[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Recorded Earlier.] [Holding. There’s nothing glamorous about the cold hard steel of long bars, restricting your freedom. Mike Lane sits on a metal bench that’s bolted to the floor, hunched over with his head in his hands.] [The sound of a door being slid open echoes throughout the near empty holding area cells. Slowly, footsteps approach.] [And before you know it, Smiley stands on the other side of the bars, grasping them firmly with both hands.]

“I almost feel bad,” [he sighs. Mike Lane slowly looks up, getting to his feet.] “But this has just been too easy. You’re tired, aren’t you?”

[Mike grimaces.] “I’m tired of you, Smiley.”

[The Maniac laughs.]

“No, that’s not it. I’ve been running laps around you in reverse for a month now. I told you I would take the once love of your life, and I did. I told you I would take away your daughter and by setting you up as an arsonist, I will. Yet, you’ve been powerless to stop me. That isn’t the Mike Lane we all know and love, is it?”

[The former World Champion raises an eyebrow, stepping closer.]

“What are you getting at?” [He asks, unamused.]

“It’s time for you to make a choice, don’t you think? You can’t have it all. You’ve tried for such a long time but hasn’t history taught you anything? Your daughter is a weakness. She makes you weak and for as long as the world is inhabited by men like me, men like you will break.”

“I endure, Smiley. The Shadow always endures.”

[The Maniac smiles sadistically, shaking his head as if to say ‘no’.]

“Not anymore. If you want out of here and any chance of keeping your daughter, you’ll stop enduring, Lane. You’ll stop that shit right now. At Over Kill, I want a match. I want to end your career. I want a Loser Leaves Old School Wrestling match.”

[Mike grabs the bars himself, closing in.] “And if I decline?”

[Smiley meets him there, as close as they can be behind bars.]

“Then my testimony will seal Errol Flint’s case to take your daughter and raise her as his own.”

[There’s nothing to think about. Lane turns around, walking back to the bench.]

“You’ve got a deal.”



[Voodoo Knight and Angel De La Muerte, newcomers to OSW participating in their first PPV match. Conquerors of death and collectors of souls. These two men are out to prove not only who the better competitor is but who is the better master of the afterlife?] [Both men are in their respective corners eyeing the other down, waiting for the bell to ring, the moment the bell rings, the men rush each other and both connect with a running crossbody! Both men are down! Voodoo uses the ropes to get to his feet first but he is on the wrong side of the ring as Esperanza grabs his ankle! Angel uses the distraction and hits a big RUNNING DDT! Voodoo rolls out of the ring to catch a breath but no time to relax as Angel dives through the ropes and hits the FALLEN ANGEL!] [Esperanza is cheering on Angel as he stomps on Voodoo. Angel is begging for Voodoo to get up. As Voodoo is getting up, Angel is charging at him and REAPER’S SCYT… No! Voodoo ducks and hits the 6TH SENSE CLOTHESLINE out of nowhere! Voodoo picks Angel up and hits an overhead belly to belly suplex into the barricade! Voodoo is raining down punches onto the fallen Angel! Esperanza jumps on to Voodoo’s back choking him and hitting him the free hand! Angel capitalizes and hits an explosive CLAYMORE KICK! Everyone is down including Esperanza!] [Both men are struggling to get up and Angel gets up first just barely and locks in a bearhug on Voodoo. Voodoo is trying to break free. As it looks like he is about to, Angel runs him into the ring post! Angel gets back in the ring, climbs up to the top rope and goes for a big FROG, no! Voodoo rolls out of the way and Angel crashes and burns. Voodoo gets up and starts to pick up Angel, lifts him up and hits a devastating SPINEBUSTER on the apron! Voodoo rolls into the ring and tells the ref to start doing his job and count.] [1… 2… 3… the ref is counting as Angel is having a hard time getting up 4… 5… 6… He gets to a knee still willing himself up but it doesn’t look like he’s going to make it 7… 8… 9… Esperanza sees that Angel can’t get up so she seduces the ref long enough to distract him and allow Angel time to get in the ring. Angel gets up and slides into the ring. Angel charges at Voodoo … Voodoo counters into a hard-hitting BACK BODY DROP! Voodoo goes to Angel’s legs and locks in an INVERTED FIGURE-FOUR LEG LOCK!] [Voodoo screams at the top of his lungs “None can escape Voodoo!” Angel is writhing in pain and looks like he’s about to tap… but no; Esperanza pushes the rope just close enough that Angel can grab it. Rope Break! Voodoo is getting tired of the extra help and starts screaming at Esperanza all in her face! In return, she licks his; he turns around in confusion and gets hit with REAPING EVIL! Angel goes for the pin… 1… 2… No! Voodoo kicks out at the last second! Angel is angry and starts clubbing at Voodoo’s arms. After the clubbing, he locks in the FUJIWARA ARMBAR!] [Voodoo fights out of the hold! Angel runs at Voodoo and hits a BIG BOOT! Voodoo bounces into the ropes, comes right back at Angel with a RUNNING KNEE! It staggers Angel and Voodoo grabs at the leg going for the VOODOO CUR… No, Angel reverses it into a HURRICANRANA, keeps ahold and throws some punches with it! Angel starts to drag Voodoo to Esperanza after a stiff one, she licks Voodoo’s face a second time, Angel goes for REAP… but Voodoo trips him and locks in the VOODOO CURSE right in the middle of the ring! Angel has no choice but to tap out!] [A big PPV win for Voodoo to show who is the master of death! No bigger statement than a submission victory]


[We cut to the backstage area where we find Makena Jakande.] [There is a look of concern and helplessness on her face and as we pan out, we see why.] [It’s Colossus.] [The massive Savannah Cat is on its belly. Laying cramped inside a tight cage. The animal appears malnourished and maybe even ill as its ribs expand and contrast with each panting breath.] [Jakande reaches her hand inside the bars of the cage, gently rubbing the back hip of her friend.]

“I suppose you’ll keep those papers on ya from here on out won’t ya foreigner?”

[It’s Sheriff Law, but Jakande is in no mood for his insight and rushes from her kneeled position straight into his face.]

“What did you do to my Colossus?”

[Law lets off a scoffing chuckle.]

“Back down immigrant. You’re talking to your future Master” [The Sheriff quips in a cruel tone.] “Your kitty has been taken care of… from a minimal standard.”

[Makenda stares a hole straight through her adversaries head.]

“You’re going to pay for your meddling!”

[Law appears offended by the statement.]

