper retain his title or will the Judge gain his first OSW singles gold?

The bell sounds as the Judge rushes forward, nearly taking Roberts head off with a massive Lariat. Viper stumbling up to his feet into a flurry of lefts and rights before a stiff headbutt leaves him out on his feet. The Judge backing up for a moment before delivering a brutal VERDICT sending Roberts flying into the corner.

Viper’s back snaps against the steel, as the Judge rushes forward, trying for an avalanche that Roberts just dodges. The Judge implants against the buckles, staggering out into a series of snap jabs, Roberts dancing around the ring as he peppers him before twisting The Judge’s arm and delivering a hard short arm clothesline.

The Judge stumbles to his feet as Viper tries for the Snake Bite but the Judge slips out of it, delivering a stiff headbutt that leaves Roberts reeling. Order lifts Roberts up high, RESTORATION! Viper is driven into the mat as The Judge begins to climb the cage to victory.

The Judge slowly climbs as Roberts stirs on the mat, half way there, nearly at the top. The Judge swings one leg over the top as Viper is nearly up, the Viper leaping forward as he shakes the cage, crocheting the Judge on top. Viper quickly climbs up the cage, getting to the top with The Judge as the two begin exchanging lefts and rights. Viper ducking under a right, SNAKE OIL…ODE TO SNAKE! DDT to the Blinded Judge right into the cage before Order is tossed down to the canvas below and Viper Roberts escapes the cage to retain his championship

The Head Snake picks up a huge victory tonight as he retains his Double Feature Championship against a very game Judge




“Welcome back to the Show That Never Ends! I’m your host, Monty Straight. And today, I have a very special episode for all of you!”

The ever cocky and enthusiastic voice of the show host echoes through the Show That Never Ends’ studio set as Straight steps onto the stage.

“Tonight, we have a guest who just can’t seem to get enough of my show! He’s after me week after week and I figured I would give him a little love! Please give a warm welcome to everyone’s favorite Adam Rook!”

The missing crowd gives a large applause as the camera spins around to reveal a single man seated amongst the sound.


The Harvester finds himself chained to a chair, eyes forced open by hooks. He struggles against the bonds, his curses and yelling muffled by a piece of tape over his mouth.

“So sorry you can’t give the crowd a hello, the producers thought you were a bit rude and figured this was best for what I had in store for you! Are you ready for the episode?”

He pauses, watching Reaper struggle and yell, nodding his head and chuckling.

“Perfect! Now let the show begin!’

A projector begins to play, a video playing across a large screen that descended from the ceiling.

“Today, we show you something never before seen on my show! I’m showing you what life would have been like… if your wife picked the other door.”

He chuckles again, Reaper fighting his chains as the movie begins to play.

A terrifying, depressing movie.

We see Reaper’s wife tending to her husband, the Reaper himself with a large lobotomy scar across his forehead. He’s helpless, his eyes blank. She feeds him, cares for him, and tells him he loves him… but nothing exists behind his eyes. And with each new jump cut his wife’s eyes get sadder, her smile fades. Eventually, we see her crying, weeping over her husband day in and day out.

And Reaper in the audience?

Tears pour from his eyes as the movie plays.

The stage slowly falls away.

And we are left with Reaper on his knees, his face stained with his own tears, unable to speak as the scene fades out.




Previously Recorded.

“I’m sure you know a thing or two about the Bible, no?”

An odd question from the mouth of Viper Roberts greets us from inside a reading room, his attention divided between flipping pages of the holy book and the target of his inquiry. The question is one that garners a chuckle from Two-Face, who dismisses it as they examine some nearby books on a shelf.

“The last time we had any concern about that book was resting a hand on it to swear an oath. What use have we for it now?”

Viper finds what he’s looking for, handing the book over to Two-Face.

“The message in the concrete…it was a reference to this.”

The Viper points a finger at the passage in question, the seventh chapter of the Book of Matthew. Two-Face glares at the Head Snake for a moment before turning their attention to the book, glancing over its contents before reading aloud the first verse.

