[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Last Week.] [The rain pours in a darkened alleyway behind The Tap Room. A man walks towards us wearing a black hooded jumper that covers his face. He finally stops, his head lowered so that we can’t see him.]

“You sure you want to do this, kid?”

[The hooded man nods.]

“That’ll be three hundred,” [An unknown voice says.] “You got the cash?”

[He hands over the bills and in return, a gun is placed into the palm of his hand. He looks at it, sizing it up before quickly slotting it into the waistband of his jeans. He turns to walk away when the voice suddenly stops him.]

“Freeze. Stop right there, kid. You’re under arrest.”

[He turns carefully.]

“If I see your fuckin’ hand reach for that weapon, I’ll put you down, you hear me? It ain’t loaded, kid. I didn’t sell you a loaded weapon.”

[The cop approaches, handcuffs in one hand, weapon drawn in the other. As he does, the kid’s head slowly rises, revealing himself to the camera.] [Kane Doebern.]

“Officer, please, I’m sorry,” [he pleads.] “My friend is being threatened, he’s going to get killed. He’s laid up in a hospital bed right now because some racist asshole damn near murdered him. I’m desperate.”

[The Cop spins him around, handcuffing him.]

“Wait a minute, y-you approached me,” [Kane says.] “When this whole thing started, you approached me outside the Tap Room and told me if I needed a weapon, you’d get me one.”

[He doesn’t respond.]

“You said you saw what happened. You said, you said…”

“Don’t hurt your head trying to figure it out, kid,” [The cop says.] “This is entrapment, pure and simple; you’re right. This won’t ever stand up in court and I know it.”

[Kane doesn’t understand. He looks over his shoulder until the cop turns him around, slamming him up against a wall.]

“But I’ve got enough to take you in, process you and keep you locked up until you post bail. That’s all I need.”

[The cop grabs him, dragging him away towards his unmarked vehicle.]

“Oh and I was told to tell you that Wolfgang sends his regards.”



[Darkness.] [The sound of boots stomp across the floor, echoing throughout a massive interior. From the darkness a flashlight clicks on, shining over a grand stage. From the light comes a familiar voice.]

“Oh Dante! Why are ya hidin’ your hand? I already know your cards.”

[There is silence, then a spotlight shines from above with no visible light source, the ray landing squarely on the magnificent Dante Xavier. The magician smirks, snapping his fingers so that another light illuminates his foe, Wild Karrde.]

“I’m so glad you could make it, Karrde. I was worried you weren’t going to show up.”

[Karrde gives a slightly annoyed huff, clicking off his flashlight as he stares down Dante.]

“I only showed ’cause I know that if I didn’t, you’d do something to this glorious lil building here, and I don’t want you backin’ out on our bet. In fact, you better have a damn good way to get us back to the Tap Room or I’ll end you right here.”

“Of course. I wouldn’t dare dismantle my precious auditorium. I simply wished for you to ante up what you’re supposedly paying me when I win.”

[Karrde chuckles grabbing something from the darkness, bringing it to the light to reveal a briefcase. He clicks it open, revealing hundred dollar bills neatly packed inside.]

“There ya have it. Plenty a cash to make up for whatever lost profit a fraud like you comes up with.”

[Dante tries to step forward to examine it, but Karrde closes the case and keeps his distance.]

“No way, boy. If you want another peak, you gotta win. And I ain’t even played my hand.”

“Well, then I guess I can’t push it, but I will make good on my end to make sure you get back to the Tap Room in time. Watch your step.”

[Karrde instinctively leaps forwards AS A PORTAL APPEARS BENEATH HIM! He lands on the other side but as he does Xavier STARTLES HIM WITH A SPARK OF FLAMES!] [Time seems to slow as Karrde falls back into the portal, one last word leaving his lips.]


[The Gambler disappears into the portal which closes behind him. With a chuckle, Dante disappears into thin air.]

“See you there, Wild Karrde.”


[Tonight, it is a boss battle! Gaia stands in the way of Gameboy’s progress! Will he be up to the challenge in this triple threat match? What part will Happy play in the match? Who will come out on top? We find out next!] [DING! DING! Happy just wants to fight so he starts throwing punches at both of his opponents! Gameboy shoves him off and tells him “we’re supposed to help each other! Let’s take her out! Like this!” LEVEL ONE TO GAIA! That superkick knocks her down! Happy asks, “like this?” Superkick to Gameboy! Gameboy falls down but he pulls himself up! He says, “kind of but more like this! LEVEL ONE TO HAPPY! Happy is down and Gameboy covers trying to get the win any way he can! One…Two…Gaia jumps on Gameboy and starts choking him out!] [Gameboy is struggling! she has him wrapped up like a vine!] [Gameboy is fading away! It looks like he might pass out!] [BOOMSTICK! Superman punch to Gaia breaks the hold!] [Happy hits that hard punch and he covers Gaia! One…Two…Thr…No! Gameboy shoves him off! He’s going to beat this boss, not player two! Gameboy covers now! One…Happy pulls him off. This match will not be over this soon! They start delivering clubbing fists to each other! Both men want to win! DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! Gaia with a hard clothesline to both men! GREEN EXPANSION! Gaia locks in a Texas Cloverleaf on Happy! Happy is struggling and crawling towards the ropes! He holds on to the ropes but no rope breaks in this match! Dropkick from Gameboy to break the hold!] [Gaia falls through the ropes from that kick!] [Happy is trying to pull himself up! He’s on his hands and knees!] [Gameboy jumps off of him for an assist!] [SOMERSAULT PLANCHA TO GAIA!] [Gaia and Gameboy are laid out on the floor! Happy slides out of the ring! He clutches Gameboy by the throat! BYE BYE BIRDIE! Chokeslam into the barricade by Happy! Happy pulls up Gaia and hoists her on his shoulders! He’s going for a running powerbomb! No! Gaia reverses it into a hurricanrana! Happy is launched into the steel steps! Gaia marches towards Gameboy! He shoves her away! BUTTON MASHER! Multiple right fists by Gameboy! Gaia can’t stop it and she’s pissed! LOW BLOW! It stops Gameboy in his tracks and Gaia rolls back into the ring!] [Gaia is enraged and sneering at Gameboy!] [He’s trying to crawl in but she keeps stomping on his head not allowing him in!] [NKO!] [Happy slid in and hit a jumping neckbreaker!] [Happy covers! One… SPEED BOOST! Gameboy uses a cheat code to climb to the rope in an instant! Two…FROG SPLASH! Gameboy breaks it up! He does not stop! He goes for the Reset! Running shooting star press! No! Gaia gets her knees up! Gaia clutches his arm! WRATH OF NATURE! Hammerlock arm breaker! Gameboy is screaming in agony but he will not tap! SNAP! She pops the arm! She gets up and laughs in sadistic delight! She walks towards Happy! She walks into a fireman’s carry! Happy holds her up and starts spinning! HAPPY ENDING! That spin completely dazes her and she falls off his shoulders hard! Happy covers! One…Two…Thr! THE RESET! Shooting star press breaks the cover and Gameboy covers Gaia now! One…Two…Three!] [He’s done it! Gameboy beats the boss with the help of Happy! What a win for Gameboy!]


[The match is over. The competitors hobble about as they try to bring themselves together; each of them finding their way near the center of the ring.] [Gaia’s shoulders raising and lowering in deep, vengeful breaths.] [Gameboy squinting in pain; shaking away the cobwebs as he rubs his masked head.] [And Happy in the middle. A look of uncertainty on his face.] [The three stand in slight hesitation as if waiting for the others to make the first move and finally, somebody does.]

“Throw me a mic!”

[It’s Happy. He moves to the side of the ring, reaching between the ropes with his hand outstretched. Gaia and Gameboy showing some confusion as Happy is handed a microphone and makes his way back between them. Looking first to one of them in particular.]

“Gaia, I really appreciate what you have offered to do for me and I would really like to take you up on the offer.”

[Gaia shows a hint of a smile before Happy turns to Gameboy and as he begins to speak, the smile quickly dissipates.]

“And Gameboy, I appreciate you too. I really don’t understand where you’re coming from but I feel like there is something I could learn from a guy like you.”

[Now it’s Gameboy that gives off a short-lived grin as Happy takes a step backwards.]

“But mostly… I hope we can all just learn to accept each other. I came here because professional wrestling makes me the happiest man on Earth and I think the three of us could make a really good group of friends if we can all just figure out a way to look on the bright side.”

[Gameboy cups his face in his palm before stepping forward…]

“Look buddy, I admire your outlook but her?” [Game-O says as he points in Gaia’s direction] “It’s just not gonna work. As far as Player One is concerned, it’s Game Over for the three of us. I’m moving on to the next level!”

[Player One sympathetically shrugs as he slaps Happy on the shoulder and bails out of the ring, making his exit; leaving Happy with an angry Gaia.]

“Happy” [Mother Earth scolds.] “I offered you protection that nobody else could and you repay me by allowing the likes of Gameboy to pull us apart. You have no idea what it’s like to survive in this unnatural world, but you’ll have to learn… alone. I will wait until you have been broken and then Nature will reclaim what is hers!”

[Gaia turns away from Happy with disgust, her too exiting the ring. Happy watches, alone, as she distances herself; his facial expression showing that the Happiest Man On Earth isn’t the most happy now.] [Cut.]


[Continued from last week.]

“Now, I’m sure you’re wondering why I’ve invited you here…”

“No. You didn’t invite me here. I tracked you to here by scanning your plates and using the police to get your address. Your destruction ends here, Vein.”

[Dr. Mindfuck grins at this as his head shakes a bit. It seems he’s really enjoying this.]

“Vein? Was that the name that that dear old cop gave you at the precinct? How cute. You see, you didn’t find me on your own. There was no way. That license plate was nothing more than a deterrent just as the explosion at the bank was. That cop that you found no compliant with your demands… wasn’t exactly herself. Were you, Officer Martinez?”

[He turns as a woman steps out from the shadows of the room. Officer Martinez. She staggers forward as her face is expressionless. Here eyes seem to stare through Kirby as she does. Dr. Mindfuck grins and runs his finger along her shoulder.]

“Ahhhh. Yes. You won’t find my information in any police database. You won’t find any trace of me. You wanted to find me, and honestly… I wanted to meet the hero who figured out the real experiment was going on in the hospital. After all, it’s the only way to get the chemicals to build certain things…”

[Dr. Mindfuck grins as Bill Kirby suddenly feels a bit of dread washing over his body.]

“…such as Overestimation.”

[Bill Kirby suddenly freezes. His arms… immobile. His legs… frozen in place. He tries to scream, but he finds his vocal chords unable to function. His eyes becoming vacant… expressionless, yet he sees and feels everything. The rash, seemingly from the blue ink, returns in a moment’s time.]

“I once Overestimated a pair of bullies. I felt that they would put up more of a fight, yet, once I dumped a bucket full of sulfuric acid on their faces, they proved to just scream like the little girls they were. No offense, Officer Martinez.”

[The vacant expression of Martinez doesn’t even twitch.]

“SO… I vowed that anyone stupid enough to cross me would learn that I overestimate everyone… every pathetic little hero who thinks they can stop me.”

[Dr. Mindfuck walks over to a grand computer, hits a few buttons, as the electric field of a floor begins to change as a ring begins to form around them. Yet the floor outside of the ring begins to charge as if electricity is flowing through it. Officer Martinez retreats onto a higher level as Dr. Mindfuck gives her a smile.]

“Remember, he only gets five minutes. Once that time is up, we’ll have all of the information we need. Then you can take this sack of shit and drop him off.”

[Officer Martinez nods as Dr. Mindfuck turns his attention back to Bill Kirby, still frozen in place.]


[Kirby can move his body again, but he seizes this opportunity and lunges forward as he spears Mindfuck to the floor and places a knee on his throat.]

“I won’t need five minutes for you, villain.”