“Meddling?” [Anger covering his face.] “Who do you think you are girl, because I’ll tell you who I am. I am the law. I… am Sheriff Law and the law says that today your little cat here may gain its independence from this cage, but you… you’re losing yours!”

[The Sheriff sticks a finger into the shoulder of Jakande.]

“Today…” [Law pauses, but only slightly.] “Is your Dependence Day!”

[With that, Law shoves her shoulder and moves away.]

“I’ll see you in the ring!”

[With squinted eyes, Makena follows her nemesis as he departs.]

“Yes. You will!”


[There is a lot at stake in this next one, folks. The African Assault is up against The Corrupt with a lot more than just bragging rights on the line. The bell rings and the two competitors being to circle one another, Makena looking incredibly focused. She knows she has everything to lose tonight. “If yer want your kiddy-cat then you best come get it, savage!” the Sheriff bawls, provoking Makena to run across the ring towards him with her head bowed. Law telegraphs the move, though, catching Makena’s dreadlocks and using her own momentum to drive her straight into the ring post with a hideous thud!] [The Corrupt raises his arms to a chorus of boos as Makena staggers back clutching her shoulder in a clear amount of pain. Law looks to capitalise quickly, wrapping his arms around Jakande’s throat and… TESTIMONY! TESTIMONY! He’s got it locked in and the Kenyan is fading quickly! The referee raises her arm… ONE! And again… TWO! And one final timeee… THRRR… NO! Makena keeps her arm raised above her head and starts stamping her foot to rapturous applause inside the Tap Room. She’s not done yet! Slowly she starts to gain more consciousness. A back elbow, then another, then a third elbow to the mid-section! The Sheriff begins to release his grip on The African Assault until she is able to slip out of the hold completely.] [Makena pushes Law into the ropes and whips him across the ring and connects with a running knee strike! She mounts her grounded opponent and starts hammering away with big rights and lefts, damn-near knocking the Law’s head clean off his neck! She exits the ring to the apron and climbs the top turnbuckle. There she waits for Sheriff Law to stagger back to his feet where he turns around straight into a diving cross body! Makena Jakande hooks the leg; ONE… TWO… KICK OUT! The Sheriff kicks out with some authority, hurling his much smaller opponent across the ring.] [Makena slams both her fists into the canvas in sheer frustration before both competitors rise to their feet. “Is that all yer got, immigrant?” Law goads at Makena from across the ring. The two exchange in a collar and elbow tie-up but Law’s stature and strength proves too much for the Kenyan as he lifts her up into a vertical suplex! He places a hand on his shoulder and circles his arm, waiting like a predator for their prey to walk into a trap. He falls back, springing off the middle rope… THE LONG ARM OF THE LAW CONNECTS! MY GOD WHAT A CLOTHESLINE! Makena Jakande’s lights have been put out.] [The Sheriff struts over to his foe but before he has a chance to pin he is distracted by a sudden commotion at the top of the ramp. One by one a group of animal handlers come flying through the entrance to the Tap Room. Law pokes at the referee asking just what the hell is going on, but the official seems to be as confused of everyone else until…GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY! IT’S COLOSSUS! COLOSSUS IS HERE AND HE’S HEADING STRAIGHT FOR SHERIFF LAW!] [Law is so stunned in the centre of the ring that he hasn’t noticed Makena has come to and is on her knees. She rolls him up, grabbing his tights for leverage. ONEEE… TWOOO… THREEEEEE!!!! Makena Jakande has done it! She rolls out of the ring and is reunited with Colossus, who jumps up and embraces his owner as the Tap Room goes absolutely wild… OH, WHAT A MOMENT!]


[Cael Gable makes his way down the aisle to the ring with the support of the fans. They cheer for this Olympian as he dives between the ropes and settles into his new home in the center of the ring. He starts to get the final preparations for his match tonight with the arrogant Johnny Evil just as the Mouthpiece of Mayhem elects to walk right out.]

“Look at you, Cael.” [Evil says in a mocking tone as he ignores the jeering fans.] “You think you’re ready to just step into my house and go toe to toe with me?”

[Gable shakes his head in the negative, but Evil continues on anyway.]

“Don’t look past me, Gable.” [He warns.] “You can watch all the tape you want, but you have no idea what awaits you when that bell rings. Because I’m used to people looking past me. I’m used to being ignored. That’s what has made me the Mouthpiece of Mayhem. Mayhem being the key word there.”

[Evil climbs in the ring and unabashedly looks on Gable, who is ready to wrestle.]

“So before I embarrass you in the middle of this ring and send you back to the amateurs, I wanted to offer my congrats to you for being successful up to this point.”

[Evil grins and extends out his right hand.]

“So good luck to you, Cael. Let’s do some of that honor shit you like.”

[Gable rolls his eyes but steps forward after it becomes obvious that Evil isn’t going to relent. The two men shake hands and release with no issue.] [Evil jerks towards Gable, who rushes to a defensive posture. Johnny laughs at the reaction to his fake out as Gable nods to the official who has just entered the ring to start this match.] [EYE RAKE FROM JOHNNY EVIL!] [Gable staggers backwards as the bell finishes ringing. Evil grins as Gable is ready for this contest to begin.] [And it’s on now!]


