[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Cold, hard, metal bars.] [It’s certainly not the Ritz. Bruce Van Chan stands behind the bars of his holding cell, contemplating the world he has come to know. The rug has been ripped out from beneath him once again.] [Just then, a voice calls out from around the corner. A familiar voice.]

“It’s so sad to see you like this, Mr. Van Chan.”

[Bruce immediately gets angry.] “Get out of here, Newton.”

[Edward finally arrives to meet him, face to face.]

“You’ve been chasing me since Ring of Dreams, have you not? Every single week in the middle of that ring, I turn around and you’re there; seeking vengeance.”

“After everything you’ve done to me, are you surprised? You made my family believe I was dying, Newton. You kidnapped me, placed me in a coffin, bankrupted my mother and had me arrested. You blew up my family home. If anything, it must be sad for you, mustn’t it? Because after all that, you haven’t destroyed me; because I’m still here.”

[Newton agrees with a nod.] “Actually, about that!” [he says with a grin.] “I can see you’re the type of vermin that refuses to be exterminated. I could see that from the moment I broke your achy breaky heart, Mr. Van Chan. But I’ve been trying to teach you that a grey area exists in the world. Not everything is black and white. Sometimes you have to live in the grey.”

[The Real Deal scoffs.]

“Just give me a match with you at Death Wish and I’ll show you how far in the grey I can live.”

[The Riddler thinks about it for a moment.]

“Naturally, that would make the most sense, would it not?” [He ponders aloud.] “But I don’t think it works without yet another teachable moment. I’ll give you a match with me for the Showcase Championship at Death Wish, Mr. Van Chan – but on one condition; if I win, I get my wish and you retire.”

[Bruce thinks about it, then looks at the title draped over Newton’s shoulder.]

“You’ve got a deal.”



[Tonight’s match-up pits the long arm of the Law versus a member of the infamous Family. Will the Sheriff get his man or will there be reasonable doubt?] [DING! DING! The two men slowly begin circling each other, sizing up the competition. Both men meet in the middle of the ring in the tie-up. Law quickly gets the upper hand due to his massive size and strength. With a quick shove, Law tosses his opponent across the ring. Law smirks and begins a cocky strut. DTR smiles back in his direction, getting back to his feet. Law charges towards his opponent, but DTR is able to avoid the hit. As Law turns to face his opponent, he’s met with a series of punches to the face. DTR then hits a DROP KICK, knocking Law to the ground. Wasting no effort, DTR climbs the turnbuckle and leaps. Law played ’possum’ and caught him in midair, hitting a FALL AWAY SLAM! ONE, TWO, THR… DTR kicks out at the last moment.] [Clearly frustrated, Law slams the canvas as he makes his way to his feet. After spending a few moments arguing with the referee, he finally returns his focus to his opponent. As Law lifts DTR to his feet, the Family member grabs Law’s head and hits the DDT! Again, DTR wastes no time and climbs atop the turnbuckle. He leaps into the air, LIGHTS OUT! DTR quickly looks to make the cover. ONE, TWO, THREE, NO! Law powers out of the pin attempt before the referee’s hand can slap the canvas.] [DTR jumps up and looks to get the big man back to his feet, but he is met with a rake to the eyes unseen by the referee. Seeing an opportunity, Law begins to deliver a flurry of right hands, capped off with a HEADBUTT! DTR staggers, but stays on his feet. Law signals to the crowd that it’s over and hooks DTR’s arms, setting him up for JUSTICE. However, DTR wiggles free and delivers a stiff kick to the Law’s gut. With a quick motion, DTR hits REASONABLE DOUBT! DTR goes for the cover, ONE, TWO, THREE! DING! DING!] [The key member of the Family picks up a huge victory over the Law, showing the world that Sheriff Law’s brand of justice will not reign over OSW tonight.]


