[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Cold open: Miami Dade Federatal Detention Centre.] [The Chief stands beside a limousine, parked outside a large building in Miami. He leans on his cane, watching carefully as two large steel cages slide open.]

“Well, if it ain’t the fuckin’ welcoming committee!”

[The camera spins, revealing none other than The Juggalo, Jake Jeckel.]

“What are you, my chauffer? That’s a step down for you, ain’t it?” [Jake mocks as he approaches, a plastic bag filled with his belongings.] “Now if I open that limousine door and there’s isn’t a bottle of Faygo and two fine ass bitches with their titties out waiting for me, I’m going to Hatchet you through that fucking window.”

[The Chief frowns, snapping his cane up from the floor and jabbing it into the throat of Jeckel.]

“Nigga, you better watch who the fuck you’re talking to.”

[Jake laughs, pushing the cane away.]

“Shit, you need to chill the fuck out, man.”

[The Juggalo walks around the limousine, sizing it up.]

“So, you decided to get me out after all, huh?” [He says, bending down to check the rims.] “I knew you had pull, but I didn’t realize you had that much.”

“You said you know what’s coming. I need to know, Jeckel.”

[Jake grunts.] “You’re gonna have to make it worth my while, Chiefy.”

“You’re out, aint’cha?” [The Chief responds.] “And next week, I’m going to give you a chance to regain your throne in the Ring King competition. You’ve got a job for life with me, kid. But it all depends on what the fuck you know.”

[They both stare at each other. The intense pause is brief, before Jake opens the limousine door and steps inside. He waits a moment and when The Chief doesn’t follow, he pops his head out.]

“You comin’ or what?” [Jake asks.] [The Chief thinks about it, knowing he needs answers. He opens the limousine door and joins Jake inside.] [We pan out, watching for a moment, before the vehicle slowly pulls off.] [Cut.]


[Two Nations at war as The Leader of the Free World takes on the Red Tsar in a long-awaited rematch.] [The United States Secret Service stand at ringside as Mr. President finds his way into the ring. Sergei stares down his opponent as the bell rings. Sergei flies out of the corner- AN AGENT GRABS HIS FOOT! Jackson hits a lariat to the back of the Red Tsar’s skull! Fitzgerald tries for a cobra clutch- Sergei throws him into the corner! Sokolov refuses to give his opponent the upper hand as he unloads with a flurry of short-arm clotheslines! Sergei grabs JGF by the head AND TOSSES HIM ACROSS THE RING! Jackson is sent sprawling by that immensely powerful throw!] [JGF has to shake the cobwebs as Sergi runs towards him- CHOP BLOCK BY JGF! Sergei lands on the middle rope by the trip and Mr. President crawls up to the referee, distracting them! As the referee is occupied A SECRET SERVICE AGENT CLOBBERS SERGEI WITH A STEEL CHAIR SHOT TO THE HEAD! Sokolov is stunned and Fitzgerald ditches the referee, HITTING A RUNNING FACEWASH TO THE ROPE HUNG SERGEI! The Russian Bear is unable to fight back as Fitzgerald pulls him from the ropes and covers! One- KICKOUT! NOT EVEN A ONE COUNT! JGF is tossed off Sergei almost with ease!] [Sokolov is raging as he grabs for Jackson, hitting the president with a massive German suplex! JGF barely stands before Sergei grabs him and runs him headfirst into the turnbuckle! Mr. President can’t get out any offense before Sergei lifts him overhead! SERGEI THROWS JGF TO THE OUTSIDE! Fitzgerald collides with his entourage, all of the agents scrambling to get to their feet as Sokolov exits the ring. The agents swarm Sergei! SOKOLOV THROWS ONE HEADFIRST INTO THE STEPS! The remaining feds try and create a wall between JGF and Sergei! SOVIET STRIKE! Sokolov lays out all comers with a multitude of spinning backfists!] [It’s pandemonium at ringside as Sergei tosses the agents out of his way! JGF has nowhere to go as The Red Tsar grabs him by the hair and unceremoniously throws him into the ring! The President is dazed as Sergei comes flying in from ringside with a massive lariat! He grabs the downed JGF and lifts him into a sidewalk slam! He lifts him once more! FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE! SAMBO SUPLEX! Jackson looks to crumple as she slams into the mat! But Sergei isn’t done with him! He grabs the throat of the commander in chief! WARHEAD TO FITZGERALD!] [Sergei still refuses to pin Jackson! He looks to be going for the end as he heaves him overhead- The agents are up and distracting the referee! Sergei drops Fitzgerald and goes to get the referee’s attention, but as he does JGF grabs him from behind! BRASS KNUCKLES TO THE JAW OF SERGEI! AN AGENT SLIPPED HIM A WEAPON! JGF unloads with the knuckles! Sergei is unable to focus himself as Fitzgerald forces him back towards the turnbuckle! SERGEI HAS BEEN BUSTED WIDE OPEN! JGF tosses the knuckles to ringside as he rolls the Russian Bear up in a small package!] [One! Two! Three- SERGEI BARELY KICKS OUT! Sokolov is dazed as he crawls to his feet, but JGF is on the attack as he shoves Sergei into the corner! The President rears back and leaps- POP UP SNAKE EYES! Sergei sends JGF right into the turnbuckle! He’s calling for the end as he grabs Jackson and lifts him up onto the turnbuckle! Sergei headbutts Fitzgerald and keeps him dazed as he begins to lift him- THUMB TO THE EYE BY THE PRESIDENT! OATH OF OFFICE FROM THE TOP ROPE! BOTH MEN CRASH INTO THE MAT! JGF is collapsed on top of Sergei! One! Two! Three!] [Jackson Grant Fitzgerald has done it! Mr. President is helped to his feet by his Secret Service Agents before being escorted from the ring!]


[Jingle bells fill the hallways backstage as Jolly St. Nick happily walks down the halls with a large bag over his shoulder. The sound of some shuffling catches his ear as he stops to open a door beside him. He gasps for a moment before shaking his head.] [Inside of the room, The Easter Bunny is quickly humping a large table. His rapid thrusts rubbing against the table create the source of the sound.]

“There you are, Bunny! I-OOF!”

[Santa is thrown into the room forcefully as he slams into the humping Bunny knocking both to the floor. Standing in the doorway is none other than The Virus himself. He steps into the room with Jensen flanking him. They move towards the Christmas Icon as he’s slowly trying to reposition his beard on his face.]

“You’re not HIM, but I’ll make an example out of you for trying to claim MY child.”

[With that, he grabs a small canister from Jensen and begins pouring the contents on Santa. The powerful aroma of gasoline begins to fill the space.]

“Leave some for us, will you?”

[Smiley appears inside of the room with Doubt standing right beside him.]

“Actually we’ll just take The Bunny, if you don’t mind?” [questions Doubt but seeming to not be asking for permission.] [The Virus just waves his hand as he throws the Santa onto the table and strikes a match.] [FWWWOOOOM!] [The Santa suit erupts in flames as the screams of Santa begin filling the backstage area. Smiley raises his crowbar high and BRINGS IT DOWN upon the nether regions of the bunny. He begins flinching uncontrollably and clutching himself. STRIKE AFTER STRIKE! One strike cracks the kneecap of Bunny forcing him to audibly cry out in pain. Knock Knock lift him up and… double suplex him through the table with the screaming Santa. The fire subsides as both teams glare at each other across the debris.]

“See you out there, ‘Family.’”

[The Virus just grins as he turns with Jensen keeping a wary eye on them as they leave.]


