[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Spectacles.] [The shot opens on a set of spectacles, slowly zooming out until the face of Edward Newton becomes clear. He’s stood inside a locker room backstage, when there’s a knock at the door. Turning around, he meets an unexpected visitor.] [Paige Van Chan.] [His eyebrows furrow in an inquisitive surprise.]

“You’re the last person I expected to see this evening, Mrs. Van Chan.”

[She closes the door behind herself and takes a deep breath.]

“We need to talk about my husband, Edward. This has to stop. We’ve been through so much. You don’t understand the kind of….”

[Edward interrupts.] “Oh Mrs. Van Chan, aren’t you adorable. You’re so very brave, aren’t you? I spent six months torturing your husband, plying him with medication that created symptoms of heart failure. I mentally and physically brutalized him, and yet here you are, the voice of reason. Do you think I can be reasoned with, is that it?”

“You’re a logical man, aren’t you?” [She questions.] [Newton grins.]

“I’m also the man that bought your husband’s family home and destroyed it. For some reason, I think you underestimate the threat I carry to your very person. The very notion that you would dare enter a place where I am present is indicative of just another reason why I must succeed tonight.”

[That confuses Paige, who backs away cautiously.]

“Allow this to be a teachable moment, won’t you my dear?” [Newton says, closing in on her until she’s backed up against a wall. He removes his glasses and peers deep into her fearful eyes.] “Never try to reason with the unreasonable. I’m going to end your husband’s career tonight. I’m going to finish what I started and there’s nothing you can say or do to stop me.”

[Paige’s eyes begin to well up.]

“Be thankful that when you leave here tonight, you’ll have a husband to take home to your beautiful children, Mrs. Van Chan. However, if I were you, I’d beg the question; why is this more important to him than you are?”

[She winces, watching as he backs away.]

“Now run along, dear, before I decide to be less amicable.”

[Paige scurries out of the room, realising she made a grave mistake here tonight and that she’s extremely fortunate to have escaped unharmed.]


[Ever since the dissolution of SHOOT one month ago, Sheriff Law has made Cael Gable’s life hell and now he gets a chance to get his revenge. Will the Olympian make Law suffer for a month of hell or will Gable fight the Law and lose?] [The bell sounds as Gable rushes forward, nailing Law with a huge double leg takedown, drilling the Sheriff with a furious onslaught of ground and pound, trying his best to break Law’s jaw. Law quickly scrambles to the ropes, forcing a break as both men get to their feet but Law sucker punches Gable in the back of the head as he’s getting to his feet. A stiff knee to the jaw stuns Gable as Law throws him to the ropes but Gable ducks under a clothesline, clipping Law in the jaw with a huge dropkick that sends him staggering into the ropes before a clothesline of his own sends him to the floor below] [Law slowly gets to his feet, shaking the cobwebs out as Gable rushes forward, SUICIDE DIVE…MISSES! Gable crashes head first onto the floor below as a huge smile crosses Law’s face. He drops down a few knees to the back of the skull before rolling Gable back into the ring and dropping down for the cover. ONE…TWO…Gable gets the shoulder up! Law spins around Gable, trying to lock in the Testimony but Gable fights out, trying to get to his feet as Law rains down elbows to the temple] [Gable staggers up, right into a massive punch to the forehead that puts him down to one knee. Law mockingly places a gun to his temple, firing but as he rears back for the elbow, Gable grabs the arm, trying to drag Law to the mat for a Fujiwara. Law fights out, nailing Gable with another knee to the temple before trying for a Powerbomb. Gable slips out, swinging down, DDT! Gable plants Law to the mat as the Olympian begins to fire up, pulling Law up to his feet before tossing him across the ring with a massive Belly to Belly Suplex. Gable drops down, waiting for Law to get to his feet, GOLD RUSH! Law is drilled into the mat but Gable doesn’t cover, instead heading up to the top rope] [Gable sizes up Law as he waits for him to get to his feet, GOLDEN PARACH…LAW DODGES AS GABLE HITS THE REFEREE! Gable can’t believe it as he tries to revive the referee, Law digging into his tights as he places something over his right hand, Gable turning around, BRASS KNUCKLES PUNCH! Gable is out on his feet as Law drills him with another massive right, busting Gable wide open with the STAND OFF! Law tosses the knucks to the outside as he revives the referee before covering Gable. The ref slowly comes to, counting the pinfall. ONE…TWO…THR…GABLE GETS THE SHOULDER UP!] [Law can’t believe it as he admonishes the referee for counting slow before pulling up a dazed and bloodied Gable, running to the middle rope as he leaps off with the LONG ARM OF THE LAW! Law sure of a victory, drops down for a lax cover, not even bothering to hook the leg. ONE…TWO…GABLE KICKS OUT flipping over Law as he rains down rights and lefts. Both men slowly get to their feet as Gable ducks under a wild right, gripping Law around the waist, GERMAN SUPLEX. A second, 3rd, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, ten, TEN KAROTS! Gable drops down the straps as he motions for Law to get to his feet, PUGH PLEX! Law is out cold but Gable doesn’t cover, flipping him over as he locks in the SILENCE IS GOLDEN! Law quickly wakes up from the pain of the move but Gable chokes him out cold once again as the referee calls for the bell] [The Olympian does it, picking up a huge victory over his former partner as he puts aside the month of hell in impressive fashion as he shows his amazing ability here tonight]


[The match is over, but Law charges over to the corner where he grabs his hat and Gable’s gold medal. He starts to hightail it out of the ring, but Gable catches him by the hair! Law is trying to plead with Gable, but the Olympian is having none of it as he whips Law into the corner. He runs to the opposite corner, setting up as Law comes to—RUNNING DOUBLE LEG TAKEDOWN! GABLE SLAMS LAW DOWN HARD INTO THE MAT! The crowd is roaring with approval as Gable climbs to the top turnbuckle.]

