[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [For Sale!] [The sign outside the house of Vicki Van Chan says everything you need to know. The consequences of Bruce’s survival have been felt far and wide, only she wouldn’t have it any other way.] [Ding Dong.] [We join Vicki as she walks through her beautiful home towards the front door, opening it with a smile that looks genuine, but feels false.]

“Hello, you must be Mr. Bruce?” [She says, offering the man entry into her home.] “Thank you for coming. I’ve been on the market only a few days, so I didn’t expect someone to be interested so soon.”

“You’ve a lovely home, Mrs. Van Chan.”

[She smiles.]

“Thank you. My husband worked very hard to build it. I feel like it took us years to finally get it to where we wanted it to be.”

[He walks over to a picture, picking it up. Inside the frame is Bruce, Paige and their kids.]

“Is this your family?” [He asks inquisitively.] [She walks over, taking the picture politely.] “Yes, it is. My son is called Bruce, actually. He’s the reason I have to sell.”

“I’m very sorry to hear that. Is he okay?”

“Thankfully. He was in a very difficult situation and made the best choice. I’m just grateful that he’s still with us.”

[Vicki grimaces, letting her sadness get the best of her.]

“Truthfully, I don’t want to sell. There’s so many memories here. My kids were born and grew up here. My husband and I lived for many years here, happier than I’ve ever seen. To put it on the market absolutely breaks my heart.”

[The man sighs.] “That’s a shame, because I’d really like to purchase it. The asking price is three hundred thousand dollars, isn’t it? I would give you four hundred thousand for cash, ma’am.”

[She looks rather impressed by that. The man puts his hand inside his pocket and pulls out a piece of paper.]

“Your signature here and the deal is done. That’s all it requires.”

[Call it naivety or desperation, Vicki doesn’t hesitate. She puts pen to paper quicker than a hiccup, signing over her house.] [Suddenly the phone rings. She puts a hand up to excuse herself and answers.]

“Bruce, guess what?” [She says with a faint smile.] “I’ve sold the house.”

[She looks back at the man with a nod.] [He smiles back.]

“What’s your name again, son?”

[The camera turns, finally catching a glimpse of the man.]

“Edward Newton.”


[Tonight we have a fantastic match-up between two powerhouses, the Russian Bear and the Law. Will we see justice served or will it be another win for Mother Russia?] [DING! DING! The two massive athletes begin to circle each other waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Suddenly, the two lock up in what appears to be a test of strength. Each struggle to gain leverage, looking to get their opponent off balance. The Russian, tiring of the stalemate, delivers a swift kick to the midsection of Law, causing the massive man to double over in pain. Wasting no time, Sokolov begins delivering thunderous blows to Law’s head, drawing a smile to inch across his face. He quickly whips Law into the ropes and upon his return, he hits a SPINNING CLOTHESLINE, knocking Law off his feet!] [Sokolov circles his downed prey and moves in, looking to grab Law and return him to a standing position. As he bends over, Law smashes him with a HEADBUTT! Sokolov backs up quickly and Law jumps to his feet. Law unleashes a few stiff shots to the Russian’s head and midsection. Law gets a running start and leaps off the middle rope hitting the LONG ARM OF THE LAW! He goes to make the cover, ONE, TWO, THR…, SOKOLOV GETS HIS SHOULDER UP!] [Law, clearly upset, lifts Sokolov to his feet, looking to deliver a suplex. The Red Tsar blocks the attempt and summons enough strength to lift Law up, delivering a FALL AWAY SLAM! Sokolov slowly gets to his feet and grabs Law, raising him to a standing position. With a quick motion, he slings Law into the ropes, NUCLEAR FALLOUT! Instead of going for the pin, he smiles, again stalking his opponent. Arrogantly, Sokolov gets Law to his feet. With a sudden swift kick to the big Russian’s midsection, Law looks to set him up for JUSTICE! As Law looks to hook the arms, Sokolov breaks free and uses what’s let of his massive strength to lift Law into the air…IRON CURTAIN! Sokolov falls down and makes the cover. ONE, TWO, THREE, DING, DING!] [Sokolov wins the battle of the Goliaths, assuring that Mother Russia will be smiling tonight.]


[Brent Kersh walks backstage, Tag Title Belt slung over his shoulder. For once, he doesn’t look worried about what might be around the next corner. But that’s when he actually turns a corner and runs right into…] [The Sharkman.] [Sharkman has his Double Feature Belt around his waist. His mask is as emotionless as ever, but he seems joyful.]

