CUM Dumpster

In Promo by Starboy

This one frequent that I used to have loved to suck STARBOY’s fat LOVEstick.

She couldn’t get enough of it.

When she was in the mood for some throat fuckin’ she would come on down to the corner of 13-inches and hangs to left side.

She was about as nasty as they came, and she always would cum back for more.

STARBOY had her saved in his phone as “Cum Dumpster” because she loooooved when that white spunk hit the back of her throat and slowly coated her insides until it hit her acidic receptacle.

Whether she was swallowin’

Or garglin’.

That darlin’ never spit.

She was definitely a trooper.

“Wait” and “stop” weren’t even a part of her vocabulary.

She stared up at STARBOY with those puppy dog eyes just begging for the main course, salivating and frothing at her mouth.

STARBOY would gaze deep into her eyes and her mascara ran down her face with the tears of sorrow and regret.

All the while gripping her hair with one hand, and caressing her cheek with the other.

Open wide baby.

And like a volcano STARBOY covered her with his love.

“Thank you Daddy”

Oh.. there’s more where that came from.

Cause there’s always room for dessert.

You remind me a lot of my lil ol’ cum dumpster.

She was always down to go down, and always came back for seconds when STARBOY served her up her beef tenderloin.

But you my ebony love slave, you like to be wined and dined with a good meal, and just your luck STARBOY is not just a snack he’s the whole damn meal.

And Ether baby, STARBOY’s got a whole three course meal for you to sink your teeth into.

STARBOY knows you will have no problem slurpin’ it or gobblin’ it up.

For our appetizer, STARBOY will show you why he’s called the Chocolate Starfish Destroyer when he splits those glorious cheeks and tongue, finger, and cock bang the shit out of your chocolate starfish.

That’s just the appetizer?

Oh girl, we just getting started.

For our main course, you will be taken on a one way trip to pound town. Front ways, back ways, side ways, upside down, and every position in between until you’re trembling with absolute pleasure and euphoria.

But of course you’re not full yet?

Of course not, a hungry bitch gotta eat.

And for dessert, STARBOY has a a 13-inch banana split to satisfy your tastebuds.

Take every inch of it down your guzzle and cherish every drop of that sweet white chocolate sauce while you’re on your knees.

You see, the difference between you and cum dumpster is she always came back for seconds.

But after STARBOY gives you the LOVEstick, for once in your life you’ll pass.

Come Fuck the World, STARBOY hopes you brought your appetite.

Cause STARBOY’s hungry himself and his hunger is just building up inside ready to explode.

STARBOY’s cumming for you…

…And he always cums.

Open wide Ether.

Let me see how big that cum dumpster is.