[Recorded Earlier] [Captain Zappa staggers the halls of the Tap Room almost carefree, muttering to himself. The microphone is able to pick up the odd word in amongst the psychobabble – ‘Zetas…’, ‘chosen…’, ‘Sweet Delilah’. He stops suddenly, blinking a number of times and shaking his head as if a migraine was developing itself in our midst. Zappa fumbles about in his pocket, searching for his natural remedy to ‘coming back to Earth’, but finds nothing. He grunts in slight frustration before pressing on down the hallway towards the locker rooms.] [Zappa then enters his locker room, heading straight for his locker… only to find it ransacked. His calm demeanour flips to almost wild-eyed frenzy and he dashes over to inspect his wares that now spill out over the floor. An assortment of personal items, clothing… But something important is missing.] [The flushing sound of a toilet. Calypso enters from the toilet area, an empty bag in her hands.]

“Looking for something, Captain my Captain?” [She smirks as she holds up the empty bag. The sight sends Zappa into a spiral. He screams, grabbing the bag off her and slamming her into a nearby locker.]

“My supply! What have you done with it?”

[Despite being held by the throat and pressed against the steel of a locker, Calypso continues to smirk.]

“Call it an intervention. I wanted to see how well you access your precious ‘Zetas’ when you find yourself locked into this reality. I believed you once. Now I just want to see if you are truly crazy, or if it is just the mind-altering ‘supply’ that keeps you at an arm’s length from reality. I know it is what you hold most dear, your ‘all-seeing eye.’

What if you lose that along with your supply?”

[Zappa relinquishes the hold on Calypso, only to stagger backwards in shock as the reality of having his supply tossed out hits home. He casts an eye over his scattered belongings.]

“I’ve got to get more supply!”

[He dashes off in somewhat of a mad panic, leaving Calypso rubbing her neck and smiling.]

“Oh, I think you may run into problems there too, my Captain.”



[It’s The Enforcer set to go up against Vengeance incarnate here tonight!] [The bell sounds as these two lock up. It’s the wily Brent Kersh who gets the upper hand by trapping the wrist of Jensen Cussen before pulling it behind his back. He releases it long enough to wrap an arm around the head of Cussen before yanking him to the ground with a headlock takedown! Kersh is wrenching on the head of Cussen who just appears frustrated. He rolls Kersh backwards until his shoulders are pinned. One… Kersh rolls it back into a headlock. Another roll up with a little bridge by Cussen. One…Two…Kersh relinquishes the hold as both men come back to their feet.] [Kersh raises his hand for a test of strength, but it’s Cussen who matches that with a stiff lunging jab that catches The Enforcer on the chin. He staggers backwards before turning right into a barrage of blows to the chest and abdomen. Kersh is bent over as Cussen slips around locks in a full nelson before… THE TRIFECTA! A dragon suplex lead into a tiger suplex before finished off with a straightjacket suplex. Cussen slides back to his feet before rushing Kersh with a soccer kick right to the side of his ribs. The Enforcer falls to his back clutching his ribs in agony.] [Jensen pulls Kersh to his feet, but the veteran was just lying in wait. He wraps up Jensen and rolls him into a pinning predicament, but he pulls through before hooking the legs of Cussen and wrapping them behind him for a Boston Crab! Cussen looks disoriented and angry as he slowly reaches out for the ropes. He’s almost there when Kersh pulls him back to the center of the ring. He turns him over and begins to tie up the legs only Cussen flips him sideways off his legs! Kersh gets back to his feet only for… HAIR-TRI-NO! Kersh grabbed the rope and held himself up. SUPERKICK to the kneeling Cussen! Kersh wraps up his legs and quickly snaps back to the mat. THE LONE STAR! Cussen is trying to reach out to the ropes but can’t find the strength to pull himself there. He has to tap!] [The Enforcer secures yet another win on his long list of victories here tonight!]


[After that match, Brent Kersh stands in the ring, about to exit. He starts to step through the ropes, when King Royal’s music starts, and the King steps through the entryway, flanked by at least a dozen of his guards. He has a microphone.]

