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Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.


No, not darkness.


Simon Black lays in a void, his body frozen by something, be it fear, caution, or something more sinister. His breathing is shallow, carefully controlled to ensure the least amount of sound.

In the void, even the intake of air can be deafening.

Then suddenly…


“Rise and shine.”

The voice of Deathnote seems to rattle Simon as he tries to sit up.

“Even a whisper sounds like a shout after spending time in the void, doesn’t it?” The Author mocks. “My father has sent me here. If you weren’t you, I might sympathize with your plight.”

Slowly rolling over to his knees, Simon tries to spit at Deathnote.

But he has no saliva to do so.

Kneeling down Simon’s level, Deathnote raises him up by the hair.

“Silence is golden, Simon. Yet even though it’s all you have left, you’re bereft of all your perceived power.” He begins. “You had one task. One. Yet you couldn’t do that properly. My father has demanded you give an answer to this failure. How will the brilliant Simon Black find a missing Black Hand?”


“He told me to send you a message, but a message is only delivered once it’s received, and I needed to shut you up.” Deathnote continues. “I know you cannot speak, that’s why I placed you into the void.”

A door opens behind them, leading to the outside world, a portal of sorts. Thought not like Sigil’s.

“Leave. You have one week to walk free. To taste the fruits of your labor. To enjoy your dear wife. But then, the message will be delivered. You’d better have an answer for my father, though for my own fun, I hope you do not.”

Deathnote walks away, leaving Simon to crawl and stumble to the doorway.

His voice will return, but Deathnote’s cruelty towards Simon has cost him a week of his life that he’ll never get back.

And if Deathnote has his way, he’ll take the very life he once gave Simon.


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The camera sweeps down a backstage corridor and we suddenly find ourselves face to face with Vayikra. Sir Renault, Sir Bellator, and Sir Gable are fiercely checking every room they can find.

“This is impossible,” says Gable. “He doesn’t even have a match tonight, there is every chance he’s a hundreds of miles away.”

“Or in a different plane,” chips in Renault, unhelpfully.

“Yes, it’s true,” says Bellator. “He could very well be on the opposite end of the universe, but you heard Death. He needs him dealt with in order that Yahweh’s return can be complete. We have got to find him.”

And they continue their search, causing havoc as they go.


Somewhere else, far away and distant, Sigil is running – fast. Behind him, something chases him. He careers round a corner, and the beast follows him, snorting it’s ire. He grabs a pole and swings round it, blindsiding the creature, and it’s only now we see it in full.

It’s a bull!?

“I don’t think Corvus is in Spain,” Sigil wheezes. The bull turns to face him, but as he lowers his horns, ready to charge once more, Sigil is able to open a portal, and he jumps through it with haste. The portal closes behind him and the bull is left looking very confused, his prey having disappreared right in front of his eyes.


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Sexy Dynamite is no stranger to threesomes but the two mountain of men before him may be just too much meat for even him to handle. Can the Mountain endure, will the Dragon’s Wrath be inevitable or will Mr Money Shot top both bears here tonight?

The bell sounds as Tag quickly rolls out of the ring, getting out of the way just in time before the Mountain and Dragon rush forward, pounding down on eachother with heavy bombs. Goro gets the advantage with a brutal knee to the jaw before gripping him around the waist as he tries for Tatsu. Banzan fights out, clapping over Nakamura’s ears with force to break the grip but can’t follow up as Tag slides in, uppercutting the Mountain right in the junk.

Banzan drops down to his knees in pain, Tag taking advantage by leaping off his back and delivering a FIVE STAR FACIAL to the Dragon. Goro stumbles back a few feet as Tag rushes forward once more…RIGHT INTO A GOOZLE! CHOKESLAM TO FUCKING HELL! Tag nearly gets driven through the mat but Nakamura can’t follow up as he gets a brutal elbow to the back of the head before he finds out that SUFFERING IS ETERNAL! BACKDROP DRIVER!

