[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [There is a stark contrast between the vicious rushing of water that we hear and the silent stillness of the silhouette in the center of the frame. The hooded shadow kneels on a precipice overlooking a rushing water source. Steel pipes line the area below this jutted out piece of manufactured equipment.] [Some creature seems to have born his way inside the Tap Room from main labyrinth of hallways to this underground sanctum.] [Astute viewers will remember someone on this very roster once called this dank quarters home.] [Before that can be considered, the voice of Lux Bellator begins to speak softly, echoing in the open chambers below him yet swallowed by the water.]

“And when the Lamb opened the second seal…”

[With one smooth exertion of his legs, Bellator stands to his feet and turns around to walk towards his intricately carved altar to God. The warrior of light hovers over this altar and the ancient book placed upon it.]

“…I heard the second living creature say come.”

[The calloused hands of Lux Bellator gently caress the book and the seals of wax wrapped around it. The top-most remaining seal seems to glow upon his touch. With what seems to be centuries of built-up tension, the wax seems to soften into something malleable.] [Before anything else can happen, a harsh neigh rings out into the damp air. A smile appears on Lux Bellator’s face as he steps forward to find a horse before him. This horse is not the pure white of the one he rode previously. This one is bright red, a stark contrast to the dull colors surrounding it.]

“Are you ready to carry me forth, my friend?” [Bellator asks the horse, stroking its mane.] “For permission has been granted me to ride and bring about something that many clamor for.”

[Bellator mounts the horse, an electric charge seemingly running through them both as if a circuit has been completed.]


[With that final word, Lux Bellator is taken by a red mist, the crimson enveloping both rider and steed in its sheer power.] [Yet behind him, we see the seal begin to melt through Bellator’s intricate system to touch the bowl beneath it.] [The last bowl left Neville Sheldon covered in sores.] [What will this one do?]


[The stern Corrections Officer makes his OSW debut here tonight, looking to hand out some hard time to all that stand in his way. Can Oliver Angst pull off a huge upset or will he be but the first victim?] [The bell rings as Angst rushes forward, trying to take his larger opponent off guard with a series of lefts and rights that barely affect the larger man. Angst backs up, bouncing off the ropes as he runs into a massive right hand that nearly knocks him out cold. Angst staggers up right into the clutches of Davis who tosses him into the corner, running forward with a bone crushing Avalanche as Angst staggers out right into the waiting arms of Davis who lifts him up high, FALLAWAY SLAM ACROSS THE RING!] [Angst slowly gets to his feet as Officer Davis twists his arm before nearly taking his head off with a clothesline. Davis doesn’t cover, instead lifting Angst up high for what looks like a Powerbomb but Angst manages to slip out the back as he scrambles up to the top rope. Angst waits for Davis to turn around as he dives off with a flying kick…Davis CATCHES HIM…BACKBREAKER This should be it as the corrections Officer covers..] [ONE…TWO…’Security’ pulls him up! Davis lifts the limp Angst up, squeezing his head into a vice before delivering a series of headbutts, one, two, three, incredibly devastating before swinging Angst around and throwing him down to the canvas with a rib breaking Full Nelson Slam. Security calls for the end as he lifts up the barely conscious Angst with one hand, tossing him into the ropes and… RIOT CONTROL! Angst is done as Davus places on foot on him for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Davis picks up a dominating victory tonight, absolutely dismantling Oliver Angst as he sends a message of destruction towards the whole of OSW in his debut.]


[Davis stands proudly in the middle of the ring, swinging his baton as the crowd boo. They don’t respect or appreciate the Correction’s Officer.]

“The Champ is here!”

[The eruption of AJ Dollar’s theme echoes throughout the Tap Room as the fans get to their feet. ‘The Money Man’ steps out into the arena and surveys the crowd, scoffing at the sight of Officer Davis before heading towards the ring.] [With a microphone in hand, the newcomer gets in the face of The Correction’s Officer.]

“What’s the matter, cracker?” [AJ hisses.] “Ain’t you used to seeing a free black man?”

[The fans cheer as Dollar begins to pace around him.]

“Well you had better get used to it, because if there’s one place AJ Dollars ain’t goin’, it’s jail. You see, you ain’t got any authority out here, man. You’re just a pig wanna-be in a costume. Do you know what we do to pigs in the hood? We put them on the grill for some barbeque.”

