[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.]

“And now, Old School Wrestling presents…”

[The Old School Wrestling logo flashes in neon, hung upon the wall.]

“Monday Night Showcase.”

[Static.] [A slow dripping facet drips in the background, echoing throughout the silent darkness as it does. Footsteps approach the camera from behind, walking towards us. They stop abruptly, a dangling light switch being pulled.] [Ping.] [Brightness.] [In front of us are metal cell bars, caging a man with his back to us; a spider web tattoo plastered upon his head.] [Doctor D’Ville.] [And that means the man stood opposite him can only be Alex Reese.]

“They’re telling me that you haven’t said a word since they brought you in here. This is the Guantanamo bay of Las Vegas.”

[D’Ville says nothing.]

“What? Not so much as a Hello, my friend?”

[Again, silence.]

“I need you to talk to me, D’Ville. I spent years chasing you for the Harrison murders but after last week, I don’t know if I have the right man.”

[Alex reaches out and grabs the bars.]

“Did you kill the Harrison’s?” [he asks sternly.] “Did you?”


“Look at me damnit! I need to know. Was it you, or was it Hysteria? Who did this, D’Ville!?”

[His yelling does nothing to receive an answer.] [And slowly, D’Ville turns around.] [His mouth taped shut.]

“What the fuck?”

[It’s not D’Ville.] [Coming up, a hardboiled cop meets a Native American Spirit Walker. No, this isn’t an 80s buddy cop movie, -it’s The Silver Shroud vs. Tommy Hawk!] [Shroud steps forwards at the bell. Hawk circles him, slowly looking him up and down like he did to Fernando last week. Hawk stops and nods, his intuition finding the detective innocent. They shake hands and then tie-up! Shroud slaps a headlock on Hawk but gets shoved off the ropes. He tackles Tommy on the rebound and hits the ropes again. Hawk pops up to meet him with a discus clothesline but Shroud ducks and jacks him with a spinning backfist! Hawk stumbles and Shroud pulls him into an overhead belly-to-belly suplex! One… T—quick kickout by Hawk.] [The noir cop pulls Hawk up and whips him into the corner, then chaaarges in – only to eat a big boot! One… Two—kickout. Having turned the tables, Hawk pulls Silver up. He cranks his arm and hoists him up into a big pumphandle slam! “Ooohhh!” The crowd pop as the ring shakes. Hawk points to the corner, not usually a big flyer despite his name. He goes up top, looks to the gods, then leaps into a FROG SPLASH – but Shroud bails to the outside! Hawk rolls through unharmed, then points to an unwitting Shroud. He tears into the ropes… GOING NATIVE! The double fist takes out Shroud, but Hawk is down too.] [1… 2… Hawk stirs and gets up. 3… 4… he rolls Shroud in, too honourable to win by countout. 5… Hawk is in. He stalks Shroud as he gets up, gripping an invisible tomahawk in his belt. “oooOOOHHH…” THE SCALP MISSES as Shroud springboards off the ropes but THE LONG ARM OF THE LAW MISSES TOO! Shroud rushes forwards right into a thunderous Samoan drop – a Native American drop!? Hawk stalks him again; good job he packed two tomahawks. “oooOOOHHH…” SHROUD GETS SCALPED! The leaping spinning palm strike puts Shroud to sleep. One… Two… Three!] [The referee raises Hawk’s hand in victory. The Spirit Walker pulls Shroud up and the two men shake hands again, showing great sportsmanship here tonight!] [The sound of footsteps can be heard backstage as Bruce Van Chan exits the arena and heads into the parking lot.] [He’s looking a whole lot like a man ashamed of himself after last week and appears to be looking out into traffic, awaiting the arrival of someone in particular.] [Only his waiting is interrupted by laughter; laughter of The Juggalo King himself.]

“Man, you’re a pathetic piece of shit,” [Jeckel remarks gladly.] “You let him get inside your head, didn’t ya?”

[Bruce turns to him with a frown.] “Who?”

“The self-proclaimed King of Shadows, that’s who. What’d he tell ya? Be more aggressive? Be more ruthless? Endure?”

[Jake grins.]

“What do you want Jake?” [Bruce asks.] “I made a mistake. I could have helped Neptune but I let your guys take him. I just let it happen.”

“It was beautiful,” [Jake replied smiling.] “And you know what? I didn’t think you’d let it happen. It was a sight to behold – Bruce Van Chan going back on every single thing he said he was.”

[Bruce approaches, looking the Champion square in the eyes.] “I’m out here to apologize. I’m out here to right my wrongs.”

“Ain’t that a little too late?” [He says with a shoulder shrug.] “After what Neptune went through, the last thing he’s going to want is your apology. Besides, you had better get ready for your match. As I understand it, if you can’t win, none of this will matter anyway.”

