[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [In some unknown corner of the Tap Room facility, there is a boarded off area. The Shark may have used it at one point or another to get to the subterranean lair based on the sound of rushing water that can be heard. Either way, once you go past the wooden planks, there is a strange sight laid bare.] [A hooded Lux Bellator stands over an altar, torchlight providing enough illumination for him to see what is before him on this altar.] [The book.] [The same book that Bellator unearthed. The book with seven seals forged to prevent its opening. These wax seals go across the ancient tome, each with a seal in the center. Yet as we saw at Pandemonium, Lux Bellator touched the highest seal on the book. When he did, the wax began to slowly melt. That very same wax still melts, so slowly that one cannot tell it is happening. Only the way the seal shrinks as it slowly goes under the book tells us that it is happening.]

“The bow has been crafted. The crown has been forged.”

[Bellator’s words ring out, hollow in the vast chamber before him.]

“And the rider goes forth.”

[The hooded man kneels down at the altar, and we can see that under the altar, there is an interesting sight.] [Seven bowls have been arranged on the space between the table’s legs. Each bowl is carved with ornate markings around it. One bowl stands out from the others, as it has something within it. The melting wax from the first seal snakes around the book to fall down holes in the altar. It slowly comes together under it to form a single flow into this bowl. It appears to be almost full as the supernaturally heated wax seems to lose all wax properties upon hitting the bowl. Whatever the seals are made of, it is not of this world.] [Seeing the bowl, Lux Bellator smiles and stands to his feet.]


[Bellator turns to leave the altar behind as we focus in on the ancient book, the words upon it seem to glimmer in the torchlight.] [But what the hell are those bowls for?]


[The African Assault and The Great Reaper clash here tonight, who will be victorious one week away from Overkill?] [The bell rings and Muerte lunges for Jakenda with a knife edge chop! SMACK! She shakes it off, tempting Muerte to do it once more! He doesn’t fall into her bait however, instead he kicks her HARD in the gut! She bends over as The Great Reaper is looking for a MASSIVE DDT! NO! Jakenda slipping out and hitting Muerte with an ENZUIGURI! The Great Reaper stumbles now as The African Assault is looking for a knife edge chop in return! SMACK! She hits it! SMACK! AGAIN! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Muerte isn’t even phased! He shakes his head at her before nearly taking her head off with a gigantic CLOTHESLINE!] [Makena writhes in pain as she begins to get back on her feet. Muerte off of the ropes! BIG BOOT! Once more the African Assault hits the mat hard! Muerte lifts her up now into the BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX position! REVERSAL! Jakenda knocks him to the floor with a LOU THEZ PRESS! THOMP! THOMP! THOMP! Her fists reigning down upon his head! Muerte chucks her off! They both rise to their feet as Makena Jakenda hits a painful SPEAR on The Reaper! He hits the canvas with authority as The African Assault goes for a cover! ONE! TWO! TH- NO! Kickout from The Reaper!] [Jakenda gets back up and signals for Muerte to rise once more! He’s on his knees now! RUNNING KNEE STRIKE! NOOO! Muerte moves out of the way, jumps on his feet and hits a VERTICAL SUPLEX! BANG! Makena being pinned in the suplex position! ONE… TWO… THRE- KICKOUT! Muerte with hell in his eyes lifts her up once more! He shoves her against the ropes! The Great Reaper tries to clothesline her on the rebound! NO! She ducks under whilst running to the opposite rope! KICK TO THE GUT! JAKENDA WITH A KICK TO THE GUT! LION’S JAW!!! It’s all over! Muerte begins to fade! He becomes unconscious as the ref rings for the BELL!] [The African Assault, Makena Jakenda with a massive win over The Great Reaper!]


[Recorded Earlier.] [The sound of determined footsteps bounce off shiny floor tiles as Mike Lane makes a focused walk towards the office of the arson investigator. He wants answers.] [He knocks the door and enters, being invited to sit by the investigator.]

“Mr. Lane, thank you for joining me here today,” [The investigator says coyly.] “We’ve looked into the fire at your house and I’m afraid that your suspicions are correct; it was arson.”

[Mike’s face scrunches with rage.]

“A witness came forward. He saw everything happen and will be willing to testify in court. In fact, I’ve asked him to meet us here today,” [he says pressing on his intercom.] “Mary, please send our guest in.”

[A few brief moments pass before the door swings open and in walks a rather surprising figure. Without any face paint, and his hair slicked back, Smiley stands before them both. Mike immediately stands up, pushing his chair backwards ferociously. He looks like a different man.]

“Mr. Crowley saw everything,” [the investigator says, folding his arms.] “He saw you set that fire, run back into your home and ‘rescue’ your daughter.”

[Suddenly it dawns on Mike what’s going on.] [Smiley smiles.] [And that’s it. Lane simply snaps. He grabs Smiley and runs him head first into the nearest cabinet, bouncing him off it. The investigator quickly sidesteps his desk, watching in absolute horror as Mike scoops Smiley up and crashes him down on it back first, swinging violently with right and left hands.] [Security rush into the room to pull them apart, The Shadow having completely lost it.]

“You think you can do this to me, Crowley?” [He yells.] “Huh? Do you think I’ll sit back and take it, is that it? I will end you.”