“Judge not, that ye be not judged.”

Two-Face shoots another glare at the Viper.

“What does this have to do with…”

Viper cuts them off.

“Judge. He knows something, I’m sure of it.”

Two-Face’s look softens as he pieces together what Viper is alluding to.

“Go on, read further down.”

His encouragement sends Two-Face down the passage until they find another notable phrase:

Ask and it shall be given.

Viper nods with a smirk.

“Bingo. Stick with me, and we will get some answers from this Judge once and for all…trust me.”

Two-Face gives the Head Snake one more glare, eventually nodding in agreement as he slams the book shut.




Eight of the best in the world go head to head here tonight. Can the world champion, the #1 contender, the immortal and the crow reign supreme or will the Dream Demon, the Collector, the God King and BEG cement their legacies?

The bell sounds as Luke Storm and Darklord start off. Storm rushing forward as he peppers the bigger man with rapid fire strikes to every part of the body that seem to bounce off the God King who simply grabs Storm by the throat and throws him hard into the ropes. Storm bounces off as Darklord runs to meet him

KNE…STORM DUCKS UNDER, bouncing off the other ropes as he drills Darklord with a running enziguri to the back of the head, rolling forward as he springboards off the ropes once more


Darklord is dazed as Storm grabs him by the head, dragging the God King into the corner as he tags in the Crow. Corvus and Storm loop around Darklord, pounding him with stiff kicks before leaping high and low


Corvus pulls Darklord up to his feet drilling him with a trio of hard forearms to the face before backing up.


Corvus gets drilled in mid air with that ring shaking spinebuster as Darklord tags himself out to the Collector. Sigil pulls Corvus up to his feet drilling him with a hard knee to the jaw before sending him into the grip of Darklord

TOSSING WARLORD’S HAND INTO A LUNGBLOWER! Corvus’s body is wracked in pain as Sigil drops down for the first cover of this contest.


Sigil pulls the Crow up to his feet drilling him with a sickening headbutt before gripping him around the head as he tries to force him down over his knee. Corvus slips out, delivering a stiff throat thrust, then a palm strike

MURDER OF…COSMIC LEAP! Sigil leaps out of the way of the elbow strike, the Crow scanning the ring for the Collector as Sigil appears behind him


Corvus had the Roundhouse scouted, drilling Sigil with that lethal flash kick as Corvus leaps forward, tagging out to Darby Sorrow who comes in like a house on fire with a running dropkick to the face of the rising Sigil.

The Collector gets to his feet into a flurry of lefts and rights before Darby rushes to the ropes, ducking under a clothesline as he springs off the ropes, rolling forward


Sigil dazed stumbles out of the ring to the outside, trying to get his bearings but Darby barely lets him get to his feet before he sprints forward

SUICIDE TOPE! Sorrow dives over the ropes taking Sigil down with that massive dive but he can’t capitalize as BEG grabs Sorrow by the back of the head


BEG throws the bloodied Darby into the ring, pulling Sigil up to his feet as well as he throws him in before tagging himself into the match.

Darby slowly gets to his feet as Berkshire drills him in the ribs with a stiff kick to the ribs, before lifting him up and planting him into the mat with a stiff gutwrench suplex. BEG keeps the hold on the ribs, constricting Darby’s breath as he tries to suffocate his old enemy. Berkshire just ragdolling the smaller Darby, tossing him around on the mat with ease before Darby begins to fight back, slamming his head backwards into BEG’s forehead.

A particularly hard thunk loosens the hold slightly as Sorrow tries to tag out but a stiff kick to the leg stops him before a brutal bulldog implants a bloody patch onto the mat


Darby’s down and out on the mat as BEG’s smile grows wide, dropping down as he locks in the Financial Crisis! Darby screams in pain but he’ll never give up. The blood dripping down his face screams a different tale though as Sorrow might not be conscious for much longer. BEG pulling back with all his might, contorting Sorrow back into a vicious arc for a moment before Berkshire finds his back stomped down


BEG is now screaming in pain but he refuses to let go of the Financial Crisis, the referee unsure of how to call this three way submission before the Sandman steps over the ropes. The Dream Demon’s had enough of playing on the sidelines as Corvus rushes in to blindside him but gets a hard right hand for his troubles before a monstrous grip attaches to his throat


The submission is broken as Corvus slams hard down onto all three competitors, The Sandman reaching down as he drags BEG into his corner before tagging him. Slowly walking forward as Darby tries to reach the outstretched hand of Luke Storm before stomping down hard on the back of the Immortal who yells out in pain.