[Jake walks off and back into the arena, leaving Bruce to contemplate things. He looks towards the road, then towards the building, making his decision to go back inside and prepare for his match.] [Two of the most feared men in OSW square off. Whose mind games will triumph tonight?] [The two look up, with Hunter striking first with a kick to the midsection. Q jumps back and delivers a running bicycle knee that sends Doubt’s head throwing back INTO THE TURNBUCKLE – Hunter heads towards him, a smirk on his face as he grabs Doubt and levels him with a Fisherman’s suplex. He holds it for a pin! ONE…Kickout! Doubt is quick to recover and sends his elbow right into the Hunter’s nose – he gets to his feet – SHINING WIZARD. Hunter is still standing and goes for a high kick, but Doubt ducks! And and takes Hunter down with surprise STO!. Now it’s Doubt’s turn to cover- ONE….TWO…KICKOUT!] [Doubt raises up Hunter into a side headlock, but Hunter powers out – Doubt goes for another reversal, but Hunter knocks him down with a clothesline and picks him back up again for REVERSE DDT! Hunter drops his elbow a few times on Doubt’s head, drops down and LOCKS IN An INVERTED ANKLE LOCK! Doubt tries desperately to get out of the hold, reaching for the ropes with all his strength…NO! Hunter drags him to the middle of the Ring! Doubt needs to tap out before Hunter snaps the bone!] [BUT NO! Doubt rolls forward and cradles Q to break the hold! ONE! Hunter easily kicks out and Doubt is back on the offensive, nailing Hunter with springboard lariat, followed by a dropkick from the second rope! Doubt is in full control of this match as he shoots a knee to Hunter’s gut – THIS IS IT – EATING YOUR – NO! Hunter reverses! HE HOOKS DOUBT’S ARMS AND LIFTS HIM UP! POETIC JUSTIC! Hunter covers the unconscious Doubt: ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Hunter doesn’t even smile as the ref raises his hands. Hi picks up his ax, holds it high, and heads backstage to continue the hunt.] [An barren landscape; a battlefield waiting for blood. Rain falls steadily, as it had done for nearly forty days and forty nights. Bellum Sacntum -the Holy War.] [Two armies are formed in their ranks. The army of white with flaming torches in hand and the army of black, all but hidden in the shadows. Both forces hold firm and wait for their commands.] [From within the ranks of the white army, a single figure emerges. Solitary, the masked warrior strides across the battlefield. Opposite him, two figures march forward clad in their black robes. Directly in the centre of the sacred battleground, the men meet – Solomon flanked by Father Pedro standing with their black-robed Ministry behind them and Lux Bellator standing alone with his loyal Torchbearers behind him.

There are no pleasantries exchanged, not so much as a greeting. Solomon is first to break the tense silence.]

“Have you come to lay down your arms?” [The Priest of Pain sneers, already knowing the answer.] “It won’t do you much good. The dice have been cast and the battleground is set. There is no escape.“

[He holds his hand out, letting the rain fall on his skin. He soaks in the sensation with a large inhaled breath.]

“The Flood is upon us.”

[Bellator shakes his head at the display, taking his turn to retort with confidence.]

“I never wanted a war, Solomon. But if that is what it will take to free these people, then a war you shall have. Every soul lost is a tragedy, a tragedy that you will pay for…”

[Solomon’s hand closes into a fist. Fire burns in his eyes.]

“I gave them a chance… You are the reason that they burn in hell. Now, all will pay for your sins… Lux Bellator.”

[Before Bellator can reply, it is Father El Salvador who continues the sentiment.]

“When the Lord thy God shall deliver them before thee; thou shalt smite them, and utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor show mercy unto them.”

[That is it. Bellator has heard enough. His calm demeanour changes in an instant, his voice shifting from cool and collected to blind rage.]

“You spew judgement and hatred and make a mockery of the name of the Lord?! Get behind me, Satan!“

[Solomon steps in, pressing his face up close to Lux’s own mask. Close enough to see the mixture of rage and fear in his eyes. Close enough to see into his very soul. His voice comes quietly, but without losing even a hint of venom.]

“This war will be ended by the Flood. I will deliver you to the gates of hell myself. At Fallout, we fight not a mere match, but a Holy War. The light of the Lord himself will pass judgement on the righteous and the sinful alike. There is no stopping this Flood, Lucas.”

[With that, Solomon and Father El Salvador turn about on their heels and march back towards their army, readying themselves for a war. Lux falls to his knees in the mud.]

“Blessed be the Lord my strength which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight. It has come to this…”

[The scene ends with the flames the Torchbearers’ torches burning proudly into the night. A hint of the war that is about to befall us at Fallout.] [Jacob Iver has a massive opportunity in his debut tonight, facing off against the World Champion in Jake Jeckel.] [The bell sound and immediately, Ivor was the aggressor. He stormed across the ring and delivered clubbing blow after clubbing blow to the Juggalo. He pulled him close and into an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex. Both of them swung back to their feet, Jacob leaping with a knee to the face that sent saliva flying out into the air. The fans roared as Iver quickly pulled him close and into a Michinoku Driver. He covers… One… Two… Kick out!] [Both of them get back to their feet, Jeckel blocking another knee and ducking in behind. He grabs Iver and nails him with a Neckbreaker. Jake pops back up and helps him to his feet, right handing him back into the ropes and sending him across the ring. On the return, Jacob swings with a rash Clothesline but The Juggalo is wise to it, instead delivering a knee to the gut, lifting him up and down with a Juggalo Jackhammer! Jake covers.. One… Two…. Three! NO! Iver stays alive!] [These guys are battling here tonight. Both of them get back to their feet and it’s Iver with a big forearm to the face. He grabs Jake into a cravate and knee strike! Another! Another! Another! HEADACHE! Jeckel stumbles but walks forward, Iver unloading! CHOP SUEY! Chop, slap, forearm, punch and a SPINNING CLOTHESLINE! The Juggalo doesn’t know where he’s at! Jacob begs for him to get back up and grabs him by the head… WHIPLASH! HE NAILS HIM! SURELY NOT? HE COVERS… ONE…. TWO…. THREE!! Jacob Iver upsets the World Champion!] [Proving anything can happen in Old School Wrestling, Jacob Iver gets back to his feet with crazy eyes and stares at the referee who decides not to raise his hand in victory. Iver looks down to the stirring Jeckel and grins, having picked up a huge victory here tonight.] [The parking lot is deathly silent as all of the fans and talent are inside of the arena at the moment. So it is no surprise that the pitter-patter of footsteps on concrete will echo across the vast space. From one open door comes Brent Kersh, the Enforcer. From the other comes Phoebe Outlaw, and her lover Dani Kersh. The three people come together, eyes darting around them in fear of what lies in the unknown. All that can be seen are the shadows of these three.]