[Bill Kirby has his knee placed on the throat of Dr. Mindfuck as this match begins!] [A gong sounds to which Bill Kirby looks up to see Officer Martinez to have hit it. He shakes his head at the absolute absurdity of this entire event before he’s pelted in the face by some more. A drone with pellets begins nailing Bill Kirby.] [He staggers backwards as he puts up his hands to stop the small BBs, and Dr. Mindfuck sees his opportunity.] [A PATENTED MINDFUCK!] [The rolling elbow catches Bill Kirby off guard as he recoils back into the corner. He looks behind himself to see the electrified floor sending sparks up nearly into the ring. He turns back to Dr. Mindfuck who swings wildly with a right hand. Kirby ducks underneath the blow and kicks him in the midsection before hooking his arms.] [RETURN TO ARKHAM!] [The double underhook DDT connects as Dr. Mindfuck hits the mat hard. Bill Kirby looks around in confusion as there is no referee. How does he even win this thing? He leans down and goes for a pin? The electronic screen of the computer lights up with numbers!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [KICKOUT! Somehow the computer realized when the kickout occurred and stopped before three.] [Bill Kirby yanks Dr. Mindfuck to his feet before whipping him into the corner. Bill Kirby charges with his shoulder lowered, but he steps on an… RC CAR?! Somehow an RC Car has found its way into the ring as Kirby staggers forward into Mindfuck who clocks him with the controller in his hand! Bill Kirby is groggy before being pushed back into the corner. Mindfuck spreads the legs of Bill Kirby before rushing across the ring, pulling the goggles down over his eyes, and charging at full sprint!] [THE PHOTON DESTABILIZER!] [The swift kick to the junk brings Kirby down to the mat as Dr. Mindfuck grins. He rolls him over into a cover!] [ONE…] […] [TWO…] […] [KICKOUT!] [Dr. Mindfuck doesn’t even seem to mind this. He lifts up Kirby and begins walking towards the ropes and looking down wickedly at the electricity shooting off of the floor.] [He grabs Bill Kirby and whips him into the ropes before kicking him in the gut, hooks the head, and rushes towards the ropes…] [THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD!] [Bill Kirby whips him around before hooking his head and rams it into the turnbuckle!] [THE KILLING JOKE!] [Kirby covers!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!] [GONG!] [The match is over as the electric field begins to shut down as Officer Martinez makes her way into the ring. He turns to prepare himself for her before he hears it.]


[Bill Kirby’s body freezes up as he falls to the floor as Officer Martinez grabs his arm and begins dragging him away. Dr. Mindfuck gets to his feet before he gives a little wave with a smirk.]

“We got what we needed. Take him back to where he belongs… in a gutter.”

[Kirby’s eyes are glossed over as he’s being dragged away before finding himself in an alleyway in the streets of Miami.]


[Earlier tonight.] [The Lost Cosmonaut wanders the hallway, floating every so often as he finds himself almost lost in thought until a voice calls his attention from behind.]

“Major Tom, we need a word with you!”

[This stops his floating immediately as he turns to face the voice’s source, Oscar Vogel. At his side is Skeletor, shaking his head as they approach the Cosmonaut.]

“I don’t understand, Tom. I thought we were friends! Why are we even fighting?”

[Major Tom takes a knee to look his new friend square in the face.]

“We? Oh, my little buddy, my fight isn’t with you…”

[He points at Oscar, whose frown grows into almost a glare.]

“…it’s with him. You and I are friends till the end, like two peas in a pod…but he’s not like us, is he? He’s different.”

[Oscar chimes in, his voice a little more harsh than usual.]

“Now hold on one second, T—“

[The Cosmonaut rises to his feet, staring deep into the eyes of the Puppet Man.]

“That’s Major Tom to you, Oscar. I can respect a need for friendship, but I will play these games no longer. I’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe, Oscar, moments of time…lost like tears in the rain. There will be no tears from me on this night, Oscar.”

[Tom focuses his attention back on Skeletor, whose head hangs in shame.]

“Besides, I’d hate to break the little guy’s heart by proving I could be a better friend than you’ll ever be.”

[He kneels once more, lifting Skeletor’s head.]

“Don’t feel so down, little buddy. Even the best of friends fight sometimes, that’s just the way life happens. I’m sure we can all move on from this and be the best of friends!”

[Back on his feet, Tom gives another cold stare at Vogel before walking off to leave the Puppet Man looking even more worried at what’s about to happen.] [Cut.]


[Next up is a match between Oscar Vogel, the puppeteer of Skeletor, and the Lost Cosmonaut, a human skeleton. Will Skeletor finally make a friend?] [DING! DING! DING!] [The Lost Cosmonaut takes off in a flash and leaps into the air, landing on Vogel’s shoulders and taking him down right away with a hurricanrana! Vogel climbs back up to his feet just to be met with a dropkick, taking him into the turnbuckles. Cosmonaut charges, but so does Vogel, who nails TLC with a clothesline! Cosmonaut stands and meets another clothesline. Oscar scoops The Lost Cosmonaut off the ground. Scoop slam!] [TLC’s body jolts as Oscar lands a big time leg drop. Oscar helps the Lost Cosmonaut to his feet! TLC hits a HUGE SPINNING HEEL KICK! Oscar stumbles back into the ropes and tries a return clothesline, but Cosmonaut ducks underneath it, grabs his arm and tries a crucifix pin!] [ONE!] [TWO!] [THREE!!!] [NO!!! Oscar manages to kick out JUST in time. Cosmonaut bounces off the ropes and hits the puppeteer in the head with a missile dropkick as he is climbing to his feet! Cosmonaut leaps EFFORTLESSLY to the top turnbuckle! He leaps HIGHER than most men could ever dream of and lands a HUGE FUCKING FROG SPLASH!!!] [ONE!!!] [TWO!!!] [OSCAR KICKS OUT! DAMN IT THE MAN HAS GUTS!] [Cosmonaut yells at the referee to count a little faster. Oscar struggles to climb to his feet, using the ropes as support. Cosmonaut LEAPS!! FRANKENSTEINER!!! NO!!! POWERBOMB!!! A SIMPLE POWERBOMB FROM OSCAR VOGEL AND HE CAN FINALLY BREATHE!!] [Both men lay on the ground for a moment, facing the ceiling. Before the referee can start counting, they both begin climbing to their feet. Oscar Vogel reaches a knee, TLC reaches his. Oscar gets to his feet, DROPKICK TO TLC!!! TLC staggers backwards, Double Axe Handle Smash!!! Again!! Again!! TLC finds himself pounded all the way into the turnbuckles by the axe handles!!!] [Oscar mounts him in the corner! He sings the ABC’s while he delivers punches!!! “A-B-C-D-E-F-G! H-I-J-K-LMNO-P! Q-R-S! T-U-V! W-X! Y-AND-Z!” Oscar Vogel jumps down. TLC staggers out of the corner and lands face down on the ground! Now is Oscar’s time!! He’s feeling it!! The crowd’s feeling it!!! He goes to his corner!!!] [HE HAS SKELETOR!!! HE HAS SKELETOR!!!] [The crowd is going BANANAS as Oscar Vogel waits for the staggering Lost Cosmonaut, who stands and turns around, RUNNING RIGHT INTO A MANDIBLE CLAW FROM SKELETOR!!! WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIEND!!! LOST COSMONAUT’S ARMS ARE FLAILING!!!] [LOW BLOW!!! A KICK TO OSCAR’S GROIN FROM THE DESPERATE LOST COSMONAUT!!!] [FLY ME TO THE MOON!!! TLC MAKES THE COVER!!!] [ONE!!!] [TWO!!!] [THREE!!!] [DING! DING! DING!] [The Lost Cosmonaut picks up a huge win against Oscar Vogel and Skeletor tonight, in what was something of a handicap match all along! Nevertheless, he manages to earn a big time victory against a big time foe of his tonight!]


[In the antechamber joining the backstage area to the Tap Room proper, we find Jacen Novan standing. In his hands, he cradles the Historium, the green glow illuminating his bloodshot eyes.]

“You bastard!”

[Dakota Faye pushes her way through the curtain, angrily eyeballing Novan, who hides it away frantically.]

“That is mine, Novan. Give it back.”

[The Historium vanishes behind Novan’s robe, the glow gone.]

“I told you…”

“No, you didn’t tell me anything.”

[Novan seems to return to normal.]

“You’re right, Dakota. I didn’t. The wound is still too great to discuss fully. But you must believe me when I say that the Historium contains great evil. Balance is what I strive for, but on both sides of it there stands great evil. The Bogan is a terrifying power that has corrupted many. Including one person very close to my heart. In fact, he is the last person I had seen holding the Historium before it suddenly appeared in your hand.”

[Faye nods, trying to show some sympathy but failing.]

“So instead of telling me that, you lure me up to the roof and try to kill me?”

[Novan snorts.]

“No, Dakota. The Historium caused the explosion. I merely was able to resist it better than you. I’ve been trained for such matters, and you have not.”

[Dakota’s lip curls.]

“After I beat your ass in the ring, I’m taking the cube. Right after you tell me what the hell the letters on it mean. Was E. F the person close to you?”

[Novan seems to shrink further as his eyes now show their usual vibrancy. Yet they also display determination.]

”This does not have the easy answer you desire. Some powers in this universe are far beyond the scope of human eyes. I will say no more about the Historium. If you wish to possess it, you will have to do so by force, but I warn you that it would be a poisoned treasure.”

[Faye grins and nods to the curtain leading to the ring.]

”Let’s do it, old man. Treasure is all you had to say. I’ll decide if it’s poison or not.”

[Novan nods, shaking his head, as he goes through the curtain to defend his possession.] [Faye soon follows as neither realize the pebble they dropped may soon cause a flood.] [Cut.]


[Jacen Novan and Dakota Faye circle each other in the ring. They share a look of determination, a victory in this match, and perhaps, answers to some very big questions on the line.] [DING! DING! DING!] [Dakota Faye immediately tears into Novan with a series of European uppercuts! Left! Right! Left! Right! Haven stumbles back into the turnbuckle, taking a defensive posture, absorbing as many of the shots as he can take! A swift front of the head strike from Novan in return! Another–No! Faye ducks it and wraps Novan up around his waist! RELEASE BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!] [Jacen slides across the ring into the other set of turnbuckles. He quickly finds a knee and takes an offensive posture. Dakota Faye charges him! And he launches upward at the exact right time, nailing Dakota with an uppercut! He begins a series of punches of his own, beating Dakota back into the very turnbuckle he found himself in earlier. He dropkicks her in the knee! Dakota hits the mat! Jacen helps Dakota find her feet, and throws her OVER THE TOP ROPE to the outside!] [Dakota lands with a THUD! Jacen runs against the ropes on the other side of the ring. He launches himself on the third rope! SPRINGBOARD FROG SPLASH TO THE OUTSIDE!!!] [AND RIGHT ONTO DAKOTA’S LIFTED KNEES!!! JACEN HITS THE GROUND!! HE IS CLUTCHING HIS STOMACH AND WRITHING IN PAIN!!!] [Dakota slowly climbs to her feet. The referee begins to count!] [One!! Dakota lifts Jacen to his feet.] [Two!! Jacen hits Dakota with a strike to the side of her head!] [Three!! Dakota ducks a second strike, and hits Jacen in the gut with a knee!] [Four!! Jacen thrusts his fists and hits Dakota in the chest! She kicks Jacen in his gut!] [Five!! SNAP SUPLEX INTO THE APRON!! NOVAN’S BACK ARCHES IN PAIN AS HE HITS THE GROUND!!] [SIX!! Dakota reaches her feet and lifts Novan to his!! NOVAN GRABS HER ARM!!!] [SEVEN!! DARKNESS WITHIN!! BOTH COMPETITORS ARE DOWN!!] [EIGHT!! They are stirring to their feet as quickly as they can, simultaneously WRITHING in pain!!] [NINE!! Both are nearly to their feet!!] […] [TEN!!!!] [NO!! Jacen and Dakota both slide under the ropes in the niche of time! Immediately they both reach their feet and begin trading strikes! The crowd is going ABSOLUTELY APESHIT as Jacen and Novan trade STRIKES AND KICKS in the center of the ring!!!] [Jacen takes the upper hand! His vicious strikes to the head slowing Dakota down! He whips her into the ropes!! SPINEBUSTER!! ANACONDA VICE!! THE PATH TO BALANCE!!] [DAKOTA TRIES TO ESCAPE!! JACEN WON’T ALLOW IT!! SHE HAS NO CHOICE!! FAYE TAPS!! FAYE TAPS!!] [DING! DING! DING!] [Jacen’s hand is raised by the referee, and then calmly and humbly leaves the ring. In the battle between the Archaeologist and the Ashla, it was the Ashla who won tonight.]


