[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Previously Recorded.]

“A warrior of light would never hide in such a place of darkness.”

[We return to one week ago inside the hidden quarters of Lux Bellator. He has forged Sharkman into his Great Sword, but the Shark was freed by a mysterious hooded figure. This same figure now confronts Lux Bellator.]

“Who are you?” [An angry Lux responds.] “How do you presume to speak such falsehoods?”

[In response, the hooded man steps out of the darkness into the light. He pulls his hood back as he does so to reveal a bald man.]

“No.” [Lux whispers.] [A very familiar man.]

“It cannot be.”

[Pedro El Salvador. Lux Bellator’s father.]

“You asked for this.” [El Salvador calmly states.] “You knelt on that sea of glass and prayed for my return from the pits of hell.”

[Lux takes in the appearance of Pedro with shock and awe. The former priest looks far older than he should, yet his age seems to be from stress.]

“No.” [Lux states more confidently.] “Rhodes was sent back. This is some trick. You are a demon sent to sway me from my path!”

[The increasingly weary Lux backs away from El Salvador, who only shakes his head.]

“The Holy War was contested. Your light shined brightest, my son. Solomon Rhodes should not live. I do not know what power gave him escape out of the pits of fire.”

[Lux still shakes his head in disbelief.]

“Impossible.” [Lux maintains.]

“Surely you asked yourself why your prayer for my return was not answered?” [Pedro asks.] “Surely you had faith enough to know that I would return.”

[The shaken Lux Bellator does not answer. Instead, he turns around to face the exit.]

“You will not sway me from bringing God’s wrath upon the world, demon!”

[With that, Bellator leaves his enclave. Pedro El Salvador, now seeming to be alive, only looks on with a frown on his face.] [What is going on?] [And now a week later, how will Lux Bellator respond?]


[Two newcomers to OSW are fighting tonight as Captain Zappa makes his in-ring debut against Lester Savage. Whose hand and stock will be raised tonight?] [DING! DING! Both men are hot out of the gates with hard rights! Savage is getting the better of it, he runs towards Zappa, countered with a backdrop… no, that’s the MOAB! Savage got dropped harder than any man should be able to. Zappa puts a foot on Savage for the cocky pin, 1…2… kick out by Savage! Stomps straight to the head by Zappa, he is not letting up! He picks Savage up, going for a DDT but Savage shoves him off and JUMPING KNEE by Savage! Zappa is rocked and is dropped by a STO from Savage!] [Savage goes to the top rope, he goes for a diving crossbody… no, Zappa catches him! Zappa puts Savage on his shoulders… INTERGALACTIC INERTIA by Zappa! Savage is driven hard into the turnbuckle! Zappa is bashing Savage’s head against the turnbuckle! The referee pulls Zappa off of him, Savage takes advantage of the opportunity and pulls Zappa into the ropes! Zappa is caught on the middle rope and LEG DROP by Savage! Zappa is grabbing his throat and FRONT HEADLOCK by Savage! You can tell Zappa hates this! Zappa starts to get impatient, starts to stand up with Savage and reverses it into a BRAINBUSTER!] [Zappa goes for the cover, 1…2… No, Savage barely gets a shoulder up! Zappa is getting angry and starts raining some hard elbows down on Savage! He picks Savage up, goes for a German Suplex, no! Elbows by Savage! He is still showing some signs of life, PELE KICK by Savage! He crawls to cover Zappa, 1…2… kick out by Zappa! He slowly picks up Zappa, goes for SAVAGE LIFE… No, Zappa turns it into DELILAH SAYS GOOD MORNING! Another massive backdrop by Zappa! Zappa goes to the top rope, wastes no time in jumping and hits the ZETAVARIUM! He covers! 1…2…3!] [Zappa with a very impressive debut, he celebrates his victory but the whole time he is looking at the skies above.]


[Beep.] [Beep.] [Beep.] [The sound of a heart monitor echoes throughout a small medical room backstage. Bruce Van Chan lays calmly upon a large metal table with wires attached to his chest. His personal Doctor, the very first man he saw about his condition, is here to investigate.]

“It’s as I suspected,” [The Doctor says almost flustered.] “Your heart is weakening, Mr. Van Chan. I’m not sure how much more it can take.”

[Bruce looks at him in horror.] “But it sounds fine, Doc.”