[Tonight it is tag team turmoil as The Family faces Knock Knock in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match. Things are bound to break in this match. Will it be bodies or tables or both? We find out now!] [DING! DING! DTR and Jensen Cussen both immediately slide out of the ring and go for a table! They grab it quickly but Doubt dives over the ropes with a TORNILLO! That amazing move drops both men! Smiley goes to the other side of the ring and grabs some chairs! He tosses one to Doubt and they both smash the family repeatedly with chair shots! Knock Knock are on a roll and they toss the family into the ring! They go for the early cover! One…Two…No! Both men kick out! Both members of Knock Knock go to the top rope!] [DOUBLE MOONSAULT…No! DTR rolls out of the way and Jensen Cussen gets the knees up! Momentum has swung in their favor and they call for Knock Knock to get up! REASONABLE DOUBT TO DOUBT! INFINITE CHAOS TO SMILEY! Both go for the cover! One…Two…Thre…No! Both members of Knock Knock kick out! The family roll out to the ring! DTR grabs the table from before! Jensen grabs a ladder! They set up both! What are they planning! Jensen puts Doubt on the table and DTR climbs to the top of the ladder! LIGHTS OUT off the ladder but Doubt rolls off the table!] [DTR crashes through the table hard! Smiley gets up and tosses Jensen into the ladder! His face hits the steel hard as he slouches against the ladder! Smiley grinds Cussen’s face into the ladder steps and locks in the CHELSEA GRIN! Those fish hooks against the ladder could force anyone to tap! Doubt goes for Eating Yourself Alive on DTR but he counters with a BACK BODY DROP! He tosses Doubt right into Smiley and breaks the hold! The ladder falls on impact! The family grabs both members of Knock Knock! DOUBLE POWERBOMB ONTO THE LADDER!!! Knock Knock is writhing in pain!] [The family goes for a double cover! One…Two…another kickout! The family starts stomping away on them but Knock Knock kicks out both of their knees! DOUBLE DDTs by Knock Knock! The family rolls out of the ring from the force of those DDTs! They are both getting to their feet and DOUBLE PLANCHAS FROM KNOCK KNOCK! They toss DTR in the ring! Doubt goes for the cover! One…Two…No! Kick out by DTR! Doubt and Smiley both climb to the top rope and wait for DTR to get up! Jensen Cussen gets up and tosses Smiley off the ropes into the barricade!] [Doubt is distracted and DTR capitalizes! He gets on the top rope! BRAINBUSTAAA! Doubt might be done after that! DTR covers! One…Two…Thr…NO! Doubt gets the shoulder up! Cussen slides into the ring and they start double teaming Doubt! DTR traps Doubt’s arms and Jensen drives his knees into Doubt’s midsection! Jensen bounces off the ropes and goes for the shining wizard! Doubt slips out! SHINING WIZARD TO DTR! Jensen is stunned as Doubt capitalizes and hits INTO THE UNKNOWN! What an exploder suplex but it looks like it took as much out of Doubt as it did Jensen! All three men are down!] [Smiley slides into the ring and covers Jensen! One…Two…Thr…NO! Jensen kicks out! He goes to cover DTR! One…Two…Kick out! Smiley is frustrated as he grabs the ladder and leans it against the corner! Smiley drags Jensen and sets him against the ladder! He’s going for SHOCK THERAPY! Jensen moves out of the way as Smiley spears himself into the ladder! Smiley almost breaks it on that impact! Jensen sees his chance and does a spear of his own! SPEAR THROUGH THE LADDER! Both men are down! Doubt and DTR are both up now! Doubt goes for Eating Yourself Alive but DTR WITH A REASONABLE DOUBT!! PIN… ONE…. TWO… THREE!] [An amazing and devastating match as the family escapes with the win! A big reversal by DTR makes the former champs victorious over the legendary team of Knock Knock!]

[Backstage, a podium is set up with the presidential seal in the background as Jackson Grant Fitzgerald walks in, wearing a stoic look on his face as he addresses the nation.]

“My fellow Americans…tonight we witnessed a terrorist attempting to escape his fate…but eventually, justice finds those who deserve it.”

[We cut to Sergei after the match, being escorted out of the Tap Room by authorities.]

“In addition to his act of cowardice last week when he attempted to murder one of my top agents, he is being held for questioning in regards to other acts of terrorism perpetrated by his father, General Dzagoev.”

[We cut to FBT and SWAT storming into the office of Dzagoev, putting the General and his men into custody.]

“Sergei Solokov is a name that will live in infamy in the minds of those impacted by his actions, but they can rest easy knowing that he and his associates will be locked away for a long time.”

[We see simultaneous shots of Sergei and Dzagoev being shoved into armored vehicles. Back at the Tap Room, the President walks away hiding a smirk on his face as he walks down the hall, confident that his last roadblock has been cleared. We go back to an armored vehicle as it approaches the freeway, when suddenly—] [BANG!] [An explosion rocks the vehicle off the road, tipping over on the side as it crashes onto the grass beside the road. We see the driver and passenger crawling out of the vehicle as a loud thud emanates from the back doors…which break wide open as an angry Sergei makes his escape. He glares back at the other men before breaking his shackles off as he walks away, a man bent on revenge.] [Cut.]


[The Double Feature Championship is on the line as Cael Gable needs it desperately as The Sharkman defends against him and Gable’s victim: Adam Eve!] [The bell sounds as Adam Eve just charges Gable immediately! He does not seem happy with the way things have gone down in recent weeks! He tackles Gable to the ground and begins just BRUTALIZING Gable with vicious rights! The Sharkman sees this and yanks him off of Gable. Eve rolls to his feet and begins yelling at The Sharkman to stay out of the way. Sharkman simply kicks him in the midsection and throws him out of the ring between the ropes! The Sharkman helps Gable back to his feet and seems to be trying to reason with him. The referee is turned to check on Adam and Gable just KICK TO THE GROIN! Sharkman winces as Gable ROLLS HIM UP! One…Two…KICKOUT!] [The Sharkman gets to his feet just as Gable does, and he catches him with a enzuigiri! Gable falls to the mat as Sharkman just hangs his head a bit. He moves over to grab him, but Adam Eve comes out of nowhere with an axe handle to his back! Sharkman turns right into a kick to the midsection followed by Adam Eve just hoisting him up into the air. BRAINBUSTER! All of the weight of Sharkman just came crashing down atop of his head! Adam Eve rolls him up. One…Two…KICKOUT!] [Adam doesn’t appear surprised by the result, but seems to be using these kickouts to wear down the Champion. Adam quickly wraps his arms around the waist of Sharkman and hoists him up for a gutwrench suplex! Adam goes to continue his assault, but it’s Gable from behind with a rear naked choke! HEADBUTT to the back of Adam Eve’s head! He looks dazed! SILENCE IS GOLDEN! More headbutts are following as he’s slowly beginning to fade. Sharkman gets to his feet and Gable just throws Eve at Sharkman! Sharkman catches him just as Gable comes barreling through! All three go crashing into the corner turnbuckle! THE GOLD RUSH!] [Cael Gable looks around himself and pulls out Adam Eve to cover. One…Two…NO! Kickout by The Made Man! Cael looks at the top rope, climbs outside, and climbs up to the top turnbuckle. He waits for The Sharkman to stagger to his feet before… GOLDEN PARAC- DROPKICK! Cael is caught in mid-air by The Sharkman who takes the moment to climb up top himself… THE SHARK DIVE! The senton bomb connects as he hooks both legs. One…Two…ADAM EVE SAVES IT! Adam quickly yanks up The Sharkman, hoists him up, and drops him quickly right on top of Cael with a Samoan Drop!] [Adam Eve is back in charge of this match as he goes to pull up Gable, who grabs his trunks and pulls him, shoulder-first into the corner turnbuckle! Gable rolls to his feet, tapping at his head as if to point out how ingenious that was. The yanks Eve out of the corner and hits a German suplex right into the center of the ring… before lifting him up for another… and another… and another until he’s hit ten! 10 KARAT! Cael Gable is brimming with excitement as he climbs up to the top turnbuckle and points down at Adam! He leaps…] [THE GOLD STANDARD… RIGHT ON TOP OF THE SHARKMAN! The Sharkman tried to save Adam Eve from the brunt of the blow by throwing himself on top of him. Gable is holding his ribs in pain, but he doesn’t seem vexed by the issue. He rolls up The Sharkman. One…Two…NO! Kickout from the champ! Gable looks in disbelief before leaping on Eve! One…Two…KICKOUT! Gable is irate. He grabs Adam Eve up and tries for a suplex, but it’s blocked! OESTROGEN BLOCKER! A front suplex slam drops Gable down as The Sharkman begins to stagger to his feet. Eve picks Gable up and throws him into Sharky who wrenches his arm, and… THE RECKONING! The brutal wrenched arm DDT just spiked his head into the mat! The Sharkman covers! One….Two…THREE! The Sharkman defeats Cael Gable, but give the assist to Adam Eve who just let it happen!] [The fans don’t quite know what to make of that, as all three begin to stir on the canvas.]


