[The muffled sounds of crying open this week’s Monday Night Showcase.]

“Please, you don’t have to do this!” [begs a woman in tears.] [The room is stifling, like being inside an oven. The only light comes from small gaps inside the wooden slats that surround us. There’s a smell of iron in the air, as if blood has recently been spilt.]

“I know I don’t,” [mutters a deep voice from the pitch black.] “But the thing is, I want to.”

[There’s a creak as the person stands up and walks closer towards the camera. All we can see is their outline as they approach what appears to be a sack, hanging upside down, only it’s not.] [It’s the victim.] [And her blood curdling screams are enough to send shivers down our spine. The man had grabbed her, cutting on her arm, watching as blood dripped slowly into a bucket below.] [Drip.] [Drip.] [Drip.]

“Your blood is the sands of time, slipping ever so slowly away. The exuberance of youth is contained within the 270,000,000 iron-rich haemoglobin molecules of each red cell,” [he says with a scoff.] “I sound like some kind of Doctor, don’t I?”

[Drip.] [Drip.] [Drip.]

“But I’m not. I’m just enamoured with it all. Hey, don’t pass out, don’t you dare,” [the man says as he grabs her hair, lifting her head and slapping her around the face a few times.] “You had better hope they come for you before you fill my bucket.”

[Snap. The scene abruptly cuts off, and we head to ringside where the fans boo at what they’ve just seen.] [Questions start making their way through the audience. ‘Who was that?’…] [Errol Flint is pacing. He’s still in shock after last week’s major reveal but can’t seem to find the man he’s looking for.] [That’s because he’s in the shadows.]

“What do you want, Flint?” [says the ever growling voice of Mike Lane.] [Mike slowly appears from within the shadows, a grimace on his face.]

“Mike, I wanted to apologize. I wanted to say how sorry I am for thinking for even one second that you’d do that to me.”

[The Champion adjusts his title and blankly stares at him.] “You thought Red River Jack had changed me for the worst, is that it? I broke free of his spell and I have no intention of falling under yours.”

[He knew what Flint wanted.]

“Come on now son, we have to work together here. James Hunter tried to kill me, Mike. He tried to put me in the ground-“

[Lane cuts him off.] “Son? I’m not sure your son. I’ve fought for you, I’ve fought for Destiny and where has it gotten me? My future wife is hiding in fear for the next attack. Then there’s this,” [He says tapping the title.] “Which puts a target on my back the size of your bank balance.”

“And James Hunter wants it, kid,” [Flint reminds him.] “And he cashed in that All-Star Championship for rights to it, too.”

[Mike scoffs.] “Then do what you do, boss. I have an axe to grind with James at InVasion but he doesn’t have to make it there. That’s your decision. All I know is that one way or another, in that ring or on those streets, I’m going to bury my foot in his ass.”

[Errol thinks about it, watching as Mike walks carefully back into the shadows, eventually disappearing.]

Dick Fury rushes Jackson Mitchell, landing combinations to the gut but with no effect. Fury takes a step back and looks Mitchell in his eyes… HE SLAPPED JACKSON MITCHELL IN THE FACE! “The Mauler” looks pissed! He grabs Fury by the throat and throws him into the nearby corner. Mitchell proceeds to land elbow after elbow into the side of Dick’s head! Jackson grabs Fury by the throat and tries to choke the life out of him! The Ref counts to four before Mitchell lets the choke go.

Fury grabs his throat in obvious pain. Mitchell walks away from the corner and runs back towards his opponent. Fury quickly leaps over the top rope and goes to the ring apron as Jackson crashes into the turnbuckles. Mitchell staggers backward as Dick Fury climbs to the top rope. DICK FURY WITH THE DROP KICK! Fury goes for the cover! MITCHELL TOSSES FURY RIGHT OFF HIM! Dick Fury wastes no time and locks in a Sleeper Hold! Jackson Mitchell powers himself up as Fury continues to hang on!

Mitchel is completely vertical and Dick can’t believe it! Mitchell uses his strength to slam him and Fury into the turnbuckles! Mitchell again slams the two into the turnbuckles and finally Fury let’s go! Jackson walks towards the middle of the ring but it Chop Blocked by Fury! Mitchell hits the mat and grabs at his left knee in pain. Fury continues to work the possibly injured leg. Fury slowly makes his way to the nearby corner and makes his way up the ropes.

Dick Fury is feeling it! He motions for Jackson to get to his feet! “Come on, bitch!” Jackson is on wobbly legs. Fury continues to wait as Jackson stagers closer to him. Mitchell – Fury flies off the top rope and HE’S CAUGHT! “The Mauler” shows his sheer strength! He bounces off the nearby turnbuckles and IT’S THE TEXAS STAMPEDE! JACKSON MITCHELL WITH THE TEXAS STAMPEDE! THE COVER! ONE… TWO… THREE! JACKSON MITCHELL GETS HIS FIRST WIN IN THE OSW!

[‘Big’ Jackson Mitchell gets to his feet after that tough match here tonight and stands proudly in the middle of the ring as the fans appreciate his efforts.] [Suddenly the sound of drums fills the arena as “If I Ruled the World [Imagine That]” by Nas hits the speakers and a giant of a man steps out onto the entrance ramp. The fans immediately start booing, recognizing this monster of a man immediately.] [It’s Kingpin. It’s Mr. Emperor himself!] [Jackson looks on in confusion as Kingpin makes a slow paced walk to the ring, grabbing the top rope and pulling himself onto the ring apron. As soon as he gets inside, Mitchell attacks. He’s wily and he knew what was coming. Immediately he slams forearms down on Kingpins’s back with as much force as he can muster, shaking the whole ring in the process.] [But it barely even stumbles this monster. Mr. Emperor reaches out and grabs Mitchell close, OVERHEAD RELEASE SUPLEX! Holy shit! He just tossed a 300lb man around like he was nothing. The Mauler gets back to his feet and immediately jumps back into the fight, slugging Kingpin with right hands, chops and kicks, only to be grabbed again and this time put down with a Belly to Belly.] [The Colossus reaches down and pulls Mitchell back to his feet, punching him hard in the jaw. He slams him with a forearm to the face, another, then a spinning back fist that was hit in extremely quick succession. Jackson is out on his feet now after this brutal fight and one hell of a match. Kingpin pulls him in and BELLY TO BELLY OVERHEAD RELEASE SUPLEX! HE TOSSES HIM ACROSS THE RING AGAIN!] [He once again pops back to his feet and casually walks over to The Mauler, socking him so hard in the face that he busts his forehead open. As blood begins to trickle, Kingpin scoops him back up and lifts him straight onto his shoulder… Sit-down powerbomb slam! THE PINBOMB!! HE DROPPED HIM RIGHT ON HIS BACK AGAIN!] [The fans boo as Kingpin gets back to his feet, surveys his damage and simply exits the ring. Mitchell has just gone through hell twice here tonight and no-one expected this. Why the hell is The Kingpin even here?] [When we come back from a commercial break, all three members of High Society are stood in the middle of the ring, looking extremely sombre. Each man has a microphone but it’s Nigel Royal who steps forward first to speak.]