“Hello, Brent.”

[He puts out a hand. Kersh shakes it without a second thought.]

“Good to see you, Sharkman. What can I do for you?”

“I just wanted to thank you for coming out last week and stopping Royal in his tracks. I took that as a great sign of respect…”

“That’s what it was.” [Kersh responds with a nod. Sharkman nods back.]

“Anyway, I wanted to let you know I appreciated it. If you’re interested, I wanted to offer you a shot at the Double Feature Title at Death Wish. Are you interested?”

[Kersh smile and puts his hand out again. They shake.]

“You got yourself a deal, Ax…. I mean… Sharkman.”

“Oh, I see how it goes.”

[A new voice, full of sarcasm, joins the fray.]

“You can remember to call a fool in a costume by his appropriate name, but not your own tag team partner?”

[King Royal.]

“What was that you were saying about fools in costumes, Royal?” [Kersh responds.] [Royal steps up to Kersh.]

“You will address your King with respect, peasant.”

[Kersh looks down, not because of intimidation, but because he’s trying to compose himself.]

“I’ll address you any way I deem appropriate, Nigel.”

[King Royal somehow gets even closer. Close enough for Kersh to smell the royal breath…]

“Watch your tone when you are talking to the King.”

[The tension is palpable. Sharkman tries to step between the two.]

“Guys, guys! Knock it off; you’re partners!”

[Suddenly Kersh pushes Sharkman back. That is the second time in two weeks that Kersh has shoved Sharkman. Sharkman looks at Kersh. His expressionless mask doesn’t let on, but it isn’t too hard to guess that he’s getting frustrated. Kersh speaks.]

“No, Sharkman, if Royal wants to step into business that isn’t his, he’ll get what’s coming to him…”

“What’s coming to one is a shot at his Double Feature Championship. It’s time for it to come home to its rightful owner.”

“You already missed your opportunity. Sharkman here already offered me the title shot!”

“Actually Kersh,” [Sharkman steps in.] “This is my title, and I’ll offer title shots to anyone that I want. And if King Royal thinks he deserves a title shot, then who am I to stand in his way?”

[Sharkman puts out his hand. Royal looks at it slightly disgusted, but shakes it anyway. Sharkman nods and turns around, leaving the Tag Champions behind. King Royal wipes his hand on his trousers and smiles at Kersh.]

“See you in the ring, partner.”

[And with that, Royal turns and walks away, leaving Kersh to stew over what just happened. It looks like we have a three-way dance at Death Wish.]


[An empty lot, where the followers of Calypso gather together. At this particular time, there seems to be nobody around save a few of the meek keeping watch. A dirty, battered and bloodied Captain Zappa staggers into the frame. He is greeted with a flurry of fists from those that stand guard over him, but soon gets the better of the tussle and drops the homeless Calypsoites with a round of headbutts.]

“A week of hell. Nothing but a bad trip. I could have enlightened you all, shown you what was written in the stars. But you all sealed your fate with your fists, as did Calypso. You, the meek, may inherit the Earth… But I could have given you the stars.”

[He staggers towards the exit, heading in the direction of the Tap Room.]

“See you where the ocean ends… and the desert begins.”

[Cut to a back entrance of the Tap Room. Captain Zappa staggers up to the stage door and pulls it open, where he is greeted by the backstage manager.]

“Captain Zappa? You look like hell! We’ve been searching all over for you. You’re match is up next, so you had better hightail it. Are you alright to compete?”

[Zappa merely nods and drags himself away, wincing in the direction of the ring.]

“Just a bad trip, man. Nothing I can’t handle.”

[He staggers off, leaving the crewman dumbfounded. It is then that another figure appears out of the shadows, watching the limping figure of Captain Zappa disappear down the hallway. Calypso.]

“So, you escaped, did you? Time to move on to the next phase then… Only to figure out now what it is that you hold most dear.”

[She exits through the stage door Zappa had entered through, obviously heading to check on her fallen followers.]