“You sure all this cloak and dagger stuff is necessary?” [Dani asks from behind Phoebe, directed towards her father.]

“More than necessary, Danielle.” [Brent responds, barely looking at her.] “Hunter takes pride in finding new ways to sneak up on people. We can’t let him catch us off guard.”

[Brent turns his back on his allies to scan the parking lot. The body language of his shadow suggests that he is not just doing this to look around.]

“Thanks.” [The Enforcer finally says.] “Thanks for saving me.”

[This is directed towards Phoebe of course. She could have stopped James Hunter last week for good, but chose instead to save Kersh from his predicament.]


[Dani’s sudden shriek cause Brent to turn around and he is suddenly taken over by a sea of black. The three of them have been mobbed by a legion of people in Guy Fawkes masks. James Hunter’s ties to the Anonymous group have been well documented, and now he has brought them to bear once again.]

“Let me go, you son of a b…” [Dani’s mouth is covered by one of the masked men, who pulls her to the side while Phoebe and Brent are attacked relentlessly by the other men.] [The duo of Outlaw and Kersh have some luck against the men, but they soon overpower both of them, lifting Brent up and dragging his bruised form over beside of Dani. To their horror, Phoebe quickly has a metal trash can dropped over her head. The men begin to beat the metal relentlessly before picking her up and throwing her into a nearby dumpster that has been moved into a parking spot. The men all quickly scurry away except for those holding Brent and Dani back.] [SCREECH!] [Wordless tears fall down the face of Danielle Kersh as a black Hummer swings into the parking lot at a high rate of speed. With reckless abandon, it seems to be lined up with the dumpster.] [CRASH! THE HUMMER JUST DESTROYED BOTH THE DUMPSTER AND ITSELF BY CRASHING HEAD ON INTO IT!] [Brent and Dani are dragged over to the wreckage, just as the driver’s door of the hummer swings open. The ax that comes out seems to reveal the driver sooner than seeing his familiar visage.]

“Well that was not a very good parking job.” [James Hunter says as he gets out of the Hummer, looking around the wheel area.] “Couldn’t even get it between the lines.”

[Dani is hysterical under the grasp of her captors, while Brent Kersh is red from exertion.]

“Thank God for modern safety features, right?” [Hunter says while looking at Brent.] “I’d hate for anyone to have gotten hurt.”

[Hunter ignores Danielle and gets up in the face of Brent Kersh.]

“This was never about Phoebe. It wasn’t about your precious daughter. It was about finding out who you really are.”

[If the Enforcer’s eyes could shoot laser beams, James Hunter would be a crater at the moment. Yet he instead smiles.]

“Sadly, the only thing I see before me is the man who existed before. There has been no radical change in the mighty Enforcer. He’s still the same stick in the mud he always was.”

[Another car quickly pulls up beside the grouping and the driver runs around to open one of the back doors. Hunter nods back to this man before looking right into Brent’s eyes.]

“I broke Pig mentally. I guess I will have to break you physically.” [He begins to walk away.] “I’ll try not to enjoy it too much.”

[Right before getting into the car, Hunter smiles at Kersh, who realizes the futility of getting out of their grasp at this moment.]

“See you at Fallout, Enforcer. Good luck tonight as well!”

[The driver shuts the door, gets back in the car, and James Hunter leaves the Schoolyard for the evening.]

“Phoebe!” [Dani yelps as the Anonymous men release her and her father. She immediately runs for the wreckage before her.] [Brent turns to fight the running masked men, but quickly changes his mind. He and his daughter try to get a grasp on the wreckage before them and what remains of Phoebe Outlaw. Brent calls for help as he slowly realizes that his night is not over.] [James Hunter has even gotten in Brent’s head for this All-Star Championship match tonight.] [While Alex Reese burns the candle at both ends in his thirst for justice, he faces a rocket man whose fuse has already burnt out in Bobby Neptune!] [Earth to Neptune, we have a problem: Bobby jogs around the ring aimlessly before even entering. A frustrated Reese yells “I don’t have time for these games!” and hits the floor to forcibly roll him in. Reese wants him to serve hard time for his shenanigans, but Bobby sinks to his knees and looks up at the lights – what, does he want to be beamed up!? Crack! “Ooohhh!” Bobby leaps up and knees him right in the face! He traps him in a half-nelson aaand backbreaker! One… Two—kickout by Reese! Bobby simply laughs and heads up top. Maybe an early TITAN’S CRASHDOWN!? He jumps off into a harmless forwards roll! What the hell?] [A fired-up Reese immediately grabs him and suplexes him into the corner! He asks the referee “what’s with him?” but the official can only shrug. Reese hoists him up… exploder suplex! One… Two… kickout by Neptune! Alex goes vertical and mimes talking into a walkie-talkie. “10-52!” The crowd chant along – Bobby bails out! Reese hops down, nobody home for the double foot stomp. Outside, the Starboy grabs a ladder from under the ring and sets it up! What the fuck!? His World title match at Fallout is riding on this! The crowd laughs as Bobby climbs the ladder and… and… reaches for the stars.] [Reese has had enough. He heads for the ropes – SUPERNOVA! NEPTUNE JUST DOVE INTO THE RING AND CRACKED HEADS WITH REESE! One… Two… Twopointnine! Big pop for Reese, who’s still in this! Neptune laughs again and looks up at the lights. So enamoured is he, that Reese recovers enough to find PROBABLE CAUSE! One… Two… ThreeNO! Bobby kicks out of the double knee backbreaker. Both men stir. They slooowly get up… Bobby tackles Reese and hammers away at him in a sudden RAGE! The referee tries to pull him off but he rolls Reese over and SMASHES HIS SKULL into the mat over and over again! Blood soon pools under Reese’s likely broken features and the referee calls for the bell – and for help!] [The fans are in utter shock as half a dozen referees collectively pull Neptune off of Reese, who isn’t moving. The official gets in the ear of the announcer, who decrees that Neptune has been DISQUALIFIED… and therefore LOSES HIS FALLOUT TITLE SHOT!] [We head to the backstage area where Jacob Iver’s crazy eyes are the focus of our attention. As we draw back from them, we see him sat there, staring at a brick wall.]