“Well, well, Brent, aren’t you looking a little worn out? In fact, one is not sure that you will be able to make it to Death Wish… Isn’t that right, boys?”

[Suddenly, the entirety of King Royal’s private guard begin making their way to the ring. Kersh backs into the center, and puts his hands up for a fight. He motions to the guards to come on, and they are willing to oblige. They surround the ring, and suddenly begin to climb onto the apron. Kersh pivots back and forth, trying to see where the attack will come from, when King Royal simply says…]


[And the guards flood the ring! Kersh takes out the first one with a heavy right! The second drops with left uppercut from the Enforcer. A third catches a stiff elbow and falls to the mat. Another grabs Kersh from behind, locking him in a Bearhug, but Kersh reaches overhead and drops to the mat with a thunderous JAWBREAKER!! But that’s where the numbers game catches up with Brent. The other eight fall on the Enforcer like a pack of wild dogs! Kersh is getting beaten down, when suddenly, the lights go out! The sound of struggles stop, and the lights flash back on.] [The Sharkman! He stands in the center of the ring. He slowly helps Kersh to his feet. The guard has fallen back and now surrounds both Kersh and Sharkman. From the entryway, Royal is furious! He screams!]

“What are you waiting for!? Get them!”

[And the guard rushes them again! Man after man falls to the pair. Rights and lefts hail in every direction as guards drops and roll from the ring. Finally, only one remains, the captain. He leans against the ropes, holding his hands up, pleading for mercy. Kersh and the Sharkman look at one another, and then run at the Captain, knocking him over the top ropes with a DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!! The guards have retreated to Royal, who sneers, and slips backstage with them in tow.] [Kersh looks at the Sharkman and nods, who also nods back at the Enforcer. Brent slips out of the ring, walking backstage with a purpose. Sharkman steadies himself, because he is far from finished. His match starts now!]


[Tonight, it is Sea vs Sky as Sharkman takes on Captain Zappa. Will Zappa take to the skies or will he be swimming with the sharks?] [DING! DING! Captain Zappa charges at Sharkman with a RUNNING CROSSBODY! Zappa stays on top with some clubbing blows to the head! He picks Sharkman up, goes behind him, German Suplex, No! Sharkman flips out of it and hits a BULLDOG! He keeps the headlock locked in! Sharkman wrenching the head but Zappa is not having it and he fights to his feet! Sharkman is trying to keep it locked in but Zappa with a strong suplex that drops the Shark on his head! Sharkman falls hard, Zappa gets on top of him, grabs his head and bashes it against the mat!] [When Zappa feels like he has done enough, he climbs to the top rope. He waits for Sharkman to get up, he goes for a diving clothesline but it’s countered with a DROPKICK! Sharkman with a great counter and he goes for the cover! 1…2… No! Zappa kicks out! He’s calling for Zappa to get up, Zappa gets to a knee, SUSHI KICK! Sharkman with a beautiful shining wizard. He’s not done, he goes to the top rope and goes for a Shark Dive… Zappa gets his knees up and Sharkman falls hard on them, His back is bowing in pain!] [Zappa is laughing with malicious intent, He wrenches Sharkman up, puts him on his shoulders and drives him head first into the turnbuckle! INTERGALACTIC INERTIA! Zappa gets on the second rope to go for Black Clouds and Tinfoil Linings but Sharkman grabs Zappa’s ankle and rips off the ropes! Zappa’s head whiplashes off the ropes! Reverse DDT by the Sharkman! He pulls Captain Zappa up by the waist and SHARKMAN SPECIAL! Multiple suplexes with all different variations! He’s not done yet, he pulls up Zappa one more time goes for The Reckoning but Zappa reverses it into a massive back body drop! DELILAH SAYS GOOD MORNING and Sharkman lands with a hard thud! Zappa goes for the cover…1…2…3!] [What a big win for Zappa! He is proving himself to be a great competitor here in OSW and the wrestlers here should be on the lookout!]