[Captain Zappa manages to find his way to the ring… barely. He looks punchdrunk and bewildered. Who knows what happened to him inside Calypso’s compound, but right now he has other things to worry about. Namely a fired up looking Bruce Van Chan that stands across the ring from him – a rather worried look hiding under that bravado. Where are these guys head’s at?] [Captain Zappa staggers out from his corner looking decidedly worse for wear. Bruce Van Chan waits for him to get settled in the ring and Zappa comes out with a wild swing that misses by a mile before the pair lock horns. Bruce is first to get the upper hand, unloading a flurry of punches and kick combinations that send Zappa reeling backward into the turnbuckle. HURRICANRANA TAKES ZAPPA DOWN! Bruce quickly follows up his Hurricanrana with a Sleeper Hold… Zappa is fading fast! Before the hold can finish Captain Zappa off, the Unorthodox Identity escapes with a THUMB TO THE EYE… ZAPPA ESCAPES THE HOLD AND THE RING!] [Bruce doesn’t give Zappa the chance to regroup. SLINGSHOT PLANCHA TAKES ZAPPA DOWN AGAIN! ZAPPA LOOKS OUT OF SORTS HERE TONIGHT! The crowd rise in approval as BVC hoists Zappa to his feet once again. NAP TIME… NO! VAN CHAN ALMOST HIT IT ON THE FLOOR OUTSIDE THE RING! Zappa escapes the move with a knee to the guts. Zappa shakes off the cobwebs and takes the small opening to drop BVC on his head with a HIGH ANGLE GERMAN SUPLEX! OOOOOH… VAN CHAN LANDED ON THE BACK OF HIS SKULL!] [Then it is Zappa’s turn to take control of the match. He drags BVC over to rest underneath the Tap Room bar and climbs up on the top of the bar with a wild look in his eyes. He looks to the sky before leaping off the bar… BLACK CLOUDS AND TINFOIL LININGS FROM THE BAR! NO! Bruce Van Chan gets his feet up and Monkey Flips Zappa to the ground, using his own momentum against him. Zappa staggers to his feet, pulling himself up against the ring apron. Bruce closes in… NOW I LAY YOU DOWN TO SLEEP! THE COMBINATION HITS HOME! Zappa falls back against the ring, lifeless. Van Chan rolls him into the ring and enters himself by climbing the turnbuckle. He arms his thumbs and the fans chant along… BRUCE…VAN…CHAN! HE HITS IT! SHOT THROUGH THE HEART! One… Two… Three!] [Zappa was clearly still feeling the effects of Calypso’s capture and couldn’t overcome them against a game Bruce Van Chan tonight. Van Chan wasn’t giving anything and picks up an impressive win for his efforts.]


[Earlier Tonight] [A jail cell, presumably the closest one to the Tap Room. This is where we find Cael Gable, his head lowered in shame as Sheriff Law enters with a wicked grin on his face.]

“Why the long face, pal? Is it because you assaulted an officer? If you’re gonna do the crime, you gotta do the time.”

[Gable refuses to look his former tag partner in the eye, which draws a chuckle from Law as he pulls out Gable’s gold medal.]

“And this little baby is going into evidence for safe keeping. Who’s the Olympic hero now?”

[Gable glares in anger as Law puts the medal into an bag marked “EVIDENCE,” holding onto it with an iron grip.]

“Enjoy your stay here Gable, you’re gonna be here for a long time.”

[Law walks off with a wicked laugh, leaving us with an angry Gable who slams a fist against the cell wall. Suddenly, we hear another voice, a young woman approaching the cell with a file folder.]

“Mr. Cael Gable?”

[Gable nods in response, as the woman examines the contents of the folder.]

“Your bail has been posted, Mr. Gable. You’re a free man.”

[Gable tilts his head in confusion, taken aback by the news.]

“Who bailed me out?”

[The woman closes the file with a shrug, walking over to the nearest guard.]

“They’ve asked to remain anonymous, for reasons unknown to me. I’m sure they had a good reason for it, though.”

[The door creaks open, and Gable walks out with a reluctant smile on his face as they shake hands.]

“I’m sure they do. If you’ll excuse me, I need to take back my pride.”