[Davis grins.] “What did you call me, boy?” [He says, swinging his nightstick.] “A pig wanna-be, is that it? Around here, I’m the law. If you don’t want to end up with this shoved down your throat, you’ll show me a little respect.”

[Dollars quickly heads back over to him, getting in his face. The crowd are buzzing for a fight, only the lights dim and darken, surprising everyone.] [And before you know it, Tonatiuh arrives at the entrance.]

“What is it with civilisation today?” [He asks, his large headdress on display.] “You feud over the colour of your skin, or the societal standards that place you at odds. You spend little time worshipping your God’s, unless they carry favour for you. However, this God has endured being forsaken long enough. Your petty squabbles mean very little to the Sun God.”

[Both AJ and Davis turn to face him.]

“As such, you will both make acceptable sacrifices.”

[He scoffs.]

“And you will both bow before Tonatiuh!”

[Suddenly, a bolt lashes towards the ring, setting the ropes in front of both men on fire. Tonatiuh raises his arms, signalling his responsibility as both AJ and Davis back away, wondering what the hell has just happened.]


[Kersh is no stranger to the supernatural. But will he be able to survive the Hangman?] [Kersh starts the match off with a head of steam as he lays into the Hangman with a strong combination of lefts and rights that force the Headhunter into the corner! Kersh gets onto the second turnbuckle and rains down fists onto Hangman! One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six- HANGMAN BLOCKS HIM! The Headhunter forces Kersh up AND RUNS INTO A SITOUT POWERBOMB! The Enforcer smacks the mat with extreme force! Hangman isn’t finished though! He stands up and lifts Kersh by his head, lifting him into the air- KERSH SLIPS BEHIND HANGMAN! GERMAN SUPLEX BY THE ENFORCER!] [Kersh holds onto the suplex and rolls through! He tries to go for another but Hangman catches him with an elbow to the side of the head! Kersh tries to hold on but Hangman hits another and another! Kersh is forced to let go and Hangman turns around with a full clothesline to the veteran wrestler! Hangman looks angry as he forces Kersh to his feet, headbutting the poor man before whipping him to the ropes! Hangman goes for- SPINE BUSTER BY KERSH! THE ENFORCER PLANTS HANGMAN INTO THE GROUND! Kersh keeps his grip and turns Hangman INTO A BOSTON CRAB!] [Hangman is in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go as Kersh wrenches on the hold! The Headhunter tries to crawl to the ropes but Kersh pulls him back into the center of the ring! Hangman pushes up AND FORCES BRENT KERSH OFF OF HIM! Hangman uses pure leg strength to free himself! Kersh turns around into a massive big boot from Hangman! Kersh is laid out and the big man reaches down and grabs his throat! He deadlifts Kersh into the air HAYMAKER BY BRENT KERSH! Hangman is stunned! SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! Kersh covers! One! Two! Three!] [Kersh has survived the Hangman! The referee raises his arm in victory before he leaves the ring.]


[After that match, the Hangman rolls out of the ring and makes his way backstage. Brent Kersh is not finished yet. He calls for a microphone and gets one. He raises his mic.]

“Two weeks ago, I received a letter from someone that calls himself my future friend warning me to watch out for someone who wanted to end my career. At first, I wasn’t so sure if I should believe what he said, but then… then, some weasel attacks me in the dark. I had to get eight stitches in my scalp to close up the wound.” [The camera zooms in on his head. The stitches are evident.] “If you think, stranger, that attacking me with a chair scares me in the slightest bit, I’ll remind you of my persecution by the Scarecrow! Say what you will about the Hayman, but at least he had the courage to challenge me face to face. You, you, mystery man are nothing but a bold faced coward.”

“Coward! Coward! Coward!” [The crowd chants along as Kersh waves his arms like an orchestra conductor. Finally he starts to quiet down the crowd after nothing has happened.]

“Nothing, coward, nothing?! I wouldn’t expect anything more for someone like you…”

[BZZT! The lights go out, but come back on almost immediately, taking away the element of surprise. The same masked man decked out in back is behind Kersh. He swings a chair at him, but the Enforcer ducks under and spins him around… SUPERKICK!! The masked man is levelled, and Kersh jumps on him and yanks off the mask…] [It’s Edward Newton!] [Kersh is taken aback, confused why Newton would have an issue with him, which allows Newton to nail Kersh with a low blow! Kersh drops and Newton rolls out, smiling from ear to ear as the crowd rains down a chorus of boos on the Showcase Champion!]


