In Promo by Tag

“I once knew this guy who was dating the girl of his dreams.”

“Golden hair, legs that went all the way up, and the prettiest pair of dick sucking lips you’ve ever seen.”

“Yeah, she was a fuckin’ trophy wife in the making.”

“Now this dude, he chased after her for months. Begging her for the chance to date her until she finally broke down and gave this simp a chance.”

“And, like she thought, he just didn’t measure up.”

“His breath was rank, his dick was limp, and he shot his load in fucking seconds.”

“So what’s a girl to do when her boyfriend just can’t pleasure her the way she wants, the way she needs?”

“She finds someone who can.”

“A hero that can make those toes curl and that pussy squirt.”

“That’s where I came in, right? I was new on the scene but she knew at first sight I had what she needed.”

“A bigger cock, a better fuck, and all the confidence in the world.”

“The next time her boyfriend came over to see her he was treated to a sight.”

“His girl wrapped around my waist, holding on for dear life and screaming my name as I fucked her just right.”

“From boyfriend to cuck in the blink of an eye.”

“You know, Grimwolf, you have a pretty fine lady hanging off of your arm right now, don’t you?”

“Shimmering gold, nice long straps, and a perfect little gap to shove my… name plate.”

“Yeah, I’m talking about that world title you finally convinced to give you a shot. The one that everyone in OSW would drag their dicks through broken glass for the chance to wear just once.”

“You spent months trying to get this date, didn’t you? Forced your way through Ring King, calling her every fuckin’ day begging for your date and for Christmas she finally gave in and gave you a chance.”

“But just as fast as you got her, she’s already looking for someone to make her happier.”

“She’s looking for a Wrestle Hero to give her the fucking of a lifetime.”

“The whole locker room is lined up for the chance to be her man, but we both know she’s already made up her mind.”


“Because ya boy Tag is finally on the scene.”

“And bud, you can’t measure up to the World’s Greatest Money Shot.”

“I’m going to take your title, sweet talk it in front of the whole world and make it mine.”

“By the end of the night I’ll have those legs, her straps, wrapped tightly around my waist as I give her the kind of champion she’s been waiting for.”

“And while that belt’s holding on for dear life I’ll be kind enough to let you watch me pleasure her the way you never could.”

“Now do me a favor, Wolfy.”

“Get down on your knees, put your head between my legs, and kiss your girl goodbye.”

“Cause she’s about to be Tagged and Bagged.”