[After that gruelling match, The Sharkman, Adam Eve and Cael Gable carefully get back to their feet.] [The Sharkman heads over to Eve and offers a handshake, looking back at Gable with a glare as he does. He’s sending a message here tonight.] [Eve accepts.] [LOW BLOW!] [THE SHARKMAN FALLS TO HIS KNEES IN AGONY!] [What a vile Low Blow! The fans can’t believe it. The Sharkman can’t believe it. Cael Gable can’t believe it.] [Adam Eve just drove his boot straight into the crotch of The Shark!] [He turns to face Gable with a wicked smile, spinning quickly to wrap his foot around the head of his downed opponent. Cael looks on in shock, watching as The Sharkman falls to his back, holding his head.] [“Hellraiser” by Motorhead suddenly blares over the speakers. That old familiar tune is accompanied by Sheriff Law, who struts out into the Tap Room with a smile of his own. He heads towards the ring and slides under the bottom rope, coming to a standstill between Eve and Gable.]

“Cael Gable,” [Law says with a mocking tone.] “I’d like to introduce you to a dear friend of mine, and enforcer, Adam Eve.”

[The fans boo in shock.]

“You see, I’ve had Adam keeping tabs on you since he arrived here in Old School Wrestlin’ and we’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to make you suffer,” [Law continues whilst looking towards Eve with a smile.] “So, when I knew you needed a little push over the edge just a few weeks ago, I made sure he was the one to do it.”

[Cael’s frustration is beginning to boil over. His face turns red, and his hand becomes bawled into a fist.]

“And tonight, I made sure he was the one to cost you that Double Feature Championship, all so you’d have the displeasure of losing once again.”

[Law smiles, looking at the title sat on floor behind Gable.]

“Because for as long as I’m out,” [He says looking at Eve.] “We’ll be around to make your life a living misery.”

[Cael tries to react, but Law steps in waving a finger.]

“Don’t even think about it, Olympic Gold Medallist,” [he warns.] “You just remember where your mommy and daddy are, alright?”

[Gable stops, powerless as Eve laughs.]

“Your ass belongs to me. I’ll be seeing you around, Cael.”

[Hellraiser hits once more, giving Law and Eve their cue to exit. They both take their leave, and Gable stands left behind, his face miserable. He could have won the Double Feature Championship, but Sheriff Law and Adam Eve long made sure that it was never on the cards.] [What’s he going to do now?]


[Two pillars now stand outside of the ring. Each of them have an open slot with a glass covering, each appearing to be some kind of display case.] [Captain Zappa stands in front of one of them, the All-Star Championship over his shoulder.] [At the other is Solomon Rhodes. The VHS Championship is locked around his waist.]

“You sure you wanna do this, man?” [Zappa asks.] “Be a lot easier if you just gave it to me. Save us all a lot of trouble. I don’t want to beat up an old man, tonight. I got better things to do.”

[Rhodes curls his nose at the insults from his opponent.]

“I’m not sure which has poisoned your mind more: the Zetas or the mind-altering confections you enjoy. If you want anything in life, boy, you have to take it. And I will stop this invasion here and now by severing you from all that you hold dear.”

[The Dragon places the VHS Championship in the first slot. Zappa chuckles at the comments made towards him.]

“I guess we’re about to find out, aren’t we?”

[He places the All-Star Championship in the other pillar. Both glass windows slide down to lock them from their holders. Solomon steps to the side to face Zappa, placing his hand on the All-Star pillar.]

“Yes, we are. It’s time to find out if you’re what you say you are, or if you’re just another bad decision.”

[Rhodes’ eyes seem to glow for a moment, and in a flash the pillar holding the All-Star Championship has vanished in a flash of fire. Zappa nods in approval.]

“I’m not a bad decision. I’m the Chosen One.”

[The two men step inside the ring. It’s time to find out who will stand as the VHS Champion.]

[There’s a fine line in the battle between god and evil and the Dragon fights to uphold that, but the Zeta’s Chosen One may end that all tonight. Will Rhodes righteous path to the unified title prevail or will the Unorthadox Captain rise to glory?] [The bell sounds as both competitors rush forward, laying into one another with a flurry of punches, kicks and elbows as Zappa gets the advantage with a stiff headbutt, stunning Rhodes as Zappa leaps up, trying for a DDT but Rhodes manages to slip out, running forward with a basement dropkick that Zappa just rolls away from. Both men get to their feet, the crowd going wild as they circle around one another, each man trying to find an opening as Zappa rushes in with a Lariat, Rhodes ducking under as he springboards off the ropes, leaping off with a hard enziguri that clips Zappa in the back of the head] [Zappa’s stunned as Rhodes lifts him up, trying for a little Fire with the Crucifix into the corner but Zappa slips out, grabbing Rhodes from behind and planting him into the mat with a Reverse DDT! Rhodes gets up wincing as he walks into a flurry of blows, as a leaping knee rocks the Dragon before he’s lifted up, THE MOAB! An early Suspended Backdrop hits flush as Zappa leaps off the ropes, SLINGSHOT SPLASH! Zappa hooks the leg for the cover, ONE…TWO..Rhodes gets the shoulder up!] [Zappa pulls Solomon up to his feet but the Dragon fires up, sweeping Zappa’s leg out before leaping up and taking him over with a Snap Frankensteiner. Rhodes rolls back, DARKWIS…Zappa ducks under, lifting Rhodes up onto his shoulders before running forward, INTERGALACTIC INERTIA! Rhodes gets driven into the turnbuckles as he collapses to the canvas, slowly rising as Zappa rushes to the ropes, bouncing off, DELILAH SAYS GOOD MORNING! That stiff back elbow knocks Rhodes flat as Zappa covers again, ONE..TWO…TH..RHODES GETS THE SHOULDER UP!] [Rhodes slowly gets to his feet as Zappa rushes forward, trying for another flying elbow but Rhodes ducks, sweeping the leg as he forces Zappa to bounce headfirst onto the middle buckle! The Captain staggers out into a kick to the gut, DAWN! The Fishermans Buster drills Zappa into the mat as the Dragon covers for the first time, ONE…TWO…Zappa gets the shoulder up! The Dragon rolls back, trying again for Darkwish but Zappa catches his foot, spinning him around, LAUGHING HYPERDRIVE! Rhodes looks like his neck has been broken from that massive Piledriver as Zappa covers ONE…TWO…THRE…RHODES GETS THE SHOULDER UP!] [Zappa calls for the end as he climbs up to the top rope, sizing the Dragon up for a moment, ZETAVARIUM…MISSES! Zappa staggers to his feet, his right knee swept out from under him, DARKWISH! Rhodes finally hits the Superkick but Zappa doesn’t go down, eyes glazed over out on his feet as Rhodes leaps up, CHAOS THEORY! Zappa looks done as Rhodes covers, ONE…TWO…THR…FOOT ON THE ROPES! Zappa just saved himself as Rhodes pulls Zappa up, trying for a second Chaos Theory but finds himself spun around, HYPERDRIVE! Zappa collapses onto Rhodes as the referee counts, ONE…TWO…THR…RHODES KICKS OUT!] [Both men slowly get to their feet, exchanging lefts and rights as Zappa nails another stiff headbutt but Rhodes ducks under a dropkick attempt before an enziguri stuns the Captain, who finds himself lifted up into the air, FIRE! Zappa collapses to the mat as Rhodes scrambles up to the top rope, BLOOD…MISSES! Rhodes rolls to his feet as he bounces off the ropes, trying for another Darkwish but Zappa catches his foot, spinning him around before nearly decapitating the Dragon with a thunderous Lariat. Zappa slowly climbs up to the top rope, diving off with the ZETAVARIUM! It hits flush this time as Zappa hooks the leg, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Chosen One picks up the biggest victory of his career, unifying the All-Star and VHS Championships here at Genesis tonight. He might be unorthadox and a little strange but tonight he proved in that ring, he’s one of the very best]


[A limousine pulls into shot somewhere in downtown Miami, underneath an overpass. The doors soon swing open and out steps The Chief and Jake Jeckel from opposite sides. They meet around the back, surveying the decaying streets before them.]