Banzan doesn’t cover, instead backing up as he looks fpr the killing blow, sizing up the slowly rising Nakamura before rushing forward, TRUCK FUCKED! Tag nearly breaks his skateboard over the back of Banzan’s skull, crumpling the Mountain before rushing forward but Goro rears back, punching the skateboard right into Tag’s face, stunning Sexy Dynamite before grabbing him around the waist and nearly sending him through the mat with a brutal TATSU! The Dragon drops down, covering Tag for an easy one…two…three!!!

The Dragon continues his winning ways tonight, brutalising both Tag and Banzan for the victory. 

[edgtf_highlight background_color=”#f9c703″ color=”#000000″]  WINNER: GORO NAKAMURA  [/edgtf_highlight]

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Somewhere Else

A children’s playground, where children are busy climbing, swinging and sliding. Screams of delight and laughter fill the air. Amongst them, the innocent figure of Scarlett Storm.

Luke Storm stands by, leaning against the trunk of a tree and watching over his little girl. His face is troubled, eyes hiding a multitude of problems behind the darkened lenses of his sunglasses. He’s not surprised at all to see an all too familiar figure approaching from across the park.


She watches from the opposite side of the park that Luke stands leaning against his tree. She eyeballs him from across the way, a long pregnant pause fills the air as they silently glare at each other.

Almost as if on cue, the sky darkens and rain begins to fall. The children who were playing begin to scatter in a multitude of directions, leaving only Scarlett, spinning freely on a merry-go-round, looking up into the rain. It soon slows and she stands off it, laughing. Only then does she notice how alone she has become.

Only then, does she notice Pyre, now beckoning her forward towards her. She glances over at her father, who does his best to look strong but averts his eyes from her confused gaze.

He stands by, motionless as Pyre makes her way over to the girl.

“Come with me… darling

The last word sounds all sorts of wrong coming out of her mouth, but Pyre extends her hand not unlike a creep offering candy. Scarlett looks at the hand for a moment, then back to her father, still waiting under the tree. She considers for a long while, then slowly shakes her head.

“No… My dad is waiting for me.”

She begins to skip off towards Luke, but Pyre grabs the girl by the wrist.

“I said, come with me.”

Scarlett screams, a piercing scream that cuts Luke right to his core. In an instant, he’s at her side. Scarlett has broken away from Pyre’s grasp and launches herself at Luke, burying her now crying face into his chest as he kneels in front of her to embrace her.

“Daddy… Help me, please! Why does she want to take me away?”

Luke Storm doesn’t answer, he simply sheds a tear behind his glasses. All the while eyeballing Pyre, and Pyre glaring back at him… Until she turns on her heel and storms off.


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We find ourselves focused on the face of a concerned, confused Vigour as the man he is watching has departed the front door of Starboy…and moments later, arrives at the very same door himself with a knock.

And soon enough, Vigour is greeted by the Lover of All as Starboy opens the door, still reeling slightly from Tag’s appearance just moments before…something the Prince of Party is quick to pick up on.

“Are you okay?”

“Of course! STARBOY is just fine, he just had a little…visitor.”

Vigour gives a nod of acknowledgement.

“I noticed. What was Tag doing here, anyway?”

There’s a moment of pause from Starboy, who seems briefly reluctant to answer…but does, nonetheless.

“He said he wanted to check in on ol’ STARBOY, which…he will admit, STARBOY appreciates the sentiment, all things considered.”

This remark doesn’t quite strike Vigour as a positive, and the Jack of All Senses can’t help but frown at this.

“Are you sure you’re okay, though? I’ve seen what Tag has been up to lately…and if he tries anything funny with you, I’m not above stepping in and dealing with him. Just say the word.

Starboy nods in response as he pats Vigour on the back.

“STARBOY appreciates that as well, but he has a feeling that won’t be necessary. Now, you mentioned before you wanted to discuss something, so…step into STARBOY’s humble abode!”