“This is for sending me to jail, and trying to punish me for your own foolishness!”

[Law slowly gets back to his feet, but turns around right into a DIVING EUROPEAN UPPERCUT BY THE OLYMPIAN! The crowd is chanting Gable’s name as he picks Law up by the hair. He lifts Law up high, setting up the stalling suplex.]

“And this is for stealing my medal, and trying to take my pride!”

[PUGHPLEX! GABLE JUST HIT THE CUTTER THAT DRIVES LAW’S HEAD DOWN HARD INTO THE CANVAS! Gable grabs his gold medal, celebrating with the crowd as police officers rush the ring. They put Law in handcuffs, pulling him out of the ring as one of the officers shouts down at him.]

“Sheriff Law, you are under arrest for false imprisonment and corruption! You have the right to remain silent…”

[The officer reads Law his Miranda rights as they take him out of the Tap Room, leaving Gable to celebrate with the fans as he finally leaves the ring himself, holding his medal up high as the crowd continues to chant his name. Cael Gable has overcome the Law tonight, and he couldn’t be more proud of himself!] [Cut.]


[Recorded Earlier] [The dark and secluded corners of the alleys that surround the Tap Room, where suspicious looking people conduct suspicious activities. We find two figures but cannot quite make them out, yet we can see the light of the end of a joint burning as one of the figures takes a draw in. Then exhales, in the dull light, we make out the tell-tale smoke. He holds the joint out in between his finger and thumb.]

“Wanna hit?”

[The second figure says nothing, merely taking the joint in his own hands and drawing in deeply. He doesn’t so much as cough, a man obviously used to the feeling. Nothing is said between the pair for a long time, until the man who had been passed the joint breaks the silence. While the first man holds his hand out expecting the joint to be passed back to him, the shadowy figure looks at the joint he had been given.]

“I’m not a bad guy, you know.” [He begins, placing the joint back in between his own lips instead of passing it back.] “I just want what I want.”

[With joint in between his lips, he slams the first man’s head into the brick wall of the alley and watches him crumple to the ground. He steps forward, crouching down to go through the fallen man’s pockets, kneeling into a beam of light from the streetlamp that reveals his identity. Captain Zappa.] [Zappa retrieves a small metal case from his foe’s pocket, flipping open the lid to find another dozen joints inside, much like the one still hanging from his lips. He smiles as he stands, clutching at the tin and turns to walk away… Right into the path of Calypso. She stands staunchly, having appeared seemingly out of nowhere herself.]

“I see desperate times call for desperate measures. How’s it been, a week where you have been unable to get your hands on your supply, cut off from the Zetas that your crazed mind has created? Has it been hell?”

[Zappa says nothing, only draws a breath in and blows the putrid smoke into Calypso’s face. Calypso scrunches her nose in disgust but continues pressing.]

“Do you still feel enlightened, Zappa? Or is it merely the drugs that make you see these things and feel like a god? What you’ve been through this week is nothing compared to what hell I’m going to put you through. When I’m finished with you, I’m going to take away that little resupply of yours just as I have taken away the rest.”

[Zappa clutches the case to his chest. He closes his eyes for a moment, but when he opens them once more he has a smile on his face.]

“I’ll see you where the ocean ends, and the desert begins.”

[With that, Zappa is gone, slinking back into the shadows, leaving behind a trail of suspicious-smelling smoke.]


[The war between Calypso and Captain Zappa has been…unusual to say the least but as Calypso tries to play mindgames with Zappa, this has quickly become personal. Will Calypso continue to torment Zappa or will Zappa force Calypso to return his supply?] [The bell rings as Zappa rushes forward with a hard crossbody, raining down lefts and rights with a fury as he lifts the smaller Calypso up, hoisting her up onto his shoulder as he tries for the Intergalactic Intertia but Calypso slips down his back, drilling him with a harsh Backstabber. It’s now Calypso’s turn to rain down lefts and rights as a stiff uppercut stuns Zappa before a hard kick to the gut staggers him into the ropes. A running shoulder puts Zappa down in the corner but as Calypso backs up again, running forward with a Swanton, Zappa catches her in mid-flight, spinning around, MODIFIED INTERGALACTIC INTERTIA!] [Calypso is stunned as she tries to pull herself up in the corner but finds herself squashed against the steel with BLACK CLOUDS AND TINFOIL LININGS! Zappa can’t follow up however as Calypso quickly rolls to the outside, trying to gain a breather. Zappa doesn’t let her, backing up as he rushes forward, diving over the top rope with a sloppy Tope but it takes Calypso out still. Zappa pulls her up to her feet, biel tossing her into the steps by her head but as he tries to pull her up again, Calypso grabs him by the shirt, pulling him face first into the steps himself] [Both competitors slowly get to their feet, Calypso getting the better of Zappa with a low hit, slamming his head into the ringpost before rolling him back inside the ring. Calypso gets up onto the apron, as she climbs up to the top rope, sizing Zappa up for a moment before leaping off with a hard knee to the jaw. Zappa doesn’t go down but he’s rocked as Calypso grips him under her arm before spiking him to the mat with a stiff DDT! Calypso drops down for the first cover of this contest, ONE…TWO…Zappa gets the shoulder up!] [Zappa staggers to his feet into a hard right hook as he greets with a stiff right of his own. The two exchange hard rights and lefts before a spinning elbow sends Zappa staggering back into the ropes as he bounces off with a massive Lariat sending Calypso flipping to the mat. Zappa pulls her up to her feet, acting like he’s going to whip her across the ring but reverses the whip, GLITCH IN THE MATRIX! Calypso is planted but Zappa lifts her up again, trying for what looks like a Powerbomb only for Calypso to slip out and drill Zappa with a hard roaring elbow to the back of the head, nearly knocking him out cold] [Calypso pulls Zappa up to his feet, tossing him to the ropes as she tries for Ultra-Violence but Zappa slips out before Calypso can stomp his skull in as he kicks her in the gut, lifting her up LAUGHING HYPERDRIVE! Calypso is spiked into the mat as Zappa covers, ONE…TWO…Calypso just gets the shoulder up. Zappa pulls her up to her feet but she breaks his hold, locking in the Testicular Claw! The referee calls for the break as Calypso rains down right after right to Zappa’s unprotected face as the referee starts his five count, Calypso breaking the claw at the count of four before backing up and nearly taking Zappa’s head off with a massive Superkick] [Calypso doesn’t cover as she pulls Zappa up to his feet who suddenly spins her around, drilling her on the back of her head with a German Suplex. The Captain calls for the end but a Calypsonite jumps up onto the apron, distracting the referee and Zappa as a second slides in a steel chair. Zappa turns around, SKULL FUCKED…MISSES as Calypso turns around, kick to the gut, MOAB! Zappa kicks the chair out of the ring as he heads up to the top rope, ZETAVARIUM! Zappa hits the moonsault flush as the referee turns from the Calypsonite, dropping down for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Captain Zappa picks up a huge victory here tonight, despite his withdrawals, putting down Calypso as he may well use this victory to regain his supply permanently]