[After the cheap shot from Evil, Gable rushes forward looking for a collar and elbow tie up. Evil catches him completely off guard with a front dropkick, knocking him back into the corner. Johnny jumps at Cael and swings wildly with a few strikes before jumping up to the second rope. He lands a few more punches before Gable shoves him off. Evil rolls out and jumps to his feet just in time to dodge a vicious clothesline from Gable! Gable turns around and gets a kick to face! Gable can’t catch a break here! He drops to the canvas and Evil continues the onslaught.] [Evil locks the Olympian into a side headlock and begins hammering away with brawling fists. Gable tries to cover up, rolling onto his side. Evil locks in a full nelson! That was a mistake. Gable easily gets out of it and to his feet, a look of pure rage on his face. This time, he hits Evil with a clothesline that rocks the Mouthpiece of Mayhem. Gable yells at Evil to get up, and when Evil complies, Gable quickly sends him back down with an arm drag take down. He goes to lock in a bow and arrow but the Mouthpiece makes it to the ropes and gets to the outer apron.] [Johnny Evil begins climbing to his feet and Gable marches forward. Gable throws his elbow through the middle rope and into Evil’s gut! He doubles over, his head protruding between the middle and top rope. Gable backs himself up to the ring post and runs along the apron, hitting Evil with a running knee lift! Evil drops down across the middle rope completely stunned as Gable grabs Evil’s head and holds it against the middle rope for a moment before Evil springs back, landing outside the ring. Cael grins down at his opponent, having proven his ability to hang.] [Gable slides out of the ring and rounds on the downed Evil, but Johnny fires out of the corner with a strike! Followed by a European Uppercut! The Mouthpiece of Mayhem stops Gable’s momentum quickly with a kick to the midsection before bashing the Olympian’s head against the apron. Over and over again, Evil is relentless as he throws Gable back into the ring. The fallen amateur standout pulls himself up with the aid of the ring ropes just as Evil grabs him with both hands and tosses him across the ring with a vicious suplex. Evil is stalking Gable as he crawls around, trying to figure out where he is.] [Every time Cael Gable manages to make it to his hands and knees, Johnny Evil delivers a vicious kick to the ribs. Evil stands over Gable as he once again makes it to all fours and lays into him like a true pro, in Evil’s eyes at least. Gable is almost out cold as Evil stands over his fallen opponent. He goes for the cover. ONE… TWO… KICK OUT FROM GABLE! Evil shrugs as he goes back to pick up the assault again, but Gable grabs the kicking leg this time. The Olympian rises to his feet as Evil tries to balance. Gable grins as he nails the RUNNING DOUBLE LEG TAKEDOWN!] [Johnny Evil begs off to the corner as Gable is full of fire. The Olympian cracks his neck as he gestures for Evil to come get him some. Johnny knows his way around the ring though, and he instead takes his time to stand up in the corner. Gable has finally had enough, rushing in. LOW BLOW! Gable staggers backwards as Evil gets a grin on his face coming out of the corner. The Mouthpiece of Mayhem rushes in to grab the arms of Gable, getting behind him. BACKSTABBER! Into the crossface. DETROIT DEATH CLUTCH! Gable tries to find the ropes, but is in the middle of the ring. With pain etched on his face, he gives up! Evil wins!] [Johnny Evil gets to his feet with a snort of triumph. He had told Gable what would happen if he tried to step to him, and he has proven his ability in the ring over the Olympian!]


[After that tough match, Johnny Evil slips out of the ring and makes his way backstage of the Tap Room. Cael Gable stands in the ring gathering himself, when suddenly the lights go out. After a few seconds of darkness, the lights come back on and Voodoo Knight stands at the entrance. In his hand is something very special to Cael Gable. A gold medal.]

“What are you doing with that!?” [Gable screams.] “How dare you touch something that doesn’t belong to you!”

[Voodoo holds it up high in the air, and then pulls out a lighter. He lights up the flame and threatens to light the ribbon on fire.]

“NO! Don’t you dare! That is a gold medal! If you even….” [And then Makena Jakande shows up from behind and levels Gable with a double axe handle to the back of the head! He drops like a sack of bricks and Voodoo rushes to the ring. The two of them stomp and kick the downed Olympian until he stops moving. Voodoo once again pulls out the gold medal and lights the lanyard on fire, and drops the flaming trophy onto the unconscious body of Cael Gable.] [Black Magic laugh in the center of the ring, and suddenly Hellraiser fills the Tap Room! Sheriff Law comes sprinting from the backstage area waving a leather strap and Makena Jakande and the Voodoo Knight scatter through the crowd. Law puts out the fire now raging into Gable’s singlet. He stares at Black Magic and screams at them to come back. They don’t instead laughing as the disappear into the crowd.] [The Sheriff reluctantly helps Cael back to his feet, both men standing toe to toe in the middle of the ring. Gable does the right thing and offers him a handshake, which he meekly accepts.] [Could this be the start of something special for Cael Gable and Sheriff Law?]


[In what has become a battle about respect, Brent Kersh will take on Cody Greer as the upstart refuses to show any respect to the veteran.] [Brent Kersh and Cody Greer stand toe to toe as the official signals for the match to begin. An onslaught of right hands begins the battle. They exchange right hand in the middle of the ring in this fight about respect! Greer gets the upper hand with a sharp shot to the ribs. Greer sends Kersh off the ropes, waiting to hook the arm for a hip toss but the Enforcer holds strong and won’t budge. Greer nails a knee to the midsection and his leg to the back of Kersh’s head but the Enforcer rises to attention flipping the Man You Ought Fear backwards.] [Greer lands on his feet and throws a high kick at Kersh but the Enforcer ducks and dodges. Kersh pulls Greer up for a side suplex but the upstart flips through to his feet, leaving both both men face to face in the center of the ring again. They go to the traditional collar and elbow tie up before the Enforcer snaps into a wristlock. The Dude with the Spear gets a hand to Brent’s face and forces him into the corner but Kersh fights back with a kick to the midsection before whipping Greer around into the corner.] [The Enforcer goes for an avalanche but Cody Greer slides between his legs to evade it. Greer turns around and is SLAMMED to the mat with a mighty SPINEBUSTER from the Enforcer. But Kersh doesn’t go for the cover, instead he grabs the legs and locks in LONESTAR. FIGURE FOUR. The Dude with the Spear gets to the bottom rope VERY quickly as to avoid damage. Kersh is a focused man as he doesn’t give the Dude with the Spear a moments rest, he’s back on him and shoving Greer into the corner again and connecting with knife edge chops.] [The Enforcer goes for an Irish whip but the Man You Ought Fear reverses, sending Kersh into the corner and Greer is charging after him but Brent slides under the bottom rope. The Dude with the Spear steadies himself for a moment at the turnbuckle but Kersh grabs his feet, toppling the man who disrespected him. Brent Kersh hooks one leg and the other LONESTAR AROUND THE STEEL POST!The official screams at the Enforcer to break the hold but Brent won’t budge. Finally, Kersh breaks on the count of four and slides under the bottom rope but right back to the outside.] [ The Enforcer grabs Greer’s legs again, but the Dude with the Spear has the wherewithal to pull Brent into the steel ring post. HUGE COLLISION between Brent Kersh’s face and the steel. He’s lucky he didn’t get busted open there! The official starts his count as the Dude with the Spear slowly rolls under the bottom rope. He crumbles to the outside as he can barely put pressure on his knees. Greer pulls the Enforcer off the mat and slides him in the ring but leaves his shoulders and neck hanging on the apron.] [Cody Greer slides under the bottom rope and moves to the turnbuckle. The Dude with the Spear climbs to the top rope and waits as Brent Kersh slowly slides to the outside and walks away to regroup. Greer drops down to the mat gingerly as Kersh rolls back into the ring. These two men are ready to finish this as they go at each other with fervor. They exchange a couple of loose punches, but Greer grimaces through pain as he falls back to hit the ropes. PARAL… No! KERSH CATCHES HIM… SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT. ONE… TWO… THREE!!!] [The Enforcer sits up, looking down at Greer with a bit of respect in his eyes. This was a war out here, but Kersh has made his point with the big win here tonight.]


