[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Rain pelts down heavily on a dark and dreary day. There’s not a bright spot in sight as dark clouds cover the sky. Stood dressed in a black suit, holding an umbrella above his head to shelter himself and his daughter, is none other than Mike Lane.] [They’re stood beside a six-foot hole dug into the earth, a casket resting above it, ready to be lowered. Mike’s face is that of ultimate sadness. The memories of Pandemonium continue to parade through his mind like some kind of disturbed montage.]

“You have a nerve!”

[A voice snaps him back to reality. It’s familiar. He turns around to see Errol Flint, standing behind him with six bodyguards. It was brave of him to make an appearance here today; especially since Jeckel awaits at Ring Of Dreams.]

“You did this,” [Flint spews at Lane with a passion and fire unlike anything in him we’ve ever seen. His face is gaunt, white, and full of rage.] “You killed my baby girl!”

[Mike looks as if he’s about to cry.] “I couldn’t save her, Errol. I’m sorry.”

“The day she met you, her life was over. You destroy everything you touch, son. You destroy it all.”

[Flint’s attention and eyes turn to Michaela.]

“But I won’t let you destroy her too,” [he says pointing at his Granddaughter.] “I’m going to fight you for custody, Michael. I’m going to bring her home with me, where she belongs.”

[Mike’s eyes widen.] “Over my dead body,” [he fumes.] “No-one will ever take my daughter, ever again.”

[He goes to walk towards Flint, but the guards close the gap. He looks down at his baby girl, a look of anguish strewn across his tired and weary face.]

“My beautiful daughter died because of the circumstances you put her in. Don’t you understand that? You put yourself in danger every single day from maniacs like Smiley who want to rip your life to shreds. I won’t let her be a victim. I just won’t.”

[Errol backs away, turning to take his leave. He won’t be staying. He won’t be mourning his daughter here today; not with Mike Lane.] [The Shadow looks down at the baby cradled in his arms. She doesn’t understand the sacrifices he had to make. She has no idea the sacrifice that Destiny made to save her life.] [Mike places a hand upon the casket, breathing deeply.]

“I won’t let her forget you,” [he weeps.] “I promise.”

[Static.] [Click.]


[The Angel of Death steps into the ring for the first time in OSW, and Oliver Angst looks to break his losing streak.] [De la Muerte and Angst lock up in the center of the ring. Angel gets the quick upperhand and wrenches Angst into a front face lock. He cranks down on it, and Angst gives out a yell. He transitions into a VERTICAL SUPLEX that slams Oliver into the mat hard. De la Muerte wastes no time, and quickly covers… One.. Two.. Kickout! Angst barely gets the shoulder up, and De la Muerte yanks him to his feet, and Irish Whips him quickly into the far ropes. As Angst returns, Angel kicks him in the gut and BRAINBUSTER!! One… Two… THREE!] [NO! Angst just get a shoulder up! Angel de la Muerte can’t believe it! Esperanza is banging on the apron in frustration. Muerte gets to his feet slowly, in control of this match. He bounces off the ropes and jumps high into the air with a JUMPING KNEE to Angst head. De la Muerte quickly covers. One.. Two… Th… Kickout! Angel is getting frustrated and lifts Oliver up once more and throws him into the far ropes. He bends down for a back body drop, but catches a swift kick to the face for his troubles. He’s stunned and Angst drops him with a quick DDT!! One… Two… Thre… NO!] [Angel de la Muerte kicks out and powers to his feet quickly. Angst swings at Angel, who ducks under the haymaker and counters with a quick shot to the midsection. Another! ANOTHER! Angst is rattled as Angel de la Muerte is back in control. He throws Angst to the ropes once again and… THE REAPER’S SCYTHE!! The clothesline took his head off! One… Two… THRE….NO! Angst somehow kicks out again! Muerte steps back and waits for Angst to climb to his feet. Once Oliver gets up he stumbles to the ropes where Esperanza is on the apron… She licks his face and he turns around… REAPING EVIL!! One… Two… THREE!!] [Angel de la Muerte is victorious in his debut match!]


[Outside of the Tap Room building, the streets of Miami have come to a halt for some reason. A crowd has assembled and these onlookers all seem to be positively confused as smoke has begun to appear from manholes and any other opening on the ground.]

“What’s that!?” [An onlooker cries as something appears out of the smoky haze before them] [A white horse trots down the vacant Miami road in front of the Tap Room. It’s coat is majestic, pure white like snow on top of a mountain drift. It’s every step is anchored by the muscles rippling up and down its body.] [Atop this horse rides an even more majestic being. Clothed in red and black, he cuts a startling contrast to the beautiful horse that has bore him this far.] [Lux Bellator.]

“Come!” [Lux calls out to the masses.] “Come!”

[As the people rush around Bellator and his horse, they seem to shepherd them into the Tap Room parking area. Bellator has purpose written on his face, and it cannot be said as to why he has arrived in this fashion. As he nears the door to enter the backstage labyrinth that we see each and every week, Lux dismounts the horse, slowly speaking in undecipherable language to the creature. As he finishes, he turns to face the crowd.]

“Tonight, you will bear witness to the beginning of what will be the grandest endeavor this Earth has ever seen!”

[Stood atop a small production box, Lux has risen above those assembled.]