Starboy motions for Vigour to step inside, and the Prince of Party obliges with a weak smile as he steps through the doorway. Starboy follows close behind, closing the door so the pair can speak in private.


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Legion has claimed many a soul hunting for his gold but now a zealot of Yahweh steps up to the plate. Can the Impaler retain his championship or will Sir Gable flourish a little gold rush of his own?

The bell sounds as Sir Gable rushes forward, taking Impaler by surprise with the Gold Rush, powering him up off his feet and slamming back first into the turnbuckles with a thunderous spear. Legion hits the steel hard as Gable drives his shoulder over and over into his gut before gripping him around the waist and throwing him overhead with a Belly to Belly.

Impaler lands hard on the mat as Gable quickly pulls him up, rocking him with a hard knee to the jaw before flowing to his back and trying for a German Suplex but a swift elbow to the jaw breaks the hold on his waist as Gable stumbles back, holding his jaw in pain. ADAM SMASHER! That turned the Zealot inside out as Impaler drops down looking for the cover and the one…two…KICKOUT!

Impaler pulls Gable up, rocking him with a series of hard knees to the jaw before gripping him by the throat and throwing him overhead. Gable lands on his feet thou, grabbing Impaler quickly and landing a German Suplex. He holds on, rolling through for a second, then a third, but Gable’s fourth is blocked as Impaler drops down, breaking Sir Gable’s jaw with a modifed stunner as the Templar is stunned and open

FOR THE BLACK MIST! Gable is blinded as another massive Adam Smasher nearly decapitates him from the sheer force but Legion barely lets Gable hit the mat before he powers him up, rushing forward before nearly planting him through the mat with the NIGHT CITY TERROR! RUNNING CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB! That has to be it as Impaler drops down for the one…two…three!!!

Legion does it, weathering the storm of Yahweh himself to retain his Double Feature Championship 

[edgtf_highlight background_color=”#f9c703″ color=”#000000″]  WINNER AND STILL DOUBLE FEATURE CHAMPION: THE IMPALER  [/edgtf_highlight]

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Banzan rushes through the halls of the Slaughterhouse. A look of panic on a blood covered his blood covered face. But he doesn’t seem to be bleeding, this has come from someone, or something, else.

He runs through the halls as he finally finds who he is looking for. He goes to Chronoa and Impaler.

“He’s lost it! His hunger! You have to help!”

Chronoa and Impaler look confused for a moment as they look at a panicking Banzan.

“What are you talking about?”

Chronoa asks as she looks over the Mountain, who seems shaken up.

“It’s Kaine. His hunger has gone too far! After I tried to stop him last week, he attacked me!”

Chronoa looks at her tablet, looking for answers as Impaler marches off. Chronoa looks up for a moment to see her student depart.

“Where are you going?”

Impaler stops for a moment.

“With this much power, enough to strike fear into Banzan’s heart, Kaine must fall.”

Chronoa looks back to her tablet, but nothing is making sense to her at the moment. It shows nothing, no hints or clues to what is happening to any of those around her.


Chronoa calls after Impaler who is even further away now.

“Something isn’t right!”

They depart as Banzan takes a deep breath and looks over his shoulders.

“Was it really necessary to feast like that?”

Banzan asks as Kaine emerges from the shadows. Throwing a body to the side.

“Fake blood wouldn’t sell it enough. I barely have control over this hunger as it is. Just be happy it wasn’t one of your monks”

Banzan shakes his head as he looks towards where Impaler and Chronoa went.

“At Retroshock, they won’t be ready for what we have planned.”

Kaine looks to Banzan as he speaks.

“Just ensure Impaler doesn’t become more powerful, and I will ensure Chronoa doesn’t learn your secrets.”

Kaine and Banzan depart as the Mountain prepares for his match.

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The scene set out before us is… bizarre to say the least.