“It is with a heavy heart,” [he says to boos that cut him off. Nigel composes him with a grimace and then continues.] “I said, it is with a heavy heart,” [The fans again cut him off, this time forcing him to give up.] “I’ve had enough! There’s no talking to these people!”

[Max puts an arm around him and consoles him as The Culture Boy takes over.]

“Last week, we were given an ultimatum. We were told that either we put an end to High Society tonight or face the consequences of a hunter, who has no face,” [Culture boy groans.] “And it is with a heavy heart that we have decided… NO!”

[Bobby smiles as Max and Nigel break into laughter. Max steps away, leaving his two cohorts chuckling amongst themselves.]

“If you think for one second that High Society is going to bow down to some pathetic ingrate hiding in the shadows, you can think again. Everybody has a price and the person out there doing this to us, has theirs!” [He says confidently.] “So rest assured, we will hunt you down, we will seek you out and when we do, you will suffer!”

[All three men drop their microphones to the surrounding boo’s and look set to exit the ring. Only before they have a chance to do so, the titantron flashes and we see the image of a man on CCTV footage, being beaten by prison assailants.]

“FATHER!?” [Nigel screams as his dad gets beaten the holy shit out of in front of his eyes.] [Finally the screen cuts to static, leaving Nigel Royal and High Society to rush out of the ring and go find out what the hell is going on.] [Whoever is behind this said they would be punished by man, that was fast.]

The match begins with Axel and Nox circling the ring, measuring each other up. They converge into a lock up and NOX gets the upper hand, twisting “The Kids’ Champion’s” arm into an arm bar. Applying the pressure now with the official asking for a submission. That won’t happen and AXEL breaks the hold with drop kick to the chest of Bellator!! The Shark quick to his feet as Nox recomposes and moves in AND IT’S A HIP TOSS that sends “The Night Warrior” to the canvas. Axel heads to the ropes and on the return as Nox gets to his JUMPING ENZUIGIRI BY BELLATOR!!

Axel The Shark stumbles before falling to the mat. Nox is still trying to clear the cobwebs as he heads to the corner. To the outside he goes and now Bellator is climbing the ropes. Bellator is going to the top as Axel is on his hands and knees and DIVING ELBOW TO THE BACK OF THE NECK OF “THE KIDS’ CHAMPION”! Nox goes for the cover. ONE … TWO … NO! Axel manages to kick out just before the three count. Nox seems winded. Axel barely conscious, but Bellator won’t stop now. He pulls The Shark to his feet.

Snap suplex coming up, NO! Blocked by Axel INTO A DDT! Nice reversal that by Axel and he’s up quick. Getting a second wind. Pausing as Nox works to his knees. Axel to the ropes and “SUSHI KICK” BY AXEL THE SHARK! NOX IS DOWN! AXEL MOVES IN FOR THE COVER! ONE … TWO … NO!!! Bellator kicks out and Axel looks on with exhaustion and despair. He won’t give up. Axel moving in and LOW BLOW! Nox Bellator with a cheap shot to Axel AND LOOK OUT! “DARKNESS FALLS”! “DARKNESS FALLS” FROM BELLATOR! HE GOES FOR THE COVER! ONE … TWO … THREE! HE DID IT! HE STOLE IT AWAY!!!

[Ash Williams knows he’s being punished. He walks down the hallways, still fighting visions of Deadites at every turn, only to be approached by Micah Wright.]

“Ash, can I get a word?” [She asks thrusting her microphone in between them. Ash nods in agreement.] “Tonight you’re being punished for a Boomstick on Vinnie Lane last week. What has Errol Flint said to you about the use of this illegal move?”

“Listen sweetheart, Errol Flint is the least of my worries. Vinnie Lane has the Necronomicon and in that chump’s possession, it becomes the dangerous weapon we all know it to be,” [he says confidently.] “And if that means I have to Boomstick the Crowley Family to oblivion or shine my gun up and blow their heads off, you can bet your sweet ass I’m going to do exactly that.”

[Suddenly Vinnie Lane attacks him from behind, slamming the Hardcore Championship over the back of his head. Ash stumbles towards the wall, turning around to be kicked Low. The King quickly reaches out, grabbing Vinnie by the hair and slamming him head first into the wall.] [He picks up the Hardcore Championship and is about to strike when suddenly a shadow is cast behind him. A large looming figure stands, looking down at him. Ash turns around to see THE HANGMAN STOOD THERE WITH A NOOSE! He wraps the noose around Williams neck and pulls, yanking him to the ground. What the hell is this about?] [Lane gets back to his feet and beckons to Hangman who throws something to him. He quickly unwraps it and places it over Ash’ head. Wait a minute! That’s… that’s a fucking Straight Jacket! The Hardcore Champion forces Williams inside it and locks it up, looking to Hangman who begins dragging him towards the ring.]

“Oh dude, you’re in for it now!” [Lane mocks, following them towards the ring.]

The fans boo as ‘Carry on my wayward son’ blares into the arena and out comes The Hangman, accompanied by Vinnie Lane, dragging a straight-jacketed Ash Williams to the ring where The Crowley Family wait. How much did Vinnie have to pay for The Hangman to do this?

They drag him to the ring and roll him in it, Vinnie tapping his Hardcore Championship and shouting to Hangman; “The shots yours, dude.”

The bell sounds as Ash struggles against his restraints. Tobias is in first, storming across the ring and decking him with a Clothesline. He stomps away at him, the fans booing with every single kick as Vinnie watches on with a big sadistic smirk. He pulls him up and nails him with a forearm, taking him to their corner. He swings again, only this time Ash ducks underneath it! Tobias runs and gets SLAMMED WITH AN OVERHEAD DROP! Ash runs up with a giant kick to his back that almost paralyzes him.

He fights against his restraints with everything he has, only Tobias is back to his feet and starts kicking at his mid-section. He drags him in close and DDT! Into the cover for The Crowley… One…. Two… Kick Out! The King just won’t give up. Tobias signals for the end and gets him up, only Ash nails him with a brutal Headbutt! Williams struggles again inside his Straight jacket, only he somehow breaks free! He breaks free! The fans cheer as Ash’s hands drop by his side, the jacket still hanging around his neck. He rips it off and as Tobias gets up, he kicks him in the gut and HAIL TO THE KING!! HAIL TO THE KING! ASH PINS… ONE…. TWO… THREE! TOBIAS HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

Vinnie slams his hands down on the apron as Damien storms the ring, only Williams is up, ducking a Clothesline and BOOMSTICK! A BANNED BOOMSTICK TO HIS JAW! JESUS CHRIST! Williams covers…. One…… Two…. Three! Damien Crowley has been eliminated! Ash is like a man possessed as Lee Crowley enters the ring. Lee ducks a right hand and kicks him low, dropping to his knees with a brutal right hand. Ash hits the canvas to the cheers of Vinnie at ringside. Lee walks over and the lights go off. What the fuck? When they return, Lee Crowley is flat out in the middle of the ring, the Scarecrow stood over him! Did he just get The Perch!? Ash is back to his feet but Hangman is on the ring apron and demands his attention. With the referee distracted, Vinnie Lane comes in from behind, HARDCORE TITLE TO THE – NO!! THE CHOSEN ONE SAW IT COMING AND DUCKS UNDERNEATH!

