White Paint

In Promo by Starboy

Take a plain, blank canvas and place it in front of you.

What do you see?


All you see in front of you in a white canvas, free of color, free of any depiction of artistic visuals.

It is empty.

It is ready to be brought to life.

When STARBOY deals with these clients of his, you can consider them to be half-assed painted portraits of themselves.

They come to STARBOY and think that they have everything figured out and know who they are.

What they like and what they don’t like.

But until STARBOY turns their whole world upside down and whips out his long, thick, paint brush.

And after many long, deep, passionate strokes… Stroke after stroke, he covers their portrait completely white.

Then and only then do they find out exactly who the fuck they really are.

And after a lifetime of painting themselves to be a certain way and who they thought they were meant to be…

All it took was a little white paint from STARBOY for them to CUM out of their little shell and show their true colors.

Looking around the hallways of the OSW, you could see the many self-portraits of those on the roster.

And while you could spend your time standing in front of just about any painting of the roster…

This week, STARBOY finds himself standing across the most colorful, vivid painting of them all.

My Rainbow Party brethren and Friend.

Vigour, you have shown me what it means to be young, wild, and free and how to truly rock out with my cock out.

You have helped take STARBOY to a whole new level of living life and made me see and experience colorful places and things I have never seen or even dreamed of before.

And rest assured, STARBOY has seen and done A LOT.

So let me return the favor and help you discover your true self and bring out the Vigour that we all know is hiding and living deep down inside of you.

All it takes is for STARBOY to dive right in with his paintbrush.

Making sure it covers and touches every single inch of your colorful canvas.

After squeezing every last drop of white paint and squirting and spreading it around to cover up any hint of color you can try again to paint your depiction of who you think you are.

And at this point, STARBOY would have had his clients moaning and begging for more.

All they wanted to do was come out from behind the closet door of paint they used to hide their deepest, darkest desires.

But Vigour, you seem to be the person you depict yourself as.

Bright and vivid, colorful and full of life.

You’re quite the amazing person, just the way you are.

And STARBOY is glad to call you a friend.

Vigour, my colorful friend… at FTW, let STARBOY show you that a little white paint ain’t hurt nobody.

STARBOY’s cumming for you…

…And he ALWAYS cums.