“Reminds me of the hood,” [The Chief remarks.] [Jake grins, nodding.] “Fuckin’ aye. I get the feelin’ that me and you ain’t too different, Chiefy.”

[The Chief doesn’t immediately respond, following Jake into the squalor. There’s people led half unconscious on the floors, sick, covered by newspapers and tatty blankets. No-one here is well, no-one here is safe.]

“Why the fuck are we here, Jake?”

[The Juggalo frowns.] “I told you, I need help,” [he says continuing slightly ahead.] “And that means making an unusual alliance.”

[They approach a small tent. It’s ripped, dirty and clearly aged. Jake clears his throat and waits, and that’s when a familiar face appears.] [Calypso.]

“You don’t belong here,” [She remarks, sneering almost.] “Now leave, before we make you.”

“We?” [The Chief questions.] [Jake nudges him, revealing that before they had even realized it, they were surrounded. The lepers and meek, weapons in hands, stood in a circle around them, awaiting the order to attack.]

“That’s cute,” [he says.] “I’ll tell you what nigga, if even one of you comes near me with one of those tire irons, I’m gonna level this entire city block and build a fuckin’ mall on your god damn corpses.”

[Jake literally belly laughs.] “Fuck me, I love this guy.”

[Calypso tilts her head.]

“What do you want, Jeckel?”

[He smiles.]

“I want an army,” [He responds, looking around the one that surrounds them.] “And that’s exactly what you have. You see, somethin’ is comin’, Calypso. Something big. If we don’t join forces, we’ll never stop it. You have the lepers, the downtrodden and the meek to fight by your side. I have the plan.”

[She steps closer to the Juggalo.] “Then it sounds like I don’t really need you, do I?”

“Without me, the meek won’t inherit shit. WITHOUT ME, you all die,” [Jake says with frustration getting the better of him.] “And you die bloody.”

[Calypso shakes her head, laughing it off.]

“You two should leave,” [She says sternly.] “Before I change my mind.”

[The Chief quickly interrupts.] “How about a contract?” [He offers hastily, grabbing her attention.] “How about I help you provide for these people? I’ll give you a spot in Ring King,” [The Chief offers, much to the frowning dismay of Jeckel.] “And a match with Jake Jeckel as the icing on the cake.”

[The Juggalo’s jaw drops.]

“But if he beats you, you join forces with him,” [The Chief makes clear.] “Do you understand me? You bring your people and you let him lead you.”

[Calypso thinks about it, looks at her people and nods in agreement.]

“You have a deal,” [she agrees.] “But I expect payment up front.”

[The Chief reaches into his pocket, pulls out a wad of cash – at least five grand in hundreds and throws it at her. She looks at it, grins and heads back inside her tent.] [Jake can’t believe it. They begin to walk off, heading through the now parted sea of Calypso followers.]

“I take it back,” [Jake groans.] “You’re a prick.”



[The Rewind Championship is on the line, and we’ll be seeing No Face defend his championship.] [The bell sounds as all four men circle around the ring. Hysteria looks at No Face and gives a nod to which No Face oddly seems to acknowledge. They charge across the ring and take out Bruce Van Chan with a simultaneous striking him with a low kick and a diving elbow strike! He’s blasted backwards into the corner where he slumps down. They turn and Mike Lane blasts No Face! ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE! The rolling knee flattens him as Hysteria and Mike Lane are the only two standing. Hysteria smiles wildly as the mask flattens along his face. Mike Lane smirks a little too.] [They are about to lock up, but Bruce Van Chan blasts Hysteria from the side. That leaves the two men standing alone in the ring. Both parts of Heart of Darkness circle around. They tie up in the center of the ring. Bruce gets the upper hand and wrenches the head of Mike. The Shadow begins to fight back with elbows to the midsection. Bruce grabs him by the hair and SLAMS him to the mat. He rushes towards the corner, climbs up, and leaps off for a diving moonsault! KNEES TO THE GUT! Bruce rolls away clutching his ribs as Mike Lane rolls to his feet.] [Before he can do anything, Hysteria and No Face blindside Mike Lane! They tackle him to the ground and begin brutalizing him with a series of vicious stomps before Hysteria pulls No Face back. He drops to his knees and begins just delivering brutal rights to the temple. No Face grabs Hysteria and yanks him away before grabbing the head of Mike Lane. DARKNESS! A brutal headbutt strikes Lane as his eyes begin to roll back into his head. Hysteria grabs No Face and yanks him to his feet. These two psychopaths are standing in the center of the ring with both breathing heavily.] [No Face’s head tilts to the side as Hysteria pokes his chest and points to the mat. No Face shakes his head as if not understanding. “Lay down!” Hysteria yells with a slight laughter to his tone. No Face goes down to knee! Is he really going to lay down for Hysteria? He begins to lay down… but leaps up and grabs the throat of Hysteria! He lifts him high in the air as he’s just choking out the life of him! Hysteria begins shaking his head before kicking at the head of No Face. He’s not reacting to the pain though as Hysteria is beginning to fade. He slams him down into a choke bomb. SUFFER! No Face hooks his legs. One…Two… BROKEN UP! Bruce Van Chan re-enters the fray and pushes No Face off of The Mad Mastermind.] [Both Bruce Van Chan and No Face find their way to their feet. Bruce quickly strikes him with a European Uppercut before turning back towards the ropes. No Face charges after him, but Bruce stops at the rope, lowers his shoulder, and sends No Face diving over the top rope and to the floor! Bruce rushes toward the opposite side, bounces off the ropes, charges, and… slingshot plancha! Both men tumble to the floor outside of the ring. Mike Lane staggers to his feet just as Hysteria does the same. These two former OSW World Champions look at each other with heavy breathing.] [The two rush towards each other with fists just flying! Mike Lane gets the upper hand with a knee strike to the midsection. He hooks the leg of Hysteria before lifting him up for DEGENERATION! He hooks his legs. One…Two…NO! Mike Lane quickly turns this around by hooking the leg for STF, but Hysteria rolls onto his back and kicks him off. Mike Lane rushes towards him, but Lane is lifted up and dropped right onto the top rope, neckfirst for the Stun Gun. He bounces back towards Hysteria clutching his throat. Kick to the midsection, hooks his arms, THE MOCKERY! Mike Lane is down! Hysteria hooks his legs! One…Two…TH-NO! He kicks out! Bruce Van Chan is shown on the top rope. Hysteria turns, sees this, and moves just as he leaps… SHOT THROUGH THE HE- LOST HOPE! Hysteria just caught him in mid-air with a codebreaker! He covers Bruce! One…Two…NO! Mike Lane breaks it up. He grabs Hysteria and rushes towards the ropes before sending him flying over the rope right down on top of No Face! Bruce slowly gets to his feet just as Mike turns. SHADOW KICK! Bruce slumps to the mat as if nailed by a truck. Lane hooks his legs. One…Two…THREE!] [The final bell sounds as Mike Lane’s hand is raised as he’s rewarded with the Rewind Championship. He smirks as Injustice looks into the ring with disgruntled looks.]


