In Promo by Starboy

STARBOY got a call from a client who wanted to meet at a buffet prior to our scheduled rendezvous.

We met outside the restaurant, there he was, this fat fuck, huffing and puffing, already sweating in anticipation.

Who was STARBOY to judge?

He was just another client.

We sat there for hours as he devoured plate after plate, the crumbs and food particles falling out the corners of his mouth and onto his shirt.

“A hungry man’s gotta eat!”

Later that night we found ourselves at the local motel where he wanted to eat food off STARBOY.

Sushi, cupcakes, double-cheeseburgers.

You name it, he ate it.

He just kept inhaling everything in sight until he was ready for the REAL main course.

STARBOY tied him up like a little-piggie and made him my poor, helpless, little bitch.

He could gobble up a whole buffet line with his eyes closed, but STARBOY was too much to handle even for the hungriest of men.

Stuffed beyond his wildest dreams, drenched in the meat-sweats, STARBOY whispered into his ear…

“And now.. For your frothy, milky dessert.”

Take a look around Ether, we’re blessed to be surrounded by the most extensive, wide range of selection – The Slaughterhouse.

No matter what your craving may be it has a robust variety of food fare, enough to satisfy your appetite.

Everyone’s favorite part of the buffet, the carving station is much akin to the OSW championship. Everyone wants a piece and will wait in line for their turn.

The endless mimosa bar, reminiscent of Jet Set Radio, where everyone that wants to turn up and turn out goes to get the party started.

Go around Lenten season and there’s the seafood section, where people like Vayikra abstain from eating meat and show their love for Jesus Christ and the sacrifices made to wash away our sins.

And then there’s the dessert bar, like Vigour, full of color, flavor and life, where you can release your creativity to fulfill your sweet tooth.

Still hungry?

Why wait?

STARBOY’s got a white chocolate king-size Snickers bar waiting to touch your lips.

But STARBOY isn’t a snack… He’s the whole damn buffet.

A hungry bitch gotta eat?

Let STARBOY satisfy your appetite my ebony Queen.

You can cum back into the buffet line as many times as you want, STARBOY has more than enough to feed that hungry mouth of yours.

He won’t even charge you for excess leftovers.

Cum taste STARBOY’s meat over at the carving station.


STARBOY got loads of warm liquid to quench your thirst. It’s finger-lickin good, slurp it up, it’s enough to fill your cup.

Lick it. Sip it. Taste every drip-drop but don’t you waste it.

Or how about you let him pull back your meat curtains and get a lick of that sweet and salty taste of your ocean, I bet it’s fishy.

Last but not least, for dessert STARBOY has a meatstick full of sticky sweetness for you to guzzle down your throat.

Open wide bitch…

It’s feeding time…

…Let me see how big that mouth is.

Cause STARBOY’s cumming for you…

And he always cums.