[We find Solomon Rhodes backstage, an envelope in his hands and an inquisitive look on his face as he inspects it. Sliding a finger underneath the seal, the Dragon opens the envelope and removes the contents – one piece of paper and a large golden coin.] [Rhodes casts his eyes over the letter while toiling with the coin between his fingers thoughtfully. He reads the words from the letter aloud]

“In one week you have the chance for your wishes to come true. Four men compete for the chance to retrieve one of three tokens, three wishes.” [He stops reading for a moment to look the coin over in his hands once more.] “The three men that retrieve a wish token will cash that wish in for a chance at the grand wish – a title match of their choosing. One wish comes true, three wishes turn to nightmares.”

[He is interrupted by a knock at the door behind him, almost politely. He turns as the door opens to reveal Ethan Bird entering the room. He too holds a golden coin in his hands.]

“You got one too?” [Bird notices the coin and letter still in Solomon’s hands.] “Look… Double Tap didn’t quite turn out how we wanted. For what it’s worth, Rhodes, for my part in how that all ended… I’m sorry.”

[A moments silence as an almost uncharacteristic apology hangs in the air. There is no handshake, but a mere nod from Rhodes, not sure if he truly trusts the apology or not. Bird continues.]

“Don’t think though that I won’t hesitate to destroy you if you stand between me and that final wish. When Death Wish comes about, it is every man for himself. Whether we enter as allies or enemies is beside the point, but how we leave is up to you.”

[Rhodes steps up to Bird, almost cutting him off.]

“Let’s just see where the cards lie when they fall. I’m not going to be pulling any punches just because you have had a change of heart as of late…”

[The pair stare at each other, emotions hard to read. That is, until two more figures enter the fray unannounced.]

“Isn’t this nice?” [DTR slinks in, Cussen not far behind.] “A little re-union.”

[All four men hold their golden ‘wish token’, the stakes and implications of which now fresh in their minds. The air is thick with tension, both between and within both teams. Cussen pushes past DTR and the pair stand toe to toe.]

“Every man for himself. Only one wish comes true.” [Cussen holds up his coin.] “Only one of these tokens will come to fruition by the end. For the other three, merely a Death Wish. The only question is, who is willing to endure the most to get that shot? I’m not letting any of you stand in my way.”

[Cussen seems to direct his comment more towards DTR than the others. The challenge hangs in the air, with all four men looking just as focused and determined as the others. Will Death Wish be the end of one of these teams? Will one man sacrifice his partner for the sake of a ‘wish of a lifetime’?]


[We have a great contest between two future OSW stars tonight as the Olympic Gold Medalist faces off against the Cult Leader. Will Gable continue his impressive run or will a little Ultra-Violence be too much for him?] [The bell sounds as Gable rushes in, trying to take Calypso down with a running double leg but Calypso is ready for him, drilling Gable with a hard kick to the face before a big DDT drills him into the mat. Gable slowly stumbles to his feet into a flurry of lefts and rights from the Messiah as a big knee lift knocks him loopy but a Superkick attempt is ducked under as Calypso is taken off her feet with a hard double leg takedown] [Gable drops down a series of hard knees to the back of Calypso’s head before lifting her up with a Vertical Suplex. Gable holds on, switching her around into a German Suplex before lifting Calypso up a third time, floating over as he tries for the Pugh-Plex. Calypso counters with a knee to the skull at the last moment before slipping down and landing a desperation backstabber. Gable slowly gets to his feet in the corner as Calypso rushes forward, crushing him with a swanton bomb] [Calypso signals for the end but Gable slips out of Calypso’s throw towards the ropes, drilling her with a massive Gold Rush! Gable motions for Calypso to get to her feet but his attention is drawn by a Calypsoite jumping on the apron. The referee goes to get them to leave ringside as Gable turns around into the Testicular Claw! A huge right leaves Gable loopy as he’s shoved onto the bottom rope, ULTRA VIOLENCE! Gable is drilled by the huge stomp as Calypso turns him over, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Calypso picks up a big win over the very game Gable here tonight, showing exactly what awaits Captain Zappa in one week when they go on one on one]