“We have a place.”

[The interrupting voice forces the camera to swivel, showing Hysteria.] [Iver doesn’t budge.]

“An Asylum, a place for individuals to come together.”

[Again, nothing.] [Hysteria laughs]

“It could be your home, with us.”

[Iver suddenly whips his head around, facing Hysteria who doesn’t flinch himself.]

“Are you calling me crazy?” [Iver demands to know, standing up.] “Is that what you’re saying?”

[Hysteria tilts his head.] “Not there yet, no?” [He laughs.] “You need to embrace it, Jacob. Embrace the insanity. Embrace the crazy.”

“I’m not crazy. Why does everyone call me crazy? Do you want to see crazy?” [he rambles.] “I’ll show you crazy.”

[Hysteria chuckles yet again.]

“Relax. My door is always open, alright? Feel free to stop by, my friend.”

[Sounding an awful lot like Doctor D’Ville, Hysteria walks off down the corridor, leaving Iver to mumble to himself and go back to looking at his brick wall.]

“I’m not crazy.”

[He sounds convinced.] [Black and white.] [A saxophone plays softly in the background.] [The Silver Shroud lurks in the ambiance of a darkened room backstage; the boiler room. The flames lick up against the boiler as the camera pans out.] [His narration begins.]

They say that every cloud has a silver lining, but I’m struggling to find one. I know The Scarecrow is still out there. I know I didn’t vanquish him. I look into these flames and I see his face staring back at me.

[As if on cue, the flames roar.]

But I’m not afraid. At Fallout, I intend to finish what I started and when I do, The Scarecrow’s reign of terror will be over, once and for all.

[Suddenly the flames go out.] [The Shroud turns around in the pitch black, fumbling for a flash light. He finds it, turning it on to something horrifying.] [Jones The Terrible.] [His mutilated body is perched against a wall, blood dripping from wounds on his head and torso. The Shroud carefully approaches, shining a light towards the chest of Jones, where his shirt is ripped open.] [And the word ‘Fear’ has been scrawled, etched into his broken body.] [Panicked, The Shroud drops his torch, sending us to pitch black.] [His narration continues, his voice shaken.]

Where my eyes don’t go…

[Flutter.] [Gulp.] [The flames flash.] [The Scarecrow appears.] [Then he’s gone.]

“Fear The Scarecrow.” [Shroud says aloud.] [Darkness.] [Tonight, Mike Lane fights for the right to remain a part of Fallout’s World Heavyweight Title Main Event! Meanwhile, Marvolo looks to prove to OSW and VHS that he is a Champion worth showcasing on both programs. Who will get what they’re after… we find out now!] [The opening bell rings and these two men lock up; Mike Lane taking a very technical approach to this match, and rightfully so – a lot is on the line. Marvolo attempts to slip behind but Lane is ready for him; Chop Block; Elbow; DDT! Mike goes for the early cover but Marvolo is quick to kick out. Mike runs Number One to his feet and whips him into the ropes… FLYING LEGDROP! Lane catches Marvolo on the return and Number One goes down! And Mike with another early cover; Lane clearly trying to ware Marvolo down here, as Number One kicks out at one.] [The two find their feet and Marvolo charges, catching Mike by surprise with a Palm strike! Enziguiri! Japanese arm drag! Lane is down and Number One is right on top of him, nailing him with a barrage of strikes! Eventually the official backs Marvolo up and Lane gets to his feet, but Number One’s right back at him! Marvolo has clearly made it his mission to stop Mike Lane from going on to Fallout! He backs Mike into the corner… but Lane explodes out with a huge elbow that drops Marvolo to his back.] [Mike moves in on Marvolo who starts kicking his feet at Lane from his back, doing anything to keep him away! Mike grabs Marvolo by the legs and… Marvolo hooks Mike’s head! Headstand Headscissors! And Marvolo keeps his legs locked, choking Mike out! The official checks on him… ROPES! Lane gets his foot on the ropes! Marvolo holds out till a count of four to release and Lane looks a whole lot worse off for it! Number One runs the Shadow King to his feet… Shadow Kick out of nowhere! And Marvolo collapses! This is why this man was World Champion! He rolls Marvolo up! One! Two! Three!] [Mike has done it! He’s defeated Marvolo and earned his chance at getting back his World Heavyweight Title! Unbelievable! And Marvolo, just coming to, seems none too please!] [Mike Lane gets back to his feet and celebrates by heading to the second turnbuckle.] [The fans are losing their minds.] [“RAW DEAL” suddenly interrupts and out onto the stage with his World Championship in hand, walks Jake Jeckel.]

“So, you made it, huh?”

[Mike drops down off the middle rope and retrieves a microphone.]

“I figured you might, I have to be honest. When Flint says you’re a fuckin’ cockroach, he isn’t wrong. It seems to me like you endure, time and time again.”