He spins around.. BOOMSTICK TO VINNIE LANE! ANOTHER FUCKING BOOMSTICK!! He dives into the cover of Lee Crowley… One….. Two….. Three! Ash Williams wins it! He does the unthinkable and overcomes The Crowley Family! By God, there’s going to be more punishment in store for Williams!

[With this match in the record books, the Crowley Family regroup inside the ring. Suddenly, the lights in the School Yard cut out and the crowd roars! When they come back on… it’s SCARECROW! Scarecrow is in the middle of the ring… but the Crowley’s are nowhere to be found!?!] [Scarecrow looks about the ring in disbelief when, suddenly, the lights cut out once more! And when they come back on this time, the Crowley’s have returned… stood out at the top of the runway looking smug. The Hayman pulls out a microphone but remains in the ring…]

“Cute… but what happened to your poor scarecrows?” [The Hayman motions towards Tobias and Damien] “They look so… human…”

“I don’ know what you mean, Hayman.” [Lee feigns confusion.] “These aren’t my Scare-Crowley’s. These…” [Lee motions towards the Tron.] “…are my Scare-Crowley’s!”

[The Tron comes to life with a shot of Lee’s Scare-Crowley’s, in the Hayman’s cornfield! Stood out next to a row of Perches all lined up with Scarecrow’s victims!]

“Last week we took your prey, Scarecrow…” [Lee smirks.] “…this week…” [He gives the Scare-Crowley’s their que.] “…we take your trophies!”

[One by one, the Scare-Crowley’s begin to pull down bodies from their perches. The Hayman drops his microphone and steps in on the ring ropes as they then begin to douse each “Trophy” with accelerant.]

“And you see, Hayman…” [Smiley turns back to the ring only to find that the Scarecrow has vanished.] [Lee smiles, slowly turning back to the Tron just in time to catch one of the Scare-Crowley’s dropping a match on the first “Trophy”, setting it ablaze!… but here comes Scarecrow! Somehow he’s already in the cornfield, attacking the Scare-Crowley’s with intense aggression!] [Lee smiles and laughs as the Hayman takes out one of his Scare-Crowley’s while his other creation sparks another “Trophy” ablaze!! Scarecrow takes down the second Scare-Crowley a second later and lets lose a scream of anger that echo’s through the night.]

“Oh come on Scarecrow, give me a’ smile…” [Lee laughs.] “…we’ve only just gotten started.”

[Lee smirks as he and his Crowley Family march backstage, the Hayman glaring at them from the Tron as they go.] [In the parking lot outside the arena, a black range rover pulls up and out steps Danielle Kersh – Brent’s daughter. She heads towards the door when Anonymous step out of the shadows to meet her.]

“We’re glad you could meet with us,” [Anonymous hisses] “After all, tonight, your father is on a mission to protect you in the highest regard.”

“Why don’t you cut the shit?” [Danielle says to a cheer.] “You’re using me to get to him, aren’t you? I know how this works. If Dad does want you want, you’ll tell him who on the roster I’m dating but let’s be clear, my relationship is my business.”

[He laughs out loud.] “Or is it? We see all, hear all and know all, Danielle Kersh. You could put an end to this charade now and simply tell him yourself,” [Anonymous suggests whilst gauging her reaction. She tilts her head, signifying no.] “That’s what we thought. We aren’t interested in hurting you but your father, that’s a different matter.”

“HEY! GET AWAY FROM HER!” [Screams the voice of her father; Brent Kersh. He storms into frame and pushes Anonymous away.] “You stay away from my daughter, or else our agreement is off.”

[Danielle scoffs.] “Agreement? Seriously dad? Why can’t you just leave this alone?!”

[She storms off into the arena as Brent turns to Anonymous with rage on his face. They wag their finger in front of his nose, warning him.]

“Be careful Brent,” [he warns.] “And make sure you give us what we ask for tonight. We want the All-Star Championship and we are Anonymous.”

[Anonymous walks off into the arena leaving Brent Kersh to stew alone on what Anonymous is putting he and his daughter through.] [Jake Jeckel sits in his Juggalo inhabited ward, lazing around and enjoying a Faygo when the double doors are busted open by a brutally beaten Juggalo being tossed into it, and a not so happy Phoebe Outlaw making her way inside.]

“Jeckel! You think you and the abuser teaming up on me is going to stop me? You used that poor woman as a pawn, and now you expect me to sit back and take it. I’m not surprised you two teamed up. Bruce deciding his wife isn’t bringing him fame so you two are looking for your next big hit?”

[Jeckel smirks and stands up from his impromptu throne, tossing away his empty Faygo bottle.]

“Listen Feebs-”

“Don’t call me that, you make up covered fuck.”

“Fine. Bitch. Whatever. Let me explain something, mother fucker. Bruce and I had a little talk after last week, and there’s a reason for that attack. Poor Paige is still fighting the little demon in her head. And to ensure she’ll be fine, he needs the phrase I kept held from him for so long. As far as anyone’s concerned, Bruce is with me until I deemed he’s earned the phrase. So I recommend you get your nose outta my business before I get pissed.”

[Phoebe shakes her head and moves forward, looking to attack when Jake snaps his fingers, a chair shot from the shadows dropping Outlaw! Jeckel laughs as BRUCE VAN CHAN STEPS OUT OF THE SHADOWS!]

“Remember, Jake. This is about Paige. You give me that phrase by Invasion and we’ll never deal with each other ever again. Don’t cross me, Jeckel. Cross me, and you can be sure you won’t reach Invasion.”

“Yeah yeah, Brucey. Now if you’re done threatening me, we have some business to attend to. Let’s get to it.”

[Jeckel and Bruce leave the wing as Phoebe stirs, a look of pure hatred on her face as she looks towards the now empty hall.]

Vinnie Lane stands in the ring with a chair in hand, egging Doubt on. The bell rings and Doubt has no fear. Sliding into the bottom rope and bouncing to his feet. Vinnie SWINGS, but misses a duck by Doubt. Turns! DROP KICK to the chair and Vinnie just ate steel! He staggers now and Doubt LEAPS into the air and SENDS VINNIE UP AND OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH A HURRICANRANA!!! “The Loverboy” stumbles to the concrete floor. Doubt measuring now as Lane struggles to his feet. Doubt to the ropes and on the return, DIVING SPEAR THROUGH THE ROPES AND AW MY GAWD HE MISSED IT!!!