[The Arson Investigator, with Lane restrained, checks on Crowley.] “Mr. Lane, we will be pursing charges of arson against you and if I were poor Mr. Crowley, I would pursue charges of assault too!”

[The security drag Mike Lane from the room, leaving Smiley to grin sinisterly, having once again put his nemesis in an absolutely awful position.]


[Angel de la Muerte and Esperanza sit in a back room eating. They are in the middle of a conversation in Spanish. He reaches out and wipes a bit of food from Esperanza’s lip, showing a gentler side of the luchador. He grabs his sandwich and tries to raise it to his mouth, but suddenly he is unable to move his arm. Esperanza notices something is wrong.]

“What is it, my dear? What is wrong?”

[He tries to open his mouth to answer, but can’t. His eyes widen, and then suddenly his hand flies forward, driving his sandwich into his mask. Esperanza jumps from her chair and begins wiping his face.]

“Muerte! Are you okay? What is happening!?”

[Once again, he tries to speak, but his mouth is closed. He stands, but then is suddenly thrown across the room by an unknown force. Nothing is there. He repeatedly bashes his head off of the wall. Esperanza is panicking, trying to stop him from hurting himself. But nothing she does stops the carnage.]

“Help! Help us! He is going to die! Anyone!”

[Suddenly, someone shows up. It’s The Voodoo Knight, and in his hand is a small doll. Wrapped around its neck is a small white cloth. It seems to be torn from the towel that Angel de la Muerte threw at Voodoo last week. He raises the doll high in the air, and Angel flies up to the ceiling!]

“Voodoo is more than just a name. Do not respect him.”

[He slings his hand towards the floor and Muerte slams hard into the floor. Esperanza shrieks in anger and flies at Voodoo, who catches her and throws her on top of her downed man. Voodoo smiles and turns away from the heap, stuffing the doll into his back pocket.]


[We have an explosive matchup between two relative newcomers as a corrupt Lawman takes on an Olympian. Will Gable outwrestle his way to victory or will the long arm of the Law be too much for him?] [The bell rings as Law runs forward trying for a Lariat but Cael ducks under, grabbing Law by the waist as he turns around before spinning him around and slamming him to the mat with a Double Leg Takedown. Cael pounds down with a few right hands before flipping Law over, locking in a front-face lock and raining down Muay Thai Knees. A particularly vicious knee rocks Law before Cael spins around, locking in a modified armbar] [Law screams out in pain as Cael tries to hyper-extend the elbow, pulling back with all his strength. Law rears back, landing a hard right that breaks the hold but the damage has been done as Law gets to his feet, his arm limp in pain. Law leaps up with a knee strike but Cael blocks it, sending him across the ring with a powerful Belly to Belly. Gable doesn’t cover, instead heading up to the top rope as he waits for Law to get to his feet but as he leaps off, dives right into a double axehandle to the stomach before a big Headbutt puts Gable on the mat] [Gable slowly gets to his feet, walking into a massive right that dazes him as Law points a finger gun at his forehead, STAND OFF! Law covers, ONE…TWO..Gable gets the shoulder up. Law lifts Gable up, drilling him with a series of knees to the gut before lifting him up and planting him with a massive Powerbomb. The Sheriff calls for the end, lifting Gable up but Cael flops down as dead weight. Law tries to pull him up again as Cael springs to life, rolling Law up in a surprise Small Package as the referee counts, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Gable picks up a huge win tonight, using a classic Goldbricking tecnique to get the better of the crooked Sheriff tonight as the Gold Medalist stock rises even further in OSW]


[The match ends and the competitors pull themselves to their feet. Sheriff Law proves himself to be a man that won’t be happy regardless of the outcomes of matches and rushes Gable; driving him into the turnbuckle with a high knee and then dropping him to the canvas with a series of boots!!] [And then…] [The sudden sound of Tribal voices and sounds playing to the beat of percussion melody fills The Tap Room and the crowd explodes with approval.] [Makena Jakande steps out in the arena, catching the attention of Law as Gable rolls to the outside in retreat.] [Jakande has a laminated piece of paper in one hand and a microphone in the other.]

“I have your permits, Sheriff” [Makena holds the paper into the air.] “Now where is Colossus?”

[“The Corrupt” looks on with an amused grin.]

“You foreign fool!” [Law chuckles as he holds out his hands.] “Do I look like the Florida Department of Natural Resources to you?”

[Makena looks around in confusion as the crowd begins to boo.]

“I just gave you that permit line to get you out of my face” [Sheriff Law laughs.] “And to get your cat out of the building!”

[A look of horror comes over the face of Jakande.]

“You’ll need to go somewhere else to show your permits” [Law advises in confidence.] “Of course, by the time the law gets word it might be too late for poor Colossus!”

[Jakande’s eyes light up with rage and she rushes the ring, but Sheriff Law bails to the outside.]

“Now hold on one second you damn immigrant!”

[The crowd boos at the distastefulness of Law’s nationalistic comment.]

“Because I am the law and the law reserves the right to offer plea bargains to pathetic illegals like you, there is another way!”

[With her shoulder heaving in deep breaths, Jakande slowly pulls her mic up to her lips.]

“What do you want scum?”

[The insult only makes Law scoff in delight as he points a steady finger in the direction of his nemesis.]

“I want you foreigner… LITERALLY!”

[Makena looks on with confusion as Law continues.]

