First Time

In Promo by Starboy

Everyone remembers their first kiss, first date…

What about the first time you heard a song you liked?

It led you to fall in love with the band and waiting with bated breath for their next hit song.

But it never comes because they turned out to be nothing more than a one-hit wonder.

Or maybe the first time you tried drugs?

You remember how it made you feel, how it opened your eyes to a whole world of color.

But it’s never like the first, and you’re constantly trying to capture the wave of emotions you felt the first go-around, instead of enjoying the feeling of euphoria dopamine overload.

If only we could bottle up that feeling, and carry it everywhere we went so we could release it within ourselves and into the world when we wanted to.

Do you remember your first time my Rainbow Party brethren?

The path we’ve taken to recapture that feeling has brought us together in OSW.

It makes STARBOY feel melancholic to think we have to face each other at Revolt.

But brings him such exhilaration because he gets to create new highs and share the beginning of firsts with his two new boys.

The first time STARBOY made love had him sprung once he felt that tongue in the crack of his ass.

And that warm, moist, feeling of her inner walls most sacred brought out the primal instincts of STARBOY.

So much so, that he did whatever and whoever it took to make sure everytime was as good as the first time.

TGK, you remind me of a hit song of the 80s.

You came out on the scene, guns ablazing, all eyes on you.

You came out with a banger, and right out the gates you reached the top of the charts at #4.

But as quickly as you rose to the top, you were no longer new and shiny and soon forgotten about.

Your success was a bit premature.

You were nothing more than a one-hit wonder.

But don’t worry kid, nothing wrong with cumming early.

We’ll work on it.

Vigour, my color filled party boy.

You remind me of the recreational drug scene.

The first time you get that high, it is the most beautiful, colorful feeling in the world.

It opens your eyes to a whole new world of bright lights, color, and imagination.

The world is your oyster until the feeling wears off.

Then you’re left with trying to recreate that feeling.

Constantly chasing the world of color but finding yourself left in the dark desperate in your attempts to recreate that first high.

Let STARBOY help you find it, but in other ways that will leave you wanting more.

You see, STARBOY has bottled up the feeling of the first-time and he’s ready to experience another first…

Becumming the Rewind champion.

He’s got a whole lot of firsts bottled up inside and he’s about ready to explode.

He’s no one-hit wonder, and he’s got a whole lot of colorful explosion to share.

Don’t worry boys, I don’t bite…


STARBOY’s cumming for you…

… And he always cums.