Vinnie Lane sidesteps the flying Doubt and he hit the floor HARD! Lane now trying to clear the cobwebs as he brings Doubt to his feet. Irish whip and DOUBT is sent shoulder first into the steel steps. Vinnie won’t let up, DRIVING Doubt’s head down into those steps. AND AGAIN! Lane keeping a firm grasp on Doubt as he climbs the steps. Wait a second. He’s… Lane setting Doubt up!?!? OH NO! It’s … “THE HEARTBREAKER”!! “THE HEARTBREAKER” OFF THE STEEL STEPS AND ONTO THE ARENA FLOOR! Lane calls for the official as he makes the cover. ONE… TWO…

NO!!! NO!!! DOUBT KICKS OUT!! Lane looks a little shocked, but he won’t stop there. Bringing Doubt to his feet again. Another irish whip into the steps, BUT DOUBT STOPS HIS MOMENTUM, LEAPS TO THE STEPS, SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT! NO!!! LANE CAUGHT HIM! LOOK OUT! “PESSIMIST’S END”! FROM DOUBT! WHAT AN EXCHANGE! HE COVERS LANE! ONE… TWO… VINNIE LANE KICKS OUT!! Both men are down now. Both men slow getting to their feet, but both up at the same time. Lane charges Doubt and DOUBT SENDS HIM INTO THE RING POST!! LANE STUMBLES BACKWARD INTO A ROLL UP! ONE… TWO… THREE! DOUBT PICKS UP THE VICTORY!!!

[The crowd grows silent as the lights enter a red state of frantic movement. The hard drums of “Warrior” by Imagine Dragons blasts throughout The School Yard, leading into the telling hook of the highly inspiring song.] [The lights in The School Yard begin to resurrect as the song picks up. Illuminating the curtain, the spotlights shine on the towering figure that is “The Question” James Hunter. Accompanied by his favourite toy, Hunter slowly makes his way down the ramp towards the ring – moving at the pace of the music.] [Upon reaching the ring, The Question slides in the ring and stares only at the ring announcer, demanding a microphone.]


[The fans boo loudly but Hunter simply smiles.]

“’Why oh why did you do it, James?’ they ask. Was it for the money? Was it for the payday involved? Was it because RAGE were going to invade and you wanted that to happen?”

[He laughs and begins to pace the ring.]

“I did it because I could. I did it because watching his frail old body crunch against that car made me feel alive. I did it because I liked it. I’d do it again, too. The truth of the matter is that Jackson Slade could have given me an IOU and I’d of still ran that vehicle through Errol Flint’s weak carcass,” [he says to more boo’s that begin to drown him out.] “And at InVasion, I’m going to do to Mike Lane what Red River Jack couldn’t do and that’s put the old dog out of his misery.”

[Suddenly “Lonely Train” by Black Stone Cherry hits and out onto the entrance ramp steps a furious looking Errol Flint. He stands there, keeping his distance from Hunter who wields his axe stoically in the ring.]

“You’re a son of a bitch, Hunter!” [Errol shouts to a massive cheer from the sold out crowd.] “If you think for one second I’m going to stand by and take this shit from you, you have another thing coming, pal. You tried to kill me and most men would have you arrested. I’m not going to do that, oh no,” [he remarks to a few boos’ in disappointment.] “I’m going to do something better. Security, get this son of a bitch out of my ring. YOU’RE FIRED!”

[Security suddenly start pouring out of the backstage area and past Flint towards the ring. James smiles, wielding his axe. As they enter, he starts swinging, security dodging out of the way where possible, refusing to take an axe for Errol Flint. They’re quickly forced back to surrounding the ring as Hunter grabs his dropped microphone.]

“I don’t think so, Flint. Did you think I’d announce my culpability without some kind of insurance policy?” [he notes with a head tilt.] “Play the footage.”

[We’re immediately returned to the opening footage of the night, in which a young woman hangs upside down in a storage room of some variety. The fans immediately realize what this means, as does Flint.]

“Who is that?” [Flint screams.] [James leans over the top rope.] “That’s my date with Destiny.”

[Holy shit! The boos erupt around the arena as James Hunter reveals Destiny to be the woman tied up and bleeding. Flint looks besides himself on the entrance ramp, having absolutely no idea where to turn. Just then ‘For The Love of God’ by Steve Vai hits and Mike Lane runs down to the ring, being immediately cut off by security who pull him away for likely his own good, as well as Destiny’s.] [Hunter continues.] “Don’t worry, I stopped the bleeding for now. But you see gentlemen, I’m going to stick her like a pig and drain her daily until the OSW World Championship is placed at my feet. I will see be seeing you at Invasion, Mike. I will be receiving my Championship.”

[‘Warrior’ hits again as Flint makes his way towards Lane and tries to convince him to back off. Hunter stands tall in the middle of the ring, watching as an absolutely panic stricken World Champion tries to blast his way through security to get to the axe wielding maniac in the ring.]

Power of Positive takes the ring AND THEY’RE IMMEDIATELY ATTACKED BY BLACK AND D’VILLE! “The Doctor” landing a series of punches and kicks on Harrison while Black sends Reese HARD INTO THE CORNER with an irish whip. The bell rings with the official having absolutely zero control over this one. Black and D’Ville send POP on a collision course in the center of the ring, but they lock arms and reverse momentum. RUNNING DROP KICKS by Harrison and Reese. Harrison backing up now and giving Reese a yell. Look OUT! “SHUT YOU DOWN”! AND POWER OF POSITIVITY JUST OBLITERATED D’VILLE IN THE CORNER!!

D’Ville falls to the canvas and rolls to the outside while the official orders Harrison to do the same. Alex Reese and Corey Black are the legal men AND BLACK NAILS REESE WITH A SUPER KICK! MY GAWD! He goes for the cover. ONE… NO! “The Motivational Superstar” kicks out quickly. Black does not look amused as he moves to the corner to tag in a still shaken D’Ville. “The Doctor” is legal as he climbs to the top. This isn’t good. Reese still down and “TREPANATION”!! FLYING HEADBUTT FROM D’VILLE AND HE MAKES THE COVER! ONE… TWO… NO!!!

That one was close, but still no dice. “The Doctor” will continue the assault, picking Reese up and hoisting him into the air! Reese SLIPS AWAY AND “WAKE UP CALL”!! D’VILLE IS DOWN! REESE IS CRAWLING TO HIS CORNER WHERE HARRISON IS BEGGING FOR A TAG! BLACK CHARGES THE RING AND NAILS HARRISON WITH AN ELBOW, SENDING HIM TO THE CONCRETE FLOOR BELOW! The official is warning Black back as Reese works to his feet. He turns and “LOBOTOMY” from “The Doctor” before stumbling into the corner to tag in Black who GOES TO THE TOP!! “PHOENIX SPLASH”!! UNBELIEVABLE! INTO A COVER! ONE… TWO… THREE! COREY BLACK AND DOCTOR D’VILLE ARE YOUR NEW OSW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!