[Newcomer AJ Dollar$ has his work cut out for him as he is slated to face The Emotion] [Dollars is aggressive early, running forward with an absolutely BRUTAL CLOTHESLINE! Doubt is taken off of his feet and tossed to the ground! He taunts to the crowd before deadlifting Doubt up and putting him onto the turnbuckle! AJ is looking to dish out damage early to the inhuman emotion, climbing up the ropes- BOOT TO THE GUT! Doubt hits AJ with a stiff kick that knocks him to his feet! The Emotion stands on the turnbuckle AND HITS A FLYING HURRICANRANA! Dollars hits the mat hard, landing right on his neck from the devastating move! Doubt is quick to his feet!] [Doubt looks to push his advantage by stomping on the downed AJ, the Money Man doesn’t seem to be taking it though! AJ slowly fights to his feet, Doubt unable to keep the larger man down! Dollars gets Doubt with a knee to the gut! Underhook Suplex by the big man! Doubt bounces off of the ground and AJ lifts him by his mask, tossing him right across the ring! The Emotion looks to be in dire straights as AJ runs forward INTO A SPRINGBOARD ROUNDHOUSE BY DOUBT! AJ hits the ground and Doubt follows up WITH A SPRINGBOARD ELBOW DROP!] [Dollars is taken by surprise by Doubt’s offense, the elbow drop hitting his chest like a shotgun blast! Doubt mounts AJ and rains down blows upon the bigger man- BUT AJ CATCHES A FIST! He pulls Doubt close and gets to his feet with Doubt held to his chest. BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX! Doubt lands headfirst halfway across the ring! Dollars is to his feet and looking to keep going, he runs forward and DOUBT DUCKS THE BIG BOOT! AJ gets caught up on the ropes Doubt uses the ropes to jump- END OF WISDOM TO DOLLARS! Doubt covers! One! Two! Three!] [The Emotion is riding a wave of momentum as he takes down the newcomer!]


[The camera is moving with much haste through the backstage area, following a running flash of red hair and bouncy personality. The OSW Faithful all know who Stephanie Rose is, and what her current mission is. As the lead interviewer for the Old School, she is obviously moving with journalistic fervor here!]

“We’re almost there!” [She pants as she rounds a corner to the parking garage adjacent to the Tap Room.] [As they run into the open area, Rose slows her pace to a normal stride, controlling her breath to appear as if she didn’t just run the entire length of the Tap Room to score this interview. Her quarry seems to have come to the Tap Room with a mission on his mind.] [The Sharkman.]

“Sharkman.” [Rose begins, squaring up to the finned avenger.] “Thank you for letting me know you were headed here. I was in the area, and thought I’d swing over and see what you had to say.”

[If tonight was about mirth, Sharkman may have chuckled at the disheveled Rose, but instead he looks into her eyes through his goggles. While his mask has no expression, one can almost feel the levity drain out of the room.]

“Thanks for meeting me here, Stephanie.” [He begins.] “I just thought it would be the right thing to do to come here and let the world know how Neville Sheldon is doing.”

[Rose perks up at the mention of the Underdog.]

“After what happened at Over Kill, I feel as though we all have been waiting with baited breath to find out if he’s okay.”

[Shark nods in agreement before continuing.]

“The doctors don’t know what it was that Bellator poured on him, but they know that there is a chance Neville will heal with aggressive treatment.”

[Rose smiles at that news, but Sharkman isn’t done. His neck seems to twitch as he reaches up to touch one of his red teeth.]

“How, when, where, and even if we will see Neville again, however, will not be as simple.” [Another twitch.] “I wouldn’t wish what happened to him upon my worst enemy, Steph.”

[Before he can continue, Sharkman suddenly reaches both hands up to grab at his mask. He falls to his knees in a strange sort of agony as Rose looks around to yell for help.] [And help has arrived, but not the help she anticipated.] [Out of a veil of crimson mist, the bright red steed of Lux Bellator enters the scene, his shoes clip-clapping along the pavement. Upon his back is Bellator, who sneers beneath his mask down at the struggling Sharkman.]

“What have you done to him?” [Rose asks.] [Bellator dismounts the horse, carefully picking up Sharkman to throw him over its back. Before he remounts, he looks over to Rose with a tight grin.]

“I have only made a starving beast hungry again.”