[Somewhere Else.] [The wind howls across the opening of Nate Washington’s ears, whistling and crackling, echoing in his head. The busy traffic below is drowned out entirely by the sound of the roaring wind. The moonlight his only source of light this high as the streetlights below look like pin pricks in a blanket. Standing in front of him, his arms outstretched to his sides, perilously close to the edge of the high rises rooftop stands Luke Cole. Sober. Strong. With a colour in his skin for the first time in a long time. He stands straight, his eyes retain their focus. He is here, present, and sober in the moment. In one hand, the briefcase.]

“‘Chu got me up here for, man? ‘s’freezin yo!” [howls Washington, not daring step closer.]

“When we first met,” [bellows back Luke,] “I was a sick man. And you took advantage of that. You took advantage of a man of the very brink of self destruction.”

“You presented yourself as a friend. But you’re no mate of mine. You are a wolf in sheep skin. You are a user, and an abuser.”

“What’chu gettin’ at foo’?”

“What I’m getting at is the turning of the tide. Because now I hold the cards. Because now you are the sick man. Because now it’s my turn to hurt you!”

“GIVE ME MY MONEY!” [Washington screams, pulling a gun from his waistband and aiming it at Luke.] [Cool as a cucumber, Luke takes a step back, dangling the briefcase over the buildings edge.]

“Ah, ah, ah…” [Cole waggles his finger.] “Wouldn’t want me dropping this now, would ya?”

“What do you want, man? Just give me my money. You don’t need’ta work for me no mo’.” [Washington barters.]

“It isn’t freedom I seek, Nathaniel. Freedom I already possess.”

“So what, then? What, man?”

“All I want is to see the look on your face…”

[Click.] [The briefcase drops open and from it stacks and stacks of bills. The howling wind atop the high rise whips the money around in the air, here and there, it spreads and flaps and falls. Washington charges to the lip of the building, watching as the cash is spread around the city below.] [He turns, looking over his shoulder at Luke Cole, who laughs.]

“You son of a..!”


[Washington turns, tackling Cole to the ground. He sits on top of him and starts to club him with hard shots, but Cole blocks one with the lid of the briefcase!] [Washington shakes his fist in pain. Cole closes the briefcase and smashes it into Washington’s head, sending him to the ground.] [Cole jumps up, tossing the briefcase. He grabs Washington by his belt, heaving him to his feet and into a large metal air duct! Washington’s back slams into the metal before crumpling to the floor.] [Cole smiles.] [He leans in — NO! Eye Rake! Cole staggers backwards and Washington jumps to his feet.] [A REAL ONE! Boot to the face!] [Cole hits the ground.] [Washington piles on top of Cole, punching him.] [Cole catches Nate’s arm as he swings a right, underhooking him and dragging him over. Cole on top now! He grabs Washington by his lapels and shakes him, the back of his head bouncing off the ground. Washington goes limp.] [Cole gets to his feet and heads for the door leading into the building. He turns but Washington is gone.] [Cole turns back to the doo–TWO BY FOUR!] [Washington appears out of nowhere, smashing Cole in the face with a two-by-four! Cole collapses against the low wall at the very brink of the building.] [SUPERKICK!] [NO!] [Luke Cole just dodges the kick, otherwise he would have surely fallen to his death! Instead Washington’s legs straddle the lip of the building!] [DROPKICK!] [Cole Dropkicks the back of Nate’s head. Washington slumps forwards.] [Cole gets up and shoves Washington over the edge of the buildi–NO! WASHINGTON CLINGS ON BY HIS FINGERTIPS!] [Luke Cole stares down at his struggling foe.]

“Let go, Nate…”

[BAM! Cole punches the fingertips of Washington!]




[Cole raises his hands high in the air, AXE HANDLE SMAAAA–NO! Washington heaves himself over the wall, back onto the rooftop and Cole smashes his hands into the concrete of the ledge!] [Cole waves his hand in pain and is dragged to the floor with a heel trip from Washington. Nate hops onto the back of Cole and Cole gets up on to all fours.] [BAM! A shot across the front of the face! And another! REAR NAKED CHOKE!] [The two roll around on the rooftop, Cole struggling for breath.] [Somehow Cole gets to his feet. He charges across the rooftop towards an aviary filled with pigeons! He leaps, sending himself and Washington flying through the chicken mesh and wood. The aviary splinters under the weight of the two men and pigeons flap frantically as the men collapse on top of one another amongst the seed, newspaper and bird shit.] [Cole crawls from the rubble to his feet. He heads for the door. Washington stands. He has choice words for Cole.]

“You owe me money. I’m gonna make you… my bitch!”

[Cole charges at Nate. Nate sidesteps, TAKEOVER! A bookend to Luke Cole!] [Both men are down. Exhausted.] [Each of them drag themselves back to their feet and they stand, panting, glaring at one another.] [Washington spits on the floor. Pure blood.]

“I fucking hate you, man.”

“I fucking hate you… Man.” [Cole replies.] [The two head towards each other and begin exchanging blows. Cole ducks! He takes Washington around the waist. He grabs a wrist and spins him out and away from him before dragging him back with a short-arm Irish whip. DUCKED! Cole turns but is scooped up. A REAL BACKBREAKER! Cole raises Cole up and slams him down into a vicious backbreaker, tossing him down to the ground.] [Nate Washington gets to his feet and leaves the rooftop, closing the door behind him.]


[We cut to find Eli Forever in a somewhat hushed discussion with one of his followers, a familiar looking follower. One that we recognise from his conversation with Shadow a week ago. Eli speaks in a hushed tone, smiling to hide the urgency in his eyes.]

“Did you do what I asked?”

[The follower bows, nodding. When he rises, he meets Eli’s eyes. The Heir Eternal smiles once more.]

“Good, very good. If Shadow believes that you are able to be swayed, he will be weaker. Those that oppose our message do not understand, he will reveal his true colours and you will see that the word I speak is truth.”

[The follower produces the small onyx angel and gives it to Eli.]

“The talisman, a calling card of sorts. Obviously intended to be a reminder that there is ‘another way’, as outsiders would put it. Clever. The more one looks at it, the more curious one would become. I’m glad that you have remained loyal to me.”

[Eli tosses the statuette against the wall, breaking the sings of the statue almost symbolically. He looks at his follower with a gaze that is both charming and unsettling simultaneously – as if looking into the very soul, determining the follower’s heart. Sensing the look and to fill the silence, the follower coughs softly and gingerly speaks.]

“I am devoted to you.”

[A voice sounds from above, the source of which is unidentified.]

“Hopelessly devoted if you ask me.”

[Suddenly, Shadow is there, descending from above and landing on the ground in front of the men.]

“A secret meeting have we? And here when I thought that one of your lemmings had grown half a brain, it turns out you were simply using him to get to me.”

[His words, directed at Eli, fall upon silence in return. The follower looks to the ground shyly, like a small child caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Eli looks undeterred by Shadow’s presence, yet his eyes hold back stronger feelings.]

“I did offer your congregation another way, to turn from the lies and the filth that you serve. But if you have their brains in the palm of your hand, well, then they will just have to go down with the proverbial ship. They will suffer the same fate.”

[Eli smiles at Shadow’s sentiment.]

“Child… You know not the powers that you deal with. You still have time to turn. If not to me, then turn and run.”

[Shadow does turn, his shoulder away from Eli as he backs away slightly.]

“The fate of your congregation rests on your shoulders Eli. I would love nothing better than to watch as it is squashed before your eyes. All will be revealed. Devotions… Lies… The truth. Watch over your shoulder Eli. Your words come crumbling down inside that ring tonight.”

[With that, Shadow is gone, leaving Eli Forever and his hopelessly devoted follower standing together exchanging uncomfortable glances.]


[Chiroptera surround the ring, with the exception of Chip’s corner, where Kevin is petting a bat that has sat on his shoulder and sharing his oranges with it, Corndog, and a feral-looking Pigskin, who is chained to the ring post.

[The bell sounds.] [Corndog charges into the ring and leaps into Chip Montana’s arms!] [Graves swings wildly but Montana ducks.] [Chip grabs the waistband of Graves and tosses Corndog into the trousers of the Prophet of the Bat God! Graves dances around the ring as Corndog goes to work in his trousers. SUPERKICK! Graves is down! Corndog scurries from his pants leg and runs to Chip’s corner.

[PIN!] [ONE!] [TWO!] [KICK OUT!] [Montana rolls straight back to his feet as Graves rolls onto his knees. Running Enzigur–NO! Graves drops his head, avoiding the kick to the head. Both men are quick back to their feet but Graves rushes behind Chip. He hooks in a Full Nelson. RED DEATH! A Snap Dragon Suplex! Graves rolls Chip over by driving his head into Chip’s ribs and hooks the leg.

[ONE!] [TW–NO!] [KICK OUT!] [Graves hops to his feet and looks down at Kevin outside the ring for a moment until Montana gets to all fours.] [PUNT KICK!] [NO! Montana sits up and picks the ankle that Graves has all his weight on, yanking him off his feet. Chip leaps towards Graves and BITES HIS ANKLE!] [Graves screams in pain and rolls from the ring, his druids surrounding him as he hobbles on his wounded ankle.]

“Oi, get back in ‘ere y’bloody wuss!” [Montana yells from the ring, raising his fists ready to fight.] [Graves hops back up on the apron, looking across at Montana. Montana still has his fists in front of his face. He waves Graves in to the ring. Slowly Graves steps through the ropes. He slowly walks to the center of the ring.] [POKE!] [Montana pokes the eye of Graves, who stumbles back against the ropes but fires straight back. BIG BOOT! Montana splats against the mat, his limbs flapping loosely as they go limp!] [PIN!] [ONE!]

TWOOOOOO!] [THHHH–] [NO! KICK OUT!] [Graves walks around the ring, waiting for Montana to get to his fee–GAH!] [Pigskin slides under the bottom rope and now HE is grabbing at the ankle of Michael Graves! Graves pulls his foot out of Pigskins grasp. CURB STOMP! He stomps Pigskin’s head hard, and he goes limp, falling from the ring unconscious!] [SEE YA LATER, ALLIGATOR! Backstabber from Montana. STRAIGHT INTO THE IGUANA SLEEPER! A modified Dragon Sleeper!

[GRAVES TAPS OUT!] [Chip picks up the win here but as he celebrates he notices something isn’t quite right. Hang on… Is that Kevin being carried from the arena by a group of Druids?]


[Somewhere Else.] [The altar of Michael Graves lies in the dark recess of a hidden cave, and is currently occupied. Kevin is strapped to the altar, his hands bound with rope, his mouth gagged with tape. Chiroptera surround the altar, on guard. Frantically Graves rushes towards the altar, grabbing a large, ornate dagger and raising it above his he–FROM A BOULDER! Chip Montana stage dives from the boulder into a group of druids, sending them all crashing to the ground!]

“Get’m Pigskin!” [Chip yells.] [Pigskin charges from behind the boulder, a chain leash dangling from his neck, his teeth and gums bore for all to see. He clears the altar with one bound and tackles Graves to the ground, clawing at his face with his yellowed and overgrown nails. Biting at the throat of Graves!] [BAM!] [From behind, TJ Laws, Big Bruce! The pair assault Pigskin, Bruce hammering him with clubbing blows, Laws kicking and stomping at him. Pigskin fights his way to his feet, shoving Laws away! Pigskin and Bruce exchange shots — LOW BLOW! Michael Graves from behind has regained his composure and uses the dagger to hit Pigskin with a low blow! Blood gushes from a wound and Pigskin is tossed to one side by Big Bruce.] [It is only now, as the dust settles, that Graves notices an important omission from his altar. Kevin is being carried out of the cave, slung over Chip Montana’s shoulder! Graves looks across the cave just in time to see Montana escaping.]