“I’m a trained professional. To you it sounds fine but to me, there’s an underlying murmur I can hear and a weakening that I can see on the scan results. You need to retire immediately, Mr. Van Chan. Failure to take this condition seriously will see disastrous results. I wouldn’t recommend competing tonight, let alone at Ring of Dreams. You’re teetering on the edge here. The medication we’ve tried hasn’t worked and you’re in dire need of a rest.”

[Instead of listening, Bruce shakes his head.]

“I feel fine since I stopped the medication. It made everything worse, Doc. I don’t even feel like there’s a problem anymore. I’m fighting it, I know it.”

[Flicker.] [The lights suddenly flicker and when they return, the door is flung open. Bruce’s heart almost skips a beat, and when he turns to face The Doctor, Smiley is there behind him.]


[It’s too late. Smiley fishhooks the inside of his mouth and runs him into the nearest wall. He turns around to see Van Chan, who doesn’t move.] [Beep Beep Beep.] [Beep Beep Beep.] [His heart is racing.]

“I don’t like this guy Brucie,” [Smiley says, grinning.] “Your heart sounds fine to me.”

[Smiley backs off with a chuckle, exiting the room as Bruce rips off his heart monitor and goes to check on the Doctor.] [He’s in no condition to compete at Ring of Dreams.] [Cut.]


[We have a battle of opposing styles here tonight as the big brawler Dollar$ faces off against the mat wrestling machine in Gable. Will Money be enough to fuel AJ or will Gable’s abilities be too much for him?] [The bell starts as Dollar$ rushes forward, taking Gable by surprise with a flurry of lefts and rights before a big knee puts Gable down to one knee. AJ rushes to the ropes but Gable manages to duck under a clothesline, spinning Dollar$ around into a big double leg takedown. Gable spins AJ around on the mat, drilling him with a series of knees to the temple before trying to lock in a guillotine choke. AJ fights out of it, getting to his feet before throwing Gable off him] [Gable rolls to his feet, running right into a massive clothesline that nearly takes his head off! Dollar$ lifts Gable up to his feet, nailing him with a few knees of his own before lifting him up and planting Gable onto the canvas with a hard Falcon Arrow! Dollar$ holds on for the cover, ONE..TWO…Gable kicks out! Gable slowly gets to his feet as Dollar$ rushes forward, KISS MY…DUCKED! Gable bounces off the ropes, lifting Dollar$ up high as he slams him into the mat with a huge Gold Rush!] [Dollar$ is dazed as Gable quickly switches behind him, locking in Silence is Golden! Gable quite can’t get it locked in as he slams the back of Dollar$ with fierce headbutts as Dollar$ rises to his feet, Gable clinging on for dear life before Dollar$ slams back into the turnbuckles, breaking the hold. Gable staggers out, wincing as Dollar$ runs forward, KISS MY BOOT! Gable nearly gets knocked out cold as Dollar$ lifts him up, putting him between his legs for the Money Maker but Gable slips out, rolling Dollar$ up out of nowhere. ONE..TWO..THREE!!!] [Gable pulls off the victory tonight, using his wrestling skills to pin Dollar$ and pick up the victory out of nowhere. But can SHOOT pull off the same kind of victory at Ring of Dreams?]


[AJ Dollars is on his way backstage following his match when a hushed voice calls to him from one of the locker rooms. He stares at the room in confusion for a moment before walking towards it, the voice beckoning him once more. Just as he finds his way inside, the door closes shut behind him. Standing there? Tonatiuh.]

“The Fuck do you want?”

[Dollars pushes Tonatiuh back, his feelings towards him made well known. Tonatiuh snares a bit but merely straightens his tunic before answering.]

“No need to get testy. I merely ask that you listen for a moment. I believe I owe you an apology for my disposition towards you earlier. You have proven yourself to be much more worthy than that… Officer Davis was it?”

[AJ’s mood immediately changes upon receiving the praise. He chuckles.]

“And you better not forget that shit! So you just wanna try to sweet talk your way outta a beatin’ at Ring of Dreams now or what?”

[He smirks at Tonatiuh, the god furrowing his brow but keeping his cool as he shakes his head.]

“No, no. I merely think I should give you a… gift to make up for my earlier attitude.”

“Better be some better bling that that stupid ass crown you got.”

[Tonatiuh once again looks as though he has to restrain himself before answering.]