A plate full of food sitting on a table at the end of an alleyway, a spotlight practically pointing at it. Meanwhile above it is a large net that seems to be attached to a large pulley system. The camera follows the pulley rope all the way down to the other end of the alley where one Chip Montana is holding on to the rope tightly.

“What do you mean this won’t work? I’ve been grabbin’ nature by the balls since your great-great-great-great-great-great-grand parents were around. This is gonna be perfect.” Chip looks to Dave on a nearby trash can who looks knowingly at him, the two seemingly exchanging words that can’t be heard.

“What the fuck do you mean Wile E Coyote? Even better, how the hell do you know what that is?” He listens intently, nodding his head.

“Right, that makes sense- shut up, she’s coming!” He whispers as he speaks to Dave, hunkering down behind the dumpster as Ether skates down the street. She glances down the alleyway, a large painted sign saying ‘Free Food’ pointing towards it. She takes a moment, shrugging. “I know he’s playing me, but it’s working.” The Hungry Girl nonchalantly skates down the alley and begins to eat at the pile of food.

Chip, meanwhile yanks on the cord!

… But nothing happens.

Chip yanks on the cord a few more times, watching helplessly as Ether skates away from the now empty plate. Chip stomps up to the table, kicking the wall. “Damn thing won’t come down! This is what I get for buyin’ nets off of craigslist. Fuckin’ craig.” However, as Chip kicks the wall, the net comes loose and topples onto him! He gets wrapped up in his own trap, struggling to move. Meanwhile, Ether skates back down the alleyway, looking at Chip with a big grin.

“Meep meep, bitch.”

“Aw, bugger.”


The show host lands in a heap and Ether skates away, stopping to pet Dave on the dumpster before making way down the street. As she leaves Dave hops off of the dumpster, moving up to Chip who merely rolls his eyes.

“Oh stuff a carrot in it.”


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Champions go head to head tonight as the Prince of Party faces off against the Queen of Flames. Will the World champion conquer all or will the VHS champion rise above?

The bell starts as both competitors rush forward, Vigour ducking underneath a Baptism by Fire, springboarding off the ropes as he delivers a stiff roundhouse kick to the side of Pyre’s head. She stumbles on her feet, falling back into the ropes. Vigour pounces, pounding down on Pyre with lefts and rights before whipping her against the ropes. Pyre ducks underneath a clothesline, bouncing off the other side of the ropes, FLASH INFERNO! Snap Double Stomp nearly sends Vigour through the mat as Pyre drops down for the cover and the one…two…Vigour just gets the shoulder up.

Pyre pulls Vigour up, drilling him with hard lefts and rights before backing up, BAPTISM BY FIRE right on the button! Vigour doesn’t go down but he’s groggy on his feet as Pyre leaps up, FIRE IN THE…NO! Vigour grabs hold of the ropes, blocking the X-Factor as Pyre drops down ass first on the mat. She stumbles up, holding her back in pain into a kick to the gut before Vigour grabs her by the head, spinning around and dropping her to the mat with a Tornado DDT! 

Vigour doesn’t cover, lifting Pyre up as he lifts her up into a Back Suplex, VIM AND….NO! Pyre backflips out of sure defeat, nailing Vigour with a skull cracking enziguri before rolling through the ropes as she looks for the end of her own. DANCING…DROPKICK! It’s Vigour’s time to counter as he drills Pyre in mid-air with a beautiful dropkick, sending the Fire Bitch crashing down to the mat. Vigour breaths heavily, rushing forward for a QUICK THRILL!

Pyre looks done but Vigour needs to be sure as he slowly climbs up to the top rope, summoning the strength but he can’t fly off before Pyre shakes the ropes, crotching him on the top! Vigour is in pain as Pyre climbs up to the top with him, delivering a brutal headbutt before lifting him up high, MAELSTROM! BRAINBUSSTTTTAAA!!! That has to be it as Pyre collapses onto Vigour for the one…two…three!!!