“At Over Kill” [The Sheriff explains.] “You and me, one on one! If you win you get your little kitty back, but if I win… you do what you were bred to do… and be my slave!!!”


[Jakande is taken back by the racial implications of the challenge, but it only makes her blood boil more as she hesitates to respond!]

“I accept!!”

[The crowd explodes at the announcement as Makena’s theme plays once again and she slips out of the ring on her way to the back, leaving Sheriff Law behind with a confident grin across his lips!]


[The Mouthpiece Of Mayhem going one on one with the Voodoo Knight here as the opening bell rings.] [Johnny Evil circles the Soul Reaper as he motions for a test of strength! Knight obliges but Evil kicks him in the gut! He swings Voodoo against the ropes! CLAYMORE KICK! The Voodoo Knight with a claymore kick right to The Mouthpiece Of Mayhem! Evil is back on his feet! DISCUS CLOTHESLINE! Once again Evil is floored! Voodoo calls for him to stand up! Boot to the gut by Johnny Evil! IMPLANT DDT! Voodoo flops on the floor as Evil makes the cover! ONE… T- NO! Decisive kickout from God’s Key! THUMP! Massive stomps! Evil is hailing stomps down upon The Voodoo Knight! The Mouthpiece Of Mayhem wraps his arm around Knight’s head now as he lifts him up into another IMPLANT DDT!] [The Knight isn’t done however! He is still stirring as once more Evil lifts him up! STIFF RIGHT! AND ANOTHER! Evil stumbles! VOODOO CHAINS! The Mouthpiece Of Mayhem chokes as the Soul Reaper tries to tap him out here! NO! Evil shoves him off! RUNNING CROSSBODY! Voodoo with the cover on Evil after that maneuver! ONE… TWO… THRE- He just gets his shoulder up! Oh watch OUT! INVERTED FIGURE FOUR ANKLE LOCK! Is Evil going to tap? He is on the verge of it! His hand shaking vigorously! HE TAPS- NO! He’s crawling himself TO THE ROPE! He REACHES it! One… Two… Three… Four… The Voodoo Knight let’s go!] [They use the ropes to pull themselves up! Both men giving this their all! SOUL STEALER! Knight’s looking for his signature chokeslam backstabber! NO! Evil reverses! THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! Hard rights to the Soul Reaper! THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! Voodoo Knight hitting some hard rights in return! Both men stumble before Voodoo hits the… 6TH SENSE CLOTHESLINE! BANG! They both flop to the floor! God’s Key isn’t done however! He climbs to the top post! VOODOO DROP!!! Evil is OUT! Cover… ONE!… TWO!… THREE!!] [The Voodoo Knight garners a hard fought victory in this matchup, the future only looks bright for him here in OSW!]


[The sound of heavy breathing, a voice crying out in confusion and panic. The breathing becomes faster as the troubled voice calls out. The voice that belongs to one Bruce Van Chan.]

“No!” [His voice wavers with fear.] “Get away from me!”

[It is then that we see him. Body drenched in cold sweat. He had backed himself into the corner of a concrete boiler room, shielding his face from the threat… Only there is nothing there. When he lowers his hands to reveal his face, it is clear that he hasn’t been sleeping well. His eyes are bloodshot, sunken and dark, with bags underneath that sit atop gaunt cheeks. Eyes filled with a manic fear, he cries out again into the empty air.]

“I said get away from me… Leave me alone!”

[He reaches for the only object he can find, a discarded steel chair, and tosses it at his unseen tormentor. Naturally, the chair flies through the air and crashes harmlessly into the concrete floor. Confused and out of his mind, Van Chan sinks back into the corner of the room and slowly begins to rock himself back and forth, his head in his hands.] [It is in that moment that a soft voice breaks through his sobbing.]

“Bruce, there you are…” [Paige Van Chan. She approaches cautiously, waiting for him to look up. He takes one look at her and begins to freak out.]

“Paige, you have to get out of here. It will be back… I’m sure it will. I can’t let it get you as well.”

[She slowly approaches him, kneeling on the cold and dirty ground in front of him.]

“It’s okay.” [She reassures him softly, placing a hand on the back of his neck.] “You’re burning up and hallucinating. Come with me.”

[She extends her hand to her husband to help him to his feet. However, Bruce’s eyes widen with fear as she does so and he cries out once more. Making a dash for it, he knocks Paige to the ground before stumbling out of the room and disappearing into the underbelly of the Tap Room.]


[Backstage, Cody Greer is making his way down the hall as he prepares for his match against Smiley. He has a smirk on his face from the events of the past couple weeks, but a voice from behind him stops the Man With The Beer dead in his tracks.]

“Hey, Greer!”

[Greer’s smirk fades as he turns around, and Brent Kersh is approaching with a chip on his shoulder. The Enforcer stands nose to nose with Greer, looking none too pleased after what’s been happening.]

“Look man, I get that you’re on a hunt for respect…but if you think playing mind games is the way to go, you’re dead wrong.”

[This draws a chuckle from Greer, much to the surprise of Kersh.]

“Funny you should speak about the dead, Kersh…isn’t that why you’re here on Showcase? To put all that behind you? To flee the ghosts of your past?”

[Kersh just shakes his head in frustration.]