[A back alley behind the Tap Room. A shady place at the best of times, but even moreso at night time. We see as Captain Zappa exits the rear door of the Tap Room, slinking his way into the back alley. Almost as if on cue, a figure steps out from behind a trash skip, making his presence known to Zappa.] [Zappa doesn’t seem surprised, as if he was expecting the shady figure. He stops, greeting the man with a half nod.]

“My usual supply…” [He lets the statement hang in the air – half as a demand, half as a question. The dealer that he talks to simply shakes his head.]

“Can’t do that man. Orders of Calypso. You’re cut off.”

[Two figures appear from within the shadows, members of Calypso’s flock on order from her to watch over the dealer and cut off Zappa’s supply. Zappa shakes his head.]

“No… You don’t understand. I need my supply.”

“Can’t do it man. Orders of Calypso. These folk here wouldn’t take too kindly to me going against her orders. You’ll have to take it up with her. ”

[Captain Zappa grabs at his hair in his frustration, before coming at the dealer’s throat. He pushes him up against the skip bin, balling a fist threateningly before letting him go without driving the fist home.]

“Take it up with her? I intend to.”

[Zappa staggers off, his usual easy-going demeanour replaced with a more jerky and frustrated stride. Calypso’s connections cutting off his supply is clearly getting to him.]


[Van Chan has gone through hell the last few months, the “lessons” from Newton baring down heavily on the hero’s wellbeing as Solomon may well take all his rage here tonight. Can the Dragon withstand it or will he be a casualty in this war?] [The bell sounds as Van Chan flies out from the bell, pounding on Rhodes with furious lefts and rights before a hard kick to the gut stuns the Dragon. Bruce rushes to the ropes, bouncing off into a hard Thesz Press, before raining down lefts and rights to the face of Rhodes. Bruce lifts him up, drilling him into the canvas with a Snap Suplex as Rhodes stumbles up to his feet, using the corner to pull himself up] [Bruce sizes Rhodes up for a moment, STINGER SPLA…RHODES MOVES! Bruce slams against the corner chest first, staggering out into a a big enziguri to the back of the head, dropping Bruce to one knee, DARKWISH! Bruce nearly got his head kicked off as Rhodes rolls through for the cover, ONE…TWO…KICK OUT! Bruce stumbles to his feet as Solomon grabs him by the throat, trying to lock in the Lazarus Chamber. Bruce fights out, drilling Rhodes with a series of hard kicks to the knee before landing a big spinning heel kick to drop Solomon to the mat] [Bruce lifts Rhodes up to his feet, jacking his jaw with a hard European Uppercut as he drills Rhodes to the mat with a hard Fishermans Suplex. A big running basement dropkick puts a rising Rhodes down as Van Chan calls for the end, heading up to the top rope, sizing Rhodes up for a moment before leaping up, SHOT THROUGH THE…KNEES! Van Chan stumbles up, holding his gut in pain, CHAOS THEORY! Van Chan gets planted on the mat as Rhodes covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Solomon Rhodes picks up another victory heading into Death Wish giving Bruce another loss in the last few weeks as he may have taken too many risks here tonight]


[People are walking up and down South Pointe Pier in Miami, going about their business…but we see Sheriff Law standing by himself with a smirk on his face and a tip of the sheriff’s hat.]

“It’s about time you showed up. I started to think you were too scared to face the Law again.”

[The man approaching him is none other than Cael Gable, breathing heavily with an angry scowl at the man who had him thrown in jail.]

“Enough games, Law. You have something that belongs to me.”

[Law just chuckles, pulling out a bag marked “EVIDENCE” with another smirk on his face.]

“You mean this? Your pride and joy, right Gable?”