[With those words, Bellator mounts his steed and the mist seems to take the entire parking garage in its crimson glow.] [When it fades, Stephanie Rose is left alone.]


[Tonight, it is Tonatiuh’s debut match in the Tap Room. Will he be triumphant here tonight? In his way is the African Assault, Makena Jakande. She is on a big wave of Momentum after Overkill. It is no easy challenge for the Aztec god tonight.] [Makena is hot out of the gates and takes Tonatiuh down quickly with a SPEAR! She gets on top of him and rains down some punches. He grabs her foot to trip her and locks in a heel hook! Makena is scrambling in pain. She uses her free leg to stand up and hits an Enzuigiri! This stuns Tonatiuh, she goes for the spear again, DROP TOE HOLD into the turnbuckle! He goes behind and hits a PUMPHANDLE SUPLEX! Makena fell down hard and Tonatiuh locks in the LEGS-TRAPPED CAMEL CLUTCH! Makena crawls to the ropes and Rope Break!] [Tonatiuh starts to stomp on her! After a couple of stomps, Makena kicks his legs out from under him. Tonatiuh falls on the middle rope! She climbs to the top rope… FROG SPLASH onto the prone god! She waits for him to get up, THESZ PRESS! She’s raining down punches. Tonatiuh shoves her off of him, she starts stomping on him, and he grabs her foot to trip her up and locks in the INVERTED CLOVERLEAF! She has no choice but to crawl and she reaches the ropes again! She uses the ropes to pick herself up but TOLLAN CALLS before she gets to her feet!] [Tonatiuh goes for the pin, 1… 2… No! Makena kicks out! Tonatiuh is waiting for her to get up. He goes for the Crimson Dawn but she flips out of it! Before he realizes what happens, she hits him hard with a LARIAT! Makena goes to the top rope. Tonatiuh is getting up… DIVING CROSSBODY from Makena! She gets down to Tonatiuh’s level and locks in the LION’S JAW! He looks like he is about to tap but he reverses it into a FUJIWARA ARMBAR! She reverses it back into the LION’S JAW! He bites her hand! She is holding her hand in agony and he hits the TALON’S CLAW! He covers her. 1… 2… 3! It’s over!] [Tonatiuh with an impressive debut in the tap room. We can expect big things from the Aztec god.]


[The streets are cold and desolate, as though the life has been sucked from them. A lone figure walks in the middle of the street. The Emotion. Doubt.] [He holds his hands behind his back, deep in contemplation. Suddenly the moon illuminates a shadow, a horned figure’s silhouette stretches across the road, encompassing Doubt. The Emotion looks up in confusion.] [And a war cry echoes through the streets.] [In full armor, Viktor North holds two axes high overhead, his scream piercing the silence before he charges at Doubt, the Emotion backing away as North Charges. The Viking slices expertly with his axes, Doubt being forced to dodge from side to side, always narrowly avoiding getting cut with one of the blades.]

“Your insides will meet my axe, demon! In Odin’s name, your skull will be split in twain!”

[Doubt tries to avoid the blows, moving from side to side, seemingly unhittable…] [Until the sound of metal tearing metal silences the commotion.] [Doubt falls forward onto his knees, the axe sticking out from his metallic mask, North leaning fully into his blow, having struck with full force.] [And Doubt merely sighs.]

“How are you still alive, beast?”

[Doubt ignores North, slowly standing up.]

“If Valhalla is what you seek, do not try to continue with your attempts to kill me.”

[North lets go of his weapon and slowly backs away as Doubt tilts his head.]

“You already know I’m not human. You already know that I cannot be killed. Do you wish to continue your foolish agenda, or shall I take away your greatest reward in life?”

[North looks on in terror as Doubt grabs a hold of the axe in his mask.]

“What do you mean?”

[The camera pans to Doubt’s feet as he drops his mask to the ground, the axe still buried into it. It cuts to North, his eyes wide in pure horror.]

“I’ll remove everything that makes you, you. And your soul will never ascend.”

[North slowly backs away, the camera focused on his face as he leaves Doubt, and his axe, behind before retreating into the darkness.] [The scene slowly fades out on Doubt’s mask, the Emotion slowly leaning down to pick it up.]