“I think you’ve been harping on about that for too long, Greer. I’m not here to run away from my past…I’m here to focus on my future.”

[Greer just chuckles again, turning around to head to the ring when Kersh stops him with a hand on the shoulder.]

“Look, if it’s respect you want…I’ll give you a fighting chance to earn it. You and me, Over Kill. No theatrics, no mind games, just two men slugging it out. What do you say, Greer?”

[Greer just glares at him…before flashing an evil grin.]

“You’re on, Enforcer. Let’s see what you’ve got.”

[Greer pulls away from Kersh, heading out to the ring for his match Smiley coming up next!]


[Cody Greer squares off against Smiley in what will be anything but a showcase of classic technical wrestling. Both men have the ability to hit big and both men can brawl with the best of them. Expect this to be a slobberknocker.] [The bell sounds and the two men meet in the centre of the ring, Smiley looking to lock horns but met with a straight fist from Greer that sends him reeling backwards across the ring again. Greer looks for an early PARALYSER… But Smiley dodges out of the way, laughing as blood begins flowing from his nose as a result of the stiff punch. He takes advantage, grabbing Greer from behind and nailing an INVERTED DDT! The Deranged One clambers over his fallen foe, unleashing a BARRAGE OF ELBOW STRIKES TO THE BACK OF HIS HEAD! CAMEL CLUTCH SUBMISSION… HE’S GOING FOR THE GLASGOW SMILE!] [Greer has the sense about him to reach the ropes as the brutal submission is applied. Smiley breaks the hold but goes straight back on the attack, lifting Greer to his feet and kicking him in the midsection. Greer doubles over, giving Smiley the prime opportunity to plant him with a DDT… BUT GREER REVERSES! HE FLIPS SMILEY UP OVER THE TOP ROPE AND OUT OF THE RING! Greer shakes off the effects of Smiley’s assault by heading out after him and dragging him over to the crowd barricade. HE UNLEASHES A SERIES OF BODY BLOWS THAT ROCKS SMILEY. GRABS HIM BY THE HEAD… DITCH DIGGER! HE NAILED SMILEY HEAD FIRST INTO THE BARRICADE!] [Smiley is out of it. Cody Greer rolls his lifeless carcass back into the ring and rolls in after him, looking for the pin after the devastating Double Arm DDT. One! Two! No! SMILEY GOT A SHOULDER UP! THERE IS STILL LIFE IN HIM! Greer picks him up… POWERBOMB! NO! SMILEY GOT HIS FINGERS INSIDE GREER’S MOUTH! REVERSED INTO HIDEOUS LAUGHTER! Smiley plants Greer dead in the centre of the ring. BODY SCISSORS INTO GLASGOW SMILE! This time there is nowhere to go… GREER TAPS OUT!] [Smiley used Greer’s own aggression and momentum against him to steal the victory. He celebrates with a smile as Greer tends to his now stretched-out mouth.]


[After the match, we cut to find Bruce Van Chan again. An endless black space, a void of nothingness, stretches before him. He runs but seems to get nowhere. There is no sun, no moon, no light… yet he can be seen clearly. And there is nobody else there at all.] [We are deep inside one of his hallucinations… Or are we?]

“Hello?” [He calls out, his face still as sickly looking as ever. He reaches out a hand, his arm muscles sluggish and weak.] “Anybody?”

[The only other presence comes in the form of a voice… Muerte’s voice.]

“Death closes in on you, Van Chan. You can run as long and as hard as you like, but it will not help.”

[Bruce turns, trying to find the source of the voice but getting nowhere. The voice is all around him, omnipresent.]

“The sand in your hourglass is almost out. The last grain could fall at any moment now. You can feel it, can’t you? You can feel my grasp around your wrist, pulling you into the abyss. Let go, Bruce… Let go.”

[Afraid, angry, confused. Bruce goes through all emotions simultaneously before he manages to muster up the strength to call out, with all the conviction he can find.]

“You have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m not afraid of you… I’m not afraid.”

[The only sound that comes back in reply is that of a chuckle. Then, Muerte’s voice once more.]

“Oh, I know you’re not. But I know your wife… Your children. They are. They are afraid of you dying, but their fear doesn’t stop it. Neither does your stubbornness. When it is your time, there is nothing you can do about it. There isn’t a pill in the world that can stop death.”

[The words seem to rattle around, echoing in the black nothingness as the darkness around him dissolves. We find Bruce sitting on a medical examiner’s bed. His doctor is looking him over.]

“I wish I could make it stop. But I must stress to you… If you don’t take these pills, you WILL die. Without them, your heart cannot stand the stress of competing.”

[His voice trails off into a mumble of medical jargon as Bruce forces himself up off the bed. He pushes past the doctor, who stops mid-sentence as if to enquire as to Van Chan’s sudden departure from his examination.]

“I’ve got a match to get ready for. I will be fine, I swear.”