[Zappa gets back to his feet after that incredible win, only he’s immediately blinded.] [A white light flashes across the arena.] [When the light fades, stood inside the ring is Lyra Starchild. In her possession, she has a gadget and it’s pointed at Captain Zappa.] [Beep.]

“It is him; The Chosen One.”

[Lyra immediately pulls for her weapon, flipping it up at Zappa who quickly steps forward with a kick, blocking her arm and knocking it from her grasp. He swings wildly with a punch, but she spins underneath it, handspringing with a kick that catches him on the side of the head.] [The Chosen One stumbles, spinning around just in time to see that Starchild has her weapon pointed at his head.]

“It has to be this way,” [She mutters.] “For this planet, for life as we know it.”

[She suddenly fires, but a white light once again engulfs the entire arena. When it fades away, Lyra remains stood there, gun in hand, one arm shielding her eyes.] [Zappa is gone.] [What did she mean?] [Cut.]


[Sharkman walks backstage with the Double Feature Championship belt around his waist. The crowd roars from the Tap Room. He walks with a purpose towards gorilla, when suddenly Brent Kersh steps in front of him. Both men stand silently for a moment as the crowd waits with baited breath. Kersh speaks first.]

“I just wanted to thank you one more time for this opportunity. You didn’t have to offer, but you’re a man of honor and respect. Thank you.”

[Kersh puts out his hand, and Sharkman shakes it.]

“You’ve earned the right by now, Enforcer.” [He stops shaking and pulls Kersh close by the hand. He tilts his head menacing towards Kersh.] “But you won’t be walking out with my belt.”

[Tensions grow, until King Royal enters the fray.]

“What is this that one spies with his own eyes? Is this not conspiracy to commit treason against the King? How dare the likes of you peasants conspire against one!”

[Kersh and Sharkman look at one another and then both swing at Royal at the same time! The King ducks under one, but Sharkman tangles Royal into a FULL NELSON! Kersh steps back and runs at Royal with a BIG BOOT! But Royal slips out and Kersh levels Sharkman with the size 13!! Kersh turns and Royal returns with a heavy shot to Kersh’s left side! He pushes the Enforcer back with a series of heavy blows, but Kersh ducks under a punch, and tosses Royal overhead with a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Royal crashes hard to the concrete floor, and Kersh looks pleased, but suddenly he is turned around by a furious Sharkman who nails Kersh with a clubbing forearm to the side of the head! Kersh is stumbled, but not down! Sharkman and The Enforcer trade shots until King Royal reenters the battle! Like a pack of brawling cats, the trio make their way to gorilla and through the doors!]