[The match is over but not much celebrating is being done in the ring. The Power of Positivity has scrammed to the back. The only two remaining are Doctor Louis D’Ville and Corey Black. Corey Black grabs a microphone and walks up to Doc who is leaning in the corner.] [He pulls the microphone up to his mouth and glares at Doc who meekly looks back. He drops the microphone and charges at Doc! A smile spreads across Doc’s face.] [“This Pain Feels Real” by Voicians blasts over the speakers halting Black as the lights cut out!] [The lyrics flow before the lights blast back on revealing Doubt standing right in front of Corey Black between him and Doctor D’Ville. His hands are crossed over his chest as an audible chuckle is heard.]

“Did you think this was over between us? Doubt never dies. It only picks its moments.”

[Corey throws an elbow, but Doubt hooks his wrist twisting him around into an arm drag. Black comes back to his feet, but Doubt isn’t finished with him. A jumping high knee connects to his chin as Corey is staggered but this is followed by a quick dropkick. Doubt stands over him before clapping his hands and leaping into the air before driving both of his knees into the sternum and abdomen of Corey Black!] [Doubt looks down at his handiwork, seemingly satisfied with the work his ‘The Cause of Doubt’ has inflicted. His vision then switches as he glares at Doc who hasn’t moved from the corner.]

“And YOU. I think we both know without Doubt, there’d not be success in your future nor your past. Once I win that United States Championship from that-”

“Win what? In case you’ve forgotten Mr. Doubt, I alone hold the number one contendership and the chance to dethrone that bedlamite.”


[The screeching voice of Marvolo is heard before he seen exiting the curtains and walking down the ramp with Raquel in tow. He stops by ringside and pulls the microphone away despite it still picking up what is said.]

“Bedlamite is bad, right?” [Raquel shakes her head seemingly going to give her standard answer when he raises his hand up to stop her.] “Of course it is.”

[He climbs the steps and enters the ring standing alongside the two mysterious competitors.]

“All of this talk about MY United States Championship needs to stop. Are either of you United States Champion? HMMM? The answer is no. The United States Championship is solely around the waist of THE NUMBER ONE, Marvolo where it shall remain. One nation under Marvolo.”

[Doubt steps forward glances at the title around his waist and speaks slowly.]

“Doubting the existence of a higher power is a curious argument that I believe even this doctor would agree upon.” [Doc smiles looking between the two of them.] “With that being said, this situation is going to end much like your candidacy. Abrupt.”

[Doubt sidesteps out of the way as a running Corey Black connects with a discus big boot that knocks Marvolo off balance before falling out of the ring between the top two ropes! His title disconnecting and falling to the floor on his way out. Corey Black grabs Doubt but suddenly freezes once again. His eyes shoot to the side where Doc is smiling as he exits the ring.] [Doubt laughs. EATING YOURSELF ALIVE! Black is down and doesn’t appear to be getting back up this time. Doubt exits the ring as his music plays but Marvolo scrambles into the ring and begins stomping on the prone Black who is only shaking in response to it. Marvolo finally stops and begins looking around the room to find his title only to spot Doubt at the top of the ramp holding it.]

“LET GO OF THAT! So help me I will ban you from the city of Las Vegas!”

[Doubt looks at him with a sideways glance.]

“You have no power here.”

[He drops the title to the ramp and begins backing away towards the curtains.]

“Soon, I shall take far more than just your title.”

[He disappears leaving Marvolo in a frenzy with Raquel trying to calm him down to no avail.] [Professor Bordeaux walks through the backstage hallways lining the School Yard. He has a large book tucked under his arm, and seems intent on finding a specific person. He peeks his head into a locker room, and shakes his head before moving on. Finally, he seems to poke his head into the right place.]

“Yeah, that’s the ticket.” [Dick Fury lustily comments as Bordeaux scowls in his direction.] [Fury is staring at himself in the mirror, primping his stylish body hair and mustache, almost like a peacock making sure he is presentable for public consumption. Or just consumption at all.]

“A paon may need to spread it’s feathers, but you all you have is slimy ooze dripping from your pores.” [Bordeaux comments, causing Fury to turn with a smirk on his face.]

“Needed some Dick, huh?” [Fury replies.] “Should have known.”

[With a thud, Bordeaux steps forward and shoves the book into the chest of Fury. Dick takes a look at the book, the cover now indecipherable from whatever is in his chest hair rubbing all over it.]

“A little class may help you join the rest of us in civilized society.” [Bordeaux sneers at Fury, looking down on the other man.] “I shan’t have my halls sullied with your perverseness.”

[Fury laughs at this, and flips through the book.]

“You want Dick to go to finishing school then?” [Dick says, holding up the book. Bordeaux nods.] “Dick has no problem finishing, but you know what? Dick is feeling generous. Dick’ll pour all over this book and next week, you can see how finished he is. Deal?”

[Bordeaux nods, and walks off, while Fury merely grins into the book. What will we see from his next week?]

The bell rings as Jeckel rushes forward with a wild clothesline that Hunter manages to duck under, spinning Jake around and peppering him with hard punches before a sharp snap kick to the ribs sends Jeckel flying into the ropes. Jake bounces off right into the waiting arms of the Question, as he’s driven face first into the mat with a flapjack. Hunter pulls the Juggalo up to his feet, delivering a punishing knee strike that lifts Jake up off his feet before hoisting Jake up into the air and dropping him down head first with a brainbuster. Jake holds his head in pain as the Question drops down, hooking the leg for the cover.

ONE…TWO…KICKOUT! Hunter goes to pull Jake up to his feet again but Jake pushes the referee away before driving his elbow into the groin of the Question, doubling him over before grabbing him by the head and leaping into the air with a twisting DDT. Hunter is pulled to his feet as Jake goes behind, delivering a German Suplex. Jake holds on, pulling Hunter to his feet and delivering a second German. Jake rolls through, trying for the third but Hunter fights out, delivering a hard elbow to the side of the jaw as Jake drops the waist-lock, staggering back right into a massive spinebuster from the Question.

The Question backs off, raising his hands up and down as he waits for Jake to get up to his feet, rushing forward as Jeckel rises and nearly taking his head off with a massive Relax clothesline. Signalling for the end, Hunter tries to pull Jake up to his feet but is met with another elbow to the groin before being lifted up by his throat and slammed onto Jake’s knee with the Pony Down. The Juggalo signals for the end, pulling the limp Hunter to his feet and throwing him over his shoulders in the fireman’s carry position before swinging him around with a neck snapping Hatchet. A cocky smile creeps over the Juggalo as he drops down, casually covering the unconscious Question. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

[Reese and Harrison are busy discussing the Invasion match when they are interrupted by the likes of Axel The Shark. The duo turn around to see the ever so chipper children’s champion bouncing happily on his feet.]

“So I’m officially in the match, but that won’t mean I’m going to invade in your games, but that does mean I’m going to make the games even more intense to, and changing it so the winner goes first, because he deserves the extra chance to inspire!”

[Reese just smiles at his over-excitable fellow competitor and gives him two thumbs up.]

“Sure man, what’s the next challenge?”

“Doesn’t matter, I’ll be getting a win over Reese here no problem.”