“Well think of it more as an idea. I know that Davis will be vulnerable after his match. So I propose you and I go out there together and put a swift end to him. Once he’s gone we can get rid of that biker and have the match to ourselves. What do you say?”

[AJ scratches his chin for a moment before chuckling again.]

“Fine. But don’t get in my way.”

[Tonatiuh nods as AJ walks past him into the hallway. The God stays back and sighs in anger.]

“Imbecile. Once Davis is gone, that moron will be no problem to get rid of.”

[Tonatiuh leaves the room to go to his match. As he leaves the camera pans to the back of the locker room and sitting in the shadows? Lester Savage.]


[SHOOT may have already proven themselves to be a formidable duo but they have drawn the ire of an Aztec God. Will the Talon’s Claw take another victim or is the Law on SHOOT’s side?] [The bell rings as Tonatiuh rushes forward, taking Law by surprise with a flurry of vicious forearms before a quick Snap Suplex puts him on the mat. The Fifth drops down with him, trying to lock in a Fujiwara Armbar but Law powers out, drilling Tonatiuh with a hard right. The Fifth rolls to his feet, right into a massive headbutt that puts him on one knee as Law clips him with a hard knee to the jaw. The Sheriff doesn’t let up, pulling Tonatiuh to his feet as he tries for a Powerbomb. The Fifth manages to slip out behind Law, SNAP GERMAN SUPLEX! Tonatiuh holds back for the cover] [ONE….TWO…Law gets the shoulder up! Tonatiuh backs up, Law getting to his feet as The Fifth rushes forward with a Flying Armbar! The Fifth is wrenching back as Law is trying to stand to his feet, Tonaituh leveraging back as much as he can but Sheriff gets to his feet with a mighty roar as he delivers a modified Powerbomb, breaking the hold. Law can’t follow up however as The Fifth drills him with a hard knee to the side of the head, knocking him to the canvas] [The Fifth backs up, waiting for Law to slowly get to his feet before running forward, TOLLAN CALLS! Law is drilled but still standing as Tonatiuh spins him around, CRIMSON DAWN! Law lands right on his head but he rolls to his feet dazed as the Fifth leaps up, TALON’S CLAW! That should be it as Law looks knocked out on the mat but Tonatiuh doesn’t cover, instead flipping him over on the mat as he drops down, locking in the Cosmic Alter! Law screams in pain but he can’t last long as he quickly taps out!] [The Fifth picks up a big victory over the Sheriff tonight but can the God continue his dominance at Ring of Dreams?]


[Brent Kersh.] [The Enforcer sits in his locker room, head in his hands. Will this ever stop? His family is constantly under fire and there is only so much that one man can take. He breathes deeply, rubbing his temples as he exhales.] [BANG! BANG! BANG!] [A loud knock at the door startles him to his feet, hands raised for a fight. He waits, but nothing else happens. Finally he goes to the door and carefully opens it. There is no one there. But on the ground rests an envelope. Written across it in a feminine handwriting is:]


[He bends down and grabs the envelope, ripping it open in one motion. He pours out the contents: another video tape. He runs down the hallway to a door marked “Production Office.” He rips the door open and runs past several employees and shoves the cassette into a VCR. Then, on at least ten screens, static appears. Then it goes to a screen showing Danielle Kersh. Her ankles and wrists are tied to a chair, and she looks unkempt. She speaks.]

“Hello, Daddy. It’s me. I’m okay, mostly. He hasn’t hurt me, but I’m not sure how much longer that will last. He says that he wants you gone, Daddy. He said that he wants your career to end. He says that you don’t deserve to wrestle anymore. He says that…”

[Suddenly, Newton steps into the screen. He smiles and steps behind Danielle. He puts his hands on her shoulders and rubs them. She cringes.”

“Get your hands off her!” [Kersh screams at the screen. Newton can’t hear him.]

“Hello, Brent. She speaks the truth. It’s simple, really. There is no riddle this time. Just an answer to your problem. You don’t deserve to be here anymore, Kersh. You don’t deserve to wrestle men half your age with twice the ability, and you certainly don’t deserve a title shot at my Showcase Championship. So, I’m going to make this very simple. Your career… it ends. At Ring of Dreams, I want you to come to the ring and forfeit the match. I want you to surrender to me, and then I want you to surrender your career. If you do that, I’ll give you your daughter back, and if you don’t…”

[Newton runs his fingers through Dani’s long hair.]