“Tonight, you will see the groundwork laid for the Lord’s vision to be made whole.”

[Bellator steps down from the box, and places his hand on the door.]

“But first,” [He begins.] “the rider must gain his crown.”

[Bellator walks inside the Tap Room as the onlookers all mutter to themselves among the remaining haze.] [The horse is gone.] [What is Lux Bellator talking about?] [Does this have anything to do with that old book?]


[We cut to a doctor’s office, a bespectacled doctor in a white coat sits behind his desk while Bruce and Paige Van Chan sit opposite him. Paige has a worried look on her face, her nails digging into the leg of her husband. The doctor removes his glasses and sets them on his desk.]

“You are determined, aren’t you? You realise that you continue to compete against the wishes of every medical professional that you have met. It simply is not safe Mr Van Chan.”

[An awkward silence befalls the room. Broken only by Bruce himself, shaking his head.]

“You all say the same thing, yet none of you listen. The question of competing or not competing has been answered. I am a wrestler. With or without your professional blessings, I will compete. You need to find a way to make that happen..”

[It is Paige that unintentionally interrupts with a loud sob.]

“Bruce… I watched you as you collapsed. I- I- I thought I had lost you… And you’re going to keep on scaring me like that, Bruce. I can’t handle that.”

[Bruce places an arm around his wife. He speaks with conviction and confidence.]

“There has to be a way for me to wrestle, I know there is. That’s why I’m here.” [He turns towards the doctor once more.] “Doc… You have got to find a way to keep my heart beating. For my family’s sake. I can’t give this up, so help me to keep doing it.”

[The doctor takes a deep breath and lets out a long and heavy sigh. He speaks slowly, almost unsure of what he is saying.]

“There is an experimental drug that I can get you.”

[Bruce’s eyes light up at the sentence.]

“It is designed to control bloodflow, minimalising the strain on the heart when under extreme conditions or stress. But it is unproven, still in the testing phase. To be honest, it’s not even legal for me to prescribe it to you. It may allow you to put your heart under the stress of competing and keep it from stopping.”

[Bruce smiles; the doctor does not.]

“But… there have known to be side effects. It will not be a pleasant experience. Nausea, sweats, light headedness. There are said to be more severe side effects, but even that is at this stage unknown. Bruce, I must stress that this drug is not my recommendation, but it may be the only way to keep you alive if you continue to compete.”

[Bruce takes his wife’s hand, squeezing it tightly as he nods at the doctor, who passes him a small bottle of pills.]

“You did not get these from me. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”


[Johnny Evil and John Sheppard both looking to make an impact here tonight on MNS, can the Mouthpiece Of Mayhem defeat The Shooter? Both men in their corners respectively, the ref checking them over before the bout begins. They both lock up in the middle as the bell rings.] [Evil with a strong headlock locked onto Sheppard, The Shooter struggling to get out. Elbow! Another elbow by John Sheppard as The Mouthpiece Of Mayhem loses his grip. With a quick turn around Sheppard is now behind Evil giving him a headlock instead. The Mouthpiece struggling here as he tries to successfully escape the lock, Sheppard will not let it go, he has it on too tight. Rake to the eyes by Evil, Sheppard loosens his grip as Evil now hits a devastating sit-out jaw breaker. As the Shooter gets back to his feet Evil kicks him hard in the gut, eventually lifting him up into the power-bomb position! Turnbuckle Bomb to Sheppard in the corner! The Shooter can barely crawl as the Mouthpiece picks him up once more looking for a Death Valley Driver! NO! Massive DDT from Sheppard to Evil as he reverses the move!] [The Shooter going for a cover now… One… Two… Kick out! The Mouthpiece of Mayhem powering out quickly. As Evil begins to stir to his feet once more Sheppard rebounds off of the ropes looking for a massive Lariat but Evil ducks under! An EPIC PELE KICK from Evil to Sheppard! The Shooter stumbles off the ropes once more as Johnny Evil hits a massive DISCUS ELBOW! Sheppard can barely stand back up as he uses the ropes to pull himself up. Dragon Suplex attempt by Evil but Sheppard elbows his way out just like before! Evil stumbles backwards as The Shooter attempts a clothesline, ONCE MORE the Mouthpiece Of Mayhem ducks under however this time he hits a painful IMPALER DDT! Sheppard flops to the floor, Evil covering him now… One… Two… THRE- NO! Kickout by The Shooter!] [Evil looking frustrated… He begins to pull on his white beard in anger and checks with the ref. Two! The ref claims. Evil with rage in his eyes picks up Sheppard now! Is he looking for it? Kick to the gut by the Mouthpiece of Mayhem! He sets him up… FALL FROM SHA- NO! Sheppard powering out! Stiff right, and another… And another as The Shooter looks to knock the hell out of Johnny Evil… He calls for it! He calls for the K.O! No Evil for the THIRD time in this match ducks under! BACKSTABBER! He turns him around… DETROIT DEATH CLUTCH!!! Evil has it locked in TIGHT! Sheppard has to tap! HE DOES! The Shooter TAPS OUT!!!] [Johnny Evil with a decisive victory over John Sheppard here tonight, tapping him out with none other than the Detroit Death Clutch. What a debut from the Mouthpiece of Mayhem, and the future only looks bright for both of the up and coming stars!]