[SHOOT may be over and done but Cael Gable has a a huge opportunity here tonight to gain a Double Feature title shot but the champion stands in his way. Can Gable do it or will the Sharkman shut him down?] [The bell sounds as Gable rushes forward, grabbing the Sharkman, early GOLD RUSH! Gable drives The Shark to the mat, mounting him as he starts to ground and pound, driving fist after fist into the unprotected skull of the Shark. Gable lets up for a moment, switching around on the mat as he flips the Shark face down, trying for the knees. The Shark blocks it, powering his way out as he scrambles to his feet, snapping off a headbutt as he stands to stagger Gable back] [The Shark leaps up, hard enziguri to the back of the head that leaves Gable out on his feet as The Shark grabs him by the head, springing off the ropes, TORNADO DDT! Gable gets planted into the mat as The Shark tries for an early victory, ONE…TWO…Gable gets the shoulder up! The Shark lifts Gable up, twisting his arm behind him, RECKO…NO! Gable twists out, grabbing The Shark by behind, GERMAN SUPLEX! Gable plants The Shark with that but he’s not done as he lifts The Shark back up, nailing a second German. Gable tries for a third but the Sharkman slips out, SUSHI KICK!] [The Shark doesn’t cover, heading up to the top rope but Gable leaps up, crotching him on the top before he can dive off. Gable slowly gets to his feet, climbing up top, SUPER BELLY TO BELLY! The Sharkman gets planted into the mat as Gable waits for him to slowly get to his feet from behind, SILENCE IS GOLDEN! Gable doesn’t have it quite in but a sharp headbutt stuns The Sharkman, allowing Gable to cinch back into the hold. The Sharkman tries to fight but he’s quickly forced to tap out!] [Cael Gable picks up a huge victory over the Sharkman here tonight, not only tapping him out but gaining himself a future Double Feature title match. The future still looks it’s coming up nothing but Gable]


[We cut to a shot of Cussen and DTR standing by backstage in the Gorilla position. The Virus looks focused, confident. Cussen looks… somewhat distracted. Just as DTR goes to push his way towards the curtain, Cussen stops him with a hand on his shoulder.]

“Hold up a moment…” [The Virus turns with a confused look on his face as Cussen continues his sentence.] “Where are we going?”

“That little concussion Bird gave you playing with your memory? We are going to claim our titles.”

[Cussen shakes his head, stopping the Virus in his tracks.]

“No… I mean where are we going as a Family? First, Phoenix embarrasses us at Ring of Dreams after everything that we did to get that match together. Second, we should have claimed those belts at Double Tap, not have to pick up the scraps tonight.

All that, and you have spawn on the way with my daughter. What did you say, ‘she is the carrier of death… it will destroy mankind?’ Why do I feel left out of the loop on this one?”

[DTR’s face turns to a scowl that slowly fades into a glimmer of a smile. He pats Cussen on the shoulder and draws himself close to him.]

“Strange that a child, so weak, can contain the power to destroy the world as we know it. Stranger still that this child draws us even closer together… we have never been more a Family as we are now. The mere presence of that seed has broken the Phoenix… and yet, you doubt?

What is there to doubt? What is there to question? Our family grows stronger and yet you’re acting weak.”

[Cussen stops to think for a moment, just as the Family’s music begins to play, sounding their arrival to the upcoming Tagteam Championship match.]

“I just… I… Nevermind.” [He nods towards the curtain separating them from the Tap Room.] “Let’s just go and claim those titles?”

[Cussen steps forward, almost cautiously and untrusting. DTR stays behind a moment longer, his smile turning back to a scowl and his fists clenching while his eyes shoot daggers into the back of Jensen.] [They enter the arena. Together, but the air thick with tension.]