“Well, you better make the right choice. I’ll see you soon.”

[The screen goes black. Brent Kersh seethes. He breathes heavily and then punches a hole through the nearest television. He storms out of the Production Office as sparks and smoke pour out of the television.]


[The two members of Black Magic face off here tonight! Will their alliance survive this contest?] [The tag team partners start off with a test of strength between them, Voodoo getting the upper hand quickly and pulling Makena into a headlock! He cinches it in tight and hits Makena with a harsh knee before going for a bulldog- MAKENA PUSHES HIM OFF! Voodoo careens chest first into the ropes and Jakande hits him from behind with a sleeper slam! Voodoo’s neck arches and he lets out a yell of pain as Makena keeps the hold locked in! Voodoo fights to his feet against Jakande’s hold, the Soul Reaper reaches for the ropes but can’t quite touch it!] [He looks to be fading but he grabs for Makena’s arm AND ARM DRAGS HER OVER HIMSELF! Jakande is quick to her feet but gets caught WITH A MASSIVE SINGLE LEG DROPKICK! The blow keeps her grounded and Voodoo is able to drag her to the middle of the ring before hitting the ropes and coming back with a splash- KNEES TO THE GUT! Makena catches Voodoo and The Soul Reaper rolls over onto his back as The African Assault gets to her feet. She rushes to the turnbuckle, kicking off with a moonsault to Voodoo!] [She tries to pin! One! Two! Kickout by Voodoo! Jakande gets to her feet and tries to catch Voodoo with a running boot but The Reaper ducks it! AX HANDLE BY VOODOO! Jakande goes down and Voodoo peels her off of the ground before whipping her towards the ropes, Jakande ducking a clothesline and coming back at Voodoo with one of her own! THEY COLLIDE AND BOTH GO DOWN! Jakande slowly gets to her feet, watching Voodoo closely as he rises. Voodoo goes for a haymaker- LION’S JAW! MAKENA CATCHES HIM! Voodoo can’t fight out of it! He Taps!] [Jakande lets her partner go, Voodoo showing no hard feelings with Jakande as he raises her hand before exiting the ring with her.]


[The match ends with both competitors worse for the wear. Even as tag team partners Makena Jakande and Voodoo were willing to put each other through a grueling competition, the side effects visually present.] [Jakande is slumped onto a bottom turnbuckle and Voodoo is draped over the middle ropes from his knees.] [Suddenly…] [It’s SHOOT!] [Sheriff Law and Cael Gable rush the ring, bringing the crowd to their feet in boos.] [But then something happens that Law and Gable did not expect.] [They quickly find themselves trailed by another hunter.] [COLOSSUS!] [Makena Jakande’s Savannah Cat friend is on the loose and Gable spots him charging towards both he and his tag team partner. With a quick nudge of the shoulder, the fear on The Sheriff’s face is evident and SHOOT both leap to the ring apron in attempt to avoid the attacking predator.] [Colossus oddly remains on the arena floor as SHOOT tries to “shew” him away from just inside the ropes, their attention solely on the Savannah Cat.] [BOOM! CRACK!] [FROM BEHIND, Black Magic sends chair shot a piece into the upper back area of Sheriff Law and Cael Gable, DROPPING them to the canvas semi-unconscious.]

“We expected” [Voodoo quips with microphone in hand.] “That you two might have a surprise up your sleeve tonight.”

“So we prepared a little surprise of our own!” [Jakande says as she points to Colossus on the outside.]

“And here’s one more” [Voodoo chimes in again.] “Since you couldn’t rid Black Magic of the tag team contender scene, at Ring of Dreams Black Magic gets our chance to get rid it of you!”

“Black Magic versus SHOOT” [Makena says with confidence as she steps forward over the fallen body of Sheriff Law.] “The winners become the number one contenders for the tag team championship!!”

[Voodoo and Jakande hold their steel chairs up above their heads as “Black Magic” rings out through the Tap Room.]