[This match isn’t even underway yet, but The Sharkman, King Royal, and Brent Kersh all spill through the entryway in a rolling, gnashing, dangerous tornado. Rights and lefts are thrown in every direction, somehow they fight their way towards the ring. Kersh somehow gets the upper hand and tosses King Royal head first into the barrier, knocking him to the ground. Kersh then chops Sharkman across the chest and drives him against the apron. He then rolls the Double Feature Champion into the ring, following behind. Royal is still outside, but the ref rings the bell anyway, starting the battle in earnest.] [Kersh still is in control, and stomps the Sharkman’s shoulders and head into the canvas! Sharkman is taking the beating, but not giving up. Kersh drops a knee across the back of Shark’s head and neck. He pulls the champ up, and whips him into the ropes. Sharkman bounces off, and returns towards Kersh, but leaps and levels The Enforcer with a huge FLYING CROSS BODY! Sharkman feels the momentum and pulls Kersh up, just to slam him down again with a SNAP SUPLEX! This could be over already as Sharkman heads to the top to FIN-NISH HIM… but Royal is back and shoves The Sharkman off the turnbuckle where he crashes to the coor below in a heap!!!] [King Royal is taking advantage of the downed Kersh in the center of the ring, and climbs the turnbuckle himself… SPITFIRE!! KNEES!!! Royal lands hard on Kersh’s raises knees! Kersh slowly gets to his feet as Royal gasps for air and holds his midsection. Kersh doesn’t care that his tag team partner is hurting, and stomp towards him. He pulls the King up by his golden locks and puts him right back down with a SCOOP SLAM! Kersh grabs King Royal’s legs and turns him over into a BOSTON CRAB!! The King of Submission is in trouble! Royal reaches for the ropes and…. Can’t get them! Kersh takes two steps towards the center of the ring. Royal is about to tap when…] [SHARKMAN OFF THE TOP WITH A MISSILE DROPKICK TO KERSH’S CHEST! He levels the Enforcer, breaking the hold and freeing King Royal! Royal holds the small of his back, as Sharkman shows him no mercy. He stomps three times on the lower back, and then pulls Royal up by the hair again. He puts Royal into a Hammerlock, and then takes him over with a HAMMERLOCK SUPLEX!! Royal lands hard on his neck and upper back, and Shark slides into a cover… One… Two… Thr… Kickout! Royal kicks free, but Shark is quickly to his feet, waiting for Royal to get up. Royal gets to a kneeling position and… SUSHI KICK!! Royal is out! One… Two… Thre…. Kersh yanks the Sharkman off of Royal! Sharkman pops up, angry…] [Sharkman and the Enforcer start throwing punches back and forth! The crowd “Ooooo’s” and “Ahhhhh’s” with every strike as the men rock back and forth at the force of the blows! The seems to separate a bit and then crash back together along the edge of the ring with furious shots! Then… KING ROYAL CLOTHESLINES BOTH MEN OVER THE TOP!! They tumble to outside!! The crash to the floor below! Royal climbs to the top and motions to the crowd with a sneer! They boo furiously, but Royal perches on the turnbuckle until Kersh and Shark begin to gain their feet… He flies off with a MODIFIED SPITFIRE CROSSBODY!!] [All three are down! The ref counts… 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… Royal gets to his feet… 6… 7… Kersh gets to his feet as Royal rolls into the ring… 8… 9… Kersh pulls Sharkman up and slides him in, rolling in behind him just before the ten count! But Royal is waiting and grabs Sharkman… GERMAN SUPLEX!! Kersh gets to his feet and GERMAN SUPLEX FOR HIM!! Shark makes his way to his feet dazed and…. ANOTHER GERMAN! Kersh stumbles to his feet… FOURTH GERMAN SUPLEX! MODIFIED ROYAL FLUSH!! Royal is in total control! He leaps onto Kersh’s back…. DUNGEONS OF LONDON!! Kersh is about to tap! But Sharkman pulls Royal off! RECKONING!!! One… Two… THREE!!!] [Somehow, against the odds, Sharkman retains!! Kersh and Royal lay in a heap, remaining Tag Champions, but missing out on the Double Feature gold! Can Wrestling Royalty survive this going forward, or will their team crumble? Only time will tell as Sharkman holds his belt high in the air.]


[An altar stands in a room lit by candlelight. There is nothing else but this altar in the room, and four figures that enter simultaneously from four different directions. Each enters and heads directly for the altar, a golden coin in his hand. We recognise the men instantly.

Solomon Rhodes.

Ethan Bird.


Jensen Cussen.

Though nothing is said between the men, the air is thick with tension. Untrusting looks are exchanged between teammates, and looks of hatred are exchanged between foes.] [All four men reach out as one and place their coins on the altar. As they do so, the coins shine in a blinding light that engulfs everything. All four shield their eyes from the light. Only, when the light dies down, the four coins have become three. Solomon Rhodes is first to speak, his eyes fixed on the coins.]

“One of us will not receive a coin. One will leave without so much as a single wish.”

[It is DTR who makes the keener observation, looking up above the altar for the first time. The fourth coin is now suspended above them, seeming to shine brighter and larger than any of the other three. The Virus reaches out and grabs Cussen by the shoulder, directing his attention up also.]

“But only one can claim the ultimate prize. The other three end up being no better off than the loser.”

[Cussen looks at DTR, the hand still clasped on his shoulder. He reaches down and removes The Virus’s hand from him, speaking words to all three but directed in the direction of DTR.]

“You three are the only thing standing in the way now.”

[Bird chimes in for the first time, up till now remaining almost uncharacteristically quiet as the three squabble and lay their own claims. He coughs as if to grab the attention of the room.]

“Perhaps not the only thing…” [Bird steps backwards with a smile and returns to the altar a moment later with another figure. A figure sure to cast mixed feelings about the Family.

Stephanie Cussen. A noticeably pregnant Stephanie Cussen. Bird smirks as the silence befalls the altar.]

“Should you win, Cussen… does this prove you to be more fit to lead than DTR? What will that mean in the eyes of Stephanie who bears his child? Should The Virus claim the wish, will he not use it to cast you out and pave way for his own blood? What becomes of the Family then?”

[Cussen does not speak, he mulls. DTR steps forward, grabbing Stephanie by the wrist and leading her around to his side of the altar. His eyes shoot daggers into Bird, while his words address Jensen.]

“Don’t listen to his lies. We are stronger now than ever, when one of us wins this wish, we will prove that. We cannot let a trinket stand between us.”

[Solomon speaks, continuing to drive the wedge between the members of the Family.]

“If it is merely a trinket, then why be so keen to compete for it at all. Need I remind you how you two weaselled your way into the Death Wish match in the first place? Clearly this ‘trinket’ means more to you than you let on…”

[Ethan Bird continues on, almost finishing the rest of Solomon’s sentence.]