[Brent Kersh and the Sharkman stand across from one another awaiting the bell. Kersh looks stoic and ready, Sharkman looks…. Well, it’s hard to tell what his expression is. The bell rings.] [Kersh and Shark circle one another, and then they come together with a shoulder and collar tie-up. They struggle for a moment and then Kersh uses his size to get the advantage and throws Sharkman into the ropes. As he returns, Kersh throws him over top with a BACK BODY DROP!! Shark crashes hard to the mat and Kersh drops a few knees to his head and shoulders. Kersh then begins focusing on Sharkman’s right knee. Kick after kick to the knee as Kersh hands out punishment. Shark is really in trouble here. Kersh grabs him by the mask and pulls him to his feet. But Sharkman can’t stand and fall, but somehow rolls Kersh up! One… Two… Thr… Kickout!] [Kersh gets angrily to his feet, and Shark musters the energy for a desperation ENZIGURI!! Kersh drops to the ground and so does Shark. The ref starts a count. One… Two… Three… Four… Five… Sharkman grabs the ropes and begins pulling himself up… Six… Seven… Kersh starts climbing to his feet as well… Eight… Nin…. both men are up and Shark rushes at Kersh. Kersh tries to swing at Shark, but he ducks under and grabs Kersh from behind… HAMMERLOCK! INTO A SUPLEX!!! But Shark doesn’t cover! He gets to wobbly feet and waits… As Kersh begins to kneel… SUSHI KICK!! One… Two… Thre… Kickout!!] [Shark gets to his feet again… and pulls Kersh up, but Kersh immediately drops down with a CHOP BLOCK! He takes Sharkman out at the knee!! Shark drops down and hold his injured leg! Kersh is in control here and immediately grabs Sharkman by the leg and falls down, twisting the knee as he goes. This is all but over as Kersh grabs Sharkman and locks in the LONE STAR!! Shark is in so much trouble and is forced to tap!!] [The Enforcer comes up with a big victory tonight, but is there lasting damage done to the Shark’s leg?]


[Stood backstage, Neville Sheldon warms up for his match later against Edward Newton. It’s going to be a unique challenge for both men, but never let it be said that Neville doesn’t relish a challenge. He’s joined by the Sharkman, who last week offered a match to Sheldon for the Double Feature Championship. However, both men are also under the gun from Lux Bellator, who has targeted them for some reason.]

“Neville.” [Sharkman greets.] [Sheldon shakes the hand of the Champion and offers a thin grin.]

“Shark, I’m glad you came. I’m sorry I didn’t come to you, but I’ve got to wrap my mind around this match later.”

[Sharkman only shrugs.]

“No problem, I was on patrol anyway.”

[Neville smiles at that one before he gets down to business.]

“I know you keep your eyes open, so you know that Lux Bellator has used that stuff he took from us to make a crown and a bow.” [Shark nods in understanding.] “So you and I need to watch our backs. Our match is one thing, and you know that its every man for himself, but outside of the bell to bell action, we need to stand together against whatever it is he is trying to do.”

[Sharkman extends his hand once more, but holds onto Sheldon’s.]

“I’ll watch your back as well, Neville. I appreciate all that you’re willing to do for me. And I will do the same for you, my friend.”

[The two men nod at one another, but the party is quickly spoiled by the two men being split by an ARROW PIERCING THE WALL!]


[Shark and Sheldon turn to face none other than Lux Bellator, who sneers in their direction.]

“What the Lord has put together, let no man tear asunder.”

[Bellator hoists his bow and lets the red teeth topping his crown shimmer under the fluorescent lights.]

“I come to conquer and defeat the two of you.” [He slowly backs away as Sheldon and Shark approach him.] “And that will happen. There is no alliance you can form that I will not destroy. The seal must be destroyed!”

[Bellator backs down another hallway, yet as Shark and Sheldon turn on the gas to attack him, they find nothing but an empty hallway. The two men look at one another and nod, their bond tighter than in the beginning,]


[North looks already worn out as he makes his way into the ring and Bruce looks none better, his eyes slightly glazed over.] [The bell rings and both men are slow on the start, trading wild blows that are less precise than either is known for! Van Chan gets the advantage with a stiff kick to the side of North’s damaged ribs! Viktor drops to his ribs and Bruce flies forward with a knee that… misses? Van Chan stumbles, holding his head and looking confused. North gets to his feet and capitalizes with a discuss lariat! Van Chan gets knocked back to reality and North grabs the hopes before raining down boot after boot to Bruce’s chest! He lets up as the referee begins to count!] [North peels Van Chan from the mat and whips him into the ropes, catching him for A SCOOP- CROSSBODY BY VAN CHAN! North sprawls back in pain as Bruce gets to his feet as quickly as possible, hitting the far ropes and coming back with a springboard moonsault! He covers! One! Two! KICKOUT BY NORTH! The Skull Splitter is holding his chest in pain but he is able to fight out of the pin! Van Chan uses the ropes to help himself up, shaking his head before moving to the turnbuckle! He slowly moves up the ropes as North stirs behind him!] [Viktor is able to to get to his feet in time to see Van Chan at the second turnbuckle! North rushes forwards and shoulder bashes Van Chan into the turnbuckles! He hits a few stiff forearms to Bruce’s back before following up with a headbutt to the back of the skull! Van Chan is looking out of it as North tries to pull him off of the ropes! The Skull Splitter almost has it but Van Chan lashes back with an elbow to the side of the head! North stumbles back and Van Chan leaps back! GOOD NIGHT! North is down and Van Chan pins! One! Two! Three!] [Van Chan wearily gets to his feet, leaving the ring with North motionless in the middle of it.]


[North is breathing heavily following his match, yet he denies any assistance from ringside! He tries to push himself to his feet only for the lights to dim on him, an ever familiar sigh being heard through the speakers.]