“Laterrrrrr!” [Montana yells, sticking two fingers in the air as he exits at the cave mouth.]


[For a man who values subdugation over all, a god would be his new favorite toy but no man may take Troy Solveig’s freedom. Can Kasabian destroy a god for his master or will the Volsungr’s power be far too much for him?] [The bell sounds as both men rush in, locking up for a test of strength as both men are equal, struggling under one another’s weight and strength before a massive headbutt from Kasabian staggers Solveig who stumbles into the corner, barely hitting the buckles before he’s nearly decapitated by a massive clothesline. Solveig isn’t allowed to fall as Kasbian powers him up, nailing him with a series of stiff elbows to the jaw before hooking him around the waist and tossing him across the ring with a massive Belly to Belly Suplex] [Solveig slowly gets up to his feet, shaking out the cobwebs as Kasbian rushes forward, trying for a running heel kick that Solveig just ducks under, grabbing Kasbian from behind before slamming him to the mat with a lightning fast Russian Legsweep. Kasbian rolls to his feet right into a flurry of lefts and rights before a huge knee knocks him for a loop,

[NORTHERN LIGHTS! Solveig hits the Suplex out of nowhere as he bridges back, the referee dropping down for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [KASABIAN JUST KICKS OUT! The Slave slowly staggers back up to his feet using the ropes…] [VALKYRIE! A massive Superman Punch drills Kasbian right on the jaw as the mammoth man goes flying over the ropes to the floor below] [Lord Walters slowly pulls up his charge on the outside, a look of fury in his eyes as he barks disapproval at Kasabian. Solveig rolls out of the ring, trying to pull Kasabian back into the ring but Lord Walters gets in his way, pointing his ivory cane in Solveig’s face. The Volsungr shakes his head, refusing to strike back against a non warrior as he turns around into a massive clothesline!] [Solveig hits the floor as Kasabian drops down, pounding down with heavy lefts and rights, powerful shots that slightly bust open the god. Kasabian picks up the hurting Solveig, hoisting him up over his head before tossing him with ease over the top rope to the ring! Solveig lands with a sickening thump on the canvas as Kasabian rolls in, dropping down for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THR…SOLVEIG JUST GETS THE SHOULDER UP!] [Kasabian pulls Solveig up to his feet, punishing him with a series of knees to the solar plexus before lifting him up onto his shoulders, trying for a Samoan Drop. Solveig slips out, nailing Kasabian from behind with a trio of elbows to the back of the head before rushing to the ropes, right into a massive ring shaking Spinebuster! Kasabian doesn’t cover, instead pulling Solveig up as he hooks in a Full Nelson. Kasabian tries to slam him down to the canvas but Solveig manages to slip out, delivering a dropkick to the back that sends Kasabian staggering into the corner. The Slave slowly pulls himself up but gets a hard running elbow to the jaw for his troubles as Solveig lifts him up] [LOCKING HIM IN ODIN’S WISDOM!] [Kasabian is trapped in the Tree of Woe as he struggles to power out, Solveig backing up, VALKYRIE! Solveig lands another Superman Punch right to the midsection of Kasabian and that well could be it as Kasabian slips out of the Tree, looking out on his feet before he’s hoisted into Solveig’s grip who lifts him up high] [HAMMER OF THE GODS! That massive Jackhammer hits flush as Solveig stays down for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [Solveig does it, powering through the destructive force of Kasabian as he puts down Lord Walters puppet and possibly moves one step closer to freeing him]


[The match is over, and both men have finally gotten back on their feet. Walters points at Troy while yelling at Kasabian, who focuses his attention on the Chosen One.]

“What are you waiting for, my boy? You know what have to do. Go get that man, and bring him to me…bring him home.”

[Kasabian nods in response, charging at Troy at full speed…only for Troy to sidestep the slave, letting his momentum send him straight into the ring post! Kasabian is down as Solveig turns his attention to Griffin with a cold glare, grabbing his hammer. Lightning flickers from the hammer, much to the fright of Walters who backs away from the ring as Troy points the hammer at Kasabian.]

“You have imprisoned this man and kept him as your property. This man is a warrior, and you have treated him as though he was an animal. You have chosen the path of Loki, using your words and influence to twist the minds of those who would listen.”

[Troy now points the glowing hammer at Walters, who is literally quaking in his expensive suit at the sight of the sparks flying off the weapon.]

“The gods do not look kindly upon this, and I have been chosen to pour their wrath out upon you. They have given me this hammer, Lævateinn, to enact the fair and appropriate punishment for your transgressions.”

[The lightning flickers a bit brighter, and we can hear the cackling of electricity as Troy exits the ring. Walters backs away faster, scared out of his wits as Troy gets closer and closer…until Kasabian tackles him to the ground from behind! The hammer slowly fades to a normal hue as it falls down next to the Vǫlsungr, as Kasabian gets back to his feet. He looks at Walters with a nod and a bow as his Lord smiles, relieved he’s safe from danger…for now.] [Cut.]


[The ring is empty, neither competitor in sight until a portal opens up inside the ring! Wild Karrde flies from the portal, landing back first on the turnbuckle! The Gambler drops his briefcase and looks around in confusion before Dante Xavier appears in the ring, bowing to an applause!] [Karrde is irate as he stares down Xavier. “I’ve been fallin’ for forty fuckin’ minutes!” The Gambler flies out of the turnbuckle with a wild haymaker to Dante! The Magician ducks it and leaps with a Pele kick!] [Karrde grabs his leg midair! He flings Dante to the ground but keeps hold of the leg! Karrde steps over Xavier!] [DOUBLE DOWN! THE LIONTAMER IS LOCKED IN! Karrde wrenches on the hold with all of his might! Xavier looks to be in trouble-] [BUT HE DISAPPEARS! Karrde is left empty-handed and he looks up TO SEE DANTE RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM! THE MAGICIAN SLAPS WILD KARRDE!] [The Gambler stumbles back, looking at Dante in disbelief before lashing out with a wild left- HE FAKES OUT! HARD BOOT TO DANTE’S KNEE! The Magician falls to his other knee AND KARRDE HITS A KNEELING DDT!] [The Magician is down and card hits a hard kick to the gut that puts him on his back! The Gambler gets ready to deliver another kick-] [KIP UP BY XAVIER! CUTTER TO KARRDE! HE GOES DOWN!] [Xavier turns to the crowd and smirks, waving his hands AND LEVITATING KARRDE OFF THE GROUND! Dante bows to the cheering crowd and snaps his fingers! LEVITATION DEVASTATION!] [Wild Karrde is reeling from the drop, groggily trying to get his feet as Dante Xavier makes use of his disappearing act once more! APPEARING ON THE TOP ROPE! Karrde is in position!] [FINAL ACT- KARRDE ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! XAVIER’S INJURED KNEE BUCKLES ON IMPACT! The magician tries to get up but Karrde hits a massive boot to the back of the injured knee! ELBOW DROP TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! XAVIER IS SENT FACE FIRST INTO THE MAT!] [Karrde pulls Xavier up and hits the ropes! DRAWING DEAD- NO! XAVIER CATCHES HIM WITH A NECKBREAKER!] [Both men are down and vying to get to their feet! Karrde crawls to the ropes and reaches into his pocket! He’s got something on his fist! The Gambler rolls to his feet and rushes at the rising Dante! DISAPPEARING ACT! DANTE APPEARS BEHIND KARRDE!] [BUT KARRDE PIVOTED WITH THE DISAPPEARANCE AND COLD CLOCKS XAVIER WITH A PAIR OF BRASS KNUCKLES! The Gambler was ready for it!] [Dante falls back to his knee AND SPITS OUT A TOOTH AT KARRDE’S FEET! The Gambler takes but a second to look down at his handiwork.] [And Xavier snaps his fingers.] [THE TOOTH EXPLODES IN A FLASH OF LIGHT! KARRDE AND THE REF ARE BOTH BLINDED! The Gambler turns away to shield his eyes and Xavier leaps at the opportunity with a massive hurricanrana that throws Karrde across the ring! Karrde slowly rises to his feet as Xavier flies forward with a shining wizard that drops him!] [Dante plays to the crowd, turning to them to take a bow! The crowd cheers on his cockiness!] [LOWBLOW BY WILD KARRDE! THE REF WAS STILL BLINDED! “If the Ref don’t see it, it don’t count!” Wild Karrde grabs Xavier and hits THE STRAIGHT SHOT! SINGLE ARM DDT!] [Xavier is down and Wild Karrde lays a few hard boots to the injured knee of his opponent! The Gambler refuses to allow Xavier up, hitting a hard knee to the skull that keeps him grounded! Karrde grabs Xavier by the hair to peel him up- AND XAVIER HITS AN ELBOW TO THE NOSE THAT ROCKS KARRDE!] [Both men are at odds and begin trading blows! Wild Karrde slowly gains the upper hand in this all out brawl! He hits a hard headbutt to Xavier that sends him reeling!] [BOOT TO THE GUT! STUNNER! JACKPOT BY KARRDE! HE PINS XAVIER!] [ONE!] [TWO!] [THREE!] [Karrde has done it! He has overcome the powerful Magic of Dante Xavier and walks away here tonight with his money and Dante’ Auditorium!]


[Sleipnir.] [Berengar sits aboard his shuttle having escaped Darkstar into the night’s sky. When they’re finally at a safe distance, he puts it on autopilot and gets up, heading over to Vigilkeeper. His trusty sword rests upon a large metallic table.]

“What’s wrong with you, old friend?”

[The Broadsword doesn’t answer at first.]

“You can feel his power, can you not?” [Berengar says, running his hand up and down the sword.] “It’s tainted you, hasn’t it?”


[Berengar lowers his head, deeply upset.]

“I know how to restore you, Vigilkeeper. I know how to stop this menace from warping your loyalties.”

“How?” [Vigilkeeper responds sorrowfully.] “How can you stop him? He’s too powerful, Berengar. He’s the devourer of worlds. He’s the destroyer and when he’s finished with Earth, it’ll be but a husk like all the others. He’s becoming a God.”

[The Knight scrunches up his face.]

“He’s not,” [Berengar says powerfully.] “I’m making a vow to you, old friend; I will defeat Darkstar at Invasion and show you that he’s not the end of this planet. When I beat him, you will be cleansed of this impurity; I know it. You just need to see that the end isn’t nigh.”

[Berengar picks up his trusty sword and looks at with a smile.]

“But you can’t follow me into this battle; I must go it alone.”

[The Broadsword doesn’t respond.]

“I shall return.”