[Almost overnight Smiley became the most hated and feared man in OSW history when he retired Mike Lane but Voodoo has already proven he fears no soul. Will the Soul Reaper take his greatest prize yet or will the Deranged One destroy another man?] [The bell sounds as Smiley rushes forward, CHELSEA GRIN! Smiley hits the Spinning Heel within the first few seconds as he drops down, not for the cover but to pound down on Voodoo with hard rights and lefts almost as if he’s trying to bust him wide open. Smiley lifts Voodoo up, drilling him in the chest with a series of hard knees before tossing him to the canvas with a hard scoop slam] [Smiley barely lets Voodoo hit the canvas before pulling him up again as he power whips Voodoo into the corner. Voodoo just stops himself flying headfirst into the corner as Smiley rushes up from behind, 6TH SENSE! A massive clothesline causes Smiley to stumble before a running knee to the side of the head drops the Deranged One to one knee as Voodoo lifts him up, SOUL STEALER!] [Voodoo drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…Smiley just gets the shoulder up! Voodoo quickly heads up to the top rope, hoping to finish off Smiley, VOODOO DROP…HITS KNEES! Voodoo stumbles, holding his ribs, ANTIDEPRESSANT! Smiley doesn’t cover, backing up as a sadistic smile crosses his face, patiently waiting for Voodoo to get to his feet before leaping up onto his back with a sleeper hold, fish-hooking his mouth as he tries to lock in a Rear Naked Glasgow Smile! Voodoo tries to fight out but Smiley drops back, body-scissoring him as he fully locks in the hold! Voodoo tries to fight but Smiley wrenches back with all his strength as Voodoo is forced to tap out!] [The Deranged One picks up a big almost dominant victory here tonight as he moves onto the Sweet Dreams match and one step closer to what he destroyed Mike Lane for, the OSW World Heavyweight Championship]


[We cut to the backstage area where we find Makena Jakande walking, alone.] [But now for long.] [The crowd responds with disgruntled boos as Sheriff Law steps into view, forcing Jakande to halt her movement in disgust.]

“I thought we finished our business last week at Over Kill, Sheriff?”

[The statement from Makena seems to enrage Law, who responds with anger in his voice.]

“You think it’s over?” [The Sheriff questions.] “After THAT?”

“You made a deal” [Jakande inches forward, staring Sheriff Law directly into the eyes.] “And I won!”


[A voice calls out from the shadows before revealing itself to be that of Cael Gable. The crowd hushes as they sense the rise of tension.]

“Technically, Makena, you did win” [Gable quips as he crosses his arms over his chest.] “But could you have done it without the help of your tiger?”

[Jakande rolls her eyes.]

“Colossus is a Savannah Cat!”

[Sheriff Law strikes right back, pointing a finger into the chest of Makena.]

“It doesn’t make a difference what kind of “cat” Colossus is. But it does make a difference that Colossus isn’t around and you suddenly find yourself outnumbered. The odds are against you foreigner!”

[Jakande glances from Law’s eyes to Gable’s and then back, realizing the danger that she is in when suddenly…]

“Those odds just got better!”

[The crowd roars as Voodoo steps up beside Jakande, his chest glistening with sweat from the recent finish of his contest with Smiley. Sheriff Law and Cael Gable do not seem impressed.]

“Be careful Voodoo” [Gable turns sideways in half preparation of an attack.] “You’re not the only technical expert on Monday Night Showcase!”

“Yea, be very careful” [Law hisses as he points at Voodoo.] “Because our business…” [And now Law shifts his attention back to Jakande.] “Is far from finished!”

“Let’s go partner” [Gable slaps the shoulder of Law.] “We’re up!”

[With that, the team known as SHOOT slowly steps away in the direction of the arena leaving Black Magic in cautious confidence as we fade.]