“Viktor, you’re really trying too hard. All of the damage your poor body is going through, all of the mental suffering, is it really worth it?”

[Doubt appears at the entrance of the Tap Room, the Emotion slowly walking down to the ring with a mic in hand. He stands on the apron, eyeing North.]

“Night after night, match after match you come out here with the intention to right all of the wrongs and be given entrance into your hall of the ancients. It’s pitiful to watch.”

[North looks up at Doubt, baring his teeth before spitting at it, the Skull Splitter obviously not listening to word coming out of its mouth.]

“I’m giving you one more chance to give in and stay down Viktor. Next week you and I are going to enter this ring, but only one will walk out under their own power. But I can stop all that if you just agree to stay down.”

[Doubt moves towards North, holding his microphone down towards him, allowing him to speak. NORTH GRABS DOUBT’S ARM! Viktor lifts himself up, holding the microphone as he stares into Doubt’s mask.] [His voice shakes as he speaks, pain showing on his face.] “I will never, allow a creature like you to make me submit. I’m going to break every bone in your body!”

[Doubt shakes his head, pushing North off, the Viking landing backward as Doubt leaves the ring.]

“As you wish. Come next week, only one of us will still stand tall.”


[An Immortal faces off against a Warrior of God tonight as the Showcase Champion fights in a non-title match with all the momentum heading into Over Kill. Will Lux beat a champion a week before he becomes one or will Earhart use the light to solve an impossible riddle?] [The bell sounds as both men circle around another, sizing each other up before Lux rushes forward, taking Earhart down with an arm drag. Earhart rolls to his feet right into another arm drag before Lux spins him around with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Lux rolls through into the single arm DDT but the Immortal throws him off as he attempts the Arm of God. Lux rolls to his feet, running forward with a hard knee to the jaw that stuns Earhart before leaping up with a Hurricanrana. Earhart catches him on his shoulders, running forward as he delivers a Release Powerbomb into the turnbuckles!] [Lux pulls himself up dazed as Earhart rushes forward with a giant shoulder, taking all the wind out of Bellator before he raises him up to the top rope. Earhart climbs up to the second rope, hooking his arm around the head of Lux as he tries for the Flight of Logic. Lux refuses to fly off, fighting his way out as he headbutts Earhart back down to the mat as he positions himself up on the top rope, DIVING CROSSBODY! EARHART ROLLS THROUGH, clutching Lux across his body as he swings him around, BACK SURGERY!] [Ethan covers, ONE…TWO…Lux gets the shoulder up. Earhart lifts Bellator up, calling for the end, PURITY! Lux locks in that triangle choke out of nowhere as Earhart is in big trouble. Lux has it locked in fully as Earhart looks like he’s fading as he drops to one knee. Earthart raises his arm as if to tap but gets a surge of strength as he powers Lux up, Powerbombing him down but it doesn’t break the hold, instead cinching it in tighter! Earhart tries to fight out again but the pain is too much as he’s forced to tap out!] [The Light Warrior picks up a huge victory tonight over the Showcase Champion, and if he can do the same thing next week, we’ll be looking at a brand new Double Feature Champion]


[Sitting in the locker room, Cael Gable sits in front of an old CRT monitor. He has a VCR hooked up to it, and is watching some grainy footage of wrestling matches. As we look closer, we can see that it is Johnny Evil’s match from last week on Monday Night Showcase. Gable has a small pen and pad next to him, with several notes all written on it.] [Needless to say, Gable is taking notes.] [Gable seems to notice something else, but as he reaches over to grab his pad, he finds that it has a boot on top of it.]

“Impressive, isn’t it?” [Johnny Evil asks, guile in his voice.] [Gable rolls his eyes, and stands to his feet to square up with his nemesis.]

“You know what you’re doing between the ropes.” [Cael admits with a grin.] “But you still can’t hang with me in the squared circle.”

[Evil takes his turn to roll his eyes in exaggerated fashion, mocking the Olympian.]

“You still don’t get it.” [Johnny begins.] “In your world, it may have been all about what happens on the mat. But in my world, there’s a lot more to it. Because in my world, I can close my fist and punch you in the face. I can claw at your eyeballs. I can kick you square in the junk. You can play it fair in the ring with some of these other guys on the roster, but Johnny Evil is going to give you a true welcome to professional wrestling.”

[Gable nods in acceptance of what Evil has stated.]

“That’s the difference between you and me, Evil. You don’t know a thing about me, but I’ve studied all I can about you. I know what you’re capable of in the ring, whether legal or not legal. So as far as I’m concerned, I have the advantage.”

[Evil laughs and shakes his head as he backs away towards the door.]

“I guess in about a week, we’ll see how right you are, big shot.”

[He opens the locker room door and steps through, his final words being spoken as he exits.]

“We will see.”

[Gable smiles as he sits back down and rewinds the video tape he was watching.]