[Brent Kersh gets back to his feet, another huge victory under his belt. He stands there for a moment, soaking in the atmosphere.] [THWACK!] [Out of no-where, a figure wearing all black enters the ring, walloping poor Kersh over the head with a Steel Chair! The Enforcer hits the canvas in a heap, holding the back of his head that has just been split open.] [As blood pours down the back of his skull, Kersh turns over, trying to get an eye at who just attacked him from behind.] [Only another chair shot comes crashing down, catching him right across the face.] [Unconscious, Brent lays on the canvas, bleeding.] [Who the hell just attacked The Enforcer? The fans boo, watching as the man throws the steel chair down on the canvas and rolls to the outside, walking back towards the entrance, not even staring to take a look at the poor man he just levelled for no reason.]


[North finally comes face to face with The Emotion. Can he get his revenge on Doubt, or will he be denied his revenge?] [North is enraged as the bell rings, lunging at Doubt and unleashing a fierce lariat- DROPKICK TO THE INJURED CHEST OF NORTH! Viktor takes the blow like a shotgun blast and is sent sprawling backward! Doubt stalks forward, walking around North slowly and methodically, kicking at the Viking’s ribs every time he tries to stand. He grabs North’s hair and lifts him up, whipping him into the ropes- NORTH COMES BACK WITH A BIG BOOT THAT SENDS DOUBT OVER THE TOP ROPE! THE EMOTION LANDS AWKWARDLY OUTSIDE OF THE RING! The ref tries to count but North falls to his knees and the count is reset!] [Doubt slowly stands, watching North fights to stand again as he reaches under the ring and pulls out a steel chair! North backs away from the apron and hits the ropes, smacking Doubt with a massive knee as he tries to slide into the ring! North forces The Emotion up in one swift motion! BRAINBUSTER ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR! Doubt bounces head first off of the metal and North holds his chest from exertion! The referee counts for both men! One! Two! Thr- NOT EVEN A THREE COUNT AS DOUBT GETS UP! He grabs the chair from the ground AND SWINGS DOWN ONTO VIKTOR’S CHEST!] [North yells in pain as Doubt unleashes another sickening swing with the chair! He places the object on North’s chest before turning around AND HITTING THE CAUSE OF DOUBT! The Emotion uses both knees to drive the chair into the sternum of North! The Skull Splitter is barely able to breathe after the blow! Doubt exits the ring and drags North by his leg after him! He forces North to stand, leaning him on the apron and begging him to advance. Doubt throws a haymaker- NORTH BLOCKS IT AND HEADBUTTS THE EMOTION! He pulls him in AND HITS A COBRA CLUTCH SLAM ONTO THE APRON!] [Doubt recoils in pain as he collides with the apron, North has a head of steam and he lays into Doubt with a seemingly endless barrage of strikes! Elbows, knees, kicks, haymakers! The emotion is forced into the barricade at ringside as North’s combo shows no signs of stopping! VALFATHER’S- DOUBT DUCKS! THE END OF WISDOM! North’s head snaps forward and he collapses into the barricade! Doubt crawls to the ring, pulling himself to his feet by the apron before running and SPEARING INTO THE BACKSIDE OF NORTH! The Skull Splitter is rammed ribs first into the barricade!] [North is having trouble breathing but he fights through it and stays standing! Doubt tries to strike again but is met with a stiff back fist by Viktor! Doubt is turned around by the blow! FALL OF UTGARD! NORTH PLANTS DOUBT INTO THE CONCRETE ON THE OUTSIDE! North falls back after the move, catching his breath as the referee counts for both men. North forces himself to his feet, kicking Doubt to the side and resetting the count! North searching under the ring, pulling out a table! He sets it up at ringside, turning around just in time to see Doubt climbing into the ring!] [North holds his chest before barring his teeth and sliding into the ring! KICK TO THE JAW BY DOUBT! North recoils as The Emotion knocks him to the side! Doubt forces North to his feet, nailing him with a harsh elbow! Viktor is having a hard time standing as Doubt hits another jab! Doubt goes to Irish Whip- NORTH WHIPS DOUBT OVER THE ROPES! HE LANDS ON THE APRON! Viktor hits the far ropes and comes back FOR THE GUNGIR- KICK BY DOUBT! He catches North with a blow to the head before pulling him onto the apron! INTO THE UKNOWN THROUGH THE TABLE! Both men are down! One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! DOUBT IS UP! Ten! The Emotion has done it!] [Doubt is still standing and North is left to stare at the lights!]


[The match may be over, but the war still wages on as Doubt turns to the collapses North. He motions for a microphone, moving towards him and leaning over him.]

“All the war and bloodshed, yet you still cannot stand on your own two feet following the battle. What would your ancestors think of you? What would the Gods think of you?”

[North stares up at Doubt, a look of determination as he forces himself to his feet. Doubt steps back, allowing North to walk past him.]

“They would think I fought my hardest, they would think that I never backed down from overwhelming odds. And now. Now they will view me as the hero who has slain the beast.”

[Doubt tilts his head as North reaches under the apron, doing with purpose as he pulls out… A SWORD! NORTH HAS A SWORD IN HAND! Doubt doesn’t move as North flings the sheath aside and turns around, LUNGING TOWARD DOUBT WITH THE BlADE! THE EMOTION IS IMPALED BY NORTH! THE SWORD WENT THROUGH DOUBT AND IS STUCK IN THE BARRICADE!]


[The crowd is shocked into silence as Doubt seemingly slumps against the wall. North backs away from Doubt, a look of almost relief on his face as he views Doubt’s body. He leans on the barricade, unrepentant.]

“I will be known as the warrior who shed blood for his honor.”

[He looks to the entrance, expecting security.] [Then he hears a familiar sigh.] [North’s head snaps towards Doubt. The Emotion is no longer slumped over. He looks down at the sword almost quizzically.] [And he walks forward. The blade slides right through him, the Emotion pulling away from the wall without a care in the world, a black oil-like substance left on the blade as he does. North looks on in shock and confusion.]

“No blood has been shed, Viktor. You’re not going to simply kill me, I’m am more than that. I am thoughts, emotion.”

[North glares at Doubt, his confusion turned to anger.]