[It’s a battle between ideologies here as it’s Shadow going one-on-one with Eli Forever!] [The bell sounds as these two just stare at one another across the ring. Eli puts his hands together as he smiles at Shadow. Shadow rushes towards him and nails a big kick to the midsection! Eli bends over before Shadow springs off the second rope to wrap up the head of Eli Forever into a spike DDT!] [The impact brings the head of Eli rebounding off the apron. He slumps down to the mat before Shadow moves out onto the apron and climbs up onto the top turnbuckle. Eli Forever staggers to his feet just as Shadow leaps off!] [CLOTHESLINE!] [Eli nearly decapitates The Avenging Angel before leaping into a cover!] [One…] [Two…] [KICKOUT!] [Eli smiles down at Shadow before pulling him back to his feet. He whips him into the ropes as he waits for his rebound. However, Shadow leaps to the second rope before springing off in a backflip movement! He goes over the shoulders of Eli before hooking his head for a reverse DDT!] [OVER YOUR SHOULDER!] [Shadow quickly hooks the legs of Eli Forever!] [One…] [Two…] [KICKOUT!] [Shadow doesn’t let this slow his movement as he quickly leaps up to the top rope and begins his wait for Eli to get up. Rather than get up, Eli just rolls out of the ring to avoid the situation entirely. The crowd boos at this, but Shadow just gets down and shrugs. He hits the rope and rushes towards the ropes where Eli is, but Eli leaps forward to catch him with an uppercut at the ropes! Shadow staggers into the center of the ring s Eli slides into the ring. He smiles before kicking Shadow four times and unloading three quick chops that drop Shadow to a knee!] [THE SEVEN SINS!] [Seeing this, Eli rushes towards the ropes and springs off before connecting with a knee right to the temple of Shadow! He’s laid out cold!] [THE ATONEMENT!] [Eli Forever goes for a pinfall!] [One…] [….] [Two…] […..] [THRE-NO!] [Eli shakes his head momentarily as he seemed to believe that was it for a moment. Instead, he pulls Shadow up to his feet before Shadow rolls him up!] [One…] [….] [Two…] […] [KICKOUT!] [Shadow rolls to his feet before rushing towards the ropes. Eli Forever gets to his feet, rushes forward and leaps for a shouldertackle! SUPERKICK!] [ANGEL BEAT!] [Eli Forever slams down to the mat in a heap before Shadow quickly leaps into a cover!] [One…] […..] [Two…] [……] [THREE!] [NO! Eli gets a foot on the rope!] [The Avenger gets to his feet before eyeing the top rope. He climbs up and points down at Eli Forever! He leaps as his two boots stomp into the chest of Forever with a massive moon stomp!] [AVENGED!] [Eli Forever is rolled over in pain before Shadow rolls him up onto his shoulders!] [One…] [Two…] [NO! Forever powers out at the last second.] [Shadow begins to show some frustration. He yanks Forever up to his feet before kicking him hard in the gut. Forever clutches at his gut before Shadow rushes towards the ropes and springs off the second rope with a moonsault!] [BUT FOREVER CATCHES HIM!] [He twists Shadow around into a torture rack before spinning into a neckbreaker as Shadow just slumps out cold!] [HALLELUJAHBOMB!] [Forever covers him!] [One…] [….] […..] [TWO!] [….] [….] [THR-NO! Shadow barely beats the three count!] [Eli Forever is now showing frustration as well as he yanks Shadow up to his feet.] [Shadow hits a jawbreaker as he’s being lifted! Eli Forever staggers clutching his jaw. Shadow rises to his feet before outstretching his arms before driving both knees into the back of Forever!] [DIVINE PUNISHMENT!] [Shadow covers him!] [One….] [….] [….] [TWO!] [….] [….] [THREEE!] [Shadow rolls to his feet with a grin. He looks down at Eli Forever before climbing up to the second turnbuckle to celebrate.]


[The Secret Room.] [Back in the secret control room, The Informer taps away at a high powered computer. He’s searching for something when suddenly, Vanguard’s voice abruptly and loudly interrupts him.]

“We have a hit, Informer.”

[He stands up.] “Where? Who?”

“The Historium has ties to EF; there is an inscription on the device.”

[The Informer tilts his head in confusion.]

“The Historium?”

“Yes. An ancient artefact belonging to Jacen Novan and The Order. I have very little information on it but what I do know is that Dakota Faye discovered it and that it has great power. She and Novan fought for its possession tonight.”

[He takes out his notepad.] “Who won?”

“Jacen Novan.”

[He scribbles that down.]

“Alright, then I guess we finally have a lead, Vanguard. I’ll investigate immediately and keep you updated.”

“Be warned, Jacen Novan does not want this device to end up in the wrong hands. He will not give you information willingly. You may have to resort to other methods.”

[The Informer heads towards the door with a nod.]

“Don’t worry, nothing’s going to stand between me and this story. Something huge is coming to Old School Wrestling and I need to find out what. Whatever their plans are, the Historium somehow connects to it and we need answers. I’ll do whatever it takes.”



Two men with incredible power face off tonight with one goal, to hold the vorpal blade known as Vigilkeeper. Can Berenger regain his trusty sword or will Darkstar succeed in corrupting it with absolute power?] [The bell rings as Darkstar rushes forward, surprising Berenger with a stiff knee to the jaw, staggering back the Knight before a massive Lariat nearly turns him inside out. Berenger staggers up to his feet right into a flurry of hard lefts and rights from the Conqueror before he’s gripped around the back of the head and tossed over the ropes to the floor below. Darkstar quickly follows, lifting Berenger up by the back of his head before biel tossing him hard into the steps before backing up] [BIG BOOT! DARKSTAR JUST SANDWICHED BERENGER’S HEAD INTO THE STEEL STEPS!] [A sickening smile crosses the conquerer’s face as he pulls the limp Berenger up to his feet before rolling him into the ring and dropping down for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [BERENGER GETS A SHOULDER UP!] [Darkstar pulls the Knight up to his feet, drilling him with a series of hard knees to the gut before tossing him across the ring with a Belly to Belly StarPlex. Berenger slowly rises to his feet as Darkstar rushes forward, but the Knight manages to duck under another Lariat before spinning the Conquerer around, DDT! Darkstar gets spiked into the mat as Berenger begins firing himself up, lifting up the Conquerer as he drills him with a series of lefts and rights before lifting him up off the mat and slamming him down with a mammoth scoop slam.] [Berenger barely lets him fall before lifting Darkstar up to his feet, trying for a German Suplex but Darkstar lands on his feet as he waits for the Knight to turn around before driving a knee into his gut and lifting him up onto his shoulders] [SUPERNOVA!] [Berenger gets spiked into the mat by a massive Death Valley Driver but Darkstar doesn’t cover, wanting the Knight to suffer more as he heads up to the top rope, possibly going for that impossibly athletic Nova Star Press but before he can dive off, Berenger grabs onto the ropes, crotching Darkstar on top!] [Berenger slowly climbs up, looking for a suplex but Darkstar fights out of the Knight’s grip, landing a massive headbutt that leaves Berenger out on his feet before he’s lifted up high…] [AVALANCHE BLACK HOLE BOMB! The ring nearly caves in from impact as Darkstar flops over for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…]

THR…BERENGER JUST GETS THE SHOULDER UP!] [Both men slowly get up to their feet, exchanging heavy lefts and rights in an exchange that Berenger just gets the better of as he delivers a massive kick to the sternum that staggers Darkstar but a Lariat attempt is ducked under as Berenger bounces off the ropes, right into] [WORLD’S COLLIDE!] [That massive headbutt stops Berenger cold as Darkstar calls for the end, pulling Berenger up as he sets up for the DSD but before he can lift Berenger up, he’s backdropped out to the canvas below before a massive Lariat turns him inside out but Berenger doesn’t let him fall, spinning him around before locking in the DESTINY MAW! Darkstar struggles under the power of the massive sleeper hold but Berenger’s strength is too much as he slowly begins to fade, the Conqueror going limp as Berenger lets go of the hold, tossing Darkstar up in the air] [VANQUISHER! The powerbomb nearly drives Darkstar through the mat as Berenger rolls down for the pinfall] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [Berenger does it here tonight, weathering the storm of Darkstar’s power as he puts down evil here tonight and regains control over Vigilkeeper]


[The air of the Tap Room is strangely cold, something off about the atmosphere as Brent Kersh emerges from a nearby locker room. The Enforcer, eyes tired, scans the hallways, a thousand yard stare as he searches each corner and room for any sign of the mad doctor. He walks a few steps before a voice echoes through the hall.]

“Looking for ME, Brent?”

[Kersh stops in his tracks, pivoting on his heel to stare straight down the hall he just walked down. Standing there, cradling his title? Isaac Danvers. Kersh is stoic, seemingly undisturbed as he stares the doctor down.]

“You know, after all this time, you’d think I’ve gotten used to looking over my shoulder.”

[Danvers pauses before sighing.]

“And I would expect you to CARE more about your LOVED ones.”

[Kersh’s eyes go wide, the Enforcer balls his fists as he gets ready to charge. However, Danvers holds up a hand.]

“Now now. I didn’t touch your family, not the LIVING ones anyway.”

[Before Kersh can respond, Danvers turns, walking down the hallway. Kersh gives chase, Danvers all but disappearing on him as he rounds corners, following the sound of footsteps before eventually hitting a dead end.] [With a coffin laying on the floor.]

“No. No no no.”

[Kersh runs up to the coffin, looking around for a sign of Danvers, only hearing a voice for his troubles.]

“OPEN the coffin, Brent. It is IMPERATIVE to my research that you do.”

[Kersh, hands shaking, slowly opens the lid of the coffin. Beneath the top, skin grayed, decaying, lies the corpse of Trevor Kersh, still dressed in its funeral suit.]


[Tears well up in Kersh’s eyes as he places a hand on his son’s chest. He trembles a bit, shocked to see his son like this. As he silently weeps, the sound of pencil on paper is heard.]

“I see, even after death, LOVE can still be felt for something. I shall keep track of the developments.”

[The sound of writing slowly goes silent, the scene fading out as Kersh looks down inside of his son’s coffin.]


[This match will be horrible.] [In the middle of the ring, Wolfgang stands opposite Redmond Quinn with a terrible smile on his face. He swaggers over, looming with menace and demands that Quinn obey.]

“Get on your knees.”

[Reluctantly, Quinn does as he’s told.] [The bell sounds and Wolfgang kicks him square in the jaw. Redmond hits the deck but the onslaught begins immediately. The Superior starts stomping on him; his fingers, his hands, his arms, chest and head. He violently pulls him back to his feet, nailing him with an uppercut that sends him back into the corner. Wolfgang doesn’t hesitate before following in with powerful shoulder barges, taking all the air out of his opponent.] [He steps back, slapping him around the face for good measure.] [Redmond has no choice but to take this.] [He has to; for Kane Doeburn’s sake. As far as he knows, Kane is imprisoned by Wolfgang.] [The Superior pulls him from the corner and into a massive Powerslam, driving him into the canvas. He quickly mounts him, pummelling away with right and left hands. Every shot seems harder than the next, slamming Redmond Quinn’s head into the canvas. How much more of this can he take?] [Wolfgang once again pulls him to his feet, parading him around the ring to his own amusement. The fans hate this and show their displeasure, booing as the Nazi scoffs and laughs at Redmond who can barely stand.] [He kicks him low, dropping him to his knees.] [Wolfgang off the ropes.] [BIG BOOT TO THE FACE.] [He wanted to make an example of the teacher and he’s doing that; he’s showing the world how much of an asshole he is and he loves it. Quinn though, to his credit, refuses to quit. He crawls to the ropes, using them to help himself back to his feet.] [That just pisses Wolfgang off.] [The Nazi runs at him, Clotheslining him over the top rope to the wooden floor. He follows, grabbing Quinn by the head and bouncing it off the ring apron; then the ring post and finally, the barricade.] [Quinn can barely stand as Wolfgang picks him up and drops him chest first across the barrier for good measure.] [He rolls him back into the ring and follows.]

“Look at him,” [He spews.] “Look at this piece of scheisse!”

[Wolfgang kicks him hard in the stomach, rolling him over once more.]

“Do you truly believe we’re equals?”

[He drops down, punching him violently on the nose.]

“Do you think we’re the same?”

[Another punch.]

“We’re not the same! This filthy ape doesn’t deserve to share my oxygen!”

[Wolfgang drags him back to his feet and throws him into the ropes.]

“Look at him!”

[He showboats some more, raising his arms into the air. Quinn stumbles back towards him and DUCKS A CLOTHESLINE!] [HE DUCKED IT!] [ROLL UP!] [QUINN ROLLS HIM UP!] [ONE!] [TWO!] [THREE!] [WHAT THE FUCK!?] [Redmond Quinn just… he just rolled up Wolfgang out of no-where! What a victory for the teacher!]