[Tonight, its Mike Lane vs. Doubt. After last week’s closing moments, will Doubt continue the onslaught he did to Mike’s body or will the shadow get some revenge for last week and send a message to his foe, Smiley?] [We see the anger in his eyes, right at the start of the match; Mike Lane goes for a SHADOW, no! Doubt ducks underneath it and hits a JUMPING NECKBREAKER! Doubt is giving a flurry of stomps to Mike as the shadow is working to get up. Mike gets to his knees and Doubt starts clubbing away at his back. Doubt grabs Mike’s head, goes for the DDT but Mike reverses it into a NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX! He holds onto it for the cover, 1, 2, no! Doubt kicks out. With Doubt still on the ground, Mike Lane clasps on the Single leg Boston crab, will doubt tap out?] [The crowd is chanting for him to tap!] [After what seems like forever, Doubt finally reaches the ropes. Mike Lane has to let go and is waiting for Doubt to get back up. When Doubt gets to his feet, Mike grabs him from behind and is going for the German Suplex, Doubt elbows his way out of the grasp and throws Mike down with an arm drag. When Mike gets back up, Doubt hits him hard with a DISCUS CLOTHESLINE! Doubt walks out onto the apron to come back in with a TOPE CON HILO! After seeing how successful that was, Doubt goes for it a second time and, no, this time Mike puts his knees up! Both men are down!] [You can hear the crowd yelling for them to get up!] [The referee starts the ten count, Mike Lane gets up first at six, goes to doubt, pulls him and starts delivering a rapid FLURRY OF ELBOWS! Lane grabs Doubt and hits him with the DEGENERATION! Lane goes for the cover! 1, 2, Doubt kicks out. Lane gets up quickly lying in wait for the Shadow Kick. Lane goes for it but no! Doubt grabs the leg and pulls Lane as close to him as he can, starts hitting him with HEADBUTT after HEADBUTT! With Doubt’s hard mask, Lane can barely hold himself up, Doubt goes to the apron, he goes for the springboard clothesline but No! , SHADOW KICK midair to doubt! Lane goes for the pin. 1, 2, 3! Lane does it!] [ Mike Lane gets the win but is not celebrating like normal, you know he wishes this was Smiley intead]


[Mike Lane gets back to his feet, angrily stomping Doubt from the ring. He’s infuriated and the fans are one hundred percent behind him. The Shadowking is about to exit the ring to the outside when something strange happens.] [The taproom entrance is suddenly swarmed by police officers. Mike looks on in shock, unsure of what’s next as they approach, demonstrating to him that they’re here for his arrest.] [He carefully turns around, having handcuffs placed upon his wrists. As they are, a voice cackles maniacally from the entrance.] [It belongs to Smiley.]

“I’ve taken everything from you Lane.”

[His laugh intensifies as he steps out from behind the doors, revealing himself.]

“I took Destiny when you chose to offer her as a sacrifice to me,” [he muses.] “I took your daughter the moment Errol Flint laid claim to her and started legal proceedings to take her from you. And now, by showing your true nature, I’ve taken one of the things you hold most dear; your morality.”

[Mike is slowly frogmarched towards Smiley, the officers preparing to take him away.]

“And at Overkill, I will take the only thing you have left; your career!”

[As they approach, Mike forcibly stops, staring at his nemesis.]

“Smile, Michael,” [Smiley hisses.] “This will all be over soon.”

[The officers drag him away, his eyes never leaving Smiley until he’s taken backstage. The Lunatic looks out into the sea of fans, cackling to himself as he tosses the microphone down.]


[The following is a letter delivered to Old School Wrestling this morning.]

Dear Brent Kersh,

This letter may come as a surprise to you but I decided to send it. I’m trying to turn over a new leaf and this feels like the right thing to do. Two weeks ago I was approached by a man with sinister intentions. He doesn’t like you, Kersh.

In fact, he wanted to hire me to make your life miserable. He was going to pay handsomely too. Could you imagine that? In a former life I would have taken it, broken you and left you in pieces at my feet.

However, I turned it down.

I’ve had to re-evaluate my life as of late. The things I used to do, they weren’t right. I ain’t making excuses, but I don’t know why I did them. I’m sending you this letter to let you know that you need to watch your back.

He’s coming for you, Kersh.

I wish I wasn’t so sure, but I am. I’ve seen the look his eyes before, hell, I’ve seen it in my own. When a man looks like that, there’s no lengths he won’t go to, to get what he wants.

And what he wants is your career. He wants your career to end.

Watch your back.

I’ll be out of here in a week and I’ll come find you. I just hope I make it in time, because if I don’t, there’s no telling what may happen.


Your future friend.