[Bright lights.] [The camera slowly pans down from the ceiling, coming to rest on the man known as Viktor North. He lays on a bench, chest heavily bandaged, a dark purple bruise shown to go even further than the bandages. His breathing is shallow, his face blank of any expression as he seems to be lost in thought.] [Until a familiar voice echoes through the room.]

“Feeling… uncertain, Viktor?”

[North begins to rise, a hand moving to his chest, stopping him where he is.]

“Don’t be so rash, you may only injure yourself more.”

[North grabs hold of Doubt’s hand, glaring up at the emotion.]

“Fuck. You.”

[Doubt sighs, shaking its head in what looks like disappointment as he stares down at North.]

“I spoke to you for a month, Viktor. I told you that you must face what’s inside. But you refused to listen. And now? It is as though you’ll never get into Valhalla. You neither came out victorious nor did you die in battle. All you have now are shattered ribs and nothing to show for it.”

[North tries to stand again, but Doubt’s hand stays firmly pressed on the Skull Splitter’s chest, making the Viking wince in pain.]

“I will be fighting again, bastard.”

[He spits the words from his mouth, angry and seemingly unable to breathe.]

“You won’t, North. That was your chance, and you failed. You must give up, North. Any efforts to right your wrongs will only end in a meagre death. I know you have a match tonight, I implore you not to go to it. You’ll only hurt yourself.”

[North growls, batting Doubt’s hand away before forcing himself up and walking towards the door.]

“I’m no coward like you. It’ll take more than this to stop me from being who I am. Stay out of my way, or I promise you that you won’t survive our next encounter.”

[North limps through the doorway, Doubt merely shaking his head as he watches him leave.]


[This is a match between two newcomers to Old School Wrestling: Cael Gable, the Olympic wrestler, and The Voodoo Knight, a mysterious man from the Dark Continent. Gable reaches out to shake hands with Voodoo, but he just stares at the hand. Gable shrugs as the bell rings.] [Gable circles around the Voodoo Knight, his amatuer wrestling background evident. Cael shoots with a single leg takedown that rips the Knight from his feet. Gable quickly flips his hips to gain top position on Voodoo. Voodoo struggles to gain his feet, unfamiliar with Gable’s style. Gable transitions into a GUILLOTINE!! Voodoo struggles against the hold, and finally grabs the ropes. The ref breaks the hold, and for the first time Gable is not in total control. Voodoo gains his feet, for Gable just to shoot again with a double leg takedown, but Voodoo is ready this time and pancake flops on top of Gable!!] [Voodoo shoots a series of knees into Gable’s head, as the Olympian is prone on the mat! Voodoo then yanks Cael up, throws him into the ropes, and when he returns, Voodoo throws him with a huge RELEASE OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY! He gets back up, feeling the momentum. He waits for Gable to get to wobbly legs, and then takes off his head with a huge DISCUS CLOTHESLINE! He screams a guttural howl before covering… One… Two… Thr… Kickout! Voodoo doesn’t like that, and pulls Gable to his feet again, but… European Uppercut! Another! Another! Voodoo is reeling and Gable springboards off the ropes and nails a DIVING EUROPEAN UPPERCUT!] [Voodoo Knight is down and Gable is pumping himself up. The crowd is getting behind the Olympian. As Voodoo starts to recover, Gable grabs him from behind and tosses him with a massive GERMAN SUPLEX!! He stalks after Voodoo, just to deliver a series of standing elbow drops do the Knight’s midsection. He goes to the top… MOONSAULT! But nobody’s home!! Voodoo rolled out of the way! Both men are down and take a 6 count to recover. Both men make it to their feet at the same time! Voodoo swings at Gable with a heavy right hook, but Cael ducks under and gives a swift kick to Voodoo’s midsection. Gable takes hold and lifts… PUGHPLEX!! One… Two… THREE!!] [The Olympian Cael Gable earns a hard fought victory in his debut match, and Voodoo Knight just came up short.]


[Cael Gable has begun to the trek backstage after his match with the Voodoo Knight. He rubs some of the sweat off his brow, but as his sight is blocked for just a moment, he finds himself blindsided.] [TOE KICK! PILEDRIVER ONTO THE MAT!] [Gable is laid out on the mat as none other that Johnny Evil stands above him. Evil smirks out into the Tap Room, taking in the shock from his surprise attack while also admiring the job he just did on the other man now at his feet.]

“You know who I am already.” [Evil says to the crowd.] “If you don’t, google me.”

[Johnny raises an eye brow as Gable seems to stir beneath his feet. He delivers a kick to roll over the Olympian.]

“And you, Cael Gable.” [Evil sneers.] “One of the best amateurs ever. The key word there is amateur. This is professional wrestling, and it’s time for you to get an education on what that means.”

[Gable isn’t all there, but he still seems conscious enough to glare upwards. Evil only smiles broadly at him.]

“Remember this face, Cael. Remember the Mouthpiece of Mayhem. Because this is the face that’s going to be looking down on you for as long as you are in here in OSW.”

[Another kick to Gable, rolling him out of the way. No one takes the spotlight from Johnny Evil.]

“As for all of you, consider yourself graced with the presence of Johnny Evil. And the next time someone tries to take my spotlight, they’re going to find themselves in the same situation as Mister Gold Medal here.”