[Lane grins.]

“But how about this, Lane?” [He says with a shrug.] “When I’m done kicking your ass at Fallout, that’s it. My obligation to give you a rematch is over and for as long as I’m Champion, you’ll never get another shot!”

“Oh Jake,” [he says pretending to be upset.] “Please, please don’t do that,” [his face turns from sadness to smiling.] “I only need one match. That’s all I need. At Fallout, I’ll get my opportunity and it doesn’t matter what you’ll plan, or what you’ll do, I’ll take it.”

[Jake smirks.] “Well, let the best King win.”

[Jeckel’s music hits once again as Mike Lane shares a look with him from the ring. He doesn’t make a run, he doesn’t even move, he just stands there with a grin.] [Out of no-where. The lights dim.] [CRRUNNCCHHH!] [What the fuck? The lights come back on and Mike Lane is unconscious on the canvas. Standing over him, arms spread, is The Scarecrow!] [What the hell is the meaning of this?] [The fans boo as The Scarecrow remains positioned in the middle of the ring, stood over Mike Lane. Jeckel looks on in shock from the entrance ramp. What the hell was that about?] [The Nigel Royal Wing] [The brass plaque gleams on the wall, in the wing which was destroyed by Jake Jeckel at Red Snow before being rebuilt.] [Looking very much at home between the marble, hardwood, and gold, a suited Nigel Royal stands in front of a tombola guarded by a dozen goons. He smiles.]

“Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I’m here tonight to announce a very special event. No, it’s not Fallout, where Ocean’s One will win the Tag Team Championships, but it’s still a special event indeed! You see, tonight marks the first-ever Royal Enterprises Fireball Lotto!”

[A fiery graphic blazes across the screen, spelling out said lotto. Nigel runs his hand along the tombola, which is filled with metallic golden balls.]

“Tonight, every OSW competitor and each and every one of you in attendance—” [The fans in the arena pop.] “—will automatically be entered into a prize draw!”

[Marvolo suddenly pops into frame and taps Nigel on the shoulder.] “Doesn’t that make it a raffle rather than a lottery?”

[Nigel sighs and shrugs Marvolo off, straightening his suit jacket.] “As I was saying, there will be 2 cash prizes up for grabs by 2 winning entrants…” [Right on cue, 2 long-legged smiling Vegas showgirls strut into view, each carrying a novelty-size cheque.] “I shall make my entrance later—”

[Marvolo pops in again.] “As will Marvolo!”

Sigh. “—to announce the winners. Good luck, everybody!”

[The crowd buzz excitedly as the feed ends with Nigel maintaining his smile, albeit with a twitching eye at Marvolo.] [The United States Championship is on the line in a rematch from Austin Fernando’s first match ever against Hysteria! Will the new upstart get the upper hand or will history repeat itself here tonight?] [The bell sounds as Hysteria and Austin Fernando lock up in the center of the ring. Hysteria grabs the arm of Fernando but as he begins to turn, he slaps Fernando right across the face! Austin stops in his tracks and gives Hysteria a glare as Hysteria cackles away. Fernando raises his hands before throwing two quick jabs which Hysteria just dodges while laughing some more. He reaches out and hits a European uppercut which sends Hysteria into the corner. Fernando charges him for a splash, but Hysteria bounces out and smacks him right on the ass.] [Fernando grabs at his ass as his face flushes in embarrassment. As he turns around, Hysteria is on him like a fly on shit! He lunges at him and begins laying into him with haymakers. He lifts Fernando up for a suplex before bringing it down into an Osaka Street Cutter! Austin is groggy but Hysteria climbs to the top rope. Austin gets to his feet and… THE FALL OF MAN! Austin hits the ground hard as Hysteria hooks both legs. One…Two…NO! Austin powers out! Hysteria doesn’t seem disgruntled as he just cackles some more before pulling him to his feet.] [Hysteria throws Austin Fernando into the ropes, but Austin hooks both ropes with his arms. Hysteria charges him but Austin does the same! THE REVELATION! The slingblade throws Hysteria to the ground as Fernando is shaking his fists in excitement. Austin kicks Hysteria in the gut before pulling him in and… MEET REALITY, HYSTERIA! The fisherman driver is nailed as Hysteria isn’t budging. One…Two…NO! Hysteria kicks out. Austin stomps on the masked face of Hysteria as he raises his arms to the crowd to soak in the adoration! The crowd sounds confused but reluctantly cheer him on. Hysteria comes back to and he whips Austin around into… APATHY! Austin hits the mat with a thud as Hysteria goes for the cover! One…Two….FOOT ON THE ROPE! Hysteria yanks him back to the center, but Austin smacks him right across the face rearranging his mask! Hysteria tries to fix his mask but Austin kicks him in the gut for… THE EMPEROR’S STRIKE! One…Two…THREE!] [Austin’s music plays as the referee hands him the title which he triumphantly raises above his head as he climbs up to the turnbuckle. Hysteria rolls out of the ring holding his neck but glaring towards the ring.] [Hysteria slowly gets back to his feet, shaking the cobwebs free after that brutal match with Austin Fernando.] [He turns around and THERE’S ALEX REESE!] [‘Hard Justice’ nails him with a Clothesline and the fans go ballistic. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a set of handcuff, turning over Hysteria and slapping one set on him before The Asylum storm the ring!] [Alex doesn’t know what’s hit him as Shark, Doubt and Smiley lay into him with right and left hands. They force him off of Hysteria and start beating on him in the corner, Shark running him out into a Tag Team Championship title shot by Doubt.] [Hysteria slowly gets back to his feet and straightens out his mask, looking at the handcuffs with a tilted head. He demands a microphone and as Doubt and Smiley hold Reese on the canvas, he stands over him.]