[We have explosive tag team action tonight as Van Chan and Muerte take on the newly formed tag team of SHOOT to move onto Sweet Dreams. Can Bruce and Muerte work together through their heated rivalry or will their hatred be too easy for SHOOT to take advantage of?] [The bell rings as Gable starts off against Van Chan, Gable rushes in with a double leg takedown but Bruce blocks it, kicking Gable hard in the face before snapping him to the mat with a Suplex. Gable rolls to his feet right into a flurry of lefts and rights before whipping him across the ring. Gable stops himself mid-run, turning around as he rushes forward GOLD RUSH! Gable takes Van Chan down in an instant as he pulls him up to his feet, dragging him towards the corner as he tags in Law] [Law gets in, nailing Van Chan with a hard uppercut before SHOOT take Van Chan down with a double Suplex. Law tags out to Gable, Gable getting up onto the top rope as Law grips Van Chan from behind, GOLDEN PARACHUTE GERMAN! Law hooks back for the cover, ONE..TWO…Muerte breaks up the pinfall! The referee forces Muerte back into his corner as Shoot take advantage, Law drilling Van Chan with a hard right hand before lifting him up in an Electric Chair.] [Gable gets up on the top rope, trying to complete the Doomsday Device but Muerte is on the apron as he tosses Gable to the floor below! The distraction allows Van Chan to slip back down, GOODNITE! Bruce is crawling to his corner as he leaps forward just before Law can grab him, tagging in Muerte! The Reaper comes in like a house on fire, nearly taking Law’s head off with a massive Lariat, spinning him around before crushing him with a Full Nelson Slam! Muerte backs up, calling for the end as Law slowly gets to his feet, SCYTHE! Muerte drops down for the pin, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The odd couple of Bruce Van Chan and Muerte win this massive tag team match, the pair now move onto Sweet Dreams but will their rivalry rekindle now or will the prospect of heavyweight gold prove more enticing?]


[Muerte and Bruce Van Chan lock eyes across the ring.] [There’s an air of tension about this team as they approach each other. They’ve qualified for Sweet Dreams but that’s of little consequence in the grand scheme of Bruce Van Chan’s ailment.] [Darkness.] [The lights suddenly and abruptly go off.] [When they return, Smiley is in the ring and he’s behind Muerte! He clutches him immediately, pulling him close. In his left hand is a scythe, sharpened and gleaming against the lights.]

“You shouldn’t be afraid of him,” [Smiley hisses before shockingly pulling the Scythe across the throat of Muerte. Blood spurts out, splashing against the skin of Van Chan who reels backwards in horror.] “He’s not death, he’s dead.”

[Muerte holds his throat, gurgling and spitting blood as he hits the canvas in a heap. The fans can’t believe it, roaring in the background as the deranged Smiley tosses the Scythe aside and approaches an absolutely stunned Van Chan.]

“You’re coming home to the Asylum, Brucie. How does that make you feel? Does your heart skip a beat at the knowledge that in only three week’s time, you’ll be trapped inside the walls of a building you’ll never leave?”

[He smiles, naturally.]

“You see, once you enter the Asylum, you’ll die there. Your soul will become a part of the fabric, the furniture and the concrete. Your blood will stain the walls for an eternity.”

[Bruce clutches his chest, feeling the palpitations of fear.]

“Don’t worry though, Van Chan; I can always take care of your family.”

[Smiley laughs maniacally, watching as Bruce drops to a knee, holding his chest. He backs away carefully, still laughing, as the scene comes to a close.]