[He drops his microphone directly onto Gable’s fallen body with a thud before turning and walking backstage.] [What a arrogant man!]


[The triple threat is up next and both Greer and Makena are already in the ring. As North makes his entrance, limp and all, he is stopped by the lights going out. When they come back on, Doubt stands before him, microphone in hand.]

“I told you not to come out here, North. You aren’t fit to fight, you aren’t fit to enter Valhalla. Throwing your career away for a single match is foolish. You won’t even survive to see the end of it.”

[North glares a hole through Doubt, huffing angrily as he advances on him.]

“I told you to stay out of my way, Demon. Now I’m going to send you to Hel!”

[He rushes towards Doubt, ignoring his limp as he tries to attack. Doubt stands where he is, watching North come at him. He sidesteps, stopping Viktor in his tracks with a simple elbow, shoving it into the ribs of North. Viktor gasps, stumbling forward and falling against the apron. Doubt watches on, arms crossed.]

“You’re making it worse for yourself, I’ve tried to make you realize this but you refuse to listen. I won’t kill you, North. I won’t even lay a finger on you from this point forward. But if you wish to throw your life away to try and appease your Gods, then let it be known.”

[He leans in.]

“I denied you entry to your afterlife. Valhalla will never beckon a man who has lost his ability to fight, and you will never see the gates of the promise land. Fight if you must, it is futile either way.”

[Doubt the turns his back on North, walking away slowly, leaving just as the bell rings for the match.]


[The match looks to start but North won’t get in the ring. He holds his chest and leans on the apron as he watches Doubt walk away.] [Jakande and Greer look to North before turning their attention to each other, rushing one another and trading blows in the center of the ring! Greer blocks a haymaker and headbutts Makena before hitting a back elbow, lifting her up FOR A PENDULUM BACKBREAKER! Makena bounces off of Cody’s knee and to the floor, Greer picking her up and whipping her to the turnbuckle! He charges with a clothesline that clobbers her before hitting a belly to belly out of the corner! Meanwhile North holds his chest at ringside, baring his teeth before slowly moving up to stand on the apron.] [Greer pushes his advantage, Jakande, however, sweeps a leg as he gets near, dropping the redneck before leaping up and stomping on his chest! Greer contorts in pain, Makena turning her attention to North. The Skull Splitter grinds his teeth before entering the ropes, Makena leaping at him and delivering a swift kick to the chest! North collapses into the ropes, shocked by the pain. She pulls him to his feet and Irish whips him, North holding onto the ropes on the other side, lashing out with a massive Lariat as Makena rushes him! North falls to his knees, still in pain after the kick from earlier.] [Greer is back to his feet, rushing towards North before landing a massive kick the ribs that send him tumbling across the ring! He turns his attention towards Makena, letting her stand before hitting the ropes and COMING BACK WITH THE PARALYZER- LION’S JAW! Makena catches him with the Front Chancery, locking it in tight! Greer is fading fast, the referee goes to check on him- VALFATHER’S SACRIFICE! North hits a superkick to Makena, knocking her to the ground before he grabs Greer, using all of his strength FOR THE FALL OF UTGARD! He covers Greer! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [North has done it! Despite his injuries, he still comes out ahead here tonight!]


[In his first night on Showcase, Neville Sheldon stands in the locker room. He has a contented look about him as he hangs up his bag on the nearest locker. The underdog has had it rough in recent times, with the Family and Genesis both breathing down his neck.] [Perhaps he will find more pure competition on Monday Night Showcase.]

“Behold!” [A voice calls from behind Neville.] “A false prophet!”

[Sheldon turns to come face to face with Lux Bellator, whose eyes burn with righteous fury.]

“Excuse me?” [Sheldon responds, ready for a fight.]

“How long have people followed you, blasphemer?” [Lux says, uncomfortably close to Sheldon.] “How long have you served as a graven image for them to worship?”

[Neville opens his mouth to respond, but Lux is not done yet.]

“Your wickedness is a symptom of the blind foolishness that courses through this broken Earth. I have come to conquer the bonds of deceit that led to your rise. For your power is more wicked than that of the open deceivers. You lead men without leading. You inspire men with just your word and action. They come to worship you, each and every night. It’s time to end your reign of wickedness.”

[Bellator tries to go on, but Neville holds up a hand.]

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Lux.” [Neville begins.] “I’ve never seen anyone worship me. Trust me, I’d be more weirded out by it than you would. I’m not the one that walks around with an army behind me, after all”

[Bellator sneers at the young man before him before taking a step back. The sneer forms into a smile slowly.]

“For you say I have prospered.” [Lux quotes.] [KICK TO THE GUT!]

“And I need nothing.”

[Lux slams Neville’s head into the locker, his glasses coming off.]

“Not realizing that you are wretched, pitiable, poor…”

[Lux bends over and picks up the glasses, studying them.]

“…blind and naked.”

[SNAP!] [Lux broke Neville’s glasses in two, ripping off one of the long pieces like a wishbone.]

“This will do nicely, blind one.” [Lux comments as Neville begins to stir.] [Bellator walks off as Sheldon rises up, slowly picking up the pieces of his glasses.]

“What was that all about?”

[Indeed Neville.] [What was that all about?]