“You’re a vile creature! No more games. What are you!?”

[Doubt shakes his head.]

“I am your uncertainty that you’ll ever meet the standards you set for yourself.”

[Before North can respond, the lights go out. When they come on, Doubt is gone, the sword still stuck in the barricade where he was standing.]


[The stage is set for the showdown between Bruce Van Chan and the Reaper. “O’ Death” by Jen Titus begins to play and the lights around the Tap Room dim. Muerte’s presence is felt in the arena, he appears in the entranceway and makes his way to the ring. In his hands, he holds a large hourglass which he transports carefully to the ring with him. Once inside the ring, he carefully places the hourglass down atop the turnbuckle before addressing the crowd.]

“The end comes for all of us eventually. One, by one, the Great Reaper will call our names. It is only a matter of…” [He picks up the hourglass, tapping it as the sand continues to fall. The glass is all but empty, the last few grains of sand threatening to fall.] “… Time.”

[Muerte turns his attention beyond the hourglass, addressing his target directly.]

“Bruce Van Chan. You have fought valiantly, but in vain nevertheless. For no matter how hard you fight, how far you run or how well you mask fate with your collection of pills and doctors, the reaper still comes. Death comes for you, Van Chan. It is time you stopped procrastinating and accepted your fate.”

[He holds up the hourglass, watching along with the crowd as the last grain of sand falls. As it does…


The crowd roar, rising to their feet as one. Bruce Van Chan staggers into view. He is sickly looking, glassy eyed and dragging his feet as he defiantly staggers toward the ring. He is clearly not in a good way.] [Eventually, Van Chan makes the ring, spurred on by the appreciation of the fans. Only inside the ring do we truly see how poorly he is. His brow sweaty, chest heaving as he huffs and puffs. Even his balance seems to waver as he stands still, eyeballing Muerte in defiance.]

“While this heart still beats, there is fight left within it.” [He pauses, a hand to his wrist that feels his pulse.] “And it’s still beating.”

[Bruce Van Chan unleashes a brutal right hook that staggers Muerte and sends the Reaper flailing backwards into the turnbuckle.] [There is still fight in he heart of Bruce Van Chan… and we have a match!]


[Bruce is clearly still feeling the effects of his ailments, yet he has the first laugh. His right hook sends Muerte slamming into the turnbuckle. He follows up the hook with a RUNNING CROSSBODY, DRILLING HIM AGAINST THE TURNBUCKLE! Muerte staggers forward from the impact, while Van Chan leaps onto the ring apron. He bounds onto the top rope, using it as a springboard. SPRINGBOARD FOREARM STRIKE TAKES MUERTE DOWN! Van Chan stands up, adrenaline and momentum coursing through his veins… then collapses to his knees, holding his head in agony!] [With Van Chan incapacitated, Muerte is allowed time to recover and soon has his opponent locked in a Full Nelson. He flings Bruce into the centre of the ring like a rag-doll before dropping him to the ring with a Full Nelson Slam. the Great Reaper is relentless in pursuit of his foe, picking BVC back up single handedly. He drives him back first into the corner with brutal force. Muerte readies his pan-sized hands and the sound of a Knife Edged Chop sounds out. Bruce looks like he is about to collapse again from the impact of the chop to his heart area. Enjoying the crowd’s response to the chop… MUERTE CHOPS HIM AGAIN… AND AGAIN… AND AGAIN! TEN KNIFE EDGED CHOPS IN TOTAL BEFORE HE LETS VAN CHAN DROP TO THE MAT!] [Muerte looks firmly in control, Bruce’s ailments not allowing him to bounce back like he normally does. The Grim Reaper waits with an eerie patience as BVC begins to crawl away. He uses the ropes to pull himself up to his feet, but Muerte is waiting to pounce as he does so… APPLE! NO! Bruce’s knees give out from underneath him and Muerte’s foot sails right over Bruce’s head! With his foot tangled in the ring ropes, Muerte swipes at Bruce while his foe pulls himself to his wavering feet once more. Defiantly, BVC tries his best to shake off his ailments and take control of the match. RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP TAKES MUERTE DOWN AND PUTS VAN CHAN BACK IN THE MATCH!] [Bruce practically falls to the mat after Muerte, using whatever strength his weakened muscles can muster to LOCK IN THE VAN CHANINATOR! MUERTE COULD BE IN REAL TROUBLE HERE! However, once more, his body fails him as the hold is quickly broken. His muscles simply not having the strength in his body’s sickened state to maintain the hold. Van Chan pulls himself back to his feet and staggers back to Muerte, but the Reaper is waiting for him and pushes him away with his feet so that he can stand up. Naturally, like a dog with a bone, the defiant Van Chan comes straight back toward Muerte but BRUCE IS MET WITH A CLOTHESLINE THAT KNOCKS THE REMAINING LIFE OUT OF HIM!] [Bruce Van Chan lies on the mat, feverish and out of his mind, body searing in agony. Muerte stands above him, leaning over so that his face hangs just above Bruce’s own face – Van Chan doesn’t have the strength to fight back. Muerte simply motions to his wrist as if checking a watch, motioning to BVC that his time has come. Muerte picks Bruce up, high above his head in an otherworldly show of strength. There is no remorse in death, and he drives Van Chan back to earth… DEATH’S DANCE! BRUCE’S BODY CRUMPLES TO A HEAP AS MUERTE COVERS FOR THE PIN! One! Two! Three!] [The match is over… Or at least it appears that it is to begin with. Only, the referee doesn’t call for the bell. Bruce Van Chan somehow managed to get the slightest hint of a shoulder off the canvas. There is still life within his heart, and Muerte can hardly believe it! He picks Van Chan up for a second time, both hands at Bruce’s throat as he lifts him into the air. SHORTCUT TO HELL! NO! WHAT THE HELL?! Bruce Van Chan slipped out and lands on his feet! SCYTHE! MY GOD, HE NEARLY TOOK VAN CHAN’S HEAD OFF! There is no slipping out of that one, as Muerte’s killing blow hits home. The pinfall is merely a formality. One! Two! Three!] [Muerte puts down a defiant, yet weakened Bruce Van Chan. There was no remorse from The Great Reaper tonight, and Bruce’s lifeless body lying in the centre of the ring is proof. Has his body finally given up on him?]


[When the dust settles and the intensity that surrounded the end of the match clears, the heartbreaking picture becomes abundantly clear. Bruce Van Chan lies motionless in the centre of the ring. Muerte moves to stand above him, adjusting his arms so that they sit on top of his chest like one would inside his coffin. His foe’s eyes remaining closed and unaware of his presence. Muerte crouches down, almost sitting on Van Chan’s chest.]