“… But does it mean more to you than Family? What of you Cussen? Would you claim that ‘trinket’ if it meant abandoning your Family?”

[Cussen says nothing, neither does DTR. With so much still left unanswered, and the wedge of doubt now firmly driven home from both Bird and Rhodes, Cussen turns and steps away from the altar. He leaves Stephanie and DTR standing, the voice in the back of their minds asking the very question that Bird just planted there.] [Surely… Family ties are strong enough to survive this?]


[Tonight, it is a battle for Mother Russia as Sergei Sokolov faces Piotor Svetalov in a steel cell match. Who will be victorious, Will it be the man with metal arms or the powerhouse of OSW? Who will be Mother Russia’s favorite son?] [DING! DING! Both men march towards each other, there is no waiting it out in this match! Sergei with a hard straight punch! Piotor with a gut punch as a comeback! It staggers Sergei into the ropes! Sergei is barely standing after that hard punch! Piotor goes for a superman punch on the prone Sergei! Sergei dodges it and Piotor punches through the wall of the cell! Oh no, his arm is stuck! Sergei sees the opportunity and starts bashing Piotor’s head against the cell wall! Piotor is getting rocked but he elbows Sergei hard in the gut!] [Sergei lets go of Piotor and we see a nasty gash on Sergei’s stomach! Piotor rips his arm out of the cell and takes Sergei down with a massive CLOTHESLINE! Sergei is turned inside out! Piotor gets on top of Sergei and is hammering punches down on Sergei! Those metal fists bust Sergei wide open! Piotor goes for the pin! One…Two…Thr… No! Sergei kicks out! Piotor tries to pick up Sergei but Sergei shoves him off hard! Piotor runs back at Sergei but SOVIET STRIKE! That spinning backfist stuns Piotor as Sergei picks him up in a Gorilla Press and throws him into the cell!] [Piotor catches the cekk wall easily with his metal hands and starts to climb! Sergei is not amused as he starts to climb in pursuit! Sergei grabs Piotor from behind and starts bashing his head into the cell wall again! Piotor is cut open but Sergei does not stop! That cut is getting bigger with each bash! Sergei finishes it off with a massive GERMAN SUPLEX off the cell wall! Piotor crumples up into a heap! Sergei covers! One…Two…Thr…No! Piotor rolls the shoulder up! Sergei is getting angrier as he lifts Piotor up, grabs him and FALLAWAY SLAM into the wall!] [Piotor is trying to get up but Sergei is firing away at him with some rapid strikes! Piotor returns a punch of his own that stuns Sergei quick! Piotor gets back into the ring and RUKI KAMNYA! That Superman punch drops Sergei and Piotor goes for the cover! One…Two…Thre…No! Sergei gets the shoulder up! Piotor drags Sergei to the hole in the wall, rips it open wider with his metal arms to shove Sergei’s head into the hole! He forces Sergei’s neck into the cut metal and is choking him with it! Sergei’s neck is dripping blood over the cage now!] [This has become a civil war as Piotor starts up his kill shot combination! He is delivering a multitude of punches, knees and elbows! Sergei’s head is crimson and blood is staring to cover his body as well! Piotor rolls back going for the Yakuza Kick but Sergei pulls his head out in time and grabs Piotor by the throat! Sergei delivers a desperate WARHEAD! Chokeslam into the backbreaker but he can’t cover! Both men are down and the ref starts the count! One…Two…Three… Four….Five…Sergei is up first! Sergei used the ropes to get up and Piotor is getting up too!] [Sergei is still groggy and Piotor goes for the yakuza kick again! Sergei dodges it this time and Piotor got his leg caught in the hole! SOVIET STRIKE again and again! Multiple spinning backfists to make sure Piotor is knocked out! The Russian Bear gets back to his feet and stumbles. He’s losing a lot of blood. Suddenly, Svetolav is back to his feet. He runs and SPEAR! SPEAR THROUGH THE FUCKING CELL! SPEAR!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! THE CELL WALL JUST FELL TO THE FUCKING GROUND! THE ENTIRE STRUCTURE BEGINS TO CRUMBLE! THE ROOF NO LONGER HAS FOUR BEAMS OF SUPPORT AND FALLS STRAIGHT DOWN ONTO PIOTOR! THE OTHER THREE WALLS COLLAPSE IN TOO SERGEI BARELY ROLLED AWAY! He quickly collapses on top of the structure crushing Piotor, and the referee, who’s near crushed himself quickly counts… ONE… TWO… THREE!] [Sergei has done it and has gotten some revenge on the man who has made him question his whole life! Nothing made out of metal is standing after this match!]


[Sergei gets back to his feet, blood dripping from various gashes across his body.] [He stumbles away from the broken cell and heads towards the exit, needing to tend to his wounds before he passes out. The blood loss though is just too much and he falls to a knee, barely able to stand.] [Suddenly, a large bang echoes throughout the Tap Room. The cameras turn to see that Piotor Svetolav has used his extreme strength to escape from underneath the wreckage of the cell!] [No-one can quite believe it. Piotor stumbles towards Sergei, wrapping his giant metal arm around his throat from behind and strangling him there on the wooden floor.]

“It’s not over yet!” [Piotor yells, looking towards the entrance.] [Just then, something strange happens.] [A man dressed in a Russian Military uniform enters in front of Sergei. He’s older, much older than Petrov, and Sokolov’s eyes almost burst from his head with shock.]

“It can’t be?” [Sergei mutters through strangled groans.] “It cannot be? General?”

