In Promo by Starboy

Not long ago, when STARBOY was movin’ and groovin’ into his newly found profession he found himself on an all-expenses paid trip to Barbados.

Jet-setting and passport stamping soon became the modus operandi for STARBOY and living out of a suitcase for the majority of the week was no problem for the ass for the masses.

He partied like a rockstar and fucked like a porno star.

On this particular trip, he was accompanied by a red-haired companion who liked to live on the wild side and partied even harder.

Our client for the weekend was a mysterious man, he never told us his name nor did we care to ask.

But he found it imperitive and important to hide his identity so he wore a mask for anonymity and avoid repercussions from his job and his Wife and children at home.

He took one look at my female companion and began talking about how he wanted to IMPALE her. And that he was going to have his way with her.

He then turned his attention to me and told me that he wanted me to rough him up, and experience being fucked in the ass for the first time.

Soon the clothes came off, and two minutes in he couldn’t live up to his expectations. He was talking up a lot of smoke and was just yapping out his mouth.

So I stuck my LOVEstick down his throat and throat fucked him until he was red in the face and tears pouring out of his eyes.

For such a big talker, he sure did have a small mouth.

He had enough, but STARBOY’s job wasn’t finished until HE finished.

It was like trying to shove a square peg into a round hole.

Should’ve tied this sumbitch up he was kicking and screaming so much.

My companion just laid there, bored and unsatisfied as I had the masked mystery man screaming bloody murder.

“Who’s IMPALING who now bitch?”

STARBOY came to OSW on an all-expenses paid trip to pound town, with an endless amount of fuck toys in front of him just ripe for the picking.

And lookie at STARBOY’s next destination: Impaler.

Why do you hide behind that mask sweethart?

You’re such a handsome fella, why don’t you let STARBOY take a peek behind it and see what you’re all about.

Maybe you can open up a little and let STARBOY cum inside?

We have a lot in common my mysterious masked man…

We both want to teach everyone a lesson and leave them better.

…And we are both sadists.

Let STARBOY teach you a little lesson in pleasure and exploration.

After all, we both find pleasure in pain and suffering.


STARBOY’s all packed up to take a one-way trip to pound town.

And he went from six to midnight just thinking about it.

After you’ve had your way with STARBOY, it’s your turn to bend over so he can IMPALE YOU, bitch.

STARBOY’s cumming for you… and he ALWAYS cums.
IMPALE me Daddy.