[Tonight, we have a showing from our Showcase champion, Edward Newton as he faces the newcomer Officer Davis. Will he continue his dominant ways or will it be a massive upset in the tap room?] [DING DING! The two men are facing each other. Officer Davis goes for the tie up but Newton has other plans as he just steps on the foot of the officer! He starts kicking the back of the leg! Officer Davis falls to a knee, small DDT by the champion! He goes for the cover, 1…2…Kick out by Davis! Newton is going for a Boston crab but Davis is blocking it and starts kicking Newton from below! Newton is dazed, Davis gets up and hits the CELL BLOCK! Massive big boot from Davis and he goes for the cover! 1…2…kick out!] [Davis is not happy and he starts stomping on the champion, He grabs the foot to go for a leg DDT but Newton wriggles out losing the boot in the process! Davis is confused; the ref is distracted and MIND OVER MATTER! Newton quickly rolls up Davis, 1…2…Davis gets the shoulder up just barely! Newton climbs up the middle rope and waits for Davis to get up. Davis is getting up, he goes for the axe handle…Davis does a JUMPING SHOULDER TACKLE! Great counter by Davis and he goes for the cover now, 1…2…Kick out by Newton!] [Davis is angry, quickly picks up Newton and does the SECURITY BREACH! Big powerbomb by Davis and he goes for the pin again, 1…2…No, Newton barely kicks out! Davis is doing some hard knee drops to the champ digging the knee in after each one! He picks up Newton and is going for RIOT…No; Newton knees Davis in the head to get out of his grasp! Davis goes to punch Newton, Newton puts a finger up and Davis stops confused as Newton hits THE QUESTION IS, This is the perfect set up for the NEVERMIND! He hits it! Newton covers! 1…2…3!] [Newton celebrates in the ring and he looks completely ready for his match at Ring of Dreams!]


[Davis has finished his match and stands in the ring, still worn out from the bout. He looks to leave the ring when “The Champ is Here” by Jada Kiss blares through the arena. He stops in his tracks as AJ Dollars makes a b-line to the ring, sliding in under the rope and beginning a brawl with Davis!]

“Fuckin’ punk!”

[As the two battle it out in the ring, Tonatiuh makes his entrance. Dollars looks back expecting Tonatiuh to run and assist him but is blindsided by Davis as Tonatiuh stands at a distance.]

“Foolish mortal. You truly thought I would assist you? I merely like to see my sacrifices battle for my amusement before I bring their end.”

[Davis doesn’t stop to listen as he takes advantage of the distracted Dollars and tosses him out of the ring at Tonatiuh’s feet! The God looks down at Dollars and shakes his head.]

“Pathetic, truly. I should really raise my standards for those I allow to be my sacrifice-” [ CHAIRSHOT FROM BEHIND! TONATIUH GOES DOWN!] [Lester Savage has arrived on the scene and brings with him a can of whoop ass! Tonatiuh holds his head in pain as Lester steps over him and towards the ring. Davis exits the ring as quickly as he can, trying to catch Savage first! Savage rears back- DOLLARS GRABS THE CHAIR! AJ is up and he is enraged! He attacks everyone in sight and the four men start a brawl at ringside!] [Security is out to break up the fight as all four men unload on one another. The staff is able to break up the group one by one, but one thing is certain, these men are ready to start an all our war!]


[Both teams tagging for the first time tonight, there will be no love lost in that ring tonight that much is for sure.] [Doubt meets The Sharkman in the middle, but the emotion is taken slightly back when Sharkman delivers a dropkick to the knee of Doubt sending it to take a knee. Wrapping arms around the neck of Doubt, Sharkman plants him into the mat with a DDT. He goes for the early cover but Viktor North is straight in and breaks it up with a boot to the back of the head before the referee could hit a two. Kersh comes on rushing in and chases Viktor North back to his corner. With order resumed Doubt throws punches to it’s opponent, before launching him off the ropes. Sharkman comes bouncing back and they both wipe each other out at the same time with clotheslines!] [The count is on and both competitors are being spurred on from their partners. Both claw their way along the canvass one hand at a time. DOUBT MAKES IT. SHARKMAN MAKES I…. NO HE DOESN’T VIKTOR NORTH STOPS HIM AT THE LAST SECOND! Kersh will have to wait for some action as North drags Sharkman back to his team’s corner and lays the boots into him. Before backing off and charging back with a big knee to the face!! Pulling Sharkman to his feet he props him up in the corner before backing off again. North charges but Shark tucks and rolls and carries on through… TAG MADE. THE ENFORCER IS IN.] [Brent Kersh storms into the ring. He takes out Viktor North with a big boot. He hits Doubt with a strong left hand with knocks the emotion from the ring apron to the floor! Brent Kersh clears house and the fans absolutely love it. Sharkman is laying on the ring apron, it seems it took the last of him to get the tag. Brent Kersh walks over to the downed Viktor North and looks to scoop him up. North tries to mount a small comeback with wild left and rights but Kersh puts and end to that with a block…… SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT!! BRENT KERSH ISN’T MESSING AROUND HERE TONIGHT! With Doubt still on the Tap Room floor this one could be over. Cover made, One…Two… Three!!] [Brent Kersh and Sharkman pick up the W in a battle of teams we may never see again! The enforcer wasn’t looking to play at all tonight and did some serious damage when entering the squared circle.]