“Ashes to ashes; dust to dust. My name is Death, and your end, Bruce Van Chan…” [He stands, walking over to the corner where his hourglass of sand has stood as an omen throughout the entirety of the match] “…is here.”

[Muerte lifts the hourglass, all grains of sand fallen to the bottom. He turns to face Van Chan’s body, lifting the hourglass up high above his head like a symbolic chalice in some ritual of death. As he does so… BZZZZT! The lights around the Tap Room surge brightly before the room is plunged into darkness.] [In the darkness, a voice screams…]


[Not the voice of Bruce Van Chan, but a woman’s voice. A single light, from a flashlight, makes its way toward the ring in the darkness. When the lights around the Tap Room return, as abruptly as they had been plunged into darkness, Muerte had turned to face the source of the interruption… Paige Van Chan. Standing at ringside, tears streaming down her face.]

“You can’t do this!”

[Muerte shakes his head and lifts the hourglass up once more, this time staring right at Paige.]

“Your emotions have no relevance. This is a task that must be done. The world does not turn without death, and failure is not an option.”

“Then you’d better turn around…”

[The voice comes not from Paige, but from behind him. Bruce Van Chan stands, eyes still glassy and body still wavering dangerously off balance. He takes a few staggered steps towards Muerte as the Reaper turns on his heels to face him… Van Chan kicks him in the guts and Muerte drops the hourglass. Bruce manages to catch the hourglass, only to SMASH THE HOURGLASS OVER MUERTE’S HEAD! THE CROWD RISE AS ONE… Muerte hits the ground in amongst shards of broken hourglass and mounds of sand now scattered across the ring. Bruce looks down on his fallen tormentor.]

“I don’t fear the Reaper. Feel this…” [He reaches down and grabs Muerte’s hand, placing it on his chest.] “The heart still beats. And while the heart beats… Bruce Van Chan fights.”

[With that, he steps out of the ring. With Paige at his side to support him, he staggers his way back up the entranceway, leaving Muerte stirring in the ring.]


[Three men step into the squared circle tonight in the Tap Room in search of gold. The Double Feature Championship is on the line as Sharkman defends his title against Neville Sheldon and Lux Bellator.] [The bell rings and all three men head to the center of the ring and start waylaying into one another. Sharkman suddenly gets the upper hand nailing Sheldon with lefts alternating with rights for Bellator. He drives both contenders back against the ropes. They are dazed, he steps back and runs forward with a huge DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE OVER THE TOP ROPE!! Both men tumble to the outside! Sharkman is feeling it in the ring and pumps himself up. He runs to the corner and mounts the turnbuckle… on the outside Neville and Lux are gaining their feet… MODIFIED SHARK DIVE!!! He levels them both with the Swanton Bomb!!] [All three men are down, and the crowd is going wild already. Sharkman is first to his feet, and he pulls Sheldon up by the hair and rolls him into the ring. He grabs Bellator as well, but Bellator recovers with a quick EXPLODER SUPLEX! Shark is thrown over into the barrier! Bellator stands back up, but Neville Sheldon nails him in the face with a BASEBALL SLIDE! Neville is the only man standing. He leaps off the apron with a HUGE LEG DROP!! His leg nearly decapitates Bellator, and Sheldon feels it too grabbing for his tailbone! All men are still down on the outside.] [Sheldon gets to his feet and stomps on Bellator to keep him down. Sharkman is getting up, but Neville grabs him and rolls him under the ropes back into the ring. He follows, and catches a quick kick to the head! Shark is all over him with a series of stomps. Sharkman is in total control as he kneels down and puts Sheldon in a headlock! Sheldon struggles, but Shark spins around and drops into a hard DDT!! He covers… One… Two… THRE…. Bellator breaks it up! He pounces on Sharkman and locks in PURITY!!! Sharkman is in a lot of trouble here! He reaches his hand out to tap…] [But he grabs the bottom rope at the last second! But Bellator is relentless. He breaks the hold, just to kip up, run to the ropes, and SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT!!! One… Two… Thre… Sheldon breaks the pin!! He delivers a series of stomps to Bellator, then spreads the wealth, pummeling Sharkman as well! Sheldon waits for Bellator to get up… NKO!! He isn’t ready and Sharkman gets to his feet as well… NKO!! Sheldon is gonna win this thing!! He covers Sharkman… One… Two… Thr…. Sharkman gets a fin on the rope again!! So close!] [Sheldon can’t believe it and yanks Shark from the ropes to cover again… One… Two… Thr… Kickout! Shark is getting a second wind. Neville punches Shark in the side of the head but Sharkman just absorbs the hit! Sheldon strikes again, and still Sharkman feels nothing! One more swing, but Sharkman ducks under and counters with a GERMAN SUPLEX!! Shark gets to his feet and turns directly into a DISCIPLE MAKER!! One… Two… THREE!] [NO!! Somehow Sheldon recovered in time to break the pin! Sheldon grabs Bellator by the mask and pulls him up. BODY SLAM!! LEG DROP!!! WRESTLEMANIA!! One… Two… THRE…. SHARK BREAKS THE PIN! Shark pummels Sheldon and drives him to a knee…. SUSHI KICK! Sheldon is leveled! Sharkman spins for Bellator again, but once again Lux comes from nowhere… ARM OF GOD!! Sharkman is in trouble!! He reaches out for the ropes! He almost has them… but he taps!! Sharkman taps out!] [Lux Bellator is your new Double Feature Champion! Sheldon looks up, too late, and Sharkman is grabbing his arm in pain! New Champion!]


[The issue of the Championship has been settled, but Lux Bellator still has another issue to attend to. As Sharkman and Neville Sheldon both find themselves up and at em in the middle of the ring, the Warrior of Light has snuck around.] [Sharkman… Tossed out of the ring!] [Neville Sheldon… DISCIPLE MAKER!] [Sharkman attempts to climb up on the apron, but lightning strikes out of all four corners, knocking him back to the ground.]

“The First Seal has been broken.” [Lux says as he walks to one of the corners, bowing his head and holding his hands out.] “And the First Bowl of God’s wrath has been prepared.”

[Bellator kneels in the corner, and lightning falls once more. It takes form in Lux’s hands as the Bowl that we saw just a week ago. It had been filling with the melted remains of the First Seal.]