[Two men of the mind enter… The Think Tank! The Riddler and the Nerd go toe to toe with no escape and no rules!] [Newton studies Neville as the Nerd becomes acquainted with the strange arena. Newton advances on Neville but Sheldon locks up with The Riddler! Neville uses his technical prowess to get behind Newton and lock in a full nelson! Newton tries to fight out of it but Neville shows superior strength! Newton stomps on Sheldon’s foot! He slips out and gets behind Neville, GERMAN SUPLEX INTO THE PLEXIGLASS WALL! Neville bounces off of the plastic and lands face first on the floor! Newton lifts him up by the hair and runs him headfirst into the wall again!] [Neville is leaning against the plastic and Newton is looking dominant as he uses his foot to force Neville face first into the wall. Newton pulls Sheldon to his feet and whips him into the far wall! He stops short! Newton runs to the Nerd but Neville catches him WITH A BODYSLAM! Newton holds his back in pain and Neville drops an elbow to the chest of the Riddler! Neville seems to have control again as he grabs Newton by the arm and pulls him up, going for a snap suplex that lands with sickening smack onto the plexiglass!] [Neville goes for the pin but Newton kicks out at one! The Riddler refuses to stay down and Neville tries to lift him for another slam but Newton SPITS IN NEVILLE’S FACE! The Nerd recoils and THE QUESTION IS! Newton rakes Neville’s eyes and doubles him over with a kick to the shin! NEVER– Neville catches Newton mid-move! He moves him up to his shoulders! N.E.R.D TO NEWTON! Neville sends the Riddler crashing into the floor of the container! He covers the Riddler! One! Two! Three- KICK OUT BY NEWTON! THE RIDDLER REFUSES TO STAY DOWN!] [Neville is in shock that Edward kicked out, the Nerd tries to get Newton to his feet but Newton headbutts him right in the nose! Sheldon grabs his face and Newton reaches into his coat pockets, coming out with two pairs of brass knuckles! Sheldon lets go of his nose and gets caught with wild haymakers from the Riddler! NEVILLE IS BUSTED OPEN! Newton wails on poor Neville, pushing him back into the middle of the container! Newton knocks the wind out of Neville with a blow to the gut and NEVER- NEVILLE CATCHES HIM AGAIN! The Nerd runs AND SLAMS NEWTON INTO THE FAR WALL!] [Both men collapse to the ground and Neville tries to wipe the blood from his face as he slowly tries getting to his feet. Newton doesn’t show any signs of stirring as Neville gets to his feet. He rests against the wall and takes a deep breath- LOWBLOW BY EDWARD! The crowd goes wild in boos as Newton grabs Neville’s head and begins slamming it into the plexiglass wall! RIDDLE ME THAT! With each slam of the head, the plastic becomes redder, Neville’s blood covering up the wall. The Riddler pulls back on Neville, slamming him once more into the wall before letting him collapse.] [Newton stand tall over Neville, The Riddler looking to have trumped the Nerd as he drags him away from the wall and hoists him up from the ground. He raises his hand to punch him- NEVILLE CATCHES IT! BOOKSMART! Sheldon pulls Newton into his finisher and wrenches on the hold! Newton looks faint as Neville pulls with all of his might! Newton is gasping for air but he reaches into his jacket pocket- FLASHBANG! NEWTON THROWS A FLASH BANG IN FRONT OF NEVILLE! Sheldon covers his eyes and ears and Newton turns him around FOR THE NEVERMIND! Neville smacks the ground and Newton covers! One! Two! Three!] [Newton holds his ears in pain, the desperation flashbang having echoed through the chamber.]


[The Think Tank is slowly lifted into the air, allowing the referee and Neville Sheldon to roll out under the bottom rope.] [Newton goes to follow, when suddenly; a loud clunk jolts the entire structure. His eyes widen, but before he can escape, the entire thing falls back into place, clamping down on the canvas.] [Panicked, The Riddler rushes over to the Plexiglas, smashing his hands off it furiously.]

“Get me out of here you imbecile!” [He hollers at the referee, who shrugs his shoulders, unsure of what’s happened.] “God damnit, get me out of here right now!”

[Just then, down from the rafters on a line comes the unthinkable.] [It’s Ethan Earhart and he’s not alone!] [He has some kind of tube in his hand that travels way up into the rafters, extending down to the think tank. The Showcase Champion unhooks the structure, revealing a hole. He inserts the pipe and makes a circular motion with his fingers, standing up to watch as freezing cold water begins flowing into the tank.]

“What the hell do you think you’re doing!?” [Newton barks as freezing water splashes down on him.] “You absolute idiot! You can’t do this to me, I have your Championship!”

[Earhart smiles.] “You have barely fifteen minutes to give me what I want before your precious think tank becomes flooded. If I’m not satisfied with the answers, you had better learn to hold your breath longer than has ever been known before.”

[Newton looks down, realizing that the water is already at his ankles.]

“You can’t do this, Earhart. If I don’t make it out of here, you’ll never find out where your precious title is.”

[The Champion scoffs.]

“Do you expect me to believe that you’d sacrifice your life for something you couldn’t have if you were dead?” [Ethan says with a chuckle.] “Come on, I know you’re more intelligent than that. Tell me where my Championship is, and I’ll let you fight me for it at Over Kill.”

[The Riddle contemplates the idea. The water is now above his knees and he’s running out of time.] [But he refuses to give it up.] [So the water rises.] [And rises.] [And rises, until Edward Newton is pressed up against the glass, desperate for oxygen with only a few inches left.]

“OKAY! OKAY!” [He yells panicked.] “It’s under the ring, OKAY!? Just let me out of here!”

[Earhart looks towards a member of staff who quickly goes under the ring to check. He pulls out the Championship, showing it off to Ethan who gets a major cheer from the crowd.] [And thus, he takes out the pipe.]

“Now please, please, just let me out of here, okay?”

[The Showcase Champion thinks about it for a moment, kneeling down.]

“That wasn’t a part of the deal, Newton. I’ll see you at Over Kill, if you make it that far.”

[He reaches up, grabbing the strap that lowered him down, rising up into the air whilst Edward swims in a panic, trying to stay afloat.] [Showcase comes to an end, the challenger in a dire situation inside the Think Tank, whilst the Champion smiles from above.] [Cut.]