[Newcomer Sheriff Law faces off tonight against the ever terrifying Muerte. Can the Corrupt put the Reaper down?] [Sheriff Law fights defensively, staying near his turnbuckle at all times, never inching too close to Muerte who calmly walks towards him. The Reaper lunges for Law but the Sheriff ducks under and spins around and catches Muerte with a clubbing blow! He shoves him into the ropes, hitting a few stiff forearms before pulling back for a German suplex! Muerte rolls through, quickly getting to his feet despite the assault! Law isn’t happy, trying for a clothesline that Muerte catches! He hits a high knee before lifting up Law, stalling for a moment before SUPLEXING HIM HARD TO THE GROUND!] [Law seems dazed but he fights to his feet as Muerte continues to stalk him. He catches the Sheriff with a right hand that stumbles him before whipping him into the ropes and- RUNNING HEADBUTT BY LAW! The strike catches Muerte centre mass and knocks him right to the ground! The Sheriff mounts him and rains a flurry of right hands that keep Muerte grounded. Not for long though as the Reaper grabs Law by the hair and pulls him into a headbutt! He throws Law to the side and rolls to his feet, eying the sheriff before advancing on him once more.] [Both men are up and neither looks to back down! Muerte is already on the offensive, grabbing Law and tossing him across the ring! The sheriff rolls into the turnbuckle, moving his head and barely avoiding a running boot by the Reaper. ELBOW TO THE KNEE! Law catches Muerte with a stiff shot that buckles him, allowing Law to slip past and get to his feet. He points his finger at Muerte like a gun and waits for him to turn around for the STANDOFF HAY- SCYTHE! SCYTHE FROM MUERTE! Law topples and Muerte covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Muerte reaps another soul here tonight as he leaves Sheriff Law in a heap on the ground.]


[Backstage, Brent Kersh is lacing his boots when a voice calls to him from outside the locker room.]

“Welcome back to the land of the living, Brent Kersh.”

[The Enforcer looks up to see Cody Greer standing in the doorway, a smirk on his face.]

“How’s it feel to be rid of the monsters haunting you?”

[Kersh nods with a smile, a rare occurrence after all that’s happened to him these past several months.]

“It feels amazing. I can put all that to rest, and focus on my career without my life being invaded.”

[He stands up, feeling assured after the events of Pandemonium. Greer responds to this with a nod of his own.]

“Glad to hear it, Kersh. You’re a man I can respect, and it’s good to have you away from the monsters and ready to fight amongst men. Just one question, though…do you regret it?”

[This draws a look of confusion from Kersh, as The Enforcer tilts his head.]

“Regret what?”

“Do you regret walking away from those monsters without putting them out of their misery?”

[Kersh’s confusion turns into frustration.]

“I didn’t walk away without knowing the nightmares were over. Scarecrow, Mother…they’re just ghosts of the past, spirits that haunt someone else’s dreams.”

[Greer merely shrugs his shoulders at this.]

“To each his own, Kersh. Like I said, you’re a man I can respect…but if it was me, I’d have handled things differently. Just a thought, man. Good luck tonight.”

[Greer pats Kersh on the shoulder with another smirk before walking off, leaving an angry Kersh to contemplate Greer’s words before he battles Bruce Van Chan!] [Cut.]


[Voodoo Knight walks backstage. Stagehands stare at him as he walks by, not sure what to make of the new addition to Old School Wrestling. He doesn’t even pay them the time of day. They are beneath a man of his stature. He rounds a corner, and there stands Esperanza.]

“Hola, Chief Voodoo. I hope this day finds you well.”

[Voodoo considers the woman standing before him. She is a fine sight to say the least, but he doesn’t to care.]

“Stand aside, woman, before Voodoo take your soul as sacrifice to his god.”

[Esperanza smiles seductively, and puts a single finger on his lips. She pushes her body against his and slithers around him, speaking as she goes.]

“Oh, my dear Voodoo. Speak not of things that you do not understand. You have no power over the souls of the damned. That is reserved for the Angel of Death!”

[She’s made her way back to his front, and stares deeply into his eyes.]

“Voodoo understand death. He understand it much. Voodoo walked through fires of hell and come back to rule through vengeance. He fear not death.”

[And then Ángel de la Muerte steps onto the scene. He is intimidating to most, but Voodoo shows no fear. The two men step face to face, nearing blows. Then Esperanza slides in between the two.]

“You will learn to fear Death, Chief Voodoo, or you will be consumed by it!”

[With that she stands on her tip-toes and gently licks Voodoo’s lips before slipping away. Ángel de la Muerte stands there a moment longer before saying…]

“La muerte te encontrará!”

[He steps away, leaving Voodoo to consider the encounter.]