[Screams.] [Stephanie Cussen hasn’t moved. She sits in a bed, covered in black vomit, screaming in agony as she does. She’s suffering. Just then, the door swings open, creaking backwards towards a stop.]

“Is it you?” [She asks, through heavy tears.] “Is it really you?”

[Whoever enters walks to the end of the bed and remains silent.]

“The baby told me you’d come. He said if they found you, you’d know this was your calling. He said that this is your family; where you belong, what you’ve been searching for. He’s calming now. He’s calming now you’re here.”

[The voice finally speaks.] “I’ve been searching for such a long time, Stephanie. I haven’t been able to find a place in which I fit,” [he admits.] “But now I feel the virus coursing through my veins and I know that this is where I belong.”

“Come closer,” [she asks.] “Please?”

[He steps around the bed and stops beside her, reaching down with a hand. She gleefully accepts it, holding it tightly.]

“Do you remember when we married?” [Stephanie coos.] “And how amazing it was?”

[The man grunts.]

“I knew you were the one for me, I knew it the moment I said I do. I’m sorry that I betrayed you. I’m sorry that I went back to him,” [she apologises.] “You’re one in a million baby, I know that now.”

[The camera slowly rises.] [That’s when we see him. Dishevelled, bearded and unkempt.] [Max Million.] [He reaches out, placing a hand upon her head.]

“I’m here now,” [he whispers.] “And The Family will see this pregnancy through, for all our sakes.”

[She smiles.] [Cut.]


[In our next match, Lyra Starchild faces Bobby Neptune. Starchild believes that defeating Neptune is her next vital step to defeat the Zeta and protect Earth. But is Bobby really her foe, or is he actually the ally she so desperately needs in her intergalactic quest? We’ll find out as Starchild waits in the ring for her opponent.] [Just as Neptune steps into the ring, between the ropes, Starchild AXE KICKS Neptune across the back of the shoulder blades. A stung and disorientated Neptune gets tangled up in the ring ropes. Dangling in the air, Bobby tries to reach up and free his legs. But Starchild takes advantage with a KNIFE EDGE CHOP to Neptune’s exposed chest. Another Knife Edge Chop from Starchild, followed up with a number of stomping blows to Neptune’s chest. Lyra flings herself across the ring, and after ricocheting off the opposing ring ropes, Starchild DROP KICKS Neptune with such force that he’s liberated from the ring ropes.] [The ref finally gets between the two competitors. Starchild yells at the ref to start the match. The ref asks Bobby if he’s ‘good to go?’ Neptune, on wobbly legs, nods. The bell sounds and Starchild pushes past the referee and takes Neptune down with a SWINGING NECKBREAKER. Bobby springs back up, only to be whipped into the ropes by Starchild. Lyra catches Neptune with a KNEE to the midsection that stops him in his tracks. Starchild takes Neptune off his feet with a HEAD SCISSORS TAKEDOWN. Starchild springs off the middle ropes and lands a MOONSAULT. Lyra hooks the leg..1…2…NO! Bobby kicks out! Neptune quickly rolls out of the ring to recuperate.] [While Neptune is hunched over on the outside, Starchild scampers to the top turnbuckle. Lyra steadies her feet and jumps into a FLYING CROSS BODY! But Neptune saw it coming from the corner of his eye and CATCHES STARCHILD! Neptune takes two steps and spins Starchild’s head to face downwards. MICHINOKU DRIVER from Neptune on the outside! Starchild is dazed, unable to get back to her feet. Neptune drags Lyra back to her feet and elevates her into a Gorilla Press. Neptune drops Starchild THROAT FIRST across the fan barricade! Clutching at her throat, a panicked Starchild leaps to her feet. SUPERKICK from Neptune.] [Neptune rolls a limp Starchild back into the ring. Bobby pins Lyra’s shoulders to the mat…1…2..KICK OUT! Wincing in pain, Starchild stumbles to her feet, she’s wobbled with a EUROPEAN UPPERCUT from Neptune. Bobby takes Starchild back down with a SNAPMARE TAKEDOWN. Neptune with a STANDING MOONSAULT into a pinfall…1…2…NO! Starchild kicks out. Neptune hoists Starchild back up and locks her up for a vertical suplex. Neptune lifts Lyra into the sky, but Starchild springs free from the hold and lands on her feet. Starchild with a SPINNING BACK HEEL KICK to Neptune’s face. Bobby is momentarily down, but springs back to his feet, only to be meet with a RUNNING JUMPING KNEE to the face from Starchild. Lyra hooks the leg…1…2…NO! Neptune barely kicked out!] [Starchild keeps up the assault, IRISH WHIPPING Neptune into the corner turnbuckles. Starchild with a Knife Edge Chop to a winded Neptune in the corner. Starchild cradles Neptune’s head under her shoulder and executes a precision TORANDO DDT, spring off the middle turnbuckle! Starchild makes the cover…1…2.NO! Neptune lifts the shoulder up. An impatient Starchild slams her fist into the mat! Lyra picks Bobby back to his feet. After a SPINNING BACK KICK to Neptune’s midsection, Starchild elevates Neptune with a vertical suplex… only this time, Neptune eases out of the hold in mid-air. Neptune lands on his feet, directly behind Lyra. ATOMIC DROP by Neptune on Starchild. The Starboy follows up with a RUNNING BULLDOG. Neptune hooks the leg..1…NO! A strong kick out from Starchild.] [Neptune whips Starchild into the ropes and she ducks a drop kick attempt from Neptune. After bouncing off the opposing ropes, Starchild hits Bobby with a SPEAR! Starchild makes the pin…1…KICK OUT! Starchild doesn’t give Neptune a second’s rest. Lyra picks Bobby back up and quickly executes a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP into a pin…1..NO! The manoeuvre had little effect on the Starboy. Starchild’s impatience begins to manifest once more. She sets Neptune up for a powerbomb. Starchild hoists the Starboy into the air, his legs positioned on her shoulders for a split second… before the SIT DOWN POWERBOMB from Starchild into the pin…1…2…NO! AGAIN! NEPTUNE KICKED OUT! A defiant Neptune gets back to his feet, clearly on his last legs, his hands held high, daring Starchild to come forward. Lyra advances, DUCKING a right from Neptune. She ducks a left from Neptune. Starchild now stands smiling right in Neptune’s grill – BUT – an ENZIGURI KICK by Neptune catches Starchild off guard. Starchild is dazed, staggering about on her feet. Neptune leaps to the top turnbuckle in desperation. Neptune lets fly with a Shooting Star Press into a DDT on Starchild! Neptune calls that TITAN’S CRASHDOWN! Neptune scampers into the cover…1…2…3! Seemingly out of nowhere, Neptune wins!] [With his victory tonight, Bobby Neptune has shown Lyra Starchild that she might just need his assistance to ultimately defeat the Zeta and protect Earth.]


[As the match between the Starboy and Starchild reaches its peak and conclusion, both competitors find themselves face to face in the centre of the ring. After the match and the events of last week, it is Bobby Neptune who looks none too happy with Lyra. He points an accusing finger, the type which goes beyond an in-ring altercation.]

“You…” [He begins, stammering over his words a little as he places them very carefully.] “… Tried to kill me!”

[At the accusation, Lyra seems somewhat offended, hurt even. She holds he hands up in defense but Neptune isn’t having a bar of it.]

“If it was not a hologram in my place, that beam would have hit me. You saw what it did to that globe. That would have been me.”

[Lyra still holds up her hands, pleading somewhat with Bobby to listen to her for a moment. He stills long enough to hear her explanation.]

“I am not in the business of executing humans to further my mission. I come to save humanity, not end it. I am no Zeta. That would be… counter-productive to the reason I protect this Earth.”

[Now it is Bobby Neptune’s turn to look somewhat puzzled.]

“But, the laser beam? You said it was too dangerous to let me live and shot me with it.”