The Dream Demon pulls Sorrow up to his feet, rolling his eyes back into his head with a snap headbutt before gripping him around the throat, looking for another chokeslam.


Sorrow counters out of the Chokeslam at the last second, driving Sandman into the mat with a DDT that gives him enough time to leap forward and tag in the Tempest. Storm rolls into the ring like a house on fire, drilling a rising BEG with a massive Lightning Strike before Darklord rushes into the ring.


Darklord rolls out of the ring as Storm turns his attention to Sandman. For a moment, the pair just stare at one another before they go flying forward with furious lefts and rights, Storm getting the better of the exchange as he rushes to the ropes, bouncing off


Storm nearly gets his bell run with that huge Boot as he stumbles back up to his feet, HAND AROUND THE THROAT….


The Stunner hits flush as Sandman drops down to one knee, Storm unleashing a torrent of strikes upon the prone Dream Demon before backing up as he leaps up high.




Sigil appears out of nowhere, roundhousing Storm right out of the attempted Storm Surge but he doesn’t get a chance to do anything before Voynich rushes forward, nearly spearing Sigil out of his boots as he pounds down on his former ally with heavy lefts and rights. Sigil slips out of Voynich’s fury, only to get a hard kick to the midsection

ISHTAR’S GATE TO THE OUTSIDE! Sigil just got Lariated over the ropes to the floor below as Voynich looks fired up just as Darklord tags himself in on the rising Sandman and rushes forward.

KNEEL! The Spartan Kick hits hard as Voynich falls to his knees right as Luke Storm leaps off his back

ASSISTED LIGHTNING STRIKE! Darklord stumbles on his feet right into the path of the Crow as he’s


Corvus can’t follow up as he’s sent flying out of nowhere with the PLANESWALKER! Sigil rolling to his feet right into a stiff spear by Voynich as both men roll out of the ring still pounding away at one another. Storm notices a rising Sandman but as he rushes forward for a Lighting Strike, he’s stopped out of nowhere by a massive Lariat from Darklord.

The Dream Demon and the God King pull the Tempest up to his feet, both having one massive hand around his throat


Both monsters drop down for the sure cover



Darby Sorrow out of nowhere as he breaks up the pinfall, slamming down hard on both monsters as he looks to finish the match


BEG out of nowhere, drilling Darby hard with the uppercut to the wedding tackle, a pair of knuckle dusters in his hand as he drills Sorrow with a hard right to the skull that drops him like a shot before covering


BEG rolls out of the ring, looking at the chaos all around the ring as he smiles, fist raised as he outsmarts the monsters and the thrillseekers to steal this victory for his team here tonight.




As BEG wisely escapes to the outside and exits the ringside area, grinning all the while.


Shaw clobbers him from behind with a forearm, crashing him down to the ramp with a thud. He begins stomping a mudhole in him, keeping one eye on the entrance ramp as Zero and CXDY storm out in defence of their leader.

They attack together, pummelling Shaw backwards.

Meanwhile, Luke Storm and Voynich are back to their feet in the middle of the ring, watching.


From behind, The Sandman and Darklord attack. Darklord attacks Storm, sending him into the corner and The Sandman does the same to Voynich.

Both monsters deliver brutal right hands to their opposition until Sandman drags Voynich out, being met by Darklord.











Both men get back to their feet and share a hand shake, nodding in mutual respect.

Back on the entrance ramp and Shaw has left, leaving Zero and CXDY to tend to BEG.

What a thrilling end to the show.