[Their match is over, but the disdain remains holds on as North rolls to ringside. Doubt is quick to try and escape, running towards the ring entrance when Viktor grabs a cloth bag from ringside. Inside? Gungir.] [North doesn’t even move from his spot as he rears back to throw at the fleeing emotion. HE CHUCKS THE SPEAR!] [There’s no way this can land, Doubt is too far away, North can’t be that accurate.] [But it hits.] [It strikes behind the knee and impales it into the ground. The Emotion lets out an inhuman shriek of pain as North advances on him, a smirk on his face.]

“Do you not know of Gungir, demon?”

[He moves ever closer, looming over Doubt in supposed victory.]

“When this spear is thrown, it never misses its mark. You cannot escape me, I will always hit my target, creature. Odin has blessed me with the ability to put an end to you.”

[He grabs for Doubt’s head, The Emotion holding his mask on with a tight grip as North tries to physically tear it from him! The Skull Splitter lets go of Doubt and reaches for Gungir, yanking the magical weapon from Doubt’s knee! North lashes out with a knee that sends It to its back!]

“This is the end!”

[He holds the spear high above Doubt, ready to plunge it into him!] [But he stops in his tracks.] [His face is white in shock.] [Doubt has willingly removed its mask.]

“You cannot end me, Viking. I am more than some simple beast, I am feeling itself. I will not fall to your spear today or any day.”

[The Emotion’s voice is echoey and whispy, sounding almost out of body. North backs away in fright as Doubt affixes his mask back to his face, The Emotion standing up and backing away from him.]

“I may be wounded, Viktor. But very soon, you will be the one going to the afterlife.”

[Doubt turns and exits the arena, North still in shock as he holds the spear in hand, unable to bring himself to throw it.]


[In our main event tonight, it is a sweet dreams preview in a triple threat match between Smiley, Bruce Van Chan, and Lux Bellator. Who will get the momentum going into Ring of Dreams?] [DING! DING! Bruce Van Chan charges straight at Smiley with a THESZ PRESS! Hard punches from Bruce as he continues the onslaught! He finally gets off Smiley and turns into a YAKUZA KICK from Lux Bellator! Smiley gets up and charges at Lux with some clubbing blows! Smiley bounces off the ropes, going for a clothesline… eats a ROUNDHOUSE KICK from Bellator! Lux goes for the cover, 1…2…Bruce breaks it up! Bruce is stomping on both men; he picks up Lux and tosses him out of the ring! Bruce wants to focus on Smiley!] [Bruce picks up Smiley and sets him up in the corner. MACHINE GUN CHOPS from Bruce! Smiley slumps down in the corner. Bruce stands in the other corner, charges at Smiley, HESITATION DROPKICK! He’s going for it again, charges… SPRINGBOARD FOREARM shot from Lux Bellator out of nowhere! Lux locks in the DRAGON SLEEPER on Bruce Van Chan! Bruce looks out of it, he’s certainly struggling, and he looks like he might tap out any second! GLASGOW SMILE from Smiley on Lux Bellator. Breaks the original hold on Bruce! Lux is the one struggling now and it doesn’t look like he’ll get out of it!] [SPINNING HEEL KICK by Bruce Van Chan to Smiley! He breaks the hold! Bruce picks Smiley up and does a flurry of kicks and punches to Smiley! He follows up the combination with a hard DROPKICK that sends Smiley out of the ring! Bruce jumps over the ropes and hits a SLINGSHOT PLANCHA! He’s trying to pick up Smiley but Smiley bats the hands away! Both men are swinging lefts and rights at each other! Lux Bellator gets up, bounces off the ropes and hits a TOPE ATOMICO to both men! He stacks Smiley on top of Bruce Van Chan!] [Lux climbs up the top rope, goes for a MOONSAULT… Smiley rolls out of the way but Bruce takes all of it! Lux gets up but Smiley hits SHOCK THERAPY! A massive spear to take down the warrior of light! Smiley picks Lux up and tosses him back into the ring! He goes for the cover, 1…2…no! Lux kicks out! Smiley climbs up to the top rope to go for TRAUMA but no! Bruce shoves him off the apron and Smiley falls hard to the floor! Bruce is on the top rope himself now, he jumps off the top rope for SHOT THROUGH THE HEART but Lux gets his knees up!] [All three men are down now! Lux gets up first and locks in the SHARPSHOOTER on Bruce Van Chan! Bruce is writhing in pain looking like he might pass out due to the pain! Neither Lux or Bruce see Smiley climbing up the top rope… TRAUMA right on top of Lux Bellator! Smiley goes for the pin! 1…2…kick out by Bellator! Smiley puts his fingers in Lux’s mouth and lifts him up that way, He hits HIDEOUS LAUGHTER! He keeps his hands in the mouth rolls through into the GLASGOW SMILE! It looks like Lux has no choice but to tap out!] [Lux is lifting his arm looking like he’s about tap…GOOD NIGHT by Bruce to Smiley! Bruce goes for the pin! 1…2…Lux shoves Bruce off Smiley! Bruce lifts up Lux, going for another Good Night but Lux pushes Bruce off of him and hits a RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX! He lifts up Bruce, locks him up and is going for the Disciple Maker, Bruce is holding onto Lux’s leg making sure he doesn’t do the flip! Smiley locks the GLASGOW SMILE on to Lux another time! This time looks worse than the last! Bruce pops up, double GOOD NIGHT to both opponents. He pins Smiley, 1…2…3!] [Bruce is celebrating in the ring, he has all the momentum going into Ring of Dreams!]