“Neville Sheldon.” [Bellator announces, his voice full of power.] “You have been conquered and defeated. The white horse bore me forth to this point, but shall not be seen henceforth. The bow and crown will be cast aside. But the wrath…”

[He turns holding the Bowl to stand over Sheldon.]

“The wrath must still be felt.”

[Turning the Bowl over, the contents fall to cover the Underdog.] [And for a moment, hope holds in the throats of those assembled…] [Then out of the throat of Neville Sheldon, that hope fades with a scream.]

“Feel the wrath of God, Neville Sheldon. I am honored to be the vessel that has brought this forth unto you.”

[Slowly Neville Sheldon’s body begins to convulse as foul and painful sores begin to sprout up along his skin. He tries to touch them, but only is able to whimper in abject horror and pain as they slowly come to dominate his body.]

“And you.” [Lux says, looking towards the slowly rising Sharkman.]

“You’re next.”

[Medical staff flood the ring to take care of Neville Sheldon as Lux Bellator walks away from the man he has inflicted this horrible condition on.] [What is going to happen to Neville Sheldon?] [And what did Lux Bellator mean in calling Sharkman next?]


[Here it is, the long awaited bout between The Riddler and The Immortal. Who will leave Overkill Showcase Champion?] [Edward Newton watches Earheart optimistically as the opening bell rings. Newton doesn’t want to start the match, this much is clear. Instead Earhart charges at The Riddler going for some sort of lariat but Newton manages to duck. He holds out his finger! WOAH! he rakes his eyes! Kicks his shin! Oh my this early on? THE QUESTION IS…! Earheart holds his hands up to his eyes in pain! The Riddler calls for it! NEVERMIN- NO! The Immortal shoves him back as he rebounds off of the ropes and lifts him onto his back with a TORTURE RACK! Newton struggles on the back of Earheart! NOT AGAIN! The Riddler raking the eyes of The Immortal once more as he falls off of his back and retreats to his corner.] [Newton pleads with Earheart to go easy on him! But The Immortal is having none of it! He charges towards Newton in the corner! THUMP! The Riddler moves as Earheart crashes chest first into the turnbuckle, stumbling back now as Edward tries his best to lock in a sleeper hold! NOPE! The Immortal too big and powerful! He shoves off Newton once more as he crashes to the mat and regains his composure.] [The Riddler struggling to take The Immortal off of his feet in the early going of the match, proving his dominance and brute strength. Newton is up to his feet now. Earheart lunges at him to grapple. No! Edward dodging and moving out of the way! Earheart goes on the attack once more! Nope! And again! Nope! He’s running rings around the Showcase Champion! The Immortal wearing out now as Newton begins to realize the weakness of his. He takes advantage of this by rolling out of the the ring and calling for The Immortal to follow him.] [Ethan Earheart slides under the bottom rope as he gives chase to The Riddler. Both men running laps around the ring as The Immortal tries to catch out Newton. He can’t however, Newton is way more smaller and agile. He slides into the ring and as Earheart slides in after him he stomps on his back and head! Thump! Thump! Thump! The Immortal struggling! Thump! Thump! Thump! Newton taunts to the crowd before letting The Immortal rise to his feet. He whips Earheart into the corner and as he does this he starts to do the… RIDDLE ME THAT! Smack! Newton asks Earheart a question! Smack! Another question! Smack! Once more! Smack! And again! Smack! Earheart is dazed but shrugs it off, Newton goes to do it AGAIN but The Immortal hits a hard elbow to the mouth of the Riddler as he stumbles back.] [He charges at him with a clothesline! Newton’s head nearly flying off. He lifts him up. FULL NELSON SLAM! BOOM! The Riddler smacks the canvas hard. Newton is once again lifted up! SIDESLAM! BANG! Earheart with the first cover in their match tonight… One.. Two… THRE-! KICKOUT! Edward Newton crawls to the ropes as he lifts himself up and Earheart charges at him just like before! No! He moves and the ref gets caught with the move! THUMP! The ref is out!] [The Riddler uppercuts The Immortal in the balls! Earheart holding his nuts in pain as Newton calls for him to turn around. He does! THE QUESTION IS…! Earheart’s eyes, shin and balls in agony. KICK TO THE GUT! OH DEAR GOD NO! NEVERMIND! He just hit his infamous implant DDT! The ref is out however! Newton goes to the ref and slaps him! He slaps him again! The ref re-awakes! He counts the pin slowly as Newton covers… ONE!… TWO!… THREE!… NO! NOOOO! Kickout! Newton took too long in making the cover! He looks towards the ref angrily! He knows that he can’t let his anger get the better of him so he lifts The Immortal up once more! NEVERMIND AGAIN! NOW THE COVER ONCE MORE… ONE… TWO… THREE!!!] [We have a NEW Showcase Champion in The Riddler, Edward Newton!]