[Two men who go to any lengths for their families, which man will be the first to fall?] [Both men shake hands, showing a tremendous amount of respect before locking up in the middle of the ring! Kersh has the early advantage, taking Bruce down to the mat and working him over, trying to wear him down. Bruce fights to get to his feet, breaking the hold and arm dragging Kersh over him! Kersh rolls through but Van Chan catches him with a stiff kick to the chest! Kersh tries to stand but Van Chan pushes with a flurry of martial arts kicks that keep him kneeling. He hits the ropes and springboards with a dropkick that knocks Kersh onto his back!] [Kersh is out of it as Bruce moves to the apron, setting up for another aerial attack before going for a senton- THAT KERSH CATCHES! POWERBOMB TO VAN CHAN! The Real Freakin’ deal has the wind knocked out of him and Kersh doesn’t look to be done. He pulls Van Chan near the turnbuckle, getting up to the second rope before diving off with an elbow drop! He pins! One! Two- Kickout by Van Chan! Kersh rolls off of Bruce, catching his breath before going to grab him- KICK TO THE HEAD BY BRUCE! Van Chan knocks Brent away with a stiff strike!] [Bruce uses the ropes to help himself to his feet, trying to catch a breath as Kersh shakes the cobwebs. He springboards off of the ropes, Kersh ducking his savate kick and hitting a haymaker to Bruce! BVC stumbles but comes back with a right of his own! The two men trade blows, Brent looking to get the upper hand before whipping Bruce, catching him on the way back with A SPINE BUSTER! Bruce is down and Kersh grabs his legs. LONE STAR! FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK! Van Chan is stuck in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go! HE TAPS! HE TAPS!] [Kersh comes out ahead here tonight, but he still helps Bruce up after the match.]


[We find our way to the back of the Old School Wrestling Tap Room where Makena Jakande is leading her Savannah cat, Colossus through the halls.] [Makena notices a group of Tap Room staff members congregating in the hall ahead and slows her walk, eventually turning to the left and entering a new corridor as to avoid the group.] [However, when she does she nearly runs face first into none other than Sheriff Law.]

“Easy there savage,” [Law scoffs at Jakande.] “An American is comin’ through!”

[Makena’s eyes squint as she glares at Law in distrust and anger.]

“Ya know” [“The Law” reasons.] “In this country we have regulation and law to keep your type of people in line! You need to remember that,” [Sheriff says as he pokes a finger into the shoulder of Jakande.] “And remember that no one is above the Law. I am the Law. I am Sheriff Law! So when I walk past, you get outta my way.”

[With that, “The Corrupt” moves to nonchalantly push his way past Makena but she is having none of it.] [A back hand chop from “The African Assault” knocks Law backwards before ENZUIGURI!] [Sheriff Law takes the full force of the kick to the side of the head and is knocked from his feet, leaving Makena standing above him in silent ready.] [“The Law” cups the side of his face with his hand and looks up at Jakande in calm disgust – his glasses tossed off to the side.]

“We can play it that way foreigner?” [Law threatens.] “You shoot the Sheriff. The Sheriff shoots back!”

[Sheriff Law remains still, his intent clear but a quick glance of his eyes down to Colossus obviously curbs his plans. Instead, “The Corrupt” continues to doctor his cheek as a confident yet cautious Makena backs away.] [Cut.]


[The Light Warrior, who some would argue now stands in darkness, opposes Smiley tonight, in his first match since slicing the throat of Destiny. Both men are mislead, to say the least, and as the match gets underway, we will see who stands tall tonight.] [Smiley grins a disgusting smile as the thought of violence enters his mind. He walks towards Lux, looking for punishment, and the two lock up. Smiley shoots a couple of knees into Lux’s midsection, and then hits a quick SNAP SUPLEX! He jumps on top of Lux and delivers a series of insulting slaps to Bellator while laughing like a kid in a sandbox. But Lux is not amused, as he grabs Smiley’s wrist and quickly locks in PURITY! The triangle choke has Smiley coughing as he tries to breath! He has no way out, and instead, Smiley rotates his body to get his feet on the ropes! The ref breaks the hold.] [Smiley bounds out as Bellator kips up and gives chase. He leaps and delivers a REVERSE HURRICANRANA that slams Smiley headfirst into the mat! He covers… One… Two… Thr… Kickout! Smiley is dazed, but not out. Bellator quickly pulls Smiley to his feet. After a quick kick to the gut, he lifts Smiley and… CATHOLIC CROSS! Smiley arches his back in pain as Bellator flips himself into a pin… One… Two… Thre….No! Smiley just gets the shoulder up! Lux smells blood and heads to the top…. MOONSAULT! But Smiley got his knees up!! Bellator’s midsection is plowed by Smiley’s knees! His wind is knock out! Smiley heads to the top himself and flies off with a LEG DROP! TRAUMA!!! One… Two…. Thre… No!] [Lux just gets a shoulder up, and Smiley laughs again just to rip Bellator off of the mat and throws him into the ropes. As he returns, Smiley lifts him, but Lux uses his momentum to Float over with a DDT that transitions into and arm bar! ARM OF GOD!! Smiley is in real trouble here! He strains with everything he’s got… but it’s too much! He taps!!] [Bellator escapes with a difficult victory as Smiley is left clutching his arm, but nothing can change his smile!]


[Bruce Van Chan stands alone in his locker room, staring at the closed door of his locker. He holds the bottle of pills given to him by the doctor in his hands and takes a deep breath. Opening the door to his locker, he takes a step back in surprise.]

“What the…?”

[Painted in red letters across the back wall of his locker are the words ‘Death Awaits’. Inside the locker itself, a large hourglass stands on the top shelf. Without warning, the sand in the hourglass slowly begins to fall. Grain by grain. Bruce gulps, popping the cap open on the pill bottle and downing two of the mysterious pills.] [Bruce places the pill bottle inside the locker. No sooner had he put the bottle away, the lights cut to blackout. A voice rings out from the darkness.]