[Lyra retrieves the weapon in question from her holster on her belt at ringside before presenting it to Neptune. He looks the weapon over as Lyra explains.]

“A localised paralytic ray. Non lethal. It was never intended to kill, only to still you long enough to hear what I have to say. When it passed through your hologram, the beam gained strength to cause the destruction of the statue. You have the wrong impression of me. This energy that you give off, it is misguided and dangerous. Left alone to live out how you please, I fear that you may make the mistake of siding with the wrong side.”

[She takes the paralytic gun back.]

“The Zetas want you to join them in their quest, strengthen the connection between Zappa and themselves. But you have to know that would be a grave mistake for the future of this planet. There is only one choice that preserves life and sees this world grow into a new tomorrow… At my side, letting me focus your energy in a more positive way. Join me in the battle against the Zetas, Bobby Neptune.”

[Bobby considers her words for a moment, but does not have time to answer. Around the arena, the lights flicker then plunge into darkness. By the time they shine once more, they are here. Several shadowy figures stand just inside the perimeter of the ring having beamed in covertly. The Zetas.] [Nothing is said; only looks exchanged. Their presence alone lets Bobby Neptune know that like it or not, he has been dragged into this war. His allegiances not yet known. But in time…] [Lyra stares at the Zeta leader with a look of intense frustration. Without a word, she places her arms at her sides and a bright light engulfs her. Soon, she is gone. The Zeta leader nods at Neptune, as if to let his intentions known. Then they too beam out, the lights darkening as they had arrived. Leaving Bobby Neptune alone, pondering just who is right.]


[Zip.] [Hurtling down the freeway at a hundred miles per hour, a vehicle swerves in and out of the minimal traffic. Police sirens sound in the distance, bellowing in hot pursuit.] [In the car, a wage wars between two halves of the same coin.] [Bruce Van Chan and Doctor Sleep.] [Sat in the driver’s seat, Bruce has his pedal to the floor, driving as fast as he can. As he looks to his passenger side, Doctor Sleep sits staring at him with bemusement.]

“Slow down,” [he demands.] “Before you do something you’ll regret. Think of your lovely family. Think of Paige and your children.”

[Bruce grimaces back.]

“I am. That’s all I can think about. Ever since I touched that rune, I’ve become a shell of my former self. I can feel you within me, poisoning my heart, body and soul.”

[Sleep laughs.] “Embrace me, Bruce. For once in your life, commit to something.”

“I-I can’t,” [BVC complains.] “I just can’t. This isn’t my fault. None of this has ever been my fault. Red River Jack, Edward Newton and now you. I just can’t take anymore.”

“You’ve never been able to take responsibility, have you?” [Sleep mocks relentlessly.] “It’s always someone else’s fault. You should be a man, Bruce. For once in your miserable little existence, stop making excuses and be a man.”

[Bruce looks at him and nods.]

“You’re right,” [he agrees.] “I will.”

[Suddenly, Van Chan swerves his car left, driving full power through the railing and off the top of a highway bridge. The vehicle flies through the air, our shot taking one last look at Van Chan, who smiles, before the entire vehicle crashes into the body of water with a giant thud.] [As water fills the car, we look for signs of life, but there aren’t any.] [And slowly but surely, as the police arrive, the vehicle sinks to the bottom.] [Bruce Van Chan ended this nightmare. He did it. No-one else. At least now he can be free.] [The camera cuts back to the police on the bridge. They look over the side, helpless. Bruce Van Chan is dead, but at least tonight, his family are safe.] [His saga is finally over.] [Cut.]


[Hell hath no fury but a father enraged as Lux Bellator’s path of breaking the seven seals has him championing Kersh’s unborn child as the being who would save the world. Will Lux be able to get his way or will the Enforcer show him what happens when people mess with his family?] [The bell sounds as Kersh rushes forward, taking Lux by surprise with a huge running hook that nearly breaks Bellator’s jaw, staggering him back into the corner as the Enforcer pounds him down with a flurry of lefts and rights, backing up for a moment before nailing him with a massive running knee to the side of the head. Brent goes to pull Lux out of the corner but Bellator rolls out, trying to gain some breathing room on the outside] [Lux pulls himself up on the outside, DIVING DROPKICK TO THE OUTSIDE! The Enforcer going all out here as he lands on top of Bellator, drilling him with a series of savage shots before lifting him up off his feet and tossing him back into the ring. Lux staggers up to his feet as Kersh tosses him across the ring, Bellator ducking under a Lariat, DEUM LUCEM! Lux holds on as the referee counts, ONE…TW…Kersh quickly kicks out] [The Enforcer gets to his feet into a flurry of forearm shots before Lux leaps up, clipping him in the back of the head with an enziguri. Kersh is out on his feet as Lux rushes to the ropes, SPRINGBOARD FRANKENSTEINER! Kersh stumbles to his feet right into a hard European Uppercut, staggering Kersh into the ropes as the Enforcer bounces off with an explosive Lariat. Lux manages to catch Kersh’s arm in an armlock, spinning him around, RELEASE GERMAN…KERSH LANDS ON HIS FEET! Bellator turns around, SPINEBUSTER!] [The Enforcer wastes no time, dropping down as he locks in the LONESTAR! Lux screams out in pain as Kersh wrenches back with all his might, trying to make Lux suffer as much as possible, keeping the both of them in the middle of the ring as Bellator scrambles frantically for a way to escape. Lux screams out in agony as with a push of pure strength, he manages to slowly turn the Enforcer over and reverse the pressure. He’s only able to do this for a moment as Kersh flips it back over. They’re near the ropes now however as Lux just manages to grab the bottom cable, forcing the break but the damage has been done] [Lux slowly gets to his feet, stumbling in pain as Kersh rocks him with a massive headbutt before lifting him up, trying for the Southern Discomfort. but Lux slips down off his shoulders, flipping around Kersh in a headscissors before dropping down, ARM OF GOD! Lux has Kersh locked in the Fujiwara as it’s now time for the Enforcer to cry out in pain, trying his best to stand the deadly submission maneuver. The Enforcer finds a burst of strength, rising to his feet with Lux hanging off him, MODIFIED POWERBOMB!] [Both men are down after that hellacious Powerbomb, the referee beginning his count. ONE…TWO…Lux is pulling himself up by the ropes…THREE…FOUR…Kersh is up to one knee..FIVE…SIX…Lux is up on his feet as he pulls the Enforcer up, getting a huge right hook for his troubles as Kersh backs up, trying for a running knee but Bellator manages to duck under, drilling Kersh with a stiff Superkick to the jaw, glazing the Enforcer’s eyes over. Lux calls for the end, pulling Kersh in between his legs, DISCIPLE MAKER! Kersh gets planted into the mat as Lux crosses his arms over his chest before pinning him with a prayer. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Lux Bellator gets the huge victory here tonight but the night isn’t over for the Enforcer as a stagehand rushes out to the ring, relaying a message to Kersh who sprints out of the ring to the back like the devil himself is on his tail]


[With a tight-lipped smile on his face, Edward Newton stands at the entrance to the House of Horrors. The World Championship rests in his hands, reflecting back at him with a golden hue inside of his glasses. With what appears to be reluctance, Newton lays it down on the lowest of the wooden steps leading into the House itself. It looks out of place with the architecture around it, but Newton seems pleased.]

“I’ll be back for you shortly. This should only take a minute.”

[His bravado on display, Newton tip toes up those steps to stand at the front door. The Scarecrow had somehow caused the House to appear to be in pristine condition, made into a facsimile of a place with a great deal of importance in the life of the Riddler.] [Newton places his hand on the door knob with a smile, turning his head ever so slightly to either side.] [He has something up his sleeve.] [The door swings open as Newton gives it a slight tug. Instead of stepping into the house, Edward walks around the front porch area, slowly looking at his surroundings. There are two windows on the front side of the house, and he takes great pains to walk over and slowly unlatch each one, moving them up and giving himself another opening to the outside.] [Because the only way to win this match is to escape the House of Horrors.]