[The man stops in front of Sokolov, a cane in his left hand.]

“Hello Sergei,” [The General says with a wry smile.] “It has been too long.”

[With the metal gripped tightly around his neck, he’s unable to move even an inch as the General slowly kneels before him.]

“General Dzagoev? B-But how?” [Sokolov mutters.] “B-But why?”

“I once told you that you could be Russia’s greatest soldier, but you follow blindly. You let American double agent turn you into traitor,” [He says with disappointment.] “You let Mother Russia down, Sergei.”

[The realisation of that fact has dawned on him. He doesn’t even struggle against the grip of Piotor’s arms any longer. This man, he has known Sergei Sokolov since he was a boy. He was like a father to him, and yet here he stands, allowing a mercenary to end his world.]

“There will be a time when you understand, Sergei. But you are not the man my army raised.”

[Dzagoev stands up and shakes his head in disappointment. He looks towards Piotor and nods, turning his back and walking away.] [The nod is all Svetolav needs. He increases his grip, putting Sergei Sokolov to sleep, right there on the floor.] [Sokolov doesn’t fight it.] [Everything he’s ever known has been a lie.] [His mentor, father figure and friend was supposed to be dead. He was supposed to be gone.] [Yet there he was.] [And nothing will ever be the same, again.] [What’s reality? What’s fiction?] [Cut.]


[Newton vs Van Chan. Title versus career. Will Van Chan walk out of here with his head held high, or will Newton end his legacy?] [The match is on and Van Chan rushes Newton! He lands a DEVASTATING combination of punches and martial arts style kicks that sends Edward into the ropes! Newton is unable to fight back as Bruce grabs onto the ropes and unleashes a flurry of kicks to his midsection! Newton stumbles from the ropes! SPRINGBOARD ROUNDHOUSE KICK! Newton takes the kick right to his jaw and tumbles backwards to the ground! Van Chan refuses to give Newton a chance to retaliate as he grabs his leg AND PULLS HIM INTO THE VAN CHANINATOR! STF BY BRUCE! Newton is in dire straits!] [Newton is stuck in the center of the ring and Van Chan wrenches back on the STF! The ropes are out of reach! Newton looks as if his neck might snap! THUMB TO THE EYE BY NEWTON! HE GOUGES VAN CHAN! Bruce rolls off of Newton who crawls to the ropes and rolls out of the ring. Van Chan holds a hand over his eye as he gets to his feet. Newton reaches into his jacket as Van Chan hits the far ropes! SUICIDE DIVE- PUNCH BY NEWTON! Newton knocks Van Chan right out of the air! He tosses brass knuckles off of his hand into the crowd!] [Van Chan is busted wide open by the cheap shot! The crowd boos relentlessly as Newton peels Van Chan from the ground. He slides him into the ring and follows after, grabbing Van Chan by the hair and- ELBOW TO THE NOSE BY VAN CHAN! FISHERMAN SUPLEX BY VAN CHAN! He holds on! ANOTHER FISHERMAN SUPLEX! THEN ANOTHER! THE TRIFECTA! Van Chan holds the third for a pin! One! Two! KICK OUT BY NEWTON! Newton barely kicked out of the pin and Van Chan is hitting the mat in frustration! He moves to the top rope!] [He climbs the turnbuckles and as he looks back- NEWTON PULLS HIS LEG OUT FROM UNDER HIM! VAN CHAN LANDS GROIN FIRST ON THE TURNBUCKLE! Newton grabs his hair and throws him from the turnbuckle to the mat below! Van Chan writhes in pain as Newton goes to the second turnbuckle! DIVING AXE HANDLE TO VAN CHAN! Bruce gets caught across the neck by the blow! Newton pulls Bruce to his feet! THE QUESTION IS! NEVERMIND! Bruce lands face first into the mat! His blood stains it as Newton pins! One! Two! Three- KICK OUT! KICK THE FUCK OUT!] [Newton doesn’t believe it! He gets to his feet and proceeds to kick the holy hell out of Van Chan! JUMPING STOMP TO THE FACE! BRUCE’S FACE IS COVERED IN A CRIMSON MASK! Newton is infuriated as he refuses to let up with his assault! Just as he looks to go for another kick- HE HEARS YELLING FROM RINGSIDE! IT’S PAIGE! PAIGE VAN CHAN IS ON THE APRON! He goes to shoo her away BUT BRUCE IS UP! GOOD NIGHT! He isn’t finished though! He rushes to the turnbuckle and climbs to the top! SHOT THROUGH THE HEART! One! Two! Three!] [THE LIGHTS GO OUT! The three was never counted! The crowd is hushed, waiting for a decision. The lights flicker back on! The referee is on the ground! NO FACE IS AT RINGSIDE! THAT BASTARD HAS A KNIFE PRESSED TO PAIGE’S THROAT! Bruce gets off of Newton and runs to the ropes to plead with No Face! He’s about to leave the ring to help her WHEN HE GETS PULLED BACK FROM BEHIND! IT’S HYSTERIA! LOST HOPE! CODEBREAKER TO THE BLOODIED VAN CHAN! Van Chan stumbles back! NEVERMIND BY NEWTON! Van Chan is motionless as Newton pins him. Hysteria wakes the referee. And at ringside, you can see tears streaming down Paige’s face as he counts. One. Two. Three.] [Newton’s done it. He has just ended Bruce Van Chan’s career.]