[Redmond Quinn barely squirms away on the canvas, having received the beat down of his life. Somehow, he picked up the victory here tonight, perhaps against his better judgement, but he has. Wolfgang springs away from the roll up; unsurprisingly furious.] [He slams his hands down on the canvas enraged before getting back to his feet and running across the ring with a massive BOOT to the jaw of a kneeling Quinn.] [Blood splatters across the ring with the ferocity.] [He rolls to the outside and drags Redmond out by the ankle, slamming him hard on his belly on the wooden floor. The Superior grabs the ring steps and places them across the back of Quinn’s neck. They’re literally balanced on the back of his fucking neck!] [Jesus Christ. He’ll decapitate him!] [Wolfgang pulls himself back onto the ring apron, raising his arms to the booing crowd. They’re furious; throwing drinks and rubbish at him as he soaks in their response. He’s going to leap from the ring apron with Blood and Soil. He’s going to kill poor Redmond Quinn!] [Suddenly, the reaction changes.] [The Superior turns around to see Kane Doebern behind him with a steel chair! Kane SWINGS WILDLY BUT WOLFGANG DUCKS! He quickly leans through the middle rope with a shoulder barge, knocking Doeburn back and forcing him to drop the steel chair.] [Wolfgang storms into the ring, grabbing him by the throat with both hands. He strangles him into the corner, squeezing the life out of him with as much power as he can muster.] [HERE COMES QUINN!] [Quinn grabs the steel chair and CRACKS IT OVER THE BACK OF WOLFGANG!] [WHAT A SHOT!] [The Nazi hits the deck, receiving another shot to the back for his troubles.] [The Teacher stumbles, falling to his knees as Kane attempts to grab him, helping him back to his feet. They slowly back away with the intent to get the fuck out of here, only Doebern isn’t finished.] [He grabs the steel chair and stands over Wolfgang, grimacing. He lifts the chair and…]

“No!” [Quinn yells.] “Please, don’t.”

[Kane looks at him.] “I’m going to end this. I’m going to finish what he started.”

[Redmond approaches, holding his midsection. He reaches up for the chair, asking for it.]

“Please, give it to me. You can’t do this. I didn’t bail you out because I wanted you to kill him; I bailed you out because you didn’t deserve to be there. I took this beating for as long as I could, hoping you were safe. If you murder him tonight then you’re no better than he is and I would’ve made a mistake. That isn’t the right thing to do.”

[He thinks about it.]

“If we don’t finish this, it isn’t over; it’ll never be over.”

“Everyone deserves a second chance, kid.”

[Kane reluctantly lowers the chair, handing it to Quinn who smiles, nodding with approval. He falls into him, barely able to stand. Together, they leave Wolfgang laying on the canvas, unconscious.] [Cut.]


[The Plague doctor has been on a warpath since ending his first love but he may well have picked the wrong victim as the Enforcer looks to put Danvers in the ground permanently. Can Kersh put an end to Danvers or will he fall victim to the doctor’s love spell in the end?] [The bell sounds as Kersh rushes forward, surprising Danvers with a massive elbow to the jaw that sends the larger man staggering back. Kersh keeps up the pressure, laying into Danvers with heavy lefts and rights before a big knee to the jaw rock Danvers as he’s lifted up high before slammed to the mat with a massive Suplex. Danvers quickly rolls to his feet right into a big uppercut that sends him staggering into the ropes before a massive Lariat sends him crashing to the floor below!] [Kersh doesn’t go out after Danvers straight away, instead uncharateristically climbing up to the top rope as he sizes up the rising Danvers..] [FLYING DROPKICK…MISSES! Danvers ducks out of the way as Kersh slams down hard back first on the unforgiving concrete.]

]Danvers staggers up to his feet, shaking his head as he pulls the hurt Kersh up before driving him back first into the barricade before he’s lifted up high and slammed down hard onto the concrete once more. Kersh yells out in pain before being pulled up by the scruff of his neck and tossed back into the ring.] [The Enforcer slowly rises to his feet as Danvers rushes forward, nearly taking his head off with a massive Big Boot. Kersh looks out cold as Danvers drops down for the pinfall] [ONE…] [TWO…] [KERSH GETS THE SHOULDER UP!] [Danvers pulls Kersh up to his feet who begins fighting back with lefts and rights but a simple knee to the gut takes all the wind out of Kersh as Danvers lifts him up high by the throat] [LOCKING IN THE BLACK DEATH!] [Kersh struggles under the choke, Danvers lifting him up as he tries to squeeze the life out of the Enforcer. Kersh is slowly fading away, a sole tear running down his face as he utters an inhuman roar, swinging back as he drills Danvers in the gut with a pair of knees. That loosens the grip just slightly as Kersh is able to grab Danvers by the head, driving him down with a desperation DDT!] [Danvers slowly gets up to his feet as Kersh tries to regain his breath, Danvers rushes forward with a Lariat attempt but The Enforcer ducks under, drilling Danvers with a vicious Chop Block. Danvers staggers, but doesn’t go down as Kersh bounces off the ropes, landing a hard low dropkick to the back of the knee, sending the Plague Doctor crashing to the mat. Kersh quickly jumps on the fallen Danvers, laying in kicks to the bad knee before wrapping it up in a leglock as he bends it back as far as he can] [Danvers powers out of the leg hold bowling Kersh over with his strength but Kersh rolls to his feet, leaping up as he lands his full body weight on the bad knee of Danvers who grimices in pain before Kersh calls for the end] [AS HE LOCKS IN THE LONE STAR!] [Danvers is trapped in the middle of the ring as Kersh pulls back with all his strength, trying to force Danvers to feel as much pain as possible. Danvers tries to pull himself to the ropes but the Enforcer is like dead weight as he digs his heels into the mat. Danvers manages to slowly turn around, reversing the pressure as Kersh begins to scream from pain but the Enforcer reaches back, grabbing the ropes as he manages to flip Danvers over again, continuing to hold onto the ropes as he increases the pressure!] [The referee begins counting Kersh down as he continues to hold onto the ropes] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE…] [FOUR…] [Kersh finally lets go of the hold but the damage is done as Danvers look’s like he can barely stand. Kersh could easily finish this but he wants to destroy Danvers as he hoists him high up into the air] [SOUTHERN…THE CURE! Danvers slips out, hitting that massive elbow out of nowhere as Danvers collapses onto Kersh] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THRE…FOOT ON THE ROPE!] [Both men slowly get to their feet as Danvers tries for another Elbow but Kersh ducks under, ENFORCER SPINEBUSTER! Danvers hits the canvas hard as Kersh immedately drops down, locking in another Lone Star! Danvers tries to fight through the pain but his knee is broken at this point as he’s forced to tap out! WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION!] [The Enforcer does it, his rage going through the monsterous Isaac Danvers as he not only overcomes the Plague Doctor’s mind games but becomes the new Rewind Champion in the process]


[Bill Kirby is absolutely exhausted.] [He stumbles into his home, barely able to stand as he fumbles for the door handle to his basement. It’s dark, quiet and lonely in his household. Bill meanders down the stairs into his lair, where video feeds of the city await him.] [But something is different.] [He’s different.] [As he passes a wall of photographs, he stops at one of a woman and child, unpinning it from the wall and taking a look.]

“I’ve failed you,” [he says sadly.] “I’m just not enough. I defeated Mindfuck in his lair but I was unable to stop him.”

[He lowers his head in shame.]

“I’ve tried so hard to be the hero, to fight for justice, for purity, for right and wrong. I’ve given everything I’ve got and yet the villains of this world still thrive in the shadows.”

[Bill puts the photograph down on the desk and turns around, walking towards a glass cabinet. Inside is a collector’s item; a full black Batman mask. He does the unthinkable and takes it from the cabinet, slowly putting it over his head until it fits perfectly.]

“Bill Kirby isn’t enough.”

[His voice deepens.]

“He can’t save this city; he can’t help its citizens.”

[Again, his head lowers.]

“To save the world from evil, I have to become something else.”

[He closes the cabinet.]

“Someone else.”



[The OSW Tag Team Championships are on the line here tonight in a LADDER MATCH!] [The bell sounds as these four men meet in the center of the ring with fists flying in every direction! Nicolas Mammon and Spero are trading blows as Edgar Nevermore and El Trebol Jr. throw punches as well! Nevermore gets the better of Trebol by lowering his shoulder to lift up Trebol and rushes into the corner! Nevermore wraps the arm of Trebol over his head before suplexing him! Meanwhile, Spero gets the better of Mammon with a big kick to the midsection followed by throwing him over the top rope and to the floor!] [Spero and Edgar Nevermore turn to meet in the center of the ring. Spero rushes at Nevermore before tackling him with a shoulderblock! Nevermore rolls back to his feet before getting clotheslined right over the top rope! Trebol gets to his feet as he and Spero nod at each other. El Trebol Jr. rushes towards Spero who lowers his back for Trebol to leap from to the top rope and over onto Nevermore with a senton!] [Both men go down!] [Spero hits the ropes a few times before leaping over the top rope! But Mammon doesn’t get hit. He catches Spero in midair with a swinging ladder strike! Spero falls in a heap as Mammon staggers back for a moment. He slides the ladder into the ring before sliding in as well. He sets up the ladder in the center of the ring and begins to climb. He gets nearly to the top!] [TREBOL LEAPS FROM THE TOP ROPE ONTO THE LADDER!] [Trebol begins throwing punches that stun Mammon for a second! Trebol climbs up to the top before leaping over Mammon and clutching the legs of Mammon in an attempt to hit a sunset flip! He kicks his legs for a few moments as he dangles before the ladder’s legs begin to come up! Mammon’s face is contorted in fear!] [THE LADDER COMES CRASHING DOWN!] [Both Trebol and Mammon are crushed by the ladder as it falls down on top of them!] [Edgar Nevermore rolls into the ring with a ladder of his own. Rather than use the other ladder, he lines up his ladder in the center of the ring and begins to climb up to the top rung. He reaches up and touches the title before Spero flies through the air!] [Spero sprung off the top rope and dropkicked the ladder! Nevermore’s ladder tilts for a second before falling over! Nevermore tries to leap to get away, but he finds himself landing stomach-first on the top rope. He gasps in pain before falling over the top rope and to the floor on the outside!] [Spero takes a moment to get back to his feet before lining up the ladder underneath the hanging titles. El Trebol Jr. gets to his feet and nods at Spero. The Great Hope climbs up the ladder and begins reaching out for the titles as Trebol seems to be watching out at the bottom.] [NEEDFUL THINGS!] [The knee strike flattens Trebol as Mammon begins the climb up! He gets to the top and throws a big punch into chest of Spero! They begin trading blows on the top of the ladder, but Mammon catches one of Spero’s punches and pulls him close before climbing over the ladder. He wraps his legs around the arm as he yanks back on the face!] [THE COST OF DOING BUSINESS CROSSFACE ON TOP OF THE LADDER!] [Spero is shaking in pain before doing the only thing he can! HE FALLS BACKWARDS!] [Both men slam down to the mat as everyone is down!] [Nearly twenty seconds pass before a hand is shown on the second rope. Edgar Nevermore is pulling himself into the ring. He climbs in slowly before setting up a ladder underneath the titles. He begins to climb, but it’s taking centuries. El Trebol Jr. begins trying to pull down Nevermore, but Edgar is clutching to the ladder for his life!] [Another ladder is set up beside Nevermore’s as Mammon begins to climb it. He gets to the top and begins reaching up towards the titles. Spero begins climbing up as well! He throws a punch to the back of Mammon to stop him. He climbs up Nevermore’s on the same side as Mammon! Trebol releases Nevermore and climbs up Mammon’s ladder to be right beside Nevermore!] [All four men are trading blows before Nevermore nails Spero with a surprise punch that stops him for a moment. Mammon begins to kick down the ladder as Nevermore leaps over onto the same side as Trebol! The ladder tips as Spero slams down to the mat! Nevermore nods at Mammon before headbutting Trebol, hooking an arm, and lifting him up in a vertical suplex before falling to the mat!] [POETRY IN MOTION!] [Nicolas Mammon is the only one on the ladder as he reaches up and takes down the titles for the win!] [Mammon falls down to the mat as he moves towards his tag team partner and gives him his title. We have new OSW Tag Team Champions!]


[The Tap Room has barely cooled down since that thrilling Tag Team title match when D’Von Chambers angrily walks the aisle. His hair is still disheveled, and his eyes are bloodshot.]