[The match starts with a bang, as both men meet in centre stage, exchanging a flurry of wild blows without regard to their own well-being or defence. Shots rain down from both sides, each rocking the other with closed fists. The pair look locked at a stalemate, with no signs of the ill-intended blows slowing down until Smiley rakes the eyes of Lane to get the upper hand. He charges forward and knocks the Shadow into the ropes with a vicious Lariat… LEG LARIAT TAKES MIKE LANE OVER THE TOP ROPE AND OUT OF THE RING! Smiley snarls at the referee’s vain attempt to gain control of the match by ordering him to remain in the ring, threatening him with a wild look and a closed fist before stepping out of the ring himself. He finds Lane beginning to come to and grabs him by the hair. SMILEY TOSSES LANE HEAD FIRST INTO THE STEEL STEPS, DISLODGING THEM IN THE IMPACT!] [Crazed laughter escapes Smiley’s lips as he grabs Lane by the hair once more, slamming his head into the upturned steel steps… Over, and over, and over, and over. The Deranged One delights as the steel framing of the steps cuts a gash above Mike’s eye that sees blood begin to trickle down his face. He grabs Laner by the hair once more and hurls him into the crowd barricade with enough force to knock the barricade itself over onto the front row of fans. He relishes in the chaos he is causing, ignoring the referee’s orders to return to the ring… the customary standing ten count now reaching five. Smiley reaches into the wreckage of the crowd barricade to continue his assault, but is met with a flurry of Elbows in return that allow Lane a little breathing room while Smiley staggers backwards.] [Mike Lane rushes forward, tacking Smiley around the waist and driving him into the side of the ring back first. Ever the instinctive veteran, he uses the time to roll into the ring, then back out again to reset the referee’s ten count. The pair clash once more, exchanging brutal clubbing blows at ringside before Lane Irish whips him into the Tap Room’s bar! He grabs Smiley by the back of the head… DRAGGING HIM FACE FIRST ACROSS THE BAR, SCATTERING BOTTLES IN ALL DIRECTIONS. The noise from the crowd is deafening and they call for blood as Mike Lane holds up one of the discarded bottles, smashing it on the edge of the bar. This war is quickly getting out of hand and the referee has no hope of containing it within the rule book. To accentuate the bloodlust, the Deranged One looks at the broken bottle in Lanes’ hand… and Smiles. Smiley is egging him on! The fans are egging him on! The referee holds up his hands in surrender, knowing the riot that will ensue if the match ends in disqualification… HE ALLOWS IT! MIKE LANE THRUSTS THE BOTTLE FORWARD INTO THE CHEST OF SMILEY!] [The shards of glass from the bottle cut deep, Smiley seeming to relish the pain before kicking himself free. He moves forward, ducking another bottle swing from Lane… ANTIDEPRESSANT ON THE BARE FLOOR! NO! MIKE LANE SLIPS OUT OF IT! He grabs Smiley from behind… RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX DROPS SMILEY ONTO THE UPTURNED STEEL STEPS! SMILEY LOOKS LIKE HE’S BROKEN IN HALF! The crowd still calls for Smiley’s blood, and Rough Justice is only too happy to oblige. The Shadow rummages under the ring, returning with a Kendo Stick in his hands. Smiley doesn’t even see him coming… KENDO STICK TO THE CHEST! A SECOND, AND A THIRD! MASSIVE WELTS BEGIN TO FORM ON SMILEY’S SKIN! Lane stands a wavering Smiley up and backs off to take a run up. He charges at him and swings… SMILEY DUCKS THE RUNNING KENDO STICK STRIKE! CHELSEA GRIN OUT OF NOWHERE!] [Smiley rolls Lane into the ring before staggering back over to the bar – his chest now a mess of blood and welts. From the bottle that had been dug into his own chest, he breaks of a single shard of glass. The Deranged One then rolls into the ring after his opponent, mounting him to sit on Lane’s chest. He takes the shard of glass… AND DIGS IT INTO MIKE LANE’S FOREHEAD! SMILEY CUTS A LINE RIGHT ACROSS THE TOP OF LANE’S HEAD! The blood flows freely, which only serves to delight Smiley more. He aims the glass at Mike Lane’s neck.., going for the jugular but LANE RESISTS, SAVING HIS LIFE! The shard only takes a nick out of Lane’s neck before he manages to dislodge it from Smiley’s grasp. Smiley’s eyes grow wild… HE BITES LANE RIGHT ON THE BLOODIED FOREHEAD! To go along with the wound, Lane now has a full bite mark on his head. Smiley punctuates his point by spitting Lane’s own blood back at him! Then, without warning, Smiley exits the ring] [What the hell is he planning?] [Smiley has a knowing grin on his face as he hoists the ring apron up, sliding his hand under with precision. When he stands, the reason for his grin is clear. He holds Smiley Jr. in his hands… That dastardly crowbar! By the time he enters the ring once more, Lane had managed to stagger to his feet using the ring ropes for support. The Shadow sees him coming and charges at him. Justice is quick, but Smiley is quicker… HE SWINGS THE CROWBAR AND CATCHES LANE IN THE SHOULDER WITH THE HOOKED END! WITH A PULL, HE WRENCHES LANE TO THE GROUND! Mike Lane is in trouble, and he knows it. He shields his face with his arms as the crowbar aims at his head. Two or three blows are diverted by his arms, but he knows he can’t last out forever. He kicks out, catching Smiley in the chest and pushing the psychopath off him. With his body running on adrenaline alone, his face a mess of blood, Lane scrambles to his feet… SHADOW KICK! NO MY GOD! SMILEY CATCHES HIM IN MID AIR WITH A BRUTAL CROWBAR SHOT TO THE HEAD! Mike Lane lands in a crumpled heap and Smiley is quick to follow. This time there is no defending the blows as Smiley Jr. comes down again and again and again, bludgeoning the skull of Mike Lane.] [Smiley only tosses aside the crowbar to hook Lane’s leg for the pin, a stunned silence filling the air as the referee counts the pin… One! Two! Three!] [Smiley has won this brutal match in shocking fashion. The repercussions of this are severe, with the consequences for Mike Lane now beginning to sink in to the fans. Mike Lane must leave! None of this appears to be going through his mind at present, however, as he slowly begins to stir. Smiley gathers up his crowbar and begins to laugh at the sight of the battered and bloodied Mike Lane lying at his feet.]


[Bloodied.] [Battered.] [Mike Lane rolls to his knees as the realisation of what’s just happened begins to sink in. The crowd are booing, absolutely furious that their hero has to leave. Smiley rolls to the outside with a grin, grabbing a chair and taking a seat. The Shadow King stands up, and asks for a microphone.] [With blood soaking his hair and face, he tries to find the words.]

“Since the beginning of Old School Wrestling, I have lost so much. Words can barely describe it.”

[“Please don’t go” chants echo throughout the Tap Room.]


[The chants begin to quiet.]

“My freedom.”

[There’s an eerie silence now.]

“Alex Reese.”


“And my World Championship.”


“But I can’t lose my daughter. Smiley wanted my career. He sits there, knowing what I’ve been through, what I’ve endured, and how I’ve never given up, how I’ve never quit. I never even thought about it. When Desmond Cross came after me and Destiny with his biblical ramblings, and kidnapped her, I endured. When Red River Jack turned my life upside down and inside out, I endured. When the love of my life Destiny turned on me, I endured. When James Hunter tried to frame me for the running over of my father in law, and he turned out to be in on it, I endured.”

[The fans are beginning to realize exactly what Mike Lane has been through.]

“So, when Hysteria kidnapped and held my daughter hostage, I continued to endure. I didn’t know any different. The truth is, had Smiley not wanted my career, and not forced me into this position, I’d have probably continued to do exactly that. I’ve lost so much that my default mode is endure. But tonight, thanks to him,” [he points to Smiley.] “I’ve endured long enough.”

[The fans boo, not at Mike, but in general.]

“You wanted the end of my career,” [Lane says looking towards Smiley.] “Well, you’ve got it. The Shadowking endures…”

[Mike takes a deep breath.]

“No longer.”

[He places the microphone down in the middle of the ring, and looks around the audience who give him one hell of a standing ovation. The night comes to a close, the camera looking at the bloodied but relieved face of The Shadow.] [Fade.]