The Fire Bitch does it, putting down the VHS champion in an absolute war as the World Champion comes out on top. 

[edgtf_highlight background_color=”#f9c703″ color=”#000000″]  WINNER: PYRE  [/edgtf_highlight]

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There’s an almost eerie silence, backstage in the Slaughterhouse. Lovely, that is, until just moments later, when there’s a loud CRASH. Vayikra know they didn’t cause it. It came from a door just ahead of them, but as they approach it, it’s suddenly thrust open by Sigil himself, dusting down his outfit.

“…I’ll try somewhere else tomorrow…” he mutters to himself, not yet aware he’s not alone, until Gable coughs. Sigil looks up.

“Hello,” he says, waving. “What a lovely day we’re having.”

And just as Vayikra are caught off guard by this completely our of character happy greeting, he quickly slams the door shut.

Vayikra begin pounding on the door, shouting for Sigil to let them in. They use all the weight behind them in an effort to get to Sigil, and eventually the door does break. Vaykira spill in, ready for a fight, only to see another portal close right in front of their eyes.

“He’s going to be tricky to capture,” says Bellator. “Maybe our hardest yet. Come, we must plan.”

Vayikra retreat, only one thing on their mind. They only have one week left to fulfil their promise to Death, and weaken Sigil before Death himself finishes the job.


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Recorded Earlier

Industrial buildings greet us on an abandoned street. Desolate and alone, except for the headlights of a single car that slows to a halt on the gravel of an empty lot.

The back door opens and the battered figure of Zero tumbles out, still minus all his bionic components. Rezin Deckard and Gunnar Kai emerge from within, standing beside the car and keeping a watchful eye on Zero.

Soon, the crunching sound of impending footsteps signals that Goro himself approaches. Mister Nakamura stops a few short feet of the battered and weary figure.

“They say whatever doesn’t kill us will only make us stronger. But look at you, Xavier… You are down on power, pathetic. You look as weak as a kitten. ”

Zero looks up at him, glaring defiantly.

“You… just… wait…”

But Nakamura silences him by stepping on his one remaining hand.

“I am a dragon that eats little kittens for breakfast. But the ones that steal from me, I enjoy watching them squirm first.”

Goro pulls out a gun, placing it at the temple of the struggling Zero.

“I would really love to be lenient on you and let you go… But imagine the message that would send to others.”


Nakamura cocks the gun, readied. Zero swallows deeply. His eyes show fear, yet there is something else mixed in. A steely determination behind the fear that rises to the surface. Zero headbutts Goro, staggering him long enough to create a moment’s space. In the confusion that follows, Zero finds his opportunity to save his own life. All three members of The Collective fire shots into the darkness at a Zero that staggers away as quickly as his weary legs can carry him.

But all three shots miss and Zero disappears from sight. Goro turns to Kai and Deckard. He’s angered, but there’s a hint of a smile on his lips that suggests he’s enjoying the game afoot.

“Well, don’t just stand there. Get him. Break his other arm. Destroy his kneecaps and drag him back to me within an inch of his life.”

He wipes a trickle of blood from his mouth, courtesy of the headbutt.

“This little kitten doesn’t know when to just stay down.”


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Tonight is a game of “Simon Says,” but is TGK programmed to play it?


Tie up collar and elbow. The larger and more imposing Simon has leverage, moving forward and backing TGK up towards the corner…

But suddenly Simon’s momentum is stopped cold— TGK is holding his ground and then some! TGK pushes forward, bringing Simon back to the center of the ring as the Taskmaster looks around in shock!


Things are not going according to Simon’s plans, and now he’s backed up against the turnbuckles. The ref counts up to four before TGK steps back from Simon. Simon steps forward towards TGK and they go to tie up again…


Simon follows up with a knee to TGK’s gut, doubling him over before the ref admonishes the OSW commissioner, bringing him to the corner as Simon puts his arms up saying the poke was accidental!