“Oh Mr. Newton, I see that these fine people here at OSW have prepared this battlefield for war!”

[Chambers runs his hand along the device that will soon spring flames up around the ring.]

“Since you decided to desecrate the house of the Lord, I’ve had plenty of time to think as I labored to clean it up. So please, Mr. Newton, I feel that I’ve solved a riddle, so join me.”

[“Lay Down” by Priestess hits the speakers, and the OSW World Champion appears at the end of the aisle, the gold gleaming from his title. His eyes flash with the question of what game Chambers is playing.]

“It was at my lowest point, Edward, that I found the truth. Ain’t that how it always goes? You see, I saw a candle, and when you look at a candle, it’s like a riddle in way. What makes something willing to burn itself to ashes so that others can see?”

[Newton makes his way down to the ring while Chambers smiles real big.]

“The riddle isn’t about the candle though, my brother. No, it’s about flame itself. People ignore the flame, no matter how much pain its in, so that they can see what they’re really looking for. My congregation, they looked past me to see the God they wanted to give them the world. And you, you’re no better.”

[Now both in the ring, Edward Newton and D’Von Chambers face one another.]

“You keep looking past me, don’t you? Your eyes are on the Shop Keeper, not the Reverend. The only problem there, Edward, is that the flame will still burn you.”

[The official takes the world title and holds it up for all to see.]

“And so will I.”

[This match is on! Who will be Champion going into Ring of Dreams?]


[It’s now time for the main event. We have our undefeated world champion, Edward Newton taking on his newest challenger, D’von Chambers. Newton has left chambers with nothing and D’von is ready to destroy him with pure hellfire in this inferno match! Will he accomplish his goals, or will his fire be put out early? We find out next!] [DING! DING! We see both men are adorned in fire-proof versions of their attire! They are ready to go all out making sure their opponent must do everything to burn them! Newton is walking over to tie-up with D’von! D’von is having none of that! Sparta kick to Newton into the corner! His body is close to the flames! Sweat dripping from his brow but his attire is doing the job! He smirks and motions D’von to come over! D’von marches and Newton grabs him by the hair! Newton smiles a cheeky smile before he points to the flames and the turnbuckle!] [THE QUESTION IS!] [NEWTON WANTS TO SMASH D’VON’S FACE INTO THE FLAMES ON THE TURNBUCKLE!] [HE ASKS, WHAT MELTS WHEN SUCCUMBED TO THE FLAME?] [D’VON RESPONDS, “ICE CREAM?”] [NEWTON SAYS, A CANDLE YOU IGNORANT FOOL!”] [NEWTON LAUGHS AND STARTS SMASHING!] [DOES D’VON’S HAIR CATCH ON FIRE?] [SMASH!] [SMASH!] [SMASH!] [NO! IT’S A MIRACLE FOR D’VON AS NOTHING BURNS!] [D’von elbows his way out of the turnbuckle smashes! He shoves Newton down! Backsplash to a prone Newton! The flames roar with the impact of that splash! D’von gets on top of Newton and starts pounding him with hammer fists! With each fist, he shouts why he is doing it! For my church! Hard fist! For all the things you’ve done to me! Another hard fist! He rears back as far back as he can! For my congregation! Newton catches the fist! He reverses that hammer fist into an armbar! He’s trying to wear down Chambers! Chambers pulls him up though! D’von has Newton on his shoulders!] [HE’S RUNNING TOWARDS THE ROPES!] [POWERBOMB OVER THE ROPES!] [NEWTON CRASHES TO THE FLOOR!] [D’VON CLIMBS TO THE TOP ROPE!] [CHICAGO CRUX!] [LEG DROP TO A PRONE NEWTON!] [Both men are on the outside now! No one expected this in an inferno match! D’von pulls Newton up and he hoists him up on his shoulders! Newton punches his way out of it! He falls on to his feet! He hits a dropkick to D’von! D’von is stunned and Newton Irish whips him into the steel steps! The top steps are launched with that impact! Newton grabs the back of D’von’s hair and starts smashing his face into the steel steps! D’von’s face is busted open but it seems to give him more energy! He starts laughing and hoists Newton on his shoulders!] [SAMOAN DROP ON THE STEEL STEPS!] [NEWTON IS FLAT ON THE STEPS!] [D’VON RUNS GOING FOR A SPLASH!] [NEWTON ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY!] [HARD LANDING ON THE STEPS!] [Both men are collapsed on the ground! Newton gets up first and pulls D’von up! D’von shoves him off! Both men start throwing punches at each other! D’von gets the upper hand! Belly to belly suplex on the floor! D’von looks under the ring and he finds a chair! He starts wailing on Newton with the chair! Newton looks like he’s laid out! D’von sets the chair in seated position right over Newton’s back! He starts stomping on the back of Newton’s head and sits on the chair! He shouts to the crowd and says, “Ha-ha, this is your champion? Oh, how the mighty will fall!”] [D’VON GRABS THE LEGS OF NEWTON!] [BOSTON CRAB UNDER THE CHAIR!] [NEWTON IS TRAPPED!] [HE’S TAPPING OUT!] [D’VON STANDS UP CELEBRATING TO THE CROWD!] [SUBMISSIONS DON’T MEAN ANYTHING!] [NEWTON GETS OUT FROM UNDER THE CHAIR!] [LOW BLOW TO D’VON!] [Newton collapses the chair and is shoving it into the crotch of D’von! Newton is making sure he keeps his belt tonight! He jumps on top of D’von and starts elbowing him in his open wound! Newtons pulls a lighter out of his pocket! He lights it and is bringing the flame to D’von’s face! D’von spits on Newton right in the eye and slaps the lighter out of his hand! He uses leverage to throw Newton into the barricade! Newton is rocked but he doesn’t fall completely! His arm is stuck and he’s freaking out trying to pull it out of the bars!] [D’VON IS LAUGHING!] [HE PUNTS THE ARM!] [IT BREAKS NEWTON OUT OF THE BARRICADE BUT HE IS CLUTCHING HIS ARM!]

{D’VON LETS NEWTON TEND TO HIS ARM AS HE LOOKS UNDER THE RING!] [HE’S FOUND WHAT HE WAS LOOKING FOR!] [A LARGE STAINED-GLASS WINDOW FROM HIS OLD CHURCH!] [HE SETS IT UP USING THE APRON AND BARRICADE AS SUPPORT!] [He starts marching towards Newton! Newton with a drop toe hold! D’von’s throat hits the top of the barricade! Newton pulls himself on top of the barricade as well! He jumps! Knee drop to the back of the head! D’von took all of that shot! D’von slumps to the floor while Newton is in the audience! Newton hops over the rail and comes in with a double foot stomp to D’von! Both men are going all out here! Newton grabs the lighter again! He tries to light it! It’s broken! D’von says, “God works in mysterious ways”. D’von with a righteous uppercut to Newton!] [NEWTON IS FLOORED!] [D’VON HOISTS HIM UP HIGHER THAN HIS SHOULDERS!] [PASTORAL’S PLUNGE THROUGH THE WINDOW!] [THAT RAZOR’S EDGE SHATTERED THE GLASS!] [NEWTON IS CUT UP AND BLEEDING EVERYWHERE!] [D’VON FINALLY WALKS INTO THE RING!] [HE SHOUTS, “COME UP HERE BOY, LET’S FINISH THIS!”] [NEWTON LOOKS UNDER THE RING AND FINDS AN EXTINGUISHER!] [HE SETS IT OFF! EXTINGUISHING FLUID TO THE ROPES!] [IT ALSO COVERS D’VON!] [D’von is temporarily blinded and Newton levels him with the extinguisher! Newton starts choking out D’von with the hose of the extinguisher! Newton starts dragging him to the ropes this way! D’von is trying to fight this off any way he can! He takes off his glasses and smashes them against the canvas! Shards are on the floor now! D’von grabs the largest one and he slices Newton’s hand with the glass! Newton instantly lets go! Newton is clutching his hand as D’von pulls himself up and levels Newton with a big boot! The champ is down as D’von starts dragging him to the fire!] [D’VON HAS HIM CLOSE TO THE FLAMES!] [NEWTON’S HAIR IS AN INCH FROM THE FIRE! IS THIS IT?] […] […] […] [NEWTON WITH ANOTHER LOW BLOW!] [D’VON IS FALLING BUT NOT BEFORE NEWTON GRABS HIS HEAD!] [NEVERMIND DDT!] [Newton is not done as he walks back outside through the extinguished ropes! He grabs a table from under the ring! What? He has another lighter?! He sets the table on fire! He’s not done! He has a flask of gasoline! He pours it on the table and the fire is raging! He smirks and walks back to D’von! He is ending this! With difficulty, he pulls D’von up! D’von bats the hand away and surprises Newton with a cutter! Newton got planted! D’von pulls him up and sets Newton on the top rope! He walks up to the top rope with Newton and points at the table!] [WHAT DOES D’VON HAVE IN MIND?] [HE CLUTCHES NEWTON BY THE HEAD TIGHTLY!] [HE FALLS BACKWARD!] [FLATLINER THROUGH THE BURNING TABLE!] [WHAT A CRASH AND BOTH MEN ARE DOWN!] [THE SMELL OF BURNING HAIR FILLS THE TAP ROOM!] [IT’S OVER FOR SURE! WHO IS BURNING?] [THEY FINALLY ROLL OFF EACH OTHER!] […] […] […] [HOLY SHIT! NEWTON’S HAIR IS ABLAZE!] [HE’S DONE IT! D’VON HAS BROKEN THE STREAK!] [MY GOD! D’VON HAS BROKEN THE STREAK AND IS YOUR NEW CHAMPION!] [NO!] [NEWTON GRABS AT HIS HAIR! IT WAS A WIG!] [HE PULLS OUT YET ANOTHER LIGHTER AND LIGHTS D’VON’S HAIR FROM BEHIND!] [D’VON’S HAIR SMOLDERS IN AN INSTANT!] [NEWTON IS STILL CHAMPION!] [What brilliance shown by Newton to keep his title! D’von gave it his all and he still fall short! When will this streak end?]


[Backstage.] [In the backstage of the Tap Room, Spero and El Trébol sit down on benches, looking at the floor. They’re both extremely disappointed after their match earlier tonight and can barely stand to look at each other. Suddenly, something piques their interest.] [From their sombre state, they lift their heads to see a figure stood before them.]

“You have been chosen.”

[A deep voice greets them, but we don’t see who it belongs to.]

“The Guardians of The Last Watch are not failures,” [The voice reminds them.] “You’re heroes. Don’t forget that.”

“Who are you?” [El Trébol asks, standing up.] “What do you want from us?”

[Spero joins him on his feet.]

“I want you to accept your calling. I want you to be vindicated.”

[They look at each other in confusion.] [Trébol shakes his head.]

“What calling? I’ve had my fill of callings, man. I’ve lost many friends to what I’ve had to do. I’ve spilt blood, had mine spilt and I’ve literally been to hell and back.”

[The voice doesn’t stutter or stammer.] “Yet you’re still standing. You were built for a purpose, El Trébol Junior. You were destined to be a hero and your destiny has not yet been fulfilled.”

[Spero scoffs.]

“What do you know of destiny?”

“I know that there’s evil here,” [the voice continues.] “I know that some people have destiny thrust upon them and some were born into it; just like you Spero.”

[There’s a pause as The Guardian’s look at each other once more.]

“Someday soon, you’ll have to answer the call.”

[The camera turns to see a man, wearing a large black leather jacket. He’s wearing an eye patch, sporting a large scar across his opposite cheek.]

“What’s your name?” [Spero asks.] “Who are you?”

[The man turns towards the door, opening it.]

“My name is Lincoln Hex.”

[He leaves, yelling back.]

“Just answer the call.”