[The two tag champs smirk at each other before following Axel out of the locker room to another area, finding a tarp over the supposed next challenge. Axel rushes over to one end and grabs the tarp with both hands.]

“The next challenge created by me is…”

[He yanks off the tarp to reveal two clear tubs filled with water and rubber Axel the shark toys.]

” Bobbing for Axels! The game is you two put your hands behind your back and bob, the first to grab the most Axel toys wins!”

[Reese and Harrison look at one another and shrug. They agreed to this. They each get to their own tank and and get in position.]

“Now get ready, get set, BOB!”

[The members of POP start bobbing and removing the rubber toys at a rapid pace. They’re neck and neck and… Harrison raises up with his tank empty first! Harrison raises his hands in the air over his small win and shakes his teammate’s hand. Axel backs away and smiles wide.]

“You two are one for one, and that means next week you get one thing… You get to take part in… a Playground match! I’ll explain the rules next week, but get ready, because you’re going to be in for the funnest match of your lives!”

[Axel happily leaves, leaving POP confused as ever.] [Jake Jeckel is heading towards the exit after a successful night here tonight. He swings open the door and waiting for him is a limousine. With an eyebrow raised and his bag over his shoulder, he’s about to walk away when the door opens.] [Out steps the same man Jeckel did a number on all those weeks ago. He’s sporting a very shiny walking stick, courtesy of the Juggalo.]

“Well ain’t that fancy? Did you want another one?” [Jeckel asks pointing at his other leg.] “Because I surely don’t mind helping you out.”

[The guy quickly backtracks with his hands up.] “Absolutely not, kid. I recognize that I approached you in the wrong way last time and I paid the price. But when the boss says jump, you don’t dare ask how high; you simply jump and hope you impress him in the process.”

“That sounds like my kind of guy.” [Jeckel sneers.]

“More than you know, kid. More than you know. Now look, you’re not going to like what I have to say next but if you shoot the messenger, I warn you, he’s not going to like it. He’s asked me to give you these.”

[The guy hands over photographs of Jack Jeckel, Jake’s brother. He’s bloodied and looking extremely worse for wear. Jake peers over the photograph with an expression that tells you he’s all but ready to end your existence.]

“Jackie-boy?” [Jake spews with rage.] “And you wanted to leave here in one piece?”

[He approaches the man but he points out his stick, trying to hold Jake off.]

“H-He wants to meet with you, that’s all. There’s not much time, Jake. It’s a conversation, no more difficult than this. After that, regardless of what you say, he’ll release Jack and this can all be over.”

“Do you expect me to believe that? If that was the case, my message would have been well fucking received by now. I’m not interested. Jake Jeckel doesn’t work for, with or in charge of anybody.”

[The man slinks back into his car and slams the door, locking it behind him. Jake rushes over as the window winds down.]

“Then he’ll send you pieces of your brother until there’s nothing left but blood.”

[Jake swings violently at the car as it quickly speeds off and leaves him standing there, fuming. What will he do? The Juggalo grabs his dropped gym bag, a decision in the offing.]

There’s the bell bringing Outlaw and Lane to the center of the ring. “The Shadow King’s” size advantage obvious AND HE ATTEMPS a clothesline to begin BUT PHOEBE DUCKS! Lane turns and it’s an ELBOW to the jaw of the champion. A KICK to the rib cage. AND ANOTHER. Lane tries to absorb the blows and comes back with another clothesline that OUTLAW DUCKS AGAIN! “NORTHERN EXPOSURE”!! “NORTHERN EXPOSURE” FROM “FEEBS”! AND SHE GOES FOR THE COVER! ONE … TWO … TH!! NO! Lane muscles his shoulder up just in time and WOW THAT WAS CLOSE! Phoebe Outlaw came away from her biggest OSW victory to date.

Back to her feet and Lane works to get there too. Outlaw hits the ropes and on the return BIG CLOTHESLINE FROM LANE!!! “The Shadow King” finally delivered and MY GAWD he might have broken that girl’s neck. Lane visibly shaken from Phoebe’s assault, but he it appears he has taken all the momentum away in the bat of an eye. He brings his opponent to her feet and sets her up now FOR A SNAP SUPLEX! Outlaw is down and the OSW World Champion is not done yet. He moves to the corner.

Mike Lane climbing to the top rope. Without hesitation he leaps and DELIVERS A FLYING LEG DROP! That’s it! THAT IS IT! Lane goes for the cover. ONE … TWO … NO!! “FEEBS” is able to kick out. The champion does not enthused and he’s quick to his feet. Watching Phoebe trying to recover. He’s waiting on her. He’s measuring her. Phoebe is slow to her feet and “SHADOW KI” NO! OUTLAW DUCKS! LANE SPINS! “THE NORTHN LIGHTS”! BLOCKED! Lane pushes Phoebe back and RECOVERS WITH “THE SHADOW KICK”!! PHOEBE FALLS TO THE CANVAS UNCONSCIOUS! LANE WITH THE COVER! ONE … TWO … THREE! Mike Lane with a well-deserved victory over a well-deserving opponent! WHAT A MATCH!!

[When we come back from a commercial break, Father Pedro stands in the middle of the ring, surrounded by hostile members of the crowd. They’re booing him relentlessly as he brings the microphone to his mouth.]

“Lux, I feel like we need to talk, my son,” [he says almost defeated in his manner.] “I feel like we need to clear the air. Wouldn’t you agree?”

[The arena is plunged into blackout. A single beam of light shines down on the stage, illuminating a solitary figure as the guitar line of “Holy” by Mariachi El Bronx begins to play.] [In the light from above, the black hooded figure shrugs off his robes to reveal a shimmering pure white mask, shining brightly in the UV light. Lux Bellator steps off the stage, starting down the ramp into a flood of golden light. The Light Warrior had arrived.] [Bellator marches confidently toward the squared circle. While the lighting still keeps the masses in darkness, Bellator climbs the steps one by one, ducks under the top rope and heads to the centre of the ring.]

“I have realized the error of my ways. I should have seen your actions as a way of reaching out. I thought to myself that Lux Bellator considered himself God. I thought to myself that instead of condemning you to the damnation you deserve, I could instead save you and wash the light of the Lord over you.”

[He begins to pace around Bellator, talking.]

“I decided that what you need, is an Angel. I decided that an Angel could be your salvation, Lux. My Nox, he is too severe for your deeds. He will put you inside the cage with Lucifer and you will not escape it. He will wash away your sins the hard way, my child. But my Angel, she will lead you to salvation. She is the Alpha and the Omega. She is the beginning and the end.”

[The lights suddenly dim to all but a spotlight in the middle of the ring. The fans don’t quite know what’s going on as a Cross slowly comes into frame from the rafters. Attached to that cross is a woman, her blonde hair covering her face, Angel wings attached to her sides as if she was being lowered from the heavens. Finally, the cross comes to a halt in the middle of the ring, giving Lux Bellator pause for thought.]

“Will you come willingly to your salvation?” [Pedro asks Lux calmly.] “Will you come willingly, my lost sheep?”