[Gable nods, stepping closer to Law with clinched fists.]

“You want your precious medal back? Well, I hope you’re as good a swimmer as you are a wrestler!”

[With another chuckle, he tosses the bag into the ocean! Gable is distraught, his hands clutching his head in shock as Law starts laughing hysterically. Gable glares at Law in anger as he charges at the Sheriff…who dodges, allowing the Olympian to crash through the railing into the water below. Law steps up to the edge of the pier as people run over to see what happened. Gable is frantically swimming toward the rocks nearby as Law cackles, pulling out Gable’s medal! Gable climbs onto the rocks, catching his breath as Law yells out to him.]

“I’m not dumb enough to toss away an easy buck, kid! Here’s a tip: don’t try to fight the Law, ‘cause the Law will win!”

[Law pockets the medal, walking off with a big grin on his face as the people nearby just stare in wonder at what happened.] [Cut.]


[It’s main event time as the Showcase Championship is on the line! Sokolov looks a little shaken tonight – like something isn’t quite right with the big man.] [The bell sounds as Sergei Sokolov and Edward Newton are set to go one-on-one. Sergei takes a few full steps towards Newton and looks down at the near foot difference between them. He reaches down and wraps his palm around the head of Newton. Newton slaps his hand away as a sneer grows across his mouth. Sergei is unfazed as he reaches out quickly with a chokehold around his throat. He lifts him up, but Newton slips out the backside. A stiff kick to the back of Sergei’s knee which causes his leg to buckle, but only for a second as he turns around.] [Edward Newton begins looking around for a way to take down this giant, but Sokolov doesn’t allow for much rest time as he charges him. Sokolov lifts him up onto his shoulder and RAMS him into the turnbuckle! Sergei immediately begins driving fists into the ribs and abdomen as Newton’s face contorts into agony. Sergei wraps an arm around his shoulder and… FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE! The Sambo Suplex lifts him straight out of the corner and drives him into the mat. Newton is prone, but Sergei hooks his legs. One…Two…TH-NO! Newton manages to get a shoulder up just in time.] [Sergei lifts up Newton in his gargantuan arms and begins squeezing the absolute life out of The Riddler! THE RUSSIAN BEAR HUG! Edward Newton seems to be fading but he reaches towards the eyes of Sergei and begins raking them furiously! Sergei refuses to relinquish the hold, but Newton opens his arms and CLAPS his ears! Sergei lets loose the hold and clutches at his ears as Edward Newton takes the moment to recover. Sergei looks up with anger in his eyes before charging towards him! Edward instinctively lunges forward with a dropping dropkick to the knee! Sergei is stopped in his tracks before flipping over onto his back!] [Sergei tries to get to his feet, but it’s Edward Newton there with a running boot straight to his face. As Sokolov falls onto his back, Newton begins pounding him with a series of brutal kicks just trying to wear out the gigantic Russian. He’s paused momentarily as Newton hits the ropes and leaps up for a leg drop. He goes for a cover. One…Two… PUSHUP! Newton is pushed up onto the mat forcefully as his eyes dart straight to the corner which he uses to pull himself up. He turns around and BODY SPLASH! Sergei goes to splash him, but Newton dodges out of the way. Crash and burn, but Newton grabs the head of Sergei and begins smashing it into the turnbuckle.]

“What’s red and yellow and filled with lies?”