[Last week, Sharkman was freed from the divine sway of Lux Bellator. His very being had been transfigured in the eyes of the light warrior into the predator he had once been. So it’s no surprise that the Sharkman we find walking down the halls of the Schoolyard to be extremely weary.] [BOOM!] [Sharkman is knocked to the ground by a blast of thunder, light covering his body. He shakes his head, trying to fight off the cobwebs as a voice comes out of the light.]


[Sharkman gets to a knee as the source of the voice appears.] [Lux Bellator. Who has somehow teleported from the ring!] [The two men clash with mutual roars in the parking garage area of the Tap Room facility. They exchange rights and lefts, with Shark not giving an inch to his attacker.]

“You are my sword!” [Lux roars, his voice taken with emotion.] “I reforged you in the eyes of the Lord to take peace from those who defile Him!”

[Lux misses a shot, and Sharkman throws Lux through a nearby door. The fight spills out into the busy Miami night street, pedestrians fleeing from the two masked men trying to kill one another. Lux tries to catch Sharkman with a vicious kick, but Shark throws him down to the concrete sidewalk.]

“The only person you took peace from was me, Bellator.” [Shark says, his voice remaining calm in spite of the storm.] “You made me go back to a place I swore never to go back to.”

[Bellator ignores Sharkman’s statement, and in his desperation he claws at a bystander, flinging a ripped beaded necklace into the face of his sword.]

“The Lord tests His servants.” [The oblivious Bellator rants.] “He allowed the demon to take his form, but I will call upon the patience of Job to stand firm.”

[Lux Bellator has truly been shaken by the reappearance of his father, Pedro El Salvador. Having had a week to contemplate, Bellator has been driven to madness.]


[The voice of Sharkman causes Bellator to stop for just a moment. Even the roar of the city street seems to muffle as Sharkman stands angry before the crowd.]

“You made me into your sword.” [Shark cries out.] “You bent me, but I did not break. I will not break, either. I’m going to avenge what you did to me, what you did to Neville Sheldon.”

[Bellator finally seems to hear the man standing across the sidewalk from him. Bellator slowly backs up as a crimson mist seems to rise up around him.]

“Never forget what you are, Shark.”

[The mist seems to envelope Bellator, but his final words ring clearly.]

“The second bowl is nearly full. The Lord’s Will be done; the wrath comes for you Sharkman.”

[The mist fades away and Lux Bellator is gone. Sharkman stands in front of the Tap Room sign as the people look at him.] [Will he be able to stop Lux Bellator from pouring the second bowl of God’s Wrath?] [Tune into Ring of Dreams to find out!]