“Every beat your heart makes takes you one step closer to me. Like the sand in the hourglass, your time is running out. Your life, slipping through your fingers as I watch… And wait.”

[The lights return, revealing Muerte standing directly behind BVC. Bruce does not see him, but he knows that he is there. Without warning, the hourglass shatters and sand spills out all over Bruce. More and more sand continues to flow from the broken hourglass, far more than the capacity of the glass itself. Soon, the locker room and Bruce Van Chan are covered in sand. Muerte simply stands back and watches, biding his time. His voice echoing out is the last thing Bruce hears before the sand covers him completely.]

“Death awaits.”


[In the Tap Room tonight we have Edward Newton versus The Sharkman, who is proudly displaying his newly won Double Feature Championship. The bell rings and the Riddler and the Vigilante begin their battle.] [Or so you would think, but Newton slips out of the ring and begins circling it, wanting nothing to do with the Sharkman. Shark tries to get Newton to get back in the ring, and the ref counts all the way to 8 before Newton rolls in, just to roll back out again, but restarts the count. Sharkman, fed up of this nonsense sprints toward the ropes and leaps over with a MODIFIED SHARK DIVE, leveling Newton on the outside! He gets slowly to his feet, and rolls Newton into the ring, where the match can start in earnest.] [Shark rolls in behind him and Newton hits his knees to beg off. Sharkman inches closer, not wanting to hear it, but Newton delivers a LOW BLOW! Sharkman drops to a knee and Newton pops up and drives Sharkman’s head into the mat with a SINGLE ARM DDT!! He covers… One… Two… Th… Kickout! Newton throws up to the finger to the ref, but then quickly gets back to his feet and bounces off the rope and nails a LEG DROP! Shark flips over from the impact, and Newton quickly locks in a BOSTON CRAB! Sharkman fights the pain, but he’s about to tap!!] [But instead he reaches out and just grabs the bottom rope! The ref forces the break and Newton backs off, only to rush back at Shark, who rolls Newton up with a School Boy! One… Two… Thr… Kickout!! Newton and the Sharkman both pop up, and Newton swings at Shark who ducks under the wild punch. Shark grabs his arm and puts on a hammerlock! He tries for Reckoning, but Newton grabs the top rope, and Shark falls. Newton stomps on him a few times before pulling him up, drives him right back down! NEVERMIND! Newton pins, and props his feet on the ropes for leverage… One… Two… THREE!] [Newton has defeated the Sharkman, and he rolls out before the Shark can get revenge for his underhanded tactics.]


[Fresh off his match with Edward Newton, The Sharkman is down on the outside of the ring catching his breath.] [Darkness.] [From the heavens, lightning cascades down to strike the area right in front of Sharkman, who falls to the ground trying to avoid being struck by the powerful force. A bright light fills the Tap Room, blinding everyone for just a moment, but when it recedes, Sharkman is not alone.] [Lux Bellator has arrived.]

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.”

[Those words herald Lux grabbing Sharkman and throwing him into the nearest ring post. The masked man is dazed, but turns to try and fight before Lux grabs him and punches him in the throat. Shark goes down as Lux kneels over him, rage filling his voice.]

“God brings justice to all, false fool!” [Bellator rages, grabbing at Shark’s mask.] “Both the righteous and the wicked!”

[Bellator is bashing Sharkman’s head into the ground, seemingly with some goal in mind, but the masked man is left unable to fight.] [BELLATOR IS TAKEN DOWN WITH A CLOTHESLINE!] [The religious crusader hits the ground with a thud as none other that Neville Sheldon has entered the scene!] [The Underdog rushes over to check on Sharkman as Lux Bellator slowly backs away from the fight. A smile is on the warrior’s face as he slowly retreats up the aisle. Smoke has begun to fill the entrance way as he slowly is consumed by it. The loud call of his white horse beckons Lux to walk into the light on the other end of the smoke.] [He has what he came for.] [Meanwhile, Neville helps a shaken Sharkman to his feet. But when he rises, Sharkman notices that his mask has been damaged. Several of the menacing teeth on the front of it have been ripped forcefully from the mask during the attack.] [First Neville’s glasses and now Sharkman’s teeth?] [What is Lux Bellator doing?]


[Two former champions clash here tonight as the Shadow finds himself face to face with the underdog, two of the biggest heroes in OSW history but with the tragedy that befell Mike Lane at Pandemonium, will Sheldon be facing a much more dangerous Shadow here tonight?] [The bell sounds as both men shake hands before circling around one another, Lane coming forward first with a right hand that Sheldon ducks under before the Underdog rushes to the ropes, bouncing off with a high Dropkick that sends Lane down to the mat. Lane quickly gets up into a flurry of left and rights before Sheldon tries to lift him up with a Bodyslam. Lane slips out, sliding behind Sheldon who turns around into a kick to the gut, DEGENERATION!] [Lane throws Sheldon halfway across the ring as the underdog hits the canvas with a loud thump. The Shadow tries to follow up, waiting for Sheldon to get to his feet before rushing forward, ROLLING IN THE FAST…DDT! Sheldon dodges the knee, planting Lane into the mat. Neville gets to his feet before quickly rushing to the ropes, bouncing off with a legdrop, MODIFIED WRESTLEMANIA! Sheldon covers, ONE…TWO…Lane gets the shoulder up!] [Neville calls for the end as he pulls Lane up, trying to lock in the Book Smart but The Shadow slips out, bouncing off the ropes, ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE! The running knee knocks Sheldon for a loop as Lane calls for the end, slinking down as he motions for the underdog to get to his feet. Sheldon slowly gets up as Lane rushes forward, SHADOW KI…NO! Sheldon catches the foot as he spins Lane around, NKO! Sheldon drives Lane down to the canvas as he collapses down onto him, the referee counting. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Neville Sheldon picks up a massive victory here over the face of OSW in his first match back on Showcase, proving that he might be a geek but for those who fight him, underdog is the last word to describe him]