“Little birdie.”

[Newton freezes.]

“It’s not going to be that easy for you.”

[Edward backs away from the window, using the reflection to determine that Scarecrow is not behind him. He clenches his fist for action, and heads for the door, but as he goes to take the final step in, he is stopped by something.] [Scarecrow’s hand is wrapped around his ankle.] [Newton looks down and merely sighs before preparing himself.] [CRASH!] [Newton is PULLED DOWN THROUGH THE FLOOR TO THE COLD HARD BASEMENT!] [THIS MATCH IS ON!]


[Newton is on all fours, coughing up dirt as he tries to gain his bearings. The Scarecrow won’t allow it though, grabbing the Riddler and throwing him across the room into the sod that makes up its wall. Loose earth flies everywhere as Edward looks around him with frantic eyes. The Hayman approaches with a grin on his face, but Newton didn’t just prepare the outside of this building. Instead, he greets the Scarecrow with a GARDEN HOE TO THE FACE! Straw flies everywhere as Newton bashes him a second time with the tool, the last hit sticking the sharp end down into the mud.] [Making his way for the rickety stairs, Newton tries to straighten out his disheveled and stained suit, but still looks worse for wear as his feet hit his exit to safety. Or so he thinks. The Riddler climbs the stairs at a brisk pace, but as he reaches the top, he can see that the way is blocked by a shut door. This basement is guarded by a pull-down door covering in the floor of the main level. He pushes up against it, but is unable to budge it. With a sigh, the Riddler turns around to head back down, BUT SCARECROW HAS HIM BY THE NECK!] [With an inhuman show of strength, Scarecrow THROWS NEWTON UPWARD THROUGH THE DOOR! Splinters fly everywhere as the Riddler rolls through the remains of that door. He turns around to face a rising Scarecrow, coming up through the hole like smoke through a chimney. They’re now in the kitchen, and Newton grabs the nearest implements to him, a knife and fork. He goes at Scarecrow with all he has, putting some small holes in the Hayman, but only laughter greets him. Newton abandons the utensils before diving down under a kitchen table.] [The Scarecrow laughs as he walks over the table, but NO FACE COMES THROUGH THE NEAREST WALL! HE DRIVE SCARECROW ONTO THE NEARBY OVEN! Newton quickly gets up to turn on the burner, and THE SCARECROW’S HAND BURSTS INTO FLAME! Inhuman squeals hit the air as the straw burns and Crow swings the hand wildly in the air. Newton points at Scarecrow, and No Face charges him, bashing Crow into the large refrigeration unit sitting idle in the kitchen. The silent one continues to attack, but is quickly taken over AS THE SCARECROW SHOVES THE FLAMING HAND INTO HIS FACE!] [No Face tries to pull free, but the Hayman refuses to let go. Newton watches in horror as the Scarecrow pushes his ally backwards until standing next to the basement entrance. SCARECROW CHOKESLAMS NO FACE THROUGH THE BASEMENT STAIRS! BUT HE’S NOT DONE! HE LEAPS IN AFTER NO FACE! Newton crawls over to the hole and looks down. What greets him cannot be seen, but the look in his eyes is of a man who is seeing things he will never forget. All we can hear is the sound of ripping and tearing, of flesh burning, and of the Scarecrow’s laughter.] [With something new driving him, Edward Newton quickly scurries away from the scene below him. He darts into one of the side rooms. The walls are covered in blood and other bodily fluids. Sharp tools hang from the ceiling. It looks like a human butcher shop, yet the Riddler ignores all of the instruments of death. His focus is on the open window before him, the one he opened before he was pulled into this House of Horror. Newton scrambles for the door, looking out first to make sure no one is waiting for him. His eyes lock on the World Championship sitting there before he smiles. BUT THE WINDOW SHUTS DOWN ON HIS BACK!] [SCARECROW SLAMS THE WINDOW DOWN ON NEWTON MULTIPLE TIMES! EACH ONE MORE VICIOUS THAN THE LAST! The Hayman pulls back as Newton slides down to hold his chest. The challenger’s straw hand is blackened and burnt, but within it he holds an object that he throws a Newton with a laugh. The Riddler looks down at it, turning the round object around until he realizes what it is. NO FACE’S HEAD. CAUTERIZED AT THE NECK. BURNT BEYOND RECOGNITION. His ally gone, Newton throws the head back at Scarecrow, charging him with a lowered shoulder. The Hayman is knocked backwards a bit, the knives on the ceiling swaying around him.] [With everything he has, Edward Newton begins firing shots to the midsection of the Scarecrow, knocking the challenger backward through the doorway back to the kitchen. The still smoking oven top greets the duo, and Newton tries to throw Scarecrow back onto it, but the Hayman reverses it. Newton hits the oven butt first, and quickly scoots off of it, but as he crawls away, we can see the seat of his pants has been singed. Scarecrow stalks him into the main living room, the open doorway in sight. BUT NEWTON GRABS A LEVER, SENDING A GIANT SAW BLADE DOWN ONTO SCARECROW! HIS ARM IS CUT RIGHT OFF, STRAW LAYING ON THE WOODEN FLOOR!] [The retreating Newton heads for the door as the Scarecrow slowly rises, ripping free of the saw’s hold on the floor. He looks down at the arm on the floor, reaching to pick it up, but then he sees Newton, crawling on a carpet towards the exit. With stalking steps, Scarecrow LIFTS NEWTON IN THE AIR WITH HIS REMAINING ARM. Wrapping his hand around the Champions throat, the challenger turns around to set him up for another chokeslam, BUT NEWTON KICKS HIM AND DROPS TO HIS FEET! ANOTHER KICK, SCARECROW BACKPEDALS! AND FALLS DOWN TO THE BASEMENT! THE CARPET WAS A RUSE!] [Without even stopping to look down, Edward Newton dives across the threshold to the outside world. He crawls across the rotting porch to lay his hands on the World Championship, a sigh of relief passing through his lips.] [He’s done it again. Edward Newton has remained undefeated. He has retained the OSW World Championship. Who is going to stop him?]


[Silence.] [An eerie and unnerving silence fills the air, pushing against the wind like an invading army.] [Overlooking a barren field, Pedro El Salvador stands with a frown upon his face and a furrowed brow. This field was once the battleground for the war between Tommy Hawk, The Scarecrow, and Lux Bellator. Upon the pouring of the fourth bowl by Lux Bellator, this field was scorched into nothingness. Now it stands as a blank slate, ash and dust to be molded into what their master bids.]

“Isn’t this what we wanted to prevent?”

[El Salvador’s voice speaks into the void of darkness behind him. A pair of eyes seem to stare out of that void back at Pedro. This is the Hooded Man, who has long observed these preceding.]

“The Son now stands with the Fifth Bowl full.”

[Elsewhere, Lux Bellator stands with a smile on his face. Cradled in his arms is the full bowl of God’s wrath. He holds it up to the heavens, speaking a soundless prayer.]

“The child has been born. Lux Bellator has kept his promise. Both mother and child were unharmed.”

[Inside of the hospital, Brent Kersh holds his newborn son in his arms. The joy etched on the Enforcer’s face is immeasurable. If not for the mist surrounding these visions, one might think a tear even runs down his cheek.]

“The Enforcer will never stop fighting, though. That is who he is, at his core. Within him is a flame that will not be snuffed out.”

[Leaving the child with a nearby nurse, Brent walks out into the hallway outside of the nursery to take a moment. It is into this moment that the Hooded Man finally speaks.]

“Brent Kersh has other problems to concern himself with.”

[Kersh pulls out his cellular phone to make a call, but as he lifts it to his mouth, his mouth is covered by a gloved hand. Kicking with all of his might, the Enforcer is dragged into the darkness. El Salvador looks back at the Hooded Man with a question on his lips.]

“This is not your style.”