[Welcome to Invasion!] [Let’s run you through the rules, shall we?] [We’ve eight invaders tonight, all scrambling to climb a ladder to the Invasion Briefcase.] [Two start.] [Every four minutes, another invades.] [The first person to climb a ladder and unhook the case becomes the Invasion Winner 2018 and will have the opportunity to invade on the World Champion at their chosen opportunity, any time within the next year.] [Are you ready?] [“INVADE. INVADE. INVADE!”] [“Feuer Frei” by Rammstein blares over the speaker system as two Aryan men dressed in military uniform open the Tap Room doors, Wolfgang following behind them, hands clasped behind his back.] [Two more soldiers flank behind him as the squad leads him to the ring, the Fuhrer ignoring the crowd and entering the ring as his men guard him from either corner. As Wolfgang stands in the center of the ring, he raises his arm in a nazi salute, shouting “Sieg Heil!” before taking his place in his corner.] [‘Cry of Achilles’ hits the arena as the arena goes dark for a moment before coming on with a spark of electricity running through the air and a brilliant flash of blue light. Spero appears in the entrance way, his ring emitting a blinding blast of blue all around him before it dissipates as Spero heads down to the ring.] [He leaps over the top rope with ease, almost flying as he settles down into the corner, looking at his opponent.] [Wolfgang versus Spero!] [Ding Ding Ding!] [The bell sounds and Spero runs forward, ducking under the clutches of Wolfgang to storm into the ropes. He comes running backwards, ducking a Clothsline attempt this time before Springboarding onto the ropes and twisting in mid-air!] [SPRINGBOARD DDT!] [NO! Wolfgang plugs him out of mid-air, turns him and FALLAWAY SLAM!] [The impact sends the poor hero sprawling across the ring in a hurry. He quickly rolls to the outside as The Superior gives chase, sliding to the outside to meet him. Spero runs, being flattened by a devestating Big Boot. Wolfgang quickly grabs the tallest ladder he can find and slides it into the ring.] [He follows after it, making sure it’s positioned underneath the case before he begins his ascent. This could be over quickly, folks. As he climbs, Spero heads to the top rope just out of shot. By the time we’ve seen him, he’s FLYING THROUGH THE AIR AND LANDS ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE LADDER!] [The Hero quickly scales it, meeting Wolfgang at the top. They trade right and left hands as this valiant hero gives everything he’s got. Finally, Spero climbs to the top and FLIPS OVER!] [SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB TO WOLFGANG!] [HOLY SHIT!] [THEY BOTH JUST FLEW FIFTEEN FEET TO THE GROUND!] [They crash and burn on the canvas in a furious heap, both men sprawling away from the impact. Neither look like getting back to their feet as the buzzer goes.] [BUZZ!] [“INVADE. INVADE. INVADE!”] [Panacea for The Poison by Flobots suddenly blares out into the arena and Spero looks up, realizing that his moment of reckoning is just ahead. Edgar Nevermore steps out through the doors with a wry smile before running to the ring.] [He slides in and nails Spero with a Double Axe Handle across the back immediately. He gets back up and drops down with another for good measure. Nevermore looks up at the ladder and then down to Spero, pulling him to his feet and smashing his face off the steel.] [That mask surely doesn’t protect much!] [The Poet tosses Spero out of the ring like a piece of trash, dusting his hands of afterwards. Only when he turns around, Wolfgang is waiting for him.] [The Superior drives a BIG BOOT forward, clocking Nevermore under the chin and stumbling him backwards. The Big Man runs but The Poet sidesteps wisely, LEGSWEEP DDT-NO!] [WOLFGANG SPINS IN BEHIND!] [GERMAN SUPLEX!] [GERMAN SUPLEX!] [GERMAN SUPLEX!] [SCHUTZSTAFFEL!] [EDGAR NEVERMORE FLIES ACROSS THE RING!] [Wolfgang once again heads to the ladder. He’s dazed but nothing is going to stop him climbing; that is, unless you’re Spero.] [The Hero attacks him from behind with a steel chair, slamming it across his head multiple times until he’s BUSTED WIDE OPEN. He tosses the steel down and as Wolfgang turns, drops him with a DDT on it!] [Finally, the good guy stands a chance!] [He begins his ascent up the ladder, reaching about mid way before Nevermore climbs up behind him. The Gentleman looks exhausted after those Suplexes but manages to grab Spero and NAIL him with a BACKDROP from the ladder to the canvas!] [BUZZ!] [“INVADE. INVADE. INVADE!”] [“The Humbling River by Puscifer hits and Eli Forever is our fourth entry of eight here tonight. He runs straight to the ring, the book of forever clapsed tightly in his hand. Spero rolls to the outside to recover, only Forever nails him with the book, dropping him hard on the concrete floor.] [Wolfgang is out next but he blocks the shot, driving a Headbutt into the bridge of Eli’s nose. He stumbles backwards around the ring, attempting to escape. As he heads towards the stairs, the bustling of the bar ahead looks extremely tempting. Wolfgang follows, hitting him with hard right hands as they battle up the stairs towards the bar.] [Meawhile, back in the ring and Nevermore finds himself alone. He crawls up the ladder, slowly but surely making his way to the top.] [HE’S GONNA DO IT!] [He reaches out and gets a hand on the case only HERE COMES SPERO! LIKE AN ANNOYING GNAT, HE’S BACK AGAIN!] [Spero slides a ladder into the ring and NAILS Nevermore across the back with it, stopping him in his tracks. He quickly sets it up, making a bridge across the middle of the fifteen foot ladder and the turnbuckle.] [He climbs up and behind Edgar who looks worse for wear, holding his back in pain. The Poet though kicks out and LOW, dropping Spero to his knees on the ladder. He doesn’t hesitate, stood two rungs up and pulls The Hero between his legs.] [WAIT A MINUTE!] [WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?] [HE PULLS SPERO VERTICLE AND LEAPS FORWARD.] [PILEDRIVER!] [PILEDRIVER THROUGH THE FUCKING LADDER BRIDGE BREAKING IT IN HALF!] [OH MY GOD!] [OH MY FUCKING GOD!] [THERE’S CARNAGE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! Nevermore and Spero lay in tatters amongst a sharp broken ladder, splinters of metal everywhere!] [Back at the bar and Wolfgang has Eli on top of it. He grabs him by the back of his head and the belt on his pants and RUNS HIM DOWN THE BAR TOP, SMASHING DRINKS OUT OF THE WAY AS HE DOES BEFORE TOSSING HIM OFF THE EDGE!] [JESUS CHRIST!] [BUZZ!] [“INVADE. INVADE. INVADE!”] [GLASS BOTTLE TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!] [WAIT A SECOND! ONE OF THOSE DRINKERS… ONE OF THOSE PATRONS IS… IT’S WILD FUCKING KARRDE!] [KARRDE WAS AT THE BAR THIS ENTIRE TIME!] [Wolfgang hits the deck immediately, blood spewing from both sides of his head. Karrde walks over and KICKS HIM HARD in the gut SENDING HIM TUMBLING DOWN THE STAIRS TO THE RING!] [HOLY SHIT!] [HERE COMES ELI FOREVER!] [Forever pulls a shard of glass from the side of his face and STABS it into the FACE OF KARRDE! OH MY GOD! The Gambler stumbles, ripping it painfully and tossing it aside. Forever though drags him down the stairs to the ring, throwing him face firs into a nearby ladder.] [The Heir Eternal slides back into the ring, surveying the carnage before him. The bodies of Spero and Nevermore have moved from the wreckage but they’re out of it. He begins climbing the ladder, sensing his opportunity.] [Suddenly, Wild Karrde slides a ladder into the ring and follows. He sets it up next to Forever’s, who stops ascending to meet him. The Gambler heads up and the pair trade off, right and lefts, right and lefts!] [They’re side by side, one hand on the ladder, ONE HAND PUNCHING THE OTHER REPEATEDLY IN THE FACE!] [KICK TO THE GUT!] [JACKPOT!] [JACKPOT!] [JACKPOT FROM TEN FEET IN THE FUCKING AIR! STUNNER! STUNNER! STUNNER!] [OH MY FUCKING GOD!] [KARRDE LEAP FROM HIS LADDER, TURNED AND DROPPED ELI FOREVER WITH A PICTURE PERFECT STUNNER!] [THE IMPACT SENDS ELI TRUNDLING THROUGH THE AIR AND THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPE!] [The Gambler gets straight back to his feet and climbs the laddr!] [COULD THIS BE IT?] [He reaches the top, checks around to see that EVERYONE ELSE is DOWN and reaches up…] [HE UNHOOKS THE BRIEFCASE!] [HE’S WON! WILD KARRDE HAS WON INVASION!] [HOLY SHIT!] [HE’S… THAT’S… THAT’S NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!] [WILD KARRDE HAS WON INVASION BEFORE ALL THE PARTICIPANTS HAVE EVEN MADE IT INTO THE MATCH!] [He smirks, pulling the briefcase in close as he steps up the ladder to take a seat right on top of it. He’s just made HISTORY here tonight. Never in the history of the Invasion match has any of the participants won it before all entries were in the match.] [Kasabian, Darkstar and The Lost Cosmonaut didn’t get a chance to feature because Wild Karrde took his ultimate opportunity!] [Wild Karrde is your Invasion 2018 winner!] [JACKPOT!]


[As the celebration concludes, Wild Karrde climbs down from the ladder, surveying the wreckage at his feet. He smiles, thrusting the case in the air.] [Only the sound of someone clearing their throat abruptly interrupts.] [Edward Newton.] [And he’s making his way to the ring.]

“Congratulations, Mr. Karrde.”

[‘The Gambler’ scoffs.]

“Mr. Karrde is my daddy, boy.”

[Newton steps through the ropes and with a shrug of his shoulder approaches the Invasion winner.]

“Heh,” [Edward chuckles] “I wanted to introduce myself, since we haven’t formerly met. I’m the OSW World Champion; Edward Newton. I’m also the only Champion to ever successfully retain when invaded upon.”

[The Champion offers a smile.]

“Don’t you worry about ol’ Karrde and this Invasion contract, I know how to gamble.”

[Edward steps in close, both men now face to face in the middle of the ring. The fans are on their feet, the atmosphere rising.]

“I suppose you do but if you gamble with me, you ought to remember the house always wins and around here, Mr. Karrde, I’m the house.”

[Their eyes lock and its clear the time for talking is done.] [WHACK!] [WHACK!] [What the hell?] [Championship belts suddenly crack across both of their backs, sending them past each other with the ferocity.] [Nicholas Mammon.] [Edgar Nevermore.] [The Gentlemen Duo!] [Newton turns around, facing an onrushing Mammon who leaps through the air.] [KNEEDFUL THINGS!] [HE NAILED HIM!] [Wild Karrde meanwhile is pulled in by Edgar Nevermore!] [POETRY IN MOTION!] [VERTICAL SUPLEX SIDESLAM!] [Nicholas grabs one of the dropped microphones, heading back to the centre of the ring. He smiles with a sinister grin, looking at the fallen bodies in the ring.]

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you can forgive our rude interruption but my colleague and I have an important announcement.”

[The fans murmur.]

“We’ve decided to expand our enterprise.”

[Mammon looks at Nevermore who smiles.]

“So please, without further ado, allow us to introduce to you our newest gentlemen ally.”

[‘Rule Britannia’ suddenly hits and out onto the entrance ramp steps a figure we’ve not seen in quite some time. With blond hair, a chiselled jawline and his trademark smug smile…] [Nigel Royal.] [The fans go wild with disgust as Nigel walks towards the ring and enters, wiping his feet on the mat before accepting a firm handshake with both Mammon and Nevermore. All three line up in the centre of the ring with beaming smiles.]

“Sir Royal, welcome to The Gentlemen Club.”

[He tosses the microphone down before looking at a stirring Newton and nodding at Nigel. The Bloodline to Greatness hardly skips a beat before dropping down to the canvas.] [THE DUNGEONS OF LONDON TO EDWARD NEWTON!] [THE WORLD CHAMPION SCREAMS IN AGONY AS NIGEL ROYAL WRENCHES BACK ON THE HOLD!] [Invasion slowly fades to black with the agonizing screams of Edward Newton in the Dungeons of London; the last shot of his wretched face, contorting in agony.] [The Gentlemen Club have arrived.] [Cut.]