TGK is bent over and Simon rushes him, pushing the ref out of the way in the process—



Simon drops onto TGK and hooks a leg—





Simon pinches TGK by the ear and drags him up to his feet, pinning him up against the ropes and sending him a warning:

“Surely you know how to play, ‘Simon Says’ …”

And with that Simon rips TGK’s flannel shirt open and wallops him with one of the most vicious knife edge chops the Slaughterhouse has ever seen!!





Simon is rearing back for a third—



This time the crowd jeers at the commish and he puts his pointer finger to his lips to tell them to hush up, but when he turns his attention back to TGK he’s greeted with an enraged face as TGK is walking forehead first right into Simon, backing him up perhaps out of pure intimidation!

Simon’s eyes are about as wide as ever, and TGK lets out a primal growl before grabbing Simon around the midsection and locking his arms at his side—




The crowd is going nuts as TGK rocks Simon over and over again with headbutts!!


TGK finishes up with a final headbutt before he pulls Simon in tight—

“This ain’t ‘Simon Says’… AND DON’T CALL ME SHIRLEY!”



Simon’s head must be spinning after that onslaught. He slowly rises to his feet, but his body surely isn’t in sync with his mind, or else he’d have moved if he’d seen TGK standing in the crane position in front of him—



Simon drops like a sack of bricks and TGK covers—






TGK looks to the crowd for inspiration.


TGK moves to the corner and hops up to the second rope, waiting for Simon to get up and turn around—




Simon snickers to himself as TGK crumbles to the canvas. The Taskmaster taps his temple and drags TGK to the middle of the ring—




TGK writhes in pain, reaching out for anything in sight, but there’s nothing within reach. The crowd rallies behind him as Simon laughs and pushes down on TGK’s knee!


TGK, hearing the crowd, catches a second wind and drags himself towards the ropes, inch by inch, he’s almost there…



Simon nods his head vehemently, and yells out:


But there’s a fire in TGK’s eyes.

TGK rocks to the left—


TGK rocks to the right—


And back to the left—


Before rocking one last time with oomph to the right—


And with that, TGK rolls Simon over onto their stomachs, reversing the pressure onto Simon’s legs!


Finally Simon releases the submission and both men catch a breather, planning how to finish this contest. Both men are wobbly, but Simon’s legs are a bit less stretched-thin, and he gets the upper hand by clubbing TGK over his back!

Simon tucks TGK’s head under his arm—

And hooks TGK’s bad leg—








Simon is the house in this game, and tonight is proof that the house always wins!

[edgtf_highlight background_color=”#f9c703″ color=”#000000″]  WINNER: SIMON  [/edgtf_highlight]

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Sometime Later.

A boulder falls from high above, threatening to crush all below.

TGK is running towards it, and just at the last second, slides underneath the giant rock.


Coming to his feet, he approaches what lies beyond.

A small altar comes out of the ground, holding a golden object. The Kid walks up to it, his eyes almost glowing with energy as he reaches out to take it.


TGK’s eyes open. He’s no longer underground.

He’s running.

This time from the boulder.

Down a long platform, suspended over an endless shaft.

A dark form rises up in front of him, ripping his arm off.

“…never told you what happened to your father.”


TGK’s eyes open. He’s in a bar.


A dark form is shot point blank with a shotgun. The form wielding it reaches out to him.

“Come with me if you want to live.”


TGK’s eyes open. He’s in a sea of blue, bound to a table inside of a large capsule.

This is no movie, though.

This is a memory.

Screams echo in the background.

Then it all goes dark.

“Time has run out.” A voice echoes from the dark.


The rewind button appears as TGK rewinds his memory.

“Why can’t I remember!?” The Kid exclaims, a disembodied voice in his mind. “What happened there!?”

The sea of blue returns, and TGK just lets it linger, his mind searching for any clue.



Letters written above the door.


What is that?

TGK doesn’t know.

Not yet.

But he will.


Very soon.