[Edward Newton is our new Showcase champion. It is his first title defense in the main event. It is against Johnny Evil. Both men had big victories last week. Who will come out on top tonight?] [Both men are eyeing each other looking for an opening. Johnny Evil is going for an eye rake; no! Edward Newton easily stops the attempt, grabs his wrist, and slaps him hard in the face! Newton goes for a quick schoolboy, 1… quick kick out by Evil! Newton gets behind Evil and is waiting for a German suplex. Newton grabs the waist, Evil elbows out of it and hits a hard PELE KICK! Newton goes down and rolls out of the ring. Evil is yelling at him, screaming over the ropes “I don’t have time for your…” HOTSHOT by Newton!] [Johnny is gasping for air; Newton slides in and hits a Russian leg sweep right into the corner! Johnny is sitting in the corner and Newton is hitting him with some heavy rights until Evil kicks him with a LOW BLOW! Evil pulls himself up and German suplexes Newton into the corner for some payback! Johnny is choking Newton out with his boot and does it for as long as he is allowed. Evil starts stomping away until Newton uses the leverage to throw Evil into the ring post! Evil hits the post hard and clutches his shoulder.] [Newton slides out of the ring and tosses Evil’s arm into the ring post multiple times. Newton backs up and goes for a big boot to the arm; Evil pulls his arm away as the last second. Bad collision into the ring post for Newton. Johnny gets up and hits a PLANCHA onto Newton! Evil grabs Newton’s hair and starts bashing his head onto the floor! Johnny lifts Newton up and hits a SWINGING NECKBREAKER into the barricade! Johnny starts raining knees on the champ! Newton puts his hands up begging Evil to stop! Evil pauses for a second then shakes his head no.] [Evil goes for punches but that brief pause lets Newton do a single-arm DDT into the barricade! Newton tosses Evil back into the ring! Newton slides in and locks in an armbar! He is manipulating the fingers at the same time! Evil is grimacing with every twist and pull. He uses his legs to crawl and get to the ropes! Rope break! Evil is definitely feeling the pain in his arms. Newton waits for him to get up. Evil uses the ropes to get up. Newton kicks the arm! Newton locks in a sleeper hold but Evil gets out of it with a SITOUT JAWBREAKER!] [Johnny charges at Newton and hits a FLYING KNEE! Evil is grabbing the legs for a Boston crab but Newton’s shoe slides off into Evil’s hand. The ref is distracted by this and MIND OVER MATTER by Newton! He goes for the cover 1… 2… No, Johnny barely gets the shoulder up. Newton goes to the middle rope and waits for Johnny to get up. Evil is getting up, Newton goes for the double axe handle… SUPERMAN PUNCH by Johnny Evil! He caught Newton midair! Johnny Evil goes to the top rope and STUNTMAN FLIP on top of Newton!] [Evil goes for the pin 1… 2… kick out by Newton. Evil picks Newton up, puts his between his legs and calls for the Fall from Shangri-la. Newton trips the legs and does a jackknife cover. 1… 2… Johnny powers out of it and turns into a FLIP PILEDRIVER! Evil picks Newton up again, desperate he tries for the Fall from Shangri-La again. He gets Newton on his shoulders, no! his arm gives out from the abuse earlier in the match, Newton takes advantage and hits the NEVERMIND! Newton goes for the cover. 1… 2… 3! It’s all over!] [Edward Newton is still our Showcase Champion! He celebrates in the ring holding his arm to mock Johnny, a smart, effective win for our champ here tonight]


“Wake up”

[His body twitched to remembered pain. Images of needles and knifelike claws floated through his mind. He remembered the shriek of severed nerves, the grind of bone against bone, the way blood oozed slowly from a wound.] [Sharkman shivers. Why has this happened?] [Why?] [He did not wish to harm anyone.]

“Wake up.”

[The finned avenger opened his eyes and there before him was the masked one, a sneer drawn across his mouth.]

“The Lord has granted me permission to take peace from the earth and to make men slay one another.”

[With those words, Sharkman felt his power flow into him, majesty, command, and presence. He was hung upon spiked white bone pillars holding the ceilings of his former home in place.] [Or was it his former home?] [The impossibly massive Lux Bellator loomed over him as Sharkman realized for the first time that his eyes were uncovered, naked to the world. The air that rushed to his mouth was unhindered by the mask that he now saw laying on the ground before him.]

“To that end, the Lord hath granted his warrior a Great Sword to wield and use in the coming trials.”

[A great sense of foreboding entered unto his soul yet it was quickly overridden by sheer power as the chains holding him to the bone pillars seemed to fade into that mist.]

“God tests his servants.” [Bellator shouts, his voice rushing to heard above the rushing water.] “Rise, Shark, and let your hunger be sated once more.”

[The Shark stumbles forth to slowly stand before the warrior of light. His legs seem to be asleep yet they move forth with will of their own.]

“Command me, great warrior.” [Shark begins, his words seemingly not his own.] “Your great sword rises to be wielded.”

[Lux Bellator’s voice emerges thoughtfully.]

“Soon, my sword.” [He gave a little shiver.] “You’ve both betrayed and used your hunger. Perhaps now, they betray you in return.”

[The Shark makes no reply. His eyes have closed. Lux only smiles at this development, cocking his head slightly.]

“Do you not find it amusing, Shark?” [He begins.] “God is using your gifts as the dispenser of his wrath. Despite all of your vigilance, you have become the last thing you ever wanted to be. Is that not cause for laughter, Shark?”

[To illustrate, Lux Bellator throws his head back and laughs into the damp air around the duo, a full-throated shriek that rings from the ceiling.] [His eyes opening unbidden, The Shark draws in unwanted air of his own before expelling his own cackles of power and grandeur.] [In the watery caverns beneath the Tap Room, the laughter comes together, treble and bass, twining among the broken walls, the white pillars, the arching roof. The harmony rushes forth into the Tap Room proper, like a symphonic masterpiece from the mouth of a great beast.] [A beast who devours all who enter.] [A Shark.] [Fade.]