[A moment passes before Sergei turns his head to look at him. SPITS RIGHT IN HIS FACE! Newton staggers backwards as Sergei rushes him with a spinning clothesline! Newton hits the mat and staggers back to his feet slowly. SOVIET STRIKE! The spinning backfist catches Newton right on the jaw as he’s blasted back into the ropes where he is barely holding himself up by his arm. A huge strike, but Newton still is standing and breathing heavily. Sergei seems perturbed by this as he charges him! Newton lowers down and pulls the rope with him! Sokolov staggers right over the top rope to the floor.] [Edward Newton motions for the referee to begin counting to which he does by the ropes. One… Edward Newton moves across the ring. Two… Newton reaches down and begins untying his shoe. Three… Newton finishes and gets to his feet. Four…Five… Sergei is slowly getting back to his feet on the outside. Six… Sergei realizes the count and turns towards the ring. Seven… Sergei rolls back into the ring. As he gets up, Newton charges him with a kick. Sergei catches it and pulls off his boot! He looks at the boot and raises it above his head! The referee leaps up and removes it from his hands. Sergei looks at him rage before turning towards Newton. Low blow! MIND OVER MATTER!] [BUT Sergei catches his kick! He pushes Edward Newton towards the ropes forcefully and as he comes back… POP-UP POWERBOMB! NUCLEAR FALLOUT! Sergei places a boot upon his chest. One….Two..NO! Newton kicks out! Sergei grabs him up, but EYE RAKE! Sergei is clutching his eyes in pain as he swings wildly with a right hook. Newton dodges back. Another hook that Newton is able to dodge out of the way. He kicks Sergei right in the shin! THE QUESTION IS… NEVERMIND! Jumping implant DDT! Newton throws himself upon the chest of Sergei. One…Two…THREE!] [Edward Newton staggers to his feet as he’s breathing heavily. The referee hands him his title as he holds it close to his chest.]


[As Sergei Sokolov stumbles to his feet, his eyes are lowered. Something is on his mind.] [Static.] [Recorded Earlier.] [Mother Russia. Somewhere on the outskirts, in a room not many have ever seen. The floors are covered in rubble, the walls are falling down and there’s no sign of life; that is until Piotor Svetolav enters our frame.] [He walks over to the communist flag and strokes it, feeling the rough fabric against his skin.]

“Why am I here?”

[A voice suddenly echoes loudly, raspy and deep.]

“Do you remember this place, Sergei?” [Piotor asks just as the giant frame of Sokolov enters our screen.] “Военная комната.”

[Sergei growls.] “The War Room.”

“Exactly. You don’t remember me though, do you?” [Piotor asks.] “But then it was my duty to remain hidden in the shadows.”

[That makes the big man wince.]

“I lost my arms in battle for my country, but my service record was so exemplary that I was chosen for experimental treatment. They rebuilt my arms and now I use it to punish traitors.”

[Sokolov’s face contorts.] “Sergei is no traitor!”

“But you are, Sergei. Petrov convinced you to do the work of an American Double Agent. He sent you to your death.”

[The Big man pounds on his chest.]

“I am right here. Come and take my life, Piotor. Come and take it.”

[Both of these men had travelled across the world to be here. This could end in a split second. Piotor though shakes his head.]

“All in good time. You see, when I was here all those years ago, you were but a young man with all the promise in the world. You could have been the greatest soldier that Russia had ever seen. All you had to do was think for yourself. You’ve always been blinded by your love for our country. It has hurt you beyond words, and now, it will cost you your life.”

[Sergei grabs Svetolav in a rage and slams him against the wall. Rubble and dust flies off into the air as the Russian Bear forcefully holds him there.]

“Sergei cannot be traitor. Why have you not killed me? Why do I live?”

[Piotor smiles.] “Because he doesn’t want you dead, yet. I have spent years in service of Mother Russia, hiding in the shadows, murdering those who oppose it.”

“Spetsnaz?” [Sokolov questions, letting him go. Piotor nods in agreement, causing Sokolov to stumble backwards in shock.] “You are Spetsnaz?”

“I brought you here to show you that I am fighting for Russia. I brought you here to show you that what I say is not a lie. He wants you to understand that what you’ve done could have been avoided. There is no way out now, Sergei. On Monday, you will fall.”

[Sokolov runs a hand down his face, realizing that it’s true; he is a traitor.]

“For Mother Russia.”

[Piotor’s words usually belong to Sokolov, though he cannot muster them himself.] [The camera focuses on his face, the fear and pain etched within every contour.] [Cut.]