[Bellator snatches the microphone and shakes his head.] “Non ego non! I do not!”

[Suddenly Nox Bellator slides in from behind, grabbing Lux before he even knows what’s happened. He turns him around and kicks him low, lifting him up into the Cross position and then running towards the corner! THE DISCIPLE BREAKER!! JESUS CHRIST! LITERALLY! The fans roar with boo’s as Pedro shakes his head, condemning Lux. The woman then releases herself from the cross, grabbing the microphone from the floor and walking over to Lux, who’s been dragged to his feet by Nox.]

“Then the LORD spoke to Job out of the storm. He said: “Who is this that obscures my plans with words without knowledge? Brace yourself like a man; I will question you, and you shall answer me!’” [She roars.] “And now, you will answer to Anna Goodchild.”

[She whips her hair back and stuns the entire audience. Anna Goodchild is here! She hasn’t been seen since Alpha and Omega during the Internet Wrestling Federation but my God, Anna is Pedro’s Angel.] [Immediately she helps Nox with Bellator and drags him to the cross. They place him in position as Pedro retrieves nails and a hammer from within his gown. He hands them over and watches with a sadistic smirk as Nox hammers a fucking nail through Bellator’s hands and into the wooden cross!] [The crowd are throwing things into the ring now, their rage knowing no bounds as the Cross slowly gets hoisted back up into the air with an unconscious Lux Bellator bound to it.]

“By the grace of our Lord and savior, Lux Bellator will be-“

[CLICK.] [The lights go off.] [THEN THE CROSS BURSTS INTO FLAMES!! WHAT THE HELL!! THERE’S DARKNESS INSIDE THE ARENA BUT THE CROSS THAT LUX BELLATOR WAS JUST TIED TO HAS BURST INTO FLAMES! WHERE THE HELL IS HE? HOLY SHIT!] [Pedro doesn’t quite know what to do. The lights come back on and he, along with Nox and Anna stand looking up at the flaming cross. Bellator was just on that… he was just there.]

“Reborn.” [Pedro finishes his cut off sentence, looking at his minions in surprise.] [Just then, on the entrance ramp, his head lowered and his arms in prayer…. stands Lux Bellator. What the actual fuck just happened? The scene comes to a close with Goodchild and Pedro sneering in the ring as Nox looks on, clearly ready to end this.] [The giant head of a wolf looms as King Konstantine Orwell holds court backstage. However, holding court takes a different meaning at this point as Orwell appears to be resting, his whole court following suit. Even the guards seem to be relaxed and their eyes fluttered. Only Lord Tremblay flutters about, making sure all is well.]

“King Orwell?” [A voice calls as Bobby Neptune walks into view. He seems to be far more confident than he was last week.] [Tremblay rushes over to wake Orwell. The waking King seems annoyed by smiles when he sees Neptune.]

“Ah yes, Neptune, thou hast took thy time arriving.” [Orwell says, staring down at the boy from his throne.] “I have given thought to thine outburst.”

[Tremblay steps forward to read from a scroll as the King’s Guard surround Neptune, who looks unafraid.]

“The degree of King Konstantine Orwell is that Bobby Neptune has committed treason against the one true King.” [The Guard seize Neptune and hold him. He does not struggle.] “Do you have any words before your sentencing?”

[Neptune tears free of the two Guard around him and leaps away from them with his superior agility. Before he reaches the Throne, a ceremonial staff is held up before Orwell.] [The world seems to stop as Neptune halts immediately in front of the staff.] [Floating at eye level with Orwell.]

“What is this sorcery?” [Tremblay gasps as he and the King’s Guard cower. Orwell looks up and down to find the trick.]

“See how their faith in you wavers when the powers of the universe show themselves, Orwell. Kings and rulers come and go, but the universe lasts forever.”

[Orwell has no reply as Neptune slowly floats back to the floor before the throne.]

“I demand a trial by combat, Orwell.” [Neptune says with a smirk.] “And I will show you and your so-called Kingdom that the answers aren’t down on Earth. I will teach them to Look Up.”

[With a blinding light, Neptune seems to dissipate before their eyes. The strange man gone, Orwell and his followers look at one another with confused looks.]

As all six men line up inside their chambers as a light circles above their head to designate the two starters in this match.

Suddenly, a voice booms over the sound system.

“You will not defy me again!” it roars as Nigel Royal and Max Million’s pods are simultaneously opened. They both step into the ring, immediately realizing that the person currently hunting them is responsible for this. They know what they must do.

With the fans cheering, they shake hands and lock up in the middle of the ring. Max takes Nigel into a Side Headlock and tosses him over to the canvas. Both men roll away from the exchange and pop back to their feet, Nigel this time catching Million with a Clothesline. The fans are loving every minute of this as Max gets back up and checks his jaw, feeling the effects of that. With a little more anger, they lock up once again, Royal taking his friend into a Side Headlock of his own but being pushed out into the ropes, only “The Money” nails him with a dropkick.

The light once again begins to shuffle around the pods as our next entrant is about to be introduced to what will likely be a double team. Finally, it stops upon Bobby Neptune. The newcomer meekly steps out of his pod to see High Society looking at him with a grin. They both storm him at the same time, only Neptune is quick to duck under their Double Clothesline attempt and hit the ropes, Springboarding off the middle one with a massive Crossbody that BOTH MEN CATCH.

Boo’s filter throughout the crowd as High Society toss Bobby overhead with a Double Overhead Suplex. The Starboy hits hard, absolutely not expecting that. Million reaches down and grab him back to his feet but gets clocked with a leaping Knee. Nigel isn’t having that and runs at him with a Clothesline, only Bobby ducks underneath and catches him with a Neckbreaker. The fans are back on their feet now as Bobby realizes he has to try and gain some traction. He pulls Million up and Snapmare’s him back down, running to the ropes and diving back with a Double Footed Basement Dropkick.

He quickly dives into the cover but the light is circling once again. One….. Two… Max Million kicks out and here comes Brent Kersh to even the odds. Kersh attacks Royal from behind with a double axe handle to the back of the head, stumbling him towards the corner. The Enforcer follows in with shots to the gut and face, beating on him brutally with right hands as Bobby meanwhile climbs the top turnbuckle. He composes himself, but changes his mind, turning around to see the Chamber behind him. What the hell is he doing? He climbs on top of the chamber and the fans go wild. This new kid is incredible but this? This is insanity!

Max though quickly rolls back to his feet, only Brent Kersh nails him with a Clothesline! This is it, kid. This is your moment! HE LEAPS!! RED ARROW FROM THE TOP OF THE ELIMINATION CHAMBER!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! HE GETS IT! HE GETS IT ALL!! TITAN’S CRASHDOWN! MY GOD, BOBBY NEPTUNE IS GOING TO MAKE A NAME FOR HIMSELF TONIGHT, THROUGH HELL OR HIGH WATER! STRAIGHT INTO THE COVER…. ONE…… TWO…. THREE!! Max Million has been eliminated! Bobby rolls away holding his mid-section as another pod opens and in comes King Konstantine! The King is the last person Neptune wanted to see as he storms over to him, laying in the boots.