[The Family have a shot at retribution and regaining the Tag Team Championships here against Wrestling Royalty. DTR and Jensen Cussen seem to have a bit of tension between them, but the animosity between the champions is even greater. The bell rings.] [King Royal and DTR start us off. Royal and DTR come together in the center of the ring with a collar and elbow tie-up. Royal gets the upperhand and slides around, putting DTR into a hammerlock. He transitions into a rear waist lock and….GERMAN SUPLEX!! The King plants DTR’s head and shoulders into the canvas, and immediately rolls into a pin, using his forearm across DTR’s face. One… Two… Thre… Kickout! Royal rips DTR up by the beard! But DTR grabs Royal’s head and drops down into a JAWBREAKER!! Royal is rocked, and DTR makes his way to his feet. He stalks Royal, grabbing him from behind… FILL IN THE BLANK!! One… Two… THREE!] [No! Kersh breaks up the pin! The ref pushes him back, and DTR makes the tag to Cussen who comes in hot. Royal is climbing up on his knees… and Cussen levels him with a RUNNING KNEE STRIKE! Cussen is feeling it and waits for the cobwebs to clear. He heads back to Royal… who somehow reaches up and pulls Cussen down with a SMALL PACKAGE!! One… Two… THRE… Kickout! Cussen is up quick even though Royal surprised him with the pin. Cussen kicks Royal in the midsection and yanks him to his feet. He whips him to the ropes, where DTR grabs him and holds him, locking his arms. Cussen sprints forward for a BIG BOOT… But Royal slips out and Cussen levels DTR! His own partner crashes to the apron and then floor below!] [Cussen seems remorseful as King Royal makes a diving tag to Brent Kersh! The Enforcer steps in and sprints at Cussen, levelling him with a DOUBLE AXEHANDLE!! DTR pops back up again, just to be dropped with another axehandle!! Kersh waves for Cussen to get up again and he does. Kersh grabs him and throws him into his turnbuckle! He follows and lifts his knee into Cussen’s midsection. He tumbles to the mat, but Royal makes a blind tag to Kersh, who looks around surprised. Royal climbs to the turnbuckle… SPITFIRE!! One… Two… THREE!] [Wrestling Royalty retains, but Kersh looks frustrated and maybe even angry with Royal for making a blind tag. Royal climbs to the turnbuckle and raises his belt high. Kersh grabs his and rolls out of the ring with no fan fair. DTR finally made it back into the ring and looks down at the now kneeling Cussen with a strange expression. Cussen makes his way to his feet.]


[Tensions were high throughout the match with neither team seeming completely on the same page. However, in the fallout post-match, it is one duo whose tensions seem to be somewhat boiling over. The Family. After their miscommunication during the match that saw Cussen level DTR with a big boot by mistake, DTR and Cussen meet in the middle of the ring eye to eye. It is Cussen who speaks first, cutting off a pissed off Virus as he is about to speak himself.]

“I don’t want to hear it right now.” [Jensen runs a frustrated hand through his hair.] “It seems like the wheels are falling off. One issue after another and it’s been happening for weeks now. We have always been so focused as a Family… But right now, you seem to be focused on growing this family, not on those closest to you.”

[DTR’s face reddens in anger, yet by the time he starts to speak his voice seems surprisingly calm.]

“Don’t you get it Jensen? We are talking about the beginning of the end, the birth of death. The bringer of destruction. What daughter holds inside her brings us closer together as a family. It shouldn’t tear us apart.”

[Jensen thinks for a moment, before shaking his head.]

“At Death Wish, the Family competes, but not as a team. We compete as individuals. If it comes down to me and you, I will not be giving you that wish.”

[DTR is about to reply when the ring is suddenly surrounded by fire. Solomon Rhodes appears.]

“Trouble in paradise?” [The Dragon smirks at the pair as the flashfire dies down.] “If you hope to walk away from the Three Wishes with anything but empty hands, you both need to be on the same page. The more you bicker and fight, the easier it makes it for me to walk away with everything.”

[United against a common enemy, the Family don’t even need to talk. As one, they move toward the ringside ropes to take the numbers game to Rhodes. And as one, they freeze in their tracks. Ethan Bird, running down the entranceway to join the fray. The second week in a row that Ethan Bird has come to the aid of Solomon Rhodes.] [The Family and the Firebirds both stand toe to toe, eyeballing each other for a moment. Then all hell breaks loose. DTR and Cussen leap off the ring apron, each taking out a member of the Firebirds. The brawl spills out all over the Tap Room until the Firebirds get the better of the Family. RUNNING POWERSLAM FROM BIRD TO CUSSEN! DARK WISH SUPERKICK FROM RHODES TO DTR!] [With the Family down and out, Bird and Rhodes meet together, fists drawn. The nature of the Three Wishes match is enough to drive a wedge between both teams. Rhodes waits for Bird to attack, but Ethan only smiles, tapping his head at his temple.]

“The Family can implode around us, and I’ll throw gas on that fire. But I’m not going to attack you Rhodes… Not until I take that wish away from you. Till then, I’ve got your back.”

[The Firebirds exit, leaving behind the Family to gather themselves and regroup for another week.]