[Darkness has begun to befall the cemetery where poor Destiny Flint is due to be laid to rest. The casket now sits at the bottom of a grave, ready to be buried. Our cameras pan out slowly, backing away.] [Click.] [Whoosh.] [Before our very eyes, a lighter is dropped down onto the casket, spreading flames across it as if some kind of incendiary liquid was added. The fire quickly starts licking up at the mud around it, and when we carefully rise, stood there is Smiley.] [In addition, he’s smiling.]

“I hate everything about you, Lane,” [The maniacal Smiley says with a sinister tone.] “I hate your life. I hate your morals. I hate your luck. People like you are handed everything on a silver platter, born with a silver spoon shoved deep, deep, down your throat. At Pandemonium, I pulled that spoon out, didn’t I? I watched you bleed because of it.”

[The flames start rising higher now, forcing Smiley backwards.]

“And now I know what you want. You want revenge, isn’t that right? That’s nice,” [he simmers, before flying into a rage.] “But I’m not finished getting what I want yet! I told you that I wanted the OSW World Championship and all you had to do was hand it over. It should have been simple. It should have been easy. However, you always have to have your cake and eat it, don’t you?”

[He snarls, looking at the fire.]

“Well, not this time. This time, your disobedience cost Destiny her life and I won’t be stopping there. I’m going to burn everything you are to the ground, Lane. I’m going to destroy you and I won’t stop until I have. When I’m finished you, you’ll have nothing left.”

[Smiley fishhooks his mouth and turns his smile into a frown.]

“Not even a smile.”



[The Emotion had a great night at Pandemonium when he defeated the career killer Viktor North to retain his championship but he faces another tremendous challenger in the immortal Ethan Earhart. Can Doubt do it once again or will Earhart be the first to contain his emotions?] [The bell sounds as Earhart rushes forward, taking Doubt by surprise with a big clothesline that nearly takes Doubt out of his boots. Doubt quickly gets to his feet in a flurry of lefts and rights before Earhart grabs him by the waist, tossing him across the ring with a Belly to Belly Suplex. Doubt manages to land on his feet however, rushing to the ropes as he springboards off with a huge dropkick that catches Earhart on the chin] [Earhart staggers up, walking into a big elbow to the jaw that puts him on one knee as Doubt backs up, END OF WISDOM! Earhart gets smacked down to the mat as Doubt covers, ONE…TWO…Earhart powers out. Doubt rolls to his feet, bouncing off the ropes, PESSIMIST’S….Earhart catches him as he spins Doubt around, BACK SURGERY! Doubt stumbles to his feet, wincing as he walks into a flurry of right hands before the belly to belly suplex hits flush this time, Doubt sitting up as he groans in pain.] [Earhart kicks him in the gut, lifting him up as he tries for the Cost of Immortality but Doubt slips down behind him, dropping Earhart with a hard neckbreaker. The Emotion calls for the end as he heads up to the top rope but he gets crotched by the Immortal as Earhart climbs up to the second rope, but Doubt fights out of Earhart’s hold, delivering a massive headbutt that stuns Ethan as he’s pushed down back to the canvas. Doubt sizes him up for a moment, MISERY RAIN…HITS KNEES! Doubt stumbles around, holding his gut in pain as Earhart lifts him up, COST OF IMMORTALITY! Doubt is done as Earhart covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!! NEW CHAMPION!] [The Immortal picks up a massive victory in his first match on Showcase, defeating the great Doubt and becoming the new Showcase Champion. What a victory!]


[Ethan Earhart can’t believe it. He’s done it!] [He’s just become the new Showcase Champion! He gets back to his feet to be handed the Championship belt, raising it above his head to cheers from the crowd. They’re actually behind him here tonight!] [Suddenly, the lights go off.] [There’s an eerie silence for a moment before a loud thud echoes through the Tap Room. The lights eventually return, and Ethan Earhart is face first on the mat, holding the back of his head in agony.] [He’s been laid out during the darkness.] [Moreover, on the canvas in front of him, green spray paint stains the fabric with a message.] [Ethan stirs for a moment, sitting back up to inspect the message. He’s holding the back of his head, bleeding from a gash that looks rather gnarly. With a weary look in his eyes, he searches the canvas for his Championship.] [Only it’s not there.] [The Showcase Championship is missing! Someone has bloody stolen it!] [Panicked, he stands up, looking down at the message on the canvas. He reads it carefully, his face beginning to realise what it means.] [Our cameras switch to an aerial view.]

“I am not lost, but I can be found. What am I?”

[We switch back to the enraged face of Earhart.] [This can only mean one thing.] [Cut.]