[Bloodied, broken, battered and defeated.] [Bruce Van Chan looks up at the bright lights in disbelief. He’s become another victim of Edward Newton; but more importantly, he’s lost everything.] [Screams echo throughout his mind, and it takes him a moment to realize why.] [Paige.] [He turns over to see that No Face has Paige and she’s screaming for his help. With his ears ringing, he tries to get back to his feet, only Newton meets him with a knee to the head that knocks him back into the corner.] [Hysteria hands Edward a microphone.]

“Don’t you get it, Mr. Van Chan?” [He sneers.] “Don’t you understand?” [No Face forces Paige into the ring, allowing her to scurry over to Bruce and kneel beside him.] “This is yet another teachable moment, and perhaps the final one you’ll ever need.”

[Bruce holds onto Paige tightly as No Face looms over them.]

“After everything I’ve done to you; all the pain and suffering, the destruction of your family home, the issues in your marriage, the near loss of your life and now the end of your career; there’s no justice.”

[He smiles, watching as No Face and Hysteria meet him, side by side.]

“There’s only Injustice.”

[Oh no, Edward Newton, Hysteria and No Face have formed some kind of alliance. ‘Injustice’ has been formed.]

“Enjoy your retirement, Mr. Van Chan.”

[Newton tosses the microphone down, nodding at Hysteria and No Face before all three exit the ring.] [We close in on Bruce, who’s consoling Paige, bloodied and defeated.] [Cut.]


[Four men stand in the four corners of the ring. High above them, there hang Three Wishes. The aim is simple. Collect one of the Wishes. Once the Wishes have been collected, the three men that hold one will turn around and hand them to the referee. Then they will compete for the Grand Wish, which gives the winner a shot at the title of their choosing.] [Ethan Bird. DTR. Solomon Rhodes. Jensen Cussen.] [They all take in one another as the bell rings. It’s time to see whose Wish comes true and who will be left with a broken dream.] [All four men rush to the center of the ring, pairing off as the Family takes on the Firebirds. Bird verses DTR. Rhodes verses Cussen. The action escalates quickly as Cussen grabs a side headlock on Rhodes, making sure DTR has Bird well in hand. But those two are just clobbering each other with blows in their own corner. That slip allows Rhodes to send Cussen to the outside of the ring, pushing him in between the ropes. Cussen is up, just in time for a TOPE SUICIDA! NO! Cussen catches Rhodes and slams the back of the Dragon into the nearest ring post.] [Cussen drops Rhodes on the ground like a piece of meat, but as Vengeance turns his back to head back to the ring, Rhodes darts between his legs. Cussen is shocked as the Dragon rises before him and slaps the taste out of his mouth. The brutal Cussen is infuriated by that show of disrespect, and the two men begin throwing hands at one another. Speaking of which, Bird has managed to get DTR on the defensive in the corner. The former OSW Champion grabs at the shirt of Bird, but Ethan lets him rip at it while he unleashes shots the side of a laughing DTR’s face. The Virus is a sick individual!] [As DTR’s hand final lets go of his shirt, Bird lets him drop down in the corner. The deity slides out of the ring, ignoring Rhodes and Cussen’s battle to dive under the ring, returning to the delight of the Tap Room with a ladder in hand. He slides it into the ring and follows behind it before setting it up in the center of the ring. He cockily looks around before starting his ascent. As his hand touches the first of the three medallions, he looks down to find that VENGANCE HAS COME! Bird pleads with Cussen, but the elder man is having none of it as he PUSHES BIRD OFF TO THE OUTSIDE!] [Bird crashes to the ground outside the ring with a thud as Cussen steadies the ladder. RHODES OUT OF NOWHERE WITH A DIVE! THEY TUMBLE OUTSIDE! A mess of humanity lies outside the ring as Cussen, Rhodes, and Bird are all still fighting among themselves in their own pain. Yet that leaves the Virus alone. DTR slowly ascends the ladder with a grin on his face as he watches Cussen fight the other two men. Rhodes and Bird both see what is happening, and the Firebirds both try to climb into the ring, but CUSSEN HOLDS THEM BACK! DTR is to the top of the ladder! DTR HAS THE FIRST WISH!] [DTR secures the first Wish and will compete for the Grand Wish.] [As the satisfied DTR drops down to the ring and outside of it to rest, he knows he has secured an advantage here. He will be able to rest until the ending portion of this match. Meanwhile, Cussen nails two backbreakers on Rhodes before BIRD NAILS HIM WITH A LADDER! On the ground, Rhodes and Bird slowly realize that they are going to need to work together, sliding back into the ring where the ladder still stands. The Firebirds go to opposite sides, intending to work together, but BIRD THROWS HIM OUT OF THE RING!] [Bird quickly begins to head up the ladder, having betrayed his “partner” to get the advantage. Yet Rhodes is not out yet. The Dragon slides into the ring, and meets Bird at the top of the ladder. The two men swing wildly at one another, shouting words of hatred and swinging fists of fury. Neither gives an inch as their eyes are locked on the two remaining Wishes. They could have worked together and gotten them both, but Bird’s selfishness guaranteed that will not happen. As they both reach up, suddenly the world turns upside down as CUSSEN KNOCKS THE LADDER OVER. BOTH MEN FALL TO THE OUTSIDE! Jensen steadies the ladder as crawls up with a thin grin on his face. He grabs the second Wish. The Family will compete for the Grand Wish together!] [Jensen Cussen secures the second Wish and will compete for the Grand Wish.] [Seeing what their dissolution has brought, the former Firebirds stand to their feet on the outside, glaring at each other for a moment, before they both slide into the ring. Instead of climbing the ladder, Bird instead throws Rhodes into the side of it, grabbing his head and dancing it up and down the rungs. As blood comes out of Rhodes’ forehead, Bird taunts him. This fires up the Dragon, who goes for a superkick, but BIRD REVERSES TO THE WORLD’S END DDT! With the match in hand, Bird gestures towards the Family that he’s coming for them before ascending the ladder.