“By the book, huh?” [Hysteria bellows sadistically.] “And to think, you haven’t even heard my joke yet.”

[He bends over and looks Reese dead in the eyes, the cop struggling to get to him, raising his head enraged.]

“You were supposed to lose it, Reesey, you were supposed to lose it. I told you that one bad day is all it takes and last week, it was like a bad joke. Have no fear though, I have a good joke, did you want to hear it?”

“No!” [Screams Hard Justice.] [Hysteria laughs.] “Next week at Fallout, if you want me to come with you, then you’re going to hear it, old friend. If you can beat me then I’ll surrender. Do you hear me? I’ll surrender. But not before you hear my joke.”

[The Lunatic smashes the microphone over his head, knocking him unconscious as the scene comes to a close.] [If Alex Reese is going to want to take Hysteria down town then he’s going to have to face him in a match at Fallout.] [The Epitome of Greatness exits the shower wearing nothing but a towel around his waist as he enters the dressing room. It’s due to the draftiness of the room that he doesn’t pick up on the sudden arrival of another who stands behind him. A moment passes before Austin Fernando realizes he’s not alone.]

“Look dude, I don’t know what yo-”

[He stops mid-sentence as he slams into the locker before him as his lights are shut off.] [Austin’s eyes flutter open as he groans from the pain in his head. After a moment of clearing his head, he notices his surroundings. A teepee with a fire burning in the center of the room with a little smoke filtering through the roof. Fernando tries to stand but realizes that his arms are restrained to the chair he sits in by rope.]

“What the fuck?”

[The door to the teepee opens to reveal The Spirit Walker standing before him with his piercing brown eyes searching within Fernando’s soul for a sign of the evil he sensed last week.]

“Austin, I have been watching you.”

[Fernando’s lip upturns in disgust.]

“That was about the last thing I wanted to hear from you, freakshow.”

[Hawk smiles a bit before shaking his head with his arms crossed.]

“You feign this sarcastic outer form, but I can sense the evil within you. I have fought this evil time and time again. Every lifetime it reforms, it grows in strength and resourcefulness.”

“What the hell are you on about?! I’m fine! There’s none of this evil hocus pocus in me!”

[Fernando begins to fight against the restraints and he breaks one. He makes sure it’s hidden from Tommy as he begins to work on the other arm.]

“Your words know not what they speak. It’s time to be purged, Austin.”

[Tommy Hawk takes his place sitting on the floor with closed eyes until an unknown language begins to flow from the throat of The Spirit Walker. His eyes open to look frantic and wild as his arms seemingly conduct an invisible orchestra. Fernando manages to remove the other restraint as he gets to his feet. He stares at Tommy Hawk who seemingly cannot see him through his state. Fernando reaches for the door when he hears a guttural roar.] [He slowly turns around to see a face within the smoke.]

“Your soul is in need… of a purging!”

[The smoke slams into Austin Fernando as he finds himself back in the locker room with an aching pain in the back of his head. The room is empty with the exception of a strong gust of wind.] [Van Chan barely rolls into the ring as Royal attacks him, delivering hard stomps and punches as the referee quickly rings for the bell] [Nige pulls Bruce up to his feet, ducking under a wild right as he goes behind, delivering a picture perfect German Suplex, bridging back for the pinfall attempt. ONE..TWO…Bruce just gets the shoulder up. Both men get to their feet as Bruce leaps up with a dropkick, staggering Royal back into the turnbuckles before Bruce rushes forward, crushing him in the corner with a massive Stinger Splash. Bruce begins to get fired up as he pulls Nigel to his feet but he’s met with a knee to the gut before being thrown across the ring with a Belly to Belly] [Nigel pulls Bruce up to his feet, drilling him with a series of hard forearm shots before a hard neckbreaker sends him down to the canvas. Royal doesn’t cover, instead dropping down as he tries to lock in the Dungeons of London. Van Chan quickly scrambles for the ropes before Royal can lock in the hold fully forcing a break as both men get to their feet. Both Bruce and Nigel begin exchanging heavy right hands, an exchange Van Chan seemingly wins as he runs to the ropes, trying for a clothesline that Nigel ducks under, only to deliver a massive Lariat of his own that nearly takes Van Chan out of his boots!] [Royal calls for the end, pulling Bruce up to his feet, GOOD NIGHT OUTTA NOWHERE! Nigel gets planted into the mat as Bruce signals for the end, climbing up to the top rope as the fans go crazy, SHOT THROUGH THE…NO! Nigel rolls away as Bruce gets to his feet, holding his gut in pain, DDT! Bruce gets planted into the mat as Royal drops down, locking in the Dungeons of London. Van Chan tries to fight, refusing to tap out but he’s in the middle of the ring with Royal pulling back with all his strength as Van Chan is eventually forced to tap out to the hold] [Nigel breaks the hold, getting to his feet as he celebrates his massive win, rolling out of the ring as he walks to the back. Van Chan slowly gets to his feet, holding his neck in pain as he’s almost distraught, having lost his chance at the world title] [We return from a brief Don’t Try This At Home PSA to see a fiery graphic blaze across the screen, while jazzy gameshow music plays.] [Royal Enterprises presents… the Fireball Lotto.] [“YEEAAHH!” Hopeful and even praying fans pop for the chance to hit the jackpot tonight. In-ring, the tombola stands on a table draped with a black cloth, ruby ring mat underfoot. Our hosts, Ocean’s One, milk the crowd while the glamorous Vegas showgirls parade around with the oversized cheques. Raquel stands by Marvolo but her eyes hover on Nigel, who holds a microphone.]

“Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to make people RICH!” [Another cheap pop.] “Now, remember: anybody in this building is eligible to win the Fireball Lotto. Fan, wrestler, referee, popcorn guy – anybody, so let’s do it!”

[The gameshow music dies down for a drumroll as Nigel spins the tombola, everybody salivating in their seats and probably in the locker room too. He cracks a golden ball open and announces the winner…] “DOUBT!”

[Celebratory fanfare follows, as Marvolo and Raquel both clap. The crowd gives a mixed reaction, murmuring about the supposed odds of that. Tool’s “The Grudge” hits and Knock Knock appear on stage and make their way into the ring.] “Ah, very good of you to share like that.” [Nigel says.] “Though I doubt it’ll be necessary…” [After a brief standoff, Marvolo silently hands Doubt his cheque for $100,000! Ringside photographers try to snap a good PR shot but the tension is palpable.] Drumroll [Nigel rolls the tombola again, his eyes locked on Knock Knock. He cracks another ball open.]

“How about those odds!?” [He stifles a snicker.] “SMILEY!” [More fanfare follows. Slight boos concede to laughter as the crowd can’t help but be amused by this ludicrous display. Marvolo shoves the bigger $150,000 cheque into Smiley’s chest – no PR shot this time. Nigel wipes his eyes, not even bothering to contain his laughter.] “Told you this’d be easy, Marv. Phantom PowerPoints, stupid backstage chases; turns out bringing these mice to us for a change still takes cheddar. That presentation of yours made it clear that you have a price, like anybody else.”

[Doubt slides a microphone out his sleeve.] “You misunderstand, Nigel. Smiley and I weren’t rattling our collection buckets for ourselves.”

[Nigel scoffs and shrugs.] “… Fine, so you fancy yourselves as Robin Hood types, is that it? Spread the wealth and all that?”

[Doubt chuckles.] “We don’t care about wealth inequality. ”

[Marvolo butts in.] “Then what do you want, you bloody hooligans!? You haunt us for weeks but you don’t want money, and you don’t want them—” [He nods at the crowd.] “—to have it either?”

“Money, money, money…” [Smiley taunts in a sing-song voice, addressing O1 and the crowd at large.] “That’s all it ever is with you people. Not everyone has a price tag. We’d sooner burn it all and smelt it all!”

[Nigel looks physically ill at the very notion.] “Just as well then, because those cheques aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on!”

[Doubt chips in.] “Indeed. We just wanted to see if we could make you bounce like them.”

[The showgirls scarper as Knock Knock advance on Ocean’s One. Marvolo shouts to Raquel.] “FIRE IN THE HOLE!”

[Raquel fumbles with something and suddenly a fireball goes up – she just burned flashpaper! It was premature, however, and Knock Knock are unharmed. Marvolo shoves Raquel out of harm’s way – SHOCK THERAPY! Smiley cuts him down with the spear! Nigel clotheslines Doubt then drags Smiley into the DUNGEONS OF LONDON, but Doubt is back up and springboards off his knee – THE END OF WISDOM! The axe kick leaves Nigel lying.] [They aren’t through yet, though. Doubt rifles through Nigel’s pockets, snatching his wallet. He takes out a fistful of $100 bills and holds a couple to Nigel’s face.] “Society is obsessed with material wealth, but it’s all blood money!” [Smiley produces a staplegun! They aren’t going to…!?]