[Tonight, it is a match fans have dreamed of since Calypso got drafted to Showcase. She has been on a roll of late but tonight, she faces the Showcase champion, Edward Newton. Will she keep up her momentum or will Edward Newton destroy it to keep his undefeated streak alive?] [DING! DING! The match starts and Calypso charges right at Newton hitting him with some hard right hooks! He blocks the last one and kicks her knee out from under her and she falls on to the middle rope! He chokes her forcing her throat on the rope with his boot! He pulls her up and drags her to the turnbuckle and RIDDLE ME THAT! Constant head bashes with riddles after each one! Calypso’s response is “Fuck You!” after each one! He goes for one more but Calypso blocks it and a hard back elbow stuns Newton! SUPER KICK by Calypso!] [Newton is down and she pounces on him, hard punches down on Newton! He pushes her off of him and rolls to the outside. She goes for a baseball slide but Newton pulls the apron! She gets caught and Newton with some hard elbows! She is still stunned and Newton climbs to the second rung of the post and AXE HANDLE! Calypso is rocked and Newton throws her back into the ring! He goes for the cover! 1…2…No! Calypso kicks out! He goes for a Boston crab but she is blocking it, grabs him by the back of the head and punches her way out of it!] [He lets go of the hold and she gets up! Both competitors are at their feet and are staring at each other intently! Calypso is motioning for Newton to come here and fight! Newton smirks it off like nothing! She charges at him again, he slips behind her and GERMAN SUPLEX! He is waiting for her to get up, he is wanting to hit Nevermind, and she’s crawling to her feet… SHOT THROUGH THE HEART AND YOU’RE TO BLAME! Bruce Van Chan comes rushing out out and both competitors are staring at him, Newton brushes it off quickly and NEVERMIND on the still distracted Calypso! One… Two… Three!] [Bruce’s distraction backfired and Newton keeps his streak alive beating a very game Calypso in the process! He retains his belt, snatches it from the referee and slides to the outside. Newton rushes to the back, somewhere else important to be. Bruce follows in hot pursuit.]


[Recorded Earlier.] [It’s the dead of night and we open water side, on a small dock in Miami somewhere. A truck pulls up in the car park and turns off its engine. A few moments pass and Piotor Svetolav appears, carrying a large black tarp over his shoulder. He carefully assesses his surroundings as he walks towards a large boat and drops it inside.] [Climbing on board, he heads towards the engine and starts it up. With the motor running, it’s just Piotor and his tarp as he heads off into the open sea.] [He gets around a mile out before his cell phone rings. He answers.]

“Yes, it has been done,” [He confidently proclaims.] “The traitor has been taken care of.”

[Piotor listens carefully.]

“You’re coming to the United States? But sir, I must exercise caution against such a decision. Nyet, Sergei Sokolov has yet to understand the gravity of this situation. I meet him in battle in two weeks.”

[Again, he listens.]

“I understand,” [Svetolav’s face changes to stern focus.] “I will prepare for your arrival.”

[Piotor shuts off the phone and stops the engine, walking back towards the tarp which has come undone, revealing General Petrov. He rolls it back up, lifts it up and drops it over the edge and into the water.] [Dusting off his hands and heading back towards the boat, the camera pans out to show Sergei Sokolov, watching through binoculars on the dock.]