[Instead of rising triumphantly, Bird turns a dark red shade in anger as he sees Solomon Rhodes rising. The Dragon slowly comes to his feet as Bird uncharacteristically ignores his goal to leap off at Rhodes CHAOS THEORY TO BIRD! Rhodes staggers to his feet, his body battered and bleeding to crawl up the ladder. Bird slowly comes around as he sees what is happening. Both men have been through hell, but they are determined to get this prize before them. They each slowly crawl the ladder until they both stand at the top.] [The punches are slower this time around as the two Firebirds have been beaten down since their first encounter atop the ladder. Instead, they both reach for the title, their hands knocking their fingers off of it. But as they both grab for it, they realize they are not alone. THE FAMILY PUSH THE LADDER AWAY! BIRD AND RHODES ARE HANGING FROM THE RAFTERS, THEIR HANDS ON THE FINAL WISH! DTR and Cussen, intending to weaken the opposition, watch as the two men jockey for position. Both their hands on the Wish, they manage to slide up and free the medallion. They fall, but RHODES USES THE MEDAL TO NAIL THE CHAOS THEORY OUT OF THE RAFTERS! BIRD LETS GO OF THE WISH! RHODES WINS!] [Solomon Rhodes secures the third Wish. Ethan Bird has been eliminated.] [Their plan completed, Cussen and DTR work together to throw both Ethan Bird and Solomon Rhodes from the ring. They set the ladder back up, and DTR slowly begins to climb it. The Virus ascends to the top, looking like the match is well in hand. As his hand touches the ornate final Grand Wish, he suddenly loses his pleased expression. JENSEN CUSSEN HAS HIS ANKLE. The two men share a wordless exchange, the control that DTR thought he had being compromised by the desire of Vengeance for victory. DTR is pulled down to the mat, and the FAMILY EXPLODES!] [Cussen and DTR throw long awaited strikes at one another, neither willing to give a single inch. On the outside, Rhodes and Bird slowly begin to stir as Ethan is informed he has been eliminated much to his chagrin. Officials help him from ringside, as Rhodes is left to try to stand on his own. He favors his leg, falling back down to the mat. Back in the ring, the Family waste no time in wreaking havoc. Cussen throws DTR halfway across the ring onto the tip of a ladder dipped into the ring from the outside.] [Cussen sets back up the now mangled ladder before trying to climb it. As he gets near the top, his hands touch the Grand Wish, and images of grandeur flash through his mind. BUT THE DRAGON FLIES! LEAPING OFF THE TOP ROPE, RHODES PULLS CUSSEN DOWN INTO THE CHAOS THEORY! Covered in blood, the Dragon roars out as he turns to go for the ladder. But DTR was ready. REASONABLE DOUBT TO RHODES! The Virus stands all alone in the ring, adrenaline rushing as he tries to climb the ladder, but it’s too broken to stand on its own.] [DTR grabs the other ladder that has ended up in the ring, setting it up and beginning to climb it. As he gets to the top of the ladder, he finds that he is not alone. VENGANCE IS THERE! DTR pleads with him as Cussen grabs him by the hair. It’s to no avail, but they are also not alone. RHODES IS ON THE OTHER LADDER! The three men take a moment to realize what has happened, and then they begin to fire punches at one another. The Grand Wish sways above them as they all seem to take free breath to reach for it.] [Finally, Cussen and DTR decide that blood is thicker than water. They turn their sights on Solomon Rhodes, laying in with brutal shots on the Dragon until he is not lucid enough to resist their pushing the ladder over. RHODES CRASHES TO THE OUTSIDE… NO! RHODES PERCHES ON THE MIDDLE ROPE! HE SPRINGBOARDS TO LATCH ON TO THE SIDE OF THE LADDER! Cussen and DTR kick at the Dragon, but with much force, Rhodes PULLS THE LADDER OVER! CHAOS THEORY USING THE LADDER! CUSSEN AND DTR ARE KNOCKED TO THE OUTSIDE! Rhodes pulls himself up, grabbing the ladder and forcing his broken body to climb it until he is able to grab the Grand Wish as DTR and Cussen crawl back into the ring.] [The Dragon survived! Solomon Rhodes has won Three Wishes, and now he has his pick of title matches. What a match! These men threw it all out on the line, but Rhodes endured the Family and the betrayal of Ethan Bird!]


[Backstage.] [We open cold on Bruce Van Chan and Paige, exiting the arena. They’re both upset, their eyes red from crying. Bruce has been patched up, his forehead stitched back together after his brutal match here tonight.] [He pulls his wife close, consoling her.]

“It’s okay, babe,” [he says carefully.] “At least we have each other. That’s all we really need.”

[She looks at him, her eyes redder than his.] “I’m sorry, Bruce. I should never have come tonight.”

[He hugs her, assuring her that this isn’t her fault.] [It’s neither of their fault.] [They exit into the carpark and walks towards their car.] [Screech.] [The sound of tyre’s squealing on concrete echo loudly, causing them to abruptly stop as a white van pulls up in front of them. A man jumps out of the side door, wearing a balaclava, and grabs Bruce, throwing him straight into the van.] [He starts swinging wildly, but the man is quickly outside, scooping up Paige and tossing her inside too.] [Before you know it, he’s pulled the sliding door too and the van speeds off.] [What the fuck just happened to Bruce Van Chan and his wife?] [Cut.]