Konstantine pulls him back to his feet and RUNS HIM STRAIGHT THROUGH LUX BELLATORS POD! OH MY FUCKING GOD! HE JUST BROKE THAT GLASS DOOR WITH HIS FACE!! THIS KID MAY OF DONE THE UNTHINKABLE TONIGHT BUT KING KONSTANTINE HAS JUST PUT AN EARLY END TO HIS DREAM! He drags him out of the broken glass and pins him back inside the ring… One…… Two…… Three! KICK OUT! BOBBY NEPTUNE KICKED THE FUCK OUT! “HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” roars throughout the arena as Konstantine gets back to his feet in a state of confusion. He turns around to see Kersh running at him, only he ducks that and OFF WITH HIS HEAD!! CLOTHESLINE FROM ABSOLUTE HELL TO BRENT KERSH!! He’s going to pin but Nigel Royal grabs him and drags him down into the DUNGEONS OF LONDON!!

The final pod opens to the sound of the buzzer and here comes Lux Bellator to join the party. Konstantine meanwhile is trapped and has no choice! He taps to Nigel Royal! Konstantine taps out! The fans cheer as Bellator catches Royal getting back to his feet with a TILT-O-WHIRL HEADSCISSORS INTO THE ARM OF GOD!! THE ARM OF GOD!! Nigel squirms underneath him, trying to escape but finding himself unable. Just then, he almost slides himself under Lux, who had leveraged too high. With right hands, Nigel fights out until Bellator is forced to release the hold. Kersh meanwhile is back to his feet and grabs Lux as he moves away, scooping him up and then down with a Body Slam.

Bobby Neptune has just started to get back to his feet, blood dripping down his face. He storms across the ring and ducks a Clothesline from Kersh, leaping off the middle rope and straight into a TORNADO DDT! This kid has some moxy, lemme tell you. He pops back up to see Bellator coming and DIVES AT HIM WITH A FACE SMASH!! SUPERNOVA!! The Starboy has this crowd on their feet. Could he do it? Could he do the unthinkable in only his second ever match? Nigel Royal though, ever the crowd pleaser, comes in from behind and drops him with a German Suplex!


Nigel Royal gets back to his feet, tired and aware that this now comes down to two men. It’s Nigel Royal and the newcomer, the Starboy, the damn near debutant in Bobby Neptune. Bobby pulls himself back up and watches as Nigel storms at him, barely getting a foot up to stop it. Nigel swings with a right but Bobby blocks, then a left and that’s blocked too. He kicks out, The Starboy blocking that with his foot and then stamping on his remaining one. The fans are loving this! He nails him with two forearm shots and hits the ropes, CLOTHESLINE OUT OF NO-WHERE BY NIGEL ROYAL! Royal spits on his fellow competitor, grabbing him back to his feet and throwing him onto the steel ramp outside the ring.

The Bloodline to Greatness follows, smashing his bloodied skull off the metal ramp numerous times, busting open his cut once again. He pulls him up and whips him straight into the glass chamber, watching as he splats off it and turns around. Royal storms forward with a kick but BOBBY NEPTUNE MOVES AND NIGEL KICKS STRAIGHT THROUGH THE GLASS CHAMBER! “HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” chant the fans but Neptune himself is focused. He literally leaps onto the chamber mesh and springboards off with a MASSIVE HIGH KNEE TO THE FACE OF NIGEL ROYAL!! THE RED GIANT!! NIGEL GOES DOWN! HE GOES DOWN! Bobby has to drag him into the ring and make the cover. The All-Star Championship on the line and for The Starboy to win this would be unbelievable.


All Royal has to do is cover. All he has to do is cover and this one is over. He slowly crawls over and drops into it… One……. Two…….. Three! It’s NO! IT’S NOT OVER! BOBBY NEPTUNE KICKS OUT!! “THIS IS AWESOME! THIS IS AWESOME!” chant the fans as both men slowly pull their bloodied and broken carcasses back to their feet. Nigel swings at him, clocking him hard in the jaw. Bobby takes a turn and gets suckered in because Royal snatches him down to the canvas and DUNGEONS OF LONDON!! THE CROSSFACE IS LOCKED IN! BOBBY SCREAMS IN AGONY BUT THERE’S NOTHING HE CAN DO! THE FANS ARE CHEERING HIM ON AS HE FINALLY SWINGS ENOUGH PUNCHES OVER TO CATCH NIGEL IN THE FACE AND BREAK THE HOLD! Royal rolls away and gets back to his feet, waiting for Bobby to get back up and he does! Bobby swings and Nigel tries to take him in again, only Neptune literally ROLLS ACROSS HIS BACK AND KNEES HIM IN THE FACE!

The King of Submission hits one knee immediately as Neptune SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE MIDDLE ROPE AND POWERBOMB!! NIGEL CAUGHT HIM IN MID-AIR AND DRILLED HIM WITH A FUCKING POWERBOMB!! THAT HAS TO BE IT!! ROYAL COVERS…. ONE…… TWO…… THREE!! IT’S OVER! IT’S OVER! WAIT A MINUTE… THE REFEREE NOTICES THAT NEPTUNE HAS THE BOTTOM ROPE! HE’S GRABBED THE BOTTOM ROPE! Nigel can’t believe it! He stomps back to his feet and pushes the referee into the corner, demanding to know “What kind of absolute rubbish is this?” Only when he turns around, Neptune lifts his legs straight out from underneath him, turns him over and LOCKS IN THE PILLARS OF CREATION!! THE HAAS OF PAIN IS LOCKED IN!! NIGEL SQUIRMS, HE SCREAMS, HE TELLS THE REFEREE NO BUT FOR HOW LONG!? HE TAPS OUT! HE TAPS OUT! HOLY FUCKING SHIT, NIGEL ROYAL TAPS OUT!!

The bell sounds and the fans are on their feet in approval of this absolute epic Elimination Chamber match. This match will never be forgotten! Bobby Neptune came into this as the underdog – a man that had only one OSW match to his name and somehow, some way, he’s walking out of here with one of the most prestigious Old School Wrestling Championships wrapped around his tiny waist!

Bobby gets back to his feet and raises the belt into the air, his heart pumping with adrenaline and his face covered in dried blood. This is his moment. This was the unthinkable, the unimaginable, the impossible and he did it. Bobby Neptune is the new Old School Wrestling All-Star Champion and we all know that it only takes five successful title defences to get a shot at the World Title. Who would have thought it? Bobby Neptune could be on the Fastlane to greatness.

OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!! WHAT!? WHAT THE FUCK!? OUT OF NO-WHERE, KING KONSTANTINE JUST TOOK HIS FUCKING HEAD OFF IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!! The fans boo, the fans scream, the fans throw rubbish against the chamber but that won’t matter to the King. He reaches down and grabs the All-Star Championship, raising it above the fallen Bobby Neptune’s head and screams.


Then Monday Night Showcase fades to black.