[We have a huge main event here tonight as Ethan Bird takes on Solomon Rhodes. Will the Dragon rise above or can the God send him crashing back down to earth?] [The bell sounds as Rhodes rushes forward, running right into a massive Lariat that nearly turns him inside out. Rhodes stumbles to his feet into a flurry of lefts and rights before a huge knee takes all the wind out of him and he’s driven to the canvas with a big Gutwrench Suplex. Bird pulls Rhodes up to his feet, hoisting him up onto his shoulders as he tries for the Powerslam but Rhodes slips down Bird’s back, leaping up and clipping him with an enziguri as he turns around] [Bird staggers to his feet as Rhodes rebounds off the ropes, sending Bird flying with a huge single dropkick before leaping up, FRANKENSTEINER! Rhodes holds down for the cover, ONE…TWO…KICK OUT! Bird stumbles to his feet right as another dropkick sends him tumbling over the ropes to the floor below. Bird slowly gets to his feet groggy as Solomon sizes him up for a moment, running forward, SOMERSAULT PLANCHA! Bird gets planted to the roar of the crowd before Rhodes lifts him up, tossing him back inside the ring] [Bird gets powered up to his feet as Solomon tries for the Crucifix Powerbomb but Bird manages to slip out, kicking Rhodes in the gut as he turns around before lifting him up and spiking him into the mat with a big Powerbomb. Bird drops down for the cover, ONE..TWO…KICK OUT! The moment Rhodes kicks out, Bird spins him around, locking in a Boston Crab! Rhodes screams out in pain as Bird pulls back with all his strength, trying to stretch Rhodes out as much as he can. The Dragon grits his teeth, trying to pull himself to the ropes as he slowly moves across the ring, Bird wrenching back trying to stop Rhodes who’s fingertips are just touching the bottom rope] [Rhodes nearly has it as Bird pulls Rhodes back into the middle of the ring, letting go of the Crab for a moment before switching into a Texas Cloverleaf. Rhodes screams in pain as Bird continues to inflict pain, trying to force the Dragon to tap who seems close as he’s stuck in the middle of the ring. Bird pulls back with all his strength as Rhodes looks about ready to tap but the Dragon roars, finding a last surge of strength as he powers his way out of the hold. But the damage has been done as Rhodes limps to his feet, barely able to walk] [Bird laughs to himself as Rhodes lashes out with a hard right hand but he can’t lift Bird off his feet before his knee gives out. Bird drills Rhodes with a hard knee to the jaw before hoisting him up over his shoulder, RUNNING POWERSLAM! The impact almost shakes the ring as Bird hooks both legs for the cover, ONE…TWO…Rhodes just gets the shoulder up! Bird lifts Rhodes up to his feet but Rhodes knocks Bird away, sweeping his knee out from under him, DARKWISH! Rhodes can’t cover however as the impact damages his knee even further] [Both men slowly get to their feet, exchanging left and right hands as Rhodes gets the advantage with a sharp headbutt but as he tries for the Crucifix Powerbomb again, his knee gives out. Bird drops down behind Rhodes, drilling him into the mat with a hard Reverse DDT. Bird calls for the end as he tries to lift Rhodes up to his feet but the Dragon can barely stand as he slumps back down to the mat. Bird tries to power him up again, CHAOS THEORY! Rhodes hits it out of nowhere as he collapses on Bird, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Dragon picks up a huge victory here tonight, weathering the storm and the damage inflicted by Bird to pick up a big victory as he gains momentum heading into the Three Wishes match]


[Imagine getting into a car and driving a hundred miles across the country as fast as you can. Imagine the desperation you must feel to have to do it. Could you imagine it?] [Because that’s Bruce Van Chan right now. The moment he realized his mother had sold their family home to Edward Newton, he hopped into his car and drove there immediately.] [By the time he had pulled up outside, the whole building was cordoned off. Edward Newton stood behind the cordon, surrounded by police officers.]

“GIVE ME BACK MY HOUSE!” [Bruce screams as he runs towards Newton, being blocked off by Officers who demand he retreats.] “Enough is enough, Edward. You don’t have to do this!”

“Your house?” [The Riddler huffs.] “I have the deed right here,” [He says reaching into his pocket and waving the deed around.] “Your mother sold it to me, Mr. Van Chan.”

[Van Chan puts his hand to his head, panicked.]

“I know that you want it back. However, this is another one of our famed teachable moments.”

[Bruce’s eyebrows raise.] “What do you mean?”

“This house has been wired with explosives. In a matter of moments, a controlled detonation will crumble your former family home into nothing but brick and rubble. But you have a choice.”

[Edward folds his arms.]

“You could assault these officers, hop this cordon, and run inside the house. With you inside, there’s no way the building can be demolished. To do this, you’d have to break multiple laws. Assaulting a police officer, trespassing and probably one or two others I’d imagine. However, the choice is yours, Mr. Van Chan.”

[Bruce contemplates it for a moment. On the other side of the cordon is his family home. He looks back to see his mother in tears, being held by his wife who can barely stop her from falling to the ground. His eyes meet Newton’s, and he smiles, knowing that he holds all the cards.] [What will Bruce Van Chan do?] [Then he runs.] [He leaps over the cordon, bundling officers to the ground as he does, running towards the property as quickly as he can.] [BOOM!] [Just then, the entire building explodes from the foundations, sending dust and debris flying out into the air. The impact knocks Bruce to the ground immediately, causing everyone to ‘OOOHHH’ in shock.] [Van Chan barely scrambles to his feet before the cops descend on him, slapping handcuffs on his wrists before he’s even standing.] [He looks at his family home in rubble before him, then back at his Mother and Wife, who can barely believe their eyes. Edward walks over to him, folding the deed and placing it in Bruce’s top pocket.]

“You can have it back now.”

[Van Chan almost snaps, only the cops drag him away and towards their nearby vehicle, ready to take him away.] [The Riddler laughs, another teachable moment in the bag.] [Cut.]