[The Hooded Man’s response is concise.]


[El Salvador waits for a follow up, but quickly recognizes one is not coming. Whomever has kidnapped Brent Kersh is not related to these two. The air seems to finally begin to move in this desolate place, causing El Salvador to lower his head.]

“The Bowl has been poured.”

[Standing upon a tall rock, Lux Bellator is pouring the Bowl downward, its black contents seeping into the ground below him. The entire plain begins to shake as the ash and dust coating it begins to move. Higher and higher it stacks, jutting out into pillars as far as the eye can see. Those pillars slowly begin to melt themselves into flesh and bone. As Lux Bellator finishes his pouring, he stands with glee as the reborn army of the dead stand before him. They all look at one another in shock, as if they did not expect that they would ever be granted life again. Yet they slowly force themselves to turn and bow to their master, reluctant as they may be.]

“He has his army. They only await the command to begin that which they have been called for.”

[Staring down into the vision of his son, El Salvador closes his eyes so that he cannot see.]

“The first trumpet has blown. When the seventh rings, so shall the final seal be broken. And we will have failed.”

[The Hooded Man, shrouded in so thick a darkness that one cannot even make out his facial features, speaks up once more.]

“Another has been chosen to rise against the light warrior.”

[El Salvador shakes his head, turning around in a cold anger.]

“This is the last time I will show my Son your chosen warriors. They have each failed against him.” [Pedro clenches his fist.] “Mine have failed against him. I will not hide you from his sight any longer. I won’t let others be broken by your failure.”

[The Hooded Man seemingly nods in response to that. El Salvador isn’t done though, his eyes now fixed upon his son at the head of the army.]

“If the Sixth Bowl is poured, then only you will be able to stop the Seventh. The Trinity must be complete. The Father and Son must be joined by the final piece.”

[He looks back to the empty darkness, the Hooded Man having taken his leave.]

“The Ghost must join us as well.”

[El Salvador turns to look back at the grim sight before him.]


[Tommy Hawk stands in the middle of the ring. Tonight, he faces his reported demise head on.] [The lights flicker.] [Static.]

“I know what you did.”

[The static intensifies.]

“And I know why you did it.”

[The voice laughs.]

“But you can’t protect the world from the plague of darkness soon to be brought down upon it. You can’t protect the world from me.”


“Ring-a-ring o’ roses, a pocket full of posies, a-tishoo! a-tishoo! We all fall down.”


“It’s time to fall down, Tommy Hawk.”

[The static stops.] [The lights come on.] [AND MOTHER IS STOOD BEHIND THE SPIRIT WALKER! MOTHER IS BACK!]


[The bell sounds and Tommy turns around, walking into Mother who leaps into the air and pounces on him. She starts ripping shreds out of him with her claws, scratching across his face and chest as he tries his best to defend himself. Finally, he pushes her off, getting back to his feet and stumbling backwards into the ropes. She doesn’t hesitate though, running back and leaping onto him, toppling them both over the top rope to the outside. This match is No Disqualification, folks. This match is anything goes. Tommy stumbles back into the barricade, watching in horror as Mother kicks him low, dropping him to his knees. She goes under the ring, pulling out a steel chair.] [He’s kneeling when she crashes it across his skull, as hard as thunder. Tommy hits the deck, blood spewing from a now open cash on his forehead. That could be enough right there, but Mother isn’t stopping. She turns the chair sideways and drives it into his abdomen, cracking his ribs. As vile as she can be, she is and aims for his throat, drilling it down into his windpipe. Hawk rolls around in agony, trying to catch his breath. He’s been caught off guard from the very start. She tosses the chair aside to a chorus of boos, reaching back under the ring and pulling out a table with barbed wire wrapped around it.] [This is becoming distressing. Hawk was told he would meet in his end violently, but no-one expected this. Mother sets the table up and pulls a limp and weakened Spirit Walker to his feet. She positions him leaning up against it and leaps onto the ring apron. What’s she doing here? Mother runs, DIVING WITH A KINSAHSA FROM THE RING APRON, THROUGH TOMMY HAWK, THROUGH THE FUCKING BARBED WIRE TABLE! HOLY SHIT!! SHE ROLLS AWAY, LEAVING HAWK TO SUCCUMB TO THE SHARPED EDGES! He’s cut, all over his body! Mother could end this, but she grins, helping him back to his feet once more, rolling him back inside the ring.] [Enough is enough. Surely, he’s had all he can take. There’s cuts all over his back, his head, and his chest. He’s bleeding profusely, with drops of blood dribbling from his mouth due to internal bleeding and cracked ribs. Please stop this, please. The fans are willing Hawk back to his feet, and he’s trying. He gets to his knees as Mother watches, stalking from across the ring. He’s on all fours, reaching towards the ropes. This is horrible. This is disgusting. The Spirit Walker just won’t die. He grabs the middle rope, pulling himself slowly back to his feet. With his head lowered, he falls against the top rope, his chest barely keeping him on his feet.] [The Mother of All walks casually over, turns him around and THE SCALP! THE SCALP OUT OF ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! TOMMY HAWK JUST FUCKING LEVELED HER. WHERE THE FUCK DID THAT COME FROM!? He falls down on top of her, his arm in pinfall position… ONE…… TWO….. THREE! NOOOO!! MOTHER KICKS OUT! SHE KICKS OUT! “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” THE FANS CAN’T BELIEVE IT! There’s fight left in Tommy Hawk! It takes a while for Mother to come to, but Hawk isn’t moving. She gets back to her feet, dazed, and furious. Static interferes with our screen, showing her rage. She backs away and watches as he once again tries to get back up. Slowly, he reaches his knees and that’s when she pounces… KINSASHA! A SECOND HAPPILY EVER AFTER!! SHE COVERS… ONE….. TWO…. THREE! IT’S OVER!] [Tommy Hawk tried to fight back. He tried to survive, but there was no letting up. The Mother of All was destined to defeat him, but I don’t think we’re done.]


[Static.] [Interference runs rampant over our screens, jittering and jolting the footage as Mother rises in the middle of the ring. Tommy Hawk has somehow managed to kneel at her feet, blood spewing from his mouth.] [He won’t die, not yet.] [The static stops.] [Mother reaches out and grabs him by the throat, squeezing his neck as she leans in.]

“You did this to yourself, Tommy,” [She howls at him, infuriated.] “The moment you placed me inside that tomb, you started a series of events that would only ever end in your demise.”

[It was Tommy. Tommy entombed Mother at Invasion!] [He gargles blood.]

“I warned you. I warned you this would happen.”

[The Spirit Walker chokes back the blood, gargling and dribbling. He can barely speak.]

“I-I-I,” [he stammers.] “I didn’t entomb you.”



[Mother yells, reaching out with her other hand and wrapping both around his neck.] [Snap!] [She snaps his neck. Right there in the middle of the ring, she snaps his fucking neck.] [The fans roar, dismayed, upset and infuriated. No one can believe the prophecy came true. Of all people, the indestructible and defiant Tommy Hawk now lay broken and dead at the feet of Mother.] [However, he said he didn’t do it. He said it wasn’t him.] [Darkness.] [Flutter.] [The lights suddenly turn on, revealing The Scarecrow stood behind Mother. She turns around, facing her partner. This is Genesis. This is the origin of evil.] [She smiles a devilish grin.] [But The Scarecrow reaches out, grabbing her by the throat. Her eyes widen in shock and horror. She can’t believe it.]

“Tommy didn’t entomb you, Mother,” [he hisses.] “I did.”

[The fans go ballistic as The Scarecrow lifts her up and BYE BYE BIRDIE! BYE BYE FUCKING BIRDIE! WHAT THE FUCK!!] [There’s uproar inside The Tap Room!] [The Scarecrow was the one who entombed Mother. The Scarecrow of all people, her partner, the one whom she saved from certain death. It was The Hayman all along.] [He stands over her fallen body, his head lowered.] [Why?] [Cut.]