SNIKT! [Nigel screams as Knock Knock STAPLE THE BILLS TO HIS FACE, BLOOD OOZING DOWN THEM! “BOOOOOO!” Snikt, snikt, snikt, snikt, snikt! They pin half a dozen notes to him between tortured yelps, before turning their attention to Marvolo. Snikt, snikt, snikt – he too cries out in pain as they staple another half dozen bills through his mask and to his arms for good measure! Running out of notes before staples, Knock Knock knock the tombola over and tear up their phony cheques, totally trashing the joint before exiting. A teary-eyed Raquel comes out of hiding and tends to a bloodied Ocean’s One.] [Brent Kersh stands across the ring from The Light Warrior. He is visibly shaken after what he’s just witnessed with James Hunter and Phoebe Outlaw. Needing to get his head in the game if he wants his hand raised and the All Star title wrapped around his waist, instead of Lux Bellators.] [With he bell rang we will now crown the next All Star champion. Bellator is out the traps like a racehorse. Two sharp blows to the head followed by an atomic drop and Lux is trying to capitalize on Kersh’s mental state right from the off. Attempting a ridiculously early pin. Not even a one count before Brent powers out. Straight back to their feet and again Lux gets on top of Kersh. This time throwing himself off the ropes and returning with a take-down straight into an elbow storm. Vicious elbow after elbow flies into The Enforcer’s temples. Again Lux goes for the pin.] [Yet again though Kersh powers out before a one count. Pulling him to a standing position Lux flings Brent off the ropes. BIG SHOULDER TACKLE FROM BRENT THOUGH ON HIS RETURN. Something switches on inside Brent Kersh and the wily old veterans head is back in the game. Laying down an elbow drop across the chest of Bellator. Kersh is back to his feet in the speed of a man half his age. Another elbow drop, this one landing flush across the head of Bellator. With Bellator floored, Kersh flips him over onto his front.] [BOSTON CRAB!! KERSH IS LOOKING FOR THE FIRST SUBMISSION IN THIS WRESTLING CLASSIC. It’s locked in good, will The Light Warrior tap? With not a rope in sight it’s looking likely. After letting out one hellacious scream Lux claws one hand toward the ropes. Looking, he know’s he’s not going to make. Pulling himself up into a push-up type position. With all his strength he begins to bring his legs back down to the mat. The strength from Bellator here! Lux makes it so that Kersh is forced to release the hold as it’s no longer inflicting much damage. Great escape from Bellator.] [With the bit between his teeth Kersh keeps on top of Bellator who clutches his back in pain. A hanging suplex is shortly followed up by a big scoop slam. Kersh attempting the pin this time. One… T… Not nearly enough to put Bellator away. Throwing Lux into the corner. Kersh backs off and charges at his opponent. Bellator moves out the way at the last minute And Kersh crashes into the corner. Taking his time and wanting a bit time to recover, Bellator slides out the ring for a breather. The Enforcer climbs the the ring post though, he’s not going to allow his opponent a moment’s peace.] [AX HANDLE FROM THE TOP TO THE OUTSIDE. BELLATOR MOVED THOUGH AND HE CAUGHT AND HELD HIM… CRADLE DDT TO THE RINGSIDE FLOOR!! How will Kersh be able to get up from that? His head was driven into the floor! Lux pulls Kersh to him and in one swift motion Irish whips Brent into the steel steps. Sliding back into the ring he leaves Kersh outside a crumpled mess. The referee had already begun his count and Kersh now has little more than SEVEN seconds to get himself back in the ring…. Six….Five….Four….Three….] [TWO… THIS IS THE WRESTLING CLASSIC THIS WOULD BE A CHEAP WAY TO WIN! O… KERSH SLIDES IN, LESS THAN A SECOND LEFT AND HE DOES IT!! Bellator was waiting for him though and quickly gets on top of Kersh BUT KERSH GRABS HIS ANKLE AND PULLS HIM DOWN. ANKLE LOCK IS IN TIGHT!!! THE ENFORCER TRYING AGAIN FOR THE SUBMISSION! Luckily for Bellator this was all taking place fairly close to the ropes and he quickly reaches out and grabs the bottom one. Kersh releases the hold on the ankle but not his grip on the match. Lux is on his knees, the pain in his ankle making it hard to stand.] [Kersh seizes the moment and places The Light Warriors head between his legs. A grueling match but Brent still finds the strength to lift him and spikes his head back down to the mat with a huge PILEDRIVER. Pin One….Two…. KICK-OUT!! Another close pin fall attempt. With Lux again on his knees Kersh begins hammering closed fist blows into the face of Bellator. Lux has a little fight in him though and from the kneeling position fires back. He fights his way into a standing position. Overcoming The Enforcer enough, he throws him off the ropes.] [THEY BOTH RETURN WITH ARMS STRETCHED OUT FOR CLOTHESLINES!! THEY BOTH CONNECT!! BOTH MEN FALL TO THE GROUND!! BRENT’S ARM IS OVER LUX. BELLATORS ARM IS OVER KERSH. BOTH MEN’S SHOULDERS ARE AGAINST THE MAT. THE REFEREE AFTER A FEW MOMENTS OF HESITATION COUNTS. ONE….. TWO….. BOTH MEN ARE GOING TO SCORE THE PINFALL IN THIS WRESTLING CLASSIC AT THE SAME TIME. THREE!!! BOTH MEN HAVE A PINFALL, NEEDING ONLY A SUBMISSION TO SECURE THE WIN AND THE TITLE. BOTH MEN HAVE ONE HAND ON THE ALL STAR CHAMPIONSHIP.] [With both men a pinfall each, although it seems none the wiser, the ref has to begin a countout. Neither man is moving. One…Two…Three we see movement in both men. Four… Five… Kersh is up. Six…. As is Bellator. Lux looks the slightly more wounded of the two. Wanting to take full Advantage. HE’S GOT HIM UP! HE’S LOOKING FOR SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! AT THE HEIGHT OF IT THOUGH LEX TRANSITIONS IT INTO A TILT-A_WHIRL HEADSCISSORS!! TRANSITIONS IT INTO A SINGLE ARM DDT! INTO A FUJIWARA ARMBAR!!! WE HAVE JUST SEEN ARM OF GOD!!! Kersh is trapped, he has nowhere to go. Will we see him tap for the first time? It looks like nobody is home. His arm is raised…. It falls. Again… it falls. A third time? IT FALLS!! BELLATOR HAS DONE IT] [The referee hands Lux Bellator the All Star championship and he duly celebrates proudly centre of the ring. OSW Is his next stop the World Heavyweight Championship? Brent Kersh is being checked on, he showed he is a tough S.O.B here tonight, like most nights.] [After that thrilling Main Event, we switch to the backstage area where a shaky camera appears to be running down a corridor, the cameraman out of breath.] [There’s blood everywhere.] [He can’t seem to move quick enough until suddenly, a massive thud can be heard and the camera falls to the floor, its holder accompanying it.] [The cameraman tries to crawl away but the boots of someone familiar appear in scene, kicking him brutally in the face.] [He stops dead.] [And there’s silence.] [Slowly the camera rises from the ground, being turned around and placed on another shoulder. This new cameraman walks back down the hall from which we came, showing bodies having littered the concrete.] [There’s men and women of all kinds, flat out unconscious and bloodied.] [And Mike Lane is amongst them.]

“I told you to look up,” [says the unmistakable voice of Bobby Neptune.] “And you might have seen me coming.”

“Bobby!” [shouts a voice – Bruce Van Chan’s.] “What the heck is happening to you?”

[Neptune doesn’t even say anything.] [Suddenly, like a demon or someone possessed, the camera runs full speed at Bruce Van Chan who screams in agony.]

“AHHHHHHH! NO! NO!” [he screams.] “NOOOOOOOO!!”

[Then we cut to static.] [Black.]